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=== Organized crime ===
=== Organized crime ===
* [https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/russia-fsu/2004-11-01/putin-and-oligarchs ''Foreign Affairs'', "Putin and the Oligarchs", 2004/11/01]
* [http://www.newsweek.com/truth-about-trump-mob-454053 ''Newsweek'', "The Truth About Trump and the Mob", 2016/05/01]
* [http://www.newsweek.com/truth-about-trump-mob-454053 ''Newsweek'', "The Truth About Trump and the Mob", 2016/05/01]

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Sexual assaults

Organized crime ties

Russia investigation

Political connections

  • ALEC - his administration is filled with members and supporters of ALEC

Corporate connections


External links

  • Ed Opperman interview of David Cay Johnston on Trump's history - mentions that: grandfather Frederick Trump ran a brothel; father Fred Trump was arrested for marching in support of the KKK; the announcement of his candidacy in 2015 was attended by paid actors; his 42nd Street Hyatt hotel cost $120 million but received $360 in government subsidies; he stood up for cocaine trafficker Joseph Weichselbaum and let him move into Trump Tower after his lenient 18-month sentence; he was friends with Adnan Khashoggi; and he called Roy Cohn a "second father"

Roy Cohn relationship

Organized crime

Corporate corruption

Supposed swamp draining

Pedophilia evidence