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  1. Silvestro stated on 2007/02/12 that he would retire from town politics after a 20-year career
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Londonderry politics

  • Post by Nancy Tobi on 2007/10/21 on a Black Box Voting forum thread: "NH elections are controlled by the private firm of LHS Associates, run by a Mr. John Silvestro. Silvestro lives in Londonderry NH, where he Chairs the town's budget committee and simultaneously sells the town his Diebold voting machines and services.

    Casual chats with voters on Nov. 2006 election day in Londonderry revealed not a small amount of animosity from Londonderry voters towards Mr. Silvestro, his role in what they called the town's cabal, what they called his hold on the town and his obvious conflict of interest that apparently goes unaddressed in town politics.

    Silvestro and his firm have a small operation in Methuen, MA, in a little nondescript office building. We know nothing about his firm or his employees. We know nothing about any background checks on these unknown people controlling 80% of NH's ballots. We know that Silvestro and his firm are adored by the NH city and town clerks, who proclaim loudly about the wonderful customer service LHS provides. These clerks forget that elections are not about customer service. One day we will succeed in reminding them.


    And why wouldn't they approve these machines - the crime they carry against our democracy? The BLC are all just political appointees. Unaccountable to anyone if they have no conscience to guide them. Everyone loves LHS Associates and its president, Mr. John Silvestro, right? We all TRUST him and his unknown, unseen, unchecked election programmers.

    The NH SoS is the clerk to the BLC, an implementor of policy in this area, rather than a decision maker.


    Because all decisions on voting equipment are local, and all control is local, at the town and city level, it is going to be hard to obtain good data on what LHS is doing. But I'd like to see some FOIA actions to both the Secretary of State's office (which I believe DOES have some raw information), and all of the ACCUVOTE cities and towns.

    I think the citizens of the nation deserve to know more about LHS Associates, whose second line of business (after programming New England's elections) is DATA MINING. They collect census data. Nice business to be in. Learn all about the demographic information and then install the vote counting programs for all those cities and towns.


    I'd like to see a lot of FOIA activity to obtain information about exactly what services LHS has provided to NH cities and towns, at what cost financially, and all service records for ALL elections during the past 10 years.

    At last year's BLC hearing, the Fair Elections Committee requested a lot of information from LHS, and we also asked the BLC to ask for the information from LHS. Nobody responded. Mr. Silvestro indicated we were just "the guy down the street" and he had no reason to share any information with us."

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