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For decades, the US intelligence community has devoted substantial resources to studying mind control: subverting an individual's free will and placing it under the influence of others. One of the most well-known such programs is the CIA's MKUltra project, which has often become synonymous with all US government research into mind control. In reality, there have been numerous overlapping mind control programs by several different US intelligence agencies, including the OSS, CIA, and military intelligence. The CIA has claimed that its research ended in the early 1970s and was met with little other than failure. There is, however, a substantial amount of evidence suggesting that mind control research was quite successful, has been employed in covert operations abroad and at home, and secretly continued beyond its official termination, frequently using cults as deniable fronts. For the US intelligence community, the end goal of mind control is not merely controlling individuals, but shaping entire societies, a doctrine epitomized in the Phoenix Program and Michael Aquino's concept of "Mindwar".


Before the CIA

Early CIA research

MKUltra operation

Continued execution


Drug dosing


Forced dissociation

E/M interference

Known programs




Main article: Project MKUltra


Sexual blackmail

Related articles: Franklin child sex ring, Washington DC call boy ring, Pat Sullivan, Operation Gladio


Involved parties

Government agencies

CIA officers

Military officers

  • Charles Winans? - identified as a hippie infiltrator and the handler of Manson Family member Tex Watson
  • Colston Westbrook - a former Phoenix Program operative who ran the program at Vacaville which led to the creation of the SLA
  • Bill Plemmons - implicated as a Monarch commander at Offutt AFB
  • Michael Aquino - several mind control victims, like Paul Bonacci and Cathy O'Brien, have identified him as a programmer


Military bases

  • Edgewood Arsenal - conducted classified human experiments from 1948 to 1975
  • Offutt Air Force Base - headquarters of the Strategic Air Command; located near Omaha and connected to the Franklin scandal, with one victim Paul Bonacci claiming it is home to a mind control program under the name "Monarch"
  • Presidio of San Francisco - the military base where Michael Aquino was stationed, and Paul Bonacci claimed to have been taken
  • Montauk Air Force Station (a.k.a. Camp Hero)? - allegedly involved with the "Montauk Project"; David Berkowitz had the phone number of the Montauk Golf and Racquet Club, a country club located adjacent to the base, in his possession
  • Minot Air Force Base? - yet another Strategic Air Command installation; "Son of Sam" cult member John Carr was stationed at the base, allegedly involved in narcotics activities there, and was murdered close to the base itself
  • Lookout Mountain Air Force Station? - in Laurel Canyon, whose 1960s counterculture was suspected by Dave McGowan of being a government operation
  • Fort Detrick - located in Maryland; home to a bioweapons program
  • Moody Air Force Base? - outside of Valdosta GA, which is home to an alleged pedophile ring; had notable incidences of weapons thefts and employees (both military and civilian) being arrested on pedophilia charges; aviation training company FlightSafety International operates a flight school at the base
  • Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake? - linked to Charles Manson according to Fritz Springmeier; source of military technology used by Drew Thornton's Kentucky drug smuggling group "The Company" (as detailed in The Bluegrass Conspiracy); adjacent to Trona CA, where former US Navy officer Macky Boykin (one of the abusers of JonBenet Ramsey murder witness Nancy Krebs) lived
  • MacDill Air Force Base? - near Clearwater FL, which is home to a powerful Scientology presence (including the Fort Harrison hotel, a major Scientology training center whose phone number was found at the home of David Berkowitz), a Straight Inc. institution, and alleged illicit sex clubs running up US 19 (the same route John Couey took to escape to Georgia undetected by police)


Research institutions

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory - involved in human experimentation research during the time that Union Carbide was running it
  • Yale University
  • Harvard University - site of mind control experiments conducted on "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski
  • Tulane University - linked to the activities of David Ferrie
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University - home to Dr. Donald Lunde
  • University of Washington - home to Roy Prosterman (of the Phoenix Program) and mind control psychologist Dr. Donald Dudley
  • University of Denver, Colorado

Prisons and jails

  • Chillicothe Correctional Institution? - where Charles Manson was incarcerated in the 1950s, experienced a major turnaround in his life, and purportedly learned mind control techniques such as hypnosis; also where Henry Lee Lucas was incarcerated in the 1950s
  • Ohio State Penitentiary at Columbus
  • Louisiana State Penitentiary
  • California Medical Facility (a.k.a Vacaville Prison) - where Donald DeFreeze was incarcerated before getting his new identity as "Cinque"

Mental hospitals

Private contractors

  • Mankind Research Unlimited

Housing and rehab

Cult organizations

Alleged subjects

Former victims

Deceased victims


  • Jack Ruby?
  • Sirhan Sirhan - purported gunman in the RFK assassination
  • John Hinckley Jr.
  • Lois Lang[2]
  • Walter Gerald Ellis? - murdered Council Bluffs school administrator Harmon Tucker, in what is claimed to be a suspicious death connected to the Franklin scandal; in a weird parallel to Sirhan Sirhan, who was likely treated by the same doctor who hypnotized Albert DeSalvo and subsequently referenced DeSalvo in his diaries as well as his initial statements to police, Ellis made reference to serial killer Richard Speck, another probable hypno-programming victim

Cult leaders

Serial killers

Main article: Serial killers

As Dave McGowan argues in Programmed to Kill, the standard profile of serial killers as lone nuts driven only by their inner demons is often wildly inaccurate. When the evidence from numerous high-profile cases is assembled, there are an astounding number of parallels that create a much different image of the serial killer. Many serial killings are in fact murders of political significance, used to protect criminal enterprises such as drug trafficking or sex rings. Even more disturbingly, there is often evidence of mind control programming by intelligence fronts: the military, prisons, mental hospitals, doctors, Satanic cults, etc. Such programming is used to condition these "serial killers" to commit crimes they otherwise would not or confess to crimes they did not actually commit. The treatment of serial killers by law enforcement and the courts is filled with irregularities as a result. Before committing the crimes that brought them notoriety, many serial killers received extremely lenient treatment to the point of cover-up, evidently enjoying protection as a government asset. Once they were no longer needed, they were railroaded into taking the fall as a lone killer, prevented from maintaining their innocence or revealing accomplices.

Here are some of the serial killers who are most compellingly argued as being under mind control:

Here are some more speculative cases of mind-controlled serial killers:

Domestic terrorists

  • Ted Kaczynski - the "Unabomber", who was subjected to MKUltra experiments at Harvard University
  • Brett Kimberlin? - convicted of the "Speedway bombings" near Indianapolis
  • Eric Harris? and Dylan Klebold? - the two perpetrators of the Columbine school shooting
  • John Allen Muhammad? - the alleged "DC Sniper" mastermind
  • Nikolas Cruz - the perpetrator of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting


  • Kenneth Parnell? - the kidnapper of Steven Stayner, who was said to be a skilled manipulator; received absurdly lenient treatment by the criminal justice system; was incarcerated during the 2000s at Vacaville
  • Pedro Hernandez? - the convicted abductor and murderer of Etan Patz
  • Danny Heinrich? - confessed in 2016 to abducting and murdering Jacob Wetterling, who was previously suspected to have been kidnapped by the same ring involved in the Johnny Gosch abduction; according to Jim Rothstein's investigation, Sam Soda worked for Ruan at the same Fingerhut in St. Cloud MN where Heinrich was employed, which is an interesting parallel to how Cary Stayner, an employee at the Cedar Lodge, almost certainly took the fall for the Yosemite murders which were committed by other suspects, one of whom also worked at the Cedar Lodge
  • John Couey? - abducted, raped, and murdered Jessica Lunsford; most likely involved in a larger Florida/Georgia pedophile ring

See also


  1. ISGP, "Beyond Dutroux ties to 1950s-era CIA covert operation: Plus: The mysterious "Dr. Green" identified", 2009/11/25 - how the CIA's sexual blackmail program began in the 1950s and was exported to other countries
  2. Salon, "James Bond and the killer bag lady", 2012/12/02

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Mind control

  • ARTICHOKE documents, "Outline of Special H Cases", 1953/01/07: "In all of these cases, these subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H controlled state via the telephone, via some very subtle signal that cannot be detected by other persons in the room and without the other individual being able to note the change. It has been shown clearly that physically individuals can be induced into H by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signals, or word and that control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling couriers for information purposes and that they can be conditioned to a point where they can believe a change in identity on their part even on the polygraph." (from p.87 of The CIA Doctors)
  • "SI and H experimentation", 1953/09/25 and "H experimentation", 1954/02/10 - discusses the creation of hypnotized subjects who respond to triggers and who are willing to shoot people when they ordinarily wouldn't (i.e. Manchurian candidates)
  • Mind control survivor testimony at the Human Radiation Experiments hearings
  • H.P. Albarelli Jr., "Cries From the Past: Torture's Ugly Echoes", 2010/05/23
  • Napa Sentinel, "Mind Control" by Harry V. Martin and David Caul, 1991 (duplicate)
  • Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Narut disclosures
    • New York Times, "NAVY DENIES CHARGE IT TRAINS ASSASSINS", 1975/07/07: "A United States Navy spokesman categorically denied today a London newspaper report of a program in which the Navy allegedly prepared convicted murderers to carry out assassinations. The report in The Sunday Times was based on an Interview with a Navy staff psychologist, Lieut. Comdr. Thomas Narut, in Oslo, Norway, where he delivered a paper on anxiety and stress at a conference sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Dr. Narut was quoted by a reporter, Peter Watson, as saying that the Navy training involved forcing men who were selected for their “passive‐aggressive personalities” to watch Increasingly horrific films of killing and maiming so as to generate detachment toward violence. According to the newspaper, Dr. Narut said that Navy psychologists had picked men for commando‐type operations from among submarine crews, paratroops and “convicted murderers from military prisons.” Dr. Narut said that the training took place at the Navy Neuropsychiatric Laboratories in San Diego and at the United States Navy Hospital in Naples, Italy, where the doctor works, according to The Sunday Times."
    • It is quite possible that the father of Charles Andrew Williams, who was a 2001 school shooter at Santana High School in San Diego County CA, worked at Navy Neuropsychiatric Laboratories (New York Times, "Student Held in Shootings Is in Court as School Resumes", 2001/03/08): "He said Mr. Williams's father, Charles Jeffrey Williams, a technician in the laboratory of a Navy hospital, had seen his son just once, for roughly 30 minutes, on Tuesday."
  • New York Times, "C.I.A. Data Show 14‐Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior", 1977/07/21: "The Central Intelligence Agency conducted a 14‐year program to find ways to “control human behavior” through the use of chemical, biological and radiological material, according to agency documents made public today by John Marks, a freelance journalist. Mr. Marks, an associate of the Center for National Security Studies, asserted at a news conference that Adm. Stansfield Turner, Director of Central Intelligence, in a letter to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last week, “seriously distorted” what the C.I.A. research programs involved. Mr. Marks said that, based on documents about the program he had received under the Freedom of Information Act, he had concluded that Admiral Turner “seems to be practicing what used to be called ‘a modified limited hangout’” when he called the agency's activity “a program of experimentation with drugs.”"
  • Probe Vol. 7 No. 3, "Mind-Control Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice" by Arlene Tyner, 2000/03-04
  • Probe Vol. 7 No. 5, "Mind-Control Part 3: The Blowback Effect of Brain Tampering" by Arlene Tyner, 2000/07-08
    • "Before being delivered into the clutches of Sidney Gottlieb, director of the MK-ULTRA program, [Carol] Rutz had a history of being sexually abused by her father and grandfather. She had already developed an alter personality named Little Girl to endure her torment. Her mother had birthed eight children and was institutionalized twice after trying to run away from her husband. The CIA arranged access to Rutz by blackmailing her grandfather, a producer of child pornography along with one of her uncles. Her grandfather was also paid a large sum of money. On different occasions she was taken by plane to Wright Patterson Air Base, the Montreal Neurological Institute, and luxurious private estates."
    • "Like Rutz, [Claudia] Mullen relates how she was used as a sexual toy in blackmail schemes targeting military officers, doctors with ethical squeamishness, and elected officials, anyone who might possibly stop the seemingly unlimited flow of tax dollars to their projects. [...]"
    • "Below is a list of suspicious cases spanning more than 20 years:
      + 1978: David Berkowitz [...]
      + 1978: 911 U.S. men, women and children were massacred in Jonestown, Guyana. [...]
      + 1980: : Civil rights activist Dennis Sweeney killed former NY Congressman Allard Lowenstein, then waited to be arrested. Sweeney had been complaining for more than a decade of being tormented by voices coming from an electrode implanted in his teeth by the CIA. “I am simultaneously attuned to and programmed electronically...(unable) to sort out my own thoughts from the impulses running through my skull. I am fairly certain that I have software that I wasn't born with,” he said.
      + 1982: Wayne Williams, a bizarre, spaced-out young man, was convicted on circumstantial evidence of murdering two African American children in Atlanta, Georgia and sentenced to life. [...]
      + 1989: Ted Bundy was executed in Florida for three murders but suspected of killing 36 young women across the U.S. from 1961 to 1978. Milton Kline, psychologist, hypnotist, and CIA consultant on construction of Manchurian Candidates, testified at Bundy's 1979 trial.
  • Associated Press, "Autistic man wins suit against doctor", 2001/01/14 - the lawsuit alleged that Dr. Donald Dudley attempted to use drugs and hypnosis on his patients to turn them into killers; says that Dr. Dudley claimed to be working for the CIA; points out that Dudley graduated from medical school at the University of Washington and later become a professor there from the mid-1960s (when law professor Roy Prosterman, involved in the Phoenix Program, was also there, and Egil Krogh was being taught by Prosterman) until his 1991 resignation
  • List of involved institutions from Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists by Colin Ross
  • Derren Brown's episode "The Assassin" (part of his show, The Experiments) demonstrates the creation of a programmed killer
  • Michael Le Flem, "Through a Glass Darkly: An MK-ULTRA Primer", 2018/07/16 (Black Op Radio interview on 2018/07/26 with the author)

Dissociation and hypnosis

False memory advocates

  • Emery County Progress, "'False Memory Syndrome' taking its toll", 1992/05/05: ""John" misses his grandchildren. He misses their smiling faces, their playful natures and their friendship. He misses their letters and their phone calls. Most of all, he misses their love. [...] For John, "False abuse, as far as I know, is far more destructive than real abuse. It would be nice if I had abused somebody so I could apologize for it and we could get on with our lives — not nice, but it would be better.""
  • John Backus and Barbara Una Stannard, "YOUR MEMORIES ARE NOT FALSE: A Reply to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation Revised Edition", 1994
  • Baltimore Sun, "One family's tragedy spawns national group", 1994/12/09
  • Ch.3 ("THE FALSE MEMORY HOAX") from Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine (1995) - parts I, II
  • Psychotherapy Networker, "Marshalling the Media" by Katy Butler, 1995/03-04
  • Toronto Star, "Beware of false prophets peddling false-memory hype" by Michele Landsberg, 1996/02/11
  • Columbia Journalism Review, "U-turn on memory lane" by Mike Stanton, 1997/07-08
  • Deep Politics Forum thread on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation: pages 1, 2, 3, 4
  • ISGP article on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) board members
  • Anna Holtzman, "Harvey Weinstein’s “False Memory” Defense and its Shocking Origin Story", 2020/02/13
  • The Cut, "The Memory War" by Katie Heaney, 2021/01/06
  • Peter Freyd and Pamela Freyd
    • Early life background
      • Chicago Tribune, "PARTY TO OPEN HYDE PARK ART CENTER STUDIO", 1942/06/21: "The new studio of the Hyde Park art center will be opened Wednesday evening with an informal party. The studio, where children's and adult art classes are held, is located at 1507 Cable court, off Harper avenue between 56th and 57th streets. The children's class, taught by Mrs. Ethel Crouch Brown, is held from 9 to 11 o'clock Saturday mornings. Emil Armin conducts the adult class, which meets twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 8 to 10 o'clock. It is open to any per son interested in learning to draw or paint. A number of south side artists will be present. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Philip S. Allen Jr., and Mrs. Paul Freyd have been active in setting up the studio, and Mrs. J. M. Everett is chairman for the opening party. The art center, which no longer has a gallery, will concentrate its activities this summer at the studio, but plans in the fall and winter seasons to have a program of lectures, probably at the University of Chicago."
      • Chicago Tribune, "YOUTHS BALK AT CONVENTIONAL IN SUMMER ART", 1942/08/30: "The Hyde Park art center sponsors a free class in drawing and painting for some 30 youngsters from Hyde Park and adjacent communities which meets once a week. The class is taught by Mrs. Ethel Crouch Brown of 5830 Stony Island avenue, assisted by Mrs. Paul Freyd of 5525 Kimbark avenue. There is no charge for instruction and materials used by the students are provided without cost. The war has a definite influence on the work of the children, Mrs. Brown said, especially on the boys."
      • Chicago Tribune, "A little, admiration always helps artistic effort", 1942/08/30: "Peter Freyd, 6, of 5525 Kimbark avenue, intently works out the design of his project while Carol Everett, 7, of 5526 Everett avenue, looks on approvingly."
      • Psychotherapy Networker, "Marshalling the Media" by Katy Butler, 1995/03-04: "She said he referred to himself as a "kept boy" when describing a year of sexual abuse, at the age of nine, by a nationally known male artist"
      • The Cut, "The Memory War" by Katie Heaney, 2021/01/06: "Pam and Peter Freyd are husband and wife; they are also stepsiblings. They met as children in Providence, Rhode Island: Pam’s mother married Peter’s father when Pam was 12 and Peter was 14. Their married parents settled in New York while Pam and Peter stayed behind in Providence — she lived with her father and stepmother, and he lived with his mother. They attended the same high school, which is where they began dating. Before they became intimate, Peter told Pam about his involvement as a younger boy with a much older male artist, then famous in Providence. The man taught weekend art classes to children, a number of whom became his victims. The artist began sexually abusing Peter when he was 11 years old and continued for two or three years until Peter began to mature. [...] Peter, in fact, professes to be nonchalant about what the older artist did to him when he was 11 years old. It was “technically abuse,” he tells me, but he isn’t angry or upset about it. “Studies have been done,” he insists, that show “many, many people aren’t terribly bothered” by the sexual abuse they suffered as children. He and Pam entertained the artist who molested him as a guest in their home, and Peter says he was “quite open” about it with Jennifer and Gwen when they were children. “This was an extremely important person to him,” Jennifer recalls. “Maybe his most important person.”"
      • Boston Globe, "Brown Debaters Risk Wrath of Mothers-in-Law", 1957/02/19: "It was resolved, and proved, during a debate at Brown that "Uncle Sam is the mother-in-law of the world." Arguing for the affirmative were Meirion Lloyd Davies of University College of Wales and Gareth M. K. Morgan of the University of Bristol. Challenging them were John P. Lew and Peter J. Freyd of Brown."
    • Abuse of Jennifer Freyd
    • University of Pennsylvania tenure as a mathematics professor
      • Baltimore Sun, "35 AT PENN THREATEN TO SHUN U.S. AID", 1967/09/21: "Thirty-five University of Pennsylvania faculty members said today they would not accept National Science Foundation research grants unless the agency explains why it refused to renew the research contract of a controversial California mathematician. The science foundation has held up the $247,900 grant of Dr. Stephen Smale. of the University of California at Berkeley, on grounds that its "administrative arrangements are unacceptable." [...] But Dr. Peter J. Freyd, chairman of Penn's mathematics department, said the case has "the appearance, at least" of a political reprisal for Smale's outspoken opposition to United States Vietnam policy."
      • Camden Courier-Post, "Grant Delay Protested by Penn Faculty", 1967/09/21: "The protest pledge at Penn was drafted by Dr. Peter J. Freyd, associate professor of mathematics. He contended the delay has the appearance, at least of a political reprisal for Smale's outspoken opposition to the U.S policy in Vietnam."
      • The Cut, "The Memory War" by Katie Heaney, 2021/01/06: "Former colleagues say Peter enjoyed pushing people’s buttons. “He liked tweaking his fellow left-of-center types by staking out positions slightly out of the mainstream for the American left, either seriously or just as a devil’s advocate,” recalls David Yetter, a mathematics professor at Kansas State University who knew Peter well in the ’80s."
      • The Cut, "The Memory War" by Katie Heaney, 2021/01/06: "A former student I’ll call Stephen, who grew close to Peter, describes the provocations differently. Peter, he says, was “always pretending to be a sociopath.” Peter bragged about having cheated on a test at Brown — not because he needed to but because he wanted to know what cheating felt like. In 1974, after enrolling as a graduate student in mathematics at Penn, Stephen met Peter at a party, and the two quickly became friends. Stephen and a fellow student began visiting Peter at the Freyds’ home. [...] With Pam out of earshot, Peter often shifted the conversation to his sexuality. He acknowledged that he was gay and tried to convince Stephen that he was, too. “No, you really are,” Stephen recalls him saying. “You have that wounded-stag look about you.” A few years later, Stephen says, Peter propositioned him after a night of drinking. When Stephen declined, Peter began going through the kitchen drawers and pulling out knives before finally backing off. [...] Peter admits to having propositioned Stephen, though he says he did so only because he felt Stephen had been wanting it for so long. “It’s no secret he is one of the few people I ever inquired about whether he was interested in having a relationship,” Peter tells me. He assumed Pam knew, since he had always been open about being attracted to men as well as women."
      • Selim Dincer case in 1986
        • Philadelphia Daily News, "Tests Ordered for Penn Aide In Student-Terrorizing Case", 1986/04/24: "The president of the University of Pennsylvania yesterday recommended that a Penn teaching assistant be jailed for a psychiatric examination for allegedly terrorizing a 19-year-old woman student. A federal magistrate did order psychiatric testing yesterday for Selim Dincer, a Turkish citizen, but said he did so solely on the basis of FBI evidence linking Dincer to threatening letters and phone calls. [...] Dincer, 32, a graduate student and assistant in the math department, has been in jail since last Friday, when the FBI arrested him for sending threatening letters and making threatening phone calls to the student. The woman, 19, a sophomore biology student whose name has been withheld by the Daily News, had been one of his students last summer, but otherwise had no relationship with Dincer, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph T. Labrum III. The FBI says one of Dincer's fingerprints was found on a Christmas card the student received at her home in upstate Pennsylvania. The card carried an explicit death threat with sexual overtones, Labrum said. "You'd better watch out," the card warned. "Santa Claus is coming to town to run an electric drill through your -------, to remove your ------, to give you a death-kiss by sucking blood out of your mouth." Two other letters sent to the student's dormitory carried gory magazine photographs and captions describing brutal murders. She also had received numerous telephone calls, starting in November and ending in January, from a man with a British accent who threatened to kill her. [...] Dincer's court-appointed lawyer, Louis Ruch, a former top federal prosecutor, objected to Hackney's letter, but the objection was overruled by Hall, who said it had "probative value." Ruch had called three colleagues of Dincer's who testified he had an excellent reputation as a teacher and student. Dr. Peter J. Freyd and Dr. Sybilla Beckmann, who worked with Dincer in the math department, and Janet C. Talvacchia, a graduate student and teaching assistant, said they were surprised by the charges and did not believe Dincer was a threat to anyone."
        • Philadelphia Daily News, "Ex-Teacher Held in Threat Found Dead", 1986/06/19: "A former teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, who was awaiting trial on charges of terrorizing a student, was found dead yesterday in his West Philadelphia apartment, an apparent suicide. Selim Dincer, 31. of Walnut Street near 42nd. was found about noon by a member of the university's public safety department. A source in the medical examiner's office said Dincer apparently had died of a "pill overdose ... of possibly two or three types . . . but we won't know exactly until we conduct toxicology tests." He said Dincer had in his apartment a copy of the Physician's Desk Reference, which details various types of medication and their effects, and "he underlined the medication he wanted to take." He said he did not know how long Dincer had been dead. He said Dincer, a graduate student who lived alone, had left three suicide notes, one to university President Sheldon Hackney, a second to an individual he would not identify and a third to "friends." The source would not disclose the contents of any of the notes."
        • Almanac (University of Pennsylvania), "DEATHS", 1986/07/15: "Selim Dincer, a 31 year‑old graduate student at Penn, died suddenly on June 18. Mr. Dincer, a Turkish citizen, had been a teaching assistant at Penn in the mathematics department for the last six years. He has no known relatives in the United States."
      • From a December 11, 1996 posting to WITCHNT@MITVMA.MIT.EDU, Dr. Peter Freyd wrote "Since we all want to be open about any money we might have received from military-related sources, let me confess. I too must go on record. Starting in 1988, I’ve been getting a lot of money from the U.S. Office of Naval Research." (Colin Ross, The C.I.A. Doctors, 2006)
    • Pamela Freyd background
      • Boston Globe, "Stephanie Rogers, Scituate, Marries John Thompson Jr.", 1964/08/16: "Miss Stephanie Rogers and John Wesley Thompson Jr, were married by Rev. Lee Fletcher in North Community Church, Marshfield Hills. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Verne Rogers, Jr., Scituate. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Scituate. [...] Similarly dressed were the bridesmaids Mrs. Peter Freyd, Philadelphia, and Miss Mary Jo Connelly, West Homestead, Pa. Miss Jennifer Freyd, Philadelphia, was flower girl. She wore floor-length yellow-linen with fitted bodice and full skirt. She carried yellow roses."
      • Boston Globe, obituary for Frederic J. Parker, 1969/02/23: "Services for Frederic James Parker, 60, of 11 Young's la., Scituate Harbor, a teacher at the Coyne School of Electronics, Boston, will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. in Harbor Methodist Church. Mr. Parker died Friday morning at his home. He was born in Nashua, N.H. and grew up in Hudson, N.H. He was a graduate of Nashua (N.H.) High School, Wentworth Institute, Boston, and the Hawley School of Electronics, Boston. Before moving here in 1956, Mr. Parker resided in Providence, where he was for 29 years a relay supervisor for the Narragansett Electric Co. He was a member of the Providence Engineering Society and a trustee of Harbor Methodist Church. Mr. Packer leaves his wife, Mildred S. (Young); a daughter, Mrs. Peter Freyd of Zurich, Switzerland; a son, Frederic F. of Scituate; a brother, Edward M. of Nashua, N.H., and two grandchildren."
      • Philadelphia Inquirer, "Program power: Children learn to 'teach' their computers", 1984/01/27: "A year ago, the Albert M. Greenfield School had just one computer for a few pupils doing special projects, and Stan Sheckman wasn't sure the school needed any more. [...] But as principal of what is perhaps the city's most prestigious public elementary school, at 23d and Chestnut Streets in Center City, Sheckman knew that he could not ignore computers, either. So he started looking into what other School systems were doing with them. And gradually he came to the conclusion that the time was right at Greenfield for a full-fledged computer program. [...] All of the school's 915 students, from kindergarten through eighth grade, spend one 45-minute period a week in the lab, learning to make geometric shapes on the computers by using a simple programming language called Logo. And the center is staffed full time by a teacher, Pamela Freyd, who has been trained to teach students to use Logo and another programming language called Basic. As a model, according to Sheckman and Mrs. Freyd, this much can be said for the benefit of parents citywide: It works."
      • Philadelphia Daily News, "10 Teachers Get Awards", 1984/05/11: "Ten Philadelphia public school teachers yesterday were honored with the annual Rose Lindenbaum Teacher of the Year Award for outstanding service. They were: Greta Cohen, John Marshall school, a kindergarten teacher, Charles R. Davis, Cooke Junior High, special education; Virginia S. Duffin, Henry R. Edmunds School, a sixth grade teacher; Dr. Pamela P. Freyd. Albert M. Greenfield School, computer laboratory instructor; Charles Gavin, Germantown High, art teacher; Robert Jones, William C. Longstreth School, music teacher; Jane Oates Lichman, Stetson Junior High, special education; Fernanda Molino, John Greenleaf Whittier School, a teacher 16 years; Gladys Schultz, Lincoln High, English; Edward Williams, E. Spencer Miller School, math literacy."
    • Alcoholism later in life
      • Psychotherapy Networker, "Marshalling the Media" by Katy Butler, 1995/03-04: "But at the same time, she revealed intimate details about her parents' private life. She said her parents continued to minimize her father's history of heavy drinking, and that he had been a "late-stage alcoholic" by the time he was treated for alcoholism in the 1980s and quit entirely."
      • The Cut, "The Memory War" by Katie Heaney, 2021/01/06: "By then, Peter Freyd, a renowned mathematician, had been through rehab at Silver Hill, an elite psychiatric hospital in Connecticut favored by the famous and the wealthy. Still, Peter’s years of heavy drinking weighed especially on Gwen, who is six years younger than Jennifer. She had lived at home, without her sister, for the worst of it."
  • Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield
    • Paidika interview with Hollida Wakefield and Dr. Ralph Underwager in June 1991 by editor-in-chief Joseph Geraci
      • "PAIDIKA: Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individuals?

        RALPH UNDERWAGER: Certainly it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition. Paedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don't think that a paedophile needs to do that. Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God's will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: "This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I've made." [...] What I think is that paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness, they can say, "I believe this is in fact part of God's will." [...]"
      • "RALPH UNDERWAGER: (laughing) Of course, I'm not privy to God's will. I do believe it is God's will that we have freedom. I believe that God's will is that we have absolute freedom. No conditions, no contingencies. When the blessed apostle Paul says, "All things are lawful for me," he says it not once but four times. "All things are lawful for me." He also adds that not everything works."
    • Australia 60 Minutes, "WITNESS FOR MR. BUBBLES", 1990/08/05 (video)
      • Possible larger group responsible
        • Sydney Morning Herald, "Tony Deren’s nightmare: ‘There goes Mr Bubbles’" by Ben Hills, 1992/10/26: "And something else on which they agree with the parents – the Derens say that a Royal Commission should be held, and they are appalled at the Government’s refusal to hold one. They believe such an inquiry is the only way the mystery of what really happened at Seabeach will be solved. Tony Deren has his own suspicions about this. He believes there really was a ring of pedophiles operating on the peninsula and that at least two of the children attending Seabeach had in fact been involved in pornographic video-making. “That is the tragedy of the whole thing. There really is a Mr Bubbles – I know who he is,” says Tony Deren, naming the parent of a child at the kindergarten, whom he says came along to gloat when the Derens were in court. “While they have been trying to frame us for this, the real criminals are laughing.”"
      • Alleged connection to the murder of 14-year-old girl Michelle Pogmore in New South Wales in 2004
    • Sunday Times, "Child abuse expert says paedophilia part of 'god's will' - Dr Ralph Underwager" by Liz Lightfoot, 1993/12/19: "Last night Underwager admitted that his credibility had been damaged by the interview, in which he urged paedophiles to defend themselves publicly. He denied that he approved of the behaviour, but added that "scientific evidence" showed 60% of women sexually abused as children reported that the experience had been good for them. He contended the same could be true for boys. [...] "The solution that I'm suggesting is that paedophiles become much more positive. They should directly attack the concept, the image, the picture of the paedophile as an evil, wicked and reprehensible exploiter of children." [...] [The False Memory Society (FMS)] told Underwager he could remain a member only if he was prepared to state that any sexual contact between a child and an adult was always destructive. "I am a scientist and I could not agree to that because it is not a statement based on scientific research," he said this weekend [...] Underwager said he believed feminists were jealous of men's ability to love other men or children and had stirred up hysteria over paedophilia. "The point where men may say that maleness can include the intimacy and closeness of sex may make women jealous," he said in the interview. "This would hold true for male bonding, and paedophile sex too.""
    • Alex Constantine compilation of judicial decisions excluding Underwager's testimony
  • Harold Lief - psychiatrist for the Freyd family who went on to help them found the FMSF
    • FMSF advisory board profile for HAROLD I. LIEF, M.D.: "Dr. Lief earned his medical degree from New York University in 1942. After serving in the Army Medical Corps during World War II, he completed training in psychoanalysis at Columbia University and then became a professor of psychiatry and neurology at Tulane University. In 1967, Dr. Lief joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania as Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Family Study, where he remained until 1982 when he became Professor Emeritus. After retiring from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Lief served as psychiatric consultant at Pennsylvania Hospital and continued his private practice in Wayne, Pennsylvania."
    • Baltimore Sun, "One family's tragedy spawns national group", 1994/12/09: "They contacted Dr. Harold Lief, a Philadelphia psychiatrist who had counseled them a decade earlier when Peter Freyd's alcoholism was straining their marriage. His drinking ended in the early 1980s, he said, when he checked into a rehabilitation center. Dr. Lief, now a member of the foundation's advisory board, said he began to suspect that Jennifer Freyd's therapy had been anything but neutral when he contacted her psychologist. "The therapist said almost all her clients were women, and I asked what percentage had been sexually abused as children. She said, 'Oh, about 85 to 90 percent,' and that raised my level of suspicion.""
    • Psychotherapy Networker, "Marshalling the Media" by Katy Butler, 1995/03-04: "To Pamela, who believed her husband's denials almost immediately, the changes in her formerly affectionate and compliant daughter amounted to a shocking and frightening "personality change." She and her husband consulted her former psychiatrist, Harold Lief, who suggested Peter Freyd take a lie detector test and came to believe the eider Freyds."
    • CKLN-FM 88.1 Toronto, lecture by Dr. Colin Ross on CIA and military mind control research, 1997/03: "Who is this guy Robert Heath? Well, we are going to see him in a future slide too. My secretary has actually interviewed him, and I might go down and interview him myself at Tulane in New Orleans. He did brain electro implant research for the CIA and he would put brain electrodes in human brains for non-therapeutic purposes, and he would pour in psyllicibin(sp), mescaline, LSD, and other chemicals to see what would go tingle-tingle in the electrodes. And I will tell you more about that. He's funded by the CIA and the military. In one of his papers, he thanks Harold Lief for referring in one of his brain electrode implant research subjects. Harold Lief is on the Advisory Board of the FMSF, and in fact, was personal psychiatrist to the Freyd family."
    • From p.63 of A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History by Joan Mellen (2013):

          [...] As Garrison had begun to investigate, Tulane psychiatrist Harold Lief was treating a homosexual patient.
          He had seen Lee Harvey Oswald at one of the parties of Clay Shaw, his patient told Lief. After the assassination, he had recognized him at once on television. “Oswald was there!” he said, as he described Clay Shaw's house in minute detail, including the wooden beams upstairs in the master bedroom, to which pulleys had been attached. Lief knew he was telling the truth because at one point Lief himself had rented Clay Shaw's house.
  • Martin Orne
  • Margaret Singer
  • Elizabeth Loftus
  • Richard Ofshe
  • Paul McHugh
    • FMSF advisory board profile for PAUL R. McHUGH, M.D.
    • Catholic Church abuse "investigation" panel
      • New York Times, "Bishops pick lay panel to probe abuse / Victims' advocates not among members", 2002/07/25: "The nation's Roman Catholic bishops announced Wednesday the appointment of a sexual abuse review board that is made up entirely of active Catholic laypeople, including some who work for church organizations but does not include anyone belonging to the victims' advocacy groups that have been most critical of the church. Among members are Leon Panetta, former chief of staff for the Clinton administration; Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and Nicholas Cafardi, the dean of Duquesne University Law School in Pittsburgh, who has also served as legal counsel to several church bodies. The chairman of the board, Gov. Frank Keating of Oklahoma, and some of the appointees, said that their main mission was to restore confidence in a church they love, and not to seek the discipline or prosecution of bishops who failed to remove abusive priests. [...] McHugh said that while he believed that most of the priest sexual abuse cases did not involve false memories, his expertise in that issue could help inform the panel's work. "It may have played a role in them choosing me, and I'm pretty proud of it, " McHugh said. David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said he was appalled at McHugh's inclusion on the board. He added that SNAP members were disappointed that the only person identified as a victim on the panel was Dr. Michael Bland, a former priest who now works in the victim assistance ministry for the Archdiocese of Chicago."
      • Tampa Bay Times, "Bishops appoint sexual abuse review panel", 2002/07/25: "Several other board members have close ties to the church. Jane Chiles is vice president of the National Association of State Catholic Conference Directors, an umbrella organization of groups that lobby for Catholic causes in state governments. Cafardi served for 13 years as legal counsel for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, sometimes handling sexual abuse cases, and still represents several religious orders. They join the previously announced members of the group: Keating; Robert S. Bennett, President Clinton's former defense lawyer; Justice Anne M. Burke of the Illinois Court of Appeals, and Bland. [...] All the members were approved and informed of their selection by Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Keating said Gregory had suggested a board of as many as 20 members, which could include non-Catholics, nuns and priests. But he said the initial core group of four board members preferred to keep the board smaller, with 13 members, and limit it to practicing lay Catholics."
      • New York Times, "Member of Sex Abuse Panel Upsets Some", 2002/07/26: "The psychiatrist, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, is former chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. He has been one of the strongest critics of psychiatric therapy based on the technique that traumatic experiences, especially in young people, can be subconsciously repressed for years. Dr. McHugh has testified on behalf of accused sexual abusers, including at least one priest, who faced the statements of adults who said they had repressed memories of molestation for years before recovering them. In one case that went as far as the Supreme Court, Dr. McHugh testified that the accusers' memories of abuse were, in fact, false. [...] Dr. McHugh is one of 12 lay Catholics appointed to the board, which Gov. Frank Keating of Oklahoma heads. Among the other panel members named on Wednesday are Jane J. Chiles of the Catholic Health Association; Pamela D. Hayes, a lawyer and former assistant district attorney in Brooklyn; and Nicholas P. Cafardi, dean of the Duquesne University Law School. [...] Although he has testified on behalf of people accused of abuse, Dr. McHugh said, he will be able to look out adequately for the interests of the victims of priests who come forward. He has served on a lay board of the Baltimore Archdiocese that reviews child sexual abuse cases. Dr. McHugh testified in 1995 at the trial in Baltimore of the Rev. A. Joseph Maskell. Two women said that Father Maskell had raped them 20 years earlier, but that they were unable to recall the incident for two decades. Maryland courts rejected the use of recovered memory as evidence in the case. The women appealed to the United States Supreme Court, which declined in 1997 to hear the case."
        • Note that Maskell is the priest whose abuse is covered in the 2017 documentary series The Keepers
      • Washington Post, "Psychiatrist on Catholic Panel Criticized", 2002/07/27: "The only psychiatrist appointed this week to serve on the Roman Catholic Church's national sexual abuse review board is closely affiliated with a controversial group devoted to combating what it believes are false memories of childhood abuse that never occurred. [...] "People are upset by this because he's clearly someone who wants to downplay the horror of sexual abuse," said Paul Fink, professor of psychiatry at Temple University and past president of the American Psychiatric Association, who described false memory syndrome as "junk science." Fink said he did not believe McHugh's views were representative of clinicians, most of whom accept the notion that traumatic memories are sometimes repressed as a way for victims to cope. [...] McHugh, who chaired Hopkins's psychiatry department for 25 years, was among eight new appointees named this week to the 13-member National Review Board. Chaired by Oklahoma Gov. Frank A. Keating, it was set up by the bishops in June to monitor implementation of new guidelines for handling child sexual abuse."
      • New York Times, "Psychiatrist Says He Was Surprised by Furor Over His Role on Abuse Panel", 2002/08/05: "Dr. McHugh said that to his knowledge his involvement in the debate over recovered memories, one of the most freighted controversies in modern psychiatry, had nothing to do with his appointment. In any case, he added, the debate was not pertinent, because hardly any of the sexual abuse charges against priests involved such memories. [...] Msgr. Francis J. Maniscalco, a spokesman for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the bishops did not discuss Dr. McHugh's association with the recovered memory issue when they selected the panel's members. [...] [According to McHugh,] His willingness to stand up for people falsely accused of sexual abuse, he said, should be viewed as an asset. ''If the victims are serious about wanting people who are brave enough to confront the powers that would victimize them,'' he said, ''then they should see that my record is a record of confronting power. And therefore, they shouldn't worry about me.'' [...] Born in Lowell, Mass., the son of a high school teacher and a housewife, Dr. McHugh describes himself as religiously orthodox, politically liberal (he is a Democrat) and culturally conservative -- a believer in marriage and the Marines, a supporter of institutions and family values. [...] Dr. McHugh went to Harvard, receiving his undergraduate degree in 1952 and graduating from medical school in 1956. He then completed residencies in neurology and in psychiatry."
  • James Randi
  • Paul Eberle and Shirley Eberle
    • The Record (Hackensack NJ), "Judge denies mistrial in sex-abuse case", 1988/01/22: "NEWARK A state judge yesterday refused to declare a mistrial in a 7-month-old child sex-abuse case over the remarks of a prosecutor, who had called the authors of a book recommended by a defense witness "child pornogra-phers." The ruling was the latest twist in the trial of Margaret Kelly Michaels, 26, charged with forcing more than a dozen 3- to 5-year-old children at a now-defunct nursery to perform sexual acts on her. [...] [Johns Hopkins University associate professor Dr. Jonas] Rappeport, who runs a Baltimore clinic for sex offenders, appeared as an expert witness on Ms. Michaels's behalf. On cross-examination, Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Glenn Goldberg sought to undermine Rappeport's credentials as an expert and hence his credibility. "We established that some of the literature he relied on as an expert was written by child pornographers," Goldberg said outside the courtroom yesterday. He was referring to a book titled "The Politics of Child Abuse," by Paul and Shirley Eberle. In pretrial hearings, Rappeport called the volume "an intriguing new book," and he has acknowledged that he recommended the book to prosecutor Sara Sencer McArdle. On Wednesday, Goldberg, in front of the jury, called the authors "child pornographers" because of other publications linked to the Eberles: the newspaper L.A. Star, which Goldberg said advertised sex services and contained the Eberles' writings, and the sexually explicit magazine Finger."
    • Ms. Magazine, "Paul and Shirley Eberle: A Strange Pair of Experts" by Maria Laurina, 1988/12
    • Tampa Tribune, "SUFFER THE CHILDREN" by Jan Hollingsworth, 1993/07/25: "But that's not all. "For a period of time during the '70's, Paul and Shirley Eberle were the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States," says Sgt. Toby Tyler, a San Bernadino deputy sheriff who is a nationally recognized expert on child sexual abuse and child pornography. ACCORDING to an undercover vice detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Eberles' own children were often featured in their hard-core publications. The Eberles themselves are pictured nude on one magazine cover, each copulating with a life-size blow-up doll. Their numerous underground publications included "Finger" a defunct magazine that is still regularly seized in caches of kiddie porn. Scattered among articles -bearing titles like "Sexpot at Five," "Little Lolitas," "My First Rape" and "New Adventures in Incest" are photographs and drawings of children involved in sodomy, oral copulation and other activities beyond the imagination of mainstream America. Interestingly, many of the acts depicted are similar to ones described by the child witnesses in the McMartin case which the Eberles claim were too "bizarre" or "physically impossible" to be believed."
    • TODO: are there any connections to Guy Strait's operation?
  • Jonas Rappeport
    • Baltimore Sun, "Dr. Jonas R. Rappeport, retired forensic psychiatrist who worked on cases of attempted presidential assassinations, dies", 2020/09/09: "Dr. Jonas R. Rappeport, the retired chief medical officer of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City [...] died Tuesday at the Broadmead Retirement Community in Cockeysville. He was 95 and lived in Park Heights and Bolton Hill. [...] A nationally known and esteemed forensic psychiatrist, he founded the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, and was its first president. He trained numerous future forensic psychiatrists as a faculty member of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. [...] Born in Baltimore, he was the son of Abraham Rappeport, a real estate developer, and his wife, Edna. He was a 1942 graduate of Forest Park High School and entered the University of Maryland, College Park that fall. He was drafted in June 1943 and served in the Army in Europe. He was a 1952 graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He interned at Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital, where he met his future wife, Joan Gruenwald, the chief psychiatric nurse. [...] As a 15-year-old, he babysat for Manfred Guttmacher, a noted forensic psychiatrist and chief medical officer at the Court Clinic for Baltimore City’s Supreme Bench.1 [...] In 1959, Dr. Rappeport also opened a general private practice in clinical psychiatry in the Latrobe building in Mount Vernon. He also became the psychiatrist for the Baltimore County Circuit Court, then a part-time position. Dr. Rappeport then established the office of court psychiatrist for Baltimore County. In 1967 Judge Dulaney Foster named Dr. Rappeport the chief medical officer for the Supreme Bench in Baltimore City. In this role, he interviewed people who came before what is now the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. He retired in 1992. In 1969 he became the first president of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. His advice was sought when Arthur Bremer shot Democratic presidential candidate George Wallace in a Laurel shopping center parking lot in 1972. He was also called upon to study the case of Sara Jane Moore, who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford in San Francisco three years later. Dr. Rappeport was one of a team of forensic psychiatrists who worked the aftermath of an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981. He interviewed John W. Hinckley Jr., who dangerously wounded Reagan at the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue. [...] “Jonas and I interviewed Hinckley at the Butner Federal Detention Center in North Carolina,” said Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist who was trained by Dr. Rappeport at Johns Hopkins."
  • David Raskin
    • Converus science team bio for David C. Raskin, Ph.D.: "Dr. Raskin has served on the faculties of UCLA, Michigan State, and the University of Utah. He has authored more than 150 scientific articles, chapters, books, and reports, including Scientific Methods in Criminal Investigation and Evidence and Credibility Assessment: Scientific Research and Applications published in 2014. He has received research grants and contracts on the subject of deception detection from the National Institute of Justice, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, US Secret Service, and National Institute of Mental Health. He frequently consults and does training for many US federal agencies and foreign governments. The laboratories of Professor Raskin and his colleague, Dr. John Kircher at the University of Utah, are recognized worldwide as leaders in research and development of polygraph methods and computer techniques for the conduct and analysis of polygraph examinations. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology from UCLA."
    • Curriculum Vitae for DAVID C. RASKIN, Ph.D. (updated 2005/09/01) - mentions being a Research Engineer at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (1960-1961)
    • Work on the Jeffrey MacDonald case
    • Emery County Progress, "'False Memory Syndrome' taking its toll", 1992/05/05: "David Raskin, psychology professor at the University of Utah, said irresponsible psychotherapy is "a combination of overzealousness, poor training, lack of knowledge of the literature, and a personal agenda. I think a lot of people can end up believing these false memories." The psychotherapists involved with John's children and grandchildren, he said, "are the worst" in Utah. He said they offer therapy for imaginary problems that they often help create. "In the long run they (patients) have been very much disserved. They've been dealt with, basically, incompetently and fraudulently," Raskin said. [...] Raskin said he has no doubts that John is telling the truth when he denies having committed any abuse. Raskin, who has more than 10 years experience studying sexual-abuse interview techniques and their effect on memory, is also an authority on polygraph examinations. While a score of 15 would indicate a truthful response, Johns score of 23 indicated "a very, very strong positive" score, said Raskin, who administered the test. In a letter to John's attorney, Raskin said: "On the basis of the polygraph examination, it is my professional opinion that (John) was truthful when he denied having engaged in any type of sexual act with any of his children or grandchildren.""
    • Deseret News, "TASK FORCE CO-CHAIRMAN SUES OVER PROVO SPEECH", 1992/10/27: "The co-chairman of a state task force on ritualistic abuse has filed a $1 million suit against a University of Utah professor she says defamed her during a speech. Noemi Perelman Mattis has sued David C. Raskin for remarks Raskin made about her and therapists generally in a June 25 speech before the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in Provo. Raskin, a psychology professor, and Mattis, a psychologist, have publicly disagreed over the existence of ritualistic abuse of children. Mattis believes the problem is widespread. Raskin claims no hard evidence points to the practice. [...] "Ms. Mattis is not reluctant to discuss issues and discuss them robustly, said David K. Isom, her attorney. "If this were a disagreement about issues or politics, she wouldn't have filed a lawsuit. But this is about defamation." In his speech, Raskin said when Mattis applied for a position in the U. department of psychology, many of the faculty looked at her qualifications and said they wouldn't even invite her to join the department as a graduate student. Mattis cited that remark and several others in her suit, claiming the remarks impeached her reputation and exposed her to contempt and ridicule."
    • Deseret News, "RETIRED PROFESSOR SUES U. FOLLOWING DEFAMATION SUIT", 1995/09/10: "Retired University of Utah psychology professor David Raskin has sued the school for not defending him against a defamation suit. Raskin, who retired this summer, was sued by Salt Lake City psychologist Noemi P. Mattis after he criticized her views on the reliability of so-called "recovered memories" of child abuse. Mattis called his 1992 speech a mean-spirited personal attack and sought $1 million in damages. After Utah's Division of Risk Management refused to defend Raskin, his homeowner's insurance companies paid Mattis a settlement in April. Details of the amount of the settlement were kept confidential. Now Raskin and the companies who insure him, Fire Insurance Exchange and Farmers Insurance Exchange, are suing the university for the amount of that settlement and for attorneys' fees totaling $80,000."
  • Debbie Nathan
  • Harvey Silverglate - was also the attorney for Jeffrey MacDonald
    • National Center for Reason and Justice list of advisory board members: "Harvey Silverglate is a criminal-defense lawyer and civil liberties litigator. He is of counsel to the Boston firm Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP. Mr. Silverglate contributes regular columns to Forbes.com’s “Injustice Department,” as well as occasional columns to the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Reason Magazine, and the National Law Journal, among others. He has also taught at Harvard Law School. In 1971 Silverglate was admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court and has been admitted to the Bars of six U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Court of Military Appeals, and others. Mr. Silverglate is a past President of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts and a current adjunct scholar at the CATO Institute. He is author of Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent and co-author of The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses. He is also a co-founder and chair of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a civil liberties organization devoted to academic freedom and fair process issues in higher education."
  • Rigorous Intuition thread from 2008 on the pedophilia and intelligence background of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF)
  • Stephanie J. Dallam, "Crisis or Creation: A systematic examination of false memory claims", 2002
  • Dr. Jim Hopper's website on recovered memories of sexual abuse
  • Nick Bryant, "Sympathy for the Devil: Ritual Abuse, "False Memories," and the CIA", 2010
  • Brian Moss, "Disinformation and DID: the Politics of Memory", 2013/06/22
  • Ross Cheit, Recovered Memory Project: "Legal Cases (53)", "Clinical Cases (25)", "Other Corroborated Cases (33)", "Inclusion Criteria", "Responses to Criticisms of the Archive"
  • S.M.A.R.T., "False allegations of child sexual abuse by children are rare": "Research with children whose sexual abuse has been proven has shown that children tend to minimize and deny abuse, not exaggerate or over-report such incidents." and "Allegations made by child victims of sexual abuse closely match the confessions of perpetrators. In addition, physical exams are unreliable indicators of sexual abuse. Children’s testimony more reliable than physical exams in cases of sexual abuse" and "[...] on children’s retraction of their disclosure of having been sexually abused. The evidence indicates that very few lied originally."
  • American Psychological Association (APA) background

