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Command Central is a Minnesota election contractor that serves as the Wisconsin distributor for Dominion Voting. Operating in over 40 districts throughout Wisconsin, they're in charge of interacting with the election clerks, programming the voting machines, and providing tech support. Its secrecy and control over voting machine programming, combined with Wisconsin's suspect elections in recent years, has led to suspicion that Command Central plays a role in rigging elections. This is especially true given their bizarre procedures of giving counties different memory packs for the pre-election logic-and-accuracy (L&A) test and the actual election, which negates the entire point of the L&A test by running it under different conditions from the election itself, and thus enables rigging along with a false sense of security.[1]




  • Sue Wahl Storbeck: Co-owner - former employee of ACS Enterprise Solutions, a contractor in the Dallas TX business community
  • Lee Storbeck: Co-owner
  • Aaron Storbeck
  • Chad Trice: President

Jurisdictions served

TODO transcribe the Wisconsin Election Commission documents[2][3][4]


Suspect elections

2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court

Main article: 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election

2012 Wisconsin recall

Main article: 2012 Wisconsin gubernatorial recall

2014 Wisconsin general

2016 Wisconsin general

Political connections

Corporate connections


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    - "By law, voting machines must be publicly tested prior to every election. A Programmable Read Only Memory (P.R.O.M.) pack or cartridge is used to reprogram the machines with the details of the current election. Clerks receive two PROM packs from Command Central: A PRE-LAT, which is used a week or so before the election for the public test, and an “Official” pack used on Election Day. Whoever programs the PROM packs has the ability to inject all the machines with a virus that will flip votes only on Election Day. With two different PROM packs in play, it’s easy to see how public tests could be flawless and the machines could still flip votes Election Day."
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External links

