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JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was a 6-year-old child pageant star who was found killed on December 26, 1996 in her family's Boulder CO home. Her father John Ramsey was the CEO of Access Graphics, a reseller of computer equipment for companies such as Sun Microsystems, which was a subsidiary of major defense contractor Lockheed Martin, of which John became a vice president in 1995. In 1996, Access Graphics had reported a revenue of nearly $1 billion. Her mother Patsy Ramsey was a former pageant star herself who had won Miss West Virginia in 1977 and then served in an official capacity as a hostess for the state of West Virginia, before going into the advertising business in Atlanta GA during which time she met John. JonBenet had a 9-year-old brother Burke Ramsey at the time of her death, as well as multiple half-siblings from John's previous marriage.

The night before JonBenet was found dead, her family had attended a Christmas party at the home of John's best friend Fleet White. Based on the accounts of the Ramseys, they left the party that night around 9 PM, made a couple of stops to drop off gifts to friends, and then put JonBenet and Burke to sleep. Early that morning, Patsy discovered a two-and-a-half page ransom note in the house, claiming that JonBenet had been kidnapped by a "small foreign faction", and confirmed that JonBenet was missing in the home. She called 911 to report her daughter's disappearance, and then called over family friends Fleet and Priscilla White, John and Barbara Fernie, the pastor of their local church Father Rol Hoverstock, and JonBenet's pediatrician Dr. Francesco Beuf. Boulder Police Department officers arrived to appraise the scene, but no detectives arrived until after 8 AM when child sex crimes investigator Linda Arndt showed up. Det. Arndt was left in charge of a volatile group of people in the midst of a tense scene, and claims to have repeatedly called her superiors for backup which never came. Finally, around 1 PM, she told John and Fleet to search the house, whereupon John found JonBenet's dead body in a cellar room in the basement. JonBenet was pronounced dead, with the ransom note revealed as a fraud.

From the beginning, two major competing theories of the case were advanced. One was that one of the Ramseys did it (RDI), with either John or Patsy or Burke killing JonBenet and then one or both adults staging the scene to make it appear that an outsider was responsible. The other was that a genuine outside intruder did it (IDI), breaking into the house, assaulting JonBenet, and leaving behind the ransom note. The Boulder police quickly ruled out an intruder and concentrated on the family, while the Boulder County District Attorney's office under Alex Hunter favored the theory that an intruder was responsible. Other researchers like Stephen Singular have proposed a hybrid of the two theories, arguing that JonBenet's parents did not kill her, but involved her in an abusive situation which led to her death and staged the scene afterwards to make it look like an intruder. This theory received a boost in 2013 when it was revealed that a 1999 grand jury had indicted John and Patsy as accessories to their daughter's murder, putting her in a dangerous situation that led to her death and covering for the person responsible. What actually happened to JonBenet, however, is an enduring mystery.


White family Christmas party

JonBenet found missing

Police response

Early investigation

Grand jury sessions

New leads and DNA

Assembling the clues

Apparent oddities

[Ransom note: long and rambling for over 2 pages; found in the same place as the victim's body (only time in criminal history); written on Patsy's notepad inside the house]

[JonBenet's body found in an out-of-the-way part of the house that John and Patsy said would only be known by somebody familiar with their patterns already]

[911 dispatcher Kim Archuleta hearing Patsy's demeanor change after she put down the phone]

[No reaction by anyone in the house to the 10 AM deadline passing]

Questionable statements

[Reading to JonBenet before putting her to bed vs. carrying her asleep to her bed]

[Contradictory accounts between John and Patsy over whose idea it was to call 911]

[John making immediate arrangements to fly out to Atlanta due to a purported important meeting]

Intruder theory

[TODO: research, complete]

Sexual abuse

Boulder County coroner John Meyer conducted an autopsy of JonBenet. In his official autopsy report, Dr. Meyer noted genital inflammation and "epithelial erosion" but made no explicit determination of sexual abuse. Detective Linda Arndt, however, swore in in affidavit that Dr. Meyer told her privately that somebody had sexual contact with JonBenet.

Early in their investigation, the Boulder Police Department assembled a panel of respected forensic pathologists from around the country to analyze the medical evidence. All of them came to the conclusion that JonBenet had been sexually abused, with nearly unanimous agreement that the abuse had been both acute (right at the time of her death) and chronic (ongoing for a period of time before). One of the pathologists, Dr. Robert Kirschner of the University of Chicago, stated that JonBenet's genital injuries were indicative of digital penetration "that night as well as previous molestation".

Dr. Cyril Wecht came to the same conclusion in his book Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? based on the observations in Dr. Meyer's autopsy report. [sex game theory of Dr. Wecht]

[Suspicious ignorance of JonBenet's pediatrician Dr. Beuf]

Ransom note authorship

[Case for Patsy Ramsey being the author is more questionable than generally believed]

[Impossible to rule out other suspects like John Ramsey, Chris Wolf, and John Mark Karr]

[Possibility that the Ramsey handwriting experts influenced the CBI results in a way such that John was excluded]

DNA evidence

[TODO: research, complete]

Grand jury indictment

The mixture of evidence pointing towards and away from the Ramseys suggests that the Ramseys, while not directly responsible for killing JonBenet, had some complicity in the crime and covered for the actual murderer. Such a conclusion was affirmed in 2013 when it came to light that the 1999 grand jury convened had voted to indict the Ramsey parents as accessories to their daughter's murder.

One of the counts was that the Ramseys "did ... permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child's life or health which resulted in the death of JonBenet Ramsey". Another one of the counts was that the Ramseys "did ... render assistance to a person, with intent to hinder, delay and prevent the discovery, detention, apprehension, prosecution, conviction and punishment of such person for the commission of a crime, knowing the person being assisted has committed and was suspected of the crime of murder in the first degree and child abuse resulting in death". The indictments accused the Ramseys of (either wittingly or unwittingly) allowing their daughter to be in contact with a person or group who abused her and, when that resulted in her death, attempting to cover up the crime as the work of an intruder. As indicated by the autopsy report, the nature of that abuse was almost certainly sexual over a period of time.

[refers to adult pedophiles, not Burke: first charge makes no sense with that scenario, and second charge doesn't apply to Burke as he was not a caretaker and too young to charge]

Child sex ring theory

Similar rings

Related articles: Franklin child sex ring, Dutroux affair, Pat Sullivan

[Talk about how child abuse is disturbingly common among the wealthy and powerful]

Even directly in Colorado, there have been many notable instances:

  • Franklin child sex ring: Many victims of this network, including 1982 abduction victim Johnny Gosch, were held captive a a ranch house in Buena Vista CO. They were taken throughout the country to service the political and business elite, including at other locations in Colorado. The message "Johnny Gosch was here" was found written in red nail polish on the bathroom wall of a Mexican restaurant in Lakewood CO, and Paul Bonacci identified it as being written during a Denver trip that he, Johnny, and other kids were taken on.
  • Pat Sullivan case: The former Arapahoe County sheriff, a nationally renowned lawman, was busted trading meth for sex with a young man. He subsequently confessed to a pattern of this behavior, and vaguely admitted that some of his victims were drugged by him and others were children. Jonathan Elinoff, an independent journalist who broke the case, also believes that Sullivan was just one player in a larger statewide pedophile network.
  • Aurora Police Department: TODO describe protection of Michael Mangino

[A telltale sign of these protected pedophile operations is a subverted law enforcement investigation]

Law enforcement response

Boulder Police Department

[Det. Linda Arndt of the Boulder Police Department requested assistance numerous times throughout her investigation at the Ramsey home, which never arrived. The BPD response was lackadaisical and prevented the field detectives like Arndt from properly securing the crime scene. Such a failure was later pinned on her, indicating that the department tried to make her into a scapegoat.]

[According to an FBI agent who advised the Boulder police, the high-level command staff "inhibited the officers and the detectives from doing the job that they knew they needed to do" by separating the Ramsey parents before questioning them]

[Threats against Linda Arndt, Steve Thomas, and Bob Whitson]

[Insistence on a PDI theory: groupthink by Koby, Eller, and Thomas; misrepresentation of the CBI handwriting results; no follow-up on John's shirt fibers purportedly being found in JonBenet's underwear]

[Linda Arndt facing retaliation, such as stories damaging her reputation being leaked by Steve Thomas, and ultimately fearing for her life from members of her own department]

Boulder County District Attorney

[The Boulder County District Attorney's office under Alex Hunter was inappropriately deferential to the Ramseys. A likely factor in this was John Ramsey hiring lawyers from the firm Haddon, Morgan, & Foreman, which had close ties to Colorado's Democratic power structure including Hunter's office. Hunter himself had a reputation of being very hands-off as a prosecutor, to the point of protecting drug traffickers and sexual predators. The DA staff, which frequently held friendly meetings with the Ramseys' lawyers, gave over key evidence in the case to the defense team.]

[At one point, the police stopped sharing their most sensitive information with the DA's office, and shortly thereafter their computers were hacked into.]

[Refusal to authorize search warrants that the police requested]

[Despite some willingness to work with journalists like Stephen Singular, he also tried to prevent Singular from pursuing leads into prominent pedophiles within Boulder that might damage the city's reputation]

[Boulder activists Evan Ravitz and Bob McFarland were blocked from presenting evidence about pedophile rings to the grand jury, even as defense handwriting experts were allowed to testify]

[When the grand jury indicted both parents as accessories to their JonBenet's murder, Hunter not only refused to prosecute, but hid the indictment. 9 years later, his successor Mary Lacy issued a controversial public exoneration of the Ramseys from guilt in their daughter's murder. Lacy's exoneration, which was based on DNA, exonerated the Ramseys from something that the grand jury never charged them with, a blatant sham that would not be revealed for 5 years until the grand jury indictments became public.]

Federal authorities

[The FBI did not immediately step in to take control of the investigation, allowing the inexperienced Boulder police to handle it instead. Considering that the crime initially presented itself as a kidnapping of a defense contractor executive's daughter by a "foreign faction", which had terrorism/national security implications as well as the appearance of a victim being transported across state lines, there was no legitimate reason why the FBI did not directly involve itself from the beginning. Donald Freed, in highlighting this irregularity, argues that the most likely explanation for this breach of protocol would be a stand-down order from a higher-level authority, such as FBI headquarters in Washington DC. That would in turn indicate high-level political will to subvert a proper investigation.]

[Scrubbing of the Ramsey cell phone records, purportedly sealed on the orders of the White House]

During the Wonderland child pornography raids in 1998, one of those arrested was Richard Bruce Thomes, a computer consultant in Fort Collins CO. His role in the network is unknown, but he was found dead the next day of a purported suicide. The police never examined his hard drive despite his proximity to Boulder and nature as a potential suspect. Interestingly, the Wonderland raids commenced on September 1, with Thomes being found dead on September 6, and the Ramsey grand jury convened shortly thereafter on September 15. The timing could suggest that the FBI suppressed the grand jury, which risked revealing a pedophile ring, until the raids were done, either to protect their sting operation or (if their motivation was more sinister) give themselves a chance to clean up the evidence.

Regional pedophile networks

[Many prominent people in Boulder disappeared from public life shortly after JonBenet's murder. There are indications, from various accounts which Stephen Singular gathered, that many high-level citizens in Boulder were involved in pedophilia. Local activists Evan Ravitz and Bob McFarland also pursued this angle extensively, and tried to comment on this to the grand jury as was their legal right, but Alex Hunter blocked them.]

[The judge originally set to preside over the grand jury was suddenly replaced and left to go to Cairo. He had previously been involved in a child custody case where he kept children with their abusive parents, the Ballards, who prostituted them out.]

Child pageant milieu

[Sexualization of young children at pageants; child pageants acting as a gateway to prostitution and stripping]

[Randy Simons story, including Sygma photo agency connections]

James Partin

Early in 1998, James Partin was arrested in Columbus OH for distributing child pornography online. A former resident of Idaho Springs CO, he was found to have a photograph of JonBenet Ramsey in his possession. Partin also became a suspect in the disappearance of 14-year-old Beth Miller, who vanished in Idaho Springs back in 1983 when Partin lived there, due to him having newspaper clippings on her case and a map of Idaho Springs with three X's marked. One anonymous source alleged that Partin was continually let off on his crimes due to his well-connected father Allen Partin, a high-ranking military officer who allegedly molested his own children.

December 23 party

[Bill McReynolds as a suspicious character]

[Strange 911 call that has never been explained]

White family pedophilia

Suspicious behavior

[Odd behavior by Fleet White and his family relating to JonBenet's murder]

Nancy Krebs story

[The story of abuse divulged by Nancy Krebs]

Family background

Paul Schultz case

[Paul Schultz case]

Ramsey complicity

[Nancy Krebs assertions about "Uncle Johnny"]

[Access Graphics allegedly had child pornography found on its computers; suspicions about Amsterdam and Kelvin McNeill; Tony Thevis allegations]

[Political connections of John Ramsey to the Boulder elite, the Colorado governor's office, and the federal government]

[Initial suspicions of incest: Linda Arndt belief; Marilyn Van Derbur as a police consultant; laundy room photos; Charlevoix search]

[Feather boa photo; "incest" allegedly looked up in the dictionary]

[Background of the Ramseys and Paughs: North Fox Island; likely abusive Paugh family; Robert Byrd connection]

Wider connections

[Fernie family background]

Colorado has been home to numerous pedophile rings with connections to the rich and powerful. It is quite plausible that some of not all of these rings have intersected with the dark underworld of Boulder:

  • Trench Coat Mafia: TODO: see Columbine school shooting page for now
  • Pat Sullivan case: While researching for his documentary on 9/11, Jonathan Elinoff discovered the tip of the iceberg for a large pedophilic blackmail ring operating in Colorado. His finding came about after looking into the background of Delmart Vreeland, a Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) operative who alluded to the 9/11 attacks before they happened, and was arrested in Colorado on child molestation and pornography charges in 2004. Before his arrest, Vreeland (who grew up in Michigan during the time and place that the North Fox Island pedophile ring operated) had confided in Andy Stephenson about a personal history abuse much like what Franklin victims endured. Probing the drug and sex underworld that Vreeland was part of drew Elinoff into strange circumstances where he played a key role in exposing the meth-for-sex scandal of former Arapahoe County sheriff Pat Sullivan. The connections of the Sullivan case led him to a much darker pedophilic underground involving meth subculture members, white supremacists, corrupt law enforcement officers, nightclub operators, organized criminals (including Russian Mafia members working under Viktor Kozeny), and US intelligence operatives (such as Tom Henry, former attorney for Vreeland).
  • Doc Miller case: TODO: likely another Tom Henry-type figure covering for covert activity in Colorado

[John Mark Karr story]

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External links

  • Chapter 20 ("Boulder") in Programmed to Kill
  • Ann Louise Bardach, "JonBenet Ramsey: Missing Innocence", 1997/10
  • Konformist, "Daddy's Little Princess" by Robert Sterling, 1998
  • Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (1999, 2016)
  • Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller (1999)
  • JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000)
  • Crime Library, "Main Event: The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey" by Patrick Bellamy: chapters 1, ..., 11, ... - disingenuous in its defense of the Ramsey family, but still contains useful information (such as polygraph questions in Ch.11)
  • Crime Library, "Stephen Singular: Investigates the JonBenet Ramsey Case" by Patrick Bellamy: chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    • "I think much of what she [Nancy Krebs] said -- and I was present during several of her interviews -- is very significant. The Ramseys have gone on TV and begged the public for information about this murder. They have presented a profile of their daughter's killer: a pedophile in Boulder who knew their family. This woman came forward and talked about a pedophilic group in Boulder with connections to their family, and she suggested that this group might have played a role in their daughter's death. The Ramseys wanted absolutely nothing to do with her -- even though she was talking about things that appeared to exonerate them in the murder of their child. What does this tell you? They don't want this pedophile door opened even one crack. The secrets of the case, I believe, lie in there and they (or at least one of the parents) don't want anyone to explore this realm of child exploitation, abuse, and pornography. It is better to be accused of being a murderer than to have other things come out. [...]"
    • "The [polygraph] test [taken by the Ramsey parents] is valid but that is not the main point. Who created the questions, why were they fashioned exactly as they were, and why were the parents not asked the same things? Why wasn't John Ramsey asked about the creation of the ransom note? The fact that they were asked different questions, and that the Ramseys set it up that way, signifies a conflict of interest between the parents and that they each know different things. They passed the test because I don't believe that they killed their daughter or know exactly who did. They could answer those questions safely. But could Mr. Ramsey safely be asked about his involvement with the note or the aftermath of the crime? That is a question the media has never posed to him and it needs to be asked by both reporters and the police."
    • "I believe that the child was removed from the house that night, for the seemingly innocent purpose of photographing her or exploiting her in some way, and she was killed at another location. At least one parent knew this removal had taken place. I think that JonBenet was then returned home and the crime was covered up by someone inside the family. Both parents, in my opinion, do not have the same information about what occurred that night. The unmatched hard evidence mentioned above excludes the Ramseys as the killers and most likely excludes their home as the scene of the crime. The death was "accidental" in that no one intended for her to be hurt, let alone killed."
  • Mind Control Missile Murder Madness, "The Time Of No Time Evermore", 2013/12/18
  • Overview of the child sex ring theory in a Rigorous Intuition post

Search warrants and affidavits

Boulder PD documents

Boulder DA documents

  • Linda Wickman interview notes about Nancy Krebs, 2000/02/20: parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Ransom note authorship

  • Patsy Ramsey - case for
    • From the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "“Out of the 74 names submitted for testing, Patsy’s handwriting was the only one that set off alarm bells,” says an investigator closely involved with the testing of the ransom note. A Colorado Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) report concludes, “There are indications that the author of the ransom note is Patricia Ramsey, but the evidence falls short to support that definitive conclusion.”"
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ex-detective's book points to Ramseys", 2000/04/09 - affirms Patsy's authorship in his book, accuses her of altering her writing style after the murder: "According to a portion of the ABC interview released on Saturday, of 73 suspects whose writing samples were analyzed by experts along with the note, only Patsy Ramsey could not be excluded as its author, Thomas says. He said Patsy Ramsey changed her handwriting after the slaying. "In the ransom note, almost exclusively the lowercase manuscript 'a' was used I think 98 percent of the time," ABC quotes Thomas as saying. "But what was telling was that after the Ramseys were given a copy of the ransom note, the lowercase manuscript 'a' almost disappeared entirely from Patsy's post-homicide writing." Writing samples from Patsy Ramsey's personal letters and notes she wrote before the murder contain 732 manuscript 'a's that look like the lowercase typewritten 'a' but are written by hand, Thomas said. He said she switched to a cursive 'a' after JonBenét's slaying."
    • CNN, "Does 'JonBenet: Inside The Ramsey Murder Investigation' Reveal the True Killer?", 2000/04/14 - former Boulder detective Steve Thomas says that the police and an expert trusted by the FBI agreed Patsy wrote the note
      • "THOMAS: Well, I think the most significant evidence in this case was the pen, the pad, the ransom note and the handwriting. And when we finished an investigation after 18 months and presented our case to the district attorney's office, presumably for them to move it forward, one statistic that was cited in that presentation was that out of 73 people whose handwriting was examined in this case, there was only one whose handwriting showed evidence to suggest authorship, who was in the home that night, who couldn't be eliminated as the author, and that was Patsy Ramsey."
      • "THOMAS: No, but there was also a forensic linguist that we used in this case, a very renowned and recognized expert, so much so that the FBI continues to use him, who did identify her as the author of the note."
      • "KING: Was the note suspicious to you from the beginning?

        THOMAS: Well, initially -- in hindsight now, we can all say it was patently bogus, but initially, those officers and detectives on scene treated it as if it were, in fact, a legitimate kidnapping. In hindsight, we now know otherwise, that it was not, but..."
      • "KING: Is your handwriting cleared, both of you?

        P. RAMSEY: John's definitively was cleared, and I scored a 4.5 out of a 5. Five is definitely no match, and it just -- you know."
      • "THOMAS: Well, they're saying that she scored a numerical scale of 4 1/2, but that apparently is from their own defense handwriting experts. And I find it remarkable that their own paid experts won't exclude her as the author of the note."
      • "WOOD: [...] But I want to clarify this fiction about the handwriting, too. This expert that Thomas now tells us was the expert linguist who was used by the FBI -- I have a letter, Larry, that this fellow, Don Foster, wrote to Patsy Ramsey in June of 1997. And he said to her, "I know that you are innocent -- know it, absolutely and unequivocally. I would state my professional reputation on it, indeed my faith in humanity.""
    • Gideon Epstein said in his May 17, 2002 deposition for Wolf v. Ramsey that he was "100 percent certain" Patsy wrote the note
  • Patsy Ramsey - case against
    • John immediately offered up the notepad on which the ransom note was written as a sample of Patsy's handwriting, which makes little sense if he knew about her writing the note and was trying to protect her, but makes a lot of sense if he was trying to frame her (TODO: find sources, one of which was Steve Thomas's book)
      • From p.?? of Injustice: Why JonBenet Ramsey Was Murdered By A Sadistic Psychopath - Not Her Parents by Robert Whitson and Lou Smit (2012): "No fingerprints from a suspect were obtained from the notepads -just mine. In retrospect I asked the question, "Why would John Ramsey give me the source of the ransom note if John knew Patsy wrote the ransom note?""
    • Deposition of Steve Thomas in the Wolf v. Ramsey case
      • "Q. Lloyd Cunningham and Howard Ryle were obviously employed by the Ramsey family, true?

        A. That was my belief.

        Q. You knew that Lloyd Cunningham had in fact been the CBI examiner that had certified Chet Ubowski?

        A. No, but I do recall him saying he had done some training or had some capacity in that effect with Mr. Ubowski.

        Q. How about Howard Ryle, did you know him to be formerly with the CBI?

        A. I didn't know he was previously with the CBI."
      • "Q. (BY MR. WOOD) Had you seen that article from KCNC from April 10, 2000, before I just showed it to you today?

        A. No, as I've said, I wasn't aware that Mr. Ubowski was retracting any statements prior to you're making me aware of that today.

        Q. If this is correct Mr. Ubowski is in fact stating on April 10, 2000 that he denies saying that Patsy Ramsey wrote the note and that he, the claim that 24 of the alphabet's 26 letters looked like -- looked as if they had been written by Patsy is denied as the lab does not quantify like that? You have never heard those statements made by the CBI before I showed you this KCNC report today?

        A. No, as I have said, no."
    • DocG, "The "Experts" See Patsy", 2012 (parts 1 and 2 on Cina Wong): "Sorry folks, but what Cina Wang was doing was not science. First of all she is clearly cherry picking as she never presents any counter examples in the form of letters or words that are clearly and distinctively different, but looks only for similarities. Secondly, she presents no standard on which to decide whether any two exemplars are "similar" or "different." We can assume that no two are going to be exactly the same, so where do we draw the line?"
    • DocG, "The "Experts" See Patsy", 2012 (parts 3 and 4 on Gideon Epstein): "Epstein's comments are especially notable because they cut two ways at once. His theory that one or two of these "experts" may have influenced all the others undercuts the unanimity of their decision to find Patsy Ramsey "unlikely," which suits his purpose very well. But he fails to realize that he is also, by the same token, undercutting their decision to "rule out" John Ramsey. Thus, if we assume he takes his own theory as seriously as he expects the judge to take it, we can only wonder why he showed no interest in examining John's exemplars as well as Patsy's. [...] According to Schiller's book, Perfect Murder Perfect Town (p. 226, hard back edition), after being hired by the Ramsey legal team, Rile and Cunningham "pored over the original note from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM," making their presentation just after 2 PM the same day. Their conclusion at the time: neither Patsy nor John wrote the note."
    • DocG, "The "Experts" See Patsy", 2012 (part 5 on Tom Miller)
    • DocG, "The "Experts" See Patsy", 2012 (part 6 on David Liebman): "Cina Wong's teacher and mentor, David Liebman, appears to have excellent credentials indeed, as he is (or was) president of the National Association of Document Examiners. However, there is absolutely nothing in the brief report he prepared for Darnay Hoffman that could not have been achieved by a diligent amateur."
  • John Ramsey
  • John Mark Karr
    • BIZ, "Linguistic Report for JMK, Patsy, Norma Files and Patricia Letters", 2017/02/14: "[Carole Chaski, a] highly regarded linguist analyzed Patsy, JMK, Nancy aka Norma Files and the Patricia Letters against the ransom note. Her findings are scientific, not opinion based since they are put through a computer. The Patricia Letters were included since both Lou Smit and the Ramsey's believed the author could be the killer of JonBenet. These were various letters written to close case followers, media and investigators by a person pretending to be Patsy. JMK and Norma Files were included in this comparison because both of them professed to have written the ransom note. Patsy insists she did NOT write the note yet some in BPD believed she was the author. The findings were that Both Patsy and Norma Files could be completely eliminated. The findings were that both JMK and the author of the Patricia Letters were one in the same The findings were that JMK was that JMK was the author of the ransom note."
  • Norma Files
    • See the John Mark Karr section below for information about the Norma Files story involving a group out of Walker County AL
  • Fleet White

Sexual abuse

  • In the affidavits and addendums filed with the search warrants, Det. Linda Arndt of the Boulder PD swore that coroner John Meyer told her someone had sex with JonBenet Ramsey; this conclusion was not drawn in the autopsy report
  • In September 1997, a panel of medical experts unanimously concluded JBR was sexually abused at the time of death and beforehand (quotes from the Thomas and Schiller books)
  • From the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "Dr. Cyril Wecht, a well-known forensic pathologist, has no doubt that the 45-pound child was molested. “If she had been taken to a hospital emergency room, and doctors had seen the genital evidence, her father would have been arrested,” he has said. The vaginal opening, according to Dr. Robert Kirschner of the University of Chicago’s pathology department, was twice the normal size for six-year-olds. “The genital injuries indicate penetration,” he says, “but probably not by a penis, and are evidence of molestation that night as well as previous molestation.” There were also blood and urine stains on her underpants. [...]"
  • Cyril Wecht's analysis pointing to chronic sexual abuse from Ch.11 of his book Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? (1998) - argues that she was killed by accident in a sex game that involved digital penetration and controlled ligature strangulation, which closely matches what Nancy Krebs said was done to her
  • Crime Library, "Cyril Wecht: Forensic Pathologist" by Katherine Ramsland, chapter 6: "JonBenet: From Impressions to Book" - points to the small amount of blood from the head wound, indicating JonBenet was already close to death when it occurred
  • Dr. Francesco Beuf a.k.a. Francesco Gallatin Beuf a.k.a. Dr. Francis Beuf
    • Questions on Websleuths about Dr. Beuf's conclusion that no sexual abuse occurred
    • Obituary for Penni Pearson Beuf in the Boulder Daily Camera on 2016/07/20: "Penni became a fashion model in Dallas and was chosen to be in the TV series "Dallas" by Lorimar producer Leonard Katzman. She worked for two years in the cast and crew, making friends and trading humorous stories with others. When the show became a world sensation, Lorimar moved its production to Hollywood. She made friends in Texas and Oklahoma, and as an Extra and Photo Double in Hollywood. She eventually made a "decent" living by earning a good reputation due to her promptness and reliability. Penni's roles included "9 to 5", with Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lilly Tomlin, "Dear Detective", with Brenda Baccaro and "Future World" with Yul Brynner. Penni had the lead role in "Godspell" as Robin, and eventually became a member of the all-female "Improv Group and Company", where she met other comedians, including Robin Williams. In 1980 the Screen Actors Guild went on strike, and Penni came home to Texas to marry Attorney Warren Goss. [...] She leaves behind her beloved husband of 22 years, Pediatrician Doctor Francesco Gallatin Beuf and her adored mother, "Grandmary" Cocke, now aged 93 and her family whom she deeply loved."
  • Reddit comment by straydog77 debunking the denial of chronic abuse: "Defenders of the Ramseys have been quoting that one Myhre study for years, falsely claiming that the study proves that there is absolutely no way for doctors to identify prior abuse through physical observations. That is NOT what that study says, and it is dishonest for you to say so. The fact is, the information on Jonbenet's prior genital injury comes from Dr John McCann. Dr McCann is a leading expert on innocent genital abnormalities as well as indicators of sexual abuse. He was a pioneer in identifying normal genital variations, and indeed that Myrhe article cites Dr John McCann as a source. Dr John McCann has testified in many cases against allegations of sexual abuse, by pointing out normal genital variations. You are pretending, as usual, that Dr McCann simply looked at the hymen and said, "Jonbenet has a large hymenal opening, therefore she was abused"."
  • Reddit thread by AdequateSizeAttache scrutinizing the reports in Paula Woodward's book about the doctors' opinions of prior sexual abuse - suggests that DA's office investigators like Lou Smit may have put a false report into the case file
  • Reddit thread by AdequateSizeAttache titled "Setting the Record Straight on the Evidence of Prior Sexual Abuse - Part 1"
  • KDVR, "JonBenet Investigator Talks Exclusively to Fox 31 News", 2006/11/13: "Holly Smith recently wrote a book about her 20 years with the Boulder County Sexual Abuse team. She left out the chapter about the Ramsey case, but is now revealing her part of the investigation exclusively to us. [...] It was the third day of the investigation into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Smith was head of the Boulder County Sexual Abuse team and has been called into the investigation, as she says, "to consult about some of the dynamics and some of the things people suspected might be going on with this case." She started, as always, with a visit to the child’s bedroom. [...] Smith says most of the panties in JonBenet’s dresser drawers had been soiled with fecal material. "There is this dynamic of children that have been sexually abused sometimes soiling themselves or urinating in their beds to keep someone who is hurting them at bay," explains Smith. [...] Smith adds, "There was an indication of trauma in the vaginal area." [...] Arapahoe County Coroner Dr. Michael Doberson says you would need more information before you could come to any conclusion. That was part of Smith's job. But then she was abruptly pulled off the investigation and told police were handling everything. [...] Smith says she also saw things in the Ramsey investigation that she's seen in other cases, like the factor that money played in it. "No one is exempt but people with money are able to keep themselves more cushioned,” she says. She says she also saw a reluctance to even consider the issue of child sex abuse." - one critical commenter says "All of John's 5 children had bedwetting problems"
  • Allegedly, JonBenet had issues with her toilet training well past the normal age, and would often call "Wipe, wipe" to adults for assistance (partially substantiated by Nedra Paugh's statement to police)
    • From p.254 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "By now the officers had learned from several babysitters that JonBenét had regressed in her toilet training during Patsy’s battle with cancer. In this interview, Nedra confirmed to police that at age six, her granddaughter was still in the habit of asking adults to wipe her when she was on the toilet. It didn’t matter where she was or who the adult was—anyone within shouting distance would do. Some adults, thinking she was old enough to do this herself, stopped answering her calls, and it resulted in soiled underpants. JonBenét’s apparent lack of embarrassment about adults wiping her made the detectives wonder if it had somehow invited activity that led to vaginal penetration."
  • Flirtatious nature of JonBenet
    • Daily Beast, "John Ramsey's Lingering Suspicions", 2008/10/13: "Even Patsy expressed occasional doubts about the effect of the circuit on her daughter: "She is too friendly, just too friendly with people," she told Michael and Pam. “She flirts with people.”"
    • Alleged behavior at the Parade of Lights on Christmas 1995
      • 1995 Christmas newsletter sent by the Ramseys: "In October, JonBenet become Little Miss Colorado, she rode on the "Good Ship Lollipop" float during the Boulder Christmas parade. (Grandpa Paugh built the float!) She waved and sang all along the parade route!"
      • 2020 Reddit comment by searchinGirl: "[...] But I do think it would be beneficial to have seen JonBenet in a video such as this; it might help to understand how she was acting on the float in the 1995 Christmas Parade of Lights that apparently was so egregious it became the basis for the Grand Jury True Bills of Child Abuse Resulting in Death."
      • 2020 Reddit comment by searchinGirl: "Thank you for the link to the photo. I was told this by someone who was at the parade and was in a position to know about the GJ. And that's all I really have to say in that regard. Believe it, don't believe it, it actually is making me feel sick because it makes other things make sense."
      • 2020 Reddit comment by searchinGirl: "I'm sorry to hear that. Apparently she was acting sexy on the float and she was only five and she had makeup on and a costume and she was singing and dancing provocatively. The consensus was that little girls don't act that way without being abused that way."
      • 2020 Reddit comment by searchinGirl: "She is a little more than just one person who testified. She is retired BPD as victim advocate supervisor. She witnessed JonBenet at the Christmas Parade in 1995 where she behaved seductively; she alluded to having a video."

Complicity of parents

  • Strange impressions by detectives as noted in the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach (TODO: some of these claims are in dispute)
    • "[...] Subsequently, French told colleagues that he had been struck by how differently the two parents were reacting. While John Ramsey, cool and collected, explained the sequence of events to him, Patsy Ramsey sat in an overstuffed chair in the sunroom, sobbing. Something seemed odd to French, and later he would recall how the grieving mother’s eyes stayed riveted on him. He remembered her gaze, and her awkward attempt to conceal it—peering at him through splayed fingers held over her eyes."
    • "The ransom note warned the couple not to contact the police but to await a phone call between 8 and 10 that morning. Arndt wrote in her report that “between 10:30 and noon, John Ramsey left the house to pick up the family mail,” which she later saw him open and read. [...]"
    • "[...] Ramsey yanked the tape from her mouth, and, according to the investigator, “holding her with both hands around her at the waist, the way you would hold a doll,” carried her upstairs and laid her on the hardwood floor in the living room. “What was interesting was when Ramsey brought the body upstairs he never cried,” related a source present at the time. “But when he laid her down, he started to moan, while peering around to see who was looking at him.” [...]"
  • Contradictory and false statements
    • John reading to JonBenet and Burke that night
      • From Rick French's report on 1996/12/26: "Mr. Ramsey said he read to both kids for short time and then they were in bed by 2230."
      • From Linda Arndt's report on 1997/01/08: "JonBenet and her brother, Burke, went to bed shortly after the family had returned home. John Ramsey had read to JonBenet after she’d gone to bed and before she went to sleep."
      • From Rick French's interview of John Ramsey on 1997/01/10 (TODO: source to Paula Woodward book): "John Ramsey said he’d read a story to both Burke and JonBenét out in the sitting room until 10:30 pm on Christmas night."
      • From the 1997/04/30 interview of John Ramsey: "JR: [...] So we probably got home about nineish, nine-fifteen I think, drove in the back through the alley into the garage. Uh JonBenet had fallen fast to sleep. Uh, I carried her inside and took her upstairs and put her in bed, put her on her bed. Uh Patsy came up behind me, and then I went down to get Burke ready for bed, he was down in the living room, working on a toy he got putting it together, and tried to get him to go to bed because we had to get up early the next morning, but he wanted to get this toy put together, so I worked with him on that for 10 15 minutes probably; and then I took him up to bed and got his pajamas on, probably brushed his teeth, and then I went up stairs from there and got ready for bed. [...] TT: Did JonBenet ever wake up when you carried her upstairs? JR: No, she was sound asleep. [...] ST: And you carried JonBenet up from the car that was in the garage, and she had not awaken at anytime? Then you placed her upon her bed is that right? JR: Uh huh. [...] ST: And after you put JonBenet to bed, until the time you went to bed and put the lights out, did you ever return to that room again that evening? JR: No."
      • TODO: find accounts in Schiller and Thomas books of Burke saying that JonBenet was awake when they arrived at the house and walked to her room by herself
      • TODO: find source for Susan Stine saying the whole family was awake and well when the Ramseys visited them after the Whites' party
      • Worth considering whether the reality is that JonBenet and perhaps Burke as well were taken to a "party after the party" (to use Paul Bonacci's terminology from the Franklin case) following the festivities at the Whites' Christmas party, of which there were many possible locations: 743 15th Street (the old rental house of Fleet White before the family moved to 403 Cleveland Place), the location of the nearby party alleged by J.T. Colfax, and 917 Baseline Road (where, according to Stacy Denton, three vagrants whom she knew and who all later ended up drowned in Boulder Creek witnessed occult activity and a man carrying a girl's body)
    • Issue of whether it was John or Patsy's idea to call 911
      • CNN, "Interview With Parents of Slain Child Beauty Queen", 1997/01/01: "CABELL: John, you subsequently read the note. Was there anything in there that struck you in any sense? RAMSEY, J: Well, no. I mean, I read it very fast. I was out of my mind. And it said "Don't call the police." You know, that type of thing. And I told Patsy, call the police immediately. And I think I ran through the house a bit."
      • From the 1998/??/?? interview of Burke Ramsey: "DS: Mom sounded really upset? She looked upset, what did she look like? [...] BR: Like, like overreacting, cause I heard her downstairs, like oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you know, so my dad was like okay, calm down. She was just like overreacting. [...] DS: Could you hear them talking? BR: I just remember a small part when they were downstairs and my mom went downstairs, my mom was really nervous and my dad was trying to calm her down. And my parents called the police. [...] DS: Okay. I interrupted you when you were saying what you had heard. And you were talking about your dad telling your mom to call the police or something? BR: He was like okay, calm down, like we can call the police; let's call the police. [...] DS: Do you know where they were in the house at that time when they were saying that? BR: It sounded like around the kitchen."
      • A&E Investigative Reports, "The Case of JonBenét: The Ramseys vs The Media", 2000: "Patsy - "I said, 'I'm going to call the police and he said OK. And I think he ran to check on Burke. And I ran downstairs and, you know, dialed 911.""
      • If the ransom note was created by one or both parents as part of staging the crime scene, it is almost certain that the purpose was to provide a justification not to call the police and thus buy the guilty party time to get rid of JonBenet's body. As such, a scenario in which Patsy is the primary stager of the crime (meaning PDI) or an equal stager of the crime (meaning BDI) is most likely ruled out, because there would be no reason for Patsy to ruin her own plan by calling 911. That leaves a JDI scenario in which John is staging the crime scene and Patsy called the police against his will. If Patsy had no prior knowledge, it could be that she called the police before John could stop her, they got into an argument and he wasn't able to dissuade her, or she may have deliberately had police come over because she felt scared of John. It could also be the case that she knew about and/or helped with John's staging, but backed out and had second thoughts about helping him, and refused to let him dump JonBenet's body, necessitating a different plan in which they invited over friends to contaminate the crime scene and then allowed the body to be found. As Dave McGowan suggests (p.324): "The plan probably called for the body to be disposed of and the disappearance blamed on an unknown abductor. For whatever reason though, the body could not be disposed of."
    • Description by John of how JonBenet's body was positioned with respect to the blanket
      • From p.15 of Linda Arndt's report on 1997/01/08: "John Ramsey told me JonBenet had been lying underneath a blanket."
      • From the 1997/04/30 interview of John Ramsey: "She was laying on the blanket, and the blanket was kind of folded around her legs."
      • From the 1998/06/23 interview of John Ramsey: "MIKE KANE: All right. Okay. Now, when you went inside to that room, you described the 10 blanket. And you said it was folded like -- I'm 11 just trying to get a mental picture of it. Was it like -- JOHN RAMSEY: It was like an Indian papoose. MIKE KANE: Okay. JOHN RAMSEY: You know, the blanket was under her completely. It was brought up and folded over like that."
    • Claim by John that he had to fly to Atlanta for a meeting right after the body was discovered
      • From p.15 of Linda Arndt's report on 1997/01/08: "At approx. 1340 hours Det. Bill Palmer told me that he overheard a phone conversation made by John Ramsey. John Ramsey was making arrangements to fly to Atlanta either that afternoon or that evening."
      • From l.663 of Foreign Faction by James Kolar: "At approximately 1340 hours, Detective Bill Palmer overheard John Ramsey speaking on the phone and making arrangements to fly to Atlanta that afternoon or evening. Upon the conclusion of the phone call, Palmer told Ramsey that he couldn't leave town as he would need to stay to assist in the investigation of the murder of his daughter. The nature of this call was passed along to Mason, and he too spoke with Ramsey about leaving town. John Ramsey reportedly told Mason that he had to leave to attend a meeting "he couldn't miss." Sergeant Mason eventually convinced the father of the murdered child of the necessity of remaining in Boulder."
    • John Ramsey testified in his deposition for the Stephen Miles lawsuit that there was no altercation with Fleet White at JonBenet's funeral in Roswell GA, despite the statements of Patsy, himself in the book, and a Roswell detective
    • Denial of prior sexual abuse of JonBenet
      • From p.254 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000): "Even more devastating than the time delay on the jacket was the deal that was made to get the clothing. Beckner insisted there was no negative result, but I had watched Team Ramsey pull this trick too often, and demanded to know what we had to surrender this time. Beckner told us the asking price: the evidence photographs of the Ramseys in December, full access to all exculpatory evidence concerning the Ramseys, and for the police department to state publicly that there had been no evidence of prior vaginal abuse of JonBenet. They did get some photos out of it. We would have preferred to get the clothing through a search warrant that was already in preparation by Detective Kim Stewart, but that one never got off the ground either."
      • Transcript of Barbara Walters interview of John and Patsy on 2000/03/17: "JOHN RAMSEY I… know as best I can know as a father who was with his daughter… every day that I was home. She was not sexually abused or molested before December 26th."
      • KDVR, "JonBenet Investigator Talks Exclusively to Fox 31 News", 2006/11/13: "A lawyer for the Ramsey family did not return our phone calls. But the Ramseys have always denied that JonBenet suffered any kind of prior abuse and point out her pediatrician never saw anything indicating abuse, either."
      • Daily Beast, "New Clues in JonBenet Ramsey Murder", 2012/07/18: "Ramsey family lawyer Lin Wood says, “The Ramseys had no knowledge of any such abuse. John and Patsy Ramsey thought that this was another example of the Boulder police department’s prejudice in trying to make accusations against the family.”"
    • Asking for donations to the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation
      • From the 2000/08/29 interview of John Ramsey: "Q. Have you done any fundraisers to fund it? A. No. It wasn't our intention to raise public money. I set up a foundation for my other daughter, which still exists, by the way. We were desperate to honor our daughter in some way, and that was our attempt to do it, and why we have been criticized for that, I don't know. Q. You put out a press release that gave an address for contributions to be made to the foundation. A. I don't remember ever asking for contributions. MR. WOOD: Do you have a copy of the press release? MR. KANE: Yes. As a matter of fact, I do."
    • Challenging police to release a tape of the 911 call that had already been released
      • Rocky Mountain News, "Taped copy of 911 call given to Ramsey family", 1999/05/30: "Patsy and John Ramsey have been given a copy of a 911 tape that apparently contradicts some of their statements to police, Newsweek is reporting in its June 7 issue. The tape was made Dec. 26, 1996 -- the morning that the Ramseys' daughter, JonBenet, was reported missing. [...] The Ramseys told police that their son Burke was asleep when Patsy Ramsey called 911 at 5:52 a.m. that morning. But his voice can be heard on the tape, according to published reports. Burke Ramsey was called before the Boulder grand jury, which has been investigating JonBenet's murder since last fall. Shortly before Burke Ramsey's testimony, a judge ordered Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter to turn over a copy of the tape to the Ramseys, Newsweek reported. In Colorado, a person testifying before a grand jury is allowed to see any "prior statement" he or she made."
      • CNN, "Compilation of Past Interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey", 2006/08/20: "KING: Police also say digital enhancement indicates that Burke was awake and asking questions when you called 911. J. RAMSEY: Well, some police claim they think they hear that. We would challenge the police to release that tape. P. RAMSEY: Make it all public. J. RAMSEY: Let's make it public. We'd like to hear that tape. We've never heard it. That is not our recollection of what happened that morning."
    • Claim by John in 2016 that he was unaware of the grand jury charges
      • CNN, "The Murder of JonBenet", 2016/12/13: "J. RAMSEY: What we were indicted for, which was nonsense, was child abuse resulting in death. And we were told, well, you didn't protect your child. And that's true. I mean, I regret that I didn't set the burglar alarm or check the windows. CASAREZ: What about accessory? They also believed to indict on accessory. J. RAMSEY: Really? I didn't know that. I don't know even what that means frankly. CASAREZ: Meaning that you and Patsy helped someone else. J. RAMSEY: Really? Well, that's absurd. That's just absurd."
  • Intruder theory legitimacy
    • Signs of forced entry
      • CNN, "Slain 6-year-old Colorado girl was sexually molested, source says", 1997/01/04: "The Rocky Mountain News, also quoting anonymous sources, reported that the alarm system at the Ramsey home was not operating on the night JonBenet's body was found. However, police investigator Sgt. Larry Mason said Saturday no evidence has been found suggesting the house was broken into, and investigators have no suspects."
      • Boulder Daily Camera, "Reactions follow book claims", 1999/03/16: "Smit and Beckner have expressed strongly opposed opinions about evidence in the case. "The problem with it is he ignores the other evidence in the case," said Beckner, who believes Smit may have grown too close to the Ramseys. "Some of the information he is using is not accurate.""
      • DocG, "The Lou Smit Show", 2012/07/30 - goes over the difficulty of an intruder fitting through the basement window without disturbing the layer of grime; cites sources (including a Ramsey defender) to validate that all first floor doors were locked and the so-called butler door was left ajar by a police technician rather than a hypothetical intruder; points out that John Fernie was the one who made the statement about the butler door being left open
    • Nature of the crime scene
      • From the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "Most stunning, according to some experts, was the revelation that the child had evidently been “re-dressed” after her murder. JonBenet’s parents told investigators that she was wearing a red turtleneck pajama top when they put her to bed. She was found in a white one; a red turtleneck was in her bathroom sink. Navy-blue “fuzz balls” adhered to her body, and investigators are searching for a match. Casting doubt on the theory that an intruder killed JonBenet were the state and position of the child’s body. She was fully clothed and covered with one of her blankets. The ligatures around her neck and right wrist were, investigators say, “very loose,” consistent with a staging. [...]"
      • Rocky Mountain News, "Ramsey evidence is explained", 2002/08/23: "• A mysterious Hi-Tec boot print in the mold on the floor of the Ramseys' wine cellar near JonBenet's body has been linked by investigators to Burke, her brother, who was 9 at the time. It is believed to have been left there under circumstances unrelated to JonBenet's murder. Burke, now 15, has repeatedly been cleared by authorities of any suspicion in the 1996 Christmas night slaying, and that has not changed. • A palm print on the door leading to that same wine cellar, long unidentified, is that of Melinda Ramsey, JonBenet's adult half-sister. She was in Georgia at the time of the murder." - that Burke owned any Hi-Tec boots is, however, disputed by Lin Wood
      • CNN, "NANCY GRACE: The JonBenet Ramsey Case", 2006/09/04 - in which John and Patsy Ramsey say the room where JBR was found was only known to those close to the family: "UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whoever it was, was familiar with your patterns.

        JOHN RAMSEY: Well, that`s certainly our suspicion, for several reasons. One that -- one, it`s a large -- a fairly large house, and to know where JonBenet`s bedroom was, and the room that we found her in is in a remote part of the basement -- I don`t go in that room more than...

        PATSY RAMSEY: A casual guest would not know where that room is. That`s -- that`s a -- it`s, you know, back, cellar, kind of out of the way."
    • Broken basement window
      • DocG, "Clear Evidence of Staging: The Basement Window", 2012/08/08 (parts 1, 2, 3, 4) - criticizes Tom Trujillo and Steve Thomas for "coddling" John as he told his story about breaking the basement window
      • Number of times that John allegedly broke in
        • From the 1997/04/30 interview of John Ramsey: "JR: [...] And actually I’d gone down there earlier that morning, into that room, and the window was broken, but I didn’t see any glass around, so I assumed it was broken last summer. I used that window to get into the house when (inaudible) I didn’t have a key. [...] ST: OK. When you had previously broken that basement window to gain entry to the home when you had been locked out, can you approximate what month that was? JR: Well, I think it was last summer. Because Patsy was up at Lake (inaudible) all summer, and it would have been July or August probably, somewhere in that time frame." - no other mentions of having broken in through the basement window other than that one time
        • From the 1998/??/?? interview of Burke Ramsey: "BR: I don't remember. One time we did get locked out and there are - this is the basement but there are two windows to the basement, and my dad had to break the window and then go around and unlock the door. [...] DS: Are you talking about the basement windows? BR: Yeah. He, he -- Okay, he broke basement window, went through there (pointing to a floorplan of the house) and came up around-- DS: And then let you in. BR: Yeah, I think it was the front door. DS: Were you with him when that happened? When he had to get in that way? BR: Yeah I was with him, but I didn't actually go in that way. I just waited--"
        • From the 1998/06/23 interview of John Ramsey: "JOHN RAMSEY: Well I can't remember exactly when it was. I've done it maybe twice, maybe three times during the period of time we owned the house. It was a way that I could get in the house if we didn't have a key that was least expensive to repair. [...] But that was the time, it was in the summer I had come back from a business trip. [...] I think I probably kicked the window with my foot and then reached in and unlatched the window. LOU SMIT: Were you alone at that time? JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah."
      • DocG, "Gaslighting", 2019/10/09
  • Linda Arndt belief that John was responsible
  • According to p.53 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller, Patsy told her friend Pam Griffin "You know, they've killed my baby" -- which made Pam suspect that Patsy knew who killed JonBenet but was afraid to say -- and that "We didn't mean for this to happen". Stephen Singular quotes it in Presumed Guilty (2016) at l.832 as such: "Patsy said something like, ‘We didn't mean for this to happen.’ ... Later, Pam couldn't say why, but she remembered feeling as if Patsy knew who killed JonBenet but was afraid to say."
  • Additional voices that were purportedly heard on the 911 call - enhancement done by the Aerospace Corporation (ed. note: John Ramsey's friend and Lockheed Martin / Access Graphics business partner Peter Teets joined its board of trustees in 2005) to whom the tape was given by Detective Melissa Hickman, later removed from the case by Chief Koby along with Linda Arndt
    • Forums for Justice thread by Tricia in 2004 about an analysis by Paul Ginsberg of Professional Audio Laboratories in New York (pages 1, 2) (report scan pages 0, 1, 2)
      • ""Hon, we need em." That's all I needed to hear. If I ever had any doubts about my opinion on Patsy - and I didn't - now knowing that John had to have asked her why she was calling 9-1-1 after reading what would happen to their daughter if they did - I stand taller in my convictions for a conviction."
      • "Steve Thomas Chat Session (2000). The following is an excerpt from a November 14, 2000 chat session with Steve Thomas: crimeADM: "Did you hear the 911 tape personally; and if so, once and for all, was Burke on it?" stevethomas: "I heard the 911 tape. repeatedly, as did the other detectives. the consensus was unanimous, as supported by the enhancement -- there is a 3rd voice on the tape, appears to be Burke (unless there was someone else present who has never been identified...)""
    • Bustle, "Why Didn't Kim Archuleta Testify In The JonBenet Ramsey Case? The 911 Dispatcher Wanted Her Voice To Be Heard", 2016/09/18: "In an interview for the first part of the three-part CBS docu-series special The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey, Archuleta told former New Scotland Yard analyst Laura Richards and former FBI agent Jim Clemente (who worked on the case) that she was unable to testify because she was allegedly placed under a gag order, and was "never talked to again." [...] Archuleta explained what she heard after she thought Patsy had hung up — how her voice allegedly changed, and how the words Archuleta struggled to hear supposedly "could have turned the case around" had she ever been interviewed for the case. [...] During the interview, Archuleta alleged that Patsy initially sounded hysterical, but her tone of voice reportedly shifted to one that sounded more rigid and calm once she thought she'd hung up the phone. Though the phone call was only six seconds long, Archuleta said Patsy allegedly sounded like she was discussing what to do now that they'd called the police and that it bothered her "immensely". It sounded like she said, 'OK we’ve called the police, now what', and that disturbed me. So I remained on the phone trying to hear what was being said. It sounded like there were two voices in the room, maybe three different ones. I had a bad feeling about this. To me it seemed rehearsed."
    • samarkandy analysis in 2017 of the voices on the 911 call
      • "This incident is very curious in that the enhanced 911 tape with the extra voices appears to have been pulled during the interval between the first screening of The Geraldo Show when it was played and the show’s replay the same evening when the tape wasn’t played, a period of probably no more than 3 hours. What was that about?"
      • "It was rumored on the forums that the ‘Ramsey team’ was behind the ‘pulling’ of the tape but I cannot see there is any evidence for this. The show had been advertised and the public had been given advance warning of what was about to be screened. If Ramsey lawyers had any legal power to prevent the screening one would think they would have exercised it, given what a powerful legal firm they apparently were. [...]"
      • "The only way to explain these strange events that makes any sense I suggest, is that when that Aerospace enhancement was played on Geraldo on August 8 1998 someone was listening who recognized the conversation at the end of the 911 call and it incriminated him and, because he had influence somewhere, he had it pulled from the show immediately and it was NEVER played again or even talked about."
      • "The third strange thing was that Boulder Police had come up with the idea that that the phone had not been properly ‘hung up’ when Patsy stopped talking to Archuletta. They reasoned that Patsy only thought she had placed the receiver back in its cradle but that she had not done so properly and this was the reason why the phone did not disconnect, the receiver was sitting in the cradle but not in the correct position such that the line had been disconnected. As many posters have stated, this was not possible with that model of phone. With this type of phone the receiver would have just fallen onto the bench had it not been properly placed in its cradle. Clearly the Boulder Police theory about the phone being not ‘properly hung up’ was simply dumb and there had to be some other explanation."
      • "It seems to me that a very likely scenario is that Patsy could see she had an incoming call on her cell phone and felt she needed to answer it. Then as she answered the cell phone call she didn’t realize that the voices coming though her cell phone would be picked up through the landline just loudly enough for Kimberly Archuletta at the other end of the landline to hear them. If this is really what happened it begs the question – from whom was Patsy expecting a call that she felt compelled to answer?"
      • "So although the opinions of at least two audio experts and the executive director of 48 Hours conflicted with his opinion, Lin Wood nevertheless proceeded to make an appearance on national television still proclaiming there were no voices at the end of the recording after Patsy supposedly hung up. [...]"
      • "How very lame was that response of Boulder Police to Wood's challenge of one of their most incriminating pieces of evidence agains their prime suspects? Why were Wood’s loudly proclaimed and widely publicized claims about there being no voices at the end of the tape met with only that meek response by Boulder Police? Not one membr pf the Boulder Police Department came out and challenged Lin Wood. [...]"
      • "After October 29 Spade stopped posting about his experts attempts to analyse the tape. The public never got to see the ‘spectograph’ he was waiting for because the post he made on that day was the last one he posted. After that date there were never any more posts made by Spade on this topic. Two weeks after that though, on November 13 he returned to Forums for Justice, not to make any more announcements, but to delete the posts he had made a month earlier in September about the about the 911 call enhancement that was played on Geraldo in 1998."
    • Reddit post in 2020 suggesting that the 911 call was cut short and voices were heard in the background because Patsy called 911 before John wanted to and he subsequently went to stop her
      • "1. What if PR was having second thoughts about the story JR had been telling her all night about BR being responsible for JBR’s death? What if she’d seen that same look in JR’s eyes that would cause Detective Arndt to “count her bullets” later that morning? What if PR had suddenly begun to fear for her own life? What if she decided right then and there to call 911, plead for them to hurry over, hope they would make as big a show of force as possible (despite the warnings in the RN), call several of her close friends and plead for them to hurry over (despite the warnings), and then wait right by the front door for the police to arrive?"
      • "3. What if as he stepped back inside, to his great consternation he heard PR on the phone with 911?"
      • "4. What if, forgetting to close the door (a neighbor later reported seeing it open), he ran up the steps towards the kitchen, gesticulating wildly at PR, so filled with rage that “it was like his eyes changed color” (I’ve always liked that description by housekeeper LW of seeing JR mad)?"
      • "5. What if this caught PR by surprise, causing her to lose her concentration on the call, and have to ask the 911 Dispatcher “What”? What if her fear of JR when he was angry caused her to bury her face in the little phone nook in the kitchen?"
      • "6. What if she knew she had to end the call and face John, so she hung up in mid-conversation, and started to walk across the hall to the den, saying calmly and loudly “Okay, we’ve called the police, now what”?"
      • "7. What if to her great horror, as she rounded the corner she saw JR sitting in the den in the chair closest to the kitchen, with his back to her…and with the den extension phone held up to his ear? What if, like many of us, JR wasn’t expecting PR to hang up on the Dispatcher right in the middle of the call like that?"
      • "8. What if JR, already mad that PR had called 911 with the staging only half-completed, now realized that the 911 Dispatcher must have heard what PR just said, and thought for sure they’d both just been consigned to lengthy prison terms? What if that’s why JR seemingly couldn’t stand looking at PR for the rest of that morning?"
      • "9. What if JR hung up and starting hurrying up the spiral staircase to get dressed, saying angrily to PR “We’re not speaking to you!” What if PR followed, praying “Help me Jesus, help me Jesus”?"
      • "(BTW, one thing that makes me question whether things could have happened this way is that apparently no one has ever heard the “Okay, we’ve called the police, now what?” that the 911 Dispatcher was so sure she’d heard PR say (or something to that effect), she became physically ill the next day when her supervisor told her JBR had been murdered. I guess there were rumors that some labs believed a magnet had been used on the original tape to delete some things. I’m enough of a Conspiracy Theorist to wonder whether some powerful organization with an interest in keeping JR out of jail perhaps sent some low-level grunt with a magnet to remove the incriminating evidence from the 911 tape before it was turned over to LE, and while successfully removing the obvious words, failed to realize there were still more words hidden underneath all the noise. This would also fit with the stories people tell about how Geraldo Rivera played the cleaned up portion of the tape on his show one night, only to have any mention of it immediately yanked from future showings of the episode, as well as the episode’s transcripts….)"
  • Polygraph exam of the Ramsey parents - see Ch.11 of the above Crime Library article for the questions
    • If the Ramseys were not directly involved in the murder but merely put her into an abusive situation that led to her death, they could easily answer the first and second sets of questions truthfully. Also strange is that only Patsy, not John, was asked about the ransom note.
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Polygraph results released", 2000/05/25: "John and Patsy Ramsey say polygraph test results prove they didn't kill their daughter, JonBenét, and that they don't know who did. But Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said those tests have little value to investigators because the examiners were hand-picked by the couple without police input. Beckner also said the tests may have ruined any chances for the Ramseys to take a polygraph that would be meaningful to investigators. Too many polygraph tests can ruin the reliability of future tests, the chief said. During a nationally televised news conference in Atlanta Wednesday, the Ramseys' civil attorney Lin Wood announced that the couple passed a series of polygraphs conducted earlier this month by experts of their choosing. However, the first test the couple took was inconclusive, Wood said. Neither Wood nor any of the experts he brought forward could explain the outcome of the first test."
  • Justice Watch, "Ramsey detective team", 2000/05/24: "Their detectives, BTW, were hired as of the 26th since by the 27th a.m. they had already hit the pavement. Not much time for "the worm to turn" and to wait for the PBD to get on with the investigation,wouldn't you say. The answer to above question: (re: why this expert R team has found nothing new) It comes straight from the horse's mouth. Here is JR's explanation from his own DOI about the objective of his investigators. "She (Patsy) was really frustrated, thinking how this (the GJ) would delay the hunt for JonBenet's killer. "Look," I said, "we all know that our common mission is to find the killer, but something else is very much afoot here." Patsy paused for a moment, as if unsure what to say. "I don't quite understand," she answered. "You need to recognize what's happening," I explained further. "The number one job of our attorneys and investigators has always been to keep the two of us out of jail." My words had a cold, hard ring. "You've got to be kidding," she stammered. "The police department has the sole intent of putting us in the gas chamber. You and I now have to focus totally on making sure that doesn't happen." "Okay," she answered and took a deep breath. "I think I get the picture." JR narrating - DOI pg. 316. And there are those who wonder why there is mistrust about the Rs objectives in this case?!? P.S. And what does it mean that Lou Smit is no longer FOR but is working WITH? Just $?"
  • 1999 indictment against the Ramsey parents
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Released indictment names John and Patsy Ramsey on two charges in JonBenet death", 2013/10/25: "In 1998, 12 grand jurors convened to look into the unsolved death of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. After more than a year of poring over evidence, they left the Boulder County Courthouse without a word. On Friday, 14 years later, an unprosecuted grand jury indictment revealed the grand jury prepared charges of child abuse resulting in death and accessory to a crime for both John and Patsy Ramsey in the death of their daughter. The four pages released indicated the jury felt that both the Ramseys permitted a child to be “unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child’s life or health, which resulted in the death of JonBenet Ramsey” and rendered assistance to a person “knowing the person being assisted has committed and was suspected of the crime of murder in the first degree and child abuse resulting in death.” [...] Lin Wood, an attorney for John Ramsey, said the released indictment means “absolutely zero” in terms of the investigation into JonBenet’s death. [...] Wood said the exoneration and the DNA made what was revealed Friday irrelevant. “You didn’t have DNA testing then, and that fact alone renders these findings by a grand jury in 1999 to be 100 percent wrong,” Wood said."
    • CNN, "Court papers: Grand jury in 1999 sought to indict JonBenet Ramsey's parents", 2013/10/25: "The documents provide no further details on who that "person" was. The grand jury had accused the couple of committing the offenses "on or between December 25 and December 26, 1996." JonBenet was found murdered in the basement of the family's Boulder home the day after Christmas 1996."
    • From l.2209 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016): "On February 24, Brennan returned my call and while he said that he didn't think the other grand jury pages would be released, he did make two compelling remarks. The first was that he speculated that other people besides the Ramseys had been named in the report. The second was that Brennan had consulted with University of Colorado Law Professor Mimi Wesson, a longtime and highly-qualified legal commentator, who supported Kelley's view that the wording in the report referred to a third party as the killer — not to John or Patsy or Burke. Brennan also said that he'd spoken with the grand jurors themselves, but wouldn't discuss this."
  • Pineapple in JonBenet's stomach - might have actually been from the White party, not the Ramsey home
    • Important question about the pineapple bowl in the Ramsey home: was it just Patsy's fingerprints on the bowl, or were both Patsy's and Burke's fingerprints on it? Steve Thomas' book seems to imply it was only Patsy's fingerprints, as does the police interrogation with her ("PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah. Did you fingerprint that?" / "TOM HANEY: Yes." / "PATSY RAMSEY: Did it show anything?" / "TOM HANEY: Well, what would that tell you, somebody's fingerprints were on it." / "PATSY RAMSEY: Well, if they weren't mine, if they were not John's, maybe somebody fed her pineapple." / "TOM HANEY: What if those fingerprints belonged to one of the two of you?" / "TOM HANEY: Look at me. If they are not yours and they are not John's, then they would be somebody else's." / "PATSY RAMSEY: Right." / "TOM HANEY: But now I am telling you they are not somebody else's. Those prints belong to one of the two of you."), but later reports added the detail that Burke's prints were on the bowl too.
    • Websleuths thread in 2006 suggesting that the Ramseys' evasiveness over the pineapple was because they fed it to JonBenet with a sedative: "I heard Wendy Murphy on a radio talk show recently. She had just read through the police questioning of the Ramseys and asked some interesting questions. [...] Wendy began by stating that the undigested pineapple is the most important evidence in this case. [...] Her next, more subtle point: Why would both John and Patsy Ramsey adamantly insist that they did NOT give JB pineapple? [...] Wendy continued with: Given that there is nothing sinister about giving a child pineapple, and given the obvious connection of that bowl, Patsy's fingerprints and the undigested pineapple in JB's belly, it's more than apparent that their firm resistance to admitting that they gave the pineapple to JB is that they KNEW it contained a sedative (something we would know was NOT true if it WERE untrue). This sedative idea is not speculative because in the same general location of the police interrogation of John Ramsey, John was also asked about drugs in the home -- in particular, whether he was aware that Patsy was taking Klonopin. John said no, but the interesting thing about Klonopin is that it can cause seizures in kids. [...] Wendy continued with: How does asking them about the meds they were taking translate to the police found drugs in JB's body? The short answer is: Any reasonable lawyer would easily instruct their client to refuse to answer such a probling question and easily persuade the police not to ASK such an intrusive question -- unless the information was truly important and highly relevant to the investigation. Thus, the very fact that they were asked and answered all the questions about the drugs they were using in telling."
    • Sasha on the Gossip Rocks forum in 2008 argues that the pineapple in the Ramsey home was staged to make it appear that she died there - says that the Whites "did not recall" whether pineapple was served
    • United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, no. CIV.A.1:00-CV-1187-J: Wolf v. Ramsey, 2003/03/21: "There is no evidence in the record that indicates when JonBenet ate the pineapple. Defendants state they did not feed JonBenet pineapple upon returning home from the White's party that evening. (SMF ¶ 13.) Mr. White does not recall if pineapple was served at his dinner party on December 25, 1996. (F. White Dep. at 202.)"
    • According to CA4Now on City Data in 2016, Patsy Ramsey claimed that Priscilla White served cocktail wieners with pineapple
    • Reddit thread discusses the likelihood that fruit cocktail, not just pineapple, was found
    • We Have Your Daughter by Paula Woodward, p.159 is the source of the claim, citing non-public Boulder police documents: "According to previously unreleased BPD reports, laboratory testing revealed that JonBenet also ate cherries and grapes as well as pineapple. Remnants of cherries were found in the stomach/proximal area of her small intestine. "Another item besides pineapple was cherries." (BPD Report #1-1348.) In that same report: "Another item besides pineapple was grapes." (BPD Report #1-1348.) Another report expands on the grapes, saying "grapes including skin and pulp." (BPD Report #1-349.) The food described resembles what is included in most cans of fruit cocktail."
    • Westword, "JonBenet: Paula Woodward on New Book, John Ramsey, Burke-Did-It Claims", 2016/10/03 - "One of the things I got — I call it a JonBenét murder book index. It was about 4,000 pages long and it had portions, summaries, sentences from police reports, and some from CBI and FBI that I was able to verify. It was fascinating, and one of the things in there was about that bowl of pineapple that so much was made of — to all of us. The picture of it, and how Burke's and Patsy's fingerprints were on the bowl. And Boulder police didn't take the contents of her stomach to be tested until October of 1997. Which is a long time. Took it to the University of Colorado. Two experts at the University of Colorado, they came back in January of 1998, and they came back with a report that said what was in her stomach was grapes, grape skins, cherries and pineapples. A fruit cocktail."
  • Burke-did-it (BDI) theory doubts
  • DNA evidence - is it useful or not?
    • Rocky Mountain News, "DNA may not help Ramsey inquiry", 2002/11/19: "The Ramseys' attorney scoffed at the notion that the underwear DNA might be traceable to the garment's production. "That sounds like a pretty spectacularly imaginative theory to me," said Wood. Of Kane, he added, "I've never found Michael Kane to be objective." Wood said the DNA from the underwear was commingled with a spot of blood, making any theory of point-of-manufacture contamination "nonsensical." He also contended there are as many as a half-dozen genetic markers in common, between the DNA recovered from JonBenet's underwear and her fingernails."
    • CBS, "JonBenet Parents Pin Hopes On DNA", 2004/12/23: "What's more, reported 48 Hours, the Denver police crime lab has two spots of JonBenet's blood found on the underwear she was wearing the night of the murder. Mixed in with that blood is the DNA of an unknown person . It has taken years to isolate, but forensic scientists in Colorado now have a complete DNA profile of the killer. They know the killer is a male. What they don't know is his name. Augustin and Gray, private detectives hired by John and Patsy Ramsey in 1999, are convinced the DNA sample belongs to JonBenet's killer, because of a small amount of matching DNA that also was found under the 6-year-old murder victim's fingernails."
    • New York Times, "New DNA Technology Clears the Family of JonBenet Ramsey", 2008/07/10: "A new technique of analysis, Ms. Lacy said in a letter to JonBenet’s father, John Ramsey, has found DNA traces, unobtainable by earlier methods, of an unidentified male on the long johns JonBenet wore the night she died. The DNA is not from a member of the Ramsey family and is almost definitely that of the killer, who would have presumably removed or otherwise handled the long johns, Ms. Lacy said. The genetic material matches that from a drop of blood found on JonBenet’s underwear early in the investigation. [...] Ms. Lacy said a private laboratory, the Bode Technology Group of Lorton, Va., had tested material scraped from the waistband of the long johns and found a match with the earlier samples taken from the crotch of the underwear JonBenet wore on the night of the crime."
    • CNN, "DNA clears JonBenet's family, points to mystery killer", 2008/07/10: "Testing in 1998 showed that DNA evidence found in the girl's underwear and beneath her fingernails was from an unidentified man and did not match anyone in the Ramsey family. Tests conducted in March revealed that new DNA collected from a pair of long johns matched a sample previously taken from the child's panties."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "DNA in doubt: New analysis challenges DA’s exoneration of Ramseys", 2016/10/27: "Forensic experts who examined the results of DNA tests obtained exclusively by the two news organizations disputed former District Attorney Mary Lacy’s conclusion that a DNA profile found in one place on JonBenet’s underpants and two locations on her long johns was necessarily the killer’s — which Lacy had asserted in clearing JonBenet’s family of suspicion. In fact, those experts said the evidence showed that the DNA samples recovered from the long johns came from at least two people in addition to JonBenet — something Lacy’s office was told, according to documents obtained by the Camera and 9NEWS, but that she made no mention of in clearing the Ramseys. [...] Additionally, the independent experts raised the possibility that the original DNA sample recovered from JonBenet’s underwear — long used to identify or exclude potential suspects — could be a composite and not that of a single individual."
    • Reddit post by samarkandy arguing that the DNA evidence found on JonBenet is significant

Incest allegations

  • Pushing JonBenet into the pageant circuit
    • Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "Nation fixates on darling's death", 1997/01/12 (pages 1, 17): "The story is even more compelling because JonBenet was Little Miss Colorado in 1995 and, as the case unfolds, more and more video and still images emerge, showing the tow-headed child dolled up as a Vegas showgirl, a high-class fashion model and a darling cowgirl crooning "I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart." Pictures of a beauty Some say those enticing pageant photos of the Little Miss Colorado may be as responsible as any other aspect of the case for drawing media attention to a city that claims to abhor exploitation of women in any form. A Boulder grandmother and businesswoman, who asked that her name not be used, said the attention to JonBenet's participation in pageant upon pageant "nauseated me." "It's exploitation, and that's where the media has done a real disservice to other children," she said. "They hold the pageants up as something 'Wow!' It's not 'Wow!' It's exploitation. It's a kind of socially accepted pornography. All of the poses, the makeup, the costumes are alluding to sex, and it's a sickness.""
    • From p.364 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000): "[In the Lou Smit interview] I thought I had heard it all, but Ramsey outdid himself by saying that JonBenet herself had launched the beauty pageant career and “was more insistent about it than Patsy.”"
  • According to p.293 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas, the Ramsey family's dictionary was folded open to the word "incest":

        Then, while reviewing a list of book titles from the Ramsey home at the request of Don Foster, I dug out the Polaroid photographs from the Evidence Room. Using magnifying glasses, evidence tech Pat Peck and I compared the titles on the list with what the pictures showed. Entire shelves of books had been overlooked.
        When we checked the photos from a big manila envelope marked as evidence item #85KKY, I almost fell out of my chair, and Peck inhaled in sharp surprise. A picture showed Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary on a coffee table in the first floor study, the corner of the lower left-hand page sharply creased and pointing like an arrow to the word incest. Somebody had apparently been looking for a definition of sexual contact between family members.
  • Basement photos of JonBenet
    • Websleuths thread asking if JonBenet's murder was broadcast online as a private snuff film (pages 1, 2, 3, 4)
      • "TRIP DeMUTH: Is there any reason why there would be photographs of JonBenet located in the laundry room?

        PATSY RAMSEY: No. Were there -- I mean, did somebody find them there?

        TRIP DeMUTH: If there were, would that be out of place for you?


        THOMAS HANEY: So you don't recall taking a photo of her down there?

        PATSY RAMSEY: (Shaking head.)

        THOMAS HANEY: If she was doing something really cutesy or something, would you maybe run and get the camera, take one of her?

        PATSY RAMSEY: Of her in the laundry room?

        THOMAS HANEY: Uh-hum.

        PATSY RAMSEY: No."
    • Websleuths claim by UKGuy in 2016 that the police were searching the Charlevoix home for nude photos of JonBenet: "The search of Charlevoix was as a result of the album of JonBenet photographs found dumped in the basement alerting investigators to the fact that someone had an unhealthy obsession with JonBenet! The Charlevoix home was explicitly searched for underage visual images in whatsoever format and the results of the search, multiple pages, were redacted by the judge who released the search warrant. Excuses were made that it was all about handwriting exemplars, nonsense of course, since the Boulder house was drowning in handwritten material. One item listed as being removed from the Charlevoix home was a photo album."
    • 1997/01/05 search warrant for the 112 Belvedere property in Charlevoix MI
    • Syracuse Herald Journal, "Cops search strangled young beauty queen's vacation home", 1997/01/07: "Charlevoix County prosecutor Mary Beth Kur said she prepared a search warrant, along with a motion to seal the affidavit, which was granted by a judge. She said the documents contained information known only to the perpetrator."
    • 1997/03/06 search warrant for the 112 Belvedere property in Charlevoix MI - one item taken by police was a photo album
    • CNN, "Police search Ramseys' summer home second time", 1997/03/08: "Charlevoix District Attorney Mary Beth Kur told CNN that Boulder police Detective Jane Harmer spent an hour Thursday morning searching the house. It was the second search of the home. The first was in January. Kur, who said she helped prepare a 20-page affidavit supporting the search warrant, would not disclose what was taken from the home. She did say that, since it was the second search, police had to show that they were looking for new information in order to obtain the warrant."
    • Rocky Mountain News, "Despite release of warrants, Ramsey case still holds secrets", ????/??/??: "At least three more warrants in the case remain sealed; two of them are for searches executed at the Ramseys' vacation home in Charlevoix, Mich. And a Boulder judge signed yet another warrant Dec. 26 -- the day 6-year-old JonBenet's body was discovered in her parents' basement -- for a still publicly undisclosed property in Boulder County. [...] Meanwhile, longtime Denver prosecutor-turned-private attorney Craig Silverman said the Michigan warrants could be more interesting than the warrants on the Ramseys' Boulder home. "The home in Michigan is not part of the crime scene, and they (police) would have had to articulate the basis of their suspicion of the Ramseys,'' said Silverman. "The most interesting affidavits have yet to be revealed.''"
  • At the Ramseys' home in Charlevoix, there was allegedly a suggestive photo of JonBenet that appeared to show her nude, as related by an anonymous source on p.160 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (1999): "The photograph, the woman said, showed JonBenet with a provocative expression on her face, wearing nothing but make-up and a feather boa snaking around her torso." By some accounts, JonBenet was only 3 years old at the time.
  • Suggestions that John had a sexual appetite which led him to sleep around
    • Justice Watch, "Does anyone know", 2000/05/23: "I have always wondered myself if JR had a lady on the side. It also bothered me ALOT when I read in ST's book that the Rams had an EIGHT FOOT electronic movie screen mounted from the ceiling right over their bed in the master bedroom of that house! Was this to watch home movies and if so, just what kind of home movies were these two watching in bed at night? Just too hinky, especially in light of MW's recent story...If this is relevant to the case, JR wouldn't need a mistress, he already had one in his daughter!"
    • CyberSleuths post connecting the Wonderland child pornography raids and the Ramsey case: "John Ramsey's profile is the key here... John was a Momma's boy ... a wimp ... all of his life. He came of age in the arms of children in the Phillipines. People have "preferences". John's were probably "child-women" ... like his conquests in the Phillipines ... and Patsy ... and the kids of Amsterdam ... and JonBenet. It's no "accident" that John's daughter was was raised to be a "woman-child". The sexual clothing ... and moves ... were no accident."
    • TODO: investigate and validate the Kimberly Ballard a.k.a. Kim Ballard story of an affair with John, in which he supposedly wanted her to dress up like a pageant girl
    • TODO: look for source of claim that Patsy told Linda Hoffmann-Pugh she couldn't engage in the kind of sex that John wanted (perhaps in Ch.1 of LHP's book)
  • Justice Watch, "Diane's Thoughts on a Taboo Subject (repost)", 2000/03/03 - about a psychic named Diane claiming that the Ramsey family was full of incest
    • "Diane believes that incest is directly linked to this case; as a matter of fact, all roads lead to it.

      She believes both parents, John and Patsy, were brought up in dysfunctional families. She believes Nedra is the original "Sybil's mom", and Patsy's a real "Sybil"."
    • "I don't recall much of how she described John's upbringing; however, she's insistent that all members of the Ramsey First Family are lying when they say John didn't abuse them. I was going to post this last week in the Melinda thread, but didn't. Anyway, according to Diane, Melinda (and Beth) were physically abused by John and they, and their mother, are keeping the secret tight."
    • "Both parents brought their prior histories into their own family. She claims that Burke was just as abused as JonBenet, and further claims that Burke is still in danger. In almost every letter Diane sends me, there's always references to the hell those little kids were going through -- and the fear. They both were very fearful. Diane claims this is evident in their drawings, as well as their physical problems, e.g., bedwetting, always being sick. She's noted that "hellhole" isn't descriptive enough of the hell both Burke and JonBenet had to endure with their parents. She describes a lot of anger, a lot of physical abuse as well as sexual abuse, and that both children suffered these abuses by BOTH parents."
    • "Money talks, and Diane believes Lucinda's been paid quite well. Melinda has fluttered about; on the one hand she's trying to protect her father, on the other, she's afraid of him. I have to check my notes because I don't know where JAR fits in, if at all. I know Diane is adamant that JR is abusing Burke, and abused Beth and hand, I can't recall if JAR suffered at his father's hands as well...I'll check this."
    • "Oh wait! Different topic, but...Diane really believes that Fleet is in on all of this. She thinks that blow-out in Atlanta after the burial wasn't a complete "falling-out" and possibly was a red herring to thwart authorities. And further, that Fleet went back to Boulder to help clean things up and hide the truth. Fleet and Priscilla are aware of the tensions and problems that existed in the Ramsey household. Di thinks it's all part of a larger plan."
    • "Iteresting that it appears JR abused all his kids except JAR. Reminds me of Dr. Hodges interpertation of JAR's temper and seemingly need to pick fights. Hodges said JAR harbors some feelings of guilt because he knows his sisters were abused ( in Jonbenet's case "silenced") and he wants to be punished > Hodges gave this innterpertation when recounting an incedient where JAR approached a reporter and was begging guy to hit him."
  • 2000/03/18 deposition of Linda Arndt
    • "Q. And what opinions are you referring to that were material to the investigation?

      A. Incest. Naming the Ramseys as suspects.

      Q. This is incest between John Ramsey and JonBenet?

      A. Yes, to the whole incest dynamic in the family.

      Q. But involving John Ramsey and JonBenet, any other members?

      A. Well, specifically because she's the one who's dead.

      Q. But when you refer again to incest, it could involve any number of family members. I'm just trying to identify the family members you refer to when you use that term.

      A. Well, there's a whole dynamic, because everybody's got a role in the family."
  • Justice Watch, "Case Connections to Child Porn", 2000/05/27: "Remember the old man in a wheelchair that freaked out Patsy in Charlevoix? He told her that a young guy had been walking near the home the year before (I think prior to the murder) and told the old man that he was pissed at JR. He said he had been hired to build a "secret room" at the Charlevoix house. He was mad because JR backed out of the deal and owed money. Then he supposedly made a threat against JB. Drama Queen was so freaked she called Lou-ser in Boulder and he said call the Charlevoix police."
  • Claim that fibers from John Ramsey's shirt or sweater were found on JonBenet's underwear
    • From the 2000/08/29 interview of John Ramsey: "Q. (By Mr. Levin) Mr. Ramsey, it is our belief based on forensic evidence that there are hairs that are associated, that the source is the collared black shirt that you sent us that are found in your daughter's underpants, and I wondered if you -- [...] THE WITNESS: If the question is how did fibers of your shirt get into your daughter's underwear, I say that is not possible. I don't believe it. That is ridiculous."
    • Websleuths thread in 2006 about the controversy
  • National Enquirer, "RAMSEYS CHANGE THEIR STORY ABOUT MURDER NIGHT", 2001/04/03: "During The ENQUIRER interview, Patsy admitted she considered and rejected the possibility that John was sexually abusing JonBenet. She openly admitted that during her struggle to defeat ovarian cancer between 1993 and 1994, John and Patsy's sex life suffered. She totally rejects the notion of John abusing JonBenet, but her reasoning is odd. She said her mother "came to take care of the kids (when I had cancer). She slept in the other bed in JonBenet's room. I mean, if John was coming in to molest JonBenet, you know that's not going to happen 'cause Grandma was right there every night.""
  • Peter Boyles interview of former housekeeper Linda Wilcox in 2006 or prior which mentions JonBenet saying she would be a "sexy witch" for Halloween, evidently at the inspiration of her mother Patsy
  • Initial belief by Boulder police in an incest theory
    • The fact that Marilyn Van Derbur Atler, a Miss America winner from Colorado who survived child sexual abuse at the hands of her prominent father, was an early consultant to the Boulder police (see below) suggests they were going down this road
    • DocG, "Ruled Out", 2012/07/31: "Posted by New York Lawyer, on Mar-21-99 at 07:09 PM (EST):

      New York attorney Darnay Hoffman spoke to Boulder Assitant District Attorney Bill Wise in March of 1997, and your theory was the first one adopted by the Boulder Police Department. They believed, at first, that John had acted completely on his own, hiding the body of JBR with the intention of disposing it after the police had followed the phoney trail of a bogus kidnapping. They felt that Patsy had been completely kept out of the loop by John, until the handwriting evidence came back looking suspiciously like hers. Then they thought that Patsy was covering for a child molesting John. But these theories were eventually abandoned for a Patsy did it alone theory. So at least you can see: Your theory was the original theory of choice until other evidence surfaced."
    • Websleuths post in 2013 by UKGuy suggesting that Steve Thomas intended to support the incest theory in his book but backed away due to legal concerns and instead dropped hints: "Well thats the catch, does Steve Thomas offer all the evidence or just enough to justify a belief in PDI? If you read the relevant chapters, where the forensic evidence is summarised and discussed and the predominately male officers are given a lecture on female anatomy along with pictures of JonBenet's genital region contrasted with that of someone of similar age free from injury. Patently an incest theory was discussed along with JonBenet's internal injuries, but this was neither presented or developed in Steve Thomas' book, this and the eventual reference to JonBenet's injuries as Vaginal Trauma, moves away from an incest theory. I reckon Steve Thomas wrote his book constrained by the knowledge, if he told it as he saw it, then the Ramsey Legal Team would litigate, so he moderated his theory, but dropped hints here and there."
  • Physical abuse in the home - possibly part of the reason for JonBenet's high number of pediatric visits?
  • Reddit thread in 2019 highlighting evidence that Burke may have been sexually abused
    • "Burke Ramsey's interview with a child psychologist January 8, 1997 (BONITA PAPERS)

      Social Services had previously provided Dr. Bernhard with some history on Burke which indicated an ongoing bedwetting problem, but Burke denied this saying that it happened a long time ago. Children are usually honest about this in interviews, and Dr. Bernhard wondered why Burke was not.


      Dr. Bernhard felt there needed to be more follow-up with Burke in the discussion of sexual contact. The only show of emotion by Burke, other than the irritation with the questions about the actual crime, was when Dr. Bernhard began to ask about uncomfortable touching. Burke picked up a board game and put it on his head an action indicating anxiety or discomfort with these types of questions and that there was more that he was not telling her. Dr. Bernhard asked Burke if he had any secrets, and he said, “probably, if I did, I wouldn't tell you, because then it wouldn’t be a secret."
    • "(FOREIGN FACTION, Kolar) I had reviewed an investigator’s report that documented a 1997 interview with former Ramsey nanny - housekeeper Geraldine Vodicka, who stated that Burke had smeared feces on the walls of a bathroom during his mother’s first bout with cancer. She told investigators that Nedra Paugh, who was visiting the Ramsey home at the time, had directed her to clean up the mess. There were other police reports in the files that documented what I thought could be viewed as related behavior. CSIs had written about finding a pair of pajama bottoms in JonBenet's bedroom that contained fecal material. They were too big for her and were thought to belong to Burke. Additionally, a box of candy located in her bedroom had also been observed to be smeared with feces. Both of these discoveries had been made during the processing of the crime scene during the execution of search warrants following the discovery of JonBenet’s body."
    • "LINDA WILCOX (PMPT page 258) When the police interviewed me, they asked if the kids wet the bed a lot. I said yes. Detective Harmer asked if I thought that was unusual, and I had to say, "Not really. Not at that age." Burke wore Pull-Ups until he was six, and JonBenet always wore them. But I also told the police it was curious to me that Burke stopped wetting the bed when he stopped being the focus of Patsy's attention. And that was when JonBenet became a chronic bedwetter. But you know if you have little kids around that age, they are bedwetters. When I left in September of 1995, they were both still wetting their beds."
  • 2019 Reddit thread on a mysterious number of cameras going missing from the Ramsey home
  • 2021 Reddit thread hghlighting oddities of John's relationship with his late daughter Beth - cites Linda Wilcox, both from her 1998/07/21 appearance on Peter Boyles and her quotes in PMPT
    • "LINDA WILCOX: One thing I thought was really odd, when I first worked there. Their oldest daughter, Beth, had died before I started working there. I've had a lot of death in my family, lots of family members have died, most of them prematurely. So, in the back of my photo albums, I tend to have like a collage of whoever it was, like my father, for example.

