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"Boston Strangler"

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Charles Schmid

"Zodiac Killer"

Jim Garrison


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Patty Hearst

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O.J. Simpson




O.J. Simpson case

Mind control cover-ups

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Political connections

F. Lee Bailey appears to be a legal fixer working on behalf of the CIA. His actions most likely include:

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  1. New York Times, "GARRISON ASSUMES HIS OWN DEFENSE", 1973/09/13 - in his bribery case Jim Garrison parted with Bailey's law firm and assumed his own defense because of "irreconcilable differences"
  2. CBS, "F. Lee Bailey Disbarred In Florida" 2001/11/21

External links

  • Alex Constantine, "O.J. Simpson & the Shadow Players", 2000/06/09 - overview on the likely spook background of F. Lee Bailey
  • Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan (2004) - describes Bailey's role in covering up mind control operations
  • Charles Schmid case
    • According to p.279-281 of McGowan's book: "Two years later, in March 1975, another of F. Lee Bailey’s former high-profile clients, Charles “The Pied Piper of Tucson” Schmid, was stabbed to death in prison as well. Schmid sustained some twenty wounds to the face and chest and died ten days later. He had been convicted of the murders of three young teenage girls, the first of whom was killed just five months after the Boston Strangler claimed his last victim. Charles Schmid stood just 5’4” tall and was somewhat odd in demeanor and appearance, but he was intelligent and charismatic and had an uncanny ability to attract both women and devoted young followers, not unlike Charles Manson. Also like Manson, Schmid had a passion for singing and playing the guitar and he claimed to possess psychic powers. Several of his followers were complicit in either committing, or covering up, the three murders; two of those followers pled guilty to various charges and served prison time. The subtext of the Tucson murders included talk of a teenage drug and prostitution ring, the involvement of a shadowy group referred to as the “Tucson Mafia,” and Schmid’s quickie Mexican wedding to one of his fifteen-year-old admirers just a couple weeks before his arrest. At one bizarre juncture of the investigation, suspect Schmid was arrested for impersonating an FBI agent after he reportedly had been questioning people in San Diego, California. He was supposedly in San Diego working on behalf of the “Tucson Mafia”; strangely enough, he had contacted the FBI not long before leaving for California. Arrested in November 1965, Schmid first faced trial in February 1966. He was quickly convicted of two of the murders, although his trial was marked by the usual irregularities, one of which was that testimony concerning the third murder, which Schmid had not yet faced trial for, was allowed into evidence. In fact, the third murder was a key element of the state’s case, with prosecutors arguing that the second and third victims were killed to cover up the murder of the first girl. It took the jury just two hours to return the guilty verdicts, which earned Schmid a death sentence. In June 1966, F. Lee Bailey made his entrance into the Schmid case, as “Smitty’s” defense attorney for the second trial. Bailey, who had just finished obtaining De Salvo’s ‘confessions’ and was awaiting trial on that case, was brought on board the Schmid case by writer John Gilmore, who was working on a book on Schmid. Shortly after the second trial began, again with the usual irregularities, Bailey and his co-counsel convinced a reluctant Schmid to enter a guilty plea to the lesser charge of second-degree murder, thereby short-circuiting the trial. Schmid received a 50-year-to-life sentence. The following January, Bailey returned to Boston to deliver his craven performance in the Albert DeSalvo trial. Meanwhile, Charles Schmid wrote a letter to the judge asking for a new trial and accusing his attorneys of coercing him to take the plea deal. The judge agreed to hear the motion, but Schmid then inexplicably withdrew his request. In 1971, Schmid’s death sentence was set aside when the state of Arizona temporarily abolished capital punishment. Schmid subsequently escaped, but, like De Salvo, he was quickly recaptured."
    • The corrupt underworld of Tucson AZ that Schmid was associated with brings to mind the fraudulent 2006 Pima County RTA election and its cover-up
  • In 1967, Bailey defended Air Force Captain Jack Simon in South Carolina from charges of molesting four children at the Charleston military base swimming pool; see "BAILEY DOES IT -- AGAIN!" in the Record on February 25, which is on p.113 of Susan Kelly's The Boston Stranglers
  • Patty Hearst defense case
    • From p.140 of Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart (1978): "The closest the courts have come to considering the case of mind control was in the Patty Hearst case, but F. Lee Bailey at the last minute backed away from his planned "brainwashing" defense."
  • Affidavit of Ted L. Gunderson on 2011/04/26 for the Keith Labella case: "I have performed numerous private investigation and security work for numerous individuals, companies, and governments worldwide since founding my firm in 1979. I have worked for, amongst others, F. Lee Bailey, Esq., The California Narcotics Authority by appointment of Governor Jerry Brown, The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee, and The 1979 Pan American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico by appointment of then U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell."
  • PBS Frontline page on Harold Grant Snowden, a South Miami police officer and daycare operator accused of child molestation: "Despite retaining the representation of well-known defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, Snowden's appellate efforts were denied all the way through the Supreme Court of Florida."
  • Chicago Tribune, "Centrust`s Web Snares Local Lawyer", 1990/10/09 - role in representing CenTrust officers and directors
  • Rodney Stich, "Even Drug Smugglers Deserve a Fair Trial" (archive by NewsMakingNews) - details Bailey's role in framing Claude DuBoc on Florida drug charges; the scheme involved assistant US attorney Roy Atchison, later found to be a pedophile
  • O.J. Simpson case
    • The Florida/Hollywood Mob Connection, the CIA and O.J. Simpson by Alex Constantine (1995) (text version)
      • From p.20:

