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  • Roy Cohn - lead counsel in the McCarthy hearings during the 1950s; close friend of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, to whom he supplied underage boys; also good friends with sexual blackmail operative Craig J. Spence, who hosted a birthday party for Cohn at his lavish Washington DC townhouse
  • F. Lee Bailey - nationally-prominent defense lawyer and likely CIA fixer involved in cases such as the Boston Strangler case (in which he helped railroad Albert DeSalvo alongside William Joseph Bryan), the Patty Hearst trial, a deal to help Hank Asher avoid drug running charges and work as a DEA informant, the O.J. Simpson case, and the trial of marijuana smuggler Claude DuBoc (which led to Bailey's disbarment for enriching himself off DuBoc's stocks); later was purportedly working with Leslie Greyling and others to help take over Rum Cay in the Bahamas, seemingly to help out drug traffickers linked to Adnan Khashoggi and Wally Hilliard
  • Egil Krogh - head of the Plumbers unit under the Richard Nixon administration, who was prosecuted and disbarred in the fallout of the Watergate scandal; alleged by multiple colleagues to have been involved in CIA missions to Southeast Asia during that time
  • Dick Thornburgh - Attorney General under George H.W. Bush, who was provided adolescent boys by Craig J. Spence and is likely to have orchestrated a cover-up of the Franklin case; later wrote the Paterno report (a rebuttal to the Freeh report) arguing that Joe Paterno was unaware of Jerry Sandusky's child abuse


  • Chuck Leidner - public defender in the Glenwood Springs CO office serving the 9th Judicial District, one of whose clients was Ted Bundy in the Caryn Campbell murder trial; subsequently appointed by Governor Richard Lamm to succeed Tucker as 9th Judicial District Attorney (1978-1980) but lost reelection; went into private practice defending clients such as Doc Miller (a Boulder CO attorney on the fringes of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case) and Timothy Houser (accused of patronizing an underage girl for sex, to whom Leidner apparently made threats)
  • Mr. ZZZ - prominent Boulder CO known for handling narcotics cases and alleged to have thrown child sex parties for decades with the complicity of Boulder police, who left town shortly after the JonBenet Ramsey murder and moved to a Wyoming monastery
  • Hal Haddon - prominent Denver CO attorney whose firm's clients have included JonBenet Ramsey's parents (John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey), Hunter Thompson, Kobe Bryant, Hamburg cell associate Homaidan al-Turki, and Jeffrey Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell; political allies with the state and national Democratic Party power structure, including former governors Richard Lamm and Roy Romer, Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter and his staff, Gary Hart, and Bill Clinton; reputed to wield even more power in Colorado than the governor's office itself
  • Tom Miller a.k.a. Doc Miller - attorney in Boulder and Denver who, oddly enough, got in a relationship with Patsy Ramsey's friend Judith Phillips and employed Fleet White family member and associate Tal Jones as a paralegal all prior to the JonBenet Ramsey murder; was prosecuted but acquitted for helping a tabloid to buy a copy of the Ramsey case ransom note; accused by former paralegal Pamela Hadas of stealing money from her, and by Steve Gartin and Chas Clements of conspiring with the prosecution in their own cases for which they initially hired Miller as their defense lawyer; alleged to have gone to Peru with Judith Phillips to traffic drugs in 1998 or 1999 around the time of the Ramsey grand jury
  • Tom Henry - defense lawyer in Colorado and Nebraska, who represented clients such as Leo Wanta, Delmart Vreeland (the Office of Naval Intelligence operative who wrote a note predicting 9/11 before it happened and was arrested in Douglas County CO on child prostitution charges in 2004), white supremacist Peter VanVolkinburg who told Jonathan Elinoff that Henry's paralegal helped set him up, and Mark Seibel who had a lengthy rap sheet of drug offenses and knew about Colorado's drugs/sex underground including the involvement of Pat Sullivan; was claimed by Jonathan Elinoff to be involved in setting up his clients and a likely CIA handler for the likes of Wanta and Vreeland; also noted by Elinoff that his paralegal was the night manager for the Ramada Inn on East Colfax Avenue, which is notably close to the Capitol Hill area including the Governor's Mansion and possibly to where Johnny Gosch was seen in the summer of 1986


  • Tom Feeney - attorney who incorporated numerous businesses as a registered agent, including Yang Enterprises (YEI), for which he went on to serve as their general counsel and chief lobbyist while simultaneously being a powerful member of the Florida state house who wielded his influence on state government to do favors for YEI

New York



  • Len Kachinsky - the unhelpful defense attorney representing Brendan Dassey who went on to become a municipal judge in Fox Crossing WI before being dismissed for stalking a female court manager
  • Steve Compton - a Lake Geneva WI attorney who was sanctioned multiple times for misconduct and lost his license for heroin abuse in 2009, then had it reinstated 4 years later but remained in the social circle of well-connected drug supplier and child abuser Jon Sharkus, whose estranged daughter Mercedes he "represented" (or, more accurately, handled)


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