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** [https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-1993-01-29-2905347-story.html ''The Morning Call'', "CHENEY JOINS UNION PACIFIC AS DIRECTOR", 1993/01/29]: "Eight days after the Bush administration passed into history, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney was taking a ride on the Union Pacific Corp. The Bethlehem-based parent of the renouned railroad announced yesterday that Cheney had been elected to its board of directors. Cheney, 51, replaced former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who resigned from the board in October, a company spokesman said. [...] The 17-member board of directors, chaired by former Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis, also includes former U.S. Rep. William H. Gray III, now president of the United Negro College Fund."
** [https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-1993-01-29-2905347-story.html ''The Morning Call'', "CHENEY JOINS UNION PACIFIC AS DIRECTOR", 1993/01/29]: "Eight days after the Bush administration passed into history, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney was taking a ride on the Union Pacific Corp. The Bethlehem-based parent of the renouned railroad announced yesterday that Cheney had been elected to its board of directors. Cheney, 51, replaced former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who resigned from the board in October, a company spokesman said. [...] The 17-member board of directors, chaired by former Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis, also includes former U.S. Rep. William H. Gray III, now president of the United Negro College Fund."
** [http://web.archive.org/web/20080704115547/http://www.newsmakingnews.com/lmnebraskaconnection.htm Linda Minor, "THE NEBRASKA CONNECTION--AN EXPLOSIVE IMBROGLIO SHARED BY DICK CHENEY AND THE BUSH FAMILY", 2000]
** [http://web.archive.org/web/20080704115547/http://www.newsmakingnews.com/lmnebraskaconnection.htm Linda Minor, "THE NEBRASKA CONNECTION--AN EXPLOSIVE IMBROGLIO SHARED BY DICK CHENEY AND THE BUSH FAMILY", 2000]
* [https://archive.org/details/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion FBI documents on the Franklin Credit Union]: docs [https://archive.org/download/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion/1365872-0_-_Document_1_text.pdf 1], [https://archive.org/download/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion/1365872-0_-_Document_2_text.pdf 2], [https://archive.org/download/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion/1365872-0_-_Document_3_text.pdf 3] ([https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1v5tcgA19inHWB0GX3bXyhSt7ujZ1tytX also in this Google Drive folder])
* Franklin Community Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) fraud investigation
** [https://archive.org/details/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion FBI documents on the Franklin Credit Union]: docs [https://archive.org/download/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion/1365872-0_-_Document_1_text.pdf 1], [https://archive.org/download/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion/1365872-0_-_Document_2_text.pdf 2], [https://archive.org/download/FranklinCommunityFederalCreditUnion/1365872-0_-_Document_3_text.pdf 3] ([https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1v5tcgA19inHWB0GX3bXyhSt7ujZ1tytX also in this Google Drive folder])
** [https://books.google.com/books?id=IrAjOt8cnpsC&pg=1#v=onepage&q&f=false 101st Congress 1st Session, "FIELD HEARING BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON GENERAL OVERSIGHT AND INVESTIGATIONS OF THE COMMITTEE ON BANKING , FINANCE AND URBAN AFFAIRS: ISSUES CONCERNING THE FAILURE OF FEDERALLY INSURED FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONS", 1989/06/02] ([https://books.google.com/books/download/Issues_Concerning_the_Failure_of_Federal.pdf?id=IrAjOt8cnpsC&output=pdf PDF copy])
* [http://www.franklinfiles.net/t34196156/mutual-of-omaha-funding-scandal/ 2010 Franklin Files thread on Mutual of Omaha] ([http://cavdef.org/FranklinFiles/Mutual%20of%20Omaha%20funding%20scandal_%20-%20Franklin%20Files%20Message%20Board.html archive]) (cites [http://web.archive.org/web/20180303165907/https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.activeboard.com/668058?AWSAccessKeyId=1XXJBWHKN0QBQS6TGPG2&Expires=1521072000&Signature=hIMVbtI236PzWlF%2F2kc%2BxeD000Y%3D MOO letter to Larry King about Harold Andersen], [http://web.archive.org/web/20180303170049/https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.activeboard.com/668059?AWSAccessKeyId=1XXJBWHKN0QBQS6TGPG2&Expires=1521072000&Signature=svtNNGkM673xKubEnEru40NSFMY%3D Franklin Credit Union deposit], [http://web.archive.org/web/20180303170124/https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.activeboard.com/668452?AWSAccessKeyId=1XXJBWHKN0QBQS6TGPG2&Expires=1521072000&Signature=SqcbJVLdpFdcuBwbQt4HjYqULuA%3D Boys Town deposit update from Nick Bryant])
* [http://www.franklinfiles.net/t34196156/mutual-of-omaha-funding-scandal/ 2010 Franklin Files thread on Mutual of Omaha] ([http://cavdef.org/FranklinFiles/Mutual%20of%20Omaha%20funding%20scandal_%20-%20Franklin%20Files%20Message%20Board.html archive]) (cites [http://web.archive.org/web/20180303165907/https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.activeboard.com/668058?AWSAccessKeyId=1XXJBWHKN0QBQS6TGPG2&Expires=1521072000&Signature=hIMVbtI236PzWlF%2F2kc%2BxeD000Y%3D MOO letter to Larry King about Harold Andersen], [http://web.archive.org/web/20180303170049/https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.activeboard.com/668059?AWSAccessKeyId=1XXJBWHKN0QBQS6TGPG2&Expires=1521072000&Signature=svtNNGkM673xKubEnEru40NSFMY%3D Franklin Credit Union deposit], [http://web.archive.org/web/20180303170124/https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.activeboard.com/668452?AWSAccessKeyId=1XXJBWHKN0QBQS6TGPG2&Expires=1521072000&Signature=SqcbJVLdpFdcuBwbQt4HjYqULuA%3D Boys Town deposit update from Nick Bryant])
** "Possibly, King took lessons [in financial fraud] from [[Bob Kerrey|Kerrey]] and [[John Gottschalk|Gottschalk]] who know a lot about as such finance."
** "Possibly, King took lessons [in financial fraud] from [[Bob Kerrey|Kerrey]] and [[John Gottschalk|Gottschalk]] who know a lot about as such finance."
* [[Iran-Contra]] connections
* [[Iran-Contra]] connections
** See Rusty Nelson's court testimony that Larry King handed over a briefcase of bearer bonds earmarked for the Contras to "the Colonel" in Minneapolis
** See Rusty Nelson's court testimony that Larry King handed over a briefcase of bearer bonds earmarked for the Contras to "the Colonel" in Minneapolis
** [http://web.archive.org/web/20100516111748/http://bulk.resource.org/courts.gov/c/F2/952/952.F2d.226.91-1369.html United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, no. 91-1369: ''UNITED STATES of America v. Gilberto MONTOYA'', appeal decision, 1991/12/26] - mentions a conspiracy (allegedly linked to Iran-Contra per David Shurter) between Gilberto Montoya of Florida and Kevin Dobson of Omaha to distribute cocaine in Omaha; says that in June 1989, Montoya and his business associate Juan Garcia-Escobar drove from Miami to Omaha, where they sold cocaine to Dobson in the presence of his friend Mike Dillon (a user of marijuana and cocaine, and a dealer of marijuana) and stayed until he sold enough cocaine to pay them for half of their product
** Kevin Dobson connection - alleged by David Shurter
** [https://davidshurter.com/2013/02/23/rant-by-the-anon-douglas-on-amazon-about-me-with-some-clarifications/ David Shurter, "A Rant by the anon Douglas on Amazon About Me… With Some Clarifications", 2013/02/23]: "The issues in Omaha are not really about the satanism that was being practiced, nor the pedophilia that was taking place, but rather deals with the fact that an inordinate amount of money was being made on child, gun, and drug trafficking and that those drugs were coming into Offutt Air Force Base during the Iran/Contra scandal and was being distributed by people such as Kevin Dobson and Dick Bishop- who was working with the East Omaha Hell’s Angels- who were the distribution side of the trafficking."
*** [http://web.archive.org/web/20100516111748/http://bulk.resource.org/courts.gov/c/F2/952/952.F2d.226.91-1369.html United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, no. 91-1369: ''UNITED STATES of America v. Gilberto MONTOYA'', appeal decision, 1991/12/26] - mentions a conspiracy (allegedly linked to Iran-Contra per David Shurter) between Gilberto Montoya of Florida and Kevin Dobson of Omaha to distribute cocaine in Omaha; says that in June 1989, Montoya and his business associate Juan Garcia-Escobar drove from Miami to Omaha, where they sold cocaine to Dobson in the presence of his friend Mike Dillon (a user of marijuana and cocaine, and a dealer of marijuana) and stayed until he sold enough cocaine to pay them for half of their product
** [https://davidshurter.com/2013/07/29/trigger-warning-detailed-descriptions-of-the-abuse-that-i-endured-as-a-child/ David Shurter, "*TRIGGER WARNING* Detailed Descriptions of the Abuse that I Endured as a Child: Recently Requested Info by the Michigan State Police", 2013/07/29]: "One last thing- much of the drug, gun, and child trafficking was happening through the East Omaha Chapter of the Hells Angels and Dick Bishop.  Connected with Kevin Dobson- that is where much of the drugs were being distributed.  This all happened in my late teens and early twenties, I obviously don’t know how it worked when I was 10.  But if I were to start looking- I might start there."
*** [https://davidshurter.com/2013/02/23/rant-by-the-anon-douglas-on-amazon-about-me-with-some-clarifications/ David Shurter, "A Rant by the anon Douglas on Amazon About Me… With Some Clarifications", 2013/02/23]: "The issues in Omaha are not really about the satanism that was being practiced, nor the pedophilia that was taking place, but rather deals with the fact that an inordinate amount of money was being made on child, gun, and drug trafficking and that those drugs were coming into Offutt Air Force Base during the Iran/Contra scandal and was being distributed by people such as Kevin Dobson and Dick Bishop- who was working with the East Omaha Hell’s Angels- who were the distribution side of the trafficking."
** [https://davidshurter.com/2019/07/09/this-epstein-mess-mirrors-franklin-credit-in-the-80s-incredibly/ David Shurter, "This Epstein Mess Mirrors Franklin Credit in the 80s Incredibly", 2019/07/09]: "In my chapter “It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know” in the extended version of my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” I speak about the case of America vs. Gilberto Montoya who was Pablo Escobar’s nephew. It was HIS capture that the CIA used to bring Escobar down, despite the fact they were flying TONS of cocaine into Offutt Air Force base that was supplied by Escobar. [...] Concerning Kevin Dobson – my sister was best friends with him years ago. Which is one reason they (the CIA) is trying to take us out. BOTH my sister and I."
*** [https://davidshurter.com/2013/07/29/trigger-warning-detailed-descriptions-of-the-abuse-that-i-endured-as-a-child/ David Shurter, "*TRIGGER WARNING* Detailed Descriptions of the Abuse that I Endured as a Child: Recently Requested Info by the Michigan State Police", 2013/07/29]: "One last thing- much of the drug, gun, and child trafficking was happening through the East Omaha Chapter of the Hells Angels and Dick Bishop.  Connected with Kevin Dobson- that is where much of the drugs were being distributed.  This all happened in my late teens and early twenties, I obviously don’t know how it worked when I was 10.  But if I were to start looking- I might start there."
*** [https://davidshurter.com/2019/07/09/this-epstein-mess-mirrors-franklin-credit-in-the-80s-incredibly/ David Shurter, "This Epstein Mess Mirrors Franklin Credit in the 80s Incredibly", 2019/07/09]: "In my chapter “It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know” in the extended version of my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” I speak about the case of America vs. Gilberto Montoya who was Pablo Escobar’s nephew. It was HIS capture that the CIA used to bring Escobar down, despite the fact they were flying TONS of cocaine into Offutt Air Force base that was supplied by Escobar. [...] Concerning Kevin Dobson – my sister was best friends with him years ago. Which is one reason they (the CIA) is trying to take us out. BOTH my sister and I."
* [http://www.parksbrothersfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Eugene-Mahoney/ Obituary on 2015/03/09 for Eugene "Gene" Mahoney] - a commenter Janet Mahoney calls him "Uncle Gene"
* [http://www.parksbrothersfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Eugene-Mahoney/ Obituary on 2015/03/09 for Eugene "Gene" Mahoney] - a commenter Janet Mahoney calls him "Uncle Gene"
* From p.220 of ''Pioneering in Masonry: The Life and Times of Rob Morris, Masonic Poet Laureate'' by Lucien V. Rule ([https://books.google.com/books?id=4pA7AQAAMAAJ&pg=PA220&lpg=PA220&dq=freemason+ak+sar+ben&source=bl&ots=E_-r-42bsz&sig=LLqpGKZwMZ_LR9Dz_HqljAbJMdo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwixgZLmnYjZAhUGtlkKHbU8CrEQ6AEISjAI#v=onepage&q=freemason%20ak%20sar%20ben&f=false read]): ""Job's Daughters" is a new organization for girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years.  It has been perfected by Eastern Stars and Masons of Omaha, Nebraska, and the General Headquarters will be in Omaha.  The guiding hand is Mrs. W. H. Mick, wife of Dr. W. H. Mick, a prominent Omaha Mason.  Mrs. Mick is Matron of a newly organized Chapter known as the Ak-Sar-Ben Chapter.  She is active also in social welfare work in Omaha.  The constitution, by-laws and ritual have been written by Leroy T. Wilcox, formerly Generalissimo of Montjore Commandery in Chicago, and well known in Masonic circles there.  He took up his residence in Omaha in May last year (1920) and since then has been active in Masonic affairs in the Nebraska city.  Brother Wilcox promises to bring the plan before the Illinois Masons in detail at an early date; and any one interested may address him at 2507 Sherman Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska."
* From p.220 of ''Pioneering in Masonry: The Life and Times of Rob Morris, Masonic Poet Laureate'' by Lucien V. Rule ([https://books.google.com/books?id=4pA7AQAAMAAJ&pg=PA220&lpg=PA220&dq=freemason+ak+sar+ben&source=bl&ots=E_-r-42bsz&sig=LLqpGKZwMZ_LR9Dz_HqljAbJMdo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwixgZLmnYjZAhUGtlkKHbU8CrEQ6AEISjAI#v=onepage&q=freemason%20ak%20sar%20ben&f=false read]): ""Job's Daughters" is a new organization for girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years.  It has been perfected by Eastern Stars and Masons of Omaha, Nebraska, and the General Headquarters will be in Omaha.  The guiding hand is Mrs. W. H. Mick, wife of Dr. W. H. Mick, a prominent Omaha Mason.  Mrs. Mick is Matron of a newly organized Chapter known as the Ak-Sar-Ben Chapter.  She is active also in social welfare work in Omaha.  The constitution, by-laws and ritual have been written by Leroy T. Wilcox, formerly Generalissimo of Montjore Commandery in Chicago, and well known in Masonic circles there.  He took up his residence in Omaha in May last year (1920) and since then has been active in Masonic affairs in the Nebraska city.  Brother Wilcox promises to bring the plan before the Illinois Masons in detail at an early date; and any one interested may address him at 2507 Sherman Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska."

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The Franklin child sex ring was a politically-connected child prostitution ring in Omaha NE during the 1980s. Children from all over Omaha, including the Boys Town orphanage and Nebraska foster care system, were kidnapped to be abused at sex parties. Republican powerbroker Lawrence E. King operated the ring and hosted these sex parties, which were attended by political and business elites in Omaha. He also flew these children around the country, particularly to Washington DC, to be abused by other rich and powerful men. The main purpose of King's pedophile ring was blackmailing politicians, government officials, businessmen, and media figures with proof of them having sexually abused children. King carried out this blackmail operation on behalf of the CIA, in partnership with Republican lobbyist and CIA asset Craig J. Spence, whose DC home he would often fly children to.


Larry King's rise

Main article: Lawrence E. King

Commonwealth Savings

[In the 1980s, under the governorship of Bob Kerrey, Commonwealth Savings collapsed. Kerrey and his backers appear to have deliberately caused the collapse of Commonwealth in order to plunder it, turning a profit in the wake of the fallout. Many of the same officials who covered up the corruption involving Commonwealth later had a role in investigating and prosecuting Franklin, which they also covered up. John Gottschalk, an Omaha World-Herald figure who otherwise has no discernible link to Franklin, is connected to Kerrey through financial ties, and DeCamp even stated that Gottschalk was one of the people who controlled Kerrey.]

Death of Charlie Rogers


Eulice Washington

Shawneta Moore

Alisha Owen

Main article: Alisha Owen

Troy Boner

Danny King

Paul Bonacci

Main article: Paul Bonacci


Reinforcing Bonacci's credibility is the fact that he revealed his abuse to his high school counselors back in 1986, years before the Franklin case had broken. Bonacci's attorney Henry Rosenthal testified about this to the Franklin Committee on June 21, 1990, saying that he had spoken to officials at the school and they confirmed Bonacci's disclosures, including his mention of prominent people in Omaha.[1] When interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald in 1991, Bonacci's counselors purportedly denied that he had ever told them about being abused.[2] But in the course of Bonacci's lawsuit against the Omaha Public School District (OPSD), the counselors admitted that they were told about the abuse by Bonacci. They filed affidavits which did not deny that Bonacci told them about the abuse, but rather claimed that they "fulfilled their statutory duty to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement officers". In other words, the OPSD argued it was not liable because Bonacci's claims of abuse were reported to the police as legally required, a tacit confirmation that Bonacci had indeed made those disclosures.[3]

[Bonacci's diaries were stored at his grandmother's apartment while he was in prison, indicating he did not have access to them][4] [A forensic ink analysis conducted on January 14, 1991 revealed that all entries in the diary were either inconclusive or written no later than 1.5 years prior to the test, and for most of the entries the ink matched the entry's written date][5]

Tony Harris

Nikolai Cayman

Rue Fox

Other possible names

These come from Gary Caradori's leads list:

  • Brant Clark: Boys Town student who worked for Larry King, was identified by Eulice Washington as being at a Chicago party, and denied the allegations before the grand jury but claimed he had seen Eulice with the Webbs in New York
  • Wally McGinnis (Wally Webb): Foster child of Barbara and Jarrett Webb who might have been flown to Washington DC
  • Tina Bufford: Uta Halee resident who might have been a sexual abuse and Satanic cult victim
  • Angie Chandler: Uta Halee resident who might have been a sexual abuse and Satanic cult victim
  • Susan Loder: Uta Halee resident who might have been a Satanic cult victim
  • Nikki Sowell: Uta Halee resident who might have been a sexual abuse and Satanic cult victim
  • Burt Salman: Listed on Larry King's flight manifests for YNR Aviation
  • Amy Noble: Sexual abuse victim and former prostitute who was interviewed on audiotape by Caracorp



Washington DC

San Francisco

Los Angeles

  • Ron Gilbert: Prominent Hollywood producer (this person?)
  • ...

West Des Moines



Military/intelligence personnel:

Though uncorroborated, Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) was accused by Paul Bonacci of being on the same level as Aquino and Plemmons.

Political operatives:

Organized crime figures:

  • Bill Baker: A restaurant owner associated with Larry King who dealt in drugs and child pornography
  • Joe Malec: Owner of Peony Park, where some of the abuse took place
  • Willy Theisen: Owner of Godfather's Pizza, implicated by some victims as supplying cocaine for King's parties

Human traffickers:

  • Sam Soda: Spotter of children to abduct, known to be active in Des Moines IA and also identified in Omaha NE and Minnesota
  • Charlie Kerr: Operator of a safehouse outside of Sioux City IA for storing kidnapped children
  • "Emilio" and "Tony": Abducted children to sell them at auctions and safehouses

Charter flights

The following charter flight services are known to have been used by Lawrence E. King:

  • Executive Jet Aviation - Columbus OH
  •  ??? (the pilot admitted that minors accompanied King) - ???
  • Sky Harbor Air Service (a former employee said that King often traveled with well-groomed young men) - Omaha NE
  • YNR Aviation (had itineraries with victims' names) - Sioux City IA
  • KAM Airlines - ???

Many of King's flight receipts for Executive Jet Aviation have been posted online by Nick Bryant, and reveal where he was traveling:

  • ...

Land transport

Before reaching the airport and after landing, King often used transportation services like limos:

  • Old Market Limousine Service - phone 402-346-5512, contact named "Gail"
  • ...


Here are some of the hotels which King is known to have stayed at:

  • ...

Related networks

  • Washington DC call boy ring: The DC operation of Spence exposed by the Washington Times
  • Johnny Gosch abduction: One of the most prominent child abductions carried out by "Emilio"
  • Presidio sex abuse case: A rash of child molestations in Northern California during the 1980s involving Michael Aquino
  • Catholic Church sexual abuse cases: What was uncovered in Boys Town during Franklin got revealed as systemic within the Church about a decade later
  • Guy Strait network in Los Angeles: One of the pedophile clients was identified as Leonard John Gosch (the father of Johnny Gosch), who multiple witnesses have also implicated in Franklin
  • John Norman and the Delta Project: A child prostitution network based in Chicago that provided young boys to clients (some of them prominent individuals) all over the nation, which perfectly matches Paul Bonacci's description of a Chicago ring that provided boys to Alan Baer and Harold Andersen
  • Penn State child molestation case: According to DeCamp and Greg Bucceroni, King brought children to Penn State
  • Roy Cohn network in New York: Cohn, who ran a pedophile ring in New York used for blackmail, was good friends with Craig Spence
  • Straight Inc. and successors: A pedophile and self-proclaimed CIA asset from the Gosch case, George Paul Bishop, tracked down runaways from Mel Sembler's child abuse facility Straight Inc. Allegedly, once Straight was exposed by the media, it branched off into copycat operations such as Green Isle Ranch.
  • The Finders: A cult organization with evidence of CIA connections and child abuse / trafficking discovered by law enforcement, after which the CIA took over the investigation as a "CIA internal matter", likely as part of the same investigation Paul Bishop was involved with


Early allegations

Media response

Police investigation

Franklin Committee

Gary Caradori

Main article: Gary Caradori

DC call boy ring

Main article: Washington DC call boy ring


State grand jury

Main article: Franklin state grand jury

Federal grand jury

Alisha Owen perjury trial

Main article: State v. Owen

Subsequent investigations

NLC and Ted Gunderson

[Led by Lincoln NE potato chip mogul Ed Weaver; former FBI supervisor turned private investigator Ted Gunderson was hired to assist with the investigation]

John DeCamp

Main article: John DeCamp


Noreen Gosch

Main article: Johnny Gosch abduction

Conspiracy of Silence


Nick Bryant


Suspicious deaths

DeCamp names

John DeCamp has identified 15 deaths ostensibly connected to the Franklin scandal that he labels as suspicious. For most of the people listed, very little is known about the circumstances of their death or their connection to Franklin. As such, it is not possible to draw any definitive conclusions, but for the purposes of completeness, the so-called mysterious deaths are listed here. Some of the spellings of names in DeCamp's book are wrong and have thus been corrected.


  • Gary Caradori: Lead investigator for the Franklin Committee; died in a plane crash with his son A.J. on 1990/07/11 as he was bringing back evidence from Chicago
  • Bill Skaleske (misspelled Bill Skoleski): Omaha police officer said to be a longtime acquaintance of Kirstin Hallberg whom she told about the Webb children and Larry King[9], and who was alleged to have been keeping a file on King; died of a heart attack on 1987/08/17

Victim advocates:

  • Mike Lewis: Former caregiver for Shawneta Moore at Richard Young Hospital, who was terminated after he housed her at his residence for several days; died of a "severe diabetic reaction" at age 32
  • Kathleen Sorensen (misspelled Kathleen Sorenson): Foster parent of the Washington girls and other abused children; died in a car crash on 1989/10/04

Relatives of victims:

  • Shawn Boner: Brother of Troy Boner; died from a gunshot wound on 1991/01/14 while allegedly playing Russian Roulette in a Capehart military housing apartment near Offutt Air Force Base
  • Aaron Owen: Brother of Alisha Owen; found hanged in his prison cell on 1990/11/09 shortly before Alisha appeared in court

King associates:

  • Charlie Rogers: Employee and purported lover of King; expressed fear for his life shortly before he allegedly killed himself in 1986
  • Dan Ryan: Creighton student and purported associate of King[10]; was found dead of asphyxiation in a car on 1988/12/07 after disappearing 10 days earlier
  • Curtis Tucker: Former Boys Town worker and purported lover of King[11]; died when he fell out of the window of the Holiday Inn in Omaha on 1985/12/25


  • Clare Howard: Secretary of Alan Baer who was said (by Troy Boner) to have arranged his child sexual encounters; died in her sleep on 1991/01/20
  • Bill Baker: Knew King and dealt with drugs and pornography; was shot to death on on 1988/12/21, once in the head and once in the body, while sitting in his office
  • Joe Malec (misspelled Joe Malek): Ran Peony Park where pedophilic events took place; died on 1990/11/14 from a gunshot which was ruled a suicide
  • Harmon Tucker: Alleged perpetrator who was a Council Bluffs school administrator; was kidnapped and found on 1988/11/01 shot in the head near Valdosta GA

Other people

  • Young boy incarcerated at Lincoln Correctional Center who was found hung and had buried videotapes (mentioned by Karla Hall; confided in an assistant chaplain at the prison named Rose that he was receiving threats and she should dig up the tapes if anything happened to him)
  • Greg Hall: Unofficial nephew of Karla Hall who was about to enter the Franklin investigation with the help of Roy Stephens, and was found dead in the basement of podiatrist Dr. Klawitter's building
  • Relative of Bonacci who owned a North Omaha airport (mentioned by Karla Hall; dated a woman named Gayle Bailey)
  • Troy Boner: Victim and witness who was repeatedly forced into recanting by the FBI and then un-recanted
  • Hunter Thompson?: Implicated as a snuff film maker (though it is unclear whether the producer in Bonacci's story was really him) and found dead of an alleged suicide in early 2005 as the Franklin story was surging back into the news
  • Michael Connell?: Allegedly enlisted by Karl Rove to scrub information on Lawrence E. King from the Internet, and later died in a suspicious plane crash, though this was more probably linked to the election fraud court case he was considering testifying in

Political connections


Main article: Iran-Contra


In his testimony at Paul Bonacci's 1999 civil damages hearing, Rusty Nelson recalled a specific instance of Larry King providing funds for Iran-Contra. While he and King were staying at a hotel in Minneapolis, a man addressed only as "Colonel" came to their room to meet with King, who gave him a briefcase full of bearer bonds. Nelson believed that this was an instance of King financing "the Contra ordeal".[13] In a later interview with Jeffrey Steinberg of EIR, Nelson positively identified the "Colonel" as Army intelligence officer Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.[14] He reiterated the identification of Aquino in an email message he sent out in 2000.

Sexual blackmail

Mind control

Main article: Mind control programs

Corporate connections

Omaha business community

S&L institutions

Main article: Savings and loan crisis

See also


  1. Testimony of Henry Rosenthal to the Franklin Committee on 1990/06/21 (excerpted on John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-Up, p.128)
  2. Omaha World-Herald, "Bonacci Lawsuit Called Frivolous by 2 Attorneys", 1991/02/08
  3. 1992 ruling denying Bonacci's claim against the Omaha Public School District (OPSD) for not helping protect him from abuse - reveals that the OPSD itself confirmed Bonacci reported the abuse: "Affidavits supporting OPSD's summary judgment motion showed that Bonacci's high school counselors fulfilled their statutory duty to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement officers". The affidavits are probably in docket #57 on 1991/07/31: "MOTION by defendant Omaha Pub Sch Dist for summary judgment w/attach exhibits"
  4. Nick Bryant, The Franklin Scandal, p.244: "Caradori told the grand jury that he retrieved a number of Bonacci's notebooks and letters from his grandmother's apartment, where he was living at the time of his arrest. Caradori came across one of Bonacci's diaries that had a number of pages ripped out of it, and he asked Bonacci about the missing pages—Bonacci stated to him that the OPD was previously in possession of the diary, and someone with the police must have purloined the missing pages."
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  8. Raw Story, "Karl Rove meets ‘the malcontents’: a RAW STORY exclusive", 2010/04/20 - was Karl Rove involved in a ploy to discredit Bryant's book?
  9. Nebraska Leadership Conference, The Mystery of the Carefully Crafted Hoax, p.8: "Following the interview, Walters prepared a report for State Foster Care Review Board member, Carol Stitt. She also contacted the children's guardian ad litem Pat Flocken, and in addition wrote a report for Boy's Town head, Fr. Val Peter. Kirstin Hallberg then contacted a long time acquaintance in the Omaha Police Department, Sgt. Bill Skaleske, and gave him the information about the Webb children and Larry King. In April, 1986, they also gave the information to representatives of the Nebraska State Patrol and, again, to the Omaha Police Department."
  11. Nebraska Leadership Conference, The Mystery of the Carefully Crafted Hoax, p.65: "Curtis Tucker plunged to his death from a 9th floor hallway window of the Ramada Inn on Dec 25, 1985. He was a former homosexual lover of Larry King. He had worked at Boys Town in 1980 where he met Fr. Brown to whom the "suicide note" was addressed. The signature on the note was not even close to matching examples of his signature on other documents."
  12. 1989/02/21 report by Jerry Lowe (excerpted on John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-Up, p.170):

        Carol's notes also have a reference to Larry King running guns and money into Nicaragua.... Carol's notes on Dec. 21, 1988 reflect that she talked with Flanery and in addition to the Nicaraguan info he was also now talking about CIA involvement and provided info that yesterday (Dec. 20) the FBI quit cooperating with him.... Carol's notes next jump to Feb. 6, 1989, where she talked on the phone with Flanery and Flanery told her that the appropriate people didn't want to believe any of this and who was ever going to prosecute it. Apparently Flanery told Carol he was close to resigning and the reasons he didn't think anyone wanted to do anything was because of the possibility of a White House connection, the connections to a number of big people, and the fact that the investigators wanted badly to confine this all to the money. Also many white people made Larry King, he did not happen on his own.
        Apparently Flanery told Carol he was uncomfortable on the phone, his editor was distressed, and things he had written were continually edited, he wanted to get his by-line off the article printed the 9th among other things.... Flanery also expressed concern to Carol that if he didn't get off this story he worried about being compromised.
  13. Paul Bonacci civil trial damages hearing (Noreen Gosch, Rusty Nelson, Bonacci, and his wife testify) (original document)
  14. EIR, "Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military", 1999/07/02

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Supporting materials

All of the material here is meant to serve as documentation supporting claims in Nick Bryant's book. In the references, Bryant's book is what gets cited, but the links down here help to demonstrate that the contents in his book are indeed accurate.

