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R. Doug Lewis is the former executive director (1994-2015) of the Election Center, an organization responsible for coordinating the privatization of the elections industry. He also helped establish sister organizations to the Center, such as the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED), where Lewis managed the approval of voting system test labs. During his tenure, Lewis had the central role of a liaison between regulatory agencies, election officials, voting system vendors, and testing authorities (ITAs), and could be characterized as responsible for making the industry what it is today. Lewis represents the vendors, but to some extent, he even holds sway over those vendors, as shown by his ability to call them into a meeting and get them to sign onto a PR campaign by ITAA (rather than the other way around).

Lewis's background is incredibly obscure and still largely unknown. His official biography from the Election Center is more like a cover story, as several parts are misleading or entirely false. For instance, while Lewis claimed to be the executive director of the Democratic Party in Kansas and Texas, he was actually an executive of the Republican Party in those two states. For an unknown reason, Lewis crafted a false background that hid his elite Republican history and made himself appear to be a Democratic political leader instead. News articles from before he ran the Election Center are sparse, but a picture of his Republican political work emerges. Following his time in politics during the 1970s, Lewis reemerged in 1986 running a used-computer business in Houston TX, the Micro Trade Mart. This was where he worked until getting chosen to run the Election Center.


Family and early life


GOP political work

Kansas GOP (1973-74)


National party (1974-75)


Texas GOP (1975-77)





John Connally campaign (1977-??)


After politics


Used-computer business


Joining the Election Center

Role in HAVA

Following the 2000 election debacle, Lewis testified as an expert witness before Congress on how to fix the US voting system.[24]

ITAA alliance

Holt bill opposition




Government agencies

  • Department of Health, Education and Welfare: Consultant in the Office of Education (????-1973)

Political organizations

  • Kansas Republican Party: Executive director (1973-1974), executive secretary (1973-1974)
  • Republican National Committee: Field director for Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma (1974-1975)
  • Texas Republican Party: Executive director (1975-post 1976), finance director (????-1977)

Campaigns and PACs

  • 1976 Gerald Ford presidential campaign: Texas campaign director
  • John Connally Citizens Forum: Executive director (1977-post 1978)


  • Micro Trade Mart: Owner and director (1986-1993)

Interest groups


False biography

[In literature for the Election Center, Lewis falsely presents himself with a history of Democratic political leadership, likely to hide his Republican elite past. The most galling deception is that he claims to have been an executive director of the Texas and Kansas Democratic Party, when in reality, he was finance director and executive director of the Kansas and Texas Republican Party, respectively.]

Election vendor collusion

[The claimed purpose of the Election Center is to represent election officials across the country, but in reality, Lewis has run it as a privatization advocate for the vendors. This is somewhat akin to ALEC, which presents itself as a council of state legislators despite actually being a corporate lobbying organization. And just as ALEC's true purpose is to influence state legislators in favor of corporate interests, the Election Center under Lewis most likely trains election officials to become subservient and docile towards the vendors. The officials are probably taught to become dependent on the vendor, accept their election results without question, and even cover up any irregularities. By transforming election officials into willing acceptants of whatever the vendor does, Lewis has played a key role in allowing nationwide election fraud by this small group of vendors to go unchecked.]

Political connections


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