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Formation and early years

Banking industry

Alltel acquisition

Sale to Fidelity

Corporate parents


Inslaw affair

Main article: Inslaw affair

BCCI fraud

Main article: BCCI

Chinese connections

[Links between the Jackson Stephens financial empire and the Riady family, who have Chinese intelligence connections][1]

[2003 Chinese bribery scandal][2]

[Possible connection to Yang Enterprises?]

Political connections


  1. Washington Post, "Findings Link Clinton Allies to Chinese Intelligence" by Bob Woodward, 1998/02/10: "Mochtar Riady and his son, James, who control the Indonesian-based Lippo Group conglomerate and have been friends and supporters of President Clinton since his days as Arkansas governor, "have had a long-term relationship with a Chinese intelligence agency," according to an unclassified final draft of a report by the Senate committee that last year investigated campaign finance abuses."
  2. The Economist, "Personal banking: The Californian connection to a Chinese bank scandal", 2005/03/23

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PROMIS involvement

Riady family