  • Command Central corporate documents - it was already incorporated on 2003/10/29, before Storbeck's firing from ACS Enterprise Solutions; registered agents are Lee Storbeck and Chad Trice; manager is Lee K Storbeck
  • Sue Wahl-Storbeck background
    • St. Cloud Times, "WNBA brings back memories", 1998/05/03: "She has no regrets, no bitterness, no wistful feelings that she was born 20 years too soon. But as she watches the explosive growth of the WNBA, Sue Wahl — Storbeck St. Cloud's first women's professional basketball player — can't help but feel something else."
    • St. Cloud Times, "Sue Wahl-Storbeck, basketball player", 1999/12/31: "Sue Wahl graduated from St. Cloud Apollo High School in 1975. There she played basketball, ran track and held and participated in gymnastics. She was the best of the first wave of female prep athletes and her achievements still stand tall today. She went to St. Cloud State from 1975-79, playing volleyball, basketball and participating in track and field. She still holds the Huskies' school record for career rebounds with 1,074. She is eighth on the career scoring list with 1,418 points, ninth in career free throws made with 256, and sixth in career free-throw percentage (.785). She went on to play professionally with the Minnesota Fillies of the Women's Basketball League for three seasons beginning in 1978-79. Today she is married and living in Cold Spring."
    • Minnesota Court of Appeals, Susan Wahl Storbeck, Relator, vs. ACS Enterprise Solutions, Inc., Respondent, Department of Employment and Economic Development, Respondent, 2007 - mentions firing from ACS on 2005/08/31
    • St. Cloud Times, "St. Cloud couple receive NSIC’s Volunteer of the Year Award", 2017/07/13 (clipping from D2 of the next day's paper): "Lee Storbeck and Sue Wahl Storbeck of St. Cloud received the NSIC’s Noel Olson Volunteer of the Year Award during the 18th annual NSIC Hall of Fame Banquet on Tuesday. The award is intended to honor individuals who, as volunteers, have made significant contributions to the NSIC. The award recipients are nominated by each of the NSIC’s 16 institutions and is selected by the NSIC Hall of Fame Committee. The Storbecks are longtime benefactors to the St. Cloud State athletic program. They helped create the Sue Wahl-Storbeck Women’s Athletics Scholarship and the SCSU Coaches Legacy Scholarship. They established the endowed fund and were the lead volunteers who helped raise more than $100,000 beyond their initial gift. They are also members of St. Cloud State’s Riverview Society, which is cumulative giving of $250,000-$499,999, and Heritage Society. They are longtime season ticket holders for basketball and Sue is a member of the St. Cloud State Athletic Hall of Fame and has served on its selection committee. She earned 11 athletic letters from 1975-79 at St. Cloud State. Lee was a track and field and cross country athlete at Southern Methodist University. The couple owns Command Central, an election management company that works with local election officials to ensure successful elections."
  • Homepage of website from: 2013/05/29 (under construction; has triangle with an eye inside), 2014/05/17 (no longer uses that logo)
  • News articles on involvement in election business
    • Fond Du Lac Commonwealth Reporter, "Fond Du Lac County upgrades voting machines", 2015/11/05 (pages A1, A6): "Fond du Lac County is replacing its voting machines. County Clerk Lisa Freiberg said the current machines use outdated technology such as MS DOS and they are no longer supported with software updates. [...] Chad Trice, president of Command Central, an election management company, said the machines are built to last; as technology changes, the system can be updated." - also has a photo of company representative Jean Moxin
  • Tweet by Stephen Spoonamore on 2018/02/05 about Command Central's ownership: "Service company. I don't think they do any programming, just installing and servicing. They are owned by Election Management LLC, which is an "arms length" service provider of @dominionvoting. A privately held firm owned by #Dominionists."
    • OpenGovUS corporation page for IVS/RTECH Election Management, LLC (entity ID 20131478727) - registered agent is Kevin Andrew Timken at 4105 Holly St Unit 1 Denver CO 80216
    • LinkedIn profile for Kevin Timken of the Denver metropolitan area - description is "Experienced past President with a demonstrated history of working in the Mail Ballot/Election, marketing and advertising industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Elections and Mail Ballot processing, Sales, Variable Data Printing, GIS Mapping Analysis, Art Direction, Management, and Process Equipment."
      • Adviser at Redstone Print and Mail from 2019/08 to present (as of 2022/09), with description "After 22 years operating Response Technologies, it was time to take it in a new direction. Redstone Print and Mail, a Sacramento based company, has taken over the employees, lease space and operations. We now have facilities in Sacramento, Atlanta and Denver. The existing Denver staff is the same. Same faces, same quality, and better service. This new relationship has added substantial amounts of new equipment and capital. We are running 16 hours a day and 6 days a week. Our weekly volumes are currently at 1,000,000 pieces per week and we anticipate near term expansion to 1,500,000 per week. We now have over ten new digital lasers including the latest technologies providing perfect automated front to back registration. This is important as we work to expand our services to the election ballot industry. Extra envelope insertion capacity and new 50,000 an hour monochrome inkjets make sure we meet every production deadline. Come visit us to see how this exciting expansion might help you accomplish your marketing and mailing objectives."
      • President of Response Technologies Inc. from 1998/01 to 2019/08, with description "Response Technologies performs high technology direct marketing campaigns and handling production projects where perfect change of custody handling is demanded. Election mail ballots is one of our primary focuses as well as handling distribution projects where zero defects are expected. We are experts in variable data processing and cleanup, geocoding and mapping, lettershop functions, mailing functions, printing coordination, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping. 4105 Holly St Unit 1, Denver CO 303-333-2426"
      • President of Flying Eagle Inc. from 1993/05 to 1997/12, with description "Developed business trade activities in Mexico including a wide variety of activities from financing office buildings to transporting rail cars of oak firewood into the US. Performed distribution and marketing of worldwide online requests for travel literature. Purchased IBM mainframe data shop and built a data processing, mailing, package fulfillment and marketing company."
