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Corporate connections

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  1. New York Times, "THE WEALTHIEST WOMAN IN AMERICA", 1986/10/26

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  • New York Times, "THE WEALTHIEST WOMAN IN AMERICA", 1986/10/26
    • "Mrs. Schoellkopf, on the other hand, has devoted most of her 63 years to raising five children and doing good works in Dallas. (See box.) In her own words, she is a ''figurehead'' who happily promotes the exclusive hotels and office complexes owned by her trust, chatting with guests at openings and other public events, and giving homespun pep talks to employees. Publicists for Rosewood's hotels say she is as big an attraction in Texas as Larry Hagman, the actor who plays J.R. Ewing in ''Dallas.''"
    • "They have left the analysis and negotiations on major investment issues to Rosewood's president and chief executive, Don W. Crisp, 44, and the business specialists he has recruited. A former accountant with Arthur Andersen and chief financial officer of a local thrift institution, the Texas-born Mr. Crisp joined the trust in 1977 and, in many ways, is a mentor for the Sands. He became one of three trustees of the Caroline Trust in 1982, joining Mrs. Hill and Tom Hunt, one of Mrs. Schoellkopf's cousins. He succeeded the man who hired him, another C.P.A. named John Goodson, who had managed Mrs. Schoellkopf's interests for 30 years before retiring four years ago."
  • Connection to Mayo Shattuck III (chairman of Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown & Sons, formerly chaired by CIA agent A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard and involved in suspicious trades related to the 9/11 attacks, who resigned on September 12, 2001)
    • Buyouts, "Rosewood Grows $400M Vehicle", 2000/05/01: "The San Francisco-based firm closed out the initial $200 million last month with a combination of a roll-over from the existing $115 million Rosewood Capital III and additional commitments from inside investors. Named Rosewood Venture Partners (RVP), the new fund signals a shift in focus for the firm in that it will back Internet enterprises, thereby forsaking new investments in the type of consumer-based organizations upon which Rosewood had built its reputation. A final close is expected within the next two months. Chip Adams, a founder and principal with Rosewood, said that he expects RVP to invest $1 million to $10 million in about 35 early-stage Internet companies, plus a few strategic later-stage plays. Moving with the market, Rosewood began shifting to an Internet focus in early 1999 and, since then, has completed 15 investments in that space. Most recently, the company took a small piece of a $45.7 million mezzanine round for PeoplePC Inc. Other notable activity includes investments in BuyMedia Inc., Xpede Inc. and Inc. In order to help support its refocused effort, Rosewood bolstered its staff in January by hiring Principals Anne Martin, the former managing director and head of Internet investments at Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, and Robert Keller, previously managing director and head of Hambrecht & Quist’s Internet investment banking practice. [...] The firm also enlarged its board of directors to complement its Internet focus. New members include eBay President and Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman, Mayo Shattuck, co-chairman of Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, Schuyler Marshall, president of Rosewood Corp., and Bob Fisher, former president of Gap Inc. Rosewood believes that having a wide network of strategic alliances is key to its success. [...] Founded in 1986, the firm is run by Principals Kyle Anderson, Mike Brown, Tim Burke, Kevin Reilly, Adams, Keller and Martin."
    • Alex Constantine, "ROSEWOOD CAPITAL: Mayo Shattuck III and the Hunt Family’s Heart of Darkness", 2008/11/24: "The Rosewood Capital Advisory Board

      WARREN HELLMAN – Hellman & Friedman [H&F investments include Axel “Mockingbird” Springer AG, and management comes in the form of Frank Zarb, chairman of AIG’s executive committee, and James D. Wolfensohn, former World Bank president, among others of interest.]

      MAYO SHATTUCK – CEO, Constellation Energy [Pressed by questions concerning evident foreknowledge of 9/11, Mayo violated a three-year contract and resigned as head of the Deutsche-A.B. – rather than answer questions about that put option activity – to work for Christian Poindexter at Constellation, and Caroline Hunt at Rosewood.]

      WALLY HAWLEY – Co-Founder, InterWest Partners [See: “The Dark Side of Silicon Valley’s Wealth,”]

      DON FISHER – The Gap, Inc. [One of Governor Schwarzenegger’s leading special interest fundraisers, see:; central American sweatshops. See:]

      BOB FISHER – Chairman, The Gap, Inc. [Destroying redwoods in California: “Sits on the NRDC board; the NRDC was instrumental in creating the FSC, the group that ‘certified’ his logging company … ”; central American sweatshops, see:]

      MEG WHITMAN – CEO of E-Bay [“House inquiry into Whitman profits raises ethical issues about donations,” among other scandals. See,]

      SCHUYLER MARSHALL – President, Rosewood Corp. [Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, with the State Dept.’s Malcolm Barnebey; Andreas Bremer, Director, Dallas Warburg Chapter; Jean Campbell of Piper Rudnick (Lloyd Bentson’s old firm, currently the haunt of A.B. Buzzy Krongard, Dick Armey, Dick Gephart); María Antonieta Coello, Hunt-Mexico, Inc.; Kenneth Cohen, ExxonMobil; Lester Coleman, Halliburton; Jordan W. Cowman, Akin Gump; Barry Crossman, Chevron … ]"
    • D Magazine, "Oil's Wild Ride", 2016/06: "One case in point: Dallas-based Rosewood Corp., which was established in 1935 by the legendary Texas oilman H.L. Hunt and is now owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate. Caroline Rose Hunt began diversifying her legacy oil and gas assets before the 1980s oil crash, largely with real estate developments like the Crescent Hotel and today’s Rosewood Court, a signature Uptown project. Schuyler Marshall, Rosewood’s CEO and board chair, acknowledges cash-flow shortfalls from the company’s current oil and gas assets. But he says Rosewood has been able to redirect cash from its real estate and private investment arms to seize new energy opportunities. Through company subsidiary Rosewood Resources, Marshall expects to deploy this “dry powder” and structure a number of creative deals over the next 12 months."
    • Other details about the Shattucks