  • Many of Bryant's sources are cited better on p.183 of Global Perspectives on Dissociative Disorders (e.g. reference to OPD report 50001-A)
  • Various files uploaded by Bryant: News articles, committee documents, investigative notes, etc.
  • Even more such files uploaded by Bryant
  • FranklinCase.org collection of newspaper articles
  • More news articles archived on Free Republic: 1, 2
  • Nebraska social services documents (many by DSS caseworker Andrea L. Carpenter, proven to be an employee as late as 2008)
    • 1985/06/10 write-up by a DSS social worker of a call from the Washington County Sheriff's Department concerning three Webb children who reported abuse
    • 1985/12/18 write-up from the Fremont office of the DSS interviewing Eulice Washington and her sister about beatings by the Webbs
    • 1986/01/30 report by Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) officer Jane F. Tooley about Eulice Washington reporting sexual abuse by Jarrett Webb
    • 1986/02/?? request by the DSS to remove the Webbs' remaining children from their foster home
    • 1986/03/?? report by Julie Walters about the Washington childrens' reports to law enforcement
    • 1988/06/28 interview of Shawneta Moore by OPD officer Irl Carmean
    • 1988/06/30 follow-up report by OPD officer Irl Carmean
    • 1988/07/05 report in which Irl Carmean received the address of King's house from Shawneta Moore and verified the lead
    • Daily notes of Carol Stitt and Dennis Carlson throughout 1988, including: November 30; December 1
    • ...
  • 1988/07/20 letter from Carol Stitt to attorney general Robert Spire about the allegations made by children to social workers - contains the name of the Kansas City detective, Lynn Cunningham, who purportedly brought up Larry King's child abuse to Kirstin Hallberg at a conference
  • New York Times, "A Lurid, Mysterious Scandal Begins Taking Shape in Omaha", 1988/12/18
  • Legislative committee documents
  • Caracorp investigation
  • Matching dates of alleged sexual encounters with dates that these prominent figures are known to have been in those locations (e.g. was Bush Sr. in Chicago when Eulice claimed he was?) - TODO: do the work to fill this out
    • Week after July 4, 1984, in Kansas City MO at the Westin Crown Center Hotel a.k.a. Westin Hotel
      • NPR, "Michael Jackson's Tour Opens in Kansas City", 2009/06/26: "In this profile from All Things Considered aired on July 7, 1984, Lee Thorton travels to Kansas City, Mo. —where Michael Jackson's latest tour began in support of the album Thriller — to find out if the expensive concert extravaganza lived up to the hype."
  • Other foster children of Kathleen Sorensen
  • Kathleen Sorensen death
  • OPD reports on Paul Bonacci child molestation: 89603-C, 89608-C, 90628-C
  • Lincoln Correctional Center info on Bonacci - hard to obtain due to privacy laws
  • Lincoln Star, "Legislature's non-confirmation vote more message than rebuke", 1990/02/25
  • Samuel Van Pelt background
    • Arthur Kirk murder by the Nebraska State Patrol
      • From p.231 of The Terrorist Next Door: The Militia Movement and the Radical Right by Daniel Levitas: "Deloris also turned to Rick Elliott for support, appearing alongside the Colorado flimflam man in Omaha that winter to receive a NAPA award. Joining the two of them was a Nebraska state senator, Ernie Chambers, the sole black member of the legislature. Chambers was a frequent critic of the police and he saw the Kirk incident as an opportunity to put Nebraska law enforcement and the state's governor, Bob Kerrey, on the defensive. Chambers quickly demanded a grand jury investigation. To deflect criticism about Kirk's death, Governor Kerrey appointed a respected retired judge, Samuel Van Pelt, to look into the matter."
      • From p.188-189 of Killings by Calvin Trillin: "A lot of people saw Kirk as the victim of the pressures that farmers have had to face—a desperate man driven so far from rationality that he could believe that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, was pulling the strings in Hall County, Nebraska. Some people thought that there was plenty of blame to go around. The Independent's editorial on the shooting said, “There are people who are profiting from the plight of farmers, some indirectly and even innocently because they are themselves deluded, and some more maliciously defrauding them,” but it also said that the fact that Kirk owed the bank far more than he could ever hope to repay from the income on his land “says something to lenders and borrowers alike.” Some Nebraskans who despised the message that groups like NAPA and the Posse Comitatus bring to farmers also thought that what Arthur Kirk chose to read in his own house was nobody's business and no justification for the state's show of force at the Kirk farmhouse that night."
  • Lincoln Journal Star, "Franklin grand jury selection begins", 1990/03/12: pages 7 - mentions how Douglas County Election Commissioner Vickie Edwards played a role alongside Judge Buckley and another lawyer in choosing grand jurors
  • Omaha World-Herald, "Woman on Videotape Says King Was Blackmailed", 1990/04/06
  • Rigorous Intuition discussion of Larry King's mental incompetence (involves US Magistrate Richard Kopf)
  • NTSB info on Gary Caradori plane crash - lends support to the plane instrumentation being sabotaged, especially given Caradori's report that his compass was swinging; weirdly only mentions wings snapping off, not the rest of the plane breaking up
  • Lee County Sheriff's Department records on the Caradori plane crash: docs 1, 2, 3
  • Rigorous Intuition thread on the Lee County IL documents
  • WebSleuths discussion about Caradori's plane crash: pages 35, 36
  • 2012 Franklin Files thread discussing the NTSB report on the Caradori plane crash - rbeck suspects instrument sabotage rather than an explosion, and backs Ted Gunderson's account that the first deputy sheriff on the scene (whose name he once had but now has forgotten) found child porn pictures
  • Law enforcement officers involved with investigating the crash
  • Troy Boner disavowal of his recantation - see State v. Owen page also
    • Donna Owen's affidavit saying that Troy Boner admitted he was coerced into recanting
    • Family acquaintance of the Boners swears that Boner family members told him Troy admitted to lying at the grand jury and Owen trial
    • Troy Boner's "lie or die" affidavit
    • According to multiple other witnesses (such as Sandi Caradori and Loran Schmit), Boner took back his recantation immediately after Caradori's death, and tried to tell the FBI but was pressured into maintaining his recantation. Independent corroboration of Boner's change-of-heart exists in the 1990/07/12 Omaha World-Herald article "Caradori's Airplane 'Broke Up in Flight'", where someone who evidently was Boner expressed fear over Caradori's death. It would make little sense for Boner to be scared by Caradori's death if he didn't believe there was something suspicious about it, which would be unlikely if the allegations were simply concocted. According to the article: "A 23-year-old man - who last November gave Caradori a videotaped statement saying he had been sexually abused, but later recanted part of his account - said the investigator's death frightens him. He said Caradori had warned him that people involved in the Franklin investigation could be in danger. The 23-year-old man, who hasn't been publicly identified, said he fears someone might try to harm him. The 23-year-old, who said he had flown with Caradori several times during the investigation, said the investigator was meticulous about checking the plane before taking off."
    • From Anton Chaitkin's 1993 article below: "In his Nov. 1, 1993 KKAR-radio interview, Troy Boner claimed that he had also met at that time with Omaha World-Herald reporter Gabriella Stern out of fear for his life. He had sought the reporter's protection so he could ``do what was right`` by Caradori, to whom he had told the truth. He said he had asked her to get the story out but not to use his name. He was then 23 years old." Stern was one of the authors of the above 1990 article, so Boner made a corroborated statement in 1993 indicating that he recanted his recantation.
  • Des Moines Register, "Widow vows work of husband to continue", 1990/07/18 - mentions Sandi Caradori
  • Larry King flight receipts (table of information) (TODO: Complete the table)
    • Allegation on Franklin Files from 2012 about evidence confirming an Offutt AFB connection: "The only documented connection I have found regarding Larry King and Offut was when Nick Bryant had posted some of the flight receipts he obtained while researching for his book. On one of the flight receipts there was a note that gave a phone number for the flight attendant to call upon arrival in Omaha and the number was a direct line to a Offut office (wonder why?). It's not concrete proof but really gives merit that there is a connection."
  • EIR, "FBI covers up child abuse, murder in Nebraska", 1990/07/27 - says "O'Hara also used to go on fishing trips with the World-Herald's Harold Anderson" (related to L. Harmon Tucker murder?)
  • Omaha World-Herald, "Franklin Stories Leave Warner Uncertain of Truth", 1990/08/02
  • EIR, "Nebraska grand jury protects child abuse", 1990/08/03 - mentions Samuel Van Pelt's cover-up of the NSP murder of Arthur Kirk; raises rumored pedophilia of Henry Kissinger at the Carlyle Hotel in New York; quotes from 1983/04/20 in Paul Bonacci's diary: "Went to a party, did it with a man who cut my leg, tied me up with rope and handcuffs, it hurt a lot and I won't do it with him again"
  • Shawn Boner death - was killed while allegedly playing Russian Roulette
    • 2018/06/18 denial by the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office of a request for records on Shawn Boner's death
    • Omaha World-Herald, "Shawn Boner Dies of Gunshot; Was Brother of Franklin Figure", 1991/01/17: "Shawn T. Boner, 20, of 2702 Forbes Drive in the Capehart area near Bellevue, died early Tuesday apparently of an accidental gunshot wound to the head, Sarpy County Sheriff Pat Thomas said Wednesday. Boner and three friends were at 12014 S. 29th St. in Capehart playing with a .38 - caliber revolver owned by one of the friends who is a private security officer, Thomas said. "I think they thought the gun was unloaded," said Thomas, who said his investigation is continuing. [...]"
    • Omaha World-Herald, "Sarpy Man's Death Appears Accidental", 1991/01/20: "Sarpy County Sheriff Pat Thomas said Friday that evidence so far indicates that the shooting death of Shawn T. Boner Tuesday was accidental. Thomas said his office will continue investigating the death of Boner, 20, of 2702 Forbes Drive near Capehart. Boner and three companions were playing with a .38 - caliber revolver when it discharged as Boner held it. He was struck in the head. Thomas said the four apparently thought the gun was not loaded. [...]"
    • Omaha World-Herald, "Answers Yet to Come in Death From Game With Gun" by Gabriella Stern, 1991/01/25: "Shawn Boner and three friends spent the evening of Jan. 14 at a home in Bellevue, drinking, talking and toying with a .38 - caliber revolver. They aimed the empty gun and pretended to shoot at targets. "They were playing with it, shooting it at the TV, at the cat, at pictures on the wall," said his mother, Lani Boner Hicks. "They were fooling around with the weapon," Sarpy County Sheriff Pat Thomas said. "They had placed spent shells in the gun." "All night, they were [...]"
    • Omaha World-Herald, "Dead Teen May Have Been Showing Off Youths Didn't Anticipate Loaded Gun" by Daniel Garfield, 1991/05/08 - mentions Shawn Boner but is not about him; names Maurice Robinson and Richard Johnson
    • David Shurter interview with Michael Brownell on 2016/09/12 - it is Mike Brownell who was sitting next to Shawn Boner when he was killed; according to Brownell, Kip King brought a revolver to the Brownell home and was playing around with it by dry firing until all the bullets were gone, then Shawn took the gun away from him and the gun went off at his head, indicating that a bullet had been surreptitiously added; on that night, Brownell's father (who would have stopped any gunplay) had been sent away to the West Coast by his commanding officer who told him that his father had a heart attack, which was not actually true
  • EIR, "Child abuse expert warns Nebraskans", 1991/01/18
  • Omaha World-Herald, "7 Others Implicated", 1991/02/11
  • EIR, "Nebraska civil rights suit charges pedophile conspiracy", 1991/02/15
  • On p.135 of The Franklin Cover-Up, DeCamp includes a photograph of a letter written in backwards writing by Paul Bonacci. As DeCamp captions the image in his book: "A letter written by one of Paul Bonacci's personalities, who experienced Satanic cult activity and only writes backwards. If held up to a mirror, it can be read in the reflection." The inverted image of Bonacci's letter shows that it was written on April 7th, 1991, and makes reference to the Temple of Set, meaning this is one of the first documented mentions that Bonacci makes of Michael Aquino.
  • EIR, "Death threats fly in Nebraska abuse case", 1991/05/03
  • EIR, "Nebraska courts still shield pedophile ring", 1991/05/31
  • Lincoln Journal Star, "Ex-FBI agent hired in child-abuse probe", 1991/06/03: "A retired FBI agent who investigated abuse allegations at a California preschool has been hired by a Nebraska group that says it is investigating child abuse and ritualistic sexual abuse. Ted Gunderson said he has been hired by the Nebraska Leadership Conference, a group that has sponsored several meetings in Lincoln to discuss child abuse allegations. "I'll be talking with them and giving them ideas," Gunderson said. Gunderson once headed the FBI office in Los Angeles and later investigated allegations surrounding the McMartin Pre-School in Manhattan Beach, Calif. No one was convicted in the McMartin case. Gunderson is one of several investigators who will investigate allegations of abuse, pedophilia and child pornography in Nebraska, said Ed Weaver, president of the Weaver Potato Chip Co. and a member of the leadership conference."
    • Ed Weaver background
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "The chips are down: Weaver hopes buyout can save firm from bankruptcy", 1996/08/18 (pages 1e, 5e): "Weaver, a former three-time Lancaster County Republican Party chairman and organizer of the Nebraska Leadership Council and other conservative efforts, said his Christian faith is helping him get through the days."
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Weaver, former Lincoln businessman, dies", 2013/03/27: "Weaver was the son of the founder of Weaver Potato Chip Co. of Lincoln, who called the original product "Weaver Brownie Vitamin Chips." He [...] took over the company when his father retired in 1958. He expanded the company and built a new factory for it in 1964 at 1600 Center Park Road. Weaver's Potato Chips was a popular product for decades under its own name and grocery store brands. [...] He served in the Army Counterintelligence Corps. from 1952 to 1954. Weaver also was a pilot and a musician and was active in the Republican Party. He was chairman of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission under Gov. Norbert Tiemann." - so he would have been NAC chairman from 1967 to 1971; interesting to note that the father of John Ramsey / paternal grandfather of JonBenet Ramsey was also chairman of the NAC from 1947 to 1956
      • Lincoln Journal Star, obituary for Weaver, Edward M. Jr., 2013/03/31: "Edward M. Weaver Jr., was born Sept. 6, 1927 in Columbus to Edward and Phyllis (McCann) Weaver. His family moved to Lincoln when he was two years old, as his father sold the family coal business and sought employment in Lincoln, in the midst of the Depression. Ed attended the University of Nebraska after graduating from Lincoln High School in 1945. In 1932 his father and mother began what was to become the Weaver Potato Chip Company in the basement of their home. Ed grew up in the business, taking it over when his father retired in 1956. [...] He was active in the industry and served as president of the International Potato Chip and Snack Food Association in 1968, traveling in Europe, Canada and other countries in that capacity. He was active in other business and professional organizations, founding the Western Potato Company in Alliance, and serving as a vice president of the American Management Association. [...] He had many interests, earning his pilot's license when he was 16, and flying many hours on business trips, as well as serving in the Civil Air Patrol and being a founder of the FreLin Soaring Association, where he and other enthusiasts owned and enjoyed flying sailplanes. [...] He was part of a consortium of Lincoln businessmen which bought the Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park, and managed it for several seasons, later being active in the development of Elkhorn Club Estates, where he and Lois built their home in 1970. [...] He was publisher of the Capital Times Newspaper in Lincoln, and served six years as Lancaster County and First District Chairman of the Republican Party."
      • Free Range Humans, "John DeCamp Dies at Age 76", 2017/08/11: "In the Franklin Cover-up, the original video testimonies of 80 children were turned over to John’s friend, Ted Gunderson, who ensured that they passed from official record into the private hands of Ed Weaver, of the Nebraska Leadership Conference, where they apparently disappeared."
    • 2018 YouTube comment by rbeck3200tb40 on a 2018 Ed Opperman show about the Johnny Gosch case: "Ted Gunderson was actually hired by an old college friend of his from The University of Nebraska to investigate the claims against Larry King and to look into a "trouble maker" named Decamp and try to debunk his claims. He came down real "heavy " on John at first as he said. This friend of Teds was an important business owner in Nebraska and part of the Nebraska Leadership council. The entire council didnt hire Ted only his friend. After his investigations Ted found out that Decamp was very credible and telling the truth and the claims about Lawrence King are also true . Ted got into alot of trouble with his friend and was fired because he wanted Ted to debunk all of this but he refused. Ted said that his " Christmas card list got alot smaller" because of this investigation." - this friend of Gunderson's is almost certainly Weaver, since they both attended the University of Nebraska at the same time
  • EIR, "Nebraska pedophile trial ends in coverup", 1991/07/05
  • Nebraska Observer, "Bonacci Recalls Early Trauma" and "Observer Interview With Paul Bonacci" by Frances Mendenhall, 1991/07/12
  • Skeptical analysis (with news article sources) of DeCamp's list of suspicious deaths linked to the Franklin scandal - the woman who killed Kathleen Sorensen was 18-year-old Tina Townsend
  • Lincoln Journal Star, "Bonacci to receive counseling while on parole from prison", 1991/10/21 - mentions Dr. Beverly Mead, Rev. John Morrow of the Nebraska Leadership Conference, and Roy Stephens
  • Interview of Paul Bonacci on 1993/02/08 by Ted Gunderson: parts 1, 2 - at 1:22:15 he says that in 1978, he met Harold Andersen through Walter Carlson; says that Carlson began abusing him around 1976 after they met in a park: first he was just invited over to watch cartoons, then he was groomed through pornographic films, and then he was sexually abused; at 1:26:50 he says that his Zachary Knight personality introduced him to Emilio, who abducted kids like Johnny Gosch for a living; at 1:27:45 he says that Christian Bonacci was the first personality to be created when he was about 3 years old, due to sexual abuse by a man in the Air Force; mentions another personality called Kristin Bonacci (is this a female personality?) who subsequently developed; at 1:30:15 he says that Alan Baer owned a bunch of buildings in San Francisco, which one personality (Mikey) learned about because they were at Baer's house in 1989 (a couple days before his arrest) and he was on the phone with a lawyer talking about the earthquake destroying an apartment; at 1:34:45 he mentions a personality named West Lee; at 1:36:48 Gunderson asks how the abuses on Bonacci's chart can be documented, and he says he had 7 diaries at the time of his arrest, 6 of which disappeared and the last of which had numerous pages ripped out, plus a year-by-year calendar that he reconstructed after he got out of prison; he says that his mother recalled seeing all the diaries on his dresser, before police seized a bunch of items from the house; says the police claimed they didn't have his diaries, and they only gave back one diary that had a couple months ripped out, surmising it was because his grandmother specifically gave it to police and thus they were aware she knew they had it; around 1:42:30 he starts going down a list of his abusers: Walter Carlson (1976 to 1983), Peter Citron (1979 to mid-1980s), Father Stan O'Malley (1976, before Carlson), Alan Baer (1979/08), Robert Andresen (1977 to 1983), John Barksdale (1980, Boys Town affiliation, involved with Baer and King), Chuck Miller (1981 to 1983, later met him in prison); says that some people like Alan Baer would pay for their sexual encounters; starts discussing trips to California: he and other male prostitutes would hang out on Santa Monica Boulevard, and Larry King would sometimes have parties where 30 adults and 40-50 kids walked into a building; at 1:52:25 Bonacci continues with his list: Rusty Nelson (1981 to 1986, says there are two different Nelsons, was a foster parent with his girlfriend/wife whose name started with a D), William Thiesen (1979 to 1985, involved with Citron, Andersen, and Baer), David Thorstad (1978 to 1986, went to New York and Boston, was associated with Carlson's group, they forced Bonacci to march with them at an anti-nuclear demonstration in Washington DC, always chaperoned the kids, says that he was there at the formation of NAMBLA on December 2, 1978, originally the Boston Boise Committee); in part 2 at 3:20, the video repeats yet again, finally new stuff at 4:55; says he was at a summer convention / picnic in New York with NAMBLA in June 1980, an anti-nuclear demonstration in Washington DC in June 1982, in Philadelphia with some members (their attorney, possibly Hugh, Wayne Sunday, Robert Rhodes), in December 1982; at 9:22 he mentions Harold Andersen, who he called "Harry" and met from 1978 to 1983, after which he threatened to stop bringing his friends to parties if they didn't keep Andersen away from him; at 12:05 goes down list further: Kent Bruner (1978 to 1983 when he left Carlson's group), Joe Burke (1977 to 1983), Eugene Mahoney (1977 to 1986), ??? Nelson (1983 to 1986 with Baer and King, first name unknown, an Omaha lawyer, met him at a party with Jay Derr, went to DC also), Mike Heavrin (1980, a teacher in Sarpy County, took out kids from his class on field trips, filmed them), ??? Todd (1977 to 1983, with Carlson, a former victim in his early 20s), Carl Allens (out in New York, with NAMBLA, with a kid named Carl Baker?, later arrested), Tim Anderson (at Carlson's parties), Wayne Sunday (fat and short, part of NAMBLA in New York), Larry King (first met in 1980, met through Baer and was invited to his parties, didn't have much to do with him if Bonacci "kept his big-shots happy", brought in state senators, US Senators, congressmen, governors..., might have seen King much earlier at Offutt Air Force Base), Gerry Wahl (an FBI agent, seen possibly at Offutt during his Monarch training, was provided boys by King, brought a boy possibly his son around 1986); at 27:10 he mentions mental blocks on the perpetrators due to his MPD; at 28:35 Gunderson asks how he knew King sent him to congressmen and Senators, and he says he figured it out from bodyguards; says he was only sent to two governors (one in New York or Massachusetts?); mentions a US Senator named "Barney Franks", who had sex with him multiple times; says he knew congressmen named Studds and Gall / Gahl; at 30:30 he describes parties where "young guys" were dressed up as servers, and after the party was over, those who wanted to indulge their desires could stay; at 31:15 he says he saw Vice President Bush at about 3 or 4 parties in Washington DC, which required ID cards to enter and were guarded by Secret Service agents; he says he also saw Maureen Reagan; claims that on two occasions (once with a black kid and once with a white kid, black kid named Wally Webb, white kid called themselves Joe Webb, the black kid was from Omaha, the white kid was from Washington DC), he saw Bush get oral sex from a child while he was hiding in a closet; says that in the closet King had women's clothes in his size (as he was a drag queen); Bonacci says he's familiar with DeCamp's book but Wally is under a different name; at 38:18 Bonacci is asked about the two governors again: one from New York or Massachusetts in the early 1980s and one on the East Coast closer to Washington DC; at 39:10 mentions a guy who gave them a trip to the White House named "Gerry Spence" (should be Craig Spence, and Bonacci seems to rethink the name before he's interrupted) about 6 or 7 times before they had sex near the Lincoln Memorial; says King introduced him to Spence, and they ran Bodies by God and Dream Boys; at 40:30 Gunderson starts some photo lineups; identifies one as Clarence Thomas (from TV); recognizes one from a party with Larry King at the 1984 convention Southfork Ranch and says they were named Bob Allen, after which Gunderson reveals at 45:35 the name is Bill Allen, a Republican candidate for Senate as a write-in; says that another one looks like the governor of California, but he did not see them at any parties, and Gunderson confirms the identification; at 46:32 he mentions Gerry Studds as one congressman who abused him; around 48:25 mentions Hugh Hammill as an abuser who he met in New York as part of NAMBLA who abused him in 1982, and says he went to prison over a kid named Charles Dyson who disappeared from his New Jersey home in November or December 1982, and who was kept in the same place where he (Bonacci) was staying; mentions a NAMBLA member named John Bommarito actually involved in the Dyson abduction who just got out of jail in Buena Vista CO for molesting boys; at 55:10 he mentions Larry the Tank, who people at gay bars in Omaha would recognize but the OPD thought was a fictitious character, and says they were white and would pick up runaway children; at 58:25 next person is Dave Grober, who he met out in New York with NAMBLA; at 1:00:00 he claims that NAMBLA started writing him letters while he was in prison, so they were somehow connected to the authorities in Omaha to find out he was incarcerated; next abuser mentioned by Bonacci is Jack West, a bartender at The Max (which he notes is right across from the police department, just like all the other gay bars) involved with Baer and King who would supply boys for parties; at 1:02:12 he names the next abuser as Tom Harvey, who worked at the Franklin Credit Union and attended a couple parties, describing him as a "chunky" guy in his 30s who still lived with his mother; next abuser is Ronald Sitzman?, an Omaha lawyer who he met at The Run, an area near the Omaha correctional center where gay prostitutes hung out; around 1:08:05 he says he was taken to the credit union several times; next abusers are Tim Daniels and Mark Daniels (probably twin brothers) from Sioux City IA who were involved with King in 1982, who were former teenage prostitutes in a group of kids that was falsely accused of running the ring themselves; mentions a female prostitute from the ring about to be on parole who he wanted to talk to Roy eventually; around 1:13:00 names his next abuser as Jeremy, a teacher in Sioux City IA involved with King in 1984; he says that he was sexually involved with Charles Rogers (i.e. Charlie Rogers) who supposedly committed suicide; next mentions Mike, a lifeguard from Sioux City IA who he met in 1984; next mentions Keith Jacobson from somewhere in rural Nebraska near Lincoln, recently arrested for buying child pornography, but who got some "big-shot lawyers" (some affiliated with NAMBLA) to get the charges dropped; next mentions Carl Johnson / Carol Johnson? who was involved with Baer; next mentions a guy named Pierce (ed. note: Samuel Pierce?) who was at the 1984 convention in Dallas with Larry King; at 1:18:25 mentions the next abuser as "Barney Franks", a Democratic Senator or congressman in Boston involved with King and NAMBLA, and says he met them in both Washington DC and Boston several times; next mentions Bob Gage from Los Angeles, who was involved with King and Baer, and had something to do with the drug operation (possibly as a US Customs agent), for which Bonacci would pick up packages to bring to Omaha in concert with someone named Case / Chase; mentions flights out of the country from California with fake passports that Baer gave him, containing names such as Michael Cohen, John Ryan, Theodore Baer (the one he most commonly used), and two others; at 1:27:25 says he'd go from California to Hawaii to the Philippines for drug pickups; says he was brought along because he was a kid and it was easier for them to get items through customs by throwing a fit or urinating on themselves; says that women accompanied the men to pretend to be parents of the kid, and one woman (who he shows a sketch of) would use multiple names like Thelma, Teresa, Jackie on different trips; then kids like him and Chase would bring the drugs to Omaha; reports at 1:33:30 that he went to Mexico, Canada, England, Germany, the Netherlands (where he went about 10 to 12 times with NAMBLA members to obtain child pornography in the form of magazines and undeveloped film, flying indirectly through England); says around 1:39:20 that Walter Carlson, Joe Burke, and their group had numerous child pornography photographs of him and other kids they abused; claims that after he told the police about Carlson's pornography of him, it disappeared; confirms Gunderson's conjecture that some Omaha pornography, perhaps even of him, ended up in the Netherlands; says the kids in the pornography were older than 6 but younger than 16; around 1:42:20 mentions "sickos" from California and Minnesota who were sexually interested in preschool age kids, and tended to be involved in generational Satanic abuse; says the people in California were from Bakersfield and the people in Minnesota were from Jordan; says that people have told him that what he said about Jordan MN and Bakersfield CA checked out, but have given him very little confirmation about any of his details (ed. note: matches what he says in 1992 Faith Daniels show); mentions Bob and Linda Bentz (should be Lois Bentz) and James Rud of Jordan; says he's unsure if people in Los Angeles were involving in abusing 2- to 4-year-old kids; estimates that from 1982 to 1986 he made 100 drug trips, mainly between the Philippines, Mexico, and California; at 1:47:08 he describes going across the Mexican border on trips with Emilio, who was friends with the Customs agents and had family "all over" on both sides of the border, mentioning Tucson AZ as one spot close to the border; around 1:48:10 names the next abuser as John Phillips, who he believed was from Des Moines, and says someone named John Phillips who was about the right age recently died in a car crash in Sarpy County but he was unsure whether it was the same person; at 1:50:57 he says "Colonel Aquino's bathtub" stood out because it had something (lion's feet?); next mentions Mark Kelman / Mark Killman / Mark Gilman from Lincoln who he met on The Run in 1978, who was in his early 20s, lived with his parents, went to school at UNO, and was pretty short; next mentions Bob Bent, good friends with Mark who also went to UNO, and who told him to stay away from Alan Baer because he was "death"; next mentions Steve of St. Paul MN who made a trip down to Omaha; next mentions Dave Kruger in 1978 who was from Des Moines; next mentions someone named Fowler whose first name he doesn't know, who was from Omaha, knew Alan Baer, and met Bonacci on The Run in 1979; next at 1:55:13 mentions Joe Reynolds, a teacher in Chicago who drugged him a lot, and ran a group of kids and had a file of people's names like Alan Baer and Harold Andersen on pink cards that were previously seized from another guy with a history of child molestation after he was again arrested for molesting several kids (ed. note: a very likely candidate is John Norman)
  • Radio Free America interview of John DeCamp by Tom Valentine on 1993/07/20 - discusses how following his book publication, a lot of people talked about how he should be sued, but the only lawsuit was his suit against a Wilmington NC television station that attacked his book, which resulted in their public apology and a monetary settlement; says that the TV station got its story from their new police chief Robert Wadman; claims to have initially denounced the allegations as total nonsense when the Franklin investigation began; recounts the story of giving a public speech on the Franklin cover-up, being confronted by three businessmen who defended Peony Park owner Joe Malec (not Joe Malek), and starting to defend himself before Mrs. Malec (not Mrs. Malek) spoke up and said all the allegations about her husband were true; the host says Bonacci's description of where the snuff film was done sounds like Bohemian Grove, and DeCamp then confirms that he later found out it was Bohemian Grove, stating that he had visited there and that Bonacci could describe features like the big owl; mentions the America's Most Wanted coverage on the case, describing how they had done 6 segments on Bonacci's story and was able to take them to places in Colorado, saying that they were most likely convinced by his story and wanted to get the nation's foremost polygraph expert and MPD expert to examine him; one caller mentions an Omaha World-Herald article from early on that audited Larry King's finances from the Franklin Credit Union and could only account for about $3 million, leading him to ask DeCamp what he knows about where the money went; DeCamp says he believes much of the money went to Iran-Contra but he could never get the smoking gun; after hearing from a caller from Sioux City IA, the host and DeCamp bring up how Sioux City was mentioned by numerous children as a landing strip where Larry King took them to be flown around the country, and DeCamp mentions Caradori stumbling across KAM Airlines (ed. note: should be YNR Airlines?) that he wasn't allowed to take with him; the host brings up the strange death of a woman focused on exposing Satanism (Kathleen Sorensen); one caller mentions seeing DeCamp speaking at LaRouche conferences, and he says he's willing to speak for the far-right, the far-left, or any other political group to allow the truth to come out; he claims that the LaRouche organization initially came to investigate him as a bad guy, and concluded he was the only honest person
  • Anton Chaitkin, "Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder", 1993/12/13
  • John DeCamp interview about his book by the Nebraska Leadership Conference
  • Omaha World-Herald, "Employee: I Told Truth, Lost My Job", 1994/02/20
  • EIR, "The Franklin coverup: child abuse, Satanism, and murder in Nebraska", 1994/03/04
    • "About the time he [Troy Boner] was to testify, his brother [Shawn Boner] blew his brains out, supposedly. He was found in an apartment where he'd never been before, with all kinds of satanic materials. Supposedly he had been playing Russian roulette with some kids he'd never been with before."
    • "I anticipated that I would receive tremendous flak from Boys Town, and I did, from some of the people. But one person, who has become the best ally I've ever had, since the book came out, is a man named Msgr. Robert Hupp, who was the head of Boys Town during all the critical years in question. I would have expected him to work to destroy my credibility, because I made such serious accusations. He set up a private meeting with me and said, you've identified the game; I'll help you provide the names. Everything in your book is true, and a lot worse."
    • "So I'm with Monsignor Hupp, and I know that his closest friend and hunting partner, whom he's gone all over the country with, is Harold Andersen, publisher of the World Herald, the same one the kid had claimed took him there."
    • "One of the people in the book is a man named Joe Malek, a prominent businessman in Omaha. Joe Malek was the owner of Peony Park, the equivalent of our Disneyland, a big theme park, the only one within a couple hundred miles of Kansas City and Minneapolis and Des Moines. I identified him as one of the ones who got involved in this nest of pedophiles and perverts, who got his park used as a money-laundering machine for the drugs; who became involved in the whole sordid world of compromise with Larry King and the kids. And I specifically said his supposed suicide was probably in fact a murder. [...] A little old lady in the back of the room said, "Mr. DeCamp, maybe I can help you a minute. I'm here today to hear you, but I'm also here to buy some books. I've been buying them everywhere I can and distributing them. I can guarantee that everything you're written about Mr. Malek is tragically and unfortunately the truth, and a lot worse. I think I know. I'm Mrs. Malek. I and my children should have been on to it years ago. We denied what we should have faced up to.""
    • "When Peter Citron, the entertainment editor of the World Herald, was arrested, we heard, but were not able to verify, that there were seized at that time thousands of hours of videotapes of various people-some of them really prominent, whose names you'll recognize whether you're from Nebraska or California. For years, it was denied that the tapes even existed. The Senate committee was never able to get access to them. Through a fluke, through fate, through luck and pressure, we got just enough information to establish that probably they existed and probably someone in the FBI or whatever had them in their possession. We went in and out of federal court and state court and finally got a judge to order them turned over to us-eventually."
    • "He described a kidnapping in Iowa on a certain date and at a certain place. We had heard about such a kidnapping. I sent a letter to somebody named John Gosch, whom I tracked down from the papers as the individual who had had a boy kidnapped."
    • "Mr. Gosch was stunned. He sat down with Paul and they spent hours together. Then he brought his own investigator, who investigated everything that Paul was claiming. They became totally convinced that Paul was telling the truth, that he was in on the kidnapping."
    • "To make a long story short, Jimmy was brought to my office, under careful security. Jimmy had a wealth of information. He validated Paul's story; they recognized each other instantly when they walked into the room."
    • "As we investigated further, we learned a lot more and finally got a couple of people to infiltrate this network of kids, who operated primarily out of Madison, Wisconsin and Council Bluffs, Iowa. They were the kidnapped kids-or at least that's what they claimed-and the bad news is, they weren't the sweet, innocent children they were when they were kidnapped. They were simply perpetrators, exactly like the people who had done it in the first place."
    • "How was Jacob Wetterling involved? Jimmy, and at least two of the others, had absolutely assured us that Jacob Wetterling was part of the group. We believe we've had people physically present on two occasions when Jacob was there under another name."
  • Santa Rosa Sun, "Bohemian Bigwigs Perpetuate Canaanite Cult", 1996/??/??: "John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Cover-Up, includes Paul Bonacci's testimony about a snuff film of a child being murdered on July 26, 1984 in California in "an area that had big trees." At a meeting in Santa Rosa, DeCamp told a group that he had edited out Bonacci's references to an enormous, moss-covered owl and men in hooded red robes because he not know then about the owl at the Grove and thought it "too far fetched for people to believe." In the fall of 1992, Paul Bonacci was shown a black and white photo of the moss-covered owl at the Grove and quickly identified it as the site of the July 1984 snuff film described in DeCamp's book. Although this testimony has been available to law enforcement officials since mid-October 1992, no official investigation has been made."
  • EIR, "Explosive new developments in Nebraska child abuse case", 1997/08/01
  • Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says that they have no records on "Russell Nelson" from 1997, but Portland police case 1997-28085 does involve Nelson, and the Portland police refuse to release the report because "information contained in the record involves reports of a child"
  • Paul Bonacci civil trial
    • List of court dockets
    • Continuation of a deposition on 1993/10/13 - aside from Paul Bonacci, other personalities included Mike / Mikey (is this the "Mike" in the car when Johnny Gosch was abducted?) and West Lee; after refusing to answer a question about Monarch, DeCamp gives West Lee a code that enables him to discuss Monarch; says that Michael Aquino was a Colonel heavily involved in Monarch; claims that the goal of Monarch was to take over the United States government; asserts that Aquino's goal was to usher in the Antichrist; around 35:35 he names Bill Plemmons as a Monarch "controller" at Offutt AFB, and says he doesn't know any other names of local people involved in Monarch; reiterates at 36:25 that "Col. Aquino" was part of Monarch; around 37:05 he names Gary Ackerman as a non-local person involved in Monarch, specifies that Ackerman is a congressman but does not know where he's from, and says he is not a controller but rather "a lead of the conspiracy"; says around 38:20 that he wasn't allowed to know any names of Monarch personnel except for that of his direct controller Bill Plemmons; claims that he only knew Aquino because he was also involved in the Temple of Set; at 38:50 he is asked if he was trained in prostitution and answers yes, specifying that it was at Offutt AFB and lasted roughly from 1974 to 1980; additionally says he was trained how to photograph documents in his mind to report to his controllers later; says around 40:25 that his initial programming was to find adults who were politically powerful and get them in compromising positions, and his intended later mission was to join the military, become an officer, retire, and become an ambassador in Germany before going back to the US and running for political office; at 43:00 he is asked if the code used by DeCamp was necessary for West Lee to reveal what he knew and he answers affirmatively; at 45:20 he says that Monarch found people to compromise and set up the encounters; lawyer asks him about whether the extensive travel previously testified to by Mikey from 1980 through 1986 was sponsored by Monarch, and he answers that some of it was; in a series of questions, he is asked about and answers whether the local Omaha controllers (Plemmons or anyone else) targeted specific prominent Omaha figures: Harold Andersen - no, Alan Baer - yes (after he first met Baer, he was programmed to start attending Baer's parties), Peter Citron - no, Robert Wadman - no; at 48:50 he also says he was ordered to target Gerry Studds, who he knows nothing about aside from them being a political figure; at 49:10 says he was made to meet with "Barney Franks", the congressman from Massachusetts, on several occasions; at 49:40 the lawyer questioning him asks if his local targets were just Alan Baer and Peter Citron, and he corrects her to say that it was not Citron, just Baer; at 49:50 he names King as another figure whose parties he was told to attend; says that in 1986, the multiple personalities started to break down, Mikey would be telling people what happened to him, and Paul was confused because he didn't recall making those disclosures; he says he told his superiors that information was being dissociated, and they tried to correct the problem, but in April 1986 when the information started going public, they tried to use phone calls to erase his memories; says that in attempting to correct the problem, he would go to military bases and (as his grandmother would know) disappear for entire days; claims that in 1989 shortly before his arrest, they ordered him to target Alan Baer again; at 54:25 testifies that the military bases he went to for reprogramming were Presidio in San Francisco, Fort Riley in Kansas, "Fort Ent" in Colorado (Ent Air Force Base near Colorado Springs CO?), or NORAD headquarters near Colorado Springs; claims at 55:00 that Aquino was one of the people who tried to reprogram him; says at 55:15 that others in Omaha had roles in Monarch akin to what he went through, but their names "are not available", and says they also have multiple personality syndrome; at 56:45 he says that his claims against most of the defendants do not relate to Monarch, and they only partially do for Alan Baer; says at 57:30 that Monarch was interested in Baer for "financial purposes" because of his connections with drug trafficking; around 58:50 he says that not all of those involved were Satanists, but many were; says around 59:30 that all of Monarch's leaders are "politically inclined", and include members of Congress / the Senate or others in high places; answers around 1:00:10 that "a few" of those leaders were affiliated with NAMBLA; when asked why he looked out into space with his eyes darting around for several seconds before he answered the question, he says he has a process where he tries to connect memories with the person or group that was involved, going through each member that Monarch was involved with and seeing if NAMBLA came up; at 1:01:00 confirms that he conceptualizes his thought process like that of a computer; around 1:01:45 says Larry King was targeted because he had already organized a group with Craig Spence in Washington DC called "Bodies by God", which supplied men or boys to political leaders of both the United States and foreign countries; at 1:05:10 says that his controllers / trainers knew him as Paul Bonacci but only referred to him as West Lee; says around 1:08:10 that he had a calendar of approximate dates for his sexual encounters with various individuals at parties; says he has discussed certain facts in the calendar but has never before discussed the calendar itself; says he (West Lee) started the calendar while in prison around early 1990, and it goes from 1976 to 1989; DeCamp says he will obtain the calendar; around 1:12:00 a male lawyer takes over, and he names "Wendy, Ms. Hahn" (Wendy Hahn) as the previous interrogator
    • 1999/02/05 damages hearing (Noreen Gosch, Rusty Nelson, Bonacci, and his wife testify) (original document)
  • Omaha World-Herald, "Bonacci Gets $1 Million in King Lawsuit", 1999/02/24
  • Associated Press, "King drops appeal of $1 million judgment", 2000/01/13
  • Ted Gunderson, "RUSSELL NELSON: WILL HE BE KILLED IN OREGON? ~OR~ WILL HE BE ALLOWED TO DOCUMENT CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT", 2000/06/28 - some dubious information, but interesting details as well
    • "The deputy-sheriff [who was the first to respond to the Caradori plane crash] did not remain silent. A few months later, as the deputy sheriff and his wife were driving ,the couple suffered a head-on collision in which the man's wife was killed and he was very seriously injured. It is the opinion of Ted Gunderson, who has 49 years experience in law enforcement and counter-intelligence activities, that this probably was a kill-by-car covert operation attempting to silence and intimidate yet another witness in the Franklin case, as probably occurred, according to sources, in the death of Kathleen Sorenson, the original complainant in the Franklin case." - confirm or debunk?
    • "Sorenson was driving on a two-lane road in October, 1989. Two elderly women in the car in front of Sorenson [Helen Gosker and Marie Hamburger] drove very slowly to slow her car down to a crawl. Another vehicle approached from the opposite direction at a high rate of speed. At the last moment, the elderly women pulled over to the right shoulder to allow the fast approaching car to run into her. The individuals in the fast-approaching car [Tina Townsend and husband Gary Townsend of Arlington NE] had prior arrest records for cruelty to animals, a common marker for Satanism.

      I, Gunderson, suspect in evaluating the accident that it was a Satanic contract suicide. The other driver did not die, but could have. In Satanic law, a person who loses his/her life in such a contract murder/suicide will be reincarnated with more power granted by Satan. Not long after Sorenson's death, a teenager in a youth care facility told a worker, "You better watch out, or we will get you like we got that lady from Blair." Kathleen Sorenson was from Blaire, NE. The youth went on to describe a ceremony of drawing lots for the privilege."
      • Fremont Tribune, "Arlington woman put on probation", 1990/03/16: "An 18-year-old Arlington woman was placed on probation Wednesday in Washington County Court for causing an accident that resulted in the death of Blair woman. Tina Townsend, 18, was charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide follawing a two-car accident Oct. 4 that left Mary K. Kathleen Sorensen, 49, dead. She pleaded no contest to the charge Jan. 31. Washington County Judge F.A. Gossett placed Ms. Townsend on an 18-month probation on the charge and ordered her to complete requirements for a general equivalency diploma, to take parenting and anger control classes and to get special counseling suited for women who were molested as children."
      • Fremont Tribune, "Man pleads guilty to drug possession", 1991/01/29: "Also Monday, [Dodge County District Judge] Fuhrman accepted a guilty plea from an Arlington man charged with the theft of a 1978 Pontiac Firebird. Gary Townsend, 18, allegedly duplicated the keys to the vehicle during a test drive and stole the vehicle on Dec. 4. Townsend and two missing juveniles appeared later in Los Angeles. The two juveniles, ages 15 and 16 of Omaha and Arlington, turned themselves in to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs office and Fremont authorities were contacted on Dec. 7, Fremont Police Department Detective Sgt. Greg Chamberlain said. A presentence investigation was ordered and sentencing set for March 4."
      • Fremont Tribune, "Electronic monitors to be used on 2 men", 1991/03/06: "Two men were ordered to wear an electronic monitor as part of an intensive supervision program in Dodge County District Court Monday. The monitors allow law enforcement officials to check the location of the men at different times each day. Kent Hartung, 24, 1 820 E. 19th St., and Gary Townsend, 18, of Arlington, will wear the monitors for the' first 180 days of their three-year probations. [...] Townsend pleaded guilty to the theft of a 1978 Pontiac Firebird. He allegedly duplicated the keys to the vehicle during a test drive and stole the vehicle on Dec. 4."
      • Fremont Tribune, "DAILY REPORT: Police", 1991/10/15: "Toms Auto Wash, 23rd and Cedar streets, 2:35 pan. Oct 5; parked vehicle owned by Gary Townsend, of Arlington, was put into drive by his daughter and ran into the garage door of the building."
      • Fremont Tribune, "Man pleads guilty to driving during 15-year suspension", 1993/01/26: "In other district court action Monday, sentencing was set for Feb. 22 for a former Arlington man on a probation revocation. Gary Townsend, 20, appeared in front of Dodge County District Judge Mark Fuhrman with Fremont attorney Larry Johnson. Townsend admitted violating terms of his probation, which he had been placed on for a theft charge. He was arrested in Idaho, although he was not to leave the county as a term of his probation. Fuhrman ordered an updated presentence investigation and set sentencing for Feb. 22."
      • Fremont Tribune, "Man gets prison term for driving during suspension", 1993/02/23: "Also Monday, Fuhrman continued sentencing to April 5 for Gary Townsend, 20, a former Arlington man who pleaded guilty Jan. 25 to violating terms of his probation."
    • "Gary Caradori, investigator for the Nebraska State Legislature (killed in a suspicious plane explosion as detailed above), documented that the aunt of Eulice (Lisa) Washington said that the children in the Webb home said that they had been transported around the country several times, and that one of the children, possibly Lisa's youngest sister, had kept a book of matches from Texas, where the Republican convention was held in 1984."
  • Ted Gunderson, "Urgent recent developments in the Franklin satanic cult/sex/drug ring - PART V", 2000/06/29
  • Troy D. Boner obituary from 2003
  • Nick Bryant interview snippets
  • John DeCamp interview in 2004 by Alex Jones
  • Rusty Nelson interview in 2005 by Michael Corbin
  • John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson interview in 2005 by Alex Merklinger (parts ..., 5, ..., 9, ..., 15, ...)
  • Ted Gunderson and Rusty Nelson interview in 2005 by Alex Merklinger - according to Nelson around 36:00, he was photographing drag shows at The Max, and wanting more serious work, he approached the owner, only to be told by someone sitting next to the owner (Sam Soda) that he could hook Nelson up with a client
  • John DeCamp interview in 2007 by Free Range Humans - at 49:30 he discusses the weird circumstances behind the first meeting with "the Gosch family"
  • Rusty Nelson interview in 2009 by Free Range Humans
  • Corroboration of the snuff film near Sacramento described by Bonacci
    • As described by Bonacci, it took place in June or September of 1985 (though the year may be slightly off)
    • Old version of Nick Bryant's page on the Bonacci snuff film testimony: "Paul said the snuff film was made in 1985 and it included a boy named Jeremy who had been kidnapped in Idaho. There was a boy named Jeremy who was abducted from Idaho in 1985, but Paul said the boy was in early adolescence and the Jeremy abducted from Idaho in 1985 would have been four years old at the time. There was a boy named Jeremy abducted in Oregon who loosely fits Paul’s description, but he was abducted in 1986."
    • Jeremy Bright - disappeared on 1986/08/14 after attending the Coos County Fair in Myrtle Point OR
      • ...
      • Was Bright kidnapped in Oregon, taken to Idaho (perhaps the alleged ranch in Caldwell run by Charlie Kerr), and then picked up by Larry King for a snuff film in September? Provided that Bonacci could have gone to Northern California in September 1986, this would fit.
  • Kansas City detective Lynn Cunningham
    • From p.72-73 of The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant (2012): "Hallberg disclosed to Stitt that she had recently attended a child exploitation conference in Kansas City. At the conference, a Kansas City Police Department detective approached her and inquired if and when Nebraska authorities were willing to address Larry King’s use and abuse of children. Hallberg gave Stitt the detective’s name, and Stitt phoned her. The detective informed Stitt that King had been in the Kansas City area donating money to a boys’ group home, and shortly afterwards three boys came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against him. The detective would repeat the same story to the Board’s Dennis Carlson."
    • From p.58 of The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp: "Stitt also clarified what she had written in her June 1988 letter to Attorney General Spire, about a Kansas City connection of Larry King. She testified that she had cross-checked with the Kansas City detective, who reportedly inquired of Kirstin Hallberg about when Nebraska was going to crack down on King. The officer, said Stitt, "confirmed that Larry King had been there, had contributed money to a group home and when he left, three boys came forward and said that they had been abused by him while he was there.""
    • Kansas City Police Department, "ANNUAL REPORT", 1988 (archive) - lists a Certificate of Commendation for several officers including Sergeant Troy D. Cole (lead investigator on the Bob Berdella case), Detective Linnie V. Cunningham (almost certainly is this Lynn Cunningham), and Detective Ashley K. Hurn (also an investigator on the Berdella case)
    • Email correspondence with Lynn Cunningham throughout 2018/01 and unanswered follow-ups: provided relatively little information, since she doesn't remember details, but she at least confirmed meeting Kirstin Hallberg at the Kansas City child exploitation conference
    • WHOIS search website showing that Lynn Cunningham with her kandirock9 AT aol.com address and phone number 816-200-7506 registered cunninghampropertiesllc.com and Cunningham Properties LLC website with same phone number and Kansas City property records
  • Solari, "It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp: Kemp, Cuomo & Pedophilia in Bush I", 2008/03/13
  • Nick Bryant says Jack Kemp "was very definitely a homosexual"
  • Poets & Writers, "In Memory of Hunter S. Thompson: Postcard From Louisville, Kentucky", 2005/04/15 - snuff film involvement corroboration
  • 2009/02/22 statement by Paul Bonacci on the Franklin Files message board
  • Contains some more government documents on Franklin (another copy here)
  • 2012 Franklin Files post by rbeck identifies Omaha martial arts instructor Dale Craig as a likely hitman for Larry King
  • Allegation in 2012 Franklin Files post that Larry King said "I thought that is what you guys wanted" when asked by the FBI about bringing children to parties
  • Nick O'Hara background
  • Wayne Madsen, "U.S. Court involved in evidence disposal in Omaha", 2007/07/23
  • Possible retaliation against Franklin activists
  • 2012 Franklin Files post where rbeck points out Alisha Owen's distaste for John DeCamp: "Alicia doesnt like John Decamp at all. Everytime i mentioned him or Rusty Nelson i was attacked basically .She still holds alot of anger towards some people and is very confrontational i think shes still harboring alot of guilt from her past. She didnt like the way John handled her court case and some mistakes he made. I purposly didnt put anything about John on this website beacuse i didnt want to cause her any problems especially since he mentioned her in the video and called her a little girl and "Wadman's toy since she was 14 ". I had once posted a letter written by John Decamp which he put on various websites trying to raise money for Ted Gunderon's expensive cancer treatments that his HMO didnt pay for . this letter was deleted with no explaination by the request of Alicia and her friend Nick Bryant i reposted the same letter 5 times and it was deleted everytime . I asked Nick Bryant personally what the problem was and he ignored me and said nothing. This is just one example of the kind of things that I had to be careful of while they were on this website .There was one incident where Alicia was claiming that her friend saw John Decamp hanging around a bar in a small town in Nebraska drunk everyday and he wasnt practicing law and was nothing but a drunkard. I told her the truth that John actually owns the bar along with an office building and 6 rental homes in Claitonia Nebraska and he is still practicing law. This caused some serious problems and I was insulted and attacked again for bascially telling the truth about him . I still have the emails."
  • 2014 Franklin Files post by Iowa gurl stating that Alisha Owen considered Rusty Nelson a bad guy: "Alisha told me herself that Nelson was behind Larry Kings camera, he knew full well what he was doing and was digging it, she stated he is a perp."
  • Wayne Madsen, "What Did Senate Candidate Ben Sasse Know About The House Page Scandal?", 2014/06/11 - draws parallel to Chuck Hagel upset
  • Wayne Madsen, "FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator And His Son", 2014/06/23 - allegation that Ben Sasse tried to frame Carol Stitt
  • Gordon Duff, "Lawrence E. King Jr: Overachiever", 2015/02/08: "You will never see a photograph of Lawrence E. King, at one time one of Washington’s prominent GOP elite. King loved photographs taken with government officials yet not one exists today. Search the internet, this is perhaps the “least photographed person in history,” or so you would think. Karl Rove was tasked with this, hiring Michael Connell (dead in a mysterious plane crash) to clean the net and several retired NYPD detectives to silence anyone who would speak out."
  • Ceres: A Phoenix Journal, "THE BEAST AT WORK", 1993/04/18 - claims that ConAgra (whose director from 1978 to 1985 Clayton Yeutter worked under the Reagan and Bush administrations: United States Trade Representative from 1985 to 1989, Secretary of Agriculture from 1989 to 1991, RNC chairman from 1991 to 1992, counselor to the president from 1992 to 1993) paid off legislators to halt the investigation, that Union Pacific directed the grand jury through Michael Flanagan, and that Nick O'Hara was a hunting partner of Harold Andersen; says this information is from a "special report" only available in Australia
    • EIR, "Australian newsletter asks, 'Is George Bush honorable?'", 1991/12/20: "So leads, in large print, the front page of Australia's most widely read newsletter, Inside News, under the bold headline of its November 1991 issue: "Is George Bush the World's Leading Child Molester?" The populist newsletter, which has a 200,000 circulation, reflects widespread sentiments abroad that President Bush is not the guardian of the world moral order he claims to be-not even in his private conduct. In the course of a 20-page special edition, the newsletter's publisher, Peter Sawyer, released for the first time anywhere documents passed to him by Australian and U.S . law enforcement sources, in which child victim-witnesses from the infamous Franklin Credit Union scandal in Nebraska allege that then-Vice President George Bush personally attended sodomy and child sex parties organized by Franklin boss Lawrence E. King."
    • Excerpts of the Inside News article in Phoenix journals from 1993/03/31 and 1993/04/06
    • Comments on a Catallaxy Files post show that Peter Sawyer goes by memoryvault or memory vault
  • Michael Heavrin - a history teacher whom Paul Bonacci claims sexually abused him and filmed him in Nazi regalia
  • Karla Hall interviews transcript - important information on suspicious Franklin scandal deaths and the identity of the Noreen Gosch impersonator

Commonwealth Savings

Omaha business community

  • Omaha World-Herald, "Franklin Credit Union Crimes Unfairly Claim New Victims", 1994/10: "Some defendants, including banks [such as FirsTier] and a law firm, have agreed to pay more than $10 million to the NCUA to settle the claims [relating to their cover-up of Franklin Credit Union money laundering]. They admitted no wrongdoing. They said they acted to avoid prolonged litigation. Their position is understandable. Litigation is expensive. Moreover, this particular litigation ran the risk of creating a false impression. [...] The impression could have taken hold that a wide circle of legal and financial advisers sat on the knowledge that King was looting the credit union. [...] Such an impression would have been false [according to the World-Herald, whose former publisher was implicated in Franklin]."
  • Union Pacific involvement and connections
    • From p.146 of The Franklin Cover-Up: "The Legislature's Franklin committee heard testimony from a former Franklin employee, implicating two Union Pacific executives in the recruitment of "young kids for Larry King's friends." Robert Andresen, the pedophile whose brutality was so heavy-handed that even the Douglas County jury mentioned (but did not indict) him, worked for Union Pacific."
    • Sexual misconduct by grand jury foreman Michael Flanagan
      • EIR, "Commission finds Nebraska bigwigs covering up child abuse and satanism", 1990/11/09: "On Oct. 11, a Citizens' Fact Finding Commission traveled to Nebraska in response to a call by the Schiller Institute, which had received urgent requests from citizens of Nebraska whose lives had been threatened. The commission's mission was to investigate reports of a ring involving child abuse and satanism in which financial and civic leaders as well as law enforcement officials were participants. Its preliminary findings were reported at a press conference at the Omaha Press Club on Oct. 17. [...] The report says, "We have further received extremely disturbing allegations regarding the grand jury's foreman Michael Flanagan. It is outrageous that the jury's foreman, an official of Union Pacific Railroad, was not disqualified, since another Union Pacific official was a board member of the Franklin Credit Union. But, still more serious, are the allegations we have received that Mr. Flanagan, some two and a half years ago, made aggressive homosexual advances toward a Union Pacific trainee, one John Dillard. Flanagan reportedly made some settlement with Dillard, who is no longer with Union Pacific. It is crucial that these allegations be further investigated." Not part of the commission's findings, but reported to EIR by reliable sources, was the fact that Flanagan, who is in charge of legal records at Union Pacific, reviewed the grand jury testimony every day with the legal department at Union Pacific."
    • The Morning Call, "CHENEY JOINS UNION PACIFIC AS DIRECTOR", 1993/01/29: "Eight days after the Bush administration passed into history, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney was taking a ride on the Union Pacific Corp. The Bethlehem-based parent of the renouned railroad announced yesterday that Cheney had been elected to its board of directors. Cheney, 51, replaced former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who resigned from the board in October, a company spokesman said. [...] The 17-member board of directors, chaired by former Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis, also includes former U.S. Rep. William H. Gray III, now president of the United Negro College Fund."
  • Franklin Community Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) fraud investigation
  • 2010 Franklin Files thread on Mutual of Omaha (archive) (cites MOO letter to Larry King about Harold Andersen, Franklin Credit Union deposit, Boys Town deposit update from Nick Bryant)
    • "Possibly, King took lessons [in financial fraud] from Kerrey and Gottschalk who know a lot about as such finance."
  • Iran-Contra connections
    • See Rusty Nelson's court testimony that Larry King handed over a briefcase of bearer bonds earmarked for the Contras to "the Colonel" in Minneapolis
    • Kevin Dobson connection - alleged by David Shurter
  • Obituary on 2015/03/09 for Eugene "Gene" Mahoney - a commenter Janet Mahoney calls him "Uncle Gene"
  • From p.220 of Pioneering in Masonry: The Life and Times of Rob Morris, Masonic Poet Laureate by Lucien V. Rule (read): ""Job's Daughters" is a new organization for girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years. It has been perfected by Eastern Stars and Masons of Omaha, Nebraska, and the General Headquarters will be in Omaha. The guiding hand is Mrs. W. H. Mick, wife of Dr. W. H. Mick, a prominent Omaha Mason. Mrs. Mick is Matron of a newly organized Chapter known as the Ak-Sar-Ben Chapter. She is active also in social welfare work in Omaha. The constitution, by-laws and ritual have been written by Leroy T. Wilcox, formerly Generalissimo of Montjore Commandery in Chicago, and well known in Masonic circles there. He took up his residence in Omaha in May last year (1920) and since then has been active in Masonic affairs in the Nebraska city. Brother Wilcox promises to bring the plan before the Illinois Masons in detail at an early date; and any one interested may address him at 2507 Sherman Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska."
  • ConAgra political connections