      Well, he had this frame with the different holes for the different sized pictures, like a collage frame. He had this collage frame with pictures of Beth in them. From when she was a little kid, when she was a cheerleader, like that, which in and of itself is not odd at all especially with someone who has died. Except that he kept it in his bathroom. It wasn't even hung up at first. It stayed between, (some talking here that I can't understand - except she says, no let me go on, this is significant). He had one of those big sunken tubs and a separate shower and it sat between the tub and the wall. And then when the house flooded, which I'll tell you about later, it was right before the tour, like a week before the tour, the house flooded over Thanksgiving break which was a problem with a window and a faucet - it ran the whole time and flooded the house. Fortunately, it skipped that picture. But, at that time, it went on the wall, a few feet up and over behind the door but it stayed in his bathroom."
    • "(Wilcox) “After Beth died, John didn't have a lot of pictures of Melinda and John Andrew around - just photos of Beth, even in the bathroom. He'd written a poem to her called "Daddy's Little Girl" that he kept on his dresser where he put his watch and loose change every night. Right where he could see it every day. Twice a day, really. I remember some of the poem. It was a "Your First Steps" kind of thing. He wrote, "And the best thing of the day is to look after daddy's little girl . . ." and "You are growing older with woman looks that are now clear."”"
  • 2021 Reddit thread arguing that John was the one responsible for sexually abusing JonBenet
  • CyberSleuths thread with a user claiming to know a cop who accused John Ramsey of pedophilia: "I remember the time a friend of mine who is a cop, told me John was a known pedophile. Time will tell if that statement is a fact or not. Lately, looks like he may have been right. [...] No, it wasn't a Boulder cop. In fact, we live in another state. I don't know if what he said is true or not. [...] All I know is right after the murder, he told me this. [...] I have no idea where my cop-friend heard this information. I would guess he heard it at the station he works at. Thing is, this guy is a WONDERFUL person and I have never heard him say a bad word about anyone. So for him to say this, makes me believe that at least he believes what he was telling me. I also got the feeling that he told me more than he should have. We saw him at Xmas and he didn't want to talk at all other than to say it will be solved."
  • ACandyRose page on Access Graphics vice president Laurie Wagner's secretary Diane Hallis: "In part: "Diane, who worked at the Boulder, Colo. company for 2 1/2 years before leaving this year on amicable terms, says she received a call from a woman who said John and Patsy Ramsey, in a tearful meeting with their lawyers, had confessed to taking part in JonBenet's death. The woman whose call Diane took claimed her boyfriend was an attorney working in the office of one of Ramsey's defense lawyers. "She told me that her boyfriend told her Patsy had called their attorneys after JonBenet's death and admitted being responsible," says Diane. "She said Patsy had told her attorney that she got up during the night and found her husband in JonBenet's room. She accused John of sexually molesting JonBenet." "According to the woman, Patsy told her lawyer that she picked up something to hit John, missed and accidentally struck JonBenet on the head." "Patsy admitted to her attorney that she and John made up the kidnapping story and he helped her construct the ransom note as a cover.""
  • According to Sasha on the Gossip Rocks forum in 2008, Patsy's mother Nedra Paugh once said that JonBenet was "only abused a little bit"

Child prostitution ring leads

  • Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (1999, 2016)
  • Randy Simons, a Denver CO child photographer who took the June 1996 shots of JBR, approached at least one pageant mother about shooting nudes of her daughter. He abruptly left behind his wife and children and moved to remote eastern Colorado right after JBR's murder. Simons expressed fear for his life and claimed in an article for pageant newsletter Stagelines that he was being pursued by "paramilitary" types. Simons was specifically afraid that this paramilitary group was after his photographic negatives. In July 2019 Simons was arrested on child pornography charges in Oregon.
    • From p.124 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller, there is an indication of why Patsy hired Randy Simons: "Most pageants include a “Most Photogenic” or “Photo Portfolio” category, where the entrants are judged solely on their photographs. Pasty decided it was time for JonBenét to have a portfolio, and Pam Griffin recommended a photographer, Randy Simons, who could make a six-year-old look twenty. When a pageant favored the seductive look, Pam told Patsy, Simons was the best."
    • Denver Post, "JonBenet glamour photographer jailed", 1998/10/17
    • Rocky Mountain News, "Man found walking nude told deputy, 'I didn't kill JonBenet'", 1998/10/21: "Lincoln County Sheriff Leroy Yowell said Randy Simons, 46, was arrested at about 3:30 p.m. Friday for walking along a residential street in Genoa -- an eastern Plains town, population 200 -- with no clothes on. Simons told the arresting deputy "I didn't kill JonBenet." "That was the first thing he said when my deputy walked up to him," said Yowell. Yowell said that his deputy had said nothing to Simons that would have likely elicited such a remark from the photographer."
    • From l.927-939 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          In the newspaper article, he [Simons] portrayed himself as having been able to peddle the pictures for lots of money, but he'd resisted that option and done the right thing. He had sold his entire JonBenet collection to the Sygma Photo Agency, a national distribution outlet in New York City, for $7,500, plus a percentage of what Sygma received for reselling the photos to newspapers, magazines, and television programs. Sygma now had the pictures, but Simons had kept the negatives in a rural bank vault.
    • From l.940-951 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          “What can you tell me about Randy Simons?” I asked Griffin.
          “I've known him for fifteen years,” she said, above the whir of her sewing machine. “and he's photographed my daughter, Kristine, since she was three years old. He loved to tease little girls, but that seemed totally innocent to me. We all loved Randy and were completely comfortable with him. He had the best pageant photography business around, but for the past year or so, he's lived alone out in eastern Colorado. He left a wife and daughter and son back in Denver. Nobody can figure out why he moved there. He says that he's making or selling antennas for CB radios now. Money was always important to him. He talked about it a lot and was always trying to make more.”
          “How did he behave after JonBenet's murder?”
          “He was very strange and I thought his reactions were inappropriate. He was more torn up than anyone else outside the family, and he'd only met the girl a few times. He just kept phoning me about JonBenet and crying and crying. He wouldn't stop. When he first called, he wanted me to contact Patsy and get her permission for him to sell JonnyB's portfolio. I couldn't get that permission, so he just went ahead and sold the pictures. Pageant people were really upset with him for doing that. He's been blackballed because of it. We don't want photographers to exploit these children by having their pictures plastered all over the tabloids.
          “As time went on, Randy just became hysterical. It was odd because I'd never heard him cry before about anything. He began calling me late at night and saying that people were going to come out to where he lived and kill him. He had a wild, scary sound in his voice. Then he said something that really stopped me.”
          “What was that?”
          “He said that he didn't have an alibi for the night of last December 25. ‘Why do you need an alibi?’ I asked him. He wouldn't answer that question. I asked him where he was on Christmas night. He said he didn't want to talk about it. In the past, he'd always wanted to talk about everything. He was extremely upset and it just didn't make any sense to me. If you didn't agree with him now, he got nasty and started screaming like a madman. Maybe he just turned paranoid because people in the beauty pageant world were angry at him and he was losing some business.”
    • From l.965-972 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):
          “What else do you know, Pam?”
          She hesitated, before saying, “One time Randy wanted to shoot Kristina nude, but I said absolutely not. We weren't into that. He had nude pictures lying around his studio, fairly tasteful ones of adult woman, so I knew he did this sort of thing, but not with my daughter. Another time he suggested using computer equipment to put Kristine's head on another body, to make her image more salable. They can do anything with computers now and maybe he just wanted to help her career, but I wasn't into that, either.”
    • From l.978-985 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          “After JonBenet was killed,” she [Miss Colorado 1989 Trish Dampier] told me, “Randy wrote a very strange article in a pageant newsletter saying that men in vans had come out to the small town where he lives and were going to get him if he didn't sell JonBenet's portfolio. He seemed paranoid about all this, and that's how he tried to justify selling her pictures. We gave him a lot of grief over that and he took it badly. We all have pictures of ourselves that we wouldn't want him to sell if we died.”
          Carol Hirata lived outside of Fort Collins and published “Stagelines,” the newsletter that contained Simons's “strange article” about being pursued by “paramilitary” types following the homicide. Hirata had also received calls from the photographer “at odd hours.”
          “He's handled the whole JonBenet thing in a very bizarre manner,” she said. “He told me that his life was in danger and made some vague references about someone releasing inappropriate pictures of JonBenet if he didn't sell her portfolio.”
    • From l.988 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          According to Pam Griffin and LaDonna Griego, Simons claimed that in the first week of January, when stories about the dead child were being prepared for a variety of magazines and TV shows, Sygma had put extreme pressure on him to sell his JonBenet portfolio. The New York distributor naturally wanted to cash in on this nationwide, if not worldwide, photo opportunity. Both women said that Simons told them that Sygma had given him an ultimatum: Hand over the pictures by midnight January 7 or the distributor would release photos of the girl that would embarrass everyone who knew her. At this point, Simons explained to them, he caved in and relinquished the portfolio.
    • From p.259 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "Simons was something of an “odd critter,” though, said Fix. Right now he claimed that people were chasing him and that the Ramseys were pointing the finger at him. Simons had even told Fix that some paramilitary group was trying to ambush him and steal his negatives. He’d shot someone in the leg with an arrow to protect himself, Fix said, shrugging."
    • From p.259 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town paperback: "In March of 1997, Detective Jeff Kithcart interviewed photographer Mark Fix. Asked about Randy Simons, Fix said no, he didn't think Simons was a good suspect - thought he was an "odd critter". He was paranoid, thought people were after him, thought the Ramseys were blaming him. He feared some paramilitary group wanted his negatives..."
    • Pedophilia confirmation (including July 2019 child pornography arrest)
      • National Enquirer, "JonBenet Ramsey: Victim Of Sicko Kiddie-Lover Cult", 2016/07/29 (page 2 photo of Simons from a 1991 Arapahoe County arrest): "Now sources tell The National ENQUIRER that lawmen are taking a new look at Randall "Randy" Simons - the photographer (inset) who took glamour photos of JonBenet before her death! He was busted in Oregon just weeks after sex offender Gary Howard Oliva was collared last month. [...] Simons, 63, is "creepy" and "fixated" on little girls, say neighbors in Westfir, Ore. He had been arrested for theft in the town recently, but not charged. [...] Sources described Simons, who moved to the Northwest after JonBenet died, as an oddball who pesters little girls. "Randy has a twisted mind," said a neighbor. "He is an alcoholic, an addict, a person who approaches and annoys children [by] wanting little girls to 'dress up' for him." Another source insisted: "Some parents are very concerned about Randy and have confronted him. They've told him to stay away from their kids - or else!" [...] Meanwhile, Oliva is charged with emailing more than a dozen, disgustingly "graphic" images of child porn. He is a registered sex offender who did jail time for assaulting a 7-year-old in Oregon."
      • KVAL, "Police: Children's photographer accessed child porn on wireless network at restaurant", 2019/07/03: "A man who describes himself as a children's photographer faces accusations he regularly accessed child pornography on a public wireless network at an Oakridge restaurant, the Oakridge Police Department says. Oakridge Police arrested Randall D. Simons, 66, on Tuesday on 16 counts of Encouraging Child Sex Abuse. The arrest is the result of a year-long investigation, police said."
      • BeenVerified info on Randall D Simons age 66 of Eugene OR - lists him as living in Eugene OR, Arriba CO, Littleton CO, Genoa CO, and Denver CO
      • KVAL, "Man facing child porn charges in Oregon sold photos of JonBenét after her 1996 death", 2019/07/09: "Police in Oregon arrested Randall D. Simons, 66, on July 2, 2019, on 16 counts of Encouraging Child Sex Abuse. The incidents happened between August 2018 and June 2019, according to court filings in the case. [...] A man by the same name with the same date of birth was hired in June 1996 by the Ramsey family of Boulder, Colorado, to photograph JonBenét, according to news reports from the late 1990s and sources in Colorado."
      • Eugene Register-Guard, "Former photographer for JonBenét Ramsey released from jail, fears contracting COVID-19", 2020/03/23: "An Oakridge man charged with 15 counts of child pornography, who once photographed the child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey, was released from the Lane County Jail after his attorney expressed fear the 67-year-old could contract COVID-19. Randall De Witt Simons has been in the jail since July 2 after a year-long investigation by Springfield and Oakridge police. He’s charged with 15 counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse. Simons’ trial is scheduled to begin May 12. Last week, however, his attorney Rosalind Lee filed a motion in Lane County Circuit Court for Simons’ release, citing heart problems and his age. [...] The motion was granted Friday. He was released on his own recognizance because he and his family can not afford bail, the motion states."
    • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check on Randall DeWitt Simons born 1952/10/13 (archive) - was arrested by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office on 1991/03/19 (arrest number 9103429 / court docket D0031991CR000618) on assault charges, for which the DA dropped the felony portion of the charges and he ended up getting 2 years of probation and 100 hours of community service
    • Alleged connection to the North Fox Island pedophile ring
    • Sygma Photo Agency background
      • Background of the Gamma Photo Agency - whose co-founder Hubert Henrotte was a Sygma founder, and two of whose photographers Eliane Laffont and Jean-Pierre Laffont were also Sygma founders
        • Co-founder Hugues Vassal
          • Hugues Vassal website: "In 1969, Hugues travels to South Africa and produces a famously poignant illustration of the Apartheid. One year later, he is the first European reporter allowed to photograph the crucial events recording China's Culturel Revolution. During the next ten years, Hugues Vassal will be hailed for his exceptional shots showing the private and public lives of the Shah (Mohamad Reza Pahlavi) and Shahbanu (Farah Pahlavi) of Iran."
      • Background of founder Jean-Pierre Laffont
        • According to Wikipedia, Laffont served as a Commanding Officer for the French Army in Oran during the Algeria War (i.e. against Algerian independence, on the same side as the CIA and the Permindex-linked OAS)
        • Telegraph, "Jean Pierre Laffont: Once upon a time in America", 2014/09/11: "Modest and unassuming, people warmed to him: an apartment block full of transvestite prostitutes took him to their bosom – until their pimp chased him from the scene – and he was taken up by hippies and farmers, American Nazis and Wiccan priests. Laffont believes that his success in finding stories was thanks to something intrinsic to America. “It’s a country of freedom,” he says. “Nobody asks me, 'why do you photograph me?’ The American people welcome the foreigners, it is a tradition. And they give you the benefit of the doubt. They ask, 'what are you going to bring us?’ On the contrary to France, where they ask, 'what are you going to take from us?’”"
      • Coverage of the Afghan mujahideen by Dominique Aubert
        • Consortium News, "Bill Gates v. Photojournalists", 2011/09/22: "Dominique Aubert, once a top photographer for Sygma, got a decidedly chilly reception from his old agency when he sought compensation for its distribution on the Internet of some of the 250,000 photographs that he shot for Sygma in war zones. [...] When I was on assignment for Newsweek in 1988, I personally watched the intrepid Aubert at work in Afghanistan. Traveling with the mujahedeen’s National Islamic Front on a mission to harass Soviet forces near Kandahar, we bounced along rough desert roads on motorcycles at high speeds with Dom and me perched precariously on the back seats with our cameras."
      • Employment of Jean-Paul James Andanson, alleged intelligence agent (MI6?) and Princess Diana murder suspect
        • Vanity Fair, "The Diana Mysteries", 2004/10: "But the Andanson dossier contains a striking inconsistency. The photographer and his wife testified that he had been at home all evening on August 30, but his son, James junior, told police, “I don’t know where my father was [at the time of the accident], but one thing is sure, he was not at home.” [...] “I never believed in a suicide,” says Hubert Henrotte, founder of the Gamma and Sygma photo agencies, who worked closely with Andanson for more than 25 years. “I say he was never a man who knew moments of depression. Suicide is only plausible when you are depressive. And you don’t commit suicide by fire. That’s impossible! I am convinced he was killed by the French services, or British services, or someone else who wanted him dead.” Henrotte believes Andanson had at least an informal working relationship with British intelligence."
        • From p.476-477 of Cover-up of a Royal Murder: Hundreds of Errors in the Paget Report by John Morgan (2007): "Clearly, Andanson was still working for Sygma in the early hours of August 31 1997. This means that he shifted agencies either later that day, or sometime in September 1997. It is misleading for Paget to describe the timing as "August/September 1997" as this means it could have occurred before or after the crash. The agency switch occurred after the crash, and it appears likely that it may have been directly or indirectly linked to Andanson's role in the crash."
        • Princess Diana death (TODO make own page)
      • Acquisition by Bill Gates - who was a close Jeffrey Epstein associate who lied about how close their relationship was, had an employee at his Seattle mansion busted for child pornography, and also acquired Coggins Farms in 2014
        • New York Times, "Corbis to Acquire A Photo Agency", 1999/06/15: "The Corbis Corporation, a privately held company that is wholly owned by William H. Gates, the chairman of the Microsoft Corporation, said today that it had agreed to acquire Sygma, one of the world's largest news photography agencies, as part of its plan to offer news and celebrity images to publishers and consumers over the Internet."
  • James Partin, a former Idaho Springs CO resident under suspicion for the 1983 disappearance of Beth Miller, was arrested in 1998 for distributing child pornography online and was found to have a photo of JBR in his possession
    • Dayton Daily News, "Man jailed in Columbus won't discuss missing girl", 1997/12/21: "Law enforcement officials are forming a task force to look at information they have about a former Idaho Springs man under investigation in the 1983 disappearance of 14-year-old Beth Miller. James Partin, 35, is being held at a Columbus, Ohio, jail on child pornography charges. Investigators want to talk with him about the Miller case after authorities found among his possessions a map of Clear Creek County, which surrounds Idaho Springs, and a newspaper article about the girl's disappearance. Colorado investigators flew to Ohio this week to interview Partin, but he refused to speak with them. The task force, which will have its first meeting Tuesday, includes representatives from the Clear Creek County sheriff's department, the Idaho Springs Police Department, the district attorney's office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. [...] Investigators also plan to study the map found in Partin's possession, which was marked with three X's. [...] Beth vanished while jogging near her Idaho Springs home."
    • Newark Advocate, "Woman says missing teen may resemble girl in video", 1997/12/29: "The former girlfriend of a man under investigation in a girl's disappearance said she saw a videotape of him luring someone who resembled a missing girl into his car, court documents said. [...] Ohio authorities have released a search warrant and related documents in the case. [...] In one document, Columbus police said Tamara Bond told Detective David McKee that she had discovered several sexually explicit video recordings involving children as young as 5 and that the tapes belonged to Partin. She also said that she saw several recordings of Partin appearing to lure females to his parked car. "According to Ms. Bond, one such female bore a striking resemblance to a female chronicled in a 1987 newspaper clipping as missing in Colorado," the document said." - quite likely that this is referring to Rocio Chila Sperry from Colorado Springs CO
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "JonBenet photo found in home of suspected Ohio pornographer", 1998/01/08: "Authorities found a photograph of JonBenet Ramsey in the Ohio home of a suspected pornographer who is under scrutiny in the disappearance of another Colorado girl. The picture of the slain 6-year-old beauty queen turned up in the Columbus home of 35-year-old James Partin, who was arrested last month for investigation of distributing child pornography on the Internet. [...] Boulder police will contact Clear Creek County authorities or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to learn more about the Ramsey photo in Partin's possession, a Boulder police spokeswoman said Wednesday. But Boulder detectives do not believe Partin had any involvement in the year-old Ramsey slaying. [...] "They'll check this one out, too," police spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm said. "But it's not a high priority.""
    • Marysville Journal-Tribune, "Colorado wants to talk to Ohio man about case of missing girl", 1998/09/24: "James Partin is not a suspect in the disappearance of Beth Miller, "but he is someone we do want to speak with," Mark Wilson, an agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, said Tuesday. Miller, 14, vanished Aug. 16, 1983, while jogging near her home in Idaho Springs, Colo. She was declared legally dead three years ago, but her body has not been found. [...] Carl Whiteside, chief of the CBI, said Partin refused to answer questions then because the Ohio case was still pending. [...] "Through his attorney, Partin has indicated he may talk to us after his sentencing hearing in November," Whiteside said Wednesday. Partin could be sentenced to up to 21 years in prison if the judge orders the jail terms to be served consecutively. The pornography investigation began in December, after Partin's then-girlfriend told police she found several sexually explicit videos involving minors that belonged to Partin. Partin attended high school in Idaho Springs."
    • Dayton Daily News, "Man, 36, sentenced for having child porn", 1999/03/27 (pages 1b, 2b): "A 36-year-old man police want to question in the disappearances of two youngsters - including Erica Baker - drew a five-year prison sentence Friday for possessing child pornography. James Partin, arrested by Columbus police in December 1997 for possessing child porn on video tape and as computer images, told Franklin County Judge David E. Cain he is sorry. "I apologize for my actions and accept responsibility for what I have done," Partin said. "I genuinely regret what I've done." Partin faced up to 22 years in prison after pleading guilty to 18 child pornography-related charges in September, including illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor and pandering obscenity involving a minor. His attorney, Jeff Berndt, told the judge Partin is receiving medication and psychiatric counseling. Franklin County assistant prosecutor Elza Blanchard said Partin wasn't involved in the manufacture of the material but did have it in his possession. [...] In the courtroom for Partin's sentencing was Pam Schmidt, Erica Baker's grandmother. "Is he going to jail right this second?" she asked after the sentencing. When told Partin is on his way, she said: "Good." [...] Partin has refused to be interviewed by Kettering police in connection with Erica's disappearance in February. Berndt said his client was at home with his parents at the time of Erica's disappearance. Kettering police Capt. David Woolf said investigators will continue their attempts to speak to Partin. "We'll make an effort to talk to him to see if he'll assist us again," Woolf said. [...] At the time of 9-year-old Erica's disappearance, Partin lived with his parents in Kettering within miles of where the girl was last seen walking the family dog near the Kettering Recreation Complex."
    • Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Sentenced man is wanted in Colorado", 1999/03/27: ""We would like to talk to him, but we've not been allowed to. It's up to his attorney," Inspector Pete Mang of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said Friday. Mang said the case has been frustrating. "We'd like to talk to him and put any unresolved issues to rest. He's somebody we were certainly looking to exclude as a suspect if we could," he said. Partin's attorney, Jeffrey Berndt, Columbus, said to consider the newspaper article as evidence in the girl's disappearance is "absurd." "There have been a lot of leaps and inferences ... that I don't think are fair to Mr. Partin," he said. Berndt also said his client allowed Colorado authorities to review the contents of Partin's home computer."
    • Dayton Daily News, "Pornography possessor is released from prison", 1999/06/24: "A man Kettering police want to question about Erica Baker's disappearance has been freed from prison after serving two months of a five-year sentence for possessing child pornography. Franklin County judge David E. Cain granted James Partin shock probation May 28, two months after he sentenced Partin to five years in prison on his guilty plea to 18 child pornography-related charges. When Erica vanished, Partin, 37, was living with his parents in Kettering within miles of where the girl was last seen walking the family dog near the Kettering Recreation Complex. Erica was 9 when she vanished Feb. 7. Her 10th birthday was Tuesday. [...] Kettering police said they are uncertain of his location. A man who answered the door at Partin's parent's house in Kettering declined comment. Berndt said Partin merited release because he "had an insignificant criminal past and submitted to voluntary treatment. He cooperated with the police in a fashion his lawyer and the court found reasonable." Kettering police spokesman Larry Warren said police still want to question Partin in connection with Baker's disappearance. So far, police have spoken with Berndt and Partin family members. [...] Kettering police are looking at other people in the Baker case, but "we don't have any reason not to eliminate (Partin)," Warren said. "There's still questions about him." Berndt said Kettering police tried to speak with Partin in prison. Partin refused on his advice, Berndt said. Rachel Ginsberg, the sex offender services coordinator for Franklin County, said Partin is not required to register as a sex offender in the county where he resides because the registration law does not cover possession of child pornography. [...] In 1985, Partin was placed on probation in Colorado after he exposed himself to two 11-year-old girls, according to the Denver Post."
    • Justice Watch, "Is there more to the story?", 2000/05/26
    • ACandyRose compilation of articles on James Partin - from an email sent by Partin's former girlfriend who turned him in: "I read the story that you wrote about Erica and you could not be more wrong. I don't believe for one minute that her father had anything to do with her disapearance. I make this statement based on fact the facts of what I saw and what I turned into the Columbus police which they have preceeded to do nothing with. I am the ex girlfriend of James Partin and if you could of seen the discusting sick evidence I found in his pocession and if you could have found the note in his kithchen saying " I have killed before and I will kill again, somebody please stop me" If you would have found the stories of Beth Miller and seen the photos I turned in on video one of his tourso with his penis in a pre-teenage girl. You would too know that James Partin is an evil preditor and a killer. If you could have found the empty bottle of cloraphil in his toolbox you too would know the evil he is capable of. Don't blame her father blame the authorities who let this whackjob back out on the street.

      Do you want to know why he is still free? Have you ever heard of the good ole boys club? Well James's father is a retired miliatary chief and he has alot of connections. He abused his own children and was even charged in military court for it and served time for molesting his own daughter. So now the parents blame themselves for their son's behaviour and they do whatever they have to to get him out of trouble. Its time in this country we start protecting our children first and we rid ourselves of the good ole boy network and let this scum of society pay for their crimes.

      Please don't continue your crusade against Greg Baker he may not be perfect but he would not harm his child. Take a closer look and James Partin and his father Allan Partin and his wife they are the real criminals here. I have done everything I could to stop this guy but his fathers influences always win out. I put my family through hell to turn this guy in and I feared for my own life(I still do) only to have our wonderful police and judicial system release him to kill again.

      You should also check into the Beth Miller story the evidence against him in that one is pretty good too. But again he remains free. How many children will have to suffer before the good ole boy club looses and James is locked up? One more question if James is innocent why won't he talk to police about either cases?? You must have something to hide if you are afraid to talk? I opened my whole life up to the police when I turned him in they found nothing on me except I am a single mother of a blond haired daughter who loves children and wanted to see justice done."
    • Websleuths thread asking if JonBenet's murder was broadcast online as a private snuff film (pages 1, 2, 3, 4): "1. Perv Photographer- James Partin age 35
      This the photographer, who was under investigation for the death of Beth Miller, another little girl, in Colorado. He was arrested at his home in Ohio, for possession and circulating a photo or photos of JBRs body. Were talking dead body at the crime scene. if you will allow me to be so blunt. He was charged with selling/circulating child porn and theft of property. I believe this may have been tangent to the arrest of Lawrence Shawn Smith, the guy at the photo shop), as I belive they are both into little girls. Very interesting, that Lawrence Smith knew who would be interested in this particular photo.Anyway, He was into the child porn scene big time. He was cleared of the JBR murder; don't know about the Beth Miller case.


      3. Photo Shop guy - Lawrence Shawn Smith
      A photo technician was fired for stealing and selling autopsy photos of JBR, published in the Globe tabloid was back in jail July 19, 1997. There were two separate instances of photos coming from the photoshop, not sure if this one is first or second. In a separate incident, some photos from the shop, were conveniently dumped in the shop's dumpster, where they were conveniently recovered by a Globe newspaper hack. Court ruled that they were in trash, and therefor were not the property of shop or police. Lawrence Smith was later arrested in connection with indecent exposure in front of two teenage girls. Big surprirse. Can you hear me now?

      Smith pulled this off with buddy Brett Sawyer, a then private investigator, who was previously employed by the sheriff's department (!).


      4. Ramsey Neighbor & Colorado Photographer - Stephen Miles
      This is the guy who was not connected by any photos or acts, yet was accused by the Ramseys. He even file a libel lawsuit against the Ramseys.
      I speculate, that the Ramsey's had information that pointed to the involvement, (before, during or after the crime) by a photographer. And they mistakenly accused this guy. I think they were given cryptic info about James Partin at the time."
    • Homefacts info on sex offender James Raymond Partin in Seattle WA
    • Background check information: full name is James R. Partin (born June 1962) of Columbus OH, Powell OH, Dayton OH, and Sammammish WA; main known relative in Colorado is Georgina Sue Bartlett a.k.a. Georgina S. Bartlett a.k.a. Georgina Bartlett of Idaho Springs CO, Englewood CO, and Lakewood CO; father appears to be named Allen J. Partin (deceased at age 83 on 2015/06/13) of Dayton OH and Sammammish WA
    • Allen Partin (father) background
    • Beth Miller disappearance
      • ...
    • Erica Baker disappearance
      • ...
      • Cincinnati Enquirer, "Missing girl's picture found with porn ring suspect", 2002/08/11: "Misty Baker was enjoying a peaceful Friday night when a report on the 11 p.m. news triggered her worst fear - that perhaps her daughter Erica was abducted by child pornographers when she disappeared in February 1999. On Friday, U.S. Customs Service officials announced that 10 Americans and 10 Europeans, including one who possessed Erica's missing person's poster, would face federal charges because of their involvement in an international child pornography ring called “the club.” The man possessing the poster - Jeffrey Naimo of Killeen, Texas - already has pleaded guilty to conspiring to sexually exploit children. In July, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime. [...] By Saturday morning, Ms. Baker had talked to Kettering police and learned that they pursued a tip about Mr. Naimo in April but declined to tell her because of the numerous leads they receive each day. “This is still an open case,” Officer Kent Tischler said Saturday. [...] According to Officer Tischler, federal authorities grilled Mr. Naimo for several weeks, learning that he picked up the posterat a hotel in the Killeen area. But the questioning did not lead to any knowledge about Erica's whereabouts, Officer Tischler said. [...] Federal officials have said that pictures swapped by “the club” were so heinous that they were nauseated to see them."
    • TODO: look into the nearby towns of Dillon CO in Summit County CO (near Frisco CO where Sgt. Tom Wickman became police chief in 2002), which is just west of Idaho Springs CO and is where Tal Jones lived for some time, as well as Nederland CO, which is 30 minutes south of Idaho Springs, is where Tracy Neef was killed in 1983, and is supposedly where Bill McReynolds lived (along with Rollinsville CO, Longmont CO, and Highlands Ranch CO)
  • Richard Bruce Thomes, a computer consultant in Fort Collins CO (one hour from Boulder), was arrested in the Wonderland child pornography raids in 1998. He purportedly committed suicide on September 6, 1998.
  • Nancy Krebs, with a confirmed family connection to the Whites, claimed to be a victim of a Boulder CO pedophile ring involving the Whites and John Ramsey (under the name Uncle Johnny). Her therapist Mary Bienkowski and her lawyer Lee Hill vouched for her credibility, but Boulder police dismissed her information as having any relevance to the murder of JonBenet.
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "DA pursues new Ramsey lead", 2000/02/25: "The woman has described to police years of sexual and physical abuse in California homes at the hands of adults who stayed at holiday and other parties after other guests had left for the evening. Then, she said, another "party," one of sexual abuse for the gratification of a select group of adults, would begin. In talking to detectives, the woman draws parallels between sexual techniques used at these sessions and the physical evidence of garroting that investigators found on the body of JonBenét Ramsey. The woman told detectives she believes JonBenét was killed accidentally when an asphyxiation technique used to stimulate an orgasmic response during a child sex and porno "party" went too far. The woman told police she knows firsthand about asphyxiation (choking) to produce a sexual response because it had been done to her when she was a child. The woman said in her experience little girls were dressed provocatively and trained to say provocative things, such as, "It's a pleasure to please you." She told police that when girls did not perform as expected, they were struck on the head. That was because their hair covered the wound. A big night for such "parties" was Christmas night, she said. Over the years, she said, many parties were held then because a large number of cars around a house did not arouse suspicion in the neighborhood and the children had a full week to heal from their wounds before returning to school. JonBenét Ramsey's death occurred overnight Christmas 1996. The autopsy report concluded she suffered a blow on the head and was strangled. The woman said she knows the Ramseys through the Fleet White family. She said the godfather to her mother is Fleet White Sr., 86, of California."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Therapist backs sex ring claim", 2000/02/26
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ramsey detectives off to California", 2000/03/05: "She said she encouraged her client to take the information to Boulder police so it could be fully investigated. Bienkowski has since become critical of the department and reluctant to cooperate with police. [...] San Luis Obispo County sheriff's deputies have said the woman has filed several criminal reports that investigators could not confirm, including a 1991 report that she had been raped."
    • Longmont Daily Times-Call, "Messages warn therapist to avoid figure in sex ring" by B.J. Plasket, 2000/03/10 (alt.true-crime copy): "The California therapist who is treating the so-called Mystery Woman in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case has received telephone messages ordering her to stay away from her patient, who has come forward with allegations of lifelong sexual abuse by a ring that includes figures in the Ramsey case. The five messages were left at the office of Mary Bienkowski over what is believed to be a six-month period. One of the calls appears to be made by one woman and the other four made by a second woman. A reliable source identified the voices as that of two women who are among those accused of victimizing the now-37-year-old Mystery Woman. The woman remains in hiding. Transcripts show the two women giving differing stories about Mystery Woman, with one saying she has married and moved away and the other claiming she is on an extended vacation with her family. The woman, however, has neither married nor gone on the vacation, the Times-Call has learned."
    • 2000/03/10 interview by Mary Suma (Mame)
    • Longmont Daily Times-Call, "Feds won't help accuser in Ramsey case", 2000/03/14: "In spite of laws requiring it to provide protection and medical treatment to crime victims, the FBI has so far neither offered nor provided help for a woman who fled California three weeks ago after coming forward with accusations of interstate sexual abuse by a group that includes figures in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. As of late Monday, the woman was being treated for assault-related ailments and injuries at a metro-area medical facility, where she was taken by the private individuals who have been caring for her since she fled California. [...] The Mystery Woman's ailments include an abdominal injury, sexually transmitted diseases and wounds made by the shock device. The female detective reportedly told the woman the shock wound near her buttocks "goes to the bone.""
    • Westword, "The Accidental Jurist", 2000/03/30
      • "She was born April 25, 1962, and since that time has led a double life. One life was presented to the public: a pretty little blond, neatly dressed and very polite, though quiet under her mother's watchful eye. And like another famous girl thirty some years later, she was dressed up and posed for photographers -- for example, she's a model for a 1964-'65 calendar that's among the "evidence" she has shown to Hill." - note that this calendar was probably for Pennzoil (see below)
    • p.39 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "KREBS INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS": "I re-read the second interview last night and note that the BPD never said her earlier therapy notes contradicted her claim that she had reported being abused by the Whites, in fact they said "We do not dispute your history." I take that to mean the notes corroberated her claims re: sex abuse by one or both of the Whites. Her mother was not at Fleet Jrs in Boulder, according to the BPD, so therefore they dismissed the SPECIFIC allegation made by Nancy, as reported to her by her mother, re: Fleet Sr being involved in the murder. My personal opinion is the second interview would have taken an entirely different tone and direction had the therapy notes not supported Nancy's claim that she had reported being sexually assaulted by Fleet Sr and Jr in her therapy prior to 1996."
    • Longmont Daily Times-Call, "Allegations not part of JonBenet case" by B.J. Plasket, 2000/05/13 (Justice Watch, "Mystery Woman:Times-Call 5-13", 2000/05/13; Rigorous Intuition copy): ""The detectives told me they can't connect my story to the Ramsey murder ," the so-called Mystery Woman told the Times-Call. The woman, who also met with Boulder authorities earlier this year, was interviewed by detectives Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer on Wednesday afternoon and with Ramsey investigators Lou Smit and Ollie Gray on Thursday. [...] The woman said police told her they believe she is a victim of sexual assault, but provided her little information about their own investigation. [...] According to the woman, detectives also said they didn't contact or investigate several people whose names she gave them and refused to say if they had interviewed others. Police also declined her offer to show them evidence, including a card sent to her the same week she came forward with her allegations. That card, sent to her by a member of her family, contains a large picture of a cartoon bear holding a pink heart. She earlier came foward with claims that members of her family involved her in a child sexual explotation ring. A pink heart was also reportedly found written on the back of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey 's hand when her body was found on Dec. 26, 1996. The only word written on the card is the first-name signature of the sender. The woman said she offered Boulder detectives other evidence of alleged threats against her but was told to give them to police in California. Some of those messages, according to documents shown to the Times-Call, invoke the names of people with "lots of money" and connections in the Boulder Police Department. Jeanne Adams, an Ogden, Utah-based advocate for survivors of ritual abuse who accompanied the woman to Boulder, called her story credible. "I have listened to her story and she has shared some information with me," Adams said. "As a ritual abuse survivor, she is very credible, and her story is consistent with that of other survivors.""
    • Boulder Police Department press release on 2000/05/15
    • Jeanne Adams and Linda Redd press release on 2000/05/15
    • Justice Watch, "MW returns with Mame (broadcast)", 2000/05/15 - notes and discussion from a 2000/05/16 interview by Mary Suma (Mame) of Nancy Krebs (Mystery Woman or MW)
    • 2000/05/19 interview by Mary Suma (Mame)
    • 2002 case involving the release of Nancy Krebs investigation documents
    • Uncle Johnny identity
      • Webbsleuths poster claims that Krebs had proven injuries that landed her in the hospital, and discusses who "Uncle Johnny" is
      • Possibility that the Ramseys and Whites knew each other earlier than claimed
        • From the 2000 Linda Wickman notes elsewhere on the page: "Lee Hill said he had learned something he wanted to check out. He said he had talked to some reporters. He asked when did the Ramseys meet the Whites for the first time? Mr. Hill thinks they knew each other before. He referred to entries made, visitors and gift senders to a birth, and testimony from his client. He further stated that the break down of communication between the families was just subterfuge. Much of the separation was for show; just an apparent separation."
        • Justice Watch, " More Intriguing Sleuth Stuff", 2000/04/17 - based on Lee Hill's deposition of John Ramsey], John was actually in California in 1966-67 and potentially after his return from the Philippines, which could allow him to be the "John Ramsey" accused by Krebs of raping her
        • TODO: verify the John Ramsey picture that Nancy identified, which is purportedly of him sporting a mustache and goatee from around the time he married Patsy
        • TODO: investigate the Boulder property records of the Whites
        • Thomas Pickering, "A possible early picture of Fleet White Jr.", 2020/09/28: "So I came across a picture from the 1980 wedding of John Ramsey and Patricia Paugh that caught my eye. In the background of the picture I recognized a face I knew I had seen before. Here is the picture with the face circled in red: [WEDDING PHOTO] I knew I had seen that face before, but where? And then I remembered this picture: [FLEET AND PRISCILLA WHITE PHOTO] If you look closely at the face in the two pictures, you will realize its the same person at different ages. The person in both photographs is Fleet White Jr. In the first photograph taken in 1980 he is much younger than the second photograph taken sometime in the 2000's but the person is the same. What this shows is that Fleet White Jr. was a close friend of John Ramsey in 1980 and attended his wedding to Patsy."
    • Suspicious aspects of Fleet White
      • Justice Watch, "The case against the Ramseys is gone 2", 2000/07/17 - discussion of Fleet White's potential guilt: mentions how virtually no personal details are available on him; raises the fact that he refused to talk to police without his prior statements; accuses him of helping John Ramsey disturb the crime scene; speculates on the apparent rupture of John and Fleet's friendship in Atlanta following the murder, wondering why they still seem to be on the same page as to not divulging information; asserts that he has "two names which share the same Social Security number"; points out the incident with Daphne White hiding in their home; claims that he dressed as Santa for JonBenet at the Christmas party (ed. note: JonBenet was looking forward to a special visit from Santa) and was allowed by the Ramseys to change her underwear
      • Behavior at the crime scene
        • From l.279-291 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016): "In mid-morning, Fleet walked down to the Ramsey basement alone for a look around and opened the door to a brick-walled, windowless room known as “the wine cellar.” He'd later tell the police that since he never turned on the cellar light, he saw nothing unusual. Shortly after one P.M., at the suggestion of Detective Arndt, John and Fleet went into the basement together. John opened the same wine cellar door and flipped on the light. [body of JonBenet is found] Ramsey leaned down, ripped off the tape, and untied one of her wrists. Fleet kneeled and touched JonBenet's foot. It was cold and her lips were blue. A prominent red mark lay at the base of her throat."
        • From p.28 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas: "Arndt ordered Ramsey to put the body down on the floor near the front door and told Fleet White to guard the basement door. Instead, White ran back down into the little cellar room, picked up the black tape, and stared at it. By doing so, White unknowingly mishandled a critical piece of evidence."
          • From the 1998/06/23 interview of Patsy Ramsey: "But then the other time that was really frightening to me is, we had come back to Colorado, and John and I were in Father Rol's office, in the church, and my dad was sitting in the little waiting area. And Father Rol and John and I were praying, and Fleet White burst into the door, burst into the office. And he is just, his eyes are just wild. And you know I kind of did this number, and he got down on his knees and looked like - and had a business card in his hand, and he was leaning over to my husband saying, "You know what this is, John, you know what this means, John, you know what I am going to have to do with this, John, I am going to have to handle this my way, John." I mean he was just on and on and on. And I said, "Fleet, Fleet, what is it?" And he handed me this business card and it was a business card from some journalist or something, and it had a note on the back. And it said, I don't know exactly word for word, but something to the effect of, you know, "Mr. White, there has been some question as to whether it was you or John Ramsey who removed the tape from JonBenét's mouth." You know. And about the sequence of the basement discovery. Well, he said, "They are after me and my family now, John, I am going to have to handle" - and he was just like a maniac. And Father Rol said to calm down. And you know, he said, "I am going to handle it my way, John, my way, John." And you know, Father Rol was just trying to get them to calm down."
        • Justice Watch, "FLEET'S FAILURE", 2000/07/26
          • "Fleet White tampered with this case from the minute he arrived at the scene. He claims he searched for JonBenet in the basement, looked in the windowless room but didn't see a thing and can't recall how he left the latch. Fleet says he opened the door, but the police officer couldn't. These will be important issues at trial." (supporting quotes from the Steve Thomas book)
          • "[...] But it's the messing with the crime scene that bothers me. Why didn't he just stay upstairs and guard the basement door, like he was ordered to?"
          • "what is most hinky is that FW ran around looking at all! The cops were already there, weren't they? It also shows a certain familiarity with the Hellhole and occupants, doesn't it? Was the basement the first place FW ran to upon arriving at the Hellhole that AM? And, once the body was "found", FW reportedly crept back upstairs, hunkered down by JR's desk, picked up, then hung up the phone, yelling, "somebody call 911!" Well, HE had the phone, why didn't HE call 911? And why'd he run back downstairs?"
          • "Good point there, why was Fleet so bent on examining the basement door if it wasn't an exit. If this was a kidnapping, why was he looking in the basement, in a windowless room, for JonBenet? Did he suspect it wasn't really a kidnapping? If he was 'invited' by the victim's parents to the crime scene and found himself wondering if the parents had a hand in it, he should have gone home so as not to leave any marks (DNA, fingerprints, hairs) that might drag him into the investigation."
        • CyberSleuths post talks about the Whites contaminating evidence in the Ramsey home on the morning of December 26: "7.) Why did his wife wipe down the Ramey's kitchen counter with 501 cleaner the morning of the 26th before she put out food for the police? 8.) Why did he go upstairs and start making up Burke's bed the morning of the 26th. Odd thing for a man to do. Did he and his wife want to have a reason, in case evidence had been left behind, that they had been in the private rooms of the house?"
        • TODO: look into when Fleet White arrived at the Ramsey home, which he purportedly claimed was 6 AM in a deposition, earlier than most accounts
        • TODO: look into assertions that Fleet White picked up shards of broken glass and moved the suitcase by the basement window
        • Inconsistent statements about the basement window
          • From his 2002 deposition in the Chris Wolf lawsuit which he fought to keep sealed: "Q. Bear with me. I am looking for a particular photograph I want to show you, Mr. White. While I do this, if you don't mind, I will go ahead and ask you, did you tell me you recall the window being latched or unlatched when you looked at it that first time? A. I don't recall. Q. Again, you are not in a position from a recollection standpoint today to say that it was either latched or unlatched; is that right? A. That is correct. Q. Do you recall whether it was open, either fully or partially A. I don't recall. Q. Again, today, you are not in a position to tell me one way or the other, Mr. Wood, it was closed, or, Mr. Wood, it was open to some extent? A. That is correct."
          • Greta Van Susteren interview of Steve Thomas in 2006 - at 3:04 Thomas says "Another witness in this case, Mr. Fleet White who was in the basement during the course of that morning, who may have moved that suitcase, may have opened that window prior to a photograph being taken"
        • TODO: look into Fleet White's actions regarding the cellar (which was latched from the outside). How did he not see a body inside?
        • 2016/10/20 Henri McPhee post: "In the initial and preliminary police investigation Detective Steve Ainsworth, who was an experienced homicide detective with the Boulder County police, had Fleet White and Chris Wolf and Santa Bill as the prime suspects. As Detective Ainsworth later said on TV, he was then withdrawn from the investigation for holding those views, which he said on TV he couldn't understand. [...] Lou Smit seems to have attempted an extensive background check on Fleet White. Lou Smit reported that there are gaps in Fleet's CV. [...] Priscilla White seems to have spent her time scrubbing in the Ramsey house kitchen on the day the body was found. That was to remove any incriminating forensic evidence. I don't believe Fleet's story that he never saw the body first thing in the morning and now he can't recall anything about it."
      • Initial police interview with Burke Ramsey on December 26 while he was at the White home (image of actual document) - has Priscilla White's sister Alyson Schoeny bizarrely identify herself as "Burke’s grandma"
      • Controlling behavior at the Fernie home
        • From l.832-856 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016): "During one of our interviews in 1997, I asked Pam what else she recollected from visiting Patsy at the Fernies' the day after the body was discovered. She said that the most visible and forceful person inside that home was not John Ramsey, but Fleet White, Ramsey's best friend before the murder. [...] the Whites were from California, where Fleet had spent his youth surfing, sailing, and living the good life among the well-heeled in Newport Beach. When he and Priscilla decided to have children, they left SoCal for Boulder, moving a couple of houses down from the Ramseys' sprawling near-mansion. [...] Both the Whites and the Ramseys were conservative-minded, and the families had bonded over feeling something like outsiders in liberal Boulder. They'd grown so close that John called Fleet very early on the morning JonBenet went missing, and then the Whites drove over at down and hustled young Burke out of the Ramsey house and provided him with shelter and companionship at their own home that day. What would happen in the next few days between John and Fleet was unpredictable and volatile. “White was everywhere,” Pam told me about being at the Fernies' on December 27. “Ordering everyone around. Telling people what to do and not to do. Giving me the creeps. He didn't want me to be alone with Patsy. Didn't want me in the bedroom with her. Didn't want me to help her go to the bathroom. Didn't want me talking to her as she was falling asleep. He didn't even want me to help her drink water to keep her from getting dehydrated. I was trying to assist my friend and couldn't understand why he was acting this way. Someone finally had to tell him to back off, so he took a hike and disappeared.” According to Griffin, White behaved similarly at JonBenet's memorial service at St. John's Episcopal Church the following Sunday, Patsy's fortieth birthday."
      • Incident in Georgia between the Ramseys and the Whites
        • From p.85 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: "What Patsy’s sister Polly noticed at her parents’ home was that Fleet White was quarreling angrily with her brother-in-law John. Patsy was standing to one side of them while Fleet hovered over John, telling him he had to go back to Boulder and help the police. It was wrong for him to hire his own investigators and criminal attorneys, said Fleet. His job was to cooperate with the police, not stonewall them. John’s face reddened. It was obvious that he was embarrassed to have this conversation in front of his wife and family. But Fleet kept at him. What was this he’d heard about John contacting CNN for an interview? His daughter had just been buried! How could Patsy and John even think about going on television? Even if they wanted to respond to rumors that were going around, a TV appearance was unthinkable. By that point, Fleet had his hands at John’s face, but John wasn’t saying much. Then the room fell silent. The two friends separated, knowing they would never speak to each other again."
        • From p.94 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: "Late in the afternoon of January 1, Detectives Larry Mason, Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo, Ron Gosage, and Jane Harmer left Boulder for Atlanta, where they had arranged to work out of the Roswell Police Department. The detectives had learned about Fleet White’s heated arguments with John Ramsey, and they were shocked by the Ramseys’ CNN interview. It seemed to contradict what they were being told—that the Ramseys were grieving and unavailable. The police had originally planned to leave for Atlanta the next day to check alibis and start background interviews with the Ramseys’ extended family. Now, however, Commander Eller felt that someone in the household might be ready to talk, so he gave the detectives his own credit card to use for purchasing airplane tickets and ordered them to be in Atlanta by midnight."
        • Larry Mason deposition from the Linda Arndt case - says that the Boulder police went to Georgia to investigate following reports of a "major fight in the house" between John Ramsey and Fleet White
        • According to Stephen Singular (see IRC chat below), Fleet White pulled a gun on the Ramseys during the confrontation
        • Justice Watch, "FLEET'S FAILURE", 2000/07/26: "His behavior in GA was beyond the pale. Even I'm offended and I am not a Ramfan, by far. How will this play in court.? A dozen GA mourners testifying to Fleet's rude and curiously overbearing antics. What will a jury think when one of the GA friends describes Fleet's "strangulation" demo? What will they think when the Roswell cops describe the 911 call from Arndt, claiming Fleet was out of control?"
        • Potential lack of a genuine falling out with Fleet White
          • WebbSleuths thread on the early actions of the Whites following the discovery of JonBenet's body - notes Fleet White's initial assertion as of December 30 that JonBenet was killed by an intruder per p.74 of Schiller, even though (according to Pamela Hadas) he told Tal Jones the day after the murder that Burke did it
          • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ramseys glad friends no longer suspects", 1997/04/18: "The decision to eliminate a local oil executive and his wife as suspects in the JonBenet Ramsey homicide pleases the slain beauty queen's parents, a spokeswoman said Thursday. "Fleet and Priscilla White have been good friends to us," said family spokeswoman Rachelle Zimmer, reading a statement from the Ramsey family attorneys. "We are gratified to know that the Boulder Police Department has officially cleared them as suspects in the murder of our daughter. We hope that this announcement will give them some relief from the terrible stress of this situation. "It is also our hope that the Boulder Police Department will continue to clear the names of all those who have been unfairly tainted by suspicion." The Whites arrived at the Ramseys' home on Dec. 26 shortly after Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's mother, found a ransom note demanding $118,000 and called police, family friends said. About eight hours later, John Ramsey, JonBenet's father, and Fleet White discovered the 6-year-old strangled in the basement of the Ramseys' house, family friends said."
          • In his deposition for the Stephen Miles case, John denies that there was an altercation with Fleet White at JonBenet's funeral despite other evidence and even his own words in Death of Innocence, strongly indicative of him having committed perjury
      • Steven Mason / Stephen Mason alias with the same Social Security number
        • Justice Watch, "THE CASE AGAINST THE RAMSEYS IS GONE 3", 2000/07/21 (Reddit copy)
          • darby: "I'm not sure where the info can be found.

            Here's what I know. Throughout the years, and for various reasons, posters have conducted independent research into the Whites. Often that alias comes up. Because it's found quite often, and because it's always the SAME name, I tend to believe it. I wouldn't stake my life on it, however."
          • v_p: "one of the "points" mary99 made was that FW holds a SS card that has been assigned 2 names"
          • Holly: "The two names one SS# was discovered months ago or years ago depending on who you are talking to. "Other" forum members knew this weirdness a couple of years ago. The Ramsey lawyers know, supposedly.

            We're Johnny Come Latelys. :-)

            It's intriguing, but I don't have a clue what it means."
        • Webbsleuths discussion in 2002 on Stephen Mason: "Yes - that is a name that popped up on a paper investigating Fleet White. No one knows what it means. Fleet White could have used that name at some time OR there could have been a clerical error at some point in time and - --- if Stephen Mason's SS# is one off from Fleet's and someone punched it in incorrectly when processing any legal papers, the name would pop up on those papers. Doesn't have to mean a thing. Could mean a lot - - I don't have the answer."
        • Lowell Sun, "Stephen J. Mason former Lowell Police officer, attorney; 60", 2009/07/?? - note that he was born just 5 days before Fleet White Jr. was: "Stephen J. Mason, 60, of Tewksbury, died July 16, 2009, peacefully with his family by his side. Born May 14, 1949, in Lowell, he was a son of the late Maurice P. and the late Mary (Harrison) Mason, and was educated in the local schools, attaining his Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School. He made his home in Lowell for 33 years, and for the past 17 years resided in Tewksbury. He was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the East End Club, and was a communicant of Immaculate Conception Church. He was a recreational pilot and an avid fly fisherman who enjoyed reading and baseball. He thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren, Grant and Benjamin. Stephen gave freely of his time and talents to help others and will be remembered by many as someone who with compassion gave without hesitation and without having to be asked. Attorney Mason was a Retired Lowell Police Department Lieutenant with 20 years of service. During his years of service, he received a presidential commendation for bravery and was awarded Police Officer of The Year in 1973. He then served as an Attorney for 30 years in his own law practice, the Law Offices of Stephen J. Mason, before illness forced his retirement."
      • Daphne White going missing in October 1996
        • From p.11-12 of Linda Arndt's report on 1997/01/08: "Fleet told me that he had reported his daughter missing to the Boulder Police Dept. this past year. Fleet had checked the house and found his daughter inside the house. Fleet said his daughter had been hiding. Fleet told me it was hard for him at that time not to be able to do anything."
        • Justice Watch, "FW Sources, Please..", 2000/07/23 - details more suspicious aspects of Fleet White including Daphne hiding in the house: "Long before MW surfaced, I was trying to figure White out. His letters were over the top missives that seemed more focused on politics and Hunter than anything else. His controlling intensity bothered me. [...] He refused to testify before the Grand Jury. He wanted transcripts of his earlier statements. Why? He obstructed justice according to Beckner. He required kid glove treatment. [...] His daughter had been reported missing the previous October and found hiding in a cupboard. The NUDE information was provided by another poster via email, who heard it from a good source. But it's unconfirmed."
        • Denver Post, "Arndt lawyer: Police failed to defend", 2001/05/31: "Detective Arndt spoke with (Ramsey friend) Fleet White, who told about his daughter missing one day only to be found hiding in a crawl space," Biggs said."
        • Bonita Papers information shared by Spade in 2003 about the morning of 12/26/96: "Within minutes of arriving at the Ramsey home, Fleet decided to look around the house. His own daughter had been missing a few months ago, and after the police were called they found her hiding under her bed. Fleet was hoping that JonBenet too was just hiding somewhere in the house."
        • Westword, "JonBenet Ramsey: How the Investigation Got Derailed -- and Why It Still Matters", 2014/12/17: "Recalling how his own daughter had once gone missing only to be found hiding under her bed, Fleet took a quick tour of the basement, looking for hiding places."
      • After Fleet White requested his prior statements before talking to police, just as the Ramseys had done, Boulder police chief Mark Beckner called Fleet White "morally empty" and wondered if he could have been the murderer (see the Steve Thomas book)
      • Initial support for Mary Keenan
        • Justice Watch, "A FISHY STORY", 2000/05/21 - details Mary Keenan's possible role in the Ramsey war room computer hacking: "Interesting choice for the creepy Whites. Keenan successfully prosecuted the ONLY other sex ring case I know of in Boulder. They identified the ONE person with expertise in sex ring crime, then wined and dined her. They stood there when she announced her candidacy to show she is their preferred DA, so how could WE possibly be involved in sex ring activity? Hah!" - interesting that Fleet White, publicly a big supporter of Steve Thomas, backed the candidate who Steve Thomas opposed and considered untrustworthy
        • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ramsey witnesses urge probe", 2000/01/14: "Recently, the Whites made two public appearances — albeit silently. They attended prosecutor Mary Keenan's announcement last month of her candidacy for district attorney."
      • Intense secrecy and lack of cooperation
        • Boulder Daily Camera, "Former Ramsey friend sentenced to jail for ignoring subpoena", 2001/10/25: "Referring to a 6 1/2 page letter White submitted to the court, the judge said it was clear that White had not acknowledged the severity of his actions by ignoring the subpoena in the Miller case. "You don't get to make the rules, and you thought you did," Plaut told White. That letter was sealed by the court. White, however, previously told the court that he ignored the subpoena in the best interest of the JonBenet investigation, the justice system and his family."
        • National Enquirer, "JonBenet Murder Witness changes his story" by Don Gentile, 2002/08/27: ""Some of the gaps in his memory were absolutely astonishing - and he threw a shroud of mystery over his own activities the day of the gruesome slaying." "Asked if he remembers finding a suitcase down there and moving it, he couldn't remember." "Asked if he remembers John Ramsey turning on a light switch in the room where JonBenet's body was found, he said he couldn't remember." "Asked if he read the ransom note left in the house that day, he couldn't remember. "Asked if he could remember the appearance of JonBenet's body, whether she had a heart drawn on one hand, or if he could recall John's reaction to finding the body, he couldn't." "About the only thing he could remember was his name!" ...But Denver criminal attorney Craig Silverman said a Judge would not look kindly on White's suffering a memory loss if the Wolf suit goes to trial and he's called to testify. "If he refuses to answer any questions, he could be held in contempt, Silverman told The Enquirer. "It might even be considered perjury if he takes it to the extreme, it's simply a lie that he doesn't know or can't recall.""
        • Longmont Daily Times-Call, "White turns his focus to Keenan", 20??/??/??: "White's latest crusade is aimed at District Attorney Mary Keenan, who, he claims, has failed to prosecute whoever leaked information from grand jury proceedings in the summer of 1999 that centered around JonBenet Ramsey's murder on Dec. 25, 1996. Along with his wife, Priscilla, the 54-year-old White filed a motion earlier this month demanding a court hearing at which Keenan would have to explain why she refused to prosecute or cite any person who violated grand jury secrecy laws. [...] In 2000, White's name surfaced again when a California woman came forward with allegations of ritualistic sexual abuse by a group that included people associated with the murder case, including Fleet White. Since that woman's claims were discredited, White has been on a rampage against the media, seeking criminal libel charges against outlets who told the woman's story. Two special prosecutors were appointed in the case, but neither filed charges. [...] After White failed to show up for a hearing he had demanded regarding the reasoning behind the special prosecutor's decision, Bailin closed the case. [...] Keenan was the driving force behind having a special prosecutor appointed after White complained loudly when the first one was dismissed. [...] Although never a suspect in JonBenet's murder, White is the only person at the murder scene who has spent time in jail stemming from the case. In October 2001, White was sentenced to 30 days in jail after he ignored two subpoenas in a Ramsey-related trial. White was subpoenaed in May and June 2001 to appear as a witness in a criminal bribery trial. He said he chose not to appear because he didn't think he had any relevant testimony to give. The case involved lawyer Thomas Miller, who was accused of trying to buy a copy of the ransom note found in the house. [...] several people in law enforcement and the media have wondered aloud why a man obsessed with punishing news outlets for publicizing his name keeps himself in the spotlight."
        • Interesting to note that White went after reporters for publishing Nancy Krebs' story but not Nancy Krebs herself
      • Fleet White having changed JonBenet's panties before
        • From p.240 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "After receiving the report, the police contacted the parents of JonBenet's playmates to see if any of the children had ever exchanged clothes with her. Priscilla White said she could not remember her daughter, Daphne, trading clothes with JonBenet, but Daphne told Detectives Arndt and Harmer that she and JonBenet sometimes wore each other's clothes. During their interviews, the police were told that Fleet White had sometimes changed JonBenet's panties."
        • It is worth asking if this occurred before or after Laura Stebe purportedly told John Ramsey that JonBenet felt uncomfortable around Fleet White, because if this happened after John was informed of that, it is strange that Fleet would still be allowed to change her underwear
      • Possible role as a Santa to "warm up" children at the parties
        • According to p.50 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller, JonBenet was expecting a secret visit from Santa after Christmas: "Barbara Kostanick was the mother of a playmate of JBR's. She asserted: "The day before Christmas, JonBenet was at our house playing with Megan. The kids were talking about Santa, getting all excited. I asked JonBenet if she had visited Santa Claus yet. She said, “Oh, Santa was at our Christmas party the other night.” Megan had seen Santa at the Pearl Street Mall, so we talked about that. Then JonBenet said, “Santa Claus promised that he would make a secret visit after Christmas.” I thought she was confused. “Christmas is tonight,” I told her. “And Santa will be coming tonight.” “No, no” JonBenet insisted. “He said this would be after Christmas. And it’s a secret.”"
      • From p.101 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (1999):

            "Do you believe White?"
            The DA hesitated and then said, "I've met the man, and he made me very uncomfortable. He's six-foot-four, with big shoulders and huge hands. An iron grip. He just gave me a feeling. We know one thing for sure. The Ramseys and the Whites stopped being friends after the trip to Georgia. That’s strange, because they used to go sailing together and had been very close. They socialized a lot in the past and the Ramseys had gone over to their home on Christmas night. Both families had young daughters the same age. We've heard that Daphne White was JonBenet's best friend."
            "Has anyone talked to Daphne?"
            "Social Services has, but I'm not satisfied with what they've done."
      • 2002 posts by user B who was former Ramsey housekeeper Laura Stebe in Charlevoix: "This is the first time I have heard of John being fired????? I don't think so. As for Fleet White, to me, as Jams knows, the guy has guilt written all him. He is a loose canon. I have met him and he gave me the creeps. Not that it justifies murder but there is something "off" about that guy. Why was JonBenet terrified of him at the Charlevoix house? Her dad went to run an errand and left her with Fleet, John Andrew was out of the house, and my girlfriend who helped clean there said Jon Benet wouldn't leave her side when she got there in the late morning to work???? Stayed glued to her side. Fleet was up in the girls room when she arrived????? Later she saw him looking thru John's wallet while she cleaned their bathroom????? It was odd indeed and not something a guest in their house should have been doing. She even asked John when he got back to keep Fleet out of her way as he made her uncomfortable. Patsy and Pris were gone shopping. It was very odd behavior......So FW is not what he makes himself out to be."
      • From p.355 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000): "[Burke] recalled nothing unusual at the Whites' party other than getting a mild shock from the electric deer fence outside."
      • TODO: look into the assertion that Priscilla White claimed to be up until 2 AM on Christmas chatting with her sister
      • Stew Webb, "JonBenet Ransey House Guest Fleet White?", 2006/08/26: "Fleet White a friend of John and Patsy Ramsey was a guest in the Ramsey house the night of the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Fleet White's own child was murdered nearly 22 years prior in the same fashion described by U.S. Intel agents as a known Satanic Ritual which was similar to JonBenet Ramsey's murder."
        • 2006 Topix comment by Nancy Drew i.e. Mary Suma (archived here): "I’m told there are at least four years “missing” in White’s background. I don’t know what years. As far as I know FW does not have a son named “Doug”. And I have never heard any reputable source indicate his son was molested."
      • 2006 Topix comment by Henri McPhee (archived here): "I agree there used to be references to Fleet's son Fleet White III having been molested by a stranger once. Those refernces have all been deleted from the internet, as far as I know."
    • Alleged family tree of Nancy Krebs (also on
    • Macky Boykin / Macky E. Boykin / Macky Eugene Boykin / Mackie Boykin
      • TODO: is it true that Macky, the man who molested Gwen Boykin's daughter, died at her house?
      • Justice Watch, "More Intriguing Sleuth Stuff 2", 2000/04/19 - digging into Mackie Boykin's background (death record for Macky E. Boykin on 1995/11/09) - mentions how Mackie Boykin lived in Trona CA, home to the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake which is allegedly run by Lockheed Martin; points out that "Boykin" and "Trona, California" fill in the last three letters of the weird S.B.T.C. in the ransom note
      • 2001/01/06 surveying of Searles Valley Cemetery in Trona CA - has Macky E. Boykin and says that he served in the US Navy in Korea
      • Hanford Sentinel, obituary for CLAUDE BOYKIN, 1958/08/13: "Claude Boykin, 45, of Armona died Sunday at a local hospital. He was a native of Oklahoma and had lived in Kings County area for the past 22 years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jeanette Boykin of Armona; three sons Mackey E. Boykin of the U.S. Navy, Lewis W. Boykin of Bakersfield and Thomas A. Boykin of the U. S. Air Corps; one daughter Mrs. Joan Hoffman of Armona, and two grandchildren."
      • Justice Watch, "State of CA vs. Mackie Eugene Boykin", 2000/09/10 - mentioning how Inyo County DA Jack Davis prosecuted State of California vs Mackie Eugene Boykin (#CRF-55-79S), filed 1979/03/09 in the Inyo County Superior Court
      • Justice Watch, "well, well, well...", 2001/05/09 - in which members discuss the Inyo County District Attorney's Office response to the Mackie Boykin charges
      • p.20 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "KREBS INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS": "Agreed, there is something fishy about the family saying Nancy had a crush on this creepy-looking predator and pursued him. Yes, I understood Ginja's distinction between what the trial summary summarized (which incorporated the family's defense of Boykin and the alleged 'crush') and her attorney friend's stated opinion over the phone. I'm disappointed that the unnamed attorney who spoke to Ginja came to the conclusion that Nancy 'pursued' this creep. I wonder if he would give the same evaluaion if he had access to Boykin's booking photo? [...] IMO, her family lied to protect Boykin and are still lying today to protect Nancy's and others' abusers. In my mind, one of the most important pieces of her history as it relates to the interviews with the BPD is that her family lied to protect her abuser in the Boykin trial (by saying she had a 'schoolgirl crush' on him) and therefore it's not surprising that they would lie about numerous other things in relation to the BPD investigation into Nancy's allegations."
      • p.22 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "KREBS INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS": "Nancy said in the transcripts that she first *met* Macky when she was 3 and he abused her. She said that he and his brother were hanging out at their sister's house, who lived near Nancy's family, at that time in Buena Park, CA. [...] Well, it seems the sister, CJH, and her husband Fred are also the same sister and husband who just *happen* to live "next door" to the sheriff in the town in Missouri where Macky was allegedly receiving medical treatment in 1991, when Nancy reported that he had attacked her in Los Osos. Supposedly, this sheriff/neighbor visited with Macky *every single day* for more than a month. It might also be interesting to note that the *state hospital* (you know the kind) is nearby and that the alcohol rehab program there was a well known one then. Suppose that sheriff was having to sign Macky's court slip every day for some other crime? [...] The H's are also the people Tom went to live with when he and Gwen separated in 1999. [...] The H couple in MO also has some children--at least one daughter named after the Boykin grandmother and one son, named after his father. There may be others, but I found those two for sure. The son has had a few minor scrapes with the law in those parts (DUI's and "adult abuse w/stalking")(but the "stalking" was during a bitter divorce and custody dispute and both parties filed them on each other a few weeks apart, if I recall). This son is 3 years older than Nancy and I just wonder if he fits into the equation anywhere. It was his first cousins, Tom and Macky's brother Lewis Wayne's sons in Kern Co., whom she accused of that last assault."
        • St. Joseph News-Press, obituary for Clauda J. Hoffman, 2011/06/07: "Clauda “Jo” Hoffman, 76, of St. Joseph passed away Sunday, June 5, 2011 in St. Joseph. She was born September 26, 1934 in Oklahoma, the daughter of Jeanette and Claude Boykin. She operated a Day Care Center in St. Joseph and was a cake decorator for Knotts Berry Farms in California. She was a member of Hyde Park Presbyterian Church. Clauda was preceded in death by her husband, Frederick E. Hoffman; her parents, Claude and Jeanette Boykin; a son, Joseph Davis; a daughter, Patricia Lynn Hoffman; three brothers, Mack Eugene, Wayne, and Thomas A. Boykin; and a great-granddaughter, Autumn Seniceros. Survivors include a daughter, Jeanette (Albert) Woolsey of St. Joseph; a son, Frederick (Donna) Hoffman of Harveysburg, Ohio; six grandchildren, Rodney Seniceros, Michael Seniceros, Anthony Seniceros, Mary Roberts, Frederick D. Hoffman, and Spencer Hoffman; and 19 great-grandchildren."
        • According to BeenVerified, Claudia Joan Hoffman lived at 706 Thompson Ave. in Saint Joseph MO from October 1984 to May 2011, and a neighbor at 711 Thompson Ave. was John C. Locklin
        • John Locklin background - military background; bizarre criminal record; wife's name is Lula Locklin
          • St. Joseph Union-Observer, "Noma Lites News", 1962/08/03: "John C. Locklin, seaman recruit, will soon finish recruit training at the naval training center at San Diego. He is the son of Velma Locklin."
          • Springfield Leader and Press, "West Plains Duo Wounded", 1967/12/19: "Sheriff Tom Brady said two men wanted for robbing a man four miles south of Cotulla and taking his car ran a Dimmitt County roadblock Monday, shooting Deputy Sheriff A. D. Dobbler in the wrist at Asherton, Tex. [...] Charged today with assault with intent to murder a peace officer were Robert Eugene Howeil, 18, and John Clifton Locklin, 22, both of West Plains, Mo."
          • St. Joseph Gazette, "Several arraigned before judge on various charges", 1984/02/22: "John C. Locklin was arraigned Tuesday in Buchanan County Associate Circuit Court on a charge of fleeing from justice. A hearing he requested on the matter was scheduled for March 21 by Judge Randall Jackson. He is accused of fleeing from Dimmit County, Texas, and a warrant has been issued by the Board of Pardons and Paroles for his arrest for an alleged parole violation. Locklin was committed to the Buchanan County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond."
          • St. Joseph Gazette, "Local man freed after being held by mistake", 1984/02/24: "A fugitive from justice charge pending against John C. Locklin was dismissed by the state Wednesday after word was received from Texas that another person was using Locklin's identity. Locklin appeared before Associate Circuit Judge Randall Jackson Wednesday based on a warrant issued by the Board of Pardons and Paroles from Dimmit County, Texas. Assistant Prosecutor Keith Marquart said Locklin's parole officer in Texas sent a telegram asking that he be released after it was learned someone else was apparently using his identity there."
          • St. Joseph News-Press, "Cameron woman hurt in accident", 1987/08/05: "The accident occurred about 3:30 p.m. when the car Ms. Parrack was driving collided with a car driven by John C. Locklin, 42, of St. Joseph, Highway Patrol Cpl. John Leonardo reported."
          • St. Joseph News-Press, "HOME SALES", 1992/09/06: "John and Lula Locklin from Robert J. Miller, 711 Thompson St. Multi-list by JoAnn Cobb with Cobb Realtors, sale by Karen Van Sickle with Tiger Realtors."
            • St. Joseph Gazette, obituary for George Dever, 1987/09/03: "George A. Dever, 80, died Wednesday morning, Sept. 2, 1987, at a local hospital. A native of Pattonsburg, Mo., Mr. Dever resided in St. Joseph most of his life. He had been making his home with a daughter, Gloria Miller, at 711 Thompson St. A former employee of Armour and Co., Mr. Dever was a Jehovah's Witness. Survivors include his wife, Ruth of the home; a son, Larry, Greenville, Texas. Also surviving are three other daughters. Vivian Burnstein, Westminster, Calif.; Mary Musser, living in Guatamala, and Frances Brown, Panama City, Fla.; a brother, Gus, and a sister, Dorothy Cordonnier, both of St. Joseph; 14 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren."
          • St. Joseph News-Press, "Bankruptcies", 1997/07/06: "June 27: John Clifton Locklin and Lula Fern Locklin, Buchanan County;"
      • p.45 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "KREBS INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS": "His name is Phil McDowell and over a year ago, he told me he wouldn't spend any more time talking about the Krebs/Boykin case to anyone. Of course, that may have changed. I will post ONE MORE TIME what he said to me, firsthand. All I was asking, first of all, was if he was the person who prosecuted Nancy's case. He said it was assigned to him at first, while he was an assistant DA there (Inyo Co.). THEN, another case assignment he already had was transferred to another county on a change of venue, so he had to leave the county and go prosecute that other case. Because of that, the prosecution of Nancy's case was left to the DA himself, LaJoie "Buck" Gibbons. HE is the one who prosecuted the case. I asked Phil McDowell next if he had talked to an Internet poster calling herself "Lovely Pigeon" about this and he said yes, he had. Next, I read a little of LP's post about what MdDowell said and he said that wasn't correct, starting with the part about his being the prosecutor, which he WASN'T. He said there were other misunderstandings as well and his memory wasn't very good about this case. [...] I next asked Phil McDowell if I could speak to Buck Gibbons, or if he was retired, which I had already gathered from my research. He answered very sadly that Mr. Gibbons was deceased. I asked when--he named a date just 10 days before this conversation with me was taking place."
      • p.46 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "KREBS INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS": "[Trona] only had a population of about 3000 at the time of Nancy's assaults. Of those, 850-1100 of them worked for Kerr-McGee at the potash plant. Kerr-McGee had bought out the stock in the company that owned the plant starting in 1965 and phased its own people in over the next four years. It was not until late 1969 when a complete restructuring was in place at K-M's Trona interests. (About that time--in October, there was a "small" disturbance nearby when Charles Manson and a few members of his family were arrested a few miles away and taken to the Inyo County jail to later face charges for the Tate-LaBianca murders in Hollywood. Gibbons was the prosecutor.) Macky and Tom Boykin had moved there in 1969 and worked for the company the entire time. Kerr-McGee pretty much owned the town of Trona--all the major recreational, entertainment, medical and historical facilities. [...] It was well known as a worldwide oil company, headquartered in Oklahoma City. (Macky Boykin was born in OK, by the way.) The Trona Mine was a prized facility, with the minerals alone valued at $150 billion way back then. [...] Adding to this pervasive control factor was the fact that Macky and Tom were both union men. The ILWU is the controlling union at the plant and has a very violent history in Trona, from the very start. [...] On top of this, Kerr-McGee had just had its own public relations nightmare and many legal battles going on at that particular time. In 1973-74, the Karen Silkwood incident had grabbed headlines. [...] Macky was Lead Man-Shipping, which meant he was supervisor on his shift for getting the products loaded on the rail cars and sent to...the Port of Long Beach. His union offices were in Ridgecrest (15 miles away in Kern County) and in Long Beach, among others. [...] in one of those years, 1983, there was only ONE transaction for the whole year done by Kerr-McGee, on December 22nd--as grantee of a deed. Coincidentally, December 22, 1983, is the ONLY time Fleet Sr., Nyla and Lani White's names ever showed up in the SanBernCo property transactions register--as grantors of a lease assignment, with two of their company entities also as grantee."
      • San Bernardino Sun, "Tiny desert community of Trona hopes to rise from the ashes", 2015/10/24: "In 1914, the American Trona Company established the company town of Trona, named for crystals of soda ash formed by the evaporation of chemical-rich water commonly found in the lake bed. “All the professionals and the managers were expected to live in Trona,” said Jim Fairchild, Kaldenberg’s co-author on “Around Trona and Searles Valley.” [...] For the next 60 years, the community thrived, until the company, now known as American Potash, was bought by the Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. in 1974 — “and they didn’t want to have a town,” Kaldenberg said. “It was a company town and the company sold it,” he said. “The company basically wanted everybody to leave, but they didn’t leave, because they had vested interests here.” Many did leave after the factory’s new owners cut production in half in 1982 and instituted massive layoffs. [...] The small city of Ridgecrest, 30 miles away in Kern County, neighbors the China Lake naval air weapons station. Ridgecrest began to thrive as Trona waned. [...] 1926 – American Trona becomes American Potash & Chemical Corporation. Production begins at the West End Chemical plant. [...] 1967 – American Potash & Chemical Corporation is acquired by Kerr-McGee Corporation. 1969 – American Potash & Chemical Corporation is renamed Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation. 1974 – Stauffer Chemical Company’s holdings on Searles Lake are acquired by Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation."
      • Thomas Boykin - brother of Macky who married Gwen Krebs
        • Hanford Sentinel, obituary for CLAUDE BOYKIN, 1958/08/13: "Claude Boykin, 45, of Armona died Sunday at a local hospital. He was a native of Oklahoma and had lived in Kings County area for the past 22 years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jeanette Boykin of Armona; three sons Mackey E. Boykin of the U.S. Navy, Lewis W. Boykin of Bakersfield and Thomas A. Boykin of the U. S. Air Corps; one daughter Mrs. Joan Hoffman of Armona, and two grandchildren."
        • Ridgecrest Daily Independent, "THOMAS ALVIN BOYKIN", 2002/02/14: "Longtime Trona resident Thomas Alvin Boykin died Saturday, Feb. 9, at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield. He was 63. [...] Mr. Boykin was born Aug. 28, 1938, in Hanford, and had been a Trona resident for 26 years. He retired in 1989, from employment as a supervisor with Kerr McGee in Trona. He also served in the U.S. Air Force. Mr. Boykin is survived by his mother Alice Boykin of Lone Pine; step-son Eric Krebs of Arizona, step-daughter Shirley Reed of Germany and Nancy Krebs; brother and sister-in-law Lews and Darla Boykin of Trona; and sister and brother-in-law JoAnn and Fred Hoffman of Missouri."
      • Jeanette Boykin / Alice Boykin - mother of Thomas and Macky
        • Ridgecrest Daily Independent, "ALICE JEANETTE BOYKIN", 2002/04/19: "Inyo county resident and former Trona resident Alice Jeanette Boykin died Tuesday, April 16, at Southern Inyo Hospital in Lone Pine. She was 87. Graveside services will be held at 11 am on Saturday, April 20, at Searles Valley Cemetery in Trona. Rev. Mel Wilson of Trona Foursquare Church will officate. Interment will be at Searles Valley Cemetery. Mrs. Boykin was born April 28, 1914, in Oklahoma and was a homemaker. She was a Trona resident from 1971 until her move to Inyo County 11 years ago. Mrs. Boykin is survived by her son Lewis J. Boykin of Trona; daughter Claudia Joan Hoffman of St. Joseph, Mo.; 12 grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren."
      • Lewis Boykin - brother of Thomas and Macky, who fathered two daughters that preceded him in death
        • Ancient Faces page on Patsy L Boykin: "Patsy L Boykin was born on March 16, 1973. She died on June 15, 1994 at 21 years of age. We know that Patsy L Boykin had been residing in Trona, San Bernardino County, California 93562."
        • Ridgecrest Daily Independent, "LEWIS WAYNE BOYKIN SR. 1936-2003", 2003/09/30: "Former Ridgecrest and Trona resident Lewis Wayne Boykin Sr. died Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003 at the California Care Center in Bakersfield. He was 67. Visitation will be held Thursday, Oct. 2, from 4 to 7 pm at Holland & Lyons Chapel. Funeral services will be held Friday, Oct. 3 at 10 am at Holland & Lyons Chapel. Rev. Mel Wilson of Trona Foursquare Church will officiate. Burial will be at Desert Memorial Park. Boykin was born June 13, 1936 in Corcoran. He moved to Trona in 1969 and worked as a production operator at Kerr McGee Chemical until his retirement. His family says this about him: "He was an ornery old bird, with a heart as big as gold. He would do anything for his kids." He was preceded in death by his first wife, Kathy in 1968, two daughters Cindy Ann and Patsy Boykin, his mother Alice in 2002 and a brother Thomas in 2002. Boykin is survived by his wife, Daria Jean Boykin of Glendale, five sons Roy Claude Boykin in Bakersfield, Lewis W. Boykin Jr. of Bakersfield, Ricky Lynn Boykin of Las Vegas, Nev., Robert Thomas Boykin of Bakersfield and Dale Scott Boykin of Bakersfield, a daughter Tammy Fay Boykin of Trona, a sister JoAnn Hoffman of Missouri, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren."
      • Samuel Boykin / Sam Boykin / Samuel M. Boykin - unclear if related, but interesting that he lived in Los Osos CA
    • Gwen Boykin / Gwen Krebs
      • Eric Krebs / Eric G. Krebs
        • San Bernardino County Sun, "Krebs", 1985/05/26: "Army Pvt. Eric G. Krebs, son of Gwen L. Boykin of Trona, has arrived for duty in Kaiserslautern, West Germany. Krebs, a communications station controller with the 5th Signal Command, was previously assigned at Fort Gordon, Ga. He is a 1984 graduate of Trona High School."
      • Shirley Reed / Shirley Krebs Reed / Shirley L. Reed
        • "The Official Trona High School Alumni Page Guestbook Archive", p.2: "10/07/00 Who are you?...Shirley Krebs Reed Are you a former Trona student?...Yes What was or would have been your grad year?...1982 What grades did you attend Trona schools?...6-12 Where are you living now?...Germany Have you registered in the Alumni Register?...Yes Do you plan to attend Reunion 2000?...No Would you like to leave a message or comment?...I planned to make the reunion but Germany is a long way from Trona. I'll be there in spirit. Jane, Tami, Maria, Lauretta and Kim be sure and have a shot of Tequila for me! Auf Wiedersehen."
        • Spokeo information on Shirley L Reed - current residence is Westerville OH; former cities include Rio Linda CA, Sacramento CA, Springboro OH, and Alexandria VA
        • 2019/07/28 Facebook profile photo of Shirley Krebs Reed
        • US Air Force biography of SHIRLEY L. REED: "Shirley L. Reed, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Chief Information Officer, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. [...] She facilitates system integration with the Financial Management Enterprise Resource Planning and migration of financial management systems to a Common Computing Environment. Prior to assuming her current position, she was assigned as the Director, Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) within the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Operations and was responsible for overseeing the functional design, development, testing and deployment of DEAMS across the Air Force. [...] CAREER CHRONOLOGY 1. 1985 - 1995 Data Control Clerk/Financial Analyst, SM/ALC, McClellan AFB, Calif. 2. 1995 - 1998 Accountant, Centrally Managed Career Intern Program, DFAS, Denver 3. 1998 - 2001 Disbursing Officer, USAFE/FM, Ramstein Air Base, Germany 4. 2002 - 2003 Chief, Accounting Operations, DFAS-EU, Ramstein AB, Germany 5. 2003 - 2005 Chief, Acquisition Accounting, DFAS-DY, Dayton, Ohio 6. 2005 - 2006 Deputy Field Site Director, DFAS-DY, Dayton, Ohio 7. 2006 - 2008 Accountant, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 8. 2008 - 2010 Accounting Officer, SAF/FMFA, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 9. 2011 - 2012 Director, Management Services Compliance, SAF/FMFA, Wright Patterson AFB, OH 10. 2012 - 2015 Director, Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System, SAF/FMFS, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 11. 2015-Present, Chief Information Officer, SAF/FM, Andrews AFB, Md."
        • p.18 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "KREBS INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS": "I find it very suspicious, however, that the mother of this same child refused to allow the child to be examined to settle the question of whether the child had been sexually abused when the BPD was investigating Nancy's allegations."
      • Manson Family association
        • 2006 Topix post by Henrietta McPhee: "There used to be a poster on another forum, I think called Janphi, who tried to dig up some facts about Fleet White and Nancy Krebs' mother in California a few years ago. That poster says that she found out once that Nancy Krebs' mother Gwen Boykin/Krebs (friend of Fleet White) may have been associated with the Manson gang years ago, but not in the inner circle, and lived in a remote area of California with them for a time. I found that interesting gossip. I accept that information may not be accurate."
        • 2008 Topix thread analyzing the relation of murderer Rex Krebs / Ray Krebs to Nancy Krebs and making the claim that Gwen Boykin was friends with Manson Family member Catherine Gillies - misspelled as "Catherine Gilles"
          • Henri McPhee: "There was a Borg poster on Purgatory JonBenet forum a few years ago called Rte66, who did some quite extensive research about this Manson and Nancy matter. That research must have cost Rte66 quite a bit of money, and perhaps travel to California. Rte66 no longer seems to post on the internet. She seemed to be having some serious personal, and dare I say financial problems, at one time. I hope she's OK now. From what Rte66 said, Nancy's mom did stay along with one of her friends somewhere in a remote area of California with the Manson lot. I don't know for how long. Nancy was with her at the time as an infant, or as a child. It sounds as though Nancy's mom was a bit of a hippy at that time."
          • Nancy Drew (Mary Suma): "Oh and for the record, Catherine Gilles and Gwen Boykin were dear friends."
        • 2010 Topix thread reitrating the claim of Gwen being friends with Manson Family member Cappy Gillies - misspelled "Cappie Gilles"
          • Biz: "Plus they never bothered to interview NK's grandmother who said that she wouldn't be surprised if Spade was involved in the murder of JBR."
          • Biz: "NK's grandmother had a picture of Daphne and JBR together on her mantel. They interviewed her mother but gave her notice that they were coming. Plenty of time for her to get her story straight."
          • Biz: "NK also said her mother took what looked like reel tapes in a backpack to Germany after the murder."
          • Biz: "Gwen's history says it all. She was buddies with freaks at the manson ranch like Cappie Gilles, she was FW Sr's god daughter. She stood by while her step son abused NK, her daughter claims she was pimped out to others. NK's therapist verbally acknowledged that NK had said all this happened with FW and Uncle Johnny way before the JBR murder. There was enough there to warrent further investigation. The only people I ever hear of who deal with 8mm film these days are people selling porn, cp, and snuff. That is what I suspect GB was taking to Germany and I think that was what NK was trying to tell investigators. It definately should have raised eyebrows"
        • Photos of children at the Manson ranches - possibly depict Nancy
    • Clifford Christoff / Chris Christoff / C.G. Christoff / Clifford Gordon Christoff
    • Richard Talfryn Jones / Tal Jones / "Spade" - the step-uncle of Nancy Krebs, whose adoptive father Albert Hedding Sprague married Alyce Christoff, the mother of Gwen (and thus grandmother of Nancy), making him Gwen's stepbrother
      • Albert Hedding Sprague - an OSS and Army intelligence operative
        • Sprague Project entry on Albert Hedding Sprague (person I126275) - was born 2 Aug 1910 in Pembroke, Washington Co., ME, USA; received his education in 1932 at the University of Minnesota studying engineering; was a Staff Sgt., U. S. Army who served 09/01/1943 - 01/16/1946; buried in the San Francisco National Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco; has a note from Tal Jones mentioning his intelligence work: "From Richard Talfryn Jones, correspondent. Albert H. Sprague led a very machiavellian existence. He took a job in early 1936 building roads in North Africa, was recruited by the OSS and worked in Army intellignece until the end of World War II, then stayed in North Africa for another year (1946) building roads for the Army Corp of Engineers"; third wife is Alyce Christoff
      • Colorado Court of Appeals, Div. III, no. 83CA0032: People v. Jones, denial of rehearing, 1984/10/18: "Defendant, Richard Tal Jones, was convicted of two counts of theft "by deception" in violation of § 18-4-401, C.R.S. (1978 Repl.Vol. 8), and was sentenced to six years probation. As one condition of that probation he was ordered to pay restitution to the "victims" of the thefts in the total *869 amount of $27,995. [...] In the first count of the information the defendant was charged with the theft of $10,000 from the "Ski County Development escrow account." Evidence at trial disclosed that the Ski County Development Corporation was a real estate brokerage company that was wholly owned by the defendant. Ski County had an exclusive listing contract to sell lots owned by Tenderfoot Mountain Properties, a general partnership, and at the time of the theft, $9,000 had been deposited into an escrow account of Ski County as earnest money for the purchase of lots owned by Tenderfoot. [...] The second count of the information charged the defendant with the theft of $18,995 from Tenderfoot Mountain Properties and the Summit County Bank. Evidence at trial established that the defendant obtained a loan of $18,995 from the Summit County Bank, giving as security a deed of trust on one of the lots owned by Tenderfoot Mountain Properties."
      • Justice Watch, "something HINKY to make you THINKY!", 2000/05/19
        • "In September of 1998, right about the time the Grand Jury took on the JonBenet Ramsey case, a large group of us went to Boulder. Before our arrival, an offer arrived via email to one of the people attending. The offer was made by a former poster. [...] We never met with the poster because we had no desire to participate in something that sounded to us like it was shady (among other things) and creepy , not to mention could be construed as interferring with a sitting GJ. Fast forward to March 2000. During a conversation with 'Bridget' we were discussing some of the connections in this case. (I want to be careful here, not to betray some of the things she told me about this person). I remember asking her about someone in her family and she mentioned a name. I nearly fell out of my chair. The person who 'Bridget' named was the same person who sent those emails that are excerpted above."
        • "Don't forget that Mystery Poster's inside source at the BPD was Tom Haney."
        • "This poster was suspose to be "in" with Tom Haney. Was it not Tom Haney's son that hung himself less than a year ago?"
        • "A shovel you say? Not one of four suits? ;-) I'm sure his posts are in some of the net archives and I may have them on disk as well."
        • "Sounds like we are playing a game of cards. Let's see, there are Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. Which card should we draw? The heart was on JonBenet's hand The diamond was on Patsy's finger The Club was in the back yard Where was the Spade?"
        • "I always called him "spayed," 'cause I hoped he had been, what a nut case. I remember the stir he caused, and Mrs. Brady's admonishment that he was harmless just don't give him your email addy! (Something like that) LOL!"
      • Justice Watch, "More Hinky", 2000/05/19 - discussion of Krebs' lesser-known family members; brings up that Tal Jones was the son of an OSS officer; mentions California guests at Fleet White's party
      • Cybersleuths post on the bizarre stories that Tal Jones posted online
        • R. Tal Jones, "KNOW and be silent": "Lenny and I grew up here in Boulder during the late 1970's. When I was a senior in high school, Time magazine half-accurately described Boulder as the place where "The hip meet to trip!" Our Father, Sidney, was a tenured professor of Sociology at the University of Colorado and Mom was a full-time, albeit, unpaid volunteer for The Boulder Coalition for the Homeless. Deborah had a Masters degree in social work from Bennington, but the 70's were pre-public financed behavior modification programs and so she worked for free. Our parents smoked pot, listened to The Beatles, owned a 69 VW Westphalia, walked around the house naked...but...when you get right down to it, neither one of them had a clue."
        • R. Tal Jones, "THE CONVERGENCE NET": "Sidney and Deborah hang out at Valley View Hot Springs in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. I never did figure out how they found out about this place..but the hot springs are truly special. [...] The fans of the Grateful Dead have always fascinated me. [...] There had been three concerts at Red Rocks and now the band was going to preform in Telluride. [...] A fortyish doctor from Camden and his buddy, a Chicago public defender, were having a peak experience in Colorado. They had had tickets to all three nights at Red Rocks and although they had been bummed when they couldn't put anything together for Telluride, the hot springs proved to be a nice side trip. The good doctor had made 5,000 hits of Orange Sunshine in his Camden lab and he claimed that the Owlsley formula had been religiously adhered to. He even confessed that he and his public defender buddy had given away a minimum of 3,000 hits at Chief Hosa Campground."
        • R. Tal Jones, "Harley my Hero": "Harley David Martin was the first born child of a twenty year old sun-bleached blonde bimbette and her high school sweetheart, a disabled veteran who had lost a leg in WW II. His old man split in 1951, so Harley didn't remember a whole lot about him. He did tell me one time that his life long love of motorcycles began when he rode in the sidecar of his father's Indian. He was raised by his mom in Topanga Canyon, a biker, artist, actor, outlaw hangout. [...] In 1963, Harley went to Nam, a nineteen year old military advisor and hand-to-hand combat instructor for the morally bankrupt government of South Vietnam. Sad to say, a year later his helicopter was shot down in a bad neighborhood. Harley grabbed a BAR, a couple of bandoliers, and beat it to the bush. His ammunition ran out six hours later and he prepared himself to die. But fighting men respect fighting men, so Harley became a prisoner of the Viet Cong. For eighteen months he was confined to a 3'x 3'x 4' bamboo cage. The Cong kept him naked, beat him daily, starved him, and finally...pissed him off. He strangled his jailer and eight others while he made his way South. It took him forty-five days, but he found an Australian infantry unit. They fed him, medicated his physical body, and left the matter of his mental health up to the morally bankrupt government of the United States of America."
        • Real estate website that hosted R. Tal Jones's stories
          • 1998/12/01 (Frances Properties, L.L.C.) - address is 1015 S.Gaylord St #114 Denver, CO 80209; phone number is 303-744-8219; operated by Lynne Frances ( and Tal Jones (
          • 2000/03/09 (The Race Street Townhomes): "Nestled into a quiet corner of The University of Denver, The Race Street Townhomes provide affordable home ownership in one of Denver's most desirable neighborhoods. Each room of the townhome is pre-wired with fiber optic and coaxial cables plus CAT5 for high speed Internet access and multi-media entertainment options. [...] Frances Properties L.L.C. 1015 South Gaylord St. #114 Denver, CO 80209 Voice: 303-744-8219"
          • 2000/10/08 (The Race Street Townhomes): "Nestled into a quiet corner of The University of Denver, The Race Street Townhomes provide affordable home ownership in one of Denver's most desirable neighborhoods. Each townhome is pre-wired with coaxial cable and CAT5 telephone cable for easy hookup to a variety of high speed Internet and multi-media entertainment providers. [...] Frances Properties L.L.C. 1015 South Gaylord St. #114 Denver, CO 80209 For sales information contact: Lynne Frances Voice: 303-744-8219 E-Mail:"
          • 2001/03/31 (The Race Street Townhomes): "Nestled into a quiet corner of The University of Denver, the townhome at 2354 South Race Street provides an opportunity for affordable home ownership in one of Denver's most desirable neighborhoods. Each townhome is pre-wired with coaxial cable and CAT5 telephone cable for easy hookup to a variety of high speed Internet and multi-media entertainment providers. Combination cable, computer network, data, and telephone ports are available in all rooms. [...] Pam Adams Office: 303-796-7000 Cell: 303-898-3598 E-Mail: DenverSmartHomes.Com"
          • Lynne Frances - possibly the girlfriend or wife of Tal Jones at the time?
            • ClustrMaps page for Lynne Frances - age 84 as of February 2022; lived in Denver CO (including 1015 S Gaylord St) since 1994; also linked to a Fort Collins CO property in 1998; lived in Pasadena CA in 1992; two associated email addresses are and
          • Pam Adams - appears to have become the new owner (or at least public face) of the business in early 2001
      • Justice Watch, "Curioser and Curioser...OR Hinky #3", 2000/05/20
        • "How would this person be getting information, allegedly from the BPD, about the investigation of MW's claims during the investigation of MW's claims? And why?"
        • "when did fleet acquire the property near john? was it leased at the time of JB's murder and if so, by whom?"
        • "The BDI theory is the only one put forth so far that would make it completely unnecessary to investigate possible links to child pornography and/or child sexual abuse. A BDI decision by the GJ is the only one that would not result in an indictment or lengthy trial. I believe that is the reason Jones was pushing Burke as the perp. And that is obviously the reason he wanted to silence Bridget."
        • "I hate to lose credibility with the "normal" folks of the forum...but with the new MW info, and the old Moe information...and the tal jones connection with the story above to enlighten me with thoughts I'd be happy to have never considered, the fact that their minister got there PDQ...I'm leaning toward some sort of church cult that these people all belonged well as other power brokers in Boulder, where jbr was on the altar and "this was't supposed to happen"."
        • "MW says her mother told her that she and MW neice were at the White's dinner party 12/25/96. Mother tells the cops , not right. It was some other time."
        • "This poster from the past professed to being well conected to the darker side of Boulder's political/judical network. Claims of drugs and blackmail were mentioned frequently. This poster was also known to threaten/intimidate a current poster on this forum. Started on a thread and then went to e-mail."
        • "Holly - dark side as in lawyers and law enforcers as long time drug users. This was the impression I remember. I want to be clear that this was only GOSSIP alluded to in posts! Do not interpret this as fact."
        • "Can it get more hinky than this? Who is Veritas JONES, anyway? Recent BPD statements to the effect that other similar allegations of child-porn had been investigated, might have been referring to 'newspapers' such as this. Note that FW and PW are mentioned as champions of justice for JonBenet and are again pushing for an independent prosecutor."
        • "After learning of the Spade/Haney connection eons ago - I was personally never comfortable with Tom Haney since. From what publically is known, he will be forever labeled the man who interrogated PR and got her demon side to come forth. But in light of what has recently been disclosed on the forum, I think it's equally important to recall exactly when Tom Haney started gathering Ramsey case knowledge - and that was from day one and it was before the body was ever found!"
      • Justice Watch, "Hinky #4", 2000/05/23
        • "At a time when people were speculating, who MW was and pondering the tidbits of info she brought forth , someone posting as "The Truth" made a few posts at the now closed forum. "The Truth" used a Hotmail account, for posting rights at the forum and interestingly enough the name attatched to the hotmail addy ironically matched up with Tal Jones wife/girlfriend. Here are three posts made by The Truth which provide further proof, that people associated with MW are not only internet savvy but also the posts are thinly veiled with statements concearning control issues. [...] TheTruth - 03:53pm Mar 3, 2000 MDT (#23 of 24) Please, if anyone can contact *****, ask her to call Heather, her mom and grandmother A in CA and her little brother in AZ. They all love ***** and are concerned about her welfare."
        • "WHY did Tal get the ball rolling on the Star issue claiming Burke Did it? My guess is the Star folded so quickly on the lawsuit when they figured out the "shaky" evidence that had been sold to them via G2 from Tal. Could be a few things, Tal set up the Star so the R's could win a hands down lawsuit. Tal really thinks Burke did it. Tal is so connected to child porn himself that he sees Mystery Juvenile offenders everywhere or what?"
        • "It looks as if Tal Jones is a menacing, GJ-manipulating family member of MW's who made up this bogus story about Steven Singular in a lame attempt to explain why MW has come forward, with people supporting her. So how come the truth isn't good enough?"
      • Claim that "Spade" (a.k.a. Tal Jones) was asked by Nancy's mother Gwen Boykin to spread the word about Nancy being a liar before she even came to Boulder
      • p.1 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "Rex Allan Krebs": "On the second interview part 2, pages 59 to 61, they are talking about XXXX. Too bad that Nancy and Hill did not explain correctly XXXX' association with Tom Haney. Instead they have XXXX connected to the Boulder or Broomfield PD. Haney is the one that interviewed Patsy. He is a retired Denver detective. I have emails from XXXX where he brags about Haney being his inside person. But then it appears that Trujillo finally acknowledges that XXXX calls with tips, but they don't give him any info. Well hell, they don't have to if Haney is XXXX' pipeline." and "I noticed that Trujilo suddenly becomes agressive in that part of the interview, defensive even!"
      • p.25 of a Purgatory II thread from 2004 titled "PPP(panty package picture)": "Spade is a close friend of Fleet White and both are chums of former Denver detective Tom Haney."
      • p.29 of a Purgatory II thread from 2004 titled "PPP(panty package picture)": "Do you agree that Tom Haney should be investigated for his relationship with the felon poster Spade who happens to be Nancy Kreb's step uncle? Do you believe that Haney was likely Spade's source for confidential case documents? Do you think it would be helpful to question poster Spade about his motives for guiding case discussion of the fora from the beginning, and for recruiting various posters and fora leaders to further his agenda, whatever that might be? Do you think Spade should be questioned about his motives in supplying stories to the tabloids and as to the nature of his relationship with Fleet White? Do you wonder why Fleet and poster Spade are friends? [...] Eons ago during the middle ages of the JonBenet forums a poster named Gsquared, squared off with Spade when he double crossed her. That was where I originally got the idea Spade had a pretty serious agenda. It all goes back to the old story of elderly nanny Shirley Brady allegedly fondling Burke as a small child. If I remember correctly, G Squared went ballistic over Spade's skullduggery when he took the unverified story and peddled it to the Star tabloid. As recently as 2004, Spade the player was insisting he discovered JonBenet needed an avenger and he stepped forward. The fact is, he's been manipulating and string-pulling for half a decade, at least. In fall of 1998, he tried to get some forum divas hooked up with Tom Haney. In 2000, he suddenly became the PR czar for the Boykin (Nancy Kreb's) family. In 2003 he started threatening posters with letters and calls to their employers and other crap that just made you stop and think--why?"
      • p.30 of a Purgatory II thread from 2004 titled "PPP(panty package picture)": "Several months ago at FFJ Spade said that he had contacted the employer of a long ago poster named Holly who used to post at JW, and then posted information about her neighbor's Internet business. He stretched that to conclude that a Holly mentioned in old transcripts, by JR, was obviously this person. The Holly, mentioned relevant to the Ramsey web site were one and the same. At least that's what I remember. I'm sure the posts are still up. I think someone later figured out it was Ollie, not Holly. What a wanker. Of course no apology forthcoming. He seemed to be glad to make an issue out of a non-issue."
      • p.1 of a Purgatory II thread from 2004 titled "PPP part 2" - discussion of Spade's role in discrediting Nancy, with links and quotes of Spade's previous forum posts (Forums For Justice thread from 2003 titled "Who is "Holly?"")
        • "Get real, SK, why would Spade use the poster's real name and ask why she risked her job? There is only one answer--because Spade attempted to interfere with this poster's employment, or wanted to send a threatening message to this poster. And over a transcription error, to boot! Wise up, Spade is a mean, deceitful character."
        • "Spade
          Registered: Aug 2003
          Location: Denver, CO
          Posts: 26
          February 18, 2000
          One week before Alex Hunter called nancy credible and the Camera published its slanderous article, nancy's Mother called Mrs Spade and me to ask for help. She detailed nancy's physical and mental health problems and gave us contacts that could substantiate her take on what at that time was a developing situation. In two hours we were able to verify Gwen B*****'s story and understand her concerns for nancy's safety.

