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People in law enforcement who are sexual predators, which is defined as: those who attempt or obtain sexual contact (molestation, intercourse, etc.) with a person without consent, which necessarily includes underage victims due to their inherent inability to consent

In order for a person's wiki page to be added to this category, their status as a sexual predator must be confirmed through a legitimate criminal conviction or sufficient outside corroboration. Even likely but unconfirmed people, however, can be added to the list below along with the confirmed people:

A good resource for filling out this category is: Police Prostitution and archive of pedophilia charges against LE from 1986 through 2011



  • Joseph James DeAngelo - the accused suspect in the Golden State Killer rapes and murders (though, in all likelihood, DeAngelo was probably just one member in a larger group of murderers, and may have been a hired hitman against Lyman Smith)
  • M. Scott Connelly a.k.a. Marshal Scott Connelly - Yosemite National Park ranger and local prosecutor in charge of prosecuting federal crimes within the park; oversaw the investigation into Curry Company drug trafficking, which park rangers accused him of sabotaging; had a known "predilection for underage boys" which was exposed in 1998 when he was charged with sexually abusing multiple children


  • Ben Meyers - police chief of Grand Junction CO during a string of homicides of young women who were involved in drugs, sex, and parties with local officers including Meyers himself, who resigned after threatening an officer who saw him buying a 19-year-old girl a drink at a bar
  • Pat Sullivan - Arapahoe County Sheriff who went down in a meth-for-sex scandal, knowingly infected people with HIV, was accused by multiple victims of raping them while they were underage, and oversaw a large human trafficking ring in the state of Colorado
  • Michael Mangino - officer of the Aurora Police Department who photographed an underage girl naked, and was protected by the department for a long time (perhaps due to a similar culture of sexual deviancy within the PD as Mangino claimed)


  • Allen "Frog" Johnson? - sheriff's investigator, alleged child trafficker, and nightclub owner in Bay County FL


  • Charlie Spray? - police chief of Valdosta GA who is alleged to have taken bribes to allow brothels to operate and to have molested two underage girls




  • Vinten Hartung - Nevada Highway Patrol trooper who arrested Walter Gerald Ellis and was later revealed to have been in a sexual relationship with a teenager to whom he furnished alcohol

New York

  • Eugene Gold - Brooklyn District Attorney (1969-1981) who prosecuted David Berkowitz as a lone killer while stymieing attempts to investigate a broader "Son of Sam" conspiracy, and was subsequently found to have molested the 10-year-old daughter of an Alabama prosecutor

North Carolina

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