Brandeis family

Ronald Roskens

  • Lincoln Journal Star, "Roskens firing decision made in June – Hoch", 1989/08/02: pages 6
  • Lincoln Star, "Regents said to have protected own interests", 1991/01/24: pages 9
  • EIR, "Roskens 'sleaze factor' at U.S. AID could be bad news for Bush campaign", 1991/10/18
  • Uncorroborated assertion that there were "surveillance photos of nude young boys in Rosken's home" (old link, now goes elsewhere)
  • Someone claiming to be a former intelligence agent and PI claims that private investigators Karen Hughes and Gary Caradori produced surveillance photos leading to Roskens's termination (old link, now goes elsewhere): "In our years of chasing pedophiles Graham Spaniers name has turned up time and again. His long time friend and associate, Ronald Roskens, was fired from NU because he was repeatedly caught with young boys in his Lincoln, Ne. home. Victims swore out affidavits to myself and Investigators Gary Caradori and Karen Hughes in 1989. Hughesnet111 and Caracorp did in fact produce 4 surveillance photos that led to Rosken's termination after they were presented to the N.U. Board Of Regents, the Lincoln Police Department and the Lancaster County Attorney. After his firing Roskens accepted a C.I.A. post from George Bush in 1990." - comment on the http://eyeonomahahockeyclub.blogspot.com blog, signed "Brent Goodwin / US Naval Intelligence / former CIA field officer / homicide detective / and current member of The Hughesnet111 Staff" (mention of "karen hughes" and "The Hughesnet111 Group" in a comment thread about Omaha hockey playing)
  • Victor Thorn, "PSU Cover-up: Connecting the Dots", 2012/06/22: "On November 7, 2011, only two days after Sandusky headlines erupted across the country, Brent Goodwin—a former member of U.S. Naval Intelligence, a former Central Intelligence Agency field officer, and private detective—delivered a scathing expose on Graham Spanier. Goodwin stated, “Spanier and Roskens are both ‘closeted’ gay men who are sexually aroused by young boys. They are classic pedophiles. Ronald Roskens has ties to former Franklin Credit Union president and convicted felon/child molester Larry King, as well as a long list of known pedophiles throughout the United States. Several of Spanier’s ‘military friends’ were recently charged in an international pedophilia scandal at the Department of Defense. Spanier and Roskens were also close friends and longtime associates of convicted child molester Dr. Daniel Schrein.” Although Goodwin’s words are his and his alone, Roskens did work directly with Spanier at the UNL." (copy of Goodwin post) (NOTE: none of this is corroborated)
  • TODO: look into the alleged "blind support" that Tom Osborne, Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach (1973-1997), gave to Roskens after his firing
  • Email correspondence with the Lincoln Police Department, November 2017: "I wasn’t familiar with the Roskens name, but I spoke to someone who has been around here a little longer. My understanding that the Roskens name was associated with the Franklin scandal. For the most part that deal was investigated in Omaha, so you may want to try the Omaha Police Department or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Other possible sources would be the Nebraska State Patrol or University of Nebraska Police."
  • Roskens and Graham Spanier both belonged to the Lincoln Rotary Club

NAMBLA connection

  • Paul Bonacci abuse by NAMBLA members
  • $5 million account at the Franklin Credit Union
    • Franklin Committee interview of Judianne Densen-Gerber on 1990/12/29 (archive) - on p.7 and p.8 she relates a claim from Alisha Owen's lawyer Henry Rosenthal that the Church of the Beloved Disciple had $5 million deposited in a Franklin Credit Union account
    • 1991 radio interview with John Zielinski and others - claims that NAMBLA's church deposited $5 million in the Franklin Credit Union
    • John Zielinski, America's MIA Children, 1991 or 1992 @ 22:05: "Now I have actual records of a meeting of the Man/Boy Association in 1979. They had $620 in their bank account as of that time. By 1989 they were depositing $5 million in the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska. What for? To pay for children kidnapped across the country, to pay for taking children out of Boys Town and out of Girls Town to be used for prostitution purposes and porn films."
    • Charlene Fassa, ""What Then Must We Do?" (Part 1)", 2005/10/17: "It was discovered that the North American Man Boy Love Association (N.A.M.B.L.A) deposited five million dollars in the credit union under the guise of "The Church of the Beloved Disciple.""
    • David Thorstad, "Man/Boy Love and the American Gay Movement" - shows that a predecessor to NAMBLA sponsored a "man/boy love" conference on 1976/04/04 at the Church of the Beloved Disciple: "New York's Gay Activists Alliance (GAA), successor to the Gay Liberation Front and a prototype activist group founded in December 1969, opposed legal restrictions on sex based on age, although this was never a focus of the group's activities. In 1976 GAA became the first gay group in New York—and probably in the country—to sponsor a public forum on man/boy love. Held at the Church of the Beloved Disciple on April 4, the forum brought together a "panel of pederasts" to speak on the topic "Of Men and Boys: Pederasty and the Age of Consent.""
  • Other links between NAMBLA and child abuse rings
    • Look into the involvement of Walter Breen and associates of his from the sci-fi community
    • National Review, "No Boy Scouts", 2004/02/27: "The Manhattan-based public-interest law firm is defending the North American Man-Boy Love Association in a $200 million civil lawsuit filed by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curley. The Curleys claim that Charles Jaynes was driven by the literature and website of NAMBLA, an outfit that advocates sex between grown men and little boys, reportedly as young as age 8. [...] He and Salvatore Sicari actively sought a boy with whom to copulate. They picked 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They lured him into their car as he played outside his home in October 1997. When Curley resisted their sexual advances, they choked him to death with a gasoline-soaked rag. [...] NAMBLA is “not just publishing material that says it’s OK to have sex with children and advocating changing the law,” says Larry Frisoli, a Cambridge attorney who is arguing the Curleys case in federal court. NAMBLA, he says, “is actively training their members how to rape children and get away with it. They distribute child pornography and trade live children among NAMBLA members with the purpose of having sex with them.” Frisoli cites a NAMBLA publication he calls “The Rape and Escape Manual.” Its actual title is “The Survival Manual: The Man’s Guide to Staying Alive in Man-Boy Sexual Relationships.” “Its chapters explain how to build relationships with children,” Frisoli tells me. “How to gain the confidence of children’s parents. Where to go to have sex with children so as not to get caught…There is advice, if one gets caught, on when to leave America and how to rip off credit card companies to get cash to finance your flight. It’s pretty detailed.” “In his diary, Jaynes said he had reservations about having sex with children until he discovered NAMBLA,” Frisoli continues."
    • 2009 Franklin Files thread discussing NAMBLA as an intelligence front to find blackmailable individuals (ed. note: like the Paedophile Information Exchange a.k.a. PIE in the United Kingdom?): "You are probably right about this but not necessarily for the reasons you think. Homosexuals were open to blackmail and NAMBLA may have actually been a covert operation started by MKULTRA crowd in order to expose pedophiles by bringing them out into the open. There are two names that may be the key to this. Allen Ginsberg and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), both of who were involved in LSD mind control experiments, along with other "famous" homosexuals."

Franklin Files archives

Disinformation efforts

  • John DeCamp background
    • Daily Nebraskan, "John DeCamp effective legislator", 1982/04/20 (pages 6, 7): "Admitting that he doesn't spend much time with Nga and their daughter, Jennifer Bao Chau, DeCamp says: "Tragically, I don't think I'm very family oriented. Maybe I'm career oriented, whatever that means. I don't get great excitement out of being with the family." [...] While taking above-averag- e class loads at UNL in the mid-1960s, he also worked full-time. He worked first for an animal hospital, then for the Lincoln Police Department and later for the Lincoln Star. At the Star, he was a night police reporter for 3½ years. By maintaining a high grade average, completing certain degree requirements and scoring high on an admissions test, DeCamp was able to spend his fourth year of undergraduate study in his first year of law school. He received his bachelor's degree in philosophy and a law degree within six years, one year less than usual. Before that, at age 18, without formal, training, but having been raised by parents in the well-drilling business, he took over the job of a geologist in Bandar Shahpur, Iran, when he was traveling abroad. [...] Hired as the geologist's assistant, DeCamp was promoted when he rigged a coat hanger to recover an expensive electronic device that the geologist dropped down a well during a drinking bout. The geologist, who was fired, worked for a Greek water company that dug wells for American military bases. [...] In 1970, as an Army captain in Vietnam, he became the first American to run for public office while on duty in Viet-nam- e. And the first to succeed. [...] DeCamp had to fend for himself at an early age. He was born in Neligh. After his parents separated, he lived with his father in Hastings. At 13, he ran away from his father and went to Minnesota. In Minnesota, DeCamp said, he made money by siphoning gas from cars and selling it to boat owners along the Mississippi River. He was caught and spent three years in a Roman Catholic boarding school, he said. When in Beirut, Lebanon, at 17, he earned money by handing American sailors cards advertising prostitution houses, he said. He saw nothing odd about the job because prostitution is legal there, he said."
    • Omaha World-Herald, "Woman Aided by DeCamp Hopes for Baby's Custody", 19??/??/??: "A Lincoln woman who claims that former State Sen. John DeCamp fathered her 6-month-old son said Thursday that she hopes to gain custody of the boy on a trial basis in May. Lancaster County Juvenile Court Judge W.W. Nuernberger approved a plan for the boy's future care Thursday. Shirley Musolf, 31, the boy's mother, said after the hearing that the plan could lead to her receiving temporary custody of her son, Gabriel, and another son, 17-month-old Seth, in May. Both boys now live in foster homes under state supervision. DeCamp, 51, a Lincoln lawyer and lobbyist, wrote the judge a letter Dec. 16 saying he questioned whether he was the father. But he wants to do the right thing, he wrote, and he has provided more than $10,000 to Ms. Musolf to help pay her medical and living expenses. At the hearing, Nuernberger said he wouldn't give any weight to letters written to him by DeCamp because they had not been submitted as formal requests to the court. Ms. Musolf, who is separated from her husband, said she still would like to have immediate custody of Gabriel, who has not lived with her since birth. But she understands the need to go slowly, she said. The State Social Services Department, contending that Ms. Musolf had a history of emotional problems, took Gabriel two days after birth and placed him with foster parents. Ms. Musolf now is permitted to visit Gabriel and Seth for short periods three times a week. The plan approved by Nuernberger, she said, will leave the two boys in foster homes until at least May but will gradually increase the numbers and lengths of Ms. Musolf's visits with them. Neither DeCamp nor Ms. Musolf attended the hearing. Ms. Musolf was interviewed after being briefed by her attorney, David W. Rowe."
    • Omaha World-Herald, "John DeCamp remembered as one of Nebraska's most accomplished, controversial lawmakers", 2017/08/01: "A native of Neligh in northeast Nebraska, DeCamp ran away from home at age 13 after his parents separated. Over the next eight years he’d sell magazine subscriptions in Washington, D.C., spend time in a Minnesota boarding school, work as a cabin boy on a passenger liner and assist an American geologist working in Iran."
    • 2008 Franklin Files post where lazyeye says he heard that DeCamp was corrupt and cruel to animals: "I read the "Franklin Cover-up" by John DeCamp the summer of 2002 while on my way out to Ft. Robinson from Lincoln, which is about an 8 hour car ride one way. When I arrived at our destination I was telling my older brother about the book. He informed me that DeCamp lived behind him while he was a student pastor in Clatonia (which by the way that is the appropriate spelling of the town, Bryant added a 'y').

      I was very disenchanted with what he told me about DeCamp. I'm not sure what some of you may know about DeCamp's backround, but while he was state senator he was in charge of something to do with the banking commission. My brother told me that DeCamp was currently residing in the former banker's house in the tiny town in rural Nebraska. While my brother was unclear of the facts behind the departure of this banker, supposedly there were rumors of "shady" dealings that resulted in him leaving town. Also my brother told me of a story about how DeCamp had a dog that he kept tied up in the back yard and never untied him. On a cold winter evening on the prelims of a Nebraska blizzard my brother and sister-in-law had to go untangle the poor dogs rope so that he could seek shelter in his doghouse so as to not freeze to death. I'm not accusing Mr. DeCamp of anything, let me make that clear."
    • Paloma posts on Rigorous Intuition
      • 2009/10/12 (through Jackie McGauley) - says "A taped recording of a CIA Analyst who worked on the Johnny Gosch case is quite interesting. (His name is Paul Bishop) Bishop says that he was asked to get involved because he had some unique qualifications....he is a pedophile. He said that you can't send someone in to infiltrate something like a pedophile ring if they are not a pedophile because they will be expected to have sex with the children, in front of others, and so there is no room for "faking" or pretending"; claims that DeCamp grew up in Totem Town in Minnesota, said "Women are for childbirth, boys are for fun" in Farsi, and admitted the accusation of child abuse was not his 5-year-old daughter in a bathtub but his 14-year-old daughter in a swimming pool, and puts that all together with the claim about Bishop to suggest that, like George Paul Bishop, DeCamp was a pedophile sent in to monitor the Franklin investigation; in other posts, Paloma says she knows Jim Rothstein, which is likely how she heard the Bishop tape
      • 2009/10/16 - claims that DeCamp's law office was in a seedy part of town, disorganized, and had no evidence of actually practicing law
      • 2009/10/16: "When John DeCamp showed me the photos of his family on the sill in his office, I asked him where he met Nga, his wife. DeCamp said that when he became a "powerful Nebraska Senator" he traveled back to Vietnam to retrieve her so he could marry her. US/Vietnam relations were extremely tense at the time and most parts of Vietnam were off limits for travel, including the village where Nga lived. DeCamp struck a deal. The Vietnamese government resented having to care for all of the Amerasian bastard children and they were catching a lot of international flack because the children were being brutally murdered by full-blood Vietnamese. If DeCamp would remove the bastard children from the country and make it appear to be a humanitarian effort on the part of the Vietnamese government, thegovernment would send a reconnaisance team in to the mountains and retrieve Nga for DeCamp. DeCamp waved his hand about his head, rolled his eyes and said, "I was a powerful Senator and I got what I wanted.""
      • 2009/10/16: "DeCamp owns a bunch of bars around Clatonia. When JM and another friend were researching anything and everything that could be found re:Gunderson and DeCamp and their relationship, DeCamp's property records were looked at. When they were overlayed onto a map they all followed the rail lines. Might be coincidence, but there may be more to it. [...] Re:DeCamp being hand picked by Colby. When I met John DeCamp and he was talking about his work with Colby he associated Colby choosing him with his ability to speak Farsi, which he learned from time he spent in Iran. According to DeCamp he went to Iran immediately after he left Toten Town, Minnesota's version of Boys Town. I didn't ask how long he was there. This was when he said, in Farsi, "Women are for childbirth; boys are for fun," and both DeCamp and his assistant, Gregory Tyrell started to laugh. I don't speak Farsi so I looked at them for a translation. DeCamp offered it. It was not funny. It was very surreal. Perhaps that had something to do with why DeCamp was selected.(?) Who was paying the most for children/young women? Where were they from?"
        • Lincoln City Council, "DIRECTORS’ MEETING MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2007 COUNTY-CITY BUILDING ROOM 113, 11:00 A.M": "E-Mails & Letters sent by Gregory B. Tyrrell, DeCamp Legal Services, PC - RE: Item 9, 07R-207, Our client Mr. Sean Divers, for the review of his claim on 10/15/07."
        • Lincoln Journal Star, "Sex offender arrested after entering women's locker room", 2009/08/26: "Police arrested a 45-year-old registered sex offender after two gyms reported he was acting strangely and going into the women's locker room at one, wearing only towels. Gregory Blake Tyrrell, 5431 Roose St., was arrested at 7:50 a.m. Tuesday at Madonna ProActive Health & Fitness, 7111 Stephanie Lane, Officer Katie Flood said. He was jailed on suspicion of first-degree criminal trespass and theft of services. Tyrrell was seen behaving strangely at the gym at least six times in August, Flood said. [...] Tyrrell, who is 6-foot-2 and weighs 170 pounds, is a level-three sex offender, Flood said. He spent more than 16 years in jail for burglary and first-degree sexual assault in Hall County. Tyrrell was released from prison in 2004 and is on parole until 2024."
      • 2009/10/17 - discusses DeCamp staying at Totem Town in Minnesota, run by the Catholic Church, and the pedophile networks in the area
      • 2009/10/17: "When I met with John DeCamp and he said, in farsi, "Women are for childbirth; boys are for fun," and laughed raucously with his Paralegal before translating for me, he repeatedly solicited sex from me and even suggested that if we close his office door, "No one would ever know." He persisted despite me saying things like, "Perhaps you've spent too much time around this stuff John, and you have become what you hate." And, "Now you're just making an ass out of yourself, can I see the Mahoney files or not?" When shown a picture of a young woman who bears STRIKING resemblance to Jill Cutshall (9 year old abducted, scars in same place, deep cheek creases....) DeCamp had a rare and possibly lucid moment and said, "You'll be lucky if this doesn't get you killed," but he had no interest in the child/woman and did not want to see information about her. (She is schizophrenic with a severe attachment disorder, documented in court files.) I had a recorder in my purse, which captured much of what he had to say, and captured some of the bizarre little ditty's coming out of the mouth of his assistant. Things in the DeCamp "camp" are not what they seem. SW's gut instinct's are good, very good - in my opinion."
      • 2009/10/17: "Jim Rothstein, according to himself, worked with Ted Gunderson for a number of years. Jim was an organized crime task force detective operating at a very high level, and Gunderson was on the east coast, I believe Philadelphia, for a while. Jim was another person who received files and information from Jeffrey Steinberg of EIR and was aiding Cheri Seymour before Ted Gunderson showed up, after which point Jim was boxed out of the investigation and things took a turn toward prison for MJR. (Does Steinberg get around or what?) Jim has said that he reviewed the files on the Franklin pedo ring prior to those files being passed on to DeCamp. He didn't come out and say it, but the reason he was asked to look was because he knew who the players were and how Operation Brownstone was run and there was overlap. Jim was asked to fact check and make sure that no innocent parties were accused. Jim doesn't speak to Gunderson or DeCamp and has no interest in speaking to them. He does not express contempt for them but it is clear that he does not respect them. When I called him from Lincoln to relate what I was witnessing from Tyrell and DeCamp he was not surprised. Apparently there was a joint radio interview with Gunderson and Rothstein and I don't know what Ted said/did, but Jim severed any ties or communication with him after that."
      • 2009/10/18: "Before we realized that John DeCamp is not who/what he appears to be, we made the mistake of asking him to review a case file to see if he would take an appeal to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. DeCamp is not "admitted" at the Federal level so he could not argue the case unless another attorney who was "admitted" agreed to allow DeCamp to argue under his accreditation."
      • Paloma background - worked for BEARCAT Hollow in Racine MN; attempted to expose its corruption, which included animal abuse and drug trafficking
        • BEARCAT Hollow owners Ken Kraft and Nancy Kraft
          • ...
        • Possible link to illegal animal trafficking profiled in Tiger King
          • Big Cat Rescue, "Josie", 2017/03/10: "Josie and 5 others arrived at Big Cat Rescue on Oct. 17, 2016 from Spirit of the Hills. Find out more about the rescue here: http://bigcatrescue.org/spirit-of-the-hills/ In 2004 Josie came to Spirit of the Hills from Ken and Nancy Kraft in Minnesota. Josie is spayed. Keith Kraft, who had owned BEARCAT Hollow in Racine, Minn., had pleaded guilty to falsifying records and conspiracy and was convicted of two counts of witness tampering in connection with the case. Kraft and eight others, including his wife, Nancy Kraft, were accused of illegally trafficking animals, including 17 tigers, seven leopards, five grizzly bears and dead animals and animal skins between 1999 and 2003."
    • Free Range Humans, "John DeCamp Dies at Age 76", 2017/08/11 - the author says that DeCamp's wife and daughter didn't trust him to be alone with a woman due to his history of making sexual advances towards them, and says she was one of the people to whom he did that
    • Childhood sexual abuse of DeCamp at a Minnesota Catholic orphanage
      • rbeck on 2008/03/17: "ps. not many people know this but John was also a victim of sexual abuse growing up in orphanages in Minnesota as a child. hes not trying to do what you claim in covering it up He should be commended for his work."
      • rbeck on 2008/03/17: "Its not just a claim my friend John himself said it in an interview years ago. Noreen Gosch even mentioned John was sexually abused as a child during her interview with Alex Meklinger in March 2005. John stated that as a child till his teenage years before going to Vietnam he jumped from orphanage to orphanage one of the places he was at breifly was Boys town He mentioned he was abused while in Minnesota"
      • rbeck on 2008/03/18: "Ok guys I found it sorry it took so long John was with a group called "The Crosier Fathers" it was a seminary with an attached monastery\ orphanage. the group of Crosiers john was with is located in Onamia, MN it has since been closed in 1989. Remember john was there in the 50s early 60s and never reported his abuse to anyone people didnt do things like that back then against the RC church.his abusers are probably dead by now. if you want any more information let me know"
      • See above posts by Paloma mentioning DeCamp's stay at Totem Town
  • Ted Gunderson background
    • COINTELPRO involvement - TODO document
      • ...
    • Marriage to Anton LaVey's ex-wife
      • MyHeritage page on Diane Hegarty - cites the U.S. Public Records Index for a "Diane E Lavey, born 1942"; cites the Geni World Family Tree for a "Diane Hegarty (born Joo), born 1942" who was born in Illinois, married Howard, Stanton Levey and had one child, and then went on to marry Theodore, L. Gunderson
      • Geni page for Theodore L. Gunderson - identified as the ex-husband of Diane Hegarty
      • Geni page for Diane Hegarty (Joo) - born 1942/07/10 in Chicago IL; other names include Diane LaVey, Diane Rively, and Diane Hall; identified as the partner of Anton Szandor LaVey and the ex-wife of Theodore L. Gunderson; has an unidentified child
  • Lyndon LaRouche organization
    • John Anderson, Tony Widing, and Anders Leopold, "The LaRouche movement was an important part of the US operations against Olof Palme", 2013/02/26: "The LaRouche movement, in Europe better known as the European Workers Party (EAP), was under cover of an intentionally unserious façade in reality a sophisticated and apparently private intelligence service that worked for the CIA and the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House."
      • "The relations between LaRouche/EAP and the White House were broken in 1993 after President Bill Clinton had taken office. LaRouche turned against his former superiors when his journal EIR in 1996 published an 86-page report claiming that George Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher could be tied to the murder. This was the very opposite of the assertions in a similar 1986 EIR report that had accused the KGB, but then as part of the disinformation campaign."
      • "The NCLC was initially involved in a strong and violent conflict with other organizations on the left in the United States. The organization conducted its own "Operation Mop-Up" and later mobilized a "Revolutionary Youth Movement" to attack competing communist, socialist, and trade union movements, all the time based on the claim that the opponents wanted to eliminate the NCLC (Wikipedia 2011b)."
      • "CIA defector Philip Agee said in a 1975 interview in connection with the launch of the Swedish edition of his book "Inside the CIA" (Hermansson and Wenander 1987:116):

        "The NLCC is a rightist cover organization. That it now has expanded to Europe fits into the pattern of a normal CIA operation.""
      • "1977, two years after Agee's statement that the LaRouche movement fit into the pattern of a CIA operation, LaRouche declared openly that the EAP until then had followed a leftist line for tactical reasons only. In reality, the EAP was right-oriented and supported a capitalist development (Hermansson and Wenander 1987:120). This indeed suggests that he in reality was an infiltrator and intelligence agent."
      • "Norman Bailey, Senior Director of International Economic Affairs at the NSC in the White House from 1981 to 1983, described the year before Palme was assassinated La Rouche's organization as "one of the best private intelligence services in the world". (Washington Post 1985)."
      • "EAP defectors have stated that the EAP leaders in West Germany in the early 70's were in contact with Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's Chief of Intelligence on the Eastern Front, who after the war went into to the service of the CIA with his entire organization, which later became the German intelligence service BND (King 1989:166)."
      • "Heribert Hallenbroich joined the BfV in 1966, and advanced gradually until he in 1975 became Chief of Counter-Espionage. His brother Anno was in 1975 already busy with the EAP's operations in Germany, targeted at the Social Democrats in Germany and Palme in Sweden. Two years later, in 1977, the BfV allegedly stopped its surveillance of the EAP.

        NATO rules, and even more West Germany's own rules, require that all who handle secret information must be subject to a thorough security check that includes close family members. Anno was from early on a part of a global and supposedly private intelligence service that even published intelligence information in its own journal, and until 1977 presented itself as Communist. Simply this was more than enough for denying Heribert security clearance. Nevertheless, in 1975, Heribert was appointed Chief of BfVs counterintelligence. As such, he should have exposed his brother."
      • "The Schiller Institute was founded by LaRouche in Virginia in early July, 1984. On that occasion, the lawyer Lennart Hane was invited as a delegate from Sweden (Lorscheid and Müller 1986:23-24). He met with LaRouche in the US several times, and was later included in an international legal commission to show that the charges against LaRouche regarding tax evasion and economical crime (see below) was a legal travesty. Hane was also EAP's contact man with Medborgarrättsrörelsen (the Civil Rights Movement) (Hermansson and Wenander 1987:179) and board member of Svensk-Chilenska Sällskapet (the Swedish-Chilean Society)."
      • "Hane also had a close relationship to the lawyer Ulf Hamacher (Nilsson 2000:278). He was the former chairman of the Sveriges Nationella Förbund (the Swedish National Association), one of the oldest Nazi organizations in Sweden. He was also chairman of Svensk-Chilenska Sällskapet. He had lived for a period in Chile and was decorated by the Pinochet junta. He also knew the first murder suspect Victor Gunnarsson (GK 1999:540)."
      • "[Former CIA agent Roy Everett] Frankhouser was himself recruited to LaRouche's main American organization NCLC in 1984 along with two other people from Reading, Pennsylvania, who allegedly also were CIA agents (King 1989:195)."
      • "In Georgia, WerBell established Cobray International Counter Terrorism Training School, where selected members of LaRouche's main organization NCLC underwent military training. WerBell himself said that he had trained 300 LaRouche's followers in the use of firearms and self defence. American television showed a film about the LaRouche people being trained by WerBell. Having met and been trained by WerBell was perceived as high status."
      • "LaRouche's Science Adviser Steven Bardwell took personally part in a series of meetings with NSC staff. However, he felt the cooperation went too far, and defected from the NCLC in 1984. Prior to that, he wrote in an internal memo (King 1989:195):

        ”[..] our NSA/CIA/DIA ’connections’ acquired a powerful hold over us. We now began to bend our polemics, public statements, intelligence tasks, and terms of reference to suit our newly acquired clients.”"
      • "One of the first people WerBell involved in the LaRouche movement was his old friend John Singlaub, later head of World Anti-Communist League (WACL). He was introduced to LaRouche and his top people in 1977. Later, Singlaub was for years a regular lecturer at WerBell’s Cobra school. (Marshall et al 1987:66 ff, King 1989:190, Barry 1986:20)."
      • "Bailey told the Washington Post that he also in the period 1982-83 met LaRouche supporters on several occasions in his office in the Executive Office Building, and that he also met with LaRouche three times. He said "some of them are quite good" and that he "found them to be useful because of their excellent international contacts."

        Bailey was not the only one in the Reagan administration who worked with LaRouche and his people. LaRouche's Security Chief Jeff Steinberg was summoned to the NSC 8-10 times in the period June 1983 to June 1984 (King 1989:195)."
      • "Inman received a steady stream of intelligence from the NCLC, and had regular meetings with LaRouche and his wife Helga in a "safe house" in Washington. When Inman was about to leave the CIA in 1982, he arranged for LaRouche to be invited to the CIA headquarters in Langley to brief the assistants of his successor John McMahon (King, 1989:160, 195)."
      • "At one time early in 1980, the then CIA Director William Colby met with LaRouche, but Colby was not impressed by him (King 1989:194). This was probably also part of the two-tiered strategy to make use of LaRouche while officially holding him at a distance. Colby was a very important person in connection with the establishment of the so-called parallel system, and not least Stay Behind in many European countries, which we will return to in a later article."
      • "In 1992, the Democrat Bill Clinton was elected president. Then, more of the Iran-Contra scandal connected people were removed, and none remained in key positions within the NSC. Thus, LaRouche could no longer be supported from the top, and was more or less left to himself."
    • Attacks on Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and William Rees-Mogg (echoed almost word-for-word by John DeCamp)
      • From p.388-389 of The Franklin Cover-Up: "And then I recall another incident, which I barely noticed at the time, but which now stands out in retrospect. Together with Rees-Mogg, the most savage press hound attacking Clinton was one Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a Briton who has spent hundreds of hours in Arkansas "investigating" the President, and writing streams of articles in The American Spectator, the British Daily Telegraph, and other papers, attacking Clinton. Evans-Pritchard once called me, urgently demanding a meeting. I had never heard of him before, and so asked Bill if he had ever heard of this fellow, "Evans-Prickard, or something," as I put it, barely recalling his name. Bill answered, rather ominously, as I now look back, "His name is Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. And," he said, "be very careful.""
      • EIR, "Exposure of FBI’s McVeigh Misconduct May Be Part of Efforts to Curb Bush" by Jeffrey Steinberg, 2001/05/25: "British propagandists William Rees-Mogg and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard had been working, since the Clinton inauguration, on a continuous slander barrage against the President, and all but called for his violent elimination."
  • David Shurter claims to be a Franklin scandal victim, but he viciously attacks virtually every victim (Paul Bonacci, Troy Boner, Noreen Gosch...) and investigator (John DeCamp, Nick Bryant...) as disinformation assets covering up the real story of what took place in Omaha
    • Walking tour of Omaha: parts 1, 2, 3 - he's recording the video specifically for Noreen Gosch; recalls three Italian brothers he didn't like who worked at the French Cafe, and says they're the likely culprits in the Gosch abduction (Emilio, Tony, and Mike); claims he may have seen John Gosch Sr. eating at the restaurant below Godfather's Pizza; shows how the Hollywood Bar, which allegedly had a leather dungeon near which he was abused by C.B. Rogers, was razed to build a parking garage; points out the police station nearly just across the street; focuses on a Downtown Blues sign which he says was once the Stage Door, a gay bar whose manager for years (around 1985 and 1986) was Sam Soda; shows The Run, once a popular hangout; points out The Max down the corner from the Greyhound bus station; shows a wall near The Run that teenagers used to sit on to hustle sex for money and drugs; shows a parking lot near a prison commonly used for drug deals; puts The Run bar on camera, which has a rainbow sign hanging, and says they allow kids in after 1:30 until 4 in the morning; shows The Joy owned by Alan Baer, whose management had such a major drug problem that they needed to shut the place down; calls Alan Baer one of the most nefarious men he knew, and recounts how friends of his who were associated with Baer started to threaten his life; highlights proximity of The Max (which he says grew from a "one-room shithole" to a "five-room extravaganza") to the police station
    • Brother Steven Wesley Shurter (misspelled Stephen Wesley Shurter)
      • Otter Tail County Court, no. 56-F6-06-000598: JENNIFER LEE SHURTER VS STEVEN WESLEY SHURTER, filed 2006/03/27
      • The Daily Times (Salisbury MD), "DUI Arrests on the Shore", 2007/06/17: "Steven Shurter, no age listed, West Ocean City"
      • Arrest of Lawrence King III (misnamed Larry King Jr.) in Ocean City MD
        • The Daily Times (Salisbury MD), "Man faces porn possession count", 2011/02/25: "A federal grand jury has indicted Lawrence Franklin King III, 41, of Ocean City on charges of possession of child pornography. The indictment was returned Dec. 7. King had his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Baltimore on Feb. 18, after related state charges were dismissed. [...] King faces a minimum of 10 years in prison and a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for possession of child pornography. He remains detained on related state charges."
        • WBOC, "O.C. Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing Child Porn", 2011/03/31: "Forty-one-year-old Lawrence Franklin King III entered the plea Wednesday in federal court in Baltimore. According to his plea agreement, King was convicted in Baltimore of sexual abuse of a child in 2002. He received a suspended sentence and was placed on Maryland's Sex Offender Registry. Last year, prosecutors say law enforcers received a complaint about King and child pornography. Court records show that a search of King's computer in October recovered more than 600 videos and images documenting the sexual abuse of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. According to court documents, the images included prepubescent children, as well as depictions of sadistic and masochistic activity."
        • The Daily Times (Salisbury MD), "OC man pleads guilty to child porn charge", 2011/04/03: "According to his plea agreement, King was convicted of sexual abuse of a child in 2002. He received a suspended sentence and was put on Maryland's Sex Offender Registry. Last year, prosecutors said law enforcers received a complaint about King and child pornography."
        • WBOC, "O.C. Sex Offender Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Child Porn", 2011/06/10 (updated 2011/06/22): "U.S. District Judge William M. Nickerson also ordered that upon his release from prison, 41-year-old Lawrence Franklin King III to register as a sex offender in the place where he resides, where he is an employee, and where he is a student, under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. [...] In an unrelated case, 27-year-old Dustin Anthony Axelrod of Salisbury, pleaded guilty Thursday to receipt of child pornography. According to his plea agreement, in January 2009, Axelrod was sharing files on the Internet when an undercover Wicomico County detective downloaded several of the files. Court documents show the files contained images of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. Agents say that after they seized a computer and two hard drives during a search executed at Axelrod's home on Feb. 4, 2009, they recovered more than 600 images and movies of minors allegedly engaged in sexually explicit conduct, including children under the age of 12."
  • Roy Harrold / Vindalf / bob / fantasypopper / Justin Sanity / RDobbson / mysteriouscourtier
  • Unsourced and libelous accusations by "cppweb", claiming to be a long-time investigator of the Johnny Gosch abduction who exposed everyone involved (Paul Bonacci, Noreen Gosch, Roy Stephens...) as frauds and liars; said they were writing a book, which never surfaced; is most likely Jimmy Gibson
    • Compilation of all their comments on The Franklin Files board: pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    • Original posts on WebSleuths: pages 3, 4, 7, 8
  • 2008 Franklin Files comment by sasha attacking Paul Bonacci for his alleged political bias: "You've also suggested there were body doubles of George HW Bush present at these parties and in the same breath accuse the Democratic Party of being the true puppeteers of child sex abuse and exploitation in Washington DC. It's ludicrous you would even make these stories follow a political slant per your own born-again Christian beliefs and evangelical conservativism."

Other pedophile rings

  • Refutation of the claim that organized child abuse doesn't happen
  • Law enforcement failure to properly address the issue
  • More Nebraska pedophilia and mind control
    • Larry Minard murder - in 1970 in Omaha NE; the bombing was blamed on local Blank Panther Party leaders Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa, who appear to have been framed
    • David Holland, "Omaha: A Fragmented Timeline of Events Beginning in August, 1983", 2012/04/20
    • Serial killer John Joubert - page here
    • Jill Cutshall disappearance - in 1987 from Norfolk NE
      • Series of articles on the Jill Cutshall case
      • Background of Jill's father
        • Lincoln Star, "Public employees union criticizes DPI director's reaction to resignation", 1980/09/27: "An association representing Norfolk Regional Center employees criticized the Nebraska Department of Public Institutions director for his reaction to the retirement of a psychiatrist at the 95-year-old facility. [...] The one full-time psychiatrist remaining at the regional center is Dr. Roger Cutshall. He is aided by a part-time psychiatrist, Dr. Daryl Stephenson from Yankton, S.D, who has said he is willing to work full time, though negotiations continue with DPI for his employment."
        • Lincoln Journal Star, "Ralph Kelly, escapee, still is being sought", 1982/03/27: "Officials Saturday morning still were searching for a Norfolk Regional Center patient, who apparently walked away from the center Wednesday night. Ralph Kelly, 41, had been committed to the Norfolk center last month by the Douglas County Mental Health Board, following psychiatric care at Immanuel Hospital said Deputy Douglas County Attorney Mike Amdor. Two counts of second-degree assault had been dismissed against Kelly in connection with the May 1980 shootings of two Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. employees in Omaha, records show. Kelly shot himself twice in the chest a short time later as state troopers surrounded him at a farm south of Blair, where he was taken into custody. The charges were dismissed after a psychiatric evaluation. [...] The Norfolk Police Department and the Nebraska State Patrol were notified of Kelly's escape Wednesday night. No mention of Kelly's background was included in the notification by the regional center. Friday afternoon, patrol offices in Norfolk and Lincoln were contacted with information from background files about Kelly. An updated bulletin, was then released by the patrol offices, containing information that Kelly was to be considered dangerous. Center Administrator Ray Kanoff said doctors treating Kelly do not consider him dangerous to others and, therefore, did not include that designation in the notification of his escape. "Dr. James Wengert and Dr. Roger Cutshall do not think he is going to harm someone," Kanoff said."
      • Nebraska Department of Correctional Services information for Kermit Baumgartner - had a 1-year sexual assault conviction in 1986
      • Lincoln Star, "Hunter finds clothing worn by missing girl", 1987/11/09: "POLICE CAPT. GENE BUSS said the clothing found was a purple shirt, blue jeans, white Nike tennis shoes and socks. He refused to discuss the condition of the clothing. "It's the clothing she was wearing, the clothing she had on" when she was last seen, Buss said. Asked if underclothing was found. Buss said, "I believe everything was there." [...] The clothing will be sent to the FBI's lab in Washington, D.C., he said. [...] Until the hunter found the clothing, there had been no solid leads in the case, Buss said. The report of the girl outside her babysitter's house was the last firm sighting police had received, he said. Jill had been spending the summer with her father, Roger Cutshall, and her stepmother. Her mother was living in Great Bend, Kan, at the time of the disappearance."
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Mother still grieves for missing girl", 1989/08/13 (pages 1e, 5e)
      • Lincoln Star, "Woman says she saw Jill Cutshall in Omaha", 1990/04/04: "The wife of a former Osmond police chief said she believes she saw Jill Cutshall near downtown Omaha the night the girl disappeared from the steps of her baby sitter's home in Norfolk. Sherriee Taylor said she is frustrated with what appears to be a lack of response by the Norfolk police to the information she provided. Taylor said she and her husband, Gailyn, were living in Omaha at the time of Jill's August 1987 disappearance and were driving near downtown Omaha about 11:30 p.m. "MY HUSBAND recognized a station wagon up ahead that had Madison County license plates," she told the Norfolk Daily News. [...] "There was a little girl in the front seat. I remember thinking that it was awfully late for a parent to have a girl that age out at night," Taylor said. "She had her head down, but then she looked up and I thought, 'What a pretty girl.' But she looked tired," Taylor said. The driver of the car was a man who appeared to be in his late 20s with light-brown hair, a 3-day-old beard and a red-and-white plaid shirt with its sleeves rolled up, she said. "He kept biting his lip and looking at us out of the corner of his eye," she said. News reports of Jill Cutshall's disappearance surfaced the next day, she said. "When I saw a picture of her, I said, 'I think that's the gal we saw last night,'" Taylor said. The next morning, Taylor called the Norfolk Police Division and spoke with Capt. Gene Buss."
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Norfolk mother seeks justice in daughter's disappearance", 1990/08/19 (pages 1, 9)
      • Lincoln Star, "Inmate says he knows where Cutshall is", 1990/08/23
      • Los Angeles Times, "A Mother's Mission : Ghost of Death Haunts Search for Daughter", 1990/09/02 (pages 1, 2)
      • Sioux City Journal, "Lawyer wants funds to find Jill Cutshall", 1990/11/20: "In a motion filed with Madison County District Judge Richard Garden, attorney David Domina said nearly 6,000 pages of police reports Domina received on Nov. 14 contain 100 or more "apparently credible" sightings of Jill Cutshall, who has been missing since Aug. 13, 1987. Domina's motion asked the court for $10,000 in additional funds to hire a private investigator to follow up on the possible sightings. Domina also said the "tardy disclosure" of the police reports by special prosecutor James Smith of Hastings may force Domina to seek a delay in the start of the trial, tentatively set for Dec. 10."
      • Beatrice Daily Sun, "Judge grants funds to search for Jill Cutshall", 1990/11/23: "Most of the reported sightings were in the north-central United States, in what Domina called a "chronologically and geographically significant cluster." Domina said there was no way of knowing whether law enforcement agencies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois followed up on sightings reported in those states."
      • Des Moines Register, "Diligent mother pursues quest for missing child; Iowan charged", 1991/03/03 (pages 1b, 5b) - notes that David Phelps had babysat Jill in the apartment; has Roy Stephens explain the gun incident: "On Jan. 4, 1989, convinced the investigation had stalled, Stephens took Phelps to the wildlife preserve to discuss the girl's disappearance. It was a memorable encounter. For two hours, Phelps walked the grounds and chatted with Stephens but offered no information about the kidnapping. Finally, in a moment of frustration, says Stephens, he took a handgun from his partner who was also there, pointed the weapon in the air and squeezed off one round. Shots of Frustration "It was pure frustration on my part," Stephens says. "We were out there knowing that Jill had been there and what happened to her. She never received a proper burial. It made you think that her soul's stuck somewhere and she's still suffering the pain. All the emotions started coming out so I simply acted." Phelps was stunned. Stephens says."
      • Des Moines Register, "Jurors to watch video of suspect admitting his role in kidnapping", 1991/03/06
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Cameraman Tells Court Phelps Not Threatened", 1991/03/11: "A KMTV - Channel 3 cameraman testified Monday in Madison County District Court that no threats were made against David Phelps during a 1989 interview with the Omaha television station. "There were no threats made," KMTV cameraman Roger Prai said. "None." Prai was present Jan. 4, 1989, when Marcia Cady, then a KMTV reporter, interviewed Phelps in a motel room in Norfolk, Neb. Private investigator Roy Stephens and Stephens' assistant, Diane Robinette, also were in the room. [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Investigator Says He Lied to Grand Jury in Cutshall Case", 1991/03/12: "A private investigator said Tuesday that he lied to the Madison County grand jury that investigated the disappearance of Jill Cutshall. Investigator Roy Stephens testified in Madison County District Court that he lied about what he did during the 24 hours before David Phelps told an Omaha TV station that he was involved in Jill's disappearance. Under cross - examination by Phelps' attorney, David Domina, Stephens at first said he was mistaken about some of his May 9, 1990, testimony [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Witness Says He Wasn't Intimidating Phelps Cutshall Investigator: I Fired Shot in Frustration", 1991/03/12: "A private investigator looking into the disappearance of Jill Cutshall testified Monday that he fired a gun in the air out of "frustration" the day David Phelps said he had helped kidnap the girl, not in order to intimidate Phelps. Private investigator Roy Stephens of Omaha said in Madison County District Court that on Jan. 4, 1989, after walking with Phelps nearly an hour through a wildlife area where Jill's clothes had been found, he became so upset that he fired a handgun in the air [...]"
      • Lincoln Star, "Investigator fired gun in questioning Phelps", 1991/03/12: "ROBINETTE SAID she held a handgun while the three of them walked around the wildlife area for about 90 minutes. She said Stephens grew tired and frustrated and took the gun and fired it into the air, then he handed it back to Robinette, she said. [...] Phelps said he was relieved to tell the truth but he feared for the safety of his fiance and baby, Robinette said. [...] The videotape has been played for the jury. On it, Phelps said he and a friend, Kermit Baumgartner, left the Cutshall apartment house the morning of Aug. 13, 1987, with the child and drove her to a wildlife management area southeast of Norfolk."
      • Des Moines Register, "Witness: Phelps spoke about missing girl in interview", 1991/03/12: "Frustrated with the lack of progress, Stephens took a handgun from an assistant and fired a shot into the air. The assistant, Diane Robinette, testified Monday that before the shot was fired, Stephens had handed Phelps a shovel and said, "I want you to find Jill." Phelps responded, "I'd be glad to help you, but I don't know where she is," Robinette said. The three walked around the park with Phelps 10 feet in the lead. "Every now and then, Roy would holler, 'Where's Jill?' and David would keep walking," she said. Stephens reached for the gun, fired a shot in the air and said, "300-pound men don't like taking nature walks." She said Phelps appeared to be startled by the noise. Phelps agreed to talk, led Stephens to a nearby cemetery, then went to the Norfolk motel for the interview."
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Investigator Cries at Sight of Cutshall Clothes", 1991/03/13: "Roy Stephens, a private investigator looking into the disappearance of Jill Cutshall, cried Tuesday after he was shown the clothes Jill was wearing the day she disappeared. Stephens was shown the clothing while being cross - examined by David Domina, attorney for David Phelps, who is on trial for kidnapping in Jill's disappearance. After seeing the clothing, Stephens, who never knew Jill, turned to Madison County District Court Judge Richard Garden and asked for a recess. Garden [...]"
      • Des Moines Register, "Investigator testifies he lied to grand jury", 1991/03/13
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Witness gives Phelps alibi", 1991/03/14
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Testimony Is Conflicting In Phelps Trial", 1991/03/15: "Two Norfolk, Neb., men gave conflicting testimony Thursday in Madison County District Court about where David Phelps was the day Jill Cutshall disappeared. The two men also said that although they told a Norfolk police detective in April 1988 that they could not remember where Phelps was Aug. 13, 1987, they were able to remember 3 1/2 years later. Brian Pinkleman, 30, who testified that he was a former homosexual partner of Phelps, said he and Phelps spent the night of Aug. 12 - 13, [...]"
      • Des Moines Register, "Witness: Phelps mowed on day of kidnap", 1991/03/15
      • Associated Press, "Anguished Mother Attends Trial in Daughter’s Kidnapping", 1991/03/17
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Cutshall Investigator Used Loaned Gun", 1991/03/18: "A former employer of Roy Stephens, an Omaha private investigator who investigated the disappearance of Jill Cutshall, said Monday that when she lent her husband's gun to Stephens she did not know he was a convicted felon. Karla Hall of Omaha, a cosmetologist and owner of the Interstate Bureau of Investigations, testified in Madison County District Court that she lent her husband's .357 Magnum pistol to Stephens two to three weeks before Jan. 4, 1989. In an interview with KMTV [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Prosecutor Says Defendent Gave Four Stories in the Cutshall Case", 1991/03/19: "Special prosecutor Jim Smith told a Madison County District Court jury Tuesday that David Phelps "deliberately lied" about his involvement in Jill Cutshall's disappearance. In his closing arguments to the jury, Smith said that Phelps gave four different stories to authorities and a Madison County grand jury looking into Jill's disappearance. "David Phelps repeatedly lied, over and over again, both to police and to the grand jury," Smith said. Phelps' attorney, David Domina, [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Cutshall Jury Taken on Tour Of Wildlife Area", 1991/03/19: "A jury hearing the kidnapping case against David Phelps in the disappearance of Jill Cutshall toured Wood Duck Wildlife Management Area Monday. Led by Madison County Sheriff's deputies, the Madison County District Court jury saw the access road to the western edge of Wood Duck, the parking lot and a cemetery near the wildlife area. The access road was the route by which private investigator Roy Stephens and his assistant, Diane Robinette, took Phelps to Wood Duck Jan. 4, 1989. The [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Cutshall Jury Visits Alleged Crime Scene Investigator Used Gun on Loan", 1991/03/19: "A former employer of Roy Stephens, a private investigator who investigated the disappearance of Jill Cutshall, said Monday that when she lent her husband's gun to Stephens she did not know Stephens was a convicted felon. Karla Hall of Omaha, a cosmetologist and the owner of the Interstate Bureau of Investigations, testified in Madison County District Court that she lent her husband's .357 magnum pistol to Stephens two to three weeks before Jan. 4, 1989. In an interview with KMTV [...]"
      • Des Moines Register, "Kidnapping case to go to the jury", 1991/03/19
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Kidnapping Case Goes to Jury in Madison", 1991/03/20: "The case of David Phelps, charged with kidnapping Jill Cutshall, was submitted to a jury Tuesday. Judge Richard Garden told the Madison County District Court jury of four men and eight women that they must decide if Phelps is guilty of kidnapping Jill with the intent of sexually assaulting her. The case was submitted to the jury about 12:30 p.m. after special prosecutor Jim Smith and Phelps' attorney, David Domina, made their closing arguments. Smith said Phelps "deliberately [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Detective Says He Suspected Phelps Spotted in '88", 1991/03/21: "Detective Steven Hecker of the Norfolk Police Department said Thursday he was convinced in April 1988 that David Phelps had a role in the abduction of Jill Cutshall. It was not until December 1989, Hecker said, that he believed that Phelps had acted alone. Hecker also said he does not think that Phelps' former sexual partner, Kermit Baumgartner, was involved in the abduction. The detective said, however, that he is not the one to make that decision for Norfolk police."
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Prosecutor Says Grand Jury Had Key Role in Phelps' Conviction", 1991/03/21: "Norfolk police were convinced in December 1989 that David Phelps, acting alone, had abducted Jill Cutshall, but facts that came to light only after a grand jury investigation led to Phelps' arrest, special prosecutor Jim Smith said Wednesday. If a grand jury had not indicted Phelps, he probably would never have been convicted, Smith said. "The grand jury was a good idea," Smith said. Norfolk Police Chief William Mizner said he did not disagree with Smith. "The grand jury [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Show Helped Obtain Evidence, Detective Says '60 Minutes' Credited in Cutshall Case", 1991/03/22: "Detective Steven Hecker of the Norfolk Police Department said Thursday that CBS' airing of a "60 Minutes" segment about Jill Cutshall's disappearance helped him obtain evidence to indict and convict David Phelps. The new information that Norfolk police obtained from the show was private investigator Roy Stephens' admission that he fired a gun in the air when he was with Phelps the day Phelps said he was involved in Jill's disappearance. After the show aired, Hecker said, Stephens [...]"
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Phelps Lawyer to Appeal Trial Use of TV Interview", 1991/03/23: "David Domina, David Phelps' attorney, said Friday that he will appeal Phelps' conviction to the Nebraska Supreme Court. Phelps, 27, was convicted Wednesday by a Madison County District Court jury of kidnapping Jill Cutshall with the intent to sexually assault her. Jill disappeared from Norfolk, Neb., on or about Aug. 13, 1987. Domina said in Omaha that he will appeal the conviction after Phelps is sentenced April 26. Phelps faces up to life in prison without the possibility of [...]"
      • Sioux City Journal, "Cutshall trial won't help find body", 1991/03/28 - this is most likely a lie by Kermit Baumgartner: "As a witness for the defense, Baumgartner testified he had no part in the abduction and said he didn't even know Jill."
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Appeal Is Heard in Norfolk Kidnapping", 1992/08/31: "Because it was based on a coerced confession to a "would - be private detective," David Phelps' conviction in the 1987 disappearance of a Norfolk girl should be overturned, his attorney argued Monday before the Nebraska Supreme Court. "The confession is lousy and can't be admitted," lawyer David Domina argued. "If it can be, then why can't we have private vigilantes? Why can't we have the police contract with private detectives to obtain confessions? The conviction is bad and needs to be [...]"
      • Nebraska Supreme Court, no. S-91-577: State v. Phelps, decision on appeal, 1992/10/16
        • "On the day of the child's disappearance, the father and stepmother left home at 6 o'clock in the morning. The stepmother noted that the child was then awake but still dressed in a nightshirt. The stepmother also noted that the child had laid out a purple shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Under a relatively new arrangement with the child's babysitter, the child was to leave the McNeely Apartments at approximately 8 a.m. and walk to the sitter's house, some 4½ blocks away. If the sitter was not *682 awake when the child arrived, she was to use a key left in the mailbox to let herself in."
        • "The stepmother finished work at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and went directly to the sitter's house to pick up the child. It was then that the stepmother first learned that the child had not arrived at the sitter's house that day. The sitter thought that the child had merely stayed home with her father, as she had done once previously. The sitter's live-in boyfriend did not see the child when he left for work between 7:30 and 7:50 that morning."
        • "As the hunting season approached, hunters were asked to watch for evidence related to the child's disappearance. On November 7, 1987, a hunter sporting in the Wood Duck State Special Use Area in Stanton County, Nebraska, discovered what were later identified as the child's blouse, jeans, underwear, shoes, and keys. The underwear was white with numerous clown face or ice cream cone designs. After the scene was secured, a Federal Bureau of Investigation evidence team was immediately dispatched to the area. The bureau's analysis revealed nothing with respect to fingerprints, semen, blood, hairs, or fibers."
        • "*684 As Phelps led Stephens and Robinette through the area, Stephens incessantly asked, "Is this where Jill is?" Stephens also told Phelps that they were not leaving until they found the child's body. Stephens, in an attempt to encourage Phelps to talk, told Phelps that "I could kill you right here and nobody would ever find you" and that "your wife and daughter would be in some serious trouble."

