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Organizations in the so-called "troubled teen industry" which forcibly hold young people in captivity for ostensible good reasons such as drug rehab or reforming troubled youth

  • Straight Inc. - an abusive teen drug rehab run by Bush family ally, major Republican donor, and Florida Dixie Mafia member Mel Sembler; employed by the Springfield VA facility to track down runaway kids was Johnny Gosch case figure, pedophile, and reputed CIA asset George Paul Bishop; TODO examine possible mind control experimentation background
  • Teen Challenge - the likely spiritual successor to Straight, endorsed by Sembler's Drug Free American Foundation (DFAF); the Connecticut facility employed Mark Vincent, the father of missing Wallingford CT girl Doreen Vincent who, according to his ex-girlfriend Teresa Lyon citing a Connecticut State Police officer, practiced satanism while in prison
  • Green Isle Ranch - a home for at-risk boys in Clermont FL (of Lake County FL) which shut down in 2009 following revelations of severe sexual abuse against many of the boys there; Lake County sheriff Gary Borders was formerly part of Green Isle Ranch before becoming sheriff; Straight Inc. founder Mel Sembler is rumored to be a silent partner
  • Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys - a reform school for boys in Marianna FL (of Jackson County FL), which shut down in 2011 following investigations that ultimately revealed widespread abuse, unusually high numbers of deaths, and teens at the school being buried in graves on the property
  • Ridge View Youth Services Center a.k.a. Ridge View Academy - a teen lockup in Watkins CO (of Arapahoe County CO near Denver) institution run by Rite of Passage Schools out of Minden NV, with numerous complaints of serious abuse; allegedly has some connection to former Arapahoe County sheriff Pat Sullivan; a suspected Sullivan victim Joshua Oakes Churchwell was an inmate at the school and disappeared during a wrestling match at another high school before turning up dead inside a buried suitcase in 2011

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