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Members of police agencies (at the local, state, or federal level) or prosecutors, as well as the agencies that employ them and other affiliated entities

A useful resource for filling out this page is Penthouse, "America's Secret Police Network" by George O'Toole, 1976/12 which exposed the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU), a private intelligence network linking together key police agencies across the nation



  • John Van de Kamp - Los Angeles County District Attorney (1975-1981) overseeing the corrupt re-investigation of the RFK assassination, the dropped prosecution of the Hillside Stranglers case, and the Wonderland murders; California Attorney General (1983-1991) who outed a Mariposa County Sheriff's Office whistleblower on the department's complicity in meth trafficking (leading to his death) and insisted the ritual abuse allegations in Kern County during the early 1980s had no validity
  • M. Scott Connelly a.k.a. Marshal Scott Connelly - Yosemite National Park ranger and local prosecutor in charge of prosecuting federal crimes within the park; oversaw the investigation into Curry Company drug trafficking, which park rangers accused him of sabotaging; had a known "predilection for underage boys" which was exposed in 1998 when he was charged with sexually abusing multiple children
  • Mike Carona - Orange County Sheriff (1998-2008) who went down on federal corruption charges; was seen as a rising star in the Republican Party who was close to Rudy Giuliani, served on the NCMEC board, and was a benefactee of Hank Asher who allegedly paid for his legal defense
  • Kamala Harris - San Francisco District Attorney (2004-2011); California Attorney General (2011-2017) involved in the RFK assassination cover-up


