Michael Aquino

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Early life

Vietnam War operations

Main article: Phoenix Program

Satanism adoption

Presidio abuse case

Main article: Presidio sex abuse case

Franklin sex ring

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  • Merrill Lynch: Stockbroker


  • Lieutenant colonel in the US Army

Religious groups



Satanism and Nazism

Child molestation

Main article: Presidio sex abuse case

Pedophile ring involvement

Main articles: Franklin child sex ring, Johnny Gosch abduction

Mind control experiments

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[Allegedly trained child victims of Monarch at Offutt Air Force Base and elsewhere]

Political connections


  1. Marshall Thomas, Monarch: The New Phoenix Program: "The generation of CIA and military intelligence led by Shackley, Helms, Casey, Abrams, Singlaub, Secord, John B. Alexander, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely, and others have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace."

External links

  • Alex Constantine article on Michael Aquino
  • Psychological warfare work
    • 2018/08/11 comment by satanicviews on a Hoaxtead Research post about MK Ultra: "My Satanist colleague Dr Michael Aquino is associated with projects like MK Ultra, he was involved in military intelligence, and evolved the failed techniques of the CIA into other directions, he goes into the ideas behind this in his three recent books including Mind War. He posts occasionally on the600Club for Satanists, and I have exchanged posts with him in various debates. The following short video gives his comments on MK Ultra: [video embed] I respect Aquino but have reservations about some of his ideas proposed in his books."
  • Nazi ideology
  • San Francisco Examiner, "PRESIDIO SATANIST A SCARY ENIGMA TO OBSERVERS", 1987/11/02 - excerpted here
    • "He retired from the regular Army in 1972 to try his hand as a stockbroker, but returned to active duty as a reserve officer a few years later."
    • "However, city police intelligence memos obtained by the Examiner indicate that as long ago as 1981, authorities were noting the Temple of Set's obsession with Hitler's Nazis, that Aquino claimed to be reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that a number of Temple of Set Satanists were in military intelligence."
    • "Aquino proudly shows visitors to his Leavenworth Street home a ritual dagger once worn by an SS World War II General, and boasts about a ritual he performed in the Hall of the Dead at Wewelsburg Castle in West Germany during a 1982 tour of European NATO bases." - also corroborates Bonacci's testimony that he was taken to Germany by Aquino
  • Marin Independent Journal, "Satanic Cult has Bizarre Links to Marin", 1987/12/06 - posted in 2008 Franklin Files comment - "Satanic church members -including a key figure in the Presidio child molestation case - have been linked to satanic cult activities in Marin County. William Butch, 34, and Lynn Butch, 31, are listed by the Marin County Clerks Office as founders of two Marin satanic cult groups: Dark Star 9 pylon and Meta Mates. William Butch is the brother-in-law of Michael A. Aquino Jr., a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves, and the founder and high priest of the satanic Temple of Set. Aquino is under investigation in connection with alleged molestations at the Presidio daycare center. William Butchs sister, Lilith, is Aquinos wife and a high priestess of the Temple of Set. Aquino owns property in Marin and Sonoma counties, including a historic San Rafael house that he inherited from his mother, Betty Ford-Aquino."
  • National television appearances
  • Ukiah child molestation case - see Presidio page
  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Restraining Order Against Cult Founder Granted", 1994/06/24 (archive of article) - 1994 request by former Temple of Set member Lillian Rosoff for a restraining order against Aquino
  • 2008 Diana Napolis lawsuit against Michael Aquino and others (Scribd copy) - charges include improperly revealing her identity to San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Mark Sauer and psychic torture by nonlethal electromagnetic technology
  • Diana Napolis claims that she received a FOIA document proving Aquino was processed out of the army in 1990
    • "In September 2006 I submitted a FOIA request to the St. Louis, Missouri Army Personnel Center requesting information about Aquino’s military assignments and dates of service. On December 1, 2006 I received a response from the Army Personnel center which revealed that Aquino’s dates of service and assignments were listed as June 14, 1968 to August 31, 1990. The last notation on his record of assignment was REFRAD (Released from Active Duty) dated June 1990 which became effective on August 31, 1990. This information proves that Aquino has been confabulating information to various parties, including the media, about his military career for years in obvious efforts to make it appear that the ritual abuse allegations about him had no merit. This FOIA request is available on this web site." (source)
    • Michael Aquino personnel records FOIA response (TODO: Does it say he was ever in Germany?)
    • "I also requested and received a list of the awards that had been given to then Lt. Col. Aquino and a Meritorious Certificate was not among them." (source)
  • San Francisco Liberation Radio, "The Keys to Hell and Death", 2001/05/21-22: parts I, II
  • Interview of Aquino and his wife for the Cook Report's documentary "The Devil's Work"
  • EIR, "Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military", 1999/07/02
  • Aquino implausibly claims he was a victim of a massive government conspiracy and might have been murdered if he tried to expose it: "What this book explores, however, is how external social and political ignorance, and agendae, can impel events. The players here include not just the claims-scamming chaplain, but the FBI, the San Francisco Police, the Army CID, and a number of 2-, 3-, and 4-star generals who committed felonies during it. It became increasingly and progressively surreal. That is why this is a documentation-intensive book: it has to be. Of the total of 500 pages, about 125 or so are the text; the rest consists of the 76 appendices. And everything is in 11-point Times type in order to fit everything into the 500-page publisher's limit. Most of this "backstory" has never seen the light of day. I am not being melodramatic when I say that if I had attempted to expose it all at the time, I would have probably been the victim of an "accidental hit & run" or similar "removal", like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now."
  • General Paul Vallely claimed in 2015 the Army didn't know about Aquino's Satanism even though Aquino maintains they knew from the beginning
  • In 2016 Aquino claimed he was diagnosed with possibly terminal cancer