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  • Trench Coat Mafia background
    • The Guardian, "A clique within a clique, obsessed with guns, death and Hitler", 1999/04/22: "The student population of Columbine high school had no shortage of labels to apply to members of the so-called Trenchcoat Mafia. [...] Although members of the clique are generally the brighter students, they hold bizarre beliefs to signify their rejection of mainstream society. [...] For many that has not gone beyond a teenage fascination with the occult, but for the more extreme members, it includes an obsession with guns, mutilation, death and Hitler born out of strong neo-Nazi sympathies. Members often wear T-shirts with far-right insignia. [...] Within this clique, Harris and Klebold remained slightly aloof from the rest, and were regarded as holding the most extreme views. Matt Good, a friend of Harris, said that during the past year Harris had started wearing all black, spoke German, and was obsessed with anything German or about the second world war. Other local people said the two teenagers often wore black, Gothic-like clothing, and targeted minorities and student athletes. At school they were known as two people best avoided, people who could easily turn violent."
    • Pedophile network connections
      • El Paso County Sheriff's Office, case 99-005912, 1999/05/07 (photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) - is part of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Columbine Report from p.016509-016515; the information comes from a student at Mesa Ridge High School, who got in trouble and then had child pornography found in his backpack, after which he talked about knowing members of the Trench Coat Mafia; claims that he saw Klebold and Harris at a party the weekend before the shooting; he says that he and a friend Amber Rubio (also an associate of the Trench Coat Mafia) visited the home of "Pedophile Bill", who gave him the child pornography; mentions a related case 99-5918
  • Robert Perry as another shooter - was a member of the Trench Coat Mafia
    • Denver Post, "Questions raised about third gunman", 1999/05/05: "Jefferson County Sheriff John P. Stone raised the spectre of a third Columbine High gunman anew Tuesday, saying some students have named another suspect. "There was quite possibly one other person shooting,'' Stone said. "We do have witness statements.'' The statements came from "students who were witnesses at the scene when this was going down,'' and they agreed on the third person's identity, he said. Stone said investigators have questioned him."
    • TODO: add citations from law enforcement records
    • From p.ix of Healing the Invisible Wounds of Trauma: A Columbine Survivor's Story by Kristen Krueger (2019):

          The truth is, I looked back and saw a third shooter, who I and many others identified to law enforcement. No matter how many times I and countless others detailed the name and descriptions of that third shooter--who wasn't even supposed to be at school that day--no one believed us.
          One of the most traumatic aftershocks of that day was the knowledge that law enforcement ignored the warnings, ignored the signs hanging in the windows, and that countless other students who survived know that at least one other person was out for our blood that day. He still roams free because the easy answer is that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were the only shooters. After all, they were dead, and the weapons used were found by their bodies.
          Only those of us that were there that day and those who knew what was happening and who participated in the shootings or helped to orchestrate the massacre know and speak out about this truth. The shooters were my friends. We were all the outcasts in that school, bullied because we didn't fit into the mold. I knew Eric and Dylan, I also knew the third shooter, which explains why I was able to clearly identify him to law enforcement.
    • From p.12 of Healing the Invisible Wounds of Trauma: A Columbine Survivor's Story by Kristen Krueger (2019): "When it was all over, I realized that the person who I saw point a gun at us, was not one of the two identified shooters. He wasn't even a student at Columbine anymore; he dropped out. He isn't even supposed to be here! yet here he was, trying to kill us all."
  • Pre-enactment made by the son of the lead FBI investigator
    • Denver Post, "FBI agent downplays son's film", 1999/05/13: "An FBI agent investigating the Columbine High School shooting whose son helped produce a video parody in which the school is destroyed says the film is a comedy and not a depiction of gratuitous violence. Dwayne Fuselier also said the participation of his son, Scott, in the video, which was made more than two years before the April 20 massacre, does not compromise his ability to investigate the case."
  • Mark Manes - weapons supplier to Harris and Klebold
    • Denver Post, "Gun seller went shooting with killers", 1999/05/05: "The 22-year-old man who provided the handgun to Columbine High School killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold sold them the weapon in late February and went shooting with them three times - including a month before the massacre, the man's lawyer said Tuesday. Mark E. Manes, a computer technician and former Columbine student, sold Harris and Klebold the weapon sometime after they all attended the Tanner Gun Show in Denver, attorney Robert Ransome told reporters outside the Jefferson County Courthouse. [...] Manes surrendered to authorities Monday and was released after posting a $15,000 bond. He's due in court next week on a charge of selling the TEC-DC9 assault pistol to a minor. As the only person arrested in direct connection with the attack, Manes faces up to four years in prison and a $500,000 fine. Manes' lawyer said a Blackjack Pizza delivery driver who worked with Harris, 18, and Klebold, 17, at the pizza parlor introduced them to his client at the February gun show. The driver, Philip Duran, 23, does not face charges, authorities said. Duran lives a few blocks from Manes on West Alder Avenue. No one answered a knock at either home Tuesday. [...] Jefferson County Sheriff John P. Stone would not say whether Manes is among three people on a home video that shows Harris and Klebold shooting guns in the mountains. [...] Manes works as a systems administrator with Data Connect Corp. in Parker. He attended Columbine High from 1991 and 1993. He also attended Colorado's Finest Alternative High School in Englewood and took classes at Arapahoe Community College. [...] Ransome said Manes' parents, Diann and Michael, are devastated. Diann Manes is a longtime member of the anti-handgun group Handgun Control."
  • Sedalia CO connection (TODO: link to the Brotherhood of the White Temple, part of the White Eagle Underground?)
    • From p.007098 in the Columbine Report: "[Tamara] RUMER said she has known Brooks BROWN at Columbine High School since he was a sophomore. She said when she first met him he was going with a girl who was a student assistant in the Attendance Office, and she said she was a little upset with him about what was going on in the attendance office. She did not elaborate, but the implication was that BROWN and his then girlfriend were "making out". RUMER recalls that about two months prior to the incident, BROWN came up to her and made the comment "I know where you live" and "I've seen you riding your horse". She said it unnerved her, because "nobody knows where I live". She resides in Sedalia; lot number 99 on the attached map. She said she has seen BROWN at a residence in Sedalia, which she identified to me on a telephone book map of her development as being lot number 83. The residents at that location, as listed in the telephone book, are Ronald and Jerri EDLUND. The address is 6846 Cherokee Drive; telephone 303-688-6582. RUMER describes the specific person which BROWN visited as an "older" male, who was employed at Blackjack Pizza as a delivery driver. She did not know anything about EDLUND's. RUMER said the encounter has caused her to feel uneasy about BROWN." - very likely that Brooks Brown met Philip Duran, who introduced Harris and Klebold to Manes, at the Edlunds' home
  • TODO: is the Nathan Johnson who was a married adult Blackjack Pizza delivery driver that knew Klebold and Harris (p.010155-010156) the same Nathan Johnson who was involved in a Denver assassination plot against Barack Obama?

Story inconsistencies

  • Taped statements of Arapahoe County sheriff's deputy Jim Taylor - disputed by Sheriff Pat Sullivan
    • Midland Reporter-Telegram, "Probe Sought in Columbine Deaths", 2002/01/01: "The parents of four students slain at Columbine High School called Wednesday for a federal investigation of whether a police officer accidentally shot one victim and authorities tried to conceal it. Brian Rohrbough claims his son, Daniel, was shot by Denver police Sgt. Dan O'Shea, not the two student gunmen who killed the other 12 victims of the 1999 school shooting. Rohrbough said in a court motion filed last week that Arapahoe County Deputy Jim Taylor witnessed it. Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan and Taylor have denied he saw the shooting, and authorities deny any cover-up. Rohrbough's claim is being investigated independently by El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson at the request of Jefferson County officials. The parents of the four victims, who held a news conference Wednesday, said they had not yet made a formal request for a federal investigation Rohrbough, Sue Petrone and the parents of Lauren Townsend, Kelly Fleming, and Matthew Kechter said Taylor's recent denial that he witnessed the shooting, coupled with testimony by a school administrator who said O'Shea told her he might have shot a student, suggests a cover-up by authorities. In a deposition filed in federal court, administrator Celine Marquez said O'Shea told her two days after the massacre that he thought he may have killed a student."
    • ABC, "Tape Suggests Alternate Columbine Scenario", 2002/01/03: "The father of a teen killed during the massacre at Columbine High School is going public with a tape he claims suggests a police cover-up in the death of his son. [...] Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. — whose department was one of several that responded to the April 20, 1999, shootings at the high school in Littleton in Jefferson County — denied knowing of any cover-up. [...] "I firmly believe there is no cover-up in the Columbine investigation," Sullivan said today. "I am deeply troubled by the comments of Jim Taylor that could have misled the Rohrboughs, and we're investigating the contents of the tape and Taylor's role at Columbine." [...] The official version of events found that Daniel Rohrbough died after being shot by one of the two student gunmen. Ballistic reports were inconclusive. On the tape, a speaker — who Daniel's father, Brian Rohrbough, claims is Taylor — said he saw Daniel Rohrbough "drop" on a sidewalk while fleeing the shooting spree inside the school. [...] "And you could hear glass breaking and you could see kids running everywhere and that's when I see the boy coming down the sidewalk, you know, and I see him just fall down." On another part of the tape, the speaker said he learned from a newspaper photograph the following day that the boy he saw fall was Rohrbough. However, in a four-page statement to police last week, Taylor said: "During my assignment, I didn't hear or see any gunfire or see Daniel Rohrbough get shot." [...] Brian Rohrbough has said he believes his son was shot accidentally by a Denver police officer, not by Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold, the two student gunmen blamed for the 1999 shooting spree."
    • Rocky Mountain News, "Deputy admits to Columbine tape", 2002/01/08: "Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan said he has heard the eight short sections of the tape that were played last week for reporters after Deputy Jim Taylor issued a written statement denying that he'd seen any of the victims wounded in the school tragedy. "It is Taylor's voice, and he has admitted that it is him on those pieces," Sullivan said Monday. Sullivan was asked how the tape recording matched Taylor's written statement, which was given Dec. 31. "It doesn't," Sullivan said. However, Sullivan said he believes Taylor was telling the truth when he denied seeing anyone get shot. The Dec. 31 statement "is solid," Sullivan said. "It is the truth," he said. "What's on the tape isn't." If Taylor did see Rohrbough get shot, it would call into question the official timeline of events issued by the Jefferson County sheriff's department, which has determined that Rohrbough was killed by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in the first minutes of the rampage, before any law enforcement officers arrived."
    • Los Angeles Times, "Deputy Fired for Lying About School Shooting", 2002/01/10: "The sheriff’s deputy who gave conflicting accounts of the shooting death of a student in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre was fired Wednesday. Deputy Jim Taylor told the parents of Daniel Rohrbough that he saw the 15-year-old fall to the ground while fleeing the school, apparently shot dead. That contradicted another statement Taylor made to his superiors, in which he said he didn’t see the shooting. Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan said Wednesday that Taylor’s actions violated department policy against lying. Sullivan also said transcripts of police radio transmissions prove Taylor was not in a position to see any of the shootings in front of the school. [...] “It’s all very sad, the whole thing,” said Barry Arrington, attorney for Rohrbough’s parents. “I wish Deputy Taylor hadn’t lied. I am absolutely persuaded he told Brian Rohrbough and Sue Petrone the truth. If someone could give me a motive why a man would pack up his wife and kids and drive over to tell people heartbreaking news, I’d listen. There are too many facts that Deputy Taylor knew and discussed for him to have been so far away that he couldn’t see anything, as the sheriff says.”"
    • CNN, "Review of Columbine death exonerates police officer in teen's death", 2002/04/18 (El Paso County Sheriff's Office report - the team included Sheriff John Wesley Anderson and Ollie Gray partner John San Agustin): "A four-month reinvestigation into the case, conducted by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, found SWAT Sgt. Dan O'Shea had not yet arrived on the scene when Rohrbough was shot. The report also concluded that one of the bullets retrieved from Rohrbough's body was a "textbook match" to Eric Harris's gun. "The murder of Daniel Rohrbough at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, was undeniably caused by gunman Eric Harris beyond any reasonable doubt," said the report, released Wednesday. "If Eric Harris were alive today, there exists overwhelming probable cause to arrest him for the murder of Daniel Rohrbough.""