Involved institutions

  • Harvard University
    • Dr. Henry Murray
        • "Dr. Murray, who taught at Harvard University for almost 40 years until his retirement in 1962 was, among other things, one of the early American-born psychoanalists, a selector of agents for the Office of Strategic Services in World War II, a scholar and a leading authority on the life and works of Herman Melville."
        • "In the 1920's and 1930's, when psychoanalysis was not widely accepted in this country, he was one of a small group who fought detractors to establish it as a worthwhile branch of science. He had been drawn into psychoanalysis while doing research in biochemistry at the Rockefeller Institute in New York before he joined the Harvard faculty in 1926."
        • "In 1943 Dr. Murray was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency, to apply his knowledge of psychology in selecting undercover agents. He was given a commission in the Army's Medical Corps in 1933, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel and being decorated with the Legion of Merit."
  • Stanford University
    • Dr. Donald Lunde - involved in several famous California serial killer cases, and dismissive of brainwashing and MPD
      • Obituary of Donald Lunde on 2007/12/15 - says he was born in Milwaukee to Evelyn Gottschalk Lunde (relation to John Gottschalk?)
      • SFGate, "Donald Lunde, psychiatrist in infamous Bay Area cases, dies at 70", 2007/12/25
      • Family background (possibly connected to other notable Gottschalks?)
        • Palo Alto Times, "Alfred Lunde funeral rites set for Friday", 1963/06/13: "Funeral services for Alfred Lunde of Menlo Park, a retired water department engineer for the City of Milwaukee, Wis., will be held at 12:45 p.m. Friday at the Johnston Colonial Mortuary, 650 Live Oak Ave., Menlo Park. Mr. Lunde, a native of Norway, died Monday night at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto where he bad been hospitalized for a heart condition. He retired five years ago from his Milwaukee post and had lived in Menlo Park at 682 Live Oak Ave. since October of last year. He is survived by his wife Evelyn, of Menlo Park; three sons, the Rev. Alfred E. Lunde Jr. of Philadelphia, Pa.; Donald T. Lunde of Menlo Park and Kenneth Lunde of Germany; a daughter, Mrs. Patricia Ann Myhre of Bellingham, Wash.; two brothers, Theodore of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., and Joseph of Spokane, Wash.; a sister, Rose Westman of Bellingham, Wash., and by eight grand children."
  • Tulane University
    • Probe, "License and Registration, Please" by Bill Davy (from p.208-209 of The Assassinations by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease (2003)):

          In 1978, John Marks published his groundbreaking work, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. Using CIA documents he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Marks described a massive project undertaken by the Agency to control human behavior. Known as MKULTRA {as well as other code names), the project’s most insidious effort at mind control was the administering of LSD to (mostly) unsuspecting victims. Marks, also describes how the CIA would fund LSD projects at some of the mOSt in?uential and prestigious medical and educational institutions. Although Marks does not mention Tulane or East Louisiana State Hospital in his book, it appears that both institutions were conducting research along these lines. In 1975, the General Counsel to the Army, Charles D. Ablard, testified before a Senate Committee and said, “We have learned of a 1955 contract with Tulane University, which involved the administration of LSD, mescaline, and other drugs to mental patients, who then had electrodes implanted in their brains as a part of their medical treatment unrelated to an Army contract.”33 Also, Dr. Robert Heath, the former Chairman of Tulane University Medical School’s Department of Neurology and Psychiatry used LSD and electrode implantation in his research.34 Most of Heath’s subjects were from the East Louisiana State Hospital where a 133-bed ward was assigned specifically for his research.35
          Direct confirmation of these experiments comes from a former clinical director of East Louisiana Hospital, Dr. Alfred Butterworth, who conducted a number of LSD experiments in the 19605.36 From 1960 through 1963, Butterworth administered LSD not only to himself but also to criminal patients from Angola Prison. As Marks reveals, Sandoz Chemical would provide the LSD free of charge to MKULTRA researchers. Butterworth admitted that he received his LSD directly from Sandoz for free. In fact while at Fort Detrick, Butterworth worked with the infamous Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the head of the CIA’s Chemical Division. Although Butterworth would not work at Jackson until after Oswald’s visit there, he nevertheless remembered that doctors and administrators wanted experience in using these drugs. In fact, instructing other doctors in the use of LSD for the treatment of mental disorders was Buttrrworth’s specialty. Butterworth remembered seeing not only Dr. Silva (Oswald’s supposed friend) at Jackson, but Clay Shaw’s close associate Dr. Alton Ochsner as well. Butterworth recalled that Tulane University had a psychiatric unit at Jackson and that specifically people from Tulane were using LSD at Jackson. Recall that Dr. Ochsner was on the board of the Tulane Medical School and Dr. Silva was working directly for Tulane. It is also worth noting that a Dr. Rabenet from the hospital would frequently talk about the New Orleans Trade Mart, imparting the impression that he knew people there.37 Of course the Trade Mart was where both Clay Shaw and his boss Lloyd Cobb worked.
    • Dr. Carl Bernofsky, "U.S. Government-Sponsored Mind Control and Tulane"
    • Dr. Carl Bernofsky, "An Interview with Valerie B. Wolf, Claudia S. Mullen, and Chris deNicola Ebner"
    • Dr. Alton Ochsner - was the chairman of surgery at the Tulane medical school before establishing his own Ochsner Clinic
      • TODO: document his role in establishing the Information Council of the Americas (INCA) with Ed Butler
      • Son's connection to the Council for National Policy (CNP)
        • Council for National Policy", Biographical Summaries for "Delegation to the Far East", 1982: "Dr. and Mrs. Alton Ochsner, Jr. Dr. Ochsner is a prominent New Orleans cardio-vascular surgeon. He was associated for many years with the world famous Ochsner Foundation Hospital, which was founded by his father, Dr. Alton Ochsner, Sr. Dr. Ochsner has spent a great portion of his life fighting the growth of Communism in Latin America. His wife's name is Barbara."
    • Dr. Robert Heath
  • East Louisiana State Hospital - in Jackson LA; the facility where Lee Harvey Oswald tried to apply for a job in 1963 during his time with the New Orleans intelligence network of Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, and others
    • As discussed in the above section on Tulane, Dr. Robert Heath did experiments with LSD and electrodes on mental patients, most of them from East Louisiana State Hospital. This was concurrent to a 1955 Army contract with Tulane for mind control research. Dr. Alfred Butterworth, a former clinical director of the Jackson state mental hospital (and previously a colleague of Sidney Gottlieb at Fort Detrick), also confirmed the practice of LSD experiments on patients. Another doctor at the hospital gave the impression that he knew people at the International Trade Mart.
    • Dr. Alfred Butterworth
      • American Bar Association, "Trick or Treatment?", 2019/07/16: "Since his initial commitment at ELSH and while at Angola, Mr. Howard received treatment from Dr. Alfred Tucker Butterworth, chief psychiatrist at ELSH and clinical director at Angola, for his schizophrenia. Seemingly, Dr. Butterworth’s story is one of science fiction and horror; the tale of a man preying on the weak and vulnerable for his experimental pleasures—most notably, his fascination with LSD experimentation on his nonconsenting patients."
  • Esalen Institute - played a major role in the Human Potential Movement and New Age ideas
  • Straight Inc. - run by Bush family ally and major GOP donor Mel Sembler
    • Mother Jones, "The Cult That Spawned the Tough-Love Teen Industry", 2007/09 - said that the Seed (a Straight predecessor) used methods "similar to the highly refined brainwashing techniques employed by the North Koreans" against teens
    • Jeff Wells, "Sembler for the Defense", 2005/12/08 - Mel Sembler ran drug rehab facilities for children that employed abuse and brainwashing
    • Political connections
      • Associated Press, "PRINCESS DIANA AND NANCY REAGAN VISIT DRUG ABUSE CENTER WITH AM-ROYALTY, BJT", 1985/11/11 - occurred at the Springfield VA facility, where George Paul Bishop worked for a while
      • Sun Sentinel, "DRUG TESTS FOR THE TAKING", 1999/11/15: "Drug Free America, along with former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig and U.S. Rep Mark Foley, will distribute 4,000 kits to police departments and community groups in Broward, Palm Beach, Orange and Martin counties today and Tuesday."
      • Wesley M. Fager, "Flow Chart of the Straights and opening and closing dates for Straight, Inc.", 2000/03/08 - shows that the "grandfather" of Straight was Synanon, which spawned organizations like Phoenix House and the Seed, whose St. Petersburg branch run by Mel Sembler ended up becoming Straight; some of the earliest Straight Inc. branches after the one in St. Petersburg were the Sarasota FL, Atlanta (in Marietta GA), and Washington DC (in Springfield VA and then Columbia MD)
      • Wesley M. Fager and Ginger Warbis, "George W. Bush, The Drug Free America Foundation, Inc., (formerly Straight Foundation, Inc.) and the Republican Party", 2000
      • Wesley Fager, "The Conspiracy Theory: Is Straight some sort of Richard Nixon CIA-NIH mind-control experiment gone awry?", 2005/02/25
        • "Guy M. Tunnell, Commissioner, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Florida's state police) and former FDLE commissioner James "Tim" Moore are also on the board. Former White House drug czars Rober DuPont, MD (a former paid Straight consultant) and Donald Ian MacDonald, MD (Straight's former national medical research director) are members of the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse (a DFAF subsidiary). Richard Schwartz, MD, former medical research director for Straight - Springfield is another forum member." - worth noting that Guy Tunnell was formerly the sheriff of Bay County FL (whose county seat is Panama City FL) and his name was on the FDLE letter about John Couey that was sent to the wrong address for the Citrus County Sheriff's Office
        • Describes brainwashing by communist reeducation camps that sounds exactly like what Straight does to its charges
        • "Many newage (one word rendition of "New Age", rhymes with sewage. Coined by cult buster and magician The Amazing Randi) cult leaders have read these accounts of brainwashing (just as this author has) and some have attempted to use some of these techniques on members of their own organizations. Cult apologists, citing findings in Lifton's own work, argue that you can't really cleanse someone's mind. Whether brainwashing truly works or not, I'll leave that to the cult apologists to convince a judge. But I will tell you there is no denying that brainwashing is cruel, physically and psychologically damaging, and can lead to death by suicide from humiliation and depression. And, I can also tell you that, many cult leaders use it because they think it works, or at least they don't know of any better way to exert total control over their subordinates. Some cults, claiming they can make sane men saner and smart men smarter, have been accused of using thought control in their program. This is the so-called human potential movement."
        • "Thus were experimental "brainwashing" programs begun in the late 1960s and early 1970s in the Marion, Springfield, and Butner federal prisons."
        • "The Seed was a synanon for kids-only. It was unusual in that as a start-up, experimental program founded by a high school graduate and recovering alcoholic, it got a grant for $1 million (in 1970 dollars!) from the federal government's NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse )--a subsidiary of the sprawling NIMH (National Institue of Mental Health). Psychiatrist Robert L. DuPont, Jr. was then the director of NIDA. The CIA had experimented with LSD on prisoners at the NIH's lock-up hospital in Lexington, Kentucky where NIH had set up its own experimental synanon which it called MATRIX. This has made more than one conspiracy theorist wonder whether The Seed was some sort of CIA-backed mind control experiment to turn long-hair, pot smoking American teenagers into mindful and obedient, clean-cut kids with button-down, collared shirts who would fight our wars and vote for Richard Nixon's Republican Party. The theory gets even more intriguing when, in 1974, the U.S. Senate published a report which likened The Seeds methods to the brainwashing techniques employed by the North Koreans against American servicemen during the Korean War. The Senate report was a principal reason for The Seed to stop its expansion programs."
        • "[...] [Look at the people who endorse Straight on the flier at top left. George Bush is the former director of the CIA during the Nixon administration. Robert DuPont is the founding director of NIMH'S NIDA. In World War II Congressman Charles Bennett had been an intelligence officer assigned to the secret Counter Intelligence Corps. And Dr. Maxie Maultsby taught Rational Emotive Therapy to Straight's Dr. George Ross at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY., the same city where the NIMH operated an experimental, federal lockup hospital on addictions and where the CIA conducted LSD experiments on inmates.]"
      • Rigorous Intuition thread in November 2005 about Straight, Inc. (pages 1, 2)
        • "I grew up in inverness/point reyes and remember the fear and alarm in the community even though i was only 10 or 11 when the real wierdness was happening. I still recall my mom warning me to be careful of the synanon people." - note that Inverness FL is the county seat of Citrus County FL
      • Maia Szalavitz, "TOUGH LOVE QUACKERY: Maia Szalavitz’s Presentation to The Cato Foundation", 2006/04/20
        • "[Senator Sam] Ervin’s investigators discovered that the federal government admitted to funding a great deal of diverse research in the area; only later would covert funding for other mind control research come to light. But one of the programs that came under Ervin’s scrutiny was a federally-funded Florida program for teens known as “The Seed.” His investigators described the methods of such treatment this way:

          “…individuals are required to participate in group therapy discussions where intensive pressure is often placed on the individuals to accept the attitudes of the group. More intensive forms of encounter groups begin first by subjecting the individual to isolation and humiliation in a conscious effort to break down his psychological defenses. Once the individual is submissive, his personality can begin to be reformed around attitudes determined by the program director to be acceptable. [It is] similar to the highly refined brainwashing techniques employed by the North Koreans in the early 1950’s5.”"
        • "But The Seed had two powerful backers: Mel Sembler, who would go on to chair campaign finances for the Republican party in the 2000 presidential election and who, even back then, was a major campaign donor, and another Republican financier, Joseph Zappala.

          Sembler and Zappala were smart enough to recognize that The Seed itself was no longer saleable. But, believing that it helped fight drugs and that any means necessary were OK so long as it did that, they simply copied the Seed, took a bunch of its staff (who were untrained former participants and parents who often didn’t even have a high school degree) and opened a new program. It was called Straight Incorporated."
      • Jeff Wells, "Fight the Real Enemy", 2006/10/11 - alleged connection between Mel Sembler, Mark Foley, and Paul Bishop (of Johnny Gosch fame) through Straight Inc.
      • Website of Kelly Matthews, the woman behind the Rigorous Intuition allegations
      • Allegation that Rick Scott was a lawyer for Straight Inc. in Dallas
      • Mother Jones, "GOP Gov. Rick Scott Raising Big Bucks With Founder of Abusive Teen Boot Camps", 2014/04/01
    • Background of Mel Sembler
      • "The unauthorized biography of Melvin Floyd Sembler"
      • AlterNet, "Ambassador de Sade", 2005/11/07
      • Talking Points Memo, "Eh, small world, small conspiracy" by Joshua Micah Marshall, 2005/12/06 (Tampa Tribune, "St. Petersburg Republican Takes Charge Of 'Scooter' Libby's Legal Defense Fund", 2005/11/24): "This news has been out for a few weeks and I just hadn't noticed. But the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund is being headed up by none other than Mel Sembler, the Cheney-fan and the big-ticket GOP fundraiser from Florida who was the US Ambassador to Italy when all the secret meetings took place and when the forged uranium papers showed up at the US Embassy in October 2002.

        Since I've reported on this story for almost two years and am still writing a series on it, I need to say explicitly that I've never seen any evidence tying Sembler to any bad acts related to the forgeries. So the 'conspiracy' crack is mainly a jest. But there's a lot that's still really murky about what was happening at the US Embassy in Rome after 9/11 with the forgeries and other matters. That was on Sembler's watch. And Libby's bad acts stem from the whole forgeries bamboozlement. (Whacking Wilson was part of the larger White House effort to keep the forgeries scam covered up -- a cover up that's still underway.)

        So Sembler just seems like a pretty big part of this story to be collecting money for the one person under indictment for their role in it."
      • Side note: considering that Sembler was the ambassador to Italy from 2001-05 during the reopened Monster of Florence investigation, which pinned it on a high-society Satanic cult connected to the intelligence services before that theory was discredited (partially thanks to the involvement of an American journalist), it's worth asking whether Sembler had a role in covering up the truth of that case.
      • Support for neoconservative Democrat Joe Lieberman
        • Lindsay Beyerstein, "Lieberman's Fundraiser Ran the Abu Ghraib of Rehab", 2006/09/22: "This week, Joe Lieberman enlisted a Republican operative with a background in brainwashing and a problem with a penis pump. Mel Sembler is a former RNC finance chairman and the chair Scooter Libby’s legal defense fund. The Florida real estate tycoon calls Dick Cheney a close friend. No doubt the bond between Sembler and the VP is strengthened by an optimism about the potential for torture to solve problems. If anything Sembler is even more optimistic than Cheney–he believes that torture can cure diseases like addiction. Any principled Democrat would recoil from Sembler, but it gets worse. Sembler is also a self-styled drug treatment entrepreneur who founded Straight, Incorporated, a residential drug treatment program for teenagers."
        • The Atlantic, "Bankrolling the Next War", 2007/11/19: "In addition to being really rich, Mel Sembler -- and a few other relatives in Florida -- is a very generous donor to sundry Republican politicians and Joe Lieberman."
    • Background of Mark Foley (a big supporter of Straight Inc.)
  • Montauk Project allegations

LSD supply

Parapsychology research

  • Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) / Mankind Research Foundation (MRF)
    • Covert Action Information Bulletin No. 9, "MIND CONTROL: The Story of Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc." by A.J. Weberman, 1980/06 (copy on the CIA website)
    • Documents that A.J. Weberman obtained from MRU for his article
    • Albuquerque Journal, "Future for Occult Predicted", 1973/09/23: "Carl Schleicher, a man who researches the unconventional and supernatural, sees that by the 1980s man will technologically utilize areas that traditionally have been left to occultists. "By 1980," the president of Mankind Research Unlimited feels, "because of breakthroughs in human perception, mental telepathy will be more or less commonplace." With a team of some 100 "creative and open-minded scientific consultants and associated agencies" across the country, Schleicher investigates by "scientific rules" unusual and controversial areas woven together by parapsychology, then applies his electronics background to find and often design "new solutions for old problems." Those solutions include psychic healing, acupuncture, Yoga, as well as electronic devices. SCHLEICHER will speak at 2 p.m. today at Silva Mind Control. Tickets are available from Carol Bell at the Forum, 2622 San Mateo NE. [...] A good bit of his time is spent in bridging the communication gap between researchers of the supernatural and more orthodox professionals. By changing the word "aura," for example, to "biologically generated fields" Schleicher finds science-geared listeners. Named to the President's Council on Aid to the Handicapped, he has a number of projects underway to help the blind, the deaf and paraplegics. His aids range from mechanical devices to acupuncture to the laying on of a psychic healer's hands."
    • Honolulu Advertiser, "is it unusual, supernatural, defy wisdom? just try MRU", 1973/10/21: "If it is unusual, if it is outre, if it smacks of the supernatural, if it defies conventional wisdom, if it is anything from relics of the lost continent of Atlantis to an antigravity machine, Carl Schleicher, his full-time staff of five and his 85 consultants nationwide will be looking into it. [...] he got where he is via a series of coincidences involving the U.S. Marines, the City of Khe Sanh, the phenomenon called dowsing and a book called Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain. The coincidence concluded with his then employer, Systems Consultants, a more conventional Washington-based research and development firm, originally setting up Mankind Research Unlimited early in 1971 as an independent, though wholly owned, subsidiary with orders to peek discreetly into the unknown. [...] [Regarding his disdain for the word "occult", Schleicher said] "We have proposals under view at various government agencies, and a word like that smacks of witchery and a lot of mystique things," as far as exactly what proposals are at view at what agencies, Schleicher won't say, claiming that any type of publicity would prejudice his case. [...] JUST AS an example, Schleicher opens a closet and pulls down a chart showing the location of chakras — centers of energy in the human body that yogis believe can be activated by the proper exercises. "Now I can communicate this information to a government agency that doesn't know what the hell a chakra is," he says. "I just call them 'unique psycho-physiological tools and techniques' and they say, 'fine, thanks very much.'" Mission accomplished. Among the areas MRU admits to researching are two of the currently hottest facets of extrasensory phenomena, plant sensitivity and Kirlian photography. The plant research is done by Paul Sauvin, the instrumentation specialist on MRU's staff, a vaguely disheveled, absentminded professor type who often sleeps in at the office. [...] ACTUALLY, no one has yet critized Schleicher and company for lack of scientific sternness. What flak MRU has gotten comes mostly from some of the "sensitives" whose powers he is trying to investigate. "A lot of people," he says with a trace of resignation, "don't understand what we're doing. Particularly in California, they think we're in Washington, we're feeding information to the CIA or something. They say some of the people we use as consultants have 'dark forces' surrounding them. I spend a good bit of time on image enhancement." [...] In 1968, Schleicher was working for the Marine Corps development center in Quantico, Va., and the U.S. Marines were in trouble in Khe Sanh, South Vietnam. The Vietcong were circulating through underground tunnels and the mechanical sensors used to find them couldn't be gotten to the area fast enough. Someone suggested dowsing to Schleicher, and both he and the Marines found that by God, it worked. And Schleicher found that he was a better-than-aver-age dowser himself and got so interested in the phenomenon he became a honcho in the American Society of Dowsers. As such, he was approached in 1971 by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Shroeder, two women who had traveled to Eastern Europe and created a sensation in the occult world with a book, Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain, that described their findings. Left over from that project for lack of space was a massive pile of documentation on Soviet psychic research which Schleicher could have for his very own if he could come up with the $5,000 needed to translate them. AFTER BEING turned down by more people than he likes to remember, Schleicher got the funding from Systems Consultants and got down to business, a business that has pretty much totally eliminated what in other people is known as a personal life. [...] every vacation he takes is in actuality a trip to some odd convention or other: A meeting on psychic surgery in Orlando, the Congress of Psychotronics in Prague, a rejuvenation center in Nassau, even someplace called the Institute of Suggestology in Sophia, Bulgaria."
    • Cincinnati Enquirer, "Even Without Sides Pyramids Work Well" by Bill Boshears, 1977/01/30: "If all this sounds very strange and unbelievable, it might interest you to know that the United States government is now taking part in pyramid research through an organization in Washington D.C. called Mankind Research Unlimited. Mankind Research Unlimited has received a government grant to do some basic research, and their findings so far substantiate much of what private researchers have found."
    • Newark Advocate, "Happenings: Thursday" by Joy Kieffer, 1977/10/03: "Welsh Hills Players open general business meeting includes a special program on Metaphysical Energies tonight at 8 p.m. at 3 Wilwood Ave. The program will be given by Ray and Sally Seibert whose casette audio tapes have been heard by groups in 23 states. They have studied with the Mayan Order, the Astara Foundation, the Theosophical Society, the Institute of Noetic Science, the American Society for Psychical Research, Mankind Research Unlimited, the Society for the Application of Free Energy and the American Parapsychological Research Foundation. Ray has offered courses at Ohio State and Worthington Schools and serves as a guest lecturers in college psychology courses. Sally is a practicing clairaudient, researched healer and psychic investigator. She was called to psychically investigate the Legionaires Disease of Philadelphia and together they have worked with people from HEW, NIH, the World Bank, Congress, the State Department and several presidential committees. For WHP they will present the program "Was the ancient theater a ceremony designed to set in motion special metaphysical energies?" They will demonstrate and permit the audience to participate in these energies."
    • Cincinnati Enquirer, "esp" by Bill Boshears, 1978/06/11: "SOMETHING ELSE very interesting seems to happen when people get involved with pyramid energy. They change their life-styles. One man reported that after eating the foods he grew with the help of his pyramid that he felt better than he had in years. Dr. Carl Schleicher, president of Mankind Research Unlimited which is located in Washington D.C., believes that pyramids may be beneficial in many areas of life, from the way we grow and package our foods to the way we design our homes. According to Dr. Boris Vern, a medical doctor also on the staff at Mankind Research Unlimited, the breakthroughs in physical and biological experiments are revolutionary. Seeds sprout faster, foods decay slower, and human blood pressure is lowered after an extended period inside a pyramid. Says Dr. Vern, "We are dealing with some staggering discoveries that have been lost for thousands of years." I agree."
    • Manchester Evening Herald, "Give yourself an alertness boost", 1987/09/26: "This feeling of confidence — feeling competent and good about your ability to function well mentally — is one of the first subjects tackled by each student at Mankind Research Unlimited, Silver Springs, Md., a so-called super-learning center. “We tell people who don't think they can learn, that... they can learn to use more of their brains than they ever thought possible,” says Carl Schleicher, Ph.D., director. Think you can and you probably can, says. Dr. Schleicher."
    • Carl Schleicher background
      • Iona Miller, "MRU DIRECTOR: Dr. Carl Schleicher: Stealth was His Name & Mission", 2010-2013: "All research was conducted on a “need to know” basis. No one seems able to make a coherent story of it, though rumors about connections of Director Schleicher to MK Ultra run rampant. What is known is he had ten active years of military service (1955-1966) for the Navy as a “war games expert,” cryptologist, and spy in Europe. After his Naval service, Schleicher went into “exotic areas of knowledge” with a mandate to “peek discretely into the unknown”. He avoided marriage, saying, “My mission is different.” He always claimed his mission was “humanitarian.”"
      • Albuquerque Journal, "Future for Occult Predicted", 1973/09/23: "A graduate of Annapolis, Schleicher served 10 years in the Navy, took early retirement to put his creative thinking to use, and a little later found himself with Mankind Research Unlimited. He has a degree in engineering, a masters in political economics from the University of Cologne and speaks six languages."
      • Honolulu Advertiser, "is it unusual, supernatural, defy wisdom? just try MRU", 1973/10/21: "Carl Schleicher is not Mr. Personality, not quite the man you'd picture running a firm that investigates the far corners of science. In a town overflowing with retired military men, he is yet another one, a 39-year-old former naval officer who left with just short of 10 years' active service. [...] A colorblind former war games expert who has the jowly, forthright look of a sentimental Irish cop, he got where he is via a series of coincidences involving the U.S. Marines, the City of Khe Sanh, the phenomenon called dowsing and a book called Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain. The coincidence concluded with his then employer, Systems Consultants, a more conventional Washington-based research and development firm, originally setting up Mankind Research Unlimited early in 1971 [...] DESPITE SPENDING nearly 10 years in the Navy, he orginally got into the service almost by accident. A student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, he went back home to Boonton, N.J., during the spring break of his freshman year and took the admission test to the naval academy because "I like to take competitive tests, actually." He passed it, was admitted and was "about a lieutenant commander" when he left in 1966. Working overseas in Operations Research and Linguistics — he speaks six languages, including Yiddish, and has an M.A. in political economics from the University of Cologne — Schleicher ended up leaving the Navy because "I just got disillusioned. I felt stifled. I felt my talents could be put to better use. If you tried to use your creative abilities you were put down by the higher-up guys." He started his own business next. A type of while-you-wait operation that had one man operating a row of repair machines. Though successful, that also got to be routine, and a desire to do some writing and research led him to the war games field and publication in places like the Journal of Electronic Warfare. Ironically, that experience helped his present work by enabling him to "mathematically reduce anything, no matter how far out, no matter how many variables there are." Also, in one of life's odd coincidences, it led him right into extrasensory phenomena. THE CONNECTION was a phenomenon called dowsing or water witching, the searching for underground sources of anything, usually water or oil, by use of a divining rod that seems to tingle when it finds the goodies. In 1968, Schleicher was working for the Marine Corps development center in Quantico, Va., and the U.S. Marines were in trouble in Khe Sanh, South Vietnam. The Vietcong were circulating through underground tunnels and the mechanical sensors used to find them couldn't be gotten to the area fast enough. Someone suggested dowsing to Schleicher, and both he and the Marines found that by God, it worked. And Schleicher found that he was a better-than-aver-age dowser himself and got so interested in the phenomenon he became a honcho in the American Society of Dowsers."
    • Charles Norberg background - was an attorney who worked for the CIA in the mind control field, and after officially leaving the Agency continued to represent CIA assets like George de Mohrenschildt; listed as registered agent, secretary, and director of MRU
    • Christopher Bird background
      • alt.alien.vistors discussion on HOLLY MADDUX (1947-1977): "Former CIA employee, worked for the Agency in Japan after graduating. Served in the Army, specializing in Psychological Warfare. After leaving the military, he worked at the CIA-connected Rand Development Corporation. Later, Time Magazine correspondent in Yugoslavia. 1972 - Co-authored The Secret Life of Plants with ex-OSS agent Peter Tompkins. Was/is the "Biocommunications Editor/Russian Translator" of Mankind Research Unlimited. (Weberman, A.J., "The Story of Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc.", CovertAction Information Bulletin, #9, 6/80, pg 17)

        Presented a paper on dowsing and the psychic ability of plants at the "Mind Over Matter" conference at Penn State University, late January, 1977, organized by Ira Einhorn. Other attendees included Andrija Puharich and Thomas Bearden. (Levy, Steven, The Unicorn's Secret, Prentice Hall Press, 1989, pg 189)"
    • Richard Alan Miller background - see the Richard Alan Miller section on the Ted Bundy page; served as Northwest Regional Director of MRU; was the faculty adviser to Bundy victim Donna Gail Manson on her research project into the occult; accused by Thomas Creech of teaching Pacific Northwest satanic cult members such as himself, Ted Bundy, and Gary Addison Taylor; his contact information was reportedly found in the possession of Gary Addison Taylor, which would partially confirm Creech's claims
    • Corporation records
    • Baltimore Sun, "FBI foils anthrax plot in U.S. White supremacist, lab owner arrested by FBI in Nevada; Vials, car taken for testing; Bacillus to be used as terror weapon, say federal charges", 1998/02/20: "In a lightning operation involving scores of agents, the FBI arrested two men outside Las Vegas and charged them with obtaining deadly anthrax microbes for use as a terrorist weapon, authorities said yesterday. One suspect, Larry Wayne Harris, 46, of Lancaster, Ohio, is a microbiologist and white supremacist who is on probation from a 1995 case in which he fraudulently obtained bubonic plague bacteria. He boasted last summer of plans to spread deadly biological toxins in the New York City subway, according to an FBI document. The other suspect, William Job Leavitt Jr., 47, of Logandale, Nev., owns microbiology labs in Nevada and Germany and is listed in corporate documents as vice president of a Silver Spring health foundation. [...] According to an FBI affidavit, Harris admits to being a lieutenant colonel in the Aryan Nation, a white supremacist hate group. [...] In November, Harris told U.S. News and World Report that if his friends were provoked, they would strike at government officials with biochemical weapons. [...] Corporate records list Leavitt as vice president of Mankind Research Foundation Inc., with a Silver Spring address. A telephone answering machine message at that address says the premises also house the Foundation for Blood Irradiation, and state records list another six corporations, including Lozanov Learning Institute Inc. and the Society for Application of Free Energy Inc. Mankind Research and Lozanov Learning Institute are both headed by Carl Schleicher, an inventor and entrepreneur who last year led an unsuccessful effort to convert a former Nike missile base in New Jersey as housing for the mentally ill and recovering substance abusers, the Bergen Record reported."
    • Association with the Finders - TODO: document
    • Denis Gorges connection
    • Stephen Canner, "The Comet, the Typist, and the Psychotronic Think Tank: A Tale of the New Age", 2021/04/26
      • "In late 1973, a flyer created by the Mankind Research Foundation (the non-profit arm of MRU) appeared around the Washington DC metro area. It announced the availability of a charter flight from Washington to San Francisco to attend the Kohoutek Celebration of Consciousness. For $298 the cosmic tourist received round-trip airfare on Freelandia—a short-lived New-York-based travel club that owned one plane, painted “Buddha yellow”—as well as tickets to the event. The flyer also mentioned that, “Our own KOHOUTEK consciousness-inspired song entitled, ‘KOHOUTEK’, composed by Washingtonian David Savage, will make its debut at the celebration.”

        By all accounts, initial planning for the Kohoutek Celebration of Consciousness began almost immediately after the comet’s existence was announced. It was the brainchild of Ann Howell, a former journalist who was heavily involved in the human potential movement. The event took place at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium on January 26 and 27, 1974, a full ten days after the comet’s peak visibility had passed. Slated to speak at the conference, among many others, were Stanley Krippner, Claudio Naranjo, John Lilly, Warner Erhard, Charles Tart, Ira Einhorn, Jacques Vallée, Jerry Rubin, Brad Steiger, Christopher Bird, and Uri Geller’s sidekick and primary cheerleader Andrija Puharich. Across its 50 rooms, participants were promised the ability to explore such things as aikido, Kirlian photography, psychosynthesis, holography, psychic therapy, biorhythms, polarity therapy, gestalt, dreamwork, biofeedback, and bioenergetics, along with many other topics. Musical acts were also scheduled. These included a group made up of followers of Yogi Bhajan, The Sufi Choir, and the legendary cartoon mystic Korla Pandit, who opened the festivities early on the first day."
  • Silva Mind Control - TODO: document more thoroughly
    • Institute of Insight - a Silva Mind Control chapter based in Olympia WA, which officially later broke off to be its own independent organization; their materials were found in the possession of Ted Bundy victim Donna Gail Manson

Sexual blackmail

Known survivors

  • Carol Rutz
    • ...
  • Claudia Mullen
    • ...
  • Christine Ebner
    • ...
  • Kathleen Sullivan
    • Wayne Morris interview with Kathleen Sullivan
    • Jeff Wells, "Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part One)", 2005/02/22 - mentions a mind control handler who was a "PsyOps expert/lawsuit-happy “Satanist”/flaming pedophile" (Michael Aquino), a CIA director who "knew what was going on, but never seemed happy about it" and "was later terminated" (William Colby), and a "“NSC staff member” mentioned in [John DeCamp's book]" who was a "covert operative" with a "public persona as a moral right-wing hero and political commentator" (Oliver North) that enjoyed raping female sex slaves

Monarch project

SLA and Patty Hearst

Jonestown Massacre

Satanic crime

  • Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy (2006) - covers Satanic connections to the Columbine school shooting and Dutroux affair
  • Fabian Dee, "Satanism and the Far Right", 2016/01/20
  • Dave Emory radio broadcasts in the late 1980s
  • Alex Constantine, "The OTO & The CIA -- Ordis Templis Intelligentis"
  • One user on Deep Politics Forum suggests that trauma-based mind control originated with occult groups, which inspired the Nazis, whose scientists were subsequently brought over to work in the US intelligence community
  • Peter Levenda explains in Sinister Forces that Satanic groups are usually not nefarious themselves, but attract those who wish to brutally exercise power: "The Church of Satan was at best a gimmicky New Age operation.... The OTO couldn't organize a box lunch much less a nationwide program of human sacrifice. And the Process does not exist any longer, and hasn't for almost thirty years.

    On the other hand...

    It is a fact of life that many people who join or are attracted to organizations like the three mentioned above are much more serious than their leaders.... To the outside world, these people are all "Process" or "Church of Satan" or even "OTO," but in fact most of them have severed any formal links with these organizations before they begin their criminal activity. What the occult Orders have done, however, deliberately or not, is provide these individuals...with the philosophical basis for their actions; in many cases, providing them with the ritual tools, jargon and psychological conditioning necessary not only to perpetuate their crimes, but to scare the living daylights out of the rest of the population."
  • Historical witchcraft accusations
    • J.B. Hare, "The Works of Margaret Murray", 2001/01/17 - Murray started the witch-cult hypothesis
    • In one of Freud's letters to a colleague, he compared witchcraft confessions to the accounts by female patients of his who suffered from abuse: "But why did the devil who took possession of the poor things invariably abuse them sexually and in a loathsome manner? Why are their confessions under torture so like the communications made by my patients in psychological treatment?"
  • SRA allegations trace back to at least 1959, not Michelle Remembers
  • Chicago Tribune, "Satanism Haunts Tales Of Child Sex Abuse", 1985/07/29 - ritual abuse cases in Bakersfield CA, Mendocino County CA, Denver CO, etc.
  • Murder of Steven Newberry a.k.a. Steve Newberry - in 1987 in Joplin MO
    • Los Angeles Times, "Satanists' Trail : Dead Pets to a Human Sacrifice", 1988/10/19
    • Los Angeles Times, "Human Sacrifice : 'Fun' Killers Now Paying Devil's Dues", 1988/10/20
    • Ch.2 ("Murder on Main Street") of Painted Black by Carl Raschke (1990)
      • "It was a strange case and an even more unusual style of homicide. Two girls at the high school had been eavesdropping on one of the suspects, who bragged about having rubbed out a nerdy underachiever named “Steve” who was rumored to deal drugs occasionally. The girls contacted police, and within a very brief stretch of time detectives and sheriff’s deputies swooped down on Ron Clements, Theron “Pete” Roland, and Jim Hardy – familiar school chums of Newberry. The arrests were complicated, and local scandal-mongers were emboldened by the fact that young Hardy happened to be Carl Junction High School’s senior class president."
      • "A handful of kids around school “knew” that Hardy’s minimafia was eventually going to get Newberry. Hardy, the reputed capo, already had positioned Newberry at the top of his hit list, according to various tales then circulating. One account tucked inside the Joplin police reports held that Newberry was marked for failing to pay his bill to a local cocaine trafficker. To investigating officers, such a motive seemed straightforward and far more cogent than satanism."
      • "Yet the tale was already coursing in the community – and was regarded as unvarnished truth by a few hangers-on – that Newberry had been the long-planned victim of a sacrificial killing. The scandal even more pronounced because Hardy’s father was a prominent accountant who did business with the Small Business Administration. Hardy’s mother had been the secretary to the local state senator, who was a very prominent legislator and who was closely related to the Missouri attorney general."
      • "Within a week some rather curious items began cropping up in local police logs. An offense report dated December 9 mentioned an informant who “came to the station [and] said his little sister has been getting bad phone calls about him – he thinks it is some of the satanic occult group that is not in jail – he said he used to be one of the occult worshipers at one time but he quit and now they are mad at him.” On Friday the eighteenth, Carl Junction police officer J.F. Dean noted a case of grave tampering at one of the local cemeteries. The grave turned out to be Newberry’s. The bouquets of flowers laid by mourners had been removed and tossed in a northerly direction from the burial site. In the fantastic lore of adolescent satanism, north represents the kingdom of darkness. There were also unexplained shoe prints of a man and a woman pressed into the soft earth beside the gravestone."
      • "The week before Christmas, detectives interviewed a kid known as “Mark” whom a clerk in a Joplin convenience store had overheard whispering about Newberry. The kid claimed he had first-hand knowledge of the murder and that Newberry’s “execution” had been ordered by a mysterious body designated the “Council of 18” who had “handed down the death verdict.” The youth also maintained that the council had required Newberry to be slowly and severely bludgeoned because it was necessary in satanic ritual to drink the victim’s blood and “taste the brain.” Although such scuttlebutt may have seemed preposterous to investigating officers at the time, it was completely in keeping with what was later learned at Matamoros."
      • "On December 16, Carl Junction officer Tom Brown interrogated a teenage girl named Tina. According to notes compiled by Brown, Tina had expert acquaintance with active satanic cults in southern Missouri. One cult called itself the Midnight Angels – an obvious mimickry of the Hell’s Angels. The second group was headquartered out of town and proved to be more mysterious, authoritative, and sinister than its Joplin counterpart. Referred to simply as “the Crowd” and boasting about thirty members, the cult reportedly was comprised not just of adolescents but of young adults and middle-aged women and men."
      • "School records showed that Hardy had been docked many times for disorderly conduct, including breaking through a rear emergency door, using profanity, throwing objects at the bus driver, and spitting tobacco on the floor. A confidential police informant, identified in the files only as “L.N.,” confirmed that Hardy was a drug abuser and that he was particularly fond of LSD, or “acid.” The informant portrayed Hardy as both unpredictable and sadistic. He recalled one incident in 1985 or 1986 when Hardy had deliberately run over with his car a fellow on a bicycle because it “was fun.”"
      • "One commonplace [rumor] bouncing around in conversations among Joplinites was that the Newberry slaying could be explained rather simply as a Mafia hit. Nobody knew, of course, who the Mafia might be or whether the ancient underground empire of the Sicilians had ever opened a branch office in the Ozarks. But in light of the south Texas findings, the hypothesis does not seem all that implausible.

        Indeed, it was no secret that the Hardy boys were not only locked into every conceivable form of substance abuse; they were also small-town sales reps within the drug trafficking conglomerate. “Everybody” in Joplin, a number of teenage witnesses said, used and condoned drugs – even the patrons and matrons of the civic establishment. Cocaine allegedly wafted about, like a midJanuary Ozark snow squall, at virtually every gathering of socialites. As much nose candy was supposed to be partaken on any given Saturday evening in Jasper County than in all the mansions and villas of Beverley Hills. That was most likely an exaggeration, but even local police would admit the rate of consumption was extraordinarily high for a place with its particular demographic profile. The lawyers and accountants placed orders and scarfed the stuff. The bikers and backwoods brokers ran it along the interstate from Los Angeles, Texas, and Colorado. A known drug dealer with the moniker of “Robert Adams,” convicted a few years earlier for putting out a contract on a Jasper County sheriff’s deputy, said Newberry had been killed for double-crossing the syndicate. He remarked that “Pete and Jim were paid well for their part.” Adams, who sported a 666 tattoo, claimed Newberry had been singled out because he was believed to have stolen a stash of coke and two pounds of marijuana. Adams said a number of interested parties, who were never identified in the police investigation, had stopped by the well right after the killing to confirm that the deal had been consummated."
      • "The mystique of the Crowd in southwestern Missouri was almost as formidable as the legend of the Illuminati – the alleged, great satanist conspiracy for all the ages. The Crowd, which elected the Council of 18, was rumored to be billeted at the local junior college and the adjoining national guard armory in the neighboring town of Neosho. The title “the Crowd” was derived from the name of the army facility in Neosho – Camp Crowder. The Crowd reportedly had ties to several major covens, or occult groups, just across the state line in Kansas. Jim Hardy’s phone bill indicated that he had called various towns in Kansas on different occasions. He had also put in repeated calls to Neosho.

        Neosho itself is a sleepy community snuggled amid rolling, oak-clogged hills and hollows with meandering streets and rambling, ochrebrick storefronts that resembles most Ozark municipalities. The town is grappling for economic survival, and the city fathers have gone out of their way to offer just about any kind of economic incentive to firms that might locate there. A largely undeveloped office park has been mapped out near the junior college. The Chamber of Commerce says it is interested in luring firms doing defense work, and it points with pride to a planned expansion of the armory in the next decade. The armory was used as one of the leading internment camps for German prisoners right after World War II, according to local history records."
      • "In the course of investigating cult activity in the vicinity of Joplin, a young man with peripheral links to the Hardy group, who is also a former member of the Crowd, agreed to an interview on the condition that his real name not be used. “Eddie,” as we shall call him, is in his late teens or early twenties and at the time of the interview was employed as a retail clerk at a shopping mall in Joplin. Contact with Eddie was made through one of the paralegal assistants assigned to the court trial of Pete Roland. The paralegal had met Eddie during his own pretrial inquiries.

        Eddie claims he was recruited into the Crowd in 1977 at about age seven. An unidentified “prominent” member of the Joplin social hierarchy made discreet overtures to Eddie and said he was willing to “offer the world” if only the child would give his life over to the Prince of Darkness. At the time Eddie’s mother and father were going through a tumultuous divorce, and as with any child of that age suffering the trauma of family upheaval, Eddie was susceptible to whoever might play the role of surrogate parent. The man, according to Eddie, promised him everything of which a child could dream – distant travel, exotic friends, and “loving” companions. The man turned out to be a satanist."
      • "The linkage between the rise of satanism and the drug culture is so transparent it is often overlooked by most experts. Even the revelations about Matamoros have not solidified the connections in people’s minds the way they should. “People think they know so much,” Eddie said, laughing.

        > They really don’t know what’s going on. [The cult] gave me everything I wanted when I wanted it. We would go out into the countryside and have these rallies. I remember a big rally in 1979 or 1980 with thousands of people there. And the leaders of the group would arrive in a semi-truck, and they would distribute free drugs to whoever showed up. There would be high school kids, bikers, truckers – you name it. And the people who organized the rally would say they would come back and there would be more.

        According to Eddie, the Crowd managed most of the day-to-day drug operations in southern Missouri:

        > They didn’t just own the trucks. They owned planes and trains. If you were a druggie, you associated the good things of life with satanism, and that is how they began to recruit. It started many years ago. It’s a network just as large as the federal government has for transporting its own goods. The trucks would bring in the drugs if you requested them.

