Lee Harvey Oswald

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Family and early life

Military career

Soviet defection

Return to the US

New Orleans activism

Mexico City visit

Assassination of JFK

Main article: JFK assassination

Capture and death


Intelligence ties

Political connections


External links

Ruth and Michael Paine

  • Michael Paine, an employee of Bell Helicopter, allegedly worked for General Walter Dornberger, a Nazi scientist brought to the US under Operation Paperclip
    • NASA History Division, SP-4402 Origins of NASA Names, "SECTION IV: MANNED SPACE FLIGHT": "In 1965 Dr. Walter R. Dornberger, Vice President for Research of Textron Corporation's Bell Aerosystems Company, published "Space Shuttle of the Future: The Aerospaceplane" in Bell's periodical Rendezvous. In July Dr. Dornberger gave the main address in a University of Tennessee Space Institute short course: "The Recoverable, Reusable Space Shuttle."7"

New Orleans milieu

Southland Center meeting

Mexico City visit

Minox camera

Raleigh phone call

Various peculiarities