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Formation in 1947

Early activities

Arrival of Allen Dulles

Cuban coup attempts

JFK assassination

Main article: JFK assassination

Phoenix Program

Main article: Phoenix Program

Operation Condor

Watergate scandal

Main article: Watergate scandal

1970s congressional committees

Iran-Contra affair

Main article: Iran-Contra

Sexual blackmail exposure

Main articles: The Finders, Franklin child sex ring, and Washington DC call boy ring

9/11 involvement

Main article: 9/11

Iraq WMD intelligence

Libyan and Syrian wars

2016 Russian hacking claims

Main article: 2016 election Russian hacking allegations


  • Director:
    • ...
    • Allen Dulles (1953/02/09 - 1961/11/29)
    • John McCone (1961/11/29 - 1965/04/28)
    • William Raborn (1965/04/28 - 1966/06/30)
    • Richard Helms (1966/06/30 - 1973/02/02)
    • James Schlesinger (1973/02/02 - 1973/07/02)
    • Vernon Walters (acting) (1973/07/02 - 1973/09/04)
    • William Colby (1973/09/04 - 1976/01/30)
    • George H.W. Bush (1976/01/30 - 1977/01/20)
    • E. Henry Knoche (acting) (1977/01/20 - 1977/03/09)
    • Stansfield Turner (1977/03/09 - 1981/01/20)
    • William Casey (1981/01/28 - 1987/01/29)
    • Robert Gates (acting) (1986/12/18 - 1987/05/26)
    • William Webster (1987/05/26 - 1991/08/31)
    • Richard Kerr (acting) (1991/09/01 - 1991/11/06)
    • Robert Gates (1991/11/06 - 1993/01/20)
    • William Oliver Studeman (acting) (1993/01/21 - 1993/02/05)
    • James Woolsey (1993/02/05 - 1995/01/10)
    • William Oliver Studeman (acting) (1995/01/11 - 1995/05/09)
    • John Deutch (1995/05/10 - 1996/12/15)
    • George Tenet (1996/12/16 - 2004/07/11)
    • John McLaughlin (acting) (2004/07/12 - 2004/09/24)
    • Porter Goss (2004/09/24 - 2006/05/05)
    • Michael Hayden (2006/05/30 - 2009/02/12)
    • Leon Panetta (2009/02/13 - 2011/06/30)
    • Mike Morell (acting) (2011/07/01 - 2011/09/06)
    • David Petraeus (2011/09/06 - 2012/11/09)
    • Mike Morell (acting) (2012/11/09 - 2013/03/08)
    • John Brennan (2013/03/08 - 2017/01/20)
    • Meroe Park (acting) (2017/01/20 - 2017/01/23)
    • Mike Pompeo (2017/01/23 - present)

Abroad operations

Foreign coups

1953 Iran


1954 Guatemala

1961 Cuba (failed)

1968-72 Vietnam

Main article: Phoenix Program

1973 Chile

1991 Haiti

Main article: Haiti exploitation by the US


2011 Libya

2011 Syria (ongoing)


2014 Ukraine

Arming terrorists

Operation Cyclone


[From 1984 to 1994, under the auspices of USAID (frequently a front for CIA activities), the University of Nebraska-Omaha printed textbooks for Afghan schoolchildren promoting militant Islamist teachings and hatred for the Soviets. Ronald Roskens, the president of the University of Nebraska system from 1977 to 1989 (throughout nearly all of Operation Cyclone), may have had a hand in this, especially considering his appointment as USAID director under George H.W. Bush in 1990. The article Washington Post, "BUSH PICKS NEBRASKA EDUCATOR TO HEAD AID", 1989/11/02 indicates that he did have a role in the USAID initiative. Roskens was also implicated in the Franklin child sex ring, which was used for CIA blackmail operations.][8]


Main article: Iran-Contra

Operation Gladio B


Drug trafficking

Main article: Drug trafficking

Gladio stay-behind

Main article: Operation Gladio

[As part of Operation Gladio, the CIA established fascist undergrounds in European countries, with the purpose of maintaining a CIA/NATO presence against "communism" (i.e. any form of left-wing politics). The political and intelligence apparatuses of many of these countries was infiltrated through the placement of CIA assets, establishing front organizations, and blackmail. Permindex, whose board included JFK assassination conspirator Clay Shaw, was likely one of these CIA fronts for Gladio operations. Italian news articles in the late 1960s implicated it in a CIA-backed assassination attempt against Charles de Gaulle. Blackmail was an even darker side of Gladio, leading to the establishment of elite child sex rings similar to those in the United States (such as Franklin). The Dutroux affair in Belgium was the most notable case of a Gladio-connected child sex ring being exposed, although the elite connections were largely covered up. It provided a brief look at Belgium's much larger fascist network established as part of Gladio, with links to organized crime, US intelligence services, and private contractors like Wackenhut.]

PROMIS espionage

Main article: Inslaw affair

Torture program

Drone program

Domestic operations

Operation Mockingbird

Main article: Operation Mockingbird

Mind control experiments

Main articles: Mind control programs, Project BLUEBIRD, Project ARTICHOKE, Project MKUltra

Drug trafficking

Sexual blackmail

Sexual blackmail likely began as a subproject of the mind control programs, with one of the initial aims being to compromise foreign and domestic leftists (as stated by Roy Cohn, one of the early pioneers of such an operation).