          As Stephens, Robinette, and Phelps walked around, Stephens retrieved his gun from Robinette and fired it into the air. Phelps stated that "surprisingly it didn't startle me and I didn't drop to the ground like somebody might." Stephens testified that he saw no reaction from Phelps after the gunshot. Robinette, however, stated that Phelps was indeed surprised or startled. Stephens commented that "300 pound men don't like nature walks." Phelps then told Stephens that he had heard that the child's body was in the Wood Duck cemetery area. The threesome then walked back to the vehicle, and Robinette drove to the cemetery area."
        • "One of the representatives asked Phelps if he would talk with them, and Phelps consented. Phelps then gave an approximately 30-minute-long videotaped interview, during the course of which he in essence calmly repeated the information he had given during the audiotaped interview earlier that day. The representative conducting the interview expressed doubt about Phelps' veracity, testifying at the suppression hearing that she did not believe everything Phelps said during the filming process; although she did not know such to be the case, he seemed to her to ramble and to be making the account up as he went along."
        • "Whether Stephens had his gun in the motel room during Phelps' interview or, instead, retrieved it from the van to put it away after Phelps had left with the Norfolk police is in dispute; however, it was not until after Phelps had left with Angell and Hecker that the television representatives saw Stephens' gun as he removed it, according to one of the representatives, from underneath his shirt and placed it in a case. Stephens testified that he had not carried the gun under his shirt and told one of the representatives that the gun was for "protection." This representative described the gun as a "big" "silver" "pistol." Both Stephens and Robinette consciously omitted any reference to the gun in any of their reports to the Norfolk police. Stephens did not reveal the use of the gun at the Wood Duck area until some 10 months later while being interviewed for a national television program."
        • "This claim rests on the fact that a variety of people thought they had seen the child at a multiplicity of places. For example, according to two witnesses, a girl resembling the child was seen at approximately 6:30 on the morning of her disappearance walking down a Norfolk street. Another witness saw a girl matching the child's description at approximately 6:30 to 6:45 a.m. of the same day sitting on the steps of the babysitter's residence. When this witness passed the babysitter's residence on her return trip some 5 minutes later, she did not see the girl. A girl resembling the child was also seen near the McNeely Apartments between approximately 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. of that day by another witness. Still another witness thought she saw the child and another young girl in the store at which the witness worked around 10 a.m. on the day of the child's disappearance. A young witness testified that she spoke with a girl resembling the child on the afternoon of that day at the same store. A man from Valley, Nebraska, believed he saw a girl resembling the child leaving a Fremont hotel with an older man on August 14, 1987. A woman from Ames, Nebraska, testified that shortly after the child's disappearance, she saw a girl resembling the child in a van traveling south out of West Point, Nebraska. A woman from Norfolk testified that the child was with another girl at a truckstop 5 miles north of Norfolk at 1 to 1:30 a.m. on August 14, 1987. A woman living approximately a block away from the McNeely Apartments testified that the child and another girl cut across her lawn between 12 and 1 p.m. on August 13, 1987. Yet another woman testified that she saw a girl resembling the child in a shopping mall in Sioux City, Iowa, on Saturday, August 15."
      • Lincoln Star, "Missing girl's mother pleased with court ruling", 1992/10/17: "DOMINA SAID the use of a private detective to coerce a confession raised the spectre of vigilantes and a private police force out to do what the constitution bars law enforcement officers from doing."
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Father of Norfolk girl who disappeared accused in sexual assault", 1995/06/18: "Roger Cutshall, whose daughter, Jill, disappeared eight years ago, has pleaded innocent to sexual assault involving a teenager. Cutshall, 41, is accused of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl in May 1992, Madison County Attorney Joseph Smith said."
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Cutshall pleads guilty to sexual assault", 1995/10/07
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Missing child's father sentenced", 1995/11/18: "The father of Jill Cutshall, who disappeared eight years ago, was sentenced to prison Friday for sexually assaulting a child. Madison County District Judge Richard Garden [who also presided over David Phelps' trial] sentenced Roger Cutshall to two to five years in prison on a charge of sexual assault of a child. [...] Roger Cutshall will be eligible for parole in one year."
        • Norfolk Daily News, Obituary for Richard P. Garden, 2018/7/28: "Richard graduated from Norfolk High School in 1953 and attended the University of Nebraska until enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1954. He served on the 3rd Marine Division rifle team while in Japan and became a rifle instructor before his discharge in 1957. Richard loved the Marine Corps. [...] Richard belonged to North Star 227 Masonic Lodge, Sesostris Shrine Club and Norfolk Odd Fellows Lodge #46. As president of the Norfolk Lions Club in 1971, he drove his family to Mexico City for the Lions International Convention. Dick was honored with the Melvin Jones Award by the Lions Club and served as grand marshal of the 2000 LaVitsef parade sponsored by the Lions Club. He was also an admiral in the Navy of the Great State of Nebraska. In 1979, Gov. Charles Thone appointed Richard as the district judge of the Ninth Judicial District, later to become the Seventh Judicial District. He served for 21 years until retiring in 2000. Richard enjoyed flying, becoming a licensed pilot in 1976. His favorite sport was target shooting and reloading ammunition. A group of men, including Richard, took over the Izaak Walton League gun club and eventually built up the prestigious Northeast Nebraska Shooting Association located north of Pierce. Richard was secretary/treasurer of the association for many years."
      • Sioux City Journal, "Cutshall's father paroled", 1997/09/19
      • Sioux City Journal, "DNA testing requested by kidnapper denied", 2007/02/03
      • KLKN, "New evidence in decades-old Nebraska murder case", 2012/06/20
      • Norfolk Daily News, "Where’s Jill? After 25 years, question still unanswered", 2012/08/13
      • Norfolk Daily News, "No body, weapon or witnesses", 2012/08/14
      • Norfolk Daily News, "Case attracted national media attention", 2012/08/14
      • Norfolk Daily News, "Desperate for freedom", 2012/08/15
      • Norfolk Daily News, "New information dismissed as hoax", 2012/08/15
      • Norfolk Daily News, "No doubts in jurors' minds", 2012/08/16
      • Omaha World-Herald, "Despite mysterious diary, court refuses to revisit kidnapping conviction", 2013/06/14
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Jill Cutshall: 29 years later, police still don't know what happened to 9-year-old", 2016/09/03
      • Norfolk Daily News, "Norfolk chief still stumped by 1987 case of missing girl", 2016/09/10
      • United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, Phelps v. Frakes, memorandum and order, 2016/09/30: "Against this backdrop, new evidence has come to light which will establish, as Phelps has long asserted, that he is actually innocent of this crime. The new evidence is evidence that other persons abducted Jill Cutshall. [...] The second admission is a jailhouse confession made to a prisoner at the Lincoln Correctional Center. The prisoner wrote to attorneys at the Iowa/Nebraska Innocence Project that his cellmate had bragged about the Cutshall abduction and how he had gotten away with it. The prisoner asked to be able to speak with representatives from the Innocence Project in person, but that meeting apparently did not take place."
      • Lincoln Journal Star, "Federal judge says inmate can't establish claim of innocence", 2016/10/05 - denied by Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf, who was also involved in the Franklin cover-up
    • Jay Bruna child molestation case
    • 2008 Websleuths comment by Capt.: "I see this thread is still going and I don't believe it will ever stop. I left this issue back in the first JG thread around the 70th post. I had a working interest in this case and others that were similar. I'm glad it isn't as pressing for me now. I worked with DID clients back then that were involved in RA and mind control. I've heard of 8-10 murders commited by groups and Aquino's name was always there. One clients triggering from cell phone came from the Omaha area amongst the other locations. I still have some of the communications transcribed."
    • Associated Press, "Court Rejects Ryan Death Row Appeal", 2012/03/02: "Ryan was convicted of torturing and killing James Thimm at a southeast Nebraska farm near Rulo in 1985, and for the beating death of the 5-year-old son of a cult member."
    • Omaha serial killer who "took orders from an Egyptian god" was released early by the Webb family's lawyer Gary Randall (now a judge)
  • Penn State case - page here
    • Ellis County Observer, "'The Franklin Cover-Up' author talks about how he linked Sandusky and Penn State abuse scandal years ago", 2012/07/15: "DeCamp, a former state senator and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, unraveled the Penn State child-sex scandal while investigating the Omaha child-pornography, child-prostitution ring that made him an icon. “Apparently I had done something back then linking the football coach with Franklin,” DeCamp said in a recent phone interview with this publisher. “They [media] called me from Pennsylvania, at least 20 calls...had to tell them the truth that yeah, I wrote the book but I don’t remember everything I read or uncovered. I’d have to go back and look at my files. Somehow or another, [convicted pedophile and ex-defensive coordinator Jerry] Sandusky was brought up some way by me way back [then, during Franklin]...I got call after call after call from Pennsylvania.""
    • Steven Hager, "The Franklin Cover-Up Continues", 2013/02/07 (original link, now 404s): "Since I’m in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a Heads versus Feds debate at the Union tonight, I gave local celebrity John DeCamp a phone call, and within minutes he showed up at my hotel for an hour-long interview. [...] King was just the backstop to prevent the case from tracking into the Republican power structure. DeCamp decided to follow that trail. [...] One thing John did back then is fly to Penn State University with two boys who said they’d been flown there by Larry King to service a bunch of people after a football game. The boys identified Jerry Sandusky as one of their abusers. When confronted with this information, Sandusky threatened a law suit and Penn State rallied behind him and defended Sandusky with all their power."
    • See above information about Graham Spanier and Ronald Roskens
    • Disobedient Media, "Victim’s Testimony Reveals Establishment-Connected East Coast Trafficking Network", 2017/12/04 - implicates prominent men such as Sandusky, Philadelphia businessman Ed Savitz, Pennsylvania philanthropist Sam Rappaport, former Pennsylvania governor and DNC chair Ed Rendell, former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Franklin scandal ringleader Lawrence King; notes that Rappaport was associated with Richard Basciano, who partnered with Mafia member Robert DiBernardo in a child pornography enterprise
  • Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan (2004)
  • Catholic Church pedophilia - TODO page here
    • Omaha pedophilia - especially the connection to Boys Town
    • Baltimore pedophilia - involves A. Joseph Maskell at the Archbishop Keough High School and Sister Cathy Cesnik who was murdered in 1969
    • New Orleans pedophilia
      • Father Dino Cinel child molestation - covered up by Harry Connick Sr. (Jim Garrison's successor as New Orleans DA who destroyed his investigative files on the JFK assassination)
        • Vanity Fair, "Unholy Alliances" by Leslie Bennetts, 1991/12: "However, Cinel isn't the only one who got the distinct impression that Connick didn't want to prosecute him. Gary Raymond, who worked as an investigator in the D.A.'s office for seven years before retiring to establish a private practice, wrote Connick a three-page letter in the summer of 1990 outlining the case against Cinel. "I literally begged Harry Connick to charge this man," says Raymond, a wiry, intense man who is determined to see the former priest brought to justice. "I was then told by an investigator in the D.A.'s office that Connick was upset because I had created a paper trail. " Connick still took no action; months later, Raymond ran into him on St. Patrick's Day. "When are you going to prosecute this priest?" he demanded. "Never, as long as I'm D.A.," Connick replied, according to Raymond. (It was only after the media broke the story last spring that Connick even filed the one charge against Cinel. After months of continuing criticism, this fall the D.A. finally charged him with sixty separate counts of possession of child pornography.)"
        • New Orleans Advocate, "Dino Cinel, ex-priest whose sex scandal rocked New Orleans, is killed in Colombia", 2018/03/26: "Disgraced former Catholic priest Dino Cinel — who became infamous in New Orleans when it was discovered that he had taped himself having sex with young men in an Uptown church rectory and had amassed a collection of child pornography — was stabbed to death last month in South America by a young man with whom he had a romantic relationship, according to authorities cited by international media outlets. Police in Medellin, Colombia, said they discovered the 76-year-old Cinel's body when Santiago Alberto Morales Parra, 18, called them to report that he had killed his lover inside his apartment Feb. 1. Morales told investigators that the two had argued while discussing a break-up [...] Cinel was a historian on the Tulane University faculty and was living at the rectory of St. Rita Catholic Church in late 1988 when a fellow priest discovered him with child pornography and homemade tapes of Cinel having sex in the rectory with young men. The story did not become public at that time, and the official response raised immediate controversy when it finally became known more than two years later. Upon first learning of the discovery, Archbishop Philip Hannan fired Cinel, who was on vacation in Italy at the time. But some suspected the archbishop was giving Cinel a heads-up that authorities were onto him, said Bruce Nolan, who covered the ensuing scandal for The Times-Picayune. Then-District Attorney Harry Connick, a St. Rita parishioner, let the church hold onto the video recordings for weeks, which church officials explained by saying they were trying to identify and contact any victims involved. Connick later concluded that the evidence in the case was not strong enough to prosecute Cinel. At one point, a former sexual partner who said he was underage at the time he had a recorded encounter with Cinel sued him in Orleans Parish Civil District Court. And in 1991, WDSU-TV reporter Richard Angelico aired stories on the dispute featuring audio clips from the sex tapes as well as video depositions showing Cinel calmly recounting the acts. [...] Cinel by then had left the priesthood and Tulane, had married a woman with whom he had two children, and was teaching at City University of New York in Staten Island, which suspended him with pay. Connick's office then reversed course on its original decision not to prosecute Cinel, charging him with possession of child pornography. A jury in 1995 acquitted Cinel, who was represented by high-profile defense attorney Arthur "Buddy" Lemann, when it was established that he had acquired the pornography before a 1986 law prohibited it."
    • St. John's Abbey (in Minnesota) child sexual abuse
    • San Francisco Bay Area pedophilia
    • Patheos, "Catholic League On Predatory Priests: It’s Not Rape If The Child Isn’t Penetrated", 2018/08/16
  • Other Christian denominations
  • "Delta" as a recurring motif or code word in the pedophilia subculture
    • See the Delta Project in Chicago operated by John Norman and Phillip Paske (likely connected to the Franklin scandal)
    • Lollitots magazine - published by the Delta Publishing Company
      • Washington Post, "Children: The Limits of Porn", 1977/01/30: "Take the case of Lollitots magazine.The masthead leads one to believe the magazine is a coast-to-coast operation - published by Delta Publishing Co. Inc. in Wilmington, Del., and distributed solely by Parliament News in Sun Valley, Calif., just outside Los Angeles. But according to Delaware authorities, Delta Publishing is a fictitious front. Parliament News, however, is for real. The city of Los Angeles is prosecuting Parliament News and its president, Paul Wisner, 52, charging them with possession with intent to commercially disseminate obscene material. [...] Wisner, out on bail, said he did not know who published Lollitots. "It comes from overseas. It's published overseas." Reporter: "But the masthead states that it is published by Delta Publishing in Wilmington, Del." Wisner: "Yeah, that's who we deal with." Reporter: "But that company does not and never did exist, according to Wilmington authorities." Wisner: "That's who we deal with." "But if it's nonexistent, how can you deal with them?" Wisner: "We deal with an agent." "In the United States?" Wisner: "Yes." "Then why do you say it is published overseas?" Wisner: "I'm not interested in any interpretation of that." He would not give the name of the agent."
      • The Daily Herald (Chicago IL), "Protest of child pornography sales today", 1977/02/14: "Lamberti showed the Glen Ellyn group copies of a magazine named "Lollitots" featuring photos of nude preteen-age girls in various poses. The magazine's publisher was listed as Delta Publishing Co., Inc., from Wilmington, Del, but a check with telephone services did not have a telephone number registered to that agency."
    • One of the first three photos that Noreen Gosch received in 2006 was that of a man in front of a strange wallpaper with a ligature around his neck. In a post on her website made 2010/06/17, Noreen included another photograph of the man in front of the same wallpaper, and linked him to "Delta": "WE HAVE NOW IDENTIFIED THE MAN IN THESE PHOTOGRAPHS AND KNOW WHAT HE HAS DONE. IF ANYONE HAS INFORMATION ON "DELTA" PLEASE CONTACT jgoschfoundation@aol.com" The Justice for Johnny Gosch website says that the pictures "appeared in a magazine called Piccolo that was published in The Netherlands in the late 1970's and early 1980's".
  • Guy Strait child pornography companies (DOM and briefly DOM-Lyric / Lyric-DOM)
    • San Bernardino County Sun, "2 arrested for using boys as 'sex' actors", 1973/09/03 (pages 2 OCR): "HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Police said yesterday they were talking to authorities in Texas about a possible link to a case here in which two men were arrested for using dozens of boys as "actors" in underground sex films. Vice officers said they were investigating a possible nationwide ring which supplied runaway boys for purposes of prostitution and film-making activities. Two men, Guy Straight, 53, Hollywood, and Melvin Cecil Reynolds, 38, Cudahy, Calif., were arrested Saturday night on suspicion of child molestation following a five-week investigation. They were held in lieu of $100,000 bond. In addition, three boys, aged 13, 14 and 15, were found at the scene and taken into protective custody. Police said the film-making operation used boys between the ages of 9 and 15 from across the nation. The films and photographs allegedly were sold through advertisements in underground or sex-oriented newspapers and magazines. Police said they were checking with Texas authorities in Dallas and Houston to find out whether there is any connection with an alleged ring in Texas which supplied hundreds of teenage boys as prostitutes for older men across the country. None of the boys found at the scene of the arrests was from Texas, but police said some of the other children used in the pornographic films apparently were."
    • Los Angeles Times, "14 Men Indicted in Sex Movies Featuring Boys Ages 6 to 17", 1973/10/26: "Among those indicted were: Christopher Paul Lewis, 29, of Beverly Hills, the son of actress Loretta Young. Police said that Lewis is a film producer with Lyric Productions. William Byars, 37, of Hollywood, whom investigators identified as an heir to the Humble Oil fortune. He owns several motion picture companies, including Lyric Productions. [...] The investigation was launched three months ago when the Los Angeles Police Department came into possession of a film known as a "chicken" movie the term used for motion pictures featuring homosexual acts between young boys. According to detectives Lloyd Martin and Don Smith, this led them to 53-year-old Guy Strait, who has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco for what police describe as one of the nation's biggest "chicken movie" operations. Strait and one of his associates, 38-year-old Melvin Reynolds of Cudahy, were arrested Sept. 1 on suspicion of child molesting. They also were named in the indictment returned Thursday. Another defendant is Daniel Marvin Yert, 29, of Hollywood, the manager of a downtown Los Angeles data processing firm. Investigators said he is a major competitor of Strait in the , distribution of homosexual films."
    • Redondo Reflex, "County-wide homosexual ring: 14 indicted on charges", 1973/10/31: "Grodin said the investigation began with the arrests of Reynolds and Strait, Sept. 1. Vice officers were given a film showing homosexual acts between young boys and the film had the name and address of the producer, believed to be Strait. During a surveillance of Straits house, officers spotted two boys loading material into a van. The youths had appeared in the film and officers went to the house and arrested Strait and Reynolds. During an interview, the boys told officers the names of other youths involved in the films and the names of some of the adults with whom they had had sexual relations. [...] Strait is believed to be one of the largest producers and distributors of homosexual films involving youths in the West. He is the owner of the D.O.M. film company, Grodin said. Reynolds, who along with Strait was indicted earlier on similar sex charges in Concord (near San Francisco), apparently is one of the major contacts for boys used in the films. Grodin said Reynolds, who has done film work for a Houston-based company, apparently helped transport children from San Francisco for use in homosexual movies in Los Angeles. [...] Grodin and Investigator Lloyd Martin of the LAPD administration vice division contend the ring may be connected with persons in numerous cities on the West Coast and Texas. Strait and Johnson apparently were involved in filming several boys from the Houston area. Johnson is believed to have transported several youths from Los Angeles to Houston for use in films and as sex partners for adults."
    • Los Angeles Times, "Son of Loretta Young Pleads No Contest in Perversion Case", 1974/04/05 (pages 1, 2): "Christopher Lewis, 29, the son of actress Loretta Young, pleaded no contest Thursday to a charge of engaging in an act of sex perversion with a 13-year-old boy. [...] Francisco DeSoto, 43, who resigned as a teacher at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks after 17 years on the faculty there, is scheduled to be sentenced April 16. Sentencing is set May 13 for Frank Hershey, 66, a Manhattan Beach electronics technician; and Richard George, 36, a systems analyst for a major Burbank movie studio and a onetime scoutmaster in Redondo Beach. James Braskims, 40, a Riverside man with a prior record of similar charges, pleaded guilty to one count of oral copulation and received a one-to-15 year prison sentence. [...] A guilty plea also was entered by 58-year-old North Hollywood machine shop operator John F. Rafferty on a charge of lewd vagrancy. [...] Walter Gene Morton, 28, of Hollywood, a former YMCA counselor on Santa Catalina Island, was acquitted of five felony counts in a jury trial. Trials are set for April 22 on perversion charges against George Easter, 30, a Playa del Rey maintenance contractor, and Gregorio Orozco Jr., 26, of Hollywood. Still being sought by authorities are Bill Byars, 37, a Hollywood film producer and reported heir to the Humble Oil fortune; Bill Johnson, 55, of Houston, a photographer employed by Byars, and Guy Strait, 53, of Los Angles, a producer and distributor of so-called "chicken gay films." Grodin said he believes all three men are in Europe. He explained that "chicken gay" is the term used to described movies highlighting sex acts by young boys."
    • Guy Strait background
      • The Town Talk (Alexandria LA), "Four Arrested For Promoting Homosexuality", 1976/02/25: "ROCKFORD, Ill. (UPI) - Authorities have accused four men, including a mental health case worker, a newspaperman and a "Porno King," of luring teen-age boys to take part in homosexual acts. Several other men are under suspicion. The four were arrested and charged in recent weeks as part of a 10-month investigation, Jim Gemignani, first assistant state's attorney for Winnebago County, said Tuesday. Gemignani said the four men invited at least five to seven boys ranging in age from 12 to 15 to parties and gave them beer and marijuana to lure them into homosexual acts. [...] He identified those charged as Richard Vander Linden, 35, Rockford, a case worker at the Singer Mental Center; Daniel DiLeo, 37, Rockford, regional editor of the Rockford Morning Star; Harold Burdin, 31, a machine operator for Quaker Oats Co.; and Guy Strait, who is wanted on about 19 counts of morals violations in San Francisco. [...] Strait, described by authorities as an international "Porno King" who deals in films of young boys engaging in homosexual acts, was still at large Tuesday. A former Singer Mental Health Center employe, Carole Marasovic, has served as a prime witness in the case and believes the ring involves several other persons. She told the Rockford Register Republic the names of nine other suspects. Gemignani said, "No other person is presently charged nor do we expect to charge anyone in the very immediate future. I do not have nine other suspects. I have an awful lot of people I want to talk to.""
      • Decatur Herald, "3 to Face Morals Charges", 1976/02/25: "A former employe of the Singer Mental Health Center was bound over Tuesday to Winnebago County Circuit Court for trial on three counts of taking indecent liberties with two minors, authorities said. Richard Vander Linden, 35, was charged with committing the alleged offense with a then 12 - year - old boy assigned to him for therapy from the Singer Center and with another youth then 16 years old, according to Robert Gemignani, first assistant state's attorney for Winnebago County. [...] An arrest warrant for a fourth man, Guy Strait of San Francisco, also has been issued, authorities said. The incidents are alleged to have occurred in Vander Linden's home, the official said."
      • From Chicago Tribune, "His only regret: I got caught", 1977/05/17: "Strait said he knows John Norman, who ran a national male prostitution ring employing young boys and helping put together a "neater package" to attract customers. He also said he wrote an article for Hermes magazine, a Chicago-based journal publishing philosophy and sex stories of "boy love.""
      • Loving Boys Vol. 2 by Dr. Edward Brongersma, "Negative Aspects of Man/Boy Relations: Presumed and Real": "In the affair surrounding the prosecution of photographer Guy Straight, one of the boys "killed himself because he had to go to trial" (Illinois Legislative 1980, 167)"
    • Billy Byars Jr. background
      • His father, Billy Byars Sr., was a Texas oilman (he ran the Humble Oil company) acquainted with Clint Murchison, J. Edgar Hoover, and Jack Ruby. On the afternoon of the JFK assassination, Byars Sr. was the only person Hoover called besides Robert Kennedy and the head of the Secret Service.
      • From p.373-374 of Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers (2012):

            The story was told to this author by Charles Krebs, one of a group of Los Angeles homosexuals who kept close company in the late sixties. One of Krebs' friends was Billy Byars, Jr., wealthy son of the oil magnate who had used the bungalow next to Edgar’s at the Del Charro hotel in La Jolla. With the help of an acquaintance he had made through knowing Byars, Jr., said Krebs, Edgar made the contacts necessary to have teenage boys brought to him at La Jolla.
            Byars was thirty-two in 1969, a part-time filmmaker, fitness enthusiast and dilettante. He went on to produce The Genesis Children, an X-rated movie with scenes featuring naked male adolescents. He was indicted in 1973, along with fourteen other men, shortly after Edgar’s death, during a police inquiry into other movies that featured sex acts involving young boys. Byars was by then abroad, reportedly in Morocco, and stayed out of the United States for many years to come.
            According to Krebs and others, Byars’ house in Los Angeles, at the summit of Laurel Canyon, was for a while a haven for adult homosexuals and male teenagers. Some of Byars’ friends were aware, as Del Charro staff and Byars himself confirmed, that their host knew Edgar and sometimes saw him at La Jolla. They noticed that a card arrived from Edgar one Christmas and that a fifteen-year-old youth at the house talked openly of having met Edgar at the Del Charro. ‘Hoover bawled me out,’ he complained, ‘for having long hair, but I told the old faggot where to go. No way was I getting a haircut.’
            ‘It was accepted in our circle that Hoover and Tolson were homosexual,’ Krebs recalled. ‘The impression I had from Byars was that Hoover and Tolson had had a sexual relationship with each other when they were younger, but not anymore. They were just two old aunties together in old age, but they were queens. On three occasions that I knew about, perhaps four, boys were driven down to La Jolla at Hoover's request. I think the arrangements were made by one of Billy's friends, an older man.
            ‘I went down to La Jolla with the group a couple of times, and we spent a good deal of time at a bar called Rudi’s Hearthside, where the Hoover rendezvous were. We’d go to the Hearthside with the boys, the fifteen-year-old and another youngster. Hoover and Tolson would be driven there in a limo, always at night. I saw them and their security a couple of times — guys in suits and pointy shoes who looked like crooks. I’d be left behind and they'd go off in two cars, Hoover’s and the one carrying the boys. The way I heard it, they'd drive to a reservoir up in the hills. The two cars parked headlight to headlight, with a cover car down the hill. And the boys would go and get in the Hoover car, and that’s where they’d do their business.’
            Detective Don Smith of the Los Angeles police vice unit interviewed the juvenile witnesses in the 1973 sex-movie case. ‘This was a group of homosexuals,’ he recalled, ‘some of them pedophiles. There were a number of Hollywood people, also doctors, lawyers, schoolteachers, a head of a corporation. These were upstanding community leaders, but that was their quirk ... The kids knew them as “Uncle Mike” and “Mother John,” not by their real names. They’d describe the vehicles the guys were driving in and the chauffeurs who got out and made the pickups. The kids brought up several famous names, including those of Hoover and his sidekick.’
      • From p.138 of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream by Dave McGowan (2014): "Paul Young, writing in LA Exposed, revealed that, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, there was another curious group calling Laurel Canyon home: “The most infamous male madam [throughout LA’s sordid history] would have to be Billy Bryars, the wealthy son of an oil magnate, and part-time producer of gay porn. Bryars was said to have a stellar group of customers using his ‘brothel’ at the summit of Laurel Canyon. In fact, some have claimed that none other than J. Edgar Hoover, the founder and chief executive officer of the FBI, was one of his best clients… when Bryars fell under police scrutiny in 1973, allegedly for trafficking in child pornography, officers obtained a number of confessions from some of his hustlers, and some of them identified Hoover and [Clyde] Tolson as ‘Mother John’ and ‘Uncle Mike,’ and claimed that they had serviced them on numerous occasions.”"
      • TODO: find information on the film that Byars produced at Lyric Films International called The Genesis Children (1972), one of the stars of which was Peter Glawson who inherited much of Byars's wealth
    • Christopher Lewis background
      • Tulsa World, "Cinematic Birth", 1997/09/16: "But in 1984, the moviemaking team of Christopher and Linda Lewis joined with Tulsa video distributor Bill Blair to create an ultra-low-budget horror picture called "Blood Cult." Lewis -- the son of famed actress Loretta Young -- had been working in town as a newsman and TV personality; Blair owned Tulsa's United Video, an independent video distribution oompany. With Linda Lewis, Chris' wife and a Tulsa radio-industry veteran, they decided to make a movie that had no theatrical pretensions, one that Blair could release directly to home video."
    • Daniel Marvin Yert background - includes a connection to Kenneth Parnell, the kidnapper of Steven Stayner (who was the brother of Cary Stayner, the only person convicted of the Yosemite murders)
      • Los Angeles Times, "2 Men Arrested on Porno Charges", 1977/04/20: "Two men accused of trafficking in pornographic material exploiting young children have been returned to face charges in Orange County Superior Court. Daniel M. Yert, 33, and Daniel Lesnick, 25, both of Garden Grove, are being held on $50,000 bail on charges of conspiracy and distributing obscene material. They were arrested in Salton City Monday after a month-long Los Angeles Police Department investigation into a mail-order business which specialized, according to officers, in so-called "chicken films" which feature sexual activity involving young children and adults. Los Angeles Police Lt. Les Zabel said his department undertook the inquiry with Postal Service investigators who were able to place orders for movies and magazines with a direct-mail firm in Garden Grove. Working with Orange County sheriffs deputies and Garden Grove officers, the Los Angeles investigators obtained warrants to search a mailing firm operated by Yert in Garden Grove. Searches of Yert's office and a rented warehouse turned up master copies of several films, large numbers of photographs of sexual activity involving children as young as 6 years of age, most of them boys, and a mailing list containing the names of 10,000 prospective customers."
      • San Francisco Examiner, "Twisted love: portrait of Kenneth Parnell", 1980/03/06 (pages 1, 6): "Among Parnell's cache of old clothes, magazines, books and letters were other telling items. One was an old phone bill containing a record of a call made three years ago to a Garden Grove business ran by a man named Daniel M. Yert, who Miller identified as one of the nation's major peddlers of child pornography. He currently is imprsioned at San Luis Obispo, and through an intermediary told The Examiner he had never heard of any Kenneth Parnell."
    • Darron Reimer describes being abused in 1974 by a Los Angeles pedophile group, whose apparent ringleader was Guy Strait, for the purpose of child prostitution and pornography. At the time, Darron was only 10 years old. He was forced to sexually service men (likely wealthy ones) and be a model/actor in professionally-done child pornography that ended up in magazines and films. The people who operated the ring clearly had Hollywood connections, as Darron recalls being introduced to celebrities like Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski; however, there is no proof that these Hollywood figures were involved in the child abuse. Some of the members of the ring practiced Satanism, like the family of Darron's friend Scott who initially drew him into the pedophile network. The abuse took place at locations all over Los Angeles County CA, particularly in Inglewood CA and Santa Monica CA. At an Inglewood nightclub called the Green Horse where men went to pick up children for sex, Darron claims he saw Johnny Gosch's father Leonard John Gosch. Since 1974 followed the 1973 scandal that brought down Lyric Intenational and led to Strait's arrest, after which he jumped bond and went off the map before getting arrested in Rockford IL in 1976, this would mean that Strait went underground but continued his enterprise.
    • From Chicago Tribune, "How ruses lure victims to child pornographers", 1977/05/17: pages 1, 8: "Martin said Hermes, a clandestine newsletter for the "boy love" market that is published in Chicago, is well known in Los Angeles. He also said boys are recruited in Los Angeles for a nationwide homosexual ring that is headquartered in Chicago."
  • Unexplained Mysteries post by iamdee1 (DeAnna) about her experience being abducted: "First off, I was abducted by gunpoint by two men as I was walking close to my home. It was just starting to get dark. I was 13. These men threw me into the trunk of their car and took me to a house that was about a 20 minute or so away from my home. Years later, when I got my license, I went looking for that house and found it. It was really a strange feeling.

    Anyway, as they were dragging me in, I observed approximately 10 other men in the house. There was drugs of different colors, not sure what they were, and stacks of cash on the table.

    I was taken into a room where I was tied up hands and feet and a pill was shoved into my mouth. Then the older one, a man by the name of Dave Jones told me to open my mouth so he could see if I swallowed it and I complied. When I woke up the next morning, I was given another pill. I'm not sure why I did it but I put it under my tongue and when I opened my mouth, it appeared to be gone. When he left, I spit it between the pillow and the bed and did this the remainder of my time there hoping that I could figure out a way to escape.

    I wasn't fed or given water while I was being held captive and can't remember ever using the restroom except once and that is when I escaped.

    For the remainder of my stay, I was able hear what they were saying. I was supposed to be asleep and they talked freely. I heard them say that I would be leaving on Friday to go to Chicago where everyone would meet at a warehouse that was operated by an American Indian who had contacts coming in from all over the world.

    I'm not sure why they were going into such great detail on things but it is possible that more people arrived and they were filling them in on the operation but I don't know that for sure. I never heard a knock at the door and I was in a separate room and could only hear their voices.

    I heard them say that the Indian at the warehouse had new buyers coming in and that some of us would be auctioned off as "pets", some would be sold into *spam filter*s, some would appear in Mexican Death Videos, some would be shipped overseas where they would be placed into a harem, some would end up on the streets of Chicago as working girls, some could end up in "dungeons" and chained up. There were all sorts of people that went to these auctions and that the Indian was a genius. I got the impression that he was pretty high up. They expected to get a couple hundred dollars apiece for me and I have no idea what the Indian would get. The year was 1975.

    Years later when they found the photograph of Tara Clalico and Michael Henley in Florida, I called in an anonymous tip and told the person on the phone my story. Later, one of the television shows mentioned that these children may have been taken to a warehouse in Chicago and a person of interest was an American Indian by the name of Johnny, which is the same name I told them. Yes, Johnny has a last name and I do know it and I did give it to Jonathan when I explained my situation to him previously. (You are definitely an easy person to talk to Jonathan and I appriciate your help.)

    Back on track.....anyway, On Thursday night, I was able to convince one of my abducters, a man by the name of Michael Barry, to release me to go to the bathroom. He was drunk and I was hoping he was drunk enough to forget about me and I could escape, he was, and I did. I stole his gun and jumped out a second story window. Luckily I didn't break anything or I may have been caught.

    I never told the police and a week later, Jones and Barrys pictures were in the paper stating they had killed a 15 year old girl. I swear to God, I had no idea there may have been other people inside that house but looking back at it now, it was a large house with multiple bedrooms, and there very well could have been other children there. I don't know and my mind wasn't thinking like that back then and I have always felt bad about not telling someone but seriously, who would have believed a story like that in the 70's.