        After Matamoros, such a statement seems far less speculative than before."
      • "Eddie’s tendency toward sensation and hyperbole might lead to the hasty judgment that he has trotted out the overworked specter of a worldwide satanic conspiracy. Eddie thinks there is no satanist conspiracy per se. There are, nonetheless, drug cartels, which are conspiracies in the legal sense of the word. Satanism is the preferred belief system of those who commandeer the trucks and planes."
  • Chicago Tribune, "Satanic Crime: Police Say The Devil Made Some People Do It", 1988/04/18
  • (Very sensational and tabloid-esque, but might have valuable material) Geraldo Rivera, "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground", 1988
  • Los Angeles Times, "Expert Tells of Finding Some Physical Signs of Satanic Child Abuse", 1991/04/03: "A Chicago research psychiatrist testified in a satanic-abuse trial Tuesday that he has examined about 130 patients who remember similar childhood sexual abuse and has found some physical evidence to substantiate their claims. [...] Braun testified as an expert witness in the trial of a 76-year-old Mission Viejo grandmother accused of abusing her daughters and her granddaughter during bloody and murderous satanic rituals. [...] Braun testified that he has seen more than 300 patients who suffer from multiple personality disorder. Research has shown that more than 95% of these patients report childhood sexual abuse, and up to one-third report ritual abuse with cult or quasi-satanic overtones, Braun testified. [...] Braun testified that he has researched 130 cases in which patients have during psychotherapy remembered ritual child abuse with satanic overtones. Patients described incidents that included black-robed people, satanic symbols, drugs, blood, animal and human sacrifice, and violent sexual abuse--tales nearly identical to those told by the Orange County women. [...] The psychiatrist said that he initially dismissed such tales but that he has heard consistent accounts from patients in different states who have never met and has had several instances in which patients have identified other cult members on the wards and that their stories have been corroborated. Braun said he subscribes to "the rule of five," meaning that he will not seriously consider such a report unless he hears it from five unrelated people. "Some of the stuff I hear is so bizarre it defies belief . . . ," Braun said. "I didn't want to believe it." Braun testified that some of the patients have scarring and other physical evidence that appears to support their stories. Several women have been sexually mutilated and suffered severe internal scarring, while other victims have satanic words, symbols or profanity burned into their bodies, he said. [...] Braun told the jury about two brothers, ages 4 and 5, who were hospitalized along with their mother, who exhibited multiple personalities. Though the three were on separate psychiatric wards with no contact, they began to remember and describe similar events, Braun said. The 5-year-old described slitting a man's stomach open with a knife, with anatomically correct descriptions that Braun recognized from his own experience in surgery. [...] Another 4-year-old described the workings of a crematorium for one of Braun's colleagues, Braun testified. The psychiatrist, who had no idea whether such a tale could be true, then visited a crematorium and came back reporting that "the kid had it down pat," Braun said."
  • San Diego Reader, "So many demonic sightings in East San Diego County" by Mary Lang, 1991/12/05
    • "Rick Post works for Brauner, Post & Granado, San Diego private investigators. Over the past five years, he has become increasingly involved with cases of reported Satanic activity. It all began when he received a call from a Los Angeles woman whose niece was missing. The woman had found a trunk containing photos of the six-year-old being, as she put it, “ritually raped.” Investigation of the case led Post to discoveries of devil worshippers, he says. “The woman got the kid back ... a state senator was involved. I suspect the woman has since been killed.” By now, Post receives a dozen phone calls a day about such matters and has developed a network with local law-enforcement groups and the FBI."
    • "Satanists come in all ages and from all backgrounds, says Post. There are “some local elected officials” involved, but he won’t name them. He says he is currently investigating a person who is “a church pastor on Sunday and a Satanic cult leader during the week.” He knows of a former SDSU professor, he says, who heads a local cult. San Diego County is crawling with Satanic cult groups, in Post’s view, including the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Thelema, the Temple of Set, the Brotherhood of the Mind, the Rainbow Children, a group that meets in Balboa Park called the Knights of Satan, and a Satanic “enforcement arm” of a group of bikers in the meth trade known as the Crystal Circle. A local motorcycle gang, the Mongols, “have contact with Satanists” as well, according to Post" - TODO: is the Rainbow Children the same as the Masonic organization known as the Rainbow Girls that Patsy Ramsey and Nancy Krebs were part of?
    • "The woman, call her “Red Bird,” claims her three-year-old grandson was abducted and murdered by a cult. His body was found in a Spring Valley dumpster. According to Red Bird, his heart and liver had been removed. His eyelids had been cut open or removed, and his eyes had been replaced with “something blue.” His feet were painted black. Symbols were painted on his hands, though she doesn’t know what kind. The suspect apprehended in the case hanged himself in jail. (Local law-enforcement officials say the investigation is still open, so they cannot comment on Red Bird’s account.)"
    • "Mike Howard, an investigator with the El Cajon Police Department, says he “constantly” hears stories about the sorts of criminal activities Satanists are supposedly involved in but has seen almost no physical evidence to link crimes in El Cajon with Satanic activity in El Cajon. For example, Howard has even heard unsubstantiated claims about “people being ground up and added to dope to make superdope.” The only case “in which the subject of the occult has come up over and over again in what people tell us” is the as-yet-unsolved 1988 disappearance of Jamie Peters. “The only factual evidence in the case is that he is missing and that suspicious circumstances pointed to an occult element.” Pressed for details, Howard says, “There was dope involved, which is consistent with occultic activity.” (A photo of the Peters boy in Rick Post’s possession shows him wearing an Iron Maiden Tshirt and making the “devil’s horns” sign with one hand.)"
    • "Howard indicates that criminal activity in El Cajon by people who are involved in occult practices includes drug manufacture, pedophilia, and pornography. “Very frequently we don’t have the proof, but just because we don’t have the proof doesn’t mean we won’t investigate stories people tell us.” He sees that as a law-enforcement obligation. Law-enforcement agency resources, time, and money have come to be used to investigate such claims by citizens simply because of the frequency with which those claims are made."
    • "Believers in the existence of widespread Satanic activity claim that government agencies are already infiltrated by Satanists; as a result, the agencies suppress evidence and refuse to attribute documented crime patterns to Satanists for fear of coming under fire from the ACLU for violating the rights of a religious group. A San Diego County deputy sheriff, who spoke on condition of anonymity, admits the latter claim but also says he “has yet to see a good, firm case” of any criminal activity by Satanists. [...]"
    • "Satanism experts have been circulating a photocopy of what is purported to be a Seattle Police Department memorandum, dated January 24, 1989. In it, vice section personnel are advised “not to seek or accept the role of ‘Department Expert’ on Satanism,” not to keep files, books, pictures, or other printed material on the subject, to screen with a supervisor “any Satanic information” brought up during an investigation, and to forward such information to criminal intelligence. Clearly, such measures can be viewed merely as attempts to curb hysteria. Believers in the Satan conspiracy, however, classify them with veterinarian reports on animal killings — as evidence of governmental cover-ups."
    • "A product of what is referred to as “intergenerational Satanism,” John says he was molested by an uncle and by a second grade teacher at ages six and seven. He explained this as the beginning of a process of induction into the cult. Eventually he rose to the position of necromancer, conjuring up the spirits of dead people and demons. He wouldn’t explain how he did this but said it worked. He claimed to have witnessed the murders of “about 75 people” of all ages, including, he thinks, children. He also mentioned numerous kidnappings but wouldn’t give details other than to say they occurred in Massachusetts. He would not say whether he was personally involved in the kidnappings, because “there are Satanists within organizations of police who would love to attack me.” John escaped Satanic Attack in 1989, he said, by “creating my own death.” He would not go into detail for fear of leading closer those Satanists still after him. Why did he get out? “I was tired of killing. I was tired of the stupid ways that people would take total control of others.” He is glad the subject is finally getting some attention. A new ministry for ritual abuse victims has started up locally, and he attends it. As for the secular aspect, John says, “Psychiatrists and MFCCs are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg.”"
    • "Some of the incidents she places in Navy housing in Lakeside, others occurred outside. She remembers a “fish water” smell. She remembers a word that sounds like “paydone” often repeated. The activities took place around the full moon, often while she was menstruating. Rick asks if she ever sought help for her physical injuries. She says she went to the Navy hospital for sore knees and elbows, bruises. Her husband, she says, would instruct her in what to say to hospital personnel."
    • "Ricardo Weinstein is one San Diego psychologist in private practice with a number of clients he believes have been ritually abused. They have told him about rapes, mutilations, murders, and being buried alive with snakes. “I have no reason to disbelieve things my clients tell me,” Weinstein says. “These are people from remote areas, who have no access to information or to others who describe similar crimes.” And what professionals are seeing more and more of, Weinstein claims, are cases of multiple personality disorder resulting from ritual abuse."
  • Deseret News, "RITUAL ABUSE DOES EXIST, VICTIM SAYS", 1995/04/25 - pseudonym Rachel Hopkins, real name Anne Johnson Davis: "Like most victims of satanic ritual abuse, Hopkins remembered the abuse many years later. But her case is significantly different from others. She has the signed confessions of her parents - both of whom admitted abusing her during satanic rituals - that corroborate every memory she has of the abuse. The confessions offer much greater detail of events Rachel could not have known. Hopkins' parents also confessed in detail to two investigators from the Utah attorney general's office and to leaders of the church they attended."
  • Ritual abuse skeptic Evan Harrington gives his observations of a 1995 conference
  • Jeff Wells claims that John Doe 60, a ritual murder victim with a pentagram carved into his chest, is the one on the cover of Programmed to Kill
  • Jon Nödtveidt - lead vocalist for a Swedish black metal band; accessory to the murder of a gay man
  • Huffington Post, "Mythical Numbers and Satanic Ritual Abuse" by Ross Cheit, 2014/07/11
  • Jasun Horsley, "Repackaging Satan: Satan Schools, Secularism, Superstition, & Neoliberal Scapegoating", 2016/08/03
  • The Secret Sun, "Stranger Things: (Real Life) Eighties Horror", 2016/09/28: "Consider this: what if a highly visible, loathesome, visually distinct and unforgettable cartoon villain like Michael Aquino was conveniently onsite to draw fire away from a Baptist minister and the priests who ran Boy's Town, ensuring that the boat would not be rocked and that business would carry on as usual? Meaning of course that the supply chain of vulnerable children to abusers would not be disrupted. After all, most Satanists don't have ready access to kids. Clergy do. Nothing much would come of the accusations against Aquino and he'd later shrug it all off as the product of scapegoating and witch-hunting. Remarkably effective diversionary tactics, when all is said and done. You'd almost think it was the brainstorm of someone involved in psychological warf… Oh. Speaking of diversionary tactics, we will see in a future post that the widely-controversial "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s and 90s directly coincided with a growing panic within the Catholic Church over priestly abuse. In fact, a decades-long study had produced a 1985 report within the Church alerting leadership that they were sitting on a timebomb. The Satanic Panic not only helped to divert attention away from the abuse cases that were beginning to emerge in local media in the 80s and 90s, it would also discredit the use of hypnosis and recovered memory in treatment of adult survivors of childhood abuse and intimidate many individuals into silence." AND "You see, the problem with Satanism is not the Bohos and hipsters flirting with Satan for the lulz and the shock value, the problem is when the inherent Satanic implication of absolute license and transgression crosses over from irony to action. More often than not this happens with the more marginal and lower-educated, but there's all kinds of evidence that Satanic depravity can effect the rich, jaded and bored with an equal intensity (see Savile, Jimmy et al). And there's all kinds of evidence that Satanism often dovetails with- and feeds into- extreme right politics as well. This implied license is embedded into every scrap of Satanic symbolism, iconography, scripture and lore. This is what the unconscious mind actually processes. It's why I personally find Satanic imagery so hard to digest."
  • MS-13 drug gang
    • Los Angeles Times, "Intervention Offers Hope Where Police and Border Crackdowns Fail", 2005/12/26: "After his father died of cancer when he was 7, his mother raised him on a coffee plantation near Santa Ana, one of El Salvador’s largest cities, where she cleaned the owner’s home. When civil war broke out in 1980, the area became a battleground between government forces and leftist insurgents. Deras recalls admiring the government soldiers, who wore matching green, U.S.-issued uniforms and carried M-16 rifles. When he was kicked out of a Catholic school at 16 for fighting, he joined the army. He was selected for special forces training, and his instructors included U.S. military advisors. He became a rifleman in one of the Salvadoran army’s most fearsome and ruthless infantry units, the Ramon Belloso Battalion. Looking back, Deras tells the boys at juvenile hall, he sees that his commanders manipulated him. “There were officers who told me to ‘go kill that family,’ ” he says. “And I would do it, even though I didn’t want to.” His army buddies nicknamed him “Satan,” Deras says, because before battle he practiced black magic rituals of burning incense, lighting candles and placing curses on the enemy."
    • El Faro, "El origen del odio", 2012/08/06: "Ernesto Deras, que con ese nombre nació el Satán, jamás fue un Rambo de película salvo tal vez por su voz cansada, porque susurra más que habla, porque parece alguien infinitamente triste. Salvo porque quienes lo conocen dicen que nunca lo han escuchado gritar, ni reírse a carcajadas. Salvo porque se formó con el entrenamiento de Boina Verde que impartían los asesores gringos a los Batallones de Reacción Inmediata durante la guerra civil salvadoreña."
    • The Independent, "Most feared gang in America 'sacrifices teenage girl to Satan'", 2017/03/10
    • Daily Beast, "MS-13 Was Born in the USA", 2019/02/28: "In the 1970’s, Central American immigrants or first generation young men who were imprisoned here found themselves at the not-so-tender mercies of African-American, Aryan and Mexican gangs, especially La Eme, the "Mexican Mafia" made up of members from southern California. Robbed, extorted and raped, the Central Americans–at first Salvadorans– had to organize to survive, and they transformed an old L.A. street gang, Wonder 13, into Mara Salvatrucha–MS-13. The gang quickly spread from the prisons to the streets of LA, from there to other California cities, and then across the country. It became more organized, militarized and violent in the 1990’s under the leadership of Ernesto Deras, a veteran of the notoriously brutal Salvadoran special forces who was trained by American Green Berets."
  • Atomwaffen / Order of the Nine Angles
    • Daily Beast, "Satanism Drama Is Tearing Apart the Murderous Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen", 2018/03/21: "White nationalists are disavowing the murderous neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division—not because of the murder, but because the group can’t shake persistent rumors that it’s a gateway organization for a satanic cult. Atomwaffen is an extremist group that received national attention after being implicated in five murders from May 2017 to January 2018. But even before the most recent slaying, Atomwaffen was under fire from others on the far right who claimed the group was actually a mouthpiece for the Order of Nine Angles, a satanic group that encourages members to infiltrate extremist political movements, whose members might be susceptible to conversion. It doesn’t help that, until recently, Atomwaffen pushed the satanic group’s literature on one of its websites."
    • Canadian Anti-Hate Network, "Suspect In Fatal Stabbing Outside Toronto Mosque Appears To Follow Hitler-Worshipping Satanist Movement", 2020/09/18: "The man suspected of killing 58-year-old Mohamed-Aslim Zafis while he was minding the door at his mosque has been arrested by police. The Toronto Police Service say they have arrested 34-year-old Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem of Toronto and charged him with first-degree murder. According to NewsTalk1010, "police say the killing appears to be random, with no motive and no known relationship between the victim and the suspect." However, his social media accounts suggest he was a neo-Nazi occultist. Searches of people databases show there is only one Toronto resident with that name, and the social media accounts associated with it are connected to a variety of known racist and Nazi-inspired occult movements, including the Order of the 9 Angles (O9A). The Order of the 9 Angles is a neo-Nazi death cult and it's believers are told to carry out murders to establish a satanic empire."
  • FOX 13 (Salt Lake City), "Lawyers resist speedy deposition of LDS Church president in lawsuit", 2019/01/05
  • Websleuths post by shefner on 2008/04/14 claiming that a pet store owner refused to sell a black cat on Halloween because in previous years cults would sacrifice them: "I once was on a waiting list to receive a solid black kitten for my children. We had a couple cats of different colors and the kids had read a book about a little black kitten and wanted one. A black kitten did become available, unfortunately around halloween. The pet store would not let me purchase the kitten until after the holiday, and only after I came in and gave my ID and personal information (address, phone, etc) so they could check up on me. I thought this was crazy....I didn't mind doing it but I couldn't understand why it was necessary. The owner finally told me about their problem in previous years, with certain cults and animal sacrifices. I heard details I didn't care to hear...."
  • Jeffrey MacDonald family murders - frequent confessor Helena Stoeckley claimed involvement in a satanic cult which committed the murders
    • A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald by Errol Morris (2012)
      • TODO: get important insights and notes from pages 98 107 116 128 225 253 275 280 291 295 299 302 321 327 390 407 416 429 434 451 474 482 495 501 508
    • Alternet, "How I Changed My Mind About the Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case", 2012/11/30
    • Deep Politics Forum discussion on the MacDonald case
    • Attorneys and investigators for MacDonald
      • Christina Masewicz, "CHRISTINA'S CORNER", 2009/06/29
        • "Several contacts recently have asked about Dennis Esiman and if he is still in anyway involved in the case. Esiman died in a parking garage in Philadelphia April 23, 1991 from a gunshot wound to the chest. It was ruled a suicide. Prior to his suicide, the government issued an Associated Press report stating that the Justice Department was going to indict Esiman along with several other named attorneys for money laundering and trafficking in narcotics. An article in the Philadelphia Enquirer on April 26, 1991 reported that Esiman was allegedly involved with five others in disturbing 300 pounds of cocaine and five tons of marijuana between 1974 and 1989. In addition it was alleged that Esiman created a system to launder approximately $154,000 in profits from illegal drugs. A confidential source of known reliability told me that prior to his death, Esiman was going to turn states evidence."
        • "As much as it pains me to mention the name Ted Gunderson, he had no respect for Esiman and said "I have established in my mind that he was lacking in character, and had no principles." That, to me, is the pot calling the kettle black."
        • "I did some research on John Markham, who at the time was an attorney with Silverglate Law Firm. His name has appeared on several motions filed by that firm on behalf of MacDonald. Markham is a former U.S. attorney with the Department of Justice. He did have ties with the Process Church from 1974 to 1980. Gunderson considers the Process Church to be responsible for many murders. I did find records in the state of New York that on January 17, 1974, the Process Church of Final Judgment was formally incorporated in that state, and that the attorney for the church was John Markham. Additional legal documents were filed for the church on May 23, 1974, and again Markham was the attorney. Another article in the Executive Intelligence's Review on June 2, 1989 raised the following question, "Was Markham just an outside counsel, or was he himself a member of Process Church? According to the Process Church's own literature, Markham appears to have been a 'lay member.'" The church magazine that mentions Markham was The Processean, January 1974 issue."
        • "I do know for a fact that Gunderson arranged for F. Lee Bailey to handle an appeal at the time MacDonald hired Brian O'Neill. Gunderson had an intense dislike for O'Neill. According to Gunderson, MacDonald told him that Bailey had the reputation of being a drunk and he didn't want him. Records show Gunderson told MacDonald that Bailey was a brilliant attorney, who is loyal and dedicated to his clients, that he would never deal underhandedly with the opponents in a law suit; that he called a spade a spade and would never back down."
    • Connection to Golden Triangle heroin trafficking
      • Letter from MacDonald about drug use and trafficking operations in Southeast Asia
      • US Army master sergeant Ike Atkinson was a major importer of heroin into the US from Southeast Asia between 1968 and 1975 (when he was arrested). A large number of his incoming heroin was distributed by Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas. Back in the early 1970s, narcotics informant Helena Stoeckley knew about Atkinson's operation and told her supervising officer Prince Everette Beasley about it, but it was outside of Beasley's jurisdiction. Stoeckley also implicated Atkinson in connection with cult activities. (TODO: link Beasley affidavit)
    • Eastburn murders in 1985 - another massacre of a Fort Bragg military family
      • Fun Trivia page on the Eastburn family murders
        • "Julie Czerniak. To find out the truth about the Eastburn murders, Beaver and Richardson hired Bob Nelligar, a private investigator. Nelligar started off his investigation with Julie Czerniak, the Eastburns' babysitter, because Julie had told the police that she and Katie were receiving harassing phone calls, that started as soon as Gary Eastburn (Katie's husband) left to go to school. Julie had even told the police about her fascination with Jeffrey MacDonald, and told them that he called her for her birthday.

          Nelligar figured that the harassing phone calls and Julie's fascination with MacDonald couldn't all be a coincidence. Julie told Nelligar that during the month, she and Katie had received no less than 20 harassing calls, and that they were all hang-ups except for two, one of them being when the caller asked how large Julie's breasts were, and the other being when the caller told Katie that he knew where she lived and that he's coming over. Julie then talked about MacDonald and her fascination with him and his case. Julie, born in Womack Army Hospital, the same hospital that MacDonald was taken to after the murders of his wife and daughters, became convinced of his innocence and wrote to him any chance she got. Julie told Nelligar that MacDonald had called her for her birthday, and that two months prior the Eastburn murders MacDonald's chance at parole was turned down and he wrote to her. She also mentioned that after Hennis' arrest for the rape and triple murder, that MacDonald had wrote to her, telling her never to write to him again because all of her talking was ruining any chance he had at parole and receiving a new trial.

          Julie told Nelligar that her two stepbrothers resembled Hennis, but when Nelligar found it hard to believe, she produced photos of them. Julie then went on to say that the morning after the murders she saw the front door swinging open. Then she told Nelligar something that was a key to the entire case against Hennis, she said that on Monday, May 13, 1985, a blue van followed her home after she visited with little Jana. She said that the driver had pulled up next to the car and glared at her; she described the driver as being freaky, kind of hippie looking. Julie also told Nelligar how she helped Keith Smith, a narcotics officer for the City-County Bureau of Narcotics, in setting up drug busts of local drug dealers.

          Nelligar then contacted Keith Smith, who told him that Julie was fascinated with mass and serial killers, especially Lizzie Borden and Jeffrey MacDonald, and that she talked to him in-depth about their cases. Smith then told Nelligar that Julie had helped him set up a drug bust on man named "Ox," who drove a blue van with no license plates. Smith told Nelligar that Ox was always with a skinny male, with shoulder length, ratty-looking blonde hair, who drove a Vega. Smith then said that Ox and Smith went underground shortly after the Eastburn murders.

          Is it a coincidence that Julie described the driver as being "freaky, kind of hippie looking," the same terms that MacDonald used when describing the so-called intruders who attacked him and murdered his family? Is it a coincidence that Julie was a drug informant for a narcotics officer, just like Helena Stoeckley of the MacDonald case? Is it a coincidence that MacDonald, after Hennis' arrest, forbade Julie from ever contacting him again, saying that she would ruin any chance he had at parole and receiving a new trial?"
  • Laci Peterson case
    • SFGate, "Eerily similar case languishes in obscurity", 2003/04/21: "A vibrant young woman -- pregnant in her third trimester with a baby boy -- vanishes. Police suspect foul play. Doubts swirl around the man she loves, whom police neither name nor rule out as a suspect.

      Finally, the grim discovery: A woman's remains are pulled from San Francisco Bay.

      The saga of Laci Peterson captivated America's attention. The 27-year-old Modesto mother-to-be was reported missing on Christmas Eve and became the subject of daily news reports capped by the arrest Friday of her husband, Scott Peterson.

      But it is also the story of 24-year-old Evelyn Hernandez of San Francisco, who vanished last May 1 with her 5-year-old son, a week before she was to deliver a baby boy. Her torso was found in the bay three months later and identified, while her son remains missing. No arrests have been made.

      Hernandez's case barely registered in the community and in Bay Area television news shows and newspapers, while the eyes of the nation seemed to be fixed on the search for Laci Peterson.

      There are many, sometimes subtle, reasons why some cases become major news stories -- while the vast majority languish in obscurity, according to law enforcement officials, relatives of the missing, journalists and citizens.

      Peterson seemed to be the all-American girl next door, the most innocent of victims. She also has a vocal family advocating on her behalf, and the financial and public relations help of a well-connected crime victims group in Modesto, the Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation, formed during the search for the Yosemite murder victims in 1999.

      "This girl (Laci), she's white, they have money, and there is a family behind her," said Twiggy Damy, a friend of Hernandez, a single mother who moved to San Francisco from El Salvador when she was 14."
    • Modesto Bee, "Is cult linked to Peterson killings?", 2003/09/14
  • Richard Thomas Smith murder - page here

Matamoros cult murders

  • Should eventually be moved to this page: Matamoros cult
  • Crime Library, "Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo" by Michael Newton: chapters 1, ...
  • VISUP, "Latin American High Weirdness: The Cults", 2012: parts IV, V, VI
  • Cauldron of Blood: The Matamoros Cult Killings by Jim Schutze (1989)
  • Across the Border: The True Story of the Satanic Cult Killings in Matamoros, Mexico by Gary Provost (1989)
  • Hell Ranch: The Nightmare Tale of Voodoo, Drugs, & Death in Matamoros by Clifford Linedecker (1989)
  • Ch.1 ("The Horror") of Painted Black by Carl Raschke (1990)
  • Buried Secrets: A True Story of Drug Running, Black Magic, and Human Sacrifice by Edward Humes (1991)
  • Adolfo Constanzo background
    • TODO document
  • Sara Aldrete background
    • TODO document
  • Celebrity followers of Constanzo - TODO document
    • Irma Serrano - note that she had previously been close to another Mexican drug lord, Alberto Sicilia Falcón
  • Florentino Ventura Gutiérrez - former head of the Federal Judicial Police (FJP) and subsequently head of the Mexican branch of Interpol; an admirer and cult member of Constanzo's who helped connect him with drug trafficking gangs
    • New York Times, "Standoff at Matamoros", 1991/10/06: "In 1989, Federal Judicial Police officials were identified as direct accomplices of the most notorious criminals of recent Mexican history, the narcosatanic drug cult that killed at least 15 people, 13 of whom were dismembered in black-magic rites on a ranch outside Matamoros. According to cult members, the group bought protection, drugs and weapons from Federal Judicial Police commanders. The cult's leader and self-styled "witch," Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, carried a Federal Judicial Police badge, and he counted among his close friends and spiritual followers Comdr. Florentino Ventura Gutierrez, who was appointed to lead the Federal Judicial Police in the aftermath of the Camarena scandal."
  • Salvador Vidal Garcia Alarcón - commander of the Federal Judicial Police (FJP) narcotics squads; member of the cult
    • Associated Press, "Drug Charges Filed Against Federal Narcotics Agent Linked To Bizarre Sect", 1989/06/02: "Alarcon, 39, a Federal Judicial Police officer, told authorities his involvement with the sect was limited to witchcraft and had nothing to do with drugs or the gruesome murders uncovered at a ranch in Matamoros in April. [...] The indictment filed Friday charges Vidal Garcia with the theft of 4.4 pounds of cocaine from a dentist in the western city of Guadalajara last year. He, Constanzo and Constanzo’s right-hand man allegedly stole the cocaine in a complicated scam that involved posing as U.S. drug agents. [...] Several members of the gang, including Ms. Aldrete, told authorities that Vidal Garcia used his position on the federal drug task force to provide protection to the smugglers. Ms. Aldrete also said that Constanzo told her he killed two men as a favor to Vidal Garcia. Their bodies were later discovered at the Matamoros ranch. When Vidal Garcia was questioned by fellow federal police agents after the gang’s arrest, he admitted knowing Constanzo and other cult members but denied any wrongdoing. He said his relationship with Constanzo and the others was limited to religious matters. Vidal Garcia said he had been possessed by three spirits since birth. He said the spirits were useful in his witchcraft but that when they took hold of him, it could be violent and painful."
  • Hernandez family - a drug gang that effectively owned the city of Matamoros and was part of the Gulf Cartel under Juan García Abrego; several fell under Constanzo's influence, becoming members of the cult
    • Associated Press, "New Suspect Arrested In Ritual Slayings Case", 1989/04/17: "U.S. authorities Monday arrested the son of the owner of a Mexican ranch where human sacrifice was performed by a drug-smuggling cult suspected in 15 killings. Serafin Hernandez Rivera Sr. of Brownsville was one of three men charged in federal warrants Monday with marijuana importation, possession and conspiracy. The other two were Martin Quintana and Mario Fabio, both Mexicans. Authorities believe Quintana and Fabio took part in the sacrificial slaying and mutilation of University Texas student Mark Kilroy, who disappeared while vacationing at the border during spring break, said Oran Neck, chief U.S. Customs agent here. [...] Hernandez, the fifth suspect arrested in the case, was apprehended at a Houston residence by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Texas Department of Public Safety agents, Neck said. [...] Hernandez’ father, Brigido Hernandez, owns Rancho Santa Elena near Matamoros, Mexico, where human sacrifices allegedly took place. Brigido Hernandez has not been charged in the slayings. The Hernandez family has a long history of drug smuggling, Neck said. Serafin Hernandez is the brother of Elio Hernandez Rivera, 22 - considered one of the top cult figures - and the father of Serafin Hernandez Garcia, 20. Both Elio Hernandez Rivera and Serafin Hernandez Garcia were in custody in Matamoros. The younger Serafin Hernandez is suspected of drug activities but was not believed to have taken part in cult activities."
    • Texas Monthly, "The Work of The Devil", 1989/06: "What the family needed, Elio decided, was protection. In the world of the Hernandezes, the best protection was magic. Witches and curanderos were as much a part of their daily lives as lawyers and doctors were to, say, the Kilroy family. [...]

      Elio contacted Constanzo at a luxury apartment in Mexico City that the Cuban shared with a circle of male companions. Constanzo was a shadowy, duplicitous, charismatic young man who frequented the gay bars of the city’s Zona Rosa and affected a flashy lifestyle. He was 26, older and far more sophisticated than Elio and others in the Hernandez gang. He was glib, relatively well educated, and highly persuasive. There was a Manson-esque intensity about him, an aura that was partly rehearsed, partly instinctive, and fully evil. The Cuban offered to act as the Hernandez gang’s high priest, protecting its members from all enemies and promising riches beyond their dreams — in return for a share of their drug profits.

      It was less than a mile from Rancho Santa Elena to the Rio Grande. Periodically, the Hernandez gang gave thanks to the Palo Mayombe gods, then smuggled hundreds of pounds of marijuana into Texas. [...]"
    • EIR, "Don't close the Matamoros file!", 1989/11/10: "A year before Adolfo Constanzo took over the Hernandez drug family, Saul Hernandez, the founder of that gang, which had a full distribution branch for cocaine and marijuana in Houston, was killed in a double assassination in Matamoros. Murdered with Saul was his partner, one Toms Morlet, a former official of the Mexican DFS (Directorate of Federal Security), who had once been accused, but was later cleared of suspicion, in the Camarena murder. Morlet had a number of unusual jobs in the DFS, including assignments as Henry Kissinger's bodyguard whenever Kissinger was in Mexico. After being fired from the DFS, Morlet moved to Matamoros and became a key player in the Hernandez family drug operations. With the death of Saul and Morlet, the control of the family's drug operations went to Elio Hernandez, who became a devotee of the witch doctor Constanzo and his high priestess, Sara Aldrete, known in the cult as "La Bruja" (the witch)."
  • Drug smuggling and contract murder activities
    • From p.90 of Programmed to Kill: "These victims included the owner and secretary of a company that served as a front for a cocaine-processing lab, an informant for the Federales and his mistress, two federal narcotics officers, three former police officers, and the American nephew of a U.S. Customs agent [Mark Kilroy]. [...] ” In addition to the victims found at the ranch, the cult was also said to be responsible for the deaths of at least seven members of a drug trafficking family [the Calzada family] who were killed in a mass slaughter because they had evidence of police complicity in the drug trade that they had threatened to expose. That massacre occurred on, of all days, Walpurgisnacht of 1987."
    • Associated Press, "New Suspect Arrested In Ritual Slayings Case", 1989/04/17: "The bodies of two suspected drug traffickers missing since May were unearthed Sunday on a collective farm two miles south of the Rancho Santa Elena. The two victims, Moises Castillo, 52, of Houston and Hector de la Fuente, 39, who lived on a small communal farm west of Matamoros, did not appear to have been tortured or mutilated like the others, officials said. [...] Although relatives disputed the description, officials said the two newly found victims were drug dealers somehow involved with the cult. [...] Across the Rio Grande in Brownsville, Cameron County Sheriff Alex Perez described the two newly discovered deaths as drug-related, ″revenge-type killings.″ At least three of the 13 victims found earlier have also been said to be tied to the group by the drug business."

Juarez cult murders

Church of Scientology

Process Church

  • The Family by Ed Sanders (1971) - deleted Ch.5 on the Process Church, deleted Ch.10 on the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O.
  • Louisiana business filings for the organization - first registered on 6/21/1968; name changed to THE PROCESS, CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT on 5/21/1974; name changed to THE FOUNDATION - CHURCH OF THE MILLENNIUM on 3/1/1976; name changed to THE FOUNDATION FAITH OF THE MILLENNIUM on 2/27/1978; name changed to THE FOUNDATION FAITH OF GOD on 8/12/1993; name changed to BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY sometime thereafter; became inactive sometime after the last report having been filed 6/16/2011; most of the directors are based in Kanab UT
  • New Orleans CIA connections
  • Sirhan Sirhan connection
    • From p.266-267 of Sharon Tate: A Life by Ed Sanders (2016):

          [...] acquired. An FBI report with the information linking Sirhan with the English Satanists, though with virtually all of the information blacked out, was received by the Yonkers police department during the Son of Sam investigation decades later. Investigators in Yonkers verified what was in the blacked out sections, and it corresponded with what the INS officer wrote in his 1974 report, regarding Sirhan Sirhan attending parties on behalf of the Satanist English cult, including one at Sharon Tate's place.
          CBS television reporter Carl George, whom I met at the Tate-LaBianca trial, alleged that a sheriff's office homicide detective stated he could link Sirhan Sirhan in Pasadena to a member of the English satanic cult.
          INS criminal investigator Richard Smith's report stated that an LA law enforcement agency had a female informant who averred that the English Satanist group had commissioned Manson to kill Sharon Tate. Larsen asked Smith about the informant and was told it was a person who alleged that she had been in the same room at the time the Satanists let out an order for a contract to Manson to kill her. The reason for the contract, as Larsen stated in a report to me, was "something that she unfortunately overheard that she was not supposed to overhear either in regards to Sirhan Sirhan or about Sirhan Sirhan."
          At this point in the conversation between Larry Larsen and Richard Smith (the conversation had gone on for one-half hour or longer, and Smith had answered every question freely and had shown Larry Larsen every document he had with him), Larsen reported the following: "And then I asked the obvious question, 'What did Sharon Tate allegedly overhear?' and he said, 'I cannot discuss that. It's a matter of national security."
          Smith elaborated, after a question by Larsen, that it had nothing to do with Colonel Paul Tate and Tate's intelligence activities.
          Smith remained in government service and confirmed the facts of his investigation, including follow-up interviews, in subsequent months and years, that were conducted by Larry Larsen. The INS officer was questioned at least twice, in the 2000s, about the assertions of the document, once in 2000 and another time in 2004. During those years I was working on a project with Maury Terry, author of The Ultimate Evil. Maury and I figured out a way to approach Richard Smith. Accordingly, I helped prepare a list of questions submitted to Mr. Smith in 2004 in 2004, at which time he was an INS officer in a large Western city. Smith, thirty years after his original report, still refused to say what Sharon Tate had allegedly learned about the Robert Kennedy assassination that was of such magnitude that it caused her murder and could not be revealed because of "national security."
    • From p.164-165 of Broken Glory: The Final Years of Robert F. Kennedy by Ed Sanders (2018): "There was an INS investigator, Richard Smith, who researched and prepared a report (in 1974) which stated that members of an English satanist cult invited Sirhan Sirhan to a number of parties that were sponsored by "television people" in the LA area, and that one of the parties took place at Sharon Tate's residence. At these parties, it was averred, sexual and ritualistic rites were reported to have occurred. In Smith's report, it was written that Sirhan Sirhan "had attended some parties given by television personalities in behalf on the organization, where rites took place usually dealing with sexual deviations and heavy drug use. One of these parties took place at Sharon Tate's home." Such a party involving Sirhan had to have occurred in early 1968 or possibly late '67."
    • Allen Branson, "The assassination of Robert Kennedy, Part 5 -- Sirhan Sirhan", 2008/06/14 - puts the RFK assassination in context with the additional occult bloodbath going on throughout California, heavily citing Programmed to Kill
  • Four P cult - a.k.a. the Four Pi cult; a Process splinter group in California led by the "Grand Chingon"
    • crimeZZZ.net article on Four P that appears to be written by Michael Newton - mentions Stanley Baker, the German shepherd sacrifices documented by Ed Sanders, Arlis Perry, Son of Sam, and the "Black Cross"
    • From p.132-133 of The Family:

          It is known that the Process had, among its “chapters" three closed chapters, the locations of which are kept secret. In California there were Process activities in Marin County, Santa Barbara, the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Santa Ana Mountains.
          It is regarding activities in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco beginning in late fall 1968, that ghastly reports of occult sacrifices have been received. The same people indicate that the Process stopped using the name Process and began to use other names.
          Police beam reporting finding exsanguinated animals and decapitated animnals, in the remote Santa Cruz wilderness. One human has recounted witnessing ritual executions in a grove on Route 17 south of Santa Cruz. The ceremonies involved use of a portable crematorium to dispose of the bodies, a wooden altar adorned with dragons and a wooden morgue table. There were as many as forty people in attendance at these sacrifices. The instrument of sacrifice was a set of 6 knives welded into a football shaped holder. The heart was eaten.
          The group was called the Four Pi movement, and was dedicated to the "worship of evil." Later, the group moved ceremonies to the Santa Ana Mountains south of Los Angeles where they continued their barbaric abhorrencies. The leader of this human sacrifice group, a large man, held the cult title Grand Chingon. It was not Manson.
          However, at least five times in this writer's presence Manson has been called The Grand Chingon or the Head Chingon by members of his family.
    • Allegation that Ronald Stark was the "Grand Chingon" of Process Church fame, given how his description and movements coincide with those of the Grand Chingon: "In early 1969, Ron Hadley Stark shifts base of operations from Northern to Southern California initiating an ill-fated alliance with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love based in Laguna Canyon.

      Stark who claims to be an MD and a Ph.D, has at this point come into Big Money and allegedly sits on the boards of several corporations.

      In early 1969, the Grand Chingon & his followers allegedly relocate from Santa Cruz to the LA area to begin psychedelic blood rituals on the beaches of Malibu, Ventura, Topanga Canyon, and O’Neil Park.

      O’Neil Park is less than ten minutes due North of Laguna Canyon.

      The Grand Chingon is said to be a “large man”, a doctor and/or very well-to-do businessman."
  • Son of Sam cult - a.k.a. the Children or the Twenty-Two Disciples of Hell"; see the Son of Sam murders page for more
    • kidkenoma, "UPDATE: MR REAL ESTATE", 2019/01/01 - suggests that Alfred Hunt Howell was "Mr. Real Estate" for the Son of Sam cult; notes that Howell was an investment banker at Citibank from 1937 to 1972, a director of the YMCA from 1950 to 1984, and a trustee of the American University of Beirut; draws parallels to how Mark David Chapman, also of New York City, was also very much connected to Lebanon and the YMCA; points out that Howell was president of the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation which was an alleged CIA money conduit; mentions how Nicolaj Amman confessed in 1998 to being involved in murdering Howell, who was reported in 1996 to have died of natural causes; claims that a young artist named Billy who attended rituals at Untermyer Park later identified the cult leader "Moloch" at the 1996 funeral of Howell; one comment identifies "Peter Shane", described in Terry's book as a Yonkers police officer who worked with the cult, as likely being John McCabe, the former husband of Wheat Carr; one comment by the blog author James says that Howell was Naval intelligence and another comment by him says that Howell was vice president at Citibank during the time that the bank was melting down Nazi gold to recast into US gold bars; one comment by James refers to FBI reports in which various informants called the Process Church "the strong arm of the church of Scientology"; discusses how Mary Brunner, a member of the Manson Family, moved back to Eau Claire WI after he was incarcerated; one comment by James claims that Harold Weisberg said a waiter or cook at the Ambassador Hotel during the time of Bobby Kennedy's assassination was a Process member; also notes that the daughter of Alistair Cooke, himself at the Ambassador Hotel when Kennedy was killed, was a Process member; one comment claims that NYPD detective Leonard Delassandro, an investigator of the Cropsey murder case, believed a satanic cult was involved and that ritual abuse / satanic murder was rampant on Staten Island; notes that Process Church founder Robert de Grimston lived in Staten Island; one comment tentatively identifies "James Camaro" as James Marino (in connection with Richard Bandler and Corine Christensen) after initially supposing that he could have been Rodney Alcala; a comment by Thomas Henry Horan suggests that many of Manson's girls were not truly controlled by him but made him believe that he was a master brainwasher
    • North Fox Island pedophile ring connection
      • TheraKoon on /r/conspiracy points out a link between the Son of Sam cult and North Fox Island: "So the Son of sam murders happened. Anyone questioning the Son of Sam murders look to the Ultimate Evil 2nd edition [actually the original hardcover from 1987]. It will help show the cult activity involved in those murders. But only the rarest edition, the second, has a conversation with a jail informant. According to him, it was about child pornography, and the high ups were shipping it in through a church in Jersey to Long Island. Unless another CP operation was doing exactly that (see North Fox Island church of new Revelation), that informant connected Son of Sam to the NFI racket." (TODO: find)
      • TODO: look into Dyer Grossman, a wealthy man who hailed from a well-to-do Long Island family and taught science at a private school in Westchester County NY
  • Arlis Perry murder - at the Stanford Memorial Church in 1974
    • Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office records on the murder of Arlis Perry
    • Escondido Times-Advocate, "17-year-old murder haunts family", 1991/08/21
    • Steve Crawford as a suspect
    • John Arthur Getreu as a suspect
      • In Mae Brussell episode #516 on 1981/10/25, starting around 15:00 on side 2, she tells the story of briefly meeting a man who was likely Getreu. A woman who had previously indexed a book for Peter Dale Scott came down to help Mae with her research, and despite promising to come alone, she brought a man with her. Mae got upset that she brought this man, whom she said was a friend that just wanted to take Mae's picture and was then going to go skin diving at Point Lobos. Because Mae was mad, the man agreed to leave, and then he came back that afternoon to pick up the woman and they left. Some time later, the woman contacted Mae to apologize, saying that the man she brought along had talked about killing Leslie Perlov. Mae noted that the description of the man who purportedly said he killed Leslie Perlov precisely matched the description, told to her by Maury Terry, of the man who visited Arlis at the law office. After the Reagan assassination attempt in early 1981, she was under the impression that John Hinckley Jr. was the man, which is interesting because Getreu, who was matched to the Perlov murder by DNA, bore a strong resemblance to Hinckley.
    • Brian McCracken story
  • Jimmy Savile appeared in the "Sex" issue of the Process Church magazine
  • VISUP questions whether the Process Church was involved in Satanic crime: parts I, II, III, IV
    • Interestingly, a commenter on part II says that there were references to the Process Church in the archives of the Unification Church
  • Ed Opperman interviews with Jim Rothstein
  • Allegations about Tuesday Weld and K.M. aka "Kristi"
    • Adam Gorightly, "More on the Tuesday Weld Psychedelic Illuminati Conspiracy", 2007/09/12: "The tale starts in the early 1970’s, when, Turner tells us, he worked as an “unpaid volunteer for the CIA.” He says his handler in the field worked out of a television repair shop in Southern California. During this time he got tangled up in a web of cults and conspiracies whirling around the mysterious “Kristi” and the beautiful Tuesday Weld."
    • From p.104-105 of Secret and Suppressed II: Banned Ideas and Hidden History Into the 21st Century edited by Adam Parfrey and Kenn Thomas (2008):

          As it turns out, Jeff Turner’s seemingly bizarre conspiratorial cosmology involves a former Santa Cruz resident, whose name shall go unwritten for obvious legal reasons. We’ll simply refer to her as the abbreviated “K.M.”
          According to Turner, K.M., as an adolescent in the late 1960s, got involved in satanic circles in the South Bay, and soon became a protégé of Tuesday Weld. Over time, K.M. built an occult crime club around herself and, in 1974, assumed control of the notorious Process Church of the Final Judgment, a satanic organization linked by conspiracy literature to the Manson Family and the Son of Sam killings.
          In time, the Weld/K.M. alliance soured and they became bitter enemies. Up until 1991, the two engaged in an ongoing war carried out by K.M.’s supporters and the opposing Weldian faction. Concurrently, K.M. cultivated a powerful satanic cult — with ties to the World Nazi Network — conducting a virtual reign of terror throughout Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties.
          As Douglas Hawes explained, “Back in 1986–88 Santa Cruz was a whirlpool of weird psychic energies. Anton LaVey was rumored to be living in a house on Wharf Road in Capitola. Tuesday Weld and her archrival K.M. were waging a behind-the-scenes occult war for supremacy in the city...
          “There is no public knowledge of K.M.’s involvement in the Process Church.” A four-and-a-half-year-long investigation by the Santa Clara County District Attorney into her activities was never made public because an indictment was never issued. So she has “received absolutely no publicity of any kind … The Federal government has some kind of ongoing investigation into K.M.’s activities. My hunch is that the Feds realize that she knows too much, has compromised too many powerful people, and so could not be taken down without exacting a terrible toll.”
          Meanwhile, according to Doug, K.M. has promoted the public image of a concerned community activist with important connections and influence in political circles, who remain unaware of her occult and criminal activities.
          As synchronicity would have it, Turner was a contemporary of K.M., attending the same high school as this wicked high priestess, who, he asserts, has been involved in child sacrifice rituals. Due to this dangerous knowledge, and his opposition to K.M., Turner was subsequently persecuted by her satanic henchmen. Several years after graduating from high school, Turner claims he was approached by the CIA and recruited into their network directed against K.M. More recently, Turner claims to have provided a sizeable body of materials to former governor George Deukmejian’s Special Select Task Force on Satanic Abatement.
    • X. Dell, "Preamble: If It's Friday, It Must Be Tuesday", 2012/10/05: "Although Turner felt that Weld’s goal was to dissuade 1960s youth from both pacifism and the fascistic bent of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, led by her former protege and later nemesis Kristi M., he nevertheless considered her evil, linking her to all sorts of murders–from Marilyn Monroe to Natalie Wood (whom he claimed to be his mother).

      Adam Gorightly publicized Turner’s claim on his website and podcast (both titled Untamed Dimensions), and in an article for Paranoia magazine. Gorightly didn’t buy into Turner’s story. He nevertheless followed through on the hypothesis and turned up some items of interest, most notably Weld’s links not just to wealth and power, but to old-money wealth and power. The Weld family had a good deal of influence in politics (e.g. former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, Tuesday’s cousin), oil, finance capital and other business interest since fourteenth-century England. During the Nineteenth Century, the Welds supported the abolitionist movement. During the Twentieth Century, they forged ties to the Bush family."
    • Possible suspect - Kristina Mailliard
      • Find A Grave memorial for Kristina Mailliard - born 1952/02/17 in San Francisco County CA; married Peter J. Kingston on 1983/03/25; died 2001/02/07 in Sonoma County CA; obituary states "Kristina Mailliard, who pioneered adding nutritional supplements to natural beverages and started an innovative scheme to help feed senior citizens in Santa Cruz County, died following a nine-year battle with breast cancer Wednesday. She was 48.

        Ms. Mailliard and her husband, Peter Kingston, grew Mrs. Wiggles Rocket Juice Co. from a small Santa Cruz juice manufacturer to one with a national product line. The couple moved their operation to Santa Rosa in 1985 and sold their natural beverage line to J.M. Smucker Corp. in 1998.

        Ms. Mailliard was born in San Francisco and grew up in Santa Rosa, attending Proctor Terrace Elementary, Santa Rosa Junior High and Santa Rosa High School.

