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Religious groups

Political connections

Law enforcement

  • San Francisco Police Department: Worked as an intelligence operative for the SFPD
  • Interpol?

Intelligence community

Mind control

Main article: Mind control programs

LaVey, through his Satanic organizations, has been in close proximity to apparent subjects of government mind control:

  • Manson Family: Through members Susan Atkins, a former topless dancer in LaVey's church, and Bobby Beausoleil, an associate of LaVey's close friend Kenneth Anger
  • Thomas Creech: Who attended some Church of Satan rituals as a young man who had drifted to San Francisco, and later went on to be an satanically-oriented killer for a nationwide organized crime syndicate
  • Richard Ramirez: An overtly-Satanic serial killer who grew up in Juarez, Mexico, was influenced by his Phoenix-operative cousin Mike, admired the Church of Satan literature, and was granted a rare personal visit with LaVey shortly before starting his killing spree


External links

  • Argosy Magazine, "Anton LaVey - "The Satanist Who Wants to Rule the World"" by Dick Russell, 1975/06 - notes how a 22-year-old "employee of the local governor's office" whom LaVey befriended recently became a satanist; discusses LaVey's relationship with Jayne Mansfield; tells his purported early life story including being the "son of a traveling liquor salesman"
  • Rolling Stone, "SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL", 1991/09/05 - brings up notable parts of LaVey's life story: working for the SFPD, advising Rosemary's Baby and playing the devil who impregnates Mia Farrow in the film; interesting quote indicating his right-wing authoritarian political philosophy: "The police force has to take care of people without conscience; in fact there's very little conscience left. I'm not advocating a benign police state exactly, but there's a need for certain elements of control. There has to be tyranny. If you don't want to call it tyranny, call it rational stratification. The alternative is chaos and anarchy, savage and bestial. If this sounds fascistic, so be it."

Church activities

  • Argosy Magazine, "Anton LaVey - "The Satanist Who Wants to Rule the World"" by Dick Russell, 1975/06: "Kim Novak, Sammy Davis Jr., and a number of politicians and business men quietly affiliated. It was a select membership. Long before he acquired the converted convent in Italy, the mansion in Bavaria, the three ocean going salvage ships at his disposal in Belfast, and a devoted Sicilian driver who chauffeured him in his black Buick and guarded his 1937 Cord, LaVey had let it be known that he was building "an elite of the future.""
  • Blanche Barton, The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey (1990), p.72: "One seminar on "Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice" covered the subject in more than just words. Students were invited to partake of a cooked thigh of a young white woman. The leg had been biopsied and provided by a Berkeley physician who attended Anton's lectures regularly."
  • From p.118 of Painted Black by Carl Raschke (1990): "A contemporary observer noted that in attendance at both the magic seminars and the rituals of the Church of Satan were physicians, lawyers, engineers, teachers, former members of the FBI, IBM executives, and even street cleaners. At one gathering of eight, half were either Ph.D.'s or Ph.D. candidates. The same writer noted that LaVey was never raided because he had a warm relationship with the San Francisco police."
  • David Hoffman, "George Bush: World Class Monster", perhaps citing Raising Hell by Michael Newton (1993), claims that people cursed by Anton LaVey often met bad ends: "According to spokespersons, neither The Church of Satan nor The Temple of Set have ever practiced human or animal sacrifice. Anton LaVey once said, “I will have no mercy on people who are cruel to animals.” The use of magick, however, to harm ones enemies, is acceptable in these organizations. When Jane Mansfield died in a car accident, LaVey said it was because she had asked him to put a curse on her boyfriend. He did, it worked, and Jane unfortunately just happened to be in the car. When busybody neighbors made authorities evict LaVey’s pet lion, Tagore, LaVey put a curse on them. Before long, most of the culprits had died, disappeared or moved away."
  • Michael A. Aquino, "The Church of Satan", 2002 (Fifth Edition) - on p.48, cites a 1969/10/14 letter from LaVey to Aquino where he states "Yes, I have very definite views on the Sharon Tate case, but none I care to state in a letter. Suffice to say it was a case of several people playing ball on the wrong team and not acknowledging the coach. When you return to San Francisco next year, I’ll elucidate further on this. I will say, though, that there are many strange coincidences surrounding the case which I’m certain have escaped recognition by those concerned with the investigation."; interesting that on p.49, Aquino acknowledges the connection of Thomas Creech (who claimed to be part of a murder-for-hire satanic cult) to LaVey rather than brushing it off as "satanic panic" hysteria

Mob and intelligence

  • TODO: see if it can be verified that LaVey's father was a liquor salesman in Chicago, as that would almost certainly connect him with the organized crime presence there at the time that was flouting Prohibition
  • San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) intelligence work
    • From p.333 of Forbidden Science - Volume Two by Jacques Vallee (2008, 2009, 2010):

          Belmont. Sunday 25 April 1976.