    After they caught Jones and Barry, 2 other victims came foreward with their stories and I know Barry got 155 years. I lost Jones but was informed there may have been crimes in other states and he may have been sent somewhere else to do his time. I don't think the other men at the house ever did get caught. It is possible they are somewhere still doing the same thing and some of them are probably already dead."
    • The Dispatch (Moline IL), "Young woman found slain", 1975/08/15: "Peoria County sheriff's police Thursday said the body of a young woman found alongside a county road near Pottstown has been identified as Linda Ann Bishop, 15, of Peoria. Miss Bishop was found Wednesday night by two woman horseback riders. The Peoria County coronor's office said she apparently died of stab wounds."
    • The Daily Chronicle (DeKalb IL), "Barry confesses", 1975/08/23: "Michael Barry, 22, Bartonville, has confessed to the slaying of Linda Ann Bishop, 15, Peoria, whose body was found 10 days ago on a county road near Pottstown, Peoria County police said Friday. Authorities said Barry would go before the grand jury next Monday. Authorities said Barry was being held on a kidnaping charge when they became suspicious and began asking him about the Bishop killing. They said they became convinced he was their man because he knew more about the subbing than authorities had disclosed. Miss Bishop was stabbed to death."
    • The man named Johnny has been identified as Johnny Rainwater
  • New York Times, "Chicago Jury to Probe Pornography and Prostitution Involving Boys", 1977/05/23
  • Boy Scout Troop 137 in New Orleans - page here
  • Boys for Sale (1981) documentary (several different versions: uploaded 2014/05/07; uploaded 2017/07/01)
  • New York State Select Committee on Crime in 1982 - one major participant was NYPD detective Jim Rothstein
    • "A Public Hearing to Consider the Boy Prostitution and Pornography", 1982/07/26 (Wayback Machine copy) - one of the people testifying was DC MPD detective Carl Shoffler, who arrested the Watergate scandal burglars and allegedly had close relationships with the US intelligence community for anti-left operations similar to COINTELPRO and CHAOS; mentions the role of organized crime in child prostitution and child pornography networks
    • UPI, "Investigators Monday reported a boy prostitution network operating in...", 1982/07/26: "Detective Anne Fisher of the Washington Metropolitan Police testified at a hearing in New York on boy prostitution that a number of pimps set up a nationwide exchange for boy prostitutes. She said the pimps also used the boys for pornography, call services and street solicitation. 'A group of pimps set up connections in Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York and Washington, D.C.,' Fisher testified at the hearing called by state Sen. Ralph Marino, R-Syosset. Dale Smith, an investigator for the New York State Select Committee on Crime who worked with the Washington, D.C. police, said call services were selling information on clients to the Soviet military, British and Israeli intelligence services. [...] Smith said he learned about British and Israeli intelligence purchases from Robert Kohler, who allegedly worked as an accountant for several of the prostitution services in the Washington area. [...] Locations in Manhattan where 13- to 16-year-old boys allegedly engaged in or solicited homosexual encounters included the Dallas Bar, the Haymarket and the Follies Theater. [...] Smith said the owner of the Follies Theater, William Oates, also ran Cinema Follies in Washington and Best of Both Worlds in Pittsburgh."
  • Robert DiBernardo activities - supervised multiple pornography networks (including child pornography) for the DeCavalcante crime family and Gambino crime family
    • See information on Michael Thevis and the Atlanta child murders for a 1970s pornography ring that DiBernardo supervised
    • Involvement with Star Distributors Ltd. - named by the 1982 New York committee as a major nationwide child pornography hub
      • New York Times, "POLICE HUNT REPUTED MOB OFFICER REPORTED MISSING FOR PAST WEEK", 1986/06/14: "Robert DiBernardo, a reputed captain in the Gambino crime family and a key target of a Federal investigation into child pornography, is missing, authorities said yesterday. The Nassau County police have issued a nationwide bulletin for information about Mr. DiBernardo, who is said to have been a close associate of the slain Gambino crime boss, Paul Castellano. Mr. Castellano and a key aide, Thomas Bilotti, were shot to death outside a midtown Manhattan restaurant on Dec. 16. According to law-enforcement officials, the killings cleared the way for John Gotti of Howard Beach, Queens, who is now in prison awaiting trial, to assume leadership of the Gambino family. They said Mr. DiBernardo also was close to Frank DeCicco, a Castellano lieutenant who was killed in a bomb blast in Brooklyn on April 13. [...] He was last seen by his business partner, Ted Rothstein, the sergeant said. Mr. DiBernardo and Mr. Rothstein are officers of Star Distributors, a company that Federal prosecutors are investigating for involvement in child pornography."
      • New York Times, "Richard Basciano, Times Square Pornography Magnate, Dies at 91", 2017/05/06: "He started selling sex magazines and buying real estate in New York in the early 1960s and became partners with Robert DiBernardo, who, Mr. Basciano later said, he was surprised to learn was a mobster. In 1986, after phoning his family on Long Island, Mr. DiBernardo left work in his Mercedes and was never seen again. His fate was revealed in 1992 at an organized-crime trial: He had been killed for crossing the mob boss John Gotti. Apparently, though, Mr. Basciano’s only criminal record was a no-contest plea in 1968 to federal fraud charges stemming from a coupon scheme when he worked for a Baltimore newspaper. By the mid-1990s, Disney Theatrical Productions had signed a lease for the storied New Amsterdam Theater on 42nd Street. By 1998, the “live nude girls” at Show World were gone."
    • FBI documents on Robert DiBernardo
      • p.243-244 - discusses his involvement with Star Distributors
  • McMartin preschool case - most likely real abuse with a questionable or even deliberately-sabotaged investigation
    • Ch.7 ("Hear no evil") of Children for the Devil: Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crime by Tim Tate (1991)
    • Ritual Child Abuse: Discovery, Diagnosis and Treatment by Pamela S. Hudson (1991)
    • Dr. Roland C. Summit, "The Dark Tunnels of McMartin", 1994 spring
    • Alex Constantine, "McMartin Preschool Revisited Part One", 1996 (copy of article)
      • "In 1976 Bynum was assigned the investigation of the Karen Klaas murder. Klaas was the divorced wife of Bill Medley, a vocalist for the Righteous Brothers. She was raped and murdered one morning about an hour after dropping her five-year-old son off at the McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach."
      • "In 1984, shortly after indictments were handed to defendants in the McMartin child molestation case, Gerald Klaas, her husband, drove off a cliff in Oregon and was killed. Children alleged in a grand jury hearing that teachers at the preschool had threatened to kill family members if they talked about abuse, It was rumored around town that the Klaas deaths and the McMartin case may have been related."
      • "In 1979, Paul Bynum was forced out of the police department without an explanation despite an unblemished record. After Bynum had wrapped up an investigation of a series of murders of teenage girls in nearby Redondo Beach, culminating in the arrest and conviction of serial killers Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker, police chief Frank Beeson pressured Bynum to take a stress leave. Bynum was haunted by the serial murder investigation, but remained confident in his emotional stability. He refused the leave. The chief obtained an order from the city manager, and Bynum was forced out on an indefinite disability leave."
      • "Bynum set out on a new career as a private investigator. In March 1984, he was retained by the Buckeys' defense attorney, Danny Davis, and in the course of his investigation came to the conclusion that children had been abused at the preschool. [...]

        In 1986 he was called to testify at the trial of Ray Buckey by prosecutor Lael Rubin. The morning he was to appear, a juror's home was burglarized, and Bynum's testimony was rescheduled for the next morning.

        "Neither side is going to like what I have to say," he told Cody. For one thing, there was the matter of Bynum's lost citation books, records he'd kept while a detective in Hermosa Beach. When the police arrested Ray Buckey on molestation charges, the "lost" books were discovered on the preschool attendent's desk. What were official police records doing in Buckey's home?"
    • Alex Constantine, "McMartin Preschool Revisited Part II", 1996
    • Alex Constantine, "McMartin Preschool Revisited Part III", 1996
      • "One mother of children attending McMartin alleged that employees of TRW, a local defense contractor based in Southern California, paid regular afternoon visits to the preschool.11"
      • "And the stake-out? In 1989, nearly a year before the verdict of the second trial was delivered, a McMartin mother took note of a van parked in front of her home. Two strangers sat inside the van. A few hours later, they were still there. When a couple of the mother's husky male friends arrived, she complained. They walked out to the van, peeked inside. The walls of the vehicle were lined with advanced electronic surveillance equipment. The stake-out team was dragged out of the van and questioned - but not by police. More than one child in the household had attended McMartin. A superficial justice system and a hostile media had forced the families to find answers anywhere they could. And these spies with their advanced surveillance gear would do fine.

        But they refused to answer questions. One of the interrogators hit on an idea frowned upon by most law enforcement authorities - sodium amytal. The amytal was administered. When the grievous tones and insults faded, the pair gazed up blankly and began to answer questions. Who were they? They were members of a religious cult. Where did they call home? San Diego. Who else was belonged to it? They named several prominent officials in the defense establishment - including the chairman of TRW and executives of other ranking corporations in Orange County and the South Bay with close CIA connections.12 The pair were let go after questioning."
    • The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children by Ross E. Cheit (2014)
    • Medical evidence of child molestation
      • TODO: fill in excerpts from Cheit's book and elsewhere
    • Ray Buckey as a suspect
      • George Freeman testimony
        • Los Angeles Times, "McMartin Case Judge Calls Informant Story ‘Damning’", 1987/10/25: "After testimony that the judge in the McMartin Pre-School molestation trial termed “very detailed, extensive and damning” against chief defendant Raymond Buckey, jail house informant George Freeman stepped down from the witness stand last week. [...] Six days of tedious questioning by Buckey’s attorney, Daniel Davis, came to an abrupt halt Thursday when the exasperated judge, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Pounders, gave Davis a 10-minute warning and then announced, “Cross-examination is now at an end.” [...] He told Davis his interminable inquiries were undermining the “great job” he had done initially in destroying Freeman’s credibility. In fact, Pounders said, “You had convinced me that the conversation (between Freeman and Buckey) never occurred. Now you’re convincing me that the conversation . . . may well have happened.” Freeman, 45, a career criminal who has been convicted of at least nine felonies, testified during three weeks on the stand that during two days in March, 1984, when he and Buckey shared a cell at Men’s Central Jail, the 29-year-old Buckey had talked freely about sodomizing the 2 1/2-year-old boy whose allegations triggered the massive Manhattan Beach nursery school investigation. [...] Freeman’s testimony went far beyond that single count as he described hours of conversations with Buckey about his sexual proclivities and practices. “He (Buckey) said he didn’t like to have sex with women,” Freeman testified, among other things. [...] He said Buckey told of having sex with several children at the McMartin school and at a preschool in San Diego and talked of a long, incestuous relationship with his sister. He testified that Buckey discussed having shipped pornographic films to Denmark through a contact in Venice, Calif., and having buried a suitcase of sexually explicit photographs of himself and youngsters during a hurried trip to South Dakota shortly before his arrest. Freeman also testified that Buckey’s lawyer, Davis, had visited him in jail in March, 1984, and threatened to have him killed if he talked further with his client or testified against him. Davis has denied making such a threat. [...] Freeman still faces an assault-and-battery charge and remains a suspect in the 1979 strangulation murder of a woman near Griffith Park. [...] Davis said he had “reliable” information that Freeman had confessed to that murder and that prosecutors had suppressed the evidence. Freeman insisted that he is innocent, and the detective investigating the case denied that Freeman had ever made any admission. The angry judge instructed the jury to disregard Davis’ “insinuations.” [...] Freeman became a reluctant witness after being granted immunity, failing to show up one day because he was seeking hospital treatment after complaining of chest pains and of coughing up blood, and disappearing the next day after allegedly receiving a threatening telephone call."
      • Purported counseling for his "problem" of pedophilia
        • Los Angeles Times, "Virginia McMartin's Diaries Put in Evidence : Raymond Buckey Known as Molester, D.A. Says", 1987/09/11: "Prosecutors in the McMartin Pre-School molestation trial introduced new evidence Thursday which they say shows that the mother and grandmother of chief defendant Raymond Buckey knew years before he was arrested that he was a child molester. Prosecutors said the evidence also shows that Buckey had received regular counseling for several years for his "problem." The evidence is a stack of diaries kept by Manhattan Beach nursery school founder Virginia McMartin, some of which the prosecutors received only this week. The daily journals were introduced in a stormy session of cross-examination on Virginia McMartin's third day on the witness stand, during which the judge threatened to jail her for contempt. [...] The diaries also note that both Peggy and Raymond Buckey were counseled by Dr. Frank Richelieu, identified by attorneys as a pastor at the Church of Religious Science in Redondo Beach. "I haven't the slightest idea why they went," McMartin said. Deputy Dist. Atty. Lael Rubin said later outside the courtroom that the counseling was for Buckey's sexual problems involving young children. The defense declined to specify the nature of the counseling sessions. [...] McMartin denied any knowledge that Buckey may have had sexual problems, and said any entries in her diaries indicating otherwise are incorrect."
        • Los Angeles Times, "Counseled McMartin Case Defendant : Minister Denies Hearing of Molestation", 1989/06/02: "A Redondo Beach minister who in the early 1980s counseled McMartin Pre-School defendants Raymond Buckey and his mother, Peggy McMartin Buckey, testified Thursday that the sessions had nothing to do with child molestation. "I never discussed with Raymond Buckey sexual problems with children," said Dr. Frank Richelieu, who described himself as pastor of the Church of Religious Science, a metaphysical and motivational denomination, and a licensed practitioner of prayer treatment. Instead, he testified outside the presence of the jury, "I've seen Raymond on general matters regarding his direction in life, his self-image and self-worth, and at one time Raymond was going through a drinking experience." The clergyman said Peggy McMartin Buckey, who was already in counseling, had asked if he would see her son "and try to talk with him regarding the direction in his life, what he would like to do . . . not any emotional problems." [...] Tempers flared both inside and outside the courtroom Thursday as each side attacked the other, and the judge at one point admonished the pastor to "calm down." In court, Richelieu said there was "not a word of truth" in a statement by Deputy Dist. Atty. Lael Rubin that entries in Virginia McMartin's diaries referring to her grandson's "problem" was a reference to his alleged sexual proclivity toward children. [...] Asked afterward whether she had some basis two years ago for believing that a sexual problem with young children was the subject of that counseling and whether she had changed her mind, Rubin said: "I had a basis then, and as of about an hour ago rechecked the basis of my statement, and my response is still the same." She said she could not reveal the basis for her belief "because it hasn't been presented yet.""
        • Dr. Frank Richelieu background
          • Desert Sun, obituary for Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, 2020/04/10-21: "Dr. Frank E. Richelieu passed away peacefully at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, just three weeks short of his 94th birthday. He was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1926, and educated at the prestigious Seaton Hall College, majoring in Business Administration. He later went on to receive his Doctor of Divinity from the Institute of Religious Science. He proudly served in the U.S. Navy toward the end of World War II. Dr. Frank Richelieu was the Pastor of the Church of Religious Science, a metaphysical and motivational denomination which is currently known as the Center for Spiritual Living from 1962 to 2001. He served multiple terms as President of Religious Science International and received much of his religious training from Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Religious Science movement. He served as Chairman of the Department of Credentials and Placement for the organization. For 24 years, Dr. Richelieu contributed to the community as Chaplain for the Redondo Beach Police Department. In addition, Dr. Richelieu was an active member of the Redondo Beach Rotary Club. He spearheaded many of their fundraising programs to benefit youth. [...] Drs. Frank and Anita Richelieu served as Chairs of Asilomar Conference in Pacific Grove, California. They were invited to lecture all over the world to include South Africa and London. [...] He is preceded in death by his parents Mary and Joe, his brother Salvatore Zampella and cousins Helen Folino Miles and Theresa Kiley. He is survived by his wife Dr. Anita Louise Richelieu, Former Co-Pastor of the Church and former Chairman of the Editorial Board of "Creative Thought Magazine"; and his daughters Laurie Schoellkopf (Stephen), Holly Evans (Billy) and, Leslie Richelieu (Ken). Grandchildren: Logan Gallegos (Michelle), Lauren Gallegos, William Schoellkopf IV (Jenny), Christina Schoellkopf (John), and Addison Evans. Great-grandchild: Sophia Denison." - note that Schoellkopf is also the name of the family that Caroline Hunt married into
      • Los Angeles Times, "COLUMN ONE : NEWS ANALYSIS : Where Was Skepticism in Media? : Pack journalism and hysteria marked early coverage of the McMartin case. Few journalists stopped to question the believability of the prosecution’s charges", 1990/01/19: "Jay Mathews of the Washington Post also says that he could have been “more skeptical,” especially since he had previously written about child-molestation cases in which he was convinced that the defendants were innocent. In McMartin, Mathews says, he spoke to a parent whom he had known and trusted as a “very fair-minded” individual and who had told him he was absolutely convinced that his daughter had been molested. That, combined with the medical evidence, persuaded Mathews that Ray Buckey was guilty."
    • Peggy Buckey as a suspect
      • Los Angeles Times, "Counseled McMartin Case Defendant : Minister Denies Hearing of Molestation", 1989/06/02: "During cross-examination of Peggy McMartin Buckey, which resumed late Thursday, the judge has allowed testimony about Raymond Buckey's alcohol and drug problems, his discomfort with peers and adults and preference for the company of children, and a neighbor's account of Raymond's loud arguments with his parents. "Mrs. Buckey has painted the school and her conduct there in a particular way," he explained to the attorneys, adding that "this tends to seriously cast" that in doubt. "If the descriptions here are correct, Raymond Buckey had a lot of problems that should have caused him to be removed from the preschool, aside from molesting children.""
    • Family background of the McMartins and Buckeys
    • Coco Palms Motel babysitting service connection (involving Robert Winkler and others as suspects)
      • Modesto Bee, "Items may be linked to McMartin case", 1985/02/17: "The discovery of the ears of a rabbit, a black robe and a distinctive dark candle could substantiate the testimony of children allegedly molested at a suburban preschool, it was reported Saturday. A special task force investigating the McMartin Pre-School molestation case found the items at a house occupied by the girlfriend of a man already in jail on child molestation charges unrelated to the McMartin case. [...] A 10-year-old boy who has been testifying for the past two weeks in the preliminary hearing for seven former teachers accused of 208 counts of child molestation has said one of them, Raymond Buckey, 26, cut the ears off rabbits to scare the children into silence. The boy has also described black-robed strangers in a church moaning in a candlelight ceremony before Buckey sacrificed animals at the altar. [...] Sheriff’s deputies searched the woman’s house Thursday night after a former McMartin preschooler recognized a news photograph of accused child molester Robert H. Winkler. Winkler, 35, is awaiting trial on charges of molesting children under the guise of babysitting services at the Coco Palms Motel in Torrance, where he had lived until his arrest Dec. 26. The preshooler identified Winkler as one of the many “strangers” who molested 41 students at the Manhattan Beach preschool and at a “devil house” where adults dressed as Satan and tigers. The two child witnesses who have testified so far in the McMartin hearing have both described field trips to private homes, a farm, a church, a market and a “circus” house where they were molested. Investigators believe the circus house may be the same as the devil house where other children have placed Winkler, the newspaper reported. [...] At Winkler’s apartment, deputies said they found “cult” books, which led them to question whether the case was related to the devil worship the children in the McMartin case have described."
      • Los Angeles Times, "McMartin Case Raid Yields Rabbit Ears, Black Robes", 1985/02/19: "Authorities have seized a pair of rabbit’s ears, a black cloak, a black cape and black candles from the home of the girlfriend of an accused child molester who is an uncharged suspect in the McMartin Pre-School molestation case. The chief prosecutor in the case said Monday that the find was “tremendously corroborative” of some preschoolers’ accounts of abuse. [...] The items were recovered Thursday in a raid on a Lomita house that is rented by four adults, including the girlfriend of Robert H. Winkler, who was charged last December with child molesting in another case, authorities said. [...] She said that some former McMartin pupils have identified Winkler through photographs as one of “the ubiquitous strangers” who figure in the case. [...] [Winkler's] attorney, Ronald Capel, could not be reached for comment. However, he has told The Daily Breeze of Torrance that Winkler had never lived at the Lomita address."
      • San Pedro News-Pilot, "Molest suspect denies link to McMartin case", 1985/02/19 (pages 1, 2): "A 35-year-old man in jail on suspicion of child molestation scoffed Monday at any suggestion that a pair of unusual items — severed rabbit ears — found among his belongings last week might represent some mysterious link to the Virginia McMartin child abuse case. “It was just kind of a joke,” Robert Hamill Winkler said of owning the animal parts he said he cut off a dead jack rabbit shot during a San Bernardino hunt late last year. He said if the ears are studied closely, “little holes” from the shotgun blast can be found. [...] Several weeks ago, some of the children allegedly identified Winkler as one of several strangers who molested them at the preschool and at a second location. During a jailhouse interview Monday, the burly and bearded Winkler denied committing any molestations. [...] Winkler described himself as a former machinist disabled after his foot was crushed in a motorcycle accident. He said he lives off his girlfriend’s earnings and what extra money he made as a babysitter. Winkler said he has two daughters (“one legitimate, one illegitimate”) ages 12 and 6, who live in Santa Barbara County. [...] Winkler and two other adults — Timothy Paul Ricketts, 19, and Angela Dawn Darnell, 22 — are accused of sexually abusing children under the guise of baby-sitting them at the Coco Palms Motel last year. All three were arrested in December and their preliminary hearing in that case is scheduled to begin Wednesday. Winkler was living at the motel at the time of his arrest and when Torrance police searched his apartment Dec. 26, they apparently located, but did not seize, what they describe as “cult books.” Sheriffs investigators were interested in finding such material in light of child witnesses mentioning satanic rituals during the McMartin preliminary hearing. After Winkler’s girlfriend Mary Susan Dorothy, 29, moved his belongings from Coco Palms to a house on Eshelman Avenue in Lomita, sheriffs investigators obtained a search warrant for the new location and raided the house Thursday night. [...] [Winkler's] hunting mate was a man who accompanied Dorothy to the jail Monday for a visit. “What he (Winkler) did," said the man, who refused to identify himself. “He cut the ears off as a joke and put them on top his TV.” Winkler also said Dorothy denied that any black robe was found, although deputies insist that was one of the items seized in Thursday’s search. He also said the black candle was in a room at the Lomita house where none of the couple’s belongings were stored."
      • Los Angeles Times, "Uncharged McMartin Case Suspect Found Dead", 1985/11/14: "An uncharged suspect in the McMartin Pre-School molestation case has been found dead in his Long Beach apartment, authorities said Wednesday, but the cause of death has not yet been determined. Foul play is not suspected. Robert Hamill Winkler, 35, a sometime oil rigger and handyman who was free on bail while awaiting trial on unrelated child sexual abuse charges involving a Torrance baby-sitting service, died in the early hours of Nov. 6. However, his death was not disclosed until Tuesday when he failed to appear in court with co-defendants Timothy Paul Ricketts, 19, of Lomita and Angela Darnell, 22, of Torrance. [...] The bearded, long-haired Winkler had been identified in photographs by several former McMartin pupils as one of “the ubiquitous strangers” who figure in the case, according to Deputy Dist. Atty. Lael Rubin. [...] He, Ricketts and Darnell had been ordered to stand trial on 20 felony molestation counts involving six children left in their care at the Coco Palms Motel Apartments in Torrance."
    • Other suspects in the Manhattan Beach CA area
      • From p.283 of Children for the Devil: "Then there were the additional suspects: although only Ray Buckey and the six women had been indicted by a Grand Jury, the children's disclosures identified at least three dozen other adults. Some were extremely prominent Manhattan Beach citizens."
      • From p.289 of Children for the Devil: "The defence teams asked permission to show the witness some photographs to see if he could identify his abusers. He picked, amongst others, those of Ira Reiner and the Hollywood star Chuck Norris."
      • Los Angeles Times, "City Atty. James K. Hahn", 1985/12/18: "City Atty. James K. Hahn has been subpoenaed by the defense to testify in the McMartin Pre-School molestation preliminary hearing, now in its 17th month. Although key defense attorney Daniel Davis, who represents Raymond Buckey, 27, did not say when or why he might call Hahn to the stand, the official's testimony is apparently being sought to undermine the credibility of a 10-year-old witness who identified photos of Hahn, actor Chuck Norris and a priest and four nuns as among the "strangers" who allegedly molested children, killed animals and participated in bizarre rituals at a church altar. Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Gilbert Garcetti has termed the boy's identification of the public figures from a group of mug shots as "totally inaccurate," but maintained that other parts of the child's testimony were credible."
      • Los Angeles Times, "McMartin Case Cast Wide, Dark Shadow : Charges, Suspicion Resulted in 7 Area Preschools Closing", 1988/05/01: "Among suspects identified by the children from 49 photographic lineups--and quickly exonerated by authorities--were movie star Chuck Norris, Los Angeles school board member Roberta Weintraub and Los Angeles City Atty. James K. Hahn."
      • Chuck Norris background
      • James Hahn background - TODO but note that he later become the Los Angeles mayor in 2001 and appointed William Bratton as the new LAPD chief in 2002
      • Roberta Weintraub background
        • Los Angeles Times, "Roberta Weintraub, former L.A. school board member, dies at 83", 2019/01/02: "Roberta Weintraub emerged as a polemic figure in the anti-school-busing movement that swept the San Fernando Valley in the late 1970s. Elected to the Los Angeles school board as an activist, she became a coalition builder, being elected president four times during her 14 years as a school board member. After an unsuccessful run for Los Angeles City Council in 1995, Weintraub moved from politics to what admirers call her most important work, blending her passions for education and law enforcement. Weintraub, who founded the Police Academy Magnet School Program, died early Tuesday after a long fight with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. [...] Former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton called Weintraub ”the guardian angel of the Los Angeles law enforcement community.” In the late 1990s, Weintraub brought the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles Police Department into a partnership, founding the Police Academy Magnet School Program to teach high school students the principles of law enforcement, constitutional law and the criminal justice system. The program has grown to nine campuses. “With graduation rates that consistently exceeded other school programs, most of these young people went on to college or the military,” Bratton said in an email to The Times. “Some of my favorite moments with her while I was chief were the graduation ceremonies of these young cadets and police officers.” [...] In 2007 Weintraub returned to law enforcement with a new initiative to fill the gap between high school graduation and the 20-year, six-month minimum age to become a police officer. Weintraub started the Police Orientation Preparation Program, which combines criminal justice programs provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Community College District and Cal State L.A. “Together, these programs have touched the lives of thousands of students who are now proudly serving in a variety of roles across many agencies,” Bratton said. [...] She attended public schools and graduated from UCLA in 1960. She worked on John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign, participated in the civil rights movement and obtained a certificate in state and local government from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. As a board member she earned a reputation for arguing her beliefs bluntly. She called Rita Walters — then the only African American school board member — a “bitch” during a radio broadcast and sought expulsion of students caught carrying weapons to school. She also pushed for more magnet schools and helped open the first school-based health clinics that dispensed contraceptives. Though she entered politics as an anti-busing activist, Weintraub later formed alliances across ideological lines, including with Walters. [...] She also went through personal changes. In 1985, her 17-year-old son, Michael, died in a car accident."
    • Paul Bynum death
      • Los Angeles Times, "Apparent Suicide : Witness in McMartin Trial Found Dead", 1987/12/11: "Paul Bynum, 39, a retired officer in the Hermosa Beach Police Department, was found in his Glendale home about 6 a.m. with a bullet wound to his head, according to Glendale police. Bynum, who had worked as an investigator for McMartin defense attorneys early in the course of the 3-year-old case, was expected to testify about animal bones he found buried at the preschool, prosecutors in the case said. [...] His testimony involved dead turtle shells he found buried at the Virginia McMartin Pre-School in Manhattan Beach."
      • Daily Breeze, "Redondo Beach killer is denied parole", 2009/03/25: "A lead Hermosa Beach police investigator, Paul Bynum, committed suicide, saying in his note that he believed Bittaker and Norris would get out of prison some day and come after him. Bynum believed that his death would spare his wife and daughter, Kay said."
    • Los Angeles County District Attorney Ira Reiner background
    • Jackie McGauley background
      • Prabook bio of Jacquelyne Sue McGauley: "Jacquelyne Sue McGauley, American Social welfare administrator. Recognized for outstanding service to children Enough. Member MASA, APSAC, Affirming Children's Truths (president), Believe the Children (Executive Board), Childrens' Civil Rights Fund (founder), National Coalition for Children's Justice, C.O.V.E.R. (founder)."
      • From p.291 of Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics by Donald Jeffries (2014): "McGauley sounded like a passionate advocate, and I wanted to see if she would share some further details. When I emailed her, I questioned the involvement of Gloria Steinem, because I found that a bit puzzling. I was surprised by the curt, brief tone of her emails. She had no further information to provide and explained away the Steinem connection thusly: "Needed to raise money to have the report written so a mutual friend suggested I call Steinam. I did, she was behind the idea and helped. Very nice lady." I then received another short reply to my follow-up, in which she corrected me about Judy Johnson's death, saying, "Judy died from alcohol poisoning. She was allergic to alcohol and that was her only way of coping." I found the tone of her emails to be far different from that of her online article, for whatever reason."
    • Subud religious cult connection
      • Alex Constantine, "Time Machine: Muffled Screams, Singed Synapses", 1995/12: "The McMartin mind control experiments were reportedly the work of Subud, a religious sect with roots in Indonesia and the UK, according to confidential informants (active members who submitted to injections of sodium pentathol before questioning).

        The cult is a cut-out of the American security elite's mind control fraternity. One of Subud's leading lights is Janet Morris, a science fiction writer and charter member of the Association for Electronic Defense. She is also research director of the U.S. Global Strategy Council, a Washington "think tank" founded by ultra-conservatives Claire Booth Luce, General Maxwell Taylor, General Richard Stillwell, former CIA Deputy Director Ray Cline, and the abrasive Jeane Kirkpatrick, among others. In 1991, Morris traveled to Russia to study a technological marvel that transmits subliminal command messages over the low frequency infrasound band. Political researcher Armen Victorian discovered that with the Russian "psycho-correction" transmitter, "subliminal messages bypass the conscious level and are effective almost immediately."

        Another prominent member of the Subud sect is an executive of a major toy company - a leading maker of virtual-reality computer games for children, like the ones used by CIA scientists to traumatize young subjects."
    • 1976 murder of Karen Klaas - attacked shortly after dropping her son off at the McMartin preschool
      • UPI, "The 1976 murder of a woman whose son attended...", 1984/03/30 - also details preschool abuse cases at the Hickory Tree Preschool (in Torrance), Little Angel Daycare Center (in Lynwood) involving Henry Lawson and his mother Ann Huff, and Sunrise Preschool (in Simi Valley)
      • UPI, "Detectives probe possible murder link in nursery school abuse", 1984/03/31 (reprinted as Martinsville Reporter-Times, "Molesters may have gone on to murder", 1984/04/02): "District Attorney Robert Philibosian said Friday the brutal murder of Karen Klaas, ex-wife of Righteous Brothers singer Bill Medley, was being reviewed because her son, who was 5 years old at the time, attended the preschool. Miss Klaas, 32, was raped and strangled in her Hermosa Beach home on Jan. 30, 1976. She died five days later. [...] Sheriff's homicide investigators and Hermosa Beach detectives told UPI late Thursday, however, there was no link between the 8-year-old murder and the school. 'We're looking at it to see if there is any further connection, but that was covered in the original investigation and covered well,' Sheriff's Capt. Robert Grimm said. 'There doesn't seem to be any connection other than her child went to that school.'"
      • Daily Breeze, "McMartin Case Renews Interest in 1976 Slaying" by Norma Meyer, 1984/03/31
      • Modesto Bee, "Murder studied for preschool tie", 1984/03/31: "Robert Gore, a spokesman for the district attorney, called UPI later and said that Philibosian had "misspoke himself" during the news conference. He said the Manhattan Beach police were not reviewing the murder for a possible link to the school, but he refused to disclose what agency is."
      • Daily Breeze, "Police reopen Karen Klaas slaying case", 2009/06/23: "“My partner and I have been actively working that for about a year,” Sheriff’s Department homicide Detective Larry Brandenburg said Tuesday. “We’ve developed some new information as far as reinterviewing people, going through the whole file.” DNA evidence, obtained long before the technology to identify suspects through science existed, has been run through the state’s system to look for a match, several times over the years. Brandenburg said there have been no “hits.”"
      • Inside Edition, "New Details Emerge About Killer of Righteous Brothers Singer's Wife, Who Escaped Prison in 1982", 2017/01/31: "Police reopened the cold case in 2009 and focused on five new suspects. Homicide detective Tom Harris said: “We had suspects we identified that we thought were really good. A couple of them gave us an alibi and we blew away the alibi — it didn't exist. They definitely had motive. “ But they were cleared by DNA found at the crime scene. Cops then tried the controversial technique of familial DNA, which searches a database for genetic matches to the relative of the killer. That led them to Kenneth Eugene Troyer, a serial rapist and burglar. [...] In 1982, Troyer escaped from prison where he was serving time for burglary. While on the lam, he raped another woman and stole her car. Six weeks after his prison escape, Troyer was cornered by cops. A three-mile car chase followed that ended when he lost control of the stolen car and hit a tree. As he climbed out of the wreck, he was shot nine times and died after he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. A 24-year-old female companion survived."
        • Los Angeles Times, "Manhunt", 1982/03/11: "Huntington Beach police search parking lot on Beach Boulevard for clues to whereabouts of escaped convict who fled area after scuffle with officer. Fugitive, identified as Kenneth Frederick Troyer, 36, pulled gun which discharged during fight. He may have been wounded. Troyer, who escaped from California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo Jan. 30, is believed to have hidden in home on Ash Street. He raped the resident when she came home, tied her up and escaped in her car, police said."
        • Los Angeles Times, "Police Kill Escaped Convict", 1982/03/15: "Police shot and killed an escaped convict in Santa Ana Sunday, the same man who had raped a woman and pulled a gun on a police officer last Wednesday in Huntington Beach, police reported. They identified the convict as Kenneth F. Troyer, 36, who had escaped last January from the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo, where he was serving a sentence for burglary. Anaheim police said their Crime Task Force received a tip that Troyer would meet a woman at about 12:40 p.m. Sunday at 2208 N. Main St. in Santa Ana, and officers staked out the location. After the woman, identified as Pamela Cuen, 24, of Santa Ana, got into Troyer's car, officers ordered him to halt and opened fire when he sped away, police said. Troyer drove to 17th Street and Cabrillo Park Drive, where he lost control and hit a tree, police said. As Troyer came out of the car he made a "furtive move" and was shot by officers, police said. He died later at Western Medical Center, Santa Ana. Cuen was not injured, police said."
        • Los Angeles Times, "Fatal Shooting of Escapee Held Justifiable: Convict Thought to Be Reaching for Weapon When Fired Upon", 1982/03/17: "A preliminary Santa Ana police investigation has determined that five officers acted justifiably when they fatally shot an escaped convict who was trying to avoid capture. Kenneth Eugene Troyer. 36, who had escaped in January from the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo, was shot to death by police in Santa Ana Sunday when he reached back into a stolen car he was driving after getting out with his hands up, Santa Ana Police Sgt. John McClain said Tuesday. Troyer, who had been sought by police since last Wednesday, had allegedly pulled a gun on a Westminster police officer and later raped a Huntington Beach woman, then fled in her car. He was not armed at the time of the shooting and no gun was found in the car, McClain said. [...] McClain said Troyer had been described as "armed and dangerous" and had reportedly vowed that he would not be captured alive. "The officers were under the impression that the only reason he would be doing that (reaching into the car) was to get a weapon," McClain said. "We think they acted justifiably." [...] A spokesman for the Orange County coroner's office said an autopsy showed that Toyer died of a gunshot wound to the heart. The coroner's spokesman would not say how many other gunshot wounds Troyer suffered, but McClain said at least nine shots were fired by the five officers. [...] Police said Troyer had been in Orange County area since shortly after his escape Jan. 30 from the minimum-security prison where he was serving a sentence for burglary. The escaped prisoner had also been identified as a suspect in several recent assaults on women in Orange County, including the attack on the Huntington Beach woman."
      • Easy Reader, "Solved: DNA evidence helps unravel the killing of Karen Klaas, a Hermosa Beach mystery 41 years in the making", 2017/02/02: "Tom Cray, a retired HBPD officer and one of the detectives originally assigned to the case, said that the Klaas killing nagged at cops new and old. “That was the one case that bugged all of us. I always thought, ‘I sure hope they get this solved while we’re on this side of the dirt,’” Cray said. His partner on the case, Detective Paul Bynum, died in 1987. [...] [Kenneth Troyer] had a relative who lived only two blocks away from Klaas’ home. Tommy Thompson, a retired HBPD officer who periodically worked on the case in his 39 years with the department, said the relative was Troyer’s brother, who is now in a mental institution. [...] [HBPD crime scene technician Bonnie Clarke-Johnson] said that although there were no signs of a major struggle, the house had the appearance of having been ransacked, as if Klaas had walked in on Troyer in the midst of a burglary. Clarke-Johnson recalled that some of her photos showed dresser drawers open. In addition to the burglary angle, speculation quickly turned to the possibility that the man had been stalking Klaas. Castle recalled seeing the suspect walking down the street. Mary Garrett, who also lived on the street, said the she thought her mother had also seen the man. [...] Cray recalled that his partner Bynum also thought he had seen the man around town. Bynum’s suspicions settled on a firefighter from Orange County. Castle identified the man in a photo array. It was, Cray said, “the strongest lead” they had at the time of the homicide, but the firefighter was eventually eliminated as a suspect. “It turns out he was having his taxes done, we verified it with the tax data,” Cray said. “Knowing how things turned out, it gives me relief. My partner always swore it was him. We even tried to time it, and figure out if he could have gotten back to Hermosa,” from his tax accountant, Cray said. [...] In addition to the fact that Klaas was killed shortly after dropping off her son at the school, her husband at the time of the killing, Damien’s father, died shortly after the first arrests in the McMartin case, falling to his death after driving off the side of a mountain in Oregon. And the accountant who handled the taxes for the Orange County firefighter suspected by Bynum also did the books for the preschool. [...] They first ran a familial DNA search in 2011, again failing to find a match. But around the time of the first familial search, a relative of Troyer was convicted of a “qualifying crime.” Following the relative’s incarceration, the sample was collected and placed in the database. The familial match was made from a close male relative, with only “first degree” separation from Troyer himself, Sheriff’s deputies said."
  • Country Walk daycare case - main perpetrator was Francisco Fuster-Escalona a.k.a. Frank Fuster
  • Harold Grant Snowden daycare case - TODO investigate
  • Jordan MN ritual abuse case in 1983
    • Minneapolis Star Tribune, "BCA to investigate reports of slayings", 1984/10/18 (pages 1, 1 PDF, 8, 8 PDF, 9, 9 PDF): "Children said some of the violence was photographed, as were some of the sexual acts that were forced upon the children, according to Phipps-Yonas. In addition, she said, the children were sometimes paid. "Kids said sometimes they were paid for posing, sometimes their parents were paid, and sometimes they didn't know," Phipps-Yonas said. Some of the payments involved substantial sums, she said, leading to speculation that organized crime might be involved. "The kids who are old enough to know the meaning of a dollar said sometimes $1,000 or more was involved," she said."
    • Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Transcripts allege child-porn ring", 1984/10/18 (pages 1, 1 PDF, 6, 6 PDF, 7, 7 PDF, 8, 8 PDF)
    • Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Commissioners call for review of Morris's budget increase", 1984/10/18 (10 PDF)
    • People, "Divided by Multiple Charges of Child Abuse, a Minnesota Town Seethes with Anger", 1984/10/22
    • Ross Cheit and Andrea Matthews, "Revisiting the Jordan, Minnesota Cases", 2014/04/02
    • In interviews with private investigator Roy Stephens, Paul Bonacci said that he visited Jordan MN in 1982 while the abuse was going on, and was abused along with other children there. Bonacci said "we" (probably referring to "Emilio", himself, and maybe other children) went out to the trailer park where James Rud lived, and engaged in a sexual game known as "hide and seek basketball". He also claimed that one boy in the nationwide pedophile network named Joey came from Jordan, having been provided by the same local network of child abusers. According to Bonacci, Joey's parents were friends with "Emilio", with whom "they had some strange [...trails off]", and they "let him go". Later, as Stephens reads over Bonacci's list of abusers in Jordan, when he comes across Bob and Lois Bentz he says that Joey was "theirs", seemingly recounting a detail written by Bonacci. It is unclear whether he means that Joey was a child of the Bentz adults (unlikely, because they only had three known sons) or that Joey was pimped out to local abusers including Bob and Lois Bentz.
      • The "Joey" mentioned by Bonacci might be the same "Joey Kaplan" in Cheit's article, who was the son of "Christine Bryant" (real name Christine Brown: City Pages, "Devil's Advocate", 2007/07/11), one of the major defendants in the first wave of arrests, and her ex-husband "James" (real name James Brown). "Joey"'s sister was "Susie Kaplan", whose real name was S. Krahl (see this court document), indicating that "Joey"'s real last name would also be Krahl. However, Cheit says that the children had both their first and last names replaced with pseudonyms in his article, so "Joey" is likely a code for some other name beginning with a J.
      • According to UPI, "Probe Leaves 22 Children Still Parted From Parents", 1985/01/09, the Bentz children were named Tony, Billy, and Marlin.
    • EIR, "Satanists in high places exposed in Minnesota", 1994/03/04: "Bonacci: in prison, independently testifies that he was brought to Jordan, Minnesota to be sexually abused in the Valley Green Trailer Park, naming several of the same people that Kathleen Morris had charged, whom Humphrey had protected. He independently corroborated everything that Morris had said."
    • From p.119 of Unsolved Child Murders: Eighteen American Cases, 1956-1998 by Emily G. Thompson (read near here): "As if the year of 1984 hadn't been traumatic enough for the Gosch family, in October they announced that they had been following a very disturbing sex link in the disappearance of their son. They reported that investigators in Jordan, Minnesota, had contacted them to report that three children living there had claimed that they were forced by adults to kill and dismember Johnny Gosch in August 1983."
  • Kern County ritual abuse cases in the 1980s
    • Alvin McCuan / Debbie McCuan, Rod Phelps, and Scott Kniffen / Brenda Kniffen
      • ...
    • John Stoll, Grant Self, Timothy Palomo, Marjorie Grafton, and Glenda Manners
      • Bakersfield Californian, "Kern County settles last of molestation conviction suits", 2013/03/25: "The last of the notorious molestation ring cases from the 1980s was quietly closed last week with Grant Self receiving a $725,000 settlement from Kern County. That settlement will stand even though Self had two prior convictions for child molestation and, since getting out of prison in 2009, has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation again in Oregon, according to Kern County Deputy District Attorney Melissa Allen. And that is because the settlement is based on a molestation conviction from 1985 that was part of a larger "ring" case, which involved John Stoll, Marjorie Grafton and Timothy Palomo. [...] Stoll spent 20 years in prison before five of his six believed victims recanted, saying Kern County Sheriff's Office investigators and social workers coerced them into saying they'd been sexually abused by Stoll. Only Stoll's son didn't recant, but he also refused to testify against his father during the retrial. Self, who was paroled in 2000 but kept in a state mental hospital as a sexually violent predator based on his 1976 and 1980 cases, filed the same writ to have the boys' now-recanted testimonythrown out and was released, Allen said. [...] Then in October of last year, Allen received a call from a public defender that Self had been arrested on molestation charges again. "He was working at the YMCA in Oregon doing the same thing he's alwaysdone," Allen said the defender told her. In his 1976 and 1980 cases, Self gained access to children through taekwondo classes, Allen said."
    • Gerardo Gonzales and Rev. Willard Thomas
    • State attorney general John Van de Kamp was one of those who disparaged the child abuse allegations, claiming they were based on "hearsay" and "hysteria". Van de Kamp was previously Los Angeles County District Attorney from 1975 to 1981, where he played a suspicious role in multiple high-profile cases, such as the re-investigation of the RFK assassination, the Hillside Stranglers serial killings, and the "Wonderland Murders", which helped set protect guilty parties who were politically-connected. Other cases that Van de Kamp handled while he was California attorney general also provoked similar accusations of a cover-up.
    • Alleged Franklin ties
      • Bonacci also told Roy Stephens about the ritualistic abuse and murder of a boy near Bakersfield CA. According to John DeCamp, his details matched the 1983-85 ritual abuse investigations in Kern County CA that resulted in 7 successful prosecutions for pornography, child abuse, and drug possession, which were later overturned due to alleged prosecutorial misconduct.
      • In the 1991/07/12 Nebraska Observer interview, Paul Bonacci claimed that Larry King took him and a boy named Nicholas to a ritual sacrifice at Kern River outside Bakersfield, where they were held in cages and another boy was shot. The accuracy of his recollection, however, is unclear. What Bonacci described matches up with the snuff film story he told Gary Caradori, but that was near Sacramento, not Bakersfield. And despite saying that they were at Kern River, he says that King was taking him to Stockton, which is in northern California. Curiously enough, however, Stockton is the middle name of Hunter Thompson, who was identified as the producer of the snuff film; in the interview, Bonacci says that one of the people with King went by the names "Hunter" and "Thomas". So it's quite possible that Bonacci is getting various details mixed up in his mind: the snuff film incident near Sacramento, the producer named Hunter Thompson, and a different ritual sacrifice in Kern County CA.
    • TODO: did Nancy Krebs's uncle Clifford Christoff a.k.a. Chris Christoff, who worked for the Kern County Sheriff's Office during this time, have any involvement in these cases?
  • Bakersfield CA elite child abuse
  • Wayne Madsen, "GOP pedophilia and S&M trysts: A long history going back to Bush 41 and Reagan", 2005/03/03 (documents missing) - covers a Navy pedophile ring that Madsen purportedly helped investigate
  • Paul Ingram ritual abuse case in Thurston County WA
  • New Hampshire alleged ritual abuse and child pornography ring circa 1988
    • Boston Herald, "Parents Eye Porn-ring link", 1991/03/11: "Two Cape Cod couples who claim their children were molested and filmed by child ponographers will today ask authorities for permission to view videotapes confiscated during a New Hampshire raid of an alleged kiddie porn ring. [...] The parents said a March 1 raid by the New Hampshire U.S, Attorney which resulted in the arrest of three suspected pornographers "may be the break we need" to get authorities interested in their case. The parents decided to ask federal officials for permission to view the videotapes after noticing similarities between their children's stories and information released by FBI agents probing the New Hampshire operation. "(Our) children have talked about pregnant women being tortured, children being kidnapped, they've talked about Satanism. They've talked about Providence, New Bedford and New Hampshire," said one mother. [...] Three men, Wayne H. Bailey. 56, of Fairhaven, an audio technician for a Providence, R.I., television station; Brian K. Schultz, 44, a Barrington, N.H., man who allegedly produced kiddie porn; and Mark Colen, from Brooklyn, Conn., an alleged pornographic filmmaker were arrested March 1 by FBI agents in New Hampshire and charged with running a major child pornography operation. Investigators said videotapes recovered in searches of the men's homes and businesses reveal pregnant women being tortured, children being molested by adults, and child pornography with "Satanic" inferences. The children in the Cape Cod case claim the perpetrators, posing as relatives would take them during school hours to nearby homes where they were sexually abused and filmed engaging in sex acts with other children, adults and animals. Their families, who did not want their names used said they have tried to interest Massachusetts authorities in their case since 1988 but were rebuffed by police, the FBI, the local district attorney's office and U.S. Postal Inspectors. The children were interviewed on several occasions by former Attorney General James Shannon's office but their case was never officially investigated."
    • Boston Herald, "Cape parents want porn case reopened", 1991/03/18: "The parents of a Cape Cod boy who says he was victimized by a child pornography ring yesterday said they want authorities to reopen an investigation because new evidence corroborating their son's accusations has surfaced. A yearlong probe into the alleged ring was dropped by the Cape and Islands District Attorney in 1989 due to lack of evidence and because the alleged victim's parents stopped cooperating with investigators. [...] "One thing they can't deny is that what my son said is true because now they have the tapes to prove it," said the boy's mother. The videotapes recovered in New Hampshire show children being forced to engage in sex with other youngsters and adults, pregnant women being tortured and children being forced to commit unnatural acts. Almost three years ago the boy, now 12, told investigators of similar incidents on Cape Cod. But Don Carpenter, the first assistant district attorney who handled the Cape Cod investigation, told the Cape Cod Times that "nothing to date indicates there is evidence to corroborate what was reported originally." Carpenter did not return phone calls yesterday. The boy's parents said they stopped cooperating with Cape investigators after Carpenter told them their son had "fantasized" the events, despite a report from a team of psychologists at Children's Hospital in Boston indicating that the boy had been the victim of ritualiized sexual abuse. The parents said they are also upset that Carpenter recommended probation for another man who pleaded guilty to molesting a 9 yr. old girl in Sandwich just months after their own son claimed the man had molested him. [...] Peter Papps, the first assistant U.S. attorney, in New Hampshire, said although he has not heard of a Cape Cod connection in the case, his office has not ruled out that possibility since the ring is believed to have operated throughout New England."
  • Pacific Northwest human trafficking networks - large presence in Seattle WA and Vancouver BC; tend to be associated with drug networks and organized crime groups like the Chinese Triads (e.g. the Hong Kong Triad); particularly involves the exploitation of indigenous women and children; appears to tie to the locally-prominent defense contractor Boeing
    • Starnet Communications International - a pioneer of Internet pornography based in Vancouver, perhaps similar to Access Graphics of Boulder
      • Newsweek, "SEX, BETS AND BIKERS", 1999/10/17: "The raid was swift, and thorough. As dawn broke over one of Vancouver's seedier business districts last Aug. 20, a heavily armed team of law-enforcement agents smashed into the offices of Starnet Communications International, a four-year-old company that runs gambling and pornography sites on the Internet. Over the next three days authorities sifted through the company's files, hauling away boxes of papers and cartloads of computer equipment. The raid was the culmination of an 18-month probe of Starnet's operation, which authorities have described as "substantially and fundamentally an illegal enterprise." According to documents filed in Canadian courts in connection with the search warrant, Vancouver law-enforcement agencies claimed that the company routinely engaged in illegal gambling, distribution of hardcore pornography and money laundering, all using the Internet. [...] Ken Lelek didn't start out to be an Internet pioneer. Back in the early '90s Lelek and a friend, Lloyd Robinson, ran an agency booking strippers for nightclubs. Lelek and some other friends, including Paul Giles, realized there was money to be made selling sex on the Internet. Pooling their money with other investors, they launched Starnet. [...] For years British Columbia's organized-crime unit had been tracking the movements of the Canadian Hells Angels, which authorities there viewed as a dangerous motorcycle gang and one of the most threatening criminal groups in the region. They were particularly interested in the activities of Lelek's old partner Lloyd Robinson, whom prosecutors once identified as a leader in the outlaw biker group."
      • Globe and Mail, "Child porn charges laid against guard", 2000/08/10: "Almost one year after police raided the downtown Vancouver offices of Starnet Communications International Inc., one of the company's former security guards has been charged with possession of child pornography. Anthony Marr, a 50-year-old Vancouver resident, was arrested at his home yesterday following a lengthy investigation by British Columbia's Organized Crime Agency. The agency said it was acting on evidence seized from Starnet's offices in August of 1999. [...] He faces charges of possession for the purpose of distribution and possession of child pornography. After obtaining warrants last year to search homes of Starnet directors, police said they are continuing a separate investigation into allegations of illegal gambling involving the company. [...] Before the police raid in August, 1999, Starnet had its roots in the on-line sex trade and was best known for providing subscribers with live-camera feeds of strippers."
      • RGT Online, "Starnet Cleared on Porn Allegations", 2000/08/18
    • Enumclaw horse sex case in 2005 - in which Gig Harbor WA resident and Boeing engineer Kenneth Pinyan along with truck driver James Michael Tait were found to be producing and distributing zoophilic pornography of horses anally penetrating them
      • Wikipedia page on the case
      • Seattle Times, "Felon accused of running animal-sex farm in Whatcom County", 2010/04/16: "Douglas Spink, 39, a one-time dot.com millionaire, convicted drug smuggler and horse trainer, was quietly living on rural property south of Sumas when he connected with James Tait, who was in a Tennessee jail on a bestiality charge. Tait had earlier been convicted of trespassing in 2005 in the Enumclaw case, in which a Gig Harbor man died after having sex with a horse. The two men’s communications set in motion an investigation that resulted in Spink’s arrest Wednesday at the Sumas farm for suspicion of violating his federal probation for drug smuggling. Federal prosecutors and Whatcom County sheriff’s officials say Spink also allowed people to come to the farm and have sex with animals. [...] When county deputies and federal investigators searched the property they found videotapes that included images of a man, who was visiting the property, having sex with several large-breed dogs. The man, a 51-year-old British national, was arrested for investigation of four counts of bestiality, Elfo said. [...] Spink is a former Portland businessman who prospered as a mergers-and-acquisitions entrepreneur during the height of the technology boom, but went bankrupt in 2002, according to The Oregonian. He has long trained horses, competed in jumping, and raised dogs, his lawyer said on Friday. In 2005, Spink was arrested in Monroe after authorities found 371 pounds of cocaine in his car. Authorities said Spink was a drug runner for smuggler Robert Kesling, who once lived in Woodinville. [...] Spink was released from prison in May 2007."
        • The Daily Herald (Everett WA), "Monroe capture exposed drug ring", 2005/07/09: "When police pulled over Douglas Spink in February as he drove along U.S. 2 in Monroe with 372 pounds of cocaine stuffed in his suitcases, they knew they’d intercepted the bankrupt Canadian businessman on his way to an important appointment. It turns out the arrest also was key in dismantling an international ring that engaged in trading illicit commodities across the U.S.-Canada border. Spink was part of a group that swapped large amounts of cocaine for hundreds of pounds of potent “B.C. bud” marijuana grown in Canada, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle. The coke went north. The marijuana went south. People involved traded drugs valued in the millions of dollars. [...] Still awaiting trial is the group’s alleged business manager, Robert V. Kesling, 26, of Woodinville. Evidence shows Kesling “is part of a very substantial drug trafficking organization with active ties to Mexico and Canada, and that Kesling plays a managerial role in that enterprise,” assistant U.S. attorneys Ronald Friedman and Susan Roe said in court papers filed in Kesling’s arrest in May. [...] In the late 1990s, Spink made headlines in Portland, Ore., where he was known as a self-made millionaire who specialized in high-risk business ventures and extreme sports, especially parachuting from cliffs, bridges, tall buildings and radio towers. Spink’s businesses collapsed in bankruptcy and allegations of fraud. In recent years, he had been living in Chilliwack, B.C., and breeding jumping horses. [...] Kesling reportedly was recorded saying how upset higher-ups in the organization were about the bust. He allegedly said he had to go to Mexico to deal with the heat."
        • Seattle Times, "Drug smuggler gets 17-year sentence", 2005/12/10: "Robert Kesling’s sentence, imposed by U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez, was six months less than what prosecutors had asked for, but seven years more than what his defense attorney had sought. [...] Martinez described Kesling as a “very complex and enigmatic young man,” alluding, in part, to his history of achievements, including coming of age in the wilds of Alaska, graduating from the Seattle Maritime Academy and competing in the sport of jujitsu. Kesling, arrested last May, pleaded guilty in September to conspiring to distribute cocaine and marijuana. Under federal sentencing guidelines, he could have received up to 30 years. [...] Kesling also sought to explain his mind-set — why he continued to traffic in drugs even after a number of warning signs — saying he was influenced by “bad advice” from James L. White, his former lawyer. He wrote that White told him he was “untouchable.” [...] Last week, Martinez sentenced White, 49, a former part-time Edmonds municipal judge, to 18 months in prison and two years’ supervised release. Last summer, White pleaded guilty to money laundering for receiving $100,000 in cash from Kesling, knowing it was drug money. The judge also sentenced A. Mark Vanderveen, 46, of Lake Forest Park, a former prosecutor, police officer and pro-tem judge, to three months in prison and three months of home detention and two years’ supervised release. Vanderveen had pleaded guilty to failing to report a cash payment exceeding $10,000 to the Internal Revenue Service, as required by law. The cash that Vanderveen failed to report was $20,000 he had received in two, $10,000 payments from White, who doled it out from the $100,000 he had received in a backpack from Kesling. Last month, Spink, 34, and Wesley Cornett, 28, a second drug runner, each received a three-year sentence from Martinez, who accepted joint recommendations for leniency from defense attorneys and the government because of their cooperation."
    • Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) - see page
    • Robert "Willie" Pickton (the pig farm killer) - see page
    • Affidavit of Jeremiah Jourdain on 2009/03/01 with victim statements of elite sexual abuse and aboriginal genocide (associated with Kevin Annett)
    • Rigorous Intuition thread on the Annett affidavit: pages 1, 2
    • Dave McGowan, "Sleazefest in Seattle", 2010/01/29
    • CBC, "Ex-RCMP officer probes Highway of Tears leads on own time", 2015/05/26
    • CBC, "Emails relating to B.C.'s Highway of Tears allegedly deleted", 2015/05/28
    • Emery brothers in Shelton WA (Donald Emery, Charles Emery, Thomas Emery, Edwin Emery)
      • Seattle Times, "Tattered Shelton home yields evidence in child-porn case", 2017/08/25: "Don Emery was the owner of the house. He died last year at age 85. His brothers — Charles Emery, 82; Thomas Emery, 80; and Edwin Emery, 78 — remain jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail. “I’ll say this much, we did find supportive evidence for the child pornography investigation,” says Capt. Mike Edwards, head of the Seattle Police Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force, about the Shelton home. [...] The search of their Seattle home near Green Lake — a search now completed — revealed child sex-abuse images dating back decades. [...] Charles Emery received a monthly pension of $3,100 from Boeing and has an estimated $250,000 in the bank, the petition says. [...] A 78-year-old Auburn man who worked with Charles Emery at Boeing for more than 20 years said Charles was a car collector and hoarder."
      • Crime Online, "Cadaver dogs search filthy lake house after finding child porn and manifesto filled with satanic rituals and child murders at elderly brothers’ home", 2017/08/27: "Three brothers, Charles Emery, 82, Thomas Emery, 80, and Edwin Emery, 78, were charged last week after authorities found their Shelton home “littered floor to ceiling” with an array of nude children photos, toys, children’s shoes, underwear, and toys. Further, detectives found the flyer of missing 10-year-old Lindsey Baum (pictured) inside the residence, whose home in McCleary is around 30 minutes from the elderly men’s home. Lindsey disappeared in 2009 while walking home. [...] Further, authorities found books and articles that detailed child homicide and missing children cases. [...] In addition to the staggering amounts of child pornography found inside the home, investigators also found a “manifesto” that detailed child murders, satanic rituals, and kidnapping and raping little girls. Detectives are also focusing on whether the brothers are connected to the disappearance of Tracy West, a 17-year-old who was found murdered and killed not far from the brothers’ home."
      • KIRO, "1 of 3 Seattle brothers with ‘obsession with young children' expected in court", 2017/09/11: "January 25, 2013: Seattle police Detective Danial Conine interviews Edwin Emery at 141 N.E. 59th St. He admits there could be child pornography on his computer, admits to sexual abuse of one of his sisters and that sister's daughter, according to court documents. Then age 73, Edwin Emery also discusses his sexual attraction to "sub-teenage" girls, court documents state. The interview is recorded. However, prosecutors do not file charges.