Russian hacking

Main article: 2016 election Russian hacking allegations

[Still not entirely clear whether the CIA's reports of Russian hacking in the 2016 election are legitimate or fabricated to increase tensions with Russia. The CIA has a history of covert operations to push back Russian influence, and has developed tools (see Vault 7) for disguising their hacks as the work of foreign governments by appropriating malware signatures and techniques. On the other hand, a number of domestic and foreign intelligence services confirm the CIA's claims, and it's unknown if the CIA has enough clout to perpetuate such a far-reaching lie. Until better evidence surfaces, the legitimacy of the Russian hacking allegations is up in the air.]

Role in the Enterprise

Main article: The Enterprise

Arms and drugs

Election fraud

There are many signs of CIA involvement in US election rigging. CIA operatives and associates consistently show up behind the development, adoption, and control of electronic voting, the primary means of election fraud in the modern era:

  • In 1964, only a year after the JFK assassination, the major media outlets (all infiltrated by the CIA) set up News Election Services (NES), an election reporting consortium with the ability to control the vote count (by reporting whatever results they wanted, and colluding with local officials and private contractors).
  • An FBI investigation into the rigged 1970 Dade County Democratic primary involving Jim and Ken Collier was partially classified by the CIA.
  • The Dallas business community, which has a long history with the CIA, spearheaded the consolidation of the elections industry with Business Records Corporation and Hart Intercivic. Cronus Industries, the owner of BRC, had substantial ownership influence from Caroline Hunt, heiress to Dallas oilman H.L. Hunt (a man with an alleged connection to the CIA and JFK assassination).
  • Meanwhile, the Omaha World-Herald acquired a substantial stake in AIS (predecessor to ES&S) during the 1980s. The World-Herald's publisher at the time was Harold Andersen: a personal friend of George H.W. Bush (longtime CIA insider), State Department advisor for overseas democracy building, and potential media control asset under Operation Mockingbird. Andersen was also compromised by the CIA due to his role as a child molester in the Franklin scandal.
  • Global Election Systems hired embezzler Jeffrey Dean into a key position, which he leveraged to add GEMS backdoors facilitating local election theft. He may have also been involved in writing software patches for the suspect 2002 Georgia election. Dean stole from the politically-connected Seattle law firm Culp, Guterson & Grader, but was protected from prosecution for failure to make restitution and was elevated in the elections industry. It's suspected that some of the partners at CG&G were crooked and decided to use Dean for their own ends. One of the partners at CG&G was Egil Krogh, the infamous Watergate figure who was likely a CIA asset dating back to his time with Dr. Roy Prosterman in Vietnam.
  • Several cocaine traffickers from the Iran-Contra era have become election insiders. Ken Hajjar, a Londonderry NH resident busted in 1987, became the sales and marketing director at LHS Associates. John Elder, the prison buddy and business partner of Jeffrey Dean, helped connect Dean to Global Election Systems and later went on to lead their ballot printing plant. Hank Asher, whose ties to the CIA are the most likely, ran DBT, used for the 2000 Florida election felon purge, and TLOxp, a data mining company hired by GOP election rigging company SmarTech.
  • Robert Gates, a high-level CIA official involved with Iran-Contra, the Inslaw affair, and electioneering in foreign countries, led SAIC and VoteHere in the late 1990s and early 2000s, during the time that both companies were pushing the Help America Vote Act.
  • Adnan Khashoggi, an Iran-Contra arms dealer also involved in the drug trade, has multiple connections to suspect elections. Theresa LePore, designer of the infamous butterfly ballot that helped swing the 2000 Florida election to Bush, was a flight attendant on Khashoggi's private planes during the 1980s. Replicas of the butterfly ballot were later sold by Triad GSI, an election contractor that rigged tabulators in the 2004 Ohio election to assure Bush's victory. "Triad" is a name used by many of Khashoggi's front companies during the early 1980s around Palm Beach FL; Triad GSI was founded during that same time and in that same area.

All of this suggests that the CIA plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome of US elections.


Human trafficking

Several human trafficking networks and sex ring scandals have been linked to the CIA, including:

More speculative CIA links include:

Political connections


Government officials

  • Egil Krogh? - implicated by Charles Colson, John Dean, and John Ehrlichman in CIA drug trafficking; spent time in Vietnam under Dr. Roy Prosterman, architect of the CIA's Phoenix Program; hired CIA agent Lucien Conein to the DEA's predecessor

Political operatives

Military personnel

  • Oliver North? - alleged by Terry Reed to be a CIA agent using the alias "John Cathey"

Corporate media


Corporate connections

Top leadership

Business fronts

Financial institutions

Gladio network

Security contractors


Highly-plausible or confirmed:

