Son of Sam murders

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Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti

Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan

Donna DeMasi and Joanne Lomino

Christine Freund and John Diel

Virginia Voskerichian

Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani

Sal Lupo and Judy Placido

Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante

Official investigation

Initial police work

Capture of Berkowitz

Main article: David Berkowitz


Cult details

Others involved

Structure and history

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Nationwide operations

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Victim information

  • Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti - 1976/07/29 in the Bronx
    • Note that Lauria was an ambulance technician who might have become aware of a drug ring involving Nugan Hand Bank that imported Golden Triangle heroin into the US through blood supplies
  • Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan - 1976/10/23 in Queens
    • Note that Denaro was a security guard for Citibank, a major bank involved in worldwide money laundering operations, purportedly including those of the Nugan Hand Bank
    • Ed Opperman interview in 2017 with Son of Sam victim Carl Denaro - mentions the local cult leader only named as "Mr. Real Estate" and brings up Durst as one suspect; brings up a yellow Volkswagen seen at many murder scenes and part of the initial news reports, which was excised from the account of the murders after Berkowitz was found not to have them; says that Terry's files are in safe hands following his passing; discussion of possibility that Bill Mentzer was the Zodiac Killer; both DeNaro and Opperman mention the one-page INS document posted by Terry about Sirhan Sirhan being at Sharon Tate's house; brings up that Process founder Mary Ann de Grimston was a high-class call girl living close to where the Profumo affair prostitutes were; DeNaro expresses a belief that Timothy Wyllie's denials of Process Church crimes are unconvincing even to Wyllie himself; gives a criticism of serial killer profiling; discusses how the Process Church moved to Atlanta right after the Son of Sam murders (Denaro says "that's fact") and the Atlanta child murders happened immediately thereafter
    • People, "Survivor of the 'Son of Sam' Speaks Out 41 Years Later: 'I'm One of the Luckiest Guys in the World'", 2017/07/27
  • Donna DeMasi and Joanne Lomino - 1976/11/27 in Queens
    • ...
  • Christine Freund and John Diel - 1977/01/30 in Queens
    • Note that Freund was a secretary for Reynolds Securities, a financial institution in Manhattan that purportedly did business with Citibank and Nugan Hand Bank
  • Virginia Voskerichian - 1977/03/08 in Queens
    • ...
  • Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani - 1977/04/17 in the Bronx
    • ...
  • Sal Lupo and Judy Placido - 1977/06/26 in Queens
    • ...
  • Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante - 1977/07/31 in Brooklyn
    • ...

Cult structure

  • John Carr - longtime cult member who recruited John Paul Ranieri into a Mafia prostitution ring; lived in Rochester NY in the early 1970s, and perhaps participated in the Alphabet murders there; went on to work at Minot Air Force Base, participating in a cult in North Dakota while also frequently commuting back to New York
    • ...
  • Michael Carr
    • ...
  • David O'Gorman - known as Gorman Johnson in The Ultimate Evil
    • ...
  •  ??? - known as Peter Shane in The Ultimate Evil
    • ...
  •  ??? - known as Reeve Rockman in The Ultimate Evil (TODO find name); worked in the same building as Christine Freund; known to North Dakota authorities as being part of John Carr's group
    • ...
  • Barry Dossenko - known as Larry Milenko in The Ultimate Evil
    • ...
  • Alfred Hunt Howell - the leader known as Mr. Real Estate and Moloch

Other curiosities