        January 22, 2013: Seattle police contact Office Depot employees who had reported Edwin Emery brought his black Xion custom-built desktop computer tower with a Seagate 320 GB hard drive there for service and repair. Employees say they had conducted a diagnostic check on the computer and found images of suspected female child pornography. Seattle police are given consent to check the computer by Edwin Emery, and a forensic examination leads to the discovery of roughly 20 pictures of child erotica, nudist colony activity and several lascivious display images, according to court documents."
      • Seattle Times, "1 of 3 elderly Seattle brothers sentenced to 9 months in child-porn case", 2017/12/22: "One of three elderly Seattle brothers arrested last summer after police said they found their home jampacked with sexual photos and videos of young girls was sentenced Friday to nine months in jail on child pornography charges. Edwin Emery, 79, pleaded guilty last month to two counts of second-degree possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexual conduct, according to King County Superior Court records. King County prosecutors have alleged Emery and his two older brothers had “spent a lifetime accumulating” child pornography. [...] Charges against Emery’s brother Charles Emery, 82, were dropped in November after a judge ruled that he lacks the capacity to understand the proceedings and assist in his own defense. The third brother, 80-year-old Thomas Emery, is due in court next month."
  • Mexican child sex rings and death cults
    • Henry Lee Lucas claimed to a journalist in 1985 that he was inducted into a Satanic cult known as the Hand of Death, which was behind his serial killings. Lucas said that he served the cult by carrying out murders on their behalf and abducting children to be delivered to a ranch in Juarez, Mexico, where they would be used for the production of snuff films and child pornography.
    • The Finders told the Tallahassee police in 1987 that they were taking the six children with them to a "school for brilliant children" in Mexico. What this school was, if it even existed, is unknown, but there are indications that the Finders procured children for mind control experimentation.
    • In 1989, the "Narcosatanist" cult led by Adolfo Constanzo was uncovered in Matamoros, Mexico. It carried out hundreds of drug-related ritual murders in affiliation with the Hernandez drug family. The discovery of the Matamoros cult prompted Texas authorities to take another look at Henry Lee Lucas's cult allegations, which they eventually corroborated.
    • A 1990 letter sent to Paul Bonacci, evidently making reference to the Johnny Gosch abduction, says that "the Col is gone to Mexico and took JG with him", indicating that kids abducted by the Franklin ring were sometimes trafficked into Mexico
    • Bonacci also claimed to Anton Chaitkin sometime in the early 1990s that "Emilio" trafficked drugs and children into Mexico
    • Series of articles about Lydia Cacho and her investigation of Succar Kuri - "One Woman Cracks the Pedo Elite": chapters 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Rigorous Intuition thread on the "One Woman Cracks the Pedo Elite" article: pages 1, 2
    • Cacho also investigated the Juarez female homicides, which Dave McGowan in Programmed to Kill linked to organized crime, sex trafficking, and cults
  • Paul Bonacci has mentioned how "Emilio" took him to child auctions in Las Vegas. By the account of Ted Gunderson, men in turbans with private planes would purchase children at the auction. A comic accompanying the 1991/07/12 Nebraska Observer interview of Bonacci confirms his disclosure that there were men in turbans at the child auctions. This seems to implicate Saudi nationals in child prostitution.
  • Decades-long cases in United Kingdom
  • Multiple elite child sex rings existed in foreign countries that were likely part of Operation Gladio
  • Auxerre torture and murder ring - involves serial killer Emile Louis
  • Toulouse torture and murder ring - involves serial killer Patrice Alegre
  • Le Cercle had connections to multiple elite pedophile rings around the world
  • New York Times, "CHILD SEX SCANDAL ROILS UNICEF UNIT", 1987/06/25 - in Belgium
  • Albania and Kosovo human trafficking
    • Voat thread on the role of the CIA and pro-democracy NGOs in privatizing foster care to enable child trafficking
    • The Guardian, "Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports", 2010/12/14
      • "Kosovo's prime minister is the head of a "mafia-like" Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, according to a Council of Europe inquiry report on organised crime.

        Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1998-99 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country's government since."
      • "Legal proceedings began in a Pristina district court today into a case of alleged organ trafficking discovered by police in 2008. That case – in which organs are said to have been taken from impoverished victims at a clinic known as Medicus – is said by the report to be linked to Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) organ harvesting in 2000. [...]"
      • "Dick Marty, the human rights investigator behind the inquiry, will present his report to European diplomats from all 47 member states at a meeting in Paris on Thursday. His report suggests Thaçi's links with organised crime date back more than a decade, when those loyal to his Drenica group came to dominate the KLA, and seized control of "most of the illicit criminal enterprises" in which Kosovans were involved south of the border, in Albania."
      • "While deploring Serb atrocities, Marty said the international community chose to ignore suspected war crimes by the KLA, "placing a premium instead on achieving some degree of short-term stability". He concludes that during the Kosovo war and for almost a year after, Thaçi and four other members of the Drenica group named in the report carried out "assassinations, detentions, beatings and interrogations". This same hardline KLA faction has held considerable power in Kosovo's government over the last decade, with the support of western powers keen to ensure stability in the fledgling state."
      • "The report paints a picture in which ex-KLA commanders have played a crucial role in the region's criminal activity. It says: "In confidential reports spanning more than a decade, agencies dedicated to combating drug smuggling in at least five countries have named Hashim Thaçi and other members of his Drenica group as having exerted violent control over the trade in heroin and other narcotics."

        Marty says: "Thaçi and these other Drenica group members are consistently named as 'key players' in intelligence reports on Kosovo's mafia-like structures of organised crime. I have examined these diverse, voluminous reports with consternation and a sense of moral outrage."

        His inquiry was commissioned after the former chief prosecutor for war crimes at the Hague, Carla Del Ponte, said she had been prevented from investigating senior KLA officials. Her most shocking claim, which she said required further investigation, was that the KLA smuggled captive Serbs across the border into Albania, where their organs were harvested."
  • JonBenet Ramsey - page here
  • Wonderland Club international child pornography ring
  • Shortly after the Wonderland case: The Independent, "British police discover more child abuse horror on internet", 2001/02/21
  • Kate Dixon, "HOW DAVID ASIMOV, THE BIGGEST CHILD PORN PROCESSOR IN CALIFORNIA SKATED AWAY FROM FEDERAL PRISON WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS", 2000 - a massive child porn "processing center" in Sonoma County CA run by David Asimov (son of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov) was busted before being handed off to the feds and covered up by then-US Attorney Robert Mueller. Despite evidence that Asimov had distributed child porn "on at least a few occasions", and owned blank videotapes, high-speed video processing machines, and recording equipment, he was only indicted on four counts of possession, two of which were dropped by Mueller in a plea deal. Ultimately, Asimov got only 6 months of house arrest. At least some of the victimized children in Asimov's possession were from out-of-state.
  • Los Angeles Times, "Belgian Porn Scandal Leads to Florida Raid", 2000/08/15 - mentions Wayne Camolli, who ran a child pornography site in Florida which was linked to Felix De Coninck, an associate of Marc Dutroux

More speculative links

  • Hollywood pedophile networks
    • Express, "Dark side of Oz: The exploitation of Judy Garland", 2010/04/05 - also mentions fellow child actor Mickey Rooney, who starred in a possibly-disinformational film about Boys Town
    • Walt Disney Company
      • New York Times, "Disney Link To the F.B.I. And Hoover Is Disclosed", 1993/05/06: "From 1940 until his death in 1966, Walt Disney served as a secret informer for the Los Angeles office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to documents that have come to light under the Freedom of Information Act. Details about the film maker's F.B.I. connection emerge for the first time in "Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince," an unauthorized biography by Marc Eliot to be published in July by Birch Lane Press. [...] As it happens, because many of the 570 pages in the Disney file are blacked out or withheld for national security reasons, it cannot be determined what names of Hollywood figures Disney passed on to the bureau as Communists or subversives. During a strike of animators at the Disney studio in 1941, however, he publicly accused the strike leaders of "Communistic agitation," according to an advertisement taken out by Disney in Variety on July 2, 1941. And when Disney, whose right-wing leanings were well-known, testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in Washington, he named several of the animators who had led the strike as Communists."
      • Disney World child abuse and intelligence links
        • Washington Post, "ABC KILLS STORY CRITICAL OF OWNER DISNEY", 1998/10/14: "ABC News President David Westin has killed a story by the network's top investigative reporter on allegations involving Walt Disney Co., which owns ABC. The "20/20" segment by Brian Ross grew out of an exclusive contract with the publisher of a new book alleging hiring and safety problems at Disney World. [...] "Disney: The Mouse Betrayed" alleges, among other things, that Disney World in Florida fails to perform security checks that would prevent the hiring of sex offenders, and has problems with peeping Toms. The book includes copies of sheriff's reports on alleged pedophiles."
        • Daily Beast, "How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida" by T.D. Allman, 2013/04/14: "Starting in the mid-1960s when Disney set out to establish the Disney World Theme Park, they were determined to get land at below market prices and Disney operatives engaged in a far-ranging conspiracy to make sure sellers had no idea who was buying their Central Florida property. By resorting to such tactics Disney acquired more than 40 square miles of land for less than $200 an acre, but how to maintain control once Disney's empire had been acquired? The solution turned out to be cartoon-simple, thanks to the CIA. Disney's key contact was the consummate cloak-and-dagger operator, William "Wild Bill" Donovan. Sometimes called the "Father of the C.I.A," he was also the founding partner of Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine, a New York law firm whose attorneys included future C.I.A. director William Casey. Donovan’s attorneys provided fake identities for Disney agents; they also set up a secret communications center, and orchestrated a disinformation campaign. In order to maintain "control over the overall development," Disney and his advisers realized, “the company would have to find a way to limit the voting power of the private residents" even though, they acknowledged, their efforts "violated the Equal Protection Clause" of the U.S. Constitution. Here again the CIA was there to help. Disney's principal legal strategist for Florida was a senior clandestine operative named Paul Helliwell. Having helped launch the C.I.A. secret war in Indochina, Helliwell relocated to Miami in 1960 in order to coordinate dirty tricks against Castro. At a secret "seminar" Disney convened in May 1965 Helliwell came up with the approach that to this day allows the Disney organization to avoid taxation and environmental regulation as well as maintain immunity from the U.S. Constitution. It was the same strategy the C.I.A. pursued in the foreign countries. Set up a puppet government; then use that regime to do your bidding."
        • According to Noreen Gosch, several mind control victims reported being traumatized at Disney World, and there are rumors of a Disney pedophile ring in Orlando linked to other nearby rings such as Green Isle Ranch and the Valdosta pedophile ring
        • Note that one client of Yang Enterprises was the Walt Disney World Company
    • Black Dahlia murder (real name Elizabeth Short) in 1947
    • Roman Polanski
    • Anthony Pellicano
      • From p.183 of Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan (2004): "Following the disappearance of one of Gacy’s employees, Greg Godzik, John was not questioned by police for a full three months. Godzik’s frustrated parents turned for help to private investigator Anthony Pellicano, Jr., a shadowy character who tends to surface in organized crime and Hollywood circles, and who, as this is being written, is facing a variety of charges in Los Angeles in connection with a case he was working on for actor Steven Seagal. Pellicano never checked out Gacy and later claimed that he had never been given the name by Godzik’s parents, which was an interesting claim given that the primary reason for his hiring was to investigate the man that the police refused to investigate. Pellicano nevertheless maintained that he had been told that Greg worked at a gas station, not for John Gacy."
      • Hollywood Reporter, "Anthony Pellicano Makes Shocking Charges About Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson", 2011/08/07: "He revealed why he allegedly dropped Michael Jackson as a client, who hired him to investigate one of the families accusing him in his 2003 child molestation case. He detailed that he told Jackson he would only work for him if he wasn’t guilty. “I said, ‘You don’t have to worry about cops or lawyers. If I find out anything, I will f--k you over. … I quit because I found out some truths…He did something far worse to young boys than molest them.” Pellicano did not elaborate."
    • Michael Jackson
      • Jordan Chandler abuse (went to trial in 1993)
      • Gavin Arvizo abuse (went to trial in 2005)
      • Other supporting evidence
      • Abuse by father Joe Jackson a.k.a. Joseph Jackson
        • New York Daily News, "Creepy dad was root of all clan's woe, singer sez", 2006/03/05: "The outline for Jermaine's proposed book "Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worst" suggests Joe Jackson molested his daughters Rebbie and LaToya and may have exposed young Michael to abuse at the hands of "important" businessmen. "Joseph did some disgusting things to LaToya and Rebbie, especially. If it weren't for Mother's loyalty to him, he'd probably be in prison for what he did to our sisters," Jermaine said in the draft. [...] When LaToya, 49, detailed physical abuse and hinted at sexual abuse in her 1991 tell-all "LaToya - Growing Up in the Jackson Family," other family members denied it. Jermaine even suggested his father may have set up Michael to be somehow victimized by older men. He tells how his father would have Michael join in at late-night hotel room meetings with "important business people," and wondered whether "something happened" to Michael at those sessions. He said he sensed something was wrong because Michael would be sick for days after. "What was Joseph doing?" Jermaine wrote. In weighing the 2003 child-molestation allegations against Michael, Jermaine wondered whether his father's behavior could have made his younger brother go bad. Joseph Jackson's children were frightened that their father's blood would eventually "contaminate" them. Rebbie, 55, is the oldest daughter in the Jackson family. As kids growing up in Gary, Ind., before the family hit it big, she and LaToya slept in an alcove off the living room. Rebbie moved out of the family home as a teen and went to live with a family friend "for reasons I didn't fully understand then," LaToya wrote in her book. LaToya also described being awakened in the night by Joseph wearing a "monster mask.""
        • New York Post, "BRO DISHED DIRT ON JACKO; JERMAINE SHOPPED BOOK ON MICHAEL", 2006/03/05: "“There were times when Joseph and some of these men he’d describe as “very important business people,” would meet late at night in our hotel suite with Michael, and Michael alone,” Jermaine writes. “I always felt something was wrong with that and Michael would always be sick for days after these “meetings.”"
      • Uri Geller friendship
        • BBC, "Jackson fans await Geller wedding", 2001/03/07: "Fans of Michael Jackson have gathered outside the home of psychic Uri Geller as he renews his wedding vows with the singer as best man. Dozens of cars drove through the iron gates of Geller's home in Sonning, Berkshire, amid tight security, on Wednesday morning. Guests at the ceremony include broadcaster Sir David Frost, Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart and former Formula One world motor racing champion Nigel Mansell. [...] [Jackson] is expected to pass Geller a gold ring when the psychic renews his wedding vows with his wife of 30 years, Hannah. The private ceremony is thought to have been watched by 130 guests, who also include Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, US magician David Blaine and broadcaster Alan Coren. [...] The service was conducted by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a friend of both Geller and the singer. [...] There are conflicting reports over when the psychic and the singer first met. Some reports say they met in the late 80s, while Geller himself recently told a newspaper that he met Jackson three-and-a-half-years ago through Harrods department store owner Mohamed al-Fayed."
      • Death at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray under contract with AEG Live (owned by Philip Anschutz)
        • The Guardian, "Michael Jackson was murdered, says his sister La Toya", 2011/06/23: "Michael Jackson's sister La Toya has said there was a conspiracy to murder her brother. "People come into your life, wiggle their way in, control you, manipulate, control your funds, your finances, everything that you have," she told Piers Morgan on CNN this week. She said her brother knew he was going to be killed, and claimed he told her shortly before his death: "La Toya, I'm going to be murdered for my music publishing catalogue and my estate." La Toya has been making similar allegations since Michael's death. But her new memoir, out this week, goes further and offers more detail of who she thinks wanted Michael dead – and how much the singer knew about the plot. "Michael told me that they were going to murder him," she told Morgan. "He was afraid. He was afraid for his life." She added: "I believe that when Michael walked in that house that night, whatever it was that greeted him, he knew that his end was upon him. And as soon as he had passed, some of the very people he had expressed suspicions about now controlled his estate." She also says Michael's children were also worried about him, sensing something was about to happen. While La Toya does not accuse anyone of masterminding the murder, she condemns the behaviour of Dr Tohme Tohme, who managed Michael's affairs towards the end of his life. [...] Athough Michael's private physician, Conrad Murray, is due to stand trial for the singer's death, La Toya suggests he was far from the centre of the conspiracy. "I truly feel Dr Murray was simply the fall guy," she told the US TV show Extra. "I think it's too easy to blame him. I think the investigation needs to go … further." Although the Jackson family has presented no evidence of a murder conspiracy, La Toya's allegations echo comments by Jermaine Jackson in 2010:"
        • Hartford Courant, "Concert giant seeks Jermaine Jackson's book drafts", 2012/09/12: "Concert giant AEG Live is seeking book drafts and manuscripts by Jermaine Jackson that it claims may reveal details about his superstar brother that will help its defense in a lawsuit filed by the singers' mother. [...] AEG's attorneys contend the writings are important to its defense in a case filed by the singers' mother claiming the concert promoter failed to properly supervise Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter for Michael Jackson's June 2009 death. Their efforts seek drafts of a book described as "Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worst," which was reportedly in the works several years before the pop superstar's death. AEG claims drafts of the work would show issues "of immense relevance to this case, including Michael Jackson's rumored long-term abuse of prescription medication." [...] AEG had promoted Michael Jackson's comeback shows, titled "This Is It," which were canceled after his unexpected death due to an overdose of a hospital anesthetic the singing had been given to help him sleep. [...] Katherine Jackson sued AEG in September 2010, and the case is scheduled for trial in April 2013."
        • WQAD, "Assistant says AEG responsible for Michael Jackson’s death", 2012/11/14: "Michael Jackson’s last personal assistant claims concert promoter AEG owes him money because, he says, it was responsible for the pop icon’s death. Michael Amir Williams, one of the people closest to Jackson in the last two years of his life, filed a lawsuit that he hopes other former Jackson employees will join as a class action. The suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, charges that AEG’s “acts and omissions brought about the demise of Michael Jackson.” [...] “After the contract was signed and performance begun, Michael Jackson had problems keeping up with the pace of Tour’s rigorous schedule and physical demands,” the lawsuit said. “In response, AEG, began a series of unreasonable acts and omissions.” The “acts and omissions” allegedly involved the hiring and supervision of Dr. Murray. “AEG used Conrad Murray as a tool to further its business purposes and abused the sole discretion given to AEG under (the) contract,” the suit said. The company failed to look at “Conrad Murray’s qualifications, experience, and medical specialty,” but instead weighed the benefits Murray could bring, including “managing Michael Jackson so that he could meet all deadlines and timetables AEG set in place,” it said. Testimony at Murray’s trial indicated that Jackson chose him to be his full-time doctor for the tour, but that AEG would pay him. AEG, which is also defending itself in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jackson’s mother and three children, denies it was responsible for hiring or supervising Murray. [...] [AEG Live president Randy] Phillips after that meeting said he had confidence in Murray, “who I am gaining immense respect for as I get to deal with him more.” “This doctor is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig, so he (is) totally unbiased and ethical,” Phillips’ e-mail said. A Phillips e-mail sent weeks after Jackson’s death called it “a terrible tragedy,” but added “life must go on.” “AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film/dvd,” Phillips wrote."
        • Los Angeles Times, "Michael Jackson case: ‘We need to pull the plug now,’ says AEG email", 2013/05/28: "Three months before Michael Jackson died, a top executive of concert promoter AEG Live wrote an email to another company executive saying, “We need to pull the plug now. I will explain.” The email was sent on March 25, 2009, and was from Randy Phillips to Paul Gongaware, who took the stand Tuesday in what is expected to be the first of several days of testimony. Gongaware denied that the email was a reference to calling off Jackson’s “This Is It” concerts in London but instead was pointed at “pulling the plug on Karen Faye,” the singer’s hairstylist, makeup artist and longtime friend who had expressed fears about Jackson’s poor health. [...] Faye testified earlier in the trial that she told tour director Kenny Ortega in June that she was worried Jackson would die. [...] Jackson’s mother and three children are suing AEG for negligently hiring and supervising Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol to the singer. AEG maintains that Jackson hired Murray and that any money the company was supposed to pay the physician was actually part of an advance to the singer."
        • Hollywood Reporter, "Michael Jackson's Death: 5 Surprising Developments in AEG Trial", 2013/05/29: "Jackson’s mother Katherine and children Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket argue that AEG improperly hired or supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the superstar’s fatal drug overdose on June 25, 2009. AEG contends that it was Jackson who personally hired and instructed Murray, now serving four years in prison. [...] Jackson family lawyer Brian Panish revealed derogatory language about the singer from executives at AEG Live and parent company Anschutz Entertainment Group. A series of emails were shown to the jury on May 22. When AEG Live general counsel and senior vp Shawn Trell emailed the parent company’s chief legal officer Ted Fikre about a visit to Jackson’s house, Fikre responded, “Does this mean you get to meet the freak?” Jackson family attorneys look to portray AEG as exploitative of the superstar. [...] Witnesses on May 8 and 9 testified that Jackson became frail and psychologically unstable at rehearsals for his planned concert tour This Is It. Jackson shivered from cold often, and his heart beating was visible in his emaciated chest, his longtime makeup artist recalled. Jackson had also said, “God keeps talking to me,” testified a show producer. Shortly before Jackson's death, it was also revealed that a meeting was held with Jackson, Murray, tour director Kenny Ortega and AEG Live President Randy Phillips regarding the singer's health, after which Phillips emailed that AEG had checked out Murray and had confidence in him to treat the star. [...] Murray owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support, tax liens and other payments, and his Las Vegas home had dropped in value and was in foreclosure. An LAPD detective testified April 30 that Murray’s financial situation might have motivated the physician to push Jackson to perform, such as by administering him powerful anesthetics. Murray was to be paid $150,000 a month for accompanying Jackson on tour, but the amount Murray originally requested -- $5 million -- was called a “red flag” and “outrageous” by a tour director who testified May 17. [...] Would a background check have cautioned AEG about Murray’s worrisome financial situation? In another email showcased during the trial, Phillips wrote that Murray “is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig.” Trell contradicted Phillips’s email. In his May 21 testimony, Trell replied, “No,” when asked if “anyone from AEG ever at any time” had interviewed Murray. He also confirmed that AEG had not reviewed the cardiologist’s finances before allegedly hiring him."
        • The Wrap, "Michael Jackson Trial: Prince Testifies His Father ‘Wasn’t Happy’ With AEG", 2013/01/26: "Just one day after the four-year anniversary of his father's death, 16-year-old Prince Michael Jackson, took the stand in a Los Angeles court room on Wednesday to testify at Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial. Prince said he witnessed his father crying after phone conversations with AEG Live CEO, Randy Phillips, and his former manager, Tohme Tohme. "'They're going to kill me, they're going to killl me,'" Jackson recalled his father saying. [...] The eldest of Jackson's three children addressed a variety of topics, including his father's feelings about AEG Live promoting what would have been his final tour. "From what he told me, he wasn’t happy with it," Jackson said. [...] Jackson also told the court that his father paid Murray out of his own pocket, even though AEG was supposed to be footing the bill. "He’d say he feels so bad for Dr. Murray because AEG isn’t paying him," Jackson said. "He'd say they are supposed to, but they haven’t yet. So my dad would say, 'Here give him this.'" Jackson also described an "aggressive" encounter between Murray and co-defendent Phillips, but couldn't effectively overhear what was being said. "The day [Phillips] came by himself he was speaking to [Dr. Murray] in hushed whispers. I was bringing him water. He was grabbing his elbow. It looked aggressive to me," Jackson said. "He was grabbing him by the back of the elbow and they were really close and he was making hand motions.""
    • Tom Hanks - longtime promoter of CIA-friendly disinformation about the 60s through films such as Forrest Gump, Parkland (film adaptation of JFK assassination disinformation book Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi), and The Post (making the Washington Post the heroes of the Pentagon Papers story instead of the leakers like Daniel Ellsberg)
  • Vernon Seitz a.k.a. Vernon C. Seitz a.k.a. Vern Seitz connections
    • Twin Cities Pioneer Press, "Search of Milwaukee man’s home reveals disturbing links to Wetterling abduction", 2009/01/05: "Police went to the home Dec. 15 after Seitz’s psychiatrist told them he had admitted to killing two children in the late 1950s and wanted to confess, according to a search warrant. Seitz, who owned Vern’s Barber Shop in St. Francis, a Milwaukee suburb, would have been 12 years old at the time. On Seitz’s bed near his body, police found child pornography involving young boys, paintings of young boys being tortured, books on cannibalism, and fliers and news articles about missing children from nearby communities. Looking around the house, the police investigator found newly poured cement in the basement, along with bondage devices hanging from the rafters. Tufts of hair also were found in the basement, and the investigator found piles of dirt outside. A more thorough search of the home turned up: • A map of St. Joseph, Minn. • “Numerous letters, maps, news stories regarding Jacob Wetterling.” • A photo of Jacob and a video of him before his abduction. It was unclear whether the video was news footage or who took it. • Dozens of VHS videos and pornographic photos. • Numerous sketches, drawings and paintings of nude boys, with sex and bondage themes. • Handcuffs. • A pair of children’s shoes and another single shoe, size 2 1/2. [...] Seitz’s psychiatrist, Victoria Fetter, told the Journal Sentinel she treated Seitz for 11 years. In that time, he told her repeatedly he was abducted at age 12 while at a zoo in Racine, Wis., with his family June 19, 1959. He told Fetter he was dragged from his family, blindfolded, sodomized and told to shoot and kill a 14-year-old boy or he would die instead. He said he shot the boy and watched his kidnappers shoot a second boy. [...] Fetter told the Pioneer Press she never contacted Milwaukee police but was called by them after they found Seitz dead."
    • Blink On Crime, "Shave, Haircut and Child Porn … The Barber of St. Francis, Vernon C. Seitz, PART I", 2009/01/11
    • Blink On Crime, "No Connection to Other Pending Cases, MPD Closing the Case. Nothing to See Here; The Barber of St. Francis, Vernon C. Seitz Part II", 2009/01/12 - suggests a link to Jeffrey Dahmer: "Jeffrey Dahmer, responsible for 17 known murders and mutilations from 1978, lived in the know demolished Oxford Arms Apartments, less than 6 miles away from Seitz. When he was living with his grandmother in West Allis previously, 13 miles from Seitz."
    • Shammings of the Shames, "Who was Vernon Seitz?", 2009/01/20
      • "Vernon Seitz seemed to be obsessed with one missing child in particular, 11 year old Jacob Wetterling from St. Joseph, Minnesota. Police suspiciously found video footage of Jacob among other VHS tapes in Seitz's home, this footage is said to be footage of Jacob before he went missing, it is not clear if it is a video that was released to the media during the investigation that Seitz simply taped, or if this footage is something else entirely. Also found were maps of Jacob's hometown of St. Joseph and many posters and laminated pictures of Jacob."
      • Comment on 2009/08/07: "vernon Seitz The Barber claimed to have been kidnapped and moletsted by the same gang that took Jacob, i know he didnt say that but if you look into the history of the abusers in that area, it was the same ring, new recruits but the same gang still all through the decades, even back to vernons young days, and i believe it is still going on today Smiley face gang is related to it. They the ring- picked Vernon for his name and they picked Jacob for his name also Not for his age but his name!"
      • Comment on 2009/08/08: "PS, Are you aware of the witness statement taken by a bond agent (working with LE on the Wetterling case) a statement taken from an admitted pedofile who said he had prior knowledge of jacob wetterlings planned abduction and also that he was taken to be abused (amongst other places i bet) at st johns abbey MN? also there was CONFIRMATION by the Bond agent and the witness of occult rituals involved also. That all fits into what i had been researching, i only found it afterwards."
      • Comment on 2014/05/29: "The man who abducted Jacob was seen by Jacob's companions on that night. They stated he was about 5'10" and 190 lbs. What was Vernon's height and weight? One of his customers should remember his height and weight. Please post it."
    • Blink On Crime, "Possible Link Between Vernon Seitz Case and Daniel “Danny” Barter Missing Persons Case", 2009/01/22
      • "Daniel Barter has been missing from Alabama since June 18, 1959. Daniel was last seen playing near the banks of Perdido Bay where he had gone camping with his parents, siblings and other relatives. Daniel reportedly disappeared from the campsite while his parents were preparing some fishing equipment. Daniel did not like water; therefore it is believed that he would not have gone into the bay voluntarily. An extensive search for Daniel ensued immediately, but he has not been seen or heard from since that time."
      • "A letter from the White House. The Barter’s had strong Washington contacts and received a letter from J.Edgar Hoover at the time of the abduction. Did Seitz have a copy?"
    • Blink On Crime, "Possible Link Between Vernon Seitz Case and Daniel “Danny” Barter Missing Persons Case *UPDATE*", 2009/02/15
    • TODO: look further into Daniel Barter, who disappeared from Baldwin County AL (incidentally where the 2002 Alabama general election was rigged)
    • Truth Stearns, "Vern Seitz talks about being molested and the Occult", 2009/10/27
    • Truth Stearns, "Vern Sietz discusses Jacob Wetterling and Regrets in life", 2009/10/27
  • Amy Billig disappearance - in 1974 from Coconut Grove FL
    • Charley Project page on Amy Billig
      • "Amy's mother, Susan Billig, began investigating her daughter's case in addition to law enforcement's attempts immediately after Amy disappeared. Photographs of Susan are posted with this case summary. She began receiving tips from numerous individuals who claimed that Amy had been abducted by members of the Outlaws or the Pagans, both motorcycle gangs that traveled through the Coconut Grove area of Florida in 1974.


        Paul Branch, a member of the Pagans, initially told Susan in the late 1970s that Amy was alive and being held by Pagan members. Branch's widow claimed he recanted this statement on his deathbed in the late 1990s; he then said that Amy had attended a party thrown by Pagans in Florida on the night of her disappearance and died of a drug overdose, and that her body had been taken to the Florida Everglades by gang members and tossed to the alligators. His widow relayed this information to Susan.

        Amy's camera was located at the Wildwood exit on Florida's Turnpike shortly after Amy's disappearance. It was turned in by a man who had heard she was missing. Wildwood would have been on the route the biker gangs took traveling north."
      • "Another sidenote to Amy's disappearance involved harassing phone calls that Susan began receiving shortly after Amy vanished in 1974. A then-unidentified male caller informed Susan that Amy was abducted by members of an illicit sex ring organization and being held captive.