  • Yale University - home to the Skull and Bones secret society whose members include Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.
  • Harvard University - site of mind control experiments conducted on Ted Kaczynski
  • Michigan State University (MSU) - worked as a CIA front for propping up the South Vietnamese government; home to protected pedophile activity, as seen in the Larry Nassar case in 2018; allegedly a site for illicit human experiments, which has become more plausible in 2018 given the corruption of its medical department revealed in the fallout of the Larry Nassar cover-up; alma mater of John Ramsey
  • University of Washington - where Roy Prosterman, who helped inspire the Phoenix Program, taught law, with one of his students being Egil Krogh; also employed as a professor mind control psychologist Dr. Donald Dudley
  • Stanford University - site of cult activity; mind control doctors like (almost certainly) Dr. Donald Lunde part of the faculty
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - mind control doctors like Dr. Louis Jolyon West part of the faculty
  • University of California, Davis (UC Davis) - involved in bioweapons research linked to Sid Siemer, Clyde Stormont, and Ursula Abbott
  • University of Nebraska system - had a relationship with USAID to make Afghan textbooks that were anti-Soviet and pro-jihad during the 1980s; its president from 1977 to 1989 was pedophile Ronald Roskens, an associate of Lawrence E. King from the Franklin scandal; the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor from 1991 to 1995 was Graham Spanier, later involved in covering up Jerry Sandusky's child abuse at Penn State


  • Emporia State University? - alma mater of R. Doug Lewis; anonymous online post alleges the biology department is involved with the "global pestilence black market" (i.e. bioweapons)
  • University of Chicago? - home to neoliberal economic planners (Milton Friedman and the "Chicago Boys") who implemented their ideas under the CIA-backed dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet
  • Pennsylvania State University? - site of a pedophile ring with connections to the East Coast political power establishment and Franklin
  • Georgia Tech? - implicated in the election rigging enterprise by Wayne Madsen and Cliff Arnebeck; confirmed ties to voting technology


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External links

OSS and Project Paperclip

Leadership revolving door

Phoenix Program

1973 Chile

Drug trafficking

Money laundering

Operation Gladio B

Venezuela subversion

Afghanistan War

Iraq War

Syrian Civil War

Ukraine crisis

Operation Mockingbird

University influence

  • Covert Action Information Bulletin, "The CIA on Campus" by Robert Witanek, 1989 winter
    • "The nature of the relationship between the CIA and the academic community is best seen in a 1968 memo from Dr. Earl C. Bolton who, while serving as Vice President of the University of California at Berkeley, was secretly consulting for the CIA. The memo, widely circulated among U.S. universities, advises the use of duplicity and deception to hide CIA connection to the campuses."
    • "From 1955-59, Michigan State University had a $25 million contract with the CIA to provide academic cover to five CIA agents stationed in South Vietnam who performed such jobs as drafting the government's constitution, and providing police training and weapons to the repressive Diem regime. The constitution included a provision requiring the South Vietnamese to carry voter identification cards. Citizens without such cards were assumed to be supporters of the Vietcong, and faced arrest or worse by the regime's police."
    • "The CIA started the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for International Studies (MIT-CIS) in 1950. By 1952, former Director of the CIA's Office of National Estimates Max Millikan became director of the center."
    • "In the mid 1950s, professors at MIT and Cornell launched field projects in Indonesia to train an elite of Indonesian military and economic leaders who later became the impetus behind the coup that brought Suharto to power and left over one million people dead. The elites were trained at the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley by Guy Pauker who had moved there from MIT-Center for International Studies."
    • "In 1965, Rene Lemarchand, a nontenure professor at the University of Florida, returned from a trip to Burundi. Shortly thereafter, Justin Gleischauf, the Miami CIA station chief contacted Lemarchand, asking him for an interview. Manny Dauer, Lemarchand's department chair, advised him to cooperate fully in answering the questions the CIA had for him. Lemarchand, however, turned down the invitation."
    • "In 1968, George Rawick, a sociology professor at Oakland University was approached by James R. Hooker, of Michigan State University's African Studies Center for recruitment into the CIA."
    • "In 1968, the CIA used the Eagleton Institute for Research at Rutgers University in a plan to influence the outcome of the presidential election in Guyana. Through the Eagleton Institute, the CIA helped amend the Guyanese constitution to allow Guyanese and relatives of Guyanese living abroad to vote by absentee ballot. Then 16,000 votes were manufactured in New York City, giving the CIA's candidate, Forbes Burnham, a narrow margin over socialist Cheddi Jagan."
    • "Another operation involving Rutgers University was run by Political Science Department Chair, Professor Richard Mansbach, who used an undergraduate class (without the students' knowledge) as cover for a CIA project entitled the "European Non-State Actors Project" (ENSAP) in 1984."
    • "An October 9, 1987 memo from the Office of the Associate Dean at the University of Texas to the faculty shows how eager university officials are to cooperate with the CIA's Officer in Residence program."
    • "In 1986, professor Nadav Safran resigned as head of Harvard's Center for Middle Eastern Affairs after revealing that he secretly received payment from the CIA to write a book about Saudi Arabia and to stage a conference about the Middle East at the University."
    • "In 1985, an official of the Harvard Center for International Affairs was embroiled in a similar controversy when he conducted research secretly funded by the CIA."

Election fraud

Other curiosities