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Command Central is a Minnesota election contractor that serves as the Wisconsin distributor for Dominion Voting. Operating in over 40 districts throughout Wisconsin, they're in charge of interacting with the election clerks, programming the voting machines, and providing tech support. Its secrecy and control over voting machine programming, combined with Wisconsin's suspect elections in recent years, has led to suspicion that Command Central plays a role in rigging elections.




  • Sue Wahl Storbeck: Co-owner - former employee of ACS Enterprise Solutions, a contractor in the Dallas TX business community
  • Lee Storbeck: Co-owner
  • Aaron Storbeck
  • Chad Trice


Suspect elections

2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court

Main article: 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election

2012 Wisconsin recall

Main article: 2012 Wisconsin gubernatorial recall

2014 Wisconsin general

2016 Wisconsin general

Political connections

Corporate connections


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