2016 FL-23 congressional primary

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Pre-election polls


Voter suppression


Statistical anomalies


Ballot destruction


[Failure at all levels to prosecute the Broward County election office for illegally destroying the ballots, which was said to have been orchestrated by Rod Rosenstein at the Justice Department][8]



  1. Tim Canova campaign post on 2016/08/22 about voter suppression: "VOTER SUPPRESSION already beginning: Our campaign is receiving multiple reports of voters being called and told not to vote in the August primary and to wait until November to cast their ballots. We also have reports from several early polling locations that people in unmarked white vans are driving around and removing our signs. If you have any information regarding these or other similar acts directed towards our campaign please send an email to carlos@timcanova.com Please use your cellphone cameras to take photos of any incidents, including photos of the goons and their license plate numbers."
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External links

  • Brenda Snipes background - another instance of odd bedfellows / the politics of illusion
    • CNN, "Jeb Bush removes Broward County elections chief", 2003/11/20: "[Miriam] Oliphant hasn't responded to repeated requests to comment on Bush's suspension order. A Democrat, she has been a frequent critic of the governor's administration. Bush appointed Brenda Snipes, a former Broward County school principal, to replace Oliphant."
    • New York Times, "Florida Governor Suspends Supervisor of Troubled Broward Elections", 2003/11/21: "Mr. Bush temporarily replaced Ms. Oliphant with Dr. Brenda Snipes, 60, a retired public schools official who is also a black Democrat."
    • New Times Broward-Palm Beach, "Be Very Afraid" by Bob Norman, 2004/10/28: "Many dim Democrats rejoiced when Jeb plucked Oliphant from office this past November and installed Snipes, a School Board bureaucrat with disturbing ties to Republicans. They should have been mortified. To understand Snipes, all they had to do was check out the man who emceed her appointment ceremony: Dorsey Miller, an opportunistic and oft-investigated black Republican tapped by Jeb to engineer Snipes' ascension.

      Miller is a campaign official for Dubya and a Jeb appointee on the board of the publicly financed North Broward Hospital District, the heart of Republican power in Broward. The district is fraught with corruption and is the subject of a federal grand jury investigation concerning insider deals using taxpayer money.

      It's a troubling combination: Snipes is steeped not just in Republicans but in a group well-known for violating the public trust. Also closely aligned with Snipes is NBHD General Counsel William Scherer. You might remember Scherer -- a co-chair for the governor's campaign and a fundraising Ranger for the president's campaign -- from the 2000 reelection fiasco. He's the charming fellow who started yelling on live television during the recount and had to be removed from the Broward County Courthouse. In March, Snipes hired Scherer's law partner, W. Earl Hall, as treasurer for her campaign. Hear this again: The so-called Democrat running the elections office hired a Republican activist's law firm to run her campaign.

      Scherer works closely with NBHD lobbyist Jim Blosser, who is perhaps the most influential Republican powerbroker in South Florida. Blosser's law and lobbying firms are loaded with former Jeb Bush officials, including former spokesman Justin Sayfie.

      Scherer, Blosser, Miller, and others at the hospital district juggernaut predictably helped bankroll Snipes' campaign. District board members, employees, and associated businesses contributed at least $12,000. Other top Republicans pitched in thousands more. For good measure, Snipes hired Cora Braynon, another Jeb appointee at the hospital district, to work for her campaign. This past August, when Snipes won the Democratic primary, the campaign quietly paid a cool $1,000 to Braynon for supplying "campaign workers' food," according to elections office records.

      That same month, the Daily Business Review reported that Snipes had hired Blosser's law firm to represent the Supervisor of Elections office in case of any election-related litigation. After a small uproar over the outrageously partisan nature of the hiring, Snipes fired Blosser's firm, but the message was clear: The supervisor was in the Republicans' corner.

      Yet the Dems still rallied behind Snipes to give her a strong victory in the August 31 primary. Her Republican challenger, Steven Shin, then dropped out after his own party encouraged him to leave the race. The GOP already had its choice in place, after all. So it's four more years for Snipes and the virulent, rogue political profiteers who stand behind her."
    • Brad Friedman, "FL Election Integrity Advocate, Candidate For Election Supervisor Arrested at Direction of Election Supervisor, Opponent", 2008/11/14
    • Brad Friedman, "VIDEO: Outrageous Arrest of FL Election Integrity Advocate, Candidate Caught on Tape", 2008/12/09 (video)
    • Brad Friedman, "Formal Charges Still Unfiled in Arrest of FL Election Integrity Advocate, Candidate", 2008/12/17
    • Brad Friedman, "Exclusive: All Charges Dropped Against FL Election Integrity Advocate Arrested Last November", 2009/03/11
    • Broward Beat, "Charge: Broward Election Boss Brenda Snipes “Ethically Challenged”", 2016: "Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes may have the title. Her long-time Chief of Operations Fred Bellis actually runs much of what goes on the elections office, I am told. In the past year Bellis has expanded his job description. Now he is also working to get Snipes re-elected. He shepherds her to campaign stops. He makes calls for her. He raises money. All while Bellis remains on the Supervisor’s payroll. Although not unusual in politics, Bellis’ dual role as a government employee and campaign strategist illustrates Snipes’ administration, her opponent David Brown charges. She is ethically challenged, Brown says. Brown has made Snipes’ ethics a campaign issue."