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CIA connection?

There are some potential indications that R. Doug Lewis is connected to the CIA. First, there's his largely hidden background, which only shows up in a few assorted news articles over the years, and his apparent attempt to invent a cover story for himself as a Democratic political leader. Then there are Lewis's political connections: he was a political associate of Warren Commission member and CIA ally Gerald Ford, as well as the director of his 1976 Texas campaign; and he was almost certainly associated with rising Texas political operative Karl Rove, a confidant of lifelong CIA insider George H.W. Bush. Finally, there's the curious name of Lewis's used-computer business: the Micro Trade Mart. It recalls Clay Shaw's International Trade Mart in New Orleans and the Dallas Trade Mart that was the destination of JFK's fateful motorcade route, both of which were run by CIA-connected businessmen and likely served as CIA fronts.