  • Alex Hunter - Boulder County District Attorney (1972-2000), who gained a reputation for very lenient enforcement of narcotics laws (making the city attractive to drug traffickers) and oversaw the initial investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey murder which was very protective of the Ramsey family
  • Ben Meyers - Grand Junction CO police chief (1974-1976) who was likely a participant in drug trafficking and prostitution that was protected by local law enforcement and formed the backdrop of the 1975 Grand Junction murders; Pitkin County Undersheriff (1976-1977), who oversaw the investigation of Bundy for the Caryn Campbell murder during which Meyers was identified as the murderer instead of Ted Bundy by the star witness at Bundy's trial
  • Bob Russel - 4th Judicial District Attorney (1965-1985) who prosecuted cases such as the 1975 murder spree by Fort Carson employees (with victims including Daniel VanLone and Karen Grammer) and the trial of Ted Bundy for the Caryn Campbell murder after it was moved to Colorado Springs
  • Lou Smit - Colorado Springs CO officer (1966-1972) and homicide detective (1972-????) who was famous for purportedly solving many cases, such as the 1974 murder of Sun Ok Cousin and assault of Yon Cha Lee (pinned on Park Estep, although other facts pointed to Ottis Toole) and the 1975 murder spree by Fort Carson employees (which resulted in the least culpable members like Freddie Glenn receiving the harshest punishments, and the likely drug ring motive connected to the Grand Junction murders being covered up); El Paso County District Attorney's Office investigator (1990-1995) famous for solving the murder of Heather Dawn Church by linking an untested fingerprint to Robert Charles Browne; private detective who joined the Boulder County District Attorney's Office investigation of the JonBenet Ramsey murder before quitting and joining the Ramsey defense team alongside other Colorado Springs private eyes like Ollie Gray and John San Agustin; worked with former Phoenix Program operative Charlie Hess as part of the "Apple Dumpling Gang" to get Robert Charles Browne to confess to more murders
  • Frank Tucker - 9th Judicial District Attorney (1972-1978) in Pitkin County CO and Garfield County CO, who was involved in the prosecution of Claudine Longet (during which he garnered controversy for "losing" her diary, which was crucial evidence, and not fighting for a tougher sentence) and initial prosecution of Ted Bundy for the Caryn Campbell murder; was found to have embezzled money from the state to pay for expenses with his teenage girlfriend who was a drug informant, earning him a 90-day deferred sentence, $1000 fine, and disbarment, after which he entered the mortuary business
  • Chuck Leidner - public defender in the Glenwood Springs CO office serving the 9th Judicial District, one of whose clients was Ted Bundy in the Caryn Campbell murder trial; subsequently appointed by Governor Richard Lamm to succeed Tucker as 9th Judicial District Attorney (1978-1980) but lost reelection; went into private practice defending clients such as Doc Miller (a Boulder CO attorney on the fringes of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case) and Timothy Houser (accused of patronizing an underage girl for sex, to whom Leidner apparently made threats)
  • Robert Shapiro - United States Army Intelligence Officer serving in Panama, Europe, and the United States; Mesa County deputy district attorney; prosecutor in the Boulder County District Attorney's Office (1996-2007), and accused of being part of a group that murdered JonBenet Ramsey; special prosecutor in the Colorado Attorney General's Office (2007-present), who was brought out along with Michael Dougherty to prosecute Pat Sullivan on his 2011 meth-for-sex charges
  • Pat Sullivan - Arapahoe County Sheriff (1984-2002) who was involved with investigating the Jakeob McKnight murder (in Lakewood CO in 1991), foiling a 1992 assassination attempt on George H.W. Bush, and investigating the Columbine school shooting; Cherry Creek School District head of security (2002-2008) who got Sean Moss, an adult film star who gave kids meth and took them to private parties, hired briefly in 2007; later busted in a meth-for-sex scandal in 2011; appeared to be overseeing a large CIA pedophilic blackmail ring tied to 9/11 that involved corrupt attorney Tom Henry (the lawyer for Leo Wanta and Delmart Vreeland), white supremacist groups like the 211 crew (possibly connected to Hamburg cell contact Homaidan al-Turki), and Russian mobsters such as Viktor Kozeny
  • John Anderson - Colorado Springs Police Department officer (1972-1994) and colleague of Lou Smit during that time; El Paso County Sheriff (1995-2003) who oversaw prominent cases including the Columbine school shooting; later worked for Lockheed Martin on classified projects with his friend Lt. Col. Al Sarno
  • John Stone - Lakewood CO police officer (1974-1989); Jefferson County Commissioner (1989-1998); Jefferson County Sheriff (1998-???) who oversaw an investigation into the Columbine school shooting; see this Echoes of Columbine thread for more background
  • Tom Koby - Boulder police chief (1991-1998) during the initial investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey murder and friend of Ramsey friend Susan Stine during that time; purportedly went to work for Wayne Huizenga protege Scott Beck (of Blockbuster fame) afterwards
  • Mary Keenan a.k.a. Mary Lacy - Boulder County chief deputy district attorney (????-2001) involved in the prosecution of the Ballard sex ring case and initial investigation of the JonBenet Ramsey murder; Boulder County District Attorney (2001-2009) following Hunter who made a dubious 2006 public exoneration of the Ramsey parents based solely on the failure of a DNA sample to match them
  • John Suthers - Former employee of Bob Russel; United States Attorney for the District of Colorado (2001-2005); Colorado Attorney General (2005-2015) who flew to Saudi Arabia to reassure them about Homaidan al-Turki at the behest of Governor Bill Owens in response to State Department pressure; Colorado Springs mayor (2015-present)
  • Troy Eid - United States Attorney for the District of Colorado (2006-2009) who dismissed an assassination plot against Barack Obama emanating from the white supremacist / meth / pedophilia subculture in the Denver area as unconcerning; in private practice at Greenberg Traurig
  • Dan Oates - Aurora CO police chief (2005-2013) during the 2012 Aurora shooting and accusations by pedophile officer Michael Mangino of sexual deviance within the police department, before relocating to Miami Beach as police chief


  • Raymond Casamayor - Key West assistant police chief who protected drug distribution networks, at least one of which involved CIA veteran Guillermo Tabraue
  • Larry Rodriguez - Key West police chief who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the activities of Casamayor
  • LaVelle Pitts - Bay County Sheriff
  • Allen "Frog" Johnson - Narcotics investigator for the Bay County Sheriff's Office under LaVelle Pitts, who allegedly ran a child trafficking ring in the Florida panhandle region
  • Guy Tunnell - Bay County Sheriff; Florida Department of Law Enforcement commissioner under Jeb Bush; Bay County Commissioner
  • Ric Bradshaw - Palm Beach County Sheriff (2004-present) whose department investigated the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein and oversaw his notoriously lenient incarceration; allegedly friends with drug smuggler Hank Asher
  • Dan Oates - Miami Beach police chief (2013-present)


