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Triad Governmental Systems, Inc. (Triad GSI) is an election services contractor based in Xenia OH.




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  • Tod Rapp
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Voting system manipulation

Khashoggi connection

Suspect elections

1988 Florida primary

2004 Ohio general

Main article: 2004 Ohio general election

Political connections

Religious right

Intelligence operatives

Corporate connections


External links

  • Jennifer Cohn, "The company that supplied the “butterfly ballots” in 2000 is controlled by the Rapp Family, which also controls the company that provided cheat sheets and altered tabulators (innocently or otherwise) for the 2004 recount", 2017/12/28
  • DU thread in late November 2004 analyzing the background and connections of Triad
    • From Bev Harris: "The same ol' same ol' was going on with Triad for more than a decade workers from Triad coming in to "adjust" the system right before an election, without notifying elections officials or certifying. Will be posting a few more names, dates, sources shortly. Kathleen and I are tracking down a source, not an earthshaking one, but someone who has a limited amount of inside knowledge. Hope to have info on this by tonight."
    • From Bev Harris: "As recently as August, here's another company Tod A. Rapp was with * Odyssey Online, LLC, by Cox, Keller & Rowland, 85 W. Main St., Xenia, 453852913; members: Tod A. Rapp"
  • Corporation info
  • St. Petersburg Times, "Words war expands to computer charge", 1992/08/30 - Triad GSI faced controversy over secret patch in 1988 Florida primary
  • Butterfly ballot replicas
  • Bob Fitrakis, "Will "push and pray" voting prevail in 2012? The private companies behind the curtain: The great and powerful advocates of faith-based electronic voting", 2012/04/11: "The maintenance on the electronic voting machine maintenance in Ohio was done by primarily by a third secretive right-wing company, Triad. The Rapp family owns Triad Governmental Systems, also known as Triad GSI and the following companies: Rapp Systems, Corp.; Psephos Corp.; and Odyssey Online. [...] The Rapp family, led by patriarch Tod A. Rapp of Xenia, Ohio, emerged in the public eye in 2000 after it was revealed that Psephos Corp. designed the infamous butterfly ballot in Florida. Tod Rapp started his first company, Rap Systems Corp. in 1979. In 1983, Tod Rapp and David E. Snoddy incorporated Triad Governmental Systems, Inc. Its stated purpose was " develop, promote, sell, distribute, market and service computer systems, software, and hardware and to consult with federal, state and local government authorities and private industry." [...] In the last statewide election, public records indicate that Triad now services the computers in 57 of the 88 counties. Following their notoriety in the 2004 elections, Triad Governmental Systems started marketing itself as Triad GSI. The Rapp family is well-known in the Greene County Right to Life movement."
  • Daniel Hopsicker, "Rogue State: The Cover Op That Ate The World", 2005/01/04 - alleges a connection to Adnan Khashoggi: "Was Adnan Khashoggi a principal in a company which has been counting the votes of American servicemen overseas? Answer: highly likely. Both, and Triad, the election company cited for causing most of the problems in Ohio, should receive close scrutiny for evidence of Khashoggi involvement. While there has been no suggestion of it anywhere in the media, the name “Triad” was used extensively by Khashoggi at exactly the same time (the early 80’s) and in exactly the same place (Palm Beach, Florida) as the “Triad Governmental Systems” involved in Ohio’s current election “difficulties.” Khashoggi owned a number of companies named “Triad.” Khashoggi owned “Triad International Marketing.” “Northrop, the Los Angeles-based aircraft and electronics manufacturer, owes Triad International Marketing, S.A., a Liechtenstein corporation controlled by Khashoggi, $31 million in commissions on sales to the Saudi air force,” reported the L.A. Times on August 29, 1987. Khashoggi owned “Triad America.” “Creditors claim they are owed more than $100 million by Triad America and its subsidiaries… in Salt Lake City. Leonard Gumport, the court-appointed examiner, also is recommending that Triad America seek repayment of the $189.2 million loaned to companies controlled by the Khashoggis,” reported the Salt Lake Tribune. From the company’s literature: “TRIAD Governmental Systems, Inc., is a nationally recognized corporation that is committed to providing quality, computer based systems for governmental voting units. Incorporated in 1982, TRIAD GSI was founded to provided quality support and services for Rapp Systems’ Election products, with election experience that spans a quarter of a century.” In 1982, Khashoggi owned Triad Farms in Kentucky. In “The Blue Grass Conspiracy” by Sally Denton, she revealed that the large drug smuggling operation called “The Company,” headquarters were near Lexington, Kentucky, at Triad Farms, owned by Khashoggi. That’s just about the same time (1983) that TRIAD Governmental Systems was founded…"; interesting that a flight attendant on his private planes was Theresa LePore, who introduced the butterfly ballot
  • DU thread searching for a link between Triad and Datamaxx - dug up the fact that Rapp Systems claimed to have developed software for NASA (also a client of Yang Enterprises) to monitor tiles on the Space Shuttle
  • Piqua Daily Call, "Piqua resident Ryan King appointed to Miami County Board of Elections", 2016/02/18: "The Miami County Board of Elections met Thursday afternoon after absentee and early voting for the March 15 Presidential Primary election began Wednesday. The ongoing issues with the office’s voter registration system appear to have been fixed for the time being. “It was a configuration issue … it is resolved,” Brett Rapp, president of Triad, said."