        The caller tormented Susan for 21 years until 1995, when FBI agents were able to trace a call the man made using his cellular phone. Until that time, the caller always used a pay phone to harass Susan, making him difficult to apprehend. The caller was identified as Henry Johnson Blair, who worked for the U.S. Customs Department. A photograph of him is posted with this case summary.

        Blair claimed that he was an alcoholic and had an obsessive-compulsive disorder which caused him to harass Susan; he also stated that he never met Amy and knew nothing about her disappearance. Blair was sentenced to a two-year prison term for harassing Susan and has since been released. Susan settled a lawsuit against him for five million dollars."
      • "The addition of Blair into this case focuses renewed attention on to a man Amy described in her journal. Amy wrote that she was considering running away to South America with a man she called "Hank." Blair's nickname is Hank. A photo developed from a roll of film in Amy's camera showed a white van which was identical in color and model to a van Blair drove in 1974. Blair's job with the Customs Department required him to relocate to South America around the time Amy specified in her journal. Blair has not been positively linked to Amy aside from his incarceration for the harassment of her mother, however."
    • Daytona Beach Morning Journal, "Daughter Amy Disappeared, No News In More Than A Month", 1974/04/13: "Amy Billig, 17, was last heard from March 5 when she returned home from school about noon and called her father at his art gallery to ask for money to take a friend for lunch. [...] NED BILLIG said his daughter never arrived to collect the money at the gallery. [...] This week Amy was graduated in absentia from Adelphi Academy of Coral Gables, the diploma being presented to her parents."
    • Sun Sentinel, "AMY'S ONLY HOPE", 1993/12/19
      • "Amy Billig had warm brown eyes under dark brows, a mane of brown hair, very white teeth and an open, wide smile. At 5 feet 5 inches and 102 pounds, the 17-year-old vegetarian was slim and leggy. She wrote poetry and admired Sylvia Plath. A senior at Adelphi Academy in Coral Gables, she read voraciously. She played guitar as well as flute. She loved babies and animals. She volunteered her time with the Dolphin Project. She was a happy girl who knew she was loved, and as a result, she was filled with trust."
      • "Twelve days after Amy's disappearance, a tipster claimed members of the Outlaws had abducted her. Two Outlaws, bristling with hair and jingling with chains, came to the Billig house with a bail bondsman whose daughter went to school with Amy, and their leader promised Susan, "If she is in the Outlaw Nation, we'll return her.""
      • "Susan's cries for help reached President Richard Nixon, but they elicited only a terse letter from FBI Director Clarence Kelly that read in part: "There has been no evidence indicating your daughter was abducted and ... the FBI cannot conduct an active investigation to locate her ... My prayers are with you ...""
      • "Susan got word that Amy had been seen with bikers at a bar in Fort Lauderdale. When she went to the bar, the owner said the bikers she was asking about were Outlaws from the Orlando area. They had been making trouble and he'd bounced them out of the bar at gunpoint.

        Following up on this lead, Susan drove to Orlando, and then to nearby Kissimmee, where a convenience-store manager said a girl who resembled Amy often came in with two bikers and bought Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup. At last a clue, Susan thought, knowing her daughter was a vegetarian.

        She located the Outlaws' abandoned clubhouse in a rural area near Kissimmee. In the filth and clutter, she found old phone bills and noted one frequently called number. And there were long, dark hairs in a hairbrush that looked like Amy's. She collected samples and the phone numbers and returned to Miami."
      • "Then there was Paul, yet another biker who had seen Amy's picture in the newspaper. He called Susan and said he had "bought" Amy from another biker and then lost her when he was arrested. She'd been beaten and drugged, he said. He described her in detail, including a tiny scar the Billigs had kept secret."
      • "Susan's most recent lead came several months ago. A private investigator called Susan and said that her European operative was approached by bikers as he stood in the post office in Falmouth, England. The bikers offered to sell him a girl - an abducted American child from Oyster Bay, Long Island. (Amy had been born in Oyster Bay.)

        The name Amy Billig was even mentioned in the conversation, Susan says. The Englishman called his detective contact in Florida to try to find out who the American girl might be. The detective then called the Miami police but was told there was no Amy Billig listed as missing."
    • Miami Herald, "‘Is Amy There?’", 1995/12/17
      • "All those years, Sue Billig kept the calls from the man who claimed to have her daughter a bitter secret. She told only the police and those closest to her.

        The caller said his name was Hal Johnson. He called over and over, sometimes six or seven times a night, keeping Billig up until dawn.

        "I've trained Amy," he would say. "She's my sex slave."

        "Tell me something about her, so I'll know it's Amy," Billig would say."
      • "Henry Johnson Blair: U.S. Customs squad leader with 24 years of law enforcement service under his belt. Highly decorated for breaking smuggling rings on the Miami River and for recovering a stolen Rubens masterpiece for the government of Spain. He owned a house in the suburbs. Forty-eight years old. Married to a top administrator at South Miami Hospital. Not even a speeding ticket in his record. Quiet, seemingly innocuous. Overweight. Described by former colleagues as "Mr. Nice Guy." Father of two daughters, one 20, the other 17 -- the age Amy Billig was when she disappeared."
      • "After a few nights, police started tracing the calls. They were coming from a phone booth on Kendall Drive and 107th Avenue. But when police staked it out, the calls came from somewhere else. Later, after the caller had avoided a number of stakeouts, police began to wonder if he recognized the undercover police cars."
      • "Over the years, police put pins on a map to mark the call sites, and clusters formed at the locations of the same four phone booths. But every time they'd wait at one of them, "Johnson" would call from another. Police say they didn't have the manpower to stake out all four phone booths and wait for the guy."
      • "In his earlier calls he claimed to have Amy, and made suggestive statements: "She's in good hands," and "She learns quickly." Later he supplied details, describing what Amy had learned. Next he said he was making her available to other men, and told Billig what she did for them."
      • "As time went on, he began to trace the route of Amy's alleged abduction: She was taken from Coconut Grove by bikers, he would say; then she was held in Fort Pierce, where he trained her. Then she was transported to Canada for a few years. And then taken to London. From there, he said, "she was sold to ragheads in Saudi Arabia," where she perfected her sexual performance."
      • "Like most of her buddies in the senior class at Adelphi Academy, an alternative-learning high school in the Grove, she tried pot and believed in "free love." It was the times. It was the place. Amy was typical of both: She was a happening kind of kid, writing poetry, playing the flute, painting into the night, hanging out at bars and flirting fearlessly."
      • "After all those years of thinking the man on the phone might be connected with Amy's disappearance, the real possibility of it comes as a shock. The timid man she saw in the courtroom, the one who held down a steady job in Miami, was obviously not going to be flying around the world dealing in sex slaves. Her slim hope based on his sick fantasy had been instantly dashed. Blair was obviously not going to lead her to her daughter. There was only one other thing Blair might know about Amy, and Billig didn't want to hear it. So she resigned herself to the idea that he knew nothing.

        Until she read the note in the journal.

        Her heart pounding, she calls police and tells them to come get Amy's journal."
      • "Blair told detectives he did not know Amy. He said the calling was related to stress at work: "Corruption in Customs," says his attorney, Bill Norris. "There's a big story here that has nothing to do with Hank Blair.""
      • "Hank Blair was 27 and newly married when Amy Billig was abducted. He lived with his new wife, Cynthia, at Sunset Club Apartments in South Miami. He had been a sky marshal until 1973 -- a low-level undercover Customs agent who packed a gun and rode on commercial flights in case there was a hijacking. Long- time friends of Blair's parents, who ask not to be named, say they remember Blair's telling them he flew to the Caribbean and South America a lot. Police say Cynthia Blair told them her husband had made trips to South America, but she doesn't remember exactly when."
      • "Between 1974 and 1978, police say, Hank owned an MG. But neighbors say he also drove a couple of vehicles seized by Customs and made available to patrol officers -- a light-colored pickup truck and a beat-up beige van, which Kay Jones says he parked in the back yard. These vehicles would match witness descriptions of vehicles a girl who looked like Amy was seen getting into around the time of the abduction."
    • According to Chicago Tribune, "How ruses lure victims to child pornographers", 1977/05/17 (pages 1, 8), Adelphi Academies in Coral Gables FL used to be a front for child prostitution linked to Boy Scout Troop 137: "[Police] said Halvorsen and Woodall went to New Orleans from Coral Gables, Fla., where they had worked as maintenance men for the Adelphi Academies, identified by Florida police as a former male prostitution front that was recently sold to legitimate operators. In 1974, Halvorsen and Woodall organized Boy Scout Troop 137 with about 40 boys as members. From that group they selected about 10 to go on Scout trips. Police said sex acts between the men and boys occurred during these trips, and in the process one boy suffered injuries that resulted in his being hospitalized. [...] Peter Bradford, formerly a co-owner of the Adelphi Academies, is among the 10 men charged in New Orleans. Sgt. Tony Raimondo of the Coral Gables police said evidence shows that Halvorsen went to a number of mothers in New Orleans and recruited six boys for the Adelphi Academies. He told the women he could get free scholarships for their sons to a Coral Gables school that would provide better education than they were getting. New Orleans police said Bradford then flew to New Orleans and had sex with one of the boys and met the parents. Bradford flew back to Coral Gables and the six New Orleans boys subsequently enrolled at the academy. Bradford is charged with two counts of aggravated crimes against nature in New Orleans but has forfeited bond and remained in Florida, where no charges have been filed against him."
  • Etan Patz disappearance - in 1979 from Manhattan NY
    • Jose Ramos as a suspect
    • Babysitter Susan Harrington whose boyfriend was Jose Ramos
      • City Limits, "Deadly Delay", 2000/06/01: "Barrett Harrington, nicknamed “Suicide” on Rikers Island, got out of jail in May 1999. Although he suffered from mood disorders, Harrington, like other newly released prisoners, was given only a three-day supply of medication. Without health insurance or a job, he couldn’t get the drugs and psychiatric treatment he needed. Two months later, he finally accomplished what he tried to do repeatedly since he got out of jail–he hanged himself in his mother’s apartment. Paradoxically, his mother points out, he may have been better off if he’d stayed in jail, where he could at least get psychiatric care. “The only time he got treated seriously for a mental illness was at Rikers,” says his mother Susan Harrington."
      • 2009 Franklin Files thread on suspicions about the boyfriend of Etan's babysitter (Websleuths copy)
        • "I was very sad to read that Susan's child had committed suicide. I often think that she and her son knew more about the case and Etan's disappearance that she was willing to let on about."
        • "Susan only spoke about it once or twice saying they had investigated her thoroughly. She dismissed it. I may have asked her about it. I didn't think it too strange then . She told me that she was Etan's babysitter at that time. Not something to broadcast that the kid you are taking care of is snatched away. If she felt guilty or responsible she never let on. Now I think it's a little odd that she was detached from it. Maybe they grilled her so badly she learned to shut up about it to protect herself? It must have been painful for her."
        • "My interest in the Franklin Scandal has to do with the mind control and brainwashing victims were subjected to. I spent a good chunk of my life in a guru cult. There was secret sexual abuse in the cult that I had picked up on but only had validated when I was safely out of the group.

          The meditation class was the beginning of this cult's recruitment process. Susan and I attended the same weekly meditation ."
        • "To Passerby and anyone else who can help,

          I am very interested in the information you posted about Susan, the woman who babysat/escorted my son Etan Patz back in 1979.


          Stan Patz NYC"
    • ABC, "Etan Patz Case Still Captivates 30 Years Later", 2009/05/13 - includes the very first chapter of After Etan: The Missing Child Search That Held America Captive by Lisa R. Cohen (2009)
    • Film Thrills, "Interview with Joshua Zeman: Co-Director/Producer of Cropsey", 2010
      • "ATHO: I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is a moment where one of the detectives (Saez) is being questioned about a possible link to Satanic cults, and he is clearly uncomfortable discussing it. Is there more to that story than lead on in the film. Is it something you can briefly talk about? (note: I’ll warn of a possible spoiler here before posting)

        JZ: Frank Saez is one of the most knowledgeable detectives when it comes to the missing children cold cases in New York City, and he was very instrumental in bringing the Etan Patz case to trial. It is believed that Etan was taken by an individual and passed along to a cult of sorts, so he’s very sensitive to the idea that a cult could be behind the disappearance of a child. I don’t think however we’re talking about “devil worshipping cults” per se, but more as cults that engage in pedophilia. It just so happens that of one of the cults mentioned in the film, The Church of the Process, the former leader lives in Staten Island, so the proximity of that cult definitely put the police in high alert as to the possibility that one could be behind the disappearance of these kids."
      • Comment by rokarolla on 2011/10/02: "In 1979 Etan and I walked past a group of men with olive skin, blue jean jackets with writing, maybe patches, and facial hair, outside a subway station with a sloping wall to lean on.. They talked to us. I didn't want to talk to them, but Etan talked to them. I didn't want him to. These men frightened me, and left me with a fear of men with facial hair. One morning,not long after, i was at the bus stop waiting for the bus that we took to school at Independence Plaza. I saw Etan talking to someone. The man in plaid is a good fit for me. I waited for him to come over. He didn't. When I looked again he was nowhere to be seen and he failed to get on the bus. I guarantee I was the only one at the station expecting Etan. He was my best friend. They had posters of him up in my neighborhood. I lived on Mott Street. The posters showed a boy with his hair short and parted at the side. I think this is what they showed on TV. That's not what he looked like. He looked like the 2nd picture they used later with blonde hair parted at the middle and bangs.. like Luke Skywalker. That was the Etan I knew. We're pronouncing that A-tahn, ok? not eatin'. I believe I used to walk to the bus stop by myself. It was a different world, and my neighborhood was considered "safe" because it was run by the mob."
    • Othniel Miller as a suspect
      • New York Times, "In Basement, Hopes to Solve ’79 Case of Missing Boy", 2012/04/19
        • "In recent days, according to the law enforcement official, Mr. Miller was interviewed by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and when the possibility was raised that the boy had been buried in the basement, he blurted out, “What if the body was moved?” the official said."
        • "The basement being searched — at 127B Prince Street, at the corner of Wooster Street — had also been used by the SoHo Playgroup, a parent-led space for preschool children. A woman who had participated in the group as a child said she believed Etan was a member of the playgroup."
        • "The basement is along the route Etan was to have followed that morning in May 1979. Somewhere between his parents’ loft at 113 Prince Street and the bus stop, on West Broadway, he disappeared."
        • "Three law enforcement officials said that investigators had brought a cadaver-sniffing dog to the basement within the last few weeks and that the dog had indicated the possibility of remains."
    • Pedro Hernandez as a suspect
    • First trial of Pedro Hernandez
      • New York Times, "Etan Patz’s Mother Speaks in Court of the Day He Disappeared", 2015/02/02
        • "“I watched him walk one block away,” she said on Monday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, at the trial of Pedro Hernandez, who has been charged with Etan’s kidnapping and murder. “I turned around to go back upstairs, and that was the last time I saw him.”"
      • DNAinfo, "Restaurateur Chelsea Altman, Etan Patz's 'Best Friend,' Testifies", 2015/02/02
        • "A longtime suspect in the case, and convicted child molester, Jose Ramos, was allegedly Harrington's boyfriend — and Fishbein said a man would often meet Harrington, along with Etan and Altman during their walks home.

          Altman said that a man did meet them, but she recalled little about him."
        • "Fishbein said Etan had been planning a trip with a man named Johnny — something Altman said was true, but she considered Johnny an imaginary friend, not the man they had met with Harrington.

          Fishbein, however, read Altman's testimony that she'd given to a detective in the 80s, where she said she thought Harrington's boyfriend was Johnny — something Altman now says she doesn't remember saying."
      • New York Times, "Evasive on Stand, Prosecution Witness Is Declared Hostile at Patz Trial", 2015/02/03
        • "The witness, Juan Santana, had gotten a job at the bodega for his brother-in-law, Pedro Hernandez, the man now accused of strangling the child.

          But Mr. Santana gave evasive answers to questions about how long Mr. Hernandez had worked at the bodega and whether he had quit the job the day after Etan disappeared.

          The lead prosecutor, Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, then grilled him for a half-hour, pointing out he had told a different story to a grand jury and to detectives over the years."
      • CBS New York, "Brother-In-Law Places Defendant At Bodega The Day Etan Patz Disappeared", 2015/02/05
        • "Santana’s testimony was inconsistent on one key point, WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reported. In earlier statements to detectives and before a grand jury, Santana said the day the boy vanished was Hernandez’s last day on the job — or, as the prosecutor put it, “he got out of dodge.” But on the witness stand Thursday, Santana testified it was not Hernandez’s last day of work at the store."
      • New York Times, "Defense at Patz Trial Presents Jury With Alternate Suspect, via an Old Video", 2015/03/24
        • "The defense began the day by showing the jury the video, in which a Bronx prosecutor interviewed the other man, Jose A. Ramos, in 1982, and which years later would lead another prosecutor to suspect Mr. Ramos in the death of Etan, who was 6 when he disappeared in 1979.

          In the black-and-white video, the Bronx prosecutor, Frank Carroll, questioned Mr. Ramos after he had been arrested after trying to lure two boys into the tunnel in Van Cortlandt Park, in the Bronx, where he lived."
        • "Then came the photographs. In the video, investigators questioned Mr. Ramos about photos of six children they found in his possession. It was one picture in particular, of a young boy with a long pageboy haircut, that the defense hopes will establish a link between Mr. Ramos and the Patz family.

          The boy, Barrett Harrington, was the son of Susan Harrington, a woman the Patz family had hired to walk Etan and other children in the neighborhood to school during a bus strike.

          Mr. Ramos said he had a relationship with Ms. Harrington and described being like a “father figure” to her son. In the video, Mr. Ramos denied having met Etan, but acknowledged seeing news reports about the boy’s disappearance and talking to Ms. Harrington about it. “When this whole thing happened I told Susan about it and she said, ‘Oh yeah I used to take care of him,’ ” Mr. Ramos said in the video."
        • "Mr. GraBois testified that in an interview with Mr. Ramos in 1988, he asked Mr. Ramos, “How many times did you try to have sex with Etan Patz?” Mr. Ramos then “froze, got tearful and he said: ‘I’ll tell you all about it. I want to get it off my chest,’ ” Mr. GraBois said.

          Mr. Ramos then described taking a young boy that he saw in SoHo back to his apartment “for sex.” When he got to the apartment, he told Mr. GraBois, he lifted the boy up “and started feeling him around.” After the boy resisted, Mr. Ramos told Mr. GraBois that he put him on a Seventh Avenue subway headed uptown."
        • "Mr. GraBois testified that he also interviewed Ms. Harrington and her son Barrett, who described how Mr. Ramos “got into the bathtub with him, fondled him, sodomized him, and it went on for some time.” Mr. GraBois, who spent six years working on the case, also cited other child molestation cases involving young boys Mr. Ramos had been involved in."
      • New York Times, "Defense Witness Places Different Suspect in Etan Patz’s Apartment", 2015/03/31
        • "He then told Mr. Colbert about his relationship with Susan Harrington, the woman the Patz family had hired to walk Etan and other children to school during the school bus strike the year Etan disappeared. Mr. Ramos “told me his wife was Etan Patz’s babysitter, that he had met Etan Patz,” and that he had been in their apartment, Mr. Colbert said. Mr. Ramos went on to describe the apartment as “a very large cavernous loft,” with very high ceilings, Mr. Colbert said.

          Mr. Colbert was one of two jailhouse informers whom federal prosecutors had once used to try to connect Mr. Ramos to Etan’s disappearance before Mr. Hernandez emerged as a suspect.

          The second, Jeffrey Rothschild, testified on Thursday that Mr. Ramos had told him “in no uncertain terms” that he sexually abused Etan, who was 6 when he vanished. Both of the men said they considered themselves “jailhouse lawyers” who spent time in the law library in Otisville and whom Mr. Ramos appealed to for help with his various legal issues."
        • "Like Mr. Rothschild, Mr. Colbert said Mr. Ramos had drawn him a map of Etan’s neighborhood. On the map, Mr. Rothschild said Mr. Ramos drew for him, which was admitted as evidence for the defense last week, were two “x” marks indicating where Mr. Ramos said he had picked the boy up and where he had abused him.

          Mr. Colbert said the map Mr. Ramos drew for him indicated Etan’s school bus route. But he said he was not able to take the map with him when he left the cell he shared with Mr. Ramos."
      • New York Times, "Etan Patz’s Mother Testifies at Murder Trial", 2015/04/01
        • "When Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, the lead prosecutor, asked Ms. Patz whether Mr. Ramos “had ever been in your home,” Ms. Patz replied, “Not to my knowledge.”"
        • "For weeks, defense lawyers for Mr. Hernandez have tried to connect Mr. Ramos to the Patz family, particularly through his relationship with Ms. Harrington. Several defense witnesses have testified that Mr. Ramos admitted to having molested Ms. Harrington’s son Barrett."
        • "On Tuesday, Ms. Patz said that she met Ms. Harrington in 1979 and hired her. “It became necessary for us to find a way to get our children to and from school during the bus strike,” she said.

          Ms. Patz said Ms. Harrington walked neighborhood children, including Etan, to and from school up until the last days of the strike, which ended about a week before Etan disappeared. Ms. Patz, who ran a day care center from her home, also testified that the children arrived home promptly every day they were with Ms. Harrington, and that Ms. Harrington had never babysat Etan by herself or had been in the Patzes’ apartment alone."
        • "He also asked her about Mr. Ramos and his relationship with Ms. Harrington. Ms. Patz said that she knew of a man named Jose and that she had seen Ms. Harrington with a man only once. “I never came to know who the man was,” she said."
      • ProPublica, "Decades Later, a Routine Police Record Hangs Over Patz Murder Trial", 2015/04/09 (DD5 form)
        • "But amid all this evidence, the slim, curious DD5 of Jack Caracola is a fascinating document. If Caracola interviewed Hernandez on July 6, it would appear to undermine the prosecution's theory of the case. Hernandez, by their telling, was supposed to have been long gone by then."
    • Second trial of Pedro Hernandez
      • Newsday, "Etan Patz case jurors won’t visit SoHo neighborhood, judge rules", 2015/12/15
        • "In a strategic shift, defense lawyer Harvey Fishbein told Wiley on Tuesday that at the retrial, in addition to Ramos, he wants to present inculpatory evidence about Othniel Miller, a neighborhood handyman with a basement workshop who Etan was friendly with in 1979.

          Etan, according to testimony at the first trial, visited Miller’s workshop the night before he disappeared. In 2012, just before Hernandez surfaced as a suspect, the NYPD and FBI dug up the basement Miller used, and sources said he had ties to Ramos."
      • New York Times, "At Trial, Etan Patz’s Mother Recalls Final Moments With Her Son", 2016/10/21
        • "In the first trial, a witness had testified that Etan, in the days before his disappearance, had talked about going away with a friend named Johnny, who he said had a van and candy.

          Perhaps mindful of that, prosecutors on Friday introduced as evidence a fabric mouse that Etan had named Johnny France America, which, his mother testified, became his imaginary friend. Prosecutors are arguing that any reference to a Johnny by Etan was about the imaginary friend and not, as the defense suggests, Mr. Ramos."
      • The Villager, "Scoopy’s Notebook, Nov. 10, 2016": "Stan and Julie Patz, the parents of Etan Patz, generally have seldom spoken to the press over the years. But after we saw Stan at a rally to save the Elizabeth St. Garden in September, we reached out to him about Pedro Hernandez’s retrial in Etan’s disappearance, and he shared his feelings, albeit briefly. In short, he’s hoping this time there will finally be a conviction. “Last year, at the end of the first trial, I made my views very clear — Hernandez is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt,” he told us. “Now that we are in…trial number two, I think it would be inappropriate to make any substantive comments. What you can write is that, after almost 38 years, my family and I will be glad when it is over.” Patz also added that continued references to Jose Ramos — the previous prime suspect in the 6-year-old Soho boy’s unsolved 1979 disappearance — as the boyfriend of Etan’s babysitter are inaccurate. “In future reporting,” Patz said, “please do not apply the word ‘babysitter’ to Susan Harrington. She was hired by a few parents to walk children home from school during the school bus driver strike. ‘Babysitter’ implies a level of intimacy; she was never alone in our loft with our children. That is an important distinction considering her relationship with Jose Ramos.”"
    • CBS 48 Hours, "Etan Patz disappearance: Is one the country's most heartbreaking missing child cases finally solved?", 2018/04/14
      • "Etan Patz was just 6 years old, and like many kids that age, he wanted some independence. It was 1979, the last day of school before the Memorial Day weekend, and Etan's mother, Julie, finally agreed to let Etan walk alone to the school bus stop. It was just two blocks away from their Manhattan apartment.

        Julie Patz | Etan's mother [1980]: Yes, I wish I hadn't let him go to the bus stop that morning alone. …My feelings that morning were very positive about his going.

        Etan was carrying a book bag and a dollar to buy a soda at a corner store near the bus stop – and then, he seemed to vanish.

        Julie and her husband Stan didn't realize their son was missing until that afternoon when he didn't come home from school. Julie called the school and learned Etan never arrived and his friends never saw him at the bus stop. So she called the police."
      • "The search for Etan dragged on. Detective Butler, a father with six children, lived and breathed the case.

        Richard Schlesinger: How did this case influence Bill Butler?

        Patrick Eanniello: More than I could imagine. He was very, very tied into the case.

        In 1986, Bill Butler took his own life. There was speculation Butler's frustration with this case may have been part of the reason why."
      • "Mahony sorted through nearly two decades worth of work -- and some bizarre tips.

        Phil Mahony: This tip about this cult in Westchester.

        Richard Schlesinger: Did that source say that Etan was -- there, at that cult?

        Phil Mahony: Yeah, that Etan was killed by that cult and dumped." - almost certainly refers to the Process Church
      • "But Fishbein wants the jury to wonder what happened during those six hours before the videotaping began.

        INVESTIGATOR [to Hernandez]: Can you start telling us again exactly what you just told us before, about what happened?

        Harvey Fishbein: There was an affirmative decision not to videotape what was going on. All it would've taken was the pushing of a button.

        Richard Schlesinger: Why wasn't that taped?

        D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr.: I think it was not taped, because … there was no legal requirement that it be taped."
    • CBS 48 Hours, "“The Lost Boy:" Nearly four decades without a conclusion. Until now?", 2018/04/15 - video for the above
    • Ed Opperman interview with former NYPD detective Mike Codella on 2018/12/08
  • Rashell Ward murder - in 1983 in Red Bluff CA (ed. note: the location where Presidio sex abuse case lawyer Cynthia Angell was kidnapped)
    • Websleuths thread started in 2019 about the murder (pages 1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Hanford Sentinel, "Police seek girl's killer", 1983/03/04: "Tehama County sheriffs detectives were searching Friday for the man who kidnapped, assaulted and then murdered a 14-year-old Red Bluff girl on her way to school. Sheriff Ron Koenig said Rashell Lee Ward was abducted as she walked to classes at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Red Bluff, less than six blocks from her home, early Thursday morning. Less than four hours later, her bound and gagged body was discovered by a reserve deputy. It was lying along Pine Creek four miles away, he said. She had been shot once in the back of the head."
    • Austin American-Statesman, "Fatal encounter of victims tied to interstates", 1983/12/11: "Rashell Ward usually walked to school with her friend and classmate Becky Turner, whose mother, Marjorie, is the principal and teacher at the tiny Seventh Day Adventist School on Jackson Street. [...] She walked past Becky's apartment and noticed that the family's car was gone. She didn't bother stopping, thinking that Mrs. Turner had driven Becky because of the rain. About 150 yards farther down Jackson Street, as Rashell neared the bluff with the public elementary school on it, a brown car pulled to the curb. A man with a beard and long hair got out, and walked over to her. He showed her a gun. She walked to the car and got in. About an hour later, a rancher west of Red Bluff on Pine Creek Road was in his home, about seven miles from town, when he heard a sound that means trouble in the rural areas of Tehama County. A gunshot. Wary after months of senseless cattle shootings, the rancher went to dial the county sheriff. As he held the phone preparing to dial, he saw through a window a brown car moving down the road. He later told a reporter from the Red Bluff newspaper that he "thought someone might have shot a yearling calf. Because the car just drove calmly off, I stood there with the phone in my hand and didn't do anything about it." SOON AFTER 11 A.M., as he was walking his fence line, the rancher found Rashell lying along a dirt road, still wearing the jeans and blouse she chose that morning for school. Her hands were taped in front of her. She had been shot in the head. He called the sheriff."
    • Henry Lee Lucas confession - dubious and quite possibly used to set him up as a patsy
      • Austin American-Statesman, "Fatal encounter of victims tied to interstates", 1983/12/11: "Puffing on a Pall Mall in the interview room of the Montague County Jail, Henry Lee Lucas dispassionately reported that he killed Rashell Ward. She was one of hundreds of young women he said he had slain while cruising on and off the nation's interstate highways over an eight-year span. There are still enough unanswered questions to prevent an indictment of Lucas. Yet Sgt. Allen Grobes of the Tehama County sheriff's office said "we are very optimistic" that the case is solved. Grobes and one of his superiors interviewed Lucas for three hours in Montague last summer. In confessing the slaying, Lucas could not remember the name of the town where the crime took place, but he described its location, 143 miles north of Sacramento, as well as the Interstate 5 rest stops north of town."
      • San Bernardino County Sun, "Confessed killers linked to several murders in California", 1983/12/15: "Tehama County authorities believe Lucas was involved in the slaying last March of 14-year-old Rashell Lee Ward, who was kidnapped five blocks away from her home on her way to church. Tehama County Sheriff's Capt. Bill Cashdollar refused to comment on details of the investigation."
      • Los Angeles Times, "The State", 1986/10/30: "Tehama County Sheriff’s Capt. Alan Groves said he never believed that convicted murderer Henry Lee Lucas killed 14-year-old Rashell Ward near Red Bluff three years ago. Lucas once claimed to have murdered as many as 600 people, including the girl, then recanted all but the slaying of his mother. Groves expressed his doubt about Lucas’ involvement in the Ward murder while in El Paso, Tex., to testify for the prosecution in a pre-trial hearing at which defense attorneys seek to have a judge quash Lucas’ confession to killing an elderly woman there."
    • Sheriff Ron Koenig and local corruption in Tehama County CA / Red Bluff CA
      • Press Democrat, "His attorney was dating prosecutor", 1983/04/05: "In a case that could make attorneys' after-hours relationships subject to courtroom scrutiny, a delivery man serving five years for attempted rape has claimed heilidn't get a fair trial because his defense lawyer was dating the prosecutor. Davey Jackson's case has gone to the Court of Appeal in Sacramento, and a complaint to the State Bar of California may prompt hearings to set guidelines on behavior of legal counsel. Neither James P. Lang, 59, who defended Jackson, nor 31-year-old Christine McGuire, who succeeded in putting him behind bars, would comment on the claims. [...] Lang is now district attorney for Tehama County, and McGuire is a deputy district attorney. They had opposed each other in several trials before the Jackson case. Jackson, 25, was convicted in November 1981 of attempting to rape a waitress at knife-point. When he learned a month later that Lang and Ms. McGuire were romantically involved, Jackson said he was "shocked. "I felt totally betrayed when I found my attorney, who was supposed to be fighting for my defense, was dating the lady who was trying to convict me of a felony," he said."
      • San Francisco Examiner, "State official requests probe of murder rumors", 1985/12/11: "Gov. Deukmejian's chairman of the Board of Prison Terms, Ronald Koenig, has asked the state Department of Justice to investigate old rumors purporting to connect him with drug dealing and murder while he was the sheriff of Tehama County. [...] Koenig, 51, was sheriff from 1974 until last May when the governor appointed him to the nine-member body that determines the parole dates of those serving life sentences. It also handles parole revocations, clemency and pardon hearings. [...] James P. Lang, the district attorney in Red Bluff, said one of the matters was a case that he took before the Tehama County grand jury. "I have personally conducted an investigation into rumors of Mr. Koenig's activity," Lang said. "I have presented at one time evidence to the grand jury. I, at no time developed any facts to substantiate any of the rumors that were being passed around about him. "The areas that I looked into were rumors that alleged a connection between Mr. Koenig and a rancher who was involved in cultivating marijuana, was charged with cultivating marijuana. That matter was presented to the grand jury. There were never any facts developed which would have substantiated the allegation or the rumor that Koenig was in any way criminally connected with that particular rancher. "That was one of them. There were other rumors that he was somehow involved in the killing of one Rashelle Ward, a (14-year-old) high school girl who was kidnapped and killed up here (on March 3, 1983). "There were rumors circulated around by the same group of people that this was all Mr. Koenig's doing. Totally false. "And then there were rumors that he had ordered the killing of one Michael Britt, (30, on May 5, 1983). And that's totally false. [...] A source in the sheriff's office said that both murders are still under investigation, "and we're pretty sure we know who killed Rashelle Ward, too.""
      • Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Inmate sparked official probe", 1985/12/17: "The inmate, Phil Couch, was in the midst of a tape-recorded parole revocation hearing before a parole agent and a hearing officer of the Board of Prison Terms about 10 weeks ago when he made undisclosed allegations against Koenig — formerly sheriff of Tehama County — and the Tehama County Sheriff's Department, Capitol sources said Monday. When the new investigation was confirmed last week by state officials, the only reason given was Koenig's desire to clear his name of allegations from a 1982 election that had been investigated and dismissed by a Tehama County grand jury. [...] The grand jury probed allegations that Koenig and a key aide improperly blocked or delayed the investigation of a suspected local drug dealer, Charles Cobb. The panel said Koenig and Undersheriff Mike Blanusa were socially acquainted with Cobb, but the relationship had not "affected or diverted" Cobb's prosecution. Cobb, the owner of a 10,000-acre Tehama County ranch, was involved official in a marijuana cultivation case that was wending through the courts when he died in a Shasta Lake boating accident in June 1984. He had been arrested in September 1981 after local and federal drug agents made an overflight of his property. [...] sources close to the investigation said the current probe may be broader, involving allegations of a coverup of other Tehama County crimes."
      • Press Democrat, "Top parole official under cloud", 1986/03/12: "When Koenig was sheriff of Tehama County, he approved a concealed weapons permit renewal for an accused marijuana grower, gave him an honorary sheriff's identification, and allowed him to use official law enforcement insignia on the suspect's private airplane long after his arrest on drug cultivation charges. The alleged, grower, Charles Cobb, described in a Tehama County grand jury report as having a "social relationship" with then-Sheriff Koenig and Koenig's top aide received the weapons permit even though 10 days earlier a court restraining order was issued against Cobb for beating his wife. The permit was also issued official although law enforcement authorities had suspicions Cobb was potentially involved in drugs and had Cobb's 10,000-acre ranch under surveillance at the time. Koenig also provided a sheriff's department scanner a radio that monitors police channels to a Gerber tavern, allowing bar patrons to listen to communications between patroling deputies and their dispatcher."
      • Los Angeles Times, "The State", 1987/07/27: "The Tehama County Grand Jury has asked the FBI to investigate charges that a top state parole official received a payoff from a marijuana grower and posed in a pornographic movie, according to a copyrighted story in the Sacramento Bee. The story said the grand jury did not specifically name Ronald E. Koenig, chairman of the state Board of Prison Terms and former Tehama County sheriff, but added that a private investigator presented the grand jury with tape recorded interviews containing statements by a woman who said she saw a homemade pornographic film featuring a nude Koenig and two young girls, and with a prison inmate who said Koenig once tipped him that there was to be a raid on a marijuana plot he and a friend were cultivating, for which the inmate's partner paid Koenig $3,000."
      • Los Angeles Times, "Red Bluff Abuzz Over Grand Jury Report on Crime, Murder, Drugs", 1987/08/16: "The talk of the town, this time, from the Roundup Saloon to Dog Island Park, is a report by the outgoing 1986-87 Tehama County Grand Jury. The jury’s county government committee, operating in secrecy from the rest of the jury and all others, except the FBI, said it “received many allegations and suppositions with regard to unsolved murders, drugs, a pornography ring involving minors, narcotics being sold openly around schools to students and faculty members and other allegations.” [...] “The preponderance of those interviewed, both men and women, have indicated their names absolutely not be released to anyone due to threats of physical harm they have received to themselves and their families,” the report says. [...] Delene Guest, washing windows outside her downtown store, said that to her, activities such as those in the report “seem like they’re everywhere.” “It bothers me, but what can I do about it? I’m not immune to it, but you feel kind of helpless. I think most people do,” she said." [...] [Dist. Atty. James] Lang, who also said he will conduct his own investigation into the matter, took exception to grand jurors’ comments that sources did not fully trust local authorities and feared reprisals. [...] The grand jury’s county government committee report also included complaints against the Sheriff’s Department. “A recurring allegation from citizens concerns the difference between sheriff’s investigators’ written reports and their later testimony under oath,” the report says."
      • Reddit comment in 2019 by Darogaserik: "I wouldn't say we live in a secluded town, but when my mother was in school her best friend got a job working for the Sheriff. She later came to school and told them that the sheriff had been molesting her.

        She also began telling people about what they have been using the tunnels under the town for. The police supposedly, had been filming child pornography.

        After that day she never made it home. She was found later naked, hog tied and shot in the back of the head. No one could prove it, and the sheriff had been suspected of many things but nothing ever came of it. They just announced that there was a man seen in a white van abducting people.

        But her friends knew. Her family knows.

        This is Red Bluff California btw. The tunnels were originally used by Chinese immigrants, they go through our Main Street and through Rio Street, they lead to houses and some businesses but they have been condemned. There are sensors down there though so if you get in the police are right there to get you out.

        EDIT The little girls name was Rachelle ward and the sheriff supposedly responsible was Koenig but he died years back of old age."
  • Doreen Jane Vincent a.k.a. Doreen Vincent disappearance - in 1988 from Wallingford CT
    • Charley Project page on Doreen Jane Vincent
      • "About a year after Doreen's disappearance, law enforcement searched Lorraine's home in Bethel, Connecticut for evidence in her case. They found some items Mark claimed she'd taken with her when she left.

        They also found a gun, legally registered to Sharon, and charged Mark with being a felon in possession in a firearm. He was sentenced to two years in prison."
      • "Investigators suspect that Hadden Clark may have been involved in Doreen's disappearance. He was convicted of murdering a young woman and a six-year-old girl and claims to have killed nine other women and children along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

        Based on Clark's claims, police investigated him for involvement in several child disappearances and murders, Doreen's among them. He has not been charged in connection with any other cases, however, and police are unsure if he had anything to do with Doreen's case."
      • "Another suspect in her disappearance is a family member with a history of pedophilia. The individual has never been charged, however."
    • Supreme Court of Connecticut, STATE v. VINCENT, decision, 1994/03/18
      • "[Doreen's father Mark Vincent] admitted to the police that he had taken photographs of Doreen in her underwear in the weeks prior to her disappearance. Pelloni stated that the defendant often took photographs, but that she searched his personal effects and was not able to find any. [...]"
    • Serial killer Hadden Clark - page here
    • Connecticut Post-Chronicle, "MISSING IN CONNECTICUT: Girl, 12, vanished from father’s Wallingford home in 1988", 2012/01/17
      • "On the night she disappeared, Doreen had a disagreement with her father, Mark Vincent. He told police she left through the front door of the house he had recently moved into on Whirlwind Hill Road, a rural section of Wallingford.

