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Family and early life

Law firm and lobbying

[Feeney was most likely the registered agent for Yang Enterprises right from when it was founded in 1986.]

Florida legislative career

US House career

Life after politics


Conflicts of interest


Yang Enterprises ties


Abramoff lobbying

9/11 foreknowledge

Main article: 9/11


Political connections

  • Bush family

  • Florida state government

Corporate connections

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  1. Orlando Sentinel, "Previous speakers have lobbied, but only after leaving office", 2001/11/20: "It is not a violation of state ethics law to serve" as a state legislator and to lobby local governments. It is a violation, however, to serve as a state legislator and lobby state government. [...] No other speaker in state history is thought to have served as a lobbyist while presiding over the House. Eight of the past 10 speakers have become lobbyists, but only after leaving office. One, Bolley "Bo" Johnson, left a federal prison earlier this year after serving a two-year term for income-tax invasion, in part for money received while he was speaker from a business lobbying the state. [...] While there is no central record-keeping, experts say Feeney is the only member of the 160-person Legislature known to be a registered lobbyist anywhere in Florida. Feeney is registered to lobby in Orange for: Republic Services Inc., the massive waste-hauling firm owned by Republican Party donor Wayne Huizenga, who is the founder and former owner of both the Florida Marlins and Blockbuster Entertainment. Yang Enterprises Inc., an Oviedo-based computer-programming and data-storage company. Wackenhut Inc., the massive South Florida-based security company that runs two of the state's five privately run prisons."
  2. UPI, "Elections 2002: Fla 24, hoping to move up", 2002/10/21 - attacks against Feeney in his 2002 campaign over influence peddling: "Attorney Harry Edwards of Sanford, Fla., said during Feeney's 12 years in the House he used his influence to get government contracts for his law firm's clients, Yang Enterprises computer company and the Wackenhut security firm. "You claim it's legal. I think it's wrong, and it certainly doesn't passthe smell test," said Edwards in one of a series of debates."
  3. Brad Friedman, "Uncovered Email 'Contradicts' Feeney Statements to 'Florida Commission on Ethics'!", 2004/12/30
  4. Brad Friedman, "'New Times Broward-Palm Beach' Jumps into Feeney, Yang (YEI), Curtis Fray! [UPDATED]", 2005/02/08 - article about Feeney's continuing relationship to YEI
  5. Brad Friedman, "Feeney Caught Lying Again About His Association with Yang Enterprises!", 2005/02/28
  6. Clint Curtis, Just a Fly on the Wall, p.34: "The Bush people were going to capitalize on an event that would allow them to lead through fear. "If you can keep people afraid they are easy to manipulate.""
    Clint Curtis's account of Feeney alluding to 9/11

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