            The Brentwood slaughter was foreshadowed in September, 1974 when 71-year-old Irving Pasternak and his wife Rhoda were brutally stabbed to death in Waterbury, Connecticut. All in a few moments. There were no witnesses.
            Mr. Pasternak, before his retirement, was legal counsel to the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), a Hollywood labor union once run by Pat Casey, an “undercover agent” of mob boss Johnny Rosselli (Moldea). (Already the Catspaw case has struck familiar territory: Murderville).
    • Joey Ippolito link to Al Cowlings and O.J. Simpson
      • The Transcript (North Adams MA), "Report links Simpson's friends Cowlings to escaped mobster", 1994/08/24: "Al Cowlings, who drove accused murderer O.J. Simpson in a nationally-televised chase from police, has friendly ties with an escaped mobster, according to a published report. Cowlings was a close associate of New Jersey mafia soldier Joseph Ippolito, who ran a Santa Monica restaurant and thriving cocaine business, the Boston Herald reported Wednesday. The newspaper also reported that the FBI and federal prosecutors have telephone records showing calls from Ippolito's restaurant to Simpson's Brentwood estate. An attorney for Cowlings confirmed that the former professional football star was friends with Ippolito. [...] Ippolito, 44, was convicted on federal drug charges in Los Angeles. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. On May 6, he walked away from a minimum-security prison camp on the grounds of a military base in Pensacola, Fla. Also convicted was Malibu restaurateur and alleged fellow Mafia soldier Ronald Lorenzo. Lorenzo identified Cowlings as a driver and bodyguard for Ippolito, according to the key witness in the drug case, freelance undercover investigator Robert Franchi. [...] Federal law enforcement officials said Ippolito is a member of the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey and has ties to the Lucchese family of New York."
      • San Diego Reader, "Neil G. Lombardo, mafia hit man, found in Crown Point", 1999/06/24: "The authors also quote an August 24, 1994, Boston Herald article by Ralph Ranalli on the Joey Ippolito-Cowlings-Simpson connection.