        After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz she co- founded the California Grey Bears, a senior citizen volunteer group that distributes donated produce to senior citizens throughout Santa Cruz County.

        She also worked as a legislative aide to U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston before attending the Harvard Business School, graduating in the class of 1981.

        Ms. Mailliard served on the 1987 Blue Ribbon Task Force on Hunger in Sonoma County and was co-author of its final 100 page report. The report was recognized in a 1988 County Achievement Award by the National Board of Supervisors Association for outstanding work.

        "She was a brilliant mind and somebody who had a strong sense of public service," said her brother, Henry Ward Mailliard. "Her passion was her kids and family - she was a visionary in a very quiet way."

        Ms. Mailliard was the daughter of former San Francisco and Marin County Congressman William S. Mailliard and Sonoma County artist Elizabeth Quandt, both of whom are deceased.

        She is survived by her husband, Peter James Kingston; her two children, James "Jamie" and Genevieve "Gwenny" Kingston; brothers William S. Mailliard Jr. of Santa Rosa, Henry Ward Mailliard of Watsonville and Jonathan Quandt of Santa Rosa; sisters Antoinette Mailliard of San Francisco, Julia Mailliard Nelson of McLean, Va., Josephine Mailliard Fleming of Arlington, Va., and Leigh Mailliard Walker of Raymond, Maine; her stepmother, Millicent Fox Mailliard, of Washington, D.C.; five nephews and four nieces."
      • publisher unknown, "A Determined Goldilocks Leads the Grey Bears to Better Nourishment", 1975/10/26 - identifies Kristina (nicknamed "Kris" in the article) as "the activist daughter of former Republican Congressman William Mailliard (now ambassador to the Organization of American States)"
      • History page on the Grey Bears website: "1973 – Grey Bears is conceived by UCSC graduate Kristina Mailliard, 23, and her boyfriend, Gary Denny, 32. Surprised at the undernourishment of the elderly poor, they glean fruits and vegetables from their gardens and share with local seniors. They hold a harvest festival attended by 300 seniors, 60 of whom bring food to share."
      • Press Democrat, "Battling suicide's stigma: Supervisor Shirlee Zane opens up about her husband’s death and struggle with mental illness", 2011/04/30: "Above all else, Shirlee Zane remembers her husband for giving others the emotional comfort that eluded him in life. Peter Kingston was a strapping six-footer and native of England who made fast friends of strangers and offered constant aid to loved ones in need. "He was the caregiver, more than anything," said Zane, 51, a Sonoma County supervisor. Yet Kingston had since his childhood suffered chronic anxiety and periods of depression, Zane and a close friend said. He took his own life Jan. 18 at the age of 56. A successful entrepreneur and most recently the finance director at Ursuline High School, Kingston was well-known in local business, nonprofit and education circles. With his first wife Kristina Mailliard, who died of cancer in 2001, he raised two children in the couple's home on McDonald Avenue, one of Santa Rosa's most enviable neighborhoods. He and Zane married in 2004. Days after his death, hundreds of mourners gathered for a funeral in Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School."
  • Speculative series about the behind-the-scenes operation of the Manson murders
    • HELTER SKELTER - CHAPTER TWO: California Dreaming (archive) - names Bill Mentzer as the underling of Ronald Stark (ed. note: this is untrue) with Charles Manson and Billy Doyle (who drove the black Mercedes-Benz) as two of his distributors
    • HELTER SKELTER - CHAPTER THREE: The Summoning (archive) - claims that the high priests of the California branch of the Process Church included Bill Mentzer, Laney Jacobs, Anita Pallenberg, and Ronald Stark; further asserts that Mentzer was Manson's boss; considers the "Grand Chingon" to be a title held by leaders of local cults, with Manson as one Grand Chingon and "Mr. Real Estate" as the Grand Chingon for the Son of Sam cult

Charles Manson

  • The Family by Ed Sanders (1971) - deleted Ch.5 on the Process Church, deleted Ch.10 on the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O.
  • X. Dell 2009 blog post on intelligence connections to Manson and Watson - says there were "political/legal connections" including "a number of high-profile people extending back to Manson’s brief stint at Boys Town"; mentions his Hollywood contacts; questions why several elite lawyers would defend Manson and Watson; suggests that Watson somehow received military-style training
  • Paul Krassner, "The Mystery Behind the Manson Murders", 2009/08/10
  • Mind Control Missile Murder Madness blog post on the Manson murders
  • Paul Krassner, "He Was No Hippie: Remembering Manson, Prison, Scientology, and Mind Control", 2017/11/26
  • Carwreck deBangs, "Charles Manson: Music Myth Murder Mysticism Magick Magus Mayhem-A Look Back at the Untold Story of the Manson Family (or, More Manson than You’d Ever Want to Know)", 2017/11/30
  • Jan Kowalski, "Cielo Drive Forever", 2019/03/18 (updated 2019/04/02)
  • Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O'Neill and Dan Piepenbring (2019)
  • Law enforcement records (TODO: catalogue)
  • Contemporaneous news articles on the Tate and LaBianca murders (many archived by Mae Brussell)
  • Mae Brussell broadcasts
  • Gibault School for Boys stay (TODO document)
  • Boys Town stay
  • According to p.113-114 of Sinister Forces—The Nine by Peter Levenda, Manson was significantly changed by his prison stay at Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Ohio, perhaps having been subjected to an MKUltra-type program dedicated to making him a "controlled controller":

        It is a mystery. What happened to Manson in Chillicothe, that he suddenly became studious (he was still illiterate when he was transferred there), learned to read and write and do simple arithmetic, mellowed out, and became a star “prisoner”? His psychiatric reports were all negative up to that point; even during the first month at Chillicothe the doctors were despairing of him, believing that he needed a closed environment and not the relatively “open” ambience of Chillicothe. Then, suddenly, Manson became a different person and maintained that identity for over a year and a half, until his release. That degree of conscious control—especially in a disturbed, uneducated, illiterate, violent, criminal, sodomitic bastard child of an unmarried, alcoholic mother—is suspicious, if not alarming. Was Charlie “helped” by someone at Chillicothe? According to Manson himself, in his own words, “I stopped thinking in 1954.”13
        John Gilmore, in his critically-acclaimed 1971 biography of Manson and the “family”—The Garbage People, retitled Manson: The Unholy Trail of Charlie and the Family—says that Manson met a “boy named Toby” at Chillicothe, from whom he learned hypnosis and mental manipulation. That may be so, but the dates in Gilmore's book seem to be wrong. He has Manson at Chillicothe as early as October 1951, but according to Bugliosi he didn't make it to Chillicothe until September 1952. Perhaps it is only a typographical error in Gilmore's book, because October 1952 is a very likely date for Manson to have met the mysterious “Toby,” a person Manson refers to as “definitely satanic,” and the only person of whom Manson ever speaks in tones both of fear and awe.
  • Scientology connection
  • Process Church connection
    • Paranoia Magazine, "The Process Church of the Final Judgement and the Manson Family" by Adam Gorightly, 2005
    • According to Vince Bugliosi, when Manson was asked if he knew Robert de Grimston or Robert Moore, he replied "You're looking at him. Moore and I are one and the same."
    • From p.132-133 of The Family, some of Manson's followers referred to him as the "Grand Chingon", the same name mentioned by Stanley Baker and others as the leader of the Process-spawned "Four P" cult:

          The group was called the Four Pi movement, and was dedicated to the "worship of evil." Later, the group moved ceremonies to the Santa Ana Mountains south of Los Angeles where they continued their barbaric abhorrencies. The leader of this human sacrifice group, a large man, held the cult title Grand Chingon. It was not Manson.
          However, at least five times in this writer's presence Manson has been called The Grand Chingon or the Head Chingon by members of his family.
    • From p.138 of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon is an interesting link between Tex Watson and two Strategic Air Command (SAC) installations in Minot ND and Omaha NE: "According to Vanity Fair, Tex Watson was also “a regular patron of the Whisky,” which isn’t too surprising given that Elmer Valentine’s club was well known to be a major drug trafficking site during the late 1960s. Watson’s frequent sidekick Dean Moorehouse, by the way, hailed from Minot, North Dakota, identified by Maury Terry as the longtime home of a Process faction with deep ties to Offutt Air Force Base."
  • Solar Lodge of the OTO connection
  • Protection by the authorities
    • Los Angeles Free Press, "Former Sheriff Raps Guns Girls And Grass", 1969/12/19 (pages 2, 11 part 1, 11 part 2, 16) (from THE MURDERS OF AUGUST '69, "The Family by Ed Sanders", original link, now inaccessible)
    • Paul Krassner's interview of LA County deputy sheriff Preston Guillory (also on p.148 of The Shadow Over Santa Susana by Adam Gorightly): "A few weeks prior to the Spahn Ranch raid, we were told that we weren't to arrest Manson or any of his followers. We had a sheaf of memos on Manson - that they had automatic weapons at the ranch, that citizens had complained about hearing machine guns at night, that firemen from the local fire station had been accosted by armed members of Manson's band and told to get out of the area. Deputies started asking, "Why aren't we gonna make the raid sooner?" I mean, Manson's a parole violator, we know there's narcotics and booze. He's living at the ranch with bunch of minor girls in complete violation of his parole. Deputies at the station quite frankly became very annoyed that no action was being taken about Manson.... Now here's the kicker. Before the Tate killings he had been arrested at Malibu twice for statutory rape. Never got [imprisoned for parole violation]. Manson liked to ball young girls, so he just did his thing and he was released, and they didn't put any parole on him. But somebody very high up was controlling everything that was going on and was seeing to it that we didn't bust Manson."
  • Dr. Roger Smith connection (TODO document)
  • Charles "Tex" Watson background
    • According to Ed Sanders, Watson grew so close to Manson that he complained at times "that he actually thought he was Charlie"
  • Charles Winans (alleged ONI officer) connection
    • Deep Politics Forum post discussing Manson and the killed Paul Krassner article about Winans (pages 1, 2, 3, 4) (old forum printable version, original link, now broken)
    • Deep Politics Forum thread on the Mae Brussell episode about Winans' lawsuit against Krassner and Rolling Stone (pages 1, 2) (old forum page 1, original link, now broken; old forum page 2, original link, now broken) - describes Brussell's broadcast #317 on 1978/04/16 ("Charles Winans vs. Krassner and Rolling Stone. CIA-Louise James, Mind Control of primary witness. Memory Erased of Activist"); reveals that Winans was represented by CIA-friendly lawyer Melvin Belli; the episode discusses how Brussell was called as a witness in the lawsuit, and her activist friend Louise James had seen members of the Manson Family at Winans' home along with military vehicles coming and going from it; also mentioned in the thread is Brussell's theory that Interpol was a fascist network involved in the drug trade after World War II
    • MSU Exponent, Paul Krassner column on the Manson family, Tex Watson, and Charles Winans, 1975/05/02
    • Rolling Stone, "My Trip With Squeaky: Just One of Charlie's Girls" by Paul Krassner, 1975/10/23
    • From p.237 of Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut by Paul Krassner (1993):

          Mae gave me the heaviest lead in my Manson research. She told me that an agent for Naval Intelligence, Nathaniel Dight (not his real name), had been meeting with Tex Watson. Naval Intelligence—of course! L. Ron Hubbard was in Naval Intelligence. During World War II, imprisoned Mafia boss Lucky Luciano was pardoned at the urgent request of Naval Intelligence. The Committee to Investigate Assassinations stated that Lee Harvey Oswald had worked in Naval Intelligence. Even the infamous Zodiac Killer used obsolete Naval Intelligence ciphers in his notes.
          Nathaniel Dight was taking courses at Naval Postgraduate School, and Mae claimed that only intelligence officers could do that. Mae said Dight had posed as a hippie artist, orchestrating the scenario of violence and witchcraft in meetings with Tex Watson, who then fulfilled the prophecy of this agent provocateur with all that shooting and stabbing.
          Dight had done the artwork for a magazine which predicted that the counterculture would turn to violence and witchcraft. It was published by a corporation, which, Mae said, "was a conduit of CIA funds for medical research in mind control, intelligence money for electrode implants, and for LSD experiments, according to documents I got from the Pentagon."
          Mae introduced me to Louise, a neighbor of Dight’s, who told me she had recognized Tex Watson's photo in the newspaper as the one Who had visited him. She told me about Dight's alleged strange behavior: "I would occasionally find a noose in my backyard, and it was always hanging from a tree or shrub. The nooses were made of a nylon type rope or cord, and were of varied weights. The nooses gradually crept closer to my house. The closer they were placed the smaller they became."
    • Anonymous blog comment claims that the cover art for The Children of Change by Don Fabun (1969) was done by Winans: "The artist that illustrated the cover art for Fabun's "Children of Change" is Charles Francis Winans. Charles was always an erudite long-haired, bearded spear point probing at "the Establishment." Charles was the "done that, been there" creative consultant and guide for Don's little book in 1969. Charles started the first "head shop" in South Texas in 1966 in the front room of his art gallery (Gramma's Tea House: San Antonio). More underground newspapers from the East & West coast were distributed than Zigzag cigarette papers. He considered himself as a "watcher" or modern member of the Counter-Culture Committee of Correspondence, spreading news of the military industrial complex and their war in Viet Nam. Charles also created The Electric Kiss Light Show at the Mind's Eye night club in San Antonio in 1966. Did light shows for band like the 13th Floor Elevators, Conqueroos, and Jefferson Air Plane. Charles passed away in 2007. He was an creative enigma genius."
    • San Antonio Express-News, obituary for Charles Francis Winans, 2007/03/18: "After growing up in the Texas oil fields, he became an instrumental figure in the burgeoning SATX Biker and Hot Rod culture of the 1950's. He did a tour in the Air Force where he worked in cryptography and signal communication. In 1962, he married Caroline Scriven Winans. Throughout the early 1960's they ventured with their family between California and Texas. In 1967, Charles opened Grandma's Tea Shop and Jomo Gallery, in San Antonio where he again became a pivotal figure in the evolving Beat culture scene. Since such a business venture as this was a little ahead of its time for mid'60's South Texas, in late 1967 he moved with his young family to Hollywood California where Charles Winans again played an important role in the evolution of the Psychedelic cultural movement. There he was professionally associated with Chet Helms, Wavy Gravy, the Sir Douglas Quintet, Janis Joplin, Lenny Bruce, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane among many others. Charles was an exceptionally gifted artist in virtually all media and his visionary aesthetic was critical to the development to the unique style of the period. Charles returned to San Antonio where he came into the orbits of the renowned architect O'Neil Ford and the artist Tom Stell both of whom would have dramatic impact on his life. He would eventually marry Ford's daughter Linda."
    • Lost Coast Outpost, obituary for Carolyn Scriven Kelly (1942-2017), 2017/10/01: "She was married to Charles Winans in 1962, and together they had three children. In 1963, they went to Hollywood, and lived in Monterey where she worked in a milk factory in Cannery Row. Returning to Texas, they were part of a group who opened Grandma’s Tea Shop in San Antonio: a mojo art gallery, poster, and button shop where she also sold vests that she sewed and peace bead necklaces. It featured Grandmas’s Remedies and Art-Chem paint invented by George Warmack. It was one of the first head shops in Texas. They lived for awhile at MountainTop, outside of San Antonio. They did light shows and posters for many famous bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Co., The Velvet Underground, and The Sir Douglas Quartet. The Winter Wonderland Time Machine at Joske’s Department store was one of their most impressive accomplishments. In 1967, they moved their family to California, spending some months in the Log Cabin in Laurel Canyon before settling in Carmel Valley and Pacific Grove. As part of Puppeteers of America, they traveled, performed, taught workshops, and created a collection of exquisite puppets. Punch and Judy was their most famous show. After an excursion between Cotati, CA and San Antonio, she married Robin Donald and returned with her children to Pacific Grove."
    • City-Data forum thread about San Antonio history: "Some fantastic history died with Charles. Not only his own history, but he did get around, and he remembered it all. He was Doug Sahm's manager before Huey Meaux (I think it was) took over. He worked with and hung out with Lynn Ford. Was married to O'Neil Ford's daughter. I'm trying to remember the name of the author he sued over a misleading article about him in Rolling Stone magazine."
    • Photo of Charles Winans at the Log Cabin in Laurel Canyon: "Steve Hyman, Eddie Douglas, Richard Williams, and Charles Winans inside the Tom Mix Log Cabin, 2401 Laurel Canyon Blvd. - 1967"
  • Mary Brunner background (TODO document)
  • Squeaky Fromme background (TODO document)
  • Bobby Beausoleil background (TODO document)
  • Bruce Davis background (TODO document)
  • Susan Atkins background
    • From p.140 of Programmed to Kill: "Of particular significance, perhaps, are the myriad levels on which the killers and the victims [in the Manson case] were connected. One of those connections was provided by none other than Anton LaVey. At least one of Charlie’s girls, known locally as the “Witches of Mendocino,” was recruited from LaVey’s Church of Satan. Susan “Sexy Sadie” Atkins was one of many dancers in LaVey’s stable, collectively known as the “Topless Witches Review.” Atkins later credited LaVey with starting her down the road to murder."
    • Susan Atkins, Child of Satan, Child of God (1977), p.65-73 - describes her experience as a topless dancer for Anton LaVey's Satanic church, concluding: "The show was a smash hit along the strip. Garnet had scored big. But the witches' sabbath, and my total sellout to LSD, marijuana, and hashish, and to sex with virtually any attractive man, landed me in the hospital in four months. I was half dead from gonorrhea and had a complete physical breakdown."
  • Ronald Stark connection
    • From p.598-599 of The Ultimate Evil:

          However, the source confirmed the relevance of the black car Manson was seen driving two days after the murders. According to information we uncovered, the black car apparently was a Mercedes-Benz that was owned by a wealthy individual who lived part-time in Berkeley, California, during the Manson era. Sources say that the car owner, whom I will call Chris Jetz, was a narcotics "middleman" who distributed hallucinogenic drugs from secret LSD and MDA laboratories to dropoff points for pickup by elements of the Hell's Angels biker gang, who controlled most of the street-level distribution of chemical narcotics in the L.A. area at the time.
          The source's name and Jetz's real name have been turned over to authorities. And the biker connection, from the Process and Manson to the New York prison statements, had now appeared several times during the overall investigation.
          Sources also said that Jetz had ties, in the form of funding, to the upscale, self-awareness Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.
          The Los Angeles drug scene in 1969 could be likened to a field of pyramids which roughly divided the marketplace into various specialized segments. Near the top of one pyramid, the chemical dope edifice, was a man connected to Jetz; a superior, so to speak. This man [Ronald Stark] was said to have been a former Israeli who had strong links to the international intelligence community. He wasn't employed by U.S. or Israeli intelligence, at least not at the time of the murders. Rather, he was regarded as a rogue who, in addition to his elevated narcotics ranking, was suspected by some of being an operative for the Soviet Union; perhaps free-lance.
          This information, which I unearthed in 1986, apparently explained something Ed Sanders earlier told me: "There were so many investigations going on out there after the murders that I began to wonder if the Process was a front for some intelligence operation."
    • From p.163 of The Shadow Over Santa Susana by Adam Gorightly: "Berkowitz informed a fellow inmate that Manson, who belonged to the Los Angeles chapter of the cult, was working 'on orders' when he directed his Family to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders. In The Ultimate Evil, Terry places Manson --two days after the Tate murders --driving a Mercedes-Benz belonging to a big-time LSD dealer, who, in Terry's description, was 'said to have been a former Israeli who had strong links with the intelligence community.' Terry took this to be one of the truly fascinating players in LSD history: Ronald Hadley Stark. In The Ultimate Evil, Stark is identified under the alias of Chris Jetz. Although not an Israeli, Stark posed as one upon occasion, as he was fluent in several languages, and fond of assuming multiple identities."
    • In his biography, Tex Watson claims that he embraced Manson's apocalyptic vision of Helter Skelter after taking Orange Sunshine, a stronger variety of acid produced by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love
    • Robert Sterling, "The Web and the Pentagon", 1999 (p.80 of Cyberculture Counterconspiracy: A Steamshovel Web Reader edited by Kenn Thomas):

          The kingpin of LSD during the late sixties, Ronald Stark, would often brag of his connections to the CIA. The boys of Langley, predictably, are silent on Stark's claim, but an Italian judge was convinced by the evidence in 1979 that he was, and dismissed a major case against him because of this conclusion. Stark hardly is the last major drug dealer to be closely tied to the CIA (as Danilo Blandon would be revealed in Gary Webb's groundbreaking "Dark Alliance" series), but there is one linkage to Stark that is most fascinating: he certainly fits the description of a "Mr. Big" LSD dealer who was believed to be the supplier for the Manson Family. The wealthiest victims of the Tate-LaBianca slayings were likely heavily involved in the LSD market, and their deaths probably had more to do with drug debts than they did with causing a race war, despite what Vincent Bugliosi may implausibly insist.
          Unsurprising, the evidence has never been properly investigated by authorities, so the answers remain an enigma. Yet the possible link between Manson and Stark raises a serious question: was the Manson Family a hit squad for hire for the ugly underbelly of CIA assets gone amuck, a gang of thugs hired to do dirty deeds dirt cheap? If so, the hit squad may have had even higher contacts than Stark: in 1974, Mansonite Squeaky Fromme failed an attempt to kill President Gerald Ford, which would've made a Rockefeller Commander-in-Chief. Michael Milan, a reputed hit man for J. Edgar Hoover, claims he was offered a contract to take out Ford before this by those high up in the establishment, and he argues the Manson Family took the contract instead.
  • Larry Larsen investigation for Ed Sanders
    • THE MURDERS OF AUGUST '69, "The Family by Ed Sanders"(original link, now inaccessible): "Larsen didn't need to be paid much because he probably didn't DO much legwork of his own. Instead, he had an inside line--a source, a buddy--within the LASO or LAPD who was feeding him tidbits. Then the question becomes were the higher-ups aware of this inside man, and why would they tolerate him? I suspect that LE was playing Sanders like a fiddle--feed him amusing anecdotes instead of real stuff, and thus control what the public finds out. Fake news was. You'll notice The Family pretty much hews to the official line, as defined by Bugliosi. For example, it was alt journalists Paul Krassner and Mae Brussell who published the Preston Guillory revelations, not alt journalist Ed Sanders."
    • NewsBlaze, "Sharon Tate a Life, by Ed Sanders – POWER Book Review" by John Kays, 2017/03/06: "Ed is very careful with his writing, and takes the attitude of a tireless, persistent journalist! I’ll pen a few sentences about his method in Sharon Tate, because the shaping of the text gives you a clear idea of what makes him tick. He was/is greatly influenced by Larry Larsen, an investigator he worked closely with in the ’70s, in conjunction with his cutting edge book, The Family. There’s a dedication to Larry Larsen in the beginning of ST; sadly, Larry died of leukemia in December of 2010. As a result of Larsen’s pervasive influence, Ed Sanders leaves no stone unturned in his research on any given subject."
    • Los Angeles Times, "The Larsen Files : Their Cases Alone--J. David Dominelli, the MGM Hotel Fire--Make Them Extraordinary. But There’s Another Twist: They’re a Father-Daughter Detective Team", 1987/06/07: "In Oxnard, Rodney Holder, whose father is prominent in the Ventura oil industry, is charged with bludgeoning a man to death with a metal bar. Holder led police to the body, saying, “I have killed my antichrist.” The Larsens are not so sure. It is their job not to believe anybody, regardless of who’s hired them. Like most private detectives, the Larsens usually work for the lawyers of the accused, compiling much of the evidence the attorneys will use later in court. The discussion of whether any real Satanism is involved in the Oxnard case prompts Larry Larsen to talk about his investigation of Charles Manson. “The Family,” Ed Sanders’ classic of true-crime horror, is dedicated to Larsen, who was the principal researcher for the book. [...] When [Linda Larsen] was in college, her father was working as general manager of the George Barnes detective agency, the famous firm that represented the rightful heirs to the Howard Hughes’ estate, disproving Melvin Dummar’s so-called Mormon Will."
  • E. John Brandeis, powerful Omaha businessman and uncle of Alan Baer, purportedly had a ranch in Los Angeles right next to where the Manson Family lived
  • On September 5, 1975, one of Manson's followers, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford in Sacramento CA. Then on September 22, Sara Jane Moore, an FBI informant who was fascinated by the Patty Hearst case and worked for a volunteer organization started by Patty's father in the wake of her kidnapping, made an attempt on Ford's life in Sacramento CA. Curiously, both Charles Manson and Sara Jane Moore lived in Charleston WV during overlapping periods, leading to some speculation that they knew each other. The following is almost certainly coincidental but still of some curiosity: R. Doug Lewis, a suspicious character behind the privatization of US elections, met with Ford on September 13, 1975 in his capacities as executive director of the Texas GOP; this was essentially halfway between the two assassination attempts against Ford.
    • New York Times, "SUSPECT ASSERTED SHE HELPED F. B. I.", 1975/09/23: "Sara Jane Moore, the woman arrested here today after a gun was fired near President Ford, recently contended that she once was an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a volunteer worker among several civil rights and leftist groups. She was a volunteer for the People‐In‐Need free food program that Randolph A. Hearst set up in an attempt to gain the freedom of his daughter, Patricia. She also worked for a time as a bookkeeper for Mr. Hearst's San Francisco Examiner. Mrs. Moore discussed her background after presenting herself to The New York Times for an interview last May. [...] She said she had been a volunteer in a variety of organizations, ranging from civil rights groups to leftist organizations studying Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse‐tung. However, she said she had learned most of her leftist ideology from F.B.I. agents who taught it to her in the hope that it would facilitate her infiltration activities. An F.B.I. spokesman in Washington confirmed tonight that Mrs. Moore served the bureau's San Francisco field office as a “security” informant between June, 1974, and last June. The spokesman said that Mrs. Moore had been given the designation “potential security informant” by the F.B.I., and had “furnished unsolicited information” on radical activities in the Bay Area to bureau agents."
    • Corbin Daily Tribune, "Manson, Sara Have Same Hometown", 1975/09/25: "Charleston W.Va (AP) Sara Jane Kahn and Charles Manson bought a lot of candy from Van Watson when they were children. "Sara Jane was a serious pupil but Manson liked to play a little bit of hooky," says Watson. Sara Jane, now Sara Jane Moore, is in jail for trying to kill President Ford. Manson is serving life in prison for the 1969 murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others. And, one of Manson's followers, Lynette Fromme , also is charged with trying to kill the president, in a separate incident. "Kathleen Manson, Charles' mother, was a clerk in my store for three or four months," Watson said in an interview Monday. Charles was about 9 or 10 years old then, around 1942. He was an ordinary boy, nothing outstanding, I sold him a lot of candy. He'd come in two or three times a day, whenever he got a penny." Watson said he was shocked to learn that Sara Jane Kahn was the person accused of shooting at the president. "I knew her from childhood," he said. "She came into the store to buy candy on her way to school. She was a loner- almost always by herself. She never had much to say about anything. She always had a couple of books under her arm and seemed to take school seriously." The Kahn's lived in a big log house up Woodward Dr. from his store and the Manson's lived in a house across the street from his store. "I was very much surprised the way those two turned out," Watson said. "Charles wasn't much good at going to school- he liked to play a little bit of hooky. But I expected Sara Jane to grow up and become somebody with a good education and a responsible position in life. I never dreamed she would be somebody who'd try to kill the President." It is not known whether Manson and Sara Jane Kahn knew each other while living here."
    • Jan Kowalski, "Lee Harvey Osvaldo", 2019/07/27 (updated 2019/07/30): "- the would-be president's assassin grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, where she bought sweets in the same store as Charles Manson: "Van, the owner of" Van's Never Closed Market "in Mound, once stated on TV in the early 1980s that he remembered Charlie and Sara Jane Moore coming into his store together, arm in arm. " Charlie and Moore were said to be friends because their mothers were prostitutes"
    • 2019/11/26 comment on The Manson Family Blog, "That Charles Manson likes his ZuZu's", 2013/02/21: "I grew up on the same street as Manson and Moore, and I went into Van's Never Closed Market many times. Van was a real person. He had one arm. He claimed Manson and Moore would come in holding hands. Manson and Moor's homes are still there. My cousin worked at the gas station next to Van's, where Charlie also worked for a time. The rumor is that Manson and Moore's mothers were honeypot agents for the CIA. The Moore's were helping Jews escape Nazi Germany. Their property was sold and my elementary school, Grandview, was built there. It was personally approved by Robert Kennedy, who directed the funds to it. It was a great school, and still is."

Robin Gecht

  • Chicago Tribune, "Police investigate tips of 'Manson'-like mastermind in 'Ripper' murders", 1982/11/21
  • Chicago Tribune, "Rapist's Son Is Among 3 Charged In Slaying", 1999/03/07: "Three men, including the son of a rapist linked to a series of ritualistic serial murders in the Chicago area nearly 20 years ago, have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of a Northwest Side man. David A. Gecht, 18; Richard Kwil, 19; and Ruben Hernandez, 27, all of Chicago, were recently charged in the death of Roberto Cruz, 35, of the 4000 block of North Richmond Street, who was shot Jan. 29 while he was approaching his car on the Northwest Side. The killing is believed be to gang-related, police said. Kwil, of the 3700 block of North Pine Grove Avenue; Hernandez, of the 2000 block of West Moffat Street; and Gecht, of the 4600 block of North Avers Street, were being held in Cook County Jail. A preliminary hearing is set for March 24, according to the state's attorney's office. Police say Gecht is the son of Robin Gecht, who is serving 120 years in Menard Correctional Center for mutilating and raping an 18-year-old prostitute in 1982 on the Northwest Side. Though Robin Gecht, who once worked for serial killer John Wayne Gacy, was never convicted of murder, authorities believed that he and three associates, Edward Spreitzer and brothers Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis, were responsible for the disappearances of 17 women. The gruesome murders involved cult rituals and mutilation or removal of the victims' breasts. Though Robin Gecht's associates and other witnesses implicated him in some of the deaths, investigators never had enough evidence to charge him with murder. Grand Central Sgt. Joseph Salemme said David Gecht is not believed to be the gunman in Cruz's slaying. Police have recovered a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol they believe is the murder weapon."
  • Employment by John Wayne Gacy

Serial killers

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  • Village Voice, "Secret Agent Schmuck" by Chris Thompson, 2007/10/16 - about alleged Israeli spy Juval Aviv
    • "Aviv provided his bona fides: He runs a Madison Avenue corporate-espionage firm named Interfor and had been hired to investigate some aspects of Maxwell’s complex finances. But during his investigation, Aviv had discovered explosive truths. Maxwell, Aviv said, had actually been a spy for the Russian, British, and Israeli intelligence agencies, and had paid with his life when his spymasters discovered that he’d double-crossed them. Aviv claimed to his Fox News hosts that the revelations in his book were so stunning that he’d had to novelize the tale to protect himself. If he’d told the actual truth, he hinted, he’d have been killed."
    • "Court documents allege that in 2003, Aviv signed an intelligence contract with the NXIVM Corporation, an Albany-based company that offers seminars in achieving personal and business goals, and whose devotees include heirs to some of the richest fortunes in America and Mexico. In the last few years, former members of NXIVM have come forward to claim that the company is in fact a predatory personal-growth cult that subjects its members to intensive brainwashing and requires them to swear their lives to its leader, an accused pyramid-scheme operator and self-styled genius named Keith Raniere. According to court papers, NXIVM hired Aviv to dig up dirt on someone that Raniere considered an enemy: New Jersey–based cult expert Rick Ross, a controversial figure himself who is also a frequent guest on television news programs."
    • "It had been a tough month for NXIVM. The Albany Times-Union had been running stories all year detailing the company’s compulsive secrecy, its members’ dazed expressions, the exorbitant fees for its 10-hour-long self-help “seminars,” and the demand that initiates bow whenever leader Keith Raniere walked into the room. A lengthy Forbes article depicting NXIVM as a strange, manipulative cult was about to go to press. And the family of Kristin Snyder, who had allegedly committed suicide after fleeing one of NXIVM’s 16-day “intensive” courses, was starting to raise a fuss. According to Joseph O’Hara, a local attorney who worked as a liaison between NXIVM and Aviv, Interfor was initially hired to investigate the circumstances surrounding Snyder’s death."
  • New York Post, "Nxivm head Keith Raniere aspired to infiltrate political office", 2019/05/20 - parallels what Paul Bonacci said the aim of Monarch was: "Nxivm leader Keith Raniere’s hunger for power knew no bounds — he was plotting to try to install a female lieutenant in a top political office, one of his “slave masters’’ said in Brooklyn court Monday. Lauren Salzman, a member of Raniere’s supposed elite inner circle, DOS, testified that she and her cohorts were encouraged to recruit “people of power and influence” to the group. Raniere hoped “that we might have a DOS candidate in a high-level political office,’’ she said. The candidate would have to be “highly collateralized,’’ Salzman said — meaning Raniere would have enough dirt on her to control her through threats of blackmail."

Moody AFB

  • As pointed out on the Valdosta sex ring page, Moody AFB had multiple civilian and military personnel arrested for soliciting sex with children a couple years ago
  • Mary Susan Humphrey murder - in 1980 near Valdosta GA
    • Websleuths thread on the case (pages 1, 2) - she was an Airman First Class assigned to Moody as an air traffic controller; on May 30 she went to the Grego's nightclub in Valdosta GA and left with a man to his apartment on Forrest Street in Valdosta; notes how an airman was arrested, held without bail, charged with her murder, and ultimately acquitted of all charges; one user mentions a suspect who the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) was interested, who worked as a cook at Moody AFB and was named Wade
    • Reddit post from December 2019 about the case - questions the story of Mary leaving her nightclub acquaintance's apartment to walk home given that it was 13 miles from Walker's Crossing GA where she lived; body was found in a rural area of Berrien County GA
      • MaryFrameAuthor comment on 2020/05/13: "RE: the walking home--it is believed she called someone for a ride, but they never found out who. When she was found, she was wrapped in a blanket from her apartment and she was not wearing shoes. So it would seem she did make it home and then someone came there or she left again? The investigators DID NOT SEARCH HER APARTMENT. Why? I can't tell. The whole investigation was shoddy from the get go. One of the last persons to see her alive (Justin Coleman) had influential (rich) family members and his father was an influential attorney in a neighboring county. Justin failed polygraph tests. He was a known drug dealer. The ex boyfriend who was charged and acquitted (Larry Dalton) was a non-local and the DA wanted a slam dunk case with people who weren't from the area. But people on the grand jury wanted Coleman and Caldwell (the last person to see Mary alive) to be investigated further and the DA would not do it."
      • MaryFrameAuthor comment on 2020/05/13: "The ex as in Larry Dalton, or are you talking about Wade Plunkett? He lived near Bruno at the time, testified against Larry Dalton, along with a lot more suspicious behaviors... I *think* from what I've found in the investigative files, the blanket she was wrapped in one a pink one from her apartment and not black/burgundy. From what I have in my files, they tried to DNA the blanket but it was too degraded because they did not preserve it correctly. Also—she did not have shoes on when they found her so the working theory is she made it home and left again. But who knows?"
      • MaryFrameAuthor comment on 2020/05/14: "The last man to see Mary alive was Bruno Caldwell. She was found without shoes, wrapped in a blanket from her apartment (allegedly). They think she made it home at some point and left again, but LE did not search her apartment at all or think of it as a possible murder scene and it’s not clear why. Her parents may have mentioned dirt in her bed, or a mess in her apartment, but they were too wrapped in grief to do much about it at the time. That info is from a family member and it’s hard to confirm since the crime was 40 years ago and I think memories may be tainted with time and knowledge discovered in the interim."
    • Bruno Caldwell background - a Florida college football star who later transferred to Valdosta State University; last person known to have seen Mary alive, after meeting at the Grego's nightclub in Valdosta
      • GatorSports.com, "A special night for former UF point guard", 2018/01/22: "[Bruno] Caldwell knows a thing or two about wearing an orange and blue jersey. For two seasons, from 1973-75, Caldwell was the starting point at UF, a big-time recruit from Jersey City, N.J., who spurned an offer from North Carolina to play for the Gators. Caldwell finished his college career at Valdosta State but still considers Florida his school. He’s now a Gator in enemy territory, having lived in Lexington, Ky., since 1991, where he currently works in security at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. [...] One of the highlights of Caldwell’s career came as a freshman, when he finished with 18 points and 9 assists to lead Florida to a 75-65 upset win at Kentucky on Feb. 25, 1974. “It was my first year and it was (Coach John) Lotz’s first year,” Caldwell said. [...] Caldwell was the New Jersey player of the year coming out of Crodon Hall Academy in Atlantic Highlands, N.J., having led the state in scoring his senior season. Lotz, who was Dean Smith’s lead assistant at North Carolina before taking the Florida job in 1973, had recruited Caldwell extensively the year before. [...] Unfortunately for Caldwell, he couldn’t finish what he started at Florida, leaving via transfer to Valdosta after his sophomore season."
    • Justin Coleman background - a purported drug dealer whose father was a prominent Valdosta GA attorney
      • Wilby Compton Coleman a.k.a. Wilby Coleman a.k.a. Wilby C. Coleman
        • Valdosta Today, obituary for Christopher Chappel Coleman, 2020/04/09: "Christopher Chappel Coleman, 62, passed this life on April 4, 2020. He was born September 3, 1957 to Wilby Compton Coleman and Gretchen Eberhardt Coleman, in Valdosta, GA. He leaves behind his wife Joni Coleman and three children, Christopher Coleman, Olivia (Kenyon) White, Sarah (Brandon) Spivey, and three grandchildren. Also, he leaves his father Wilby Coleman and three siblings, Compton (Glynnis) Coleman, Justin (Rosemary) Coleman, and Sallyann (Ray) Coleman King. He is preceded in death by his birth mother Gretchen Coleman, his step-mother, Gloria Mederer Coleman, and his sister, Miss Wilby Coleman."
        • Lawyers.com page for Mr. Wilby Compton Coleman of Valdosta GA - admitted to the bar in 1952 after graduating that year from the University of Georgia law school
        • Murder of Hellen Hanks by Keller Wilcox
          • Tampa Bay Times, "A 9-year-old murder haunts a quiet south Georgia town", 1981/09/20 (pages 1, 4 part one, 4 part two): "Foxy Wilcox was his usual courtly self when a visiting reporter telephoned him the other day and asked for an interview. Indeed, for a man who is charged with helping to cover up a murder his son is accused of committing, Foxy sounded pretty chipper. "Well, maybe we could get together this morning," Foxy offered. [...] FOXY AND HIS SON Keller are two of the most prominent residents of this city of about 40,000 people, and they aren't about to let something like the most sensational murder case in South Georgia's recent history keep them down. So they continue to go to their Rotary Clubs, continue to remain involved in the Boys Club, continue to operate their successful outdoor advertising business and continue to indulge their shared passions for football and fishing. "I don't have anything to be ashamed of," explains Keller, 30, a 1969 graduate of St Petersburg's Admiral Farragut Academy. [...] on Nov. 24 of last year, Blanton was steering his four-wheel drive Case tractor across a field about six miles south of downtown Valdosta. [...] Blanton's rake snagged something that definitely was not a root. [...] INSIDE THE BOX were the skeletal remains of Mrs. Hanks, who was a 35-year-old secretary and bookkeeper for the Wilcox Outdoor Advertising Co. when she mysteriously disappeared from work on Aug. 31, 1972. [...] For more than eight years, local authorities speculated that Mrs. Hanks, married and the mother of three children, had "gone off to make a new life," as the local gossips were fond of phrasing it. But her family and close friends simply weren't buying that. [...] At about 4 a.m. on July 3, Keller Wilcox was arrested at his home and charged with murdering Mrs. Hanks. Shortly after his arrest, Foxy was arrested and charged under a warrant that alleged he helped "to remove and bury the victim." [...] Two elderly men who worked for the Wilcoxes, Ed Wrentz, 78, and Lorenzo Marshall, 69, also were arrested on charges of helping to dispose of Mrs. Hanks' body. Wrentz, however, has been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony. [...] "(Keller and Foxy) are just as damn innocent as driven snow," insists Wilby C. Coleman, who not only is their attorney but is related to the Wilcox family by marriage. "The state has no evidence." LT. BILLY SELPH, a detective in the Lowndes County Sheriffs Department and one of the principal investigators assigned to the Wilcox case, counters Coleman, saying, "We've got a very good case, and that's all I'm going to say." [...] [E. K. Wilcox i.e.] Foxy's father studied law under a judge, and in 1898, ' at the age of 18, he was admitted to the Georgia Bar. As one local historian has noted, Foxy's father "was one of the most outstanding lawyers in South Georgia." Foxy's wife is a member of the Plowden family, which is another of Valdosta's most exclusive families. [...] JOHN B. LASTINGER, a local Chamber of Commerce official, coached Keller in Little League baseball and remains friends with him to this day. "To me, he is just a normal, American, red-blooded guy," Lastinger says. [...] Whether the mighty will fall remains to be seen, but as Randall Adams, a well-respected Valdosta banker and Wilcox family friend, says: [...] In fact, when Foxy was arrested, he had two airline tickets, one for Keller, one for himself, in his pocket a circumstance that he did not publicize. "What if the newspapers had known I had two tickets to Canada in my pocket, wouldn't that have made a good story?" he asks with a hearty cackle."
          • Atlanta Constitution, "Defense will fight psychiatric exam", 1981/10/11: "The prosecution has asked for a psychiatric examination for advertising executive Keller Wilcox, accused of murder in the death of Hellen Griffin Hanks, and the defense says it will fight the motion at a hearing Monday. District Attorney H. Lamar Cole, in his request late Friday for the examination, noted that "the state anticipates that the defendant may utilize at trial the defense of insanity," and the prosecution should be given its own chance to evaluate Wilcox's mental state at the time of Mrs. Hanks' murder. [...] Cole argued in his motion for the psychiatric examination that the condition of the body and other evidence in the case "suggests that Ms. Hanks was the victim of a sexually related or deviantly motivated scheme of mind." [...] "The defense is that he (Wilcox) simply didn't do it" Coleman said. "There will be no defense of insanity whatsoever." He said his client "is a walking-around, certified normal human being who is on the board of directors of the Boys Club and Chamber of Commerce.""
          • Atlanta Constitution, "Wilcox Trial To Open Monday", 1982/01/04: "Civic leader and wealthy businessman E.K. Keller Wilcox goes on trial Monday on charges he killed his secretary in 1972 and ordered two employees to bury her remains in a field. Wilcox, 30, was arrested in July 1981, almost eight months after the skeleton of Hellen Griffin Hanks was discovered in a buried box by a farmer plowing his field west of the Valdosta airport. Mrs. Hanks was 35 when she disappeared Aug. 31, 1972. She was a secretary at Wilcox Outdoor Advertising Co., a company run by Wilcox and his father, E.K "Foxy" Wilcox Sr, 73. Investigators said she left behind her purse, but there were no signs of foul play and her case was considered that of a missing person. [...] Arrests in the case shocked townsfolk in Valdosta, where the Wilcox family is prominent. The younger Wilcox, a member of the board of directors of the Valdosta Boys' Club, is also president of the Valdosta Touchdown Club. District Attorney Lamar Cole and Assistant DA Dwight May of Thomasville have a list of 75 potential witnesses in the case. The defense team of Bobby Lee Cook of Summerville and Wilby Coleman of Valdosta has also drawn a long list of possible witnesses."
          • Atlanta Constitution, "Wilcox Is Given Life In Slaying", 1982/01/15 (pages 1, 17): "It took just under two hours for the jury - eight women, four men; 10 whites, two blacks - to reach its verdict on Keller Wilcox, a handsome young businessman here and a member of an aristocratic old Valdosta family. [...] "You know, that just kills me," said Hyta Plowden Mederer, Keller Wilcox's spunky aunt who wore a fur coat to the trial, as a deputy led him off in handcuffs later. "They don't have to handle him that rough." The case has enlivened gossip in this south Georgia town ever since Mrs. Hanks, the 35-year-old mother of three children, disappeared from her job at the Wilcox family advertising business on Aug. 31, 1972. Her dismembered remains were discovered in November 1980 when a farmer's chisel plow hit a buried box - a container for the Wilcox family firm's billboard poster paper which had become her makeshift coffin. [...] [Defense lawyer Wilby] Coleman, who is married to Keller Wilcox's first cousin, said the verdict shocked him, too. "I can't conceive of how it was arrived at," he said. [...] "I just can't believe it," said Gloria Coleman, Keller's cousin and Wilby's wife. [...] [Deputy Billy] Selph said Thursday that he thought the keys found in and around the box containing Mrs. Hanks' remains had been convincing piece of evidence. Keller Wilcox had admitted on the stand that James Hanks gave him his wife's office keys the afternoon she disappeared. [...] "If he had her office keys that afternoon," asked Selph, "how could they have gotten in that box if he hadn't been there when that box was buried?""
          • Atlanta Constitution, "Wilcox Appeal Bond Denied", 1982/01/27: "Prominent advertising executive E.K. Keller Wilcox, convicted of murder in the 1972 death of his secretary and sentenced to life in prison, was denied appeal bond Tuesday. Defense attorney Wilby Coleman asked Lowndes County Superior Court Judge Roy Lilly to set bond for Wilcox pending appeal of his conviction and life sen tence for the murder of Hellen Griffin Hanks. [...] The defense called six character witnesses who testified in behalf of Wilcox. Cross-examination revealed, however, that all six were close friends of Wilcox and had always believed he was innocent of the crime."
          • Atlanta Constitution, "Keller Wilcox's murder conviction overturned", 1985/12/22 (pages 1, 9): "U.S. District Court Judge Wilbur Owens Jr. ruled there was insufficient evidence to convict Wilcox of the 1972 murder of Hellen Hanks, [...] He also held that Wilcox's right to due process was violated when police officers used threats and intimidation to coerce statements from witnesses in the case. Because of insufficient evidence, "The state is thus barred from retrying the petitioner," Owens ruled. [...] Attorney General Mike Bowers said his office will have to review the ruling before deciding whether to appeal. "We'll certainly look at it with an eye toward appeal," Bowers said. [...] Wilcox, who was 21 at the time of the crime, unsuccessfully appealed his case in the state courts before asking Owens to overturn his conviction. In a 72-page ruling issued Saturday, Owens labeled the testimony of Ed Wrentz, an elderly employee of the advertising company and the prosecution's key witness against Wilcox, as "inconsistent and at times incoherent." [...] Dorothy Edwards, a close friend of the victim, testified at the trial that Mrs. Hanks told her she had slapped Wilcox after he made a pass at her.. Another friend, Cara Adrendgo, testified that Mrs. Hanks had told her she was afraid of Wilcox and was looking for a new job. [...] Marshall gave police a statement in July 1981 in which he said that he and Wrentz, under the supervision of Wilcox and his father, loaded a mysterious box on the back of a truck and later buried it. But at Wilcox's trial, Marshall testified that he was in Albany at the time of the murder and burial. Wrentz gave police a statement, similar to the one provided by Marshall, and repeated it on the witness stand, only to testify under cross-examination that he too was out of town when the crime allegedly took place. At a hearing last July before Owens, Wrentz denied having any knowledge about the murder or burial of Mrs. Hanks. "I don't know who was involved because I wasn't there," Wrentz testified. He denied, however, that police used threats or scare tactics to get him to testify against Wilcox. "They didn't do nothing to scare me. I was just afraid," he testified at the July hearing."
          • Atlanta Constitution, "Vaidostans disagree with decision to free Wilcox in '72 slaying", 1986/01/18 (pages 1b, 6b): "Relatives of Hellen Hanks, a 1972 Valdosta slaying victim, say a ruling last month by U.S. District Judge Wilbur Owens overturning the 1982 murder conviction of prominent Valdosta businessman Keller Wilcox represents a failure in the American legal system. And one irate local resident has said in a newspaper letter to the editor that citizens will have to form vigilante groups "if they want justice done." [...] The judge's 72-page ruling, which the Wilcox family paid to have published in full earlier this month in the Valdosta Daily Times, has prompted fresh outpourings of anger among jurors in the case, law enforcement officers and family members of the victim. And Wilby Coleman, Wilcox's attorney conceded that "the community is not jubilant over the decision." [...] [James E.] Hendricks, also a juror in the case, objected in particular to a passage in Owens' ruling in which the judge held that it "insults rational thought" to convict Wilcox of murder based on the testimony of the state's key witness, Ed Wrentz. [...] "Apparently, Judge Owens is the only rational person in the state of Georgia," said Hendricks, who noted that the Georgia Supreme Court earlier upheld the murder conviction. [...] "People here have a bad taste in their mouths about the higher courts," said Charlie R. Spray, one of the investigators in the Wilcox case and now Valdosta's police chief."
          • Background of Judge Wilbur Dawson Owens Jr. - a 1972 appointee of Richard Nixon
            • Savannah Morning News, obituary for Wilbur D. Owens Jr., 2010/04/29: "Judge Wilbur D. Owens, Jr., 80, died Wednesday, April 28, 2010 after a long illness. Judge Owens was born on February 1, 1930 in Albany, Georgia to the late Wilbur Dawson Owens and Estelle McKenzie Owens. He grew up in Albany, Georgia where he began his career working odd jobs as a paper boy, a meter reader, and a peach packer. In middle school, his family moved to Miami, Florida for two years while his father volunteered as a Captain in the U.S. Army. While in Miami, he served as president of his junior high school class. He then moved back to Albany and graduated from high school at the young age of 17. Judge Owens attended Emory University and the University of Georgia, serving as both rush chairman and president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. He graduated from Georgia Law School with his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1952. Owens served in the U.S. Air Force from 1952 to 1954 at Edwards Air Force Base in California and in the Reserves from 1954 to 1968. He moved back to Albany and worked in private practice before becoming vice president and trust officer for the Bank of Albany. He was then secretary-treasurer of the Southeastern Mortgage Company from 1959 to 1962. [...] In 1962, Judge Owens and his family moved to Macon, Georgia where he became Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia , resuming private practice from 1965 to 1972 with the law firm of Bloch, Hall, Hawkins, and Owens. [...] He was chairman of the Bibb County Republican party and ran for state representative. On January 21, 1972, Owens was nominated by President Richard M. Nixon to a seat vacated by his mentor and friend, William Bootle. Judge Owens served as a judge for the Middle District of Georgia and later as the chief judge until 1995 when he assumed senior status. Judge Owens retired in January 2008."
          • Atlanta Constitution, "1982 murder conviction of Wilcox upheld", 1987/04/04: "The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday upheld the 1982 murder conviction of a Valdosta businessman accused of murdering his secretary in 1972 and burying her body in a wooden box in which it lay hidden for eight years, and ordered him returned to prison. [...] The appeals court ruled that Wrentz's testimony "was not so inherently incredible that no reasonable person would have believed his testimony and that police conduct "was not so egregious so as to constitute violation of [Wilcox's] due process rights." [...] Prosecutors contended that Wilcox strangled Mrs. Hanks because she rejected his sexual advances."
          • Valdosta Daily Times, "Wilcox confesses?", 2007/12/04: "The family of murder victim Hellen Hanks recently discovered that a letter written to the state Parole Board in 2006 by E. Keller Wilcox contains a statement of confession for the death of Hanks [...] Last week, a relative of Hanks requested information from the Office of Victim Services under the Open Records Act that involved any correspondence Wilcox may have sent to the Parole Board regarding “any admission to his original crime, any acceptance of responsibility for his crime, or any expression of remorse.” The office attached the following letter in its response to the relative: “Dear Members of the Board: I want to acknowledge and accept responsibility for the death of Helen (Hellen) Hanks on August 31, 1972. Ms. Hanks was my father’s secretary. We got into an argument and I lost my temper. I did not mean to hurt her. There was never a sexual assault or anything like that. I was scared and told my dad what happened. I was working for my dad at that time.” “I was not present when Mrs. Hanks’ body was buried in the field.” “I am deeply regretful for the pain and suffering we have caused Mrs. Hanks’ family as a result of my actions on that afternoon. All the many years since that fateful afternoon I have tried to avoid bringing shame and embarrassment to my family by not admitting my responsibility. I am now 55 years old. It has been 34 years since Mrs. Hanks’ death. Now all my family members are deceased. Had I accepted the prosecutor’s offer and admitted my guilt I would have been released from confinement many, many years ago.” “I have been a model prisoner during my 23 plus years of confinement. I have been a trustee/firefighter for the last 12 years. I want to be a productive citizen, possibly a firefighter if I am released from confinement.” “Thank you for your time considering this matter.” “E. Keller Wilcox” [...] Wilcox is being represented by former Georgia Attorney General Michael Bowers and former Dekalb County District Attorney J. Tom Morgan."
          • Valdosta Daily Times, "Convicted murderer granted return to Lowndes, Brooks", 2017/06/20: "E. Keller Wilcox was initially sentenced to life in prison for Hanks’ murder. In 2006, he confessed to the murder in a letter. In 2008, he was granted parole, despite strong protest from Hanks’ family and others in the community. Wilcox’s parole requirements, which last for life, originally stipulated that he could never set foot in Lowndes or Brooks again. Recently, Wilcox requested the State Board of Pardons and Paroles lift his banishment from the two counties. The board granted his request June 16, said Steve Hayes, communications director for the board. [...] David Hanks, who was 13 when his mother was killed, said Wilcox’s good behavior does not warrant him having access to the counties where much of Hellen’s immediate and extended family still reside. “It’s not up to his behavior as to whether it allows us to have peace in our life,” David, 58, said. “We want to have peace in our life, and that peace does not include he living near us. “I just can’t imagine my older sister walking into Walmart and there’s the killer of our mother standing there at the counter.”"
        • Wolfson and Osmus LLC bio for David M. Wolfson: "David Martin Wolfson graduated from University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in Journalism in 1977. He became a member of the Research Faculty at Georgia Tech in the Advanced Technology Department, a high-tech business incubator on Tech's campus. He remained there for several years, maintaining his position before, during, and after graduating from Woodrow Wilson College of Law and becoming licensed to practice. He practiced law with Judges B.J. Smith and Oscar Mitchell in Decatur, Georgia for three years. The first firm David joined when he moved to Valdosta was Coleman Kitchens, becoming an associate for partners William H. Kitchens and Wilby C. Coleman. David is a loving husband and father to 6 kids. He is passionate about his family, scuba diving, spear fishing, and racquetball. He serves as a member of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Search and Recovery Dive Team."
  • Shreveport Times, "3 accused of stealing Air Force vests to sell", 2005/03/30: "Three airmen have been arrested in an alleged scheme to steal 35 bulletproof vests from Moody Air Force Base and sell them to drug dealers for $100 each. Eighteen of the vests, which typically sell for up to $600, have been recovered, but others still may be on the street, Sheriff Ashley Paulk said. "You never want the bad guys to have all the tools that you've got to work with," Paulk said. Airman Todd Louis Boutte, 22, and Airman 1st Class Jared Wayne Roberts, 21, were accused of taking the vests from the base, and Airman 1st Class Brian Aubray Skelton, 22, was accused of distributed them."
  • CBS 60 Minutes, "The Pentagon's Ray Gun", 2008/03/02 (updated 2008/05/30): "Col. Kirk Hymes, head of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, is in charge of the ray gun which is being tested at Moody Air Force Base in southern Georgia. The targets at the base are people, military volunteers creating a scenario soldiers might encounter in Iraq, like angry protestors advancing on American troops, who have to choose between backing down or opening fire. Off in the distance, half a mile away, the operator of the ray gun has the crowd in his sights. Unlike the soldiers on the ground, he has no qualms about firing away because his weapon won't injure anyone. He squeezes off a blast and the first shot hits like an invisible punch. The protestors regroup and he fires again, and again. Finally they've had enough. The ray gun drives them away with no harm done. Officially called the "Active Denial System," it does penetrate the body, but just barely."
  • Dr. Millicent Black alleges that an Air Force Sergeant at Moody AFB tortured her with electromagnetic mind control technology