        His wife at the time, the late Sharon Vincent Hutchins, told police it would have been impossible for Doreen to leave through the front door because it was locked with a deadbolt that required a key."
      • "Police have never been satisfied with Mark Vincent’s account. “All we can say is his explanation of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance is suspect,” said Wallingford Detective Lt. Robert Flis."
      • "He believes his daughter left the house and hitchhiked somewhere. “She did it before,” he said, recalling that when they lived in Bridgeport, Doreen hitchhiked to her mother’s house in Waterbury."
      • "After about a year, police developed information that led them to get search warrants for several locations, including Vincent’s mother’s house, in Bethel. “Some of the items the father reported Doreen took with her were found. Obviously, a red flag developed,” DeMaio said."
    • Faded Out podcast - in which Season 1 (2018) is a disinformational presentation of the Johnny Gosch abduction whereas Season 2 (2019) is a decent presentation of Doreen's disappearance exploring the possibility of police corruption and her involvement in a pedophile ring
    • Corruption in Wallingford CT
      • New York Times, "Sexual Abuse at Choate Went On for Decades, School Acknowledges", 2017/04/13: "Choate Rosemary Hall, the elite Connecticut boarding school, said on Thursday that at least 12 former teachers had sexually molested — and, in at least one case, raped — students in a pattern of abuse dating to the 1960s. [...] None of the teachers’ actions were reported to the police. In some cases, teachers were allowed to resign after being confronted with evidence of misconduct, and administrators wrote letters of recommendations for teachers who were fired. Continue reading the main story Advertisement Continue reading the main story Choate, in Wallingford, Conn., is a blue-blooded school whose alumni include President John F. Kennedy and his brother Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. It is the latest in a string of prestigious private academies that have faced accusations of sexual abuse by faculty members, including St. George’s School, in Rhode Island, and Horace Mann and Poly Prep in New York City. [...] Choate said it had been compelled to examine this ugly history in 2013, after two alumni alerted the school to sexual misconduct they had experienced as students, the report said. In 2016, The Boston Globe published an article that described abuse at the school, and shortly thereafter, Choate announced that it had appointed an investigator from the law firm Covington & Burling." - same law firm which protected Republicans such as Karl Rove and that Eric Holder worked for
      • See the below Waterbury section for information on how the Colony Savings Bank of Wallingford was politically connected to top state Republican circles and was part of an extensive bank fraud scheme
      • From p.?? of Revival: Resurrecting the Process Church of the Final Judgement by William Sims Bainbridge (2007) - unclear if this is true since the book is said to be fiction but based on reality: "Solomon pointed out the big difference from the first incarnation of the Process. There was no need to retreat from society to Xtul, or wander following Matthew 10, because the insights achieved in those spiritual trials already existed in the Process scriptures. So first in New Haven, then in a compound in nearby Wallingford, Colin set up the new Process, prosperous, with hundreds of members."
    • Corruption in nearby Waterbury CT (where Doreen's mother Donna Vincent was living at the time she disappeared)
      • In September 1974, 71-year-old lawyer Irving Pasternak and his wife Rhoda were stabbed to death in their Waterbury home. Irving Pasternak had previously been the counsel for the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), a Hollywood union run by Johnny Roselli lieutenant Pat Casey. According to Encyclopedia.com, "Murray R. Gold Trials: 1976-92", 2019/12/03, New York City stockbroker Murray Gold was convicted for the crime on the basis of largely circumstantial evidence and an arguably more fitting suspect was Bruce Sanford, a "dedicated Satanist" who had been in and out of police custody and mental hospitals in the Waterbury area.
      • During the early 1990s, investigators uncovered a bank fraud scheme in Connecticut organized by Security Savings and Loan president Richard D. Barbieri Sr. Barbieri set up an interconnected ring of banks involved in the scheme known as the Penta Group (with Security at the center) and paid off local Waterbury politicians including Mayor Joseph Santopietro to facilitate some of his financial frauds. One key figure in the network who helped set up the Penta Group was Security counsel Anthony DiFabio, a lawyer with links to top Connecticut Republicans, including his law partner J. Brian Gaffney who had been the state Republican Party chairman and coordinated the 1988 Connecticut campaign of George H.W. Bush. One Penta Group member was the Colony Savings Bank of Wallingford, whose chairman Frank Mauro was a former member of the state Republican Party central committee and ran the Mauro Insurance Agency (ed. note: same name as a company in Des Moines IA connected to Sam Soda which was also run by a man named Frank Mauro) in Newington CT from 1975 to 1993.
      • 11-year-old Marisela Pino disappeared in 1993 near Nash's Pizza, and is suspected of being the 12-year-old girl Maria who allegedly fell into Jeffrey Epstein's circle and was raped by him and Donald Trump
      • Mayor Phil Giordano (1996-2001), a Republican former Marine (1981-1985), was arrested in 2001 for raping the 10-year-old niece and 8-year-old daughter of a prostitute with whom he was consorting. The FBI discovered his involvement with the prostitute and his sexual contact with her underage children in the course of an investigation into municipal corruption. Previously, as mayor, Giordano had supposedly balanced the budget by moving money from the pension fund to the general fund, forcing a state oversight board to intervene.
      • Humint Events Online, "33 of the Day: Ukraine Edition", 2019/10/16 - has info on Waterbury corruption in comments
    • Interesting that shortly after Doreen's disappearance, her mother Donna retained as a private investigator Richard Novia, who later went on to be the Newtown School District director of security (1993-2008) and also ran the tech club of which accused Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was a member
    • There is a famous Polaroid of children bound and gagged found in 1989 in Port St. Joe FL, which is widely claimed to depict Tara Calico but might actually show Doreen Vincent instead, something that would indicate she was trafficked
  • Polly Klaas abduction - in 1993 from Petaluma CA
    • Who Killed Polly? by Frank Spiering (1995)
    • Dave Emory interview of Frank Spiering on 1996/08/29 about his book Who Killed Polly (sides 1, 2) (YouTube copy): "This interview with noted crime writer Frank Spiering, author of Who Killed Polly, reveals facts concerning the Polly Klaas murder case that weren’t reported by the mainstream press. Outrage over Polly’s murder led to the passage of the “Three Strikes” law in California. Although Richard Alan Davis certainly kidnapped Polly, it appears unlikely that he killed her or sexually molested her. Nor did he act alone. Spiering reveals that Davis was probably working for some very powerful and influential interests and that Polly may very well have been sold into “white slavery,” used in a “snuff flick,” used for child pornography purposes, or possibly used in some sort of Satanic ritual. Spiering presents convincing evidence that whoever directed Davis and arranged for Polly’s kidnapping had the support and collusion of elements of law enforcement, including the FBI. Global “kiddie porn” and “white slavery” operations are detailed in the interview. Spiering died shortly after this interview was recorded."
    • Virginia McCullough, "The Lords of Marijuana and the Kidnapping of Polly Klaas", 2002/03/04
    • Declaration of Michael J. Fiorentino RE: Forfeiture of 7565 Pythian Road, Santa Rosa, California
    • Harry Martin of the Napa Sentinel asks 25 questions concerning the Polly Klaas murder (original link, now 404s)
    • Contemporaneous news stories
      • Associated Press, "Doctor Describes Sad State of Polly Klaas’ Remains", 1996/05/06: "Chapman said it was impossible to detect the presence of any semen. ``There was no identifiable remnant of any organ,″ he said. The question of sexual assault is the main contested issue in the trial. Defense attorney Barry Collins has conceded Davis committed the kidnapping and killing, but said Davis denies any sexual contact with Polly. His argument is seen as an effort to keep his client from facing the death penalty. The main physical evidence is an unrolled condom found near the spot off Pythian Road where Davis was questioned by sheriff’s deputies on the night of the kidnapping. At the time, the deputies were unaware a child had been kidnapped."
    • John Mark Karr theory
      • Jim Wood comment on alt.true-crime on 2019/08/08
        • "[...] When asked by Sam Spiegel last December, 1993, “Was that John Mark Karr you were seen with behind Polly’s house just prior to the abduction?” there was silence for 5 seconds where Davis did not want to answer the question. Karr showed up in Petaluma in 2001 with child porn possession charges and admitted he wanted to violate Polly. His next 5 years in southeast Asia may have been a search for her before confessing to the Jon Benet Ramsey killing."
      • Jim Wood, "News", 2020/02/09
        • "A lawsuit was filed with the Marin County Municipal Court, February 7, 2020, then rejected by the court clerk in violation of the law with no appeals process, to sue San Quentin State Prison for extensive civil rights violations against Richard Allen Davis. [...] The suits allege Davis was attacked three times in prison with a witness, Barry Dukes of Oakland, CA, admitting he and several other inmates were ordered by San Quentin guards to physically pummel and try to kill Davis, who was shackled down. He attempted suicide in prison numerous times, with illegal drugs that could only have been given to him by staff. He was forced many times to take oxytocin against his will, denied his right to phone calls, not allowed to answer 5 letters after a year, and whose inmate number was taken down from the CDCR website and the prison was shut down to non-lawyers right after a press release about the likelihood of Polly still being alive, and John Mark Karr as the possible accomplice the FBI admitted they were looking for in a sex slave trafficking crime, possibly forced by law enforcement officials."
        • "New evidence shows the alleged body of the victim did not match the DNA of Polly Klaas with a 1994 federal autopsy in Norfolk, VA, according to an unnamed female FBI agent. The deputy defender Barry Collins was able to verify Davis’ DNA was not found on the corpse either. [...]"
        • "The girl friend of Rick Davis had been reported missing for 2 months (December 2019, and January 2020) after complaining about being stalked with uniformed and plain clothed peace officers barging into her San Francisco home without warrants, during which time this reporter communicated with her from Austin, TX. In 2017 she was detained in Colorado by the NSA with no charges or cause, injected with a needle and almost suffocated with a pillow."
        • "[...] According to an attorney for Richard Allen Davis, Marc Klaas was investigated for federal drug charges and may have been forced to show undying support for the police to avoid jail time as a police advocate, as they are often forced to be informants. [...]"
        • "When confronted by Davis’ girlfriend, prompted by this reporter before phone call to San Quentin, as to whether or not John Mark Karr was the man he was seen with by residents behind Polly’s house looking into Polly’s bedroom before the kidnapping, Davis, who is usually punctual, was silent for 4 seconds, then interrupted by the San Quentin intercom right after he began to speak. After the interruption ended, he said, “All I know is I want nothing to do with John Mark Karr”. In a 2007 interview Davis threatened to kill Karr, six years after his cell was evacuated when Karr claimed he sent him letters from his Petaluma home. [...]"
    • Satanic connections
  • Iowa elite pedophilia
    • Jessie Rasmussen as DHS director under Governor Tom Vilsack
      • Dispatch-Argus, "State human services director vows to stay", 2000/09/11: "The director of the Iowa Department of Human Services is vowing to stay put, even though she's been the target of intense public scrutiny in recent weeks. Jessie Rasmussen's detractors say her department failed to protect an abused child who died earlier this year and they accuse her of spending too much taxpayer money on consultants. Some Republican lawmakers have said Gov. Tom Vilsack, a Democrat, should consider a new leader for the high-profile state agency. [...] Rasmussen said Vilsack told her last week she has his full support -- a pledge confirmed by Vilsack's spokesman Joe Shannahan. [...] When Vilsack chose her as director, some senators questioned the choice. She had planned to keep her permanent home in Nebraska which riled lawmakers. She has homes in both Des Moines and Nebraska. [...] Then a Spirit Lake toddler died, turning the public's focus to the DHS. Shelby Duis, 2, was found dead Jan. 4 in her home. Some Dickinson County residents said they repeatedly called the human services department to report the abuse before she died. Iowans, looking for someone to hold accountable, turned to the DHS for answers. [...] ``I am about change, and change often makes people uncomfortable, even though they say they want it,'' said Rasmussen, who knows something about politics as the sister of U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey, a Democrat from Nebraska."
      • Bangor Daily News, "Concannon named to lead Iowa DHS Former Maine official’s track record cited", 2003/03/12: "The former head of human services agencies in Maine and Oregon was named Tuesday to head the Iowa Department of Human Services, and a Drake University nursing instructor was named to lead the Department of Public Health. Kevin W. Concannon, a 62-year-old social worker who led the Oregon DHS from 1987 to 1995 and the Maine department from 1995 until this year, will take charge of Iowa’s largest state agency. DHS has about 5,000 employees and serves about 650,000 Iowans a year. Concannon’s experience as commissioner of the Maine Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation also was an asset when he was considered for the Iowa job, said Lt. Gov. Sally Pedersen. [...] Gov. Tom Vilsack said Concannon has a proven track record of increasing federal funding in Maine. [...] Concannon, who will earn $126,000 a year, replaces Jessie K. Rasmussen, who stepped down in January. Rasmussen was embroiled in a number of controversies during her four years of running the agency including issues involving protection of children after some high-profile child abuse cases. She was one of six department heads Vilsack fired after his first term in office."
      • Sioux City Journal, "New DHS director wants to tap into federal funds", 2003/06/11: "Kevin Concannon was appointed DHS director on March 28 by Gov. Tom Vilsack, who dismissed Director Jessie Rasmussen shortly after mid-term elections."
      • Buffett Early Childhood Institute bio of Jessie Rasmussen: "Jessie Rasmussen’s career has focused on improving outcomes for children and families, first as an early childhood practitioner and administrator and later as a Nebraska state senator and state human services director in both Nebraska and Iowa. At the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, she played an instrumental role in the development and passage of legislation that established a $60 million early childhood endowment funded through a public and private partnership. She is now president of the Buffett Early Childhood Fund, where she manages early childhood investments."
      • TODO: include more information from the conversation with John Zielinski
  • Maine elite pedophilia
    • Los Angeles Times, "Model Citizen's Secret: Molesting : Crime: When a pillar of the community was found to be abusing young boys, Maine townspeople were shocked, and shamed", 1992/05/03: "It was Warren Cole's private place, a tiny island on Notched Pond with a single wooden cabin cloaked by tall trees. He would paddle out in a canoe, often accompanied by boys. Few gave it much thought. Cole was a pillar of the community; he helped found a well-known restaurant that employed hundreds of teen-agers over the years, gave freely to local charities and threw annual banquets for police. But he did one other, secret thing: He molested children. [...] Much as Philadelphia was rocked by the recent arrest of Edward Savitz, a wealthy businessman who bought liberties from scores of young men, this Portland bedroom community has been shaken by Cole's guilty plea. [...] For several decades, Cole has thrown an annual feast for law enforcement officers, the chief of the state police and the county sheriff, among them. [...] Another suit accuses Cole of throwing poker parties, providing beer and showing pornographic films to law enforcement officers. The suit says Cole used his close ties with police to pressure boys to keep quiet--sometimes showing his honorary sheriff's badge--and that his family knew of his problems and helped cover up his activities. Police have denied those charges, but rumors of a cover-up abound. Maine Atty. Gen. Michael Carpenter initially cleared authorities of intentionally bungling the investigation but decided it warranted a closer look when allegations surfaced that Cole entertained officers at his apartment. A state police detective had refused to investigate the initial allegations about Cole made by Jeffrey Sanborn, who says he and his brother were molested by Cole in the 1970s. The detective said the charges were too old to prosecute."
    • Foster's Daily Democrat, "Details unsealed on Danish Health Club investigation", 2008/02/12: "Former Kittery Town Councilor and lawyer Gary Reiner is sitting in a minimum security federal prison in Allenwood, Pa., serving a 60-month jail sentence. And the walls of the infamous Danish Health Club, a prostitution business that became Reiner’s undoing, are long gone, replaced by brand-new townhouses. [...] Details about the notorious Kittery brothel with ties to a Massachusetts-based organized crime group have recently been released, almost 3 1/2 years after federal agents raided the facility and broke up an interstate prostitution ring. [...] A 35-page affidavit from Giguere supported search warrants for both the Danish Health Club and the Lynnfield, Mass., residence of Mary Ann Manzoli, a principal owner of the club. The affidavit says the FBI began investigations into the Danish Health Club in October of 2000, when investigators began gathering evidence on the “Jones Family” — “an organized family group which has operated long-term prostitution, narcotics, and insurance fraud rackets in the greater Boston metropolitan area.” According to the report, the group put young females to work as prostitutes in fake massage parlors in Massachusetts, Hartford, Conn., and Kittery, Maine. [...] Giguere believed that the DHC was opened “in or around 1984” by Leo Manzoli. Joel Lehrer was hired to operate the club until his death in 2001. Surveillance by Giguere and other law enforcement agents showed the involvement of a number of people, including Russell Pallas, a former Gilford, N.H., police officer that ran operations during the day, and Susan Lehrer, wife of Joel Lehrer, who ran the club’s nighttime operations. [...] The testimony included that of a young woman who was under 18 years old when she began working as a prostitute at the DHS in 2000. According to the affidavit, the woman worked at the club for several months, seeing “on average, five to six customers a day and virtually all would engage in sex with her,” and making between $600 and $1,000 each day she worked."
    • Mark Strong Sr. and Alexis Wright ring at Kennebunk properties
      • Portland Press Herald, "Suspect’s image, arrest at odds in prostitution case", 2012/09/01: "Mark Strong Sr. lives in an 1800s-era sea captain’s home on Knox Street, halfway between Thomaston’s small downtown and the St. George River. He grew up in the house, which has been in his family for years. His wife, Julie, sells antiques from an attached barn. About a mile away, in the former Maine State Police barracks on Route 1, is the Strong Agency, where the 56-year-old former selectman has sold insurance for more than two decades. He’s known throughout town as a hard worker, a shrewd businessman and a sports enthusiast who has been a Little League coach and umpire. He is also suspected of leading a prostitution ring in Kennebunk, about 100 miles from his hometown. So far Strong is the only person charged in the case, but local police have said other charges are expected. Strong’s attorney said a list of alleged clients, which police seized during a search of two Kennebunk properties, is long and includes politicians, police and clergy members."
      • Dr. Lori Handrahan, "The Justice Department's Child Porn Problem", 2012/09/06: "A former Maine politician has been arrested for his alleged role in running a major prostitution ring that apparently includes an all-star client list of some 170 Maine police, lawyers, clergy and politicians. There is no news yet if children were involved; however, a retired police officer from Maine had recently alerted the Department of Justice (DOJ) about Maine police covering up child sex abuse. [...] In Maine, the retired police officer reported to the Department of Justice, “I have witnessed actions (or inactions) from Maine’s judiciary that I have not previously witnessed in 34 years of involvement with the court system.” Of Maine’s corruption, the officer said, “I am used to that from criminals but not from police officers.” US Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of the Department of Justice, has taken no action."
      • Bangor Daily News, "Jig may be up for ‘Zumba exercisers’ on the list", 2012/10/12: "The gents on the client list may not have been partaking in much Zumba while at Alexis Wright’s downtown Kennebunk studio, but there surely is a lot of dancing going on now — by lawyers in the courtroom and, I’m guessing, behind the closed doors of the homes of those who are alleged to have been enjoying Ms. Wright’s company. [...] In case you missed it, Wright, of Wells, and her business associate, Mark Strong of Thomaston, have been charged with multiple crimes, including running a prostitution business out of Wright’s Zumba Studio in downtown Kennebunk for the past year and a half or so. And by all published accounts, Wright was allegedly a very busy woman, kept meticulous records of her 150 or so clients and also secretly videotaped them having sex with her. [...] But on top of that, Strong’s attorney, Daniel Lilley, an infamous fellow himself, let it slip that the list was peppered with “prominent” people, like doctors and lawyers and even a TV personality."
    • Portland Press Herald, "Ex-Maine State Police chief pleads guilty to sex assault, will serve 4 years", 2014/11/04: "One of the mostly highly decorated police officers in Maine’s history was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old child. Andrew Demers Jr., the former chief of the Maine State Police, broke down sobbing at one point during his sentencing hearing at the Cumberland County Courthouse, wiping tears from his eyes many times after he entered a guilty plea to a felony charge of unlawful sexual contact. Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren sentenced Demers to five years, with the final year to be suspended while Demers serves a three-year probation term."
    • Courthouse News Service, "‘Pedophile’ Police Cover-Up Alleged in Maine", 2015/11/09: "A Maine police chief knew of pedophiles in his command but did nothing as they abused boys for years, current and former Biddeford residents claim in court. The lawsuits filed in York County Superior Court are the latest development in a sex-abuse scandal that hit the city of Biddeford, pop. 21,297, in the spring. [...] Both Lauzon and Ouellette’s lawsuits accuse the officers of using their authority to silence them, and both say Chief Roger Beaupre knew about the abusive officers’ proclivities. In Dodd’s case, the officer “had been engaged in so many sexual assaults against minors in Biddeford that Chief Beaupre knew and/or should have known that Officer Dodd was a sexually fixated pedophile, was dangerous to young men and should not be in a position as an officer of the BPD,” according to Lauzon’s complaint."
    • Dr. Lori Handrahan, "Government Employees Trafficking Children in Maine?", 2017/03/14
  • Dave McGowan, "Newsletter #4", 2002/06/09 - covers the murder of 7-year-old Paolo Ayala at a party in the exclusive Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles: he went missing, the area (especially the pool) was thoroughly searched by police and others without success, and then 2 days later Ayala inexplicably turned up in the pool, which the deputy police chief initially recognized as clear evidence of murder but later backed down on and said Ayala had been in the pool all along
  • Dave McGowan, "Newsletter #15", 2002/09/06 suggests that the recent (in 2002) rash of high-profile child abduction cases and Amber Alerts is part of an effort to inspire fear in the American public, reminiscent of other psychological warfare operations against US citizens. He argues that the goal could be greater police state measures in the name of protecting children, and indeed, the post-9/11 period saw a proliferation of data mining companies, including those run by Hank Asher, who promoted the use of databases for child protection. To back up his theory that high-profile child abductions might be part of a state psy-war effort, McGowan highlights some irregularities in those cases, like the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart and murder of Danielle van Dam. What McGowan suggests in his article actually brings up an interesting side note. To debunk cases like the Johnny Gosch abduction, skeptics will often ask why elite child abusers would bother procuring children from middle-class families when they could just get neglected children who have fallen through the cracks: runaways, foster children, orphans, etc. In reality, the Franklin case demonstrates that many child sex slaves are in fact procured from the latter group, but the abduction of children from middle-class communities likely serves the exact same purpose McGowan described: inspiring fear. The existence of child abduction groups involving gangsters like "Emilio" is yet another manifestation of a Phoenix Program-type operation against US citizens.
  • Brianna Maitland disappearance - in 2004 from Montgomery VT
  • Bruce Tetley, "I have good reason to believe my life is in danger", 2005/05/24 - mentions: Katherine Harris spending controversies; Bohemian Grove parties; Noelle Bush arrest on drug charges
  • 2008 Franklin Files thread where a mother of ritual abuse victims thanks Dr. Mungadze of Texas
  • Satanic Temple background - often attacks ritual abuse claimants
    • Shane Bugbee, "religion: a master and slave relationship", 2014/01/22
      • "I’ll be the first to admit, I’m proud of my pupil for so many things, even some of the stuff Doug has done with The Satanic Temple. At the same time, I’ve become very skeptical of The Satanic Temple, its motives, and its owners. Two of the three behind The Satanic Temple have never been associated with Satanism or any occult group, nor do they appear to have any substantial achievements that can be credited with anything but buying their way in with their family’s money. Spectacle Films is rich kid Cevin Soling, Harvard graduate, director, producer, and the person pulling and paying for the strings of The Satanic Temple. Rich kid #2 is David Guinan, producer, director and creative director at Arise Media. My old pal Doug Mesner is a Harvard graduate who studied cognitive science, (in layman terms, cognitive science is the study of the mind including – psychology, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology and the study and design of intelligent agents). Finally, Doug Mesner is a card carrying member of The Church of Satan, yet he chooses to use the fake name Lucien Greaves when he’s publicly speaking about Satanism — all the while boasting bravery for coming out of the Satanic closet!"
      • "Doug has unfortunately taken his cognitive science degree and started a collegiate debate he feels satisfied he could win time and time again, a debate that regards religion as needed by the human animal and claims Satanists “are doing good” – perhaps the goal all along was to form a cult, a cult that is positioned as an anti-cult cult…"
      • "Is starting a religion and/or becoming a filmmaker even a respectable use of that Harvard degree in cognitive science? Why would someone study the mind to then go and make films if their intent wasn’t a want of manipulation? Art and film schools certainly are not producing brain surgeons. Then Doug told me his main motivation for The Satanic Temple was profit, to create a “substantial income”, that was enough for me to want to cease helping in any way, and to question the true intent of this project. While I am all for profit, I want nothing to do with a cult. Because the people The Satanic Temple wants to extract money from are MY people – metalheads, the angry and anti-social, those of the Hessian culture."
      • "I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there…"
    • Dawn Eden, "Harvard can do better than give a platform to a “Black Mass” promoter who ridicules sex abuse victims", 2014/05/08
      • "In an interview conducted last July by pornographer Shane Bugbee, a Satanist who worked closely with Misicko in developing the Satanic Temple, Greaves says he studied at Harvard and that among his main interests are debunking “false memories” of ritual child sex abuse."
      • "More Internet searching shows Greaves, as Doug Mesner, works closely with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which was founded by Pamela and Peter Freyd after their adult daughter Jennifer accused her father of rape."
      • "Moreover, I am not encouraged by the fact that Greaves is close with registered sex offender Adam B. Daniels, who, along with his wife, run a Satanic worship center in Oklahoma."
      • "Look up “Adam B. Daniels” in the national sex offender registry and you will see that he was convicted of sexual battery in 2009. The rap sheet notes that he has satanic tattoos all over his body. The court ruled that he had to remain on the registry for life."
      • "In what appears to be some sort of sick joke, the website of Daniels’ Satanic “church” features a “rape awareness” page decorated with images of flowers."
      • "Greaves too has committed criminal sexual activity. He was photographed last year exposing himself upon the grave site of the mother of the Westboro Baptist Church founder as part of what he called a “satanic ritual,” which you can read about here."
  • The Guardian, "China feared CIA worked with Sheldon Adelson's Macau casinos to snare officials", 2015/07/22: "China feared that casinos in Macau owned by the billionaire gambling magnate and Republican party funder Sheldon Adelson were used by US intelligence agents to entrap and blackmail Chinese officials, according to a “highly confidential” report for the gambling industry. The report, by a private investigator in 2010, said that Beijing believed US-owned establishments in the former Portuguese colony were working in league with the CIA. “Many of the (Chinese) officials we contacted were of the view that US intelligence agencies are very active in Macao and that they have penetrated and utilised the US casinos to support their operations,” it said."
  • Church of Satan child kidnapping allegations involving San Diego and Omaha
  • Donald Trump pedophilia evidence - page here
  • Pizzagate allegations - much of the research is questionable, likely to be a diversionary psy-op and/or projection at least in part
    • ISGP, "Pizzagate: Disinfo, Truth, New Dutroux X-Dossiers Ties", 2017/05/11
    • Maccoby family
      • Maccoby Group bio for Michael Maccoby updated August 2017: "Michael Maccoby is globally recognized as an expert on leadership. He is president of The Maccoby Group in Washington, DC. For over 35 years, Dr. Maccoby has been consultant and coach to leaders in global corporations, unions, universities, the World Bank, and the State and Commerce Departments of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Army. He has worked in 36 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. [...] From 1970-90, Dr. Maccoby was director of the Program on Technology, Public Policy and Human Development at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He has taught at Harvard, University of Chicago, Cornell University, University of California, l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, Oxford, the Brookings Institution and the Washington School of Psychiatry where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. He received a B.A. in Social Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Social Relations from Harvard. He also studied philosophy at New College, Oxford, as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and psychoanalysis with Erich Fromm and graduated from the Mexican Institute where was a training analyst. With Fromm he wrote Social Character in a Mexican Village (1970, reissued in 1996). He has been a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, American Anthropological Association, Society for Applied Anthropology and the National Academy of Public Administration. He is a member of the board of The Albert Shanker Institute and he coaches leaders at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, homes for orphaned and abandoned children, an orphanage in Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, ElSalvador, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and Peru."
      • Maccoby Group CV for Michael Maccoby updated June 2015 - his children include Nora Maccoby and Max Maccoby
      • Butzel Long bio for Max Maccoby (archived in 2016, no longer online): "Max Maccoby is a Shareholder practicing in Butzel Long's Washington D.C. office. Mr. Maccoby concentrates in complex civil litigation, such as products liability, breach of contract, construction, employment matters, malpractice actions, securities and commodities FINRA cases, derivative and direct actions, and qui tam or False Claims. He has tried cases to verdict in California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. [...] Prior to joining Butzel Long, Mr. Maccoby was an Assistant State's Attorney in Chicago, Illinois, for eight years, where he was lead counsel or co-counsel in several dozen jury trials and hundreds of bench trials, including murder, attempt murder, sex assault, reckless homicide, drunk driving, embezzlement, bank fraud, and other assorted financial crimes. In those trials, Mr. Maccoby offered DNA, medical, ballistic, fingerprint, and accounting expert testimony. He was qualified by the Capital Litigation Trial Bar of Illinois to try death penalty cases. [...] Mr. Maccoby graduated from the University of Chicago, B.A. in 1992, and Syracuse University College of Law, J.D. in 1996, where he received the Excellence in Jurisprudence of Human Rights Award. He is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and Illinois. He is on the board of directors for the nonprofit charity Friends of the Orphans and is an advocate for their cause."
      • Washington Global Law Group bio for Max Maccoby
      • Superior Court of the District of Columbia, WILLIAM GREY v. DAVID BROCK and JAMES ALEFANTIS, answer and counterclaims, 2011/03/08 - notes Max F. Maccoby (bar no. 462064) as counsel for David Brock and James Alefantis
      • At a 2008 DC neighborhood meeting where Frank Winstead accused Comet Ping Pong of making the neighborhood unsafe, Max Maccoby allegedly threatened to remove anyone who opposed Comet
      • Nora Maccoby allegedly said in a video interview that "I grew up in DC, in a neighborhood that was pretty much 80% CIA operatives"
    • Our Little Brothers and Sisters / Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) / Nos Petits Frères et Sœurs (NPFS)
      • Corporate info for OUR LITTLE BROTHERS & SISTERS, INC. incorporated on 1988/07/05 - office address is 1210 HILLSIDE TERRACE, ALEXANDRIA, VA, 22302; mailing address is 14536 N E 2ND CT, MIAMI, FL, 33161; registered agent is MICHAEL G JOYCE at 1390 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY, CORAL GABLES, FL 33146; directors are FRANK J KRAFFT, MICHAEL D MACCOBY, and WILLIAM B WASSON
      • As late as June 2009 (NPH document on St. Helene from 2008; Molly Hightower, "Things to know", 2009/06/26), the St. Helene orphanage in the Kenscoff mountains had 450 children, but according to a NPH tally in January 2010 after the earthquake (Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform, "Updates from Haiti", 2010/01/13), "all 350 children are safe and have sustained no injuries, and the complex is intact" at the "Friends of the Orphans/St. Helene orphanage". This deficit of 100 children is curious and ought to be explained.
      • "MOLLY'S MISSION: OPTIMAL HEALTH WILL BE GETTING ON BOARD TO HELP, WE WILL BE COLLECTING SHOES!!", 2010/02/02: "On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a major earthquake struck 10 miles Southwest of Port-au-Prince.

        Molly Hightower of Port Orchard, WA, a Friends of the Orphans international volunteer was serving at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos/Nos Petit Freres et Soeurs (NPH/NPFS, Spanish and French for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”) in Haiti. At the time of the earthquake, she was at the Fr. Wasson Center in Petionville, which served as a guest house, volunteer residence, administrative offices and a day school for children with disabilities. Sadly the center completely collapsed during the earthquake. After an extensive search, Molly’s body was recovered from the same location at approximately 4:30 a.m. (EST) on Friday, January 15. A graduate of the University of Portland, Molly was 22 years old.

        Molly began her volunteer service in June 2009. She assisted in the phytsical therapy program, working with the children of Kay St. Germaine in Tabarre. She had also started treating children at the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital who were never included in the program before. Molly had already made drastic headway with little Jolene (pictured above with Molly), who due to meningitis and tuberculosis infections, is finally learning to walk at three years of age.

        The Hightower family requests that donations honoring Molly be made to the Friends of the Orphans Haiti Earthquake Relief fund.

        To donate by phone, please call the Friends of the Orphan Northwest regional office at (425) 646-3935."
      • Manchester Journal, "Haiti: My Experience" by Dr. Philip Ehret, 2010/02/25: "Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH), the organization we work with suffered significant losses. In the collapse of our old hospital building a 22 year old volunteer and the visiting 24 year-old brother of another volunteer were lost. About 20 percent of the Haitian staff is missing. Some went to the US, some died, and some are still absorbed in their own tragedies according to Father Rick Frechette, the priest/physician head of NPH. [...] So many children in Haiti are brought up in orphanages. In one estimate there were 380,000 orphans out of a population of 9 million in Haiti before the earthquake. Now there will be many more. Orphans are children whose parents have died or whose parents cannot provide for them. All the orphanages in Haiti are now preparing to take in more children. Ours in Kenscoff is expecting at least 75. [...] Donations to our organization, NPH, can be made to Friends of the Orphans/Haiti Project 8618 Westwood Centre Drive Suite 405 Vienna, VA 22182"
      • Haven Partnership list of William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award recipients: "The inaugurual winner of the award in 2012 was Irish-woman Gena Heraty, who first arrived in the Haitian mountains of Kenscoff in June 1993. Over twenty years later, Gena still lives in Kenscoff, where she is Director of Special Needs Programmes at the charity Nos Petits Frères et Sœurs. There, she manages Kay Christine, home to over 30 children with often significant physical and intellectual disabilities. As part of Nos Petits Frères et Sœurs’ external programme, Gena also developed two rehab clinics where children with disabilities and their mothers can avail of physical therapy and care. A walk around the state-of-the-art service in Tabarre which is full of children and grateful parents highlights the continued demand on these services."
      • Mary Sue Conaway - a reputed CIA agent whose husband and son formed a "secret NPH task force" for "special operations"
  • Megan Shaffer murder of Alex Stevens - in 2017 in Garrett County MD
  • Las Vegas police document on the October 2017 Mandalay Bay shooting - says that Stephen Paddock had child porn on one of his laptops
  • Ronald Williams II, a researcher for the Trump Administration "election integrity" commission
  • Roy Moore pedophilia evidence
  • Dave Emory, "FTR #998 “In Politics, Nothing Happens by Accident”: Weaponized Feminism and the #MeToo Movement", 2018/02/27
  • Mollie Tibbetts murder
    • James Lowe sex trafficking ring
      • WQAD, "Mollie Tibbetts murder: Inmate to testify in defense motion for new trial", 2021/07/12: "Bahena Rivera's defense attorneys filed a motion for a new trial based on the the new evidence from two unrelated people, who both came forward on the same day, May 26, 2021, within hours of each other. Cristhian Bahena Rivera's trial was underway, and the defense had just rested it's case. [...] the first person to come forward was an inmate at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Center. The inmate reported to an associate warden at the prison that another inmate months before had told him about taking part in the plan to kill Tibbetts. According to the court documents, the inmate says he was told that "he [the inmate] and the second individual carried out a plan by this 50 year old male to kill Mollie Tibbetts. He indicated that the 50 year old male devised a plan for them to stab Mollie Tibbetts and dump her body near a Hispanic male in order to make it appear that the Hispanic male committed the crime. 20. Inmate 2 then said they did, in fact, kill Mollie Tibbetts and carry out the plan in such a way that the Hispanic man would be incriminated." The inmate claims he decided to come forward after hearing Bahena Rivera's own testimony on the witness stand that day. He told the jury that he dumped Mollie's body in a cornfield after he was kidnapped by two mystery men. He claimed the men killed Mollie and left her body in his car trunk. [...] On the same day, a second person came forward to law enforcement with another story about Mollie's murder. [...] The person reported being in a car with four other people, when according to the court documents, "one of the individuals in the automobile pulled a pistol on him/her and held it to his/her head and exclaimed 'that Mexican shouldn’t be in jail for killing Mollie Tibbett’s because I raped her and killed her.'" The person with the gun was identified as the same individual named by the inmate in the first account."
      • KCCI, "Cristhian Bahena Rivera's attorneys say inmate admitted to Mollie Tibbets' murder", 2021/07/12: "According to court documents, a state prison inmate came forward after Bahena Rivera’s guilty verdict in May. Court documents said one inmate housed in a county jail heard from another inmate that he killed Mollie Tibbetts. That inmate allegedly said Tibbetts was kidnapped for sex trafficking and bound and gagged in a trap house but that he was directed to kill Tibbetts once the search for her got too close. The man allegedly told the inmate that he was directed by the sex trafficker in charge to stab Tibbetts and dump her body near a Hispanic male to make it look like the Hispanic male committed the crime. [...] State prosecutors said they learned about the alleged confession during the trial and do not believe it is credible. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said the confession is not credible and they firmly believe Bahena Rivera is solely responsible for Tibbetts’ death."
      • KWQC, "Bahena Rivera sentencing delayed, motion connects Xavior Harrelson case", 2021/07/14: "The inmate reported that another inmate, that documents refer to as Inmate 2, said he was staying in a “trap house” owned by a 50-year-old man involved in the sex trafficking trade. Inmate 2 admitted he saw Mollie Tibbetts bound and gagged at a second trap house that he had gone to. The document says Inmate 2 admitted to killing Mollie Tibbetts. The motion also claims a search warrant corroborates the “trap house” account. The account is being filed along with the Supplemental Motion for a New Trial. The motion focuses on James Manuel Lowe, 50, said to be operating a sex trafficking ring out of 405 East Market, New Sharon, Iowa in the summer of 2018. Lowe was at the federal courthouse in Cedar Rapids Wednesday afternoon on an unrelated federal firearm charge. During the hearing, prosecutors brought up the fact his name had come up in relation to Tibbetts’ and Harrelson’s cases. The judge worried he would flee the area in-part because of the new allegations. Lowe is now being held in custody for the federal charge. The motion from Cristhian Bahena Rivera’s defense team said it has found at least 10 children missing from Poweshiek County or adjoining counties from the past few years, including the Xavior Harrelson case. The motion says an investigation discovered that James Lowe was in a relationship with Xavior’s mother, Sarah Harrelson, and they lived together for a period of time. The motion also claims a violation of the Due Process Clause, saying based on newly discovered evidence, prosecutors failed to turn over reports involving investigations into the trap houses and kidnappings."
      • Times-Republican (Marshalltown IA), "Iowa duo deny any involvement in death", 2021/07/17: "Lawyers for Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the man convicted of killing Tibbetts, named Gavin Jones and Dalton Hansen as perhaps responsible for Tibbetts’ 2018 stabbing death in court filings this week. They made that assertion after inmate Arne Maki came forward in May to say Jones told him that Jones and Hansen killed Tibbetts after she was kidnapped and briefly held at a home used for sex trafficking. Jones’ ex-girlfriend came forward independently the same day to say that Jones, 21, also told her that he killed Tibbetts. [...] “The cops haven’t talked to me. No one has talked to me. You are the first person that has called me,” said Jones, of Oskaloosa. “I wasn’t involved in anything. I have alibis and everything. I am just waiting for someone to come talk to me.” He ended the interview without answering whether he had made prior statements about Tibbetts’ death. The 24-year-old Hansen, of Sigourney, said allegations that he was involved in Tibbetts’ death are “crazy” and starting to spread online. [...] Hansen said he and Jones grew up together in the small town of Sigourney and were friends off and on until about two years ago. He said that like Jones, he was housed at the Keokuk County jail at the same time as Maki but didn’t know him well. Hansen and Jones both said that they’d never heard of a 50-year-old man who defense lawyers have suggested may have also been involved in the case."
      • Daily Iowan, "Rivera trial: Judge to submit written decision on motion for new trial", 2021/07/27
        • "Among the witnesses testifying was inmate Arne Maki, who testified that Gavin Jones, 21, told him that he and Dalton Hansen allegedly killed Tibbetts for James Lowe, 50, who was supposedly running a trafficking ring out of New Sharon, Iowa. [...] Maki added Jones indicated to him that Tibbetts was in the basement of the “trap house,” that an alleged trafficker owns. “He would talk to these other guys who were at the trap house,” Maki said. “He said he would always see women, girls, going in, out, and down to the basement.” Maki said Jones told him he allegedly saw a girl in the basement gagged and tied to a chair when they were stealing cars for the trafficker. Jones, according to Maki, said the “defendant” tipped off the alleged sex trafficker, so they had to remove the person in the basement, who Jones said was Tibbetts. “If the police went to the next house over, the police would have caught her,” Maki said."
        • "Samantha Rix of Montezuma said she was the person who reported Xavier Harrelson’s disappearance. Harrelson, the 11-year-old boy from Montezuma, has been missing for two months. Rix said she knows Lowe because he used to be the boyfriend of Xavier’s mom, Sarah Harrelson. Rix said Lowe is a known drug dealer of methamphetamine and other substances, she said."
        • "Ben Johnson with the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office shared two instances brought from the defense of Lowe’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking. Johnson said State Trooper Brad Cubit picked a female up in March 2020 outside of Oskaloosa who was “in distress.” Johnson said the young woman talked about being sex trafficked. The young woman said she was drugged and sex trafficked out of a home, like the one Maki referred to as the “trap house,” in New Sharon on 405 East Market St. [...] Johnson said Lowe is a frequent visitor to the New Sharon residence. In another instance, Johnson said Lowe gave the young woman $10 worth of gas to travel to New Sharon. The young woman and her boyfriend traveled to New Sharon and were “shot up” with drugs by Lowe. Johnson said the young woman continued to be “shot up” with drugs at the New Sharon residence from May to August. The young woman advised Johnson that Lowe was keeping her in the house."
      • Des Moines Register, "Judge to file written decision after contentious hearing seeking new trial for Cristhian Bahena Rivera", 2021/07/27: "Defense attorney Jennifer Frese said Tuesday they believe there to be an organized sex trafficking ring in central Iowa that might be connected to Mexican drug cartels. [...] Maki said Jones claimed to have been largely homeless and living at the time in a "trap house" frequented by a wealthy sex trafficker from Tama who allegedly had Tama police helping him kidnap young women. Frese suggested the sex trafficker might be Lowe, and the reference to police could mean Ron Pexa, a Tama County sheriff's deputy who lives near the field where Tibbetts was found and about whom investigators received several tips after Tibbetts disappeared. [...] One new bit of evidence raised for the first time Tuesday involved a Monday evening call to the Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office. A deputy testified Tuesday that a local resident, who has previously been convicted for sex crimes, complained that Xavior's mother and aunt have harassed him and said during the conversation he had heard from a friend that Xavior's mother at some point had seen Tibbetts at a trap house in New Sharon."
    • Ron Pexa - reportedly a protected pedophile in the area; may have been involved in the aforementioned trafficking ring
      • KGAN, "Bahena Rivera takes the stand, tells shocking new story of Tibbetts murder" by Shannon Moudy, 2021/05/26: "Several other witnesses were called Wednesday before the defense rested. Attorney Jennifer Frese questioned [...] Jamie Slife, who says she called in three tips to investigators about her father, Ron Pexa, who lives near where Tibbetts' body was found."
      • 2021/05/27 tweet by KGAN reporter Shannon Moudy about a mention of Pexa in the defense's closing arguments: ""Jamie Slife came in to testify because you needed to hear what she had to say. Law enforcement would not," Frese says. "Someone said [Pexa] was a 'maniac.' Someone said he had a torture room.""
      • Daily Iowan, "Rivera trial: Judge to submit written decision on motion for new trial", 2021/07/27: "In another theory including sex trafficking, the defense said Ron Pexa, a former Tama County police officer and reserve deputy, lives close to where Tibbetts’ body was found. Jennifer Frese said Molly Tibbett’s FitBit that she was wearing during her abduction stopped connecting to location services near Pexa’s house. Jamie Slife, a Benton County resident, called in several tips during the investigation regarding her father, Pexa. Slife testified for the trial on May 26 and shared how Pexa physically and sexually abused her and other family members as a child. When Maki testified, he said a member of the Tama County police was allegedly involved in sex trafficking, according to Jones. Vileta said when they searched Pexa’s house, he did not have a “torture room.” “I don’t think we did anything past that with Ron Pexa,” Vileta said."
    • Craig Lang employment of Bahena Rivera
      • KCCI, "Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts' death worked at farm tied to Republican family", 2018/08/22: "Yarrabee Farms said in a statement that Cristhian Bahena Rivera had worked at its farms for the last four years and was an employee in good standing. [...] Authorities confirmed Tuesday that Rivera entered the United States illegally. Spokesman Dane Lang said Tuesday night that Yarrabee Farms is a "small family farm" owned by him and his father, Craig Lang, who has long been a prominent Iowa farmer and political figure. Craig Lang previously served as president of the Iowa Farm Bureau and president of the Iowa Board of Regents, which governs the state's public universities. In June, he lost a close GOP primary in the race for state agriculture secretary."
      • Background of Lang and his family
        • Cedar Rapids Gazette, "Lang launches campaign for Iowa ag secretary post", 2017/12/21: "Lang, who served as president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation from 2001 to 2011, wants to expand efforts to promote trade, especially to China, which has reopened its markets to U.S. beef, as well as India and other Asian countries. He has some experience in that area. While working with the Ministry of Agriculture on agriculture biotechnology in China, Lang signed the first non-governmental organization memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology on behalf of the Iowa Farm Bureau. [...] Lang served as chairman of the board of the FBL Financial Group while president of the Farm Bureau. Gov. Tom Vilsack appointed him chairman of the Grow Iowa Values Fund and vice chair of the Iowa Economic Development Board. Lang is president of The Prairie Strategy Group, consulting on food production, policy and logistics. He also consults on rural economic development issues and consensus- and opportunity-building." - note that the close association with China here is reminiscent of the Valdosta GA pedophile network that was tied in with Coggins Farms, Ray Lemme's "suicide", and Jessica Lunsford's murder
        • Pterrafractyl, "How the Murder of Mollie Tibbetts Shined a Light On the GOP’s Dark Money Propaganda Machine", 2018/12/03 - details how Craig Lang's sister-in-law Nicole Schlinger ran the American Future Foundation (AFF), a GOP-aligned political manipulation group that has done work for the Koch network, the Karl Rove network (including Crossroads GPS and DCI Group), and corporate clients such as Doral Financial
  • The Telegraph, "Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison holds back tears in emotional national apology to child abuse victims", 2018/10/22 (video)
  • Daily Wire, "Sacha Baron Cohen: We Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring During 'Who Is America' Taping, Notified FBI", 2018/12/20: "During a classic Baron Cohen-style fake interview, the comedian plays a character named Gio who eventually asks a Las Vegas concierge to get him an underaged boy as a "date." After this concierge offered to put "Gio" in touch with a person who apparently procures such boys, Baron Cohen turned the troubling footage over to the FBI."
  • KIMT, "Teen found wandering in Kentucky says he's boy who vanished nearly 8 years ago", 2019/04/04
    • "Nearly a decade ago, Timmothy Pitzen and his mother went on a road trip that included stops at a zoo and a water park. Their adventure started after Amy Fry-Pitzen checked her 6-year-old son out of an Illinois elementary school on May 11, 2011.

      Three days later, the mother's body was found in a hotel room in Rockford, Illinois. She had died by suicide, leaving behind a note that said her son was with people who love him.

      "You'll never find him," the note said."
    • "Police and the FBI are investigating whether a teen found wandering in Kentucky on Wednesday is Timmothy.

      Sharon Hall told CNN she noticed a "fidgety" boy near a car in her Newport neighborhood. The neighbor's daughter called the police after the boy told them he'd ran for two hours and his stomach hurt.

      When authorities arrived, he told them his name was Timmothy Pitzen, 14, and he'd ran away from two men who kept him captive for seven years, most recently at a nearby Red Roof Inn, according to a police report."
    • "People who talked to him before police arrived said he was anxious and pleaded for help.

      "He walked up to my car and he went, 'Can you help me?'" a 911 caller told dispatchers, according to the affiliate. "'I just want to get home. Please help me.' I asked him what's going on, and he tells me he's been kidnapped and he's been traded through all these people and he just wanted to go home."

      It was unclear what city he'd escaped from before arriving in Newport. Police agencies in the area checked nearby Red Roof Inn hotels and did not find anything, according to the report."
  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "Elections worker fired for scuffle with police during child-porn investigation", 2019/11/18: "The man in charge of information technology for Palm Beach County’s Supervisor of Elections Office was fired last week for allegedly shoving two detectives who were investigating him for child pornography. Jeffrey Darter, 61, faces two felony charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, according to court records. The detectives were questioning him in the break room of the elections office on Wednesday, Nov. 13., and asked to see his phone to see whether there was child pornography on it. When he refused, they grabbed it from him, and he shoved them, records show. [...] Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link said Darter worked at the elections office for more than 28 years, most recently as the IT manager. [...] In June, Palm Beach Sheriff’s detectives got a tip that someone by the name of Jeff Darter had uploaded an image on a mobile chat application that showed a man sexually assaulting a girl who appears to be 4 to 6 years old. Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office detective Malory Wildove and West Palm Beach police detective Cathy Cognetti questioned Darter at work, according to the report. He told the detectives he had an account on the app, and may still have it but does not use it, according to the report. He said he could have uploaded the image accidentally. He also told the detectives he’s seen child pornography before, and has friends who are interested in it, including one who started a child porn website. He didn’t elaborate, the report said." - note that Palm Beach County FL is the operating territory of the likes of Adnan Khashoggi and Jeffrey Epstein; involvement in pedophilia could be a blackmail tool used by election fraud operatives such as R. Doug Lewis to control election officials