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Welcome to the CAVDEF election integrity wiki! The purpose of this wiki is to provide a comprehensive guide to election integrity in the United States. It's especially focused on explaining voting processes, chronicling suspect elections, and documenting election contractors.

Election systems

Procedures by state

Suspect elections

Red flags



Voting equipment:

Mail ballot services:

Results middlemen:

Election officials

Test labs

  • Wyle Labs - Huntsville AL
  • Nichols Research - Huntsville AL
  • PSInet - Huntsville AL
  • Metamor - Huntsville AL
  • Ciber - Huntsville AL
  • SysTest Labs - Denver CO
  • InfoGard Labs - San Luis Obispo CA
  • iBeta - Aurora CO
  • SLI Compliance - Wheat Ridge CO
  • Pro V&V - Huntsville AL

Interest groups

United States



Traditional Republicans (voter suppression, electronic vote rigging)

  • Karl Rove: Leader of the operation, heavily linked to corporate elites and the intelligence community
  • R. Doug Lewis: Privatization efforts, approving test labs, influencing election officials
  • Bob Urosevich: Connects together most of the different voting machine vendors
  • Jeff Averbeck: IT black-ops at SmarTech
  • Michael Connell: Rove's personal IT guru (deceased)
  • Jack Abramoff?: Lobbyist affiliated with many top GOP figures (retired)
  • Robert Gates: Promoting electronic voting from the shadows through SAIC and VoteHere
  • Tom Feeney: Requested a prototype of touchscreen vote rigging software in 2000 (retired)
  • Li-Woan Yang: Leader of the Florida contractor enlisted by Feeney
  • Hank Asher: Data mining and computer programming for intelligence operations (deceased)
  • Roger Stone: Propaganda and other "dirty tricks"
  • Kris Kobach: Voter suppression

Democratic Party (intra-party manipulation, voter suppression, ballot stuffing)

Alt-right Republicans (voter suppression, psychological operations)


Corporate media



Other topics