Brett Kimberlin

Ted Kaczynski

  • Los Angeles Times, "Defense Asks Judge to Bar Evidence in Unabomber Case", 1997/03/04
    • "Seeking to poke holes in the government's case, Kaczynski's lawyers said that documents available to the FBI provided their client with an alibi for the 1985 Sacramento bombing.

      "Specifically, bank records and information from bank officials all showed Mr. Kaczynski personally making a deposit in Helena, Mont., on the date of a Unabomb event in Sacramento," according to defense documents."
    • "Another major point made by the defense was that the government's search warrant affidavit failed to reveal that DNA testing excluded Kaczynski as the source of DNA on two Unabomb letters and probably excluded him as the source of DNA on a third letter."
  • The Atlantic, "Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber", 2000/06
    • "I first heard of the Murray experiment from Kaczynski himself. We had begun corresponding in July of 1998, a couple of months after a federal court in Sacramento sentenced him to life without possibility of parole. Kaczynski, I quickly discovered, was an indefatigable correspondent. Sometimes his letters to me came so fast that it was difficult to answer one before the next arrived. The letters were written with great humor, intelligence, and care. And, I found, he was in his own way a charming correspondent. He has apparently carried on a similarly voluminous correspondence with many others, often developing close friendships with them through the mail. Kaczynski told me that the Henry A. Murray Research Center of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, although it released some raw data about him to his attorneys, had refused to share information about the Murray team’s analysis of that data. Kaczynski hinted darkly that the Murray Center seemed to feel it had something to hide. One of his defense investigators, he said, reported that the center had told participating psychologists not to talk with his defense team."
    • "Recognizing the manifesto as Kaczynski’s writing, his brother, David, turned Kaczynski in to the FBI, which arrested him at his Montana cabin on April 3, 1996. Later that year Kaczynski was removed to California to stand trial for, among other crimes, two Unabomber murders committed in that state. On January 8, 1998, having failed to dissuade his attorneys from their intention of presenting an insanity defense, and having failed to persuade the presiding judge, Garland E. Burrell Jr., to allow him to choose a new attorney, Kaczynski asked the court for permission to represent himself. In response Burrell ordered Sally Johnson to examine Kaczynski, to determine if he was competent to direct his own defense. Johnson offered a “provisional” diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, but she concluded that Kaczynski was nevertheless competent to represent himself. Burrell refused to allow it. Faced with the prospect of a humiliating trial in which his attorneys would portray him as insane and his philosophy as the ravings of a madman, Kaczynski capitulated: in exchange for the government’s agreement not to seek the death penalty, he pleaded guilty to thirteen federal bombing offenses that killed three men and seriously injured two others, and acknowledged responsibility for sixteen bombings from 1978 to 1995. On May 4, 1998, he was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole."
  • Snowshoe Documentaries, Filmmakers notebook #92: "THE UNABOMBER: HE WASN’T PARANOID, HE WAS CONSPIRED AGAINST", 2006/05/01
  • Rigorous Intuition thread on "Ted and the CIA" by David Kaczynski (pages 1, ...)
  • CBS, "Unabomber Decoded: Did Harvard Study Fuel Rage?", 2010/11/09: "At 17, author Alston Chase says Kaczynski signed up for a psychological experiment lead by Dr. Henry Murray. "He goes to Harvard," says Chase, "and his disappointments begin." Murray was well known by the CIA and worked with the OSS during World War II training spies to withstand intense interrogations. "He (Murray) went back to Harvard and got a series of grants," says Chase, "You could say that he was simply continuing on what he had done for the OSS.... at Harvard." [...] "He included psychologists… as people who were the enemy," says Chase. I wrote Kaczynski a letter asking about his Philosophy. Kaczynski wrote back, saying his book Technological Slavery will probably answer your questions. The book left me with more. Kaczynski writes that in 1962 he became hostile towards technology. That's the same year the Murray study ended. When I wrote back asking about that I didn't hear from him again."
  • Psychology Today, "Harvard's Experiment on the Unabomber, Class of '62" by Jonathan D Moreno Ph.D, 2012/05/25
    • "For all the reporting about the 50th anniversary reunion dustup, an odd twist to the Harvard Unabomber story has not been mentioned: During Kaczynski’s sophomore year at Harvard, in 1959, he was recruited for a psychological experiment that, unbeknownst to him, would last three years. The experiment involved psychological torment and humiliation, a story I include in my book Mind Wars: Brain Research and the Military in the 21st Century."
    • "The man who conducted the humiliation experiment was the brilliant and complex Harvard psychologist Henry A. Murray. Though his fame has diminished since his death, Murray was among the most important scientists of his day, the pioneer of personality tests that are now a routine part of industrial management and psychological assessments. It is not too much to say that contemporary psychology would be far different without his contributions. (Full disclosure: Murray was a close friend and colleague of my father's, but we knew nothing of this experiment.)

      Henry Murray was a native New York blue blood who became a Boston Brahmin. He attended the finest schools, Groton and Harvard, and earned an M.D. from Columbia and a doctorate in biochemistry from Cambridge University. He dropped medicine and natural science for psychology after reading Carl Jung, publishing a landmark work in 1938 called Explorations in Personality. Before World War II, the U.S. government asked him to do a psychological profile of Hitler, and during the war he helped the Office of Strategic Services (later to become the CIA) to assess its agents. In the 1950s, Murray’s personality test, the thematic apperception test, or TAT, was used to screen Harvard students."
    • "In yet another odd twist that shows why history is stranger than fiction, while Kaczynski was undergoing those humiliation experiments a young Harvard researcher named Timothy Leary was beginning his research career on psychedelics. In 1960 Leary returned from a vacation in Mexico with a suitcase full of magic mushrooms. Murray himself is said to have supervised psychoactive drug experiments, including Leary’s. According to Alston Chase, author of Harvard and the Unabomber, Leary called Murray “the wizard of personality assessment who, as OSS chief psychologist, had monitored military experiments on brainwashing and sodium amytal interrogation.”"
  • Zodiac Killer allegations

Branch Davidians

  • Books
    • Sinister Twilight by Ron Cole (1994)
    • Cracking the Coverup by Amo Paul Bishop Roden (1994)
    • The Davidian Massacre: Disturbing Questions About Waco That Must Be Answered by Carol Moore (1995)
    • The Ashes of Waco: An Investigation by Dick J. Reavis (1995)
    • Memories of the Branch Davidians: The Autobiography of David Koresh's Mother by Bonnie Haldeman (2007)
    • Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: The Secret Lives of Timothy McVeigh by Wendy S. Painting, PhD (2016)
    • Waco Untold: How David Koresh Stole the Identity of The Branch Davidians by Douglas Francis Mitchell (2018)
  • Documentaries
  • Articles
  • Government documents
  • Paul D. Wilcher letter on 1993/05/21 to Attorney General Janet Reno a.k.a. the Wilcher report (parts 1, 2, 3) - claims that "David Koresh had an extensive CIA background" and was a "sleeper" who "had been subjected to extensive CIA "mind control" training and programming"; alleges that "Waco is a major center for such CIA "mind control" experimentation and programming -- with much of this activity occurring at the CIA’s Leadership Management Institute (LMI) in Waco"; names Salt Lake City UT, Provo UT, Logan UT, Boise ID, and San Francisco CA (ed. note: the Utah and Idaho locations are evocative of the Ted Bundy case) as other locations of similar CIA-sponsored cults; implicates the Delta Force (ed. note: confirmed years later to have indeed been at Mount Carmel during the final assault on April 19, 1993) as sending in operatives to kill Koresh and the 6 other "sleepers" within the Davidians, before setting the fires that burned down Mount Carmel
    • Rayelan Russbacher, "Operation Open Eyes - 5 Steps To Create Manchurian Candidate", 1999/06/07 (copy at İstihbarat blog, "MK ULTRA PROJECT : US Military Mind Control – OPERATION OPEN EYES", 2015/09/27) - has excerpts from the report
      • "The Davidian group was created to perform a terrorist acts similar to the sarin gas that was released in the Japanese subway by the Aum Shin Riko cult."
      • "Randy Weaver, of the Ruby Ridge incident, was a control subject that ended up "out of control." (RMNews: Russbacher never gave further information on this.)"
      • "Russbacher introduced Wilcher to members of his SEAL team. These men and others are the government employees who gave Paul Wilcher the information he put into the 100 page letter he wrote to Attorney General Janet Reno. In the letter he explained, as well as he could, various government mind control experiments. He felt he had to give Reno the background on mind control operations in the Waco area so she could fully understand what was really going on at the Branch Davidian compound.

        Wilcher was told that something had gone wrong at Waco. The "sleepers" were waking up from their programming. Not only were they waking up, one or more of them had been accidently "triggered". The Waco "Sleepers" were programmed to make and deliver, a biological or chemical device that could kill everyone in a city the size of Oklahoma City or Houston. Information received by their "handlers" stated that the program had been accidently triggered and the 7 "Sleepers" had started building the device."
    • Rayelan Russbacher, "Exerpts of The Wilcher Report - The Truth About Waco", 1999/09/05
      • "(RMNews--Paul Wilcher was not told about the mission the Waco "sleepers" had been prepared to carry out. Gunther Russbacher, Wilcher's primary source for the information contained in "The Wilcher Report", wrote an outline from memory of the chemical device the "sleepers" were constructing and alluded to how and where it would have been used. [...]"
      • "(RMNews Wilcher was not told that the "sleepers" had "accidently been triggered" and they were building a chemical device which they were planning on using on Oklahoma City. The "sleepers" had been programmed many years before. In the ensuing time, it was discovered that the wind currents in Oklahoma City would have dispersed the chemical so that it would have been rendered ineffective. In other words, it would not have killed the massive number of people that needed to be killed to send a message to the American people. The chemical device, which the 7 "sleepers" were in the process of constructing, could have killed up to 350,000 people. (Which ever agency or department was in control of the "sleepers" and this project, made the determination that Houston would be a better target than Oklahoma City, in other words, more people would have been killed. The seven "sleepers" had not yet been "recalled" and reprogrammed with the new instructions such as dates and locations.)"
      • "[...] (According to CIA operative Gunther Russbacher, there was another message being sent. Russbacher once stated that Randy Weaver was also a programmed "sleeper". Russbacher indicated that Vickie Weaver had somehow "deactivated" Randy's programming. Russbacher seemed to imply that the attack on Ruby Ridge was intended to send a message not only to the Patriot community, but to all "sleepers" from the special forces community. Some of these "sleepers" realized they had been programed, and were trying to find the "sleeper" program and deactivate it. Russbacher said this was happening in some of the men who had been programmed during the Viet Nam War. [...]"
    • Rumor Mill News website info on their founders Gunther Russbacher and Rayelan Allan Russbacher
    • Wilcher background and death
  • Unnerstall fax - sent on 1993/07/09; includes a write-up by Gunther Russbacher about the programming of "sleepers" within the Davidians, the biowar device that they were allegedly building, and the Delta Force operation to take them out
    • "Discussions with William Sessions
      Do Not Publish Names

      Quid Pro Quo

      1. Safety for entire D.F.G. team if they come forward Re: Waco.

      2. [REDACTED] station chief in St. Louis, was primary facilitator of group.

      3. [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] are missing since 7/3/93 last sighting Wash. D.C.

      4. Information: The purpose of the Waco raid was to target and remove seven "sleepers" (MK-Ultra) who refused to adhere to ASA and DIA standards. Sleeper were programed by Dr. Chong Sun Kim of the Stone Mountain facility.

      5. Waco compound members had almost completed assembly of a nerve gas toxin device massive/large enough in quantity content to target and destroy all organic life in a 400 square mile area. A city the size of Oklahoma City was intended. However, Houston, TX., was designated a principal target. Denver had been considered along with Salt Lake City, but the mountainous area precludes accurate dispersion measurements and cannot be calculated as to speed of cross dissipation. Method of dispersal was propeller craft with running air speed of no more then 60 miles per hour. Max. cross seeding to be done at 2500 feet for East-West axis, with 2000 feet for North-South axis.

      6. The device in Waco was within very few hours of completion. Order to go in was not made by Executive Branch!!! Orders assumed "Code Actual" when the infiltrator ASA agent residing within the complex stated "Code Blue". At that time our man Dan McGuire was pulled out; ATF had men in place (inside) up until two days before siege began.

      7. Reno spoke to Adm. [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] about a D.G.F. insertion. Reno acted as if she knew nothing about the real problem—the device!


      1. Material for the device was appropriated through A/F 1324-B. The nitrate component was acquired from Ft. Devens, MA.; the volatility stabilizers were brought, via truck, from Ft. Mead, MD. All raw and processed material was provided from military stores. The gravity fuse detonators were acquired from Carswell USAF, Ft. Worth, TX.

      2. Transport personnel was found from AAA services: a subsidiary of Snelling of St. Paul, MN. There were 2 ATF officers from Galveston in the compound as the shipments arrived.

      3. Technical assistance in handling and construction were flown in to Dallas from Dover, Delaware. The techs were ASA and USA Chem. Corps personnel.
      A. Robert Becker
      B. Charles Whitehead
      C. Stanley Brownfeld
      D. Ngo Den Phung (ARVN old timer)
      E. Pearl Lance
      F. Dorothy Palmer


      1. Molten metal fused to Kitchen appliances—65KG, of sulfur/zinc volatile mass. It did not ignite past prima stage!!! The cerebro neuro toxins of the C-2 nerve gas propellant ignited under a stress measure of .25 pnd/PSI, causing neuro-toxins to incinerate at 0 level. Immediate reports were unavailable for 11 hours (according to media because it was too hot to enter) due to unresolved neuro-toxic density at 0 level (entire first in squad wore toxic suits and double masks). Total recovered mass at incineration site — 125 pounds +/-. Numerous base mineral clusters were found fused to small ordnances. That means: the device was in 5 parts, kept in separate munitions bunkers (level 2 & 3). The mineral/gaseous mass found at ground 0 were massed to various kitchen appliances and indicate that the compound of the mass was jellied! (color believed to have ranged from green to dark olive green—prior to incineration). Incineration occurred through the introduction of 80/90 MM 20 pound glycerine canisters which held a flash point of 175 F to accelerate the focused flash point. A C-2/4 tear gas (canister from) was inserted via 90MM Bradley barrels into the ripped structure to facilitate ignition. A combination of Oxygen and dimethyl alcohol was injected into the structure at intervals. Ignition occurred electronically; ignition for secondaries was delivered via mercury acid fuses located at canister base.

      DFG removed themselves from acute perimeter by donning ATF blue jackets and baseball caps. DGF blended with ingoing ATF as they meandered back to their command vehicle. The amount of lives saved at ground 0 = 7.

      Inserted team terminated 12 by projectile to the base of skull or forehead. 10 minutes before incineration commenced.

      End of report.


      Wm. Sessions is in possession of most of the Wilcher transcripts. We are negotiating for the quid pro quo."
    • Contact (The Phoenix Project) Vol. 2 No. 3, "Striking Revelations On Waco, Wilcher & Juries", 1993/07/13
    • Ch.11 of Candlelight by Gyeorgos C. Hatonn (1993)
    • Rumor Mill News article by Rayelan on "Operation Clydesdale"
      • "[...] Gunther had once told me that strong love and a belief in God were about the only things that could derail programming. He made this statement while he was talking about the reason Vickie Weaver was targeted. She had discovered this fact about mind control. Randy Weaver had been in special operations, as such, he had been subjected to mind control."
      • "1. To the best of my knowledge, Operation Clydes Dale -- (After Gunther typed Operation Clydesdale and mailed it to me, he told me that he misspelled Clydes Dale. In CIA covert Operations, an umbrella operation always is two words. In official CIA files, the real name of Operation Clydesdale is; Operation Clydes Dale -- two words, not one.) -- Clydes Dales started in the early 80's as a Special Operations Group to identify, track down, and exterminate the pedophiles who were kidnaping children from the streets of NYC and using them to make pedophile porn films. Some of the children were killed in snuff films, some were sold into white slavery, others were programmed and used in projects similar to Project Monarch. All were tortured in satanic rituals."
      • "2. Rudolph Guiliani, not William Sessions, was the man Gunther Russbacher reported to. Guilani was the United States Attorney for the NYC area at the time. He worked closely with Division 5 of the FBI, the counterterrorism unit to which Gunther was attached at the time. At the time, Gunther worked directly under the man who was in charge of all Special Operations Groups. At the time I was married to Gunther, that man was General Hugh Shelton. Gunther told me there were 4,000 people in his, Gunther’s, down line."
      • "3. The insertion into Eastern Bloc countries, which is described in Operation Clydesdale, was made in 1983. At that time, William Casey was the head of the CIA, William Webster, the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) who I met in 1990, was still the Director of the FBI. William Sessions replaced him as the Director of the FBI in 1987. I do not know where William Sessions was or what he was doing at the time Operation Clydesdale took place."
      • "7. Origins of Operation Clydesdale: Operation Clydesdale had been in operation since the early 80's and maybe as soon as the late 70's. It started out as 900 sex phone lines. It graduated to porn catalogs and soft porn films.

        One of the film makers who was involved with Operation Clydesdale lived in Arkansas. His wife was a girlfriend of Bill Clinton’s. She told Clinton she was pregnant with his child. She threatened him in some way. Gunther was not specific as to how. Clinton ordered a hit on her. She and her husband burned to death in their mansion."
      • "8. Re: William Sessions -- The reason he did not stop the Waco Massacre is because he was under house arrest at the time. If he had tried to do something, he and his family would have been killed. I was on the telephone with Alice Sessions and Gunther in December of 1993. At that time Alice told us that she and Bill were "still just trying to stay alive."

        William Sessions had been on the City Council in Waco. He knew he could just go to Waco and end everything with no bloodshed. He was NOT allowed to do this. He was ordered by the President to STAY in Washington.

        To the best of my knowledge, Sessions had NO meaningful conversations with Janet Reno or Bill Clinton during the Waco seige. He was kept OUT OF THE WACO LOOP by President Clinton."
      • "10. Waco was a center for CIA mind control research. Sessions was probably involved in it. Sessions probably knew that the Davidian Church was part of a CIA mind control experiment. Sessions also knew that the whole thing could have been settled with little or no bloodshed and loss of life.

        Wilcher did not know that the Davidians had a device that could be used to kill hundreds of thousands of people. Sessions probably knew this. However, burning to death all the women and children who had nothing to do with the mind control operation does not make sense unless there is more information that was never released to Paul or to me.

        It is possible that the women and children were contaminated with the poison during the assault on the 19th. If they had been released, their presence would have killed their rescuers and alerted the world as to what was really going on at Waco. This would have blown the lid completely off all government mind control programs such as Operation Open Eyes, the mind control operation behind the current school killings. SIGHTINGS Click on this link to read: Operation Open Eyes, Five Easy Steps to Create A Manchurian Candidate.

        It is also possible that more was going on in the Waco Church than Gunther and the Delta Force Group knew about. There was a laboratory underground. This is the lab that the FBI said was making methamphetamine. What if this lab was creating biologicals. What if the Davidian compound had created a way to make people into walking biological time bombs? There is more to Waco than will ever be known unless one of the people involved tells the whole truth. Unfortunately, these people are being killed off one by one."
      • "11. The connection between Waco and Operation Clydesdale is tenuous at best. Clydesdale was an operation to kill pedophiles who were kidnaping and killing children after subjecting them to unbelievable torture, satanic rituals and sexual degradation. Some of the children who were not killed in snuff films were sold into white slavery.

        Some of the children of torture developed multiple personalities. These children were kept alive and programmed as sex slaves similar to the ones spoken about in Project Monarch. The fact that both Waco and Clydesdale deal with mind control does not mean that they were linked."
    • Project Albatross page on classic CIA operations
    • Sherman de Brosse, "A Pilot's Claims about t he October Surprise and Iran-Contra", 2011/01/18
      • "Captain Russbacher wrote that there were seven sleepers in the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, but he did not think their programming was sufficient that they could be triggered to carry out any specific actions. Dr. Chomg Sun Kim of the Stone Mountain facility had programmed them. The Davidian Group had been created with the intention of using it to carry out terrorist actions. [...]"
  • Leadership Management Institute (LMI) background
    • lmi-hr.com website
      • About LMI, Inc.
        • "Based on the philosophies of founder Paul J. Meyer, LMI has been instilling the value and importance of leadership to our clients for over 60 years. With an operational network that now spans 70 countries, LMI is one of the most successful and recognized people development organizations in the world."
        • "At a young age, Paul J. Meyer became enamoured with the process of goal setting as it relates to personal growth and achievement. As he got older and experimented with different ideas and gained new knowledge, Meyer applied his techniques to his own sales career – and became a millionaire by the age of 27.

          Convinced that anybody – no matter where they came from or what their social standing – could achieve a lifetime of success, Paul formed the Success Motivation Institute, a company dedicated to helping people realize their full potential.

          Meyer would go on to found various other organizations, including The Paul & Jane Meyer Family Foundation, Leadership Management International. With written and recorded training materials maintained in 24 different languages and counting, LMI has grown into a worldwide leader in the professional development industry. Meyer is the author of several books and co-authored “Know, Can, Do.” with Ken Blanchard."
      • Worldwide Client List - includes ACS, Alltel, American Airlines, Bank of America, the California Army National Guard, Capital One, Celestial Seasonings, the Central Intelligence Agency, TODO finish list
    • LMI National Client List from 2007 - signed by president David Byrd of Leadership Management, Inc.; linked website is www.lmi-usa.com which now redirects to lmi-world.com; clients include the Central Intelligence Agency, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Union Carbide, General Dynamics, Fairchild Industries, Abbott Laboratories, Microsoft, Monsanto, Merck, Novartis, AstraZeneca, the Johnson Space Center, Argonne National Laboratory, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Texas Hospital Association, the Center for Disease Control, Montgomery County Women's Center in Texas, TODO finish list
    • lmi-world.com website
      • Our Founder: "Between the ages of 13 and 18, Paul set national records for selling magazines and picking prunes; earned Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America; and broke physical fitness records in the Army. When he was 19, Paul set insurance sales records; at 22, he became the youngest member of the Million Dollar Round Table; and at 27, he became a millionaire.

        Meyer continued to ride the wave of his early successes. Fueled by a vivid imagination, a burning desire to achieve excellence, and the steadfast belief that he could inspire and motivate people, Meyer developed a vision for the future. More than 50 years ago, Paul breathed life into his vision, and Success Motivation® International (SMI®) was born. Focusing on a sole purpose — “Motivating people to their full potential® — SMI got its start in a rented repair shop and grew to become the market leader in its industry. This flagship organization gained global renown and earned Meyer a reputation as the pioneer of the personal development industry.

        In 1966, Meyer broadened his vision by founding Leadership Motivation Inc. which would eventually become Leadership Management® International (LMI®). Expanding on the formula behind SMI’s success, LMI set out on a new mission, “Developing leaders and organizations to their full potential™.” Since then, Paul started or acquired more than 70 other companies … many of which are still in operation today."
    • Paul J. Meyer background
      • "THE LEGACY" section on his website
        • ...
        • Industry Pioneer
          • "At this critical time, Paul met frequently with his pastor in Florida, Dr. Bill Hinson. Encouraging Paul as he sought new direction for his life and career, Bill told Paul, “You are happiest when you are helping people reach their goals in life. Why don’t you start a company with that as its purpose?” That simple question and concise expression of Paul’s desires and dreams crystalized all the ideas and plans that had been churning in his mind. Through these conversations, Paul discovered God’s calling on his life: to help others realize their potential, that they may find God’s calling on their lives.

            As Paul knew little about the communications industry, Dr. Hinson put him in touch with Jarrell McCracken, of Waco, Texas. Jarrell’s company, called Word, Inc., (now known as Word Records) which published and marketed religious recordings. Paul soon joined Word and led its sales department to an increase of 1,000 percent in sales. With the experience and knowledge he gained, Paul felt ready to launch out on his own dream to help people learn to use more of their God-given potential. In 1960, Paul embarked on his new venture, founding Success Motivation Institute, Inc."
          • "Through SMI, Paul set out to help people, using his own distinct brand of creativity and innovation. Understanding that retention increased when consumers could hear content, rather than just read it, Paul became the first to condense self-improvement books and put them onto 12” LP records, and thereby revolutionizing the personal development industry. This development allowed for “spaced repetition,” a learning technique that allowed for greater retention and success in applying the content on each recording. Paul impressed upon his customers the need for listening to the content of the recordings six times in order to successfully apply its teachings to their lives. His creative and innovative tools, like the Plan of Action, Wheel of Life, and the Million Dollar Success Plan formed the basic concepts for the programs he produced through SMI.

            Paul’s vision to provide practical, full-length courses to help people achieve their goals has been far-reaching. That flagship company has grown into a globe-spanning group of businesses with 28 full-length programs on goal setting, leadership, time management, and other topics related to personal effectiveness and professional achievement. A natural complement to his flagship enterprise, Paul also created LMI, Leadership Management International, a corporate leadership training program that expanded upon the principles of SMI. Sales of these programs are approaching $3 billion worldwide – more than any other author, present or past – in more than 70 countries and 27 languages."
        • ...
    • Claims by Gunther Russbacher
      • Rayelan Allan Russbacher, "The Day I Met The King of The World": "Gunther said he taught this Super form of NLP to CIA operatives at a school for Operatives in Waco, Texas in the early 60's. The school was called The Life Management Institute, LMI. William Sessions, the former Director of the FBI was a councilman in Waco at the time."
      • Rayelan Russbacher, "TEXAS MIND CONTROL linked to serial murderers (HENRY LEE LUCAS)? Psyops as Shock Doctrine?", 2000
        • "One of the things Gunther Russbacher told me while he and I were married was that he had gone through the CIA assassin school at a camp outside of Phoenix, AZ. The training camp was called Center Point. Gunther was very young when he went through this training -- possibly as young as 17... maybe even younger. He was born in 1942, which would make the time he went through Center Point around 1959 -- maybe a few years earlier or later.

          Gunther said that one of his team mates was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush, a man who would later become a Congressman, the Director of the CIA, Ambassador to China, President of the United States and father of the current candidate for president of the United States. (This article was posted in 2000)

          When Gunther told me the story of their training, he was telling the story because because something had reminded him of one of the funny things that happened. Evidently he and George were in a small boat in the middle of a swamp or lake (I don't know what country or state the swamp or lake was in). It was the type of swamp or lake that had many dead tree trunks sticking up."
        • "Gunther also told me about the Life Management Institute (LMI) which is located in Waco, TX. In the early 60's, Gunther was an instructor at this institute. What did they do there? They taught various forms of mind control. Who were some of the students? David Koresh and Mark Phillips. Former FBI Director William Sessions was a member of the Waco City Council during the years that LMI was at it height."
      • Sherman de Brosse, "A Pilot's Claims about t he October Surprise and Iran-Contra", 2011/01/18
        • "Gunther claimed to have taught mind control at the Life Management Institute outside Waco in the early 60s. He said Mark Phillips and David Koresh were students there. Interestingly, he claims that Charles Keating and William Sessions ran an operation against pedophiles out of the LMI. Elsewhere, Gunther called this Operation Cyclone. It was shut down when it began to threaten prominent people."
  • David Koresh early life and background
    • Washington Post, "THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE WACO 'MESSIAH'", 1993/05/09
      • "Vernon Wayne Howell was born in Houston on Aug. 17, 1959, to Bonnie Clark, a 14-year-old, unmarried high-school dropout. His father, Bobby Wayne Howell, soon married another woman.

        Shortly after Vernon's birth, Bonnie married a man who had just been released from prison, according to family members who remember him as an abusive man who beat both his wife and her infant son. Bonnie managed for nearly 18 months, then asked her mother, Erline Clark, for help.

        Erline took in her grandson, then quickly had two more children of her own -- a daughter, Sharon, then a son, Kenneth. With Vernon -- technically their nephew -- they became a noisy trio in the Clark home, almost siblings."
      • "When Vernon was 5, Bonnie, who had divorced her first husband, married Roy Haldeman, and they took her son back to live with them in Dallas. Haldeman, David Koresh later claimed, administered physical discipline. "When I used to act up? When I had a bad report card? Can you imagine? We got our tails whomped," Koresh told an Australian television crew last year.

        In a recent interview, Haldeman denied that Vernon grew up in an abusive household. "We had our normal problems. . . . We got along okay," Haldeman said.

        Sharon, his mother's young sister, said there were many happy visits with the Haldemans, but they usually ended sadly, with Vernon begging to come home with "Momma." Sharon said her most enduring memory of this time was looking out the car window as they drove away and seeing Vernon on his bicycle, peddling furiously after the Clarks, tears streaming down his face."
      • "[Regarding the time he went back to live with his grandparents starting at age 14] Sharon and the others remember this as a happy, stable time in Vernon's life. It ended, Erline Clark said, when her husband objected to Vernon's continued presence and he was sent back to his mother and Haldeman in Dallas.

        Both his mother and grandmother were practicing Seventh-Day Adventists, and Howell's early life was steeped in Bible study and governed by strict moral codes that applied the Ten Commandments literally and banned smoking, drinking and fornication. But he had problems with formal instruction. When he was 16, Vernon left public school and went to the church-run Dallas Junior Academy. He dropped out in the 10th grade. One family member said he became fascinated with the Bible during this period but had always listened to preachers on the radio.

        The family is reluctant to discuss what happened at the school, but Erline Clark said she was told that Vernon got into a dispute with a teacher and was feuding with his parents. Sharon recalled that "he was having a lot of trouble at home with Bonnie and Roy," and "Bonnie had to take him out of school there." Back he came to the Clarks, who by now had moved to the picturesque rural town of Chandler."
      • "His sexual education had begun early, an example set by his mother and Sharon, his surrogate little sister, who married a soldier at 14. Years later, Vernon told women the story of an older girl who attempted to have sex with him when he was 6 and of the time when a group of older boys tried to rape him in a barn."
      • "Erline Clark suggested that Howell's later sexual involvement with the young girls at the Waco compound whom he called "wives" ought to be viewed in the context of the prevailing sexual mores of rural East Texas. "The youngest girl that had a baby {at the Branch Davidian compound} was 14 years old," she said. "He never raped anybody in his life. . . . They grow up faster.""
      • "[Vernon's girlfriend, when he was 18, Debbie] Owens said the most striking thing about Vernon was the effect he had on younger boys, such as Kenneth, then in his early teens, and others who, she said, "idolized him." Guitarist Grant Cook, who sometimes practiced with Howell and later became a professional musician, said the same: Vernon always was hanging out with much younger boys."
      • "[After reconnecting with his father] Whatever happiness Vernon found in this reunion, he was devastated by the breakup of his love affair in Dallas [with a girl whom he got pregnant while also dating Owens]. When the girl's father refused to allow him to marry his pregnant lover, Howell returned to live in Chandler and, with Sharon, began going to the Tyler Seventh-Day Adventist Church."
      • "From the first day he walked into a midweek prayer meeting, said Bob Bockmann, now an elder in the Tyler church, Howell commanded attention. If his discussions of Scripture were sometimes obscure, it was still nice to have a young man who was serious about the Bible."
      • "In a church with strict moral values, the reformed Howell suddenly became everyone's judge, especially when it came to the conduct of women. He told at least one father that his daughter was "wearing what he thought was immodest dress," Bockmann said. "He became very strait-laced."

        Adding to the tension was the fact that Howell seemed able to command the rapt attention of younger members. He would stand in a corner and "all-encompass them," said deacon Hardy Tapp's wife, Annette, "and just totally take over the conversation.""
      • "And whatever his feelings of sexual guilt, he used the church to develop relationships with women, both platonic and sexual. "He alluded that he was attracted to me," recalled Bockmann's wife, Maggie, who was much older than Vernon.

        She said he would speak to her for hours about his childhood, often tearfully recounting physical abuse. Once, she said, he showed her a pattern of burn scars on one leg that he said were caused when he was forced to kneel on a heat register."
      • "His younger aunt, Sharon, said she believes that this period was the last, best chance for anyone to have interrupted Vernon Howell's transformation into David Koresh. His life might have turned out differently, she said, had Howell not been captivated by a powerful series of revival meetings sponsored by the church.

        They were called Revelation Seminars and were conducted by evangelist Jim Gilley of Arlington, Tex. They featured dramatic, even frightening, images in a multimedia portrayal of Armageddon. Gilley, who still presents his "Prophesy Panorama" in the United States and abroad, is a rousing speaker and his video representation of the Apocalypse as foretold in the Book of Revelation -- featuring earthquakes, pestilence and religious persecutions -- was combined with a video of current events that seemed to point toward the imminent millennium."
      • ""Vernon said that even Mr. Gilley had a piece of the puzzle missing," she said. The missing piece, Howell told her in earnest, was the Seventh Seal, something that could be opened only by a new prophet. The Seven Seals, as described in the Book of Revelation, bind a scroll held in God's right hand that prophesizes the calamities that precede the Apocalypse.

        Sharon said Vernon was convinced that it was time "to have a new prophet and a new light" in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and that he was quite possibly that person.

        Vernon tried hard to bring his message to the Tyler congregation, but by that point, they had had their fill of him. Following his formal rejection from the church, he took a high-speed turn into the insular world of the Branch Davidians, a group formed 60 years ago by a man named Victor Houteff, another disaffected Seventh-Day Adventist who quit the church after becoming convinced that he was a prophet. Since then, the Branch Davidians always had had a prophet living in their midst, someone who could convey the "message.""
      • "At the camp meetings, Howell's natural gift for empathy and public speaking served him well. "He would have a lot of people surrounding him," [his uncle] Kenneth said, so much so that the revival organizers sometimes had police ask him to leave."
    • PBS Frontline, "BIOGRAPHY: David Koresh" (from "Waco: The Inside Story"): "David Koresh was born Vernon Wayne Howell in Houston, Texas in 1959 to a 15-year old single mother. He never knew his father and was raised by his grandparents.

      In his late night conversations with FBI agents during the siege, Koresh described his childhood as lonely. He said the other kids teased him and called him "Vernie." He was dyslexic, a bad student, and dropped out of high school. However, he had musical ability and a strong interest in the Bible. By 12, he had memorized large tracts of it.

      When he was 20, Koresh turned to the Church of Seventh Day Adventists, his mother's church. But he was expelled for being a bad influence on the young people. Sometime during the next couple of years, Koresh went to Hollywood to become a rock star but nothing came of it. Instead, in 1981 he went to Waco, Texas where he joined the Branch Davidians, a religious sect which in 1935 had settled 10 miles outside of Waco. At one time, it had more than 1,400 members.

      Koresh had an affair with then-prophetess Lois Roden who was in her late sixties. The two travelled to Israel together. When Lois Roden died, a power struggle began between Koresh and Lois Roden's son George. For a short time, Koresh retreated with his followers to eastern Texas. But in late 1987 he returned to Mount Carmel in camouflage with seven male followers, armed with five .223 caliber semiautomatic assault rifles, two .22 caliber rifles, two 12-gauge shotguns and nearly 400 rounds of ammunition. During the gunfight, Roden was shot in the chest and hands."
    • CBS News, ""I've kept my story secret for the last 25 years -- I didn't want to take this to my grave"", 2018/04/14
      • "In 1981, while in his early 20s, David Koresh left his family's hometown in Tyler, Texas, after a religious scandal.

        Lee Hancock: He decided that the preacher's daughter had been given to him by God and wanted to have sex with her.

        Koresh sought refuge with the Branch Davidians, a reclusive group of Christians living in Waco, Texas. Since the 1920s, they'd practiced a Bible-based back to basics form of Christianity.

        Lee Hancock: This was the place where they were going to find eternal salvation. They were on a path to heaven.

        Koresh briefly took an exit off that path, heading to California to try his luck in the music business. But it didn't work out. Instead, he found his stardom in the pulpit, where his commanding preaching style began attracting followers."
    • Episode 2 (Children of God) of Waco: American Apocalypse (2023)
      • Quoting Koresh's first girlfriend Linda Marie Campion: "He smoked pot once in a while. Didn't seek any confrontations with law enforcement. In 1979, he had a nervous breakdown. Tremors, convulsions of extremities, under a lot of stress spiritually, and he started having visual and audio hallucinations, primarily at night. And these hallucinations were thinking he was talking to God."
      • "Lee: David Koresh was the child of a teen mom. His stepfather was a convict, a thief. The story was that he was subject to sеxual abuse by older boys. And so, after he dropped out in middle school, a lady who had befriended him was talking to him one day, and he was asking where he could find people who could help open the Bible up. And the lady said, "Well, you know, there's this group of people over in Waco, where they had been since the '30s, called the Branch Davidian." And when he came, people who were there at Mount Carmel said, you know, he was this sort of goofy guy. He was a carpenter. He wasn't very bright. He wasn't very attractive."
    • Background of stepfather Roy Haldeman
      • Find A Grave memorial for CPL Roy Winfield Haldeman - born 1928/09/20 in Plano TX; died 2001/08/31 in Chandler TX; served in the US Army in Korea
      • Colorado County Citizen, "Tip: Barbituates, Gun Costs Man $300 in Fines", 1963/01/03: "A tip from an unidentified source to sheriff's department officers here last Thursday and the confiscation of a bottle of barbituates. Roy W. Haldeman, 34, of Houston pleaded guilty in county court to charges of possessing the pills and was fined $200 and also to carrying a pistol and was fined $100. The charge of-possessing barbituates against James Lewi McNeal was dismissed. Officers said they stopped the men as they were driving through Columbus. They said Haldeman said both the barbituates and gun belonged to him, absolving McNeal of blame."
    • Government experimentation on Seventh-day Adventist members - worth asking if Koresh had been caught up in such an operation in his youth
  • Power struggle with George Roden
    • Amo Paul Bishop Roden, "An Honest Church History": "In 1977, Ben's wife Lois saw a vision of shimmering angels which showed her that the Holy Spirit was female. She subsequently discovered that the original languages of the Bible indicated the Holy Spirit's femininity as did numerous Bible texts. Ben Roden accepted Lois' message before he died in 1978. Ben died at the age of 76. This is young for a clean living vegetarian. Many Branch Davidians believe he was also poisoned.

      Ben's son and vice-president, George assumed the leadership and tried to force the church to go to Israel. The congregation asked Lois, the spiritual leader, to take over the church and she did, obtaining a permanent injunction in the 19th District Court barring George from claiming the presidency.

      George moved to California. Vernon Howell aka David Koresh joined the church. In 1987 George showed me a sworn and witnessed statement by David Jones. Jones said he saw Vernon Howell (David Koresh's birth name) light the fire that destroyed the church's administration building and printing press in 1983, crippling its worldwide ministry.

      About that time, Howell began a relationship with Lois Roden, 40 years his senior, which resulted in marriage. Howell used that marriage to humiliate Lois Roden and destroy her organization just as she was becoming a featured speaker at Christian conferences. There are clues that suggest that a rape began Howell's conquest of Lois Roden. George Roden believed it and sued Howell over it in Federal Court. My own experiences with undercover Feds. incline me to this view. There is no doubt in my mind that Howell aka Koresh was paid well to take down the Branch Davidian Church.

      In 1984, George returned to the church property, called a church election and won convincingly. Koresh took his followers to Palestine, Texas. Early in 1985, George evicted his mother's executive council. They joined Koresh.

      Lois Roden forsook her wrenching marriage to Koresh quickly. In her defense, Koresh took the $800 gold chain she gave him as they wed and gave it to 14 year old Rachel Jones the same night while Rachel's father, Perry Jones, performed a wedding between Koresh and Rachel. At Koresh's request, Perry Jones, an ordained Branch Davidian minister, recorded the marriage with the State the next day. In November 1986, Lois Roden died. She had circled the globe three times preaching, and published "Shekinah" magazine and dozens of tracts. Eye witness Teresa Moore swears Lois was poisoned.