          I notified friends at the Boulder DA's office, Lou Smit, The Rocky Mountain News, The Star, The Globe, and the Denver DA's office. A week later I talked to Tom Trujillo at the Boulder PD. Then after 11 weeks of investigation and pi**ing away tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars, the BPD confirmed EVERY DETAIL of Gwen's story that they had been told a week before the public slander started."
      • Websleuths post by Spade on 2004/04/19: "A year ago I hooked up BlueCrab into a 3 way call with Tom Miller who tried to tell him that the exemplars in the scrapbook were not Burke's and that he (Miller) had original exemplars of Patsy's handwriting."
      • Expression of BDI theories
      • 911 call voice analysis - TODO: document
      • Allegation that Richard Talfryn "Tal" Jones spread the Burke-did-it theory on behalf of Fleet White starting the day after JonBenet's murder, while working as a paralegal for Tom Miller a.k.a. Doc Miller
        • "Tom Miller was married to Judith Phillips, a former wife of the Ramsey's friend Gary Phillips. He and Patsy worked together in Atlanta and they reconnected in Boulder since both had moved there. From what I know Gary and Judith divorced, he moved to Boulder. Judith later followed him to Boulder, then Judith hooked up with a slime ball lawyer named Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller."
        • "Doc Miller had some connection to the sale of the ransom note the tabloids along with Richard Talfryn "Tal" Jones aka Sprague. Tal is a step brother to Gwen Boykin the godaughter of Fleet Senior that I mentioned earlier. Tal worked for Doc Miller as a paralegal or something. So did a lady by the name of Pamela Hadas. I spoke with Pamela Hadas for about an hour on the phone one day and she had alot to say, most of it was backed up by court records I later researched."
        • "Pamela told me that the day after the murder Tal Jones came to the office and told Doc that he had just spoke to Fleet White and he told him in confidence that Burke was the killer. Pamela said that same day that Doc Miller and Tal had gotten in to a physical fight in the office and Doc put a knife to Tal's throat. She didn't know what the arguement was about but she and other employees were able to break it up. Mary Suma didn't think that Tal knew Fleet at this point but Pamela claimed they did."
        • TODO: look into the assertion (possibly in Kolar's book) that Fleet White came forward saying that Burke owned Hi-Tec boots
      • Henri McPhee post on 2017/11/10 claiming that Fleet White Sr. is the biological father of Tal Jones: "Biz has recently discovered that Fleet White's pal Spade. or Tal Jones, is Fleet's half brother with the same biological father Fleet White Sr."
    • Justice Watch, "SBTC-New Ideas???", 2000/06/18 - discussion about the meaning of S.B.T.C. in the ransom note; has one person express their belief that John Ramsey's "top secret" security clearance implied he worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence; one suggestion that S.B.T.C. means San Bernadino, Trona, California; another person brings up how aside from Boykin, there were members of the Archuleta family in Trona CA, which matches the name of 9/11 dispatcher Kim Archuleta and former Ramsey family pilot Mike Archuleta (Denver Post, "Hunter: We're not quitting", 1999/10/15)
    • Justice Watch, "Evil Parallels", 2000/05/03 - discussion on the parallels between Nancy Krebs, JonBenet, and Monarch victims
    • Longmont Daily Times-Call, "Lawyer struggles to regain license" and Wayne Laugesen, "Lee Hill charged with felony: Wife says police exploited her to "get" Hill" - the Boulder police apparently retaliated against Hill (full name Walter Leon Hill) to discredit him, using a purported domestic violence incident that his wife soon disavowed; Fleet and Priscilla White's names somehow appeared on Hill's restraining order, with Assistant District Attorney Karen Peters having no knowledge of how his name got there but not bothering to do an inquiry; Hill claims that the Whites attended all of his court hearings until their names appeared on the restraining order; Boulder County journalist Wayne Laugesen says that White was unusually interested in the abuse of restraining orders
    • Lee Hill background
      • Webbsleuths thread from 2003 titled "Jann Scott & Lee Hill CIA ops" - ultimately appears to be a false message posted by Jann Scott himself: "Check around : Both Jann Scott and Lee Hill have been connected to law enforcement for years. Hill was naval intelligence. Scott has been CIA since the 70's just out of college. They are both known to have company Col. Bob Brown who wrote about Scott in Soldier of Fortune..........Scotts supposed vacations to Route 66 have put him the Middle East, SE Asia and Europe. Scott and Lee Hill have been seen numerous times with CIA ops here in Boulder with Eller, Koby and Col. Peter Egan working on the Ramsey case shortly after the murder.......They are working on the forign faction.....It seems John Ramsey wouldn't sell to some Arab terrorists? How about it Jann....Why don't you and L ee admit you've into bed together with LE from the beginning......Everybody knows you are CIA"
    • Comment by BURGUNDY on 2016/09/11 claiming that the pink heart on JonBenet's hand was similar to the Kali (allegedly practiced by two of Fleet White's guests) symbol for child sacrifice: "What do you all think about the drawing on JonBenet’s hand? It looked like a heart. It is very similar to the sacrificial sign” for child sacrifice to KALI and is in the exact colour required. This symbol looks a lot like a close up 3 with a longer bottom coming up and a tail off the back."
  • Access Graphics involvement in child pornography
    • A Star article claimed that child pornography had been found on Access Graphics (subsidiary of Lockheed Martin) computers. Despite the tabloid's lack of credibility, it's worth noting that the Ramseys didn't sue the Star over that story, even though they later sued the tabloid over allegations about Burke. As far as I can tell, the story is named "JonBenet Dad Linked to Kiddie Porn Scandal", written by Richard Gooding and printed April 29, 1997.
    • The Star article also claimed that Access Graphics did business in Amsterdam's red-light district. While this is unconfirmed, the Access Graphics website indicates that its European headquarters is located in Schiphol, a city in the Netherlands located right next to Amsterdam. The Netherlands is known to have a very permissive attitude towards pornography and prostitution.
      • Tabloid pictures of: European headquarters of Access Graphics and Amsterdam red-light district, Amsterdam red-light district
      • CyberSleuths post connecting the Wonderland child pornography raids and the Ramsey case - suggests that John Ramsey was part of the Wonderland Club, perhaps along with Fleet White and John Fernie, and that the FBI interfered with the JBR investigation from the beginning to protect their sting operation
      • Justice Watch, "White, do you know you have been a victim of a hit and run bus?????", 2000/02/26 - thread discussing the legitimacy of the Nancy Krebs story: "It sure as hell would tie in with the two mysterious deaths, Kelvin McNeil, and that reporter from one of the tabs. Wasn't McNeil killed after we heard about John and the Amsterdam Porno??? Can't figure the tie in with McNeil, but it does seem strange. The tab reporter may have had to die because he stumbled onto something, again related to the porno aspect."
      • David Duffy death
        • Boulder Daily Camera, "National Enquirer reporter found dead in Boulder hotel", 1997/02/27: "A tabloid reporter covering JonBenet Ramsey's murder was found dead in his Boulder hotel room Wednesday. The Boulder County coroner believes David Duffy, 58, of Boca Raton, Fla., died of natural causes. Duffy was on assignment with the National Enquirer and had been staying at the Regal Harvest House for about 10 days. "I don't think there was anything suspicious or foul play," said medical investigator Dan Pruett of the coroner's office. "It was not a suicide." Autopsy results will be released late this morning, Pruett said. Duffy's body was found by a maid about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in his fourth-floor tower room at the 28th Street hotel. The death added a bizarre twist in the Ramsey case. Duffy was among a pack of national media reporters in Boulder to cover the 6-year-old beauty queen's Dec. 26 death. Many have been staying at the Regal Harvest House. On Tuesday night, Duffy filed a cover story for next week's issue, said David Perel, executive editor of the Enquirer. "He was one of the finest journalists," said Perel, adding that Duffy had been on his staff since July 1976. "The consummate professional. He was a great investigative reporter with a good wit ... If there was a celebrity scandal, Duffy was in the middle." Some of Duffy's reports focused on Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson, Perel said. "And, as a top investigative reporter, he was on the Ramsey case from the beginning." Perel said the death "was a total shock" because no one was aware of any medical problems. Pruett said he could not discuss Duffy's medical history."
        • Straight Dope comment by dave316 on 2003/05/11: "ha ha you will never find me David Duffy came close but he and the ones who paid him found out how costly a game i play so now you want to try to guess and make my work a funny game I'll decide the winner and the prize that they get gingerbread man"
      • Kelvin McNeill death
        • Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, "Boulder spokesman is moving to Springs", 1997/03/08: "Kelvin McNeill, a Boulder spokesman who has helped handle media relations in the Jon-Benet Ramsey slaying investigation, is leaving his job to take one in Colorado Springs. McNeill, 27, will become director of communications for the Gill Foundation, a Colorado Springs-based philanthropic organization that provides money for gay organizations and minority groups. McNeill leaves his Boulder job March 28 and will join the foundation April 3. He will coordinate national communications and public relations for the foundation. "Kelvin will be an outstanding addition to our national staff," said Katherine Pease, foundation executive director. "He is a highly regarded communications professional with expertise in communications strategy and media relations." McNeill began working for Boulder as an intern in 1989. He said he has been considering taking the Gill Foundation job since November. "I am looking forward to the new challenges of the Gill Foundation," McNeill said. "The Gill Foundation offers me an opportunity to be active in many important issues in our country and to work closely with outstanding community organizers and philanthropic leaders." McNeill listed gay, lesbian and AIDS issues as priorities. Also, he said he wants to work on broad community issues, such as child-abuse prevention and health and poverty issues. McNeill will be the foundation's fifth employee. The foundation has offices in Colorado Springs and Washington, D.C. The Gill Foundation was founded in 1994 by Denver software entrepreneur Tim Gill, one of the few openly gay individuals on the Forbes 400 list, according to the foundation. In 1984 Gill founded Quark, a desktop publishing software company" - note: could McNeill be the law enforcement person in Colorado Springs who contacted Bill Colson about Paul Schultz?
        • Colorado Springs Gazette, title unknown, 1998/07/12 - has Kelvin McNeill (director of communications & community at the Gill Foundation) endorse One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America by Keith Boykin (1996), whose surname is coincidentally or not the same as that of Nancy Krebs' abusers
        • Rocky Mountain News, "FORMER CITY SPOKESMAN HURT", 1998/08/11: "Kelvin McNeill, a former Boulder spokesman who once handled media relations in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation, was critically injured in an accident in Amsterdam, Netherlands. McNeill, who is at a university hospital in Amsterdam, suffered an unknown degree of brain damage, said Katherine Pease, executive director of the Gill Foundation of Colorado Springs, where McNeill works. McNeill was injured in a pedestrian-automobile accident Thursday and subsequently underwent surgery, she said. Physicians are uncertain about his long-term prognosis. Pease said the foundation is handling inquiries for the family. McNeill's mother and sister are with him. McNeill was a spokesman for the city of Boulder in the months following the death of JonBenet, a 6-year-old former beauty queen. He left the city in April 1997 to become communications director for the Gill Foundation. The foundation is a national group that provides funding for gay and lesbian organizations and other minority causes."
        • University of Colorado page on the McNeill Academic Program (archived 2000/09/19): "The McNeill Academic Program is named for Kelvin McNeill, a University of Colorado student from the Fall of 1987 until he graduated with a B.A. in Political Science in the Fall of 1991. Kelvin was an excellent student while at the University and participated in the very program that now bears his name. Mr. McNeill worked for the City of Boulder's Office of Public Relations for many years, at first as an intern, and later as a spokesperson for the city. In 1997 he became the Director of Communications for the Gill Foundation. Mr. McNeill worked actively throughout his lifetime for social justice causes as an African American gay man. In 1998, he was struck by an automobile and passed away in Amsterdam while attending the Gay Games. He was 29."
        • Boulder Weekly, "Sherwood and conspiracy theories: Former CIA agent faced felonys talking charge" by Wayne Laugesen, 2001/??/??: "The strange death of former CIA agent John Sherwood, presumed to have committed suicide by swan diving from a cliff on Flagstaff mountain, has piqued the suspicions of friends, acquaintances and conspiracy theorists from various regions of the country. [...] Friends, including City Councilman Spense Havlick and prominent Boulder attorney Dennis Blewitt, say Sherwood made comments just days before his death about how good he was feeling. They say he was riding a bicycle all over town and seemed in good spirits. Havlick says he wants assurance the note was written by Sherwood, and not under duress. [...] Blewitt says Sherwood frequently confided in him information about the CIA's Cuban operations during the Bay of Pigs-a favorite topic of conspiracy theorists, such as movie producer Oliver Stone. [...] Criminal defense attorney Lee Hill, a former federal prosecutor, says he's also suspicious of Sherwood's death. "Why is it that so many former CIA agents die these strange deaths-car crashes, boating accidents, falling off cliffs, and lots of suicides with notes?" Hill asks. Betty James, an outspoken critic of Boulder's criminal justice bureaucracy, says she has long suspected that a secret CIA execution operation works the Boulder/Denver area, which is a hub of national defense contractors. She says Sherwood's death is "highly suspicious." She links it to other deaths such as the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, and the death of former city communication director Kelvin McNeil, who was run over by a car while traveling abroad."
        • Websleuths thread asking if JonBenet's murder was broadcast online as a private snuff film (pages 1, 2, 3, 4): "Forgive me, I have yet again forgotten the name of the Police Departments PR man [Kelvin McNeill], that quit his job not too far into this case.

          Shortly after leaving the PR job, he became employed elsewhere, and shortly after that took a 'vacation' to Amsterdam. He did not come home alive. Killed in a strange taxicab 'accident'. He getting out or in and driver took off BEFORE he was either in or out totally - knocking him down, lingered a couple days then died.

          Could he have become aware of a porn connection and gone to Amsterdam to pursue his thoughts? OR to continue with this unsubstantiated 'sleuthy 'path' ? ? 'could' he have been dispatched serepticiously to Amsterdam to investigate?"
        • A Websleuths poster in 2008 noted that former Boulder city spokesman Kelvin McNeill, who faced questions over the Ramsey case, left for Amsterdam not long after JBR's murder and died the following year in a car crash there.
      • There is a Belgian shipping company called SBTC-Sotramar, which calls to mind the phrase SBTC in the ransom note, especially given how close Belgium is to the Netherlands and the fact that Belgium's own pedophile scandal (the Dutroux affair) happened around the same time. A 2000 version of the website describes the company's purpose as "SHIPPING – TRANSIT – ROAD TRANSPORT – CARGO HANDLING – AIRFREIGHT FORWARDING – PACKING – WAREHOUSING – CONSOLIDATION – INSURANCE". More recently it is owned by De Keyser Expeditions N.V. (DKE).
    • Websleuths comment by DeeDee249 in 2007 remembering a news report on the same story that appeared in the tabloids: "I think I remember 10 years ago, right after the murder hit the news, that child porn, specifically photos of little girls bound up, were found on Access Graphics computers in Amsterdam. I believe JR had offices there and traveled there on occasion. Anyone else remember this?"
    • According to Nancy Krebs, "Uncle Johnny" a.k.a. John Ramsey set up front businesses to launder the profits from child pornography
    • David Harbin, who runs the Panamaed blog, unverifiably claims that Access Graphics was involved in a merger with Innotrac. He connects Innotrac to a large child porn industry operating around Panama City FL, involving names such as Martin Blank, Larry Dorfman, and Blank's stepson Anthony Thevis who is the son of Michael Thevis, an Atlanta pornography kingpin with Mafia connections and possible ties to the Atlanta child murders. The source for Harbin's information is said to be Robyn Nichols, the ex-wife of Tony Thevis.
    • Loss of wealth by John Ramsey after the murder
      • From p.??? of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000): "A handwritten ledger reflected his increasing wealth over the years. Later I would find records showing that as of May 1, 1996, Ramsey had assets of $ 7,348,628, and a total net worth of $ 6,230,628. Total liabilities were an even $ 1,118,000, and the similarity of that figure to the ransom demand of $ 118,000 jumped out at me. I noted it as a possible source."
      • VOY Forums, "How much money does one......" by Rita Johnson, 2003/08/08: "The Ramseys bought the Vinings residence for about $600,000 and then put it in Patsy's name with a million dollar mortgage. What that means is that 400,000 went somewhere. Was that for living expenses. Pretty hefty living huh Rose....Anyway they sold it supposedly for over a million so there's more.....In the meantime what about all the money from the law suits or wasn't there ANY????? Anybody. Then they said they were broke but bought another house for $600K or more????? Somethings wrong with this picture....I won't say where but Patsy went on a buying spree in a place I frequent and have lots of friends in....They don't act like broke people.....Patsy doesn't act sick either....Rita"
      • Daily Beast, "John Ramsey's Lingering Suspicions", 2008/10/13: "Contrary to what most people imagine, Ramsey is no longer a rich man, and he describes his family’s long fall from wealth and privilege after the murder. "It takes four or five years for you to begin, just begin to get over it. Fear almost paralyzes you,” he says. “You contemplate suicide because you have no desire to live. I was afraid to cross the street. I made bad decisions.” [...] After the murder, Ramsey, who had built a billion-dollar computer company up from nothing, fell precipitously from the peak of wealth and prominence, losing not only his daughter, but also his career and his home. [...] Ramsey now lives in remote Charlevoix, Michigan, cloistered in a modest mustard-colored house in the shadow of the mansion where he once spent summers. [...] Since the murder, Ramsey has sold three big homes, in Atlanta, Boulder, and Charlevoix. He has shed his plane, his boats and his cars, stopped golfing, stopped sailing. Now he is exhausting his IRAs."
  • John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey both grew up close to high-level pedophilia cases
    • John was raised by a man who was the head of the aeronautics commissions in both Nebraska and Michigan, the latter during the time that Francis Shelden constructed an airstrip on North Fox Island for his elite pedophile ring (see below)
    • Patsy was raised by a Freemason father who worked for likely CIA front Union Carbide, likely suffered abuse at his hands, and participated in beauty pageants that brought her in contact with prominent political figures such as Robert Byrd (see below)
    • John lived in Atlanta during the 1979-81 Atlanta child murders; in fact, he met his wife Patsy during that period. Boulder police chief Tom Koby was previously deputy police chief of Houston TX under Lee P. Brown, the Atlanta Public Safety Commissioner in 1978-82 who oversaw the investigation of the child murders. On their defense team, the Ramsey family had John Douglas, a prominent FBI profiler who helped steer the Atlanta child murders case in the dubious direction of a single black serial killer being responsible.
  • Stephen Singular, Lee Hill, and Alex Hunter discuss the child sex ring theory (from the Linda Wickman notes on 2000/02/20)
    • "Stephen Singular stated that he had a number of questions to put to Alex Hunter. Singular asked if there was interest in investigation the White family. Mr. Hunter stated that he would investigate the Hartman family if it was indicated. Singular asked if the Whites had been actively been investigated. Mr. Hunter replied that they had been actively investigated, although not 100%. Singular said that about three years ago Alex Hunter had some interest in Daphne White, and asked if there was interest in pursing this further."
    • "Stephen Singular then stated that he it to be on record that he didn't think the Ramsey's or an intruder killed JonBenet. He thinks other things need investigated. He referred to the exploitation of children and a subculture that JonBenet was exposed to that he didn't think had been investigated. He further stated that he had five names of people connected to pornography who have come connection to the Ramseys or the Ramsey group. He said that he had information from Boulder Police Det. Ron Gosage that this had not been investigated. If there was to be a dialogue Mr. Singular wanted an indication of some baseline interest. He wanted to put this topic on the table and kick it around without names."
    • "Mr. Hill stated that he was referring to his witness being a victim as well as being involved in other activity. This activity involves two generations, and has gone into a third generation. Daphne White would be in the third generation. The witness could also provide additional names of people who were at the White's party. There is a good chance that these people would add other names to the victim list. Mr. Hill then stated that if there was hair on the cord he thought he knew who it belonged to. The witness would also have other information that would go to "other" activity."
    • "Lee Hill said he had learned something he wanted to check out. He said he had talked to some reporters. He asked when did the Ramseys meet the Whites for the first time? Mr. Hill thinks they knew each other before. He referred to entries made, visitors and gift senders to a birth, and testimony from his client. He further stated that the break down of communication between the families was just subterfuge. Much of the separation was for show; just an apparent separation."
    • "Lee Hill stated that there wree three girls who were passed around at the White's house. The Ramseys had gone to the White's house. This is the site where the fatal events occurred."
    • "Stephen Singular interjected that he had a different view of things. He didn't think the crime was committed at the White's residence. He thinks that there were three people present when JonBenet was killed. Fleet White, the video person who lives in this area, and the killer who doesn't live in this area. The witness has said that her family members were involved with the Whites and the Ramseys in general."
    • "Alex Hunter asked if the witness was claiming that Fleet White, Jr. had sexually assaulted her in the past?

      Lee Hill replied, yes. In addition to Fleet White, Sr. and other people. The scenario is broader than the family. A prop, similar to an iron, has occasionally come into play, reportedly to scare small children. It is unknown if this is a cult, church, or other religious sect. It is related to the "kink" that links the perverse sexual fetish the family uses. The events were filmed. They are attended by a close, exclusive group. The witness has told this to her therapist consistently for over ten years. There is reportedly a business aspect to this also. It is unknown how large. He further commented that an offer of money like this is a test question to keep track of the witness' mood. White told her to accept the money. She told him, no. His next question was, you mean you aren't going to talk? White, Sr. wants the witness to go to Aspen with him immediately."
    • "Stephen Singular mentioned a male putting pornography on CD's. The witness knows this man through her mother. Her mother was at the Christmas party. The mother was visiting a family member."
    • "Barrie Hartman asks if the newspapeer could blast the BPD if they don't pursue this. Alex replied, yes, and commented that this was probably a grand jury type of case. Mr. Hartman asked if anyone had talked to Fleet White recently? Alex Hunter replied, no. Apparently Fleet White has put pressure on Boulder County Commissioner Paul Danish, among others, not to authorize more money for this investigation."
  • Paul Schultz pedophile ring connection - part of a pedophilia/cult/terror network called the White Eagle Underground
    • Alex Constantine, "The JonBenet Ramsey Case: Emerging Child Sex-Ring Allegations, Political Connections and a Suspect", 2000 (Justice Watch, "Case Connections to Child Porn", 2000/05/27)
      • "Calhoun came to entertain the notion that the sex-ring allegations surfacing sporadically on the edge of the case might have some merit. "On March 21, I contacted the Pearline, Texas Police Department for verification of the Paul Schultz [child sexual abuse] case mentioned in the file. I was immediately transferred to Detective Bill Colson,. He was unaware of the recent developments in Boulder concerning the 37-year-old woman from San Luis Obispo, California. However, Detective Colson confirmed the following: The case number '951302,' on pages 7 and 14, is genuine, and the woman, Belinda Schultz, currently living in Cypress, Texas, in a notarized statement contained in the file, at the time would [have been] more likely to give information concerning the Ramsey case. And a Boulder detective was in Texas in December, 1997, seeking information regarding Paul Schultz [her estranged husband] and his involvement, if any, in the JonBenet Ramsey case.""
      • "Belinda Schultz, 43, was born to the Zander family, an established, aristocratic family in Louisiana, and grew up in Lafayette, near New Orleans. Her first marriage was to Lanny Slaydon, an oil industry marketer. She had four children before the marriage dissolved in the early 1980s. She moved on to Houston to live with family members, and met Paul Schultz. She describes her ex-husband as a "white supremicist" of the "Christian Identity" strain, and a "mafia hit-man" currently serving time for felony child molestation, sentenced in Brazoria County, Texas, the county seat of Angleton. Prior to their divorce, Paul and Belinda ran Custom Air Products on Hampstead Road in northwest Houston, a business formerly run by Paul's father, Carlton Schultz. She notes that the business had "Mafia" connections. The company largely served the petroleum industry along the Gulf Coast, but everyday management of the business fell to Belinda because her husband was often incapacitated by a weakness for cocaine and alcohol. They had a child, Nicholas, in 1990. In an affidavit filed with the Pearland, Texas PD, Nicholas recalls that his father used to receive "sugar" and "lots of money: when he pimped his son out to pedophiles frequenting the adult bookstores on Houston's south side.

        Belinda's second marriage crumbled when she began to suspect that he was bisexual and had a gay lover, Tenourio Luga, sometimes "Lucas," a reputed explosives expert and informant to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who has provided his services to the Mexican Mafia and CIA. Luga is a suspected drug runner. He has been investigated in the past by the BATF for the stockpiling of firearms and explosives."
      • "Paul Schultz, according to his ex-wife, was also a coeval of Huey Meaux, the famed record producer and a convicted child molester. [...]

        [...] Belinda's son Nicholas, age six at the time of Meaux's arrest, identified the accused in a televised news report. Belinda called Bill Colson, a detective with the Pearland Police Department. Colson did not investigate the sex-ring allegation, though he told her that he would contact Houston police to search for a photo of Nicholas among Meaux's child pornography collection. Frustrated with Colson's false promises, she contacted Detective A.D. Wright, the officer in charge of the Meaux case. Wright confirmed a connection between Meaux and Paul Schultz. In addition, according to Calhoun's file, Officer P.C. Taylor of the CID section produced telephone records indicating that Schultz and Meaux had made "numerous" calls to one another. Houston police offered that they had a "thick file" on Schultz, linking him to several known pedophiles in Houston."
      • "One of Paul Schultz's confederates in the sex ring, according to Nicholas Schultz, was a wealthy Republican, one Jerry J. Moore. Nicholas says that he once accompanied Moore by plane to Colorado.

        In January 1996, the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced that it sought a $250,000 civil penalty against Charles R. Vickery, former senior chairman of the First National Bank of Bellaire, Texas. The OCC charged that in 1991, Vickery directed the bank to make illicit loans to Houston real estate magnate Jerry J. Moore and corporations owned and controlled by him. Vickery also granted some $50,000 of title insurance premiums paid by Moore on the loans for his personal use. The loans violated federal lending limit law and triggered alarms at the OCC . The S&L was issued a cease and desist order.4

        Jerry J. Moore is now one of the wealthiest men in Texas. His real estate company was recently bought out for $400 million. He is also active in Republican state politics. Nicholas Schultz maintains that he was taken to Moore's antebellum mansion, Nicholstone, not far from Dickerson, Texas, and describes the home as a distribution point for child pornography. Huey Meaux was a regular at Moore's mansion, according to the boy's statements.

        Moore's social connections to the Mafia are consistent with the "hit man" allegation raised by Belinda Schultz. Moore's social circle included: Leonard Capaldi, convicted by the district court in the southern district of Texas on charges of bank fraud and bribery, stemming from his involvement in the April 4, 1986 collapse of Mainland Savings Bank. This S&L lost $300 million. Capaldi was sentenced to the Federal Correctional Institute in Milan, Michigan.5 Leading lights of the Mainland Savings scandal: arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, James Bath (a business associate of George W. Bush, recruited to the CIA by George, Sr,), Martin Schimmer (for walking off with Teamster steelworker pension funds), Herman K. Beebe, a known Mafioso. Another gangland chum of Jerry J. Moore is Jack Tocco, a Detroit crime boss. Political ties have included late Texas Governor John Connally and Lloyd Bentson, former Secretary of the Treasury.6"
      • "Another connection to Paul Schultz was the late Mildred "Tweet" Kimball. Tweet lived in a castle on US 85, just south of Denver in a small town called Sedalia. Nicholas Schultz states that he was taken to the castle and molested there by adults."
      • "The same "faction" that warned Mary Bienkowski to back off? Police investigating the Ramsey case also received warnings. Blood was splashed on Detective Linda Arndt's front door. The mutilated carcass of a cat was left on Steve Thomas's front lawn (if his statements have any credibility, given the flagrant distortions in his book on the case, clearly contrived to widen the umbrella of suspicion that has hung over the parents since the smears began). Sergeant Bob Wilson was at home when four high-powered rounds were fired through his bedroom window and nearly hit him. After these events, "there was no follow-up by the police department" Steve Thomas complains, "which apparently regarded bullets, blood and dead cats as minor" 23" - footnote 23 is p.180 of Steve Thomas's book
    • 23-page Paul Schultz dossier from Joe Calhoun (pages 2-5, 2-6, 18-23)
    • Paul Schultz background
    • Other Schultz family companies - patriarch of the family is Harry Carson Schultz
      • Search People Free page for Robert Carson Schultz of of Dickinson TX - formerly lived in Friendswood TX, Pearland TX, and Galveston TX; business include INDUSTRIAL AIR SYSTEMS, INC of Montgomery TX (reported August 1980), HCS I HOLDING CORP of Houston TX (reported April 1986), and Y&S INDUSTRIAL PARK #35 LLC of Friendswood TX (reported March 2000)
      • BizStanding page on Y&S INDUSTRIAL PARK #35 LLC - state ID is 0706556022; was registered 2000/03/21; address is PO Box 450828, Houston, TX 77245; officers are Harry C Schultz Jr, Kenneth W Yarbrough, Robert C Schultz, and Harry C. Schultz; registered agent is John Browne
        • Kenneth W. Yarbrough background
          • Possibility 1: Texas state legislator
            • Legislative Reference Library of Texas, member profile for Texas state representative Ken Yarbrough - was a Democrat representing Houston from 1991 to 2003; had a military service record as follows: "United States Navy, Petty Officer Second Class, and United States Naval Reserve, "Ken W. Yarbrough, who served with the Navy as an electronics technician in Europe and the Middle East and served four years as a reservist in Texas," 72nd Legislature, 4th C.S., HR 35; 76th Legislature, R.S., HR 913."
          • Possibility 2: oil company executive
            • Bloomberg profile of Kenneth W Yarbrough - vice president of exploitation for Osyka Corp (2010/05 to present), a Houston oil and natural gas company founded 1997/09/26; previously was at Vana Blue Inc (2010/04 to 2010/05); has a bachelor's degree from Virginia State University
            • Osyka Corporation bio for Kenneth W. Yarbrough: "Mr. Yarbrough was appointed Vice President of Exploitation in April 2010. He previously served as Manager of Exploitation. Mr. Yarbrough has over 31 years of extensive petroleum industry experience in the area of geosciences and operations. A world class oil finder, his responsibilities include conducting regional studies; enhance production through advance geological techniques and portfolio management. Prior to joining Osyka, Mr. Yarbrough spent 27 years with Conoco in various geoscience assignments offshore Gulf of Mexico, South Louisiana, South Texas and the Texas Shelf. He holds a B.S. degree in Geology from Virginia State University and further advance studies in Geology at University of Houston."
    • Custom Air Products of Houston TX
      • Houston Chronicle, obituary for Samuel William Boger, 2004/02/19: "SAMUEL WILLIAM BOGER, age 93, of Bowling Green, joined the church Triumphant on February 15 at Alterra Sterling House, Bowling Green. He was born on December 5, 1910 to Sylvester Lee and Wilhelmina Magdalena (Fisher) Boger in Ada, OH on July 11, 1943, he married Gloria Davies in Detroit, MI and she survives. Sam was a member of Messiah Lutheran Church, Knoxville, TN. He had graduated in 1933 from Whitenburg University in Springfield with a BS in pre-med and was employed with the Ex-cello Corporation, for 43 years in the tool & die division. Both Sam and Gloria are founders of Custom Air Products, Houston, TX. Sam was a life member of both the Elks, Gatlinburg, TN and the Free Masons in Detroit, MI. He was also a member of the Ruritan in Cosby, TN."
    • Huey Meaux background
      • Texas Monthly, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll", 1996/05
        • "[...] Many times I sat and listened to him tell a few hours’ worth of tales about working with Doug Sahm, Lightnin’ Hopkins, George Jones, Clifton Chenier, T-Bone Walker, Dr. John, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Freddy Fender, and Jerry Lee Lewis, and I always came away convinced he was a bigger star than any of them."
        • "[...] I also remember that as far back as 1978, Huey had taken photographs of his longtime live-in girlfriend’s eight- and nine-year-old daughters playing naked in the oversized bathtub in their home. After he took the film in to be processed, the developer notified the police, who came to the house and talked with the children’s mother. Meaux brushed off the incident, saying there was nothing malicious about the photos. Now I wonder."
        • "[...] Huey carried on his depraved activities in an interior room of his office, hidden behind double doors. Shannon Brasher, however, knew the layout of his playroom all too well. “She told us what we’d find,” Wright said. “The painting of the señorita, the mirrors on the wall, hundreds and hundreds of photos, a doctor’s examining table with gynecological stirrups, an icebox, two small gray safes, magazines, and videos stacked on the shelves. The whole place looked as if it had been ransacked. He had telephone notes from 1984 on his desk, which later proved to be useful to us. There was cocaine on the floor and the doctor’s examining table. Most of it was on a plate with a rolled up ten-dollar bill and razor blade.” A box in one of the safes had small packages of cheap jewelry. The other safe had eight audio cassettes. There were approximately 10,000 photographs of all kinds—at least 1,500 of them were pornographic.

          “He had cataloged the photos with dates and everything,” Wright said. “We went through photos and found girls who we later learned were twelve to sixteen years old, and others seventeen to twenty-one. We found thirteen rolls of undeveloped film in a bag. There were kids eight, nine, ten years old.”"
        • "[...] Meaux failed to show up the week after his arrest to be fitted for an electronic monitor. He had skipped town in the company of a shadowy associate named Jim Davis, forfeiting $130,000 in bail bonds. Davis and Huey had met in federal prison years ago. “Jim was the butcher in ‘college,’” Huey had told others, “he always got me the best cuts of meat.” Davis had shown up last fall. By the time of Meaux’s arrest, he was living with him and representing himself as Meaux’s business adviser.

          Bounty hunters [...] trailed Davis from Las Vegas to Dallas and then to El Paso and Juárez, Mexico. By then, they had picked up Meaux’s scent in Juárez, and by tracing Meaux’s credit card billings, they were monitoring his and Davis’ movements to different hotels around the city. When Davis came across the border into El Paso, FBI agents involved in the search confronted him with the prospect of doing time for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Davis told them Meaux was camped out in a suite at the Juárez Holiday Inn. Twenty-nine days after he’d fled, Meaux was apprehended without incident. One of the bounty hunters told me that Huey’s bags were packed as if he had been preparing to move again."
        • "[...] He once showed me a hard-core porno tape. And he never hid the fact that in the late sixties he spent three years in prison for conspiracy to violate the Mann Act (also known as the white slave traffic act)—specifically, for transporting an underage female across state lines to a disc jockey convention in Nashville. He had always maintained that he didn’t know the girl was a minor but admitted she was taken along to entertain the deejays with sexual favors—“a favor for a favor” was his business credo. Meaux said that the whole episode was a setup and that he took the fall because he wouldn’t incriminate others in the record “bidness,” as he called it. Meaux always spoke with pride about his pardon by President Jimmy Carter in 1977, though in retrospect it probably only encouraged him to resume the behavior that led to his arrest."
        • "His colleagues on the local music scene included singer George Jones, pianist Moon Mullican, and disc jockey J. P. Richardson, a.k.a. the Big Bopper. [...] A local promoter and record producer named Bill Hall taught Meaux the nuances of the business of music, mainly by never paying Meaux what he was owed. [...]"
        • "Meaux was on his way to becoming a one-stop hit factory; eventually he would own many labels and Sugar Hill Recording Studios and manage artists; he would publish his artists’ songs, collect their royalty checks, and promote their records to radio stations. The way Meaux told it, his first royalty check, $48,000 for Barbara Lynn’s “You’ll Lose a Good Thing,” attracted too much attention around Winnie. “Even today people think I made that money selling dope,” he told me years ago. [...] He shifted operations to Houston, where peers like Don Robey at Duke and Peacock Records and H. W. “Pappy” Daily at D Records were cutting and selling hits as if the town were Nashville and Memphis combined. Among such company, Huey was well known for his good ear and even better known for his promotional talents. [...]"
        • "[...] The names came and went—Roy Head, Chuck Jackson, Ronnie Milsap, Mickey Gilley, Lowell Fulson, Joey Long, Doug Kershaw, Clifton Chenier, Big Mama Thornton, Johnny Copeland, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Archie Bell and the Drells, Tommy McLain, Cosimo Matassa, and Jerry Wexler—all of them made records or worked with Meaux at one time or another. For two generations of Gulf Coast rock and rollers—or any musicians from Baton Rouge to San Antonio—he was the pipeline to the big time.

          But for every Dale and Grace topping the charts with perfect pop hits like “I’m Leaving It Up to You,” there were twenty failures. Meaux’s magic never worked for two talented young boys from Beaumont, Johnny and Edgar Winter, whom he recorded under the names “the Great Believers” and “Texas Guitar Slim.” “We’d put them on a local television show called Jive at Five, and their records would stop selling like you turn a light switch off,” Meaux said. “People would freak out, being as they was albinos.” He said he never got credit for his part in the discovery of ZZ Top and years later took great pleasure in suing the band and manager Bill Ham on behalf of Linden Hudson, a songwriter who was never paid or credited for a song the band recorded. Huey had a copy of the settlement check framed on his wall."
        • "The flip side of his skills as a producer and a promoter was his willingness to take advantage of his artists. An artful con man, Meaux would mockingly warn his acts, “I wouldn’t sign that if I were you” at the contract table. Another time he said, “I like to keep my artists in the dark so their stars shine brighter.” The artists, hungry for fame and fortune, never balked—and many enjoyed long friendships with Meaux even though he took advantage of them. Gulfport, Mississippi, songwriter Jimmy Donley was a sentimental lyricist who sung in what Meaux called the heartbreak key. [...] Even though Donley hardly profited from the relationship, he and Meaux remained close friends; Donley called him Papa. In the liner notes Meaux wrote for the Donley memorial album, Born to Be a Loser, he says that in 1963 Donley called him to thank him for all he’d done for him; 45 minutes later, Donley committed suicide."
        • "THE STEADY INCOME FROM SONG ROYALTIES allowed Meaux the luxury of indulging himself, which he did in a most surprising way. Huey adopted a son. Ben Broussard was born on August 25, 1980 to the unwed daughter of one of Meaux’s business associates in Lafayette. Huey and his live-in girlfriend, Nancy McDowell, informally adopted the boy and began raising him, along with McDowell’s two daughters, Shannon and Stacy, in Kingwood, north of Houston. Ben was his pride and joy, Huey told everyone. All his riches were going to go to Ben.

          But by 1984, Nancy was out of the picture, and Huey was determined to raise Ben by himself. He sold Sugar Hill in 1986 but continued to lease offices there, staying on as the studio’s producer emeritus, whose gold records helped attract business."
        • "[...] By the time he was fourteen, Ben was complaining that he couldn’t bring his friends over to the house because of the way Dad talked around them, especially the girls. Huey must have found it hard to keep his other life secret. Once he ruined a video camera using a screwdriver to remove a tape starring one of his girlfriends because he feared Ben would discover it."
        • "[...] The two kept fighting; after one heated argument, Ben pulled a knife on him. In September 1995 Meaux sent Ben to Utah for a two-month Outward Bound wilderness training camp, but before he went, a girl who remains unidentified shared with Ben her dark secret about Huey’s cocaine use and the sessions in his hidden back office, where Meaux had taken many young girls over the years to pose for videos and photos in exchange for coke, booze, jewelry, and money. The girl’s account of her time in the playroom stunned Ben, and he contacted the police. In December, after Ben returned from Outward Bound, Huey enrolled him at the Fenster School in Tucson, Arizona, a small, expensive private school for difficult children. It was recommended to him by Londa May, a school-placement counselor in Houston. Meaux paid the $18,000 annual tuition in advance." - note that Chris Wolf was an instructor for Outward Bound (but maybe a different location)
        • "A month later, Shannon Brasher went to the police and Meaux’s secret life was exposed. The hideaway functioned as a party room where, with drugs, jewelry, and perhaps the promise that he would make them stars, Huey enticed dozens—maybe even hundreds—of young girls to pose for him and allegedly to have sex. The pictures of nude children are sufficient to convict Meaux of possession of child pornography, a third-degree felony that carries a two-to-ten-year sentence. If Meaux was trading photographs across state lines, as Officer Wright suspected, the charges could be stepped up to a federal offense, with a maximum sentence of twenty years. If the prosecution proves that Meaux had direct sexual contact with a minor—there are many of the confiscated videos that do so, Officer Wright has indicated—Meaux could face life in prison."
        • "Shannon Brasher’s $10 million civil suit alleges that Meaux molested her as early as the age of nine and that the abuse continued for sixteen years, until 1995." - note that this mirrors Nancy Krebs' account of how her abusers continued to rape her as an adult
        • "[...] Even though Huey knew that Ben had turned him in, his son’s welfare was still foremost on his mind. He instructed Guy “Buddy” Hopkins, a Montgomery County lawyer he’d known for thirty years, to take care of Ben’s guardianship and protect his inheritance. A Montgomery County court appointed Hopkins temporary guardian and appointed another attorney, Elizabeth Woodward, to represent Ben’s interests. Woodward went to see Ben in Tucson, along with Londa May, the counselor hired by Huey last summer.

          According to Wright, the three met in an office at the school, and Woodward asked Ben to sign papers appointing Hopkins his temporary guardian. When May asked Ben to accompany her to the airport, supposedly to drop off Woodward, Ben became suspicious. Wright had told Ben to call him if anyone tried to get him to sign anything or to take him away. Ben went to another room to call Wright. Wright asked him if there was a way out. Ben said there was and ran down a hallway and hid while Wright called the Arizona police.

          At the urging of Dick DeGuerin—who has since called the incident an attempted abduction and alleged that May, Woodward, and Hopkins, among others, were co-conspirators—Ben was brought back to Houston and placed in a shelter by Child Protective Services, where he visited with Shannon Brasher almost daily. He insisted that he didn’t want one of his father’s friends or lawyers as his guardian. He wanted Shannon."
      • Port Arthur News, "Flamboyant music producer Huey Meaux dead at 82", 2011/04/25: "Meaux was 12 when his father, a poor farmer who loved to play accordion, moved his family from southern Louisiana to Winnie. After his discharge from the Army and a stint in barber school, Meaux opened a shop in Winnie. He worked on the side as a radio disc jockey in nearby Port Arthur, forging contacts in the local music business that gave him his first experience at producing. His big break as a producer came in 1962, when he produced “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” by Barbara Lynn Ozen of Beaumont, billed as Barbara Lynn. In 1965, he moved to cash in on the British Invasion by building a faux-British rock band around San Antonio-born singer-songwriter Doug Sahm. The Sir Douglas Quintet [...] Meaux produced B.J. Thomas’ first hit record, Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” when Thomas was a Houston teenager. In the 1970s, he took a washed-up Tex-Mex performer from South Texas named Freddy Fender and produced his chart-topper “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” and subsequent “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.” The end of the 1970s marked the end of Meaux’s peak. In 1996, police raided his leased studio in Houston and found hundreds of videotapes and photos of Meaux having sex with underage girls – most of them teenagers but one as young as 8. Police said they also found cocaine. Meaux jumped bail and was arrested in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in 1996 to possession of child pornography and cocaine, bond jumping and sexual assault of a child. He was released four years ago."
      • Connection to Roy Ames - another music producer in Houston who was involved in child sex rings (including the activities of Dean Corll)
        • From p.392 of Texas Blues: The Rise of a Contemporary Sound by Alan B. Govenar (2008) - from a 1987 interview with Johnny Winter: "In the mid-1960s Roy Ames was doing some things with Don Robey, and he had talked to Don Robey about me. Then Bill Hall came out of the woodwork and said that he had bought my contract from Ken Ritter, and that scared Don Robey off. I only met Don Robey one time and talked to him for fifteen or twenty minutes. I recorded some stuff for Roy and Huey [Meaux], and both of them put out the same stuff at the same time. I was actually with Roy, but Roy was working with Huey, and both of them got the tapes from each other, and the music wasn't even well produced. They might have been Roy's, and he was just keeping them at Huey's."
    • TWA 800 crash - one of the passengers was Pam Lychner, a victims' rights and sex offender registration advocate who headed the group Justice For All which was investigating the Paul Schultz case
      • Robert Sterling, "Beast of the Month - January 1998: James Kallstrom, Chief FBI "Investigator", TWA Flight 800" (Mike Rivero webpage; Ian Goddard webpage)
      • New York Times, "PRIME EVIDENCE FOUND THAT DEVICE EXPLODED IN CABIN OF FLIGHT 800", 1996/08/23: "After a prolonged, confounding search of the ocean floor, investigators have finally found scientific evidence that an explosive device was detonated inside the passenger cabin of Trans World Airlines Flight 800, senior Federal officials said yesterday. [...] While the new finding provides evidence that the plane was destroyed by an explosive device, a senior official noted that PETN, or pentaerythritol tetranitrate, was an explosive component commonly found in many bombs and surface-to-air missiles, making it impossible, for now, to know for sure which type of explosive device destroyed the Boeing 747, killing all 230 people aboard."
      • 2022 lawsuit accusing the US government, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon of involvement in the crash (United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, no. 1:22-cv-11032-AK: RONALD KRICK, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Oliver Krick; MARGARETA KRICK; CHRISTOPHER KRICK; DOUGLAS KEVORKIAN, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Ralph Kevorkian; LISA MICHELSON, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Yonatan Rojany; ERIC ROJANY; JODELLE GEARON, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Daniel Gaetke; TODD GAETKE; CRAIG GAETKE; WANDA KEMP, Individually and on Behalf of the Estates of O. Lamar Allen and Ashton Allen; CHRISTINE GROGAN; EILEEN ZAHARIOUDAKIS, Individually and Behalf of the Estate of Donald Gough; MICHAEL DETERESA; CHARLES HENRY GRAY, IV, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Charles Henry Gray, III; and CHADWICK GRAHAM GRAY, Plaintiffs v. RAYTHEON COMPANY; RAYTHEON TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION; LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION; UNITED STATES MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY; UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE; UNITED STATES NAVY; and DOES 1 through, 20, inclusive, Defendants)
          • "5. The evidence unearthed by Dr. Stalcup establishes that the United States Missile Defense Agency (formerly known as the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization), the United States Department of Defense, and the United States Navy (the “Government Defendants”), acting in concert and working side-by-side with Raytheon Company (now known as Raytheon Technologies Corporation) and Lockheed Martin Corporation (the “Contractor Defendants”) and DOES 1 through 20, inclusive (collectively the “Defendants’) were testing the Aegis Weapons System and firing SM-2 missiles with live warheads from warship(s) at aerial missile targets off the coast of New York in close proximity to commercial airline flight paths. One such missile struck TWA flight 800, causing it to break apart and crash into the Atlantic Ocean, killing everyone aboard."
      • Jeremy Crocker disappearance - in 1996 from Los Angeles CA
        • Ian Goddard, "JEREMY CROCKER'S LAST WORDS", 1998/01/04
        • Porchlight International for the Missing & Unidentified forum post on Jeremy Crocker's disappearance - has a compilation of news articles
        • Riverside Press-Enterprise, "Hope Vanishing: Man said he was on trail of government cover-up", 2006/12/09: "In Crocker's case, he is reported to have left his summer home in Hollywood on Dec. 9, 1996, a rainy afternoon. With no raincoat, he hopped on a bus, took a subway and headed for bustling downtown Los Angeles. Crocker, then 62, prowled the cavernous Central Library searching for clues about the crash of TWA Flight 800, which killed all 230 people on board on the night of July 17, 1996. He was one of many across the country who believed a missile downed the airliner -- not a spark in the central fuel tank, as National Transportation Safety Board officials said. In the study in his Hollywood home, Crocker kept a blizzard of paperwork on Flight 800, including drawings calculating missile trajectory. Crocker and critics cried cover-up when the NTSB announced the probable cause. [...] In 2000, then-Palm Springs Police Chief Lee Weigel told the City Council publicly that Crocker's missing-persons case had been closed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department contacted Crocker and found he left voluntarily, Weigel said. But the LA County Sheriff's Department has no record of contact with Crocker, said Detective Diane Harris of the Homicide/Missing Person Bureau. She confirmed that the case is still open. [...] On the day he disappeared, Crocker wrote a 2 ½-page letter, alternately serious and light-hearted, to Los Angeles radio show host Peter Ford. Crocker enclosed a magazine article about the 1983 downing by the Soviets of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. He believed the story in The New American cast light on Flight 800's crash."
      • Signs of foreknowledge
        • Wikipedia page for Mexican model Elsa Benítez Yáñez: "In the 2004 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, Elsa Benítez spoke about nearly boarding doomed TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996: "I was scheduled to be on TWA Flight 800. I got to the airport and I just had a bad feeling. I started crying, and I couldn't stop. I called my husband [former basketball player Rony Seikaly] and said, "I feel something is going to happen on the flight." He said, "Don't worry." I said, "No, something is going to happen." He told me to wait 10 minutes and if I still had the same feeling, I should change the ticket. I couldn't stop crying, so I bought a ticket for another flight and took off 10 minutes after that flight did. It made me appreciate so much that just being alive is a gift."[29]"
          • Boyfriend at the time (and later husband) Rony Seikaly
            • Miami Herald, "Model claims deception", 1997/07/08: "Mexican supermodel Elsa Benitez is suing Michele Pommier Models of South Beach, saying the agency duped her into signing an unfair contract — knowing she spoke no English. [...] Benitez, now living in New York, has appeared on the cover of British and Italian Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and in ads for Macy’s and Mark Cross. The suit alleges that Pommier tried to block Benitez from modeling in a major Paris fashion show this month and is trying to sabotage her career. [...] Benitez isn’t letting the dispute ruin her social life. She’s dating Orlando Magic center Rony Seikaly."
            • Miami Herald, "Former Heat center on divorce defensive", 2006/05/24: "The heat is on in the pending divorce of former Miami Heat center Rony Seikaly and supermodel Elsa Benitez. She filed an ''urgent'' motion requesting ''temporary, exclusive use and occupancy'' of their Miami Beach home and temporary custody of their daughter Mila, 3. Benitez says he has been ''provoking fights,'' sometimes in front of Mila. ``[She] is fearful that [he] will become violent,'' her motion says. And, he goes ''for days'' without coming home or seeing Mila -- and has a ''new girlfriend,'' she says. His ''inappropriate behavior'' has made her and Mila's ``living situation intolerable.'' Says Seikaly: ''Ridiculous allegations. This is all lawyer stuff. We have a good relationship.'' As for the ''girlfriend,'' he says, ``I have a lot of girl friends.'' A hearing was set for next week, but the pair reached an agreement. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Ellen Leesfield issued an order: As of June 5, Benitez gets the North Bay Road house and custody of Mila until they settle -- or square off at trial. Seikaly says he volunteered to leave. ``I'm taking the higher road.'' Attorneys: Evan Marks for Benitez; Gregory Anderson for Seikaly. Benitez, 31, a native of Mexico, made the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2001 swimsuit issue, and is one of eight models on this year's cover. The Lebanese-born Seikaly, 41, is now a real estate investor. They married in '99."
          • Subsequent boyfriend Roberto Slim
            • Revista Clase, "'Bobby' Slim, el mediático sobrino del hombre más rico de México", 2017/07/26 - the English title is "'Bobby' Slim, the mediatic nephew of the richest man in Mexico"
              • "One of the members of the wealthiest family in Mexico who has the most exposure is Carlos Slim's nephew, Roberto 'Bobby' Slim, who is also a businessman and will turn 47 this September.

                The business administration graduate is single and is the son of Carlos Slim's older brother, Julián Slim Helú, who died in February 2011.

                Julián Slim Helú passed away at the age of 73 and for years was part of his brother Carlos' business group. Julián Slim had five children: Héctor Slim Seade, Julián Slim Seade, Claudio Slim Seade, Karla Slim Seade and Roberto Slim Seade, CEO of the Ostar Grupo Hotelero group."
              • "But the empire of 'Bobby' Slim is not limited to hotels, as he was responsible for the creation, design and positioning of more than 60 companies, including UNO Noticias and Volaris. He also has a restaurant called Central Central, a mix of contemporary Spanish food. At the beginning of 2016, together with his partners, he opened the bar-restaurant 'Dixon' in Polanco, a place in the style of Paris and New York."
              • "He has been romantically linked with the actress and singer Anahí, now the wife of the Governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco; the model Elsa Benítez, Gabriela Bravo, Renata Coltro, Cristina Vaqueiro and the driver Patricia Zavala."
            • Julián Slim Helú background - a DFS agent involved in their targeting of leftsts; later the first head of the Federal Judicial Police (PJF), which was filled with drug traffickers such as Adolfo Constanzo / Matamoros cult associate Florentino Ventura
              • Excelsior, "Fallece el empresario Julián Slim Helú, hermano de Carlos Slim", 2011/02/18: "Yesterday afternoon, Julián Slim Helú, older brother of Carlos Slim Helú, president for life of Grupo Carso, and father of Héctor Slim Seade, general director of Telefónica de México (Telmex), passed away. Julián Slim Helú was 73 years old and to date he was retired from business activities, after having been part of this industrial group years before. Don Julián had five children: Héctor Slim Seade, current CEO of Telmex; Roberto Slim Seade, director of Ostar, the firm in charge of the group's hotel business; as well as Julián Slim Seade, Claudio Slim Seade and Karla Slim Seade. Sources close to the Slim family confirmed the great closeness that Don Carlos Slim Helú had with his older brother, Julián. The parents of the Slim Helú brothers, Julián Slim Hadda and Doña Lina Helú, had six children: Nour, Alma, Julián, José, Carlos and Linda. Julián Slim Helú was assigned to the former Federal Security Directorate (DFS) for decades and became the first commander of the Federal Judicial Police. Born in 1938 and with a law degree from UNAM in 1962, Julián Slim Helú joined the DFS in the days when its director was Luis de la Barreda, father of the former president of the DF Human Rights Commission, Luis de the Barreda Solorzano. According to José Martínez, author of the biographical book Carlos Slim. Unpublished Portrait, from Editorial Oceano, Julián Slim consolidated his career alongside Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios, who headed the DFS from 1953 to 1970, until Luis Echeverría appointed him Undersecretary of the Interior. “At the end of the six-year term of Miguel de la Madrid, and the DFS having disappeared, Julián Slim, who served as head of the Directorate of National Security Investigations (DISEN), collaborated with the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) during the administration of the prosecutor Sergio García Ramírez, before whom he resigned from his position as commander of the Federal Judicial Police”, is assured in the work authorized by Carlos Slim. It is claimed that he laid the foundations for what would later become the Cisen. [...] Several businessmen, family friends, officials and celebrities expressed their condolences yesterday through the social network Twitter. Among them we can mention Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of Grupo Salinas, Lorenzo Zambrano, CEO of Cemex, as well as the singer Pepe Aguilar."
              • Proceso No. 1835, "NADIE SE ACUERDA DE JULIÁN" by Diego Enrique Osorno, 2012/01 (Nuestra Aparente Rendición blog copy; Cosecha Roja copy pages 1, ...)
                • "On January 22, 1975, the young math teacher Manuel López Mateos entered the offices of the Federal District Attorney's Office. He was there to denounce Miguel Nazar Haro and Julián Slim Helú for kidnapping and injuries. They were agents of the most famous black police group in the history of Mexico: the Federal Security Directorate (DFS).

                  In the heat of the Cold War –under whose Manichean logic all dissidence was "communist"– the accusations against that powerful police under the orders of the Ministry of the Interior were unusual: as the first line of defense against the enemies of the State, the DFS was untouchable . Everything was worth "to guarantee governability."

                  López Mateos' complaint was never investigated."
                • "To investigate the murders, forced disappearances and other crimes committed during the conflict that is absurdly called "the dirty war" (do "clean wars" exist?), the new government of Vicente Fox Quesada created a Special Prosecutor's Office. In parallel, a good part of the archives of the old DFS were opened and based on them, tons of journalistic notes and academic texts were produced; reflection books on those traumatic years and special reports from the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). But little of all this translated into justice. Impunity prevailed, now scattered among the "democratic" chaos."
                • "Other files of the investigation of the murderers of Aranguren Castiello and Garza Sada only contain journalistic notes full of euphemisms and that offer little information. But there is a key document, secured in 2005 through a diligence requested by the researcher Ángeles Magdaleno "to avoid the mutilation of key documents in the works of our historical memory." This is case file 11-235-L6, which on pages 163 to 167 records the presence of guerrilla fighter Salvador Corral García in Mexico City on February 1, 1974, where he was interrogated "by Julián Slim H., who served as head of the Legal Department of the DFS"."
                • "The names of almost a hundred police officers who participated in this dirty war also appear: Arturo Durazo Moreno, Salomón Tanús, Jorge Obregón Lima, Francisco Sahagún Baca, Luis de la Barreda Moreno, Francisco Quirós Hermosillo, José Guadalupe Estrella, Florentino Ventura, Miguel Nazar Haro… However, a name that is never mentioned in the historical reports of the CNDH or the Special Prosecutor's Office is that of Julián Slim Helú, who was not even summoned to testify as a witness, as was the case with most of the police officers of the DFS."
                • "On May 27, 2008, through the Federal Institute for Access to Information (IFAI) I requested Julián Slim Helú's work file from the PGR [attorney general's office] without being sure that it really existed. On July 3, the PGR Liaison Unit replied: there was a file on a police officer with that name, but they couldn't turn it over because it was confidential information. I appealed the decision of the PGR arguing that the policeman Slim Helú was no longer in office and the statutory 20 years to keep any document classified as confidential had elapsed.

                  Convinced that such documentation should be made public, the commissioner of the Federal Institute for Access to Information (IFAI), María Marván Laborde, took up the case and helped me win the review appeal a year later. The IFAI demanded that the PGR give me the file stating that Julián Slim Helú had begun work as the first commander of the PGR on June 16, 1983 and had resigned on June 7, 1984, a week after the death of the then political columnist. Mexico's most influential man, Manuel Buendía Tellezgirón, assassinated by a gunman hired by the DFS.

                  According to the file, Julián Slim Helú held the position of first commander of the Federal Judicial Police. It was assigned to the international airport of Mexico City and its collection code was No. 17007011500.0. He received a monthly salary of 21,240 pesos and a bonus of 7,434 pesos. In the category of "Variable extraordinary earnings" it can be read that they also paid him an "additional compensation for special services" of 47 thousand 326 pesos", that is, an amount greater than the combined figure of the salary and bonus he received. In total his income reached 76,000 pesos a month, and the checks he received were signed by Carlos Madrazo Pintado, brother of Roberto, a PRI presidential candidate in 2006. In addition, Commander Slim Helú took out a life insurance policy for 1 million pesos with Aseguradora Hidalgo.

                  According to the document that I obtained via the Transparency Law, Slim Helú received his military card on March 18, 1952, after attending 50 sessions of the Mexican Army and being positively rated for his conduct, application and use. Likewise, professional license 106050 accredited him as a law graduate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)."
                • "Reforma columnist Miguel Ángel Granados Chapa, a friend of Buendía and one of the men who knew in detail the investigations into the crime of the country's main columnist, told me in an interview a few months before he died that Slim Helú's resignation from the Judicial Police Federal had nothing to do with the murder, despite the fact that it occurred in that context.

                  According to Granados Chapa – who was preparing a book on the case and planned to present it at the 2011 Guadalajara International Book Fair – Buendía was assassinated on the orders of José Antonio Zorrilla, who had become the director of the DFS in 1982 to replace Miguel Nazar Haro. Zorrilla had pacts with drug lords that Buendía Tellezgirón knew about. During a meeting at Zorrilla's house, the journalist confronted him about the issue, which caused the all-powerful police chief to pronounce a death sentence on him. The murder was carried out by a motorcyclist who shot the columnist five times in the back."
                • "Julián Slim Helú was born in 1938 in Mexico City. He was the first son born to his father Julián Slim Haddad, a native of the village of Jezzine, Lebanon, from where he traveled to Mexico by boat at the beginning of the 20th century. Shortly after his arrival, Julián Slim Haddad partnered with his brother José de él to open La Estrella de Oriente: a fabric store in the historic center of Mexico City. He later married Linda Helú, the daughter of Lebanese migrants born in Parral, Chihuahua.

                  When Julián Slim Helú was 15 years old, his father died of a heart problem. Some time later, the eldest son of the family went to study law and married Magdalena Seade, whose father –Carlos Seade– had been, together with Luis Farah, from Guadalajara, one of the first Lebanese immigrants to graduate as a doctor in Mexico."
                • "Julián had five siblings: Nour, José, Alma, Linda and Carlos. All of them are deceased, with the exception of Carlos, president of the Carso group and owner of more than 200 companies in various fields, whom Forbes magazine described as the richest man in the world, while an analysis by Common Sense magazine calculated in 2010 His fortune amounted to 75 billion dollars.

                  The relationship between the brothers Julián and Carlos was strengthened after the death of their father. In 1966, the eldest son Julián accompanied his brother Carlos to the altar, during his marriage to Soumaya Domit -daughter of Antonio Domit-, officiated by the priest Marcial Maciel, ultimately founder of the Legion of Christ."
                • "Following the trail of the documents consulted, it seems that Julián's police career was on the rise, but just when his brother Carlos began to be known in the business world, Julián disappeared from the public scene. In 1991, when Carlos won the tender for Telmex – the company with the greatest strategic importance for national security of all those that were privatized during the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari – Commander Julián Slim Helú practically abandoned public service and became a kind of legend."
                • "Fructuoso Pérez Galicia, a friend of Carlos Slim Helú since they both studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at UNAM, told me during a long interview in 2009, in his office in San Miguel Chapultepec, that between Julián and Carlos there was an excellent relationship of brothers, that Julián dedicated himself in the nineties to work in a law firm and that he offered security advice to the companies of his brother Carlos, in addition to having a ranch in Veracruz where he spent long periods."
              • teleSUR, "DEA: 'Yes,' Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Is Linked to Drugs" by Olivier Acuña, 2015/12/10: "Slim's brother, Julian, was an official with the now extinct Federal Security Department, or DFS, and was directly involved in the “Dirty War” of the 1970s against socialists, communists and activists, during which thousands of people were kidnapped, tortured, disappeared, killed or imprisoned."
            • Carlos Slim background
              • Archive of the PG Wiki entry on Carlos Slim - notes that he made his fortune from buying formerly-public state assets that were privatized under NAFTA; mentions him donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, with his business empire donating further to entities in the Foundation's orbit; notes his status circa 2017 as the largest individual shareholder (17%) of the New York Times; states that pedophile priest Marcial Maciel (of the Legion of Christ) officiated Slim's wedding; points out the friendship and business relationship between Slim and Lynn Forester de Rothschild
              • Image 11 (of 17) of ABC News, "PHOTOS: The Pedophile Priest and the Popes": "Legions of Christ In this still from Jason Berry's 2008 documentary "Vows of Silence," Father Maciel strokes the lapel of Mexican media magnate Carlos Slim, the world's wealthiest man and a financial supporter of the Legion."
              • teleSUR, "DEA: 'Yes,' Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Is Linked to Drugs" by Olivier Acuña, 2015/12/10
                • "Mexican reporter, writer and filmmaker Diego Enrique Osorno recently published a book of one of the world's “allegedly” richest people, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, who in 2011 was linked to drug trafficking by a DEA agent. In his book, Osorno writes that former Mexican presidents were “very fearful” of speaking about Slim. In March, Forbes said he was second only to Bill Gates in terms of riches, with a fortune hovering near US$80 billion."
                • "WikiLeaks recently revealed emails dated April 2011, that confirm that Slim is involved in drug trafficking.

                  The first email is by Anya Alfano of global intelligence agency Strategic Forecasting, Inc., who was tasked with addressing Dell’s concerns about Slim. She wrote to Stratfor's head of intelligence Fred Burton:

                  “Do we have any information about where Carlos Slim fits into the [drug) cartel dynamics that we’ve seen in Mexico? … Should clients have any concerns about dealing with him professionally?”

                  Burton then asks DEA Special Agent William F. Dionne the question:

                  “Billy, is the MX billionaire Carlos Slim linked to the narcos?”

                  Dionne replies, “Regarding your question, the MX telecommunication billionaire is.”"
                • "I write “allegedly” the richest person because most of the fortune that is attributed to Slim actually belongs to one of Mexico's biggest thieves, former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

                  A few months after his term ended, in December 1994, Salinas fled the country, leaving it in economic shambles. The situation was so grave that then U.S. President Bill Clinton felt forced to step in and order his Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin to transfer US$20 billion in emergency funds to then Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, who took the opportunity to buy himself a mansion worth close to US$1 million.

                  ​The question, however, is why the U.S. and Mexico did nothing to sanction Salinas in spite of the US$10 billion he stole from the Mexican people."
                • "[Around 2005] Dow Jones and Company announced Salinas had been named one of more than a dozen vice presidents of the board.

                  I spoke to then-Dow Jones CEO Roger May and asked him why Salinas had received the appointment. “Because he has invested over US$10 billion in Dow Jones stocks and components. All persons who have over that amount invested, are automatically named members of the board,” May said.

                  I then asked him if he even cared where the money came from? And whether he cared Salinas stole the money from Mexico? May then said this was a question he could not respond to. A day or two later, Salinas decided to leave for Ireland with a stopover in Cuba."
                • "Let's begin with Slim's wedding, which was officiated by Marcial Maciel, the founder of the highly controversial Legions of Christ. Maciel and collaborators were accused of corruption and, even worse, massive cases of pedophilia."
                • "Osorno’s book, entitled, “Slim. The Political Biography of the World's Richest Mexican,” describes a person who became wealthy thanks exclusively to his ties with Salinas, who is believed to have given Telmex — the Mexican telephone company that for many decades had a complete monopoly on landlines — away to Slim. In my opinion nobody gives anything away, therefore, to me, Salinas must be the owner and Slim the frontman. I'm not the only one with that suspicion."
                • "Socialist political activist Leda Silva wrote in Movimiento Socialista's website that Slim has been Salinas' main frontman for laundering the huge fortunes he stole from Mexico and exposes the absurd Telmex transaction that took place.

                  “Salinas sold Telmex to Slim for US$400 million and he didn't even pay that full amount. The company was actually worth over US$12 billion at the time of the transaction,” she said. The sale took place in late 1989."
                • "Osorno said he spoke to over 100 people when researching for the Slim bio, but complained that most of the interviewees only spoke “off the record.”

                  “Fear of talking about Slim was so huge, that even two former presidents who had initially given their approval to include their statements in my book, later asked the statements to be pulled,” the writer said."
                • "Votairenet website wrote in 2005 that Slim's fortune came from arms trafficking. Slim would never be able to shake off the fact that he is “the frontman for the little man (Salinas) from Agualeguas (Salinas’ hometown in the northern state of Nuevo Leon), who ransacked Mexico like no other,” the Votairenet article said."
    • White Eagle Lodge
      • Church of the White Eagle Lodge, "About Us: Our Story": "The White Eagle Lodge is an international organization founded in England in 1936 by Grace and Ivan Cooke, based on a profound, yet gentle philosophy. Through the instrumentality of Grace Cooke over a period of more than forty years these extraordinary teachings were brought through and recorded and form the basis of the teachings of the White Eagle Lodge; they number in their thousands. The spiritual teachings are inclusive and honor all life; truths that echo in the heart of all true spiritual pathways; a restatement of the ancient wisdom. [...] There are three main Temples: Headquarters in Britain at New Lands in Hampshire, England: opened in 1972; in Australia at Maleny in Queensland: opened in 1991 and in the United States for the Americas, in Texas: opened in 1992. There are regional centers around the world and numerous small groups."
      • White Eagle Lodge, "Who we are: History": "The White Eagle Lodge commenced its work in 1936 and became a charity within the UK in 1953. White Eagle gave teaching until 1976 through the mediumship of Grace Cooke. The brother/sisterhood for whom he speaks continue to inspire the present Lodge leaders and all those in positions of responsibility, especially the worldwide leader of the work, who is the Lodge ‘mother’. Although we have a Lodge ‘mother’ and leaders of groups and of the work in various countries throughout the world, the Lodge is a family organisation which values discussion and consensus. The White Eagle teachings cannot be limited to one philosophy. They embrace many, just as White Eagle himself has had many lives in different cultures. The White Eagle Lodge is symbolically a place of gathering together both physically and spiritually, which is what is meant by the use of the word ‘lodge’. It is also a Mystery (or Wisdom) School for the New Age, with an emphasis on bringing the ‘infinite love of the spirit’ right down into physical matter through healing, unfoldment, meditation, brother/sisterhood and understanding."
      • Psypioneer Vol. 1 No. 5, "The Final Conan Doyle Mystery", 2004/09
        • "Conan Doyle, the most vigorous campaigner for Spiritualism, passed over in 1930. Grace Cooke, an experienced platform worker in the movement, was brought into contact with his family (though not Conan Doyle himself) shortly before this, and Conan Doyle began to communicate through her to them in 1931."
        • "There was another famous channel who professed to be directed by living men in the East, and that was Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891). The best known used the initials M and K.H., and they were, incidentally, very dismissive of Spiritualism. A later Theosophist, Alice Bailey, the instrument of another brother, D.K, was less negative about Spiritualism.

