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Granite Ridge Energy is an energy company that owns the Granite Ridge power plant in Londonderry NH. It was formerly a subsidiary of AES Corporation under the name AES Londonderry. In 1998, AES begin lobbying to build a natural gas power plant in Londonderry. While the plant recived state and federal approval, the proposal was a divisive issue among Londonderry residents and resulted in a drawn-out legislative fight. A non-binding referendum in 1999 found that 55% of voters opposed the AES plant, but the town legislature still opted to approve it. During the referendum, Ken Hajjar, an executive at the state's election contractor and ardent supporter of the AES plant, made a disturbing threat to rig the election. AES operated the plant for a couple years, but divested in 2004 after it began losing money. Granite Ridge was later acquired in 2016 by Calpine.


AES's proposal


Legislative battle

2004 divestment


Sale to Calpine



  1. 1998 application for state approval (mentions Justin Richardson of the NH DOJ, mentioned in the Ken Hajjar complaint)
  2. NHPR article about AES selling the plant
  3. Ownership transfer and environmental fine
  4. Sale to Calpine

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