      • Treasury and Financial Planning at Markwest Hydrocarbon Partners LTD from 1990/05 to 1993/05, with description "Worked on the trreasury and banking relationship for a newly started company that owned and operated gas-processing plants in Kentucky and Tennessee. Arranged credit to market 20 million gallons per year of propane into Juarez Mexico."
      • Treasury, Budgets, Financial Analysis, Banking at Western Gas Processors LTD from 1985/03 to 1990/05, with description "Western Gas gathered natural gas and processed propane, butane, gasoline liquids at 30 national plants."
      • BS in Accounting from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland (1971-1976) and Master's in Finance from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver (1976-1978)
    • Response Technologies Inc. / Redstone Print & Mail - the main business operated by Timken throughout the 21st century
      • archives
        • About Us
          • Common description on all versions of the page: "Kevin Timken founded Response Technologies in 1998. Kevin had pioneered new technologies in oil and gas and saw an opportunity to create a marriage between database technologies and direct marketing. He pioneered the use of geomapping technology and zip+4 in several innovative applications and Response Tech was born. We've been successfully serving clients with innovative solutions ever since." - note that Timken's overlap between the oil/gas industry and geomapping is evocative of technologies that were reportedly being merged with the PROMIS software (see the Inslaw affair page) by companies tied to Lockheed Martin (like GE Aerospace, Geomatics, and reportedly Access Graphics)
          • 2003/07/15 - president is Kevin Timken; vice president of sales and estimating is Marty Soudani; production and scheduling is run by Javier Marfil; purchasing is run by Marcia Adams; data management is run by Bob Cardwell and Keith Hoagland
          • 2004/06/05 - president is Kevin Timken; vice president of sales and estimating is Marty Soudani; production is run by Robb Sarchet; purchasing and scheduling is run by Marcia Adams; data management is run by Bob Cardwell and Keith Hoagland
          • 2012/05/09 - president is Kevin Timken; data management is run by Bob Cardwell
      • Montrose County CO contract of 2018/07/18 with Response Technologies - address of Response Technologies is 4105 Holly St., Suite 1 in Denver; the contact is general manager Polly Cardwell, whose email is (note that RTECH probably means Response Technologies in the above LLC); signatures from both Cardwell and the president Kevin Timken; the contract is for printing ballots for Dominion Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic elections equipment; on the last page is a letter from Dominion certifying "Response Technologies of Denver, Colorado" as fully qualified to print their ImageCast ballots
      • Montrose County CO contract of 2020/01/?? with Redstone Print & Mail - address of Redstone Print & Mail is 4105 Holly St., Suite 1 in Denver; the contact people are facility manager Polly Cardwell and regular manager Kevin Timken
      • Marty Soudani background
        • NBC News, "In Aurora, one wounded woman, two donation sites: Where to give?", 2012/07/27: "In the days following the deadly shootings in Aurora, Colo., two sites soliciting donations were created for Farrah Soudani, a 22-year-old whose spleen and kidney were removed after she and dozens of others were shot in a movie theater during the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” The first was set up on by a friend of Soudani’s mother who pledged that all the money would go to Soudani. By Thursday evening, the site had raised more than $143,000. But Soudani’s family on her dad's side worried about where that money would end up. They didn’t know this woman well, her brother Jordan Soudani said. Marty Soudani, a business owner, argued that a disability trust should be set up for his younger cousin, to protect her from creditors."
        • KUSA, "Feud over money raised for theater shooting victim", 2012/09/03: "Until recently there have been two different funds for people to donate to. One was set up by family friend Victoria Albright immediately after the shooting. Another fund was set up by Farrah's cousin, Marty Soudani. Farrah's family says that second fundis the problem. It was set up days after the first and has caused fighting among the family. The feud is so serious that her family filed a fraud case with the attorney general's office. Marty claims to have raised $95,000 for Farrah, with the intent to put the money into a trust fund. Farrah's parents say the money never made it into the trust and Marty hasn't been in contact with the family. [...] Farrah's parents say the family struggle started when she came home from the hospital. She stayed with her cousin, Marty, for a few days. Then she decided to stay with Albright, that family friend who started the original trust. Farrah's family says after that, nasty messages started showing up online and around their neighborhood smearing Albright's fundraising efforts. [...] The site set up by Marty Soudani no longer has a way to donate. When reached by phone, Soudani said he had no comment."
        • Daily Freeman, "Plattekill landlord illegally evicted tenants, town police say", 2016/09/03: "A landlord is facing 14 felony counts, including unlawfully evicting apartment tenants, town police said Saturday. Marty Soudani, 67, of Montgomery, was arrested by Plattekill police on Friday and was charged with seven counts of possession of a forged instrument and seven counts of offering a false instrument for filing, all felonies. Town police detectives arrested Soudani after an investigation found he had falsified documents in order to have tenants evicted from their apartments unlawfully, according to a press release. Soudini allegedly used a deceased person’s notary stamp when filing eviction paperwork."

Insecure practices

Other curiosities

  • Racine County WI corruption - one of the most irregular counties in the 2016 general election; used Dominion products
    • The Journal Times (Racine WI), "MAYOR BECKER ARRESTED", 2009/01/15: "RACINE - Mayor Gary Becker has been arrested on multiple felony charges related to attempted sexual assault of a child and having child pornography, according to a state agency."
    • Paul Ryan's congressional district encompassed Walworth, Kenosha, and Racine Counties
    • Vernon Seitz, who was found dead with child pornography, bondage materials, and articles on missing children in his home near Milwaukee, was a former resident of Racine WI. He had confided to a psychiatrist about being abducted there as a child, sexually assaulted, and forced to murder a boy, disclosures that the Milwaukee police were planning to interview him about before he died. According to Jim Rothstein, Seitz had knowledge of Satanic crime that tied into the Jeffrey Dahmer and Son of Sam murders.