          There is a relationship between these Theosophical masters and White Eagle, for we find in the W.E. books occasional references to masters in general and to the Master R in particular, who was much in evidence when Annie Besant was president of the Adyar-based Theosophical Society, which in that era had flourishing ritual affiliates such as Co-Masonry.

          The White Eagle Lodge, which was founded in 1936, has some affinity with Theosophy, including calling its local groups “lodges”, and having an esoteric section."
      • Jenny Dent, "Who is White Eagle?", 2005,2008,2013,2017
        • "Thousands of people around the world have been touched by the White Eagle teaching, now contained in hundreds of books which have been translated into many languages. The words in the books speak for themselves. Lots of readers probably do not worry too much about the origin of the words for they just feel that they ‘ring true’. I remember my grandmother, Grace Cooke, often quoting the biblical phrase, ‘Test the spirits, whether they be of God’. I started working closely with her when I was only 17 years old and she taught me never to take for granted any message or teaching which appeared to come from a spiritual source. Claims and names can be very deceptive. ‘Always be discriminating’ was her advice, and she taught me that the qualities to look out for are ‘simplicity and humility’. It is natural, however, that many people do ask the question, ‘Who is White Eagle?’"
        • "In recent years I have been talking and writing about what I have called ‘the many faces of White Eagle’. I usually begin with the most familiar ‘face’ of the North American Indian chief ‘White Eagle’. It was this personality that was chosen for the work to be done through Grace Cooke’s mediumship and for the foundationlaying period of the organisation which became known as ‘The White Eagle Lodge’."
        • "One particular aspect of White Eagle’s work is to reveal to people what might be called the ‘magic of the Star’. A shining six-pointed Star is a symbol White Eagle has revealed to us for the new Age of Aquarius and its two triangles (depicted with no divisions) portray the integration that needs to take place in this modern world between our spirituality and our material life. White Eagle’s teaching is very practical and shows a way in which we can practise his spiritual message, no matter what our everyday circumstances, life or work.

          In the White Eagle Lodge the Star symbol is used as a powerful focal point for healing and prayer. A very important aspect of the work of the White Eagle Lodge is offering service to the wider community. The Lodge provides simple sanctuaries of peace and places of worship, or ‘Star Centres’ open to all for retreat from the busy everyday world. One point to mention here is concerned with the actual word ‘Lodge’ which is often misunderstood. White Eagle himself gave us this name in 1936 when his first ‘church’ or ‘sanctuary’ was opened. In the North American Indian tradition ‘lodge’ denotes a place for nurture and rest. However, nowadays, due to the common misunderstanding of the word, most of our Centres around the world have chosen to call themselves ‘White Eagle Star Centres’."
      • Grace Cooke and Ivan Cooke background - founders of the White Eagle Lodge
        • Cengage encyclopedia entry on Cooke, Grace (d. 1979): "Modern British Spiritualist medium who founded the Church of the White Eagle Lodge in 1936 under the inspiration of her Indian spirit guide, White Eagle. Cooke, known to the members of the lodge as minesta, began her career as a Spiritualist medium in 1913 and became progressively convinced that the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Spiritualism were more important than mere evidence of survival.

          She formed a small church in Middlesex, but later separated from its activities after church leaders became more interested in proofs of survival. During the 1930s, she leased Burstow Manor in Surrey and started a White Eagle Brotherhood, later moving to Pembroke Hall. Unfortunately, the headquarters was destroyed during bombing in World War II. In 1941 new premises were acquired in London and in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Cooke acquired the present premises at New Lands in Liss, Hampshire, administered by a trust since 1953.

          Early in her career, Grace Cooke used her psychic gifts to offer evidence of survival, and Ramsay MacDonald, British prime minister, vouched for the accuracy of her spirit communications. But, in later years, her emphasis shifted to spiritual healing and to channeling teachings from White Eagle and a few other spirit entities, including that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Mrs. Cooke died September 5, 1979, at age 87. A special service was held at the temple at Liss, Hampshire, headquarters of the White Eagle Lodge, which she founded."
        • Spiritual Path Spiritualist Church, "GRACE COOKE: Physical Trance Medium": "During one of Cooke’s sessions, White Eagle said, “We have worked for many incarnations in the personality we take on when we come into physical conditions, to bring to men and women an understanding of the brotherhood of all life, so that the kingdom of God shall come upon earth. But this can only happen when men and women have discovered that within their own souls is the light of the spirit of Christ, the Christ light which is the seed given to every one of them”

          By 1930, Cooke was quite skilled in mediumship. British prime minister from 1929-1931, Ramsay MacDonald, vouched for the accuracy of her readings. After she received a series of messages believed to be from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and a group from Paris, the Fraternité des Polaires, Cooke and her husband, Ivan, opened The White Eagle Lodge in 1936, in Kensington, London."
      • Muriel Dowding a.k.a. Baroness Dowding background
        • Animal People, obituary for Muriel, The Lady Dowding, 1994/01-02: "Muriel, The Lady Dowding, died in England on November 21, 1993, at age 85. A long series of strokes had left her confined to a nursing home, isolated from friends and deeply impoverished after giving most of her fortune to animal causes. Her chief regret late in life, she told ANIMAL PEOPLE publisher Kim Bartlett, was that she was “no longer able to do very much for the animals.” A lifelong vegetarian, Theosophist, and spiritualist, after her mother’s example, the Lady Dowding argued in her 1980 autobiography, The Psychic Life of Muriel, the Lady Dowding, that enlightenment cannot be achieved without sensitivity to animals. She was long active in the White Eagle Lodge, a British/American religious group with special concern for animals.

          Then known as Muriel Whiting, the future Lady Dowding met Air Chief Marshal Lord Hugh Dowding in 1944, shortly after her husband Max Whiting, a Royal Air Force bomber pilot, was killed in action. Dowding had become a national hero in 1940 as head of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. As son David Whiting recalled for Bartlett, “Lord Dowding felt a great moral responsibility toward those who had lost their young men in combat under his command. This led him to investigate whether there was life after death.” He sought advice from Mrs. Whiting, who in turn asked him to oppose cruelty in slaughterhouses. They married after the war. The Lord Dowding quit eating meat and hunting as part of his marital vows. Serving in the House of Lords, the upper chamber of the British Parliament, from 1948 until his death in 1970, Dowding endorsed a humane slaughter bill in his debut speech; of his 32 speeches to the Lords, 27 concerned animal welfare. Upon his death, David Whiting retired from a career in engineering and devoted much time thereafter to further tightening slaughter laws, “with particular attention,” he said, “to the unnecessary cruelties involved in religious slaughter.”

          The Lady Dowding emerged as a public crusader in her own right circa 1955, after denouncing fur-wearers at a spiritualist gathering for insensitivity “to the vibrations of terror and suffering emanating from the skins of those animals.” At about the same time she learned from former whaling fleet surgeon Harry Lillie about the cruelties of whaling and the annual slaughter of baby harp seals off Atlantic Canada. With Lillie, she tried to spark protest on behalf of marine mammals, with little success until the first graphic film of the harp seal killing became available in 1964. In 1957 she was elected to the council of the British National Anti-Vivisection Society (not affiliated with the U.S. NAVS). Two years later, lifelong friend Rev. Jean LeFevre of the White Eagle Lodge in Texas recalled, “In conjunction with Sylvia Barbnel, author of When Your Animal Dies, and Elsbeth Douglas Reid, a well-known actress, Muriel founded Beauty Without Cruelty. BWC drew the support of Celia Hammond, an internationally famous model, who refused to model any product that involved cruelty to animals and offered her services, free of charge. David Bailey took numerous photographs and the new soci- ety caught on.” Seeking alternatives to animal-based beauty products, chemist Kathleen Long developed a product line by testing for- mulations on the BWC directors. In 1963 Long and the Lady Dowding formed Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics."
      • Jean LeFevre background
        • The Courier (Conroe TX), obituary for Jean LeFevre, 2020/07/18-31: "Jean Adele LeFevre died peacefully at home on July 8, 2020, aged 90. In death, she rejoins her parents May and Cecil Redvers Hadingham and her husband, John LeFevre. She leaves behind three sons and numerous grand and great-grand children. Jean was a remarkable woman.

          At seventeen, she was one of the first women in India to obtain her pilots license to fly Tiger Moths. She was a marksman, with both the rifle and pistol, and witnessed many significant historical events in London, during the Blitz in 1939/40, as India partitioned and gained independence in 1947 and Tanzania in 1963. She worked tirelessly in both India and Africa with the Red Cross and the Girl Guides. Jean was an ordained minister who studied Theosophy and comparative religions, putting that knowledge to use by counseling people in crisis and prisoners on Death Row - providing comfort and guidance in their last moments. She fought against the cruel vivisection of animals and established a number of animal rescue charities over her lifetime. During the 1960's, Jean frequently visited the Polar Ice Pack in an attempt to highlight and ban the cruel clubbing of baby seals for fur coats. When she moved to Texas, Jean helped establish the Saint John's Retreat Center in Montgomery and obtained a Texas license to rehabilitate raptures and birds of prey. Soon after, she founded the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, rescuing abused and mistreated wolves/wolf-dogs. Jean devoted her life to serving charitable causes that helped both people and animals - her list of accomplishments and good deeds too numerous to mention. Her genuine care and compassion will be missed by her family and friends around the world. Given the current health crisis, there will be a memorial for the immediate family and later, when conditions permit, a public memorial service to at the Saint Johns Retreat Center in Montgomery. In lieu of flowers, please donate funds or support to either/both, Memorial Scholarship Fund at Church of the White Eagle Lodge, P.O. Box 930, Montgomery, TX 77316 or theSaint Francis Wolf Sanctuary ("
      • Church of the White Eagle Lodge - in Montgomery TX
      • Colum Hayward - historian and successor to the Cookes
        • Psychic News, "The way of the White Eagle Lodge": "Colum Hayward (pictured) is a grandson of Grace Cooke and is deeply involved in the day-to-day work of what is still in many respects a family-run organisation. He is in spiritual charge of the White Eagle Lodge in Kensington, West London, and is principal of the Lodge’s newly opened School of Meditation. He is also senior editor of the White Eagle Publishing Trust. The White Eagle Mother Lodge is located at New Lands, in Liss, Hampshire, where the beautiful White Temple, used for worship, meditation and healing, was opened in 1974. “We have three temples in all,” says Colum. “Maurice Barbanell was present at the opening of the one in Liss. The other two opened in the early 1990s, first in Queensland, Australia, and then in Texas – chosen to be fairly central between the east and west coasts of the States.” [...] “When she passed in 1979, the role of Mother was shared between my aunt, Joan Hodgson, and my mother, Ylana Hayward. Though less psychic, they really tried to follow my grandmother’s principles and were renowned for their loving kindness. Joan passed on in 1995 and my mother on 7th September of the autumn just past, but by then she had moved (in her nineties!) to the new role of Spiritual Grandmother of the Lodge, while the Mother role was taken on by Joan’s daughter Jenny Dent."
        • LinkedIn page of Colum Hayward - from 2012 to present is Chair of Committee of Managmenent at Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research; from 1978 to present is Resident Minister at White Eagle Lodge London; educated in English at Trinity College and Cambridge from 1970 to 1978
      • Saint John connection and meaning
        • Church of the White Eagle Lodge, "St John the Divine": "John, our beloved brother, has shed upon the soul of humanity a deep mystical revelation. The revelation of St John (in all the writings attributed to him by Christians) comes from a very high source, or plane, of spiritual power. The one known as St John the Divine is a very ancient and great spirit, or source of wisdom. The human vehicle, known generally as St John, was one of the great beings round the throne of God, and it is most difficult for you, who are as children, with finite minds, to comprehend the fullness, the truth, and the beauty, in this teaching and revelation."
        • Alleged connection to the Order of the White Eagle in Poland (TODO research)
        • Alleged connection to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
    • Brotherhood of the White Temple - in Sedalia CO
      • Westword, "Maurice Doreal and His Brotherhood of the White Temple Awaited the Apocalypse in Colorado", 2015/10/28
        • "Following his startling pronouncements, Doreal gave brief interviews to Time and Life magazines, then largely disappeared from public view — only to later resurface in his new Shamballa Ashrama compound near Sedalia, where he awaited the post-nuclear resurrection."
        • "Maurice Doreal was born Claude D. Dodgin in pre-statehood Oklahoma on August 25, 1902, to Thomas D. and Alta Belle Dodgin. His father was a farmer and sometime “day laborer,” and Claude was the youngest of their six children.

          The family later moved to Wichita, Kansas, where both Thomas and Claude were listed as “landscape gardeners” in the 1924 city directory. (As Doreal, he claimed part Choctaw heritage and service with the U.S. Army Signal Corps — neither of which can be verified.)"
        • "The most precocious kid on the planet apparently kept a low profile about his early attainments. What they did prepare him for, he later explained, was a supernatural invitation in 1925 that took him from Wichita to Calcutta, where he was then guided to Darjeeling, and from there to the secret underground kingdom in Tibet where the Ascended Masters and “great adepts” had their headquarters.

          There he spent years studying esoteric knowledge before returning to Kansas as the anointed representative of the Great White Lodge to set up the Brotherhood of the White Temple. Doreal would later explain his lack of passport stamps by claiming that it was actually his astral presence that had made the journey."
        • "By 1932, the Dodgins were divorced. Ruth married a man who adopted the children and gave them his own name. The 1933 Oklahoma City Directory listed Claude D. Dodgin’s occupation as president of the Brotherhood of the White Temple."
        • "Colorado state records show that the Brotherhood of the White Temple was officially incorporated in Denver on April 11, 1942, as a religious organization whose stated goal was “to impart religious instruction to its members and to all others who may be interested in its doctrines and teachings.” The three officers of the required board were listed as Dr. C.D. Dodgin, Dr. Khereb Ramose and Dr. Kenneth Stahl.
          Booklets written by Dr. Maurice Doreal, Dr. M. Doreal or just Doreal and published by the Brotherhood of the White Temple — neatly typed, crudely stenciled, mimeographed on cheap paper and stapled together — began to appear soon after. Doreal’s The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean also debuted about this time; he claimed that he’d simply transcribed the work as he channeled the denizen of Atlantis. In appearance, it was about as impressive as all of Doreal’s other early works — though it’s written in a far more enigmatic style, one that has gained some popularity on occult and metaphysical websites and forums."
        • "To those familiar with the religion of Theosophy, founded by charismatic Russian Helena Blavatsky, Doreal’s writings about the Great White Lodge and the Ascended Masters will seem curiously similar, if not an outright rip-off. Theosophy was a common launching pad for the multitude of seers, clairvoyants, mediums, “white mahatmas,” yogis, gurus and swamis who advertised in newspapers and magazines across America in the early 1900s."
        • "By 1947, M. and Sony Doreal were established at 430 East Tenth Avenue in Denver; at the same time, “Rhereb Ramose” — a misspelling of Khereb Ramose, Doreal’s sometime partner and perhaps alter-ego, since there’s no real verification of his existence — was listed as living at 1600 Logan Street. That’s the address of the William G. Fisher mansion, a stunning edifice built in 1896 by a Denver department-store magnate who died the following year. By the ’40s, it was leased out to a variety of businesses, including the Brotherhood of the White Temple. (Today it’s the home/office of architect David Tryba.) It was from 1600 Logan that Doreal sent his missive to Amazing Stories, and also announced the imminent move of the Brotherhood to Sedalia.

          The Brotherhood wasn’t the only thing that was moving: As public obsessions turned away from Theosophy-ish exoticism in favor of the alarming possibilities posed by nuclear warfare, unidentified flying objects and the Shaver Mystery, Doreal’s works began to shift focus, too."
        • "By 1948, in Flying Saucers: An Occult Viewpoint, Doreal was warning that the Serpent People had disposed of Josef Stalin and “now the supreme council of the soviet is controlled by beings far wiser than they appear.”

          It was time to prepare for the apocalypse.
          All it took to buy into Shamballa Ashrama and prepare for the coming holocaust was $500 per person and a personality that would blend in well with the program. And if nuclear war didn’t actually hit, Doreal said, the community could become a summer resort."
        • "Shamballa Ashrama was finally finished in 1953. It included about a hundred homes, a two-story house of worship, some barracks-like buildings, and a nearby cave where food could be stored for the long haul. The lead in the rocky walls of the canyon would protect residents from nuclear fallout, Doreal said. Newspapers reported that the community was moving in, for a population of about 800 residents, all told — and then the Brotherhood slammed the door on press interviews and uninvited outsiders."
        • "According to Colorado state records, Doreal died on November 28, 1963 — although the Brotherhood of the White Temple still does not acknowledge his death on its website.

          That site also doesn’t mention Drs. Khereb Ramose or Kenneth Stahl, or even Doreal’s widow, Sonya. Once referred to as “an attractive young blonde” by a newspaper reporter, she disappeared after her husband’s death, although her name continued to appear on Doreal copyrights for some years.

          Brief mentions in newspaper articles indicate that after a reported power struggle that led to a few folks founding their own metaphysical church, some of Doreal’s followers took over the Brotherhood, which remains based in the foothills of the Rampart Range between Castle Rock and Sedalia. Although its facilities were never needed as refuge from a nuclear holocaust, Shamballa Ashrama did not become a summer resort. Over the decades, some of the homes were reportedly sold to outsiders, but the compound remains off limits to uninvited outsiders."
        • "The Brotherhood is currently managed by a board represented by Diane E. England. Contacted for an interview regarding the Brotherhood, England declined, citing unspecified “inaccuracies” in previous newspaper and book accounts. “I know Halloween is coming up and that’s why you want to do a story now; I’m not stupid,” she said, adding that any Westword representative who appeared on Brotherhood property would be arrested."
      • Shamballa Ashrama (erroneously called Shambala Ashrama by the dossier) near Sedalia CO
        • Dale L. Ryder, "Site No. 13 of Adolph Coors III Remains", 1960/09/23: "Photograph shows the wooded area where some of murder victim Adolph Coors III remains were found. The sign indicates this was site No. 13. This possibly the area where the skull, lower jaw bone, and vertebrae were found. The area is near Shamballah-Ashrama, a populated place west of Sedalia, Colo."
    • Tweet Kimball background
      • Ogden Standard-Examiner, "Moab Couple Buys Colorado Hilltop Castle", 1954/05/19: "The ornate Charlford Castle here has been sold by Charles A. Johnson to Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Ruddock of Moab, Utah, for an undisclosed price. Mrs. Ruddock said she and her husband plan to make their home in the castle and to conduct it, the 2,400 acres of the Johnson property and 1,600 of an adjoining ranch included in the transaction as a “serious ranching operation.” She said she will introduce Santa Gertrudas cattle to Colorado. The castle, built of native stone in 1924-26, has been the scene of social gatherings through the years. Its central feature is a huge hall with a view in each direction from the hilltop on which it is built. The Ruddocks have mining interests in California and Utah. They have two children, 4½ and 5½. Charles A. Johnson Jr., son of the owner, said a sale contract had been signed and the Ruddocks are to take possession June 1. Johnson Sr. lives in California."
      • Douglas County News, "Walker-Kimball Wedding Held At Cherokee Ranch", 1958/03/20: "Informal ceremonies Saturday afternoon united in marriage Mrs Mildred Montague Kimball of Cherokee Ranch, Sedalia, and Glenn Milton Walker of Aurora.

        The solemn double ring rites were performed by the Rev. David Colwell of Park Hill Congregational Church at 3:45 p.m. before the great fireplace in the main drawing room of the medieval castle, which serves as the residence at Cherokee Ranch.

        For the ceremony, the castle was decorated with arrangements of yellow chrysanthemums and yellow carnations accented with smilax.

        The Very Rev. William S. Lea, dean of St. John's Episcopal Cathedral and a long-time friend of Mrs. Kimball's family, gave her in marriage.

        She chose a Paris original by Jacques Heim in pale aqua silk, which was imported for her by Kate Ferretti. The short afternoon frock was fashioned along slightly bouffant lines and was accented by a Ferretti headdress in the same aqua net with sprigs of stephanotis.

        She carried a hand bouquet of white orchids with white satin ribbons and stephanotis streamers.

        Mrs. Kimball's two sons, Kirk and Richard, were her only attendants. Kirk, 9, carried his mother's ring for Mr. Walker and Richard, 8, held her bouquet during the ceremony.

        Dr. Robert E. Bartlett of Castle Rock was Mr. Walker's best man, and ushers were Homer Lanning and Lee Schlessman of Denver and Clay Keene and Duane Richardson of Castle Rock.

        The ceremony, which was followed by a reception at the ranch, was attended by everyone associated with the ranch, close friends of the couple in Castle Rock, Sedalia and Denver and out-of-town friends and members of the families.

        Mrs. Harry Bellamy, who sat with Mrs. Kimball's family during the ceremony and was escorted from the drawing room by Dean Lea, entertained at a dinner party in her home for the wedding party following the reception.

        The former Mrs. Kimball's mother, Mrs. Richard Huntington Kimball of Chattanooga, Tenn., flew to Colorado for her daughter's marriage. Other out-of-town guests included the bride's aunt, Miss Margaret Kimball of New York; her cousin, Richard Kimball Hulbert of New York; Mrs. Camilla Kalkavan of Beverly Hills, Calif.; another cousin of the bride, Mrs. Charles Freeman of Chattanooga, and the groom's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Smith of Los Alamos, N.M.

        After a honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Walker will make their home at Cherokee Ranch with her sons, the childern of Merritt Kirk Ruddock, whom she divorced in 1956. The bridegroom is associated with Gerald L. Schlessman and is an officer of the Greeley Gas Co. with offices in Denver. A CPA , he operates his own firm in Denver and Aurora.

        Mr. Walker received his master s degree from the University of Denver and served with the Army Intelligence Corps in Japan."
      • The Keep, "The Story of Tweet Kimball", 2018/01
        • "Now open to the public, for 55 years Cherokee Castle was home to Mildred Montague Genevieve Kimball, dubbed “Tweet” by her father, a Southern cattle rancher.

          Though she came from wealth, Tweet won her Cherokee Ranch estate in 1954 when she divorced her diplomat husband (the first of four), who said there wasn’t room on the same side of the Mississippi for the two of them, so he would buy her any place she chose in the West. She seized his offer, claiming the castle – perfect for displaying her extensive collections of art and antiques – as well as two adjoining pioneer homesteads, and lived happily in Colorado without him, ultimately amassing some 4,500 acres as Cherokee Ranch."
        • "Tweet loved entertaining as much as she loved her castle and ranch. For more than half a century, she welcomed a stream of international dignitaries to mingle with members of her Colorado community. To welcome her foreign guests, Tweet’s beloved butler, John Lake, would hoist the flag of a visitor’s home country.

          One night when the castle staff was preparing to welcome a group of British art conservators, a blizzard blew in and the group called to say they couldn’t make it through the storm. But a determined Tweet sent John Lake down Cherokee Mountain to collect the guests at Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel. It was 10 PM before they arrived at the castle and 2 AM by the time John ferried them home, entertaining them with stories of Tweet and castle life along the way."
        • "A sampling of her guests includes Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; Nepal’s crown prince (later king); both Princess Alexandra and Princess Anne of the British Empire; economist/Nobel Prize Winner Milton Friedman; actors Christopher Plummer and Tammie Grimes, who married in the Castle; Winthrop Rockefeller; Colorado governors Roy Romer and Richard Lamm; Denver’s Dan Ritchie, legendary businessman and civic leader; and ambassadors from various countries."
          • Note that Richard Lamm and Roy Romer were both political allies of Hal Haddon
          • Note that Prince Bernhard is an accused pedophile whose name has surfaced in a Dutch elite pedophile ring case
      • Castle Pines Connection, "Cherokee Castle and the Tweet Kimball Years", 2018/03/01: "Were there a Colorado Mt. Rushmore, Tweet Kimball’s profile might well be chiseled there. Born in 1914 Tennessee, where women wielded limited political power, Bryn Mawr-educated Mildred Genevieve Montague “Tweet” Kimball never got the message. After acquiring Charlford Castle in 1954 which had been built by Denver real estate developer Charles Johnson 30 years prior, Tweet was in full charge of her destiny.

        As a daughter of wealthy West Point graduate Richard Huntington Kimball, Tweet was a belle of Chattanooga, and her life swirled in currents of privilege and power. She married wealthy Merritt Ruddock, OSS/CIA executive and diplomat. When later posted to the U.S. Embassy in London, the Ruddock’s social position opened early channels to monarchs and heads of state. By then, Merritt and Tweet had adopted two sons, Kirk and Richard. It is said that the boys often enjoyed time with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, but were never permitted to share their candy.

        The Ruddock marriage fell apart on return from England, and it was amicably agreed that the Mississippi River would be a line of physical separation. Tweet had a dear classmate from Bryn Mawr living in Colorado and thus favored our state, happening across Charlford’s availability in 1954.

        Tweet always knew what she wanted. First, she renamed Charlford, calling it Cherokee Ranch out of respect for Indians of Tennessee. Seeing the ranch as insufficiently large for her vision, Tweet acquired more land from the Ray Blunt estate, bringing her landholdings to well over 4,000 acres."
      • Koelbel, "A Storied History A Stunning Land"
      • Background of father Richard Huntington Kimball
      • Background of Montague family
        • Chattanoogan, "Montagues Led In Chattanooga Banking, Industry; Fine Homes Were Knocked Down On Cameron Hill", 2017/10/03: "D.P. Montague was born July 20, 1853, at Chester, Ohio. He founded the Montague Company. He was also president of the New Soddy Coal Company, the Fox Coal Company, the Chattanooga Sewer Pipe & Fire Brick Company, the Richmond Cotton Oil Corporation, Stonegap Colliery Company and the Roane Iron Company. He was a director of Hamilton National Bank.

          D.P. Montague married Genevieve Allan on Sept. 21, 1882. She was born at Cincinnati, but she grew up on her father's plantation at Richmond, Va. She was the daughter of Patterson Allan and Caroline Wilson. She attended the University of Cincinnati and came to Chattanooga as a bride in 1882. Genevieve Allan Montague designed the official flag for Chattanooga.

          The D.P. Montagues introduced their daughters to the Italian nobility. Caroline Montague married Count Nerino Rasponi de la Teste. They resided in Florence, Italy. D.P. Montague died in Chattanooga on May 25, 1921. Other daughters of D.P. Montague were Genevieve and Mildred, who married Col. Richard Huntington Kimball, an Army officer. The Kimballs had a daughter, Mildred Montague Genevieve "Tweet" Kimball. Genevieve was "a leader in Chattanooga's civic, patriotic and social affairs." She collected data on those from Hamilton County who participated in World War I. She was president of the Chattanooga Society of Colonial Dames."
    • Merritt Ruddock background
      • Albert Arnold Sprague's and Claudia C. Milstead's Genealogical Website, "Merritt Kirk Ruddock" - born 1913/11/01 in Berlin, Germany; in 1920 lived in Washington DC; in 1930 lived in San Marino CA; in 1935 lived in Paradise CA; in 1940 lived in Midlothian VA; on 1943/04/30 enlisted for the Army in World War II; in 1970 lived in Belvedere CA; from 1982 to 1988 lived in Saint Helena CA; on 1988/04/09 died in Victoria, Australia; SSN of 410-10-9501 issued in Tennessee; on the Special Forces Roll Of Honour for being a First Lieutenant in the OSS; is mentioned in the 1937 Chattanooga TN City Directory; married Mildred Montague Kimball on 1938/10/15 and divorced in 1956/09
      • OSS and CIA affiliation
      • Mining industry participation
        • Greeley Daily Tribune, "2 New Uranium Deals Involve $10 Million", 1955/12/03: "Atlas Corp. disclosed in New York that it has acquired a two-thirds interest in the Almar Uranium mine in southeastern Utah for more than eight million dollars. And Federal Uranium Corp. of Salt Lake City announced it has agreed to sell its one-third interest in the Daniel-Ruddock group of uranium claims for $3,350,000. Both transactions involve the same ore body in the Big Indian district of San Juan county. As a result of the transactions, Atlas Corp., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hidden Splendor Mining Co., takes over operating control in the Daniel-Ruddock claims by purchase of Almar Minerals Corp. And Federal's one-third interest in the Daniel-Ruddock claims is optioned to Moore and Schley, a New York brokerage firm. Almar Minerals is a Utah corporation, owned by the Ruddock family — Merritt K., Billingsly, and A. B. Ruddock of Los Angeles, Denver and Moab, Utah."
        • Mark Steen, "My Old Man: THE URANIUM KING (Installment #4)", 2002/08-09: "The next mine brought into production was managed by one of the most incredible characters who ever owned a radioactive hole in the ground. Merritt K. Ruddock’s wealthy family had gotten stuck with some worthless copper and uranium claims after a foreclosure on another deal. The first that the Ruddocks knew that their Small Fry claims way out in southeastern Utah might have some value was when the AEC contacted them about drilling their property. This was in the early part of 1953. The 26 Small Fry claims had been located to cover an outcrop of low-grade uranium mineralization in the Cutler formation similar to the Big Bucks. After a considerable tonnage of ore in the Moss Back was located by the AEC, Merritt Ruddock came out to investigate the family’s good fortune. He weighed 240 pounds; stood six feet, eight inches; spoke with a Harvard accent; and he said things like "most unsavory" and "how deplorable" and "fruitful collaboration." Although he dressed in tweeds and was seen using silk handkerchiefs rather than his sleeve, Ruddock managed very well indeed. By the early summer of 1954, the Ruddocks’ Cal Uranium Company’s 280-foot shaft had reached an ore body and started shipping ore. However, most of the ore deposit was actually covered by the Mamie claim that my father had staked in 1952, and now belonged to Big Indian Mines. But Merritt K. Ruddock hadn’t just been watching things happen around the Small Frys. He had already staked the claims on the north end that were later sold by the Ruddock family’s Almar Minerals to Floyd Odlum’s Hidden Splendor Mining Company in a $10 million transaction in 1955. None of the locals at the Wagon Wheel Bar who made snide remarks about the displaced gentleman ever came close to that much money."
      • Cherokee Ranch involvement
        • Ogden Standard-Examiner, "Moab Couple Buys Colorado Hilltop Castle", 1954/05/19: "The ornate Charlford Castle here has been sold by Charles A. Johnson to Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Ruddock of Moab, Utah, for an undisclosed price. Mrs. Ruddock said she and her husband plan to make their home in the castle and to conduct it, the 2,400 acres of the Johnson property and 1,600 of an adjoining ranch included in the transaction as a “serious ranching operation.” She said she will introduce Santa Gertrudas cattle to Colorado. The castle, built of native stone in 1924-26, has been the scene of social gatherings through the years. Its central feature is a huge hall with a view in each direction from the hilltop on which it is built. The Ruddocks have mining interests in California and Utah. They have two children, 4½ and 5½. Charles A. Johnson Jr., son of the owner, said a sale contract had been signed and the Ruddocks are to take possession June 1. Johnson Sr. lives in California."
        • Ira Gay Sealy (of the Denver Post) photo of Merritt Ruddock at the Cherokee Ranch on 1955/03/22
      • Background of father Albert Ruddock
        • Caltech obituary of ALBERT RUDDOCK (1886-1970) (duplicate copy): "Albert Ruddock died on July 24, 1970, at the age of 84. He was Caltech's friend and benefactor for more than 40 years, beginning his long association in 1926 as one of the 100 founders of The Associates of the California Institute of Technology. In 1938 he became a trustee of the Institute, and from 1954 until he retired in 1961 he was chairman of the board. He was elected an honorary trustee in 196 1, and in 1969 he became chairman emeritus, the first and only person to hold that office. One of Caltech's undergraduate houses is named in his honor.

          The scion of a family of lumbermen, Albert Ruddock was born in Chicago. He graduated from Yale University in 1907. After receiving an MA from Columbia in 1909, he studied at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris as a prelude to entering the diplomatic service. From 19 12 to 19 16 he was secretary of the U. S. Embassy in Berlin, and he held the same post in 19 17 in Brussels. He returned to Washington, D. C., to serve in the State Department in 19 18, then from 1920 to 1923 was on the staff of the Legation in Peking. In 1924 he resigned from the foreign service to enter private business.

          In 1924 Albert and his wife, the former Margaret Kirk, moved to San Marino, California, where they made their home for 28 years. He was a director of the Security First National Bank of Los Angeles and was active in the petroleum industry. In 1952 the Ruddocks moved to Santa Barbara but continued to maintain a residence and offices in Pasadena. Mrs. Ruddock died last year. Margaret and Albert are survived by two sons, Merritt who lives in Belvedere, Billings of Pasadena, and three grandchildren.

          Albert Ruddock was a trustee or director of many civic and cultural institutions, including Occidental College, the Los Angeles County Museum, the Town Hall of Los Angeles, the Hollywood Bowl Association, the Southern California Symphony Association, the Pasadena Civic Music Association, the Santa Barbara Foundation, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. He served as president of Polytechnic Elementary School and the California Graduate School of Design. He was a president and campaign chairman of the Pasadena Community Chest and, in 1944, of the Pasadena and Altadena War Chest. In 1943 he received Pasadena's Arthur Noble Award. He was a chairman of the advisory committee of the Los Angeles County General Hospital, and a former president and chairman of the management committee of the Huntington Memorial Hospital of Pasadena.

          Mr. Ruddock was a member of the Twilight Club, Annandale Country Club, and Valley Hunt Club of Pasadena; and the Sunset Club and the California Club of Los Angeles. He also belonged to the Valley Club of Santa Barbara and the Bohemian Club of San Francisco. He was attending the annual Bohemian Grove Encampment on the Russian River in northern California at the time of his death from a heart attack.

          The Institute held a memorial service in Beckman Auditorium on July 3 1, at which there were tributes from President Harold Brown and from four of Albert Ruddock's long-time friends and associates: Arnold 0. Beckman, chairman of the Caltech board of trustees; attorney Herbert Hahn, a trustee; Robert Huttenback, dean of students; and Robert Sharp, professor of geology."
    • Webbsleuths post on "Belinda Schultz re: Convicted Pedophile Paul schultz"
      • "Belinda did tell me something interesting that COULD be a connection that did NOT involve Alex Constantine. Nick Schultz's detective in Sugarland is named Bill Colson He is retired and lives in Navasota, TX . He told her that he got a formal request from LE out in Colorado Springs about someone involved with the Nick Schultz case that was also involved in the Ramsey case. She said this person was a friend of the Ramsey family and had an odd name. I asked if it was Fleet White. She said "yes, yes, that's it". They wouldn't tell her much more than that other than he was required to release the information despite her pleas not to get involved. She said that Detective Bill Colson said Fleet White was involved in the satanic cult."
      • "Much of what Nick told her at a very young age was hard for her to believe but some of it does match some of what Nancy Krebs had to say. He told her that they killed one of his pets and took the heart out and said they would do that to his mother if he ever told any one about the abuse. He talked about underground tunnels with men in uniforms with shiny buttons waving their arm in a hail Hitler motion, the Third Reich, child sacrifices, and animal sacrifices. Belinda did not know if this was a very wild imagination or the truth."
      • "When they took Nick to the first doctor to get evidence of this abuse the doctor came back and said he could not find evidence of it. The doctor's nurse later called Belinda discretely and said there absolutely WAS evidence of horrific abuse. This nurse later mysteriously disappeared, said to have gone to another country. They took Nick to another doctor who said there WAS abuse and he was found dead three weeks before he was about to testify. Nick's own therapist was afraid of testifying about ritual satanic abuse and said that courts shun therapists who talk about it so they didn't even go for that aspect at trial. However she definitely believed that Nick was used in ritual abuse in a satanic cult. She had seen it before."
      • "Nick Schultz had identified Michael Aquino (founder Temple of Set) and his wife Lillith at some point in investigation interviews or therapy so there is believed to a connection to this particular cult."
    • Underground terror network
      • p.24 of a Purgatory II thread from 2004 titled "PPP(panty package picture)": "I live in CA, and I remember being a child in the valley. There were some people that said that the perfect child to rape, and I guess murder, would be blond and blue eyed. And come from a rich family. I think they wanted to think or know that the crime would be very infamous. Also, there was a boy, a little older than myself, that didn't live there very long, maybe a year or two, I think, and he had a knot on a piece of wood that he bragged a little about and wouldn't show. I think it looked like the garrotte. I think it was a hand-me-down knot. He got it from someone or he gave it to someone.

        There was also talk about doll tying up. It meant that some people tied dolls up to trick children into being tied up so that someone could do rape, torture or murder them.

        I think maybe that they are some of the people against me now. The "neighbors" that "know" who's going to be murdered here. They are still waiting to get to me I think.

        They also "knew" all about the ANTHRAX and letters and WTC. I think they are all some kind of sadistic raping mayhem murdering organization. Yes, they are dangerous, but mostly if you don't know about them.

        I don't know about them in "high" places, but they've joked that some of them are "in" the police around here somehow. And Nancy Krebs used to live in this county, and I'd heard some talk about her from them."
    • ACandyRose overview of a letter sent from Shreveport LA in late January 1997 with information on the Ramsey case - might somehow be connected to the Louisiana woman on the Gulf Coast cited at the beginning of the Schultz dossier, who was familiar with the Ramsey family and named a "mafia hit man" whose description matched Schultz as JonBenet's killer
  • Evan Ravitz, "'Nothing is what it seems' in Ramsey case"
    • "The substance of our testimony to the police and what we still want investigated is what it seems Hunter most wanted to avoid: the possibility that accused pedophiles in very high places in Boulder -we suggested two names- had both motive and means to de-rail the investigation in the first hours, possibly by calling off the FBI. The motive would be to keep the wide-ranging spotlight of a media case like this away from people like themselves, whether they were involved or not.

      Normally, the FBI would immediately assume jurisdiction over an apparent kidnapping by "a small foreign faction" (so read the "ransom note") of the child of a Defense contractor executive. (Lockheed-Martin owned Access Graphics.) Detective Linda Arndt has stated that she asked for the FBI and police backup before she even arrived at the Ramsey home and was told no. This left her unable to control a crime scene filled with suspects and their friends. When she repeated her request she was told everyone was in a meeting. Why would police administration repeatedly refuse to provide backup and FBI assistance in such circumstances?"
    • "Tom Wickman made another curious comment to Dr. McFarland and I, and independently to Stephen Singular, author of "Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography" (on page 217). Tom said that once he was "getting close" to arresting a Boulder City Council member, but had been told to "back off." Since Tom was legally prohibited from giving us any clues about the Ramsey investigation, I feel he was repeatedly drawing an analogy, by way of saying that he'd heard the pedophile-coverup story before and had been told to back off from investigating that."
  • IRC chat with Stephen Singular on 1999/08/18
    • "[20:47] <steve_co> there have been several reports of illciti photos of her but none has surfaced. One report caem from oneof herphtogs

      [20:47] <Blue> herphtogs?


      [20:48] <steve_co> her photgraphers


      [20:49] <steve_co> one of her photographes said thre were illigeitmate pix ofher incyberspace beforfe shedied."
    • "[21:04] <BayBB> What do you know about the fight after the funeral? Was there a gun pulled?

      [21:04] <steve_co> Yes ,Fleet white pulled a gun onJR. Whywouldhe dothis if hewere anionnocen bystander?


      [21:06] <steve_co> three eyewitnesses havesaid this."
    • "[21:08] <Blue> I'd like to know the name of the cp series that Daphne is supposed to appear in.


      [21:09] <steve_co> I don't knowany name. A longtimeago theboulder authorities were told to lookfor pix of thischild andIdon't thinkthey haven ever onethat. it isworthpursuing."
    • "[21:18] <jameson> Cindy is the screen name of a child shown in some hard core porn on alt.binary

      [21:18] <jameson> some of us think the child is a playmate of JBR's"
  • Propwash, "KOBY, HUNTER, RAMSEYS NAMED IN CHILD-PORN RING, BLACKMAIL PLOT", 1998/08/25: "Sources inside the Boulder city government confirmed today that both former police chief Tom Koby and Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter have been named as possible conspirators in a child-pornography ring which may have led to the December 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. A potential witness in the case revealed to Propwash that investigators with a state agency suspect the crime may have been perpetrated as a cover-up or act of vengence involving a plot to blackmail one or more participants in a child-pornography distribution ring. Photographs of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey performing sexual acts with adult males are alleged to have been circulated on the internet and in print-publications. Speaking on condition of anomymity, our source claims a member of the inner circle of Ramsey friends and confidants had threatened to expose some of their criminal activities and was subsequently threatened with black-mail by the others. John and Pasy Ramsey are know to have socialized in an elite clique of wealthy business and government leaders including the District Attorney himself, the former mayor Leslie Durgin, and other Boulder figures such as the notorious Pasta Jay. Sourceds told Propwash that persistant foot-dragging by police investigators and obstruction by the District Attorney's office have long been rumored to be attempts at concealing complicity in the murder or coverup. The delaying tactics pursued by the offices of Koby and Hunter have been widely criticized and publicized culminating on August 5th in the resignation of a primary detective in the case, Steve Thomas, and publication of this letter to Colorado Governor Roy Romer, in which he claimed the DA's office has hindered and delayed the investigation. Thomas' letter accused Hunter of "crippling the case" by ignoring evidence, refusing police requests for search warrants, and sharing information on the case with the Ramsey's and their lawyers. Romer announced in a press conference his intention not to appoint an independant prosecutor after being assured by Hunter of his intention to convene a grand jury to re-examine the evidence in the the case." - includes photographs of Tom Koby and Alex Hunter
  • Bill McReynolds and Janet McReynolds background
    • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check found no criminal history in Colorado
    • First marriage of Doris Janet McReynolds a.k.a. Doris McReynolds and Doris Ballew and Doris Janet Ballew (TODO: same person?)
    • Austin American-Statesman, "UT Instructor, Novelist Wed Sept. 1 in Washington", 1962/09/11: "Miss Doris Janet Ballew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ballew of Springfield, Ore., was married to William I. McReynolds, 3006 Hemphill Park, Sept. 1 in Olym-pia, Wash. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Veta McReynolds of Austin and the late William I. McReynolds. The bride, a novelist, has written one published novel, "I Have a Great Desire," and one unpublished novel, "A Sense of Tragedy." Using a pen name, Jan Stephen, she has also written several short stories and is presently completing a biography of Isak Dinesen, famed Danish writer. Miss Dinesen was the subject of her master's thesis. She earned her master's degree in English from the University of Oregon this summer and has taught English journalism at Southwestern Oregon College in North Bend, Ore. She also holds a BJ degree from The University of Texas. Mr. McReynolds received both his BJ and MJ degrees from UT and is now a special instructor with the School of Journalism. The couple honeymooned in Victoria, B.C., and in Oregon and Washington. The trip included a visit to the Seattle World's Fair."
    • Longmont Police Department, case no. 74-2374, 1974/12/26 - on p.1 it is noted that the police departments in Greeley CO, Ft. Collins CO, Loveland CO, and Boulder CO are also participating in the investigation; on p.2-4 they discuss a suspect whose car was adamantly identified by one of the girls and tentatively identified by the other, and initially appeared to have lied about an alibi, but was not identified by either girl and ultimately cleared with no indication that the police attempted to find out if anyone else had used his car at the time; on p.7-8 is the typed narrative of what happened to Jill McReynolds and her friend at the hands of their abductor, with the curious details that (1) the man asked Jill's friend if she had seen a man's dick before and she responded affirmatively referring to her father's and (2) Jill immediately complied with the man's order to fondle his penis, perhaps as if she had been conditioned into that kind of behavior already
    • Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, "Colorado Artists, Administrators Selected for Awards Program", 1976/10/23: "Janet McReynolds of Boulder is using her award to attend the rehearsals and performances of her play, “Hey Rube!” at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles."
    • New York Times, "Stage: ‘Hey, Rube’ Tells of Ritual Killing", 1978/06/01: "IN 1966, a 38‐year‐old Indianapolis mother of seven was convicted of first‐degree murder in the “torture slaying” of Sylvia Likens, a 16‐year‐old boarder in her home. Found guilty of lesser charges were the woman's accomplices—her own teenaged son and daughter and two neighborhood youths. The facts of the case are so horrendous as to seem unreal. [...] In Janet McReynolds's “Hey, Rube.” a fictionalized dramatization of the Likens case at the Interart Theater, it is not clear what the author intended to write. The play could be a psychological study of the killer, a sociological study of sexism, a sympathetic profile of a hapless victim, or a courtroom melodrama."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "'REAL SANTA' DROPS IN ON DESERVING DECORATORS", 1996/12/23: "Bill McReynolds, who as Santa Claus has warmed the hearts of thousands of people on the Downtown Mall the past three years, took some time Sunday to make random visits to several houses with attractive holiday displays. McReynolds, who has considerably scaled down his Santa schedule since major surgery in August, was followed this weekend by the watchful eyes of a camera crew that will feature Santa Claus on a nationwide broadcast next year. McReynolds will be profiled on a new television series called "An American Moment with Charles Kuralt," which will be hosted by the veteran CBS reporter who has traveled the nation searching for interesting people. McReynolds' segment, part of an hour-long special, will air sometime around Christmas 1997. The program won't be the first national television exposure for McReynolds, who several years ago began growing his authentic white beard. Two years ago, he was featured on a CBS "Eye on America" segment proclaiming him the real Santa Claus. The 66-year-old retired University of Colorado professor decided to scale down his Santa schedule this year - including his Downtown Mall duty - after having surgery to replace the aortic valve of his heart. The surgery left him 60 pounds lighter, but his spirit is perfectly intact."
    • New York Daily News, "KURALT'S BLOWN 'MOMENT'", 1997/02/21: "But in their haste to get home for the holidays, Kuralt and his team missed what would have been a chilling prelude to the country's No. 1 murder mystery. Kuralt and crew were compiling footage for a profile on Bill McReynolds, who bills himself as a "real-life Santa Claus. The crew shot footage of McReynolds in his mountain cabin in Rollinsville, Col. (pop. 40), and followed the man while he made his rounds about town. But the crew failed to capture the moment when McReynolds asked them if they'd like to accompany him to his friend Patsy Ramsey's home on Dec. 23. This, of course, was two days before Patsy's daughter, JonBenet, was found slain in the basement."
    • TODO: did Kuralt have some involvement in a pedophile group? One observer claims that Kuralt had a stun gun mark on his forehead, as did the McReynolds couple, William S. Burroughs, John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey, and Gary Oliva
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Police question Boulder 'Santa,' wife", 1997/03/03: "Boulder investigators had interviewed Bill McReynolds, 67, a former University of Colorado journalism professor, and his wife Janet, 64, on Feb. 7, after they returned from a trip to Spain. The Rocky Mountain News reported Sunday that police re-interviewed the McReynoldses and collected hair and handwriting samples from each of them last week. The News said police are interested in the McReynoldses because of two parallels to the Ramsey slaying. One is the fact that the McReynoldses' middle daughter, then 9, was abducted along with a friend in Longmont and witnessed the sexual molestation of her friend. The incident occurred on Dec. 26, 1974. No suspects were ever arrested. JonBenet was found murdered in the basement of her parents' luxurious Boulder home 22 years later. An autopsy showed that JonBenet may have been sexually assaulted. Another parallel is an award-winning play written by Janet McReynolds in 1976. The play, "Hey Rube," is about the sexual assault, torture and murder of a girl whose body was found in a basement. Janet McReynolds went with her husband to the Ramsey house on the night of Dec. 23, when he portrayed Santa at a Christmas party for the third consecutive year. Bill McReynolds was given a tour of the Ramsey's 6,866-square-foot home in 1995. The McReynoldses told police their alibi for the night of JonBenet's murder was that they went to bed at 8 p.m."
    • Unknown news report from 1997 on the McReynolds family as suspects
    • CNN, "The Latest on the JonBenet Ramsey Case in Boulder, Colorado", 1997/03/04
      • "BLITZER: Tell us, Mr. McReynolds, what your relationship with the Ramsey family was and how far back does it go? BILL MCREYNOLDS: It goes back three years. I have been the Santa Claus at their home for three years -- from 1994, 1995 and 1996 -- and they have always been very festive parties. And that means that was three years that I've been their Santa Claus and that was half of JonBenet's life."
      • "BLITZER: Right, and your daughter, 22 years to the day, on December 26, 1974, was involved in an incident in which one of her friends was kidnapped and molested, is that correct? JANET MCREYNOLDS: That is true. We were really rather startled when we discovered that our daughter's kidnapping had happened on the anniversary of JonBenet's death because we weren't aware of it until it was called to our attention."
      • "BLITZER: And I'm sure a lot of people are asking: What's with the beard? You played Santa Claus every year, but you -- you've grown the -- this is the real thing. This is not a fake beard, right? W. MCREYNOLDS: That's right, Wolf -- as real as it can be."
      • "BLITZER: And the basic thrust of your play was what? J. MCREYNOLDS: The basic thrust and the parallel that I am now seeing with the JonBenet case is that the victim, in my play, was a scapegoat for the sins of the community. My play was loosely based on, or suggested by, a real-life murder, which occurred in Indianapolis in 1965, which another coincidence happens to be the year of my daughter's birth. The victim, in the real life murder and in my play, is systematically tortured and eventually murdered over a period of months. And a large number of people were involved, basically, an entire neighborhood. I think there were five people, eventually, indicted and brought to trial."
      • "W. MCREYNOLDS: Well, my relationship with the Ramseys is limited. It's peripheral. I have not intruded on their grief. I know it's great. What I have done is to send them a copy of the Christmas story that I felt compelled to write in 1995, and I gave it to them at that time and I've re-done a tape of the -- of the Christmas story -- which is unpublished. And I have re-dedicated it to include JonBenet and I said that if they want to contact me, I would be most happy to talk with them, but that's the only contact I have had. I'm respecting their grief and I would like everybody else to do that too, if possible."
    • Denver Post, "The girl behind the case", 1997/06/22: "“JonBenet is a pleasure to have in class,” her teacher wrote. “She is a confident, positive student who works hard on all assignments. JonBenet’s mature behavior makes her a positive role model for the other students.” It was the kind of behavior Santa Claus would appreciate. Or, at least, the kind of behavior noticed by Bill McReynolds – the man the Ramseys hired to play Santa at their annual Christmas parties. Patsy picked him in part because she loved the festive, gold glitter he sprayed into his natural white beard. At his first party in the Ramsey home in 1995, McReynolds said he was instantly struck by JonBenet’s quiet smile and her “pensive, almost retiring” ways. He saw within her something he described as an angelic glow. At that same party, the little girl handed McReynolds a vial of gold glitter as he was leaving. No child had ever given him a gift while playing Santa. She gave him another last Christmas. “The star dust was all I took with me for good luck when I had heart surgery (last summer),” McReynolds said. “Her murder was harder on me than my operation. She made a profound change in me. “I felt very close to that little girl. I don’t really have other children that I have this special relationship with – not even my own children or my own grandchildren … “When I die, I’m going to be cremated. I’ve asked my wife to mix the star dust JonBenet gave me with my ashes. We’re going to go up behind the cabin here and have it blow away in the wind.” At JonBenet’s funeral, McReynolds handed Patsy one of those vials and walked away without looking at her. Patsy called out: “Santa? Will you come to the party next year?” That won’t happen, McReynolds said. He has retired. It would be too painful, he said, to don the Santa suit ever again."
    • From 1998/06/23 interview of John Ramsey: "JOHN RAMSEY: Absolutely. We have some letters if him. We have a tape from him that hopefully you guys have. If you guys don't have it, I couldn't listen to it but it was a tribute to JonBenet or something like that. And apparently it starts up and it says you left Santa Claus and went, you know, doing all those fancy things and you came back to Santa Claus, our guy said it was very weird. He wrote me a letter saying that he carved JonBenet's name in a heart, it had the name of three other little girls that died early."
    • Mary Keenan and Dan Shuler interview of John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey on 1998/06/25 about Bill McReynolds
      • "JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we met him on the mall around three years before December '96. He was walking around in a Santa suit passing out candy. We stopped and talked. [...] PATSY RAMSEY: We were having breakfast. And we talked. I believe he was employed by the downtown Boulder Chamber of Commerce or something to be on the mall and greeting people and whatever."
      • "JOHN RAMSEY: But JonBenet, of course, was fascinated with him because he was Santa Claus and I remember one year she led him around the house and showed him a bunch of things, I don't know what. But she just took him by the hand and led him around. '95, I guess we called him and invited him back for the regular party. '96 we weren't going to have a party. He called us, I guess you probably heard that, and said that Charles Kuralt was doing a special on him and he wanted to bring him to our party because it was one of his favorites. And will we have it. PATSY RAMSEY: I mean, I really hadn't planned on it, but you know, he'd do it for free, and I said, "I suppose I could. So we decided on the 23rd. He suggested we have it earlier because he had another engagement that evening."
      • "JOHN RAMSEY: Now see here, he talks about three other innocent children who lost their lives too early. Now does the tape talk about Harvey and the harp?"
    • Globe, "Cops grill Santa Claus over secret message to JonBenet", 1998/08/04: "Santa kept a harp with names carved into it of children he had known who died. According to Ramsey supporters, he has spoken about adding JonBenet's name to the list."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "The McReynolds letter", 1998/09/15: "We wish to commend the Boulder City Council for giving a hearing to Fleet White Jr., who is requesting a special prosecutor in the JonBenét Ramsey murder. We believe that the questions raised about the conduct of the District Attorney, Alex Hunter, in this case demand the most serious consideration. Our family has been under scrutiny almost from the beginning of this case. Every member of our family has been interrogated and our two sons were required to give fingerprints, handwriting samples and DNA, even though neither of them was aware of the existence of little JonBenét before she was killed. In the course of the interrogations we became acquainted with Detective Steve Thomas, recently resigned, and his partner, Ron Gosse. We have the highest respect for them. In July, we returned to Boulder after a year's absence and were interviewed by prosecutors in the District Attorney's office. we were not encouraged by the discoveries we made. The latest "scuttlebutt" that we are receiving is that, indeed, there will be a Grand Jury investigation orchestrated by the District Attorney and that there will be no indictment. We do not see that prognosis as being beneficial to the hundreds of innocent people who, like ourselves, have been caught in the web of evil surrounding this case. Good people, wake up. This little girl, JonBenét, did not commit suicide. BILL MCREYNOLDS, JANET MCREYNOLDS Massachusetts"
    • Hard Copy broadcast on 1999/02/02 about a Santa bear in JonBenet's bedroom at the time of her murder - both the Ramseys as well as former housekeeper Linda Hoffmann-Pugh say they have never seen the bear before; it is claimed that the bear mysteriously vanished to the surprise of police; Pugh suggests that Bill McReynolds might have given JonBenet the bear; at 1:33 there is video of Bill McReynolds speaking to the film crew; interviews his son Jesse McReynolds who says that he carried two teddy bears but never gave them out and still has them; in Patsy's video Christmas card there are many teddy bears but no sign of the Santa bear; at 2:11 someone who is presumably Janet McReynolds is shown
    • Bonnie M. Wells, "In Their Own Words"
      • "March 4th, 1997: American Journal had a tv segment that dealt with the Ramsey case. The man who had played Santa Claus at the Ramsey's Christmas party for the previous three years was interviewed and I was speechless!

        Bill McReynolds told interviewers that he had never cared much for Christmas until recent years. "His own mother had suffered with bouts of depression and always seemed to have a "spell" during the holidays so he had grown up not caring much for them."

        McReynolds said he'd been a journalist for most of his life and had tried his hand at short story writing a time or two. One of his stories had been about a girl who was murdered in her own home and then carried down to the basement and left!

        I had difficulty concentrating on the rest of the interview because my mind wanted to keep going back to what the man had already said.

        The man's next comments absolutely sent me into orbit .....

        He said he'd suffered a tragedy in his own life a few years earlier when his own daughter had been kidnapped and murdered on (Christmas night!) McReynolds claimed it was then and there that he decided to celebrate Christmas by trying to make other children happy."
      • "The story about Bill McReynolds' daughter took a few twists and turns as time went on, and detectives working the Ramsey case were shocked to learn that McReynolds had failed to mention his daughter and the "coincidental" date. But it seemed this was only the tip of the iceberg as there was a lot more to come from the McReynolds family.

        It turned out that Bill McReynolds daughter had indeed been kidnapped .... she and one of her friends .... on Christmas night, precisely 22 years before JonBenet was murdered! But she had not been killed as McReynolds had told on the tv program. Instead, her friend was sexually assaulted while she was tied up and forced to watch. Nothing was done to her however, and afterward the two girls were released. As far as I know the case was never solved, and no one knows who assaulted the girl's friend to this day."
      • "At the memorial service for JonBenet many people noticed the strange behavior of Bill McReynolds. Some commented on how he "rambled" when he stood up to speak. Others were astonished at his remarks about how he had questioned JonBenet one time when he was "in her bed room," and had asked her where she would be when she "wasn't here anymore." The child had replied....."In Santa's heart.""
      • "And he talked about going home and carving JonBenet's name in his harp. He said he had a harp on which he'd carved the names of dead children that he had known!"
      • ""McReynolds said what was truly terrible was that this wasn't the first child to die during his Santa years. A little boy who was 'a special friend' had been murdered several years previously." Bill McReynolds only played Santa Claus from 1992 through 1996 folks! This other child's death could not possibly have been "several years previously" as Thomas states. And what does McReynolds mean by "special friend?" This sure doesn't sound good to me, and I cannot imagine what would be wrong with a cop who didn't notice the peculiarities in this man's comments."
      • ""Then came the undoing of Santa Bill. McReynolds loved appearing on television {most of them crave attention!!}, and someone recognized him as a regular customer at a local adult bookstore." {This same cop had combed every low life joint in a hundred mile radius looking for anything on John Ramsey, and found absolutely nothing. Wonder why he didn't also investigate Mr. McReynolds?}" - alleged that the adult content that McReynolds bought was homosexual child pornography
        • From Mary Suma in 2013: "Yes, Santa was known to like little boys, or boys. This was quite well known around Boulder, and a good friend of mine who was a major reporter on the case tells a story about visiting a local porn video store in Boulder, not long after the murder. He and another reporter were questioning the owner about John Ramsey, and/or Ramsey family video rentals. The owner replied the Ramsey's were not customers, just as the reporters were leaving the store the owner said, "But that Santa character is a customer".....he went on to say Santa preferred boy/male porn videos."
    • Rocky Mountain News, "Journalist who did not seek limelight can testify to its remorseless glare", 2001/12/20: "Chris Wolf was a journalist between jobs the night of Dec. 26, 1996. Now he is a plaintiff in a $50 million defamation lawsuit. The trajectory of his story is one of the more dramatic in the JonBenet Ramsey case. "This has made me unemployable," said Wolf, who still lives in Boulder. Wolf, a 42-year-old graduate of the University of Colorado, was sharing a trailer behind the Dakota Ridge New Age healing center just south of Lyons at the time of the murder. He'd been experiencing rough waters in his relationship with a former dancer several years his senior. It was her who went to police with her suspicions about Wolf. [...] Boulder police added Wolf, who had worked at the Boulder County Business Report, the Colorado Daily and the Lyons Recorder, to the pool of suspects. John and Patsy Ramsey added him to their own list, according to their book, The Death of Innocence. [...] Wolf denies a report that he was a friend of another onetime suspect, longtime CU journalism professor Bill McReynolds, whoplayed Santa Claus at the Ramseys' Christmas party two nights before the murder. "I spoke to Bill McReynolds once in my life, and that was during a class that he was teaching," Wolf said. McReynolds, contacted recently, also denied having known Wolf well. But Boulder County Commissioner Paul Danish said he remembers running into Wolf in front of Boulder's downtown post office in fall 1996. Wolf told him he had paid a hospital visit to McReynolds, who had a collapsed lung, Danish said."
    • Boulder Weekly, "The Ghost of Christmas Past: Obsessed Reporter Reveals Dark Under World of Ramsey Case" by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, 2001/12/20 (old site archive) (additional copy): "McReynolds loved JonBenet. His fireplace was littered with photographs of her. When Newsweek reporter Dan Glick visited McReynolds at his Nederland home, McReynolds showed him a small wooden harp with the names of dead children carved on it's side. When McReynolds held the harp up, he shared a small secret with the veteran reporter, who later shared it with me. "I've saved a small place right here for JonBenet's name," McReynolds told Glick."
    • Find A Grave memorial for William Irvin McReynolds (born 1930/02/08 and deceased 2002/09/02): "William "Bill" McReynolds, 72, a resident of Mashpee, died Monday. He was the husband of Janet (Beallew) McReynolds of Mashpee. Mr. McReynolds was born in Donna, Texas. He earned a master's degree in journalism at the University of Texas in Austin and a doctorate degree in American studies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He served two years in the Army, from 1953 to 1956. Mr. McReynolds taught journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1968 until his retirement in 1992. He also taught at the University of Texas from 1959 to 1965 and at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1984. He and his wife moved to Mashpee in 1998. He worked as an assistant to the outreach coordinator at the Mashpee Senior Center. He was active in the Mashpee Singing Seniors and the Mashpee Men's Club. He loved early morning walks on South Cape Beach, reading the New York Times and playing Scrabble. Besides his wife, survivors include two sons, Jesse McReynolds of Nederland, Colo., and Tristan McReynolds of New York City; a daughter, Jill Leffingwell of Highlands Ranch, Colo.; four grandsons; and two granddaughters."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ramsey case Santa Claus figure dead at 72", 2002/09/09: "Bill McReynolds was found dead in his Mashpee, Mass., home Monday by his wife, Janet, when she returned from a weekend trip. He was 72. McReynolds, a former University of Colorado journalism professor, portrayed Santa Claus at the Ramseys' home for the third consecutive year in 1996 — two nights before the 6-year-old was found slain. [...] After his retirement from CU in 1992, the couple moved to Rollinsville. That is when McReynolds' fascination with Santa Claus began, said his wife. [...] McReynolds' big heart made him a popular instructor, said Doug Cosper, who taught with him at CU. "Some of his students kept relationships with him their entire lives," Cosper said."
    • Webbsleuths thread in 2003 quoting Janet McReynolds (earlier thread from 2002 just containing remarks about Jill's abduction): "Our daughter, along with her best friend, was abducted in 1974, when she was 9 years old. The two girls were lured into a car and driven into the countryside, where our daughter witnessed the molestation of her friend. Our daughter probably saved her own life and her friend's by stubbornly resisting the perpetrator's attempts to force her out of the car so he could be alone with the other girl. Finally the man had a change of heart. He wept and said, "The devil made me do it." He drove the girls back to the edge of town and released them. [...] "Hey, Rube" was suggested by the murder of a teenage girl in Indianapolis in 1965. The setting is the trial of the woman accused of the murder. Through court testimony and flashbacks, the play examines the victim's last months, asking the basic question: Why did she have to die? My character, Anna, and her crippled sister were left by their parents, carnival people, to board with the woman who was eventually found guilty of Anna's murder. Anna in some unfathomable way seems to have cooperated in her own death. There is a strong suggestion of prior incest with her father, which had left her irreparably damaged and unable to defend herself against the killers. In the Indianapolis case, the victim was tortured over a period of months, and a whole neighborhood was implicated. Five people were convicted."
    • From p.317 of Programmed to Kill: "When Bill McReynolds was extended an invitation to speak at JonBenét’s memorial service, he used the opportunity to share memories of not just the slain beauty queen but of a few other kids with whom, bizarrely, he had been close before their untimely deaths."
    • TODO: find the names of these other children in McReynolds's 1995 Christmas story, mentioned by him at JonBenet's memorial service, and/or carved into his harp; two likely names are Jakeob McKnight (see the Pat Sullivan page for more) and Alie Berrelez (who was suspected of being linked to Michael Helgoth at one point)
  • Michael Helgoth - allegedly committed suicide on 1997/02/14, a day after Alex Hunter's promise to narrow down the suspect list; was part of a family that ran an auto salvage yard in Boulder County CO
    • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check found no criminal history in Colorado
    • ACandyRose page about Michael Helgoth aka "Bootman" or "Boots"
    • Boulder Weekly, "The Ghost of Christmas Past: Obsessed Reporter Reveals Dark Under World of Ramsey Case" by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, 2001/12/20 (old site archive) (additional copy): "The suicide began to look like a murder. Boots was right-handed and the bullet's trajectory went from left to right. In addition, someone had placed a pillow in front of his chest before firing the gun, something professional killers do to muffle the noise of a gunshot. In addition, Boots was a former military sharpshooter and parachutist who had been trained to use an M16 Rifle and hand grenades. I wondered: If Boots was a sharpshooter, why the odd trajectory?"
    • WebbSleuths post from 2003 titled "Was Helgoth Murdered?" - cites a 2003/07/13 post on VOY Forums by Rita Johnson (, seemingly referring to John Kenady: "I spoke to a number of members of Helgoth's family. They BELIEVE that he was murdered. His uncle told me that when they discovered Michael; he was "crouched" down at the end of the bed under the covers with a pillow that had muffled the gun shot. They are sure he didn't commit suicide. BECAUSE of someone connected to TEAM RAMSEY that claims he was a friend; but was just "hanging" around the junkyard,they believe there it was suspiciously wanting him out of the picture....You figure! That same person BROKE into the house and stole items i.e. boots to be used as evidence against him. The person that did it admitted to me that he was connected to TEAM RAMSEY. Of course I did report it right away......Sometime ago."
      • VOY Forums, "in answer to jameson's response to Helgoth....." by Rita Johnson, 2003/07/29: "Mikie on jameson's forum wrote to me and Rose and asked permission to put my post about Helgoth on the jameson forum. Rose felt it was okay. I agreed because as Rose said in her previous post. It is her forum and I pretty much go along with what she decides UNLESS I don't think it's in my best interest. Since she has followed the net on an ongoing basis I go by her instincts; not mine. Actually I really wanted to see what kind of spin jameson would put on my post. Anyway she did....just as I thought she would. Just to set the record straight what I said in the post about Helgoth's UNCLE informing me about the position of the body and their belief that he was murdered was true. Anyone who cares to check it out can and should. Apparently there is some connection to why they want this dead guy to be the fall guy because even Judge Carnes mentioned him in her 93 page ruling."
    • ITV Real Crime, "Who Killed the Pageant Queen", 2004/06/15 (YouTube segments 1, 2, 3, 4) (transcript)
    • CBS 48 Hours, "JonBenet: Prime Suspects", 2004/12/18 (transcript)
    • TODO fill out information
  • John Steven Gigax a.k.a. Steve Gigax - an acquaintance of Helgoth and known pedophile; possible suspect in the murder of Lorraine Florence Lawrence
  • "Amy" child sexual assault in September 1997
    • ACandyRose page about the "Amy" assault
    • Transcript of the 1999/09/24 press conference with Pete Peterson: "RPTR: Yeah, who's paying you? Peterson: We started out working for a client in Boulder, a Dr. Steve Dubovsky, whose daughter was molested in their house, and there are a lot of parallels to this case. A lot of parallels overlapped to this case, and--misdirected routes in the process. But we think we're onto the right route. RPTR: You're saying this same suspect could have been responsible for both? Peterson: No, no. We excluded the first one, who was involved in our client's case. But in the process, through that process, we got into this case with the blessing of the client. And determined--we know what occurred. [...] RPTR: So who is your client? Peterson: We have no client. We had a client when we got into this case. It was a psychiatrist in Boulder whose daughter was molested in their house, and there are a lot of parallels to the Ramsey case. This person got in the house, hid in the house, after the alarms were set--or before the alarms were set, three hours later attacked the daughter. We thought there were parallels to the Ramsey case, and that's how we got into it. [...] Peterson: (OFF MICROPHONE) ...home, yes. He was out of town. The wife was there and the wife kept on bringing the guy into the house. He went out, went off the balcony."
    • Dallas Morning News, "JonBenet case, later assault show parallels", 2000/08/01: "Mr. Ramsey confirmed Monday that JonBenet took lessons at Dance West, a studio where the second victim had performed. The studio owner, Lee Klinger, said he has never been contacted by police investigating either case. Both girls performed at public functions in Boulder not long before being victimized: The 14-year-old girl danced in several public performances in the year before her assault. JonBenet, the reigning Little Miss Christmas, was featured in a holiday parade shortly before she was killed."
    • ITV Real Crime, "Who Killed the Pageant Queen", 2004/06/15 (YouTube segments 1, 2, 3, 4) (transcript)
      • At 9:40 in segment 3, John San Augustine describes Amy as "a little girl who was in her room, right next to Mom and Dad", despite the claim that Amy's father was away on business that night
    • CBS, "JonBenet: DNA Rules Out Parents", 2004/12/16: "Yet, Peterson found something very disturbing. As he collected evidence in and around the house, and did background checks on people who worked in the neighborhood, he found a group of individuals with criminal histories, who roamed the neighborhood at night. He made surveillance videotapes, and showed 48 Hours vehicles that he believes were used by a roving band of criminals. "We did tail them at one point, within two blocks from the Ramsey house," says Peterson, who watched the neighborhood for weeks. In his possession, he had a map that was discarded by the group under surveillance. "I think it's a blueprint for burglary, at least," says Peterson. 48 Hours has discovered that, of Colorado's most dangerous sex offenders, one in eight also has prior convictions for burglary or robbery. "They burglarize and sexually assault if the opportunity presents itself," says Peterson. And in Amy's neighborhood, that opportunity seemed to present itself quite often. Peterson says there were 19 burglaries, breaking and entering, or trespassing reports in a two-month period. He did background checks on his suspects in Amy's case, and discovered that some of them had at one time worked at the Ramsey home."
    • CBS 48 Hours, "JonBenet: Prime Suspects", 2004/12/18 (transcript)
    • Rancho Santa Fe Review, "The Investigator: Jon Benet Ramsey case" by RW “Pete” Peterson, 2012/06/27: "The Jon Benet case is the most frustrating case of my career and I refuse to discuss the case with people who aren’t very knowledgeable of it because it just gets my blood pressure up. I have spent years on it and am still working on it. I have many boxes full of files on this case and have spent a lot of sleepless nights on it. I’ve traveled thousands of miles following up on leads. My involvement began when we were retained by a Boulder, Colo., doctor to investigate an assault on his adolescent daughter. [...] One of the things we developed was that our client’s daughter and Jon Benet had attended the same dance studio. Our client felt that it would be productive to look for more similarities between the two cases. [...] This case took us as far away as Nantucket Island following leads and suspects. We are still focused on two people in this case. There is partial (contaminated) DNA in this case and with the advances in the study of DNA very soon we will see much more specific identifiers as to race, gender, age, eye and hair color and who knows what else. We have two people that we’re focused on and I believe that this case will be solved."
    • Reddit thread from 2020 about the assault - one comment says "the Dance West studio on Pearl Street was turned into a club (still under the original owner) that hosted "raves" where a 15 year old girl almost overdosed and died after ingesting a lethal amount of ectasy (2001). Makes me wonder if kids were being groomed or targeted there. That balcony would be the perfect cover for a pedo looking for a victim."
    • Reddit thread from 2022 about the assault - notes that the same brand of cigarette was found at both the Ramsey and Dubovsky homes
    • Reddit thread by jameson245 from 2022 about the assault - reveals that Amy's mother Anne Dubovsky was, interestingly, a friend of Judith Phillips: "I have a handwritten greeting card that passed from Amy's mother, Anne, to the Ramsey family. It was obviously delivered after Christmas, 1996. Anne introduced herself saying they have a mutual friend, Judith Phillips, who has told Anne about the tragedy that happened to the Ramseys - Anne wanted to send her support and prayers."
    • Reddit thread by jameson245 from 2022 about the assault - shows an excerpt of Linda Arndt's investigative report, which mentions a third victim at Dance West who was assaulted
    • Dr. Steven Dubovsky background
      • Prabook article on Steven Lew Dubovsky - was born 1944/07/12 in Pueblo CO; received his MD from New York University in 1969; interned at Vancouver General Hospital from 1969 to 1970 and did his residency at Colorado Psychiatric Hospital in Denver from 1970 to 1973; at the University of Colorado medical school, was an associate professor of psychiatry from 1979 through 1989 and a professor beginning in 1989; from 1978 to 1996 he was a psychiatry consultant at the Fitzsimons Army Hospital (misspelled Fitzsimmons Army Hospital) in Denver, which was later partially converted into the Anschutz Medical Campus; was a grantee of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) from 1978 to 1980; in 1982 he was also an external examiner at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia; director at Colorado Psychiatric Hospital from 1987 through 2004; in 2004 he became a professor and the chair of the psychiatry department at the University at Buffalo; fellow at the American Psychiatric Association (APA); married Anne Lois Gallupe on 1972/05/27; has two children named Elizabeth and Amelia; has written books as Steven L. Dubovsky with Amelia N. Dubovsky (his daughter)
      • University at Buffalo faculty bio for Steven L. Dubovsky MD - identified as "Professor and Chair; Department of Psychiatry, University at Buffalo and Adjoint Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine"; specialty/research focus includes neuropharmacology; mentions him being on the Biovail advisory board from 2005 to 2007
      • Erie County Medical Center bio for Steven Dubovsky, MD: "As a psychiatric expert with decades of experience, Dr. Steven Dubovsky specializes in mood disorders, psychosis, interactions between medical and psychiatric disorders, psychopharmacology, and difficult diagnoses.

        In addition to his role at the Regional Behavioral Health Center of Excellence at ECMC, Dr. Steven Dubovsky is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. In addition, he currently serves as Adjoint Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

        Dr. Steven Dubovsky focuses his research in several psychiatric topics, including calcium metabolism in affective disorders, psychopharmacology, psychosomatic medicine and medical education.

        Over the course of his career, Dr. Dubovsky has received a host of awards, including being named Distinguished Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association and inclusion in the list of The Best Doctors in America."
      • Denver Post, "Signs of depression shouldn't be ignored", 2001/04/06: "Depression is more than just the blues, says Dr. Steven Dubovsky, a professor of psychiatry and internal medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center."
      • UW Medicine page for Amelia N. Dubovsky - completed medical education at New York University in 2008; did a psychiatry internship at Massachusetts General Hospital / McLean Hospital starting in 2009 and then a residency there in the same field starting in 2012; joined the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences in 2013
    • Dance West studio in Boulder
      • Magazine, "Funky Bogman" by Jaime Pleitgen, 1997/07: "Influenced by his mother's studio, Lee began his dancing career while very young. Excelling in acrobatic and freestyle skiing, he danced throughout college and graduate school in many states and places, and is now an established bogman with a PH.D. in Global Ecology and a studio all his own. [...] Lee has all local investors who are also friends of his. Being so inspired and having danced for so long, Lee realizes how important visibility is. He willingly paid extra for a central Boulder location--a place where people can walk by and peek in. Instead of just hearing the music, the dancing can actually be seen through the windows by people walking along the street. As well as keeping class summaries and computerized books, Lee's staff is among the best. His high-paid instructors are granted artistic freedom, and their talent is extraordinary. He has a great director, Donna, who coordinates, schedules, and puts together workshops, along with Pam, who takes care of all the details. [...] Ever since it opened on March 2, 1994, people have flooded the doors of Dance West."
      • Denver Post, "2nd Ecstasy victim "could have died"", 2001/02/13: "The 15-year-old Highlands Ranch High School student who became critically ill after taking Ecstasy at a rave had used the drug before, doctors said Monday. But it took only one bad time to nearly kill her. "I think she could have died from this," said Ken Kulig, a toxicologist at Littleton Adventist Hospital, where the girl was treated. "I think had she not come into the hospital and received the aggressive treatment that she did, she could have very easily died." [...] When she arrived at the hospital around noon on Saturday, she was swinging so violently between combative and unresponsive states that doctors had to sedate her into a near-coma so she would stay hooked to her ventilator, pediatrician Frank Martorano said. Doctors said the girl took as many as three Ecstasy "Red Bull" pills at a rave party Friday night in Boulder. Lee Klinger, owner of Dance West, the Pearl Street club where the Friday party was held, said Monday he is shutting its doors to that type of entertainment. [...] Police said Monday that the tablets the 15-year-old ingested were different than the Ecstasy consumed by Monarch High School student Brittney Chambers, who took the designer drug at her 16th birthday party in Superior on Jan. 27, lapsed into a coma and died six days later."
      • Owner Lee Klinger
        • New Scientist, "Science: Forests destined to end in the mire", 1994/05/07: "Forget rainforests. Peat bogs could be the real driving force of climate change and the global carbon cycle. And the lowly bog could also be the true ‘climax’ plant community into which all ecosystems will evolve. So claims Lee Klinger of the US government’s National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado."
        • CU Boulder Today, "National Science And Technology Week Events Held At CU-Boulder April 27 To May 2", 1998/04/22: "The University of Colorado at Boulder will host a series of events during the fourteenth National Science and Technology Week from April 27 to May 2. This year's theme is "Polar Connections: Exploring the World's Natural Laboratories." The week's purpose is to "engage the American public in the spirit of learning and adventure that is the hallmark of science and engineering." It is a major outreach effort by the National Science Foundation. [...] *Monday, April 27 -- Lee Klinger, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and an adjunct professor at CU-Boulder, will talk about the polar regions and the Gaia Theory. This theory proposes that the earth self-regulates as the result of strong coupling between living organisms and their environment. New ideas and evidence regarding the role of polar ecosystems in global climate regulation will be discussed in the context of global warming."
        • June 2020 curriculum vitae of Lee F. Klinger
        • Reddit comments by Mmay333 and -searchinGirl in 2021: "the male owner’s wife divorced him and married the guy next door to the Ramseys, I believe in 1997."
      • Possible assailant at the studio
        • Reddit comment by leeklinger in December 2021 about his experience relating to the "Amy" case: "Sometime around these crimes an incident happened that seems quite relevant. I remember reading an article one morning in the Daily Camera newspaper describing an assault by an intruder at the Tantra Apartments. In the description of the suspect the article mentioned the assailant had brown hair and tennis shoes with no socks.

          Later that same day I arrived at the dance studio in the early afternoon, during a dance class in the street-level studio. As I entered a homeless-appearing man came down the stairs from the viewing balcony and quickly left the building. I queried the receptionist at the time and she said he must have sneaked in without her seeing.

          I immediately followed him a couple blocks to the Pearl Street mall. He appeared to be in his late twenties or thirties, had medium-length light brown hair, a thin scruffy beard and mustache, and ragged tennis shoes with no socks. I believe he was wearing eye glasses (but not certain) and he wore a brown jacket. He carried a crumpled brown paper bag, similar to one concealing bottle, but there was no obvious bottle in his bag.