      Almost a year after Lois died, Oct. 21, 1987, I married George by contract. A week later Koresh used most of Lois Roden's executive council to appoint him president. Executive council appointment is specifically forbidden by the church law, so Koresh knew George would protest. Koresh brought 7 followers, 3000 rounds and semi-automatic rifles onto the church property on Nov. 3, 1987 and opened fire on George. George was wounded in the hand and the chest during the shootout."
    • WTTG archive video of a 1987 news story on Koresh and the shootout with Roden - at 0:32, the interviewer asks Koresh about Roden's claim that Koresh is a "warlock" with an upside-down cross on his chest and a history of studying satanism; Koresh denies ever being a satanist, but talks about being a musician who sought Christ before reaching "the end of my rope", and then recounts getting a cross from a dime store which he was melting with a candle before it fell on his chest (ed. note: this is clearly a ludicrous explanation, and given him prefacing the story with his musician career but not otherwise linking that to his actions, it's worth asking if Koresh was about to say he fell into a satanic subculture in the rock world but then changed course mid-story)
    • Texas 10th Court of Appeals, no. 10-94-309-CV: George B. Roden, et al. v. Janet Kendrick, et al., opinion, 1995/08/23: "Considering the history relevant to this appeal, in 1984 Roden, according to his pleadings, called for a presidential election and won with a majority of the votes. At and before this time, Roden and another member of the group, Vernon Howell, were vying for supremacy within the organization. When Roden gained control over Mt. Carmel in 1984, Howell moved himself and a number of "followers" to a camp somewhere near Palestine, Texas. In 1988, Howell and several of his followers returned to Mt. Carmel and, after a gun battle, forced Roden off the land."
    • 1987 shootout at Mount Carmel - for which Koresh and his followers were unsuccessfully prosecuted by El-Hadi Shabazz under DA Vic Feazell
      • New York Times, "Warning of Violence Was Unheeded After Cult Leader's Gun Battle in '87", 1993/03/10: "On the morning of Nov. 3, 1987, he and seven of his followers, dressed in camouflage uniforms and combat boots, with charcoal smeared under their eyes and armed with military-style rifles and shotguns, crawled onto the sect's property east of here. Their objective seemed to be to retake the land that Mr. Koresh had left three years earlier in a dispute with the sect's leader, although Mr. Koresh and the others said they were trying to uncover evidence of illegal activity by the leader. There was an exchange of gunfire that lasted for several minutes and left the leader, George Roden, slightly wounded, and Mr. Koresh ultimately in control of the property and the sect. [...] [In 1984] Mr. Koresh had left the Waco compound, which the cult members call Mount Carmel, with virtually all of Mr. Roden's followers. The group went to the East Texas town of Palestine, where without a base or resources, they lived for a time like hobos in wooden shacks. Mr. Roden seethed over Mr. Koresh's influence on the several dozen members of the sect who had followed him. And in 1987, he challenged Mr. Koresh to a ghoulish contest: whoever could bring back the dead deserved to be the true leader. [...] Mr. Roden dug up a coffin from the cemetery on the sect's grounds. Inside was the skeleton of a woman, identified in news reports at the time as that of Ana Hughes, who had died 20 years earlier. Mr. Roden put the coffin in the cult's chapel and three times tried to resurrect the woman with prayers. Mr. Koresh did not take up the challenge. Instead, he searched for laws that Mr. Roden might be breaking. Finally, he reported to the McLennan County sheriff's office that Mr. Roden was engaging in corpse abuse. The authorities told him to get evidence, like a photograph. So Mr. Koresh staged his raid. Oddly, he and his seven companions neglected take a camera along, one prosecutor said, but they did take the guns, and camouflage gear used for deer hunting, which had been purchased at the local Kmart."
      • Ch.2 ("In the Beginning: Historical Context of the Raid") of Cary R.W. Voss Ph.D., "SURRENDERING TO PROPER AUTHORITY: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Negotiations Between the Branch Davidians and Federal Law Enforcement", 1998
      • Andrew Michael Pedrotti, "On Trial: The Branch Davidians of Waco Texas 1987-1993", 2017
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "8 arrested in connection with Rodenville shooting", 1987/11/04: "Sheriff's deputies responded to the shooting at 3:36 p.m., a sheriff's department spokesman said. The nine sheriff's united were assisted by two Department of Public Safety units. "We got a report of a shooting, came out here ... and we began gathering people up," McLennan County Sheriff's Capt. Dan Weyenberg said. A sheriff's department spokesman said the eight men were in McLennan County Jail charged with attempted murder. Bond was set at $50,000 each by Justice of the Peace Alan Mayfield. Deputies seized an arsenal of more than 12 weapons, including a machine gun, .357 Magnums, semi-automatic rifles, and loads of ammunition, Weyenberg said, adding that, "I don't think you can take a patrol out in Vietnam with that much ammo." [...] A man who approached reporters at the scene an identified himself as Perry Jones, secretary of the Executive Council of the Branch Davidians, claimed that Roden had taken over the 77-acre area from Jones and his wife and other families, by force in 1985. [...] Donald Williams, a maintenance man working for Roden, said that during the shooting he heard someone say "you better not be shooting at anyone but George. Don't shoot the other guy." Gunfire exchange between Roden and the eight men took place for about 45 minutes until sheriff's deputies arrived, Williams said. At that point deputies got out of their vehicles, "disarmed Roden and myself first, and ordered the other eight to drop their weapons," Williams said. Each family in Rodenville received threatening letters earlier in the week, stamped restricted delivery, and signed by Vernon Howell, William said. [...] Roden said he thinks the eight men are terrorists and connected with the Palestine Liberation Organization. Roden said he asked for protection from the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Attorney General's office. "They just told me to wear bulletproof vests," he said."
      • Kerrville Times, "Armed Men Invade Farm In 'Holy War'", 1987/11/05: "Authorities are struggling to figure out why eight heavily armed men invaded a farm belonging to an offshoot religious organization and launched a raging gunbattle. [...] A peace justice set bond of $50,000 each on Vernon Wayne Howell, 28, Floyd Leon Houtman, 55, Peter James Hipsman, 22, Gregory Allen Summers, 22, James Loye Riddle, 27, Paul Gordon Fatta, 29, and Stanley Carl Sylvia, 49, all of Palestine; and David Michael Jones, 33, of Waco. The 77-acre tract near Elk has been the subject of litigation of one kind or another for more than two decades. Tuesday's shootout appeared to be an effort to have George Roden, president and a trustee of the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, ousted from the site, investigators said. [...] A splinter of the Branch Davidians that set up shop near Palestine sent what Roden called a "threatening letter" to everyone living on the tract last week. The letter advised residents that Roden had been removed as trustee of the Branch Davidians and that Howell had replaced him. The letter, which included a notarized document filed with the county clerk's office in Waco, labeled Roden "just a trespasser" and asked residents to send any tithes or rents due the church to Howell in Palestine. "When they sent that letter out, I knew they were coming," Roden told the Waco Tribune-Herald. "They sent an article removing me as trustee, now they've come to finish the job and remove me from the land." Roden said that the men came to kill him, and managed to wound him in his gun hand, but that he and another resident of the farm managed to pin down the advancing gunmen with fire until sheriffs deputies arrived. Roden was treated for powder burns and a wound in the hand at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. [...] Perry Jones, a spokesman for the Palestine group, said the eight men had been trying to get pictures of the bones of a deceased follower so that the sheriffs department could take action against Roden for corpse abuse and evict him from the land. Roden admitted that he has had a corpse lying in a church at the farm. [...] Roden is living at Rodenville in violation of a restraining order issued by 19th State District Judge Bill Logue, Jones said. His group was forcibly evicted in 1985, he said. "That injunction has never been released," said Jones, a vice-president in the Palestine sect. "The only reason we're not there now is because he took over at gunpoint. ... We were run off and kept off by force of arms." The eight men were armed because of that incident and because of Roden's reputation, Jones said."
      • Longview News-Journal, "Jurors indict 54 in camp storming", 1987/11/25: "McLennan County grand jurors on Tuesday issued attempted murder and conspiracy indictments against eight men who stormed a religious encampment northeast of Waco this month. Charged with attempted murder and criminal conspiracy were Paul Gordon Fatta, 29; Stanley Carl Sylvia, 49; Gregory Allen Summers, 22; James Loye Riddle, 27; David Michael Jones, 33; Peter James Hipsman, 22; Vernon Wayne Howell, 28; and Floyd Leon Houtman, 55, all of Palestine. The men were arrested Nov. 3 after they stormed the headquarters of a religious organization about 10 miles northeast of Waco, which now is called Rodenville."
      • El Paso Herald-Post, "Judge weighs dismissal of shooting indictments", 1988/01/23: "A state district Judge Friday took under advisement a motion to dismiss indictments against eight members of a splinter religious group accused of attempted murder. [...] Judge George Allen took the motion by defense attorney Gary Coker of Waco under advisement but warned prosecutors that legal wording of the indictments is suspect. Coker claims the two-paragraph indictments charging the group with attempted murder and criminal conspiracy fail to allege they attempted to kill Roden, only that they shot at him. Allen said he would rule on the mental competency of George Roden if he is called to testify against the eight men charged with attempting to kill him. Led by prophet-leader Vernon Wayne Howell, 28, the group was chased from its former home near Waco at gunpoint two years ago by Roden, a rival prophet, and established temporary operations at Palestine in Anderson County. [...] The group, which recently paid about $68,000 in back taxes on the land near Elk, 10 miles northeast of Waco, claim that Roden is living on the property in violation of a restraining order issued in 1960 by 19th State District Judge Bill Logue. Allen set a March 28 trial date in the case. [...] Coker accompanied his pretrial motions with copies of expletive-filled legal petition that Roden has filed with the Texas Supreme Court and Waco’s 10th Court of Appeals in which he tells the justices he hopes God infects them with herpes, AIDS and the "seven last plagues." Allen told the attorneys he is aware of Roden’s reputation and is familiar with the vulgarities in the petitions Coker offered."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Lawman: group tried to deceive — Defendants allegedly manipulated officers", 1988/04/14: "Members of the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists tried to manipulate the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department into helping them reclaim the land that George Roden kicked them off of in 1985, Lt. Elijah Dickerson said Wednesday. Dickerson, testifying in the second day of the attempted murder trial of eight defendants accused of trying to murder Roden, told jurors that Wayne Martin, legal counsel for the religious splinter group, once said about the disputed land, “We’ll get it any way we can.” [...] Dickerson testified Wednesday that members of Howell’s group accused Roden, who claims to be the son of Christ, with corpse abuse just days before the shootout. They showed Dickerson a photograph of an Israeli flag draped over a casket. “They said he had dug up the grave of a member, a lady with one arm missing, and had the body in the church and was trying to raise it from the dead,” Dickerson said. “They had not seen it, but that was what they had heard.” [...] Dickerson testified he told church members that the sheriff’s department needed a photograph of the corpse. “Has the sheriff’s office ever condoned anyone dressed up in camouflage fatigues and armed with high-powered rifles going out and getting evidence?” Shabazz asked in follow-up questioning. “No sir,” Dickerson said."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Prosecutors don’t call Roden to testify", 1988/04/16: "Followers of Vernon Howell, 28, one of the eight defendants and a man many members of the Branch Davidians consider a prophet, had tucked away their Bibles and their children in anticipation of Roden’s testimony, but El-Haji Shabazz and Denise Wilkerson rested their case without calling him. “We felt we had proved our case beyond a reasonable doubt and his testimony wasn’t necessary,” Wilkerson said. [...] “I know why he wouldn’t testify,” Howell said during a recess. “He had 15-20 years of bad reputation built up before I even came along in 1981. Everyone who has been young and wanted to help, he’s run off. How? George communicated. Sign language, you know.” [...] When the trial resumed, Coker called several church members, most of whom lived at Mount Carmel Center until 1985, when Roden ran them off in a dispute over the 77 acres near Elk, 12 miles northeast of Waco. [...] [Edna Doyle] testified that Roden often wore a gun strapped to his side while on the pulpit of the church at Mount Carmel Center. He was not their minister, Doyle said, adding that members never considered him a prophet. Shabazz asked Doyle if she and other followers of Howell would do whatever he asked because they considered him a prophet. “Because we believe God directs him, yes,” Doyle said."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Casket may be evidence: Roden could be called to testify", 1988/04/19: "On Monday, Wayne Martin, a Branch Davidian who is an attorney licensed in Pennsylvania but not in Texas, testified that the Branch Davidians had tried several means to remove Roden from the 77 acres near Elk they now call the Mount Carmel Center. Martin told Coker that attorneys Lyndon Olson and Herbert Bristow had refused to help them enforce a 1979 injunction barring Roden from selling or holding possession of the land. The attorneys refused, Martin said, because they were afraid Roden would sue them. “When George Roden brings litigation, he sues everything but the doorknobs on the courthouse,” Martin said. Church members also tried unsuccessfully to get a tax lien on the Mount Carmel Center by paying $68,000 in back taxes. Shabazz asked Perry Jones, a long-time church official, how the Branch Davidians could “barely” be making it at Palestine — where they live in cardboard houses — but could pay back taxes and buy $3,000 worth of guns."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Roden enters court; corpse remains outside", 1988/04/21: "Roden, wearing pullover shirt and sporting a Moses-like beard, fascinated a packed court with rambling narratives on his life and faith. He started quickly when Coker asked him what he did for a living. “I have a charitable organization. I’m a minister. I’m a presidential candidate. I’m a truck driver,” Roden said. “I guess I’m a Jack-of-all-trades.” He insisted he had a right to be at the 77 acres near Elk that he calls Rodenville and the Branch Davidians call Mount Carmel Center on Nov. 3, 1987, the day of a shootout between himself and eight Branch Davidians. [...] Later, Coker asked Roden if he tried to resurrect the body of Anna Hughes. “I attempted three times, yes,” Roden said. [...] Howell testified in the afternoon. He said Roden shot at him several times as he was running for cover near the house of Don Williams, who was staying with Roden. [...] Under intense questioning by Shabazz, Howell said he fired several shots at a tree Roden was hiding behind. Kneeling with the assault rifle he had fired, Howell reenacted his actions. “I went pow, pow, pow,” Howell said, his voice rising. “I saw George go like that (shaking his hand).” Howell said he was not trying to shoot Roden, who suffered a hand wound."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Jury still out on 8 accused of murder plot on Roden", 1988/04/22
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Jury at deadlock in Roden shootout", 1988/04/23
    • Legality of control
      • Waco Citizen, "Court Decides Church Leader", 1979/06/19: "A civil case being heard in 19th District Court with Judge Bill Logue presiding between members of The Branch of the Seventh Day Adventist living near Elk was settled Friday morning. The case began Monday morning and testimony continued through Thursday afternoon. The jury took only 15 minutes to determine who was the actual president of the association. Friction had developed between Lois Roden, widow of Ben Roden, former prophet of the Branch and their son George Roden, who said he was the president and’or King of the Branch. The by-laws of the association revealed that a woman could not be chosen the leader. [...] Roden was the only witness to appear in his behalf. Other members of the Branch testified that Lois was the prophet and should be considered the president of the Branch. The president of the group will have the right to sell the 77 acres belonging to the association located near Elk and will also have control of all the other assets of the association. The jury found Mrs. Lois Roden to be the prophet and the queen of the Branch of the Seventh Day Adventists. Lyndon Olson, Sr., represented Mrs. Roden and John Cabiness represented George Roden."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "8 arrested in connection with Rodenville shooting", 1987/11/04: "Roden, Jones said, lived on the property illegally in violation of a court order from 19th State District Court Judge Bill Logue. "Perry Jones came to see me a couple of weeks ago and that was the first time I had seen him in a couple of years ... I visited with Jones and an attorney briefly and we mostly reminisced" Logue said Tuesday night. "This law suit over the ownership of that land started in 1966, 21 years ago ... A couple of years ago, I held that only a portion of the land was exempt," Logue said. "Other than that," Logue said, "I put George under a restraining order years ago when he was after his mother." At the time, Lois Roden, George Roden's mother, was being represented by Lyndon Olson, he added." - did Judge Logue discuss the restraining order with Jones, and if so, why didn't Koresh's group subsequently undertake a specific effort to get the order enforced?
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Lawman: group tried to deceive — Defendants allegedly manipulated officers", 1988/04/14: "Testimony ended with both sides arguing whether Roden had the right to be on the 77 acres on the day of the shootout. Coker successfully offered into evidence the 1979 injunction by Judge Bill Logue of the 19th District Court ordering Roden not to set foot on the land."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Prosecutors don’t call Roden to testify", 1988/04/16: "Howell and his followers reclaimed the land after Roden was jailed, on the strength of a 1979 injunction by Judge Bill Logue of the 19th State District Court ordering Roden not to set foot on the land. The suit was filed by Lois Roden. Clive Doyle, a printer for the religious group, said Roden sought to lead the Branch Davidians after his father’s death. His mother took over instead."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Casket may be evidence: Roden could be called to testify", 1988/04/19: "Martin told Coker that attorneys Lyndon Olson and Herbert Bristow had refused to help them enforce a 1979 injunction barring Roden from selling or holding possession of the land. The attorneys refused, Martin said, because they were afraid Roden would sue them." - is this testimony truthful? It feels somewhat strange that they gave up after asking just two attorneys, and didn't ask law enforcement to enforce the injunction either. Plus, how likely is it that a lawyer as prominent as Olson (see below) would be afraid of Roden?
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Roden enters court; corpse remains outside", 1988/04/21: "Although a 1979 court order issued by State District Judge Bill Logue bars Roden from “holding possession” of any Branch Davidian property, Roden argued that the injunction did not say he couldn’t be on the land."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Jury at deadlock in Roden shootout", 1988/04/23: "Roden claimed the property in 1984 and drove most of the Branch Davidians off. When Roden was given a six-month recently for writing legal motions threatening to have God inflict herpes and acquired immune deficiency syndrome on judges, the Branch Davidians reclaimed the property, changing its name from Rodenville to Mount Carmel Center, its original name. A 1979 injunction filed by State District Judge Bill Logue ordered Roden not to sell the property or take possession of it."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Roden faces chance for more jail at contempt of court hearing", 1988/09/16: "Waco attorney Gary Coker will seek to prove in McLennan County’s 19th District Court that Roden violated a 1979 court order forbidding him from staying on 77 acres near Elk, now known as New Mount Carmel Center. Coker is representing members of the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists — who are led by Vernon Howell, a minister/musician who members say is their prophet. Members of the group say Roden ran them off the disputed property at gunpoint. They reclaimed it after U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith of Waco sentenced Roden to six months in jail on March 22 for filing legal motions that threatened to have God sic herpes and acquired immune deficiency syndrome on judges. [...] The Branch Davidians argue that Lois Roden, who died in 1987, left the property near Axtell to her church, not her son. [...] Roden’s hearing comes five days before he’s scheduled to be released from the McLennan County Jail. Coker said the Branch Davidians fear for their safety and believe another jail sentence is needed to teach Roden a lesson. “The members want to teach him that he can’t point guns at people. They want to teach him that you can’t violate a restraining order and nothing happens to you. That’s what has happened in the past though.”"
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "District judge throws out Roden’s leadership lawsuit", 1989/01/28: "A Waco judge on Friday threw out a civil lawsuit filed by George Roden against members of the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists in a dispute over the leadership of the group and ownership of a religious encampment near Elk. [...] Martin said the suit filed by Roden was similar to a suit resolved in 1979, when 19th State District Judge Bill Logue placed Roden under an order not to refer to himself as the leader of the religious organization or to live on the land. Roden was released from McLennan County Jail at the end of December, after serving two consecutive contempt of court sentences. In March, U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr. jailed Roden for six month for filing expletive-filled legal motions. In September, visiting Judge Byron McClellan sentenced Roden to 90 days in jail after finding that he violated Logue’s 1979 orders by living on the disputed property, once called Rodenville and now known as the New Mount Carmel Center."
      • From part 2 of the "Sinful Messiah" series: "[Lois] Roden died in 1986. In a will later invalidated, she left Mount Carmel, the Branch Davidians' longtime home 10 miles east of Waco, near the Elk community, to her son, George. But she left him little else."
      • p.20-21 of FBI negotiation tape #36 (3/4/93): "DAVID: Okay, well, what happened was, is it was really kind of funny. So then, I'm down in Palestine where we had to purchase a property down there because of all the people that originally were, had bequeathments and second tie rights for the property here, we had to re-locate them because George had, had ran them all off with a semi-automatic Uzi. When his mother, who was the director at that time, tried to talk to the people to give her time to work with them, they, in Christian faith, you know, went ahead and didn't enact a restraining order against him, 'cause he had a restraining order against him since 1978, which, in allowing him to come back on the property, that violated the rights to enforce the restraining order."
      • Amo Paul Bishop Roden, "An Honest Church History": "In January of 1989, Judge Derwood Johnson dismissed our lawsuit by Summary Judgment, denying a jury. I had filed Howell's claim on the church presidency and trusteeship and the church law that forbid it. The judge ignored me. I took the case all the way to the US Supreme Court, but every level of the courts refused to hear it. Small wonder! There is no precedent for 10% of a church with a different religious message to get a church property. Every established principle of law and common law forbid Koresh's continuing to hold the church property.

        To summarize the guiding principles once more: 1) where there is a mother church, those who cling to her teachings deserve the church property; 2) where there is no mother church, those who adhere to the founding principles of the church should get the property; 3) where there are accepted leaders before the schism, those who remain faithful to the original leadership should get the property.

        First, the Koreshites did not adhere to the founding principles of the church, but changed a non-violent family values church to an armed communal church, where all the women belonged to Koresh. Their faction was less than 10% of the church. George Roden was president as successor to his father, anointed by his mother and by church election. Howell / Koresh was president by virtue of the appointment of Lois Roden's defunct executive council in violation of church law which likens an executive council to a presidential cabinet and specifically says the executive council can't appoint a president.

        George Roden was named a trustee on the deed. Howell's first act as president was to dismiss George as trustee and appoint himself. Like his presidency, this should have had no legal force."
    • Lyndon Olson Sr. background
      • Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey Funeral Home obituary for Lyndon Lowell Olson, Sr.: "Lyndon Lowell Olson, Sr. passed away at his home on Tuesday, December 20, 2005. [...] He was born on January 22, 1925 in Waco to Col. Ernest Andreas Olson and Beth Fuller Olson. Lyn attended Waco Public Schools and graduated from Waco High School in 1942, where he participated in athletics. Lyn and his brother, Bill, were Eagle Scouts in Troop 21 at Central Presbyterian Church. In the 1950's Lyn reestablished this same troop and served as the Scout Master. For one year after high school he attended John Tarlton Military Institute. He entered the United States Army shortly after his 18th birthday and served for three and a half years on active duty. He continued his service in the Army Reserve until 1954, at which time he had attained the rank of Captain. After the war Lyn returned to Waco and resumed his education at Baylor University graduating from Baylor Law School in 1950. Shortly after graduation he was employed by the legal department of the City of Waco. At the age of 27, Lyn became the City Attorney and served from 1951 to 1955. He was City Attorney during the time of the Waco tornado in 1953. Lyn engaged in the private practice of law for 55 years, joining the firm of Bryan, Maxwell, Wilson and Olson as a partner. Over time, this firm evolved into Olson and Olson, where he was in partnership with son, Charles. He was Of Counsel with the Law Firm of Haley & Olson at the time of his death. Lyn was the incorporating attorney for the City of Bellmead and served as its city attorney for over 50 years. Widely respected as a lawyer and civic leader, he served as chairman of the Brazos River Authority, and president of the Waco School Board, Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, and the Waco McLennan County Bar Association. He was also a member of the board for the Salvation Army. Lyn was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and was active in the Scottish Rite bodies for 50 years. As an infant Lyn was baptized at Central Presbyterian Church in Waco, where he was an active member for his entire life. He taught the Men's Sunday School Class for 46 years following his grandfather, father and brother in this responsibility. He was also the chairman of the Board of Deacons, the Board of Trustees and a Ruling Elder. Lyn found great joy in spending time at the family ranch, known to many as the Old YMCA Camp, located on the North Bosque River near Valley Mills, Texas."
      • Background of his son Lyndon Olson Jr. - from 1979 to 1987 was the Chairman of the Texas State Board of Insurance; from 1990 to 1998 worked for Citigroup; from 1998 to 2001 was the Ambassador to Sweden during the last 4 years of the Clinton Administration
        • LinkedIn page for Lyndon Lowell Olson, Jr. - education at Baylor University; from 1990/08 to 1997/10 was president and CEO of Travelers Insurance Holdings; from 1997/10 to 2001/09 was Ambassador of the United States of America to the Kingdom of Sweden; from 2006/09 to present was chairman of the board of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; also listed as presently being at Hill and Knowlton (the former company of Robert Keith Gray)
        • Facebook social media presence
    • Gary Coker background and involvement
      • Oral Memoirs of Gary J. Coker Jr. by Rebekah Ann Crowe on 2003/11/20 (audio recording)
        • "Crowe Okay. So when did you come into personal contact with any members of the group?

          Coker In probably ’86 or 7. I was contacted by several members, maybe — this was probably in ’87 — contacted by several members who’d been recommended by a friend of mine who was handling a tax dispute, really against George Roden. And he had recommended that David Koresh or someone in the congregation see me about straightening it out. And apparently I had — Mr. Olsen had mentioned my name also. Charles Olsen, whose father had represented various factors — represented the Rodens for a number of years. But I think that’s how they came to see me." (p.2)
        • "And again, I don’t know exactly how — I had had a very brief, previous contact with them, although they had not hired me. But I got a call in November — practically the next day or very shortly thereafter, after the raid and the gunfight that occurred out there in late ’87, I got a call from them. I guess Vernon Howell — I did not know him then so I didn’t take much account of the name. In any case, I set up meetings with several of them and someone came and hired me. Mr. Fatta, I think, is actually the one who paid me the down payment to represent them on the criminal basis." (p.3)
        • "And there was a fair amount of controversy in ’87, after the — I call it the raid, or after the gunfiglit in November of ’87. (Recording volume increases) There was a national, primetime type, instant news — Maury Povich or someone did it. I don’t really remember what it was. But it wasn’t anything like the furor that was in ’93. And, in any matter, we proceeded. I filed various motions as this case went along, and then, all of a sudden, actually, before I filed the motions, almost at the first opportunity — maybe December, this — they indicted Vernon Howell and six or seven more. And I’ve forgotten now whether I call it — there were eight or seven, however many. I can’t remember all of them. But I was very surprised because it was literally a district attorney’s office in complete disarray. Die first assistant was Deanna Fitzgerald, who I had known, and she was the first assistant after several others had left. People were abandoning the office. Feazell, Vic Feazell, either was under indictment himself or was about to be under indictment for dismissing cases. And here, I get indicted; my clients get indicted on this silly case, which I thought was pretty silly, and I was amazed. Dumbfounded.

          Two assistants handled the case for the district attorneys. One was a — purported to be black Muslim who was about six-foot-four, had a mail-order Filipino bride, and had a bald, shaved head. And his name was Shabazz or at least at one point he’d been a black Muslim. His original name was — and he was a black man. His original name was — his real name was something else. It was not Shabazz, s-h-a-b-a-z-z. And I had not had any great amount of dealings with him, but suddenly he’s in charge of this case. And he dragged some younger female along with him named Denise Wilkerson who was — I didn’t really see until the time of trial. And we had some pre-trial hearings." (p.5)
        • "We had — since we had, I think, eight defendants, there were like a 160 total strikes. So there were like a 175 jurors called and they completely were in the aisles in the fifty-fourth court. There wasn’t really enough room for them all. And we selected a jury- — we got three blacks, we got one Jewish woman who — I don’t have any idea why they let her on the jury. She had known George Roden. He had disturbed a Jewish ceremony in the years past. She knew him and apparently didn’t care for him. And they let her on the jury. I mean, they didn’t strike her — I didn’t strike her. And then there was just a various numbers of — I believe most of the rest of file jury was white. I don’t know if there were any Latinos on there, Asians or any other races, but I remember three blacks and the Jewish woman, who I thought was our best juror — the Jewish woman." (p.9) - arguably, the fact that the prosecutors let a woman with a preexisting bias against Roden onto the jury shows that they were trying to lose the case
        • "At the day of trial we had a stroke of luck because George had been put in custody just the week — several days before. And I don’t know how this happened, and I didn’t have anything to do with it. But either the day of trial or the day before trial, there appeared on the front page of the Waco paper, Parnell and Mike McNamara, the deputy U.S. Marshals in their big white hats, leading George Roden in an orange McLennan County prison suit down the front steps of the federal courthouse. And that was in color in the front page. And I got a brainstorm from that. Before I selected the jury — I don’t know if it was the very day, or two or three days before — a very7 short period of time prior to the trial selection. I cut that picture out, put it on a clipboard, and when it was my turn to question the jury7 in what we call voir dire, the jury — I got that picture, put it out in front of me where really no one could see it but the jurors — I couldn’t see it — and I said, “Does anyone know this man?” And I think Mrs. Marcus, who was the Jewish juror, may have raised her hand. Maybe she didn’t. I paraded that for about thirty to forty seconds around the jury and everyone had to see that — and I identified him as George Roden. And here he was being led down — their main witness being led down the steps of the federal courthouse under arrest. So, shortly thereafter, everybody knew about George Roden." (p.10)
        • "Finally, I think it was like Thursday of the second week, testimony was through and the judge — the jury went after arguments and, believe me, the arguments of Mr. Shabazz were directed. He talked like an old Negro preacher. Because apparently he had been, at one point, exposed to the — he was a Baptist and exposed — grew up in Detroit but from southern black roots. And he knew how to reach the less educated black and there were three black men on the jury and he preached to them. He ignored everybody else. Jury came back — jury went out after hearing and they took quite a while. Finally, after a number of hours, they had a note that said, Well, we have deadlocked on one, but we have agreed on the others. The judge brought them back in, he read their note. He said, “Well, you can deliver” — and just as that was happening, the three blacks were in, like, the second row, bottom row, and there was a guy with a beard — I don’t recall his name — white guy with a beard. And he was looking — he got my attention — he was waving his eyes and moving — jerking his head trying to get my attention. I looked at him and this was when the jury was sitting there and the judge was — and he was pointing to the three blacks (laughs). And I’m going, What does that mean?

          And I got an idea when the jury, when they started reading the verdicts. Jimmy Riddle: not guilty. All the others — everybody but Vernon Howell: not guilty. So, I was elated, but I was mystified. And then the judge said, “Well, I’m going to put you back in to deliberate” — after that happened, I don’t really recall. But if the jury did deliberate any more they couldn’t reach a decision. It was stuck, nine to three. The three blacks for guilty, and the nine whites for acquittal of Vernon Howell. That’s how it ended up after almost two weeks. And Shabazz was trying to — apparently, put the three blacks on there for the sole purpose of — he didn’t cut the three blacks; he knew I wouldn’t cut them — for the sole purpose of trying to preach to them and get them to go the way of the state just because of him, which I thought was highly improper. Shabazz has been disbarred, as I understand, by the way. No longer practices in this state.

          And it didn’t work. Because eventually, the district attorney’s office dismissed Vernon Howell’s case. It wasn’t an acquittal, but they wouldn’t retry him anymore. There wasn’t any interest in the case anymore. And it was a pretty big publicity deal at the time. I subsequently picked up — after I filed some motions, I subsequently picked up all their guns, this was six months later, and took them out to them. And I remember, I asked Vernon, I said, “Vernon, why don’t you just let me have one of those .223s?” And he wouldn’t do it. One of them even said, Why don’t you let him have it? I just wanted a souvenir. He said, “No, no, no. We might need those,” was what he said, or something to that effect. And that was probably in early ’89. Almost a year — over a year after — the weapons had been in custody at the sheriff s office for almost a year before they were returned. But I remember. I put them all — loaded them all into a vehicle and took them all out there to them. [...]" (p.11-12)
        • "Oh, interesting aside. After the verdicts were in, before the final one was dismissed, but shortly after the jury returned — this is probably in April of — because I remember, it was a cold, rainy night. I wouldn’t figure we’d get cold, rainy nights here in May, but this must have been in April of ’88. The Davidians had rented, off of North Nineteenth Street, an old bar or something and had turned it into a place of worship. Of course, they didn’t serve alcohol there because they basically didn’t drink. Turned out later that David Koresh, aka Vernon Howell, decided that he could drink but they did not drink. In fact, they basically didn’t — they followed the kosher diet and most of them didn’t even eat meat at all. A few of them did. They didn’t use pork products; they couldn’t use some of the toothpaste because it had lard in it or something. But they had a party for the jurors. I’m about through.

          Crowe That’s fine, I was just —

          Coker They had a party for the jurors at this old bar. They had — I remembered today. They had nonalcoholic beer and vegetarian pizza. Whoopee. And they had a concert, and David Koresh sang — or Vernon Howell. And they sang and had a bunch of recording equipment and amplified equipment — sang their Christian songs. And all the jurors — there were six, seven, or eight jurors there. The blacks did not attend and Mrs. Marcus did not attend — the Jewish lady who I have sort of known over the years.

          And the fellow told me what happened, this bearded fellow. He said, “You saw me pointing at those blacks,” and I said, “Yeah, what did that all mean?” He said, “They're the ones that wanted to find Vernon Howell guilty. We all, the whites and the Jewish lady” — she’s white too — “they all wanted to find him not guilty.” And I said, “What’s the deal with the blacks?” We have a black defendant and a black lawyer helping me — assisting, who’s going in and out of the — I said, “I don’t understand how — ” He said, “You just don’t understand how powerful that preacher was. They’d do anything for that guy.” I said, “You mean they’d find somebody guilty they didn’t think was guilty just because they had a black guy who was preaching at them over there?” I [He]said, “Yes.” “Well, what happened? How did you — ” He said, “We tricked them.” I said, “What do you mean?” Said, “We got together, and we huddled and we just tricked them.” “What’d you do?” Said, “We promised them that we would find David Koresh guilty,” — or Vernon Howell — “Vernon Howell guilty if they would acquit the other seven. And then when they brought — when we returned the verdicts of not guilty we knew they couldn’t undo those. Once they were returned, the blacks couldn’t stand up and say, ‘Hey wait that’s’ — and then we refused to find Vernon Howell guilty. And those blacks were really mad about it. We explained to them that there just wasn’t any evidence. That — it was anything but self-defense. And it was in self-defense.”

          Who knows who fired first? We’ll never know. It’s kind of like what happened in ’93. Who fired the first shot? I don’t know. This time, the invading force was the Branch Davidians — in ’87, the invading force was the Branch Davidians. But who fired first, we don’t know. That’s all I can think of —" (p.14-15)
        • "Coker My — this is completely extemporaneous and I had no notes. I’ve done this before but not in a complete vein. I’ll talk to people or they’ll ask me, What did you do in the war, Daddy? And I’ll say, “Well, I wasn’t in the war, but I was a lawyer for the Branch Davidians.” (Laughter) But — they were strange folks. Still are, I guess. I still see them occasionally but not — very little contact with them since I did — my role in ’93 was a role — I represented a bunch of the witnesses in their criminal cases and the witnesses were all incarcerated in ’93 by the Feds initially. Some of them were even charged with crimes and they came to see me. And their only lawyer was locked up — this was prior to the fire — their only lawyer was locked up. They didn’t have any way to get any other lawyers. They called me and I agreed to do some work and then when the fire happened I sort of was representing David Jones, but all these lawyers all over Texas were wanting to volunteer and I was their key because I’d had previous representation. And that’s a whole other story.

          All the Bill Sessions and that’s a lot more recent. But suffice to say I was a friend of Вill Sessions for many, many years. He and my dad were great friends. Went to the same church together. Known him in Washington and it just so happens I happened to be David Koresh’s lawyer and Bill Sessions calls me and, “What do you know of David Koresh?” And I said, “Well, Bill, I was his lawyer for several years here.” But that didn’t ever really go anywhere because I think Sessions was off — you’ve probably got that for some other show?" (p.19)
      • Waco News-Tribune, "Gary Coker Teaches At Devereaux Institute", 1967/06/29: "Gary Jack Coker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Coker of 3401 Colcord Avenue, is teaching golf and tennis to emotionally handicapped high school students at Devereaux Institute in Victoria. He graduated from Baylor University last month with a degree in psychology. He will return to Baylor in the fall to study law."
      • Tyler Courier-Times, obituary for Gary Jack Coker, 1992/04/26: "Services for Gary Jack Coker, 74, Waco, father of a Tyler resident, are scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday at Wilkirson-Hatch Funeral Home chapel in Waco with the Revs. Claus Rohlfs, Ruth Huber-Rohlfs, Jerry Galloway and Monsignor Mark Deering officating. Burial will be in Prairie Hill Cemetery. Mr. Coker died Friday in a Waco hospital. He was born July 2, 1917, in Prairie Hill. He graduated from Mart High Schol, 4 C College and Baylor University. He married Dorothy Hill in 1942 in Hillsboro. He was director of the Veterans Administration Regional Office in Waco for 17 years, retiring in October 1983. He was with the V.A. in Waco since 1946 after five years service with the military during World War II. He was a member of Herring Masonic Lodge No. 1224, Downtown Rotary Club and Central United Methodist Church. He received many awards from the Veterans Administration and service organizations. Survivors include his wife, Dorothy Coker, Waco; one daughter, Martha Wallace, Austin; two sons, Gary Jack Coker Jr., Waco, and Richard Hill Coker, Tyler; one sister, Marguerite Hutchinson, Garland; two brothers, John Coker, Los Angeles, Calif., and Max Coker, Bedford; and eight grandchildren."
    • Meth labs on the property
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Jury still out on 8 accused of murder plot on Roden", 1988/04/22: "Coker said the defendants were carrying high-powered rifles and more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition because of Roden’s reputation for carrying guns, including the Uzi he used that day, and because of an ex-convict named Donnie Joe Harvey was staying with Roden. Roden testified Wednesday that Roy (Boy) Wells also lived at Rodenville. Wells is charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamines in connection with an Elm Mott drug raid."
      • p.23 of FBI negotiation tape #36 (3/4/93) - in which Koresh gives his account of interacting with Lt. Elijah Dickerson right before they make the plan to storm Mount Carmel: "DAVID: And I said, well, look, I'll go out there myself, and I'll personally take pictures of the bones. So we was walking out, right, and he looked at me real worried like, you know, well, actually, I looked back at him and he says, he says, he says, now boys, and he was kind of like shaking, he says, be careful. There's some rough customers out there."
      • p.29-30 of FBI negotiation tape #37 (3/4/93): "MR. KORESH: -- we got out and people from all over Waco came up to me and they were telling me that the reason why they was trying to hook us was because the District Attorney's office and certain people in the bureaucracy downtown, now this is just hearsay --

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: -- except for the investigation of, you know, some of Vick Fasel's secretaries and stuff like that that got busted?

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: You remember all that I'm sure.

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: He's always been under (indiscernible) investigation -- remember the cocaine deal --

        HENRY: Oh, okay.

        MR. KORESH: -- where he was caught with coke and all that?

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: You know, he gets paybacks and stuff from the drug manufacturers out through here for not hassling them."
      • p.23-25 of FBI negotiation tape #182 (3/28/93 from 3:14 P.M. - 3:55 P.M.): "DAVID: Right. Donnie Joe Harvey. Donnie Joe Harvey. And Roy Boy Wells. And they were out here making methamphetamines. And the reason why the Sheriff's Department wasn't coming out here is because they knew it.

        And after the trial, you know, Vic Fisell's got his day before the Lord too. But Vic Fisell was getting a lot of payoffs from a lot of labs and stuff all around this county. And that's why they weren't coming out here and busting up on these people because they were in the process of doing all this drug stuff.

        GEORGE: Um-hum.

        DAVID: And then Vic Fisell had gotten nailed at one time over some coke, some cocaine. And I'm sure you heard about all that, didn't you?

        GEORGE: No. No.

        DAVID: Yeah.

        GEORGE: That's, that's a long time ago.

        DAVID: Yeah, well, like I say, you know. He, he got that what $58 million or something like that. And he's down in Austin now living like a king I guess. I don't know.

        But of all the people after that trial that came up to me that told us the reason why we got the raw deal on all that, because they had been coming out here, some of these people, and knew of people that was; you know, buying this crap. You know. And they knew that Fisell had had dealings going with other people to where he was leaving them alone and stuff and letting them manufacture. And of course there was payoffs involved.

        GEORGE: Um-hum.

        DAVID: So you know, you know, Sheriff Harwell (phonetic sp.) and all those guys I love them, you know. Like I told them before, not all of them are bad. But some of them, they know what they're doing. And you know if they, if they had, if they had come out here and, and then served the warrant and stuff like that it --

        GEORGE: Might have been different.

