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Vote rigging allegation

Most of Curtis's claims in his affidavit have been corroborated, while Tom Feeney and YEI's denials have been proven wrong. This makes Curtis a credible whistleblower. However, it's still been impossible to verify the allegation that Feeney commissioned vote rigging software from Yang. In particular, Mike Cohen (a witness other than Curtis, Feeney, and Mrs. Yang) denied the claims, although he outright refused to talk to Brad Friedman when phoned for an interview. Supporting Curtis's claim is his enduring dedication to the election integrity cause, which implies a catalyzing event that sparked his interest. But it would be good to get more solid proof of the vote rigging software request.

If Curtis's claim is true, questions remain about Feeney's role. For one, why would Feeney himself rather than a subordinate be dealing with election rigging? As Bev Harris points out, this is possible, but relatively rare. Second, what was Feeney asking for when he requested a touchscreen-capable vote rigging program? Having to perform jurisdiction-wide vote rigging by physically walking up to individual touchscreens would be too labor-intensive to be feasible. It's possible that Feeney didn't truly understand the issue (and was simply making a request that indicated personal/GOP interest in vote rigging) or Curtis misinterpreted the request (and Feeney actually wanted a tool like "fraction magic" for GEMS, which could steal elections at the county level).

More Feeney info from Curtis's book

Though it's not sworn under penalty of perjury, Curtis's book Just A Fly On The Wall contains a lot more information about what Feeney and Mrs. Yang were planning. Feeney was pushing an agenda of government privatization, in which well-connected firms like YEI would completely assume the functions of government. The civil service would be dismantled, allowing government employees to be fired at will. Feeney was also aware of the neocon network running George W. Bush's administration and their plans for war in the Middle East. He even said, rather spookily, that the Bush people were planning to capitalize on an event that would allow them to lead through fear. All of this, along with the vote rigging and voter suppression schemes, were allegedly discussed with Mrs. Yang.

Feeney also recounted another client of his to Mrs. Yang that he had managed to secure state contracts for: Wackenhut. Wackenhut was involved with the 1980s Inslaw scandal in which the Justice Department stole Inslaw's PROMIS software. Michael Riconosciuto, a programmer at Wackenhut, claimed that he was hired to insert espionage backdoors into the stolen PROMIS software, which was then given to foreign governments. The involvement of government technology contractors and espionage backdoors makes the Inslaw affair curiously similar to the YEI case. Ray Lemme, the investigator of Curtis's allegations, even died in a suspicious suicide which paralleled that of Inslaw investigator Danny Casolaro.