US intelligence links

  • Wayne Harris - father of Eric Harris
    • Los Angeles Times, "Shooters: Contrasting pictures emerge of youths who erupted in violence", 1999/04/22 (pages 1, 17): "From 1993 to 1996, Harris lived at the Air Force base in Plattsburgh, N.Y., where his father, Wayne, was a pilot, according to a Plattsburgh paper. Neighbors here said the father is retired."
    • The Guardian, "A clique within a clique, obsessed with guns, death and Hitler", 1999/04/22: "Neighbours said the Harris family moved in about two years ago and the boy's father, Wayne, had recently retired from the military."
    • Burlington Free Press (from Associated Press), "Plattsburgh recalls a 'typical kid'", 1999/04/23: "The paper [the Press-Republican of Plattsburgh] reported Harris lived on the U.S. Air Force base in Plattsburgh for most of 1993 to 1996. Harris' father, Maj. Wayne Harris, was a pilot at the Air Force base in northeastern New York near the Canadian border, the newspaper reported. [...] In 1993, at age 12, Harris played on Plattsburgh Little League's Sun Foods team. It was a close group, remembered Brenden LaPier, a senior at Plattsburgh High School."
    • Scripps Howard News Service, "Shooter Harris' father walks straight and narrow path", 1999/04/27: "Wayne N. Harris had the brains and leadership ability that the Air Force put to use in some of its most important programs, including development of the B-1B bomber and its newest electronic warfare aircraft now in use over Kosovo. Harris was more of a technical expert in the officer corps than one of its swaggering fighter pilots. But when the Air Force was looking to develop new planes, it called on him. Records provided by the National Personnel Records Center on Monday said Harris was 24 when he entered the Air Force in Denver as an enlisted man in 1973. Only 3-1/2 months later, after finishing work on a bachelor's degree, he was given his officer's commission and sent into pilot's training. Harris flew refueling tankers out of Fairchild, Wash., and Wichita, Kan., but quickly climbed the Air Force ladder to instructor and check pilot positions. Nine years into his career, he became a research and test pilot in programs to develop and modify Air Force planes. In 1985, he was tagged to work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, on the EC-18, the Air Force's latest electronic warfare plane. Harris was also placed in charge of the technical orders section during development of weapons systems for the B-1B bomber. The Air Force awarded Harris its Meritorious Service Medal for his work on the two planes. Harris then moved to the Strategic Air Command in 1989, where he piloted tankers out of Wurtsmith, Mich., and became a flight instructor and trainer. He retired in 1996 and moved to Littleton. Harris took a job with Flight Safety Services Corp., which has contracts with the Defense Department for several programs that include computer-driven electronic flight simulations." - note that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is where Roy Gricar, the brother of Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, was working as an expenditure manager before his alleged suicide in 1996
  • Katherine Ann Poole - mother of Eric Harris
    • Columbine: A True Crime Story by Jeff Kass: "Eric Harris' mother grew up in Denver. Her father, Richard K. Pool, was in the U.S. Army during World War II and earned a Philippine Liberation Ribbon with two bronze stars. From 1972 to 1976 he was in the Air Force Reserve. He ran a Denver hardware store and later worked for the Colorado Department of Transportation as a warehouse supply officer."
  • Plattsburgh Air Force Base mind control
  • Let's Roll Forums post on how the military-industrial complex was extremely influential in Littleton
    • "So Lockheed Martin began manufacturing spy satellites in the 1950s, and manufacturing them in the military base town surrounding Columbine High School. In other words the entire town was a Defense Dept. intel hub, from the coroner to the police chief to the investigating officers. John Bennett Ramsey lived an hours drive away from there, and fake Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris and his father Wayne Harris lived right in Littleton. Both John Ramsey and Wayne Harris were affluent , and worked on flight simulation training software for Lockheed Martin. How in the fuck is it 'just a coincidence' that two guys from essentially the same Lockheed Martin pilot training software division in a tiny town in the boonies of rural Colorado both had children of theirs die in MEDIA SPECTACULAR collectors edition CNN headliner stories like 'The JonBenet Child Actress Rape and Murder!!!!!!!!!!!' and the 'COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL MACHINE GUN MASSACRE!!!!!'"
    • Associated Press, "Littleton is Anytown, USA", 1999/04/21: "That's because Littleton is Anytown, USA.It is a quintessential suburb of 35,000, where rolling farmland in the shadow of the Continental Divide is rapidly yielding to suburban sprawl and soccer fields. A Republican stronghold, it was the site where Clinton opened the Summit of the Eight in 1997 with a campaign-style stop at the National Digital Television Center, a research arm of the telecommunications industry. [...] In the late 1950s, the Pentagon ordered construction of the nation's intercontinental missile factory in a secluded canyon here. At the factory, owned by Lockheed Martin, more than 10,000 employees now build unmanned rockets and satellites for telecommunications and space exploration, as well as classified military projects." - indicates that Littleton CO was essentially a company town of Lockheed Martin; these projects were almost certainly under the purview of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
    • Washington Post, "'Columbine': Moore's Self-Centered Bull's-Eye", 2002/10/18: "Littleton's primary employer is defense contractor Lockheed Martin, and Moore speculates that the town's proximity to, even dependence on, lethal machinery somehow inured the boys to the realities of death and killing."
    • "Where this gets interesting is that Google's 'Operation Keyhole' spy satellites and telecommunications tapping (phone bugging) satellites were being built in Littleton, Colorado as early as the 1950s. When the phone system went digital in 1975 every single American call could then be routed through their computerized surveillance grid, and later wireless cellular communications intercepted by their telecommunications satellites." - note that there could be an Inslaw affair / PROMIS connection
  • CNN, "Columbine killer envisioned crashing plane in NYC", 2001/12/06 - did Eric Harris overhear something his father was involved in?
  • FlightSafety Services Corporation (also known as Flight Safety Services Corporation) - where Wayne Harris worked
    • Located in the Littleton CO area, near Englewood CO in the 1990s and presently near Centennial CO
    • Rumored to work closely with Lockheed Martin and/or DARPA in offering pilot training and flight simulation software
    •, "AVIATION BRIEFS", 1988/08/09: "FlightSafety International has acquired United Airlines Services Corp., a subsidiary of United Airlines. FlightSafety uses simulators to train operators of aircraft, ships, electric utilities and steam generating and processing plants. Its clients include corporations, U.S. and foreign commercial airlines, ship operators, military and other government agencies. FlightSafety said acquisition of United Airlines Services adds six simulators to its operations."
    • New York Times, "Simulated Flights but Real Profits", 1989/02/06: "Flightsafety last year also acquired United Airlines' Services Corporation subsidiary, which provides training and base support to the military. The acquisition, which analysts say cost less than $30 million, included a long-term contract to train crews for the C-5, the Air Force's largest transport. In November, the new Flightsafety division won a $17 million addition to the contract."
    • New York Times, "Berkshire Will Acquire Flightsafety", 1996/10/16: "Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the holding company controlled by Warren E. Buffett, said yesterday that it had agreed to acquire Flightsafety International Inc., the leading pilot training company, for about $1.5 billion in cash and stock."
    • Aviation International News, "Is it real or is it a FlightSafety sim?", 2008/05/06: "New York La Guardia-based FlightSafety International is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which also owns NetJets. FSI is no lightweight–it trains 75,000 pilots annually in 350 simulators located at 40 different learning centers around the world. Dan Myers, FlightSafety’s director of marketing for visual simulation systems–the division that develops the visual technology in St. Louis–set the stage: “We make more types of simulator than anyone else, everything from a Beech Baron to the Boeing 777, from level-D helicopters to the Marine and Air Force V-22, from the C-17 to the C-130J, as well as weapons trainers. We bought United Airlines Services, now FlightSafety Services, in Littleton, Colorado, where we also perform turnkey training in KC-135s and C-5s.” In fact, some 42 percent of all FAA-certified simulators belong to FlightSafety."
    • 2014/03/11 post mentioning the Facebook page of Flightsafety Services Corp O. in Centennial CO: "Hmmm... Flight Safety School of Denver... Flight schools need much closer examination..."
    • Abdulaziz al-Omari / Abdulaziz Alomari and Mohald al-Shehri and Saeed al-Ghamdi
      • The Telegraph, "Piecing together the shadowy lives of the hijackers", 2001/09/20: "Abdulaziz al-Omari, 29, Saudi Arabia While studying at the FlightSafety academy, al-Omari moved with his wife and three children to a house in Vero Beach, Florida, close to two suspected terrorists who have been arrested since the attacks. [...] Records show that a student with the same name graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver, last year with a degree in engineering. [...] A man claiming to be al-Omari has told a newspaper that he is alive and well and living in Riyadh. He claimed that his passport was stolen in Colorado five years ago. [...] Mohald al-Shehri, 28 Records show that al-Shehri, a qualified pilot, attended the FlightSafety academy in Vero Beach, where he lived. [...] Saeed al-Ghamdi, age unknown, Saudi Arabia It appears that this identity was taken from an innocent Saudi who used to work at Logan Airport in Boston and had his passport stolen. A man claiming to be al-Ghamdi was living at the Delray Racquet Club. Listed by the FBI as having an address at the FlightSafety academy, students claim not have known him."
      • Chicago Tribune, "Stolen identities playing part in probe", 2001/09/21: "But the Saudi Embassy on Wednesday reported that an investigation by its Ministry of Interior shows that Alomari's identity was, in fact, stolen. Alomari is a pilot for Saudi Arabian Airlines and was training at a Florida flight school earlier this year, the embassy source said. A man who called himself Alomari attended Flight Safety International school in Vero Beach, Fla."
      • The Telegraph, "Revealed: the men with stolen identities", 2001/09/23: "The FBI had published his personal details but with a photograph of somebody else, presumably a hijacker who had "stolen" his identity. CNN, however, showed a picture of the real Mr Al-Ghamdi. He said that CNN had probably got the picture from the Flight Safety flying school he attended in Florida."
    • List of FlightSafety International locations - includes FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach FL, FlightSafety Services Corporation in Centennial CO, and Moody Air Force Base near Valdosta GA
    • From the Mind Control Missile Murder Madness article on the Ramsey case: "This is a strange brew that links pedophile rings, flight simulation tech (long rumored to be involved in 9/11), lengthy plans for the 9/11 op itself, military mind control, and ritual abuse of children by a military/pedo cabal."
  • Investigation by TriData Corporation - a subsidiary of System Planning Corporation, which developed technology for remotely controlling planes and had as corporate vice president the Bush Administration's Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim
    • Washington Post, "State Taps Firm That Handled Probe of Columbine Shootings", 2007/04/25 (pages 1, 2): "An Arlington County consulting firm that evaluated the emergency response to the 1999 Columbine High School shootings and other public safety crises has been hired by state officials to assist the panel that will investigate the Virginia Tech massacre. TriData Corp. will provide staff and research support to the eight-member panel named last week by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D). Kaine, in Northern Virginia yesterday for a community meeting with the South Korean ambassador, met privately with Philip S. Schaenman, TriData's president. Schaenman said the contract terms are being worked out. A division of defense contractor System Planning Corp., TriData is best known for studying fire safety issues. But it also conducted a study for the Federal Emergency Management Agency on police and emergency medical response to the shootings at Columbine, in which two students killed 15, including themselves, at the Colorado school. The report pointed out problems with communications and management of the disaster scene."
    • System Planning Corporation website from 2001
    • System Planning Corporation page from 2010/09/14
    • Foreign Policy Research Institute bio of FPRI Board of Trustees vice chair Dov S. Zakheim: "The Hon. Dov Zakheim is Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Senior Fellow at the CNA Corporation. Previously he was Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton where he led the Firm’s support of U.S. Combatant Commanders worldwide. From 2001 to April 2004 he was Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense. From 2002-2004 Dr. Zakheim was also DOD’s coordinator of civilian programs in Afghanistan. From 1987 to 2001 he was both corporate vice president of System Planning Corporation, a technology and analysis firm based in Arlington, Va. and chief executive officer of its subsidiary, SPC International Corp. From 1985 until March 1987, Dr. Zakheim was Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy). Dr. Zakheim held several other DOD posts from 1981 to 1985. Earlier, he was a principal analyst in the National Security and International Affairs Division of the Congressional Budget Office."
    • Militarist Monitor, "Dov Zakheim", 2012/12/05 (Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 27, No. 4, "Plight of an American-Jewish Policy Wonk" by Leon T. Hadar, 1998: pages 111, 112): "In 1996, Zakheim published Flight of the Lavi: Inside a U.S.-Israeli Crisis, which detailed his role while in the Reagan Pentagon in ending the IAI Lavi program, an initiative in the 1980s in which Israel researched and developed its own fighter jets (called the IAI Lavi). Zakheim reinforced the U.S. position that Israel should not produce an aircraft that would compete with the U.S. F-16, arguing that it was more efficient for Israel to buy jets from the United States. An ordained rabbi and an orthodox Jew, Zakheim was publicly criticized and harassed for his role in opposing the system and purportedly going against the interests of Israel. Today the Israeli Air force has the largest fleet of F-16s outside of the United States."
  • Satanic cult links
    • Time, "The Columbine Tapes", 1999/12/20 (pages ..., 12, ...) - says "They [Harris and Klebold] were into witchcraft. They were into voodoo dolls."
    • Bob Enyart allegations

Pedophilia connections

  • Let's Roll Forums post suggesting that the Columbine massacre was used to suppress an emerging child abuse scandal at the school: "Then there's Columbine High School in Colorado (a 37 minute drive from Jon Benet Ramsey in Boulder, and a twenty minute drive from Aurora, Colorado, etc.) [...] Similar to what occurred at Jonestown? But on a smaller scale? [...] So it gets very interesting that John Bennet Ramsey of Boulder Colorado owns Access Graphics, a software division of defense/ Air Force contractor Lockheed Martin, while a 40 minute drive away in Centennial, Colorado, shooter Eric's father Wayne Harris works for defense contractor which provides simulation software to the Air Force and is a contractor which in fact works closely with Lockheed Martin in developing its flight simulation technology. [...] The fathers of both Jon-Benet Ramsey and Eric Harris were military officers and software designers, and both are directly linked to Lockheed Martin. In fact the entire town of Littleton Colorado is a military air force town created by Lockheed Martin, so presumably Columbine High School was created by the same Littleton/Lockheed Martin cohort which John Bennet Ramsey also worked for. [...] Maybe the Columbine Massacre was a pre-emptive strike on an emerging SRA scandal involving Lockheed Martin and Jon Benet Ramsey?"
  • Mark Taylor case - involved John DeCamp and later Ron Aigner
    • Rocky Mountain News, "Lawyers scolded in Columbine suit" by Jeff Kass, 2003/07/09: "Attorneys involved in a Columbine lawsuit got a lesson in accounting Tuesday from a federal judge. Mark Taylor, who was injured at Columbine, wants his money back from the lawyer who represented him in a lawsuit that has been dismissed. Taylor questions the amount of work that attorney John DeCamp, of Lincoln, Neb., did in pressing his suit against the maker of a psychiatric drug taken by Columbine gunman Eric Harris. A new attorney for Taylor alleges that DeCamp violated Colorado rules that require a written fee agreement between attorney and client. Federal District Judge Clarence Brimmer said Tuesday that he could not make sense of the bills DeCamp had submitted in his defense. "The filings so far . . . are merely an explanation of your actions," Brimmer said. "But they're not an accounting. I can't make heads or tails of them." In the conference call among the judge and attorneys, DeCamp said he did a lot of work on Taylor's case. He did not explain his accounting procedures, but said he made clear to Taylor and his supporters that he had to be paid up front. Brimmer also had words for Taylor's current attorney, Ron Miller, of Maryland. The judge challenged him to respond to DeCamp's filings. "Surely you have something to say concerning your analysis of these documents," Brimmer told Miller. Miller said he stood by his previously filed motions. Court papers, and a previous court hearing, have indicated that legal fees in Taylor's case were about $116,000. But DeCamp said Tuesday he had received $85,000. Brimmer gave DeCamp 10 days - until July 18 - to submit a more thorough accounting. DeCamp represented Taylor, who was shot several times during the Columbine rampage, in a case against Solvay Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the psychiatric drug Luvox. The case has since been dropped."
  • Alleged rape of Harris and Klebold by Jefferson County sheriff's deputy Tim Walsh - promoted by dubious sources like Ron Aigner and John DeCamp
    • Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye, "How Are Sandy Hook, Columbine & Pedophilia All Connected?", interview on 2013/01/30 of Ron Aigner, 2013/02/08 (YouTube copy) - at 15:18 Aigner says that when Jefferson County refused to help him investigate the drawing made by Harris, he reached out to Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan, with whom he had had "a past professional friendship" dating back to when Sullivan was a patrolman for the Littleton Police Department and Aigner was president of the Littleton Jaycees, but Sullivan also rebuffed him; at 15:58 Aigner says that he also forwarded the drawing to El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson, after which he claims it ended up in a sheriff's department file named "Walsh butt rape"; at 21:40 Aigner calls Adam Lanza a "Columbine copycat", citing a 4chan post the day prior announcing his impending fame with a photo of the dead Columbine shooters, the YouTube video containing his remarks about being raped (slightly misquoted as "I guess me being raped by perverts was not in her idyllic plans"), and an Enquirer article citing official sources as saying that Lanza dressed in black like the Columbine shooters he idolized; at 43:35 Aigner mentions the theory that Columbine was itself an experiment, pointing out the ABC 20/20 program about its death education program (whose activities included taking kids to funeral homes to watch bodies get cremated); at 49:10 Aigner claims that the dispatch tapes had one officer ask "is that the Harris kid or is that the sheriff's kid?"; at 55:02 Aigner mentions a Platte Canyon school resource officer Jeff Wood in Park County CO who won nationwide recognition for school safety and was a sexual predator (Platte Canyon School District No. 1 Board of Education meeting minutes for 2010/08/09: "Mr. Schindler, speaking for the Board, stated that negative comments concerning individuals with the District and the PCSO have not come to the attention of the Board and they are not aware of any of the incidents which have been rumored to have occurred. [...] Ms. Jo Ann Showalter spoke on the topic of PCSO Jeff Wood"; Fairplay Flume, "OAKES STEPS FORWARD" by Mike Potter, 2010/08/20: "Bailey resident Natasha Oakes, 24, has stepped forward to tell her story and perhaps end years of rumors with regard to her relationship with former Park County deputy and school resource officer Jeff Wood"); at 1:09:00 the host remarks on how Aurora CO police chief Dan Oates repeatedly dodged a question about theater surveillance tapes from the 2012 shooting; at 1:10:05 Popeye claims that one of the students at Columbine worked for Raytheon; at 1:10:57 Aigner says that Denver University is "a school for the CIA"; at 1:15:08 Popeye brings up Aigner's mention of a pedophile ring called the Fat Cats, the name of which Aigner says came from a New York judge according to Judi Chase; at 1:16:22 Aigner mentions Ken Salazar (Colorado Attorney General from 1999 to 2005, US Senator from 2005 to 2009, and Secretary of the Interior from 2009 to 2013) being replaced by Michael Bennet (ed. note: a neoliberal who chaired the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from 2013 to 2015), the former superintendent of Denver Public Schools (2005-2009) who purportedly ran out of a pizza restaurant when confronted by Aigner and the Taylor family about the pedophilia in Denver-area schools; at 1:19:00 Aigner mentions Colorado Attorney General John Suthers running away from Donna Taylor when she tried to share information
    • Reddit post in 2019 chronicling previous encounters that deputies Tim Walsh and Mark Miller had with Eric Harris

