JFK assassination

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Prior assassination plots

Dallas right-wingers


Corruption of law enforcement


Start of the day

JFK motorcade travel

Assassination of Kennedy

Tippit murder

Oswald arrest

Autopsies and DC flight

Murder of Oswald


Dallas PD and FBI

Warren Commission

Jim Garrison trial

House Select Committee

Evidence for conspiracy

Oswald's connections

Main article: Lee Harvey Oswald

Ruby and organized crime

Main article: Jack Ruby

Prior attempts

Outline of the plot

[A lot of non-physical evidence of conspiracy exists, particularly what was uncovered in Jim Garrison's investigation. That included:

  • The discovery that Clay Shaw was the man who called Dean Andrews to defend Oswald in Dallas
  • Rose Cherami's story, connecting Jack Ruby and Cuban exiles to an arms/drugs/human trafficking network as well as an assassination plot
  • Evidence that Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City was a setup
  • The Bethesda autopsy being controlled by upper-level military officers.


Activities of Oswald

Single bullet theory

Fired shots




[Suspected, but not proven, to be powerful corporate interests: Wall Street bankers, defense contractor executives, oilmen (including those in Dallas like H.L. Hunt), and the like. Allen Dulles, with a longtime background in both Wall Street and the intelligence community, might have served as the liaison between these corporate interests and the plot organizers. Despite being fired by Kennedy in 1961, he maintained a "parallel government" in which he continued running the CIA through his loyalists like Richard Helms and James Angleton.]

Plot organizers


[Most likely Cuban exiles working for the CIA (perhaps Operation 40 members?), possibly Mafia hitmen as well]

Suspicious deaths


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  1. Nelson Bunker Hunt and others in the Dallas business community funded the "Welcome Mr. Kennedy" ad

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Useful books

Prior plots

Outline of the plot

New Orleans milieu

Jack Ruby role

E. Howard Hunt role

  • Sunday News Journal, "Was Howard Hunt in Dallas the day JFK died?", 1978/08/20 (CIA's response to the article one day later) - mentions a 1966 CIA memo saying that Hunt was in Dallas on the day of the assassination
  • Plausible Denial by Mark Lane (1992)
  • Roy Tuckman interview of Mark Lane on KPFK in 1992 - says that Ellis Rubin was the lawyer for Hunt; points out in relation to George H.W. Bush that the codename for the Bay of Pigs was Operation Zapata, and mentions the claim by Fletcher Prouty that he delivered two ships for the Bay of Pigs named Barbara and Houston; says that Bush lied about not investigating the JFK assassination as CIA director, having actually ordered a study into the CIA's vulnerabilities on the topic; one caller mentions Dan Rather giving a convoluted defense on February 4 for his inaccurate description of the Zapruder film; brings up the tape recording being made at George de Mohrenschildt's home, which has a security system alarm go off just before he is shot; has Lane mention saving Leo Ryan from a knife attack at Jonestown; one caller says Bush ally Fred Malek tried recruiting him to Georgetown University in 1972

Richard Case Nagell

Controlled autopsy

Oswald activities

Acoustics evidence

Tippit shooting

Corrupt law enforcement

Disinformation authors

Various peculiarities