Florida Department of Transportation

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  • Secretary of Transportation: ..., Tom Barry (1997-2003), Jose Abreu (2003-2005), ...[1]

Finance and Administration

Information Technology

Inspector General

  • Inspector General: ..., Cecil Bragg (????-????), Robert Clift (????-present)
  • Director of Investigations: ..., Robert Clift (????-????), ...
  • ...
  • Ray Lemme (????-2003): Investigator
  • Wendell Palmer (????-????): Investigator
  • ...

Notable contractors


Yang Enterprises contract

Main article: Yang Enterprises

Ray Lemme death

Main article: Ray Lemme

[An unanswered and essential question: who did the Valdosta Police Department speak to at FDOT after they reopened the Lemme death investigation, and why did it lead to the case being re-closed?]


  1. Historical list of Transportation Secretaries

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