Similar and related cases

  • Echoes of Columbine thread in 2005 about the "Ring Around Columbine" - eerily similar school shootings or attempts occurring around the same time
  • Echoes of Columbine thread in 2010 about "Manipulated Shootings: The Profile" (pages 1, 2, 3) - includes the 1997 North Hollywood bank shootout and 2001 school shooting at Santana High School by Charles Andrew Williams a.k.a. Charles "Andy" Williams as examples
    • "First characteristic that I always look for is the 'uniform' of all black/camoflage/trenchcoat look:"
    • "Another defining characteristic of the manipulated event is the astoundingly high percentage who have been on psychotropic drugs like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors(SSRIs), often in combination with stimulants like Ritalin. There are so many of these examples to list them all would merely be a recitation of all the suspicious events. Of course, many shooters whose acts are not normally considered suspicious, like many workplace shooters or family-ciders, have also been taking these drugs. It might be more helpful to concentrate on a related subject--how many shooters have been psychologically 'treated' at some point by a shrink or counselor."
    • "A hallmark of intelligence operations is the use of a scapegoat or patsy, who, although he usually has had some prep for the job, typically is less than 100% witting of his intended destiny as "fall guy." And sometimes, these wind-up toys (the "Columbine Clients") apparently cannot be trusted to wreak their havoc on their own, or are simply not up to the skill level required of them, meaning that professional assassins are sometimes really the ones who do at least some of the actual shooting. [...] In Columbine, we saw almost two tiers of this: the trench coaters who received official blame (Harris and Klebold), the trench coaters who were witnessed shooting but did not receive official blame (Morris, Perry, etc., no relationship to Harris and Klebold, of course! Really! Seriously!) and then some questions about the unnamed adult in the science halls, the strange case of Larry Scott Petty and other MIBs on-premises."
    • "To expand on your list a bit, these are the shootings in which, based upon initial media reports and eyewitnesses who reported multiple suspects, there were almost certainly other shooters or suspects besides the named patsy:"
    • "Another sure-fire sign of the manipulated shooting is the lack of any believable motive for the shooters' acts:"
    • "Shooting a bunch of people in one setting is not an easy task. So when we hear of a mass shooting event where the victims have all been shot in the head, or in the torso, it suggests a shooter with professional training. The same is true where there is a very high proportion of hits vs shots fired, or where witnesses noted military-style gun handling skills."
    • "Extra guns and ammo found in the auto and at the home of the shooter is a common element in these shootings. This is to convince the public of the guilt of the accused. Closely related to this is an excessive quantity of ammo carried by the suspect, to impress the public of the gunman's homicidal intent."
    • "Random-rage killings are called 'rage' murders because the perp is so full of rage against humanity that he feels everyone deserves to die. Thus one would expect for the surviving victims to witness an expression of rage, hate, or anger on the face of the perp. Yet in quite a few of these we notice the exact opposite, perhaps a sign that the shooter has been mind-controlled in a manipulated event:"
    • "A lot of these events have a 'drill' being run by law enforcement agencies at the school prior to the actual shootings, usually within a couple weeks of the event. Or there is some indication the shooting started out as a drill. Of course nowadays there are numerous drills being run in numerous schools all the time, but I think the timing of these events right before the shootings are more than coincidental."
  • Virginia Tech shooting in 2007
  • Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012
    • Connecticut State Police investigative reports on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (Google Drive upload)
    • Contemporaneous news stories
    • Adam Lanza and pedophilia
      • Examiner, "Police investigate video posted one day prior to Sandy Hook massacre", 2012/12/18: "A Youtube channel has been discovered which may provide some answers to these questions. An account created by someone using the handle 'TrolleyRulle' two days prior to the shootings may be the missing link to finding answers. In the channel's 'About Me' section, the user entered the following data: "We are those that are willing to die or kill to end the mind rape of our children. The war for your brain has begun!" There is only one video on the channel, and the video was uploaded on Thursday, December 13-- one day prior to the mass shooting at the school. The video is titled, "I am Adam Lanza. I will be famous." The video contains the following eerie message: "All she wanted was this picture perfect life. I guess me being raped was not in her idyllic plans. F__k her. I choose to go level 121 and kill Rulle. I will swing the sword of destruction and live forever! I am Adam Lanza. People hate me. I will be immortal.""
      • Connecticut Post, "Computer evidence shows Lanza's interest in pedophilia", 2014/01/19: "Adam Lanza had an interest in pedophilia. On his computer hard drive was a screenplay, "Lovebound," that describes a relationship between a 30-year-old man and a 10-year-old boy, as well as documents advocating for "pedophiles' rights and the liberation of children." He also discussed with a friend how it was "a disease that needed to be treated and not looked at as evil," according to the State Police report on the shooting released late last month."
      • CNN, "FBI documents reveal Newtown shooter Adam Lanza's pedophilia interest", 2017/10/25: "The behavioral analysis report, which was shared with the victims' families, did not specify the evidence of Lanza's apparent sexual interest in children. A file on Lanza's computer advocated "pedophiles' rights and the liberation of children," one document noted. A separate FBI document said one of three CDs taken from Lanza's home contained pornographic images. Another document said that an unidentified woman who befriended the killer online told investigators that Lanza said adult-child sexual relationships could be "possibly beneficial to both parties." The woman began online contact with the troubled youth about two years before his December 2012, rampage at the Newtown, Connecticut, school left 20 first-grade students and six adults dead."
    • Richard Novia involvement - one of the closest adults to Adam who gave insight on his psychology
      • Associated Press, "Teacher says gunman was loner who didn't feel pain", 2012/12/15: "Richard Novia, the school district's head of security until 2008, who also served as adviser for the school technology club, said Lanza clearly "had some disabilities." "If that boy would've burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically," Novia told The Associated Press in a phone interview. [...] He recalled meeting with school guidance counselors, administrators and with the boy's mother, Nancy Lanza, to understand his problems and find ways to ensure his safety. [...] "He would have an episode, and she'd have to return or come to the high school and deal with it," Novia said, describing how the young man would sometimes withdraw completely "from whatever he was supposed to be doing," whether it was sitting in class or reading a book. [...] "You had yourself a very scared young boy, who was very nervous around people he could trust or he refused to speak with," Novia said. [...] "Have you found his best friend? Have you found a friend?" Novia asked. "You're not going to. He was a loner." [...] When people approached him in the hallways, he would press himself against the wall or walk in a different direction, clutching tight to his black case. [...] Even so, Novia said, his primary concern was that Adam might become a target for abuse by his fellow students, not that he might become a threat. "Somewhere along in the last four years, there were significant changes that led to what has happened," Novia said."
      • Wall Street Journal, "Shooter's Persona Drew Concern at School", 2012/12/17: "Not long into his freshman year, Adam Lanza caught the attention of Newtown High School staff members, who assigned him a high-school psychologist, while teachers, counselors and security officers helped monitor the skinny, socially awkward teen, according to a former school official. Their fear wasn't that he was dangerous. "It was completely the opposite," said Richard J. Novia, the director of security at Newtown School District at the time in 2007. "At that point in his life, he posed no threat to anyone else. We were worried about him being the victim or that he could hurt himself." [...] Newtown school officials assigned a permanent psychologist to Mr. Lanza in his freshman year of high school in 2007, and flagged him to the school's security chief when he was still in middle school, a former school official said. [...] Mr. Novia said it wasn't unusual for school officials to meet about troubled students, but Mr. Lanza's problems were more severe than most. He said he told the school's three security staffers who reported to him to carefully monitor Mr. Lanza, concerning "where he was, who he was with, and what he was doing." To help Mr. Lanza become more socially adept, school officials directed him to a "tech club," a broadcast class that filmed school events for a public access channel in town."
      • PBS Frontline, "Raising Adam Lanza", 2013 (Novia interview transcript): "JOSH KOVNER: And when you left for other pursuits in July of 2008, did you learn that Nancy Lanza had taken Adam out of high school? RICHARD NOVIA: Yes. JOSH KOVNER: Why do you think she pulled him out? RICHARD NOVIA: I don't know. I've pondered this issue for a long time. I've often wondered if she just felt that one of his main support networks were no longer there. I don't know. [...] JOSH KOVNER: Richard, when it was observed that Adam in high school was playing violent video games, did anyone try to dissuade him? RICHARD NOVIA: A lot of the kids were playing violent video games. Adam had shown, at that point early on, some high interest in the violent aspect of those games. [...] RICHARD NOVIA: No. That shocked me, to hear that Nancy would have had anything to do with guns. JOSH KOVNER: What we understand is that she did shoot with Ryan and Adam at a range. RICHARD NOVIA: Yes. That was a mistake. [...] I have a child who loves to do the hot rod driving simulator on the TV. He's playing the video games. I should have been able to foresee that my son loved the speed when I bought him his first car. And it wasn't a couple weeks after that that he got, you know, ticketed for 100-and-something miles an hour on a town street in Newtown. [...]"
      • 2008 incident with a student resulting in his firing as security director
        • Danbury News-Times, "Security officer asks for hearing", 2008/05/10: "The Board of Education listened to the public pleas of a lawyer representing a Newtown High School security director placed on paid administrative leave and will hold a hearing on the incident during a future executive session. School administrators placed Richard Novia on administrative leave immediately following a March 11 altercation involving him and a 17-year-old junior at the high school. According to police, during disciplinary action for an unrelated incident, Novia pushed the student while in his office with police School Resource Officer Domenic Costello. The student told Novia, "You can't put your (expletive) hands on me," to which Novia responded, "One day you are going to get your (expletive) kicked," according to police. The student's family did not file a complaint against Novia after meeting with police, but district administrators put Novia on paid administrative leave. Attorney Vincent Sabatini , representing Novia, a 15-year employee of the school system, told the board at its meeting Tuesday that because the Board of Education, not school administrators, signed Novia's contract, he deserves the right to have the board address the issue."
        • Capital Gazette, "Connecticut shooting suspect was honors student", 2012/12/15: "She recalled a school meeting in 2008 organized by the gunman's mother to try to save the job of the club's adviser. At the meeting, Milas said, Adam Lanza's brother Ryan said a few words in support of the adviser, who he said had taken his brother under his wing. "My brother has always been a nerd," Ryan Lanza said then, according to Milas."
        • WNBC, "Nancy Lanza Was Devoted, Loving Mother: Friends", 2012/12/16: "During Adam Lanza's high school years, Nancy Lanza once hosted a party for the technology club to which Adam Lanza belonged, according to Gloria Miles, mother of one of the members. And in 2008, she organized a school meeting to try to save the job of the club's adviser."
        • Background of altercation witness Domenic Costello
          • Newtown Bee, "New School Resource Officer Assigned To Newtown High School", 2006/08/25: "Police Officer Domenic Costello says he looks forward to the challenges he will face as the new school resource officer at Newtown High School, a job that places a sworn police officer in the school where more than 1,600 students attend classes. Officer Costello replaces Officer Steve Ketchum, who served in that assignment since April 2003. Officer Ketchum has returned to police patrol work. Since joining the police department in October 2003, Officer Costello has been a patrolman, working rotating shifts during which he would patrol the town, responding to emergencies and calls for help, as needed. Officer Costello, 28, graduated from Fairfield University in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in political science. He graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2002 with a law degree. He grew up in Bridgeport. He later worked as a law clerk for a judge in Bridgeport, as a research associate for a law firm, and as a human resources director for mental health clinic, before becoming a police officer. Officer Costello explains that law enforcement is in his blood, with six of his relatives either having served or now serving as police officers. Those include his grandfather, father, uncle, and two brothers-in-law."
          • Newtown Bee, "Chief Kehoe Departing After Long Police Career", 2016/01/02: "In 2010, two town police officers, Andrew Stinson and sergeant Domenic Costello, were arrested for having stolen approximately $200,000 from the Newtown Police Union’s coffers. Both men later pleaded guilty to criminal charges, made restitution, and served brief jail sentences."
      • Overall life and career - interesting that Novia's status as Newtown school district security chief (1993-2008) parallels the position held by Pat Sullivan (2002-2008) after he retired as Arapahoe County Sheriff
    • Possible child abuse network in the Newtown CT area
      • Hollywood Life, "Sandy Hook Mom Says Clairvoyant Son, 5, Refused To Go To School, Saving His Life", 2013/01/02 - tells the story of kindergarten student Logan Dryer becoming scared and upset about the prospect of going to school starting in November 2012; in response to principal Dawn Hochsprung trying to reassure him, Logan responded "No, no! It’s not a safe place. I am scared"; notes that Hochsprung and the school psychologist Mary Sherlock, who spoke to Logan on the phone daily during the time that he was pulled out of the school, "were both among the first killed in the shootings"; quotes Logan's mother Karen Dryer as stating that "Logan was perfectly normal wherever we were except at school" and "We couldn’t even say the word ‘school’ in the house because he would get so upset"
      • Associated Press, "Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter's psychiatrist surrenders license over patient relationship", 2013/12/30: "A psychiatrist who treated school shooter Adam Lanza years before the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut voluntarily surrendered his medical license in July 2012 amid allegations he had a sexual relationship with a female patient, according to public records released Monday. Dr. Paul L. Fox, a former Brookfield, Conn., psychiatrist now living in New Zealand, told police investigating the school shooting that he vaguely recalled treating Lanza. He told police he last saw Lanza when he was about 15 years old and remembered him having aggression problems and possibly Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism not associated with violence."
      • Fairfield Hills Hospital a.k.a. Fairfield State Hospital (open 1931 to 1995)
        • Gene Rosen connection
        • Let's Roll Forums thread on the Fairfield Hills mental hospital and other Sandy Hook matters (pages 1, 2, 3) - mentions how Newtown High School student Matthew Hunt a.k.a. Matt Hunt was doing an investigate project on the hospital when he ended up suddenly dead in 2004