        DAVID: -- it would have been totally different."
      • Roy Lee Wells Jr. background
        • Waco Citizen, "Taped Phone Call May Exonerate Waco PD", 1988/03/04 (pages 1, 7): "Peterson in the phone call to Fuller, was telling him trial dates had been set for Ronald Eugene Dempsey, the inmate who reportedly told Sherrif's Deputy Truman Simons, of the alleged set-up against Feazell. He also told Fuller a second inmate, who had told authorities about the Mark Crozier murder, would be tried during the same week as Dempsey. The second inmate, had allegedly told Dempsey to see Simons about a meeting he (Dempsey) said took place between him, Fuller, Waco Police Chief Larry Scott and Detective Sgt. Robert Fortune at the Waco Police Dept. where they mentioned the deal with him. Peterson continued talking to Fuller about a suspect in the Crozier murder, Roy Boy Wells, saying they could possibly charge him with a case, in a shooting which occurred the night before the assistant DA called the Waco detective."
        • Waco Citizen, "Two Drug Raid Defendants On Trial In Federal Court", 1988/05/24 (pages 1, 3): "David Russell Zell and Roy Lee Wells, Jr. went on trial on federal court Monday afternoon before Judge Walter S. Smith. [...] The two men were involved in the sophisticated drug manufacturing operation in Elm Mott that was raided by state and local law enforcement agencies. Also scheduled to go on trial with the two men was Allen Ray McFarland, but he pleaded guilty to Friday to all of the charges and faces a maximum of 44 years in prison and $2.25 million in fines. McFarland resided at 2800 Savanna Court and is 47. Also pleading guilty on Friday were Glen Roland McCarty, 41 of West; Patricia Ann Shaw, 40, of 2736 Lake Shore Drive; Tammy Diane Baker, 25, of Robinson; and Raymond Martinez Jr., 23 of 1717 S. 29th St. Other defendants who have already pleaded guilty include Randy Dwayne Wells, 26, of Elm Mott; Gene Wright, Jr, 24 of 1507 Crockett Ave. and Mary Amundson, no age or address available. [...] Testimony began Monday with DPS Agent D.B. “Bob” Wilkerson testifying about an undercover operation carried out on meetings held in an auto shop at 126 S. 26th St. [...] He said the meetings ended when Roy Wells, Jr. was arrested following an altercation in which he was wounded in December at 3408 N. 27th. [...] Darrell Moore, a narcotics officer with the drug enforcement unit of the Waco Police Department, testified he was called to come to the residence at 3408 N. 27th after an altercation involving a shooting was reported early on December 27. [...] We followed the blood trail to a house, about 3/10 of mile from the scene. “As we approached a wall, the dog’s head went up, which meant we were close to the project, I told the other officer we were near Wells, the dog jumped on the wall, I ordered him down, peeked around the wall and saw wells lying on the ground,” Agent Moore said. “As he moved I saw a plastic bag he was laying on, in the bag was narcotics that I believed to be amphetamines,” Moore said. “He was wearing a shoulder holster and side holster.” Moore related how he used the dog to smell a Corvette that Wells had been driving and the dog alerted on a drug smell on the handle of the car. Johnston produced the articles confiscated from the Corvette and Moore identified the items found in the search of the vehicle. Items included a large number of weapons, notebooks, knives, imitation law enforcement badges, a large variety of ammunition, holsters, a bank bag containing jewelry, lighter, clip case, engraver and diamond tester, calculator, rubber gloves, scales, needles, ph papers for testing drugs during manufacturing, and FM wireless radios listening devices often used by drug offenders. The weapons included 44 Magnum pistol mounted with a laser light and marketed by the Israel Material Industries, a sawed off shotgun, a magazine with 45 Magnum rounds which feed directly into a weapon and many clips and rounds of ammunition. [...] The Elm Mott raid is carried out on January 22 and about 50 pounds of methamphetamine and more than 50 weapons were seized from the warehouse and residences of the defendants. A narcotics agent, who has been involved in the undercover operation, stated in March said Zell and his co-defendents assembled in meetings in what he called “cult meetings” and during those meetings attempted to “contact spirits.”"
        • Waco Citizen, "Guns, Drugs, and Cult Circle Dominate Testimony In Lab Trial", 1988/05/27 (pages 1, 6)
          • "David Russell Zell and Roy Lee (Roy Boy) Wells, Jr. were found guilty of conspiracy to manufacture, possess and distribute illegal substance. [...] The trial held in Federal Court in Waco, with Judge Walter Smith presiding featured tales of threats, cooking of dope, cults, worship of the Devil, Bible readings, fear, and brought into the courtroom for evidence were guns of all kinds, including weapons that would be used in combat zones during a siege or war. Guns with lazer beams, to control the bullet; machine guns that would fire between 700 and 1700 rounds of ammunition per minute; shotguns of all varieties; rifles; hand machine guns; and literally thousands of rounds of ammunition. Scanners to track operations of the police were also part of the property confiscated from the “Circle” that was running a drug operation in McLennan County. [...] Of special interest were robes worn by members of the cult and their positions in the cult, headed by Zell. Agents of law enforcement agencies from the City of Waco, McLennan County Sheriff's Department, Texas Department of Public Safety explained to the jury of nine women and three men, how they learned of the various lab operatons, how they placed surveillance on members of the cult and finally of how they raided the lab located at 510 S. McLennan in Elm Mott."
          • "Pat Shaw, who was sometimes high priestess of the circle told about the meetings of the group and attempted to tell the jury about the power or control Zell, known as the “Master” of the circle over the members. Mrs. Shaw, 40, told the hushed courtroom about her first meeting with Zell, which took place in a local nightclub where he was assisting a card reader. He and his wife were taking the money for the reader, she said. She testified she had been to a reader before and a astrologist. “When David talked to me he told me a lot of bad things were going to happen to me. He was reading Tarot Cards, and he said he could change things with the oil and what it would cost.” “I felt he was a drifter, but he promised me he could stop the bad things from happening with black magic.” After the meeting in 1985, Mrs. Shaw said she saw Zell almost every day since then, either in person or talked with him on the phone. She said Zell started a circle with 7 or 8 women and he talked to them about making money through drugs and prostitution. “He would give one of the women in the circle to a man outside the circle as a gift.” [...] Mrs. Shaw related how she had given herself to a black wrestler from Mexico, in a local motel, so she could get information from him on how to set up a drug connection in Mexico. She said he had control of three circles, one at 126 S. 26th, one in No Man's Land and she did not name the third site. Candles used in the rituals were white, red and black. The white candles indicated you wanted to help someone, the red indicated an ‘iffy’ situation and the black was for black magic, all bad and evil thoughts. She told the court she believed he had power because when he said something would happen to someone it usually did."
          • "Mrs. Shaw related how the group sold marijuana after it was bought from a contact of Glenn McCarty in Glen Rose. “But we made no profit, because it had cost us too much.” David then told us to get $1,200 together to set up a methamphetamine lab. “We, the women, hocked everything we had, by that time we all had a fear of Zell, he knew the weaknesses of each member,” she said. “He was the Master or the main man, he was in control of us, the dope, the church and our personal lives.” She related how she, David and Glenn went to Dallas to see a fortune teller to get a formula for making methamphetamine, but did not get it. “Steve Ickert was brought in to set up a lab, but he kept messing up,” she told the jury. Their first cooking site was in Mosheim, and when Wells became involved they began cooking at her house on Old Robinson Road. Then they moved to a site on Gregg Drive in Robinson. After cooking there for about six weeks they moved to a farm near West. Distributors of the methamphetamine they were cooking were: Roma in Ft. Worth, Paul Ray in Houston, Rosa in Dallas, Glenn in Waco but she said Roy got the most, some he used himself and some he sold. He was being paid for his help with dope and money, she told the court. At the end of the operation, Mrs. Shaw was the bookkeeper for the operation. She was on a percentage, as were, McCarty and Zell and also the Temple which received an amount equal to theirs. McCarty's dad was helping them with the cooking at West, but he began drinking so they closed the lab for a time, then moved to a house in Gholson that was rented from Allan McFarland, who along with McCarty has pleaded guilty to charges filed against him. “David was over everything,” she told the court. “Wells was not a member of the circle, but was under Zell's orders as far as the drugs were concerned.” At the house in Gholson they were making methamphetamines and p2p. “We left the Gholson site when Glenn got involved with Debbie McFarland, and she said she was leaving Allan.” The equipment was stored and stored at the 126 S. 26th St. site. Then they moved to Elm Mott in the fall of 1987. Mrs. Shaw said she generally paid the rent and rented the sites for the cooks."
          • "She said David and others in the circle began to feel that Wells was taking, using or selling, more than his share, and that he wasn't turning in enough money. She told the court that on December 27 when Roy Wells was shot in North Waco, the lab at Elm Mott was closed down, because Zell was afraid he might talk. The lab did not resume until one week prior to the raid by law enforcement officials on January 22. [...] Mrs. Shaw, who has pleaded guilty to the same conspiracy charge and also carrying a machine gun, told how Zell ordered her to get her youngest son into the business of selling dope. She related how Zell ordered one of the circle members to perform oral sex on another member at one of the meetings. Mrs. Shaw said he did not participate in the black magic part of the circles. She told about weapons being put to members head by other members under the order of Zell. She said one instance a member was ordered to put a gun to the head of another member and a second member was ordered to do the same to the first member if he did not pull the trigger. When the first member did not pull the trigger, the second did but it did not fire because there was no bullet in the chamber. “I wanted out,” she told Zell two nights before the lab was busted. She said members were punished if they were not carrying a gun. Zell demanded they carry one at all times. Testimony revealed the methamphetamines were being sold to the dealers at $950 per ounce. Roy Wells often owed the business large sums of money and at one time when he owed $33,720, Zell talked about doing away with him. [...] Russ Hunt, attorney for Wells, attempted to distance his client from the lab and the circle, saying he had only attended one meeting of the group. He said Wells was a law enforcement informant."
        • Waco Citizen, "Items About The Drug Trial Not In Friday's Edition", 1988/05/31: "David Russell Zell and Roy L. Wells, Jr. were found guilty in federal court Thursday of an indictment accusing them of charges of conspiracy to manufacture and possess with the intent to distribute methamphetamine and with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Judge Walter Smith heard the case for the Western District of the United States. • Steve Ickert was mentioned in testimony concerning his attempts to cook drugs and a possible suspect in the February 1987 murder of Mark Crozier. • Crozier was apparently killed in the Timbercrest area of Waco and his body was transported in his automobile and parked near David Zell’s apartment on Lake Shore. According to testimony Ickert is still a suspect in the case. • Testimony revealed that members of the circle, pricked their fingers and dropped three drops of their blood on a page in the Holy Christian Bible. Pat Shaw testified there did not seem to be a pattern to the pages selected. [...] • Mrs. Shaw, who has pleaded guilty to carrying an unlawful shotgun and conspiracy to manufacture, possess and distribute drugs, testified David Zell was the master of the Circle and that he was a good teacher until he had a heart attack and began drinking. [...] • Mrs. Shaw testified that Zell, herself and most other members of the Circle were not drug users. However, she characterized Roy Lee Wells, Jr. as a heavy user. She said he shot up in front of her many times when they were cooking dope. • She further testified that she and Wells taught James Zell, son of David, how to power drugs after the oil had been cooked. • Testimony from Secret Service Agents in Washington D.C. testified the formulas placed on the walls at the Elm Mott Lab had been written by Wells, but they could not determine when. • U.S. Assistant Attorney, Bill Johnston characterized Wells as the number “one cooker in the State of Texas.” • Five other people have already pleaded guilty in the methamphetamine production ring. • McLennan County Sheriff’s Investigating officer testified how he and two other officers went to Las Vegas in search of David Zell after he left the city. They arrested him at a poker table in Sam’s Town and returned him to Waco. • Testimony concerning the robes wore by the participants in the circle was presented and robe worn by Zell was entered into evidence. • Mrs. Shaw testified she was given a ring by Zell in the first service that was suppose to be an occult ring. She described it from the stand as being a cheap type of ring. • She characterized Zell as a person always wanting others to look up to him and he was always asking, “do you love me?” But he was a cruel man. • Mrs. Shaw, who in the past had attended three meetings of the Eastern Star, said the meetings were similar to the Masonic Lodge, the Eastern Star and Catholic Church where there are rituals to be followed. • Agents were everywhere at the courthouse Thursday the day the two men were found guilty. Agents had received information that a threat had been made against the lives of the witnesses and to some of the attorneys. • Security was tight as the jurors left the courtroom to return to their automobiles. Officers asked that no pictures be taken for fear of reprisals from the Zell family. • A member of the Zell family was reported to have made the threats against the witnesses."
        • Waco Citizen, "Jury says Wells Career Criminal", 1988/07/15: "Roy Lee Wells, Jr., 34, of Waco, was convicted of being an armed career criminal Tuesday by a Waco federal jury. [...] Wells was convicted in May 1974 for burglary; in February 1975 on two charges of delivery of a controlled substance; and in September 1980 for delivery and offering to sell methamphetamine. Wells was also described as the main cook in the Elm Mott lab raid in January. He was convicted in May by a federal jury in Waco of conspiracy to manufacture and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine in connection with the raid of the drug lab. [...] Nicknamed, “The Professor and B.J.” by others involved in the lab and also testimony in May trial. Wells was said to be “a heavy drug user.” Glen McCarty, one of the codefendants in the Elm Mott raid, and now in McLennan County Jail, took the stand and told the jury he had only seen Wells one time without a gun and that was when the defendant was in the hospital. Wells was shot during an alleged gang land shoot-out on December 27, 1987 at 3408 N. 27th and was arrested by Waco Police officers. Wells, also known, as “Roy Boy” was taken into custody several blocks from the scene behind a wall where he was attempting to hide. Confiscated from a Corvette, Wells was reported to be driving, was a sawed off shotgun and a .44 Magnum pistol mounted with a laser sight. McCarty testified he cut the barrel off a Winchester model 1400 shotgun at the request of Wells. McCarty also testified he saw Wells in possession of at least eight different types of guns during their association in the drug network. [...] The government alleged that Wells found a way to possess guns and purchase ammunition by using his girlfriend Tracey Holt to make the purchases. Robert Napier and Richard Cockrell, employees of Praco Pawn Shop, testified that Wells and Holt would come into their shop late in the evenings, prior to closing, and asked to look at guns and ammunition. [...] Cockrell also related seeing Wells drive a Corvette to the shop and telling him, “It is my new ride.” “In November 1987, Wells called late one afternoon and asked me to stay around that he wanted to buy 1,000 rounds of PCM 233 ammunition, he came in and paid for it and I carried it out to the car.” [...] Wells took the stand in his own behalf Tuesday, and admitted he was part of the drug manufacturing ring, but said he only bought cars and worked on them for the group." - note that Wells sought to buy that large amount of ammo in November 1987, right around the time of the Roden shootout
        • Waco Citizen, "Sentencing Friday for Elm Mott drug raid arrests", 1988/10/14: "A number of people arrested in the Elm Mott drug raid on January 22, 1988 will be sentenced today in federal court by Judge Walter S. Smith. Beginning at 9 a.m. those to be sentenced include Randy Dwayne Wells, Glen Roland McCarty, Patricia Ann Shaw and Gene Wright, Jr. At 3 p.m. Smith will sentence Tammy Diane Bakker, Raymond Martinez, Jr.; David Russell Zell, and Allan Ray McFarland. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston will represent the government, Rod Goble is representing Randy Wells; Dwight Goains, McCarty; Ralph Strother; Shaw and W. Fred Brown, Jr., Gene Wright, Jr. Elizabeth Toben is representing Bakker; Michael Scanes, Martinez, Jr.; W. V. Dunnam, Jr., and Charles W. McDonald, McFarland; and Tony Duty, Zell. Roy Lee Wells, Jr. represented by Russell Hunt will be sentenced Oct. 24. Zell was the reported leader of a devil worship cult. Mrs. Shaw took the stand in his federal trail in May and told the court he was referred to as the “master” of the group. Wells, Jr., she said, was the main cook for the drug labs operated by the group. She was sometimes “high priestess” of the cult."
        • Waco Citizen, "Elm Mott raid nets long sentences", 1988/10/18: "One defendant, Allen Ray McFarland changed his former guilty plea to not guilty during the sentencing Friday. The change was allowed by a technical point. McFarland was set for trial December 5 in federal court by Federal Judge Walter S. Smith. The lab, raided by local and state law enforcement agents, rendered $1.2 million dollars worth of methamphetamine and over 100 weapons. The weapons were on display during the May federal trial of David Zell, master of the so-called cult that ran the lab and Roy Wells, Jr. [...] Sentenced Friday morning were: Randy Dwane Wells, to 15 years and 8 months; Glen Roland McCarty, 15 years; Patricia Ann Shaw, 15 years; and Gene Wright, Jr., 12 years, 7 months. [...] Sentenced Friday afternoon were: Tammy Diane Bakker, 11 years three months; Raymond Martinez, Jr., 12 years; and David Zell, 20 years."
      • Donny Joel Harvey background
        • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Autopsy Ordered For Man", 1974/09/16: "Authorities were awaiting the results of an autopsy Monday to determine the cause of death of Terry Lynn Harvey, 21, who was found dead in his wrecked car early Sunday. Justice of the Peace John Cabaniss said preliminary results of the autopsy indicate a brain hemorrhage as result of head injuries received in the one-car accident. Highway Patrolman Daryl Tynes informed Cabaniss the accident at 4:20 a.m. Sunday at Crest Drive and Interstate 35 did not appear to be severe enough to cause a fatality. He also said the driver appeared to have a stab wound in his neck. Tynes said the car was traveling north on I-35 when it hit and bounced off a guardrail on the right side of the road. He said the car spun across the highway and hit a guardrail on the opposite side of the road. Harvey was reported to have been alone in the car. [...] Mr. Harvey attended University High school. He was born Aug. 2, 1953, and lived in Waco all his life. He was a route driver for the Pepsi-Cola Co. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Judy Ann Harvey; his mother, Mrs. Mae Lowrey of 723 Grice; his father, J. W. Harvey of 1924 Gurley Lane; two brothers, Donnie Harvey and Gary Harvey, both of 1924 Gurley Lane; a sister, Miss Susan Harvey of 723 Grice; his maternal grandparents, Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Solomon; and his paternal grandmother, Mrs. J. W. Harvey Sr. of 2300 Mitton Drive."
        • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Two in Jail Charged With New Burglary", 1975/01/07: "Another burglary compalint was filed today against two men being held in county jail on an assortment of complaints. Donny Joe Harvey, 24, of 1924 Gurley Lane and Allen Hoge, 20, of 4029 Shelby were charged with the Dec. 23 burglary of the Dr. Ross Associates building at 1615 Wooded Acres. Justice of the Peace Joe Johnson set bond at $5,000 each. Harvey was arrested in a raid at a motel Saturday. He was wanted on outstanding complaints charging him with burglary of habitation, possession of controlled substances, escape while under arrest, possession of an illegal weapon and enticing a minor. Total bond for Harvey is now $24,000. Hoge was arrested Wednesday night and is being held for burglary of habitation, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of a sawed-off shotgun in addition to the new complaint. His total bond is now $17,000. Harvey reportedly escaped from a Beverly Hills police unit last Wednesday. A small bottle of Demerol and a quantity of other drugs in sample bottles were taken in the burglary of Dr. Ross Associates."
        • Paul Chapman background - another career criminal who committed drug crimes with Harvey's brother Gary and lived at the Rodenville property
          • Waco Times-Herald, "Woman Charged With Burglary, Sale of Drugs", 1971/08/24 (pages 1-A, 3-A): "Police arrested a 23-year-old woman in the 1600 block of Colcord early today and charged her with burglary, sale of narcotic drugs and possession of dangerous drugs. Police also added complaints against Gary Keith Harvey and Paul Chapman, both arrested Saturday night at Midway Park. Bonnie Elkins Hoffman was charged after police arrested her outside Dr. W. M. Avent's office at 1624 Colcord about 12:40 a.m. today. Justice of the Peace John Cabaniss set bonds totaling $11,500 on Mrs. Hoffman. She remained in city jail early this afternoon. Sgt. Charles Richardson and Patrolman William Sander went to Dr. Avent's office in response to a burglar alarm. Sanders said he saw two persons — a man and a woman — walking toward the office when they arrived. He said he went to the rear of the building to check for signs fo forced entry and while he was there heard two shots come from the front fthe building. Sanders ran back to the front of the building where he was told by Richardson that the man seen walking toward the office had run when Richardson tried to question him and Richardson fired the shots to try and stop the man. Police arrested the woman and put her in a squad car. Sanders said he chased the man toward Seventeenth and Ethel. He said as soon as he arrived at the intersection, he heard a car burn off and saw a blue 1965 Chevelle head west on Ethel, swerving from one side of the road to the other. Mrs. Betty Weatherford of 1725 Ethel, apparently aroused by all the commotion, was standing in her front yard when the careening car swerved into her yard, nearly crashing into her and her family. She said the car then swerved back into the street and continued down Ethel. Police are searching for its driver. Dr Avent came to his office and made a quick survey. He told police nothing was missing except maybe a few dollars in petty cash. Police said the woman whom they arrested was also wanted in connection with drug arrests in Midway Park Saturday night during which officers arrested two men after a 30-minute stakeout. Both Paul E. Chapman, 20, of 1313 Old Dallas Road and Gary Keith Harvey, 18, of 1924 Gurley Lane were charged before Judge Cabaniss with possession of dangerous drugs, narcotic paraphernalia and prohibited weapons. Bond for each was set at $12,000 at that time. However, police uncovered new evidence and filed additional compaints on the pair today. Harvey was charged with possession of herion and Chapman with possession of marijuana. Total bonds for Harvey are now $16,500 and Chapman's bonds total $17,500. Both remain in county jail. When police arrested the pair, they had a woman's purse containing dangerous drugs. A woman was seen leaving the area in Midway Park shortly before Chapman and Harvey were arrested, and police, from identification in the purse, knew her name. Police said she was the same person arrested early today in connection with the burglary of Dr. Avent's office."
          • Waco Citizen, "Waco Crimes High: Blood Spills Freely at County Tavern", 1971/09/09: "Paul Eugene Chapman and Gary Harvey remain in county jail after their arrest in Woodway sometime ago on dope charges. Chapman was filed on by federal authorities for possession of a sawed-off gun. [...] Chapman is being held under $42,000 bonds, both state and federal, while Harvey's bonds total $16,500. In addition Harvey has two warrants out for him by the Department of Public Safety and the city of Woodway."
          • Waco Times-Herald, "U. S. Grand Jury Indicts Wortham's Police Chief", 1971/10/05: "Paul Eugene Chapman, 20, of 1117 Ashelman in Bellmead was indicted for possession of an unregistered sawed-off shotgun Aug. 21. Acting with unusual speed, U.S. attorneys had Chapman brought from McLennan County jail for arraignment just minutes after the indictment was returned. Chapman entered a plea of guilty to the indictment and U.S. Dist. Judge Jack Roberts ordered him committed under the terms of the Youth Corrections Act to a federal prison in California where he is to receive treatment for a drug problem."
          • Waco Times-Herald, "Wacoan Pleads Guilty, Waives His Indictment", 1971/10/06: "Paul Eugene Chapman Tuesday became the first person in 54th District Court to waive indictment and enter a plea of guilty to a felony offense. He accepted three concurrent eight-year sentences for possession of marijauna, LSD and narcotic paraphernalia. Chapman, 20, of 1117 Ashelman is the same person who entered plea of guilty in federal court Tuesday moining to possession of an unregistered illegal shotgun. He received an undetermined sentence under the Youth Correction Act. Judge Carl Anderson said Chapman's state sentences will run concurrent day for day with the federal term. He said after he finishes his term in California he would be transferred to Huntsville to complete his state punishment. The last session of the state legislature passed a law which enables a state prisoner to enter a plea of guilty to a felony offense without going through the procedure of being indicted by a grand jury. Chapman was the first prisoner to use the new law in this county."
          • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Man still in critical condition", 1989/01/03: "A man injured in a motorcycle-car accident Saturday remained in critical condition at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center late Monday. Paul Eugene Chapman, 37, of 1315 Old Dallas Road, was riding a Harley Davidson motorcylce west on West Waco Drive when it collided with a Buick Skylark at the Ninth Street intersection."
          • Waco Tribune-Herald, obituary for Paul Eugane Chapman, 1989/01/04: "Paul Eugene Chapman, 37, of Bellmead died Tuesday at a local hospital. Services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday at Wilkirson-Hatch Funeral Hone Chapel, the Rev. George Stanton officiating. Burial will be at Waco Memorial Park. Mr. Chapman was born May 12, 1951, in Waco. He attended Waco and Bellmead schools. He was a self-employed truck driver for many years. He was a member of Oaklawn Baptist Church. Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Chapman of Bellmead; two daughters, Charlene Waters of Axtell and Jennifer Chapman of Lacy-Lakeview; three sons, Charles M. Chapman of Bellmead, Steven Ray Chapman of West and Paul Eugene Chapman Jr. of Lacy-Lakeview; three brothers, Robert Chapman, John Ed Chapman and Charles Wayne Chapman, all of Bellmead; and a grandchild. The family will be at 1313 Old Dallas Road."
          • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Man hurt seriously in auto accident", 1989/01/07: "A man suffered serious injuries Friday after he was involved in an auto-pedestrian accident at Ninth Street and Waco Drive. [...] Earlier, Paul Eugene Chapman, 37, of 1315 Old Dallas Road died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle-car accident Saturday afternoon at the same intersection. Chapman was pronounced dead at about 2 a.m. Tuesday at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, a hospital spokeswoman said."
        • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Jury convicts Waco felon for carrying gun", 1989/04/12: "A 38-year-old Waco man convicted by a federal jury of being a felon in possession of a firearm said he carried a gun because he feared harm from a religious sect feuding with self-proclaimed prophet George Roden. The jury deliberated about 30 minutes Tuesday before convicting Donnie Joel Harvey, 38, of carrying a .25-caliber pistol when authorities arrested him in February 1988. Waco police arrested Harvey while serving a search warrant at a North Waco residence. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston said Harvey drove up to the residence, unaware that a search warrant was being executed, and police asked him if he was carrying a weapon. Officers found a .25-caliber pistol in Harvey’s back pocket, Johnston said."
        • United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, no. 897 F.2d 1300: United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Donny Joel Harvey, Defendant-appellant, opinion, 1990/03/26
          • "On February 12, 1988, Waco, Texas, police officers secured an arrest warrant for James Jordan (Jordan) and a search warrant for Jordan's house. On the evening of the next day, while the officers were executing the warrant, and after methamphetamine and firearms had been found in Jordan's house, Officer Darrell Moore observed Donny Joel Harvey (Harvey) drive up in the alley adjacent to Jordan's house. Officer Moore and a fellow officer approached Harvey and asked Harvey for his identification. Thereafter, Officer Moore, while frisking Harvey, discovered a loaded handgun concealed in Harvey's clothing. Harvey was arrested and later indicted by a federal grand jury sitting in the Western District of Texas on one count of possession of a firearm by a felon in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 922(g) (1) and 846. Harvey entered a plea of not guilty to the charges in the indictment."
          • "Before trial, Harvey moved to suppress the handgun confiscated by Officer Moore. After conducting a hearing on the motion to suppress, the district court allowed the handgun into evidence. Thereafter, a jury returned a verdict of guilty against Harvey. The district court, departing upward from the guidelines, entered judgment on the verdict and sentenced Harvey to a sixty month term of imprisonment. Harvey thereafter filed this timely appeal."
          • "On appeal, Harvey alleges that the arresting officer's sole justification for the stop and frisk was the officer's later assertion that it is common for persons dealing in narcotics to carry weapons. Harvey argues that this justification, standing alone, is insufficient to pass muster under Terry standards. Harvey's contention, however, fails to take into account many other factors which came into play in this particular instance. First, Officer Moore point blank asked Harvey if Harvey was armed. Harvey, instead of responding either affirmatively or negatively, simply remained silent. Second, by the time Harvey drove up and parked in the alley next to the Jordan house, officers had already discovered a quantity of methamphetamine, syringes and firearms on the premises. Third, the Jordan house was well known as a place where frequent drug deals were made and Officer Moore quite naturally could infer that Harvey had arrived to either buy or sell drugs. In our view, Officer Moore, based on his experience as a law enforcement officer in light of the above circumstances, could properly infer that there was a distinct possibility that Harvey was armed."
          • "In the district court, Harvey lodged the argument that he feared for his life at the hands of a rival faction of Seventh Day Adventists in his small hometown of Rodenville, Texas. According to Harvey, the Adventists in Rodenville had splintered into two groups. Harvey asserted that the two groups had engaged in "shoot-outs," and Harvey had allegedly been threatened by faction members who wanted him out of town. The district court, after hearing Harvey's testimony on this issue, concluded that

            there is no evidence from which any reasonable person could determine that at the time of this incident the Defendant was under any unlawful and present imminent and impending threat of such a nature to induce a well-grounded apprehension of death or serious bodily injury. And second, that he had a reasonable legal alternative to violating the law, which was simply to walk into his friend's house and call the police if he believed he was under any threat."
        • Deposition of Donnie Keith Tidmore on 1990/08/16 - on p.39, he lists Gary Harvey (Donny's brother) and J.W. Harvey (Donny's father) as drug defendants that Feazell's office failed to prosecute
      • Loren Eugene Hall Sr. meth operation - active in Dallas County TX and Kaufman County TX (about an hour and a half from Waco) and started in October 1987 (the same month that Koresh seems to have earnestly begun efforts to retake Mount Carmel), so one might speculate if this was the successor to the Zell / Wells operation; was said to be geared towards supporting the Contras, raising the question of whether it connected to groups like Civilian Military Assistance / Civilian Materiel Assistance (CMA)
        • Tulsa World, "Ex-CIA agent accused in drug ring // Federal probe says group made methamphetamine", 1989/09/12: "A former CIA agent apparently teamed up with a career criminal from Kansas to manufacture and sell methamphetamine in three states, a federal investigation found. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack Morgan said Loran Eugene Hall Sr., the former agent, "was the leader of this drug organization, and his family and others became his helpers." Two sons, Michael Hall and Loran Eugene Hall Jr. of Derby, Kan., pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. Their father and sister, Barbara Ann Marteney, are also charged and are fugitives, Morgan said. He said Loran Hall Jr. and Kent Patrick Thimmisch, a Kansas parolee, were watched buying chemicals to make methamphetamine in February. [...] Morgan said his investigation showed authorities in Kansas, Oklahoma and Mesquite, Texas, had been watching the family for several months. "It all indicated there was an interstate drug conspiracy," Morgan said. The Halls apparently lived in Derby, Kan., and in Mesquite, he said. [...] Morgan said Loran Hall Jr. told a judge during his hearing Monday that his father wanted to manufacture methamphetamine in order to raise money for the contras in Nicaragua. "We have no way of knowing if that is true, and people do have different motives, but that can't sway us," Morgan said. Morgan said Thimmisch was on parole from a life sentence he received in Kansas, but did not know what crime Thimmisch had committed. Morgan said Thimmisch has a long criminal record, including violent crimes and drug offenses from Kansas, but could not provide specifics. Thimmisch is to be tried in October on the drug charges in Tulsa, court records show. David Royse Ladd, also of Derby, Kan., also is a fugitive in the case, Morgan said. The Hall brothers are to be sentenced Nov. 21."
        • Dallas Morning News, title unknown by Lee Hancock, 1989/09/13: "A methamphetamine ring based in Mesquite was set up by a CIA operative to funnel money to the Nicaraguan contras, one of the alleged participants has testified in federal court. The testimony came during a hearing in Tulsa, where Loran Eugene Hall Jr. appeared Monday to plead guilty to drug charges. He told the court that his father, Loran Eugene Hall Sr. of Mesquite, was a CIA agent who recruited him and others to manufacture speed to raise money for the contras, said Jack Morgan, assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma. [...] A federal drug conspiracy indictment handed down in Tulsa in July names Loran Eugene Hall Sr., 59; his daughter, Barbara Ann Marteney, 34, of Mesquite; and his sons, Michael Stephen Hall, 36, of Burns, Kan., and Loran Eugene Hall Jr., 34, of Derby, Kan.; and two other Kansas residents. The indictment charges that the elder Mr. Hall led the ring, which manufactured methamphetamine between October 1987 and February 1989. [...] Court documents indicate the ring was broken when Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics investigators and Mesquite police trailed Loran Hall Jr. after he purchased glassware and chemicals at a Grand Prairie chemical store. Mr. Hall and another man were arrested in Noble County, Okla., as they were carrying those items and several high-caliber firearms to Kansas in a stolen truck, according to the indictment. Federal investigators and Oklahoma state narcotics agents believe the ring repeatedly bought chemicals in Dallas and Oklahoma to manufacture speed, Mr. Morgan said. Investigators believe the elder Mr. Hall served as the group's "cook,' setting up labs in Scurry, Texas, Balch Springs and Burns, Kan. [...] "In the last few years, he supposedly was involved with CIA attempts to overthrow the Nicaraguan government," Mr. Morgan said. Loran Eugene Hall Jr. has told investigators that his father was a 17-year CIA employee most recently involved in running guns to Central America, Mr. Morgan said. The son also has told investigators about incidents in which helicopters appeared at his father's Kansas farm bearing men who carried automatic weapons and answered to military titles such as colonel and major, Mr. Morgan said. Jim Heflet, a Tulsa attorney representing the younger Mr. Hall, said that his client still believes the operation was a CIA front. "It may be true. There's quite an extensive history on his father's CIA involvement," Mr. Heflet said. "My client told me that a lot of his dad's involvement - specifically in the Kennedy assassination - has been sealed up, and we never may find out what it was." Mr. Morgan said federal officials believe the elder Mr. Hall may be hiding in Kansas, Honduras or Costa Rica."
        • Tulsa World, "Ex-agent indicted in Tulsa is arrested", 1990/01/24: "A former CIA agent indicted by a Tulsa federal grand jury for allegedly running a methamphetamine manufacturing conspiracy with his children has been arrested in Costa Rica, authorities said Tuesday. Loren Eugene Hall Sr., 60, was arrested by U.S. marshals Dec. 15, six months after a federal grand jury here indicted him and five others. Hall had been under surveillance and was arrested without incident at "a place he was calling home," said Scott Rowland of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. [...] Loren Hall Jr., 34, and a second son, Michael Steven Hall, 36, and a daughter, Barbara Ann Marteney, 34, have pleaded guilty to charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. The Hall children lived in Derby, Kan., and Mesquite, Texas, authorities have said. Loren Hall Jr. was sentenced to 16 months in prison and five years' probation. Michael Hall received one year in prison and five years' probation. Their sister awaits sentencing. David Royse Ladd, 29, also of Derby, has a court date next month. The younger Hall and Paul Richard Lassley, a 47-year-old federal parolee from Kansas, were arrested last February in Noble County by state narcotics agents. Lassley was on parole from a life sentence for rape, kidnapping and assault. Drug charges against him have been dropped. [...] Loren Hall Sr. was a CIA agent in the 1960s who supported anti-Castro insurgents in Cuba, and he is mentioned in the Warren Commission report on the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, authorities have said. One of Hall's sons has told a judge his father sold drugs to raise money for the Contras in Nicaragua."
        • Tampa Bay Times, "A Florida tie to the JFK assassination shows why secret records need releasing", 2021/10/07: "Skip’s potential connection to the CIA came up again in 1989 during a federal drug case in Oklahoma. Skip enlisted three of his own children and two other people to run a crystal meth lab, the government charged.

          When he pleaded guilty, Skip’s son Loren Hall Jr. told the judge, “My father was involved heavily, at least to our understanding, with the CIA as far as aiding the Contras (and) taking weapons over to them. And he came to us, he came to me one day and said that he was involved in the running of guns to Nicaragua and that he needed some help, they were — they had oil that was being used to make methamphetamine that was supposedly helping the CIA.”

          “Of course,” the younger Hall continued, “later I found out that wasn’t exactly the way everything went down.”

          After his kids were arrested, Skip flew back to the U.S. from Central America and surrendered. In a court filing, Skip said he put up $17,000 in cash for the drug ingredients and equipment, but he needed a public defender because he could not afford his own lawyer.

          The other defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced in open court. Skip’s plea and sentence were in secret, and the transcripts were sealed in a vault. He faced 20 years in prison. Judging from federal probation records, he served less than a year, and his probation was cut short after one more year. Two years later, Skip died."
        • Background of Hall Sr.
        • Background of Hall Jr.
          • Loran Fawcett Chapel obituary for Loren Eugene Hall Jr: "Loren Eugene Hall Jr. 63 of Buffalo, KS. passed away suddenly Saturday, April 13, 2019 Loren was born April 30, 1955 in Newton, KS. A twin, to Loran Hall Sr and Joan Ann Hall Rankin. He had been an EMT with the Derby Emergency Services, Derby, KS. A Volunteer fireman with Wilson County Rural Fire and was currently a Volunteer with the Buffalo Fire Department along with his son Josh Hall. [...] He married Kathy Pearce the shared daughter Misty Dawn Hall and they later divorce. He married Linda Ann Morris on June 2nd, 1979. They shared their son, Joshua Hall his daughter Misty Dawn Hall and her daughter Jolie Dian Morris Gerding. The marriage ended in 2001 after 22 years but they remained best friends. Loren shared the next chapter of his life with Shirley Marck and became dad to her children and grandfather to her grandchildren as well as his own. Shirley proceeded him in death. Loren became caregiver to his twin sister, Barbara Ann Marteney until her death. Her son moved in with Loren to Buffalo, KS. where his son lived and Jory and Josh help with care for Loren."
          • Wichita Eagle, "Man charged in Sunday's homicide in south Wichita", 2011/03/25: "Bond has been set at $250,000 for a 55-year-old man charged in the Sunday killing of a 44-year-old man in south Wichita. Loren E. Hall Jr. has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of Leonard Hecox. His preliminary hearing has been set for April 7 in Sedgwick County District Court. Hecox was found dead in the front yard of his house at 2539 S. Bennett shortly before noon on Sunday. He had been stabbed to death. Hall was arrested Monday night after police talked to more than 20 people piecing together the chain of events that preceded Hecox's death."
    • Pornography network run by the meth lab crowd - there are differing accounts as to whether the porn was destroyed or remained on the property after Koresh's group retook Mount Carmel; according to Gary Coker, the pornography was being sold to servicemen at Fort Hood; according to Ron Cole, the material included child pornography and videos of children being murdered (i.e. child snuff films), whereas Koresh is on tape with FBI negotiators downplaying the severity of the porn
      • p.28-29 of FBI negotiation tape #36 (3/4/93): "DAVID: So, you know, we were being very cautious and everything, and so, we finally came up to some houses, and we looked in one house and, you know, it was like, all these houses were trash and which we got all the pictures to show that. And pornography everywhere. I mean, Playboy, Penthouse, I don't know, just, everything. Anyway, just a lot filthy stuff."
      • p.27-28 of FBI negotiation tape #37 (3/4/93): "MR. KORESH: Now, when we got on this property all the pornography that was on here -- oh, that wasn't the big thing. The big thing was is where Donny Joe Harvey, which he fled when, when all the sheriffs and all them came in.

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: Donny Joe Harvey, he had like Coke machines out here --

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: -- that had been stolen from Waco.

        HENRY: Um-hum.

        MR. KORESH: Well, I didn't know then, Coke machines, some part of them are used for making a certain kind of drug."
      • From p.6 of Sinister Twilight: "George then kept tight rein on his mother until her death, and brought in some of his friends to live at Mt. Carmel, like Donny Harvey, an escaped convict and child porno fan."
      • From p.9 of Sinister Twilight: "Some of the videos that Donny Harvey had cherished were found. One was watched out of curiosity, as they were not marked, and it was discovered that they were videos of children being raped and killed. These too, were given to the Sheriff. Items of lesser pornographic nature, as well as some of George's possessions, were thrown into a shed on the outskirts of the property. David half jokingly painted a big skull and crossbones on the door, to let people know that the trash inside was not to be messed with."
      • From p.79 of Sinister Twilight:

            Soon after the opening of the property, a large pile of papers suddenly appeared near the driveway where there had been no pile before. I asked a souvenir hunter if he had seen who dumped the pile there, and he told me that it was the police. The papers contained highly pornographic material, and on most of them was written the name Donny Harvey! The "police" had evidently found the stash of Donny Harvey's porno junk that David Koresh had sealed up in a storehouse back in 1988. They had deliberately dumped it out for all the world to see. Of course, all the tourists assumed that it belonged to David Koresh!
            Waley Kennett, who helped David pile this same junk together five years before, helped me throw the worst of the papers down a water filled pit. After two hours, all of the bad junk was destroyed. On the next day, however, there were hundreds of new pornographic pictures and papers! The junk that we had thrown into the water the previous day had been fished out and set out to dry. Once again, we set out to tear up and bury everything. This stupid game went on continuously until the county closed Double EE Ranch Road to traffic, so they could repave the road. The blacktop had been turned to dust by the tanks driving over it for 51 days.
      • Oral Memoirs of Gary J. Coker Jr. by Rebekah Ann Crowe on 2003/11/20 (audio recording): "And then I mentioned the name of a number of real scum bums who were known to hang out with George Roden. Because George was working some sort of a porno picture studio and he may have even had a meth lab out there. He was running around with some really — he was not like that. I’ll say this about George, he didn’t do that, but he let things happen on the property. They had brought those complaints to me about all these — really convict — awful speed freaks, fellows that were taking pictures of their girlfriends naked and sending them to GIs at Fort Hood, trying to make some money. I mean, these are some really bad — and the meth lab, which is probably true. So, really bad people. And I saw a lot of this pornography — it was sort of quasi-pornography that was still out there in ’93. It was still hidden away in some crates and things." (p.10) - interesting that Coker says the pornography was still on the Davidian property in 1993, despite several Davidians (such as David Thibodeau) claiming it was all destroyed after Koresh and his group retook Mount Carmel
    • PLO allegations
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "8 arrested in connection with Rodenville shooting", 1987/11/04: "Roden said he thinks the eight men are terrorists and connected with the Palestine Liberation Organization. Roden said he asked for protection from the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Attorney General's office. "They just told me to wear bulletproof vests," he said."
      • p.15 of FBI negotiation tape #37 (3/4/93): "MR. KORESH: [after describing how deferential everyone in the Waco jail was to them following their arrest for the Roden shootout] What had happened was, on the news they had played on the news that eight PLO terrorists had assaulted Mount Carmel Center.

        HENRY: Oh, okay.

        MR. KORESH: Now, that was on -- and, and these guys were watching this and they thought we were real professional killers --"
    • Roden's murder of Wayman Dale Adair
      • Odessa American, "Shooting suspect served time for contempt of court", 1989/10/18 (pages 13, 14): "George B. Roden was released from McLennan County Jail Dec. 26, 1988, after serving nine months for contempt of court on a civil case regarding back taxes that his group owed on property near Elk. [...] Roden was being held today on $40,000 bond on a murder charge in the death of the Odessan, whose name was not being released pending notification of relatives. The man was found dead in his home Sunday at 718 N. Elliott Ave., apparently shot and also struck with a sharp instrument in the head, police reports said. Roden, who lived at the same address, confessed to the killing, according to a probable cause statement attached to a warrant issued for Roden's arrest signed by Justice of the Peace E.H. Hendrick. Roden led a Waco-based splinter of the Seventh Day Adventists Church called the Branch Davidians that his mother and father had led from the 1950s until their deaths, McLennan County Sheriff's Lt. Elijah Dickerson said Tuesday."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Roden charged with murder of Odessa man", 1989/10/18: "Odessa police said Tuesday they have charged George Roden with the murder of a 56-year-old man. [...] Odessa Sgt. Snow Robertson said police arrested Roden Sunday after finding the body of a man who had shared an Odessa duplex with Roden, 50. The man, whose name has not been released, was shot and bludgeoned with a hatchet, according to Justice of the Peace E.H. Hendrick. Robertson said Roden made a statement to police. He is claiming self-defense, Robertson said. [...] “We’re still trying to determine the motive,” Robertson said. “We don’t know the relationship between the two men. They lived in a duplex. One lived in the front part. One lived in the back part. We really have very little information to go on.”"
      • San Luis Obispo Tribune, "Memories of Waco cult", 1993/05/27 (pages 1, 3): "Not all the victims of the Branch Davidian cult died last month in Waco, Texas, the day the cult’s compound was consumed in a raging inferno and more than 70 people were incinerated. Wayman Dale Adair Jr. lives in another religious commune now, this one outside of Motto Bay. The Roandoak of God commune is a peaceful place, however, not at all like the days he spent growing up in Waco. [...] His father was the one who got Adair mixed up with the Branch Davidians, and some believe it ended up costing Adair Sr. his life. He was later killed by the man who led the Branch Davidians until David Koresh took over. Though Adair says his father raised him, their contacts were intermittent as Adair Sr. never could settle down. [...] He also drank heavily, and when he got drunk he'd slap his son around. As the boy grew older, Adair Sr. would challenge him to fights when he got drunk. The boy would refuse, and the father would take out a belt and beat him. Even so, Adair takes pains to emphasize that his father was wonderful when he was sober. [...] But those times were rare. Young Wayman was often dropped off at his grandmother's, and wouldn't see his father for months at a time. Living with Grandma was better, but just barely. She, too, moved around, traveling around California and out to Texas. And she would also beat Wayman. [...] Others also had a hand in raising the boy, including the Branch Davidians. It was in the mid-1960s, when Wayman was a young boy, that his father first took him to Waco to live at the Mount Carmel compound. One of his earliest memories is of an old lady at Mount Carmel who “took care of me.” To punish him, she would hold his face under the shower head. That was in addition to having water thrown on him, or having his head held underwater. The Branch Davidians were big on using water to cleanse the soul. Adair kept bouncing back and forth between California and Texas, often returning to Mount Carmel. [...] In California, Adair lived in San Mateo and Redwood City, and spent a lot of time in Bakersfield. It was in the Bakersfield area that his father became a Nazi. Adair clearly remembers his father finding a wooden board and painting a big red swastika on it to display on his desk. Adair Sr. even published a booklet, “America Awake,” by Dale Adair, American Nazi Party. In 1985, Adair left Texas for the last time. He moved to a house in Grover Beach with his grandmother, and has lived on the Central Coast ever since. It was in Grover Beach in 1988 (Adair has an excellent memory for dates) that he saw his father for the last time. “He was deep (in the Branch Davidian cult),” Adair remembers. “He talked about how he mistreated me, and how he was a bad father and how he was sorry he mistreated me.” Adair Sr. then went back to Texas where he would soon be murdered. The murderer was George Roden, whose father Benjamin Roden took over as leader of the Branch Davidians in the early 1960s. [...] On Oct. 15, 1989, Odessa Police Detective Snow Robertson was called in to investigate a homicide at Roden's house. He arrived to find Roden standing out in the front yard, blood splattered on his clothing. Roden immediately confessed to killing Wayman Dale Adair Sr. “He said that Mr. Adair was sent by Vernon Howell (Koresh) to Odessa to kill him,” said Robertson. “So he killed Adair first.” It was a grisly scene, said the detective. After shooting Adair Sr. several times in the head, Roden took out an ax and hacked at his face. Robertson said he tried to check out Roden's story about how Adair Sr. was sent to kill him, but was unsuccessful He never found any concrete evidence one way or another about Adair Sr.'s role with the Branch Davidians. All he determined was that Adair Sr. had arrived in Texas several months before from Bakersfield, where he was active in white supremacist groups."
      • Texas Court of Appeals (El Paso), no. 08-96-00227-CV: In the Best Interest and Protection of G.B.R., Appellant, appeal decision, 1997/07/31
        • "Appellant is the son of the founder of the Branch Davidians Association. Appellant spent his early years in Odessa, living there from 1940 until 1958 and from 1961 until 1965. He testified that the organization was founded to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem; indeed between 1958 and 1961, Appellant lived in the state of Israel, building a vegetation village in Northern Galilee. He also built a house there during this same period of time."
          • Footnote 3: "Appellant testified that the organization developed from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Los Angeles in 1930. In 1935, the group moved to Waco, Texas. In later testimony, Appellant claimed that his father became the "new" president when the "founder" died in 1955."
        • "In 1965, Appellant moved to the Branch Davidians' Mount Carmel property near Waco. After his father's death in 1979, Appellant assumed the presidency of the Branch Davidians. His role was challenged by the executive counsel and following a jury trial in a civil court in Waco, Appellant was removed from office. Thereafter, his mother became the president of the organization."
        • "In June of 1989, Appellant moved back to Odessa. He came to know the murder victim, Dale Adair, who had become part of the Branch Davidian group in Odessa in the 1950's. Appellant testified that Adair joined the Nazi party in 1971 and had written a book about Nazism, all of which was contrary to the beliefs of the Branch Davidians. Appellant also claimed that Koresh had Nazi affiliations and was called "Little Hitler". Appellant believed that the Nazis were "out to get" him through Koresh and Adair and that Adair "had a debt to carry out to kill me." Appellant admitted to using an ax to knock out Adair and then used Adair's gun to shoot him. Following his murder trial, Appellant was committed first to Vernon State Hospital in Vernon, Texas, and later moved to Big Spring State Hospital. In the fall of 1993, he left the hospital without permission, boarded a bus for Abilene, and sought medical attention for a perceived medical problem. He was arrested in Abilene and returned first to Big Spring and then to Vernon State Hospital. Appellant was transferred back to Big Spring in March of 1995. Again in September of that year, he left the hospital without permission. He testified that he had a mission to perform, and that he had traveled to the Israeli consulate in New York City to get their assistance with transportation back to Jerusalem so he could speak with members of the Knesset whom he knew. His mission concerned the peace process between Israel and the PLO. According to Appellant, the peace process was not successful because they were leaving out of the negotiations the Saudi Arabians, who fund the PLO to wage war on Israel.

          When he arrived at the Israeli consulate in New York, the officials were "stalling" on deciding whether they would provide him with a ticket to Jerusalem. Appellant testified that under Jewish law, "if a Jew is in trouble in another country that they provide him transportation home." Appellant claimed that he was a Jew, that his home was Jerusalem, and that he still had a house in Northern Galilee. In response to the stalling technique, Appellant staged what he called a "sit-in". When he refused to leave the consulate premises, the police were called and Appellant was taken to Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Appellant testified that had he been able to get to Israel, Yitzhak Rabin would not have been assassinated."
      • Amo Paul Bishop Roden, "The Cover-up": "DECEMBER 1998 Trustee George Roden died in state custody in suspicious circumstances. The first report was a broken neck. This was amended to a heart attack. The state gave George a free funeral and kept the body. As the last living trustee, George represented an insurmountable obstacle to Koresh's survivor's control of the property. I had credibility, they didn't."
  • Backgrounds of prominent Koresh followers
    • Honolulu Star-Bulletin, "Nine from isles with Koresh", 1993/03/11
    • Honolulu Star-Bulletin, "Ten people from Hawaii were inside the compound", 1993/04/19
    • Orange Leader, "Families describe those who followed Koresh", 1993/04/25
    • Tampa Bay Times, "In the end, cult members had one thing in common: Koresh", 1993/04/25
    • Let's Roll Forums thread with information and addresses of several Davidian members (though a very dubious theory overall)
    • Clive Doyle
    • Perry Jones
      • Washington Post, "THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE WACO 'MESSIAH'", 1993/05/09: "During this period, Howell developed a close relationship with Perry Jones, who ultimately gave Howell permission to marry his 14-year-old daughter, Rachel, Howell's first and only legal wife. A lifelong member of the Branch Davidians, Jones was convinced that the federal government posed an oppressive danger to devout Christians."
    • Steve Schneider
    • Paul Gordon Fatta
      • New York Times, "A Believer Says Cult in Texas Is Peaceful, Despite Shootout", 1993/03/06: "If he had not happened to be selling guns at a flea market in Austin on Sunday, Paul G. Fatta, a member of the Branch Davidian sect, said he might well have been behind a window at the sect's compound, exchanging gunfire with Federal agents who stormed the compound that morning in a mission that went awry and left four agents and at least three sect members dead. [...] He was born in Los Angeles on Feb. 28, 1958, to Irma and Gordon Fatta, a career sergeant in the Air Force who, after retiring, moved to Hawaii with his family and in 1976 started a small bus company. By then, Paul Fatta, reared a Roman Catholic, had taken an interest in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. [...] After graduating from a Catholic high school, Mr. Fatta worked for his father's bus company. In 1978, a girlfriend gave birth to his son, Kalani, who has spent the last four years with the Branch Davidians. In 1987, Mr. Fatta said, Mr. Koresh came to Honolulu and persuaded Mr. Fatta and about 15 others to join his sect, which originally was a faction of the Seventh-Day Adventists. "I believe David is the Messiah," Mr. Fatta said. [...] Mr. Fatta said the men lived apart from the women and children, but he declined to provide an explanation for Mr. Koresh's polygamy. He alluded to jealousies, however, and said that members viewed the sect's sexual arrangements as a biblical trial. He compared Mr. Koresh, who has sexual relations with about 19 women he calls his wives, to the prophets whose lives were sometimes at odds with their teachings. "Do not judge a person by his actions, but by the message that he has," Mr. Fatta said. [...] Mr. Fatta also said that he had provided the sect with about $50,000 worth of professional music equipment and vehicles, and that some of the elderly members hand over their Social Security payments."
      • p.5 of FBI negotiation tape #182 (3/28/93 from 3:14 P.M. - 3:55 P.M.) - has Koresh describe Fatta as "the millionaire"
      • From p.51 of Sinister Twilight: "Paul Fatta was living at Mt. Carmel at the time of the raid by the ATF. Previously, he had lived in Hawaii where he owned several very successful businesses and amassed several million dollars. He left it all behind to receive David Koresh's message near Waco. Paul left the responsibility of his companies to his father, and moved to Texas. Once settled, Paul began a gun and military surplus business."
      • From p.2 of a 1992/12/31 ATF report regarding the backgrounds of Davidian members (corresponds to p.989 of part 1 of the Waco congressional hearings): "One of Howell's close associates — Extremely wealthy — Rumor had it in the cult commune, that Paul and the family made their money through drug trafficking. Financial institution reporting negotiable instruments or wire transfers of $15,000."
    • David Thibodeau
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Cultists in custody wonder why 1 allowed to walk free", 1993/05/30: "David Thibodeau, since fleeing a burning Mount Carmel has appeared on “A Current Affair,” sued the National Enquirer and stayed with family members in Maine. [...] Rumors had circulated that Thibodeau was released after operating with authorities. But his attorney Gary Richardson of Tulsa, denied that Thibodeau had made any deals."
      • Carol A. Valentine, "Waco Survivor Stories: True of False?", 1999 (updated 2020/04/01): "The September 9, 1999 edition of Salon magazine carried a story written by Branch Davidian David Thibodeau, whom (we are told) survived the April 19, 1993 inferno at the Mt. Carmel Center in Waco. Among other things, David T. discusses that fateful day. As of 2018, Salon has a page with a link to Thibodeau's book, A Place Called Waco: A Survivor's Story.

