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== External links ==
== External links ==
* Washington Times articles
** [http://www.futile.work/uploads/1/5/0/1/15012114/power-broker-served-drugs.pdf POWER BROKER SERVED DRUGS, SEX AT PARTIES BUGGED FOR BLACKMAIL - 1989/06/30]
** [http://www.futile.work/uploads/1/5/0/1/15012114/spence-reduced-to-begging.pdf Spence arrested in N.Y., released; Once-host to powerful reduced to begging, sleeping in park - 1989/08/09]
** [http://www.futile.work/uploads/1/5/0/1/15012114/spence-arrested-in-ny.pdf SPENCE ARRESTED IN N.Y., RELEASED BIZARRE INTERVIEW IS NO NIGHT ON THE TOWN - 1989/08/09]
[[Category:Human trafficking and sex rings]]
[[Category:Human trafficking and sex rings]]

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Family and early life

Vietnam correspondent

Consulting in Japan

DC blackmail operation

Main articles: Washington DC call boy scandal, Franklin scandal

New York arrest

Final months and death


Political connections


External links