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Family and early life

AIS founding

Life after AIS

I-Mark and Global

Time at Scytl

Return to US elections




Industry monopolization

2002 GA election

Political connections

  • Karl Rove? - alleged by Dana Jill Simpson but not yet proven

Corporate connections

Omaha business community

Some of these business executives have just one or two degrees of separation from the Franklin scandal, but that is not evidence of a connection.


External links

Family members

Ahmanson connection

  • How did the Urosevich and Ahmanson families become friends (as an Omaha World-Herald article on ES&S revealed they were)?
  • Background of H.F. Ahmanson & Company / Home Savings of America
    • New York Times, "Investing; ORION: A LOOK AT AN ASSET PLAY", 1981/09/27: "The play hinges on Orion's plan to sell one of its prime holdings, the Bankers National Life Insurance Company, to H.F. Ahmanson & Company, the West Coast holding company for the nation's largest savings and loan association, Home Savings. [...] ANOTHER matter is that Ahmanson has the option to pay $25 million of Bankers' price in Ahmanson stock instead of cash. If Ahmanson does that, Orion will have less cash to work with until it can unload the shares."
    • New York Times, "INVESTING; GAZING INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL FOR 1984", 1984/01/01: "Ray Armstrong, a senior partner at the Starwood Corporation, a firm that manages private and pension fund money, including President Reagan's blind trust, is more optimistic about the year. He said he expects the Federal Reserve to panic before the end of March and take measures to lower interest rates. The result, he said, would be increased earnings among interest sensitive companies, including banks and insurance companies, and higher foreign sales among drug companies and others that have been hurt by the strength of the American dollar. A stock favored by Mr. Armstrong is Ahmanson (H.F.) & Company, the holding concern for the California-based Home Savings, the nation's largest savings and loan. He expects Ahmanson shares, currently trading at about $30, to rise to the $40-a-share range this year."
    • SFGate, "Home Savings President", 1996/04/18: "H.F. Ahmanson & Co., parent of Home Savings of America, named former First Interstate Bancorp Vice Chairman Bruce Willison as president and chief operating officer. Willison headed First Interstate's California banking operations and took a severance package following the bank's takeover by Wells Fargo & Co. Willison, 47, replaces Fredric Forster, who resigned from the Irwindale (Los Angeles County) S&L last week because of differences with Chairman and CEO Charles Rinehart."
    • United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, nos. 05-5141, 05-5179: CAROLINE HUNT TRUST ESTATE v. UNITED STATES, decision, 2006/11/16: "In Home Savings, Home Savings (“Home”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of H.F. Ahmanson & Co. (“Ahmanson”), acquired 17 thrifts in four transactions at issue in the appeal.  399 F.3d at 1344-45.   Each transaction was memorialized in an assistance agreement.  Id. at 1345.   The “Florida/Missouri” and “Illinois/Texas” Assistance Agreements contained integration clauses that included FHLBB resolutions and letters issued with the agreements.   The “Century” and “Ohio” agreements also integrated certain resolutions addressed to the transactions.  Id. In each transaction, “Ahmanson sought federal assistance to mitigate the liabilities its subsidiary, Home, was assuming.”   Id. In resolutions and forbearances for each transaction, FHLBB agreed that Home could count supervisory goodwill toward reserve capital and that it would not take action against Home for failing to meet reserve capital.  Id. Even though Ahmanson was not a signatory of the assistance agreements and the agreements contained sole benefit clauses, this court affirmed the CFC's conclusion that Ahmanson was in privity with the government.  Id. at 1348-50.   In Home Savings, we approved the CFC's determination that Ahmanson was a party to a much larger “overall” transaction because the resolutions contained reciprocal promises between the government and Ahmanson.   Namely, Ahmanson promised it would maintain Home's net worth, and the government promised it would provide financial assistance in the form of special accounting treatment.  Id. at 1349.   Furthermore, the court approved the CFC's recognition that Ahmanson was the offeror that initiated negotiations that eventually led to the agreement.  Id. at 1349-50."
  • Savings-and-loan fraud allegations
  • New York Times, "EXECUTIVE CHANGES", 1987/08/31: "Carter Hawley Hale Stores, the Los Angeles department-store company, named as directors Caroline Leonetti Ahmanson, chairman of Caroline Leonetti Ltd., a woman's center for self-improvement; Myron Du Bain, chairman of SRI International, and Dennis C. Stanfill, president of Stanfill, Bowen & Co., a private investment firm."
  • DU thread on the political and financial powers behind election rigging - asks the questions "ABRAMOFF WORKS FOR SOMEBODY. Who sent him off with such free reign? Who is at the top of this whole pyramid? Cheney? Rove? Someone above even them?"; mentions the Ahmansons and Urosevich, as well as auditing firm Deloitte & Touche; raises the question of whether all the information on who is responsible for fixing elections is already publicly available and out there if someone can put the pieces together