        "Cowlings was a close associate of New Jersey Mafia soldier Joseph 'Joey' Ippolito when Ippolito was running a popular Santa Monica restaurant -- and a thriving cocaine-dealing business.... Telephone records for the restaurant, obtained by federal prosecutors and the FBI in Los Angeles, also show calls from Ippolito's restaurant to O.J. Simpson's Brentwood estate...sources said.""
      • New York Times, "20 TONS OF MARIJUANA AND 33 SEIZED IN L.I. RAIDS", 1981/09/04: "The raids culminated a three-year investigation by Federal drugenforcement agents and local police officers into a smuggling operation that authorities said was based in a beachfront home here. [...] a 41-foot Coast Guard cabin cruiser and a 95-foot cutter caught up with the trawler that had delivered the marijuana, a Colombian shrimp boat with a false name that was running eastbound on Block Island Sound. [...] The police said they believed the leader of the smuggers was Richard A. Magan, 31 years old, of Wayne, N.J. They said he had leased a two-story house at 51 Milina Drive facing the beach where the marijuana was unloaded. Mr. Magan's younger brother, Lloyd, of Key West, Fla., was also arrested. [...] ''We also noted it had extremely sophisticated electronics equpment for beating us,'' said Mr. Murphy of the Customs Service. ''They had a lot of the same electronic equipment we've got - night vision stuff.'' [...] Following is a list released by the East Hampton Police Department of those arrested in the drug raid today: David R. Pelchat, Cooper City, Fla. Girolamo L. Maffiore, 127 Seton Pl., South Orange, N.J. Joseph M. Grillo, 410 Michigan Ave., Kenilworth, N.J. Joseph A. Grasso, 1391 Omara Dr., Union, N.J. Charles R. Silano, 119 Franklin Ave., Maplewood, N.J. Robert E. Lee, 255 RR Avenue, Newark. Daniel L. Deatherage, Miami. Jeffrey L. Burton, Key West, Fla. Peter Verdicchio, 125 Hudson St., Metuchen, N.J. Richard A. Magan, 1 Pueblo Court, Wayne, N.J. Lloyd S. Magan, Key West. Sheldon I. Segel, Key West. Joseph W. Frank, Anaheim, Calif. Joseph Ippolito Jr., 103 Laurel Ave., Livingston, N.J.Richard A. Gegorek, Key West. Robert L. Donahue, N. Miami, Fla. David C. Reutershan, 144 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, L.I. James E. Deatherage, Belleville, Ill. John Anthony Licari, 12 Piermont Dr., West Caldwell, N.J. Nicholas Silano, 119 Franklin Ave., Maplewood. Jerry Neve, 97 15 Ridgeway St., Union. Patrick Fusillo, 39 Washington Hts., Selden, L.I. Richard A. Powers, Hallandale, Fla. Ralph W. Seavey, Tampa, Fla. Chester L. Strickland, Sarasota, Fla. Reymundo Cuero, Buenaventura, Colombia. Wilson Londono, Buenav entura. Angelico Guerrero, Buenaventura. Arias Mosguera, Buenaventura. Amaury Castro, Buenaventura. Arnulfo Renteria, Buenaventura. Adolfo Landa, Buenaventura. Cecil A. Boya, El Charco, Colombia." - given that this operation was trafficking Colombian marijuana from the late 70s to early 80s, involved shrimp boats, and was busted around early September 1981, it is worth asking if this was tied to Operation Sunburn in the Miami area
      • From p.313 of American Desperado by Evan Wright and Jon Roberts (2011):

