Michael McCarthy

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Family and early life

McCarthy Group founding


Corporate boards


  • Creighton University Board of Trustees: Chairman (????-present)[2]


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External links

  • Black Box Voting, "The road to Boondoggle was paved with good intentions", 2007/01/30: "Another question that would shed a lot of light on things: Who is Michael McCarthy (a major stakeholder in ES&S and also Chuck Hagel's campaign finance director) and what is his relationship, really, to the Kiewit family/organizations? What I do know about him is that for some reason when Peter Kiewit died, it was Michael that came over to Omaha from Iowa to sell Kiewit's ranch. Michael has had a position on the Kiewit board of directors. Kiewit owned the Omaha World Herald, which in turn owned part of the new, powerful Nebraska investment company run by Michael McCarthy, The McCarthy Group. And the McCarthy Group and the Omaha World Herald have had controlling interest in ES&S. So who is Michael McCarthy and how did he become connected to Kiewit?"
  • Interview by the Business Ethics Alliance
  • Union Pacific Corporation board membership
    • RTT News, "Union Pacific Appoints Michael McCarthy to Board", 2008/09/30: "Tuesday, rail transportation services provider in North America Union Pacific Corp. (UNP) said it appointed Michael McCarthy to its board of directors, effective October 1, 2008. McCarthy is the chairman of McCarthy Group LLC, an Omaha-based investment firm. He is also a director of Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc., Cabela's Inc. and several portfolio companies affiliated with McCarthy Group's private equity business."
    • Progressive Railroading, "McCarthy joins UP's board", 2008/10/01: "Chairman of McCarthy Group L.L.C., an Omaha, Neb.-based investment firm he co-founded in 1986, McCarthy also serves on the boards of Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc., Cabela's Inc. and several other companies. UP's 10-member board — which is chaired by UP President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Young — also includes former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card Jr., retired ConocoPhillips Chairman Archie Dunham, and Weyerhaeuser Co. Chairman and CEO Steven Rogel."
  • Omaha World-Herald, "FACILITATOR OF PROJECTS", 2017/12/31: "Michael McCarthy, a partner in McCarthy Capital private equity firm, said Bay's willingness to use his business skills to serve Omaha "is a huge benefit to our community." McCarthy said Bay, who became a U.S. citizen in 2007, has a global view that "expands our horizons toward what our city might look like a hundred years from now if we plan and execute well today." [...] Decades ago, some Omahans worried about what would happen after the deaths of Daugherty and other civic and business leaders — Peter Kiewit, Leo A Daly and Charles Durham, to name a few — but Bay said Walter Scott Jr., Ken Stinson, Michael McCarthy, Susan Buffett and others have stepped up."
  • Alleged connection to Wilbur Ross
    • Tweet by Rigel2020 on 2018/06/28: "Mike McCarthy an Owner in ES&S Voting (70% of US Touchscreen market) is partnered with Wilbur Ross in McCarthy and Ross Registered in Bahamas... What an amazing Connection this is.. hmmmm.."
    • Information on the Bahamas corporation McCarthy & Ross Limited: Bahamas Leaks, OpenCorporates