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Early years

2010 vendor acquisitions


DELIAN Project

Private equity purchase



Optical scanners

Election management systems




Political connections

Corporate connections

Suspect elections

2016 Illinois Dem primary

Main article: 2016 Illinois primary


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Major personnel

  • 2018/11/04 company page
  • John Poulos - founder and president and CEO, based in Toronto
  • Nicole Nollette - executive vice president of operations, based in Denver
    • Twitter thread by Rigel2020 started on 2018/05/14 - from 1998/05 to 2003/08 she was a Naval officer in the San Diego area and Souda Bay, Greece; from 2005 to 2006 she was an investment banker at Wachovia Securities in the Charlotte NC area; from 2006 to 2010 she was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley in the Los Angeles area; in 2010 she became vice president of sales and marketing for distillery no. 209 at the Rudd Group; from 2013 to 2015 she was chief of staff and from 2015/04 to 2016/06 she was vice president of field services and strategic operations of IGT, a slots and gaming company in Las Vegas now merged with GTECH
    • Global Gaming Business, "40 UNDER 40: Nicole Nollette", 2014/10/24: "Nollette is chief of staff at leading slot manufacturer International Game Technology, which means she is responsible for making sure all of CEO Patti Hart’s corporate initiatives get done, on time and on budget. [...] After serving as a command duty officer in the Pacific—using her oceanography undergraduate training to advise on weather systems to ensure ship safety—and as officer in charge of the team responsible for the safety of military assets—human and otherwise—in the Mediterranean, she received further preparation for her gaming career on Wall Street as an investment banker and as head of her own gin and vodka company."
    • International Game Technology (IGT) background
      • Washington Post, "PROFIT AND PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS", 1989/08/12: "For the founding partners of Black Manafort Stone & Kelly -- movement conservatives who rose through the ranks of right-wing Republican politics to ride the crest of the Reagan revolution, securing for themselves a world of Mercedeses, Jaguars and plush offices overlooking the Potomac waterfront -- 1988 was a year to invest in their future. [...] Two of the partners, Charles Black and Roger Stone, spent most of last year as senior campaign strategists, first with Jack Kemp, then with George Bush. A third partner, Paul J. Manafort, ran the Republican National Convention in New Orleans for Bush, and another former colleague, Lee Atwater, was the overall manager of Bush's presidential campaign. [...] Manafort is now a central figure in the congressional inquiry into fees paid to Republican consultants to win approval of housing subsidies from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. According to his own testimony, the firm used its political influence with appointed HUD officials to get lucrative benefits for a project in which Manafort had invested. [...] To a list of clients that by 1988 already included Allied Signal, Donald Trump, Aetna Life and Casualty, Bethlehem Steel, Johnson & Johnson, Trans World Airlines and Union Pacific, the firm has added in 1989 the Mortgage Insurance Cos. of America, the Large Public Power Council, the Air Transport Association, the Edison Electric Institute and the Circle K Corp. [...] Partners in the firm, particularly Black, have played key roles in developing strategies to mobilize the Christian right in behalf of Reagan and other Republican candidates, but Black and his partners have no qualms about representing such gambling interests as the New Jersey Casino Association and GTECH."
      • Center for Public Integrity, "Under the Influence", 2000/03/02: "Even more startling, however, is the number of close advisers to McCain's presidential campaign who have strong ties to the gaming industry. Campaign manager Rick Davis was registered to lobby for GTECH up through the middle of 1999. GTECH is the world's largest operator of computerized online lotteries, with businesses spanning five continents. It also runs 29 of the 38 U.S. state lotteries. But the huge company has had its problems over the years. GTECH's most recent annual report highlights some of the difficulties:

        "In December 1998, Lawrence Littwin, the former Executive Director of the Texas Lottery Commission from June 1997 to October 1997, filed suit against GTECH in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas alleging that GTECH, as operator of the Texas lottery, unlawfully attempted to have Mr. Littwin removed as Executive Director of the Texas Lottery Commission in order to continue its alleged unlawful control of the Texas Lottery Commission and the Texas lottery. The specific causes of action alleged by Mr. Littwin include alleged tortious interference by GTECH with Mr. Littwin's employment relationship with the Texas Lottery Commission which caused him to be removed as the Executive Director; alleged conspiracy with unspecified third parties to maintain control of the Texas Lottery Commission and the Texas lottery; and various alleged civil violations by GTECH of the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act (18 Sections 1961(4) and 1962(b), (c) and (d)) ('RICO')."

        Littwin and his attorneys have suggested throughout the proceedings that GTECH was allowed to keep its state lottery contract in exchange for former Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes' silence. Barnes, a former GTECH lobbyist, admitted under oath that he helped George W. Bush enlist in the Texas Air National Guard rather than go to Vietnam 31 years ago."
      • eNCA, "Gaming the system", 2017/08/14
      • GoLocalProv, "NEW: Major Democratic Powerbroker Sweitzer Retiring as Chair of IGT", 2018/12/06: "Donald Sweitzer will be retiring at the end of December after 20 years of leadership in International Game Technology (IGT) government affairs and business development. [...] Prior to his role as Chairman of IGT Global Solutions Corporation -- formerly GTech -- Sweitzer was Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and Public Affairs. Before joining the Company in 1998, Sweitzer served in prominent senior roles in federal and state politics. [...] He was political director of the Democratic National Committee during the first term of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and was an advisor to elected representatives, including Senators Edward M. Kennedy, D-Massachusetts and Howard M. Metzenbaum, D-Ohio. He also worked for Paul Manafort in the 1990s. [...] Sweitzer has been a regular on GoLocal's Power List and Rhode Island's Wealthiest and Most Influential. He has held roles on the boards of non-governmental organizations including current Co-Chair and past Chairman of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and current board member of the Providence Performing Arts Center. Don is also a member of the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame."
  • Mike Frontera - executive vice president and general counsel, based in Denver
    • See the Riverside County CA page for information on a suspicious election in 2004 that Mike Frontera, an employee of Sequoia, played an unexplained role in
  • Goran Obradovic - managing director of EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa)

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