  • Lee P. Brown - Atlanta Public Safety Commissioner (1978-1982) during the Atlanta child murders before relocating to Houston as police chief
  • Charlie Spray - Valdosta police chief (1986-1995), promoted 4 years after being cleared in a theft investigation and rising to the rank of captain of detectives, during which he divulged curious information that may have related to the 1988 murder of Harmon Tucker and was removed following claims of a department cover-up in the murder of VPD officer Maurice Cassotta's ex-girlfriend and 2-year-old son; was immediately indicted on theft charges of GBI anti-drug equipment afterwards, of which he was convicted this time; was rumored to have taken bribes to allow brothels to operate and to have molested underage girls during his time as chief
  • Frank Simons - Perry GA police chief (1987-1995) who gained acclaim for modernizing the department and getting it nationally accredited; Valdosta police chief (1995-2013) brought in by interim city manager Larry Hanson to restore the reputation of the Valdosta Police Department after the Maurice Cassotta scandal, but appeared to sanction further cover-ups such as that of the circumstances behind Ray Lemme's death
  • Brian Childress - Valdosta police chief (2013-2018) and formerly a Valdosta police captain (????-????) who stonewalled public inquiries about the death of Ray Lemme


  • Robert Wadman - Aurora IL police chief (1989-1991) before relocating to Wilmington NC as police chief


  • Orval Cooney - West Des Moines police chief (19??-1983) who was criticized for misconduct and corruption by his own officers in 1982, was accused by the parents of Johnny Gosch of sabotaging the investigation into their son's kidnapping, and soon resigned purportedly due to health problems; was caught shoplifting blank videotapes and screw hooks from Target a few years later; was, according to Noreen Gosch's investigation, a pedophile who attended child sex parties in Omaha with their police chief Robert Wadman
  • Ron Wheeler - First Assistant Polk County Attorney (19??-19??) during the time of the Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin abductions, who gave Sam Soda his "blessing" to show child pornography at public conferences (some of them attended by Des Moines police officers); later worked as an attorney in private practice, where he defended Sam Soda on charges of beating his teenage stepson


  • Paul Parsley - Bullitt County Sheriff (????-2006) under whom there was a questionable investigation of the 1999 Jessica Dishon murder
  • Donnie Tinnell - Bullitt County Sheriff (2007-2011, 2017-present) who was handpicked by Parsley as his successor and initially won in 2006 against reformer Dave Greenwell in a suspect election, then was reappointed after Greenwell was removed on unsubstantiated corruption charges for which he was acquitted


  • Dan Oates - Ann Arbor police chief (2001-2005) before relocating to Aurora CO as police chief


  • Robert Wadman - Omaha police chief (1982-1986, 1987-1989) before relocating to Aurora IL as police chief; was a child abuser in the Franklin child sex ring and played a role in covering it up; allegedly brought the Bloods and Crips (Los Angeles drug gangs) to Omaha
  • Chuck Phillips - Nebraska State Patrol investigator who played a role in intimidating Franklin victims

New York

  • Eugene Gold - Brooklyn District Attorney (1969-1981) who prosecuted David Berkowitz as a lone killer while stymieing attempts to investigate a broader "Son of Sam" conspiracy, and was subsequently found to have molested the 10-year-old daughter of an Alabama prosecutor
  • Rudy Giuliani - United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (1983-1989) who helped cover up ritual abuse at the West Point daycare center; New York City mayor (1994-2001) including during the 9/11 attacks
  • Lee P. Brown - NYPD police commissioner (1990-1992) before taking the position of drug czar under Bill Clinton (1992-1996)
  • Dan Oates - head of the NYPD intelligence division under NYPD police commissioner Howard Safir (1996-2000) before relocating to Ann Arbor as police chief
  • Bernard Kerik - NYPD police commissioner (2000-2001) before taking the position of interior minister of the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority (2003)

North Carolina

  • Robert Wadman - Wilmington NC police chief (1991-1994), who was alleged to be blocking efforts to stop drug importation into the city


  • Lee P. Brown - Houston police chief (1982-1990), who was a mentor to Tom Koby, before relocating to New York City as NYPD police commissioner
  • Tom Koby - Houston police officer (1969-1991) with a long career there ending in deputy police chief (1987-1991) before relocating to Boulder as police chief


  • Pete Hayward - Chief homicide detective of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, who was involved in the Ted Bundy case


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