At CAVDEF we believe in:

  • Focus: CAVDEF is a nonpartisan coalition serving as an intermediary between organizations who can help and voters who may not know what to do. By joining disenfranchised voters into a single voice that is demanding fixes to our broken electoral process, the government will no longer be able to ignore them.

  • Empowerment: Voters who have had their constitutional right taken away deserve a means to have their voice heard and to know how to use it for productive change for our election process.

  • Control: Voters deserve to be in control of their information. Every voter should be able to fill out our survey to the degree they feel comfortable with. Even collecting data (each and every voice of a disenfranchised voter) and organizing it anonymously will be a powerful tool for change.

  • Respect: These issues affect everybody, and we must all join together to fix the problems facing disenfranchised voters. It doesn't matter which candidate or party a voter supports. Every voter deserves the right to cast their ballot (no provisionals, thank you very much!) without hindrance or interference and for the government - local, state, and federal - to respect their constitutional right.

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