            I reasoned the best way to handle him was to bring him a new customer to replace me. I had a friend, Joey Ippolito, who wanted to move kilos in Los Angeles. Joey was from Newark, New Jersey. His family was in the garbage business, but he got into weed smuggling and came down to Florida. Later, he bounced to L.A. and got hooked in to movie people. Going from garbage to celebrities, Joey was a big success.*
            Joey told me he could move fifty or more kilos a month in L.A. My idea was that he could buy his coke from Gary Teriaca and Bobby Erra, who were buying from Albert. For Joey, buying from them made sense because they were moving out coke to Gary's friend in Aspen, Steven Grabow. He could pick it up out there, which was closer to L.A. than Miami. Obviously, it would have been simpler to sell Joey Ippolito coke directly from the Ochoas, but my aim was to keep Albert happy.
        • NPR, "From Mafia Soldier To Cocaine Cowboy", 2011/10/30: "ROBERTS: Yeah. We did that in the beginning, but that was just until we ended up getting up by Tampa a 450-acre farm, and we put two runways in there and we put hangars in for the planes to go in, and we stopped landing on the federal preserve and we were landing there. But Mickey's operation here, you have to understand, was like only 500 kilos. I was working with a man by the name of Barry Seal. And Barry was bringing 1,000 to 1,200 kilos at a time back for me." - the man named Mickey is Mickey Munday
        • Steven Grabow of Aspen CO - worth asking if he was connected to the organized crime activity and pedophile rings in the city involving people like Francis Shelden, Fleet White Sr., and Viktor Kozeny
          • Comment from 2006/08/07 on TalkLeft, "Dirty Tricks in the Aspen Sheriff's Race", 2006/08/06: "Having spent my growing up years living in Aspen, smoking joints on the streets of Aspen in the 1970's and being asked to "put it out" by an Aspen cop, (that's right, an APD cop, otherwise know as the Aspen Police Department, not the "liberal" Sheriff's Department) I am familiar with Aspen's drug policies. I watched Bob's predecessor, Sheriff Dick Kienast win election with a no-prohibition drug policy. I was living in Aspen when the bomb blew up Stephen Grabow at the Aspen Club. The 7 AM blast woke me from my bed in Smuggler Trailer Park. I know the FBI story surrounding the $1,000,000,000 cash found in Grabow's home and the subsequent plane crash of FBI agents. With shades of Miami vice in a sleepy ski town such as Aspen, we all know that illegal drugs will bring violence, even to a place with enlightened supervision such as Bob Braudis when the policy of our national "leaders" is suicidal."
          • Joe Rogan interview of Joey Diaz from Joe Rogan Experience #178 - at one point Diaz calls Aspen "the cocaine capital of the country", receiving imported cocaine from Miami and then shipping it all over the country to places like Los Angeles and Minneapolis
      • Miami New Times, "How One Famed Hollywood Restaurant Became the National Center for the Mob", 2018/01/30: "[Joe] Sonken was Gold Coast, which was famous for stone crabs and called one of the best restaurants in South Florida by the Miami News. It was called other things too: "notorious," for example, and a hangout for stars such as Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant. A United States Senate subcommittee termed it a national message center for the mob, set up for secret communication between high-powered criminals. The restaurant has cameos in the FBI's JFK assassination files and the pages of a 1980 Elmore Leonard novel. [...] Gold Coast employees could only wish the police were there on Labor Day 1973. Around 4 a.m., as bartenders Ernie Baticki and Joe Galanti exited, two men with black stockings over their heads stuck guns into the bartenders' backs and said, "Get back inside!" They grabbed $5,080.83 from the register. [...] Eventually, Frank Ippolito and Manuel Talavera received sentences for robbery and kidnapping (Talavera, who had two prior robbery convictions, received 120 years in state prison, where he remains). Presumably, either the robbers didn't know Gold Coast's reputation or they knew it and that's why they hoped for a big score. (Another possibility involves internal mob drama, as the FBI believed Ippolito could have been related to a member of a Tampa-based mob syndicate.)" - the businesses operated by Sonken were the Gold Coast Restaurant and the nearby Cutty Sark Lounge
    • UPI, "Denise Brown linked to ex Mafia enforcer", 1995/03/03: "Nicole Brown Simpson's sister, Denise Brown, met socially with a former Mafia enforcer turned FBI witness during her Boston visit this week, the Boston Herald reported Friday. Brown was greeted by Anthony 'Tony the Animal' Fiato when she arrived in Boston Wednesday to promote a domestic violence foundation. [...] Brown reportedly agreed to be interviewed by 'CBS This Morning' host Paula Zahn, but only if the interviews were done in Boston so she could visit with a 'boyfriend.' Fiato, 50, a Boston native, was described as a former enforcer for the Mafia in Los Angeles. Fiato became an FBI witness in 1984 and helped the government get indictments against Los Angeles Mafia figures in 1987. He is now in the government's witness protection program. [...] Fiato and Brown reportedly met at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, where Brown was being briefed on her sister's case. Fiato reportedly was in Los Angeles at the time to testify in a trial on the murder of actor Frank Christi. Fiato's tapes and testimony sent reputed former Los Angeles crime bosses Carmen and Peter Milano and four dozen others to prison during the 1990s. [...] This was not the first alleged Mafia connection to the Simpson case. It was reported last August that Simpson's friend, Al 'A.C.' Cowlings, had been linked to Joseph 'Joey' Ippolito, a reputed member of the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey."
    • Konformist, "The Wasz (Not Was) Document" by Robert Sterling, 1998
    • From p.232 of The Conspiracy Reader: From the Deaths of JFK and John Lennon to Government-sponsored Alien Cover-ups edited by Joan D'Arc and Al Hidell (1999):