Signs of corruption

  • DU thread mentioning his refusal to answer a question from journalist Michael Shnayerson about Jeffrey Dean
  • Ecological Options Network, "BUSTING the 'Man-in-the-Middle' of Ohio Vote Rigging" interview of Stephen Spoonamore, 2008/12/17 - at 3:25 he mentions how dotcom-bubble startup govWorks Inc. aimed to become an all-services provider, and he was invited in late 1998 or January 1999 by his friends Greg Carson (the CTO) and Patrick Comer (the chief of operations) to a conference where govWorks showed off their plans; one of their presentations was on the future of voting, in which they demonstrated touchscreen voting machines; at 4:30 describes how he, Carson, and one of Carson's staff members easily hacked into the voting machine within minutes; at 5:28 he says that the machine being demonstrated was from Global Election Systems; at 6:52 he says that Bob Urosevich was at the event showing off Global's product, and that when he confronted Urosevich about the security threat, Urosevich retorted with all of the protections that could be set up around the machines; at 11:25 he claims that the Urosevich brothers (Bob and Todd) colluded to create "competing" companies so that they would just be bidding against each other; at 12:02 he says that "all of the tabulators in northern Florida in 2000 were Bob Urosevich's toys"; at 12:10 he calls Urosevich "an interesting cat", wishes him well, and calls him "a very devout man"; at 13:03 he says that few people in the technology industry view themselves as Christians first and computer programmers second, except for the people who own voting machine companies, and opines that the voting machine industry began as a way for the Christian fundamentalist (i.e. Council for National Policy) wing of the Republican Party to seize power
  • Eric Jonathan Brewer, "INFILTRATED RUSSIANS AND COMMUNIST AGENTS ARE EMBEDDED IN OHIO’S ELECTION MACHINERY", 2020/09/29 - TODO verify allegations in the article
    • "When Russian American Bob Urosevich of Election Systems & Solutions started his big push to sell electronic voting equipment in Ohio, a friend asked me to meet him in Columbus to see if I was interested in joining the sales and consulting team. We talked. Urosevich’s ‘Russian ancestry bothered me as I see all Russians from my “born in 1953” perspective as Communist. Unshakeable Cold War remnants. I enlisted for this nation’s “proxy wars” against Russian and Chinese communism.


      So here I was sitting in a car with a Russian who’d created a company that would make “voting in America” easier while he, of course, made a profit. What I saw was an “infiltration” in my discussion with Urosevich; but I didn’t know how. I declined. I also saw an “eventual” FBI investigation. By the time agents visited my friend years later he wasn’t in the physical or mental condition to discuss anything with them."
    • "The “team” I have knowledge of included former Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General Anthony Celebreeze, Jr., former Governor John Sununu, Call & Post editor John Lenear and others. Arnold Pinkney was on another team with a different vendor as a lobbyist; as he sought to get the “project managers” contract with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Robert Bennett led. They’re all dead. So is my friend. The Plain Dealer published a picture of me and Robert C. Townsend, II sitting behind Tony and then Cleveland Mayor Michael White when he campaigned against George Voinovich for governor. I was on Anthony’s local campaign team.

      I know Sununu pitched South Carolina. I know who sold Chicago and Ohio. I know from later conversations that Walden O’Dell was taking trips to Moscow on a regular basis during all this; and that no one connected the potential espionage dots as he led the company to consume 70 percent of the electronic voting equipment market. In real time it was not possible."