2016 general election

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  1. 538's article refuting the "shy Trump voter" theory
  2. Presidential exit polls
  3. Senate exit polls
  4. Governor exit polls
  5. Greg Palast on Crosscheck
  6. New York Times, "Trump Backers Go to Court to Block Vote Recounts in 3 States", 2016/12/02
  7. Reuters, "Judge lets Wisconsin officials decide how to perform presidential vote recount", 2016/11/30 - Wisconsin counties were allowed to do retabulations by optical scan rather than hand counts
  8. Wisconsin recount methods by county
  9. The Detroit News, "Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount", 2016/12/05 - 1/3 of Detroit precincts failed to match poll books
  10. The Detroit News, "Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts", 2016/12/12 - More votes than voters in Detroit
  11. Detroit Free Press, "Detroit vote: 95 poll books late, 5 still missing", 2016/12/15 - Detroit election records disorganized
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  15. CNN, "Wisconsin, Pennsylvania certify Trump wins, ends Stein's recount push", 2016/12/12 - Pennsylvania recount halted by federal judge
  16. Nevada recount integrity violations

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Wisconsin election

  • Racine County recount (done by optical scan)
    • Hand count by observer Liz Whitlock and her team - found errors in the Racine County totals, but were barred from recounting further

Michigan election

Other curiosities