        • CT Boom, "Why No One Wants the Abandoned Mental Asylum in Newtown", 2016/04/04: "In 1931 Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Newtown opened to help with over crowding at other state hospitals and to give a place for the criminally insane to be housed. [...] The 16 buildings that made up the 770 acres were all connected by underground tunnels and at times, when at capacity, the hospital would house 4,000 insane people. [...] Electro shock therapy, lobotomies, and a plethora of other “treatments” that nowadays would certainly be categorized as torture were commonly used. As expected there were many reports of suicides as well as unexplained deaths of the patients over the years. Fairfield Hills finally closed it’s doors for good in 1995. Since then it has become a hot spot for reported supernatural occurrences. Given the history of the property and buildings, MTV took interest and filmed their show “Fear” there, and because of the disarray it’s fallen into, even portions of the movie “Sleepers” was filmed on site."
        • Damned Connecticut, "Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown", 2017/01: "Opened in 1931 to help alleviate the overcrowding at other state mental hospitals, Fairfield Hills housed "mentally ill" (aka "the criminally insane") patients from across the state. Built on over 770 bucolic acres, the 16 buildings—all connected by underground tunnels—were home to over 4,000 patients when filled to capacity. Like many of its patients, Fairfield Hills projected an outward image that seemed quite pleasing; what was happening inside behind closed doors and out of the public eye, however, was alledgedly much darker and disturbing. As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was typical in its treatment of the mentally ill—electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosurgery and frontal lobotomies were common early on, resulting in a few suicides and "mysterious" deaths. Stories of abuse and cruelty were rampant. In short, it wasn't a happy-smiley, fluffy-kitty and shiny-rainbow type of place. With less and less patients being treated there, Fairfield Hills was closed by the state in 1995. And that's when it seems the troubles began."
      • Satanic presence in Newtown
      • TODO: look into claims about a network of underground tunnels beneath Sandy Hook and other Newtown schools
      • TODO: a child pornography producer in Newtown named David Csanadi was busted in 2011
    • Multiple shooter allegations
      • Pterrafractyl, "The camo pants coincidence in Newtown, CT, part 2: the mystery is solved except it isn’t", 2012/12/21
      • Comment about multiple shooters on an October 2019 blog post: "Early on, the coverage was about other suspects being arrested at the scene, including a man described by the Newtown Bee as an "off duty tactical officer from another jurisdiction" who fled the rear of the school and was apprehended in the adjacent woods. The Newtown Bee and the Newtown PD now refuse to discuss this man, as if he never existed - unlikely given the very specific description (and helicopter footage of his being apprehended in the woods). They'd rather not have to form an explanation for why such an individual would have been at the school that day, and why he would have fled into the woods."
      • Scott Vollmer as a suspect
        • Godlike Productions thread from 2013 about initially reported evidence of additional shooters (supporting tweet by Libor Jany): "12. At 11:38:28 am on December 14 the Police Radio transmission stated that they were transporting someone to the Newtown Police Department. 13. At or about 12:16 pm on December 14 Danbury News Times reporter Libor Jany tweeted that there was police activity on Philo Curtis Rd. possibly related to the shooting. Scott Vollmer has an affiliate that resides on Philo Curtis Rd. Was the person taken to the Newtown PD at 11:38 am an affiliate of Scott Vollmer? 14. News reports began to unfold on this issue in real time but were abruptly halted and scrubbed. This report also indicated that a body was found. [link to (secure)] 15. The Danbury News Times also later reported that SWAT Teams had gone onto Philo Curtis Rd. [link to]"
        • Video compilation of Internet information on the Vollmer family and a WUSA report seeming to allude to him (direct MP4 link) - the report is WUSA, "Aftermath of School Shooting" by Andrea McCarren, 2012/12/14, in which she reports "I happened to run across a woman who had tears in her eyes and she was being led by two younger women and I asked if she was okay. It turns out she was the school nurse at Sandy Hook Elementary and was for fifteen years. She described the gunman coming into her office. They met eyes. She jumped under her desk, and he inexplicably just walked out. Just absolutely chilling, horrifying details that are emerging here in Newtown tonight. [...] I did ask if it was known around the school that this young man, apparently a kindergarten teacher's son, was an issue, whether he had any problems; and she said not at all. And I asked if she knew the suspect's mother; and she said she did, and that she was an absolutely loving person, and a very caring, experienced kindergarten teacher."
        • TODO: look into the Barbara Halstead statement (said to be document 00006478), in which she purportedly mentioned the shooter activating the PA system, which would be done by pressing # and 1
      • Chris Manfredonia as a suspect
        • Godlike Productions thread about the possibility that Manfredonia and his brother were jointly involved (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
          • "The woman meeting with staff 12/14 about a dispute over her troubled child, as first shots were fired, is the wife of the man who came to the school the day before and fought with staff. During the meeting with the mother, two of the staff who fought with the father the day before were killed, one seriously injured, and another saved by staying home sick."
          • "Kris Feda is the source of the information that the meeting was about a "struggling" child. She said it was the mother who was attending the meeting, long with seven or eight other staff members."
          • "PlasMan said a mom tried to pick her child up on 12/13 but was refused custody by SHS staff (a very big deal)."
          • "It's really getting harder and harder to overlook Manfredonia. He was a father, and was AT the school. His wife was at the school ( a meeting?) He was RUNNING from the school. Cops let him go. A Robert Manfredonia lives on Yogananda."
          • "If two guys ran from the school, one was handcuffed and one got away but was then pulled out of the woods, who's the second guy? A female sergeant at Newtown PD said he was an "uncle" of one of the students. An uncle and father of one of the students were both fleeing the school--running together--were they in the same family? Were they brothers?"
          • ""On May 8, Robert Manfredonia, 46, Turkey Hill Terrace turned himself into the Newtown Police Department on an outstanding arrest warrant for breach of peace and harassment. The charges stem from a dispute that took place in mid-January at the Newtown Youth Academy, and from text messages that were sent by Manfredonia on February 17, 2012." [link to] Same Robert Manfredonia?"
          • "All we have is PlasMan saying 1) he is from Newtown and 2) the family fighting with staff 12/13 is the same as the family meeting with staff 12/14."
          • "We know law enforcement was aware of the altercation and that state and federal investigators went to speak with Janet DiDonato about what happened 12/13: [link to] From the above interview, which cites law enforcement sources, we know (or theorize) that Hochsprung, Sherlach, and Hammond were involved in the altercation the day prior--and that they were killed and/or injured the next day. DiDonato stayed home."
          • "I was in Boston at the time of the shooting, and the first thing I heard, word of mouth, was that the shooter was a father of one of the students at Sandy Hook School."
          • "Christopher Manfredonia = Athletic Director @ Fairfield Warde High School, about 30 min away from SH."
          • "Realizing of course that both the Lanzas and Manfredonias may be completely uninvolved, how is it that "Adam & Ryan" and "Chris-the-father & anonymous-the-uncle" all arrive at Sandy Hook school at the exact, same moment? If Mr. M was running with another guy--which both a 911 call and police audio confirm--doesn't it stand to reason he may have arrived at the school with this guy? How do two pairs of guys--one pair guilty as hell, one pair completely innocent--drive into the SHS parking lot at 9:20-ish a.m.? Notice that over the next few hours, "Ryan" disappears from the scene--as does Mr. M's running partner. Btw, how did Mr. M's running partner know what "it" was when he "looked into parents eyes, and said 'I didn't do it?'""
          • "Fred Manfredonia (the one convicted of embezzlement) sold his house to a Catherine Austermann--who sold it to the Bardens."
          • "Adam had a little girl and wife. The names of the, about kindergarten-age or so, daughter and wife were Kathy and Cathy (i forget which is which)."
          • "If we accept the statements that Manfredonia--a father of a student--was the man proned put, and that Camo Man, detained in the woods, was an uncle, you have two male relatives attempting to flee the scene together, both detained by police but then released without any fuss (and being allowed to sit in the front of the squad car)."
          • "From Fox 43, Central PA: “CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect...A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”"
          • "Senior law enforcement correspondent John Miller has been talking to his law enforcement sources; he joins me now for more. John, are you hearing anything abut this "altercation?" John Miller: "Yeah, I spoke to a senior law enforcement source this evening about that, and he said 'What we're focused on, was there was some kind of argument between people in the office, and people in the office of that school are dead today." He said, 'The key is to figure out if Lanza was part of that, present for that involved," and he said right now they don't have any indication that he was." [link to]"
          • "Some VERY interesting back history regarding Richard Novia, Bill Manfredonia, and current Newtown Emergency Communications Center dispatcher Maureen Will. You may remember Ms. Will as one of the main dispatchers on 12/14. In a nutshell, it looks as if Richard Novia--former security director for Newtown schools was quite close to former Newtown High School principal, Bill Manfredonia. Bill Manfredonia, along with Richard Novia and recently-interim superintendent of schools John Reed, had fought a MIGHTY battle with Newtown over a surveillance system for Newtown High School."
          • "Reporter Tony Aiello said the Sandy Hook shooter was let in by SHS staff because he was "son of a colleague." Did he mean Bill Manfredonia's (former NHS principal's) son? Is either Chris M or Bob M that son? I believe Chris is Fred's son; Fred was indicted for larceny some time back."
          • "Novia spent more time with the tech club then anyone else. It seemed like he ran the whole group. Im not sure if it was him or someone in the tech group but they got in some serious trouble within no time of those cameras being up as they were checkin out girls (o)(o)'s."
          • "So now we have: 1. One Mr. M, father of SHS girl, fleeing the scene w/second man 2. Second man gets past NPD officer 67; unknown where he ends up 3. Man pulled out of woods said to be "uncle of niece" at SHS 4. Two Manfredonias live near Lanzas: Chris, & Bob 5. Bob has step-daughter who rode bus with "Adam" 6. Bob's wife works at NHS (with Lori Hoagland) 7. Suspect vehicle(s) reported stopping at NHS before SHS"
        • Possible connection to former Newtown High School principal Bill Manfredonia (who himself might be linked to Novia)
          • MADRAVOLT, "A Manfredonia & Lanza Sandy Hook Connection?", 2013/01/07: "Christopher M. Manfredonia, who is an athletic director in a town south of Newtown area, has a father, Frederick A. who is a convicted felon for embezzlement. This same Christopher M. is very possibly the subject who police pursued in the woods of Sandy Hook Elementary School at the very time of the massacre and detained. [...] The most interesting aspect of this story is how Chris and Adam arrived at the school together at appx. the same time. [...] Adam and Nancy Lanza were neighbors with Chris Manfredonia, whose house is only separated from the Lanza's by about 600 feet of woods. Chris Manfredonia's address is 35 Charter Ridge Drive in Sandy Hook,Ct. This was confirmed through the town's assessor via the town government's website. Adam and Nancy's address was 36 Yogananda Street in Sandy Hook, Ct. [...] Frederick A. Manfredonia is now doing hard time for embezzlement while he was an accountant-type for Stamford, CT. Moreover, Frederick A. Manfredonia and former principal of Newtown High School, Willam F. Manfredonia, were co-property owners, selling properties in the area. Interestingly, there was a William F. Manfredonia on the payroll of another school in 12/2004 here: [...] William F. Manfredonia (who is 64 now) retired from Newtown High School principal position and hired on at Carmel Central School District in NY at Putnam and has been there since; making $176,334.56 a year."
          • Danbury News-Times, "Longtime Newtown principal resigns", 2004/08/31: "More than 30 years ago, William Manfredonia was offered a job teaching history at the high school. There was one problem - he had just joined the Marine Corps. School officials countered with an unusual offer. Go ahead and serve your country, they told him, and we'll have a job waiting for you when you get back. "I thought that was an offer that was too good to be true. Lo and behold, I came out of the Marines and I started teaching here," he said. So began a 34-year career that saw Manfredonia rise through the ranks from teacher to assistant principal and, finally, to principal, a position he's held for 16 years. However, his Newtown career will end Nov. 30. On Monday, Manfredonia, 55, distributed a letter to the high school faculty announcing his resignation. He is expected to be named principal of Edgemont Junior-Senior High School in Scarsdale, N.Y."
          • Newtown Bee, "A Principal And A Sportsman", 2004/09/10: "To the Editor: Your September 3 issues had a very nice story on Bill Manfredonia and his years at Newtown High School. It failed, however, to mention his interest in Newtown High School sports. Bill was a varsity wrestling coach for several years and developed many good athletes under his supervision. Perhaps your sports editor would write a story on the teams he coached and their accomplishments. Yours truly, F.E. Fansher 4 Kale Davis Road, Sandy Hook"
          • Newtown Knights of Columbus leadership for 2017-2018 - has Bill Manfredonia as Advocate
    • Peter Lanza background
      • Work at GE Capital
        • ABC, "Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza: 'Obviously Not Well'", 2012/12/14: "Peter Lanza, who drove to northern New Jersey to talk to police and the FBI, is a vice president at GE Capital and had been a partner at global accounting giant Ernst & Young."
        • WPIX, "Who was Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza?", 2012/12/15: "Peter Lanza is a vice president for GE Capital and was previously a partner at Ernst & Young — the same company Ryan Lanza has been working at for the past four years."
        • CNBC, "GE Capital Stops Lending to Gun Sellers", 2013/04/24: "From the Journal: GE is based in Fairfield, Conn., and many of GE's employees live around Newtown, and several have children in the Sandy Hook elementary school, where the shootings took place. Peter Lanza, the father of Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza, is an executive at GE Capital. GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt held a town hall meeting with affected employees after the shooting, and the board has been updated on efforts to help staff, a person familiar with the matter said."
        • GE Capital executives involved in financial fraud
          • Law360, "Ex-GE Execs Oppose Statute Review In Bid-Rigging Case", 2011/09/14: "Three former GE Capital executives accused of rigging bids for municipal finance contracts asked a New York federal judge Tuesday to deny a request by prosecutors that he reconsider the length of the statute of limitations on on some charges they face. The statute of limitations on wire fraud and conspiracy charges is five years unless the offense "affects a financial institution," in which case the charge is 10 years. Dominick P. Carollo, Steven E. Goldberg, and Peter S. Grimm face six counts of conspiracy and one count of wire fraud, and prosecutors argued that two of the conspiracy counts [...]"
          • Rolling Stone, "The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia", 2012/06/21: "The defendants in the case – Dominick Carollo, Steven Goldberg and Peter Grimm – worked for GE Capital, the finance arm of General Electric. Along with virtually every major bank and finance company on Wall Street – not just GE, but J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, UBS, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Wachovia and more – these three Wall Street wiseguys spent the past decade taking part in a breathtakingly broad scheme to skim billions of dollars from the coffers of cities and small towns across America. The banks achieved this gigantic rip-off by secretly colluding to rig the public bids on municipal bonds, a business worth $3.7 trillion." - worth asking if electronic vote rigging was involved in this scheme, since as Bev Harris and Jim March have argued, rigging bond measures could be very valuable for financial crooks

