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Global Election Management System (GEMS) is the election management system for Premier's AccuVote OS and AccuVote TSx voting machines. It provides an interface for setting up an election (defining candidates and races), programming it onto the voting machines, and tabulating results from the individual machines. GEMS can transmit data to/from the voting machines through removable AccuVote memory cards or over a network (dial-up or local intranet). The program is a Windows NT-based successor to Premier's VTS application, an EMS for the AccuVote that runs on Unix.

As it controls the election for an entire jurisdiction, GEMS is an enticing target for election tampering. It contains a host of vulnerabilities that make it easy to manipulate election results, even on a large scale, and hide the evidence. Many computer scientists have concluded that this is the result of GEMS being poorly designed. However, the evidence actually shows that GEMS was purposefully designed to allow local insiders to rig elections.

Technical details


MS Access backdoor


Double set of books


Fractional vote counts




Suspect elections

2004 Washington primary


2006 Pima County RTA

Main article: 2006 Pima County RTA election

2006 Shelby County TN


2010 Shelby County TN

Main article: 2010 Shelby County TN election

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