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Valdosta connection

  • 2005/03/11 comment by "CASOLARO" on the first BradBlog Lemme death thread: "If you want some private company which has a link to both Valdosta and Casolaro's Inslaw investigation (why not?!), it's Alltel. Not just a comm company, Alltel Information Services in a previous incarnation was one of the companies involved with the guy marketing the pirated Inslaw s/w. And man, they are knee deep in highly classified govt contracts."
  • 2005/05/15 comment by "CASOLARO" on the second BradBlog Lemme death thread: "I've been busy. Also still been thinking of our Lemme puzzle. Then I got smacked by a powerful association - I hate it when I come up with s^*t that turns out to be too close, but here it is. The China connection - or one of them, all spelled out, and yes, it was Alltel again. They have offices in beautiful Valdosta, you know, as well as all over Florida. They donated the sports stadium in Jacksonville. Two Alltel people are connected to the Board of Directors of Valdosta Tech (remember where Shannon Floyd went after detecting soured?).

    From The Economist (Mar 26, 2005 issue - I missed this little page 73 boxed article until today):
    [SNIP - article quote]

    AIS again. Same Alltel subsidiary. You say, "Oh, no, Fidelity National Financial bought AIS from Alltel?" Well, shucks, until April 5, 2005, Alltel owned majority shares in FNF: http://www.investor.fnf....37-05-4282&SID=05-00

    Executive Vp and CFO is Alan L. Stinson of Jacksonville, FL (home of the lovely Alltel stadium). Here's his info, in case you were wondering whether this led back to George or through Little Rock (alltel's national HQ) to Bill:

    [SNIP - many donations to Florida Republicans]

    I'd say Alltel and Fidelity National's connections go all the way to the top. The corrupt and illicit China connection is there. The INSLAW/PROMIS software connection is there, and that is one scary blood trail. How many illicit and corrupt Chinese software/chip groups are operating independently of one another in the same small set of states, anyway?!"
  • "Valdosta GA ...what is there to do" forum post on 2008/01/23: "lol yeah I kind of figured that it was out in BFE. I work for Alltel at the corporate office. I work in the LAN department, where we do helpdesk type work, and also go on site here on campus to fix users pc issues.

    Then we have field techs that go around to the retail stores and fix their pc issues and such.

    So we have a rotation where every month, we send one of our guys to a different market, like the west, south east, north so we can job shadow with them. Then they'll send one of theirs over here to us.

    When they told me I was going to the South East region, I thought sweet I'm going to tampa! wrong...they broke the news that I was going to Valdosta instead. Oh well, it's like a weeks vacation from my normal work, so I'm not going to complain!"
  • Biography of Kim Lenz, a Valdosta real estate agent: "Kim Lenz was born & raised in Valdosta, GA. She was an honor graduate from Lowndes High School, and then proceeded to earn a B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology from Valdosta State University. Before deciding on a career in real estate, Kim spent 8 years in sales & servicing in the telecommunications field, working with Alltel and then BellSouth. After 9-11, BellSouth closed their offices in Valdosta, and Kim went to work with the Dept. Of Homeland Security, as a supervisor with the TSA for 6 years. It was during that time that she pursued her real estate license & became a REALTOR® in June 2005, and spent close to 3 years working for both TSA & as a real estate agent. Kim left TSA Sept. 2008, so she could focus all her energy into her real estate career. Kim obtained a Georgia broker's license March 2009, & opened her own firm. When EXIT Realty came to Valdosta, Kim decided to close her company & join the EXIT Realty In Touch team as an associate broker, because she was so impressed with the EXIT agent-oriented philosophy and the company's focus on training."
  • Many people in Valdosta GA and the state of Georgia overall seem to have email addresses