Boys Town

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Formation and early years




Notable residents


Child molestation

Franklin scandal

Main article: Franklin child sex ring

Mind control

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Political connections

Intelligence assets

  • CIA? (through Larry King and Dr. Leslie Collins)

Catholic Church

Corporate connections

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Michael Casey

Franklin scandal

  • Omaha World-Herald, "Author: Novel Based on Truth Boys Town Director Calls Book 'Disgusting'", 1989/08/27 - excerpted in DeCamp's book: "An Omaha native said his new novel describing a youth's painful upbringing in a boys' home, including many homosexual encounters, is based on his eight years at Boys Town. Jimmy Cheshire, 44, of Yellow Springs, Ohio, said in an interview that "Home Boy" accurately depicts life as he saw it at Boys Town from 1955 to 1963 when he graduated as class valedictorian.... Cheshire said homosexuality was "rampant" at Boys Town while he was there. "Everybody I knew was involved in it. After graduation, no one talks about it," he said. "In my opinion, one third of the Boys Town counselors were pedophiles. The only reason they were there was because kids were there. A lot of kids were seduced".... Cheshire said he did not find any adults at Boys Town who were "reliable." "There were some brutal people, some sick people," he said. "The children turned to each other' for support.""
  • Dr. Leslie Collins background

Mind control

Early 2000s lawsuit