          He acted quite suspicious but seemed oblivious to me following him. From the Pearl Street Mall, I called the Boulder Police reporting that I had just seen a man that fit the description of a crime reported in the Daily Camera that morning. I don’t recall their reply, but it must have been something like “Thanks for the information”. I never heard back from the police."
        • Reddit thread in 2022 suggesting that the man who Klinger allegedly saw might have been Bradford Thomas Wagner - interesting to note that Wagner was born in Bismarck ND in 1968 (so similar place and time to the Son of Sam cult's North Dakota operations), appeared in over a dozen gay porn films under the stage name Tim Barnett in the early 90s (possibly tied in with Chris Wolf?), and was a ski instructor and real estate agent in Aspen CO (possibly tied in with Lani White?)
    • Private investigator R.W. Peterson a.k.a. Pete Peterson a.k.a. Robert Peterson
      • Denver Post, "Did Romer use private eye?", 1998/02/09: "Gov. Roy Romer once authorized controversial private investigator R.W. "Pete" Peterson to ensure he wasn't being followed by a Denver weekly pursuing a story about the governor's relationship with his deputy chief of staff. It was Peterson, ironically, whose photographs and videotapes led the governor last week to admit a 16-year relationship with Betty Jane "B.J." Thornberry - and cause the governor's supporters to decry Peterson's surveillance methods. In an interview with The Denver Post, Peterson said Sunday that he met with Romer on several occasions about the time the newspaper Westword was preparing an 1990 article about Romer's then-rumored relationship with Thornberry. [...] [According to Romer's press secretary Jim Carpenter] Peterson was not employed by Romer, and "there wasn't any kind of paid arrangement," he said. But Romer did remember telling Peterson to see what he could find out. [...] Peterson shot the videotaped footage of Romer locked in a six-minute kiss with Thornberry in a car at National Airport in Washington, D.C., in the spring of 1995, and provided it to Insight, a sister publication of the conservative Washington Times newspaper. Romer, also general chairman of the Democratic National Committee, acknowledged the relationship Thursday, the same day the story appeared on the Internet. Romer insisted the relationship was "affectionate" but not sexual. [...] Peterson, working for a client he will not identify, has acknowledged that he tailed Romer and Thornberry and made the videotape. Various Republican Party officials have denied any involvement in Peterson's work. [...] Peterson said Romer was happy to work with him eight years ago. Peterson said he made contact with Romer through an existing client of his, whom he refused to name. As he remembers it, the client told him someone was trying to tarnish Romer's reputation using the Thornberry rumor. "At his behest I went and talked to the governor," Peterson said."
      • Westword, "Farewell, My Lowlife", 2006/08/10: "1995: R.W. "Pete" Peterson, the most public of private operatives (he was an early Westword cover boy), takes one right on the beezer -- a $120,000 judgment against his firm in favor of John Masek, an ex-partner of billionaire Marvin Davis. Masek accused the P.I. of ordering a burglary of his office and obtaining confidential financial information in his efforts to spy for Davis. Peterson, who'd previously taken credit for tracking down the daughter Roseanne Barr put up for adoption, also claims to have worked the O.J. Simpson case for unspecified "Friends of Nicole" (a group that family members say they've never heard of). He's linked to another tabloid-heavy case when one of his employees is charged with trespassing after staking out a Cherry Creek parking garage in search of reputed Clinton ex-paramour Gennifer Flowers. [...] 1998: Peterson surfaces in the Ramsey case, holding a press conference to finger Bill "Santa Claus" McReynolds as a suspect, long after the police cleared the former journalism prof. He also takes credit for snapping photos that expose Governor Roy Romer's longtime romance with deputy chief of staff B.J. Thornberry -- while boasting that eight years earlier he'd been "authorized" by Romer to spy on Westword when the paper was preparing a story on that very same relationship. Meanwhile, an elderly client accuses Peterson of taking $1,000 and refusing to give it back, but Denver prosecutors decline to press charges in the fee dispute. Peterson becomes a regular on Geraldo, Dateline and other Ramsey-obsessed outlets."
      • page for Peterson Investigative - contact info is Pete Peterson 555 Country Club Lane St 344 Escondido, CA 92026 (Phone: 760-443-0575); website link is
      • Peterson Investigative website (
        • 1998 era site
          • Homepage - the "World Headquarters" is 1115 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado 80203; California PI license number is given as PI13663
          • Company Profile: "Founded by R.W. "Pete" Peterson, Peterson Investigative has been in operation since 1973. We've received awards, accolades, and a lot of publicity for high profile cases. We provide national and international services and have branch offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our clients range from private individuals to C.E.O.'s of Fortune 500 companies, major "VIP's" and celebrities."
          • Press Exposure - includes "O.J. Simpson- Hired by Nicole's friends", "Roseanne Barr- Located Roseanne's missing daughter", "BBC Panorama- O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial", "Barron's Financial- "Uncle Sam's Private Eye" March 1993", "L.A. Times- 4 Features, Most Recently Quoted as Expert in Enis Cosby Murder investigation", and "S & L Scam- Hired by the Federal Government"
        • 2007 era site
          • Homepage: "Founded by R.W. "PETE" Peterson, Peterson Investigative has been in operation since 1975. We have received many awards, accolades, and a lot of publicity for ‘high profile’ cases. We provide national and international services and have branch offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our clients range from private individuals to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, VIP’s and celebrities. [...] Peterson Investigative is widely recognized as the nation's best, being featured internationally in print and TV media. We are the political intelligence experts, both inside and outside of the 'Beltway'."
          • Services: "We provided financial investigative services to the Federal Government (FDIC & RTC) for five years during the Savings and Loan debacle. We worked the complex asset search cases and were able to locate hidden assets, both nationally and internationally. (We were featured in BARRON’S as "Uncle Sam’s Private Eye".)"
        • 2009 era site
          • Homepage: "Founded by R.W. "Pete" Peterson, Peterson Investigative has been in operation since 1973. We've received awards, accolades and a lot of publicity for high profile cases. We provide national and international services and have branch offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our clients range from private individuals to C.E.O.'s of Fortune 500 companies, major "VIP's" and celebrities."
        • 2011 era site
          • Homepage: "Founded by R.W. "Pete" Peterson, Peterson Investigative has been in operation since 1973. We've received awards, accolades and a lot of publicity for high profile cases. We provide national and international services and have branch offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our clients range from private individuals to C.E.O.'s of Fortune 500 companies, major "VIP's" and celebrities."
      • Tweets by RWPete1
  • One of the later suspects in the case, John Mark Karr, had a bizarre story evocative of connections to high-level pedophilia. A schoolteacher who traveled from state to state, he was obsessed with little girls including JonBenet. In 2001, Sonoma County CA authorities arrested him on child pornography charges, but he fled the country. Karr was living in Thailand when, in 2006, he confessed to murdering JonBenet Ramsey. After being flown back to the United States in relative comfort, the Boulder DA seriously considered him as a suspect until his DNA failed to match and he was cleared. Sonoma County continued its child pornography case, but that fell apart when the computer containing the evidence was mysteriously lost, and Karr's charges were dropped. A couple years later, allegations came out that Karr was a CIA asset at the US embassy, procuring children for diplomats. It has also been suggested that Karr was put forth as a patsy in JonBenet's murder, maybe even acting under mind control during his 2006 arrest.
    • According to the JonBenet Ramsey Case Encyclopedia page on John Mark Karr, Reuters reported that Karr's confession included details about the murder that had not been made public. They provide a link to the Reuters story, but as of 2008/02/05 the story has been scrubbed from their website.
    • KUSA, "Arrest made in JonBenet Ramsey murder case", 2006/08/16: "A Boulder County District Attorney investigator is bringing a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case back to the United States. The suspect was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday morning. The suspect has confessed to certain elements of the crime that are unknown to the general public. Both John and Patsy Ramsey, before she passed away in June, were consulted during the investigation. 9NEWS interviewed John Ramsey Wednesday afternoon. Click here for more on that interview. The suspect is expected to arrive back in the United States, possibly within the next two days, accompanied by an investigator from the Boulder DA's office. The Boulder County DA's office has not confirmed the identity of the suspect. However, they plan to have a press conference Thursday afternoon."
    • CBS, "JonBenet Confession Under Scrutiny", 2006/08/16: "Karr claims he drugged JonBenet and then had sex with the child, but an autopsy said a blood screening showed no drugs or alcohol in the child's body. [...] Karr's ex-wife, Lara Karr, who divorced him in 2001, told KGO-TV in San Francisco that during the 1996 Christmas season, when JonBenet Ramsey was strangled and beaten to death in Colorado, she and her then-husband were living in Alabama — and that she was with him the entire season. A Thai police official said Karr told Thai interrogators that he picked up JonBenet at her school and brought her to the basement the day she was killed, Dec. 26, 1996, the day after Christmas — a highly unlikely scenario."
    • Associated Press, "Suspect Arrested in JonBenet Ramsey Case", 2006/08/17 - reveals that the Ramseys told police about Karr before he was a suspect: "Karr was a teacher who once lived in Conyers, Ga., according to Wood. The attorney Lin Wood said the Ramseys gave police information about Karr before he was identified as a suspect. Wood would not say how the Ramseys knew Karr. But JonBenét was born in Atlanta in 1990, and the Ramseys lived in the suburb of Dunwoody, about 30 miles northeast of Conyers, for several years before moving to Colorado in 1991."
    • CNN, "Suspect arrested in JonBenet Ramsey case", 2006/08/17: "Asked by CNN Denver affiliate KUSA whether he knew the suspect, John Ramsey said, "I really can't comment on that. To my knowledge, no, I didn't, but I don't know enough yet (to say for sure)." His sister-in-law, Pam Paugh, said she was "taken aback and speechless for a few moments" after John called with news of Karr's arrest. "I had to do a double take and say, 'Are you sure?' and he said, 'Yes, I'm quite sure. The arrest has happened in Thailand, and they're going to be bringing him back here,' " Paugh said. "I said, 'Who is it? Who is it?' and he said, 'You know, I can't remember his name, actually, but it's nobody that we know.' "And come to find out, the name, this John Mark Karr means nothing to me. I've never heard the name before," she said."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "John Mark Karr arrested in connection with JonBenet Ramsey slaying", 2006/08/17: "Karr admitted to killing JonBenet, the head of Thailand immigration police said today. In a surprise breakthrough in Boulder`s most infamous homicide, Thai police arrested John Mark Karr overnight in his downtown Bangkok apartment. Sources close to the investigation confirmed Wednesday that Karr was being escorted back to the United States to face charges related to the death of 6-year-old JonBenet. [...] District Attorney Mary Lacy confirmed Wednesday that an arrest had been made in the case "following several months of a focused and complex investigation, " but she refused further comment. [...] Thai police arrested Karr on unrelated sex charges. Karr - who is a father of high-school-age children and also a former elementary schoolteacher - lost his teaching license in California after authorities arrested him on suspicion of possessing child pornography. Estranged family members of Karr told media outlets he had a heavy interest in JonBenet's death, along with the cases of other slain children. [...] Barbara Lautenbach, program assistant with the Colorado Department of Education, said the agency has a file on Karr, but there's nothing to indicate he was ever licensed as a teacher in Colorado. She said she didn't know why the department would have a file on him if he hadn't been licensed, and there were no dates or hometown listed in the file. [...] Karr was arrested in California in 2001 for possessing child pornography, but he fled the country before he was convicted, Sgt. Robert Giordano of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department told the San Francisco Chronicle. Authorities in California learned during the investigation that Karr had been fired from teaching jobs in Georgia and another Southern state amid similar allegations, the Chronicle reported. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing suspended Karr's credential in April 2002, according to minutes recorded at the meeting."
    • NBC, "Suspect: JonBenet’s death ‘an accident’", 2006/08/17: "He will be taken within the week to Colorado, where he will face charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping and child sexual assault, Ann Hurst of the Department of Homeland Security told reporters in Bangkok. “I was with JonBenet when she died,” Karr told reporters afterward, visibly nervous and stuttering. “Her death was an accident.” Asked if he was innocent of the crime, Karr said: “No.” [...] Lt. Gen. Suwat Tumrongsiskul, head of Thailand’s immigration police, said by telephone that he was told Karr claimed he had drugged the child and sexually assaulted her. Karr said he then realized he had “accidentally” killed her, according to the general. Suwat did not say who briefed him on the questioning conducted by U.S. law enforcement officials. [...] Lin Wood, the Ramsey family’s longtime attorney in Atlanta, said Karr had sent numerous e-mails in recent months making statements about the murder to a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying the case. Wood said those e-mails were key in linking Karr to the slaying. When asked if authorities could tell whether Karr had firsthand knowledge of the murder or had just picked up information from news accounts, Wood said: “There is information about the murder that has never been publicly disclosed.” [...] Wood said that Karr had tried to correspond with JonBenet’s mother, Patricia, in the months before her recent death from ovarian cancer. Wood said Ramsey did not reply, but handed that information over to investigators who used it to link Karr to the case. [...] Suwat, the Thai immigration police official, said Karr insisted that JonBenet died during a kidnapping attempt that went awry."
    • CNN, "Panel Discusses John Mark Karr Arrest", 2006/08/17 - note that the host is Ted Rowlands, who previously gained notoriety for getting Cary Stayner's alleged confession in the Yosemite murders
      • "(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KARR: I loved JonBenet very much. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you just give us a brief statement, please? KARR: I love JonBenet and she died accidentally. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you an innocent man? Are you an innocent man? KARR: No. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What happened? KARR: Her death was -- was an accident. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So you were in the basement? KARR: Yes. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you tell us about your connection to the Ramsey family? KARR: No comment on that. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How did you get into the basement to play with her? KARR: No comment on that. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And how do you feel now? How are you being treated? KARR: I'm being treated OK. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How long had you known JonBenet? KARR: No comment on that. (END VIDEO CLIP)"
    • Denver Post, "Resume believed to be Karr’s", 2006/08/17
      • Claims to have taught: homeroom and computer technology among other subjects at La Esperanza School in Honduras (2004-2005); English in Costa Rica; private English lessons to three girls in Germany, private English lessons to two girls and a boy in Germany, and private English lessons to a boy and girl as well as infant care to a girl in the Netherlands (2002-2003); English in Seoul, South Korea and English in Heemstede, Netherlands (2001-2002)
      • Says that he has traveled to "London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, Bologna, Stuttgart, Munich, Sydney Australia, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul Korea, Osaka Japan, Istanbul, Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a host of other cities in the United States"
      • Note that Germany is where Shirley Reed relocated to and took Nancy Krebs's niece shortly after JonBenet's murder, and note that the Netherlands is where Access Graphics had its European headquarters
      • Note that many of the locations where Karr has allegedly traveled are hotspots for US intelligence operations, and the Asian destinations in particular are reminiscent of where the Finders allegedly relocated
    • WSB-TV Atlanta, "Dead Psychic's Sketch Of JonBenet Killer Revisited", 2006/08/17 - psychic Dorothy Allison purportedly came up with a suspect sketch resembling Karr back in 1998; is it a genuine psychic feat, a coincidence, or foreknowledge by the Ramseys?
    • ACandyRose page on "Sketchman" - points out that Dorothy Allison also correctly predicted the last name (Browne) of Heather Dawn Church's killer (Robert Charles Browne) back in 1992 prior to him being caught in 1995 by Lou Smit; worth noting that the sketch also resembles Mervin Pugh
    • Washington Post, "Questions Surround JonBenet Suspect Confession, but No Word on Evidence", 2006/08/18: "Karr had an earlier marriage to a girl who was 13 when they wed. He had a peripatetic history of brief jobs in schools. He abruptly quit a teaching internship in Alabama his last semester of college, after complaints about his behavior in class. [...] Karr's second ex-wife, Lara Karr, told a San Francisco television station that they had been together in Alabama on Dec. 26, 1996, when JonBenet's beaten body was found in her family's home in Boulder. [...] The résumés Karr posted on the Internet describe a globetrotting child educator and caretaker. He said he held teaching jobs in Costa Rica, Honduras, Germany, the Netherlands and Korea."
    • Tuscaloosa News, "State school officials questioned Karr’s relationship with students", 2006/08/18: "Records from the Franklin County Board of Education indicate John Mark Karr worked as a substitute teacher from Dec. 17 to Dec. 19, 1996. Ramsey was found dead in the basement of her Boulder, Colo., home Dec. 26, 1996, authorities said. Former Vina Principal Johnny Hester said that after the 1996 Christmas break, Karr continued to serve as a substitute teacher at Vina in early 1997 and throughout that year. Records indicate Karr received his last paycheck from the school system in December 1997. Hester said he doesn’t remember Karr acting any differently when Karr came back to work as an elementary substitute teacher in January 1997. “He always wanted to substitute in the elementary grades,” Hester said. Hester said he decided not to use Karr anymore after he noticed that Karr was “too friendly” with the female students and said other things happened that triggered suspicions. [...] Former classmate Bruce Thompson also was surprised by the news. “I told my wife this morning, I can’t believe he would do that, but you know how people change through life,” Thompson said. He remembers Karr as “very intelligent, a straight-A student, snappy dresser and car fanatic” who owned a Porsche and DeLorean."
    • Denver Post, "Patsy was asked to meet Karr in May", 2006/08/18: "Only weeks before she died, police asked JonBenet Ramsey’s mother if she would meet with the man now suspected in her daughter’s slaying – a schoolteacher whose worshipful notes described an obsession with a 6-year-old beauty queen he called “my love, my life.” Patsy Ramsey was willing to meet with John Mark Karr but she died from ovarian cancer in June before investigators went any further, family attorney Lin Wood said today. And she never saw the words Karr believed she was reading because his messages were secretly being intercepted by authorities. [...] Friday, a Thai official backed off other details he gave of Karr’s story – details that raised suspicions about whether Karr was really involved or just a wannabe trying to insert himself into a high-profile case. [...] On Friday, Suwat confirmed to the AP his account of the sexual assault. But asked if Karr gave the girl drugs, Suwat said the suspect described the encounter with JonBenet Ramsey as “a blur.” “It may have been drugs, or it may have been something else because (Karr said) it was a blur, blur,” Suwat said. Suwat also said his statement about the girl being picked from school was based on a documentary he had seen and not the interrogation. [...] There is no known piece of evidence tying Karr to Colorado. Eric Yoder, an investigator for the Colorado Department of Education, said Karr was never licensed to teach in the state and there is no record of him applying for a teaching job."
    • Associated Press, "Ramsey murder suspect awaits extradition", 2006/08/21
    • ABC, "EXCLUSIVE: Secret Tapes of John Mark Karr", 2006/08/22
    • Denver Channel, "Brother: No Connections Between Karr, Ramsey Family", 2006/08/23 - brother of Karr allegedly worked for John Ramsey, but he denies it
    • ABC, "Ramsey Suspect's Father, Half Brother Doubt Guilt", 2006/08/25: "Asked whether Karr was with his family on Christmas 1996, Nate Karr told ABC News, "Well, I can say almost without question that from the time that John had children he has never missed a Christmas with his family -- and that's any Christmas. So, whether it be in Atlanta with us or with Lara in Alabama, we are positive that from the time period that he had children that he's never missed a Christmas with his children." [...] Nate Karr said he was disturbed by the images of his half brother following his arrest in Thailand. "My thought was, 'What have they done to him?' " he said. "That was my immediate thought: 'What have they done to him to make this happen?' Because he looked to me like he had been drugged, almost. It wasn't the John that I know.""
    • New York Post, "KARR SAID ‘I DID IT’ IN 1997 – FRIEND’S SHOCKER", 2006/08/26: "Wendy Nichols, a school bus driver who went to high school in Alabama with Karr, said the suspect made the stunning admission in 1997 as they watched a report about the stalled investigation into the 6-year-old’s 1996 murder in Boulder, Colo. “He looked at me and said, ‘They’re so incompetent and stupid – I can tell you what happened,” Nichols told MSNBC’s Rita Cosby. She said she was surprised that Karr grew so animated after seeing the report, since they had been chatting normally about old times up until that point. But as soon as the strangled beauty queen’s picture showed up on the screen, he grew intensely animated. “[He said] ‘Do you want to know why there was no footprints in the snow?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And he said ‘I can tell you, I was there.’ “He said ‘I did it.’ ”"
    • Press Democrat, "Wendy Hutchens reveals little of what draws sinister men to her", 2006/08/27: "Hutchens, 49, claims that as a child living in the Santa Cruz Mountains she knew Richard Allen Davis, who is now on Death Row, and eight years ago had an encounter with Wayne Adam Ford, who would be convicted as a serial killer. And in 2001 she met John Mark Karr, foreshadowing Karr's arrest in JonBenet Ramsey's decade-old slaying. [...] [After Karr's 2006 arrest] Hutchens recovered e-mails and taped conversations with Karr that showed his obsession with the Colorado 6-year-old and other slain girls. [...] Hutchens' calendar refers repeatedly to letters and phone calls she claims to have exchanged with Davis and Ford who, carrying a woman's severed breast, turned himself in to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department in 1998. [...] Karr's interest in the abduction and slaying of 12-year-old Polly Klaas and Davis, her convicted killer, prompted his introductory e-mail to Hutchens on March 12, 2001. [...] The e-mails and recorded phone conversations with Karr that Hutchens began saving that spring became part of a probe by Sonoma County sheriff's detectives into Karr's activities, leading to his April 2001 arrest on five misdemeanor counts of possessing child pornography. The sheriff's department confirmed that Hutchens recorded some conversations with Karr - 20 hours, by her count - with their cooperation. [...] "I was molested, I was abused, and my whole life, I've been trying to get these guys to tell me why," she said during an interview this month in Petaluma, while staying with her daughter."
    • Bart Baggett, "Bart analyzes John Mark Karr", 2006/08/27 - Karr's Thailand employment application said his address was 4000 Paces Ferry Rd. in the Vinings district of Atlanta GA, the same street where the Ramseys lived (from p.279-280 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas: "In fact, the GBI already had the home at 4070 Paces Ferry Road under observation, and the warrants, manpower, and equipment would not be a problem.")
    • Dismissal of Sonoma County CA child porn charges due to "lost" evidence
    • Alleged CIA connection
      • Wayne Madsen, "Major Cover-Up Suspected In GOP's 'Pagegate'", 2006/09/30
      • Wayne Madsen, "ASEAN PEDOGATE: AMERICA’S MOST INSIDIOUS SCANDAL", 2008/07/04 (archive)
      • More articles by Wayne Madsen relating to Karr and US government pedophilia in Southeast Asia - "Pedophiles preyed on young survivors from Indian Ocean tsunami" from 2007/08/11 ; "Canadian and other diplomats across Asia worried about Neil capture in Thailand" from 2007/10/22 ; "Ambassador at center of diplo-pedo scandals takes early retirement" from 2008/01/25-27 ; "With Hillary Clinton in charge, no change in State Department involvement with and tolerance for U.S. pedophiles in Asian nations." from 2009/04/06 ; "ANOTHER CONFIRMATION ABOUT PEDOPHILE US DIPLOMATS IN SE ASIA" from 2009/09/01
      • TODO: Was the Thai coup in 2006 that began on 2006/09/19 related to Karr's extradition in any way?
      • Green Beret and private military contractor Mike Taylor a.k.a. Michael Taylor a.k.a. Michael L. Taylor - was purportedly a serial child predator in Boston, an associate of Erik Prince from Blackwater, and Karr's neighbor in Thailand
        • Tweet by Jan Forney on 2019/08/25 about Taylor and Karr: "Lead to check out 😣- ‘Jon Benet Ramsey’s father John Ramsey was CEO of Access Graphics, a recent Lockheed acquisition and former Army Intelligence Officer

          Mike Taylor was top suspect for a while.’ His perv neighbor in Thailand one of two false confessions"
        • Tweet by Jan Forney on 2019/10/26 about Taylor and Karr: "guy who falsely confessed Mike Taylor’s neighbor Thailand.Taylor primary suspect. Bruce has evidence not shared"
        • Wall Street Journal, "Behind Ghosn’s Escape, an Ex-Green Beret With a Beef About His Own Time in Jail", 2020/01/18: "When former auto titan Carlos Ghosn clambered out of the box in which he’d been smuggled out of Japan and into the cabin of a private jet whisking him to Turkey, one of the first people to greet him was a muscular ex-Green Beret. Michael L. Taylor, the ex-Green Beret, is a longtime security operative who has made a career out of arranging complicated, sometimes hair-raising overseas rescues and other missions. [...] Japanese authorities have said two foreign men accompanied Mr. Ghosn to an Osaka hotel, then wheeled the box through the lobby of the Osaka airport. The authorities said they believe the two men to be Mr. Taylor and the associate. [...] Mr. Taylor was brought in to help rescue New York Times reporter David Rohde from Taliban captivity in Afghanistan. He also worked with the U.S. government to rescue children who had been kidnapped overseas, according to a memo produced by his lawyers in his criminal case. “The guy was clearly a black-ops type,” said a law-enforcement official who knows him. [...] Born in the New York City borough of Staten Island, Mr. Taylor was raised partly on a military base outside Boston. He joined the Army Special Forces after high school [...] He met his Lebanese-born wife during deployment in that country in the early 1980s and he learned some Arabic. The Taylors, who have three adult children, live outside Boston but own a residence in Beirut. In 1994, he founded a small Boston-based security firm, American International Security Corp., now defunct, that did local work in the Boston area and also served as a vehicle for overseas assignments, including a rescue of a woman and her children from Syria, court records show. [...] Mr. Taylor was friendly, for instance, with John J. Connolly Jr., a now-disgraced former FBI agent who secretly aided mobster Whitey Bulger and is serving time for his role in a mob murder. After he left the FBI but before his 1999 indictment, Mr. Connolly helped drum up business for Mr. Taylor’s security company, according to people familiar with the matter. [...] Another close associate was the late Duane “Dewey” Clarridge, a legendary CIA official who was indicted in 1991 for his role in the Iran-Contra affair but pardoned by President George H.W. Bush. He and Mr. Taylor later worked on several projects in Afghanistan, including the Rohde rescue effort, and talked frequently, according to people familiar with them. [...] In the mid-2000s, Mr. Taylor’s company was a security contractor working for the U.S. government in Iraq, helping ensure rebuilding supplies were safely delivered. [...] Mr. Taylor was indicted in 2012 on charges that he fraudulently won $54 million in Pentagon contracts in Afghanistan by bribing a Pentagon official to obtain confidential bidding information, then allegedly bribed an FBI agent to try to derail the investigation."
    • Greta Van Susteren interview of John Mark Karr for On The Record in 2007 - at 7:16, when asked why he went to Thailand, Karr says he had been "living abroad for 5 years" in places such as Europe, Central America, and South Africa, and Bangkok was his "next destination"; at 10:15, in response to being asked if his Thailand arrest was a complete shock, he says "it wasn't a total shock at all" before saying "it was a surprise because I didn't turn myself in to law enforcement", and when asked on follow-up if he knew somebody was looking for him, he denies that but says he suspected the UC Boulder professor (ed. note: Michael Tracey) who he was communicating with was talking to law enforcement; at 11:05, when asked how he met Michael Tracey, he says that he was in Paris in 2002, ran into Daily Camera reporter Michael Sandrock, learned that Sandrock was from Boulder and said "Ah, Boulder, Colorado, that's a beautiful city, I've been there, and that's a beautiful place", the Ramsey case came up, Sandrock brought up a friend Michael Tracey who expressed a belief in the Ramsey parents' innocence, and Karr responded that he wanted to talk to that man; at 12:00, in response to Greta asking whether Karr wanted to talk to Tracey because of being "Just curious or because you knew something?", Karr responds "I guess a combination of the two", and Greta does not follow up; at 12:23, after being asked when he was in Boulder, he says he "passed through it several times" but denies having any particular reason for going to Boulder; at 12:39, when asked whether he has spent any time in Boulder, he responds "Some", denies on follow-up that it was more than a week, and uncomfortably replies "Somewhat, possibly yeah" when Greta feeds him the idea of it being "More of a holiday type thing, passing through"; at 13:38, when asked if he has ever seen the Ramsey home, he promptly replies "Of course", pauses after asking how he saw it before saying "I've just seen it on several occasions", promptly says "Of course, yes" when asked if he has seen the home physically and not just on TV, and then pauses and lightly smiles when asked if he's ever been in the home before saying "I don't think that I can answer that"; at 14:20, when asked if he had been in Boulder prior to JonBenet's death, he affirms that he has been; at 14:36, when asked if he had been there at the time that JonBenet died, Karr says that he has previously responded to that on the record so refuses to do so again; at 14:55 he says he already did respond to this question on camera in Bangkok, but when asked what it was, he calls it "Something I can't repeat anymore. I wish I could but I can't"; at 15:10 he affirms that what he said in Bangkok about being in Boulder at the time JonBenet died was correct; at 16:09, when asked if he ever met Patsy, he says "I can't respond to that"; at 16:18, when asked if he ever met John, he defers to John's own denial, saying "I believe he was asked that question, he says he doesn't recall ever seeing me, so I think that that suffices as my response as well"
    • Samantha Spiegel involvement - also possibly links to Polly Klaas kidnapper Richard Allen Davis
      • Fox News, "John Mark Karr Re-Emerges to Form a JonBenet Cult", 2010/05/24 - Karr purportedly had at least 30 followers
      • Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Ex-Atlantan John Mark Karr has new name, familiar troubles", 2010/05/26 - threatening emails from Karr to Spiegel
      • Daily Beast, "John Mark Karr: After a JonBenet confession, are their other secrets?", 2010/06/01: "An informant supplied emails and ultimately, police-sanctioned tape recordings, of Karr/Reich waxing poetic about his lust for his young female students. "It is too bad you never got to enjoy a bath time with a little girl," he wrote in one. "It really is a wonderful experience." [...] On April 16, 2001, a statement was taken from Karr/Reich's first wife, identified only as Q.S. She claims she married Karr/Reich in Alabama when she was 13, a marriage marked by "fear and intimidation," after Karr/Reich forged her age on their marriage certificate. [...] In one passage in the police report, Q.S. told of her husband hauling her down to the basement of the family home in Georgia and telling her that "he had killed some young children" and buried them there. [...] When police went into Karr/Reich's home with a search warrant on April 3, 2001, they found letters from Davis to Karr/Reich, photographs of Karr/Reich wearing makeup, hundreds of photos of small children and a .38 semiautomatic pistol. [...] In one taped telephone conversation obtained by The Daily Beast, he frequently refers "to the little girl in Europe I had sex with," but in the same breath says the girl's mother sanctioned the sex. In the phone call, made in October 2007, Karr/Reich begs to be allowed to talk about JonBenet, how he killed her and to read from what he calls "my manuscript." He assumes his alter-character, "Daxis," and his voice turns husky and sexually charged as he reads. [...] While Karr/Reich and his family have recently told people she is "living in Europe" or "has just moved to China," multiple sources familiar with her online habits say that she is living in Seattle. [...] "It's scary looking back now," Spiegel says. "I would have sheltered him, or killed for him to be completely honest…" and her voice trails off in a sheepish tone. [...] Spiegel's attorney, former Los Angeles sex-crimes prosecutor Robin Sax, terms Karr/Reich "crazy dangerous," and believes Karr/Reich has other "personal protectors" under her influence."
      • SF Weekly, "Killer Groupie Samantha Spiegel", 2010/12/08 - she claims she was in a relationship with Karr and was persuaded by him to kidnap children into a sex cult known as The Immaculates
      • Ed Opperman interview with Danno Hanks about John Mark Karr on 2019/07/06
    • Childhood and early life
      • New York Post, "FROM CRADLE TO THE GRAVE; BIZARRE KARR ‘GIRL’-CRAZY LONG BEFORE JONBENET", 2006/08/20 (Websleuths page containing excerpts of the article): "Born 240 miles away near Atlanta, Karr and his older brother, Mike, were sent to live with their grandparents in Hamilton in 1976. Their mom, Elaine, had perished in a car crash when John was in second grade. John was 12; Mike, 17. “John’s grandparents were way too old to raise those boys,” said a Karr relative. But “their dad couldn’t care for them anymore. He had to work too many hours,” said classmate Toni Glenn of Wexford Karr, a well-to-do General Motors executive. “John would occasionally go back to visit him in Atlanta, but my sense was that the relationship was strained and tumultuous,” said classmate Stephen Raburn. Karr’s relationship with his mother may have been equally strained. When Karr was just a baby, she was institutionalized, apparently for postpartum depression. And while corresponding with Michael Tracey – the University of Colorado professor whose e-mails led investigators to track him down in Thailand – Karr wrote that his mother “tended to raise [him] as a girl.”"
      • Denver Post, "Kin: Letter shows Karr in Ga. in ’96", 2006/08/26: "To prove their point about Karr’s innocence, family members have gone so far as to tell family secrets. Harris said that Patricia Elaine Adcock, the mentally ill mother of John and Michael Karr, laid out a blanket in their living room, set a guitar and Bible on the blanket and asked the boys to lie down. She then told them she would light the blanket and them on fire. Michael Karr grabbed his brother’s hand and took him to a neighbor, Harris said. John Karr was 4 at the time, and he and his older brother Michael went to Hamilton, Ala., to live with their grandparents. His mother was committed to the Georgia State Hospital in Milledgeville, according to several reports. Harris said John Karr has virtually no recollection of his mother."
      • ABC, "Exclusive: Karr's Mother Tried to Kill Him, Family Friend Says", 2008/07/10: "The mother of the suspect in JonBenet Ramsey's murder tried to kill him when he was only a baby, a family friend told ABC News. John Karr's mother, Patricia Elaine Adcock "made a big round donut [of kindling] and put him in the middle of it," said George McCrary, 76, who said he has known Karr's father, Wexford Karr, for 40 years. "She just boxed the little baby in and tried to light it," McCrary said. John's older brother Michael "came running in just before she got the flame to the flammable material," McCrary added. McCrary said that Adcock was later committed to a mental institution and is now deceased. [...] Wexford Karr twice married and divorced women who were many years younger than him. He met Adcock, an 18-year-old traveling evangelist from Lovejoy, Ga., and married her when he was 37, according to McCrary. They had two children together -- Michael, 47 this month, and John, 41. John was a just a baby when his mother tried to kill him, McCrary said. She was committed to Central State Hospital and Wexford Karr divorced her in 1973, saying the marriage was "irretrievably broken," according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. At the time of the alleged murder attempt, the Karr family was living in an Atlanta apartment complex that Wexford Karr owned, McCrary said. [...] John was also musically gifted and played 12-string guitar expertly as a teen, according to McCrary. One summer in Georgia, during his brief marriage to Quientana Shotts, he came to a Fourth of July party and sang the "most beautiful harmonies you've ever heard" with local country legend Sam Allen, whose stage name was Billy Autumn, McCrary said. The duet so impressed Allen that he told the young man he wanted to sign him up for a record contract on the spot. Allen and McCrary got on the phone that day and contacted Baker Knight, an industry legend who wrote Ricky Nelson's hit "Lonesome Town" and whose songs were recorded by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. A record deal was discussed over the phone. It never materialized."
      •, "As JonBenet Ramsey headlines return, where is confessed 'killer' John Mark Karr?", 2015/02/26 - says that Karr was born in Atlanta, but lived in Alabama from 1976 to 2000
      • TODO: see if it can be corroborated that Karr's mother molested him, dressed him in girl's clothing, or thought he was a demon and tried to burn him alive for that reason (reminiscent of Ottis Toole being raised as "the devil's child")
      • Background of his father Wexford Karr a.k.a. Wex Karr - purportedly lived in a lavish mansion in Atlanta, relatively close to both Nedra Paugh and Lucinda Pasch
        • Find A Grave memorial for Wexford Obal Karr: "Wexford O. Karr, age 93, of Atlanta, GA and Hamilton, AL made his transition on May 26, 2014. He was born near Detroit, AL on February 6, 1921; the only son of Andrew and Mary Etta Karr. Our beloved Wex (Pop) was a man who lived many lives and many dreams. He grew up as a farm boy during the depression. In spite of the hard times, he went to college at both Auburn and The University of Alabama. He served as a medic during WWII, rank of Sergeant. At the beginning of the war, he served as a drill sergeant which explained his ability to gain the attention of others. After the war, Wexford attended Emory University and Beulah Bible College. He was ordained minister in the Christian Fellowship Church where he served as Sunday School Superintendent and Missionary in Jamaica. He was an advocate for equal rights and human dignity. He never met a stranger and was a friend to all. Wexford lived in Atlanta, GA for 69 years where he made his living as a Building Contractor and Entrepreneur. During all of that time, he never left Marion County in his heart. He often talked about his fond memories of growing up and attending school at Byrd and graduating from Hamilton as "one of that ole Byrd bunch". Wexford was preceded in death by his parents, Andrew and Mary Etta Rye Karr. He leaves behind to cherish his memory, sons Michael (Reneau), John and Nathaniel (Phung); stepson Gabriel Simpson. Grandsons, John II, Damon, Seven, and Bran. Faithful friends Susan, Frank and Jeremy Hall."
        • Atlanta Constitution, "$3000", 1977/09/16: "Picks up $351 note on this 4 BR. ranch. Huge fam. rm. w/fplc. Close by Chapel Hill Elem. NO QUALIFYING! Call WEX KARR, 284-1700."
        • New York Post, "FROM CRADLE TO THE GRAVE; BIZARRE KARR ‘GIRL’-CRAZY LONG BEFORE JONBENET", 2006/08/20: "But “their dad couldn’t care for them anymore. He had to work too many hours,” said classmate Toni Glenn of Wexford Karr, a well-to-do General Motors executive."
      • Karr's Cars business in Hamilton AL - TODO document
    • Other crimes that Karr might be linked to
      • TODO: look into a potential Atlanta child murders connection
      • TODO: look into unsolved Alabama crimes that Karr may have been involved in
    • 2016 interview with Karr by Investigation Discovery
      • Investigation Discovery post on Facebook about their interview
      • The Sun, "Twisted pedophile claims he knows JonBenét Ramsey’s killer and changed murder scene", 2016/09/12: "Speaking out, Karr, 51, said: “Nobody wanted that little girl to die that night— nobody. Her death was an accident. I was with her when she died. But I was not the person who caused it.” He explained there was a "panic" after the little girl died and added she was not discovered in the place she lost her life. “How she was found, that’s not how she died. Where she was found in that basement is not where she died." Karr added her lifeless body was “tampered” in a bid to cover up who the killer was. “Something happened to her [and I] had to take care of it,” Karr said. “I have always been able to fix things. Nobody came in there and did a paedo-erotic thing to that little girl, but it was made to look as though it was done that way.” He went on to claim the kidnap letter which was found was fake. He said it was a prop to make her death look like a “botched kidnapping.” [...] Karr has been forced to change his name several times since the murder and he now lives in Thailand. He refused to name the killer or detail the "accident." [...] He said he would not reveal details of who was responsible for fear of them taking retribution: “I’m going to protect every person that needs to be protected."
      • Radar, "20th Anniversary Bombshell — Sicko's Twisted JonBenet Confession Caught On Tape", 2016/12/19: "“Where she was found in that basement was not where she died. . .You think she was murdered because of the way she was found. I’m just trying to give you a hint, I’m throwing you a bone. But don’t forget, I am not saying that I am the one who did all these things.” [...] Karr then hinted at new clues in the case, alleging: “There was another person who was with her when she died that night. I said I was with her during her accidental death, but I was not the person who caused it.”"
    • Monroe Journal, "Former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect attempts to hit reset button in Aberdeen", 2017/11/10: "In February, Reich traveled to her hometown in Marion County, Alabama, before eventually making a trip to Aberdeen and becoming fond of a home there. Reich, 52, acquired the home in August with plans to refurbish it and start a new life. In the face of a growing local rumor mill regarding Reich’s past, the former school teacher opened up to the Monroe Journal and Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle about her new residence, her sex reassignment and the public scrutiny she’s faced for more than a decade. [...] “When I was arrested in 2006 – and I wasn’t asked to be thrown in front of international cameras in Bangkok – they kept asking me, ‘Did you kill this little girl? Did you kill this little girl? And I said, this is what I said, and you can look at the footage and this is the first time I said anything on camera. I said, ‘I was with her when she died.’ That’s not a confession. That’s not a confession,” Reich said. “I could be with my grandmother when she died. It doesn’t say I killed my grandmother; it says I was with my grandmother when she died. They asked, ‘How did you kill her?’ and I said, ‘Her death was accidental.’” [...] In relation to her name change, Reich says a love for Germany led to the decision of the last name. She didn’t elaborate on the significance of Alexis, or Alex. [...] Reich fell in love with the Aberdeen home and saw potential in refurbishing it. Reich’s twin daughters are buried 36 miles away, and her parents are buried in south Marion County."
    • Snuff film theories
      • Websleuths thread asking if JonBenet's murder was broadcast online as a private snuff film (pages 1, 2, 3, 4): "This is a grisley theory, but it would explain a lot. Karr was there, yet he was also at home. "A small foreign faction" -- forget the "foreign," it could be a ring of pedophiles who conspired for two to film the rape and murder of JonBenet. There were two unidentified foot prints in the wine cellar room. One rapes and kills while the other runs the video camera, to give the members a feeling as though they were participating. This would also explain Karr's initimate knowledge of the condition of the bruised body. [...] If Karr is privy to a "home movie," it was probably broadcast on a web private channel on the internet for a small, elite, silent, and highly paying pedophile club. Karr does not look capable of squashing a bug, let alone being brutal enough to do the real killing the way it was done. But he does look he is capable of being a stool pigeon. [...] The media would totally freak on something like this, which might explain the great secrecy."
      • Comment on a JustOneMinute thread about the John Mark Karr confession: "I actually think there is a chance he did it. But I think there is a greater chance that he was in possession of the snuff film made about the killing."
    • Alabama friend James Leroy Davie a.k.a. Jim Davies who was arrested in Australia for child exploitation
      • Adelaide Advertiser, "Man wanted in U.S. for sexual torture", 2006/11/15: "James Leroy Davie, 51, of Hamilton in Alabama, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today accused of leaving the United States prior to his trial. In 2004, Davie was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of first-degree rape, one count of sexual torture and two counts of first-degree sodomy. It is understood Davie's alleged victim was an underage girl. Prosecutors will allege he fled the country and moved to Coober Pedy with a locally-born partner, despite singing a $130,000 bail agreement in Alabama. Authorities had been tracking Davie for about 12 months when a U.S. Marshal determined he was in Australia, at which time local authorities were contacted. [...] When contacted by The Advertiser, Marion County District Attorney Jack Bostick declined to comment about the case because of "the age of the victim."
      • Websleuths thread in 2007 on James Leroy Davie (pages 1, 2, 3, 4)
        • "is this the next so called suspect in the jonbenet ramsey case and what other connections does this man as with john mark karr apart from been from the same town in hamilton alabama and both have been previous records of crime against children"
        • "In the documentary, there was film footage of Karr's house in Alabama that he inherited from his grandmother and in the shot, you could see another house in the background which they claimed belonged to the man in Australia. I'll upload the graphic and post a link to it."
      • Circle of Fire, "Daxis Down Under", 2011: "In 2006, Karr's once Alabama neighbor, Jim Davies, was being held in custody in Australia, facing extradition to America for the rape and torture of his daughter who was a child when the crimes against her were committed. Davies was fingered in 2006 by law enforcement as a possible accomplice to John Mark Karr in JonBenet Ramsey's murder. Davies was asked to submit a DNA sample to determine if his was a match to the traces of DNA used to allow Karr to walk in '06."
    • Walker County AL group involved in the murder
    • Ramsey family connection - quite possibly on the Paugh side
      • How did the Ramseys provide information to the police about Karr before Karr was known to them (see above Washington Post article quoting Lin Wood)? And TODO look into claim that Wood later walked back his initial claims about providing the authorities with a suspect list that had Karr on it.
      • TODO: look into claim that Karr was a voice coach for JonBenet hired by Nedra Paugh
      • TODO: could the drag performer at Patsy's 40th birthday celebration in November 1996 at the Brown Palace Hotel, who roasted her with Paugh family in-jokes, have been Karr?
    • White family connection
      • Circle of Fire, "The Daxis Damsel", 2011: "Lei Sussurra says, from the beginning, Karr has made vague references to a girl they refer to as, "The Daxis Damsel." Now Lei Sussurra passes the poem to COF for release on The Daxis Report. [...] Karr was presented with all possibilities received by Lei Sussurra along with COF's only lead of the Damsel's possible identity. Karr would not confirm any of the leads, instead briefly stating, "The poem was written years ago about a seven year old girl. You had no right to release it." [...] Sweetly sleep, My Daphne Rose, Silent Sweet, an Angel's Pose, Another Princess, Daxis chose, While Damsel dreamt, My Love arose. [...]" - almost certainly refers to Daphne White whose full name was Daphne Rose White
      • TODO: is it possible that "The Daxis Damsel" refers to a previous, unknown child of Fleet White Jr. who was killed (perhaps named Doug?) like Stew Webb alluded to
    • Pedophile ring involvement
      • TODO: look into Karr's affinity for German culture, and perhaps by extension Nazism, an important element of many satanic and pedophile groups
      • TODO: look into the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Sedalia CO
  • Southern California pedophile linked to people in contact with JonBenet
    • From l.1593-1617 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          In late January 1999, five months after the Wonderland bust, I appeared on a live radio/Internet show devoted to the Ramsey case. [...]
          Two weeks after I was on the air, an individual who'd heard the program called me at home.
          “A contact person in the Ramsey case,” he said, “has been arrested.”
          I asked what that meant.
          “A person who was in contact with those who were in contact with the dead child has been arrested.”
          He refused to answer, but I pressed him and he named a town in Southern California.
          “The man who got busted,” he said, “is very upset about the little girl's death. He doesn't want to see any other children harmed or murdered by these kinds of activities.”
          Half an hour later, Joyce found an online story about a recent arrest in the area the informant had mentioned. The accused man was middle-aged, middle-class, sophisticated with computers, and had been taken into custody for numerous sexual crimes against children. He was incarcerated south of Los Angeles.
    • From l.1678 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          I brought up his known crimes, which involved shooting graphic pictures of seven-and-eight-year-old girls and simulating sex with them. Inside a special room off his garage the police had found a video camera and adult porn cassettes, a mattress, and a black whip. He denied all of this, plus the more than twenty charges of molestation California had filed against him.
    • Possible suspect: Jack Hornbeck
      • Los Angeles Times, "Sex Offender Held in Child Porn Case Using Library's Computers", 1999/02/12: "A convicted child molester who routinely used computers at the Los Angeles Central Library to collect and distribute child pornography was arrested after planning what he thought would be a sexual liaison with six youngsters--one as young as 3, police said Thursday. Jack Hornbeck, 45, of Los Angeles, was taken into custody Wednesday by undercover detectives in a parking lot at Saticoy Street and Woodley Avenue, according to Det. Lisa Miranda of the Los Angeles Police Department's sexually exploited children unit. His arrest culminated a two-month Internet sting operation in which he stands accused of trafficking in child pornography using computers in the main branch of the Los Angeles public library, Miranda said. "He would go to the library as soon as it opened up and signed up to use each computer on each floor," Miranda said. "From there he maintained his Web site, while e-mailing and communicating with members of his club. He sent me as many as 300 images of child pornography." [...] LAPD detectives said they began looking into the case after receiving a tip from a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy. Detectives discovered that Hornbeck, a registered sex offender, was the founder of a sex club designed for people who enjoyed "family love"--a code known by pedophiles to describe their sexual interest in children, Miranda said. [...] Hornbeck was being held at Parker Center jail in lieu of $300,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Los Angeles Municipal Court early next week. More arrests are expected in the case, officers said. Detectives said Hornbeck was convicted in 1995 for one count of oral copulation on a minor. He served several months in jail before he was released on probation."
      • Interesting that the tip came from San Bernardino County CA, home to Trona CA where Macky Boykin lived
      • Los Angeles Times, "Child Molester Sentenced for Computer Porn", 2000/01/15
      • From p.434 of Crime Classification Manual by John Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess, and Robert K. Ressler (2011): "The offender may have established his own Web site. Although homeless, Jack Hornbeck, age forty-five, managed to maintain a child pornography Web site from the Los Angeles Central Library computers (Kalfrin, 1999b). Detectives posed as “Molly,” a mother with several children under ten years old, who “enjoyed getting together with other families for love and fun” (Kalfrin, 1999b, par. 5). Through several e-mail messages, Hornbeck revealed to detectives that he was a convicted child molester, that he was on probation, and that he was communicating from one of the computers at the public library’s central branch. Hornbeck sent messages to “Molly,” explicitly describing what he wanted to do to her children. He sent over two hundred images to detectives and referred them to his own Web site “aclove,” the Adult-Child Love Association. Hornbeck was arrested in a parking lot holding a hand-lettered sign for “Molly” and carrying condoms and KY Jelly he had purchased for an encounter with her children. He pleaded “no contest” and was sentenced to three years eight months in prison."
  • St. John's Episcopal Church being a grounds for pedophiles
    • See above for a supposition that JonBenet's murder was done by a "church cult" involving the Ramseys and their friends, which would explain why the Ramseys called the Whites, the Fernies, Dr. Francesco Beuf, and Father Rol Hoverstock to their home following the 911 call
    • "Zack the Great Pretender" poem - signed "In the spirit of Crazy Horse it's all connected"; extensively discussed in Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016)
      • "To solve a tale of misconstrue Just look into the offman’s pew You’ll find there in Ft. Luptons slough" - most likely refers to Ramsey housekeeper Linda Hoffman-Pugh and husband Mervin Pugh who lived in Fort Lupton CO
      • "Stray cats aplenty, skinned a few On prying stoops their hides did strew And cats blood will scare daughters too" - might allude to how Steve Thomas had a mutilated cat left on his front lawn and Linda Arndt had blood splashed on her door
      • "While bushes hid their sins from view Richard held the cue." - suggests that a high-level government operative (akin to FBI agent Richard Held?) orchestrated the murder of JonBenet, perhaps to hide the sins of people like the Bush family; might refer to MIT professor of cognitive science Richard Held; could also refer to the crime taking place on a pool table, as Stacy Denton claimed regarding 917 Baseline Rd.
      • "The child must die, he did decide The crime arranged, the ritual plyed With church at stake and family pride Three men he chose to end her" - implies that the aforementioned Richard orchestrated the premeditated murder of JonBenet, with three people in particular chosen to kill her
      • "Someday you’ll know the masquerade Of Zack the great pretender" - could refer to Zack Prendergast a.k.a. Barry Gerard-Prendergast, a Longmont CO resident who ran a Children of God (now The Family International) camp for children in Colorado and won the National Parent of the Year award in 1999; alternatively might refer to Dr. Philip Zack, a government biowarfare scientist who has come up as an alternate suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks
    • "The Manchurian Doll" poem
      • "At blithely festive New Year's bash Some candidates en route stopped there As if by feigning toasts and cheer They could undo the fatal sash The week before." - perhaps alludes to the New Year's party in Aspen CO thrown by Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White
      • "Saint John would roll o'er in his grave To know the smut that crossed his nave [...] An elder cleric's errant son His extant crush now on the run Did they supply the candidates With fodder for the lewd e-fun?" - implicates someone at St. John's in the pedophile network and suggests it was oriented around the Internet ("e-fun")
      • "Death's officer perfidy bared Though taint of roofs fast disappeared No antidote this Snow White spared." - implies that JonBenet was drugged with a date rape drug, perhaps GHB which was very common in the Colorado pedophile scene used by the likes of Pat Sullivan
      • "Clues carried home, already prone Sleep-guised." - might allude to John Ramsey carrying JonBenet home from Fleet White's Christmas party or another location (like 917 Baseline Rd.) in a drugged, near-dead, or dead state
      • "Now vacant, half glazed tears are shed From ambidextrous author's head" - might allude to John Ramsey writing the ransom note with disguised handwriting using his other hand and then exhibiting an insincere emotional response to JonBenet's death
      • "One doll, now grown, hides in dread Another Manchurian candidate is dead." - other child sex slaves ("Manchurian dolls") like JonBenet are out there but too afraid to talk, while JonBenet herself is dead
  • Tom Miller a.k.a. Doc Miller background - a corrupt local attorney somewhat reminiscent of Tom Henry
    • Other names: Thomas Cecil Miller ; Thomas Miller ; Tom Miller ; Thomas C. Miller ; Thomas Charles Miller ; Tom C. Miller
    • Note that Miller ended up in a relationship with Judith Phillips, the wife of Patsy's former co-worker at Hayes who "coincidentally" had moved to Boulder a couple years before the Ramseys did
    • As mentioned in the above information about Fleet White and his associates, Tal Jones was a paralegal working in Miller's office prior to JonBenet's murder, and the day after the murder he told Miller that Fleet White had personally informed him that Burke killed JonBenet
    • Prabook page on Thomas Cecil Miller
    • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check on Thomas Cecil Miller born 1951/01/27 (archive) - was arrested by the Englewood Police Department on 1988/06/19 for menacing assault (arrest number 88-30856) which was later dismissed by the court
    • Jefferson County CO prosecution for selling the ransom note to the tabloids
      • ACandyRose page on the case
        • "November 12, 1999 (Friday): The Thomas C. Miller diary was seized via a search warrant at the home of Judith Phillips. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation learned of the existence of Miller's diary through Miller's estranged wife since April 1996, Michelle Austin who told CBI agents that she has seen entries in Miller's checkbook that Miller received money from the Globe. Austin told her two children to photograph a bookcase at Phillips house during a visit to see their father. The photographs showed the diaries on the bookcase, and Austin turned the photos over to the CBI."
      • Boulder Daily Camera, "Witness in Ramsey probe delayed", 1999/08/27: "A Jefferson County judge delayed a Boulder attorney's appearance Thursday before the grand jury investigating an attempt to purchase the JonBenét Ramsey ransom note. Thomas C. Miller, 48, was subpoenaed to testify before the Jefferson County grand jury at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, according to his attorney, Chuck Leidner. Just two hours before that time, though, District Judge Henry Nieto delayed Miller's appearance until Sept. 9, after Leidner sought to quash the subpoena. The same grand jury indicted Miller on commercial bribery charges last week. He is accused of acting as a broker in a supermarket tabloid's 1997 attempt to buy the note for $30,000. Globe news editor Craig A. Lewis, 44, is suspected of accompanying Miller during a visit to document-examiner J. Donald Vacca's home in Evergreen, according to sources. Vacca was given a copy of the note by John and Patsy Ramsey's attorneys, who contracted the former Denver police officer to examine the handwriting."
      • Boulder Daily Camera, "Jury clears man in bribery case", 2001/06/15: "A Jefferson County jury Thursday acquitted retired Boulder lawyer Thomas C. Miller on charges of commercial bribery in connection with an effort to obtain the ransom note in the JonBenét Ramsey homicide case. [...] Miller and Craig Allen Lewis, editor of the tabloid newspaper Globe, were accused of offering $30,000 to handwriting expert J. Donald Vacca for a copy of the ransom note — a key piece of evidence in the murder investigation. The two visited Vacca at his Evergreen home a few months after 6-year-old JonBenét was found beaten and strangled in her parents' Boulder basement in December 1996. [...] Miller, a handwriting analyst, said he was only put on trial because of his statements that the ransom note implicated Patsy Ramsey, JonBenét's mother. [...] [Miller defense lawyer Gary] Lozow also noted testimony from a former Ramsey family lawyer that his firm hired a private detective to investigate Miller's background. He said Vacca and another former Ramsey lawyer wrote Jefferson County Attorney Dave Thomas urging prosecution in the case. "That's patronage, that's taint, that's good ol' boy," Lozow said. On Wednesday, former Boulder police detective Steve Thomas and former Ramsey family friend Fleet White failed to appear as defense witnesses in the case, and warrants were issued for their arrests in connection with contempt of court. [...] "They are viable warrants; they will be executed," Lozow said."
    • 2003 WebbSleuths thread about Tom Miller and cocaine connections
      • Quote of a post by Jann Scott: "I Interviewed Judith Phillips and Tom Miller twice. I had Judith Miller on my TV show with her photo exhibit shortly after the Murder. She said she loved JonBenet and loved taking picturesof her. She did not say that about Patsey...........infact they were estranged.....I didn't push it. I again ran into both of them at the grand Jury on the day they returned from Peru. They were high and told me about their drug deal when frank Coffman tried to get them away from me....knowing I would talk about it....which i have repeated ly...........and there is more...........CBI was trying to bust the Millers on drug dealing and had followed them to peru.......but missed em? This was told repeatedly by the agent in charge....who purchased copies of my shows where the Miller and Phillips appear.....they are not out of the loop"
      • "It's disturbing to hear that the Ramsey's took cocaine at the White's party. I don't believe it. If I did, I'd had to think that they killed her sister under the influence of the drug."
      • "I know from a first hand witness of the senior White (old man White not Jr.)that SEX was part of his parties. Big time."
      • "The man's name [who provided the information on Fleet White Sr.'s parties] was Jeff Little of Little Oil Co. in Lancaster, calif. and so the party was for business associates. If my recall is correct today after a couple decades, the house was in Orange County and Jeff Little descibed only that it was about Sex and the females were very out front about it. Jeff never said anything about Fleet Jr., only about the Old Man being something else."
    • From a 2011 Topix post by BIZ: "What do you know about Doc. I have heard so many rumors. Would like to see them cleared up. For one I heard that they were both in South America involved in a drug deal? Also why was Doc denied a gun permit when he applied? Also what do you think about Doc trying to arrange a sale of the RN? I also heard that he held a knife to to the throat of Tal Jones to intimidate him after discussing something about the Ramsey case. I was told this first hand by someone who was there to witness it. I was also told that he has stolen money from people and tried to put those who challenge him in mental homes, even though they are fully competant. I don't get a good impression of him. However it sounds like Judith's ex husband was wonderful. Very ethical, talented and giving. I also wonder why John Ramsey insinuated that they really weren't all that close when Patsy had worked with her husband in Atlanta and they would go on couple vacations together."
    • Pamela Hadas lawsuit
      • COMPLAINT AND JURY DEMAND, 2004/07/??
        • "7. After renting an apartment in Boulder, she through coincidence discovered while working down the street from her apartment that a person she had previously had as a student many years earlier in a different State, Defendant, Thomas Miller, happened to live just down the street from her. Thomas Miller was living with Defendant, Judith Phillips and introduced Judith Phillips to Pamela Hadas as a new neighbor."
        • "9. Thomas Miller also impressed upon Pamela Hadas that he was actually a friend of hers and since Pamela Hadas lived all by herself in a new town, he was going to take it on himself to look after Pamela Hadas, emphasizing that he had her own best interest in mind, that Pamela Hadas could rely on Thomas Miller and that Thomas Miller would assist her, among other things, with her personal and financial affairs and the like."
    • Steve Gartin and Chas Clements accusations - that Miller helped prosecutors set them up
        • "The above captioned case had its genesis as Prisoner's Civil Rights Case #97-S-1523 and due to the fact that Plaintiff was unlawfully incarcerated without charges in solitary confinement at the Jefferson County Detention Facility in Golden, Colorado and was deliberately deprived of access to a writing pen, typewriter or any of the accoutrements of modern communication by the Jefferson County Detention Facility Staff, the case was dismissed without prejudice for failure to sign with a pen and some small errors in forma."
        • Plaintiff believes, and therefore alleges, that Jefferson County Detention Facility Staff is engaged in an on-going R.I.C.O. enterprise based upon slavery and peonage whereby citizens are unlawfully incarcerated without due process of law and held for extortion in the form of EXCESSIVE bonds [...] This enterprise encompasses multi-jurisdictions, organizations, groups, departments and individuals acting in concert through a decision-making mechanism initiated in the State Legislature, where unconstitutional statutes are devised for profit, to the Governor, who ratifies such unconstitutional legislation into statutes, to the State and County Attorneys who prosecute that unconstitutional legislation and the Public Defenders who support the prosecution of unconstitutional legislation, to the Law Enforcement arms of the various governments who enforce that unconstitutional legislation, to the prison industry, who warehouses the innocent citizens caught in the web of deception who may even have hired and paid Private Attorneys to ensure that they would be incarcerated in a quasi-legal manner."
        • One of the named members of "The Cabal", as Gartin calls it, is Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan
      • 2001/11/30 letter from Charles Harry Clements to Jefferson County District Court Judge Leland P. Anderson
        • "2. I believe, and on the basis of that belief allege, Special District Attorney (SDA) Marleen M. Langfield failed to adequately supervise her Investigatory Team and her Prosecutory Team and, moreover, led and directed them to do various improper acts which seem themselves actionable in nature. This would be to include Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Don Estep, Investigator Gary Clyman, and such others unknown to me at present, and them known as the ‘Multi-Jurisdictional Domestic Terrorism TaskForce’, so-called, and such others as will be discovered by diligent investigation."
        • "4. Further; I believe, and on the basis of that belief allege, that SDA Langfield suborned material perjury before the Grand Jury from several Witnesses; Arabella T. Bonilla, Hector Bonilla, Victoria de Thouars-Tollman and such others, and proceeded with charges before your Honorable Court based on that perjury that she knew, or should have known, were utterly unfounded and untenable.

          5. Further; I believe, and on the basis of that belief allege, that SDA Langfield has knowingly enabled the operation and continuing operation of a racketeering influenced criminal endeavour; to wit, the Bonilla Crime Family, in recompense for the perjured testimony of Arabella T. Bonilla, Hector Bonilla and the inclusion of information from Carlos Bonilla."
        • "6. I believe, and on the basis of that belief allege, that SDA Langfield engaged in Witness Intimidation and Obstruction of Justice by charging me with these seventeen (17) unfounded and frivolous charges in the attempt to influence my testimony in regards another Defendant in her prosecution; Mr. Steve D. Gartin, both in the instant case against him and in the various actions taken, and contemplated to be taken, by Mr. Gartin in complaint for damages concerning previous abuse and denial of his civil rights."
      • Steve Gartin website documents on Doc Miller
        • 2004/04/15 letter from Thomas C. "Doc" Miller withdrawing as the attorney for Steve Douglas Gartin
        • Email correspondence between Gartin and Miller prior to the breakdown (parts 1, 2, 3)
        • Steve Gartin grievance against Doc Miller filed 2004/04/26
          • "Attorney Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller has traded legal services for marijuana, as observed by Private Investigator Frank Pugliese. Attorney Miller deliberately forced un-prescribed paxil on Dr. Pamela Hadas in order to induce suicidal inclinations so that he could take over her estate. Dr. Hadas filed a criminal complaint against Attorney Miller with the Boulder Police. Attorney Miller stole $120,000 from Dr. Pamela Hadas’ checkbook by writing checks to Judith Phillips. Attorney Miller never reported that extra $120,000 on his income tax reports. Attorney Miller has never made arrangements to repay Dr. Hadas. Attorney Miller unlawfully imprisoned Dr. Hadas under the rubric of an unlawful ‘intervention.’ Attorney Miller threatened Tal Jones with a knife. Attorney Miller accepted a $5000 retainer from Chas Clements to pursue 42 USC 1983 actions, strung him along until the statute of limitations expired and then ‘welshed’ on the deal. Attorney Miller took $30,000 from the elderly William Godbey to negotiate debt settlement when Attorney Miller knew that Mr. Godbey was the victim of a scam and the credit card companies would not hold him liable. Attorney Miller attempted to extort Harold Brown, Joel Costello, Chas Clements and Rich Wyatt for money by threats of imprisonment."
        • Kevin Brown grievance against Miller from 2003 - on p.1 is a letter from the Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Counsel informing him that an investigation has started; on p.2-3 is a letter from the Colorado Board of Attorney Regulation reprimanding Miller; on p.7-8 is an itemized list of expenses incurred by Miller for his legal work, mentioning "P. Hadas" as a person who is involved; on p.41 is a letter from Miller to Brown announcing his withdrawal as Brown's son's attorney due to the threat of an extortion claim and referring all subsequent responses to his own lawyer Chuck Leidner
      • Steve Gartin website documents on Donald L. Estep
      • Steve Gartin website documents on the Bonilla family
        • Drug Enforcement Administration, file no. MK-00-0023, REPORT OF INVESTIGATION, 1999/12/06
          • "4. [...] The 212 pounds of marijuana had been placed in HERNANDEZ's vehicle prior to responding the K-Mart. [...] Once at the K-Mart, HERNANDEZ exited her vehicle and walked to the front of the store. HERNANDEZ waited at this location until she was contacted by MARQUEZ and Carlos BONILLA."
          • Full name of Carlos Bonilla is Carlos Ivan BONILLA-TAFOYA or Carlos Ivan BONILLA Tafoya
          • "On 11/30/99, Carlos Ivan BONILLA Tafoya was arrested by DEA agents at 20th and Perry, Denver, CO. BONILLA gave consent for agents to conduct a search of his residence at which time drug and non-drug evidence was recovered. BONILLA also made several statements to agents concerning his involvement concerning a quantity of marijuana that was stored at a residence located at 2456 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO."
          • "8. [...] BONILLA stated the residence in question (2456 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO) was owned by his mother and that he was remodeling the house, turning it into a duplex. [...]"
          • "5. BONILLA was then asked about the marijuana grow equipment that was located in his residence. BONILLA stated that the equipment belonged to a friend of BONILLA's named Steve GARTIN. BONILLA described Gartin as a white male, 5'6" tall, 155 pounds, about 49 years old with a beard and a former marshal arts instructor. [...] BONILLA also stated that the marijuana seeds recovered from 2456 W. 38th Av. had been taken from GARTIN's grow and BONILLA had planned to use the seeds to grow marijuana for himself. BONILLA stated that he is presently receiving threats from GARTIN because GARTIN wants his grow equipment back. BONILLA believed that GARTIN was living in the mountains around Evergreen, CO."
        • FBI interview of Arabella T. Bonilla on 2000/08/07 - claims that her sons, Carlos Bonilla and Hector Bonilla, were being extorted by Charles Harry Clements and Steven Douglas Gartin
      • United States District Court for the District of Colorado, no. 04-RB-2455: CHARLES H. CLEMENTS Plaintiff, v. JANIS E. CHAPMAN, THOMAS C. ‘DOC’ MILLER, and KATHERINE GRIER, Defendants, PLAINTIFF’S ANSWER TO DEFENDANT KATHERINE GRIER’S MOTION TO DISMISS, 2005/02/22
        • "Defendant Grier’s conspiracy with Defendant Miller and Defendant Chapman, to deprive Plaintiff of due process of the law and the equal protection of the law, is founded in her participation in the ex parte modifications of Permanent Trial Orders of Magistrate Judge David Juarez in the combined cases without notice to Plaintiff or opportunity to participate in the hearing. (PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 1)"
        • "Attorney Grier has presented false and misleading characterizations of Plaintiff as some sort of ‘Posse Comitatus’ or ‘Patriot’ adherent for the purposes of Fraud upon the Court and Plaintiff. That false accusation is the taint of Jefferson County Case 00CR3372 and its malicious/vindictive/retaliatory prosecution of Plaintiff for which Defendant Miller was engaged and retained to litigate on Plaintiff’s behalf.

          The claims arise out of the domestic dispute as regards Defendant Miller and in fact predate the Dissolution action by 18 months or so. His professional conduct in 00CR3371, on behalf of the State Attorney General’s Office to perpetrate a Fraud upon Steve D. Gartin, and by deliberate and malicious Fraud, the Plaintiff as regards the associated case, 00CR3372 renders him a State Actor.

          A Defense Attorney, such as Defendant Thomas C. Miller, who conspires with the Prosecution falls within the ambit of 1983."
      • Willem de Thouars website (seemingly maintained by Steve Gartin): "Every so often Willem tries to track me down for the pediphile infested organization known as the Denver Joint Domestic Terrorism Task Force. {Search the term "Tim Walsh + Columbine" and you will understand why the Columbine Massacre happened and a little more research will reveal exactly WHO did all the killing there. Gay Clyman and his queer lover Don Estep have been working hand-in-glove with Willem de Thouars for many years to try to keep me from revealing the Lucifarian pedophile ring operating in Denver, Colorado and the connections to the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder and the Columbine Massacre as well as many other heinous crimes. The video Willem made for Gay Clyman and Don Estep can be found here."
    • The Observer, "Getting away with murder", 2006/06/24: "Judith, a photographer, now lives in Denver with Tom 'Doc' Miller, a wild-eyed, electric-haired lawyer, private investigator and handwriting expert who she met through the Ramsey case. Miller is trying to find a publisher for his book about JonBenet's death. By way of introductory warning, he tells me that everyone who has written about JonBenet has profited from her death. 'Every drop of her blood has been sold! There's not enough blood in that girl's body to pay for all the ink that's been spent on her.' [...] 'It's a sickening, sickening, sickening thing!' Doc Miller starts to shout. 'That little girl was murdered. And billions of dollars have been spent covering up her murder, unfortunately, by the press. You're as guilty as that woman if you print the goddam intruder theory. You're just taking more blood out of her. You'll come out of here with blood on your hands, Gaby!' Judith gives me a copy of her latest coffee-table book, uncannily entitled Scream, Baby, Scream, and takes me into every room of the house but one. Glancing into this last, I see two rows of Sig-Sauer rifles, laid side by side on a double bed. There are so many guns that not an inch of bedspread is visible beneath."
    • Announcement and publication of Miller's book JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice
      • Forums for Justice post by Cookie (aka Judith Phillips) on 2007/05/15 announcing the upcoming book (pages 1, 2, 3)
        • "I have had to keep this forthcoming event quiet for nearly 8 months. Finally , I am able to announce to my friends at FFJ the publishing of Doc's book, JonBenet Ramsey: PROSTITUTION OF JUSTICE, in Japan. I am awaiting my copies of this book. This is the first step for the release of this powerful book. We are moving closer to getting it published in English." (2007/05/15, Cookie)
        • "Doc will be reading the first chapter tonight (in English) from his book, JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice at Michaelangelos, that cool coffee and wine bar place here in Denver. I wish you guys could be there!" (2007/05/17, Cookie)
        • "Doc's reading went splendid. He read the first 7 pages of chapter 1. People were spellbound by his talk. I hadn't heard it read outloud for some time now. The words flowed like magic. In the audience was a former cop from Boulder County Swat Team. He's a regular singer on open mike night. He was nervous as Doc read. He paced during the reading. He KNOWS what went down in the police department in 1996. The audience clapped and stood up after Doc was finished. We have waited so long to finally hear his manuscript read. We've contacted Peter Boyles about this book. Haven't heard back from his producer yet." (2007/05/18, Cookie)
        • "Doc intends to read again next Thursday evening. He is interested in sharing his talk with you guys at FFJ. How would I set this up?" (2007/05/18, Cookie)
        • YouTube upload by zeddies51 (Judith Phillips) on 2007/05/25 of Miller's reading
      • Forums for Justice post by Tricia on 2007/08/04 sharing the book proposal
      • Forums for Justice post by Tricia on 2007/08/04 giving an excerpt from Chapter 1
      • Websleuths thread started in 2013 about the book being put online (pages 1, 2)
    • 2010 state house campaign
    • Doc's Law Office ( website
      • Attorney Profile - address is "24 E. Ellsworth Avenue Denver, CO 80209"; bio is "Doc Miller is a different breed of lawyer. Why? He gives a damn. He gives a damn about his clients. He gives a damn about justice! Doc has the passion, courage and knowledge to fight for you like a Special Forces soldier in the court room. He is a true patriot who has the special skillset to give you an exceptional defense. He is a handwriting expert, testifying and training others for years. He is a world class private investigator, a writer, a journalist, a teacher and a trial lawyer, with over 20 years’ experience. Doc grew up in Colorado. He raised two fine boys as true believers in the Denver Broncos. The son of two professionals, he learned at an early age the value of hard work and good character."; education includes a B.A. in History and Journalism from Metropolitan State College (Denver CO) in 1974, a B.A. in Classical Language from University of Denver in 1985, a M.A. in English from Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English (Middlebury VT) and University of Oxford, Lincoln College (Oxford, England) in 1985; a J.D. from University of Denver Sturm College of Law in 1992; work history is "Journalist / Writer Colorado, Wyoming and Texas" (1974 to 1982), "Investigative Reporting Services, CEO" (1983 to 1995), and "Doc’s Law Office, Sole Practitioner" (1993 to 2015); was admitted to the bars of both Colorado and the U.S. District Court in 1993; professional organization memberships include the National Rifle Association (lifetime member) and Professional Private Investigator’s Association of Colorado (of which he was president from 1991 to 1992); published works include several poems up through the 90s
      • Miller v. Collier - the 1994/06/16 appeal decision for Colorado Court of Appeals, Div. I., no. 92CA2030: Thomas C. MILLER and R.W. Peterson, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. James R. COLLIER; Detective William Phillips; and the City and County of Denver, Defendants-Appellees
        • "In their complaint, plaintiffs allege that they are private investigators who need to carry concealed weapons in order to protect themselves and others during the course of their work. They further allege that they have applied unsuccessfully to the Denver Police Department and Chief of Police for permits to carry such weapons.

          In addition, they allege that Miller applied for a permit in July 1991 and that defendants denied his application in June 1992, on the ground that he had no “compelling need” to carry a concealed weapon. Defendants informed Miller that he could reapply, but when he requested an application he was advised that the Denver Police Department was no longer providing applications for concealed weapons permits.

          Peterson, who had held a concealed weapons permit for approximately eighteen years, applied for a renewal of his permit in March 1992. Defendants allegedly denied his application without an explanation."
      • JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution Of Justice by Thomas C. “Doc” Miller
        • CHAPTER 1: Can You See My Hand?
          • "Ellis Armstead, by his constant presence and interference was a huge source of frustration for Boulder Police detectives trying to put their case together against John and Patsy. When police detectives arrived to interview a relevant witness, they often found that Armstead had already been there to take a statement that would favor the defense. This strategy gave the Ramseys several important advantages."
          • "The Ramseys used religious affiliation as an integral part of their public relations strategy. On January 5, 1997, Korton called the media before Sunday services at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder to invite them for a Ramsey photo opportunity. Reverend Hoverstock, again, a close family friend, told his congregation, as God’s messenger, that the Ramseys were innocent."
          • "[...] To entrust public safety to Lacy or to expect a forthright and professional performance of her duties to the public, is to ask for another helping of green cheese from the Man in the Moon. Boulder deserves her. In lock step, for nine elections over 36 years, Boulder citizens prefer members of the absurd left Democrat party to any moral consideration for justice."
        • Chapter 2: The Little Miss JonBenet Murder Pageant
          • "[...] The Ramseys demanded the return of the release Patsy had signed permitting Judith’s use of her photographs and establishing Judith’s ownership of the photographs. [...] Robert Phillips, Judith’s former husband, admitted years later that he filed for divorce because, “I didn’t want John Ramsey coming after me.”" - this is almost certainly false because Judith and Doc were together before JonBenet's murder
          • "Rapp and his staff conned anyone on the other end of the telephone into providing non-published telephone numbers, bank account records, credit card statements, long distance records and the like. He then sold the information to private investigators. Many of the gumshoes he sold his services to were former flatfeet, or former military intelligence officers or journalists."
          • "When the massacre at Columbine High School occurred in April, 1999, a world wide press corps found a fresh story, and most of the reporters were already present in nearby Boulder. Rapp provided them with the phone numbers of family members of Columbine victims. To use them was insensitive of the press and a disaster for the Rapps. Here was an opportunity for the flummoxed police to make a positive headline by targeting information brokers and the “tabloids” for their interference in both the Ramsey and Columbine investigations. This is the kind of police work the Ramseys and their lawyers approved.

            The Ramseys so far had escaped the grasp of the Boulder Police Department, but small fish related to the case were better than no catch at all. Plus, the police thought that by going after Rapp, they might have a chance to net a big fish, The Globe’seditor, Craig Lewis. They had long wanted to put the journalist in jail, thus shutting up the most efficient and imaginative investigator in the JonBenet murder. Finally, the Boulder Police, the District Attorney’s in Boulder and Jefferson Counties, Haddon, Morgan & Foreman and the Ramseys could agree on something."
          • "James Michael Thompson arrived in Denver when he was two years old. His father served a career in the Navy. Denver turned out to be his father’s last assignment, and he decided to retire there and spend time with his family. Tall, dark and handsome, Thompson’s son lived by his good looks and his wits. He made money as a prostitute and hoped someday to become an artist. Full of youth and wanderlust, he traveled the United States by car, train, bus and by hitchhiking. As age began to diminish his value as a hooker, he settled again in Denver and took a job transporting corpses from morgues to mortuaries. At $13.00 a stiff, he could make over $100.00 in one eight hour shift. Usually though, he made less. He had been up and down all of his life, sometimes homeless, often drunk. He knew the “Queen City of the Plains” like the back of his own hand and he knew the bars up and down Denver’s Colfax Avenue from a well of memories."
          • "The Pearl Street Mall is a potpourri of shops, street musicians, mimes and an assortment of tourists, college students, residents, vagabonds and freaks. The Ramseys’ friend, Jay Elowsky, runs “Pasta Jay’s” Italian restaurant just west of the mall. While the Boulder Police conducted their investigation, J.T. slept on a park bench in Boulder. The following morning, his body cold and stiff from trying to sleep outdoors, he called the Boulder Police Department again, and Thomas arrested him just west of Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall."
          • "[...] [From his public defender Cary Lacklin,] J.T. says he was misled about his rights and his legal options. This tragic character’s clearest memory of Lacklin was watching him “walk hand in hand from the courtroom” with prosecutor, Trip DeMuth, at each court appearance. “They were working on the same team to put me in prison!”
        • Chapter 3: Tabloid Trash
          • "[...] In 1982, still thinking I might like to work less than 60 or so hours a week and teach someday, I enrolled in the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College in Vermont for a master’s degree. It was a graduate program for teachers and required a commitment of at least four summers. During the academic year, I studied classical languages and published some of my work. I then found a job editing investigative reports for Pinkerton’s, Inc., the oldest private investigations firm in the world. Soon afterwards, I hung my own shingle and began working as a private investigator."
          • "In the winter and spring of 1996, my pockets bulged, my criminal defense practice thrived, and my future looked as bright as my shiny green Mustang. Then, on April 26, 1996, I came home from a business trip in Washington DC to find that my wife had changed the locks on the doors to our home. Only a few weeks earlier I had asked her to go to marriage counseling with me to get our marriage back on track, and we had seen a counselor. [...] We entered into a vicious divorce, she from a very wealthy Denver family, and me finding that it’s not love, law and hard work that prevails in a divorce involving children, but money. A month later, May 24, 1996, I had a heart attack. I was 45 years old."
          • "What follows is the story of my personal journey after agreeing to represent Craig Lewis, a Globe editor, through the hell of John and Patsy’s retaliatory response to investigative efforts of any validity. The retaliation came through their lawyers and those who did their lawyers’ bidding, Dave Thomas, the District Attorney of Jefferson County, his prosecutors, investigators and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). [...]"
          • "[...] [Lewis] told me he grew up in Texarkana in northeast Texas, an area my father’s family had traveled through on their way to settle near Waco. [...]"
          • "Lewis wanted me to talk to the other lawyer that The Globe had hired for him in Denver, Dan Recht. I had spoken to him about Lewis’ plan to meet with Vacca with the retired cop I had located. Now, I spoke with him about me going with Lewis. Recht has a quiet, even gentle demeanor that calmed my concerns. Neither of us saw a problem with Lewis doing his job as a journalist. I didn’t like the idea that he planned to take $30,000 with him to offer Vacca if the ransom note was for sale, but The Globe had wired the money into Recht’s trust account and I respected Recht’s reputation. He was, at that time, the President of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar."
          • "Vacca turned to me and said that my client and I were in a lot of trouble, and, that as a lawyer, I knew that a crime had been committed. I replied that I didn’t think any crime had been committed. He called Karen down to his office and told her that Lewis and I had just offered him $30,000 for the ransom note in the Ramsey case and he wanted her as a witness to that. I stood up then and announced that I thought it was time for my client and me to be leaving. [...]"
          • "A lot of what Vacca says about that April Fool’s Day afternoon just didn’t happen, or it became the truth for him and his wife based upon a constantly repeated and refabricated memory. [...]"
          • "At the end of April, Dave Burkhalter, a former Denver police officer who now worked as an investigator for the District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson County, called. He wanted to schedule an interview with me to discuss my visit to Vacca’s home, and he wanted to know the identity of my client. He assured me that I was not a target of the investigation, but that his inquiries had turned up evidence of commercial bribery on the part of my client. [...]"
          • "[...] [Lewis] wanted me to probe Burkhalter for any information he may have gleaned about the ransom note or the Ramsey investigation. I contacted a lawyer who had mentored me as I started my criminal defense practice out of law school, Chuck Leidner, to represent me during the interview. He advised me to not give a statement. [...]"
          • "Finally, in late July, 1997, John and Patsy arranged to publish cryptic portions of the ransom note including several samples of the letter “M” in a newspaper advertisement. It seemed not only odd, but vaguely dishonest. Out of a 376 word, two and one half page “note,” the lawyers allowed the public to see only a few individual characters. [...] Lewis called me immediately and asked if I could do a handwriting comparison of the letters in the advertisement."
          • "[...] The Globe had given me “nothing but the best” in terms of handwriting specimens with which to compare Patsy’s handwriting to the cryptic letters their lawyers had released. I had enormous confidence in my initial findings, and so did The Globe. On August 3, 1997, only days after the Ramseys’ advertisement appeared, Lewis published an article on the front page of The Globe using the photograph of JonBenet’s Marilyn Monroe button in which he cited my work and conviction that Patsy wrote the ransom note."
          • "In September, 1997, after The Globe and the New York Post reported my findings, Darnay Hoffman, victim’s rights attorney in New York City, who had represented the subway vigilante gunman, Bernard Goetz, contacted me. He advised me that he intended to file a legal action to demand that Hunter file charges against John and Patsy for the murder of their daughter. In order to establish a basis for his legal argument, he would use the ransom letter left at the home and he would file affidavits of several handwriting experts with his pleading. [...]"
          • "[...] I had a good stable of friends and I knew that Lewis didn’t have many close friends after his reassignment from Los Angeles to Boulder, nor by the nature of his work was he likely to keep close friends. I invited him to join a group of my friends for poker parties, raucous get togethers of testosterone, obscenity and alcohol. [...]"
          • "We were at lunch where I had been hitting on a red-headed waitress. The conversation turned inevitably to the women we wanted. He asked me if I had gotten in touch with a woman he had told me about some time earlier. The Drugs of Lethe had blocked out even a memory of that conversation and I bluffed, “Nah, I’m not interested in a blind date.”

            Lewis reached for his wallet and thumbed through a stack of business cards, then handed me one for Judith Phillips Photography with a photograph of a gorgeous blond on it."
          • "I called Judith a few days after Christmas and we made a date for January 2, 1998. [...]"
          • "Robert Phillips, a lawyer, had been preparing estate documents for John Ramsey at the time of the murder. For several months afterwards, he tried to reach his client, but not until March were his calls returned. Phillips described his long delayed telephone conversation with John Ramsey as, “Odd … as if nothing had changed.” [...] Ramsey suggested that the two couples go out to dinner."
          • "“What can I do for you?” Judith asked. Again, Patsy had no answer at first, shaking her head and reiterating, “Why did they take my little girl? Why didn’t I wake up?” Slowly, Patsy awoke from her mantra to ask Judith to go to Boulder Mayor, Leslie Durgin. “Ask your friend, the mayor, why the police aren’t providing any protection for our family?” Judith sat, a little stunned and wondering why Patsy felt she now needed protection. Nevertheless, she promised to call the mayor."
          • "[...] Susan Stine returned home. She greeted Judith with, “What are you doing here?” Her hostility was palpable, and Judith immediately excused herself to fetch Lindsey and leave. In the room where she found the children, she reached out to hug Burke good-bye.

            “Get away! Don’t touch me!” the boy shouted.


            Neither Patsy nor Nedra apologized for Burke’s inexplicable outburst. Lindsey felt the sudden chill that had arrived with Susan Stine and the house now grew sullen. Judith hugged Patsy, Don and Nedra. Susan held back. For an instant as they said their good-byes, Judith caught a glimpse of Patsy’s former self as she smiled.

            As they drove home, Judith asked Lindsey how her visit with Burke had gone. “Okay, I guess,” she said. “Burke was pretty quiet.” “I wish we hadn’t gone there,” Judith said.

            Lindsey wished she hadn’t gone there either. Burke had barely acknowledged her presence and had spent the entire time playing video games."
          • "Judith had taken photographs of Patsy’s handwriting specimens at the request of the Boulder Police Department. Detective Thomas often consulted with her for insights into the odd behavior of John and Patsy in his attempt to piece together the crime. [...]" - note that Thomas's book described the incident of Burke hitting JonBenet with a golf club as an accident despite the story Judith would later tell in 2016 about it being deliberate, and if Thomas was consulting with Judith about the Ramsey family, it's unlikely she would have failed to mention that incident to him, so her more recent claims about Burke attacking JonBenet are almost certainly false
          • "When he would return to Boulder, he’d invite Judith and me to lunch or dinner [...] Meanwhile, Judith photographed Lewis with his daughter and his mother. From time to time, he would buy one of Judith’s art prints."
        • Chapter 4 – Machiavelli’s Circus
          • "The intersections of Interstate 70, east and west, and Interstate 25, north and south, facilitated narcotics traffic in Denver. Following Haddon’s stint with the public defender’s office, in 1976 and 1977, he was appointed by then Democrat Governor Richard Lamm as a special prosecutor for the Drug Enforcement Task Force. He worked as a grand jury prosecutor. [...]"
          • "Haddon’s behind-the-scenes power emerged in the 1970’s partly due to the Watergate scandal that cost Nixon his presidency and filled the U.S House of Representatives with many first term Democrats, including Colorado’s Pat Schroeder, Tim Wirth and Gary Hart. Hal Haddon hitched his wagon to the rising star of the Junior Senator from Colorado, Gary Hart. [...]"
          • "[...] Though Hart made a fool of himself, Haddon didn’t – and doesn’t. He remains active in the politics of Colorado to this day. His access to governors, senators, legislators, prosecutors and judges – yes, judges – is unparalleled in Colorado. Nobody has the behind the scene power of a Hal Haddon, except the clients who can afford to buy it."
          • "Haddon’s style is not to run for political office, but to finance and manage campaigns for others such as Gary Hart. He doesn’t select all of the Democrat candidates for district attorney, or governor or the legislature, but he greases the machinery which elects them. [...]"
          • "Among Haddon’s treasured items is a dog eared, scarred and highlighted edition of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The book portrays the political comedy of a corrupt, drug using, drug dealing and revolutionary lawyer who is not afraid of anything. [...]"
        • Chapter 5: Son-Of-A-Bitch
          • "To recapitulate: In the late afternoon on Friday, the 13th of August, 1999, an agent from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) showed up at Judith Phillips’ home. I had been living with her for over a year. The agent, Patrick Maroney, presented me with an “invitation,” which he was careful to point out was not a subpoena, to testify to the Jefferson County Grand Jury. Neither my lawyer, Chuck Leidner, nor I had ever heard of a prosecutor issuing an “invitation” to testify at a grand jury inquiry. We guessed that by having served as Lewis’ lawyer and refusing to identify him for Jefferson County authorities in the spring of 1997, the Jefferson County District Attorney, Dave Thomas, was going to try to force me to testify and to name Lewis."
          • "Chuck Leidner and I met Raj Chohan, a reporter for the CBS affiliate in Denver, on August 17, 1999, to air my side of the story. The story aired on August 19, 1999. I was immediately indicted by the Jefferson County Grand Jury on one count of commercial bribery, a felony. [...]"
          • "[...] The Globe had sent me $6,000 by overnight mail before I turned myself in to the CBI, $5000 to retain Chuck Leidner and $1,000 to post bail."
          • "Leidner had practiced law in Colorado for nearly 30 years, both as a prosecutor and as a public defender. He’d spent most of his career as a criminal defense lawyer. He had mentored me, befriended me and had referred cases to me. We had become close professional friends and I fully trusted him. [...]"
          • "Maroney, meanwhile, went to the bookcase behind my desk where the diaries I had kept since 1979 were stored, and pulled the volume from 1997 from the shelf. He opened it to April 1, read for a moment, and then offered me a receipt, which he insisted that I sign, as he was going to take the journal with him. [...]"
          • "[...] I knew from my studies in law that the CBI agents Maroney and Brown had to provide a judge with “probable cause” of my 1997 journal’s existence and location to obtain a judge’s signature authorizing a search warrant. The only way that “probable cause” could have been developed was through my ex-wife. [...]"
          • "On December 20, 1999, Lewis had to return to Colorado from Florida to surrender himself to the CBI. He was to be humiliated as I had been, led out in handcuffs before the cameras and booked into the Jefferson County Jail. [...]"
          • "[...] As I left the hearing, I recognized Maroney and Brown, as well as the Jefferson County DA’s Investigator, Burkhalter, as they trouped out of the courtroom.

