Lee Harvey Oswald

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Family and early life

Military career

Soviet defection

Return to the US

New Orleans activism

Mexico City visit

Assassination of JFK

Main article: JFK assassination

Capture and death


Intelligence ties

Political connections


External links

Ruth and Michael Paine

  • Michael Paine, an employee of Bell Helicopter, allegedly worked for General Walter Dornberger, a Nazi scientist brought to the US under Operation Paperclip
    • NASA History Division, SP-4402 Origins of NASA Names, "SECTION IV: MANNED SPACE FLIGHT": "In 1965 Dr. Walter R. Dornberger, Vice President for Research of Textron Corporation's Bell Aerosystems Company, published "Space Shuttle of the Future: The Aerospaceplane" in Bell's periodical Rendezvous. In July Dr. Dornberger gave the main address in a University of Tennessee Space Institute short course: "The Recoverable, Reusable Space Shuttle."7"

New Orleans milieu

Jack Ruby association

  • Per a teletype from New Orleans SAC to Hoover, Jim Garrison purportedly had proof that Oswald listed Ruby as a job reference (from NARA #124-10101-10017): "Informant furnished the following information in the strictest confidence since it was furnished to him by Orvie Aucoin, a cameraman for Channel 12, WVUE-TV, a neighbor of the informant, who swore informant to secrecy before furnishing the information. Informant advised that according to Aucoin, he had talked to the judge who had handled the matter involving Clay Shaw and this judge stated that after he had seen the evidence District Attorney Garrison has, he strongly believes that if the case against Clay Shaw goes to a jury, the jury will vote 11 to 1 in favor of a conviction.

    According to Aucoin, Garrison’s ace in the hole is well documented proof consisting of a certified photostatic copy of a job application made by Lee Harvey Oswald in his own handwriting during the spring or summer of 1963 with a trucking company, name not mentioned, believed to be in New Orleans, in which Oswald listed three personal references one of whom was Jack Ruby. Aucoin also mentioned that attorney Sam (MONK) Zelden has knowledge of this application as he is an attorney for the trucking firm."

Southland Center meeting

Mexico City visit

Minox camera

Raleigh phone call

Various peculiarities