2006 Pima County RTA election

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Pre-election polls


Suspect results

Conflict of interest

Data-mining past results

Memory card failures

Suspicious GEMS activity

Refusal of records requests

Alleged confession


Corrupt investigation

Poll tape discrepancies


See also


  1. Affidavit of Zbigniew Osmolski on 2008/07/08 - states that Bryan Crane confessed to fixing the election
  2. Tucson Weekly, "Count the Votes", 2008/10/23 - more details and corroboration of the Crane confession
  3. Brad Friedman, "EXCLUSIVE: Poll Tapes, Other Evidence Discovered Missing in Long-Disputed, 'Fixed' Arizona Election", 2010/07/14 - numerous poll tapes were missing, and many of those present didn't match the official results

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