Other curiosities

  • Vampire cults from around the same time period across the country - possible precursors or affiliates of the Trench Coat Mafia
    • Tim Erickson group in St. Cloud MN - in the Jacob Wetterling investigation, Erickson was referred to by Kenneth Gaitlin as someone knowledgeable about a coven in St. Cloud with an apartment on the Sauk River where rituals were practiced
      • UPI, "Four youths arrested in vampire slaying", 1988/03/25: "The four boys, at least one of whom was 'very interested' in the subject of vampires, are believed to have gone camping with the victim, Donald Gall, 30, when a fight erupted, authorities said. Sherbourne County Sheriff Dick Witschen said there were indications Gall, who was beaten and stabbed to death, 'had been mean to or had pushed two of the suspects around a little bit and they were unhappy about that.' He said one, possibly two, of the youths drank Gall's blood before throwing his body into the river. Gall's last know residence was St. Cloud and he previously had lived in the Foley area although he had no permanent address at the time of this death, a sheriff's spokeswoman said. Two of the suspects are brothers, Timothy Erickson, 19, and Mark Erickson, 18, both of St. Cloud. The names of the two juveniles -- a 13-year-old runaway from the St. Cloud area and a 17-yea-old who had recently moved to St. Cloud from western Stearns County -- were not released."
    • Roy Whitener in Valdosta GA - the same city where Ray Lemme was found suicided that is home to alleged pedophile ring
      • Associated Press, "Alleged Warlock Convicted in Murder", 1991/01/09: "VALDOSTA, Ga. (AP) _ A man prosecutors claimed was a warlock who planned to drink blood was convicted Wednesday in the murder of a security guard. Roy Whitener, 20, of Troupeville also was found guilty of armed robbery and possession of a firearm during a crime in January’s shooting death of Union Tank Car Co. security guard W.M. Wood. Superior Court Judge George Horkan sentenced Whitener to life in prison on the murder charge, a consecutive life term for robbery and five consecutive years for the firearm charge. Whitener will be required to serve 20 years before he is eligible for parole. Whitener denied the charges Tuesday. He also denied testimony indicating he was involved in witchcraft and Satanism and that he had spoken of casting spells and becoming a vampire. Whitener testified that his religion was not witchcraft, but an ancient form of nature worship. He did cast spells, he said, but never to harm anyone. He said he didn’t know who killed Wood, 67, of Valdosta. Testifying for the prosecution, 17-year-old Jason Awker, said Whitener told him he shot Wood 12 times, planning to drink the dead man’s blood and take his head as a souvenir."
      • Georgia Supreme Court, no. S91A0682: Whitener v. State, denial of reconsideration, 1991/09/25: "Roy Dean Whitener appeals from his convictions of malice murder, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. [...] The victim, Dub Wood, worked as a night security guard at the Union Tank Car Company in Lowndes County. On the morning of January 21, 1990, Wood's body was discovered by the security guard who was coming on duty to relieve Wood. Wood had been shot numerous times and his wallet was missing. During the investigation of Wood's murder, Whitener was charged with arson in relation to a fire that had occurred in neighboring Brooks County, Georgia on February 16, 1990. During the investigation of that arson, Whitener's friend, Jason Awker, was questioned and informed the detective who questioned him that Whitener had confessed to him of killing Wood in Lowndes County. [...] Whitener also contends that the trial court erred by permitting the introduction into evidence of his notebook containing hieroglyphic religious drawings and references to the occult. He argues that the notebook placed his character in issue."
      • VSU Spectator, "Tales of Spook Bridge", 2001/10/25: "Lowndes and Brooks County meet along the Withlacoochee River, where an abandoned bridge stands--host to stories of star-crossed lovers, satanic worship and a cold-blooded murder. [...] “In the early ‘70s, everybody went down there,” Arnold said. “Then about 20 years ago, satanic people started taking over.” Cunningham said, “Around ‘74 or ‘75, graffiti started showing up, like pentagrams, and people began calling it Spook Bridge.” Legends began circulating about ghosts and satanic rituals occurring on the bridge. [...] According to Chafin, about a year and half ago, a murder occurred at the bridge. “A man was shot off the bridge, twice in the head, execution style,” Chafin said. “We believe it was a drug deal gone bad.”"
    • Rod Ferrell group in Murray KY and Eustis FL
      • Lake County Sheriff's Office, case 96-11-7397 (investigative and supplemental reports, crime scene technician report)
        • From p.2 of investigative report: "Jennifer stated that Heather had a good friend, that lived in Kentucky, and that he may have had something to do with the murder of their parents. The name of this subject was Rod Ferrell. Ferrell was also heavy into "Vampirism". Jennifer stated that her sister, Heather, had informed her that if she ever wanted anyone dead, to let her know, because Rod Ferrell was a Hit-Man and goes from state to state."
        • From p.6 of supplemental report: "At approximately 1010 hours Detective Adams contacted Detective Jump by telephone and he advised that suspect Rod Ferrell had an aunt who lived in Daytona Beach, FL. He advised that Rod visited there whenever he would get in trouble up there. Detective Jump advised that the aunt's name was Crews and lived at 227 North Street in Daytona Beach."
      • Electronic Telegraph, "Bad blood", 1997/04/12: "It's the site of the "Vampyre Hotel". The "hotel" is a 20-year-old concrete structure, the shell of a six-bedroom house whose building permit expired before it was completed. It was here, 17-year-old Rod Ferrell has told police, that in October 1995 he met some unidentified adults who involved him in a human-blood-drinking ceremony. Ferrell claims they made him believe he was one of the "undead", with powers over any living being. And it was this "crossing over" to "vampiredom" which in November 1996 eventually led him and three local friends - Dana Cooper, 19, Scott Anderson, 16, and Charity Keesee, 16 - to drive to Eustis, Florida, where police allege they used a sharpened crowbar to bludgeon to death Richard and Naoma Wendorf, the parents of Ferrell's 15-year-old girlfriend Heather Wendorf. [...] With his long dark hair and shaved temples, Rod Ferrell is in many ways a typical small-town rebel. [...] By the beginning of last year he had stopped attending school altogether, preferring to spend the days at his grandfather's trailer, reading books about vampirism and painting skulls and skeletons in vivid colours. [...] Ferrell's arrest has left many questions unanswered. Law officers in Kentucky doubt that he was a cult leader. Instead they are investigating a number of adults suspected of initiating dozens of local youths, and are taking the talk of rival gangs seriously. "We have just scratched the surface of vampirism in Kentucky," says Murray sheriff Stan Scott. "There are many more involved in the valley than just Ferrell's group. Right now, I think most of them are lying low." [...] In October 1995, local police officers stopped a car with a faulty rear light on the secluded road between Murray and the neighbouring town of Mayfield. It was three days before Halloween. Inside were four people dressed in black with their faces painted white. A fifth passenger, a girl, was in normal clothes but wore a blindfold. The travellers said they were going to a fancy-dress party. The police had no reason to detain them but they checked the ID of the driver, a Mayfield man called Kile Bayton. The Kentucky authorities thought nothing more of the incident until, a few days later, they received a call from police in Tennessee. Susan Cates, a 15-year-old matching the girl in the description of the car, had gone missing. At her home, they had discovered letters from Dean Frank, a Murray resident and friend of Bayton's, which were full of references to powers the girl could have if she "crossed over" and became a vampire. One letter described blood rituals and human sacrifices. [...] some Murray teenagers gossip that she was killed in an initiation rite at the Vampyre Hotel that went wrong. "That's what I believe," says Cindy Rice, a 17-year-old local girl, as we examine the building that now has such a dark reputation. [...] Introduced to the cult by Charity Keesee, she was then taken up by Sandra Gibson. "There were nine of us at my initiation, including Gibson," she says. [...] According to another Murray teenager called Cindy - Cindy Scott - Gibson leads one of many competing vampire cults. Last July Gibson was charged with sexual assault by Murray police. The 35-year-old woman had allegedly tried to seduce a 14-year-old boy as part of a vampire ritual. [...] According to witness statements gathered by the Murray police, for the last couple of years Gibson has been leading young people into vampirism through a game called "Masquerader", which is loosely based on the works of Anne Rice. [...] Cindy says: "Rod's group was led by a woman from New Orleans who was a friend of Sandra Gibson's. The others follow two women from Houston, Texas. They are really vicious and I think Rod was afraid of them." However far-fetched it sounds, police in Houston confirm that since 1994 there have been a series of "ritual biting" incidents. [...] Patricia Seymour, a psychiatric counsellor, says that in the last three years she's had 50 clients from the Houston region who have emotional problems stemming from their vampire fantasies. All of them say they've met a shadowy woman who calls herself "Clyte". Clyte has since been identified as Alice Lynne Shapiro, who is wanted for assault and fraud in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Shapiro disappeared after she and three others were arrested for torturing a 17-year-old boy during a "vampire rite" in November 1995. [...] According to Rod Ferrell's grandfather, Harrell Gibson, that was the kind of fate that Ferrell was trying to avoid. Gibson says he often urged the boy to abandon his obsession with vampires but Ferrell claimed he was too afraid of reprisals from remaining cult members."
      • Orlando Sentinel, "'ROD IS A GOOD BOY,' GRANDPARENTS SAY", 1998/01/11: "17-year-old Rod Ferrell is really a "good boy" who is the "scapegoat" in the slayings of Richard and Ruth Wendorf, his grandparents told The Lake Sentinel in an exclusive interview. Sensitive, artistic and loving is how his family described the Kentucky teen - an image worlds apart from that painted by investigators, who say he is the leader of a vampire cult. [...] "Rod is a good boy, and has always been a good boy," said his grandmother, Rosetta Gibson. The Gibsons say they should know. Rod grew up in their home, where he lived with his mother, Sondra Gibson, until shortly before the slayings. Unlike Ferrell, who stood out in black clothes topped by a long black trench coat, the Gibsons are so conventional they are unnoticeable. Rosetta Gibson worked for years in food service at Murray State University. Harrell Gibson picked up and transported cars from Miami to Maine. Hard-working, church-going and satisfied with their modest income, the couple sold their mobile home in Kentucky and moved to Umatilla to be near their grandson, who is being held in the Lake County Jail. Married for almost 50 years, Harrell Gibson, 68, proudly said, "There hasn't been any drinking, tobacco or abusive language in our house since 1958," the year the couple started attending Pentecostal church services. [...] The Gibsons believe his outgoing nature cost their grandson, who "fell in with the wrong crowd" when the family moved to Eustis in 1993. They said the crowd included the slain couple's daughter, Heather Wendorf, who they say spurred Ferrell's interest in vampires. Now, the Gibsons said, they know their grandson's interest in the "undead" was far greater than they suspected. "If there was vampirism, it wasn't going on in our house," Gibson said. In the fall of 1995, the family moved back to Kentucky, and Ferrell got wrapped up in playing vampire fantasy games, the Gibsons said. [...] Sondra Gibson and Ferrell eventually moved into their own apartment, and the problems spiraled out of control, the Gibsons said. [...] The Gibsons remain convinced that Ferrell is innocent, though the teen confessed to the slayings in videotaped statements to police. [...] "He has the potential for being a great spiritual leader," Harrell Gibson said. "I'm a firm believer he will be set free, if not at the trial, soon afterward.""
      • Tampa Bay Times, "Witness: Cult head molested as a boy", 1998/02/18: "As a boy, vampire cult leader Rod Ferrell was sexually abused by his grandfather and the man's friends during rituals, a mental health expert testified Tuesday. Ferrell's grandfather, Harrell Gibson, denied that he or his friends molested his grandson or participated in cult activity. Gibson has said Ferrell told fantastic stories and lived in a "teenage dream world." "I don't know anything on cults. I've read no books on cults," Gibson said. [...] Ferrell told adolescent psychiatrist Wade Myers that rituals of his grandfather's cult, the Black Mask, included sodomy, sadism, masochism, torn tissues, cuts and burns. The cult met four times a year and participated in animal sacrifice, Ferrell said. Myers testified Friday. Harry Krop of Gainesville, a forensic psychologist for the defense, said, "The goal of the cult was to release evil into the world and extinguish light." Krop examined Ferrell three times after his arrest. [...] While he described his grandmother as a "sweet All-American grandmother," he told Myers that his grandfather abused him and told Krop that his grandfather's friends abused him. His mother believed him and tried not to let Ferrell be alone with his grandfather. But the psychologist didn't spare Ferrell's 35-year-old mother from criticism. Ms. Gibson was an "ineffectual" parent, who had a series of abusive boyfriends and last year pleaded guilty to trying to entice a 14-year-old friend of Ferrell's to have sex, Krop said. He said Ms. Gibson suffered from the same personality disorders as her son. She told a Kentucky psychologist after her arrest that she was drawn into her son's vampire cult and believed they had supernatural powers."
      • 2011 video of an interview of Rod Ferrell at Florida State Prison in Raiford by an unidentified doctor - at 6:00 it mentions Rod's abuse at a young age by "the Black Mask, a dark occultic group" that involved his own grandfather; at 6:30 Rod says "There are many adults, far more than most people would expect out in your society, that do prey upon young individuals. And they rape them, they murder them — or in their case sacrifice — and any other number of uncouth, callous, and preferably unmentioned things."
      • Spectrum News 1 (Lexington KY), "Vampire Murders Convict Rod Ferrell Wants Sentence Reduced", 2019/11/19: "In the 90s, Ferrell and several other teenagers from Kentucky formed what they called a "Vampire Clan." Ferrell would tell people that he was a 500-year-old Vampire named Vesago. [...] On Tuesday, the defense put a psychologist on the stand who testified that Ferrell's family was dysfunctional, pointing out that her mother engaged in satanic cult behavior. The psychologist said was also introduced into the occult by a young woman named "Ilianna." “And he describes it as a mentor and student, or a master and slave kind of engagement," said psychologist James Garbarino. "It was sexual, he described it as standard sexual behavior. There was some candle wax. She forced him to watch other people and report back what he had seen.”" - TODO: could "Ilianna" possibly refer to Ileana Fuster of the Country Walk child molestation case?
      • Leesburg Daily Commercial, "Florida Mother of vampire cult killer: I’ve changed", 2019/12/02: "Mental health experts testified last week in resentencing hearings that vampire cult leader Rod Ferrell has changed. While Ferrell, who was convicted of murdering a Eustis couple in 1996, awaits a decision from Circuit Judge G. Richard Singeltary, his mother says she’s changed, too. Sondra Gibson told the Daily Commercial she is no longer the woman described as a mentally ill parent, former prostitute and cult member who tried to solicit a 14-year-old boy for sex in a vampire initiation rite. [...] Gibson said she has moved back in with her 90-year-old mother so she can take care of her. She said she has a jewelry business, a completely different set of friends where she lives in Belleview, and is looking for a church to attend. [...] Her father, Harrell Gibson, has dementia and is confined to a lock-down memory unit in Sarasota. Psychologists said Ferrell was gang-raped by Harrell’s friends, and that he molested Ferrell. Gibson’s older sister testified during the trial in 1998 that her father had sexually abused both her and Gibson. Psychologist Heather Holmes testified during the resentencing hearing that Gibson confronted the homeowner where the rape took place, with 5-year-old Ferrell in tow. Gibson thought she was sticking up for her son, but it retraumatized him, Holmes said."
  • Washington Post, "HALLOWEEN CAN HAUNT TROUBLED PERSONALITIES", 1991/10/31: "Once the subject of rare case reports in psychiatric journals, diagnoses of MPD have been rising steadily in the last decade as child abuse has become an increasingly open topic. One published study estimates that 1 percent of the population suffers from MPD. "Of the 12 patients in the hospital today, six are having trouble with memories related to Halloween," said Bruce Leonard, a psychiatrist who treats child abuse victims at the Columbine Psychiatric Center, outside Denver."
  • West Memphis Three murders in 1993
    • Blood of Innocents: The True Story of Multiple Murder in West Memphis, Arkansas by Guy Reel, Marc Perrusquia, Bartholemew Sullivan (1995)
    • Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three by Mara Leveritt (2002)
    • Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders by William Ramsey (2012)
    • Blood on Black: The Case Against the West Memphis 3 Killers by Gary Meece (2017)
    • Echoes of Columbine thread on the West Memphis Three case (pages 1, 2, 3)
      • "I agree that Terry Hobbs has told many lies with regard to this crime, or at least appears to. Lies about his whereabouts, about knives, and about his criminal history, among other things. The only problem is that virtually everyone - including Echols, Byers, Jacoby and many lesser-known characters such as L.G. Hollingsworth (an early suspect who died in a 'car accident' in 2001) - seems to have told a number of lies about this case as well. Watch Echols' news interviews back to back and see how many times he changes his story depending on who he's talking to. All three victims either showed strong symptoms of long-term sexual abuse - in Byers' case there was even physical evidence suggestive of this. Several important witnesses (such as Melissa Byers, who said a black-clad man had photographed her son not long before 5-5-93) died under mysterious circumstances. There was rampant corruption in the WMPD's drug unit at the time involving confiscated drugs, money and guns, and at least one of its members was murdered in his home (allegedly by a couple of drug addicts who he knew) not long before all of this unfolded."
      • "There were many reports of a cult much larger than the one most "non-supporters" believe existed.. one that involved many different youths of different ages, and quite a few adults as well. There was also a rather public coven of 'white witches' operating there at the time as well, and Echols was on the fringes of this group. They distanced themselves from him after he came under suspicion, referring to him as a wannabe devil worshiper. Members of this group included Murray Ferris and Chris Littrell, among others. They referred to Echols' former girlfriend, Deanna Holcomb, as a 'black witch' - a charge she candidly admitted to, stating that she self-practices. Echols' next girlfriend, Domini Teer, was also deeply involved in witchcraft, and is alleged to have told a juvenile officer that she, her mother and her entire family drink blood - a behavior Echols admitted to on tape and is alleged by a wide variety of sources to have engaged in and boasted about over the course of many years. [...]"
      • "What I'm trying to say here is that the supporters don't have the full story and neither do the nons.. this is, like the strange events at Columbine High, the conspiracy is much wider than we'd like to accept and the event itself is yet another example of how surreal this world really is. [...]"
      • "I do not know whether Echols committed this crime or not. He is among the many individuals (including the families of all three victims) whose alibis for the date / time of the killings have serious discrepancies. My personal suspicion is that the boys were killed in another location as part of a black mass in which Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley filled only three of many pews."
      • "There exists no doubt today that Echols is / was deeply involved in the occult. I've attached several screen caps (discovered by William Ramsey, author of Abomination) showing that Echols was a member of Ordo Templi Orientis, donated his considerable occult library to them after his arrest and registered with their prison ministry."
    • Terry Hobbs as a suspect
      • (Martin David Hill) overview of Terry Hobbs
      • WM3DB forum discussion on Hobbs' childhood (pages ..., 5, 6)
      • WM3DB forum discussion on the possibility that Hobbs was linked to the Don Henry / Kevin Ives murder (pages 1, 2)
      • Background of father Joe Dean Hobbs Sr.
        • Arkansas Gravestones entry for Joe Dean HOBBS, SR (November 4, 1937 - February 22, 1998) - was a veteran with the rank of A1C US Air Force
        • WM3DB forum comment on 2015/07/24 alleging Hobbs Sr. was politically connected: "I was also told by a reliable source that Hobbs' father was a political player and had some clout - through donations and endorsements."
        • Kokomo Tribune, "Marriage Licenses", 1955/10/20: "Joe Dean Hobbs, 413 W. Monroe St., butcher, Miller Packing Company, and Edith Raylean McLeod, 902 S. Bell St."
        • Kokomo Tribune, "BIRTHS", 1957/03/09: "A/1c and Mrs. Joe D. Hobbs, Bellevue, Neb., a boy, 9 pounds, Saturday at Bellevue. The mother is the former Miss Raylean McLeod of Hemlock." - note that this indicates Terry Hobbs' father was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, which incidentally matches the information in the Mildred French police report (see below) that says Terry was born in Omaha
        • The Air Pulse (Omaha NE), "Honor Roll", 1958/11/14 (pages 1, 14): "The following airmen reenlisted during the period of Nov. 1 through Nov. 7, 1958: [...] A/2C Joe D. Hobbs, Supply Sq."
        • Indianapolis Star, "BANKRUPTCIES FILED", 1963/03/27: "Joe D. Hobbs, 21 South Arlington Ave, meat cutter; debts, $9,763, assets, $150."
        • Kokomo Tribune, "Eight Arrests Reported Here", 1963/12/08: "Joe Dean Hobbs, 26, 327 E. Carter St., on a charge of driving on an expired driver's license."
        • Kokomo Tribune, "City Court Notes", 1963/12/10: "Joe Dean Hobbs, 26, 327 E. Carter St.; no driver's license, $1 and costs."
        • Sizzlin Catfish restaurants - founded by Hobbs Sr. in Batesville AR and franchised throughout Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana
          • p.18 of a West Memphis Police Department interview with Pam Hobbs on 2007/06/19: "Mitchell: Who was Terry living with up in Hardy?

            Hobbs: At the time when he uh when he first went down there and took my daughter down there he started living with uh a woman a lady name Joy I don't recall what her last name is, but she was an employee for them Terry's family had a chain of restaurants and she was an employee for Terry's brother Mike. And I thank they had had a thang years back you know stuff like so he at first he moved in with her. Then he got a little bitty trailer that him and Amanda moved into.