            “You fat Nazis!” I shouted. Reporters from news services from around the world swiveled their necks like hungry birds of prey to see my face boiling with rage. “Over there,” I said to the press. “Patrick Maroney,” I shouted, “You’re a fat Nazi! You’re all fat Nazis!”"
          • "[...] As Hall’s heels clicked into the hallway, I heard only jackboots as he walked out of the courtroom. I raised my left arm in a mock Nazi salute once he was out the door. [...]"
          • "[...] [Prosecutor Dennis] Hall had no experts to support his contention that the $30,000 offered by Lewis was different in nature from an offer of confidentiality, or a meal or a few cigarettes. The Supreme Court liked the argument of The Globe’s enough to decide that on its face, the statute did appear unconstitutional."
          • "I received a letter from the Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee a few weeks after my “gesture” toward Hall. [...] It stated that the Disciplinary Committee would look into the allegations Hall had made regarding my unprofessional conduct once my criminal charges had been decided. [...]"
          • "[...] a hearing still could be conducted upon my lawyers’ motion to disqualify the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office because of Hall’s grievance. On March 1, 2000, Judge George E. Lohr in Jefferson County denied the motion. [...]"
          • "After I read Judge Lohr’s decision, I called Barrett. He and Leidner had known Lohr for years. Both held him in high regard. They had been delighted to see him, rather than former prosecutors Christopher Munch or Frank Nieto, judges who had ruled in favor of the prosecution on earlier matters. [...]"
          • "On November 9, 2000, I woke as eager to read the newspaper as everyone else [...] Lawyers for The Globe had negotiated a dismissal of the charges against him, both in the commercial bribery case and the more serious extortion matter. The Globe made an admission to “unethical” conduct in approaching Vacca with an offer of $30,000 for the ransom note; and to atone for its conduct, the tabloid would give $100,000 to the University of Colorado’s School of Journalism for the purposes of establishing an ethics program. [...]"
          • "Recht, the lawyer who had been the “bag man” holding the money for Lewis’ hoped for purchase of the ransom note, received some high level assistance in proposing the bribe to Thomas. Between the time of my work with The Globe and my trial, The Globe had been purchased and merged into American Media Corporation which also owned the tabloids The Star and the National Enquirer. With that merger, The Globe acquired the services of one of the most powerful law firms in the United States and the services of an equally powerful lawyer, David Kendal, counsel to President Bill Clinton. It was he who proposed the $10,000 bribe to Thomas. One need not look further than the law office of Hal Haddon to opine as to how such an unusual solution to the problems for Lewis and The Globe occurred."
          • "I didn’t call Lewis. My “friend,” against whom I had refused to testify, who would have been successfully prosecuted without my protection of his confidence, had betrayed me." - said by Miller even though, if his statement about there being no crime on Lewis's or his part is true, he could not have testified against Lewis without breaking attorney-client privilege
        • Chapter 6: Elephant In The Courtroom
          • "Lozow argued several issues pointing to the disingenuous conduct of Hall, clearly involving the son-of-a-bitch rule, without saying the precise and unofficial term. He pointed out that Hall had objected during an opening statement, a departure from courtroom decorum, and that he had objected not to speculation or prejudicial fictions, but to indisputable facts. [...]" - it seems more likely that this made Hall, not the prosecution, look bad
          • "[...] Thomas’ district attorney’s office was ordered, on instructions from John and Patsy, to go after The Globe reporter and his lawyer." - this was purportedly part of Leidner's opening statement, but there is no evidence that this actually happened
          • "Hall began his direct examination of Vacca by eliciting his 25-year career as a Denver Police Officer, his training by the United States Secret Service, the United States Postal Inspection Services, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations as a document examiner. Vacca recounted his positions in the Southwestern Association of Forensic Document Examiners, “up until about a year ago.” He had moved from Evergreen to southern Colorado and had become less active as an expert witness. He also confirmed court jurisdictions in which he had testified during his career."
          • "At one point Vacca began to testify to a telephone conversation he had with Ramsey lawyer Bryan Morgan regarding the confidentiality of the ransom note. [...]"
          • "Vacca had claimed to the grand jury that he had signed a typical confidentiality agreement with the law firm regarding the ransom note. [...] However, once charges were filed, Lewis’ attorneys had uncovered a “Confidentiality and Publishing Agreement” between John and Patsy and Vacca, not between their lawyers and Vacca. [...]"
          • "[...] Leidner also had a copy of the “Confidentiality and Publishing Agreement” between Vacca and John B. and Patsy P. Ramsey. That agreement asserted the Ramseys’ rights in the ransom note and prohibited Vacca from releasing any information about the contents of the note, or from profiting from the contents of the note. In short, it made Vacca’s professional opinion as to who wrote the ransom note the property of John and Patsy, and this is what their lawyers wanted in case the expert opinion should not represent their clients’ innocence. [...]" - seems to undermine the prior argument by indicating that the agreement was at the behest of the Ramseys' lawyers
          • "Having practiced law since his graduation from Stanford Law School in 1972, Foreman performed admirably for the prosecution. He gave a report of how his law firm first obtained the ransom note on January 5, 1997 from Detective Linda Arndt of the Boulder Police Department. [...]"
          • "The conditions Foreman claimed the Boulder Police Department placed on their release of the ransom note were that John and Patsy’s lawyers were allowed to use it for investigative purposes only, and that they were not allowed to publish it beyond the needs of their representation. [...]"
          • "Hall continued to justify his effort to introduce the letter under the concept, as yet unpublished in any rules of evidence as an exception to the hearsay rule, as a “verbal act.” Neither Leidner nor Lozow had ever heard of such an exception. [...]" - this is in fact a well-known hearsay exception
          • "One issue that Lozow was able succinctly to elicit from Foreman was the connection between Haddon, Morgan & Foreman to District Attorney Thomas. Lozow asked the witness if he had instructed Vacca to write a letter to Thomas asking for my prosecution."
          • "There had also been several times when Haddon and Thomas worked together to get Thomas elected as the district attorney, but that was more answer than Foreman offered. There had also been political gatherings, but again, why ask Foreman for more answer than he probably would have given? [...]"
          • "[...] My attorney reminded Foreman that Haddon, Morgan & Foreman’s investigator, Dave Williams, had done an extensive background investigation of me, examining every court case in which I had represented a client, every document filed in my divorce and my resume as a handwriting expert and writer. Williams had also provided an invoice for his work in the “Ramsey/Tom Miller” matter and had been paid for his work by the law firm."
          • "The judge’s steadfast refusals, in the presence of the jury, to admit an obviously important document into evidence was having a corrosive effect on Hall’s case. [...] From my seat at the defense table I could see one juror after another begin to knit eyebrows over each new objection by Hall and to smirk at the inevitable “sustained” from Judge Tidball. [...]"
          • "[After Foreman called graphology a "junk science",] Lozow diffused the smear by asking Foreman if he was familiar with a well respected lawyer in the Denver area named Shelly Don and advised him that the lawyer selected jurors through the use of graphology. Considering the effort I had made in selecting jurors whose handwriting conveyed keen intellect, I hoped for the message to resonate with the jurors."
          • "Fleet White didn’t come to the motions hearing either. Lozow had tried to talk to him by phone and had written a letter to him. White replied in an angry letter that he would not comply with the subpoena he had been served and that he had no respect for my case as I was a “tabloid lawyer.” In fact, White reacted in a rage upon receiving his subpoenas, shouting and cursing the process server and one time confronting the hapless agent by wadding up the papers and throwing them back in his face. When he didn’t show up on the date of my motions hearing, Lozow asked that he be cited for contempt of court.

            About an hour after the motions hearing in May and after all of the lawyers and witnesses in my case had left the building, White showed up at Judge Tidball’s office. She brought him into the courtroom and advised him that it was his duty to report to the court if subpoenaed to a hearing or a trial. He explained that he did not want to be involved with the “tabloids,” have his privacy invaded nor provide information about the Ramsey case. With blue-eyed sincerity, Tidball forgave him, but warned him that he had better not do it again, or “I will put you in jail.”

            Mindful of Tidball’s warning to White, certain of his desire not to testify and aware of his arrogance, Lozow asked Barrett to deliver a letter to White. He had been subpoenaed again, but Lozow was concerned first that he might not show up to give testimony on my behalf regarding his knowledge of the ransom note and, second, that he would wind up in jail. Lozow wanted that letter delivered to White on the evening after the first full day of my trail."
          • "Burkhalter acknowledged that he had originally told Vacca that his investigation had turned up no evidence that a crime had been committed. He had therefore dropped his investigation until ordered to reopen it by District Attorney Thomas, based on a letter from the Ramseys’ lawyers. [...]"
          • "[...] She had agreed to the inclusion of the jury instruction of “complicity,” meaning that I had consorted with a person who was no longer charged with any crime. [...]" - disingenuous considering that the Globe effectively took a guilty plea agreement
          • "[...] [According to former Boulder County Chief Deputy District Attorney Bill Wise] His office had not turned over the ransom note to John and Patsy’s lawyers, he said, but rather, he believed, Linda Arndt, at the direction of her supervisors had done so. [...]"
          • "[...] [David Williams] did admit that Haddon had hired him on behalf of his clients John and Patsy for purposes of impeachment of my character and that he had sent his work to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office."
          • "Mr. Hall: Mr. Miller, did you know, or did you not know, that during the conversation with Mr. Vacca on the afternoon of April 1, 1997, Mr. Lewis intended to ask Mr. Vacca for the note?
            Mr. Miller: I did not know." - contradicts what Miller writes in Chapter 3, thus indicating that he either committed perjury or lied in this book
          • "The prosecution’s last witness was Burkhalter, whom Lozow reminded the jury was a hypnotist, a bomb expert and a fellow employee of the Denver Police Department for 20 years with Donald Vacca, the “victim.” [...]"
          • "[...] Jane Tidball, flitted through the cafeteria wearing running shorts and flaunting a great pair of legs and a trim little body. [...]" - why is this comment by Miller about the judge's sexual attractiveness even in the book?
        • Chapter 7: Ghost of Justice and Epilogue
        • ...
        • The Players (January 2010) - notable individuals on the list include Michele Austin (Doc's former wife, of Englewood CO), the "Rocky Flats 5" (George Campbell, Jack Erfurd, Kyle McKinley, Ed Naimon, William Weston), Judge George E. Lohr (said to be "retired" as a judge but "active in the Colorado Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Educations program"), Jose Martin ("Spanish businessman whom John Ramsey flew to Madrid, Spain in 1998 for a business meeting with Mr. Martin and Jaleo Software"), Mike Norton ("Former U.S. District Attorney for Colorado under George H. Bush who refused to indict the “Rocky Flats 5.”"), Jeff Pagliuca ("Denver defense lawyer for Craig Lewis" who "is a shareholder in the firm Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordan, Mackey, and Foreman", which is interesting given the allegation that Haddon's firm set up the malicious prosecution of Lewis and Miller), Robert Phillips (Judith Phillips' former husband who "practices law in Louisville, Colorado"), Dave Rogers (the former roommate of J.T. Colfax who "Worked for Denver undertaker and enjoyed photographing dead corpses")
        • ...
  • Purported revelations in the Ramsey case by Lyons Municipal Judge William H. Long (Voat copy parts 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4, 5): "Bill spoke of the [Jonbenét] Ramsey [murder/pedophilia] case with a bit of trepidation. Some of what I got on it was from the two older gentlemen that Judge Long spoke to at more length. They told me more after the judge had passed. It was a co-blackmail-pedophile party that was being filmed. The girl was apparently "accustomed" to Dad and two other en but she was not used to Dad and seven other men. Per her reluctance to participate, she was choked and hit on the head--as some sort of ritual-oriented discipline. The participants with John Ramsey were: a Boulder deputy police chief (but not Sullenberger), a top cop from Denver, a Boulder district judge, Boulder prosecutor Robert Shapiro, a prosecutor and district judge from Larimer County, and a guy from IBM, named Stevens."
    • Boulder County prosecutor Robert Shapiro
      • Colorado Bar Association Continuing Legal Education bio of Robert S. Shapiro: "Robert Shapiro, Esq., is currently the First Assistant Attorney General for Special Prosecutions in the Colorado Attorney General's Office. He started his career at the Attorney General's Office in November 2007 after working for over 11 ½ years as a Prosecutor in the Boulder County (Colorado) District Attorney's Office, including serving as a Chief Deputy District Attorney. Prior to his years in Boulder, Mr. Shapiro served as a Deputy District Attorney in the Mesa County District Attorney's Office in Grand Junction, Colorado. Additionally, before Mr. Shapiro became a Prosecutor he served 4 years on active duty as a United States Army Intelligence Officer with assignments in the Republic of Panama, Europe and throughout the United States. [...] Historically Mr. Shapiro's unit has been assigned to investigate and prosecute gang cases, drug distribution and trafficking organizations, gambling enterprises, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation cases, mortgage and bank fraud schemes, auto theft cases, and burglary rings."
      • Durango Herald, "Shapiro named temporary 22nd DA", 2010/05/25: "Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is dispatching his first lieutenant to Cortez to temporarily handle prosecutions and duties of the 22nd Judicial District in the wake of District Attorney Jim Wilson's weekend death. Rob Shapiro leads the special prosecutions unit for Attorney General John Suthers, who described his first assistant as an "experienced and professional" attorney. Shapiro has been a district prosecutor in Mesa and Boulder counties."
      • 7th Judicial District Attorney Myrl Serra prosecution
        • SkyHiNews, "Montrose DA accused of exposing himself to 3 women", 2010/11/04: "A western Colorado district attorney arrested this fall is accused of exposing himself to three women who worked in his office over a three year period. Prosecutors with the state attorney general’s office filed a seven-count complaint against 48-year-old Myrl Serra Wednesday. The Daily Sentinel reports that prosecutor Robert Shapiro said that investigators had evidence of one women’s allegations when Serra was arrested and later discovered allegations by two more women."
        • Denver Post, "Former Colorado DA Myrl Serra’s sentence disappoints victims", 2012/01/19: "One victim sat in the back of the Montrose courtroom and sobbed when a judge handed former 7th Judicial District Attorney Myrl Serra a sentence of four years’ probation for what she had just testified was a three-year run of sexual abuse that caused her “pain and sickness that I have no words to express.” [...] Special prosecutor Robert Shapiro, who had asked for eight years in prison, put the best face on it following the sentencing. Serra’s sex-offender probation will be “rigorous, invasive and in-your-face,” he said. “He will be watched like a hawk.”"
      • Shapiro, along with Michael Dougherty, was the prosecutor from the Colorado Attorney General’s office who prosecuted Pat Sullivan, and defended the light sentence that Sullivan received as well as the decision not to charge him with statutory rape
  • Former Colorado Springs police officer Perry Freeman video from 2020/07/29 discussing an informant who called his department shortly after JonBenet's murder and said she was killed accidentally by a pedophile ring - his story starts around 7:00
  • Radar Online, "JONBENET'S KILLER FOUND!", 2017/06/22: after a six-month investigation, can now reveal JonBenet was killed by members of a twisted sex ring — and the key player outfoxed cops eager to solve OTHER crimes at any cost! The pervert, whose name is being withheld at this time, is currently serving a 32-year sentence in Colorado’s Crowley County Correctional Facility for sexual assaults in 1993 and 1996. Cops had him in their crosshairs right after JonBenet’s murder. But he took himself out of the picture with a cunning plea bargain in other sex crimes that prohibits the authorities from testing his DNA to see if it matches male samples found in JonBenet’s underwear. “Her killer may have protected himself from prosecution by going to jail!” a source told Radar. “At least one Ramsey investigator had this man’s name on his suspect list.” Incredibly, one lawman wanted to follow up on him, but was told “to back off. The guy is protected by the plea deal,” a source told Radar. Authorities have been protecting the monster, who is now about 50 years old, ever since in a shameful cover-up. Radar learned that just weeks before the pint-size blonde died, the twisted creep entered a guilty plea to one count of sexual assault on a child, which resulted in 12 years of probation. In May 2000, he violated probation and was sentenced to two and a half years behind bars. He was required to submit to DNA testing with Colorado authorities. A few years later, during another sex assault trial, he made the plea bargain that put him away for three decades — but avoided the death penalty in the JonBenet case, which, chillingly, his ex-wife has said was one of his pet obsessions. Authorities believe JonBenet was targeted by a pedophile ring and more than one person was involved. [...] The jailed man also was known for binding his victims’ hands with rope or tape after breaking into their homes in the wee hours — and even owned a cattle prod or stun gun!"
  • Boulder CO pedophilia underground
    • From l.507-518 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          “How did you hear about me?” he said.
          “Someone in Denver said you know about child porn. Do you?”
          He shrugged and looked at the floor, glancing over at the young inmates near us, tightly clustered with their wives, girlfriends, and children. He studied the guards in the corners, their hands on their hips, their eyes on the big clock on the wall. He leaned toward me and whispered, “I have some names and connections. Some people in Boulder are into child stuff.”
          “There are names ... around town,” he said.
          “Just men?”
          “And a couple of women.”
          “They sell and trade pornography?”
          “On the Internet.”
          “That's part of it.”
          I dropped a prominent Boulder name.
          His head popped up. “How do you know that?”
    • From Ch.9 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016) or Ch.10 of Presumed Guilty (1999):

          In early May, I returned to the Boulder County Jail for another visit with the inmate I had questioned earlier. This time he gave me the names of several people who he claimed were involved in adult or child pornography. Through other sources, I was able to confirm that at least two of these individuals were, in fact, in the possession of extensive child pornography libraries. One of them, a lawyer, had left Boulder a few months prior to the murder. I tracked him down in another state. He denied that he had ever been connected to child pornography, but acknowledged that he knew local people who were. Another Boulder attorney admitted that he had clients who were engaged in child porn, but that he was ethically bound not to reveal their identities. A third person had once had an interest in taking risque photographs of teenagers, but had long since given up this pursuit.
          One name in particular, however, was of more interest to me. Political activists in Boulder had previously identified him as a city employee who had had connections to pornography and perhaps child pornography. According to these sources, a number of years earlier, two municipal workers had found illicit sexual material and erotic toys in this man’s desk. Although female coworkers had previously alleged sexual harassment, none of them had initiated any legal action against him. Eventually, they were assigned to another office. According to city council members, Boulder’s mayor Leslie Durgin, had at first wanted to fire the man, but after consulting with others, had decided not to. The incident was never made public, and the local newspaper, the Daily Camera, while aware of these events, did not carry the story because no one was willing to speak on the record. It was a scandal that never erupted.
    • Evan Ravitz letter to grand jury special prosecutor Michael Kane on 1999/09/20: "The Singular book also concerns -disguised to avoid libel- Mr. XXX, a highly ranked official in Boulder City government. Mr. XXX has admitted to two prominent and respected friends of mine that in 1991 a box of sex toys and pornography were found in his City Hall office during an office move that occurred when Mr. XXX was out. He further admitted that 3 women employed at City Hall alleged he harassed them, though none filed charges. [...] If indeed a network of highly-connected pedophiles exists here as in Belgium and France, Mr. XXX or others could have acted to keep (sincere) FBI investigators away. A one-time "suspect" in this case told me he was shown a bookcase of videos in the home of prominent Boulder drug-case attorney Mr. ZZZ and told these were all child porn. Mr. ZZZ left Boulder soon after the murder and moved to a monastery in Wyoming."
    • From l.1901 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016):

          [...] Frank [Zell] had also established a working relationship with Christopher Anderson, a 30-year-old reporter for the “Daily Camera,” who by 2001 had been covering the police and courts for the paper for the past four years. In late spring of 2001, Anderson told Frank that the Boulder Police Department had a list of names of prominent local citizens believed to be sexually involved with children. These people were not to be investigated by the cops, but shielded from legal harm. According to Frank, Anderson had said all this with a rather casual air, as if he and his employer had known about the arrangement for some time.
          When Frank asked if he could see the list, Anderson said that he'd share it with him as soon as he returned from a vacation in Fort Lauderdale. On June 2, 2001, on the beach in Florida, the reporter was struck by lightning and killed.
          “That just about did me in,” Frank recalled years later. “It was very tough to put this one behind me.”
    • searchinGirl on Reddit mentions a video store in Table Mesa (part of South Boulder) that she managed which sold child pornography under the table: "I think his business has to be Child Pornography. I’m not saying this just because I worked that video store in South Boulder [...] My experience working the video store opened my eyes to the reality of porn. It was at the beginning of home video in the mid-80s. I was Manager at a store in Table Mesa and I had high school students renting the videos over the counter. Under the counter were the porn flicks, both beta and vhs; and it occurred to me that going by the pictures on the box tops, the girls in the films looked younger than the girls working the counter. It was appalling and somewhat an epiphany that made me quit eventually. I just came to feel so uncomfortable with it. That and some of the customers who would rent them. Odd sorts of people."
  • Colorado elite pedophile rings
    • The Franklin child sex ring based in Omaha NE spanned multiple states, including Colorado. Following his 1982 abduction, Johnny Gosch was kept by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino on a ranch in Buena Vista CO along with many other kidnapped children. According to America's Most Wanted producers in Who Took Johnny, this ranch was owned by a former prison guard. Gosch was also taken to a Mexican restaurant in Denver CO at one point, in which he left a message "Johnny Gosch was here" on a bathroom wall in red nail polish.
    • Delmart Vreeland, the Naval intelligence officer who predicted 9/11 before it happened, was arrested in Douglas County CO in 2004 for molesting underage boys, receiving an effective life sentence in 2008 (ABC7 (Denver), "International Criminal Gets Prison For Child Sex Crimes", 2008). According to Jeff Wells, Vreeland had confided in Andy Stephenson about being part of an elite child abuse network similar to Franklin. It is interesting to note that Vreeland grew up in the Detroit MI area around the time that pedophile rings connected to North Fox Island were operating.
    • Pat Sullivan, the former sheriff of Arapahoe County CO, was busted in 2011 trying to exchange meth for sex with young men. As the investigation continued, allegations surfaced that some of his victims had been underage boys, and that he may have been tied to several murders. Documentary filmmaker Jonathan Elinoff found that Sullivan had in fact been overseeing a massive pedophile ring in Colorado that involved law enforcement officers, Russian Mafia figures working for Viktor Kozeny, and US intelligence. The apparent purpose was to blackmail high-ranking government officials to facilitate the 9/11 attacks. Sullivan himself was well-connected to both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton with an alleged CIA involvement dating back to the Bay of Pigs. Another notable operator in the network was Tom Henry, onetime attorney and likely handler for the aforementioned Delmart Vreeland, who threatened Elinoff's life and orchestrated an apparent hit on Elinoff by a Colorado white supremacist group. Elinoff had previously been investigating Vreeland in Colorado before stumbling onto the Sullivan story, and came to believe the two were linked.
      • Important question: What was the role of the Arapahoe County coroner, Dr. Michael Doberson, in all this? He was one of the experts called in to assess whether a stun gun was used on JonBenet, which would have intended to exonerate the parents.
    • CBS Denver, "Civil Lawsuit Filed Against Former Aurora Officer For Sexual Assault", 2012/11/04: "The city of Aurora and the police department wouldn’t directly comment on the pending case, but police Chief Dan Oates says the department charged Michael Mangino with every crime it could once it learned of the allegations against him. [...] In April Mangino pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor after allegations that he forced a 15-year-old girl to take naked pictures of herself with his cellphone. Now the minor is seeking financial damages in the civil suit. The teen’s attorney, David Lane, says the police department ignored past complaints about Mangino’s behavior. “The director of the Women’s shelter went to the Aurora Police Department, filed a complaint, and they promptly threw that complaint into the trash,” Lane said. [...] During his sentencing Mangino told the court that “sexual deviance has been a fabric in my life since about 16 years old.” He went on to say sexual deviance is a widespread problem within the police department, ignored by administrators because they are involved in similar deviant sexual activity."
      • Westword, "Michael Mangino, busted for sex crimes, 2nd Aurora DARE cop accused of pervy kid habit", 2011/03/29: "[Michael Mangino has] been accused of several sex crimes in relation to an allegedly inappropriate relationship with a fifteen-year-old runaway. And he's not the first Aurora DARE officer to face charges about an unhealthy obsession on children. Back in December, you'll recall that Aurora DARE coordinator Morgan Sellman was busted for child pornography in Colorado Springs. He hadn't officially visited classrooms as a DARE instructor since 2001, and if the charges against him are proven in court, that'll have been a very good thing. No such luck with Mangino, whose school visits were so numerous that before news broke about him being accused of sexual exploitation of a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (plus official misconduct), Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates reportedly met with administrators from six facilities: Clyde Miller Elementary, Vaughn Elementary, Lynn Knoll Elementary and Arkansas Elementary, all in the Aurora Public Schools system, plus Cherry Creek's Eastridge Elementary and St. Pius X Catholic School, part of the Archdiocese of Denver."
      • Officer, "Ex-Colo. Officer Gets 3 Years For Assaulting Teen", 2012/07/06: "Mangino had been an officer for DARE, or Drug Awareness Resistance Education. A 29-year veteran of the Aurora Police Department, Mangino plead guilty to coercing a 15-year-old female runaway to take sexually explicit photos of herself with his cellphone. [...] Mangino, worked as a community resource officer in District 1, was also a DARE instructor in several elementary schools. In one of the videos found on Mangino's phone, the camera focuses on the buttocks of a young girl in a DARE class as she was bending over a table in a classroom, according to the arrest affidavit. According to the arrest affidavit, another teenager, a runaway from San Francisco, was contacted by Aurora police officers on March 9. Mangino was asked to take her to jail. After she was fingerprinted, she told Mangino that she had smoked marijuana four hours before. He then drove her to The Children's Hospital so she could be medically cleared before she could be booked at the juvenile detention center, the affidavit said. [...] Then, while waiting by the emergency room, Mangino "strongly hinted" for her to take pictures in the bathroom and even told her which body parts to photograph, according to the arrest affidavit. She did as she was told and took a handful of photos of herself partially undressed, and then completely naked in the bathroom at the hospital. [...] When she returned to the home for runaways, she told a counselor that she took photos of herself for a police officer. When asked if she thought this was abnormal, she said "no," that she has done that at least twice before, although she was not certain during the other two times if the officers involved were really officers or police impersonators."
      • Courthouse News Service, "Girl Says Police Gave|Deviate Cop a Pass", 2012/11/02: "Mangino was Aurora’s police Officer of the Year in 2000. [...] [Guardian ad litem Melissa] Shirley adds: “The Aurora Police Department knew of defendant Mangino’s sexually deviant compulsions and were aware of the severe risks in permitting him to maintain a position of trust and authority over Aurora youth, but continued to employ defendant Mangino with the Aurora Police Department as a member of the Police Area Representatives Unit, and DARE officer in the Aurora Public School District.” Before Mangino abused the girl CLM, “a complaint was filed with the Aurora Police department against defendant Mangino alleging that he had attempted to engage in sexually deviant behavior with an Aurora youth residing at Comitis Crisis Center in Aurora, Colorado,” the complaint states. “Upon information and belief, a sergeant within the Aurora Police Department ignored the allegations and destroyed the complaint. No investigation was launched against defendant Mangino, and defendant Mangino was not disciplined in any way.”"
    • Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, the Pueblo CO campaign manager for John McCain in 2008, molested several boys dating back decades
      • Denver Post, "Molestation allegations against well-regarded Puebloan", 2009/02/05 (updated 2016/05/06): "A wide-ranging investigation has been launched into allegations that a well-known Pueblo resident has molested many boys over the years, including most recently when he was the manager for Sen. John McCain’s presidential-campaign office in Pueblo. Under investigation is Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, 52, who was arrested Jan. 29 and then re-arrested Wednesday after a campaign worker in the McCain office told police she believed Bartleson molested one of her sons. [...] in affidavits filed by police investigators in Pueblo District Court, authorities say that the most recent complaints follow a pattern involving Bartleson that dates to 1982. According to Detective Daniel Anderson, Bartleson has usually positioned himself so he is around children, whether as a Scout master, as a sponsor of the chemical-dependency unit at Pueblo’s Parkview Medical Center, at his church or simply by inviting children to spend the night at his home. In June 2003, then-Rep. Scott McInnis praised Bartleson in a tribute at the U.S. House of Representatives. In the tribute, McInnis noted that “in his capacity as a foster parent, Jeff has helped several youth in the region through his work with the Young Life Association and the El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch.” McInnis also noted that Bartleson was instrumental in the foundation and development of the Interfaith Hospitality network, which McInnis described as “one of Pueblo’s newest self-help organizations.” [...] David Dill, chairman of the Pueblo County Republican Party, said today that although Bartleson headed the McCain campaign office in Pueblo, Bartleson does not hold any position with the Pueblo County Republican Party. He attended a few meetings of the organization, but that was the extent of his involvement, said Dill. Dill said he believed that Bartleson directed McCain efforts in southern Colorado. State GOP officials said today they had no contact with Bartleson."
      • Colorado Independent, "Pueblo manager for McCain campaign arrested on molestation charges", 2009/02/05
    • Charlene Fassa, "Judi Chase's Amber Alert", 2006 - details a Colorado elite pedophile ring known as the Fat Cats (ed. note: interesting given the remark in the ransom note to John that "You are not the only fat cat around so don't think that killing will be difficult") that abducted children for sex slavery and child pornography; focuses on a case in Evergreen CO where social services conspired to kidnap the foster children of Judi Chase and pass them through a fraudulent adoption agency run by Shelly Jones and Jack Curry that sold children to others; facilitating this state kidnapping was the murder of Judi's husband David Chase by Matt Orahoske (ed. note: name changed to Pat Lubelski in the article), a truck driver who appeared to be involved in trafficking and met secretly with Shelly Jones several times
  • Other missing and murdered children in Colorado
    • Disappearance of John Truscott Haynes - in 1981 from Nederland CO
    • Murder of Jonelle Matthews - in 1984 from Greeley CO
      • Associated Press, "Former Idaho governor candidate investigated in 1984 killing", 2019/09/13: "A former candidate for Idaho governor says he’s under investigation in connection with the 1984 killing of a 12-year-old Colorado girl. Steve Pankey, who ran as a Constitution Party candidate for governor in 2014 and again as a Republican in the 2018 primary, told the Idaho Statesman this week that he’s under investigation in the death of Jonelle Matthews of Greeley, Colorado. [...] Her body wasn’t found until earlier this year, when construction workers excavating for a pipeline in a rural part of Weld County, Colorado uncovered her remains. Pankey and his former wife lived about 2 miles from her home when Matthews disappeared in 1984. [...] Pankey said he’d had previous brushes with the law in Colorado, charged with what he called a “date rape” in 1977 at the age of 26. He said the sex was consensual and the charge was later dismissed by prosecutors. He also said he’d been charged with several other misdemeanors over the years — including battery and harassment by phone — but won after going to trial multiple times."
      • KCNC, "Jonelle Matthews Murder: Idaho Politician Steve Pankey Is Person Of Interest", 2019/09/13: "Pankey and his former wife lived about two miles away from Matthews’ home in Greeley when she was reported missing, according to the Statesman. He said he has not returned to Colorado since leaving in 1987. Greeley police said Pankey made repeated efforts to speak with detectives throughout this investigation, but when detectives went to Twin Falls, Idaho, on Aug. 15 to speak with Pankey, he refused to speak with them. Pankey said he voluntarily gave a DNA sample at the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office just a few weeks after Jonelle’s remains were found this summer. [...] A spokesperson for the Greeley Police Department said, “At no point in time was a request made by law enforcement to obtain Steve Pankey’s DNA.” The Greeley Police Department said detectives were able to obtain a warrant and searched Pankey’s residence on Sept. 4, with the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office and the Twin Falls Police Department. [...] According to the warrant, officers were able to seize computers and electronic devices, “any and all computer programs or software used in the operation of the computer,” as well as diaries, letters, email and other documents. [...] After singing in a holiday concert at her middle school on Dec. 20, 1984, Jonelle was taken home by a friend and the friend’s father. She was last seen at 8 p.m., entering the ranch-style home where she lived with her father, Jim; mother, Gloria; and sister. Their father arrived home from Jennifer’s basketball game about an hour after Jonelle but found an empty house, The Greeley Tribune reported."
      • KTVB, "Full KTVB interview with former Idaho governor candidate Steve Pankey", 2019/09/18 (summary parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
        • "FIL was groundskeeper at the cemetery; FIL told SP "a cop had come to him and said he had a body that needed to be buried in a casket and it would look bad for Steve"."
        • "SP says the FBI Agent listened intently and then asked questions such as "Did the conversation have anything to do with Jonelle's older friends?"; SP denied knowing anything about her friends (Yikes-- what a sneaky way to subtly victim blame JM and simultaneously suggest alternative suspects; I've not heard anywhere else that Jonelle had older friends and I can't see an FBI Agent suggesting this either)"
        • "Next SP says the FBI Agents asked if the conversation had anything to do with drug dealing in the neighborhood; SP denied knowledge of "that neighborhood" and denied knowing anything about drug dealing (Once again SP is pointing towards ominous other possible suspects by bringing drug dealers up-- a very strange suggestion too since I think I read earlier in this thread Jonelle lived in a really safe neighborhood)"
        • "He goes on to say he didn't want his 5 year old at church because of some of the things he knew about "them"; (I think "them" is referring to the people he calls trusted adults but, again this is so convoluted and vague)"
        • "SP answers question about the youth group with: "No, no! In 1977.. now you have to keep in mind that I had left the gay lifestyle when I got kicked out of the army in 1976, then I became-- I repented for that and became the youth pastor. A girl, I was 26, a 23 year old a woman in the church who was single, her and I were dating; she was in the choir, she played the piano; we were having sex together. She got pregnant. She went to England and had an abortion and uh... she came back like a month later and er 6 weeks later and she and I had sex again and I told her I was going to tell the church that she got an abortion, you know without asking me, and the next thing I was arrested for date rape. And that was dismissed, ok. Cause I mean, frankly it was consensual. So that was 1977. So when you are a youth pastor and you get accused of date rape, I'll tell you, you are no longer youth pastor and you are not wanted in that church. So I was out of there." and then SP laughs."
        • "SP's brother is an ex-San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff;"
      • Colorado Sun, "After haunting Colorado for three decades, there is new hope in the Jonelle Matthews case", 2019/10/01: "“It was all hands on deck,” recalls John Gates, a 25-year veteran of the Greeley Police Department who is now Greeley mayor. He was the third detective on scene on that dark, freezing night. [...] A series of seemingly tangential connections to the Matthews family, coupled with some bizarre claims by Pankey himself, has made for a combative relationship between him and Greeley police, although authorities have stopped short of naming him as a suspect. [...] But Pankey does claim some strained connections to Jonelle’s family. He says that on Dec. 27, 1984, a week after Jonelle vanished, his estranged father-in-law, who was a gravedigger, dropped a strange remark about a body that needed to be buried — and then left. Pankey says he never again spoke to his father-in-law, who has since died. He insists he was so worried about the conversation, he told the FBI about it the following week on the advice of his attorney. Pankey also talks about a volatile relationship he had with the last known person to see Jonelle alive. He claims that Russ Ross, who dropped Jonelle off at her home at around 8 p.m. on the night of Dec. 20, assaulted him in the 1970s over Pankey’s attempt to start a union at the 7UP bottling company where they both worked. Pankey also says he was the youth pastor at the Sunny View Church of the Nazarene, which Jonelle’s family later attended after he was kicked out. He tells The Sun he was accused of raping the piano player, charges he says were dropped after he took a polygraph test."
      • KTVB, "Steve Pankey, person of interest in Colorado murder cold case, claims he's being framed by police", 2019/10/05
        • "In the statement, Pankey states that Matthews disappeared from her Greeley, CO home and that it was found in July 2019, “in an area known and regularly patrolled by law enforcement.” The statement continues with him saying the community deserves to know who did this, and why.

          He then lists some persons of interest. He has four names on his list starting with Russ Ross, Greeley Mayor John Gates, GPD Chief Mark Jones, and himself. He then begins to mention the events that happened to him on the night Matthews vanished.

          “On December 27th, Steve’s father in law related a cop needed a body to be buried. On or about January 3, 1985, Steve made a statement to Fort Collins FBI Special Agent Lyons in order to avoid a possible obstruction of justice charge,” the statement reads."
        • "> On December 20, 1984, an unmarked WCS police car and a pickup pulled into Steve Pankey’s driveway at 6086 W 10th St. The Pankey family was at Big Bear Lake, California from December 21 through December 26. On the late evening of December 26, Steve Pankey first heard Jonelle Matthews existed / disappeared from his 1980 Toyota Corolla radio. Steve’s only knowledge of Miss Matthews is from media reports. On December 27th, Steve’s father in law related a cop needed a body to be buried. On or about January 3, 1985, Steve made a statement to Fort Collins FBI Special agent Lyons in order to avoid a possible Obstruction of Justice charge. In 2019, police dug holes on Pankey’s former property and found no evidence. July 2019, Miss Matthews's body was found in a remote area that had no connection to Steve Pankey.
          > (Now defunct) White Nationalist cult Sunny View Church of The Nazarene member Russ Ross and his daughter were the last known people to see Jonelle enter her home. Russ had special, specific knowledge that Jonelle was to be home alone for a specific period of time. Russ Ross was Steve Pankey’s abusive supervisor at Greeley 7UP.
          > Major John Gates parents used to own Greeley 7UP. In 1979 Steve Pankey’s wife was pregnant with their oldest child. GPD officer Gates tried to get Pankey fired from 7UP because of a failed 1977 date rape charge. Gates / Ross filed a failed misdemeanor charge against Pankey. Gates and Ross had an ongoing thing for Pankey."
      • Background of Steven Pankey
        • 7 Up Bottling Company in Greeley CO
          • National Labor Relations Board, Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board, Volume 261 (1982), p.894

            7 Up Bottling Company and Steven Pankey, Case 27-CA-6764
            May 14, 1982
                Pankey, the Charging Party, was hired in December 1978 to deliver premix and postmix, to load the several delivery trucks for their next day's runs, and to repair fountain equipment for customers as needed. [...] Pankey remains on the payroll.
                In charge at Greeley when the events in issue began to unfold in the fall of 1979 was Terry Sillasen, sales manager. Effective February 1, 1980, he exchanged positions with Russell Ross, who had been an area manager in Respondent's Denver operation. Ross actually began fulltime work in Greeley on January 7, with Sillasen staying until February 1 to assist in his orientation. Under Sillasen and then Ross in the Greeley supervisory hierarchy were Randy Illingsworth, route supervisor, and Bill Weber, warehouse manager. Greeley being a branch of the Denver operation, the Greeley sales manager reported to Carl Ten Pas, Denver sales manager. Ten Pas in turn reported to John Howell, overall Denver Manager. It is undisputed that all of those named in this paragraph were supervisors for purposes of the Act.
          • Obituary of Gid W. Gates: "Gid Gates, 95, of Greeley passed away at Grace Pointe Assisted Living on June 1, 2015. Gid was born in David City, Nebraska to Arch and Rose (Styskal) Gates on December 22, 1919. [...] Gid graduated from high school in David City, Nebraska and went on to college at the University of Nebraska where he met his wife, Fran. In 1938, while in college, he joined the National Guard. He was called to active duty on December 21, 1940 during World War II. He served on Iwo Jima and was a captain in the army until his discharge in 1945. After the war Gid and Fran settled in Alliance, Nebraska. In 1948 they moved to Greeley where they owned the 7up Nesbitt Bottling Company until they sold it in 1975. Later Gid went to work for Wheeler Realty selling commercial real estate. Gid was a Greeley City Councilman from 1971-1975. He served on the Board of Directors for United Bank for 16 years and was president of the Board of the Greeley Country Club. He was a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, Greeley Elks Lodge #809, American Legion and Lost Patrol, VFW, a 70-year member of Masonic Lodge #190, and a 50-year member of El Jebel Shriners. [...] Gid is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Nancy and Abran Quevedo of San Diego, California; son and daughter-in-law, Greg and Leslie Gates of Atlanta, Georgia; son and daughter-in-law, John and Patty Gates of Greeley; [...]"
        • Coeur d'Alene Press, "Candidate Profile-Steven Dana Pankey", 2010/05/07: "Profession: Real Estate Investor [...] Community service (service clubs, nonprofit boards, etc.): I have served as a volunteer for Lincoln County Community Justice for five years. I serve weekly as male counselor for Griefshare at my Twin Falls church. (Griefshare is a healing program for people who have experienced a loved one's death). I was Lincoln County's Idaho Constitution Party Chair from 2008 to February 2010. [...] Marital status: I was married for 23 years. I have been divorced for nine years. Family: I have a 30 year old son "Mark" and daughter in law "Esther" who also live in Shoshone. My 20 year old son "Carl" was murdered in Phoenix on July 4, 2008."
    • Disappearance of Rocio Chila Sperry a.k.a. Rocio Sperry a.k.a. Rocio Delpilar Sperry - in 1987 from Colorado Springs CO
    • Murder of Phlisia Marie Bunting - in 1990 from Denver CO found in Grand Junction CO
    • Disappearance of Zachary Bernhardt - in 2000 from Clearwater FL
      • Charley Project info on Zachary Michael-Cole Bernhardt
        • "Early on in the investigation, authorities stated they thought Hackett knew more about her son's disappearance than she had disclosed. She frequently changed residences and was facing eviction from her apartment at the time of Zachary's disappearance. [...]"
        • "[...] Kevin Jalbert, who resides near Zachary's home, told an acquaintance that he was a child murderer and was prepared to find another victim in early 2001.

          Authorities learned about Jalbert's comments and began tracking his movements. He attempted to solicit an undercover officer for assistance in a child abduction, rape and murder in September 2001. He was arrested shortly afterwards and later sentenced to forty years in prison.

          Jalbert claims he has abducted and raped 1,000 children and killed five. His sister said he is a chronic liar and exaggerates to receive attention. He led the undercover police officer to Zachary's apartment building and said he had kidnapped a child from there, but he pointed out the wrong apartment and also described Zachary's clothing incorrectly. DNA samples from Jalbert also did not match available evidence in Zachary's case. Jalbert denied having abducted the boy, but then he failed a polygraph about his possible involvement in the case.

          Investigators found child pornography Web sites on Jalbert's home computer. It was determined that he visited a nearby landfill approximately two weeks after Zachary's disappearance. Jalbert had also been considered a suspect in a child abuse case in Florida some time prior to 2000. He was never charged in connection with the unrelated case. Authorities stated they've been unable to rule him out as a suspect in Zachary's disappearance."
        • "In January 2002, a five-year-old boy was kidnapped from the same apartment complex Zachary disappeared from. The boy said his abductor lured him into a vehicle with the promise of ice cream, and drove around with him for ten hours. The boy was left alive in a trash bin in Bushnell, Florida and he was rescued by a passing motorist. He may have been sexually assaulted."
      • Trace Evidence, "Episode 045 - The Disappearance of Zachary Bernhardt": "A year after Zachary's disappearance, a photo was discovered near Boulder, Colorado, some 1800 miles away, depicting a young, blond haired boy bound at his wrists and ankles with duct tape. The similarity to Zachary was difficult to dismiss, though ultimately this photo cannot be verified."
  • Satanic crime and organizations in Colorado
    • From p.58 of Painted Black by Carl Raschke - a drug lab in the county adjacent to both Boulder and Fort Collins: "In Weld County, Colorado, federal drug agents arrested three individuals while busting a drug laboratory and confiscating a cache of weapons along with "Satan-worship material." A warrant stated that the head of the drug and satanism operation had been giving directions from prison. The house in which the suspects were arrested was surrounded by a barbed-wire fence and protected by a gun-equipped tower."
    • From p.60 of Painted Black by Carl Raschke - occult-inspired murders also in Weld County: "Triple murderer Sean Sellers, seventeen, of Oklahoma City, while awaiting execution of death row, confessed he had been inspired to kill his mother, stepfather, and a convenience-store clerk with a .44 magnum after reading satanic literature brought by a babysitter when he was about the age of ten. Sellers claimed he had inaugurated his own satanic group in Greeley, Colorado."
    • From p.68 of Painted Black by Carl Raschke - cult activity in Fort Collins: "A teacher and several parents of junior high students in Fort Collins, Colorado said they were outraged at the way threats associated with incidents of alleged satanism in the Poudre R-1 School District had been scanted by authorities. Audrey Marshall, a Lincoln Junior High special education teacher, remarked, "I've estimated that 30 to 40 percent of my class alone has been either victimized, threatened, beaten or in some way bothered or terrorized by [a large group of satanists]." Elizabeth Kleckner, a parent of one of the high schoolers, swore her daughter had been violently threatened on three occasions by certain girls who bragged about animal sacrifices and flaunted satanist insignia."
    • Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, "Second Blaze Guts Boulder Fraternity Home", 1985/11/11
    • Topix thread in the JBR forum entitled "Colorado Cults and Pedophile Groups": pages 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Other cult organizations in Colorado
    • Naropa Institute - a Buddhist retreat for artists and poets in Boulder CO
    • Beta Dominion Xenophilia (BDX) cult
      • MEAWW, "Could BDX cult leader Scott Caruthers be involved in the murder of 6-year-old pageant star JonBenet Ramsey?", 2019/04/23
        • "JonBenet was found bludgeoned, strangled and hidden underneath a white blanket with a nylon cord around her neck. Her wrists had been bound above her head while her mouth was covered using duct tape. A new documentary 'Hunting JonBenet's Killer: An Untold Story' which features on the A&E network is attempting to find answers to some pressing questions on one of the world's most notorious cold cases."
        • "One of the theories made by 68-year-old Colorado woman Bernice Johnson, who is locked up in prison, stated that the clues written in the ransom note found near the scene of the crime point to another suspect, Scott Caruthers. Retired FBI agent Robert Clark traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, to investigate details about Caruthers, who was known to be a cult leader.

          Caruthers had started the Beta Dominion Xenophilia aka 'BDX' cult and, according to Johnson, moved to Maryland in 1989. Johnson also revealed that she and Caruthers had made several trips from Maryland to Colorado. She also claimed that Caruthers had hired her baby daddy Todd Fuss to kidnap JonBenet Ramsey. Johnson alleged that Caruthers and Fuss had crossed paths before, but she wasn't sure when."
        • "Caruthers was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill the enemies of BDX and had also allegedly arranged a plot to kidnap a six-year-old girl. Bernice Johnson claimed that Caruthers masterminded the idea of JonBenet's murder. Johnson also added that she could connect the ransom note to Caruthers because of the language. The letter was signed off with the text "Victory, SBTC.""
        • "Another part talks of "counter-measures and tactics" and when it comes to this, Caruthers used to love telling people about his service in the CIA and these are terms that only units in Intelligence would use. The ransom note had been signed off with the word "victory" followed by SBTC. Caruthers always insisted he was from a dimension called "victory" which is in the Kabbalah mystical tree of life."
    • Influx of hippies / counterculture in the late 1960s - likely connected to the Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon milieu
      • Boulder Daily Camera, "Asteroid Icarus triggered 1968 Boulder hippie invasion", 2019/06/16: "Hundreds of hippies from other parts of the country drove or hitchhiked to the Rocky Mountains for safety. Many took refuge in the mountains west of Boulder believing that only Boulder and possibly Tibet would be spared in the aftermath of Icarus, according to newspaper reports. [...] The New York Times reported on the hippies moving up to former mining settlements in their Volkswagen buses painted with brightly colored flowers. The Times quoted Boulder County officials who estimated some 500 hippies had arrived in Boulder in the summer of 1968. The Associated Press covered the influx as well, interviewing long-haired young people and snapped photos of campsites set up with tents, sleeping bags and campfire stoves for cooking pancakes and other simple meals. Boulder County Sheriff Marvin Nelson received complaints about the mountain campers that claimed there was theft, vandalism and drug possession. Some hippies had illegally taken over vacant cabins. [...] Though Icarus passed by Earth without incident, the hippies remained. [...] Some hippies eventually returned to where they came from. Others continued west to California. But many remained in the Boulder area and, in ensuing years, had a pivotal impact on Boulder’s culture in politics, music, the arts, business and education."
      • Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau, "What Is Boulder, Colorado, Known For?": "Hippy Central Between 1960 and 1975, the city’s population more than doubled, with the majority under the age of 24. Not all of them were hippies, but hippy culture thrived in Boulder and college students outspoken about political issues transformed Boulder’s social landscape. For many people, Boulder still conjures up images of VWs, long hair and peace signs."
      • Chris Wolf - an intruder suspect and a potential fake leftist provocateur
        • Rocky Mountain News, "Journalist who did not seek limelight can testify to its remorseless glare", 2001/12/20: "Chris Wolf was a journalist between jobs the night of Dec. 26, 1996. Now he is a plaintiff in a $50 million defamation lawsuit. The trajectory of his story is one of the more dramatic in the JonBenet Ramsey case. "This has made me unemployable," said Wolf, who still lives in Boulder. Wolf, a 42-year-old graduate of the University of Colorado, was sharing a trailer behind the Dakota Ridge New Age healing center just south of Lyons at the time of the murder. He'd been experiencing rough waters in his relationship with a former dancer several years his senior. It was her who went to police with her suspicions about Wolf. [...] Boulder police added Wolf, who had worked at the Boulder County Business Report, the Colorado Daily and the Lyons Recorder, to the pool of suspects. John and Patsy Ramsey added him to their own list, according to their book, The Death of Innocence. "He represented too many unanswered questions," they wrote. Wolf hopes to collect $50 million in damages from them. [...] Wolf said that Boulder police have interviewed him about the murder of his friend, Susannah Chase, a 21-year-old CU student who was slain in a downtown Boulder alley on Dec. 21, 1997. "The cops did ask me about Susannah Chase," Wolf said. "They asked me if I knew her. I told them I knew her as a checker at the Wild Oats market and that I never saw her or talked to her outside of that. And I told them that she was a beautiful, wonderful, innocent young woman who I never would have wanted to see any harm come to. "It broke my heart when I heard what happened to her. That's what I told them, and that's the truth.""
        • Boulder Weekly, "The Ghost of Christmas Past: Obsessed Reporter Reveals Dark Under World of Ramsey Case" by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, 2001/12/20 (old site archive) (additional copy): "Chris Wolf was a local reporter whose girlfriend, Jacqueline Dilson, had accused him of killing both JonBenét Ramsey and Susannah Chase. I initially met with Wolf in the fall of 1997 to tell him what I had learned, although he had a difficult time accepting the fact his own girlfriend was the tipster who caused his most recent ordeals. [...] He had traveled throughout the United States and Latin America, where he quickly bonded with poverty-stricken peasants and adopted an anti-imperialist political view on the world. Eventually, he moved to Boulder where he earned a master's degree in journalism at CU and went on to work as a mountain climbing instructor for Outward Bound, an outdoor confidence building program. Later, Wolf worked at various local newspapers as a reporter, where he sometimes engaged in passionate arguments with his co-workers about politics. Wolf had a peculiar past-including a history of working as a male stripper and a 1992 indecent exposure charge to which he pleaded guilty. [...] Wolf became a surprising suspect in the JonBenét case when Dilson told police only two weeks after JonBenét's murder that Wolf had disappeared the night JonBenét was killed. She told police Wolf was wearing a tennis club-style sweatshirt, which said "Santa Barbara." Since the supposed foreign faction claiming responsibility for JonBenét's kidnapping in the ransom note identified itself as "SBTC," Dilson wondered if it stood for "Santa Barbara Tennis Club." [...] I was intrigued enough to visit Dilson. She allowed me to read Wolf's journals. As I read about his journeys in El Salvador, I realized that Wolf's Marxist viewpoints were strikingly similar to the politics expressed in the ransom note."
        • samarkandy collection of news articles and forum posts on Chris Wolf - includes: Boulder Daily Camera, "Police cast wide net in Ramsey investigation" by Alli Krupski, 1997/10/24; Boulder Weekly, "John Ramsey's prime suspect", 2000/04/13; Rocky Mountain News, "Journalist who did not seek limelight can testify to its remorseless glare", 2001/12/20; Jeffrey Shapiro, "The Ghost of Christmas Past", 2001/12/20
      • Michael Sandrock - freelance journalist who was connected to the Shambhala Mountain Center, knew Chris Wolf, and introduced Karr to Michael Tracey
        • Shambhala Mountain Center bio for teacher Michael Sandrock: "Michael Sandrock is an award-winning journalist and author of Running with the Legends and Running Tough. He began running as a teenager in the forest preserves outside Chicago and went on to compete for the University of Colorado. After a stint making DNA as an organic chemist, he received his MBA and worked in a bank. It was a marathon in Yaounde, Cameroon, that spurred Sandrock to “follow his bliss,” a path that includes studying comparative mythology, running, yoga, and meditation, thanks to interviewing and writing about Sakyong Mipham."
        • From the Chris Wolf deposition (TODO source): "Q. And who are the good friends in Boulder with whom you have worked at a newspaper? A. Michael Sanderock, Jay Gluckstern, Chrissie Smiley, Kiki Bomer, K-i-k-i, B-o-m-e-r, I believe. Alex Stein. Q. Any other good friends in Boulder with whom you had worked at a particular newspaper? A. I would say many other acquaintances, but probably those would be the ones that I would call good friends. Q. Which newspaper did you work with with the people you have just named? A. The Colorado Daily. Q. How long did you work there? A. Four years. Q. And what years were they? A. '90 to '94. Q. When is the last time that you saw Michael Sanderock? A. Just before I moved out here in December. Q. December of 2000? A. 2000."
        • Denver Post, "Boulderite says Karr obsessed on JonBenét in ’02", 2006/08/21: "A runner and author from Boulder who met John Mark Karr in Paris in June 2002 recalled the JonBenét Ramsey murder suspect as “very analytical, very calm, very measured.” Michael Sandrock said he introduced Karr to Michael Tracey, the University of Colorado journalism professor who led authorities to Karr, via e-mail. Sandrock was in Paris researching a book when he met Karr at a bookstore where Americans gathered, he said. Karr was immediately drawn to Sandrock once he made the Boulder connection, Sandrock said. “When he got me by myself, and over time, the meetings got more detailed, and he started focusing on the Ramsey case,” Sand rock said. Karr asked Sandrock whether he knew Tracey, who has produced documentaries on the Ramsey murder, and if Sandrock could put him in touch with the CU professor. Sandrock said Karr told him he had been traveling in Europe for the summer by train and had been in Amsterdam, Netherlands, prior to Paris. The pair met for about six hours over the course of three days, Sandrock said. They met at the bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, or just outside the store, Sandrock said. Karr was dressed neatly but never carried a backpack like travelers tend to do on a long holiday, Sandrock said. Sandrock said he couldn’t recall if Karr told him where he worked or how he financed his vacation. Karr never introduced Sandrock to anyone else in Paris, he said. The more Karr talked about the Ramsey case, the darker the conversation got, Sandrock said. “I really got the feeling he had something bad inside of him,” Sandrock recalled. “Not necessarily that he was the killer, but that he had done something bad to a child. I really had that sense. It was more than a typical obsession with a celebrity murder.”"

Law enforcement cover-up

  • Boulder Police Department (BPD)
    • From p.15 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller:

          Mason tried to scare up some detectives to assist Detective Arndt, but the crew on duty the morning after Christmas was already spread thin on other assignments related to the case. For two hours and twenty-seven minutes, Arndt was the only officer in the Ramsey house.

          At first Mason couldn’t understand why the officers on the scene hadn’t secured the house earlier, separated the Ramseys, and questioned them individually. Then he learned that Commander Eller had ordered that the Ramseys be treated as victims, not suspects.
          The Ramseys were an “influential family,” Eller told Mason, who realized that this message must have affected the behavior of all the officers at the scene.
    • US Magazine, "FBI Agent in JonBenet Ramsey Case Reveals in ‘Overkill’ Sneak Peek the Biggest Mistake Police Made", 2016/12/16 - from an interview by Lawrence Schiller of the first FBI agent on the scene in the Ramsey case: "[People have] criticized the Boulder police for not doing what the police should have done on the 26th of December, and that was separate John and Patsy into two different interview locations, and get them interviewed, and get a full signed statement from them. Everybody makes mistakes at crime scenes, and I don't want to lay the blame on any particular person, but it was the philosophy in the police department at that time on the command staff that inhibited the officers and the detectives from doing the job that they knew they needed to do."
    • Linda Arndt as a scapegoat
      • Justice Watch, "Linda Arndt...The Best Witness", 2000/02/28: "Linda Arndt is the best witness as to what took place, who did what, when, and where. She was the only one who stayed that whole long, nightmarish time alone with that crowd. She was depicted in PMPT as being suspicious, but they didn't show the fear she felt at the moment JR brought that poor, dead, stiff child upstairs. She must have picked up some strange vibrations, not just from John, but from the whole crowd and situation. She could have felt she was trapped in a "Rosemary's Baby" scene, but this was "Rosemary's Dead Baby" [...] I think she cares about little JonBenet and knows there was evil still in that house."
      • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ramsey detective feared for her life", 2001/05/13: "A former Boulder detective did not turn over some of her notes on the JonBenét Ramsey investigation and says that after she was taken off the case she feared someone — including John Ramsey or even her police supervisors — might try to kill her. [...] "I didn't feel a need for a will until after I was taken off the Ramsey team and all that had accumulated before and after," Arndt said in a deposition taken in March and April 2000 and recently added to the court record. "... I have a will just in case something happens to me." [...] In her deposition, Arndt said that when she was taken off the Ramsey case she did not turn over two to three notebooks of investigative notes because she feared they would become lost. She said investigative notes turned in by Sgt. Larry Mason, who also was removed from the case, later could not be accounted for. [...] Police Chief Tom Koby once told her over breakfast that he thought Patsy Ramsey was responsible for the death, even after Arndt repeatedly tried to tell supervisors that she believed that John Ramsey was responsible. [...] Arndt felt she was being stalked by Patsy Ramsey's best friend, who Arndt also said is a key witness in the case. [...] Among other things, she said she was required to give daily reports at team meetings, keeping her away from investigative work, while no one else among the team was under a similar imposition. Arndt's lawsuit alleges that Koby placed the department under a gag order not to talk to the media, while at the same time some officers were leaking false information about her role in the case that was damaging to her reputation."
      • Boulder Daily Camera, "Sergeant defends Arndt at trial", 2001/06/01: "A Boulder police sergeant testified Thursday that he and his family suffered unnecessary humiliation because Boulder police administrators failed to quickly clear up false accusations against him in connection with the JonBenét Ramsey homicide case. Sgt. Larry Mason was speaking in support of former detective Linda Arndt's First Amendment lawsuit against the department. [...] In addition to testifying about his own experiences with police brass, Mason described Arndt as a "very competent, very dedicated and very focused" officer who could be trusted. Mason was Arndt's immediate supervisor on Dec. 26, 1996, the day JonBenét, 6, was found beaten and strangled in her family's basement. [...] Arndt claims that her reputation was damaged because Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner and former Chief Tom Koby failed to clear up false information in the news media about her or allow her to publicly challenge the allegations. [...] Mason was removed from the investigation of the Ramsey homicide days into the case. Cmdr. John Eller initiated an internal affairs inquiry, accusing Mason of leaking information about the case that damaged the investigation. Mason said police administrators learned within days that he had no knowledge of the information that was leaked but subjected him to an internal investigation anyway. Mason said Koby waited almost a year to publicly set the record straight and did so only after Mason reached an out-of court-settlement with the department. Koby eventually apologized for the accusations against Mason and called it a mistake."
      • Rocky Mountain News, "Ex-officer reached out to Ramsey", 2006/06/28: "In her first in-depth print interview, Arndt remembered Ramsey as "a lady of grace and courage and spirit, particularly in the face of such unrelenting adversity." "She was imprisoned by secrets. This whole case has been imprisoned by secrets." Arndt was reluctant to reveal many details of her contact with JonBenet's mother in the final year of her life. [...] Arndt would not discuss her theories of the case, saying only that she doesn't hold the "prevailing view" within the Boulder Police Department, which increasingly keyed on Patsy Ramsey. "I'm able to confirm a lot of things that Patsy was maintaining for 10 years," Arndt said. [...] On the case: Arndt was left by her colleagues at the Ramsey home with JonBenet's parents and family friends in the first hours of the investigation. She shouldered the blame for numerous police errors at the crime scene that day in December 1996."
    • Steve Thomas background
      • From p.456 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "Then Steve continued, “I fuckin’ can’t stand Smit. Sometimes I’m in the DA’s office talking to Smit and DeMuth. They’re telling me about the intruder theory, and it’s like—I just look down at my piece and I think to myself—well, I’ve got one in the chamber and seven in the clip.”"
      • Deposition of Steve Thomas in the Wolf v. Ramsey case
      • TODO: was Steve Thomas acquainted with Kali2 before JonBenet's murder, perhaps as a drug informant?
    • Tom Koby background
      • Houston law enforcement
        • Odessa American, "Drugs, money taken from police dog-training facility", 1990/11/02: "Police are investigating the theft of about $3 million worth of illegal drugs and $2,000 in cash from the building where officers train their drug-sniffing dogs. The two pounds of cocaine, 20 pounds of marijuana and an unspecified amount of Mexican heroin were taken Monday night, police said. The department's internal affairs division is investigating but officials say it's too soon to say if the burglary was an inside job. "We're hoping the investigation will tell us that," said Assistant Chief J.L. Kendrick, who oversees the internal affairs division. "As it stands right now, we're treating it like any other burglary," he said. [...] Assistant Chief Tom Koby, whose command over- sees the K-9 operation, said he couldn't speculate if the burglary was set up by an officer. "We've got magic questions, and we don't have magic answers yet," Koby said. [...] One police source told the Houston Chronicle that the burglary must have been an inside job, although he would not speculate if officers actually participated in the theft."
        • Denver Post, "Chief calm at eye of storm", 1997/02/09: "Born in 1949 in Cleveland, Texas, Koby grew up in Houston and joined the Houston Police Department in 1969. He rose quickly through the ranks, making sergeant in five years, lieutenant four years later and captain five years after that. Two years later, in 1985, he was given command of the burglary and theft detective division and earned Manager of the Year that same year. In 1987, he was promoted to deputy chief, then assistant chief four months later. [...] "Tom was a person I deemed destined to be police chief when he worked with me," said Lee P. Brown, the black chief who promoted Koby. [...] As Brown made public his plans to leave, Koby threw his hat in the ring for chief. But as the winnowing began, Koby suddenly withdrew his candidacy, claiming he would not be able to serve under Mayor Kathy Whitmire because of her lack of support for the department, resulting in chronic understaffing and no pay raises for several years."
        • J. Binder, "The Enforcer: Houston Mayor Lee Brown", 1998/12: "Brown restructured the department by assigning officers to specific neighborhoods and holding them accountable for what happened there. ‘Lee basically came in, kicked the doors down and said, “Let’s air this place out,” says Tom Koby, his second in command and later chief of police in Boulder, Colo. He pulled apart the entire department and put it back together again. It helped that he has about as much integrity as you can cram into a human being, and as much empathy for others as you’ll ever find.’ Brown evaluated his officers not by their arrest record but by the absence of crime in their neighborhoods. By the time he left for New York City, Houston’s police department had become a model for the nation."
        • Houston Police Officers' Union, "HPD History: Chief Lee Brown laid the strong foundation for HPD’s Strong community liaison practices with all communities", 2016/09: "There was some belief that HPD was on the verge of a war with the community with tension reaching palpable proportions to street officers until Mayor Kathy Whitmire picked Lee P. Brown as Houston’s police chief. [...] That attitude changed with Brown and Neighborhood-Oriented Policing. [...] Lt. Tim Oettmeier and Assistant Chief John Bales became the real architects of NOP. Future Assistant Chief Tom Koby also was instrumental in taking steps such as organizing workshops for Patrol officers."
      • Boulder law enforcement
        • Fort Myers News-Press, "Cape Coral police chief finalist for Colorado job", 1991/04/16: "Cape Coral Police Chief Lynn Rowe was named one of three finalists Monday for the police chief's job in Boulder, Colo. He's competing against Thomas Koby, assistant chief of police in Houston, Texas, and Hal Ness, division chief of patrol in Boulder, said Kelvin McNeill, a Boulder spokesman. McNeill said 170 people from around the country applied for the job when Jay Propst, chief for 12 years announced his retirement."
        • Denver Post, "Chief calm at eye of storm", 1997/02/09: "[After withdrawing his application for Houston chief,] Koby applied for chief of both Colorado Springs and Boulder. Missing out on the Colorado Springs job, Koby was hired by Boulder in April 1991. [...] "Tom impressed all of us as someone who had a philosophy of policing and law enforcement where police had to be an integral part of the community, first as law enforcement but in other issues as well," said Tim Honey, Boulder's city manager who hired Koby."
        • Westword, "Better Shred Than Read", 1997/02/20: "So if Koby follows the "media management" rules handed down by his mentor, one Lee P. Brown, wouldn't it have been thoughtful--sensitive even--to have provided those to reporters in advance? [...] (Why did Patsy Ramsey, who has not yet managed to schedule an interview with the Boulder Police Department regarding the murder of her six-year-old daughter, go to the Boulder sheriff to help pasta pusher Jay Elowsky plead his case with authorities? Next question.)"
        • People, "Storm Center", 1997/03/10: "WEARING CRISP DRESS BLUES and a holstered .357 Magnum, Boulder, Colo., Police Chief Thomas G. Koby was the picture of unflappability on the morning of Feb. 13 as he faced a crush of national media starving for information about the Christmas-night killing of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey. Unfazed by the volley of questions, Koby, 47, kept most of his answers brief, ranging from a terse “No comment” to an even terser “Next question,” while Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter stood by his side showing support."
        • From p.118 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas:

              Boulder never wanted a tough police force. One of the most politically correct places in America, Boulder viewed cops with an arrogance bordering on contempt. Tom Koby fit the place like a tailor-made glove. Instead of being a strong police chief to balance the defense-friendly DA's office, Koby became their quiet accomplice and counted Alex Hunter as a close friend.
              Tom Kobalinsky (the name was later shortened to Koby) started his police career as a nineteen-year-old Houston patrolman in 1969 and rose to assistant chief there. When Chief Lee Brown left Houston to become the police commissioner in New York City, Koby was a leading candidate to replace him, but Houston wanted tougher policing, and his star waned as fast as it had risen. He looked for work elsewhere.
      • Working for Scott Beck after leaving the Boulder Police Department (see below for information on Beck's background and alleged Ramsey family friendship)
        • Denver Post, "JonBenet case enters fourth year", 1999/12/30: "Meanwhile, Beckner's predecessor, Tom Koby, has gone to work for a venture capital firm dedicated to funding nonprofit groups. Koby, 50, began work this month for Tango Partners, a Boulder firm that invests private resources into Internet technology companies and then turns the proceeds over to nonprofits. "It's a perfect fit for me, and I'm really happy with it," Koby said Tuesday. "I think we could have a significant impact on philanthropic thinking." Koby left the Boulder Police in the spring of 1998, in the wake of widespread criticism over the handling of the Ramsey case and following a vote of no-confidence by Boulder police officers."
        • Denver Post, "Investor offers Technology For All", 2000/07/03: "Tom Koby, a partner at Tango, a Boulder venture capital firm, thinks he has hit a home run with his latest investment - a plan to bridge the digital divide in Colorado. Rather than putting money into the next hot Internet company, Koby has his sights set on an investment with philanthropic rewards. The investment firm has put $1 million behind a new nonprofit organization called Technology For All, which will give away computers, high-speed Internet access and software to virtually any nonprofit group in the Denver metro area. [...] Technology For All started last year in Houston, but Colorado may be the start of a nationwide rollout of the program. One of Koby's childhood friends, Scott Yager, came up with the idea for the program after seeing people throw old computers in the trash. Koby happened to talk to Yager recently and discovered his organization wanted to create a pilot program to take the concept nationwide. Koby said it was a good fit for Tango, which is a private investment firm that gives a portion of its proceeds to nonprofit groups. [...] Although recycling used computers is being done across the country, Technology For All has the added benefit of offering high-speed online connections and software via the Internet by teaming with Enron Corp., a large natural gas company in Houston that is moving into the telecom business."
        • Rocky Mountain News, "Koby turns energies to charity", 2001/12/19: "Tom Koby thinks of the year after he left the Boulder Police Department as a sabbatical. He moved to the mountains. He grew his hair long. He reflected on the lessons of the JonBenet Ramsey case. [...] Koby -- with shorter locks these days -- is director of local giving for Tango, the philanthropic arm of a Boulder venture capital firm founded by entrepreneur Scott Beck. [...] Koby has worked for Tango for two years, coming to the job through a relationship with Beck started when Koby was chief. Beck had supported some of Koby's community policing initiatives with donations."
      • Justice Watch, "Whatever Happened to...?", 2000/05/23: "According to Boyles, Tom Kobey let his hair grow out and was spotted at a ski "rest area" looking spacily hippie-like."
  • Boulder County District Attorney Office
    • Alex Hunter background
      • From l.220 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016)

            “The cops in Boulder,” Phillip Battany, a retired BPD officer with more than a decade on the force, had told me, “try to do their jobs, but sometimes it's impossible. Because the town has only one political party — the Democrats — everyone who's important in Boulder is allied with everyone else and the place is run like a ruling elite runs a private club. For years it was a sanctuary for drug dealers and users. There was no narcotics enforcement when I was a policeman because that's how the people in power wanted it. It was completely haywire from a cop's point of view, and that's why I eventually quit.”
      • From l.233 of Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular (2016)

            In September 1997, nine months into the Ramsey case, five Boulderites died of heroin poisoning. Back in the 1980s, a retired local physician, Robert McFarland, had spent more than a decade trying to find out why only a single individual had been prosecuted after Boulder police officers had busted one of the largest heroin labs in America. McFarland never did receive an acceptable answer from the authorities.
            “The whole legal system in Boulder has produced a hands-off environment,” he once said, “and Alex Hunter has been the right man for the job. His people just don't take on difficult prosecutions, because it's too risky. If they don't think they can get a clear-cut victory, they back off.”
    • Alleged closeness to the Haddon law firm and protection of the Ramseys, as mentioned in the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach
      • "[...] Hofstrom’s and Wickman’s teams are supposed to be working together in their high-security war room, but trust between the two was quickly shattered."
      • "However, one insider says that Hunter “is twice removed from the case,” and Hunter admits that he depends on Peter Hofstrom for his information. “He’s the one that’s keeping me advised. . . . He’s what I consider to be the lead guy.”

        Which, some say, is the problem. The burly Hofstrom is an old friend of several of the Ramseys’ lawyers, and he often socializes with Haddon’s partner Bryan Morgan. Confronted by police officials about such a seeming impropriety, Hofstrom reportedly fumed, “I’m not stopping my breakfasts with Bryan. I’ve known him for 20 years.” Patrick Burke, one of Patsy’s lawyers, has also been sighted, says an investigator, “standing at the door of the off-limits war room,” chatting with Hofstrom and DeMuth. And when investigators finally coaxed the Ramsey team into having its clients provide handwriting samples, it was done not at the police station but at Hofstrom’s house, “as if it were a goddamn afternoon tea.” [...]"
      • "One day in early July, I was contacted by a source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation. I arranged to meet with him in a parking lot outside Boulder. Edgy and fearful, he said he was speaking to me only as a last resort. He said that a flow of privileged, confidential information critical to a case against the Ramseys has been leaked from the D.A.’s office to the Ramseys’ lawyers with the efficiency of a sieve. He said that the Ramseys have been provided with copies of all “the most sensitive and critical police and detective reports” as well as reproductions of both the ransom note and the “practice” note found the same day. Haddon’s team even persuaded Hofstrom and Hunter to give them “private viewings” of the original ransom notes and “the actual ligature and garrote.” “The Ramseys’ best defense attorneys are right inside Hunter’s office,” he mumbled bitterly."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Giving info to Ramseys a mistake?", 1997/06/18: "Since the murder, officials have supplied the Ramseys and their lawyers with several key items, including: • Police reports recounting the family's behavior the day of the homicide. "Those papers have a lot of serious information in them - they talk about witnesses' actions, police observations and everything John and Patsy said to police on Dec. 26," a source said. "And (the Ramseys) have seen other reports from the days following the crime, talking about things like John's interview with police on Dec. 27." • Extremely clear copies of the handwritten ransom note Patsy Ramsey discovered on Dec. 26. • Portions of the former Little Miss Colorado's autopsy report. • Access to the ligature looped around JonBenet's right wrist. • Search warrant facts concerning the Ramseys' Boulder and Charleviox, Mich., homes, according to documents filed Tuesday in Boulder District Court. Investigators and prosecutors furnished some of the information - such as police reports - as part of an agreement for a police interview. [...] legal experts say investigators don't typically supply a victim's parents with police reports before filing charges against a suspect. "The reason is that ... an investigation is still proceeding and the information is not public (before an arrest)," said Christopher Mueller, a law professor at the University of Colorado. Gregg McCrary, a former criminal profiler with the FBI, agreed. [...] Hunter has supported the furnishing of police reports to the Ramseys, calling the content of the documents "meager." "To me, the issue isn't whether or not the information is meager or not meager, the issue is that that is the information that the police have, and when they share that, they compromise the integrity of the investigation," McCrary said."
    • War room computer breach
      • From the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "By April the police had decided that they could no longer share all their information with the D.A., and that they would keep their most damning evidence to themselves. In June a war-room computer was allegedly broken into. Two weeks later a statement from the C.B.I. reported that there had been a glitch in the system. Nevertheless, says the confidential source, “Three experts told the detectives definitively that the computer was hacked.”"
      • Longmont Daily Times-Call, "Prosecutor investigated for missing Ramsey files", 2001/05/04: "At the time of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation probe in 1997, DeMuth — who has since left the district attorney’s office — was one of the lead prosecutors in the Ramsey case under District Attorney Alex Hunter. Ainsworth was “on loan” from the sheriff’s department. In June of that year, Boulder police became alarmed after someone allegedly gained access to a computer containing investigative material in the case. The computer was located in a supposedly secured “war room” — a $35,820 project designed to keep information in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation secret. Publicly, Boulder police never named any suspects. But privately, they believed the theft of the computer documents was an inside job. Only those intimately involved in the investigation were allowed in the war room, which was protected by an electronic security system that showed no signs of forced entry. In early June, CBI investigators paid a visit to DeMuth’s and Ainsworth’s houses to seize their computers. The issue was quickly put to rest when a week after the supposed “break in” investigators concluded the files hadn’t been broken into, but a computer malfunction made it look as though they had."
    • Involvement of Lou Smit in the case
      • Reddit thread by straydog77 in 2019 about Lou Smit's role for the DA's office - notes that his ostensible role was to catalog the case file in preparation for a trial, not do any investigation; points out contradictory statements about whether or not Smit initially believed the Ramseys were responsible
      • Denver Post, "DA tried to silence detective", 2000/03/15: "[...] when Smit resigned from the investigation, District Attorney Alex Hunter's office asked a judge to impose a gag order on the retired detective, prohibiting him from talking about the case. It was the only gag order Hunter sought. Ultimately, Smit and Hunter's office agreed Smit would not talk publicly about the case until charges were filed. The agreement stated if no charges were filed by Oct. 1, 1999, Smit "shall be free to disclose any information to anyone," but cannot reveal conversations he had with anyone working for Hunter's office. [...] Even though Smit's original contract forbid him from talking about the case, Hunter said he had reason to believe Smit would, but declined to elaborate. [...] Hunter invited Smit to work on the investigation in March 1997. He resigned more than a year later, saying he was upset that the police and Hunter's office discounted evidence that didn't point to the Ramseys. [...] Smit wrote a letter asking to present his intruder theory to the grand jurors. However, Michael Kane, who was leading the investigation, told Smit in a letter that the grand jury was not interested in hearing from him. Kane eventually agreed to allow Smit to testify, Smit's attorney, Bob Russel said Tuesday. After he left the investigation in September 1998, the DA's office tried to force Smit to turn over all his files, photographs and other materials collected while he worked on the case. As part of the agreement, Smit was allowed to keep one copy of a presentation he made to prosecutors and could continue investigating the murder as long as he made it clear he was acting on his own and not on behalf of the police or the DA. In exchange, Smit agreed to return his copies of the case timeline and police lead sheets."
      • Paula Zahn interview of Alex Hunter on 2000/04/04: "HUNTER: [...] I mean, so far, what I hear from Detective Smit is old stuff, old stuff that has been considered and most of it debunked."
      • Work with John San Agustin of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office
        • Jewish World Review, "'Geek' sleuth unlocks protected computer files and reveals killers", 2003/05: "Detectives turned to their computer-geek-in-residence - John San Agustin. An engineer, he recently joined the Sheriff's Office to do a job thought to be the only one of its kind in U.S. law enforcement - developing computer software programs to present evidence to jurors in understandable ways. [...] No one thought of San Agustin, 33, as a law enforcement type. [...] In 1993, he met John Anderson. The soon-to-be sheriff was preparing to testify as a blood stain expert at a trial for three Denver police officers accused of using excessive force. [...] Anderson asked whether he could take the same approach on a police case, organizing evidence in a way that helped jurors understand blood stain patterns. San Agustin created a computer program that included a re-enactment of the scene, showing how the suspect fell and bloodied his nose as he ran from police. [...] The officers were cleared. [...] By 1998, San Agustin was working full time for the Sheriff's Office, creating the presentations that walk jurors down the path that led detectives to their suspects. [...] San Agustin's Dell computer is a chamber of horrors, housing dozens of stories of violent deaths. It contains the Columbine file, painstakingly created last year after the Jefferson County sheriff asked the El Paso sheriff to investigate whether a police officer, not one of the two gunmen, shot student Daniel Rohrbough. San Agustin clicks on Rohrbough's name, and the screen produces an autopsy photo showing the wound in the boy's pale chest. He can pull up close-ups of the fatal bullet or audiotape of frantic voices calling 911 on April 20, 1999. [...] A bad guy who's consumed much of San Agustin's time in the past several years is the same bad guy many Americans have wondered about since 1996 - JonBenet Ramsey's killer. San Agustin and Ollie Gray, partners in a private consulting business, have worked for the 6-year-old's parents since 1999. San Agustin said he learned about the case from Lou Smit, a retired El Paso sheriff's detective who has worked for the Ramseys. Hearing about the case from Smit, San Agustin began to believe in the couple's innocence. The Ramseys asked him to work for them, and San Agustin agreed to work for free, on the condition that if he found anything that incriminated them, he'd take it to Boulder authorities."
    • Lou Smit background
      • Denver Post, "New detective joins case", 1997/03/14: "A Denver native, Smit joined the Colorado Springs Police Department as an officer in 1966. In 1972, he was promoted to homicide detective. Between 1990 and 1995, he worked as an investigator in the district attorney's office in Colorado Springs. In 1995, longtime colleague John Anderson was elected El Paso County Sheriff and hired Smit as his captain of detectives, specifically to work on the murder of Heather Dawn Church. [...] In January 1995, Smit took over. Within three months, after an exhaustive search to match an unidentified fingerprint, authorities arrested neighbor Robert Charles Browne, who pleaded guilty to the girl's murder and is now serving a life term in prison. [...] Smit's detective work also resulted in the conviction of Park Estep for the 1974 murder of a Colorado Springs massage parlor operator, and the solution of a 1975 case that involved four major defendants and five murder victims, including Karen Grammer, the sister of television star Kelsey Grammer."
      • Affidavit of John Wesley Anderson on 1999/03/04 speaking in support of Lou Smit
      • El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson background
        • Al Kaly Shrine Dust, "Featured Member: John Anderson", 2010/05: "John Wesley Anderson was born in Wayne, Nebraska in January 1954 and moved to Colorado with his family two years later. Soon after, his parents divorced and mother found herself needing a job. In 1957 Colorado Springs Police Lt. Red Davis was looking to hire the first Meter Patrol Officers and John’s mother found herself wearing Meter Patrol Badge Number One. [...] Also, during this time he looked forward to Christmas and other “get-togethers” at Grandma’s where he could listen to Uncles Red and his brother Les, also a Colorado Springs Officer, telling “war stories” of their arrests and cases at work. [...] By the time John graduated from Ellicott High School in 1972 he had been a Colorado Springs Cadet for a year and continued there until 1975. “Uncle Red” had become Assistant Chief Davis at this time and John was turning 21 years old. He tested for an officer position, was moved into dispatch where he worked for three months and was hired as a Colorado Springs Police Officer three days after his 21st birthday. Red later retired and became the 24th sheriff of El Paso County. His career with the Colorado Springs Police Department took him to “the streets,” the Training Academy, Detectives and saw him promoted to sergeant in 1986. As Sergeant he supervised in Patrol, the Academy and Traffic, Internal Affairs, and Community Relations. John also received a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1990 and an MBA in 1994, both from Regis College, before being elected the 26th Sheriff of El Paso County, also in 1994. [...] During his stint in Detectives he met the nationally recognized Lou Smit and became life-long friends with him. Lou was hired in 1995 by Sheriff Anderson and assigned to solve the long “cold” Heather Dawn Church homicide, which he did. [...] After two terms (term limits still exist in El Paso County) and 30 years in law enforcement John again retired. He then went to work at Lockheed-Martin for Ret. Lt. Col. Al Sarno (a Mason and Shriner) whom he met around 1996 through the Sheriff’s Department. Twenty-five years ago John joined the Masons in Colorado Springs. Although he has had “a life interwoven with cops and Masons” he specifically recalls Police/Masonic encounters with Sgt. Mike Tooley, Chief John Taggert and Det. Capt. Vic Morris. Vic, who recently passed away, was Grand Sentinel and husband of Past Worthy Grand Matron Trude Morris. [...] As part of the Lockheed Martin team working with the Small UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in Technology Transfer – where military technology is scouted for use in the civilian arena - John has been able to work with Homeland Security and Homeland Defense agencies."
        • Colorado Springs Independent, "A decade after being term-limited out of office, John Anderson wants to be sheriff again", 2014/02/26: "Anderson joined two other Republicans, Jim Reid and Bill Elder, in seeking the party's nomination, with the March 29 party assembly fast approaching. [...] If voters support Anderson, he'd earn a third term in office, having been sheriff from 1995 to 2003 before reaching what was then the term limit. Anderson groomed current Sheriff Terry Maketa to be his successor, promoting him to undersheriff. Though the two have had some fallings-out in the past — notably, Maketa did not endorse Anderson in his failed 2006 bid for Congressional District 5 representative — the term-limited Maketa has supported Anderson's run for sheriff. [...] While Anderson hasn't had many high-profile endorsements so far, former Undersheriff Donald Kessler also recently announced his support. [...] Under Anderson's leadership, the El Paso County sheriff's department solved or addressed a series of high-profile crimes, including the capture of the "red Rodeo" serial child molester in 1999 and the 1995 capture of self-proclaimed serial killer Robert Browne for the 1991 murder of 13-year-old Heather Dawn Church. The department was also involved in the 2001 capture of the "Texas Seven" — prison escapees who murdered a police officer — and in the investigation into the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. [...] In 1995, Anderson put three issues before voters asking for more tax money to increase staff and expand the jail. They all failed by about a 4-to-1 margin. [...] After leaving the sheriff's office, Anderson went to work for Lockheed Martin as a systems engineer principal. There, he also served as a liaison to the U.S. departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security, and others in law enforcement. Al Sarno, who was a senior program manager at Lockheed until he retired in March 2013, says he hired Anderson because Anderson had rare knowledge of both homeland security and law enforcement. He notes that Anderson was given the highest security clearance for his job, and was required to pass polygraphs. He also was given an unlimited corporate credit card — a rare move for one of the world's largest defense contractors and a sign of trust. Sarno notes that Anderson was chosen to lead important projects and internal investigations around the world, and is up to speed on the latest technology used in law enforcement and the military. In fact, he was the corporate lead for advanced technology applications for law enforcement and homeland security, both domestically and internationally."
        • Colorado Springs Gazette, obituary for Albert R. Sarno, 2015/09/13: "Albert R Sarno, born on July 17, 1943 and died on September 7, 2015 is remember by his loving family and his beloved Melanie Atkins. He was a Lt. Col. (retired) and served bravely in the Vietnam War. He then continued to manage defense projects with Lockheed Martin. He also worked with CSPD and CBI in the cold case unit. He is survived by his two children Susan Blake Wachter, Steven Sarno and his 5 grandchildren."
      • 1974 murder of Sun Ok Cousin and assault of Yon Cha Lee - was pinned by Smit on Park Estep, a former Army engineer and Vietnam veteran; Ottis Toole later confessed to the crime and arguably fit the details better
      • 1975 murder spree by Freddie Glenn, Michael Corbett, Larry Dunn, and Eric McCleod (all soldiers at Fort Carson, except Glenn who was a civilian employee there) - their first known victim was Daniel Van Lone, who they drove to a remote area and murdered execution style; another one of their victims was Karen Grammer, the 18-year-old sister of famous actor Kelsey Grammer (who, as Dave McGowan notes, later got accused of statutory rape); Lou Smit was a Colorado Springs homicide detective at the time and implicated this group
        • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Grocery windows broken by vandals", 1975/04/21: "Early Sunday afternoon deputies received a report of shooting in the 2900 block of North Avenue. Daniel H. Vanlone, of 2950 North Ave., told deputies that an unknown person was shooting across the street at a dog and a bullet richocheted over his home. There were no arrests made in the matter."
        • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Fire destroys empty house", 1975/05/02: "A two-story house on North avenue was gutted by fire early today just hours after tenants moved out, according to Grand Junction Fire Dept. reports. The house, at 2950 North Ave., was owned by Pavlakis & Co., 260 Main. The fire department was called at 4:15 a.m., and the building was engulfed in flames when trucks arrived, according to fire department reports. The house was a total loss, but a smaller house north of the burning house was not damaged, according to the report. Battalion Fire Chief Wes Painter said the house had been vacated the day before the fire and was almost empty."
        • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Palisade soldier shot to death", 1975/06/18: "Francis Gerald "Jerry" Romisch, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Romisch, of Palisade, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds near Colorado Springs early Tuesday morning. The youths body was found lying beside his pickup truck alongside Colo. 115 south of town Time of death was estimated at 1:30 a.m. [...] The youth had spent the weekend at home with his family at 718 Road 33 810, leaving here at 8 p.m. Monday to return to duty at Ft. Carson. He was ranked as Specialist 4 assigned to a military intelligence unit. [...] The truck's windshield was sprayed with bullets and as many as 17 bullet holes were found in the vehicle. The youth had lived all his life in this area until he joined the Army in January, 1974. [...] Additional survivors are four sisters, Mrs. Conway Johnson of Golden, Brenda, Rhea, Mary Ellen and Blanche Marie, all at home; three brothers, Richard, also stationed at Fort Carson, Kenneth John and Bryan Edward, both at home ; and his grandparents, Mrs. Ellen Lancaster of Grand Junction and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richard Romisch of Glenwood Springs."
        • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Ex-Junction resident killed on East Slope", 1975/06/19: "A second man with ties to the Grand Junction area was found shot to death early today near here. He is Daniel Howard VanLone, 29, who until last month lived at 2950 North Ave. in Grand Juncton. [...] Tuesday morning a trucker found the body of a Palisade youth, Gerald Romisch, 19, who had been gunned down apparently as he rode his pickup truck from his parents home in Palisade to report for duty at Ft. Carson, near here. Despite the similarities in the killings, a spokesman for the El Paso County Sheriffs Office called the relationship "just a coincidence." "We havent got a motive in the VanLone killing but there is no tie-in," said Sheriffs Sgt. Howard Schafer. VanLone's body was found about a mile north of the Four Seasons Motor Inn where he worked as a cook on the 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift. He started work there as a kitchen helper May 21, according to Mary Jensen, the firms personnel manager. But VanLone quickly won promotion to cook. [...] VanLone's job record is vague concerning Grand Junction. It is believed he spent most of his life in Colorado Springs, served in the U.S. Army and then moved with his family to Grand Junction sometime in 1974. While here he worked for about a month as a dishwasher at the Ramada Inn, 718 Horizon. That job ended sometime in May, a spokesman said."
        • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Springs police continue probe into shooting of local men", 1975/06/24: "Undersheriff Gary Gibbs said "nothing new" had surfaced in the investigation, but said, "We're still working full time on it." A 19-year-old Palisade man, Francis Gerald "Jerry" Romisch, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds last Tuesday near Colorado Springs. His body was found lying beside his pickup truck alongside Colo. 115 south of town. Romisch had spent the weekend at home with his family and had left Palisade at 6 p.m. June 16 to return to duty at Ft. Carson, where he was assigned to a military intelligence unit. The second death occurred early Thursday, when Daniel Howard Van-Lone, 29, was found shot in the head on a dirt road near Colorado Springs. He later was pronounced dead at a Colorado Springs Hospital. Van Lone worked as a cook at the Four Seasons Motor Inn, but had recently moved from Grand Junction with his wife and four children, where he had lived since sometime in 1974. Undersheriff Gibbs said the investigation still had found no connection between the two deaths, and said it was "nothing like" a case of mistaken identity."
        • Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, "Daniel Van Lone Funeral Today", 1975/06/26: "A graduate of El Paso Community College, he served in the Army stationed in Korea and Vietnam. He was married Feb. 29, 1972 in Huntsville, Ala."
        • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Man indicted in death of former resident", 1975/10/03: "A civilian employe at Fort Carson has been indicted in the fatal shooting of a former Grand Junction resident, Daniel Howard Van Lone, 29, on June 19. The indictment returned Thursday by an El Paso County grand jury named Freddie Lee Glenn Jr., 18, who had previously been indicted in two more of five murders currently under investigatioh in El Paso County. [...] Glenn has been charged in the stabbing death of Karen Grammer, 18, and the shooting death of Winslow Douglas Watson III, 21. Also charged in the Watson death are Michael Corbett, and Rick Mobley, who is the object of an extradition procedure from Florida. Corbett is charged in the stabbing death of Winfred Proffitt. Corbett, and Mitchell Martin are charged in the shotgun death of Rickey Lewis. [...] Van Lone's body was found with a gunshot wound in the head in the early morning on a dirt road about a mile from the motel where he was employed resident as cook. Van Lone had worked for the Ramada Inn while living in Grand Junction. He had left in May to return to Colorado Springs where he is believed to have lived most of his life. He lived here with his wife and four children at 2950 North Ave."
        • Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, "Man Says 'Innocent' To Murder", 1975/10/07
        • Overview of the Ken Botham case and other 1975 murders in Colorado that were likely related: "The events that occurred in Grand Junction in 1975 are impressive compared to other years past. Some of these events are as follows: [...] Daniel Van Lane, early June, shot once in the head. Had moved his family to Colorado Springs after his home mysteriously burned in Grand Junction. [...] Late June, a young soldier was gunned down with an automatic weapon while returning to station. His brother was allegedly serving on a narcotics squad at Fort Carson."
        • From Dave McGowan's interview in Issue #38 of PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader: "Karen Grammer's murder was briefly mentioned in my book because of the indirect connection to the JonBenét Ramsey case (which obviously wasn't a serial killer case, but which is covered because of the parallels to other cases). Lou Smit, the private investigator brought in to work on the Ramsey case—first for the DA, and then later for the Ramseys—was previously best known fur purportedly solving Grammer's murder. I found this to be an intriguing connection, primarily because Smit seems to be far better at providing spin than solving crimes.