          Unfortunately, the story of Louis Jolyon West doesn't end there. The July 1995 issue of Los Angeles magazine contains an article entitled "The Othello Syndrome." On the cover this diagnosis is emblazoned on the forehead of O. J. Simpson. It turns out that the Othello syndrome is a term created by none other than our old friend Dr. West. Over thirty years ago he wrote a paper attempting to prove that a black man will inevitably kill his spouse if she's white. Self-loathing, he said, causes them to believe that "something must be wrong with their Caucasian mates for seeking love beyond the racial pale."18
          In the same Los Angeles magazine article we learn that West has been friends with "famed Simpson defense counsel F. Lee Bailey" for twenty years. They met each other when Jolly was "a court-appointed witness at Patty Hearst's 1976 bank robbery trial," which is fascinating since the late Mae Brussell did an excellent job of tying the Hearst kidnapping with mind control experiments performed on inmates at Vacaville Prison.11
    • Alex Constantine, "O.J. Simpson & the Shadow Players", 2000/06/09
    • Rigorous Intuition thread on OJ SIMPSON (pages ..., 5, ...)
      • "Then there is Marvin Glass: prior District Attorney in Cook County IL turned attorney for Colombian drug cartels, and ex-husband of Ron Goldman's step-mother, Patti Glass Goldman, who married Fred Goldman (his third wife) and moved her three children in with Fred against Marvin's wishes, 6 months after her husband, Marvin Glass, who racked up 210 years was sentenced to 8 years (served 2 years) in federal prison under the umbrella of Operation Greylord (1983-1993) --eventually connected to Inslaw--which was an investigation conducted jointly by FBI, the IRS , U.S. Postal Inspection, the Chicago Internal Affairs, and IL State Police into corruption in the judiciary of Cook County. 20 local judges, 40 lawyers were jailed for bribery, 41 federal grand jury witnesses were murdered during pendency of INSLAW probe, 1991-1992. Marvin was in LA at the time of the murder for his daughter's graduation. Also, the money the Goldmans used to purchase their home, $350,000, matched the amount missing from Marvin's stash."
        • Purported affidavit of former McCook Metals LLC chairman Michael W. Lynch on 2006/10/11: "I am of information and belief that the Operation Greylord investigation and convictions only touched a percentage of the total number of allegedly corrupt state and federal court agents in Chicago. [...] I am of information and belief that the Arizona family founded by “X,” who was originally from another area of the country, relocated to Arizona to allegedly expand the criminal rackets within that state. [...] I am of information and belief that, subsequently, the sons of “X,” specifically, “X” and “X,” allegedly moved into traditional white collar crimes involving government monies and government officials including but not limited to judges. Evidence currently validates that fixing cases for large corporations was a far more lucrative enterprise and relatively unopposed and safe as compared to the traditional illicit “sin” rackets, e.g., prostitution, gambling, et al. [...] I am of information and belief that the “X” Family allegedly hacked into the INSLAW software program and utilized its capabilities to wash private and government funds illegally accessed and obtained via the court system through traditional financial vehicles involving real estate properties across the country. This is allegedly accomplished primarily though the systematic code-based creation of fraudulent documents and identity theft."
      • "Or on July 30th., 1993 when friend of Ron Goldman, Brett Cantor, owner of the Dragonfly club in Hollywood, frequented by Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, was murdered died of almost identical wounds as Goldman and Brown. An attempt by the Simpson defense team to discuss the Cantor murder at Simpson's preliminary hearing was denied by Judge Lance Ito (another questionable character for numerous reasons)."
      • "Or Ron Goldman's 6" criminal file in Florida that's protected by the snitch law (obviously he was a confidential informant) Yet because it was stamped confidential, the file was never released or reported on. He must've been involved in something worse than unpaid parking tickets."
    • Felonious Florida Podcast (by the South Florida Sun Sentinel), "O.J. and the Mob" by Lisa Arthur, 2018/04/03: "Butch Casey was behaving strangely. His mood had turned dark in the month leading up to his violent murder in June of 1994 in South Florida. He seemed to sense he was in danger. He spoke of machine guns and battling mobsters. And after he was beaten and gunned down on his dining room floor — along with two women he had invited to his house for drinks after they closed his nightclub, Casey’s Nickelodeon — friends and family told police of his recent depression. They said he was anxious about the arrest of one of his long-time friends on murder charges. And it’s that last revelation that sent detectives and the media on an intriguing and unexpected tangent in the early days of the investigation. His friend was O.J. Simpson."
  • Daniel Hopsicker, "Terror Flight School Owner’s Lear Flew Saudis on Unsupervised Flights", 2004/05/04 (old version) - describes an attempted takeover of Rum Cay in the Bahamas, by a group including Leslie Greyling (a fraudster linked to Adnan Khashoggi, Donald Trump, and the investigation of Mafia influence on Wall Street that tied to Michael K. Graye of Premier Election Solutions) and F. Lee Bailey which used a Lear jet N35NK from Plane 1 Leasing (the charter flight company owned by Wally Hilliard, who also owned Huffman Aviation in Venice FL where Mohammed Atta trained, which had a plane doing drug runs for the Russian Mafia from Venezuela to Brighton Beach NY that was busted in July 2000)