            Mitchell: What chains of restaurants do they (not audible)

            Hobbs: they were called Sizzling Catfish and when we were in Anderson Indiana there's a Sizzler Stake House and they were suing JD the Terry's dad because the Sizzling Catfish sound to much like Sizzler so JD changed his name to Reel Em In. Once he did that all the people that he had franchised with Sizzling Catfish found out that they no longer had ta stay obligated to pay em franchised money to him so they started changing their name to their restaurant so he lost about twenty five restaurants when the names was changed."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "Sizzlin Catfish opens at mall", 1985/03/04: "Kim Hobbs Hardcastle and her brother Tim Hobbs, center, are the owners/operators of Sizzlin Catfish Restaurant, which opened on Wednesday in the Village Mall. The full service restaurant seats 200 diners and has 10 to 12 employees, according to Joe D. Hobbs, on the right, franchiser of the Sizzlin Catfish Restaurants, Inc. at Batesville. Hobbs opened the first Sizzlin Catfish Restaurant on Feb. 23, 1983 at Batesville. He indicated that he has nine other franchises in Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky and two more will be opening soon."
            • The Herald Bulletin (Anderson IN), obituary for Glenn Aloyisus Dowden, 2014/10/29 - indicates that Kim and Tim were cousins of Terry Hobbs: "Glenn Aloyisus Dowden passed away in his home after a courageous long battle with cancer at 9:53 p.m. on Oct. 25, 2014. He has gone to his eternal home to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Born in Anderson, Ind., at St. John's Hickey Hospital to Glenn J. and LaVonne E. (Miller) Dowden, who both preceded him in death. He married Kimila Dowden on Dec. 23, 1991. She survives. Also surviving are two sons, Jeff (Amy) Dowden, Alexandria, and Rick (Paisha) Dowden, Alexandria; three daughters, Lori Dowden, Houston, Texas, Teresa Dowden, Anderson, and Megan Dowden, Lapel; two stepsons, Cory Hardcastle, Converse and Cole Foley, Mount Home, Ark.; 15 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; father-in-law, Ted Hobbs of Mount Home, Ark.; brother-in-law, Tim (Laura) Hobbs of Yellville, Ark.; two nephews and a niece; and many special friends. Glenn loved fishing, biking, camping and enjoying God's beauty and spending time with his loved ones. Glenn had a contagious smile and a happy spirit that touched so many. He continued to smile, laugh and bring joy to all that he came in touch with even through the pain and suffering of his disease. Glenn had his own HVAC business named "Respond Heating & Cooling" for 20+ years. He also worked at Marion Housing Authorities for many years. He was still working until his illness kept him from going."
          • Tipton County Tribune, "GRAND OPENING", 1986/11/07: "The entire staff of Sizzlin Catfish got into the celebration Thursday as Mayor Tom Balser cut a ribbon officially welcoming the new restaurant to Tipton. Also on hand were Kathy Kerr and Rhonda Giffin (at left), representing the Chamber of Commerce. Owners Bob and Cona Blaylock (holding ribbon) stand with their employees. The new restaurant, specializing in fresh boneless catfish, has been open since Sept. 11 to rave reviews. [...] Sizzlin Catfish was started by J.D. Hobbs of Batesville, Ark. in 1983. The Tipton store is the 19th in the chain."
          • Muncie Evening Press, "Castle-Tyme converts to catfish menu", 1986/12/02: "Catfish has replaced little hamburgers as the staple of a Muncie drive-through restaurant. Castle-Tyme, which caused a traffic jam for several days when it first opened in the Northwest Plaza as a takeoff on White Castle, is now called Sizzlin' Catfish. The entire menu has been changed, now offering southern style catfish and seafood. In spite of Castle-Tyme's popular opening, its sales quickly dwindled. Thomas and Ann Misner purchased the carry-out restaurants in Muncie and Kokomo in the spring of this year. The Misners became familiar with the Sizzlin' Catfish full-service restaurant in Kokomo and decided to buy into the franchise. J.D. Hobbs started Sizzlin' Catfish in Arkansas and eateries have sinced opened in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Kokomo was the first Indiana site. Others are in Marion and Tipton, Ann Misner told The Evening Press. She said that Castle-Tyme here and in Kokomo were both converted. The Misners also own a full-service Sizzlin' Catfish restaurant in Anderson. [...] The Misners are planning to open a full-service Sizzlin' Catfish restaurant here. Eight part- and full-time employees work in the local kitchen supervised by Tim Misner, the owners' son. The transformation in Muncie occurred Nov. 24."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "Reel 'Em In Catfish's new owners", 1994/01/18: "Michael and Tina Hobbs are the new owners of Reel 'Em In Catfish in Mountain Home's Ozark Plaza. Formerly Sizzlin' Catfish, Reel 'Em In specializes in boneless catfish and all the trimmings. It also serves steaks, chicken and seafood. Hobbs said hsi father owned the Sizzlin' Catfish franchise and the family has been in the business since 1982."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "The Hobbs Family welcomes you", 1997/09/15: "Serving catfish and steaks is a way of life for "Reel 'Em In Catfish" owner Mike Hobbs. Mike's dad was a meat cutter and grocer before he opened more than 30 "Sizzlin' Catfish" restaurants. Mike started at his dad's former "Sizzlin' Catfish" in Batesville, Arkansas, in 1982."
          • Robert E. Torti background - a Memphis TN resident mentioned in a Mississippi newspaper (Winona Times, franchising advertisement for Sizzlin Catfish Restaurant Inc., 1985/06/20) as the contact person for franchising
            • Johnson City Press, "Memphian heads TMTA", 1972/10/13: "Robert E. Torti of Memphis, president of Southern Forwarding Co., a common carrier operating between Louisville and the Gulf Coast, has been elected president of the Tennessee Motor Transport Association at the TMTA's annual meeting in Gatlinburg. "I am honored to have been selected by my fellow members of the Tennessee Motor Transport Association to serve as their president for the coming year," said Torti, who succeeds W. L. Swain Jr., president of Yellow Freight System, Inc., Nashville, as TMTA president."
            • Memphis Commercial Appeal, obituary for Joseph William Torti, 1983/09/08 - brother of Robert E. Torti
            • Memphis Commercial Appeal, obituary for Robert Eugene Torti, 1988/07/22: "ROBERT EUGENE TORTI, 59, of 5373 McElroy Cove, self-employed estate manager and former president of Southern Forwarding Co., died Wednesday at Baptist Hospital East after a long illness. [...] He was an Army veteran of the Korean War and a member of Central Church. He leaves his wife, Ann Marie Torti; three daughters, Miss Cecile Torti, Miss Lark Torti and Mrs. Rebecca Brasher, all of Memphis; a son, Robert E. Torti II of Dallas; a sister, Mrs. Betty Jean Jackson of Vicksburg, Miss., and two grandchildren."
          • James Henley background - was secretary of THE SIZZLIN' CATFISH INC in Indiana (business ID 198701-692, incorporated 1987/01/20) with PO Box 2659 in Batesville AR (while president Joe Hobbs had PO Box 2351 in Batesville and the business itself had PO Box 2215 in Batesville)
            • Emerson Funeral Home obituary for Carl James Henley (February 24, 1933 - October 27, 2018): "Carl James “CJ” Henley, 85, of Searcy, died Saturday, October 27, 2018, at Unity Hospital in Searcy. He had lived in Searcy for seven years, moving there from Jonesboro. He was of the Pentecostal belief and an ordained minister. One of his passions was dealing in livestock. He enjoyed raising and riding horses. His main love was his family. Carl was preceded in death by his parents, two children, two sisters, one brother and two grandchildren.

              Survivors include his sons, Carl R. Henley (Elaine) of Seagoville, Texas; James Elvie Henley of Jonesboro; John Paul Henley (Jacque) of Cherry Valley; daughters, Tyressa Stafford of Little Rock; Emmie Huffman (Rick); Jamie Clark (Michael); Sara Armstrong all of Jonesboro; Jessica “Last of the Mohicans” Guthrie (Ralph) of Trumann; and a host of other children; sisters, Marie Pilkinton of Greers Ferry; Mildred Haley of Alabama; 41 grandchildren and 33 great grandchildren."
            • Helena Daily World, "Jonesboro man charged with murder", 1979/03/25: "John Wayne Leach, 20, of Jonesboro was charged with second-degree murder in Arizona Friday in connection with the death of a man whose badly decomposed body was found in a car trunk near Jonesboro, authorities said. Leach was charged in Pima County Superior Court with the slaying of William Evans, 59, of Miami, according to South Tucson, Ariz., police. Craighead County Sheriff Floyd Johnson said Leach has waived extradition, and Arizona authorities were expected to arrive Monday to take him into custody. The state medical examiner's office said Friday that Evans was beaten about the head and died of a skull fracture. Johnson said Evans probably had been dead for several weeks. C.J. Henley, a mobile home park operator, found the body in the car trunk after one of his tenants complained of a strong odor coming from the car. The body was wrapped in a blanket, authorities said. South Tucson authorities say Evans may have been killed in a South Tucson motel in late December. Authorities traced Evans to Arizona from personal belongings found in the car. Henley told authorities that Leach once worked for him and had abandoned the car in his mobile home park, sheriff's officers in Jonesboro said. The mobile home park is near Arkansas 163 about four miles south of Jonesboro."
          • Kevin Bartley Stewart background - worked for the original Sizzlin Catfish in Batesville AR; according to his obituary, somehow managed to get an interview with Bill Clinton for a biography which shows no signs of ever having been published; both of his parents were members of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Elsberry MO, the same church for which J.D. Hobbs Sr. was a minister in Arkansas
            • Fox Funeral Home (Cole Camp MO) obituary for Kevin Bartley Stewart (guestbook): "Kevin Bartley Stewart, 63, of Montgomery City, passed away Saturday, December 12, 2020, at Lake St. Louis Hospital, Lake St. Louis. He was born on December 9, 1957, in St. Charles County, Missouri, a son of Eugene C. and Patricia J. (Riffle) Stewart, Sr.

              Kevin was baptized as a child, attended Elsberry High School and at the age of 18, he joined the United States Marine Corps. After his discharge from the military, he worked for General Motors in St. Louis, was a truck driver for Witty Brothers, Creech Brothers, and Poole Transportation, was a gospel radio DJ in Bowling Green, and worked for Sizzlin' Catfish in Batesville, Arkansas.

              On January 4, 2011, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, he was united in marriage to Lila Bass. Kevin loved to fish and cook, spending time with his family, telling the grandkids stories, family barbeques, and reminiscing about military history. He had the opportunity to meet President Bill Clinton to interview him for a book he wrote, "President Under Fire"."
            • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Rites For Eugene Stewart Jr., 39; Troy", 1993/01/13 - obituary for one of Kevin's brothers
            • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, obituary for Eugene Stewart Sr., 1997/04/01: "Eugene "Gene" Clarence Stewart Sr., 68, of Elsberry, died Friday (March 28, 1997) of natural causes at Lincoln County Memorial Hospital in Troy. Mr. Stewart had been employed for 23 years as a maintenance supervisor at Dundee, now known as Holnam, in Clarksville, Mo. He was a member of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Elsberry and was a veteran of the U.S. Army in the Korean War. The funeral was Monday at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Elsberry. Burial was at the Elsberry City Cemetery. Among survivors are his wife, Patricia Stewart of Elsberry; two sons, Kevin Bartley Stewart of Annada, Mo., and Andrew Alvin Stewart of Foley; three daughters, Fae Ellen Mitchell of Foley and Joyce Ann Clemonds and Mary Alvenia Bowles, both of Elsberry; and 14 grandchildren."
            • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, obituary for Patricia Jane Stewart, 1998/02/17: "Patricia Jane Stewart, 63, of Elsberry, died Saturday (Feb. 14, 1998) at St. Louis University Hospital in St. Louis. Mrs. Stewart had worked as a nurses aide at the Elsberry Health Care Center and had provided private nursing services to several families. She was a member of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Elsberry. [...] The funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Elsberry, with burial at the Elsberry City Cemetery on Highway B. Among survivors are two sons, Kevin B. Stewart of Annada, Mo., and Andrew A. Stewart of Elsberry; three daughters, Fae Ellen Mitchell of Elsberry, Joyce Ann Clemonds of Troy, and Mary Alvena Smith of Lithia Springs, Ga.; four brothers, Delmar Irvin Riffle of Elsberry, Homer A. Riffle of Bowling Green, Mo., John R. Riffle of Troy and Stephen L. Riffle of Winfield; a sister, Fay Anna Cox of Elsberry; and 15 grandchildren."
            • Carter-Ricks Funeral Home obituary for Andrew Alvin Stewart (1969 - 2009) - obituary for one of Kevin's brothers
          • Rev. L.G. Oakes background - started a Sizzlin Catfish franchise in Searcy AR that they later moved to Bald Knob AR; was a Pentecostal minster just like J.D. Hobbs Sr.; founded a quartet called the Baldknobbers with three other Arkansas ministers (ed. note: was Hobbs Sr. one of them?) at the United Pentecostal Church campgrounds in Redfield AR, which Gov. Bill Clinton sometimes joined in on
            • Powell Funeral Home obituary for Rev. L. G. Oakes: "Reverend L.G. Oakes was born in Guntersville, Alabama on March 19, 1938 to the late Walter Benton Oakes and Ola Renee Maynard Oakes, and had the pleasure of walking with the Lord for the last 62 years L.G. was a hard working man and respected worldwide, as a Pastor, minister, singer, musician, and business owner. The fourth of fourteen children, L.G. was raised with a hard work ethic, that work ethic extended to his life and ministry. L.G. met the love of his life Gwyn Crain-Oakes in Osceola, AR. They were married April 19, 1956 in Benton Heights, MI. Together they had four beautiful children. In 1961 he founded, sang with, and traveled the United States with The Chapelaires Quartet. L.G. was called to the ministry in 1967. In 1968 he together with his family moved to Arkansas and assumed pastorate of the Church of Jesus Christ in Higginson, Arkansas where he served until 1971. In 1971 he became the founding Pastor of Bald Knob United Pentecostal Church, ministering there for thirty six years. He worked at Harding University from 1974-1984. In the mid 80's he along with 3 other Arkansas ministers founded and sang as "The Baldknobbers" mens Quartet at the UPCI AR District Campgrounds in Redfield, AR where occasionally they were joined by former President Bill Clinton while he held office as the Governor of the State of Arkansas. In 1984 he and his wife opened Sizzlin Catfish Restaurant in Searcy, AR. at that time, LG and his wife were appointed as White County juvenile probation officers. In 1986 he and his wife opened Oakes Reel 'em In Catfish Restaurant in Bald Knob, AR. While Pastoring in Bald Knob he helped develop Section 11 and became a Presbyter with the UPCI in Arkansas. He served as Arkansas District Harvestime Director and Sunday School Director. He worked with Harvestime Ministries at World Evangelism Center in St Louis, MO. His work will be carried on through three daughter works located in Beebe, AR, Concord, AR, and Fox, AR. He retired from Pastoral duties in 2007. He was undoubtedly an influential man within the Apostolic movement and community during his lifetime. L.G. Oakes passed into eternity on December 24, 2017."
            • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, obituary for L.G. Oakes, 2017/12/29: "Reverend L.G. Oakes was born in Guntersville, Alabama on March 19, 1938 to the late Walter Benton and Ola Renee Maynard Oakes, and had the pleasure of walking with the Lord for the last 62 years L.G. was a hard working man and respected worldwide, as a Pastor, minister, singer, musician, and business owner. L.G. met the love of his life Gwyn Crain in Osceola, Ark. They were married April 19, 1956 in Benton Heights, Mich. He worked at Harding University from 1974-1984. In 1984 he and his wife opened Sizzlin Catfish Restaurant in Searcy, Ark. at that time, they were appointed as White County juvenile probation officers. In 1986 he and his wife opened Oakes Reel 'em In Catfish Restaurant in Bald Knob, Ark.

              He is preceded in that journey by his parents Walter Benton Oakes and Ola Renee Maynard Oakes. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Gwyn Oakes, two daughters and sons-in-law, Charlotte and Charles Haley and Leah and Steve Seagraves, one son and daughter-in-law, Matthew and Rachel Oakes. He is survived by grandchildren, Parker and Charity, Drew and Rachel, Cole, Ashlyn, and Callie; great-grandchildren, Annie, Roland, and Addyson. He is survived by a host of relatives and very dear friends. In the words of L.G. Oakes "A job is never done until the tools are put away.""
            • Powell Funeral Home obituary for Gwyn Oakes: "Rev. Gwyn Dona Crain Oakes was born May 21, 1934 on Russell Mountain, near Bald Knob, Arkansas to Vernon and Mabel (McGuire) Crain. At age 19, she moved to Michigan to work in a factory. She became an active part of her local church. She and a young man in the church, L.G. Oakes, were married on April 19, 1956 in Benton Heights, Michigan. While in Michigan their four children were born. She began her art career as an Oil Colorist. In 1968, after L.G. received his call into the ministry, the family moved to Arkansas to pastor the Church of Jesus Christ in Higgenson, Arkansas. While attending there, Gwyn received her call into the ministry. In 1970, the family moved to Bald Knob to establish the Church of Jesus Christ on Russell Mountain Road, which later became the United Pentecostal Church of Bald Knob, Arkansas. While pastoring in Bald Knob, Gwyn and L.G. pursued many interests. They both became Juvenile Probation Officers for White County, they established Sizzlin' Catfish restaurant in Searcy, later moving it to Bald Knob. She worked various sales positions traveling across Arkansas and the United States. Gwyn and L.G. worked together in various departments of the Arkansas District of the United Pentecostal Church, Int'l. Gwyn served for 20 years as Ladies Auxiliary President for Arkansas. She was elected in 1994 to serve as International Ladies Auxiliary President for the United Pentecostal Church and served for 22 years. While she was in that position, the department name and focus were changed to Ladies Ministries of the UPCI. Gwyn passed away peacefully on January 27, 2018."
            • Bill Clinton association with the Pentecostal community in Arkansas
              • Washington Post, "ROOTS OF CLINTON'S FAITH DEEP, VARIED", 1992/06/29: "Clinton did not use Vaught to set all the parameters of his spiritual world for him. Starting in the late 1970s, Clinton has made summer pilgrimages to campground meetings of the state's Pentecostal community, drawn by their emotional music. His bond with the Pentecostals deepened in the days after his defeat in 1980, when three Pentecostal ministers visited him at the mansion, told him they loved him even if he lost, and held hands and prayed with him.