          I've confronted Anton with the Flickinger report on mutilations, which specifically mentions his group. He tried to tell me it was a fabrication by the hippies at the Berkeley Barb (57). I laughed at this: Flickinger is a Federal Agent with the Treasury Department, not a bearded leftist. So Anton, his back to the wall, pulled out his wallet and showed me his badge of the San Francisco Police Department:
          “I'd have known about it, if the SFPD had uncovered serious evidence. I work closely with their Intelligence unit. They call on me when they have a crime that involves witchcraft or cults, like the murder in Daly City a year ago...”
  • Politico, "When the FBI Thought a High Priest of Satan Was Trying to Kill Ted Kennedy", 2020/01/12
    • "An informant had contacted the FBI office in downtown Chicago and explained that a plot to murder Kennedy was being set in motion. It’s a story that has never been told until now, a bizarre piece of history that became public only when I discovered records of the investigation that the FBI quietly released in June in The Vault, the bureau’s online FOIA library. The files outlined a scheme that supposedly involved money, drugs and the mob. And according to the informant, the ringleader—the man who allegedly wanted Ted Kennedy dead—was none other than Anton LaVey."
    • "The FBI’s San Francisco office pulled records it had on LaVey dating back to the mid-’70s, when a tipster told the bureau that LaVey had purchased handguns, a shotgun and a rifle. Other files showed that LaVey had once supposedly been “interested” in joining the National Socialist White People’s Party, which had been known, in an earlier incarnation, as the American Nazi Party." - note that this is the same party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell
    • "Investigators returned to the Black House a second time, on Halloween. And this time, when the door opened, they came face-to-face with LaVey. For years, he had enjoyed toying with people’s imaginations, blurring the lines between performance and something darker. But now he was faced with no-nonsense federal agents, and they weren’t in the mood to play around."
    • "LaVey checked his recent phone messages, and noticed that he’d received calls from the Chicago area on October 23 and October 27. But he told the agents that he didn’t know the identity of the caller and hadn’t tried dialing the number that had been left for him."
    • "And then LaVey shared some surprising news with the agents: His role as the head of the church was all a charade. Most of the church’s followers, he said, were “fanatics, cultists, and weirdos,” the records show. “[H]is interest in the Church of Satan is strictly from a monetary point of view,” the agents noted, “and spends most of his time furnishing interviews, writing material, and lately has become interested in photography.”"
  • Jim Keith, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness (1999), p.124: "An associate of LaVey's has also told me that he has personal knowledge that the Satanist also functioned as an informant for Interpol."
  • Mind control allegations
    • Fritz Springmeier, "Anton LaVey--Profile of a trauma-based mind-control programmer", date unknown: "Anton LaVey has been seen going onto military programming bases, and was at the NORAD area in Colorado for a while."
    • From p.128 of Painted Black by Carl Raschke (1990): "At this writing, LaVey has been rumored in the occult underworld to have taken up a part-time residence in Colorado not far from the nerve center of the Strategic Air Command and the Consolidated Space Operations Center in Colorado Springs." - note that Michael Aquino, after being processed out of the Army in 1990, is said to have served as a Space Intelligence Officer at Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs

Serial killer links

  • Richard Ramirez (TODO move to other or dedicated page?)
    • Philip Carlo, The Night Stalker (1996), p.318: "Zeena LaVey, Anton’s daughter, went to the jail to visit Richard. She wore a long, skin-tight black dress over her intense hourglass figure and had bright blood-red lipstick on her full lips and long fingernails. She was with her then-boyfriend, a tall blonde named Nicholas Shreck, who had cut off his left ear as a token of his devotion to Satan. Nicholas also wore all black and sported an ankle-length black leather coat. Zeena told Richard that her father and the Church sent their blessings and were praying to Satan for him. They were making him a honorary member of the Church. That made Richard’s spirits soar. He held LaVey in high esteem, and Zeena’s visit made him feel the forces of darkness were being marshalled behind him."