          The Karen Grammer murder is yet another one of those tantalizing factoids that you find sprinkled here and there in the mainstream media coverage of high-profile crimes, and then never hear another word about. As it turns out, the Grammer case is, perhaps not surprisingly, a bizarre one. She was purportedly killed by a gang of current and former GI's stationed at the Fort Carson Army base near Colorado Springs. Grammer was supposedly one of seven victims killed as part of a murder spree—except that her murder was markedly different than the other six murders. All the other victims were men, and must of them, if not all, had some connection to Fort Carson. At least three were soldiers who were currently or formerly stationed there, and another was a cabdriver killed on the base. At least one victim was himself a member of the gang. Most were shot, execution style. Grammer, on the other hand, had her throat slashed after being brutally raped.

          Most of the murders were undoubtedly part of some kind of clean-up operation going on at Fort Carson at the time. It is unclear how or if Grammer's murder was connected to whatever was going on at the Army base. Smit just lumped her murder in with the others and wrote them all off as just another senseless, largely motiveless, murder spree.

          As an interesting side note, Kelsey and Karen Grammer's father was murdered as well, in a separate incident in 1968. And as another interesting side note, the prosecutor on the Karen Grammer case was later a prosecutor on the Ted Bundy case."
        • From p.27-29 of Hello Charlie: Letters from a Serial Killer by Charlie Hess (2008):

              Eventually joining forces with a team of prosecutors that included Robert Russell, who would subsequently help to bring Ted Bundy to justice, Smit began assembling evidence against a vicious gang led by Michael Corbett, an army officer whom the detective would later call “one of the most dangerous men I've ever met.”
              A textbook psychopath, Corbett had served a stint at Fort Carson, where he began his crime spree while still in the army, running over a fellow soldier with a tank to settle a grudge. “He was completely without a conscience,” Smit asserts, “and he could turn on and off like a switch. There was no telling what might trigger him. He was a very gung ho military type, who took his training very seriously and prided himself on his martial arts skills. That might be why the army brass accepted his story that the tank episode was an accident.”
              Once discharged, Corbett began gathering a coterie of devoted followers, most notably his roommates Freddie Glenn and Larry Dunn, drawn as much by his cold-blooded charisma as by his addled rants of black empowerment. Also part of the gang was Winslow Watson—like the others, a former GI—who had ended up in the morgue after crossing Corbett by stealing a loaf of bread from some next-door neighbors. It was Watson’s name that Smit had found in the deserted apartment; one in a string of capricious killings carried out by Corbett and his crew. That growing list of victims also included Daniel Van Lone, the hotel cook, who, after being robbed, was summarily dispatched when the infuriated killer found only fifty cents in his pocket.
              Smit and his colleague, a young prosecutor named Chuck Heim, had taken the first steps down a bloody trail left by the ruthless killers. “We had a couple of other cases—a cab driver killed at Fort Carson and another soldier gunned down at a rest stop ten miles from the base—but we were never able to make those stick,” he recalls. “As it was, we had plenty to keep us busy anyway.”
              The investigation broke wide open in short order when Smit was able to elicit a confession from Larry Dunn, the gang’s junior partner, after persuading New Orleans authorities to arrest him on an unrelated crime. “We had seven murders we were looking at by that time,” Smit recalls, “and Chuck Heim offered Dunn immunity in exchange for his testimony. He told us the whole thing, sitting there in the New Orleans House of Detention, beginning with Van Lone, who had begged for his life as Corbett forced him to lie on the ground and then put a .38 to his right temple and pulled the trigger.” “Did you see that motherfucker jump when I shot him?” was Dunn’s recollection of Corbett’s exultant comment as they drove away.
        • Kenneth Patterson, "The Freddie Glenn Story: His Side", 2015/10/05 (LinkedIn archive)
          • "Freddie Glenn was only 18 years old when he was tried and convicted of murder in 1975. He accompanied a couple of friends on what was only supposed to be a couple or few robberies. Glenn has not denied accompanying the other men.

            Glenn only believes that he is doing way more time than he deserved. He's been in jail for 40 years -- and didn't kill anyone. His only crime was being there in the first place. The odd thing about the whole case was that Glenn was never offered a chance to appeal.

            While even one of the other two convicted killers, Michael Corbett, admitted Glenn's innocence in a letter that was addressed to Glenn's longtime friend and confidant, Belinda. Glenn, who now goes by "Siyani" is mentioned in this letter as not having anything to do with any of the murders."
          • From Michael Corbett's letter to Belinda: "Ok, baby sister. You wanted to know the real deal, about my brother Siyani. It's like this. For one, Siyani never killed anybody. They lied on him, because [District Attorney] Bob Russell, and [Detective] Lou Smit, was mad at him for not turning on me! Larry Dunn, was the one that really killed Grammer. They gave Siyani that murder case. As for Profit, I did that and I even went and testified at Siyani's trial with a life sentence in that one. I admitted to mine, at my first Parole hearing in 1996. All Siyani should have gotten of is Accessory to first degree murder, which only carry's 10 years."
          • From Freddie Glenn's letter to Kelsey Grammer: "I was too scared to tell or snitch on anyone. Instead, I chose to accept responsibility for my involvement in those crimes which was only me driving my car in what was supposed to be only robberies. Had I cooperated and saved myself and told them Larry Dunn killed your sister and testified against Michael Corbett, I would not be in prison today. Larry Dunn took the life of your sister and was actively involved in the other two murders. He lied on me and was reward full immunity on 3 murder charges."
          • "KP: The night in question concerning Karen Grammer’s murder, what were you doing at the time your friends approached you?

            Freddie: Larry Dunn and Eric McCloud came by my apartment. Larry had an idea of getting some money. I would actually be their transportation. Eric was only coming along for the ride. We all knew each other and hung around in the same areas. They didn’t have their own cars. They were privates in the Army at Ft. Carson and struggling financially. So I would help them out since I was the only one in the whole group that owned a car. So I would be the designated “taxi” driver. The night in question, we drove around, just the three of us. Larry Dunn was the oldest and more like the ringleader. We were riding around while Larry was casing places to rob. Eventually, we came to a Red Lobster. He ordered me to stop the car and park a small distance away from the restaurant. I did what I was told. Larry and Eric exited the car to rob the restaurant. I was waiting 15 or 20 minutes (maybe less) in the car. The next thing that happens, Larry and Eric return to the car with Karen Grammar and ordered me to drive off quickly.


            KP: I had a question about Michael Corbett. Where did y’all meet?

            Freddie: In the Arbada House Apts. where I stayed. That was my first apartment in Colorado Springs. That’s where I lived most of the time I was in Colorado Springs. In fact, that’s where we all met except for Eric. Eric was a soldier in Ft. Carson and used to court with my auntie. I met Eric through my aunt. Michael Corbett is trying to let everyone know that I didn’t have anything to do with the murders. He never had anything to do with the Grammer case, but he knows Dunn did it. He also confronted Dunn at one time, “Why did you do that?” I can only guess that Michael was mad at Larry Dunn for killing and raping Karen Grammer. He actually told me he started to kill Larry for all the mess he had gotten him into. Michael is in bad shape right now and doesn’t have very long to live. He’s just trying to make things right before it’s all said and done.

            KP: What was Larry Dunn like and how did y’all meet?

            Freddie: He was an older guy. I think he was about to be kicked out of the army. He was always looking for money. He used to visit the Arbada Apartments where I stayed. That’s where he and Michael Corbett used to hang out. Larry later became friends with my older sister that was living in Colorado Springs already. That’s really how Larry and I became friends. While my sister would be at my apartment, Larry would come to see her. When I say friends though, I don’t mean that we were extremely close. I would just give him rides like I would for anybody else we knew living at the complex. It was mainly about him knowing my sister. My sister died 15 years ago. She died with the guilt of ever introducing me to Larry Dunn. Larry walked away from three murder cases by lying on me and testifying against Michael. I was too scared to snitch on anybody. I just tried to accept responsibility for my involvement."
        • Bob Russel background
          • Colorado Springs Gazette, "Tribute planned for former DA who prosecuted Ted Bundy", 2012/01/05: "For two decades Robert L. Russel was the public face of justice in the Pikes Peak Region — a five-term district attorney who personally tried some of his biggest cases while nurturing the talent of dozens of young attorneys. [...] Memorabilia and newspaper clippings will offer glimpses of Russel’s varied career, from prosecuting notorious serial killer Ted Bundy to winning a conviction against the man who killed Karen Grammer, sister to actor Kelsey Grammer.Russel, who served as 4th Judicial District Attorney from 1965 to 1985, came into office as the only full-time prosecutor for El Paso and Teller counties, and built a team of up-and-coming legal talents, observers say."
          • KRDO, "D.A. Legend Bob Russel Dies At Age 82", 2012/01/25: "Robert Russel, a prominent local figure best known for his five-term run as El Paso County District Attorney has passed away at the age of 82."
          • Colorado Springs Gazette, "DA Bob Russel, 82: He left lasting fingerprints", 2012/01/25: "While today’s D.A.s are administrators, Russel prosecuted cases himself — including, all too briefly, that of serial-killer Ted Bundy — and he won over jurors on his way to a 22-7 trial record on murder cases. [...] Colorado Attorney General John Suthers got his start under Russel — and so did judges, business leaders and three of the past five district attorneys. [...] Russel drew national notice when he was appointed special prosecutor on the case of Ted Bundy, who was nabbed in the Aspen area during his cross-country killing spree and detained for a 1977 trial that was moved from Aspen to Colorado Springs."
          • Shrine of Remembrance page on Robert (Bob) Lee Russel: "Russel also advised his friend and colleague, Lou Smit, who investigated the killing of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996."
      • Apple Dumpling Gang investigation of Robert Charles Browne
        • New York Times, "The Confessor", 2007/04/29
          • "The godfather of the Apple Dumpling Gang was Sheriff Maketa’s predecessor, John Anderson, who held the top law-enforcement post in the county from 1995 to 2003. Charlie Hess’s daughter Candy managed Anderson’s first campaign. During a strategy meeting at her house in 1994, Hess met Lou Smit, who served with Anderson on the Colorado Springs Police Department in the 1970s and ’80s."
          • "Smit was a legend in Colorado law-enforcement circles. A veteran of more than 200 homicide investigations, he had a knack for solving tough cases that seemed to entail an almost mystical connection with victims. His dedication to the job was unrivalled. When Smit had applied to the Colorado Springs police force in 1966, the department still had a 5-foot-9-inch height requirement. Smit measured in half an inch short. He asked to be retested, and the night before, he persuaded his cousin, who was already on the force, to hammer him on the head with his nightstick. The next morning, extended half an inch by the mother of all welts, he got the position."
          • "Hess and Smit’s friendship developed quickly over regular racquetball games and frequent meals. They each could improvise in difficult circumstances. They each had quick senses of humor. They each appreciated the degree to which cases sometimes required tactics and methods that weren’t always in, or by, the book.

            “Lou and I are very much alike,” Hess said. “We both understand that if you want to see into the abyss, you’ve got to walk near the edge.”"
          • "In 1952, lured by a $6,200 salary, he landed a position as a special agent for the F.B.I. Hess, just shy of his 25th birthday, was assigned initially to San Antonio. He learned Spanish at the F.B.I. language academy and was later posted to El Paso and then to Alpine, Tex., beside Big Bend National Park. He showed a flair for cultivating informants on both sides of the border; within six months of the start of his stint in San Antonio, he had 20 people passing him tips. Almost everything he learned about getting people to talk to him he credits to the intuitive approach of the Texas sheriffs he met on his rounds."
          • "Hess put in 10 years with the bureau, and then 3 as the city manager of National City, just south of San Diego. But with his 40th birthday looming and his marriage getting rocky, he was restless and ready for an adventure. He ran into an old classmate from the F.B.I. Academy who had been hired by the U.S. Agency for International Development (Usaid) to teach police work to the South Vietnamese. Hess was hired by Usaid, and late in the spring of 1967 he flew to Vietnam as a foreign-service officer of the State Department. “I don’t think I was in favor of the Vietnam War ideologically as much as I just wanted to find out what was going on over there,” he told me.

            One day in the summer of 1967, Hess went on an inspection tour in a plane with a C.I.A. paramilitary officer named Robert Wall, who outlined a joint American-South Vietnamese program that the C.I.A. was organizing to “neutralize” the Vietcong political cadres. Wall offered Hess a job as a deputy coordinator for the Phoenix Program."
          • "When I pressed him on the issue, Hess said he had not participated in, or witnessed, the more brutal interrogation practices that were aired in Congressional hearings in the early 1970s, when United States soldiers gave accounts of prisoners being thrown out of helicopters, or “rung up” by electric shocks from hand-cranked field telephones, or pierced through the eardrums by sharpened bamboo dowels. Hess, who has a hat stitched with the message, “Vietnam — If You Weren’t There, Shut Up,” also made a point of telling me he had no objection in principle to such techniques during wartime: “In a war, and this is strictly my opinion, you do whatever is necessary to save American lives. The only people who know if it’s appropriate are the people who are doing it at the time.”"
        • Description of Hello Charlie: Letters from a Serial Killer by Charlie Hess (2008): "The 1991 abduction and murder of thirteen-year-old Heather Dawn Church baffled police for three agonizing years, and became one of the most infamous murders the quiet and scenic city of Colorado Springs had ever seen. It was legendary homicide detective Lou Smit who finally broke the case, sending Robert Charles Browne, a forty-three-year-old Louisiana drifter and career criminal, to prison for life.But the savage saga of Robert Browne did not end there. In 2000, Smit, now retired, joined forces with Charlie Hess, an ex-FBI agent and former CIA operative, to reexamine the cold-case murder files of the local Sheriff's Department. With the addition of amateur forensics buff Scott Fischer, the Apple Dumpling Gang was born.As their volunteer work continued, Smit, Hess, and Fischer came upon a taunting letter written by Browne, hinting that the death of Heather Church was only the tip of the iceberg. What other law enforcement officials had simply ignored, the Apple Dumpling Gang took on with single-minded determination. Charlie Hess began a correspondence with Browne in which, over the course of dozens of letters, the killer teasingly spun out the details of a horrific killing spree spread over thirty years and nine states. The tally, according to Browne: forty-nine deaths, making him one of the most prolific serial murderers in the annals of American crime.Hess's unique insight into criminal psychology, honed over his years developing informants and working as a polygraph operator, made him uniquely suited to match wits with the cagey and canny killer. But Browne was every bit the retired cop's equal: quickwitted, mercurial, and charismatic, with a penchant for riddles and a lifetime full of grisly secrets.A riveting account of the complex and chilling cat-and-mouse game Hess and Browne played over five years,Hello Charliedetails Browne's bloody swath of murder -- by strangulation, poisoning, and dismemberment -- even as it explores the special bond forged between the cop and the killer, allowing Hess unprecedented access into the mind of a remorseless psychopath.As compulsively readable as any crime novel,Hello Charliepicks up whereThe Silence of the Lambsleft off, with the incredible true story of one man's search for justice with a murderer as his guide."
        • Radar Online, "Justice For JonBenet! Retired Cops Club Vows To Hunt Down Her Killer As New DNA Claims Emerge", 2014/12/18: "According to a report in The National ENQUIRER, the evidence has been uncovered by a group of retired law enforcement officers famous for solving some of the nation’s toughest cold cases, and determined to get “justice for the little angel.” The crack Colorado crime fighters, known as the Apple Dumpling Gang, told The ENQUIRER that the evidence seriously challenges the Boulder County district attorney office’s handling of the case. [...] According to the unpaid investigators, new revelations suggest DNA found on JonBenet’s underwear may not have been related to her murder, but belongs to Asian factory workers who made it! A former investigator with the Boulder County district attorney’s office says U.S. forensic science standards require 10 markers for DNA to be considered usable as evidence in an investigation. But only four markers were detected in the JonBenet DNA evidence, he says. Members of the Apple Dumpling Gang also say John Mark Karr, a Georgia man who infamously claimed in 2006 that he accidentally killed JonBenet, should be reconsidered as a suspect. After questioning Karr, Boulder police released him because his DNA did not match the crime scene DNA. The Apple Dumpling Gang was formed by the late Lou Smit, a seasoned detective who came out of retirement in 1997 to help Boulder authorities with the case. [...] Now the group of still-sharp retirees includes Bobby Brown, a former criminal defense investigator, 86-year-old Charlie Hess, a former FBI agent and Colorado Springs homicide investigator, and Steve Pease, a former detective. Brown, a longtime friend of Smit, told The ENQUIRER: “When Lou told me he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, he asked me to promise that I would never stop working on JonBenet until ‘we get justice for that little angel.’”"
    • Mary Lacy a.k.a. Mary Keenan a.k.a. Mary Lacey background
      • Justice Watch, "A FISHY STORY", 2000/05/21 - details Mary Keenan's possible role in the Ramsey war room computer hacking: "Remember the computer break in at the War Room in June 1997? We learned in ST's book that DA candidate MARY KEENAN, attempted an authorized entry on the Saturday afternoon that preceded the discovery of the tampering. Now Peter Boyles has stirred the pot. He calls it "Marygate". Keenan says that she and her boyfriend were cooking a smelly fish that she decided to dump at the Injustice Center dumpster. Sooooo, she decided after the fish dump to see what was happening in the War Room. That's a logical progression, isn't it? The War Room was a place she had no authority to enter, at that time. If this was her story three years ago, how come Steve Thomas didn't know/share it? [...] It is also noteworthy that Social Services, at the same time, reported the theft of their "Burke files", stored in a pc. [...] Interesting choice for the creepy Whites. Keenan successfully prosecuted the ONLY other sex ring case I know of in Boulder. They identified the ONE person with expertise in sex ring crime, then wined and dined her. They stood there when she announced her candidacy to show she is their preferred DA, so how could WE possibly be involved in sex ring activity? Hah!" - interesting that Fleet White, publicly a big supporter of Steve Thomas, backed the candidate who Steve Thomas opposed and considered untrustworthy
      • Ballard sex ring case - prosecuted by Keenan; also involved the judge who was nearly set to preside over the grand jury before he went off to Cairo
        • Westword, ""They Hurt the People They're Supposed to Protect"", 1998/09/24: "Mark, now twenty years old, is one of the seven children of Michael and Patricia Ballard. Six years ago the Ballards, along with their friends Dennis and Marcia Dunnan, were found guilty of inflicting horrendous abuse--physical, emotional and sexual--on their children, who were neglected, tormented, beaten and raped by their parents, Dennis Dunnan, and strangers who paid the Dunnans for the privilege. Today Michael Ballard is serving a twelve-year prison sentence, to be followed by eight years in community corrections. Patricia was released from prison last month, after serving five years of an eight-year sentence. For several years the Ballards had moved frequently to evade the attention of teachers and social workers. But when the crimes finally came to light in Boulder County in 1992, all four adults were offered pleas by the district attorney's office. Marcia Dunnan was given eight years' probation, which she violated within a year. [...] Her husband, Dennis, insisted on going to trial and represented himself [...] Dunnan, who had several previous convictions on his record, received three consecutive life sentences. All three pleas were controversial, Marcia Dunnan's in particular. The district attorney's office said that the children were too damaged to testify in court and that without that testimony, the adults might go free. [...] "Some of the children could not testify," says Mary Keenan, who prosecuted the case with Pete Maguire. "We were told by a psychiatrist it would have taken six months out of the little girls' lives to put them through videotapes and interviews." [...] Other observers said the children could have received stronger support from the DA's office and that the option of having them testify on video should have been explored. [...] Mark is still bothered by the pleas for Patricia Ballard and Marcia Dunnan. [...] Mark is troubled not just by the plea bargains, but by the tenor of his dealings with the DA's office. He remembers being questioned by two attorneys from that office, Pete Maguire and Mary Keenan, when he was twelve and living in a treatment facility in Westminster. "I didn't feel that they were there to help me," he says. [...] Although Mark says he found the police detective who questioned him helpful and supportive, he does not remember any encouragement from the DA's office before or after his testimony in court."
        • Boulder Daily Camera, "Ballard headed back to prison", 2009/08/13: "A man convicted in one of Boulder County’s most notorious child sexual assault crimes is headed back to prison. Michael Ballard, 61, admitted to violating probation by having a relationship with a woman who has a small child. Wednesday, Boulder County District Judge Dan Hale ordered Ballard back to prison for the maximum eight years. [...] Ballard and his former wife, Patricia, participated in a sexual assault and torture ring with friends Dennis and Marcia Dunann between 1987 and 1991 involving the families’ seven children. The children, ages 1 to 12, were forced to perform sexual acts on them, neighbors, strangers and other children at locations in Lafayette, Broomfield, Boulder, Longmont and California, according to court records. The children often were punished with a soak in scalding-hot water or locked in a 2-foot-square box for hours, according to police reports. In a deal with prosecutors, Ballard pleaded guilty in 1992 to sex assault on a child and child abuse. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the first charge, which he completed in 2001, to be followed by eight years of community corrections for the second charge. [...] Chief Deputy District Attorney Pete Maguire, who originally prosecuted the case with now District Attorney Mary Lacy, told the court Wednesday that a lot of time and energy was put into getting Ballard placed in the community and he ruined the opportunity."
    • According to Forensics Under Fire by Jim Fisher (2008), Ramsey defense team handwriting analysts Howard Rile and Lloyd Cunningham complained at a 2004 Baltimore convention about how special prosecutor Michael Kane treated them at the Ramsey grand jury, indicating that defense handwriting experts were allowed to testify to the grand jury (even though local activists Evan Ravitz and Bob McFarland were not).
    • Jim Kolar background
      • From p.220 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "During one drug arrest, Eller ignored the lead officer’s advice to go through surrounding cover while approaching a house and instead ordered his men to make a straightforward entry up a driveway, an order that put the team in harm’s way. Then, when the suspects scattered, the officers were not only in danger, they had no perimeter coverage. On another occasion, Eller put himself in the line of fire of one of his own officers. Soon after, Jim Kolar, the team sergeant, took his concerns to Koby. He told the chief that Eller’s deficiencies in tactical training and judgment were endangering the lives of SWAT personnel. When Koby did nothing about it, six of the team members, with seventy years of experience among them, quit."
      • Tweet on 2021/05/11: "Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and The Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic | Frank Speech the…"
  • Other Boulder institutions
    • Controversy over the local power establishment protecting the Ramseys
    • Unexplained resignation of Joe Bellipanni, the original presiding judge over the grand jury: "In 1998, the abrupt resignation of Joe Bellipanni as the presiding GJ judge was a stong indication of how deep the "fix" was. Judge Bellipanni picked the Grand Jury members and was very outspoken about how they were going to solve this mystery. In 1997, Bellipanni had been named "judge of the year" by the state bar association. The day after selecting the jurors and giving an interview to the Boulder Camera, where he stated how much he was looking forward to this challange; Joe Bellipanni resigned and moved to Cairo, Egypt. He was immediately replaced by Roxanne Bailin, friend and book co-author with Patrick Burke. (Patsy Ramsey's lawyer)"
    • Letter on 1998/08/17 from Fleet Russell White Jr. and Priscilla Brown White - questions the connections of the Ramseys and Lockheed Martin to the lawyers representing the local Boulder power structure
    • Boulder County Commissioner Paul Danish
      • According to sources cited earlier on this page, Danish was one of the people who Fleet White pressured not to authorize more funding for the Ramsey investigation, and was also the sole witness indicating that Chris Wolf and Bill McReynolds had a social relationship outside of the university
      • p.2 of a Purgatory II thread from 2003 titled "Fleet Fights Funding": "I was trying to figure out if FW was a friend or acquaintance of Danish's and made these remarks casually, in a social setting or something, rather than "formally" lobbying him. Danish is colorful--he's a free-lance writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine and is named in one of those "covert operations" conspiracy websites that lists names and social networks. He was also a technical writer in the realm of astrophysics and somewhat of a UFOlogist.

        Though he's a Democrat, he is an NRA member and gun-carry activist. He is also planning to be the one who introduces the first bill to legalize marijuana in CO, when he's gone from the commission in 2004. He said he thinks the state might be ready by then. He is the man reponsible for Boulder's no-growth policy, from his days on the City Council. Open Space and development disincentives are all his doing there."
      • Coloradan Alumni Magazine, "Paul Danish: Covert Action 5", 2015/12/01: "Back in the mid ’60s CU’s membership in the United States National Student Association (NSA) was a hot issue on campus. NSA was an association of about 450 student governments. Its public persona was that of a far left activist organization deeply involved in promoting civil rights and student rights at home and overseas. [...] So imagine the jaw-dropping, gum-swallowing consternation when it emerged that for most of its 20-year existence NSA had been a client organization of the Central Intelligence Agency, which paid its bills and closely directed its international activities. [...] The CIA saw NSA as a vehicle for identifying and supporting non-communist and anti-communist foreign students in the hope they would eventually assume leadership positions in their countries. [...] Karen, who is an old and dear friend, spent 16 years writing Patriotic Betrayal, a riveting read. As the book’s title suggests, she believes the CIA/NSA relationship was an immoral betrayal of American students. It’s a point on which we’ve agreed to disagree. The Cold War was fought in the moral twilight, but for all its moral ambiguities and outright immoralities, it ended with the Soviet Union’s defeat and the world not blown to glory. I think that’s on balance a pretty moral outcome, and that the students who, wittingly or unwittingly, participated in bringing it about have nothing to be ashamed of. Coloradan columnist Paul Danish (Hist’65) was on the NSA’s national staff in 1966 and knew many of the people mentioned in Patriotic Betrayal. He was not made witting."
  • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
    • Duct tape on JonBenet's mouth
      • From p.15 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "Ramsey cried out a second time, White followed him into the room. By now Ramsey had ripped the tape off his daughter's mouth…."
      • From p.16 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "Fleet White decided to go back downstairs to the wine cellar where her body had been found… now that there was a light on, he saw a white blanket in the center of the cement floor. A piece of black duct tape was lying on it. He picked up the tape, which felt sticky, and then placed it back on the blanket…"
      • From p.183 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: "CBI told the Boulder police that no prints had been found on the black duct tape that John Ramsey said he removed from his daughter's mouth…"
      • It sounds like, based on the above information, that either Fleet White or one of the authorities manipulated the tape
  • Federal authorities
    • Alleged FBI stand-down
    • Ramsey cell phone records being deleted
      • From p.?? of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas: "We achieved a Pyrrhic victory on November 5 when Beckner burst into the SitRoom and proudly handed me a "Consent to Release of Telephone Records" signed by both John Ramsey and Pete Hofstrom. It allowed us to obtain the Ramseys' cellular and home telephone records between December 1 and 27, 1996. [...] The AirTouch cell phone records were useless. Ramsey started the service in January 1994. AirTouch said that 91 minutes of use were logged during the August-September billing period of 1996, and 108 minutes were used in September-October. October-November was just as busy. December, however, the only period we were allowed to see, was empty. No calls at all. I asked if someone could have removed billing records from the computer? "No way," the AirTouch source told me. "All these months preceding December are busy, and not one call was logged for that entire month?" The representative was firm: "There ain't no way anybody altered these records.""
      • Spade on Forums for Justice asserts that someone in the Clinton Administration sealed the Ramsey phone records (old link): "A good friend came very close to getting his hands on the 12/25/96 phone records for John Ramsey, Mike Bynum, Peter Hofstrom, and Bryan Morgan. However, the records are sealed by order of the White House. Do you suppose that Haddon, who represented Bill Clinton on "Whitewater" tax matters, cashed in a favor?"

Ramsey family background

  • John Ramsey was owner and CEO of Access Graphics, a subsidiary of major defense contractor Lockheed Martin (which had Dick Cheney's wife on its board of directors at the time). John himself ended up as an officer at Lockheed Martin following its acquisition of Access Graphics.
    • The so-called "Bonita Papers" say "In 1989, Lockheed Martin, one of the nation's largest aerospace corporations, purchased 73 percent of the stock in Access Graphics, making John a director of Lockheed"
    • From p.36 of Death of a Little Princess by Carlton Smith: "Lockheed's purchase of twenty-five percent of the company in 1989 had given Access the necessary cash to make the deal with Sun; now Lockheed would own the whole thing. John became a director of Lockheed Martin."
    • 1995 Christmas newsletter sent by the Ramseys: "Anyway, John was rewarded by parent company, Lockheed-Martin, by being elected an office of the company."
    • Lockheed Martin annual reports from 1995, 1996, 1997 - all list John B. Ramsey as a vice president
    • p.1 of a Purgatory II thread from 2003 titled "Terrorism in Boulder": "A couple of weeks ago, I was opining here about the proxy statements sent out by Lockheed Martin for their 1997 annual meeting (in regards to the 1996 annual report), which just happened to be scheduled for the Brown Palace in Denver. Shareholders were instructed at the bottom to send their proxies in to the fiduciary, and to please call if they had questions, then it said "Sincerely, Bankers Trust Company." [...] Well, slap me with Jayelle's kipper, but yesterday, as I was doing some other searches for a friend here, I happened to run across some docs in Boulder Co. that showed the Ramseys' stuff. Hadn't seen these in a long, long time--but take a wild guess who was holding the paper on the hellhole for the Rams' mortgage banker friends at Merrill Lynch--yup. Bankers Trust Company. The company only showed up once in their docs and it happened to be in October, 1996, when they paid off a loan they took out against the house. And, it was also the company that handled a reconveyance of Pasta Jay's in July, 1996. Only time it showed up in his docs, too. Weird!" - could be the Bankers Trust Company that was acquired by Deutsche Bank
  • Michigan pedophile ring connections of John Ramsey - striking parallels to the Cathy O'Brien story
    • He was born in Lincoln NE, of Franklin scandal infamy, before moving to Michigan after 6th grade (People, "Mystery Couple", 1997/10/06; Lincoln Journal Star, "John Ramsey's roots are in Lincoln", 2006/08/16). His father James Dudley Ramsey, formerly director of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission from 1947 to 1956, subsequently became the director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission until 1979. Jay Ramsey became known as Czar Ramsey due to his "iron hand" in overseeing Michigan's airports. In the mid-1970s towards the end of James Dudley Ramsey's tenure, a pedophile ring run by Francis Shelden was flying child sex slaves to a newly-built airstrip -- something the Commission almost certainly would have overseen -- on North Fox Island in Lake Michigan. Shelden's ring allegedly had elite clients and was linked to the Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) murders. The island was close to Charlevoix MI, where John would purchase a vacation home in the early 1990s and then relocate to following JBR's murder. Ringleader Frank Shelden and his associates also had some connections to Colorado (see the North Fox Island pedophile ring page).
      • Will Kuehl a.k.a. William Milton Kuehl a.k.a. William Kuehl
        • Merkle Funeral Service, obituary of William Kuehl, 2015/08: "William Milton Kuehl was born in Monroe, Michigan on September 7, 1951. He grew up in a large family was the one of six children born from the union of the late Milton and the late Evelyn (Green) Kuehl. He attended Huron schools in New Boston and graduated with the class of 1968. William married the former Angela Anteau in Toledo, Ohio on March 15, 2010. William supported his family employed as a transport at Bell Transport in Monroe, Michigan taking medical retirement in 1997. William was a man set in his ways and very fun to be around. He enjoyed cracking jokes and making his friends and family laugh. William appreciated the outdoors taking care of his vegetable garden or watching and feeding the birds. He craved knowledge and could not live without technology spending most of his time surfing the web reading about everything. William Milton Kuehl, age 63 of Monroe, passed away at 3:11pm on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at Promedica Monroe Regional Hospital."
        • Whitepages info on William Milton Kuehl - age is in the 60s; previous addresses are in Ypsilanti MI, Monroe MI, and Arvada CO
    • John attended Michigan State University from 1961-66
    • 1961-66 was also at the same time Cathy O'Brien claimed her Michigan father sold her into a child sex ring. Later, O'Brien would claim that her father and John Ramsey were documented as being together on the same ferry between Traverse City MI and Beaver Island (not far from Charlevoix MI and North Fox Island).
    • Something weird: only 3 months after John's mother died, Dudley Ramsey married Irene Pasch, the mother of John's ex-wife who he had only just divorced
  • Military background of John Ramsey
    • After university, John joined the US Navy in 1966, serving 2-3 years in the Philippines, some of which was at Subic Bay (Chicago Tribune, "WRITER OF RANSOM NOTE ALLUDED TO JOHN RAMSEY'S NAVY SERVICE", 1997/01/23: "John Ramsey, 53, spent March 1968 through November 1969 assigned to the Navy Public Works Center at Subic Bay Training Center, according to the Bureau of Navy Personnel in Washington."), where likely Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) agent Lee Harvey Oswald once trained in 1958 (Subic Bay history in the 1950s) and where the CIA ran a "China operations group" until 1970 (Roland G. Simbulan, "Covert Operations and the CIA's Hidden History in the Philippines", 2000/08/18). According to John's deposition by Lee Hill, he held a top secret security clearance while at Subic Bay and visited "Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand" for "R&R" during that time. Ramsey subsequently spent 8 more years as a Naval reserve officer, drilling at the Naval Air Station Cecil Field (in Jacksonville FL) and the Naval Air Station Atlanta (near the Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta GA) while also serving as the Officer in Charge of Construction for the Southeast. From about 1975 onward he was living in Atlanta.
    • Lansing State Journal, "RAMSEY", 1967/12/12: "John Bennett Ramsey has successfully completed 16 weeks of intensive training at Naval Officer Candidate School, Newport, R.I., and received his commission as ensign, U.S. Naval Reserves. During his training, Ensign Ramsey held a student office as battalion adjutant. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ramsey, 2476 Arrowhead, Okemos."
  • Patsy Ramsey grew up doing beauty pageants, and was at one point described by a pageant judge as "a little automaton" for her programmed, controlled movement. After being crowned Miss West Virginia in 1977, she worked for the state of West Virginia, accompanying Gov. Jay Rockefeller and Sen. Robert Byrd to do ribbon cuttings. Byrd was accused by Cathy O'Brien of molesting her as a child and serving as her mind control handler.
    • Beckley Post-Herald The Raleigh Register, "Miss West Virginia Parade Participant", 1977/07/04: "Patricia Ann Paugh, Miss West Virginia for 1977, will appear in the 16th annual Fourth of July parade to be held in Alderson beginning at 10:30 a.m. Monday. Miss Paugh, 20-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Paugh of Charleston, formerly of Parkersburg, will appear in the parade with Miss Susan Gial Harrison of Renick, 1976-77 West Virginia Dairy Princess. Miss Paugh has been named West Virginia's Official State Hostess by the state legislature. Members of the Alderson Junior High School band under the direction of Miss Lucy Fife also will participate in the parade. Serving as parade marshal will be Senator Jennings Randolph, D-West Virginia."
    • New York Daily News, "HORRIFIC END TO FAIRY TALE LITTLE GIRL'S GLITTERY LIFE, VIOLENT DEATH LEAVE NATION BEWILDERED", 1997/01/05: "Bob Anderson, from Charleston, was Patsy's business manager during her pageant days. He said she was frequently hired for ribbon-cuttings with then-Gov. Jay Rockefeller and Sen. Robert Byrd."
    • Washington Post, "PUZZLING DEATH PUTS PAGEANTS IN SPOTLIGHT", 1997/01/10: "It is a world quite familiar to Patsy Paugh Ramsey. She and her sister Pam were both Miss West Virginia, only the second set of sisters ever to compete in the Miss America pageant. Afterward, Patsy Ramsey worked briefly for the state, promoting parks and tourism. "She was very much in demand," said her former business manager Bob Anderson of Charleston. "You'd always see her at ribbon cuttings with {then governor} Jay Rockefeller.""
  • Don Paugh, father of Patsy Ramsey and business partner of John Ramsey, was formerly an engineer for the chemical and mining company Union Carbide. According to Steve Thomas, Don Paugh originally worked for the Bakelite Corporation before it was acquired by the company. The apparent connection between Union Carbide and US intelligence is not well-known, but given the CIA's role in clearing the way for corporate imperialism along with the additional evidence below, the relationship was likely quite close:
    • In p.383 of The Almost Classified Guide to CIA Front Companies, Proprietaries & Contractors by Wayne Madsen, Union Carbide is identified as a CIA affiliate
    • Chicago Reader, "The Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King" by John Sergeant and John Edington, 1990/03/01: "Somehow Ray traveled in the same U.S. cities as the real Canadian citizen Eric Galt, got access to Galt's signature, and inquired into emigrating to Rhodesia, where Galt had relatives. Moreover, Ray has scars on his forehead and his hand--as does the real Galt--and two months before the assassination underwent plastic surgery on his nose, as Galt had. Galt is also an expert marksman.

      How could Ray or his coconspirators have acquired, undetected, such a detailed profile of his alter ego? According to Galt, there is only one place where all the pertinent information is collected together--his highly classified security-clearance file in the Union Carbide factory in Toronto, where he was working on a top-secret U.S. defense project in the mid-1960s."
    • The company's bauxite mine in Port Kaituma, Guyana would later end up very close to the Jonestown community established by the Peoples Temple. And there are signs that the operations were related. When Guyana was attempting to achieve independence from Britain, the CIA worked to undermine the Marxist candidate and install the more moderate Burnham as president. According to Michael Meiers, in the 1970s Burnham became more leftist and led a nationalization effort that got rid of Union Carbide. Following that, the CIA began working to undermine his government; it was pointed out in the Washington Post ("Mistrial Declared in Case of Former Peoples Temple Aide", 1981/09/27) that some Jonestown veterans believed Jonestown to be a "device by which the agency manipulated the Guyanan administration of Prime Minister Forbes Burnham". On the other hand, an oral history project by the former Guyanese ambassador seems to indicate that Union Carbide actually left Guyana in 1968 because the venture was unprofitable, but the ambassador still notes the "power of a corporation with the international reach of Union Carbide to frustrate the socialist will of a country the size of Guyana".
    • From Covert Action Information Bulletin, issue 11, 1980/12: "The Hudson Institute is well-connected to the defense and intelligence apparatus. Staffed by some 44 professionals, a number of whom have worked at the Pentagon or CIA, the Institute is endowed by more than forty major multinational corporations. such as Exxon, Castle & Cooke, Bank of America, Union Carbide, American Telephone & Telegraph, Mitsui, and the Royal Bank of Canada. It performs wide-ranging classified research on both national and international issues to fulfill some of the voracious need of the energy and national security network."
    • New York Times, "Lab Humans", 1999/10/31 - human experimentation with radioactivity took place at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a nuclear weapons facility managed by Union Carbide from 1947 to 1984 (after which Lockheed Martin predecessor Martin Marietta took its place).
  • Family history of the Paughs
    • FamilySearch page on Donald Ray Paugh - born 1931/01/31 in Cairo WV to Lloyd Eugene Paugh and Roxie Jane Ross; one of his siblings was Jessie Noma Paugh (1930-2017); married Nedra Ellen Ann Rymer on 1955/05/28 in Glendale WV; died 2020/05/13 in Georgia
    • Oracle and Leader (St. Marys WV), obituary for CARL J. RYMER, 1999/11/03: "Carl. J. Rymer, 76, of Route 2, St. Marys, died Oct. 31 at St. Joseph's Hospital, Parkersburg. He was born April 14, 1923 at Ellenboro to the late Orval and Fay Brannon Rymer. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, serving on the USS Mississippi. He had worked at hospitals in Warren, O. and retired from the former Colin Anderson Center in St. Marys. He was a Licensed Practical Nurse. He is survived by one daughter, Lesley Boyles, and her husband, Daniel of Ambridge, Pa; one son, Ronald Rymer and his wife Maureen of Milwaukee, Wis., four grandchildren; four sisters, Evalena Moneypenny of Columbus, Sylvia Freeland of Parkersburg, Naomi Shepler of Salisbury, N.C. and Nedra Paugh of Roswell, Ga and several nieces, nephews and cousins. He was preceded in death by his wife, Rena Ramsey Rymer in 1979 and one brother Scott W. Rymer."
  • Masonic influence in the Paugh family
    • Topix thread on JonBenet case players who are allegedly Masons - lists Don Paugh as well as Lou Smit
    • koldcase on Forums for Justice asserts that Don Paugh is a Mason: "You all know Don Paugh is a Mason, 32nd Degree or some such, which means he's been in it a long time. It's already engraved on his tombstone, next to Nedra. [...] We've often wondered about those questions Haney asked Patsy about being molested as a child, or her sisters being molested."
    • Find A Grave page for Nedra Ellen Ann Rymer Paugh (photo of the gravestone for her and Donald Ray Paugh) - appears to show a Masonic symbol (the double-headed phoenix?) on the lower right
    • VOY Forums claims that Patsy's pageant career was connected to Masonic groups
      • WhiteWolf, "Rita", 2003/07/31: "Did you ever get to verify some of your suspicions regarding a possible Mason connection to cover up JonBenet's murder? Specifically, how many people are Masons and closely linked to the case? Did you ever verify if John Ramsey is a member (Patsy was in Rainbow Girls (did she join the Eastern Star?), Nedra was Eastern Star, Don was 32nd degree)? What about Lou Smit, Alex Hunter, and any of the defense attorneys and prosecutors?

        Also, look up the word "monitor" (it was in the ransom note) and how it relates to Freemasonry."
      • Rita Johnson, "WhiteWolf, Candy, Misty, Rose this should.....", 2003/07/31 (ACandyRose copy): "WhiteWolf, I'm glad you did a little checking on your own. Patsy's first pageant was part of the Rainbow girls. She and the Paugh's were and possibly still are steeped in the symbolic tradition of "the craft". Yes, there are a number of key players who are also connected. Not sure what that means EXCEPT that the cloak and dagger secrecy seems to house deep loyalties. There are "blood oathes" that members take quite seriously. Anyway it's a mysterious thought I guess. [...]"
    • Nancy Krebs claims that she saw Patsy Ramsey in Sacramento in 1979 as part of the Rainbow Girls (TODO: was Patsy's involvement in the Rainbow Girls common knowledge at the time? if not, it could help validate Krebs' story)
  • Child abuse within the Paugh family
    • Patsy Ramsey had a strange response when asked by the Boulder police if she suffered physical or sexual abuse as a child (see the 1998/06/23 interrogation linked above). She suddenly began giving no audible responses and, according to someone who claims to have watched the interview tapes, transitioned to a childlike demeanor as if she had switched into an alter personality.
    • 1997 alt.true-crime discussion on Don Paugh as a suspect - has one person comment "You won't get flamed by me...when I heard Heraldo mention him and then pointedly annouce that he wasn't going to go into that at this time a large red flag went up...I posted about it but nobody replied....what do we know about this man...if nothing there may be a reason for that."
    • Justice Watch, "White, do you know you have been a victim of a hit and run bus?????", 2000/02/26 - thread discussing the legitimacy of the Nancy Krebs story: "Does anyone else remember when Geraldo said at the end of one of his old daytime shows about some sort of discovery about Grandpa Paugh, and he never followed up with the story? That has always intrigued me."
    • From the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "The Paugh house, a brick Colonial with a circular driveway, was a matter of great pride to Nedra. One investigator described their living room as “the shrine room,” bedecked with trophies, ribbons, and photographs of their pageant-winning daughters. “They were so meshed up in each other, and it was my gut instinct that told me something wasn’t right there,” says Stobie. “They were going on and on about the size of Burke’s penis. This, to me, was so bizarre. . . . Nedra’s like a little bird, but both Pam and Polly were overweight. . . . There was Slim-Fast everywhere.” Patsy, on the other hand, represented real success. “We love spending the money John Ramsey makes,” Nedra was fond of telling folks. [...]"
    • Mary Mcardle Suma ("Mame") interview of Jane Stobie on 2000/02/11
      • "Jane - and I have had this intuitive gift most of my life and for most of my life have been a skeptic with this. you know I certain can understand anyone skeptic with my story cause I went through it too. I worked for JB during thAT time and because of my intuition I have the ability to read people. and I thought there is just something strange about that family and Patsy mother and sister worked for me in my tenure and the end of AG because of my background in being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I recognized there was some dysfunctional behavior going on that was familiar and disturbing. It started out that I worked for him and was disturbed be the family. I remember going into his office and he was one of the persons that was very hard to read. I remember leaving his office I would feel physically ill."
      • "JS: Yes. And it was like, if I could say what might have happened there, maybe she didn't grow up in the richest family and all of a sudden they had money and power and you know, there could have been some old stuff there lingering from her past. But, a very unusual woman. A lot of power and control over her daughters. Moreso than I'd say the normal family.

        Mame: Did you have any indication in your time with her. Did she relay any information about her mother? The generational...

        JS: No, the only thing she indicated to me was that she had grown up not in a wealthy family. And that when she married Patsy's father, Don Paugh, she was amazed that he picked her."
      • "Mame: It is. I'm mixing up my J-girls - Jane and Judith. I can't remember if it was you or Judith who related to me that the phone calls between Nedra and Patsy went on all day long.

        JS: They did. I used to have to approve the phone bills for payment from Atlanta and my boss instructed me to ignore them. There could be ten phone calls in a day."
      • "JS: I kind of get that impression. I think Don was responsible for a lot more of the operation than we knew. He was in Boulder and Nedra was in Atlanta. And, I remember an employee saying, 'Why do you think Don lives in Boulder and Nedra in Atlanta?' and an employee saying, 'Have you met Nedra?' But, yeah, Don spent most of his time in Boulder."
      • "JS: Right. I went to a party with the Ramseys and that was probably the only real true, interaction I had with Patsy. It was at ______ Castle here in Denver and I can remember when they came. It was a function where Hewlett Packard people and Access graphics people were invited and JOhn and Patsy came and Patsy looked just gorgeous - really done up nice. [...] So, she sat down with me and I remember they sat near me and Patsy did most of the talking and I think what was most interesting was John kept looking at her with this look of disdain. And, I noticed the same thing on TV. It was like he was almost always afraid of what she was going to say. [...] John hardly said anything. It made me feel very uncomfortable that he kept watching her like oh, she's going to say something terrible and like he was embarrassed of her and I felt very uncomfortable. [...] And she was telling me all this stuff about how she wished she had a career again and I'd never met her before. It was just disturbing how John watched her. If you look at all those interviews on television, he does the same thing. There were so many of those instances" - is it referring to Kimball Castle?
    • Parallels to Marilyn Van Derbur, the Miss Colorado 1957 / Miss America 1958 winner who was sexually abused by her prominent father
      • Associated Press, "Miss America of 1958 Tells Of Incest Ordeal", 1991/05/09: "A former Miss America on Thursday revealed a dark family secret: that her millionaire father repeatedly assaulted her sexually. Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America 1958, told reporters she was making her story public to help children and their families by making the crime ″speakable.″ [...] The offender was her father, the late Francis S. Van Derbur - millionaire Denver businessman, socialite, philanthropist and pillar of the community, she said. He died in 1984. [...] ″When a good friend of mine knew I would be speaking here tonight, she said, ’Why do you want to ruin your father’s reputation? Write an article and do it anonymously,‴ Van Derbur said Wednesday night. ″This was my father’s greatest weapon. He knew I would never tell.″ She added that after all this time, ″I say to my father tonight: ’You were wrong.‴"
      • Denver Post, "Van Derbur consulted by police", 1997/02/27: "Marilyn Van Derbur Atler, beauty queen, a victim of and a nationally recognized expert on incest, has offered her insights to the Boulder police in the investigation of the sexual abuse and slaying of JonBenet Ramsey. Van Derbur Atler said Wednesday that she met with Boulder police twice, once three weeks ago and again last week. "They asked the same questions you would ask, about my personal experience, since our families (the Van Derburs and the Ramseys) are similar." She didn't ask police anything specific about the Ramseys and they didn't volunteer anything, she said. [...] Police spokesman Kelvin McNeill said Van Derbur Atler was able to help police in areas of the investigation. "She was asked to provide us with insight on the case because she was a noted expert on several areas of interest to us," McNeil said. In research on survivors, Van Derbur Atler said she found that 68 percent of victims were violated by fathers or stepfathers."
      • CNN, "Boulder official confident Ramsey case will be solved", 1997/02/27: "Police also confirmed that they sought the insight of former Miss America, Marilyn Van Derbur Atler. Atler admitted publicly in 1991 that she had been sexually abused by her father, and has since become an authority on the issue of incest. [...] [Denver District Attorney Bill] Ritter said that Atler was consulted because she is respected for her insight "in cases where children are in some way abused, and this is certainly an abuse case with respect to JonBenet. I mean, she was murdered." He said there were also parallels between the Van Derbur and Ramsey families. Both were both families of means, and both a part of the beauty pageant circuit."
      • The Morning Call, "SHE'S SMART, PRETTY, AND STILL HEALING * FORMER MISS AMERICA AND VICTIM OF CHILDHOOD INCEST MARILYN VAN DERBUR ATLER WILL BRING HER STORY TO BETHLEHEM", 1997/04/06: "For years, only her husband and three sisters knew of Van Derbur's secret. After Van Derbur publicly talked about surviving incest, her oldest sister Gwen revealed that she also was violated by their father from childhood until she left home at 18. Van Derbur's other two sisters have asked her not to mention them in her talks, and she has honored their wishes."
      • Purgatory II thread by Koldkase2 in 2003 about Van Derbur's story and how it may shed light on the JonBenet case
      • Forums for Justice thread in 2008 on the parallels between the Paugh family and Van Derbur's experience
        • "The veneer of "perfect family" that John Ramsey and Patsy Paugh Ramsey put forward is similar to what Marilyn Vanderbur describes in her book. And Nedra's very inappropriate comments about the size of Burke's penis when he was a baby, as well as JonBenet's appearance, dress, etc. make me wonder deeply whether there wasn't an incest experience in Patsy's own family."
        • "I'm from West Virginia and know people that knew the Paughs - here's the brief bits I know.

          Don worked for Carbide in South Charleston. During that period they lived in a very upscale neighborhood in that city.

          Nedra ran a tight ship and everything was always 50's type perfect. She was viewed as energetic, devoted to her daughters and family life, if not kind of a pushy parent. Like Patsy, Nedra appeared to be very interested in appearances of things - perfect girls, perfect house....that kind of thing."
        • "The most I ever saw written about the Paughs and Patsy's childhood was in the McLean book, written by a friend of Patsy's from W.V. McLean had various people from Patsy's childhood and life talk and write about her. You can buy the book online at amazon, second hand, for about $10--JonBenet's Mother. It's worth the read because they unwittingly explain a lot about why Patsy would go so far to cover up what happened to JonBenet, IMO. They use terms like "perfect" and "close to a saint" more than once. They describe her as if she wasn't even human. How far would that fall be if the truth came out? Talk about naive...."
        • "The photos of Beth in John's bathroom was a red flag to me. A very weird red flag. John's tic of sticking his tongue out - another red flag. Ask a psychologist what showing a very intimate body part like the tongue signifies. There are other red flags, but those are the ones that I'm thinking of right now...Thanks and I'm going to read!"
      • Forums for Justice thread in 2011 that expands more on the significance of Van Derbur's story
        • "I watched a video of Dr. Meyer testifying a few years ago in the murder of a baby in Boulder Co.--the Midyette trials. Dr. Meyer was such a wimp, I was astonished to see him almost change his credible testimony about the autopsy results when simply challenged by the defense. I thought then that he'd have been fairly useless in the JB case if a trial had been held."
        • "Marilyn Van Derbur was molested by her own father from the age of five to the age of 18, when she left home. It's a terrible story, but one which she only gathered the courage to tell after decades of such suffering, I cannot imagine it. When she finally did go public, it was because she had worked to open a clinic in Denver for sexual abuse victims and she got outed by the media. But for her sister speaking out and admitting that their father also molested her, too--something Marilyn did not know until then--Marilyn's own mother was set to denounce, along with the general public, as a liar. Marilyn's father was a very rich and powerful Colorado businessman with lots of political connections all the way to the governor's mansion there. "
        • "So it was natural enough for the BPD to call upon her in this investigation early on. She eventually spoke about the case on LKLive. If you haven't seen that interview, it's worth googling. She basically said the tape on the mouth was a clear symbolic message: you will not speak of it. Subconscious perhaps, but I agree.

          The thing that has always struck me is the similarities between Patsy Ramsey's life and Van Derbur's. Both were Miss Amercia contestants, competitive, socialites--hiding huge secrets. We know what Marilyn's secret was.

          But I doubt we will ever know if Patsy had that same secret, or who was molesting JonBenet. Van Derbur learned at her father's funeral and shortly after that he had molested far more than his own daughters in his long life when other victims came forward to her. As much as she knew of his vile nature and his power to conceal his awful crimes, she never imagined until he died that he had other victims, even until he died, she realized."
        • "There will be no admission of guilt forthcoming in this case. Few will ever admit such a thing if the victim confronts them, and JB will never do that, will she? Van Derbur stated that if her parents had ever thought she would tell this secret, they'd have killed her and then had lunch. For years she herself would have killed to keep this secret, she wrote."
        • "But one thing I do wonder about is the following: "Van Derbur learned at her father's funeral and shortly after that he had molested far more than his own daughters in his long life when other victims came forward to her. As much as she knew of his vile nature and his power to conceal his awful crimes, she never imagined until he died that he had other victims, even until he died, she realized." Since her father was a powerful figure and he had extended his molestations to include other victims, I have to wonder if there might indeed have been (and perhaps is still?) pedo rings operating in Colorado. Steven Singular certainly seems to think so. And if participation is widespread among the wealthy, politically connected, who knows but that it could have included the Ramseys? Reminds me, too, of the weirdo who Fr. Rol allowed to live on the church premises. I hate to go there, though..."
  • Early career of Patsy Paugh in Atlanta GA
    • Woman's Magazine, "PROFILE: Patsy Ramsey" by Deborah Rosenberger, 1996/04 (links to images here): "Ramsey moved to Atlanta (GA) soon after her graduation from West Virginia University. With her bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing, Ramsey began her career with McCann- Ericson Advertising Agency , where she focused on doing promotional marketing for Coca-Cola USA. Later she joined Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., as Director of Marketing Services, and worked there for five years developing user-friendly product instruction manuals. One of the software manuals Ramsey was responsible for won first place in an international technical writing competition. Her job with Hayes also put her in charge of special events, trade shows, and in-house advertising."
  • Judith Phillips and Robert Phillips connections
    • From the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "Judith Phillips, an ebullient, attractive photographer, first met Patsy in 1984, when Patsy was working with Phillips’s husband’s modem-development company. [...] In 1989, Ramsey merged his company with Boulder-based Access Graphics and another firm. He seized control of the new company and in 1991 relocated his family to Boulder. [...] Judith Phillips, who had moved to Boulder three years earlier, wondered if Patsy would have a hard time making the transition from the antebellum capital of the South to a small town full of hippies, Buddhists, and mountain climbers."
    • From the 1998/06/23 interrogation of John Ramsey: "LOU SMIT: Do you know a Robert Phillips? JOHN RAMSEY: Yes. LOU SMIT: And what do you know about him? JOHN RAMSEY: He used to go by Nell, changed his name to Robert. He and Patsy worked together at Hayes Micro Computer Products, in Atlanta. He was a programmer, wrote a software program that Hayes bought, then they hired him to do the software program. I think he got enough money out of that to last him for a while. He quit Hayes, was an investor, in his own words, for a couple of years. Went to law school here in Colorado, graduated. Is now a lawyer in Atlanta or in Boulder that practices mostly -- was interested in estate planning. He's done some divorces and he's married to Judy Phillips, who is now Judith Phillips and she moved to Boulder. They have children. They have Lindsay, they have got two children, but I forget the other's name. They met through -- they were either pen pals or e-mail pals, they had never met face to face, when they were engaged before they ever got -- strange. They got married, we knew them in Atlanta. They moved to Boulder. Fairly suddenly and we moved to Boulder just coincidentally a year later or so. Knell's done some deals for me, he did my wills, Patsy and my wills, set up some trusts for our kids." - TODO: is it truly a coincidence that Robert Phillips and Judith Phillips moved to Boulder shortly before the Ramseys did?
    • p.185-192 of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: "I was a schoolteacher in Chicago and got bored with teaching. Got divorced. Got into the computer business and moved to Dallas. Met my second husband, Robert Phillips, who was the author of a software program. He lived in Atlanta and before long, I joined him there. It was a fairy tale.

      Ten years ago, we moved to Boulder. My husband changed his profession at age 44. He went to law school and passed the bar. I tried painting, then some sculpting, and soon discovered I wanted to be a photographer. A black and white portrait photographer. I love to photograph women.

      I met Patsy and John back in '84, in Atlanta. They were already married, but none of us had moved to Boulder. Patsy worked with my husband at Hayes Micro Computer in Millcrest, GA. She was in charge of marketing his product, a sophisticated management system. Patsy was definitely a career woman.


      Then John merged his business with one in New Jersey and one in Boulder. The new firm, Access Graphics, located its operations out west. By then, I was already living in Boulder."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "No end in sight: Police investigation has been suspect from the start", 1997/12/27: "In March, Phillips - a self-described feminist - visited Patsy Ramsey at a friend's home. She watched Patsy closely and noted that Patsy's memory seemed to be faulty and that her friend seemed to float in and out of "being totally exhausted." Overall, however, Phillips said Patsy was doing "remarkably" well. Patsy asked Phillips to talk to then Mayor Leslie Durgin, a friend of Phillips, and ask her why the police weren't protecting the Ramseys, Phillips said. Phillips later relayed to Patsy Rarmsey that Durgin had indicated the city was protecting them, but that Durgin said she also was supporting the work of the Boulder police and district attorney's office. Durgin couldn't be reached for comment."
    • Westword, "The Unusual Suspect", 1998/02/19: "But Miles, who lives with his 89-year-old mother six blocks from the Ramsey house, is not a convicted child sex offender. He has been arrested before--but for possessing photographs of teenage boys. So why go after him for the murder of a six-year-old girl? Miles was working in the garden last October when next-door neighbor Judith Phillips came rushing over. Phillips, a photographer herself and a former friend of the Ramseys, was breathless, he says. "She said, 'You need to come over to my house right away. It's extremely important... use the side door,'" Miles recalls. "She put her hands on my shoulders and said, 'Trust me.'" Miles did as he was asked. Phillips led him into her darkened living room, he says, where she introduced him to a man named John South. South told him he worked for the Enquirer. "He said, 'We've learned that the Ramsey camp is targeting you as the killer of JonBenet,'" recalls Miles, imitating South's British accent. [...] The next day Phillips asked Miles to come over again--this time to take his picture for the story. At first, Miles says, Phillips said she wanted to photograph him in his garden, of which he is exceedingly proud. But then she asked him to put his hands behind his head and snapped the shot when he was unprepared. It was that photograph of a harassed-looking Miles that ran on the front page of the Enquirer a week later."
    • Mary Mcardle Suma ("Mame") interview of Judith Phillips on 2000/02/06 (ACandyRose excerpts)
      • "JP: Yeah. And then (couldn't hear).......the hair dye. It was the summer of I think it was 95. She came back, Patsy came back, I saw her early after they had returned, hadn't seen JonBenét , but she had arranged a meeting with me and another woman who wanted to meet Patsy, to I think, get some money from Access Graphics for a fundraiser. So, I kind of put the two of them together and really the two of them did a lot of talking, but that's the luncheon where I noticed that Patsy had this humungous diamond ring, and I looked and I said 'oh, my god Patsy, where did you get that?' And she said that she had got it in Texas, when they had stayed in Texas in the summer for a short time and she saw all these Texas women with their big rocks and she wanted one too., it's the biggest thing I have ever seen. And that one symbol of that big rock told me that there was something different. I felt..." - TODO: did the trip to Texas somehow tie in with Paul Schultz?
      • "JP: They were neighbours that lived across the street, that were very close friends of Patsy and John's. And they wanted to let us know what we were about to embark on when we came back into town. And , they found us in Chicago, at my twin sister's house and talked to my ex-husband, Robert, and when he got off the phone, his face was completely white. I kept saying what's the matter, what's the matter, what's going on? And he said there has been a tragedy and I said what? He said JonBenét . and I said what?! He said JonBenét has been murdered.. [...]"
      • "JP: We tried to but they wouldn't answer their door. And I left various messages, and I think Fleet called my ex-husband Robert back because Robert, we had decided that if there was room on the plane to go to Atlanta, that one of the two of us would go to the funeral. And so Fleet did call back and talk to Robert and we found that there was absolutely no room on the plane left anywhere. So we more or less, they took off the next morning for Atlanta and we were here in Boulder wondering..."
      • "JP: not that I know of, but I have been told by a friend by a friend of mine who is much more deeply involved in this story than I am, that she met with a woman in Denver that had a health club that had played racquet ball with a, ... I'm trying to think he was. Not an account…..

        Mame: an investment person?

        JP: An investment person. Yeah, and according to her friend that she knows very well, this investment person who is a man had said that he had a relationship with Patsy that night.

        Mame: of the murder?

        JP: yeah, that they had come home from the party at the Whites and Patsy had left the home, and had attended a party where they had a fling going."
    • Frank Coffman post on 2000/05/04 criticizing Steve Thomas's use of Judith as a source: "On page 5, he presents the improbable story that JonBenet was chilly at a restaurant, but Patsy wouldn't let her put on a jacket because "You're still on show." Steve Thomas didn't identify his source, but I know that this is one of Judith Phillips' urban legends. When I aksed Judith about where and when this episode happened, she said that she didn't know and that she didn't see it herself. She said someone else had seen it. I asked her, "Who saw it?" She wouldn't tell me. So, this is just an unverified third-hand rumor. Judith has done this repeatedly. She's lied to me about what she supposedly knows. She would claim to have first-hand knowledge about something, but then she'd change her story when I tried to pin her down. For instance: Judith told me that Priscilla White had told her that John Ramsey tried to discourage Fleet White from entering the wine cellar room on Dec. 26, 1996. I believed that story for a long time. She was the source for a story to that effect in the National Enquirer of April 1997. When I found out later that that never happened, I asked Judith how Priscilla could have been so wrong about that. Then, Judith admitted that, uh, well, she didn't hear the story directly from Priscilla, but from someone else... Steve Thomas used Judith for several dubious stories. She is the anonymous "family friend" whom Steve Thomas mentions."
    • According to the above post by BIZ about Doc Miller, Judith and Robert divorced before they left Atlanta
    • TODO: look into whether Judith Phillips knew Bill McReynolds through the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Shirley Brady - Ramsey housekeeper in Atlanta from 1986 to 1989
    • Atlanta Constitution, "Hungarian Entry in Trees Festival is From a Baroness' Odyssey", 1988/12/01 (pages 1k, 9k): "Of the 52 names listed as participants in International Square of this year's Festival of Trees, one of the most eye-stopping is "Baroness Helen H.E.I. von Hoflinger." The initials H.E.I. are for Henrietta Elizabeth Ingrid. Known to most of her friends here as Shirley Brady, the native of Szolnok, Hungary has for two years been employed as a live-in housekeeper and nanny in Dunwoody. [...] The only child of Baron Andreas Sebastian von Hoflinger, a symphony orchestra conductor, and his violinist wife, she had an idyllic youth until her early teens when World War II changed the course of her life, said the mother of nine and grandmother of 27. [...] Her father had died and she was 17 years old and in boarding school in 1944 when she and her, mother became separated during the air raids when "the Americans were bombing us in the day, the Russians and the English at night" She was sent with a truckload of refugees to Vienna, where she was assigned to play the accordion for wounded German soldiers until being shipped six months later to a displaced persons camp in Bavaria in western Germany. After the war, she worked as a file clerk in the office of a chaplain with the American occupation forces in Nuremberg. Three times agents from Hungary sought her out and pressured her to become a patriot to work for the independence of Hungary. It was Telford Taylor, U.S. chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, whom she had met at a performance by the children's choir she led, who thought she'd be wise to go by another name and dubbed her Shirley Sharp, she said. "Shirley Sharp" met and married an American sergeant, Carroll Burris, and arrived in the United States in 1948. Sgt Burris was stationed first at Ft. Benning, and the growing family was then moved about to Ft. McPherson and Ft. Gordon, and to Germany. The couple later divorced, and she married John Brady, a paint store manager in Burbank Calif. In 1984, after Mr. Brady's death, she came to Atlanta because several of her children had settled in Georgia. Her first job here was as housekeeper for Prince Faisal M. Saud Al Kabir. "I now feel very much at home here with Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey and their young son," she said. She couldn't bear living in Hungary under the Communist regime, she said. [...] She tries to visit her mother, living alone in a tiny apartment in Szolnok, once every two years, and on her recent return found the Hungarians bitter over a hefty tax hike. "Everybody works for the state, and they increase taxes but not their pay."
    • Atlanta Constitution, "Family legacy: Tragedy and success", 1997/01/01: "Another stepsister died Jan. 8, 1992, in a car wreck. Elizabeth Ramsey, 22, was a 1987 graduate of Wheeler High School in Marietta, where she was captain of the varsity cheer-leading squad. She was driving in a snowstorm near Chicago when an 18-wheeler slammed into her car, said Shirley Brady, who was a nanny for the family when the Ramseys lived in Dunwoody. Brady, also a former housekeeper for Prince Faisal M. Saud Al Kabir, said she couldn't imagine the horror of two such deaths in one family. "I just feel I got a hole in my heart," said Brady, 69, now of Americus. "That is the most loving couple you have ever seen. He's a wonderful father and she's a wonderful mother." Brady worked for the couple from 1986 to 1989. She lived in a garage apartment John Ramsey and Patricia Ramsey's father built. Patricia Ramsey's parents, Don and Nedra Paugh, moved to Roswell after their daughter married and Don Paugh retired, Brady said."
    • samarkandy collection of news articles and forum posts on Shirley Brady - mentions a claim from Spade of how she admitted to having "massaged" Burke's penis; includes an allegation that she turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse by Sgt. Carroll Burris of the sons she had with him
    • Prince Faisal M. Saud Al Kabir background
      • Glayton Underhill, "Portrait of Saudi Arabian Prince Faisal M. Saud al Kabir", 1979
      • Chicago Tribune, "Atlanta mansion being rebuilt", 2001/10/28: "Known to Old Atlanta as the Nunnally House for the original owners, Hugh P. Nunnally and wife Mary Lee, it has been called the most photographed house in Atlanta. In 1948, it was the centerpiece of a Life magazine article about Atlanta's most spectacular homes and the city's gracious Southern lifestyle. Built in 1937, the 16-room mansion was sold in 1978 to His Royal Highness Prince Faisal M. Saud Al Kabir, son of the late Saudi Arabian ruler King Faisal, for $645,000. The prince spent little time in the house until 1985, when he spent $2.5 million to turn it into a home fit for royalty. Faisal added the two-story wing with another 4,000 square feet of living space. Its glory was short-lived. In 1987, the house was foreclosed, because Faisal had not paid the mortgage. On the market for several years, the house was again sold to South African entrepreneur Johnny Imerman for $7.5 million."
  • Access Graphics corporate history
    • p.26-31 of Death of a Little Princess by Carlton Smith gives more insight into the history of Access Graphics. It was formed out of a merger between Advanced Products Group, the Atlanta GA company started by John Ramsey to sell computer equipment, and two other companies: CAD Distributors of Boulder CO and CADSources Inc. of Piscataway NJ. As the names of the companies would suggest, much of Access Graphics' business came from distributing and setting up CAD systems for their customers. In 1990, they scored an arrangement with Sun Microsystems to become their principal distributor of UNIX workstations to resellers. When it began, Access Graphics only had sales of about $50 million per year; by 1993, that had increased to $400 million.
    • From p.87-88 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000):

          Borrowing money from Don Paugh, John and Patsy moved to the Atlanta subdivision of Dunwoody and in their basement launched a company they called Technical Equipment Specialists, Inc., known as TecSpec, which sold computer equipment for other businesses. Patsy handled the office, and her mother helped in sales. When neighbors complained about the delivery trucks, Ramsey rented office space at the airport so that he could fly in his spare time.
          John Ramsey then joined with two other entrepreneurs to create MicroSouth, a distributor of computer instrumentation in the Southeast, and he was named president. When they hit the $500,000 mark in sales, MicroSouth held a big party, unaware of the fortunes on the horizon.
          MicroSouth linked with a California firm, Calcomp. They also created the Advanced Products Group in 1986. Don Paugh, Ramsey's father-in-law, was hired to run the new company.
          The next step was to go national, and APG merged with CAD Distributors in Boulder and CAD Sources from New Jersey to form another company that would primarily sell Sun Microsystems components. The partners hunted through a dictionary for an appropriate name, and Access jumped out. Not only did it represent entry to information, but it began with the letter A, which meant prime placement in the Yellow Pages. Access Graphics was born, with headquarters in Boulder and John Ramsey in charge of sales. He was soon named president and commuted from Atlanta to Boulder, where Patsy rented an apartment for him near the Access offices.
    • From the 1998/06/23 interview of John Ramsey: "MIKE KANE: You never got like a DOD clearance as part of your association with -- JOHN RAMSEY: Not recently, I had a clearance, no. This is probably ten or 15 years ago, to go into nuclear plants, I forget how that was given to me, but --" (TODO: why would he have had this clearance back in the 1980s?)
    • Georgia corporation info on MICROSOUTH, INC. - formed on 1983/09/01; principal address was 645 HEMBREE PKWY STE J, ROSWELL, GA, 30076-3868, USA; registered agent was WOOLSEY, THOMAS; officers were JOHN MANN and ROBERT P BERNARDI and WOOLSEY, THOMAS
      • Business Formation filing - changed the name of Teqspec Distribution Company, Inc. effective 1984/08/31; contains the 1983/07/26 incorporation for Teqspec: initial registered office was 1583 Northridge Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30338, Fulton County; registered agent was John B. Ramsey; board directors were John B. Ramsey 1583 Northridge Road Atlanta, Georgia 30338 and Thomas Woolsey Rt 5 Box 370 Morristown, Tennessee 37814 and Robert A. Dinning 3919 Quilling Road Winston Salem, North Carolina 27104
    • Georgia corporation info on ADVANCED PRODUCTS GROUP, INC. - formed on 1985/05/20; principal address was 1426 PEARL ST, BOULDER, CO, 80302-5311, USA; registered agent was C T CORPORATION SYSTEM of 1201 PEACHTREE ST., NE, ATLANTA, GA, 30361, USA; officers were JOHN B RAMSEY and ROGER K HOOVER (of 6801 ROCKLEDGE DRIVE, BETHESDA, MD, 20817, USA) and THOMAS E CARSON
      • Business Formation filing - changed the name of Teqspec II, Inc. to ElectroSouth, Inc. effective 1985/05/20; the president was John B. Ramsey and the secretary was Patricia A. Ramsey; also contains the 1988/05/17 merger of Advanced Products Group into ElectroSouth forming Advanced Products Group: lawyer Wesley B. Warren Jr. was involved in the affairs; ElectroSouth president was John Ramsey and secretary was Donald R. Paugh; APG president was Donald Paugh and secretary was John Ramsey; also on the ElectroSouth board were Thomas Woolsey and Robert Dinning
    • Georgia corporation info on ADVANCED PRODUCTS GROUP, INC. (MERGED 5/17/88) - formed on 1985/11/07; principal address was 850 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLDG, DECATUR, GA, 30030, USA; registered agent was WARREN WESLEY B JR; officers were PAUGH, DONALD (of 1009 MANSELL ROAD STE K, ROSWELL, GA, 30076, USA)
      • Business Formation filing - the registered agent and sole member of the board of directors was Wesley B. Warren, Jr 850 First National Bank Building 315 West Ponce de Leon Avenue Decatur, Georgia 30031 of the law firm Simmons, Warren & Szczecko
    • OpenCorporates page on the Washington state branch ACCESS GRAPHICS, INC. of the Delaware corporation ACCESS GRAPHICS, INC. - incorporated on 1989/02/09 and dissolved on 1999/04/30; registered agent was FRANK H MENAKER JR 6801 ROCKLEDGE DR, BETHESDA, MA, 20817; directors (all named as governors) were GERALD SCHAEFER, JOHN MONTAGUE, JOHN RAMSEY, LILLIAN TRIPPETT, PETER REYNOLDS, PETER TEETS, RENATA BAKER, STEPHEN PIPER, THOMAS CARSON, and WALTER SKOWRONSKI
      • Confirmed by Washington corporate filing 0003611803 (archive) under UBI number 601 151 998 - curiously still has John B. Ramsey as a corporate officer (president) in 1999 alongside Stephen M. Piper (vice president), Lillian M. Trippett (secretary), Walter E. Skowronski (treasurer), and others listed on the subsequent page who are Renata J. Baker (assistant secretary), Thomas E. Carson (vice president and CFO), John E. Montague (vice president), and Peter C. Reynolds (assistant treasurer); validates that Peter B. Teets was a director of ACCESS GRAPHICS, INC. alongside Thomas E. Carson, John B. Ramsey, and Gerald W. Schaefer; address for everyone is 6801 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817 (matching that of Lockheed Martin) except for Ramsey whose address is 1426 Pearl Street, 4th Floor, Boulder, Colorado 80302
    • Georgia corporation info on PATSY RAMSEY & ASSOCIATES, INC. - formed on 1986/04/28; principal address was 1583 NORTHRIDGE RD, ATLANTA, GA, 30350-3415, USA; registered agent was WARREN WESLEY B JR of 315 W PONCE DE LEON AVE, DECATUR, GA, 30030, USA; officers were JOHN RAMSEY (as Secretary and CFO) and PATSY RAMSEY (as CEO)
      • Business Formation filing - specified purposes were "the business to engage in a marketing and advertising business; to buy, own, develop, manage, lease and sell real and personal property"; the initial sole member of the board of directors was Patsy Ramsey 1009 Sun Valley Drive Roswell, Georgia 30076
    • Florida InterCreditReport info on MICROSOUTH, INC. (GEORGIA) - company number is P21175; was set up on 10/4/1988 and REVOKED FOR ANNUAL REPORT on 8/25/1995; principal address was 19651 BRUCE B. DOWNS BLVD., #B-4, ROSWELL, GA, 33647; registered agent was CARPENTER, RON A. 4127 N.W. 27TH LANE, GAINESVILLE, FL, 32602; management was listed as Director - Ramsey John, Secretary, Treasurer, Director - Dinning Bob, President, Director - Woolsey Tom
    • Georgia corporation info on MICROSOUTH, INC. - formed on 1995/06/29; principal address was 645 HEMBREE PKWY STE J, ROSWELL, GA, 30076-3868, USA; registered agent was CT CORP SYSTEM of 1201 PEACHTREE STREET, ATLANTA, GA, 30361, USA; officers were J THOMAS WOOLSEY
      • Business Formation filing - details the late June 1995 acquisition of Microsouth, Inc. by TW Acquisition Corp. run by J. Thomas Woolsey, with another involved party being A. Siebert of 811 Dallas Avenue, Houston, Texas 77002; after the merger, TW changed its name to Microsouth and the original Microsouth was designated as nonsurviving
    • Subsequent activities by J. Thomas Woolsey
      • SEC filing from 2001 about TEKGRAF, INC.: "J. THOMAS WOOLSEY became Chief Information Officer in January 1998 and a director of the Company upon completion of the Company's acquisition of Microsouth, Inc., a Georgia corporation ("Microsouth"), in June 1997. From June 1997 until January 1998 he served as Regional Sales Director of the Company. Prior thereto, he served as the President and General Manager of Microsouth from 1989 to June 1997. Mr. Woolsey earned a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and a Masters in finance and marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. [...] J. Thomas Woolsey, a director of the Company and the former President of Microsouth, was the owner of a mail order computer sales company which was in operation from April 1995 through April 1997. This Company purchased products from various distributors, including Microsouth, for resale to end users. During the year ended December 31, 1997, this company's purchases from Microsouth totaled $8,500. Prior to completion of the Company's acquisition of Microsouth in June 1997, Microsouth performed certain software development services on behalf of JTW Acquisitions, L.P., an entity owned by Mr. Woolsey, for which it was not reimbursed. During the year ended December 31, 1997, Microsouth incurred charges of $31,000, relating to these services."
        • Michigan GOP political consultant John Yob - who ran the Ramsey campaign
          •, "GOP strategist John Yob assaulted by wife twice in 24 days, police say", 2015/02/13: "The domestic violence arrest of Erica Yob, the wife of national GOP political consultant John Yob, on Jan. 27 was her second alleged assault on her husband in a 24-day span, court records in Charlevoix County show. The earlier accusation against Erica Yob, 36, comes from a 9:30 p.m. Jan. 3 complaint that lists John Yob as the victim, a Charlevoix County court clerk said Thursday. [...] Erica Yob posted a $1,000 bond and was allowed to have her arraignment hearing delayed until March 10 so she could seek counseling, records show. But on Jan. 27, Erica Yob was arrested at the couple's home between the Watermark Country Club and Lake Walden off Cascade Road SE after her husband called 911 about 5:30 a.m. [...] The Yob family has a long connection to the Charlevoix area."
          • The Detroit News, "Michigan GOP strategist’s ‘news’ site touting clients", 2017/08/23: "A prominent Michigan Republican strategist has ownership ties to a conservative news website that promotes his candidate clients and critiques their opponents, prompting accusations of “fake news.” [...] Conservative Intel LLC shares a mailing address with other Yob-related companies, and business records list his longtime associate Dave Dishaw as the designated agent. State and local campaign finance records show Dishaw has previously identified himself as an executive with Strategic National, Yob’s main consulting firm. [...] The ties to Yob are not limited to Michigan clients. [...] It has run stories complimenting Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, for whom Yob has worked as a campaign adviser. [...] Yob is the son of longtime Michigan GOP power broker Chuck Yob. He remains a mainstay in state politics despite recently splitting his time between Grand Rapids and the Virgin Islands, which he fought to represent last year as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Yob and his consulting firm have worked directly for state and national candidates, including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign, Arizona Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2010 and 2014 statewide races."
    • Background of Peter Teets - shows up as a director of Access Graphics and a contributor to John Ramsey's congressional campaign
      • Washington Technology, "Lockheed Martin Creates Commercial Unit", 1996/02/22: "One year after completing the largest defense merger of the 1990s, Lockheed Martin Corp. of Bethesda, Md., finally found a strategy to tackle the commercial infotech market. Lockheed Martin has gathered seven previously disparate commercial infotech units and put them under the helm of Gary Mann, a 25-year veteran of Lockheed. [...] Meanwhile, Mann said Peter Bracken, who led the company's former information sciences group, will retire in May. [...] Two other top managers, Joseph Cleveland, president of Enterprise Information Systems, and John Hallal, president of Martin Information Systems, who reported to Bracken, will report directly to Peter Teets, president and chief operating officer of the company's information and technology services sector. [...] Lockheed Martin's Commercial Systems Group - Real 3D, Orlando, Fla., makes arcade graphics boards used in video games. -CalComp, Anaheim, Calif., designs and manufactures computer peripherals. -Formtek, Pittsburgh, develops and integrates information management systems for aerospace and defense agencies. -Integrated Business Solutions, Orlando, Fla., provides computer outsourcing services to commercial customers. -Lockheed Martin Commercial Electronics, Hudson, N.H., makes circuit boards and electronic products for computers. -MountainGate, Reno, Nev., develops and makes data storage products. -Access Graphics, Boulder, Colo., provides computer distribution of open client/server computing solutions."
      • Military & Aerospace Electronics, "The plight of the metal benders", 1999/12/01: "In the case of Lockheed Martin, the issue surfaced in late October with the resignation of Peter Teets as president and chief operating officer after the announcement that the nation`s largest defense contractor expected earnings to be cut by more than half next year, from $2.15 a share to $1. The company`s sales are running around $25 billion a year, but a shrinking cash flow and debts totaling $11 billion are making investors apprehensive."
      • The Aerospace Corporation, "Mr. Peter Teets Joins Aerospace Board", 2005/06/09: "Peter B. Teets, retired president and chief operating officer of Lockheed Martin Corp. and formerly under secretary of the Air Force and director of the National Reconnaissance Office, has been elected to The Aerospace Corporation’s board of trustees. He was elected today to a three-year term during the board’s quarterly meeting held at the company’s headquarters in El Segundo, Calif.