                Every year since, Clinton has devoted a day in July to attend the Pentecostal revivals in Redfield, a small town south of Little Rock. Vaught would often rail against the Pentecostals for their emotionalism, especially their proclivity for speaking in tongues. But Clinton could move in both worlds. "My tie with the Pentecostals is emotional," he said. "I love those people because they live by what they say. They live their religion.""
        • Baxter Bulletin, "Third victim is buried", 1993/05/14: "STEELE, Mo. (AP) — Jackie Hicks Jr. and his 8-year-old nephew, Steven Branch, used to do a duet of "When the Children Cry." On Thursday, at Branch's funeral, Hicks sang the song with his sister, the child's mother, Pam Hobbs. Branch was one of three boys killed last week in West Memphis, Ark. After the Rev. J.D. Hobbs spoke, the duet sang, "Where Could I Go But to the Lord." The hymn brought sobbing from some, as others who had crowded into the small Missouri chapel sang along. "We'll see you again soon, son," Hobbs said. [...] "Stevie hadn't grown to know the heartache of this life and we cannot bring him back, but we can go to him," Hobbs said."
        • Kokomo Tribune, obituary for Ransom McLeod, 1995/04/11 - one of his surviving daughters was Mrs. Raylean Hobbs (husband Rev. J.D. Hobbs), said to be living in Orange Beach AL; four of their grandchildren were "Joe Dean, Terry, Cindy and Mike I Hobbs"; alongside Lynn Brust, Rev. J.D. Hobbs officiated
        • Kokomo Tribune, obituary for Ola McLeod, 1996/04/10 - retired from Delco Electronics (ed. note: a General Motors subsidiary based in Kokomo IN, later merged with Hughes Aircraft to form Hughes Electronics after GM bought Hughes in 1985) in 1982; one of her surviving daughters was Raylean Hobbs (husband Rev. J.D. Hobbs), said to be living in Poughkeepsie AR
        • Doty Southside Funeral Service obituary for Jackie Marilyn Hoggard: "Jackie Marilyn (Hobbs) Hoggard, 70, of Batesville, Arkansas, passed away at White River Medical Center in Batesville, Arkansas on June 13, 2019. Jackie was born on September 20, 1948 in Thayer, Missouri, to the late Joe J. and Dorthy (Smith) Hobbs.

          After working 20+ years at Eastman Chemical Company she left to focus on her dream of opening her own restaurant, Jackie’s Café, which she owned for many years. She served her community as a volunteer for the Southside School District and was commonly known as “Granny” for the kindergarten reading programs. Jackie was a faithful member of the Southside Assembly of God where she was involved in many ministries. She loved her church family very much.

          Jackie is survived by her four daughters, Gina Crabtree of Southside, Arkansas, Rebecca Hobbs of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Jodie (Mark) Marsh of Evening Shade, Arkansas and Shelly (Paul Ray) Vititow, of Sulphur Springs, Texas; seven grandchildren, Caleb Bagwell, Joshua Seat, Zachary Cahall, Brittany Woodworth, Reagan Humphrey, Taylor Smith, and Hesston Humphrey; four great-grandchildren, Bryce Seat, Olivia Smith, Benjamin Smith, and Ruby Cahall; two sisters, Bonnie Nicklen and Naomi McKinney both of Arkansas; two brothers, Ted Hobbs and Douglas Hobbs both of Arkansas and several nieces and nephews.

          Jackie is preceded in death by her parents, Joe and Dorthy Hobbs and brother, JD Hobbs."
      • Time in Hot Springs AR (early 80s up through around 1986)
        • Assault on Mildred French in 1982
        • Foremost Dairies presence in Arkansas
          • New York Times, "Foremost Dairies", 1982/09/03: "Foremost-McKesson Inc. said it had agreed to sell its Foremost Dairies division to a group of private investors for about $65 million in cash as part of its plan to emphasize its distribution business and other proprietary product lines. In the fiscal year ended March 31, the division had revenue of $689.4 million."
          • UPI, "The name of Foremost-McKesson Inc. was changed Wednesday to...", 1983/07/27: "SAN FRANCISCO -- The name of Foremost-McKesson Inc. was changed Wednesday to McKesson Corp. The change was approved by the annual meeting of shareholders to reflect the sale last December of Foremost Dairies. Foremost-McKesson was formed in 1967 when Foremost and McKesson Robbins merged. After sale of Foremost, McKesson remains a distributor of drugs, chemicals, wines and spirits with annual revenue of more than $4 billion."
          • New York Times, "EXECUTIVE CHANGES", 1984/01/19: "* Foremost Dairies, San Francisco, a distributor of dairy products, has appointed Allen A. Meyer president and chief executive officer."
          • Los Angeles Times, "Foremost to Be Acquired by Knudsen : Winn Unit to Pay a Combination of Cash and Notes for Dairy", 1985/03/29: "Winn Enterprises said Thursday that it has signed a definitive agreement to merge its Knudsen Foods Inc. subsidiary with Foremost Dairies Inc., creating one of the largest dairy companies in the West. Fullerton-based Winn, which is both a specialty foods company and a savings and loan operator, did not release terms for the acquisition of the 65-year-old San Francisco dairy other than to say it will be for a combination of cash and notes. [...] The acquisition, which will extend Los Angeles-based Knudsen’s operations into six additional states, is in keeping with Winn’s goal of national expansion. Combined revenues of the two dairies are expected to exceed $1.2 billion. In the 1984 calendar year, Foremost posted sales of nearly $700 million; Knudsen’s revenues for fiscal 1985 are expected to exceed $500 million. Once the acquisition is completed, Winn officials said, Foremost’s operations will be integrated with Knudsen’s in Southern California. [...] Foremost has about 3,400 workers nationwide and Knudsen has nearly 2,200. Scott Gillespie, president of Drake Capital Securities in Los Angeles, said: “This is very consistent with Winn’s game plan of expanding in the food area. It sounds like a good move.” Winn also announced Thursday that Dee Bangerter will share the titles of chairman and chief executive with Ted D. Nelson. Bangerter, now president and chief operating officer, will head Winn’s dairy and specialty foods division, while Nelson will oversee the financial division, principally composed of Salt Lake City-based MountainWest Savings & Loan. [...] Knudsen’s dairy operations are concentrated in California, with all eight of its distribution centers and seven of its eight plants in the state. Foremost has plants and distribution centers in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas, in addition to operations in California."
          • Los Angeles Times, "400 Layoffs Expected : Knudsen Completes Foremost Acquisition", 1985/06/28: "Knudsen Foods of Los Angeles on Thursday completed its acquisition of Foremost Dairies for $50 million in cash and notes, creating one of the largest dairy companies in the West. The merger will also result in the layoff of an estimated 400 of Foremost’s 3,000 employees. During the next three months, Knudsen plans to phase out Foremost’s ice cream facility in Los Angeles, which employs 190 people, as well as its milk production facility in Sacramento, with an estimated work force of 230, company spokesman Anthony Harris said. [...] The merger more than doubles Knudsen’s annual revenue, to $1.2 billion, and expands the growth-minded company into seven states, Knudsen Co-Chairman Dee R. Bangerter said. The acquisition also enlarges the company’s California operations from six to 10 plants. [...] Foremost has plants and distributions centers in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Hawaii. Foremost, a 65-year-old, privately held San Francisco dairy, had annual sales of about $730 million in 1984. Knudsen’s estimated revenue for fiscal 1985 is $545.2 million, compared to $438.5 million for the year ended March 31, 1984, according to Harris. [...] Company officials said financing for the transaction as well as “a more favorable” refinancing of debt that Winn incurred during its 1983 acquisition of Knudsen will be provided by a subsidiary of Citicorp, Citicorp Industrial Credit. [...] The company said David F. Greenawalt was named co-chairman of Knudsen and will remain president and chief operating officer. Allen A. Meyer, formerly president and chief executive of Foremost, will assume the newly created posts of vice chairman of Knudsen and president of Knudsen’s specialty foods group. Ted Nelson and Bangerter remain co-chairmen of the parent company, Winn Enterprises, which also operates MountainWest Savings & Loan in Salt Lake City."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "Foremost milk recalled after cyanide threat", 1986/07/23: "Foremost Dairies Inc. on Tuesday recalled 600,000 to 700,000 gallons of milk processed at its Paragould plant after an anonymous telephone caller said 200 gallons had been laced with cyanide, officials said. Bill Teer, director of sanitarian services for the Arkansas Health Department, said the milk is distributed in Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois. A spokesman for the Foremost dairy in Mountain Home reported that the local dairy does not get its milk from the Paragould plant. [...] Dub Wood, sales supervisor for the Paragould plant, said Tuesday evening that consumers should return to the place of purchase all Foremost milk marked with the plant code number 05-21 and dated before Aug. 3. [...] Jerry Hill, director of the Bureau of Environmental Health Services of the state Health Department, said no cyanide has been found in milk. "You have to assume the threat is for real, and the only way to find out is to alert the public and do a recall," Hill said. Wood said production at the plant stopped when the calls were received, and that no more milk would be packaged until the tests were completed. [...] Teer said a man called the Foremost plant in Paragould shortly before noon and said cyanide was in Foremost milk. Teer said Foremost officials notified the Health Department. [...] [Winn Enterprises spokesman Mickey] Parr said a telephone operator determined that the call had been made from the Paragould area. About three hours later, the Paragould Daily Press received a telephone call from a man who said that "200 gallons of Foremost milk has been laced with cyanide," Teer said. "He's talking about 200 gallons, but Foremost is pulling everything off the shelves from that plant," Teer said. [...] Warner Calhoun, an FBI spokesman in Jonesboro, said the FBI has been notified of the cyanide threat and is "following along with (the FDA) to see what they're finding out." Knudsen was to meet Tuesday with lenders, milk producers and other suppliers who weren't paid for $18 million in goods last week when Knudsen ran short of money. [...] Knudsen has been having problems since September. The company announced last week it might be forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors. Parr said Tuesday evening that Foremost officials had no evidence to connect the tampering threat with Knudsen's financial situation."
          • Los Angeles Times, "Many in Industry Doubt Firm Can Survive : For Ailing Knudsen, Bigger Wasn’t Better", 1986/08/04: "In June, 1983, real estate investor Ted D. Nelson won a bidding war for Knudsen Foods and quickly let it be known that his ambitions didn’t stop there. He and his two stepbrothers, who paid $74.8 million for Knudsen, wanted to create a nationwide dairy company. With the $50.1-million purchase of archrival Foremost Dairies last June, the trio were well on their way. With San Francisco-based Foremost, their company had milk plants in nine states and became overnight the largest dairy company in the West. Now, just a year after completing the Foremost purchase, their company--Winn Enterprises, a business trust that is the parent of Knudsen Foods--is so short of cash that it has put all or part of itself up for sale to raise funds. It depends on a weekly $20-million infusion from its lender, Citicorp Industrial Credit Bank, to keep it going. Winn Enterprises had borrowed heavily to buy both dairy companies, and by last September it was strained to make payments on debt totaling $266.2 million--a heavy load for a company that earned profits of $5 million in the year ending March 31, 1985. [...] Three weeks ago, the company failed to a make an $18-million milk payment to dairy farmers. The company faces an involuntary bankruptcy court action filed against it by three suppliers who say they are owed more than $5 million."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "Foremost execs want to buy firm", 1986/08/23: "A group headed by a Knudsen Foods executive has made an effort to purchase the central division of San Francisco-based Foremost Dairies Inc., including the company's Paragould plant. The Jonesboro Sun quoted Knudsen spokesman Mickey Parr as saying Allen Meyer, and a group of Foremost executives made the offer. Meyer, a Knudsen vice president, is head of Foremost's central division in Dallas, Texas. Parr would not reveal details of the offer. Knudsen Corp., based in Los Angeles, is the parent firm of Foremost Dairies. The central division of Foremost includes operations in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri under the Foremost label and operations in Texas under the Schepps label, Parr said."
          • UPI, "West Coast dairies in bankruptcy filing", 1986/09/18: "Knudsen and Foremost dairies filed late Wednesday for protection from creditors under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, allowing them to continue operating while developing a plan to repay their debts. [...] Knudsen and Foremost are owned by Winn Enterprises, a Los Angeles investment trust controlled by three brothers who made several expensive acquisitions, hoping to build the company into the first national dairy. Also affected by the bankruptcy action are two holding companies, Knudsen Foods Inc., the parent of Knudsen Corp. and Foremost, and Kamco. [...] Last June, the brothers, Ted Nelson, Dee Bangerter and Lee Bangerter, acquired Foremost Dairies of San Francisco, which has dairy operations in Texas and several Midwestern states, for $50.1 million. Three months later, the company stated in its quarterly report that it had trouble paying its debts."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "Foremost manager says Paragould plant closed", 1986/09/23: "Foremost Dairies Inc. has closed its Paragould, Ark., processing plant, plant manager Roy McSpadden said Monday. The company told 125 workers of the closing Friday, McSpadden said. The move will affect 90 workers in Paragould and others in Poplar Bluff, Mo., Cape Girardeau, Mo., Little Rock and Forrest City, Ark. A few employees are being retained on a temporary basis to help close out the plant, and others have been offered jobs by Turner Dairies Inc. of Covington, Tenn., McSpadden said. [...] Turner Dairies have agreed to hire 20 to 30 former Foremost workers and said the company planned to begin distributing in the Foremost market area, Steve Turner, vice president for Turner Dairies, said."
          • Baxter Bulletin, "Dean's Food Company takes over Foremost Dairies", 1986/09/24: "This past weekend saw the end of Foremost Dairies, as its parent company, Knudsen Foods Inc., of California filed bankrupcy. Local milk consumers need not fear, however, as Dean's Food Company, headquartered at Memphis, Tenn., leased the Mountain Home dispatching station, previously used by Foremost, and began distribution Monday. [...] [Dean's vice president Randall] La Plante said Dean's offers "a fine product," and if local businesses will try them out, he feels the company will do well. The bulk of the milk supplied through Dean's, La Plante said, is from Arkansas, with some purchased locally. [...] Kirk Witt, manager of the local Foremost distribution center, was hired by Dean's and will continue to manage the station for the new company."
          • Los Angeles Times, "Judge OKs $68-Million Sale of Knudsen Dairy Assets to Kraft and Hughes Markets", 1986/10/04: "A bankruptcy judge on Friday approved the $68-million sale of ailing Knudsen Food’s extensive California and Nevada dairy operations to food industry giant Kraft Inc. and to Hughes Markets Inc. [...] “We’re very, very pleased the sale is approved,” said Knudsen Chief Executive John P. Brincko, who took charge of the troubled Los Angeles dairy company in a management shake-up four weeks ago. Brincko said the company is negotiating with several potential bidders for the company’s Foremost Dairy operations in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Louisiana. He said, however, that a previously disclosed $90-million bid for those assets had been withdrawn."
          • New York Times, "COMPANY NEWS; Knudsen Foods In Another Sale", 1986/12/27: "Knudsen Foods Inc., the troubled West Coast dairy concern, said it had agreed to sell operations in Texas and Louisiana for $25.5 million to Associated Milk Producers Inc., a dairy cooperative in Arlington, Tex. The sale includes the operations of Schepps Dairy in Dallas as well as other facilities in Dallas, in San Antonio and in Shreveport, La. [...] After the Associated sale, the company, which operates Knudsen and Foremost dairies, will hold only its facilities in Missouri, Arkansas and Hawaii."
          • Springfield News-Leader, "Dairy may stay shut, sources say", 1987/05/17 (pages 1F, 2F): "The recent announcement of the proposed sale of the Foremost Dairies Inc. properties in Missouri and Arkansas breathed new life into hopes that the Springfield plant, closed for more than 7 months, might be back in business soon. [...] The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the central district of California will hold a hearing on the sale June 16. [...] The prospective buyers of the three Foremost plants and five distribution facilities in Missouri and Arkansas are Turner Dairies of Covington, Tenn., and Harry Davis & Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. [...] Turner Dairies employs about 350 people at plants in Covington, about 40 miles northwest of Memphis, and Fulton, Ky., on the Tennessee border not far from Missouri. The firm processes fluid milk and makes ice cream. The only part of the Foremost package that really interests Turner is the fluid milk plant at Paragould, Ark., says Steve Turner, vice president of the privately held, family-run business. The northwest Arkansas plant fits into Turner's marketing territory. [...] "Knudsen and Foremost wanted to sell all in a block, so we entered a joint venture with the other company (Harry Davis) to buy." Turner has no immediate plans to operate the plants in Springfield, which is set up for fluid milk processing and ice cream manufacturing, and Joplin, which made cultured dairy products such as cottage cheese and dips. [...] A hearing is scheduled for Monday on a management group's $13 million offer to buy Foremost's Hawaiian operations."
          • San Bernardino County Sun, "Knudsen's collapse: A dream gone sour", 1987/06/22 (pages B6, B5): "A federal bankruptcy judge last week sold off virtually the final assets of Knudsen — its dairies in Paragould, Ark., and Joplin, Mo., and its Globe Extracts food-flavorings subsidiary of Hauppage, N.Y. — for $12.65 million. [...] FD Partners, which sold San Francisco-based Foremost Dairies to Knudsen in 1985 for $50.1 million, will receive only about one-third of the $35 million to $40 million it is still owed, while unsecured creditors will get none of the $100 million due them, [attorney Martin] Zohn said. [...] All of the pieces of Knudsen have gone to domestic companies except for the Hawaiian operation, which was sold to Household Food Industrial Ltd. of Japan. [...] Earlier this month, nearly 1,000 dairy farmers who are owed $28.5 million filed suit against a banking group that kept Knudsen afloat after its problems became critical. The suit claims the banks, led by New York-based Citicorp, misled the dairymen into believing that the situation wasn't as dire as it seemed and that the diarymen would get paid for their milk."
          • Los Angeles Times, "Knudsen-Foremost Dairy Owner Sues Citicorp", 1988/10/14: "A firm that owns the bankrupt Knudsen-Foremost dairy filed a $150-million lawsuit Thursday against Citicorp bank, which refused to advance the ailing dairy money before it went bankrupt. The suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Winn Enterprises, which is in bankruptcy. It alleges that Citicorp North America loaned Winn, which owns K. F. Dairies (formerly known as Knudsen), $168 million for the leveraged buyout of Foremost in 1986, knowing the companies would go bankrupt. [...] Before K. F. Dairies tried to buy Foremost, both dairies “were heavily burdened by debt,” the suit said. The lawsuit seeks $150 million from three former KFD directors."
          • Allen Meyer background
          • Winn Enterprises background
      • Time in Indiana (around 1986 through 1987)
      • Time in West Memphis (around 1988 up through the murders in 1993)
    • Ken Govar story - told a story of, on the afternoon of May 5, picking up a suspicious hitchhiker in Little Rock and taking him to West Memphis; was the brother of federal prosecutor Bob Govar, who previously ran a sham investigation of drug-related corruption surrounding Dan Harmon and the Don Henry / Kevin Ives ("the boys on the tracks") murder
      • Statement of Ken Govar on 1993/05/08 to the Little Rock PD
        • "GOVAR: It’s kinda sick. Then on the other arm, on the forearm of his left arm, he had a 6” to 8” tattoo of a devil sitting on it’s haunches with three claws up on his hands and the face, looked like kinda dinosaur sitting there on his haunches, with these claws up like this but he had the face of a traditional devil, like you would draw a devil with a pointed chin and you know the horns and everything. That’s what the face of the thing – but it was a terribly terrifying tattoo, I mean you looked at it you were terrified. It was horrible."
      • Correspondence between Martin David Hill and Ken Govar in 2005
        • "I was on my way from Little Rock to a client I insured in Columbus, MS – Eka Nobel. They have a chemical plant I was traveling to when I picked this guy up. [...]"
      • Background and job history of Ken Govar
        • Arkansas Business, "Brockinton & Associates Joins Aon's Global Network to Offer 'Unrivaled' Risk Management Services to Growing Client List", 1998/06/15: "What began as one of the transportation insurance industry's premier independent agencies now brings the global power of one of the world's largest insurance brokerage companies to clients throughout Arkansas and the nation. S. Mark Brockinton & Associates, Inc. has merged with Aon Group, the world's second-largest insurance brokerage and consulting firm, and now operates as Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Arkansas. [...] Mark Brockinton, founder of Brockinton & Associates, has announced that Marvin H. Maurras, CPCU, ARM, founder of the newly acquired Risk Management Development Group, will serve as Executive Vice President for Property and Casualty operations, as well as a producer at Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Arkansas. Brockinton also has announced increased experience and expertise through the association of John Meadors, Senior Vice President; Nancy Wasson, Senior Vice President; John Lee, Senior Vice President; Dale Harrison, Senior Vice President; Rebecca Parr, Vice President, and Ken Govar, Vice President. [...] John Meadors will continue in sales and service with an emphasis on manufacturing and health care. Nancy Wasson will continue risk management services based on her broad practice in manufacturing, processing and service businesses. John Lee strengthens Aon's transportation team and adds risk management services for manufacturers, as well. Dale Harrison will head the new Aon office in northwest Arkansas, while continuing to serve large industrial accounts throughout the state. Rebecca Parr will lead the Employee Benefits division. Parr has received national recognition for her leadership in customer service and new business production. Marvin Maurras has been actively involved in employee benefits, self-insurance, risk transfer and captive insurance programs. Ken Govar will head Aon's Risk Control Services. [...] S. Mark Brockinton & Associates, established by Brockinton in 1987, carved its niche in the transportation insurance field by developing solid relationships, first with companies in the Southwest, then with carriers in surrounding states as well as in California, the Carolinas and along the Eastern Seaboard."
        • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, obituary for Kenneth Michael "Mickey" Govar, 2013/03/15: "Kenneth Michael Govar, "Mickey," died on March 12, 2013 at Columbus Hospice House. He was 66 years young.


