Lawrence E. King

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Family and early life

Political rise



Omaha sex ring

Main article: Franklin child sex ring

Fallout of Franklin

Post-incarceration activities


Political connections

Republican Party

Intelligence operatives

Law enforcement

Corporate connections

Omaha business community

S&L institutions

Main article: Savings and loan crisis

Organized crime figures

  • Bill Baker: A restaurant owner associated with Larry King who dealt in drugs and child pornography
  • Joe Malec: Owner of Peony Park, where some of the abuse took place
  • Willy Theisen: Owner of Godfather's Pizza, implicated by some victims as supplying cocaine for King's parties

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  1. Washington Post, "CONVENTION", 1984/08/20: "[...] But the Ewings weren't home on their range last night at Southfork Ranch, about 25 miles north of Dallas. So receiving about 600 curious Republican convention delegates and party workers was Omaha entrepreneur Lawrence E. King Jr., chairman of the National Black Republican Council's business committee. King, who will sing the national anthem at Tuesday's convention session, and other businessmen put up the money for a gala evening of ribs, beans, coleslaw and pecan pie.

    "Blacks have for so long felt they weren't part of the Republican Party, so we're giving this party to show them they are," said King, respectably resplendent in white with sparkling gold chains around his neck.

    Maureen Reagan drove up by limousine long enough to clinch the evening's black vote for her father in case anybody was in doubt. [...]"
  2. C-Span clip of King singing the national anthem at the 1984 Republican National Convention - 00:02:00 into Day 2
  3. Metropolitan (Omaha), "Meet The King of Contradictions" by Craig Pugh, 1988/09/07 - mentions a photo of him with Reagan

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