        Teets began his career with Martin Marietta, Denver, Colo., in 1963, as an engineer in flight control analysis. In 1970, he began managing the inertial guidance system to the Titan IIIC launch vehicle. He became program manager for the company's Transtage Project and director of Space Systems in 1975. Five years later, Teets became vice president of Business Development for Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace, and, in 1982, joined its Strategic and Launch Systems Division as vice president and general manager. Following two years in these positions, Teets became president of Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace, and, in 1993, president of the company's Space Group.

        After the Lockheed Martin merger in 1995 and until 1997, Teets served as president and chief operating officer of the Information and Services Sector. In 1997 he was elevated to president and chief operating officer of Lockheed Martin Corp., a position he held until he retired in 1999.

        He accepted the post of under secretary of the Air Force and director of the NRO in 2001, and retired from government service in March 2005."
    • 1995 Christmas newsletter sent by the Ramseys: "Speaking of business, John and Access are going great guns. Europe has been successfully conquered with offices in every country except Norway! Mexico & Canada opened too. (Can you believe this grew out of our garage on Northridge?)"
    • Websleuths thread cites Boulder Daily Camera, "ACCESS GRAPHICS SALES SOAR", 1996/10/08 - mentions Boulder architect J. Nold Midyette (the father of Alex Midyette, who was found guilty of criminally negligent child abuse of his infant son) helping build an expanded headquarters; shows that both GRAFTEK (mentioned below; itself a reseller of Sun equipment) did business with Access Graphics, as did Root Group, another reseller in Boulder; says that Access represented "Sun Microsystems Inc. of Mountain View, Calif." as well as "Silicon Graphics Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., and Hewlett-Packard Co. of Palo Alto, Calif."; notes that Calcomp of Anaheim CA, which became a minority investor in Access Graphics after it formed from the merger, was a Lockheed subsidiary, and Lockheed subsequently bought all of Access in 1991; thread mainly focused on the strange death of Lorraine Florence Lawrence
    • Justice Watch, " More Intriguing Sleuth Stuff", 2000/04/17 - delving into the corporate history of Access Graphics: "Ok, this is what I've found out. When I ran a search for MicroSouth - I also got a hit on Vidar Distributors. I used Through Vidar - I found this page:

      There you'll see a bunch of links for a company called TekGraf. I have documents that says MicroSouth aquired TekGraf in June of 1993, which is located in Houston Texas. MicroSouth - it'self was aquired 3 months earlier by a company called Network Digital Imaging. I also have Ramsey articles after the murder from the Atlanta Constitution, that states Jeff Ramsey was still employed by MicrSouth - after JonBenet's death.

      Microsouth had offices in Atlanta, Tampa and Winston-Salem.

      All this interlooping is getting strange. But what hasn't been strange in all of this?"
    • Known company personnel
      • Info on Optiv CEO Dan Burns: "Previously, as the western region vice president for Exault, an integrator, consulting organization and reseller, Burns secured some of the largest enterprise clients in the Rocky Mountain region and helped grow revenues to nearly $150M in two years. He also held positions at Access Graphics, Arrowpoint, and Netrex where he supported some of the largest telecommunication companies in building their information security programs, implementing technology and taking advantage of Netrex’s world-class MSS."
      • eCortex team members page: "The eCortex team is comprised some of the leading international experts in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience. We're an affiliate and technology transfer partner of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado, Boulder. [...] Joshua Sroge, Chief Financial Officer Mr Sroge has been the CFO of e-Cortex since 2014, and has worked in finance and accounting with a wide variety of businesses over his 25-year career: chemical, energy and biotech, software and IT distribution, medical and sports equipment manufacturing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and service industries. Joshua has been in both financial and operational leadership capacities with local companies such as Kryptonics, Image Guided Technologies, Access Graphics, Spatial Corp, and ShapeShift. In the past ten years he has been consulting with early to mid-stage technology companies to successfully raise capital, develop infrastructure, and enable commercialization."
    • Similar and related technology firms in the Boulder area
    • From p.86 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000): "He joined the computer revolution as manager of Southern Peripherals and Instruments in Atlanta. The company didn't do well, and his bosses were unhappy because they said Ramsey tried to expense about $5,000 worth of repair work on his Porsche and personal flying costs."
    • Anonymous comment in 2018 suggesting that General Electric had discovered financial irregularities with Access Graphics in advance of the acquisition: "Also in his history was deception with his company Southern Peripherals and Instruments. The owners said that JR tried to expense about $5000 in repairs and personal flying costs to the company.

      And lastly, it’s fitting to note and wonder that LM in the spring of ’96 asked one of the former owners of AG (who’d been marginalized after JR arrived) to return and handle the majority of their international trade. A question might arise whether GE auditors, pre-sale, had discovered fiscal irregularities in connection to JR."
    • As detailed above, there was a tabloid allegation that child pornography was found on Access Graphics computers, and Nancy Krebs claimed that "Uncle Johnny" (who she identified as John Ramsey) set up various front businesses to launder the profits from selling child pornography. These details raise the question of whether Access Graphics was involved in that kind of illicit activity, perhaps in relation to Internet communities such as the Wonderland Club.
    • Voice of Dissent, "/222/ EXPOSED. WELCOME TO WONDERLAND", 2015/03 (original link, now 404s) - allegations about Montagraph, a pedophile ring, and black-budget projects involving Access Graphics
      • "Follow the money. Follow the money. Follow the money.
        Access Graphics was a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, and was officially a distributor of mid-level computer hardware and software. You could think of Access Graphics as a VAR (Value Added Reseller) acting as an intermediary between manufacturers and "resellers" that sell to end-user businesses. Investigators familiar with classified projects will probably notice the tell tale signs of a company with a black budget. Access Graphics had nearly a half a billion dollars in annual revenue coming in without explanation or balance sheet entries that tied this revenue to it's main line of work.

        Keep in mind that Lockheed Martin has it's hands in a lot of things and most of them have direct ties to the Department of Defense. This is no secret, but if you dig deep enough, you'll find that Access Graphics' location in Colorado probably wasn't for the scenery or the fresh mountain air. The University of Colorado Boulder is home to the US National Satellite Land Remote Sensing Data Archive, the National data node for access to state and national agency data sets, the USGS DRGs Digital Raster Graphics, rumored Area 51 replacement Aurora etc. Lots and lots of high altitude photography and do keep in mind that in the early 90's the United States was still cleaning up the mess Saddam had made during his retreat in the Gulf War (Operation Desert Shield.) Combinations of high altitude and thermal imagery were being deployed to help locate burning oil wells out in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert.

        The rumor is Access Graphics was working with the Department of Defense, Lockheed, Unisys (possibly others) and the University of Colorado Boulder on some highly secretive technology used to process satellite imagery. These days we take technology like a cellular phone that can stitch together a series of pictures and produces one seamless panoramic image for granted. Most of us hardly give thought to the amazing coverage of the Earth we can readily view on Google Earth and Google Maps. Back in the late 80's and early 90's putting together imagery like that was still a time consuming task that required skilled technicians and most of the images were still on photographic paper. The most we can tell you is that we believe Access Graphics was deeply involved in developing software that digitized and stitched together large amounts of satellite imagery; and that this imagery had significant military applications."
      • Interesting facts to note: Lockheed Martin was modifying the PROMIS software for intelligence purposes through GE Aerospace and Geomatics -- both involved in the space program and/or satellite imagery -- and Access Graphics was seemingly swapped out with General Electric for GE Aerospace in 1997 (Boulder Daily Camera, "Ramsey exit to follow trade of Boulder firm", 1997/11/04)
    • Revenues of other technology companies in 1996, for comparison with Access Graphics taking in $1 billion
    • Some have in fact alleged that Access Graphics was a front for DARPA's advanced software division
    • Reddit thread in 2019 suggesting that Access Graphics is a CIA front
    • Sun Microsystems opening an office in the Interlocken Advanced Technology Environment in Broomfield CO (ed. note: Tal Jones was purportedly connected to the Broomfield Police Department)
      • Reddit user talks about the involvement of Silverado Savings and Loan and MDC Holdings in the real estate deals that created Interlocken Business Park: "I’m telling you this from my own experience because I know the brothers who were selling the pot on the Front Range, that was Illegally obtained in a guns for drugs money laundering scheme. They were caught and indicted for flying in 20,000 lbs of marijuana to a fruit company in Delta, CO that was financed by Silverado with Neil Bush at the helm.

        I didn’t really put the Sun Microsystems connection together with Silverado until therakoon mentioned the possible small business connection to pedophilia. I don’t know it for a fact, except for what I was told by the brother, and he also told me the other brother in the scheme used to make him give him oral sex when they were Young boys and teenagers. Silverado Savings and Loan went bust in 1987 at the same time as the oil bust in Denver.

        But the big dollar real estate deal in the works at the time was between Silverado and MDC Holdings and the development of Rock Creek Subdivision in Superior (technically it’s Louisville because it has the same zip code), Interlocken Business Park, and the Flatirons Mall (both of those are located in Broomfield which became its own County in 1992). Additionally the Jeffco Airport is across the road from Interlocken and was where the Ramseys were scheduled to fly out of on the day after Christmas 1996.

        MDC Holdings, the entity behind all this development and the parent company of Richmond American Homes (the Builder of Rock Creek Subdivision) was Larry Mizel. He rather fits the same profile of of Businessman and Philanthropist that TheraKoon speaks of behind North Fox Island, but he is a notable community leader in Denver and apparently has an “unblemished reputation”.

        I believe Sun Microsystems opened an office at Interlocken about the same time as Ramsey opened Access Graphics in Boulder. The only true business connection that is apparent to me is the Government Contracts that many small businesses were thriving on through Prime Contractors. Here in Boulder we have NOAA, NCAR, UCAR, CU, IBM, Environmental Consultants, Ball Aerospace, Dept of Commerce and NIST just to name a few. And the small business systems that Access and Sun were capable of building were highly in demand." - note that many of these contractors could have been targeted for backdoors a la the PROMIS software
        • Bremers brothers
          • Henry Bremers a.k.a. Hank Bremers
            • Cherry Creek High School alumni page for Henry Bremers - graduated in 1968
            • Fort Collins Coloradoan, "Three arrested on drug charges", 1970/06/04: "Three persons were arrested and jailed here for investigation of sale of $14,400 of suspected LSD, Boulder detectives said Wednesday. They were identified as William L. Bucher, 20, Commerce City; Henry Bremers, 19, Boulder, and a juvenile from Denver. The arrests were made by narcotics officers from Boulder, Arvada and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Denver. The three were placed in Boulder County Jail, but Bucher was later released on $3,000 bond, police reported."
            • Photo RMN-057-9939 from the Rocky Mountain News: "Henry Bremers (cq) who was worked at Eldora Ski Resort for 23 years hugs Rob Linde (cq) (red) who has worked at Eldora for 15 years at the bottom of the slopes near Eldora, Colorado on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 the day after their friend, General Manager Brian Mahon was fatally shot by a fellow employee during a morning meeting inside the pump house. December 31, 2008 BRIAN LEHMANN/ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS"
            • Facebook page of Henry Bremers - from Boulder CO; went to Cherry Creek High School; studied mathematics at University of Colorado Boulder; studied computer science at University of Colorado Boulder; works at Eldora Mountain Resort; senior software engineer at Digiclips Inc.
            • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check on Henry Bremers born 1950/06/28 - was incarcerated by the Buena Vista Correctional Facility on 1971/02/22 (arrest 7188) for conspiracy to dispense dangerous drugs; was arrested by the Boulder County Sheriff's Office on 1974/08/13 (arrest 32470) for conspiracy to sell dangerous drugs and ultimately found guilty; was arrested by the Boulder County Sheriff's Office on 1974/09/03 (arrest 32750) for sale of dangerous drugs
          • Robert Bremers
            • Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, "Statler-Bremers", 1978/01/01: "Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Statler, 3651 Vassar St., announce the engagement of their daughter Stacy Ann to Robert Charles Bremers, son of Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Bremers of Englewood. A May 27 wedding is planned at the Briarhurst Mansion. The bride-elect is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The bridegroom-elect, a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, is a biomedical photographer at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver."
            • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Lifesaving vision: Family helps man beat coma after fall", 1989/04/01 (pages 1b, 2b): "LOUISVILLE - A piercing image of his wife and children flashed in Robert Bremers' mind as he tumbled 35 feet down a cliff while skiing at Vail. "The instant I felt the cliff give way, I could see my family," Bremers, who once skied professionally, said recently. "Some people say they see their life flash before them, but that image was all the motivation I needed," he said of his wife, Stacy, and two children, Ashley and Austin. "At that moment, I felt I was so loved and needed by my wife and kids, I knew I could get through it." Just over two months since doctors gave him six hours to live. Bremers, 34, spends his days tending to the home, doing rigorous daily therapy and thanking God for his miraculous recovery."
            • MyLife page for Robert Bremers of Louisville CO - born 1954/10/16; also known as Robert C Bremers, Bert C Bremers, and Robert Charles Bremers; identified as "President at Data Force INC."
            • Western State Colorado University alumni entry for Robert Bremers - majored in history at Western State Colorado University from 1972 to 1974; received a BS in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (MCDB) after attending University of Colorado Boulder from 1974 to 1977; attended University of Colorado Denver from 1991 to 1993 to obtain an MBA in International Business; currently designated as president of "Computer Software" company DataForce, Inc. in the Greater Denver Area
            • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check on Robert Bremers born 1954/10/16 - was arrested by the Aurora Police Department on 1972/12/20 (arrest 18667) for indecent acts, marijuana possession, and disorderly conduct
            • DataForce Inc.
              • Homepage ( from 2000/07/11 - advertises BrokerForce, "the state-of-the-art tool for accepting and relaying orders, tracking commissions, and managing contacts and product catalogs"; address is in Louisville CO; copyright at the bottom of the site is from DataForce, Inc.
            • TODO: look into Robert Bremers' business Essential Ingredients
      • Boulder Weekly, "Save us, Wal-Mart!" by Wayne Laugesen, 2005/??/??: "Give 'em bus passes. That was the response of Boulder City Manager Frank Bruno and Economic Vitality Coordinator Michael Stumpf when faced with the challenge of keeping another desirable, homegrown company from leaving town. Sherri Leopard, the CEO and founder of Leopard Communications, told the story last week to a meeting of Boulder Tomorrow, a citizens group. [...] [In 2005] Leopard recently began looking for new office space. She couldn't find it in Boulder, but found a whopper of a deal at Broomfield's Interlocken Park. Before closing a deal for the space, she spoke with Bruno and Stumpf to ask whether the city had any ideas to help her to remain competitive while keeping the business in Boulder. [...] Rewind to Boulder, 1993. Crossroads Mall is full, and the commercial district surrounding it thrives. Boulder's bustling with unique, locally owned restaurants and shops. Big businesses, such as IBM and Celestial Seasonings, are spawning employee spin-offs. Entrepreneurs from around the world are moving here to set up shop. Boulder's the cultural, economic and retail hub of Boulder County." - note that Celestial Seasonings, a tea company, was a purported drug trafficking front
    • Lockheed Martin Skunk Works connection to Marietta GA
      • Los Angeles Times, "Lockheed Will Move Top-Secret ‘Skunk Works’ From Burbank", 1988/11/05: "A story appearing this week in Lockheed’s employee newspaper, which carried the byline of John Brizendine, president of Lockheed Aeronautical Systems, confirmed that the company plans to relocate the Skunk Works in Palmdale. He also indicated that a number of buildings would be sold off at the Burbank complex, which sprawls over 340 acres. [...] Separately, Lockheed said Friday that as many as 1,500 jobs will be moved from Burbank to Georgia, starting in 1991, as part of its previously reported decision to relocate production of parts for a new Navy patrol aircraft. When Lockheed won the contract Oct. 14 to produce the new Navy aircraft, it said the program would result in about 3,000 assembly jobs at its large facility in Palmdale, which would offset the job transfers to Georgia. “It continues to be part of our planning for . . . (the new plane) that final assembly will take place at Palmdale, but it is part of our planning that parts fabrication will be done at the Marietta, Ga., plant,” Brizendine said in a statement."
      • Air & Space Magazine, "Secrets of the Skunk Works", 2014/08: "Today’s Skunk Works employs 3,700 employees at facilities in Palmdale, California, Marietta, Georgia, and Fort Worth, Texas. They are working on over 500 projects, from radar coatings to war games to compact fusion reactors to a Mach 6 spyplane."
    • Theories of Frank-e / F-e / Rascal / Disman / Dis man
      • Webbsleuths thread suggests Access Graphics was a CIA front involved with Iranian activities in Paris: "The mystery woman of k-frogs is an Iranian named Maryam Rajavi. She's being detained outside Paris for terrorist activity against Iran's Mullahs from Paris. Ramsey connection may well be from Lockheed/Martin CIA work through the Access Graphics office in Paris. This may well have occurred with or without Ramsey full knowledge. The shifting of employees after demands by Lockheed to Ramsey as to Paris office would be telling. This is info for a NEW EXPANSION of the big picture posssibilities of Ramsey death as payback by Middle eastern "foreign factions." Congressman Tancredo's association to the nrci and their female president Maryam Rajavi is big news. Denver is a and has been from early 1990's the USA hotbed of Middle East politics. The Ramsey Paris office is central to JBR's death. [...] Denver/Boulder were a national hotbed of Iranian's anti-to-Mullahs and the Denver Saudi student Alomari lost his passport used on 9-11, all pre-12-96, all in Denver/Boulder Colorado."
      • Webbsleuths thread going into more detail about Abdulaziz Alomari at the University of Denver: "Mr. Alomari's passport was One used on Flt 11 09-11-02. A flt that the leader Mohammad Atta espoused from his childhood a favorite saying "fat cats"! Mr. Alomari states he reported the passport loss to the Denver police, but seems, to not have reported it to the U.S. State Department who issued it. The unknown flt 11 terrorist is not talking anymore. Mr. Alomari has returned to Saudi Arabia and HE left behind a mystery why HE never reported the passport to proper authoraties!!!! As a student in Denver, Mr, Alomari is reported to have threatened a video camera operator "to cut off the head" (Bin Ladin saying) due to filming his wife at a campus event. The Pasport was reported to be stolen from his attache (briefcase) case. In 1995, it's reported he was arrested for assault and in 1996 for disturbing the peace. Remember here, Atta and another tested ALLAH just a couple days before 09-11-02, by walking out of a resturant without paying, and so, they were looking for a way out!!! Arrest. Stop the Muslim death march, but it didn't, they paid and the WE (Prophets of Islam) sent them to kill. Was Alomari looking for a way out in 1996? Was Alomari testing ALLAH'S will for him? I believe him and his wife should be suspects in the Ramsey childs death. An investigation into the Mr. and Mrs. past associations, if either were or studied police procedures and Boulder police info? If the two ever attended the Mosque in Boulder? Association to the mystery person whom used Mr. Alomari's passport. A DOG (sleepers) Muslim businessman association with Alomari or his obligation too, for his education monies to be pay back by being a recruiter of sleepers? Colorado citizens should demand a special investigation into Denver/Boulders Muslim underground and terror cells in relation to the death of JonBenet Ramsey."
      • Webbsleuths post by Frank-e on 2003/04/21 - likely refers to Herman Rush: "I worked for the President of what is now Sony's Television division. The President was a man named Herman of whom I managed a second home ranch for in Ventura county, California.

        Where their are many examples, I'll just reduce it to a couple. First the Daughter whom was an Vice-President at Wells Fargo Bank in Los Angeles. she would always say, we're just normal folks.

        Her mother also acted out the false representaion and she more than once put me and her in uncomfortable social scenes. The one that was the most obvious was on a shopping trip. Herman had asked me to take his wife shopping at the local small shops. She wanted to shop in antique and thrift type stores. She engaged a MC biker type guy when he offered a mink stole at a low price. No such mink stole was on display. The wife was tempted and conversed with this MC biker over the item.

        Well, I nearly had to go to physical blows with the biker as he moved in closer to her, He told me to stay out of it, I told him no suck luck buddy. The Mrs. acted as if she could handle this Biker's advance. I never accompianed the Mrs. on another trip as such again."
    • Topix allegations by James sons ex step mom in 2006 (pages 7, 8)
      • "I believe that the only involvement the family had was with a VP at Lockheed Martin who had a grudge with John and wanted him out of the succession plan. My ex-husband, the VP of Corporate Compliance, spent the three weeks preceding the murder at the Access Graphics facility (part of the Lockheed and Martin Marietta merger). I provided information to the Boulder Police Department and the next day, the FBI handcuffed my ex-husband, stripped him of all of his security clearances and he was fired from LMCO, and his position on the Board of Directors of Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia Corp, Hanford, Oak Ridge and other facilities. In a separate investigation, he lied about his involvement. He threatened me that if I ever came forward and told the authorities that the same thing would happen to our children. Now ages 15 and 12, I'm not afraid any longer and Jon Bonet is long overdue for justice."
      • "No, he is a strategist, highly skilled and trained by the most elite agencies. He most commonly used his services in military planning and met frequently at The Hague for strategy sessions and is a graduate of the LMCO Senior Management Executive Training at the Wye River Institute. He served in Intel in the Army, was cryptologist during Vietnam and worked his way up the corporate ladder via various strategic assignments. He wouldn't have been the person to commit the murder; he would have been responsible for the tactical aspects of executing the plan. I doubt his DNA is at the scene and if it were found in the house, he was a business colleague and admitted friend of John Ramsey so it would not implicate him conclusively. A couple of weeks after the murder, he completely broke down wailing in our basement claiming,“John Ramsey is my best friend.” I knew this to be completely untrue and his behavior was extremely unusual. Remember, the man was a defense executive, not a pediatrician. And if in fact, he was the first responder as VP of Compliance Validation (remember the ransom note indicated it was an assault against John Ramsey’s company) then he would have had a valid excuse for being there. At the very least, he is guilty of obstruction of justice. He knows way more than what he is telling. The FBI has removed him from all access to classified information and he now lives in England. I was not privy to the outcome of the investigation by the FBI."
      • "I suspect his involvement based on the following facts:
        1.) He considered himself intellectually superior to everyone around him.“Grow a brain” was a common insult he employed.
        2.) He was not at our home on the night of the murder (I assumed he was with his mistress).
        3.) He received repetitive calls from a man claiming to be from Access Graphics following the murder. The caller initiated the call minutes after my husband left the house in route to work in the morning. I found the incidents so disturbing that I filed a report with the police department because I was fearful someone was watching the house. Our house was broken into two times following the calls but nothing was disturbed. The alarm went off minutes after I left and the intruder was gone before the police responded. On one occasion, I left a $100.00 bill on the table but it was still there when I returned home.
        4.) After our separation, he was abusive to our son. He was consistently able to evade conviction even though 7 organizations filed child abuse allegations against him and the investigation produced a 192 page, 3 count criminal indictment of child abuse. He is above the law and very skilled.
        5.) I hired a private investigator during our divorce. The investigator claimed that he was known as a “ghost” in the PI business. He also noted that my ex was involved in a large number (12) of fatalities. I responded that he was responsible for 151 facilities world wide. I grew up on Louisiana where one refinery explosion was capable of killing 12 employees at one time. But most striking was my ex was usually present or had recently visited when the “accident” took place. Of note was a time when we were on vacation in Florida in August of 1998. He was on the board of directors at Los Alamos National Lab and the G3 picked him up in Jacksonville en route to Los Alamos for a weekend board meeting. He was supposed to return on Sunday evening but called me to report that there was an “electrocution” at the plant and he was notified when the plane was on the tarmac. So, they postponed their return trip. When we arrived home in Denver, I read in one of the papers that the fatality occurred on Monday. The death (at the time of the Wen Ho Lee controversy) was ruled an “accident”, but I’m skeptical because I refer to planned accidents as murders. I filed for divorce two months later."
      • "I began posting here because I have provided some of the evidence I have to the Boulder Police Department and to my knowledge there has been no follow up. The only action that took place was my ex was removed from his position, stripped of security clearances and now lives out of the country. I'm frustrated and feel guilty that Patsy died without realizing justice for her daughter. My feelings of guilt started to rise again after I learned that Patsy had died. I searched the Internet and found your blog and this one: . I posted to both. I’m looking for answers to questions that have plagued me since the murder. I have no specific information about SBTC other than it means “saved by the cross” to some. My ex became a religious fanatic after the murder. I’ve searched the term with relation to defense and the only information I found was “speed brake thrust controller” used on the space shuttle. LMCO had the space shuttle contract at the time. I do not think it would be legal or prudent to post my ex’s name. The FBI is quite aware of who he is. I’m just baffled as to why they are not solving the crime."
      • "Well, first of all, I don't believe my ex was the murderer. I was married to him for 14 years and he never took out the trash or picked up the dog poop once. He’s not one to do the “dirty” work. He is however a strategist and most probably one of the best trained in the US. There were certain disasters that happened under his tenure that no one -- not the regulators, not the public and not the press -- ever found out about. He’s a genius. His reputation is so strong for being covert, the joke is if he would have been the Corporate Cop for Exxon, no one would have heard of the Valdez. Ever wonder why there’s an escape hatch on the orbiter? My only guess and it’s only a guess is that John was closely aligned with the Democrats. Most Defense Executives are Republicans because a Republican administration tends to divvy more lucrative defense contracts during its term and there is a philosophical match. Large corporations play both sides of the aisle but to be on the inside and a card carrying member of the “club”, it was pertinent to be a Republican. My ex is motivated by only two things: money and power. Shortly after the murder, he was moved up on the succession plan behind Robert (Bob) Stevens who is the current CEO. Bob’s total compensation package for 2005 was over $13M. The under execs also earn hefty salaries and bonuses with stock options. So, if my ex did participate, my guess is he was motivated by the promise of power and money. And he may have been asked to design a plan as hypothetical never knowing that it would be executed. Even at the executive level, very few people have access to the entire operational aspects."
      • "Welcome to my world, Medium. My life has been a living hell for the last ten years. I've gotten divorced, had to protect two children from something I don't completely understand, and battle a legal system that has no clue what people with TS clearances do. It's been a complete nightmare. My closest friends have no idea how I have survived it and my attorney constantly tells me that I'm simply lucky to be alive. But it is a very painful living."
      • "No, he’s pulled off greater coos than this. He likes to delve into political power and covert operations. For example, there was a movement to get Bill Richardson off the presidential ticket in 2000 and my ex was the strategist for that group. I like Gov. Richardson and think he has done great things for the people of New Mexico, but the BOD of Los Alamos did not consider him a friend. My ex, as strange as this may sound, is not a sick-o, he’s a power monger. He wouldn’t plan the murder of a child the same age as his own just to “test” himself."
      • "I don't know. I would hope so. I’m not sure who my children need to be protected from? And it could be that my ex threatened me for other reasons. I don’t know. He was moved to another state and now lives overseas. I don’t know if the FBI had anything to do with the last relocation.

        But your question does remind me of a detail I have left out. Prior to 9/11, defense companies had protocol in place for all types of domestic terrorism. Remember Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber? And there were also threats from eco-terrorists. Our children were not allowed to be photographed at school for local publications and there were other restrictions. Oddly enough, the LMCO security office did not issue a “lockdown” or alert for all executive’s children immediately following the murder. I found this a bit odd considering the ransom note indicated something about not respecting what John’s company did. It was almost like a Unabomber threat. Yet, for us, it was business as usual. So how did LMCO know that it was not a threat to other children? A bit bizarre to me."
      • "Oh, my previous post reads a bit odd. My answer corresponded to your first question regarding security. With respect to does he have children by someone else, yes, he has a son from a first marriage. I remember on September 10, 2001, the BPD released a statement about James Son and wanted information. I responded with the information I had because the age was a perfect match and then the next day, well, it was 9/11. I recently discovered that "Jameson" is someone in North Carolina and I do not know him/her or anything about them."
    • p.1 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "Conspiracy?"
      • "JR was a Sun reseller. SBTC Sent By Taiwan's Chinese? [...] Selling computers to China would certainly make a small foreign faction from Taiwan a little irritated. Was John involved in a sale or attempting to make a sale to China as a Sun reseller?"
      • "Clinton-Approved Computer Exports Help China Build Atomic Bombs Charles R. Smith Friday, Oct. 4, 2002 The Bush administration has accused Sun Microsystems Inc. of violating export rules in high-speed computer sales it made to China during the Clinton administration. According to a letter the company received in February 2002 from the U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), the illegal sales took place in 1997 and 1998. The letter was released on Sept. 30 by Sun in a regulatory filing. According to the letter, in 1997 Sun sold equipment to a Hong Kong reseller, which later sold the hardware to military organizations in China. [...] Sun Microsystems has a long history of equipment sales to military users inside China. For example, on Dec. 26, 1996 a Hong Kong reseller for Sun Microsystems, Automated Systems Ltd., sold a supercomputer to the Chinese Scientific Institute, a technical institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. [...] At some point after the sale but before delivery, the computer was sold to Yuanwang Corp. Yuanwang is an entity of the Chinese army unit COSTIND (Commission on Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense). According to Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents, COSTIND oversees nuclear weapons research and design for the Chinese army. Sun officials claimed in 1997 that they were unaware of the supercomputer transfer to the Chinese nuclear weapons lab. However, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Sun Microsystems was aware of Yuanwang Corp.'s Chinese military ties. [...] In another case, the Clinton administration approved the export of a Sun supercomputer directly to the Yuanwang Group. [...] There is ample evidence that Clinton administration officials were aware that Yuanwang was a company owned by the Chinese military. [...] The Chinese People's Armed Police is also well equipped with Sun-made computer equipment to track, identify and quickly jail any dissidents. Sun Microsystems has a contract with the Chinese version of the Nazi Gestapo, the Public Security Bureau, to make use of instant computer identification of fingerprints. [...] In 1995, Tony Podesta represented Computer Systems Policy Project. CSPP was a group of computer companies that in 1995 included Apple, AT&T, Compaq, Cray, Data General, Digital Equipment, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Stratus Computer, Tandem, Unisys and Sun Microsystems. These major computer corporations, including Sun, sought Clinton's assistance in exporting computers to Russian and Chinese military end users. [...] One 1995 secret meeting inside the White House was attended by CSPP Director Ken Kay, then an employee of Podesta Associates. The meeting with Tony Podesta's employee took place while John Podesta was employed at the White House. John Podesta left the employ of the White House and went directly to work for his brother in July 1995. The meeting occurred just before Clinton changed supercomputer policy. Within weeks, Russian and Chinese military units were buying hundreds of U.S.-made computers."
      • "JR was busy setting up west coast offices to service the Pacific rim. He was also associated with the company from Spain?? I don't recall the name of the company, but was this relationship set up to bypass export laws to China prior to Clinton's administration lifting those restrictions? I just love intrigue...."
      • "An excellent 1991 timeline linked below. Look for Sun Microsystems, Lockhead Martin and the city of Dandong, which is an important checkpoint for goods being transported in and out of northeast China. Some 5 million tons of imported and exported cargo and 22,000 containers clear the sea port every year."
      • "Jaleo was the Spanish Company. I always contended the RN was a coded message to John that said I know enough about you that I can expose if you decide to expose me. I even said it was National in nature and that is how he had high connections to avoid prosecution."
    • Claims by Field McConnell / Abel Danger
      • "#1400 Marine Links Desmarais Serco, JonBenét NIST to Cheney’s Front Running U.S. Naval Observatory Clock", 2013/02/15: "McConnell points out that Cheney’s opportunity to attempt a front-running coup d’état, arose after Desmarais had invested in Serco’s Contract Towers through Invesco Power and Lynne Cheney, then a director of Lockheed Martin, paid JonBenét’s father at Access Graphics, to develop Network Time Protocol (NTP) for continuity-of-government exercises involving manipulation of the U.S. Navy clock. [...] Lynne Cheney’s front running notes on 9/11. She allegedly used Desmarais Serco and NIST NTP clocks to stand down the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center and switch U.S. time to U.K. GMT! [...] “Why does the pentagon video say september 12,2001? I looked at a picture of the surveillance video and the date said September 12, 2001”"
      • "#1403 Marine Links Cheney ‘s Serco, Lockheed and Observatory Clocks to BBC WTC7 Packet-Switched Bomb", 2013/02/17: "United States Marine Field McConnell has linked former Lockheed Martin director Lynne Cheney‘s development of network time protocols (NTP) for the Serco, Lockheed Martin and United States Naval Observatory cesium clocks, to the BBC’s alleged use of packet-switched bombs in the pre-scripted (?) demolition of WTC#7 in New York at 5:20 pm on 9/11.

        McConnell notes Cheney rewarded John Bennett Ramsey, JonBenet Ramsey’s father and the former CEO of Lockheed Martin’s Access Graphics, with a $118,000 bonus in 1996 for his work in integrating Network Time Protocol (NTP) allegedly used by disgraced former BBC Director General, Greg Dyke, in time-stamping and packet switching of “the first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history”."
      • "#2092: Marine Links Serco’s NORAD Santa Waypoints to St. Ermin’s Tagged Offenders, NIST-7 Time for JonBenét", 2014/09/01: "McConnell notes that JonBenét’s father John Ramsey – a distinguished former naval officer who held a pilot’s license and owned two planes – was chief executive officer of Access Graphics, a computer services company and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin which provided NIST with the Solaris workstations apparently used to adjust NORAD’s network timing protocols and generate ad hoc waypoints for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Day 1996 and al-Qaeda pilots on 9/11!"
      • "#2788: Clinton’s Qui-Tam Pride in PENREN JonBenet – 9/11 Bugs in Bankers’ Bridge – Hotel Serco’s Zulu Coup", 2016/09/26: "1. Abel Danger (AD) claims that Hillary Clinton’s associates in DOJ Pride tried to conceal an estimated $4.3 billion qui-tam procurement fraud in the Pentagon Renovation Program (‘PENREN’) by silencing the prospective whistle-blower John Bennett Ramsey – the father of the late JonBenet Ramsey – with a snuff film of his daughter’s murder on Christmas Day 1996.

        2. AD claims that in 1996 John Ramsey was installing Sun Microsystem servers in the Pentagon and discovered that his de facto boss, the former Lockheed Martin director Lynne Cheney had linked the UK MOD, DOJ, Wells Fargo and Citigroup banks and the Boeing company on the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) in apparent preparation for variants of an “All Under Control” script from the BBC technolgical thriller, Bugs, to hijack droned planes on 9/11."

White family background

  • Family and general history of the Whites
    • Library of Congress, "CATALOG OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES Third Series VOLUME 3, PART 5 B, NUMBER 1: Unpublished Music", 1949/01-06 (text version): "KEALOHA O HAWAII © English w & m Fleet Russell White 20Apr49 EU164685"
    • Los Angeles Times, "Whites Invite Friends to Beach and Fish Fry", 1952/07/08: "Nyla and Fleet White of Long Beach invited friends for an afternoon on the beach followed by a fish fry at their peninsula home."
    • Independent (Long Beach CA), "Mr. and Mrs. M. F. White Feted on Golden Year", 1958/08/25: "Although 50 years separate their wedding day and golden anniversary, only a few miles separate the church from the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. White. First Presbyterian Church in Downey was the setting of their wedding on Aug. 20, 1908. [...] RECEPTION hosts were Dr. and Mrs. Ronald T. White and and Mr. and Mrs. Fleet White. [...] White operated the oil salvage system on Signal Hill 20 years ago. He is well known to golfing circles in the city and still plays."
    • Independent (Long Beach CA), "M. Fleet Whites to mark 60th date", 1968/08/14: "A dinner party Sunday in the Santa Ana home of their son, Fleet Russell White, will honor the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. M. Fleet White, 4119 E. 11th St. White and the former Ethel Townsend were married Aug. 20, 1908, in Downey. They have lived in Long Beach since 1923. The couple has another son, the Rev. Ronald T. White of Philadelphia. They have three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. White was retired from his work as an oil lease man in 1964. Both are members of Geneva Presbyterian Church."
    • Los Angeles Times, "SANTA ANA COUPLE CELEBRATE 60TH YEAR", 1968/09/01: "Fleet White and the former Ethel Townsend who were married in 1908 in Downey, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at the home of a son, Fleet White, 2141 Mesa Drive. The elder White came to Santa Ana when he was two years old. He and his wife have resided in Long Beach since the early 1920s. [...] One of the two children of the Whites, Fleet White of Santa Ana is president of the Fleet Oil Co., Los Angeles, and Dr. Ronald White practices in Philadelphia. Three grandchildren are Fleet White Jr. and Lani White, Santa Ana, and Mrs. David Close, Lafayette, Calif."
    • Independent (Long Beach CA), "Oilman M. Fleet White Dies; Services Wednesday", 1968/11/12: "Services will be Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Geneva Presbyterian Church for M. Fleet White, one of the pioneers in Long Beach oil exploration, who died Saturday. He was 83. A native of Kansas, he came to Southern California as a small child. He was vice president of Fleet Oil Co., now headed by his son, Fleet."
    • Los Angeles Times, "More Southland Party Scene", 1979/11/15: "Priscilla Brown Johnson and Fleet Russell White Jr. of Newport Beach were married late last month in Pasadena's Valley Hunt Club. The bridegroom's uncle, Dr. Ronald White of Redmond, Wash., performed the ceremony. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, where she was affiliated with Pi Beta Phi, the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allen Brown Jr. of San Marino. Her father is chairman of the board of Century Financial Corp. and immediate past president of the USC Alumni Assn. The new Mrs. White was presented at the June Debutante Ball of the Pasadena Guild of Childrens Hospital. For her wedding, she wore a beige chiffon gown designed by Carolyn Charles of London and was attended by her sister Gayle Ann Brown of New York. The bridegroom, the son of the senior Whites, is with the Fleet Oil Co., of which his father is president. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and received his master's degree in business from USC. Dr. Thomas Chippendale was his best man. Following a honeymoon in Aspen, Colo., and a ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland, the newlyweds will live in Laguna Niguel."
    • Los Angeles Times, "HOPKINS: BALL", 1981/04/02: "Among those mingling in the crowd were Norma Hester (she and Charlie hosted an intimate group for cocktails in their Corona del Mar home before the party), Marty and Jim Musick, Margaret and Howard Richardson, Fleet White with Pat Cox (she filled in for his wife, Nyla, who is skiing in Aspen), Virginia and Paul Bender, Pat and Alan Rypinski, Sheila and Ygal Soneshine, Ginny and Ed Warmington, the James Warmingtons, the Robert Warmingtons, Dolores and John Virture and Supervisor Tom Riley and his wife; Emma Jane."
    • Los Angeles Times, "A Fast-Paced Peek at Fashions of Future", 1983/09/02: "A peek into the future by great fashion designers was accomplished with dramatic simplicity at "An Evening of Elegance" last week at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. Presented with all the aplomb of a New York hit musical, the fast-paced showing by Nordstrom was produced by Sue Ellen Gold, the store's fashion coordinator, as a fund-raiser for the Assistance League of Newport Beach. [...] Others at the benefit were Alison (Mrs. Richard) Potter, she's Marion Pickens' daughter; Gloria Loudon and her daughter, Barbara; Jane and Harry Bihler; Bonnie and Preston Zillgitt; Opal Mae and Ed Pellegrin; Sue Hitchman; Barbara and Wynn Bedall; Jean (Mrs. Robert) Bonner; Arlie Lorenz; Phyllis Carpenter; Emily Barrett; Faith and Paul Garman; Nora and Vincent Jorgensen; Jerry and T. Ducan Stewart; Bernice and Bob Mason; Pat (Mrs. James) Stegall; Catherine Sturtevant; the Thomas Walkers; Priscilla and Fleet White and Louise and Roy Woolsey."
    • Note that Priscilla's niece Heather Cox (formerly Heather Schoeny, presumably the daughter of Priscilla's sister Alyson Schoeny), who attended the Whites' party with husband Bill Cox, was a member of the United States National Volleyball Team (1987-1995), played professional volleyball and was team captain of the Sacramento Stars, and was a sports reporter for ABC and ESPN (1994-2016)
    • Denver Post, title unknown by Dawn Denzer, 1997/01/12: "Aspen is ever-so-social during the holidays, but on the whole, the glitter has left the gulch. The tinsel town in the timbers is no longer a boom town for bimbos, as was once suggested. The annual Fish House Punch Party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel had been legendary for the underage and underfed starlets who arrived in droves to meet members of the rich and hoping-to-be-famous set. But that wasn't the scene Dec. 29, my little alpine rose. The silicone has been traded for Wonderbras; the 5-inch stiletto heels have bitten the dust, replaced by sensible shoes. Among the permanent party-goers dining and dancing to the music of Walt Smith and the Summit Ridge Jazz Band were Bronson and Diana Rumsey; Dick and Kathy Moore; Butch Edgar and Michelle Rambour; Lisa Halperin, with former Denverite John Handorf; catalog king Ted Spiegel and wife Audrey; Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Peters and wife Marian; Jack and Mary Cronin; Marsha and Bill Jobe; W.T. and Fran Ray; Nancy Harris; Dan Rumsey; Mitzi Jobe; and dynamic duo Bob McNamara and Phyllis Coors, making a surprise visit. International socialites Fleet and Nyla White came with their daughter, Lani. The Whites live in Aspen's famed ``Christmas House,'' an adorable little chalet and guest haus nestled in the center of town. They hosted their 20th annual New Year's Eve bash for about 125 of their nearest and dearest."
    • Los Angeles Times, obituary for Robert A. Brown Jr., 2004/07/21: "Brown, Robert A. Jr. of Boulder died of natural causes Saturday, July 17, 2004, in Boulder. He was 83. Born March 7, 1921, in Los Angeles, he was the son of Robert A. Brown Sr. and Betty Pattison Brown. He married Mary Rose Callicott on Nov. 18, 1942, in Los Angeles. Mr. Brown moved to Boulder in 1995 from Laguna, Calif. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California in 1942 and was president of Century Financial Corp. in Los Angeles until his retirement in 1992. He was a lieutenant in the Navy during World War II. Survivors include his wife, of Boulder; three daughters Priscilla White of Boulder, Gayle Means of Washington, D.C., and Alyson Schoeny of Oak Hills, Calif.; and six grandchildren. A memorial service was held at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the First Presbyterian Church, 1820 15th St., Boulder. The Rev. John Hess will officiate."
    • Aspen Times, obituary for Fleet Russell White, 2006/08 ( is original link; see copies on Rigorous Intuition and Topix thread also mentioning the February 1996 disappearance of Zach Ramsay): "Fleet Russell White was born March 20, 1913, in Clearwater, Calif. His parents were Mariner Fleet White and Ethel Townsend White. Fleet was raised in Long Beach, where he also attended school and was a top athlete, excelling in track and field, basketball and golf. After college at John Brown University in Arkansas, he spent time in the 1930s in Hawaii, where he fell in love with the warm beaches and surfing. With the beginning of World War II, Fleet enlisted as a trained pilot and served in England, France and Germany. He participated in the Rhine Mission, where he flew his glider from France, crossing the Rhine into Germany. After landing with his troops in Wesel, they then fought on land during the major offensive in Germany that brought the end of the war within reach.

      After the end of the war, he spent some time in Hollywood acting in a number of postwar films. He enjoyed the movie business but soon decided he was ready to settle down and start a family. His bride was Nyla Marie Overseth, and they began married life in Hawaii. After enjoying a few years on the beaches of Hawaii, and the births of their children, Fleet Russell White Jr. and Lani Nyla White, they returned to his roots in Southern California.

      Fleet began a new career in the oil business, eventually forming Fleet Oil Co., which became successful in contract oil lands leasing and oil and gas exploration. Fleet Oil Co.'s first major success was the Mahala Field in the Chino Hills, said to be the largest oil discovery in Riverside County. After his son joined him in the Fleet Oil Co., they partnered with Ron Nunn of Brentwood to develop the biggest gas well in the history of California.

      Fleet loved sports and introduced his children to surfing and skiing, leading to many trips back to Hawaii and the purchase of a ski chalet in Aspen in 1963. The chalet is known to friends and neighbors as Le Petit Chalet Blanc, and for the last 30 years they spent half the year in Aspen. They hosted many friends from Aspen and around the world at their parties, and their raclette party on New Year's Eve was a tradition for 25 years. Fleet was a recognized figure in Aspen, with his deep tan, striking blue eyes and handsome silver hair. He was always charming and quick with a song.

      Fleet and Nyla loved to travel and they traveled the world: skiing in Europe, Asia and South America, bicycling in France, ballooning in Africa, and cruising the oceans and rivers of the world."
    • Social Security Death Master File info on Fleet White Sr.: "Social Security number 563-12-3298 was issued to FLEET R WHITE, who was born 20 March 1913 and, Death Master File says, died 06 August 2006."
    • Aspen Times, obituary for Nyla Marie White, 2014/08/21: "[...] After high school, with WWII underway, with no money to go away to college, she left for Long Beach, CA, getting a job as a secretary. After the exciting war years, she married handsome California-bred former WWII pilot and (for a brief time) actor, Fleet White. Then they were off to Hawaii for a few years, starting a family and enjoying the beach life, returning to California, where Fleet got into the oil business.

      After years of raising their family, and building a business, Nyla and Fleet were able to realize many of their dreams. With Nyla's talent for design, she loved building their dream house in Newport Beach, where they enjoyed hosting fabulous parties for friends and family. Nyla never used a decorator or caterer. She had her own vision and loved to do everything herself. The family went to Aspen to ski in the mid-sixties and Nyla, missing the changing of the seasons in California, talked Fleet into purchasing a chalet that they named "Le Petit Chalet Blanc", which they owned from 1964 to now. They loved to host their many friends over the years and they hosted many memorable parties, especially at New Years Eve.

      Nyla also finally got to travel … ski trips every year to Europe, and finally seeing all of those "Faraway Places with the Strange-Sounding Names". Especially after Fleet's retirement, they traveled the world, seeing every place that Nyla had ever dreamed of seeing. They also went back to Hawaii every year, and joined old friends on their barge to cruise canals in Holland and France. In her 50's, Nyla decided to bicycle around Europe and asked her daughter, Lani, to go with her. So, for several years, on their own,they set off on their bicycle adventures … for each trip, spending four weeks bicycling, carrying everything on their bicycles and.never knowing where they would be staying each night. They bicycled through southern England, Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, and then Norway, where they visited cousins and the historic family home near Oslo. Always curious, Nyla was also an adventurous traveler … excited for everything that came her way, always planning the next trip. After several bicycle trips in Europe, Nyla wanted to bicycle in China. So, Nyla and Lani joined several friends and a group from Aspen for a month of bicycling. A highlight of that trip was following the Great Wall from Beijing to the sea. Then, Nyla wanted to bicycle in Mongolia. That adventure culminated with a historic day in 1989 when they accompanied the march of students to Tiananmen Square the day before martial law was declared. It was an unforgettable day and the trip was a remarkable adventure for Nyla, who was now in her mid sixties."
    • Lani White & Associates Real Estate Specialists of Aspen CO about page for Lani White: "Let me introduce myself, I am Lani White, owner/broker of Lani White & Associates Real Estate, I have been coming to Aspen since I was a child, when my parents bought a charming chalet here. After my BA from Mills College in San Francisco, where I was on the ski team, tennis team and fencing team, I received two masters degrees from the University of California. Then, deciding to take a break I packed up my dog and cat and came to Aspen to ski instruct for the winter of 1977-78. In the spring, not ready to leave Aspen yet, I brought my horse out from California. Everything about summer in Aspen hooked me, especially polo, which I discovered that first summer. So, needing to make a living during this period that was, I thought, to be temporary, until I returned to "the real world", I did some interior decorating and got my real estate license.

      That was 33 years ago. I never left...I fell in love with everything about Aspen and Colorado, and I´ve been actively and continuously selling real estate in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley ever since then. I've loved introducing Aspen visitors to all that our community has to offer, and to find them their new home, vacation getaway or investment property. It's an been exciting, challenging and rewarding job to guide so many people through the life enhancing decision to invest and live and play in Colorado.

      I´ve seen Aspen through tremendous changes, and Aspen is still the only home I can imagine. I am president of the Aspen Polo Club and play polo with a passion. I ski (of course), play tennis every chance I get, and I savor the many cultural treats that Aspen offers and I will never take for granted the beauty of every day of every season here in the Rocky Mountains.

      I hope you´ll call on Lani White & Associates Real Estate for all of your real estate needs in Aspen, Snowmass Village and the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys. I have helped people with the purchase of luxury homes, condominiums, horse properties, properties for development, commercial properties, vacant land, first homes....and luxury rentals."
    • TODO: see if it can be corroborated that one of Fleet White's California addresses was a Church of Scientology location
  • Oil business activity by the Whites
    • Work at Occidental Petroleum - run by likely intelligence agent Armand Hammer
      • Don Barrett, Los Angeles Radio People bio for Nick Paul (at KLAC from 1958 to 1959 or 1960): "In 1960, Nick went to George B. Storer's KPOP and stayed there a year, along with Duke Norton and other personalities. The station was then sold. It was during this time that close friends were urging Nick to try his hand in the oil business. He would first be a land man for Occidental Petroleum working under Fleet White and then in Public Relations, which his son acknowledges was Nick’s real strength. Success followed and after ten years Nick headed up his own company to facilitate connecting rich businessmen whom wanted to drill for oil with the major oil companies to provide the equipment and know-how with profits split and Nick making profit as well as percentage points in the newly drilled wells. Nick would stay active as an advisor up until his passing on July 25, 2004. "
    • 90th Congress 1t Session, Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, hearings "ON H.R. 3300 and Similar Bills TO AUTHORIZE THE CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION, AND MAINTENANCE OF THE COLORADO RIVER BASIN PROJECT, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES", 1967: "_______
      Long Beach, Calif., June 24, 1967.
          I am the holder of two oil and gas leases located near the Geysers Geothermal Area, in Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, California. [...]
    • Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, "Asphaltic Sands Bid Submitted By Phillips", 1967/09/27: "Phillips Petroleum Co. offered the highest of six bonus bids for leases on an area of eastern Utah asphaltic sands at a bid opening of the Utah State Land Board Monday. The Bartlesville, Okla., firm bid $160 per acre on a 157-acre tract in what is known as Asphalt Ridge about five miles west of Vernal. [...] After the bonus bidding, the six firms leased the remainder of 10,000 acres at the standard rental of $1 per acre per year for 10 years. [...] The other five successful bidders were Sunnyside Development Corp., and Fleet White, both of Los Angeles; Daniel H. Meyer and John C. Osmond, combined bid; Francis Gibbons and Dale E. Armstrong, all of Utah."
    • Chino Champion, "Major oil producer on Abacherli land", 1969/05/21: "What may be the first major oil discovery in San Bernardino County has been confirmed by Fleet Exploration Co., Ltd., with its acknowledgement that it had brought in a 400-barrel per day well on the Abacherli Ranch In the eastern Chino Hills, just north of Prado Dam. Fleet Exploration is a limited partnership, with Manuel Castro, geologist, the general partner, and Fleet White, president of Los Angeles-based Fleet Oil Co., his principal associate. Mr. Castro did the geological work that led to the test."
    • Houston Clubber, 1977/09 - says that "The Houston Clubber is published monthly for members of The Houston Club who received it monthly in their homes by paid subscription"; one director was Donald E. Warfield, known to be (1977 congressional testimony: "We call our next witness, Mr. D. E. Warfield, chairman, tax and fiscal affairs committee, the Associated General Contractors of America. [...] My name is Donald Warfield. I am executive vice president of Brown & Root, Inc., a Houston construction company, and I am appearing here as chairman of the tax and fiscal affairs committee of the Associated General Contractors of America, better known as AGC.") an executive with KBR; an ex oficio director was famous Texas Democrat Searcy Bracewell; the Business Bulletin section includes an announcement about George H.W. Bush joining the Baylor College of Medicine board of trustees; on p.16 under the Camera a la Carte section there is a photo captioned with "Relaxing before the luncheon begins, from left to right, are: Bruce Brownson, Fleet Russell White, Jr., Patrick B. O'Connor, Houston Club member Everette Latiolais, Karin Osbourn and R. Paul Kors."
    • San Bernardino County Sun, "Hollywood Park has oil strike", 1982/03/04: "Hollywood Park, which collected $4 million in profits on horse racing in 1930, could make millions more from oil discovered on its 335-acre property in suburban Inglewood, track officials say. [...] Casex Co., which leased drilling rights a year ago for 23 percent of the royalties, struck black gold after 42 days of drilling below 10,000 feet, said Arthur F. Kelly, head of the track's oil exploration committee. [...] Casex General Manager Manuel Castro and Fleet White, president of Fleet Oil Co. which is a copartner in drilling, said the oil pool probably is confined within track property because exploratory wells along the perimeter have come up dry."
    • Los Angeles Times, "Drilling Rights Talks Nearing End", 1983/07/24 (pages 1, 6): "Elliott-Ten Eyck and a Chevron USA-led consortium are the two companies competing for a city lease on the drilling rights. They are betting there is oil "down there," below Marine Stadium. [...] Chevron-USA, Elliott-Ten Eyck's competitor, formed a joint venture two weeks ago with three local oil men, William Cree III, Gene Hancock and Fleet White, according to Hilman Walker, Chevron's Southern California land manager."
    • Pacific Petroleum Geologist Newsletter, 1987/08/09 - new members in Los Angeles were "Richard G. Blake - Fleet Oil Co., Irvine; Robert J. Floran, UNOCAL, Brea; Willard J. Guy, San Diego; Gilbert M. Wilson, Alhambra."
    • Science & Technology Review (from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), "Groundwater Cleanup Using Hydrostratigraphic Analysis", 1996/01-02 (OSTI copy): "RICHARD G. BLAKE joined the Laboratory in 1992 as an environmental scientist/hydrogeologist. He graduated with a B.S. (1977) and an M.S. (1983) in geology from California State University, Los Angeles. He is currently the Hydrogeology Team Leader in the Environmental Restoration Division of the Environmental Protection Department. Blake also spent twelve years in the California oil and gas exploration industry: seven years for PG&E’s subsidiary Natural Gas Corporation of California, and five years as Fleet Oil Co.’s vice president. His publications include papers about California oil and gas exploration, stratigraphy and sedimentation, engineering geology and geologic hazards, hydrogeology, and environmental restoration."
    • Lawsuit against PG&E
    • NCIG Financial Inc. and its business partners
      • OpenGovUS info on Colorado corporation NCIG FINANCIAL, INC. - business start date was 1997/03/24; address is 8717 Delgany Ave. #215, Playa Del Ray, CA 90293; registered agent is Fleet Russell White of 2871 Tierra Ridge Ct. Superior CO 80027; Colorado authority was relinquished in December 2018; an entity with the same registered agent is Cb Minerals Company, LLC at 8717 Delgany Ave. #215, Play Del Rey, CA 90293 formed on 1994/02/07 by Fleet Russell White Jr.
      • Bizapedia page on businesses at 2871 Tierra Ridge Ct. Superior, CO 80027 - one is CB MINERALS COMPANY, LLC (file number 19941014568) incorporated 1994/02/07 by Fleet Russell White Jr. and the other is NCIG FINANCIAL, INC. (file number 19971038728) incorporated 1997/03/24 by Fleet Russell White
      • Colorado list of coal mining permits - has permit C-1984-065 for Coal Ridge Mine operated by NCIG Financial, Inc. in Garfield County CO (adjacent to Pitkin County CO home to Aspen CO and Mesa County CO home to Grand Junction CO)
      • "DIVISION 5 WATER COURT - OCTOBER 2017 RESUME": "CB Minerals Company, LLC and its affiliate NCIG Financial Inc. (jointly, "CB/NCIG"), own land, mineral rights and water rights in Garfield County, including the subject conditional water rights for the Coal Ridge Pump and Pipeline, that are decreed and are intended for use for energy development and/or a mixeduse residential project (the "Project"). [...] CB/NCIG have participated through their counsel, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, in reviewing and objecting to the water rights applications that could adversely affect the availability of water to the Project and in providing support for efforts to market the property. [...] CB/NCIG have engaged the law firm of Davis Graham & Stubbs to assist with the sale of the subject properties for energy development. [...] CB/NCIG also have had to spend considerable time and money maintaining and managing the properties and water rights comprising the Project. For example, they engaged J.E. Stover & Associates to renew the DRMS permit for the mining operation on the property and have conducted inspections and field reports required to maintain the validity of the permit. [...] Name, address, telephone number(s) (residence and business) of applicant(s): CB Minerals Company, LLC, c/o Angela Poulten, 8717 Delgany Ave., Apt. 215, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, Tel: (310) 823-5233, c/o Wayne F. Forman, Esq., Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, 410 Seventeenth Street, 22nd Floor, Denver, CO 80202, Tel: 303-223-1100."
    • Definitive Information Statement for the Philodrill Corporation (SEC registration number 38683) - Stockholder MasterList for the Philodrill Corporation as of 2019/03/20 included "FLEET R. WHITE & NYLA WHITE JTWRS" with holdings of 253,430
    • Justice Watch, "John and Fleet", 2001/03/18 - attempts to dig into the background of Fleet Oil and other business dealings of Fleet White]
      • Dunvegan: "I was able to find a bricks-and-mortar address: Company: FLEET OIL CO (INC) Address: 743 15TH ST City, State, Zip: BOULDER, CO 80302" - note that this is the Whites' rental house which was only a couple houses down from the Ramsey home; TODO look into whether a Colby family later lived here
      • janphi: "[743 15th Street] was the former house the Whites lived in two doors down from the Ramseys. They were just renting that house and moved to the Cleveland address in late 1994, so I'm not sure why this addy still shows up for FOC. There is someone else living there that doesn't appear to be related to the family. A person named George Thacher [sic] Alexander was the absentee owner the last time I saw property records for it, but I don't have access to those to keep current on it. It was listed by an Atlanta real estate agent and another local agent who manages rental property for military and college people and the person last shown renting it went to West Virginia Univ. just like Patsy. In fact, her last year there in grad school was Patsy's first year. Don't know if all of these are coincidences or not."
      • janphi: "[...] There is one particular property in Michigan that I'm still not sure about--a "secret document" says it's connnected to FW's, but I don't believe it is. OTOH, a natural gas well was drilled nearby for the Ford plant by a company based in Traverse City (near Charlevoix) and in Midland, TX, which very well could've been a contact of FW's--maybe JR's, too, as the property is connected to people from East Lansing as well."
      • janphi: "The 2nd Fleet Oil Co. is Fleet Oil & Truck Supply in Long Beach, CA. It seemed to be accepted as fact on the fora when I came here a year ago that this was FW's company. [...] The ownership docs on the place show a person by the last name of Harter as the owner and his having owned it for more than 10 years." - Facebook page of Rocky Harter; possible family connection to Lizabeth Harter from the Ted Bundy case?
    • p.3 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "Rex Allan Krebs": "The poster Blue Crab indicates the FWs were "allied" with Jean Paul Getty and/or Getty Oil (or other Getty companies). That could mean ANYTHING--everyone in the business partners with everyone else--it's an expensive, risky business. Also means they probably got screwed on whatever deal they were in with him (JPG). I haven't seen any confirming docs to this info anywhere, but again, I was away for a long time while people were still researching. O&G deals are notoriously complex and docs are normally unpublished, so I'm very curious about this."
      • Websleuths post by Spade on 2003/11/03: "The White family can buy and sell both the Ramseys and Westmorelands with pocket change. Do the names J. Paul Getty and Santa Barbara channel oil rights mean anything to you?"
      • Note that John Paul Getty Jr., the son of oilman Jean Paul Getty Sr., was a patron of Kenneth Anger, an underground filmmaker suspected of making snuff films who was himself close to Anton LaVey and Manson Family
    • p.5 of a Purgatory II thread from 2002 titled "Rex Allan Krebs": "The calendar that Nancy appeared on was for Pennzoil. That is their slogan on the front. It has nothing to do with FW, unless he was at one time a jobber for them, which is possible--but still, I have not seen anything by anyone that tells me FWSr. ever worked in the refined crude oil end of the petroleum business. It doesn't mean he didn't, just that no one has brought up anything about it. I don't remember there being an address on the Nancy calendar, but it's been 2 years since I saw it, so I'll go back and look."
      • Note that Pennzoil was founded in Los Angeles CA in 1913, then acquired by South Penn Oil (formerly part of Standard Oil) in 1955 which subsequently merged with Zapata Petroleum (a likely CIA front started by George H.W. Bush) in 1963 to become a new company called Pennzoil, that relocated to Houston in the 1970s (a decade when Fleet White Jr. was known to spend time in that city)
    • TODO: look into Fleet Oil being a place where the California State University Dominguez Hills geology department would send students for internships
    • TODO: look into Fleet Oil doing exploration in Los Angeles County CA, Orange County CA, Kern County CA, Riverside County CA, and the upthrust zone of Colorado shale oil deposits
  • Sailing activity by the Whites
  • Connection to Tricia Griffith of Websleuths and Forums for Justice
    • Rigorous Intuition quote of Tricia's claim to know the White family (Websleuths copy): "Fleet White did not do this crime. Yes, he has been cleared. And for all of you who are big on the DNA his DNA doesn't match. Fleet White and his family has been through hell. I know them. I can't have a forum I own trashing this family after everything they have been through. You are free to discuss him because he is central to the case but he did not do the crime"

Political connections

  • "Six Degrees of Separation" from John and Patsy Ramsey - mentions the Ramseys, their lawyers, Alex Hunter and his staff (such as Bill Wise), Edwin Meese, Hunter S. Thompson, Oliver North, Clarence Thomas, "Pasta" Jay Elowsky, etc.
  • From p.323 of Programmed to Kill: "June [of 1997] also marked the beginning of the crumbling of the local political structure in Boulder, Colorado. City Manager Tim Honey was the first casualty. Before long, a third of the city’s council members had left office, the mayor had decided to move on, the head of the Chamber of Commerce had left office, and Police Chief Tom Koby and Police Commander John Eller had both opted to step down. In his book on the case, Stephen Singular states, without elaboration: “Numerous powerful people had been in the Ramsey’s home and had been exposed to JonBenét.” Many of those powerful people were in the Ramsey home just two days before JonBenét’s death, on the night that the first 911 call was placed. It is very unlikely that any of those people will ever be named, but it is quite possible that some of them were public officials who opted to step away from the limelight."
  • Scott Beck (protege of Wayne Huizenga, who is a Dixie Mafia member linked to Tom Feeney and Wally Hilliard, and alleged Chicago mobster) friendship with the Ramseys
    • South Florida Sun Sentinel, "BLOCKBUSTER OFFICER RESIGNS TO BUILD CHAIN", 1992/01/29: "The vice chairman of Blockbuster Entertainment Corp., Scott A. Beck, resigned this week to help build a fast-food chicken chain. Beck, 33, is the third-largest Blockbuster stockholder among the officers and directors of the Fort Lauderdale-based video rental chain. Beck's stock is worth nearly $54 million. Blockbuster Chairman H. Wayne Huizenga owns about 11 percent of the shares. Donald F. Flynn, a director, owns 4.5 percent, and Beck owns 2.6 percent. "Beck's departure is a clear signal that Blockbuster has evolved from a fledgling entrepreneurial company to a more mature business," The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. Beck, who could not be reached for comment on Tuesday, owned 106 Blockbuster franchises in Chicago that were sold to the company in 1989. Beck then became Blockbuster's vice chairman. Blockbuster spokesman Wally Knief said Beck and his wife were moving to Boulder, Colo. From there Beck will handle his investments in Boston Chicken, a New England-based chain of 37 chicken restaurants."
    • BizWest, "Boston Market’s Beck funding family-values firms as Tango", 1999/10/08: "Scott Beck, a co-founder of Golden-based Boston Chicken (now Boston Market), has been hatching a new idea of late: Tango Inc., a very specialized private investment company headquartered in Boulder. Known as Entertainment Technology Investments (ETI) since its incorporation in 1992, the company is currently in the process of changing its name to Tango. Tango’s mission is to direct the capital of 14 partners, investing in start-ups and donating to charities. “We work with high-growth, vision-led organizations in both the for-profit and not-for-profit areas,” explained Beck. “We’re an investment company, so we invest to make money, and then on the not-for-profit side, we make contributions to not-for-profit organizations in our community as well as other places in the country.” Beck, who has been in the investment business for 20 years, began acting as chairman, chief executive officer and a director of Boston Chicken in 1992. In 1996, he founded and became chairman of Einstein Noah Bagel Corp. After resigning from these companies in early 1998, Beck devoted his energies Tango."
    • From p.46 of Death of Innocence by John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey (2001): "At the moment Cabell asked that question, I thought of Kady Hasley and Theresa Beck, friends in Boulder whose children had played with JonBenet. I could see their faces, as well as their children's. I didn't want our tragedy to happen to them."
    • BizWest, "Tango negotiating to manage new state venture capital fund", 2005/03/04: "A private investment company in Boulder is negotiating with the state to become the fund manager of the new Colorado Venture Capital Authority. Tango Colorado LP, started in 1998 by Boston Chicken (now Boston Market) founder Scott Beck, would be in charge of $50 million in state tax credits, if chosen. The fund manager for the state?s venture capital authority would be in charge of investing the money into Colorado-based early-stage businesses. [...] ?Tango?s overall submittal was the most competitive in terms of the bids,? said Alice Kotrlik, the director of business finance for the Colorado Office of Economic Development. [...] Since its start in 1998, Tango has invested in about 15 companies. It concentrates on the retail, life sciences and financial sectors."
    • Chicago Tribune, "Larry Beck, co-founder of Waste Management, Inc., dies at 90", 2018/07/30: "Born in Chicago, Beck grew up on the South Side and graduated in 1945 from Hirsch Metropolitan High School. He then served in the Army Air Forces in 1945 and 1946 before beginning a career as a professional truck driver. In the early 1950s, Beck met his future wife of more than 62 years, Nancy Glennie, who was the daughter of a banker. A desire to marry her sparked a career change. [...] In 1953, Beck founded Atlas Refuse Disposal, a trash-hauling firm in the south suburbs by buying Harvey Scavenger Service — which was just one route and one truck — for $15,000. He and Nancy married two years later. In 1969, Beck’s firm joined up with four other scavenger companies to buy a 150-acre landfill area in Calumet City, known as Calumet Industrial Development, to handle refuse from the south suburbs. Beck teamed up with [Dean] Buntrock and Wayne Huizenga, and decided to go public with their newly combined company, Waste Management, in 1971. Waste Management eventually established its headquarters in Oak Brook then relocated to Houston after a 1998 merger. [...] Waste Management grew rapidly, mostly through acquisitions, and eventually became the largest waste hauler in the U.S. [...] Beck’s role with the company was as a senior vice president of operations. He later served as president of Waste Management’s chemical waste management subsidiary. [...] Beck launched several new ventures after retiring from Waste Management in the mid-1980s. He and his son became the first franchisees of Blockbuster Video. Later, they ran Boston Market franchises, and after that they managed Einstein Bros. Bagels locations. “People liked him,” Scott Beck said."
  • Jay Elowsky a.k.a. Pasta Jay background
    • Denver Post, "Alex Hunter and a plea bargain" by Chuck Green, 1997/03/28: "Two Boulder businessmen walked out of their modest office one morning in February and got into their car to go for a late-morning breakfast. Before they could maneuver out of their parking spot, a crazed man with a baseball bat was at the passenger's side of their car, screaming obscenities and threatening the two engineers. [...] When police arrived, they politely asked the assailant to get into a patrol car. He later was charged with felony menacing and a misdemeanor for unlawfully carrying a concealed gun. [...] The crazed assailant wielding the baseball bat was Jay Elowsky, business partner of John Ramsey, a self-described suspect in the murder of his beautypageant daughter, JonBenet Ramsey. Elowsky mistakenly thought that Schmelzer and his business partner, Ira Haimann, were newsmen stalking John Ramsey's wife, Patsy, who was staying at Elowsky's nearby residence - so he threatened to bash in their car windows and, quite possibly, their skulls. [...] A determined 26-year-old reporter for the irreverent Boulder Weekly newspaper, Greg Campbell, pursued the story about Mr. Evidence approving the plea bargain. And he discovered that Assistant DA Colette Cribari had informed Schmelzer and Haimann that the felony charges against Elowsky were being dropped for two curious reasons: A felony charge would jeopardize Elowsky's liquor license at his restaurant, Pasta Jay's, in which Ramsey is an investor. And a felony charge could jeopardize a business loan Elowsky has applied for. According to the facts uncovered by Campbell, Mr. Evidence seems more interested in protecting the business interests of Elowsky and Ramsey than in protecting the rights of two assault victims - Schmelzer and Haimann."
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "'Pasta Jay' won't face charges", 1998/08/11: "When a local restaurateur facing felony menacing charges was offered a plea bargain last year by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, some people cried foul over what they perceived as the preferential treatment of a friend of John Ramsey's. A year later, another run-in with the law has ended in what appears to be another break for Jay Elowsky, owner of Boulder's Pasta Jay's restaurant, who was arrested in May on suspicion of driving under the influence while still on probation for the 1997 incident. But Elowsky has not been — and will not be — charged with violating his probation. Prosecutors contend Elowsky simply slipped through Boulder County's justice system, although his attorney believes police knew Elowsky was on probation at the time of his DUI arrest. [...] Elowsky, a friend and one-time business partner of John Ramsey, was first arrested Feb. 10, 1997, on charges he threatened three men with a baseball bat — men he believed were reporters looking for the Ramsey family, who had been in hiding since JonBenét's murder. [...] Originally booked on suspicion of felony menacing and unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, Elowsky was allowed to plead guilty in July 1997 to a single charge of misdemeanor menacing in a plea agreement with the district attorney`s office. [...] When contacted, Elowsky deferred comment to his attorney, Stavely. Stavely is an associate in the law firm of Michael Bynum - a former Boulder County deputy district attorney and friend of John Ramsey`s, who, with a group of investors, last February purchased the Boulder home where JonBenet was killed."
    • Denver Rocky Mountain News, "Ramsey case snags wide circle into its web", 1999/07/05: "While the grand jury investigation into the killing is winding down, a still-growing string of peripheral players has been pulled under by the backwash. Records and reputations have been tarnished by charges ranging from trespassing to attempted arson and racketeering. "It's kind of mind-boggling," said Lincoln County Sheriff Leroy Yowell, whose department had a role in one of the saga's more unusual sideshows. One prosecutor says many who touch the case, or are touched by it, come away tainted. Boulder County sheriff's Detective Steve Ainsworth, who worked on the case more than a year for Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter, has never seen anything like it. [...] More recently, the Ramsey case claimed 46-year-old John Gardiner. Gardiner, a homeless man employed at Elowsky's restaurant, Pasta Jay's in Boulder, was arrested June 10 for allegedly attempting to stab Elowsky. Gardiner said he "had proof" Elowsky was involved in JonBenet's death, witnesses said. One witness told police that Gardiner had claimed he had "seen the names of the children coming up out of the sidewalk behind the criminal justice center" and "the children were crying out for vengeance because Jay killed JonBenet." Elowsky, a close friend and business partner of John Ramsey, was in Michigan when JonBenet was killed and has never been a suspect. Gardiner is set for a preliminary hearing July 8 in Boulder County Court on a felony charge of second-degree assault."
    • p.1 of a Purgatory II thread from 2003 titled "Terrorism in Boulder": "Lucky for him he was out of town. I thought he would've been a good one, too, except that I thought there was *better* one. Yeppers, he was in Michigan with his family. What? Michigan? LOL. Maybe he was supposed to be in Traverse City at the airport, waiting to get the body to dump it in Lake Michigan. Perhaps the wires got crossed and *somebody* had to leave thatchild in the cellar, instead. Honestly, if some of the things we heard about PJ were true, then he should've had some questionable friends in his network who would've known about JR bankrolling various PJ activities. Seems to me the swampsters, at least, would've latched onto *those* people as possible inturders. Oh, wait, no--not possible. Why? Because PJ's uncle willingly participated in jams's chatchit. Thus, no bus tracks on his hiney."
    • Joe Calhoun has alleged that the building across the street from the Pasta Jay's restaurant was owned by the Temple of Set
    • TODO: look into claims that Pasta Jay was the largest cocaine trafficker in Boulder
  • Ramsey friendships with the state power structure
    • Westword, "Off Limits", 1998/08/27: "Ramsey tough: This week's revelation that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gail Schoettler's husband Donald L. Stevens was a college buddy of John Ramsey's at Michigan State University has prompted the usual blast of conspiracy theories about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. More mystifying, though, than Stevens and Ramsey's status as former frat brothers at MSU--and the fact that Schoettler herself has met the happy couple--is that Schoettler somehow forgot to mention those family ties when she and other candidates were quizzed by the Denver Post late last week about how they'd handle the Ramsey mess as governor.

      Let's see. Schoettler had been a guest in the Ramseys' Boulder home during a shindig held before the murder. She had met John Ramsey at a business dinner of her husband's after the murder. Big Don was buddies with the most prominent murder suspect in the Western Hemisphere and had rapped with him several times since JonBenet's death, a conversational opportunity for which the National Enquirer likely would have paid well into six figures. Stevens had even been questioned by police about the phone calls he placed to Ramsey's office. And another old Ramsey pal--Boulder oilman Fleet White, who has since turned against his old friends--was in the process of raising holy hell with an open letter to "The People of Colorado" alleging that a murky cast of Democratic power brokers was engaging in a coverup. Given all these mildly interesting and just slightly relevant details, might it not have occurred to the lieutenant governor to mention her obvious conflict of interest when a reporter called to ask how she would handle the Ramsey case as governor?"
    • From p.259-260 of JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas (2000):

          Checking the records, I found a repeat caller to John Ramsey's private office line. Three calls the day after the murder and two more a few days later came from the home phone of the lieutenant governor of the State of Colorado, Gail Schoettler.
          Treating her like any other witness simply didn’t work. The lieutenant governor strutted her political power and stonewalled me until she was damned good and ready to answer questions. Her husband, Don Stevens, a friend of John Ramsey for thirty-five years, had made the calls merely to convey sympathy, Schoettler told me. The experience demonstrated how deeply John Ramsey was now plugged into the Democratic Party power structure. Colorado Governor Roy Romer was chairman of the Democratic National Committee and advised by the politically astute Hal Haddon, one of John Ramsey’s attorneys. Haddon’s firm prepared President Clinton’s taxes. When Schoettler left office, she was appointed head of the U.S. delegation to an international commission by President Clinton.
    • Gail Schoettler background
      • ...
    • Donald Stevens background
      • eGlobal Education about page: "Dr. Donald L. Stevens is the retired founding dean of the University of Colorado at Denver College of Business, which he built into the largest business school in the Rocky Mountain region. He founded and was president for 25 years of The Economic Club of Colorado. He was also the Director of the Institute for International Business (IIB) at the University of Colorado. Before coming to Colorado, he was a professor at the Universities of Illinois and Tennessee. He has a BA, MBA and PhD in finance from Michigan State University. An avid bicyclist, he has ridden over 3,000 miles annually since 1992."
      • Economic Club of Colorado history page: "The Economic Club of Colorado was founded by Don Stevens in 1985 to be the leading forum in the Rocky Mountain West for world leaders in business, government and policy to meet the business leaders of the region. While we continue to add new programing and opportunities for our members we stay true to our mission of supporting and advancing Colorado businesses by identifying leading business trends and showcasing the organizations and executives who are at the forefront of Colorado’s dynamic business community. We endeavor to help Colorado businesses thrive by providing a forum that connects Colorado executives and offering business leaders unique insights, inspiration and support."
      • Westword, "Off Limits", 1998/07/30: "The husband of Democratic gubernatorial front-runner Gail Schoettler also has an arrest record for domestic violence. Court records show that Donald L. Stevens, now the managing director of the Institute for International Business at the University of Colorado at Denver, was arrested on January 24, 1989, and charged with destruction of private property and assault relating to an incident with his previous wife, from whom he was then separated. According to the police report, the woman accused Stevens of pushing, shoving and attempting to strangle her during an argument in November 1988. She reported having a "redness to her neck," but declined medical attention, saying that she hadn't sustained any injuries. The woman told the officer that Stevens had struck her once before, in July 1988.

        Stevens was issued a summons charging him with a municipal ordinance violation; in September 1989, the city attorney's office filed a motion to dismiss the case after Stevens presented evidence that he had gone to counseling. And the decade-old incident might well have been old news by now but for Stevens's efforts to get word of his arrest sealed. An initial petition to seal the records in December 1989, filed on his behalf by the high-powered Denver law firm of Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, was rejected by a judge after the Denver Police Department objected. Representing the cops, former city attorney Stephen Kaplan argued that there was "an overwhelming public interest in retaining the criminal justice records of a person with a domestic-violence-related criminal history..."

        However, in July 1992, Stevens, who had since married Schoettler (then state treasurer), tried again. This time the police were represented by new city attorney Dan Muse, who took no position on the request. A judge granted the petition, and the arrest record and all relevant court documents were declared off limits to the public."
      • Denver Post, "Schoettler's husband audited", 2007/06/18: "Denver prosecutors are reviewing an audit that revealed a high-ranking official at the University of Colorado at Denver misappropriated $268,250, school officials and the district attorney’s office said today. Specifically, auditors at the school focused on four international trips that Donald Stevens claimed he took on behalf of the university. Stevens is married to Gail Schoettler, Colorado’s former lieutenant governor and former state treasurer. The auditors concluded that Stevens, who recently retired as managing director of the school’s Institute for International Business, spent most of his time on his own and only briefly went to the seminars he claimed he was attending. On a couple of occasions, he traveled to countries not even on his trip itinerary, the auditors said. Danielle Zieg, the school’s spokesman, said that Stevens retired on May 31 after 26 years with the university. She said he wasn’t fired because he had paid back the entire $268,250."
  • John Ramsey claims that he received inside information through Access Graphics employee Gary Merriman on the 27th telling him he needed to hire lawyers - Merriman received "a call from someone inside the system who told him that I should get the best criminal defense attorney I could, as soon as possible"
  • Almost immediately after JBR's murder, the Ramseys hired the firm Haddon, Morgan, & Foreman to defend themselves. The firm had deep connections to the Democratic establishment of Colorado, including people like DA Alex Hunter and two former governors.
    • As described in the Vanity Fair article by Ann Louise Bardach: "Although John Ramsey was a lifelong conservative Republican, he turned to Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, a law firm almost synonymous with Colorado’s Democratic political machine. “Take a look at their offices here in Denver,” says Chuck Green, a columnist at The Denver Post, referring to the gated mansion that houses the firm. “Then take a walk over to the Governor’s Mansion a few blocks away and tell me which one is bigger, and I’ll tell you which one is more powerful.” During the 70s and 80s, Hal Haddon ran Gary Hart’s campaigns for senator and was an adviser on his presidential campaign. Haddon became known as a power broker and kingmaker, and had a reputation for socializing with clients such as Hunter S. Thompson. Governor Roy Romer, former governor Richard Lamm, and Congressman David Skaggs are all political allies of Haddon’s, as is Alex Hunter, Boulder’s longtime district attorney."
    • Westword, "Off Limits", 1998/04/09: "And speaking of the Ramseys and dudes who like to party, what do "Papa" John Ramsey and Bill Clinton have in common? An appearance in Tuesday's New York Post column by gossiper Cindy Adams, who connects the dots between the two--through the Haddon Morgan & Foreman law firm, with a brief detour past Roy Romer, sometime Colorado governor and full-time chair of the Democratic National Committee. Not only do attorneys at Haddon Morgan & Foreman represent Ramsey, Adams points out, but they also pop up numerous times in "The Special Committee's Whitewater Report: The Arkansas Phase." For example, the Haddon firm filed Clinton's income-tax returns for every year from 1981 through 1992 and in 1978 even cut a check for "reimbursement of interest pd." to the late James McDougal himself."
    • Los Angeles Times, "Low-Profile Defense Team Knows High-Profile Cases", 2003/08/04: "Hal Haddon and Pamela Mackey, partners in the law firm Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, George, Mackey & Foreman, P.C., have a long history of handling high profile cases and getting charges either dismissed outright or dramatically reduced. In cases where clients have been found guilty, they have often been able to get sentences drastically cut. [...] Haddon graduated from Duke University Law School where he was editor-in-chief of Law Review. He represented John and Patsy Ramsey when their 6-year-old daughter JonBenet was found murdered in the Boulder family home in 1996. The parents were never officially suspects but refused to be interviewed by police for months while Haddon fended off a hostile press. The case remains unsolved. [...] Haddon is also active in Democratic Party politics. He was campaign manager for former Colorado Senator Gary Hart's failed 1988 presidential bid. Haddon also ran the former Democratic lawmaker's senate campaigns. [...] The success of their firm is evident in the sprawling, white brick mansion that houses their offices, not far from the state Capitol in Denver."
    • Starting in 1990, the firm defended Rockwell International Corporation, which ran the Rocky Flats power plant in Colorado, from charges of dumping toxic waste. (That same year, Rockwell hired security contractor Wackenhut to manage security for the nuclear power plant.) Despite a grand jury opting to indict in 1992, the Justice Department instead decided to accept a plea deal that Hal Haddon helped negotiate.
      • As in the above Los Angeles Times article: "A special grand jury secretly recommended indictments against eight employees and said there was a culture of criminal conduct at the plant. But Haddon picked apart the prosecution behind the scenes, arguing the men were low-level players and scapegoats. The U.S. attorney realized he couldn't win based on the evidence and Rockwell settled the case by paying an $18.5-million fine and pleading guilty to 10 charges of illegal handling of radioactive material. But no company officials were charged. Congressional hearings were held to see how a company that seemed so guilty could get off so lightly. The House subcommittee probing the matter blamed the U.S. Justice Department for failing to vigorously prosecute Rockwell."
      • Grand jurors in the case were appalled at how Rockwell largely got off the hook. Many of them wanted to expose the evidence from the grand jury proceedings, but were blocked by U.S. District Judge Sherman Finesilver. Two grand jurors published a book titled The Ambushed Grand Jury: How the Justice Department Covered Up Government Nuclear Crimes and How We Caught Them Red Handed, backed up by whistleblowing FBI agents, claiming that the Justice Department covered up the truth to protect Rockwell (Westword, "Toxic Shocker!", 2004/03/11).
        • Westword, "Grand Illusions", 1998/03/19: "Just two weeks ago, Haddon filed a last-minute appeal with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, reminding everyone of the sanctity of grand jury matters and, in particular, the secrecy of grand jury matters. [...] It was designed to protect a dirty little secret just a few miles south of Boulder: the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, once run by Haddon's second-most famous client, Rockwell International. [...] After over two years of interviews and investigation, the grand jurors were ready to indict eight individuals--five Rockwell employees and three DOE officials--in connection with environmental crimes. Instead, the Department of Justice cut a deal with Rockwell and its attorneys. [...] But the grand jurors refused to go home. Outraged by the U.S. Attorney's refusal to issue their proposed indictments, they wrote a report outlining their findings and asked that U.S. District Judge Sherman Finesilver release it. Instead, Finesilver sealed the Rockwell deal--and also the grand jurors' report."
        • Westword, "Judge Finesilver almost gave the Rocky Flats grand jury a big twentieth birthday present", 2009/08/13: "The Denver Public Library has about 4,000 collections donated by corporations, organizations and individuals, but even so, archivist/librarian Roger Dudley recognized that there was something unique about the collection he was sorting through: sealed court records, many of them involving Colorado special grand jury 89-2, which U.S. District Court Judge Sherman Finesilver had impaneled back in August 1989. Before he passed away in 2006, Finesilver and his wife had donated more than 180 boxes to the DPL, with the stipulation that they be kept closed until 2009."
        • Background of Sherman Finesilver