          Mr. Govar was born February 27, 1947 in Little Rock, Arkansas, the son of the late Jesse Winfred and Mary Johnson Govar. He was a Director of Risk Management Services for J. Smith Lanier & Co. and was a Graduate of University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Ark. with a Bachelors Degree in Science. He began his career as a safety engineer in 1970 and worked tirelessly in roles with increasing responsibility until 2013. He was issued numerous awards, the latest being the recipient of the Edith Lanier Wickham Award. He had served in the National Guard.

          He lived in Little Rock, Ark. until moving to Columbus, Ga. in 1999. His favorite activities included gardening, woodworking and fishing. He enjoyed caring for one of Columbus' local park, Lake Heath Park and was an avid fisherman. Many lasting memories were made fly fishing in Arkansas and taking trips on his boat with his children and grandchildren.


          Survivors include his wife; Jayne Meadows Govar of Columbus, Ga., three sons, Daniel Govar of Catonsville, Md., Clint Justin Govar (Lori) of Fredericksburg, Va., Michael Govar (Stephanie) of Columbus, Ga., three brothers, Jesse Govar of North Little Rock, Ark., Robert Govar of New Bern, N.C., John Govar of Nashville, Tenn., one sister, Mary Wood of North Little Rock, Ark., six grandchildren, Matthew, Anne Marie, Andrew, Ethan, Nicholas, Sophie and several nieces and nephews."
      • Bob Govar connection
        • United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, no. 94–3670: UNITED STATES of America, Appellee, v. Luciano Lucas AMAYA, Appellant, opinion, 1995/04/06 - has "Robert Joseph Govar, U.S. Atty's Office, Little Rock, AR" as the attorney for the state
        • 2010/12/17 general warranty deed in Craven County NC (book 2965, pages 788 through 790) - transfer of 200 Seventh Street, New Bern, NC 28560 to Robert J. Govar and wife Gulbiz F. Govar
        • 2010/12/17 deed of trust in Craven County NC (book 2965, pages 791 through 806) - mortgage that Robert Joseph Govar and Gulbiz F Govar (husband and wife) have for parcel ID 8-204-9 062 aka 200 Seventh St in New Bern NC
        • FEC records of November 2011 donations to the Democratic National Committee - includes Robert Govar (Retired) of 200 7TH St New Bern, North Carolina 285605445 donating $150.00 on 2011/11/23
        • 2013/04/02 general warranty deed in Craven County NC (book 3182, pages 555 through 557) - transfer of 200 7th Street, New Bern, NC 28562 from Robert J. Govar and wife Gulbiz F. Govar to new owners
        • FEC records of June 2015 donations to Bernie 2016 - includes Robert J Govar (Dept of Justice / Retired) of 374 Mountain Terrace Cir Maumelle, Arkansas 721137103 donating $250.00 on 2015/06/09
        • Martindale attorney listing for Robert J. Govar - described as working for Off. of U.S. Atty; address is 374 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, AR 72113-7103
        • Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS", 2019/08/04: "Gulbiz F. Govar to Malcolm Wayne and Sarah Orme Shearon, 374 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L8D, Mountain Terrce Estates Townhomes Phase I, $195,000."
        • Association with Jay Campbell (one of the likely perps in the Don Henry / Kevin Ives murder)
          • Arkansas Times, "Out of control in Lonoke County" by Mara Leveritt, 2006/06/22
          • KTBS, "Federal Prosecutor Demoted Over 'Bullying' E-Mail", 2007/05/01: "The chief of criminal prosecutions for the U.S. attorney's office in Little Rock has been demoted after he allegedly used his government e-mail account to threaten a lawsuit against a newspaper. U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin would not comment on the personnel decision, but said the e-mail sent by Bob Govar to The Leader newspaper in Jacksonville didn't have his authorization or prior knowledge. Griffin announced Monday that another assistant would run the criminal prosecutions office. Govar will keep his staff position. Garrick Feldman, editor and publisher of The Leader, said Govar sent him a "bullying type" of e-mail over a column that had run in the newspaper. The column was about Govar's testimony in the trial of former Lonoke police chief Jay Campbell. Govar testified he paid Campbell to find someone to mow property he'd purchased in Lonoke. Govar testified he didn't know the people Campbell put on the job were state prisoners on county work detail. Feldman alleges Govar used his official title to try to scare him."
          • Alan Bean, "Alvin Clay 6: Straining Gnats and Swallowing Camels", 2008/05/15
        • Family connections
          • Smith Family Funeral Homes obituary for Sandra Govar: "Sandra Shelton Govar, 62, of North Little Rock passed away Thursday, January 5, 2012. She was born July 4, 1949 to Otis and Sarah Shelton. Sandra graduated from North Little Rock High School where she was a member of the Wildcat Drill Team. She attended the University of Central Arkansas and worked for the state education system. She became associate broker of her mother's real estate company, Accent Realty and was instrumental in forming the North Pulaski Real Estate Association. She married Bob Govar and helped him become Assistant U.S. Attorney for the district while raising two children.

            She is survived by her mother, Sarah Shelton; one brother, Robert Shelton; two children, Joshua Shelton Govar and wife, Shelly and Sarah Beth Govar. Sandra had served as childbirth coach and played a big role in the care of her four grandchildren, Mya Jo Govar, Madison Paige Langley, Caleb Joshua Govar and Katelynn Elizabeth Govar. She was preceded in death by her father, Otis G. Shelton and brother, Larry Shelton."
          • 2022/03/05 Facebook post by Shelly Jo Govar about someone impersonating her ex-husband: "Hello everyone! The day got away from me BUT…before I crash for the night, I canNOT go to sleep withOUT POSTING THIS CRAZINESS OF NOTHING BUT LIES FROM NONE OTHER THAN JAIME LEANN WELLS (aka Lonna Wells) REGARDING MY EX JOSHUA GOVAR for whom is ALSO MY DAUGHTER’S (Mya-Jo Govar’s) DADDY!! [...] ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: FOR THE RECORD JOSHUA GOVAR AND I NOT ONLY GET ALONG AND CO PARENT BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN, BUT JOSHUA IS TO THIS DAY MY BEST FRIEND!"
    • Possble links to statewide organized crime and corruption (such as Mena drug trafficking)
      • See above for the bio of Terry Hobbs and his father, both of whom fit the profile of protected Dixie Mafia assets
      • See above for the story of a possible satanist being transported to West Memphis on the day of the murders by Ken Govar, brother of an Assistant US Attorney who helped cover up drug trafficking in Saline County AR involving local and state officials
      • Maggie Boals connection
        • Find A Grave memorial for Maggie M. Barrow McCormack Boals: "Maggie McCormack Boals, stalwart of the Democratic Party in Crittenden County for many years, died Wednesday January 12, 2022 at her home in West Memphis.

          She was 91.

          Maggie, as she was known to everyone, was a former Crittenden County Quorum Court justice of the peace; a former West Memphis parks commissioner and alderman; former commissioner for the Port of West Memphis; and a former member of the State of Arkansas Capital Improvements Commission. She was active in many political campaigns over the years, from those of the late Sen. W.K. Ingram and his two sons, Kent and Keith; and worked in the gubernatorial and Presidential election campaigns of William J. Clinton.

          ''A yellow dog Democrat,'' Sen. Keith Ingram said of Maggie. ''And she loved Bill Clinton, and he loved her. No telling how many times she's been on Air Force One.''

          Fiercely devoted to her community, Maggie was always active in community service. When her children were young, she served as a ward captain for her neighborhood in West Memphis, making certain residents got out to vote on Election Day. She loved her community, and loved the people in it, and is remembered for her personality and her broad smile.

          Maggie was born January 6, 1931, in Cardwell, Mo., to Ernest and Frankie Barrow.

          Her father was a tax collector and Mayor in Cardwell, introducing her early to the world of public service. She moved to Memphis as a young woman, and to West Memphis soon after her first daughter was born. She went to work for Dacus Lumber Co., in charge of accounts payable, before moving to Evans Products Co., where she was personnel manager, and on to the agency manager's position at Life and Casualty Insurance Co. She later became co-owner and sales manager at the Furniture Gallery on Missouri Street. She retired from the Arkansas State Racing Commission, where she was state office auditor."
        • WM3DB forum comment on 2006/05/03 making claims about Boals' political connections: "I lived in West Memphis for 9 years and left May 31, 1991. I a few house down from 2 of boys that were killed and I thinks I still know the spot they were killed at. And I went to church at 975 east Barton which was in the area.

          I also know there are certain people with links to authority there. They sometimes don't care about the law. I lived with a lady named Maggie Boals who had 2 daughters with the police department. She was also a friend of the then governor Bill Clinton and senator Bill Alexander. I worked at the Hampton Inn in West Memphis for about 2 years. Bill A. would sometimes get a room there to gamble at the dog tracks. Bill A. sometimes called the house I was living at and talk with Maggie.
          Maggie was not always the kind person she would pretend to be in public. I mentioned this to what I thought were some church friends and the word got back to Maggie. One night in her living room, she let me know she was mad at me for saying that. She even asked me "Do you know what my daughters can do to you ?". I asked her what ? She did not say. Two or three months later I moved to Florida."
      • Michael William Graves and Cynthia Lee Graves - associated with the Michigan address (156 North Ave., Mount Clemens MI) where WM3 murder suspect Robert Karjala lived in 1986, and associated with a PO Box in Tennessee (PO Box 1504, Munford TN) that is also associated with Damien Echols' paternal grandparents Edward Long Hutchison (see obituary) and Doris H Hutchison; allegedly also had an address in Mena AR
      • Johnny Preston involvement and background - wrote a letter to Jason Baldwin claiming that Michael Carson, the main jailhouse informant against Baldwin, admitted he lied; described visiting a former cellmate Otis Strain in Mena in early 1994
  • North Hollywood shootout in 1997
    • Wikipedia page on the North Hollywood shootout - the perpetrators, Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu, had on July 20, 1993 robbed an armored car outside of the Littleton CO branch of FirstBank; on October 29, 1993, they were arrested in Glendale CA with a massive weapons cache and paramilitary equipment; after 100 days in jail, most of their items were returned; in May 1996, they robbed $1.5 million from Bank of America in San Fernando Valley; on February 28, 1997, they attempted to rob the Bank of America branch in Laurel Canyon
    • Dave McGowan, "Newsletter #39", 2003/06/12
    • Echoes of Columbine thread in 2006 about the North Hollywood shootout: "Rolling Stone magazine did a write-up of the two robbers five months after their deaths. In 1967, the father of Larry Phillips was 19, when he was arrested after "he and 5 other teenage boys got to drinking and toppled a couple of dozen gravestones in a cemetary in Colorado's Jefferson County and dug up a body and tried to cut off its head." Sounds like satanism has a long history in the area."
  • Echoes of Columbine post in 2011 discussing New York City connections to Columbine - there were two unexplained calls by the NYPD mentioned in the El Paso report files; a NYC barber saw Harris and Klebold in the city on March 17, 1999; Harris's day planner had a drawing of planes flying over the Manhattan skyline; Robyn Anderson alluded to a school trip that took them to Germany as well as NYC and DC
  • Other notable events on or around April 20
    • April 20, 1914: The Ludlow Massacre by the Colorado National Guard and guards of the Rockefeller-owned Colorado Fuel and Iron Company against striking mine workers in the Ludlow tent colony
    • April 20, 1961: Plot by Boston Strangler suspect Peter Howard Denton and four other Harvard men involving explosives, foiled by their arrest a day prior
    • April 19, 1985: Start of a FBI and ATF siege against the Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (CSA)
    • April 19, 1989: Assault and rape of Trisha Meili in Manhattan NY, originally attributed to the Central Park Five
    • April 19, 1991: Jury for the Vic Feazell libel suit against the Belo Corporation grants a $58 million judgment in Feazell's favor
    • April 19, 1993: Destruction of the Branch Davidian compound led by David Koresh in Waco TX
    • April 19, 1995: The Oklahoma City bombing