        Can we rely on David Thibodeau's account of the events of April 19, 1993? Please read the following and come to your own conclusions.

        I see two major problems with Mr. Thibodeau's account(s): (a) important elements in his accounts keep changing, and (b) none of the accounts are credible."
      • 1999/09/17 email from George Zimmerlee: "More lies from David T.

        At one of the yearly April 19 gatherings, I believe the third, I asked David T. about the amateur radio station at Mount Carmel Center that was jammed by the FBI. David claimed that there was no station. Yet the FBI claims there was a station, also the FCC, Wayne Martin described an antenna that he used at the station and that he could make contact with the whole world through that station. Any critical pieces of evidence are downplayed by David T."
    • Wayne Martin
    • Sherri Jewell
      • Battle Creek Enquirer, "'On Line' broadcasting help and understanding", 1977/07/13 - mentions "Dave and Sherri Jewell" as two of the hosts for a Christian advice call-in show on the radio
      • Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Cult kept activities secret when based in L.A. area", 1993/03/19: "Like other Los Angeles-area commuters, Sherri Jewell battled rush hour traffic every morning, hurrying to her job as a home economics teacher at a Yorba Linda school. At the end of the day, Jewell, 43, left her pie crusts and mixing bowls, said goodbye to Travis Ranch School colleagues and headed to her spacious La Verne home. [...] Unknown to colleagues, Jewell led a bizarre, secretive life as one of 18 wives of cult leader David Koresh [...] Jewell was granted an emergency credential to teach business classes, with a minor in home economics, according to the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Jewell's credential was valid from July 1, 1991, to June 30, 1992."
      • Battle Creek Enquirer, "Ex-B.C. teacher believed among victims in Waco", 1993/04/20 (pages 1A, 2A): "Sherri Jewell — who taught business and home economics at Battle Creek Academy for a short time in the late 1970s, and whose daughter, Kiri, and ex-husband, David, now live in Niles — was believed to be one of David Koresh's many wives. [...] Raised in Battle Creek, David Jewell is a graduate of Battle Creek Academy, an academy spokeswoman said. The Jewells married in 1976, two years after they met at the academy, a Seventh-day Adventist school. The couple left Battle Creek a short time after marrying, and divorced in 1984. [...] [Elaine] Haddock said her son atteaded the academy during the time Sherri Jewell taught there. "We had heard sometime back that she had joined some far-out religious group, but we were shocked knowing her. She was a very devoted person," Haddock said. "To think about her being in that kind of situation seemed so out of character because she was so energetic." Ruth Mosher of Anaheim Hills, Calif., Sherri Jewell's mother, said she had become resigned to never seeing her daughter again. [...] Kiri still may believe some of Koresh's radical religious dogma, her father said. "I don't know for sure what she believes," said David Jewell, who admitted he nearly was swayed by Koresh during a 20-minute telephone conversation in 1988."
      • The Journal Times (Racine WI), "Cult kids walked hardest path", 1993/04/27: "Few children know as much about the Branch Davidians as Kiri. Her mother was the main schoolteacher in the compound, and became one of Koresh's wives. [...] After David and Sherri Jewell divorced in the mid-'80s, they shared custody of Kiri. And when Sherri Jewell went to live with the Branch Davidians, she brought Kiri with her. David Jewell was disturbed by his daughter's odd behavior on her visits. But it wasn't until he found out that Kiri was being groomed to be a Koresh bride that he did something about it. In a bitter custody hearing, David Jewell won his daughter back. Three days of testimony from former cult members revealed patterns of abuse."
      • TIME, "Paths to The Waco Inferno: THE SINGLE MOTHER", 1993/05/03: "RUTH MOSHER WILL ALWAYS WONDER WHAT LED HER DAUGHTER SHERRI Jewell to David Koresh. The pictures scattered around the house are of Sherri: winning a medal in a marathon; accepting her high school diploma; hugging her mother, whom she considered her best friend. "I thought her childhood was pretty happy," says Mosher, "but maybe it wasn't." Sherri, born 43 years ago in Honolulu, the only child of a salesman and a schoolteacher, was uprooted when her parents separated and her mother moved with her to California. But "I gave her everything -- all the ballet, music, gymnastics, swimming classes -- so she could decide what she liked," says Mosher. "We were very close; we didn't have anyone else." When Sherri graduated from Loma Linda University the same year her mother earned a master's in education, the two celebrated with a month-long trip to the Far East.

        But Sherri was already drifting into another life. During college she converted to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church; she had been brought up a Methodist. She went to Michigan to teach high school, and married a student seven years her junior, David Jewell, who was also a Seventh-Day Adventist. Mosher did not trust David. The couple had a daughter, Kiri, but the marriage was turbulent. Mosher found that out when Sherri asked her to spend a month with them. "She was so sad," Mosher recalls. "Sherri was always a very up person. She was having such a hard time."

        Sherri and David split up and finally divorced in 1984. Broke and distraught, Sherri took Kiri back to Hawaii. At a Seventh-Day Adventist church there, she was befriended by Marc Breault, a disciple of Vernon Howell's -- the leader later known as David Koresh. When Sherri was back in California and living with her mother, Breault "would call her at all hours of the night and talk for hours," says Mosher. Sherri was introduced to Koresh, who thrilled her with his preaching. "Are you telling me you think this guy is the Lamb of God? You think he's Jesus Christ?" her mother asked. "I'm just reading the Bible and trying to find the truth," Sherri always answered. David thinks Sherri wasn't emotionally secure. "The areas of her life that were of greatest importance to her -- her religiosity and spirituality -- were where she felt the least amount of security," he says. "She had a desperate need to be led.""
    • Jeff Little
      • Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, "Cult kept activities secret when based in L.A. area", 1993/03/19: "The sect's two San Gabriel Valley — on White Avenue in La Verne and on East Arrow Highway in Pomona — both were financed by cult members. The five-bedroom house with its white picket fence was bought Jan. 19, 1990; its 1992 assessed value was $336,331. County tax records list Jewell as co-owner of the La Verne house with fellow Davidian Jeffrey Little, who also is in the Waco compound. The house was purchased to provide Koresh with a place where he could live in isolation with Jewell, Bunds and another 16 wives and five children."
      • Pasadena Star-News, "Fate reunited doomed cult pair", 1993/04/21: "Jeffrey Little and Sherri Jewell met in a high school economics class 15 years ago. He was a lanky, 16-year-old computer whiz with red hair. She, a vivacious, fun-loving 28-year-old instructor at Little's school — Battle Creek Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist Church school in Battle Creek, Mich. [...] Little and Jewell were among the highest-earning members of the cult, according to Breault. Little worked as a computer programmer with the Yamaha Corp. of America in Buena Park. Jewell, who grew up in East Whittier, was a teacher in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District in northern Orange County. County records show the two made a $60,000 down payment against the $330,000 cost of the home on Jan. 12, 1990. The remaining $270,000 was carried as a loan by the former owners, Dorothy Yates and her son, Brian, of Brea. Brian Yates said yesterday that Little and Jewell were late on their regular monthly payment of about $2,600 only once in three years. However, the payments, which were deducted automatically from their bank accounts, stopped in February. The Yateses are now attempting to foreclose on the property. Records list Little and Jewell as joint owners, each having a 50 percent share in the house. Despite their joint ownership of the property, Little and Jewell never had a romantic relationship. Breault said. [...] The two met in 1978, when Jewell taught for a year at the 212-student Seventh-day Adventist school in Battle Creek. [...] Little left Michigan to study computer programming at the University of Hawaii. Jewell happened to be living in Hawaii at the same time. The two were reunited when they both joined the Diamond Head Seventh-day Adventist Church in Honolulu. Koresh, who frequently targeted Seventh-day Adventists as potential Davidians, recruited Jewell and Little to the cult in the mid-1980s in Hawaii, according to Breault."
      • Battle Creek Enquirer, "Cult tragedy takes his son: Galesburg man remembers Koresh's power over followers", 1993/04/23 (pages 1A, 2A)
      • According to Wally Kennett speaking at 23:00 in Day 51: The True Story of Waco (also excerpted and summarized here), Little had been a "computer analyst" for Yamaha Corporation of America in Buena Park CA. He also claims that Little and Wayne Martin had, on a computer in Mount Carmel, been keeping tabs on ATF activity going back several years.
      • Mack White, "Waco, One Year Later": "It was known by the Davidians that Little had some kind of connection to the government. According to them, he was a computer expert who, before coming to Waco, had worked for the Yamaha Corporation on a secret project to modify a law enforcement software to contain a "trap door.""
  • Weapon purchases and sales
    • Henry McMahon Jr. and Karen Kilpatrick (of Gulf Breeze FL and Hewitt TX)
      • From p.26 of the Treasury report: "On July 30, Aguilera, posing as an ATF compliance officer, joined Jimmy Ray Skirmer, an ATF compliance officer, to inspect the premises of Henry McMahon, who was doing business as Hewitt Hand Guns out of his home. Aguilera's review of McMahon's records revealed that he had sold 36 firearms to a "Vernon Howell," who was not identified as "David Koresh," and sold others to persons Aguilera knew to be Koresh's followers. Moreover, approximately 65 AR-15 lower receivers reflected in McMahon's inventory records were not in his physical stock. McMahon claimed that these firearms were being stored at the house of his preacher, whom he identified as David Koresh, apparently suggesting that Koresh and Howell were two different persons."
      • Tampa Bay Times, "'David was not a violent person'", 1993/06/28: "Karen Kilpatrick is 35, adores children and thinks the world may end soon. Until the shootout between federal agents and Branch Davidians in Waco, she and her 31-year-old boyfriend, Henry McMahon, earned their living by selling weapons at gun shows. Koresh picked up their business card at a Texas gun show. In two years, they sold him about 225 guns and 100,000 bullets. [...] Their best customer also became a close friend. They attended Bible studies at his Ranch Apocalypse, dined with him at Thanksgiving, played with the children in his compound and shot guns with him. [...] Even as she mourns their deaths, she shares the apocalyptic vision Koresh preached, and says she wouldn't mind if God ended the world tomorrow. "I think God needs to come in and get off his throne and finish the business," she said. [...] Kilpatrick grew up in Pensacola and met McMahon there. He became part owner of the Gulf Breeze Pistol Parlor, a leading dealer on Florida's gun show circuit. In August 1990, he sold his interest in it, and they left for Texas. [...] McMahon and Kilpatrick settled in Hewitt, a suburb of Waco. He applied to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for a new license to sell guns from their home, stating that "Hewitt Handguns" would be open for business Tuesdays through Thursdays. ATF mailed him a new license in September 1990. For two years they did business mostly on weekends, traveling from gun show to gun show. [...] Their gun business faltering, Kilpatrick and McMahon returned last December to Florida and the Gulf Breeze Pistol Parlor, which paid them to work at Florida gun shows. They were driving home from a Jacksonville show Feb. 28 when they heard on the radio that their friend had been involved in some shootout with federal agents. [...] McMahon also sold gun parts to the Branch Davidians, but he said he thought they were being used to manufacture semiautomatic rifles for police departments."
      • Soldier of Fortune Vol. 18 No. 11, "WACO: BEHIND THE COVER-UP" by James L. Pate, 1993/11
      • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Pair who sold guns to Koresh say the ATF has made life difficult", 2000/01/29
        • "Always interested in firearms, McMahon got into the gun business full time after his discharge from the Air Force in 1987. He worked for Duke McCaa, owner of the Gulf Breeze Pistol Parlor in Gulf Breeze, a resort city on Florida's panhandle.

          Guns brought McMahon and Kilpatrick together. In April 1988, Kilpatrick came into the shop. She was going through a difficult divorce, and looking for a handgun she thought she needed for protection. She and McMahon have been together ever since.

          In 1990, they moved to Waco. Florida had imposed a three-day waiting period for gun purchases-an impediment to weekend sales. They thought business would be more lucrative in Texas, where there were more weekend gun shows that could be reached best from a central location like Waco."
        • "[Shortly after being visited by ATF investigators in July and August of 1992,] McMahon and Kilpatrick quit the gun business in Texas and returned to Florida. They resumed working for McCaa, the gun dealer in Gulf Breeze. McMahon said the competition in Texas was too intense. He said the move had nothing to do with the ATF's investigation."
        • "The day after the raid, McMahon and Kilpatrick called the ATF office in Pensacola and explained their relationship to Koresh. They said agents told them to avoid talking to either the media or the FBI. By that time, the FBI had taken over the siege of the complex. The press, tipped off about McMahon and Kilpatrick, besieged the couple's Pensacola home.

          ATF agents placed the pair under protective custody and bought two plane tickets for McMahon and Kilpatrick to fly to Portland, Oregon. They lived in Salem, Oregon with McMahon's parents for 22 days.

          The reason for the trip is unclear and the ATF has never explained it. McMahon and Kilpatrick had knowledge of Koresh's operations, but they never knew whether they were being treated as cooperating witnesses or suspects. McMahon now says he went along with the idea because he was scared. He said ATF agents told him the Branch Davidians might try to kill him and Kilpatrick."
        • "Kilpatrick and McMahon returned to Pensacola, but there was no job waiting for them. McCaa, the owner of the Gulf Breeze Pistol Parlor, said his lawyer had advised him to no longer employ the pair.

          I was scared," McCaa said. "I didn't want any repercussions from it. Why create an adverse relationship with the ATF?" McCaa said that while the ATF made some mistakes, he doesn't believe McMahon and Kilpatrick were mistreated. McCaa said that before the ATF had begun its investigation of Koresh, McCaa had advised McMahon to tell the ATF that Koresh was buying large numbers of weapons. (McMahon denies this happened.) "It's not that there was anything illegal, but it's just the sheer volume," McCaa said. "It's going to protect your tail with the ATF.""
        • "Unable to find work in Pensacola, they moved to Bonners Ferry, Idaho in the fall of 1993. Bonners Ferry is about 14 miles from Ruby Ridge, where three people died in 1992 in a confrontation between government agents and Randy Weaver over charges that Weaver had violated federal weapons laws. McMahon's father had retired to the area, and a friend of his gave the couple jobs in his newly opened restaurant. That lasted a few months until the restaurant went out of business.
          They worked night security at a wilderness school for troubled youth until 1995, when McMahon testified about Waco before a House committee. After that, McMahon said, co-workers at the school harassed him. He was demoted and quit, surviving for a while on credit cards and a monthly unemployment check of $728. McMahon went from 240 to 170 pounds. In 1996, he and Kilpatrick filed for bankruptcy, listing debts of $34,000."
        • "McMahon and Kilpatrick also filed a civil suit against the ATF in federal court in Texas. The suit said the agency's actions caused the couple to suffer mental anguish, psychological and emotional distress and physical pain. It said the ATF had cost the couple employment as firearms dealers and had subjected the pair to false imprisonment.

          The suit was dismissed, McMahon said, because he didn't have the $35,000 his lawyer needed to pursue it.

          Kirk D. Lyons, the lawyer who filed the suit, said he took the suit as far as he could before it passing it along to another lawyer. The other lawyer tried to get the NRA to cover the legal fees but was turned down."
    • Thao Dinh Le (of Tulsa OK)
      • The Oklahoman, "Semiautomatic Rifles Sold To Davidian, Dealers Say", 1994/02/01: "Gun dealer Thao Dinh Le of Tulsa, OK, also testified at the trial that he sold a Belgian-made FAL-FAN semiautomatic rifle to Fatta, adding that it was a legal transaction. Le testified that he sells thousands of semiautomatic and automatic weapons a year. Most of the people who buy automatic weapons from him are lawyers and doctors, Le said. Le also testified that such weapons have high investment value."
      • Tulsa Word, "Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons", 1997/08/05 (copy here): "Federal agents on Monday searched a south Tulsa gun shop owned by the man who officials allege had kept in his house one of the largest stockpiles of explosives ever confiscated by the Tulsa Police Bomb Squad. Thao Dinh Le was arrested July 2 on numerous federal and state charges after the explosives were found. He has remained in jail since then. Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms began searching Thao's shop, Wholesale Guns & Ammo, 8335 A E. 51st St., with a federal warrant about 1 p.m., according to reports. The agents carried out about a dozen cardboard boxes, which appeared to contain weapons, and loaded them into a vehicle. ATF officials Monday would not say what they were looking for or what they had found. Bomb squad officials also were at the scene but did not appear to handle any explosives. On July 2, undercover narcotics agents served a warrant at Thao's home, 12121 E. 29th Court, to search for drugs. They found a stockpile of land mines, hand grenades, dynamite and other explosives, police said. ATF agents are investigating the possible connection between what was found in Thao's residence and a cache of explosives discovered last week in the A.B. Jewell Water Reservoir at 21st Street and 193rd East Avenue. Police divers fished about 200 military explosives from the reservoir June 28, after a fisherman pulled a string of grenades from the water. Officials said it appeared that someone had thrown the explosives into the reservoir to get rid of them. ATF spokesman Dave Roberts has said some of the serial numbers on the weapons from both finds are "similar" and may have been stolen from the same military source. Thao has not been charged in connection with the explosives found in the reservoir."
      • Tulsa World, "Man Accused of Possessing Explosives Expected to Plead", 1997/12/11: "In admitting guilt to the fifth count of the indictment, Thao will apparently concede that he unlawfully possessed 130 high explosive rifle grenades, 35 high explosive dual purpose rifle grenades, six M397 high explosive rifle grenades, six other high explosive rifle grenades, one green Claymore mine, one improvised Claymore mine, four hand grenades and two different types of grenade launchers. All the items were found on July 2 when law enforcement officials searched Thao’s home for drugs. [...] The day the explosives were found Lt. Dennis Larsen, supervisor of the Tulsa Bomb Squad, was quoted as saying it was the largest cache of explosives he had ever seen in Tulsa. [...] [Le's attorney Mark D.] Lyons said his client grew up around weapons in Vietnam and became nationally known in the United States as being an “honest and reputable” dealer of legal arms. Lyons said his client made a “very very bad decision” in illegally possessing the items that got him indicted in July."
      • Tulsa World, "Explosives Cache Owner Ordered to Prison", 1998/04/25: "[U.S. District Judge Sven Erik Holmes] ordered that Thao pay $3,213 in restitution to the U.S. Department of Defense. Assistant U.S. Attorney Neal Kirkpatrick said the sum reflected the value of U.S. Defense Department equipment found in Thao's weapons stockpile. U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms spokesman Dave Roberts has said that some of the weapons might have been stolen from a military source. [...] Thao pleaded guilty in December to possessing five machine guns on July 2, 1997, while being a user of a controlled substance, and to another count that he carried firearm while distributing methamphetamine in early 1997. [...] In December, Holmes asked Thao, “What possible purpose could you have had for possessing such an extraordinary arsenal?” Thao replied that he had grown up in a time of war in Vietnam and that the constant presence of weapons became “almost like a part of me.” Thao said that after the war, as part of his duties at a re-education camp, he was assigned to clear mine fields in Vietnam. On Friday, Thao’s attorney, Mark Lyons, said that for the most part, Thao has led an exemplary life. Lyons said Thao once spent 18 months living a “hand-to-mouth” existence in a Vietnamese jungle. During that time, Lyons said, Thao helped build a 20-foot boat on which Thao and more than 40 others eventually fled that country’s communist regime, reaching safety after being at sea for three weeks."
      • United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, no. 98-5088 (appeal from no. CR-97-84-H in United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma): United States v. Thao Dinh Le, opinion, 1999/03/31
        • "On July 2, 1997, pursuant to a state search warrant issued June 27, 1997 ("the state warrant"), which authorized a search of Le's residence for methamphetamine, officers of the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) entered Le's residence. Because the state law enforcement officers had some reason to believe that explosives and other weapons might be present at the residence, they had previously notified a TPD K-9 bomb-sniffing squad and agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) that their services might be required at some point during the search. Upon entering the residence, officers discovered methamphetamine and other controlled substances, as well as a stockpile of explosives and other assorted military-style ordnance, including the following: four different varieties of rifle grenades; a Claymore mine; hand grenades; smoke grenades; five different types of machine guns; plastic explosives, TNT, and detonating cord; and a grenade launcher. Upon discovering the explosives, TPD officers called in the K-9 team and the ATF agents. TPD officers did not seize the explosives, but they did seize controlled substances, several firearms, and other assorted items."
        • "Also during the day on July 2, ATF agents executed another federal warrant, also issued June 27. This warrant ("the first federal business warrant") authorized agents to search Le's business, Cadre Supplies, Inc., for records and documents relating to firearms transactions. During the execution of this warrant, agents seized stacks of documents, including log books, phone message books, and other records. While on the business premises, agents discovered boxes of weapons and weapon parts, and they contacted an agent of the U.S. Department of Defense, who came to the business and examined the weaponry to determine if the items were stolen military equipment. The Defense agent determined that many of the weapons were indeed stolen. However, no weaponry was seized at the business on July 2.

          On August 4, 1997, ATF agents executed yet another search warrant for Le's business ("the second federal business warrant"), this one issued on August 4 and authorizing a search for machine guns, silencers, grenade hulls, night vision equipment, and other assorted weaponry seen at the business by the agents who executed the July 2 search. While at the business on August 4, agents seized many such items."
        • "The affidavit presented to the state magistrate in this case contained the following information. The affiant, TPD Officer James Comstock, stated that he had received information from two different confidential informants, both of whom provided essentially the same information. The first informant stated that Le was selling several varieties of drugs from his residence, and that "he had seen a considerable amount of [methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana] at [Le's] residence on numerous occasions, and had bought cocaine and methamphetamine from [Le], over one-hundred, (100), times in the past couple of years." Appellant's App. at 41. This source also stated that Le "has a gun store" which "sells fully automatic fire arms" and that Le "keeps some of these weapons and ammunition at his residence."Id. The source stated that, because of Le's access to weapons, he "was scared of any repercussions that might occur should [he] assist officers in any other way." Id. at 41-42."
      • Tulsa World, "Explosives collector released from prison", 2003/05/24: "A Tulsa man who reportedly had one of the largest stockpiles of explosives ever confiscated by the Tulsa police has had his federal prison sentence cut approximately in half. Thao Dinh Le, 43, was sentenced in April 1998 to 10 years and 10 months in custody for violating three federal weapons laws. But in an order posted on the federal court's Web site this week, U.S. District Judge Sven Erik Holmes reduced Thao's prison sentence to the time he has already served. Holmes determined that Thao "has provided substantial assistance to the United States" through sealed information provided to the court. Assistant U.S. Attorney Neal Kirkpatrick and defense attorney Mark Lyons said Thursday that Thao has now been released from a prison in California. Neither Kirkpatrick nor Lyons would divulge any details of Thao's cooperation with authorities. [...] Investigators suspected that he was linked to 200 military explosives found at the A.B. Jewell Water Reservoir in 1997. However, Thao was never charged in connection with that find, and his lawyer said his client had nothing to do with that cache."
    • Rayelan Russbacher, "Exerpts of The Wilcher Report - The Truth About Waco", 1999/09/05
      • "[...] (The BATF was told that Koresh and his followers had most of their weapons stored in a nearby hanger. The arms and ammunition was being readied for transport by Buffalo Airlines to drug dealers in South America. RMNews does not know if this information, which was given to BATF agents, was accurate. What is known, is the BATF did not expect the members at the compound to be as fully and powerfully armed as they were.)"
      • "[...] President Clinton knew there were people within the Davidian Compound who had been part of the drugs for arms operation that was being run out of Mena, Arkansas. Some of the arms that were stored in the hanger, were about to be shipped on Buffalo Airlines, to the drug dealers, AKA communist terrorists, who were trying to overthrow their elected government."
    • Bob on the Job (of American's Bulletin), "The elites had to have the Branch Davidian Village eliminated because:", 2001/05/08 (2004 APFN post copy; Biblioteca Pleyades copy): "1. Two of the Branch Davidian village members had been able to hack into the Pentagon/CIA/FBI Black Ops databases, and discovered that the CIA with the utilization of the CIA's Buffalo Airlines, were daily transferring Cocaine, laundered money, special operations agents, kidnaped children for CIA pedophile programs, and arms at the World War Two runway that bordered the Branch Davidian Village.

      2. The entire village knew about the CIA's Buffalo Airlines activities that tied directly to George Bush Senior and his direct involvement with the CIA, the Mafia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and other global locations, that included the global elites intelligence operations, banking operations, drug transfers, arms transfers, child pedophile kidnaping and transfers, aircraft refueling, and global money laundering network.

      3. In all of the Waco documentaries, all of the documentaries reveal that parked in front of the Branch Davidian village main building were observed several high speed go carts that were used by the branch Davidians who were carrying out the surveillance of the government Buffalo Airlines activity at the airport that bordered the Branch Davidian village, in order to identify and to log the Buffalo Airlines schedules with the two Branch Davidian members retrial of the CIA's Guns for Drugs transfers that were going on daily."
      • Bob on the Job background
        • From "SECURITY ABUSES" section of The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy by Jim Marrs (2010):

              ALTHOUGH POPULAR BELIEF HOLDS that those with Middle Eastern names are most susceptible to being detained by the government, the Secret Service considered Robert Lee “Bob on the Job” Lewis enough of a threat to arrest him on the basis of an offhand remark. Lewis is a fervent Christian who has spent decades researching government scandals and worked with airline lawyers during the investigation of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. In April 1998, Lewis was in a restaurant in Houston, Texas, regaling waiters with his knowledge of government skulduggery and little-reported information of former president George H. W. Bush. Lewis admitted he made a remark about Bush along the lines of “I’ll have his ass.”
              Secret Service agent Tim Reilly was sitting in the restaurant near Lewis and promptly placed Lewis under arrest for threatening the former president. The next day, in a short hearing, federal magistrate Marcia Crone avoided any First Amendment issue and instead accepted the hearsay testimony of Agent Reilly. Because Lewis did not have enough money to post bail, he was held for nearly a year in federal custody. During this time, he was sent to the Fort Worth Federal Correctional Institution and was placed in the cell where Whitewater scandal figure James McDougal reportedly committed suicide. Lewis knew who McDougal had been and felt his placement there was aform of intimidation. Some months later, Lewis was transferred to a federal hospital in Springfield, Missouri, where he was involuntarily drugged until letters from journalists and academic contacts protesting his drugging gained him a release. There was never a court trial or evenan adversarial hearing in the case.
        • NARA #124-10191-10058 62-sf-6815 1a thru 7 - mentions Robert Lee Lewis in relation to the JFK assassination, unclear if related or not
        • Other related controversy
    • Buffalo Airways background - operated at the TSTC airport near Mount Carmel and was indeed a CIA front
      • Benjamin Donnelly summary of Buffalo Airways on a Flickr photo of one of their Boeing 707s: "In 1982, Aviation Leasing Group, based in Kansas City, Missouri and founded by Aviation Leasing Group, ran into trouble with its primary charter cargo service, Global International Airways. It had leased its fleet of five Boeing 707s from Pan American, but the aircraft failed airworthiness inspections. GIA also struggled with labor union issues, and was suspected (though it was vehemently denied by management) to be running guns. Rather than deal with all these issues, GIA was dissolved in 1984.

        However, Aviation Leasing Group was not going to get out of the cargo charter business, which was very lucrative. As GIA went under, Buffalo Airways took over some of its assets, as well as four 707s, though not the ones from Pan Am. Operating out of Waco, Texas; Smyrna, Tennessee; and Kansas City, Buffalo undertook cargo shipments worldwide for private charters, government contracts (some of which were secret ones, possibly with the CIA), and overload contracts for bigger cargo companies. Buffalo's aircraft were leased, and their liveries varied: sometimes, Buffalo titles would be put on an aircraft that still carried its former owner's cheatlines and color schemes. The airline acquired two more 707s and was the last operator of the oversized CL-44 Guppy, itself a conversion of the Bristol Britannia turboprop.

        Buffalo Airways' final fate is cloudy; it is known the airline operated into the 1990s, but shut down sometime during that, likely because of its 707s' age and expense. Aviation Leasing Group still exists and still is in the cargo leasing business, but Buffalo Airways no longer exists.

        This aircraft, N106BV, was one of the few Buffalo aircraft to actually wear the airline's full livery--a red cheatline with blue tilting, and the airline's "buffalo nickel" logo on the tail. N106BV was used mainly for passenger charters. It was originally built in 1967 for British Caledonian, and was a former TAP Air Portugal aircraft when Buffalo acquired it in 1983. It stayed with the airline until 1995, when it was sold to Azerbaijan Airlines. After this, it passed through several African cargo operators before it was retired and scrapped in Angola in 2007."
      • Bizapedia entry for BUFFALO AIRWAYS INC of Waco TX - registered agent is Russ Harman of Waco; company officers (all said to be based at 301 E. 51st Street in Kansas City MO, known to be an address used by Azima's Global International Airways) are Don Baxter (director and vice president), Mansour Rafat (director and COO), Randall Marshall (director and vice president of finance), Richard Pearson (director and president), Robert Bates (director and vice president)
      • Waco Citizen, "TSTI Board Of Regents Approves 1983-84 Budget", 1983/07/29: "A hangar currently leased on the Waco campus by Aviation Technical Support Inc. was approved for sublease to Buffalo Airways for use as offices and an operations center."
      • United States Civil Aeronautics Board, Board Reports Volume 104: Economic Cases of the Civil Aeronautics Board (October 1983 to November 1983), order 83-11-36, 1983/10/20 (PDF copy) - chairman of the board and 40% stockholder is Milford D. Walston; president, director of operations, chief pilot, board member, and 15% stockholder is Lonnie J. Edwards; senior vice president of finance, treasurer, board member, and 40% stockholder is Larry W. Walston; corporate secretary, office manager, director of computer systems, board member, and 5% stockholder is Peggy N. Edwards (wife of Lonnie Edwards); chief dispatcher and assistant director of operations is David E. Yost
      • Abilene Reporter-News, "Hometown Boy Fulfills His High-Flying Dream", 1984/01/06 (pages 1-A, 12-A): "Capt. Lonnie Edwards stopped in Abilene Thursday night on the first leg of the last test run before Buffalo Airways formally gets off the ground. Buffalo Airways, a new Waco-based charter company with two Air Portuguese 707 jets, was conceived by Edwards, who grew up in Abilene but now lives in Waco, and two investors during the fall of 1982. According to Edwards, the 180-seaters will fly just about anywhere. Saturday, the company's first flight will go from Minneapolis and Chicago to Cancun, Mexico. [...] [Edwards] said the company is booked up for charter flights until April. [...] Edwards took his initial flight training from the Abilene Flying Service at the old airport across the road from today's Abilene Municipal Airport. About 25,000 flight hours, 38 years of flying and many foreign and domestic airlines later, he said he decided to try his hand at running a charter line. First, he found two investors. "They didn't know much about airlines," Edwards said. "They had the money, and I had the experience." Then Edwards and his investors went through a year of filling out forms and complying with Federal Aviation Administration and other agency regulations. They bought the two 707s in Lisbon, Portugal. [...] "Let me just say they were expensive," Edwards said. He said the reason the company bought such big planes is that many of the line's flights will be to other parts of the world."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "We're proud to have Buffalo Airways join us at Western Tower", 1986/05/11: "Buffalo Airways Inc. has joined us as a tenant in Western Tower, our new eight-story office building at I-35 and University Parks Drive. Western Tower will be the corporate headquarters for Buffalo Airways, a certified F.A.R. 121 large-aircraft operator. Buffalo Airways is authorized for international and domestic passenger-and-freight operations for Boeing 707 aircraft. Western Tower reflects and enhances the success of the companies moving into this exceptional building. [...] For more information, call Terry R. Jones at 754-3388"
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "3 employees of Waco firm killed in cargo plane crash", 1987/04/15 (pages 1A, 12A): "A cargo jet owned by a Waco charter service crashed and exploded in a huge ball of flame, killing all four people aboard, while trying to land at Kansas City International Airport in mist and fog, officials said. The four-engine Boeing 707, en route from Oklahoma City to Fort Wayne, Ind., smashed into a pasture about 1½ miles southwest of the airport. [...] A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said the crew of the plane did not respond to two warnings that the aircraft was too low in its landing approach at the airport. "A very short time later, we lost radio contact," Robert Raynesford said. [...] Platte County Coroner Charles E. Laney identified the crash victims as three crew members from Buffalo Airways, Inc., the Waco company that flew the cargo plane for Burlington Air Express, and a passenger who boarded the plane during a stopover at Wichita. The crewmen were identified as Clarence Ray Brenner, 52, of Henderson, Nev., the pilot; David Lee Zupancic, 40, of Flower Mound, the copilot, and Nicholas P. Pennell, 22, of Axtell, the flight engineer. The passenger was identified as John E. Lemery, 36, of Wichita, a 12-year employee of Mid-Continent Transport, Inc., Burlington's agent in Wichita. [...] The plane was owned by Buffalo Airways of Waco and leased to Fort Wayne-based Burlington Air Express of Fort Wayne, said a Buffalo Airways spokesman in Oklahoma City who refused to give his name. Buffalo Airways was incorporated in December 1982. It flies out of TSTI Waco Airport, and has offices in the Western Tower at 700 S. University Parks Drive. Company official Sue Walston declined to comment on the crash from the Waco headquarters Tuesday. The company owns five Boeing 707s."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Buffalo Airways Now Has An Office With A View", 1989/09/03: "University Tower is pleased to announce that Buffalo Airways, an international transport company operating a fleet of 707's, has chosen Waco to be their base for world-wide operations. Buffalo Airways will occupy nearly 8,000 square feet, the entire West Wing of our 8th floor, overlooking downtown Waco and the Brazos River."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "TSTI regents approve lease", 1989/09/19: "Texas State Technical Institute regents Monday approved a two-year agreement with Buffalo Airways to lease ramp space at the north end of the TSTI-Waco airport. Buffalo Airways will use the 160,000 square feet to maintain aircraft. It will pay TSTI $32,000 per year."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Hungarian airline completes local deal", 1990/04/06 (pages 1B, 4B): "Buffalo Airways made what it and Malev Hungarian Airlines say is the first aerospace deal between an American company and an Eastern European country. The deal arranges for the Waco firm to lease a Boeing 707 with a full crew to fly non-military related general cargo. Most of the cargo probably will be food exports in exchange for hard goods from countries in the Middle East, Far East and European nations, said Buffalo president Larry Walston. Balint Nagy, manager of the Hungarian airline's fleet development projects, said the plane would greatly expand its cargo capacity. [...] "This is the first U.S. deal since the wall went down," Nagy said, referring to the opening of Eastern Europe to Westerners. The arrangement was negotiated for several months. Marton Nemeth, a chief inspector with the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority, was in Waco as well to verify the agreement. The firm owns five Boeing 707 aircraft and is adding six British Aerospace Company 1-11s for a charter passenger service. Farhad Azima, owner and chairman of Buffalo Airways Inc., said the firm would also begin passenger service shortly with Classic Air. The firm will fly passengers for tours and junkets scheduled by travel agents and will provide charter service for markets such as Orlando, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The Waco firm employs about 150 people, a figure officials expect to increase to 200 with the addition of passenger service. The aerospace company leases an entire wing of the eighth floor of the University Tower on University Parks Drive and Interstate 35, and employs about 25 people locally. Buffalo Airways also subcontracts with McDonnell-Douglas Training Services to train Navy flight crews at Texas State Technical Institute's Waco campus. The firm also has agreed to lease more ramp space to support the Navy's training airplanes."
        • XpatLoop, "Xpat Interview: Bálint Nagy, IBS, Head of Marketing Department", 2015/09/11: "From 1985 Bálint worked as Corporate Identity Manager for MALÉV the ex-Hungarian national airline, introducing its new corporate identity, the first ever full strategical transformation of a big company in Hungary.

          In 1991 he became Managing Director of BBDO, one of the biggest American advertising agency network, founding their Hungarian operation, working for clients like Douwe Egberts, Wrigley’s, Delta Airlines or Pizza Hut.

          From 1992 Bálint was Marketing Communications Director of IBM Hungary till 1995, when he joined Matáv the state telecommunication company as PR Director. He spent more than a decade with the Hungarian Telecommunications Company as Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications and almost two years with Vodafone Hungary also as Head of Corporate Communications."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Chrysler may get Elsinore TSTC lease", 1992/09/25: "Buffalo Airways of Waco, which ships freight worldwide, also had expressed an interest in assuming the Elsinore lease, but TSTC regents rejected the arrangement for reasons Russ Harman, Buffalo's senior vice president, said he did not want to discuss on the record. He did say regents were concerned about some of Buffalo's debts."
      • Texas 10th Court of Appeals, nos. 10-94-169-CV and 10-94-251-CV: SUE WALSTON, Appellant v. LARRY WALSTON, Appellee, opinion, 1995/06/14: "Buffalo Airlines issued 100 shares of stock. Initially, Larry owned 40 shares, a second investor named Lund owned 40 shares, and Larry's father, M.D. Walston, owned the remaining 20 shares."
      • Reddit comment from 2015 mentioning some of Buffalo's operations: "I worked for Farhad Azima around about the time this was happening. Flight mechanic working for one of his freight operations (Buffalo Airways out of Waco, TX, subsidiary of Global International). Boeing 707-321 freighters. We flew a shitload of weapons from Stansted, UK to Taif, Saudi Arabia every week. Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles, if I remember correctly.

        I was one of four mechanics working out of Madrid and the UK in 1989-1990, and one of my co-workers told me on one flight (we rotated trips), they carried eight thousand pounds of gold bars from Frankfurt, Germany to Bogota, Columbia. Who knows if true or not, I didn't see that load. Would have been worth far more than the airplane."
      • Lonnie Edwards involvement and background
        • United States Civil Aeronautics Board, Board Reports Volume 104: Economic Cases of the Civil Aeronautics Board (October 1983 to November 1983), order 83-11-36, 1983/10/20 (PDF copy)
          • "Mr. Edward's aviation career began in 1950 as a partner in a flight school and charter service. 4/ From 1951-1954, he served as a flight instructor with the U.S. Air Force Training Command and then became a pilot for a petroleum drilling company. Between 1959 and 1963, he served as a pilot with several smaller airlines, then became chief pilot for the Chicago White Sox. Between 1965 and 1974, he flew DC-6 and DC-8 aircraft for Japan Airlines. Later, between 1975 and 1981, he was a line captain for Air Crews International, Inc., a crew leasing service that provided contract crews for several foreign airlines. 5/ Since 1982, Mr. Edwards has worked on the formation of Buffalo. [...]"
          • "5/ Mr. Edwards has also served as regional sales manager and pilot for Mitsubishi Aircraft International, Inc. (1974-75) and for Falcon Jet Corporation 1975-76. (Ex. BA-503A) He also holds licenses as a flight engineer, aircraft dispatcher, flight instructor, ground instructor, and as a traffic controller. (Id.)"
        • Abilene Reporter-News, "New cab service to begin Tuesday", 1985/03/10: "Lonnie Edwards, a former charter airline owner and longtime airline pilot, isn't in the aviation business any longer. But he's getting ready to go back into the transportation business. Abilene Cab Service, of which Edwards is majority stockholder, will put six new blue-and-white Plymouth Grand Fury sedans in service at 6 p.m. Tuesday. [...] Before returning to Abilene last year, Edwards was president of Buffalo Airways, a domestic and international charter service operating two Boeing 707 jet airliners out of Waco. He resigned that position and sold his interest in the business. He opened Texas Sun Shield, a firm which installs glass tinting in both buildings and autombiles, late last year in partnership with his son-in-law, Steve Cordova."
        • Abilene Reporter-News, "His love of flying reads just like a book", 1986/12/26 (pages 1A, 12A): "After the Korean War, Edwards flew for oil companies, but found time to work for a while teaching Afghani pilots to fly. In 1958, he began flying for commercial airlines, including Pan American and Japan Air. The early 1980s were some of his more interesting years of overseas flying. He was involved in a "special operation" involving Mideast bigwigs. At the time, Edwards was flying a posh private jet for a Miami-based company. His job was to chauffeur ranking Mideast officials, he said, sometimes into and out of spots which had been the scene of unscheduled changes of government, he said. He said his passengers included Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak - who he flew a number of times in the wake of Anwar Sadat's assassination - and Saudi Arabia's former oil minister, Prince Yamani. Edwards' career brought him back to Texas, where he served as president of Waco-based Buffalo Airways. He left that company in 1984. Now, Edwards, the owner of an Abilene window-tinting company, is trying to organize a new airline company, which he hopes to operate out of Abilene."
        • Air Crews International Inc. background - involved in performing military flights on behalf of Muammar Gaddafi during the early 80s (a time when the CIA was known to be backing Gaddafi through agents like Edwin Wilson); the owner Lawrence Grue was close friends and business partners with George Batchelor, the owner of known CIA aviation front Arrow Air
          • Florida corporation info on AIR CREWS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - formed on 1977/08/31; dissolved on 1994/08/26 for lack of annual report; FEI/EIN number was 59-1833986; principal address and mailing address (as of 1992/08/04) were both 11170 SOUTHWEST 42ND COURT DAVIE, FL 33328; registered agent was GRUE, LAWRENCE of 11170 S. W. 42ND CT. FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33328; officers were the aforementioned Lawrence Grue (president and director), GRUE, HELEN of 11170 SW 42ND CT. DAVIE, FL (treasurer), and GRUE, CHERYL of 14700 SW 14 ST. DAVIE, FL (vice president)
          • Pensacola News Journal, "U.S. pilots flew Libya military goods to Chad", 1981/10/26
          • Miami Herald, "Sisters steer airline towards steady growth", 1993/04/19 (pages Business-9, Business-10): "Sisters Cheryl Grue and Elizabeth Forester take a hands-on approach to running an airline. They load and clean planes, count coffee cups, sometimes work as flight attendants, and hope to someday fly the planes as well. "If I just sat behind a desk every day and read pieces of paper, I wouldn't really find out anything," said Grue, 43, president of AvAtlantic, a Fort Lauderdale-based charter airline. [...] The sisters were born into an airline family. Their father Lawrence Grue was a longtime pilot and aviation entrepreneur. He spent 50 years in the airline industry before starting AvAtlantic in 1990. He invested $1.9 million in the airline, which started flying in March, 1990, with one plane and 16 employees. The sisters aren't the only family members working at AvAtlantic. Their father is a part-time consultant and their mother, Helen, is secretary-treasurer. [...] One of the planes is leased from George Batchelor, a longtime friend of Lawrence Grue, who conceded that he gives the sisters "deals that I wouldn't give to other people, since I've known them so long." Batchelor met Grue in the 1950s, and worked with him on several ventures. Once, Batchelor hired Grue to pilot a plane to the Philippines. Grue stayed for several years before signing on as a pilot for Japan Air Lines, where he spent 12 years. Later, Grue and Batchelor worked together furnishing crews and planes that Saudi Arabian travel agencies leased to fly pilgrims to Mecca. After that, Grue set up a business furnishing flight crews to various airlines. [...] [AvAtlantic's] Chief flight attendant Jeannie Traband spent 17 years at charter carriers including Airlift International and Airways International. "This is the first one that seems to have it all together," she said."
          • George Batchelor background
            • South Florida Sun Sentinel, "GEORGE E. BATCHELOR, 81, PHILANTHROPIST", 2002/07/31: "George E. Batchelor, 81, an aviation entrepreneur and philanthropist who gave millions of dollars for research on children’s health, died Monday night at his home in Miami Beach from lung cancer. [...] Mr. Batchelor learned to fly at age 16, and went on to own passenger and cargo airlines, as well as companies specializing in aircraft maintenance, leasing, insurance, overhaul and repair. He helped design the P-51, a World War II fighter plane, then served as a pilot during the war. He launched his first aircraft company after the war by buying a DC-3 in Hawaii for $10,000 and flying it to the mainland, where he sold it for $25,000. He used the profit to buy more aircraft. He was founder and former chairman of Arrow Air, a major Miami-based air cargo carrier, which ran afoul of federal regulators in the mid-1990s, and was temporarily shut down. The company was assessed $5 million in fines, but continued in business."
            • Miami Herald, obituary for George Edward Batchelor, 2002/08/02: "He was the founder and former chairman of Batchelor Air, Inc. & Subsidiaries; the founder, former president and chairman of International Air Leases, Inc. & Subsidiaries; the founder and former chairman of Arrow Air; and the founder, C.E.O. and president of Aerospace Finance, Ltd."
            • Arrow Air background
      • Larry Walston involvement and background
        • United States Civil Aeronautics Board, Board Reports Volume 104: Economic Cases of the Civil Aeronautics Board (October 1983 to November 1983), order 83-11-36, 1983/10/20 (PDF copy)
          • "[...] Larry Walston has earned a B.S. Degree from Southern Illinois University. He is licensed as a commercial pilot and mechanic and previously held a certificate as a flight instructor. From 1971 through 1977, Mr. Walston was a flight instructor and district manager for Walston Aviation, Inc., a family owned business which engaged in wholesale distribution of Cessna aircraft and parts. This distributorship had sales averaging between 1200 and 1500 aircraft per year. (Ex. BA-503B) In 1978-1979, Mr. Walston was President, Chief Financial Officer and sole stockholder of Southern Cross Credit, Inc., which sold and exported general aviation piston aircraft to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

            In 1980, Mr. Walston founded Walston Wings, Inc., of which he was President, Chief Financial Officer and 50 percent stockholder. Walston Wings, Inc., operated as a fixed base operator and also as a franchise Cessna turbo prop aircraft dealer. This company employed 25 people and had gross sales of approximately $16 million. (Id. and Ex. BA-507) Mr. Walston sold the company in 1981 to Flight Transportation Corporation (FTC). The company was renamed FTC Walston Wings, Inc., and Mr. Walston continued to serve as Vice-President and General Manager of the new operation. In 1982, FTC and FTC Walston Wings were placed in receivership and eventually ceased operations in December 1982. (BA-507) Since the termination of FTC Walston Wings, Mr. Walston has been working on the development of the operations proposed in this application. 6/"
          • "When Walston Wings was acquired by FTC in August 1981, Mr. Larry Walston was made a Vice President of FTC and, in December of 1981, was made a member of the Board of Directors. (Ex. BA-507; Tr. 41) During his tenure on the Board, which continued until the issuance of the June 1982 Temporary Restraining Order, one of three public offerings occurred. Forty-one private civil actions have been brought on the basis of alleged negligence of the Board of Directors in not uncovering the alleged financial misrepresentations. Larry Walston and eleven other individuals are named as the defendants. These law suits have been joined as a class action, In Re Flight Transportation, Securities Litigation, No. 4-82-874 in the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, Fourth Division. Apparently, the plaintiffs seek to reach the insurance fund available under FTC's officers and directors' liability coverage. (Tr. 42, 56)

            At the hearing, Mr. Walston explained his role as a director of FTC in a candid and forthright manner. He claims that he did not participate in any way in the alleged misstatements in the SEC filings. His role as a director stemmed solely from his status as former owner of Walston Wings; he attended only six meetings of FTC's board which were organized in such a way as to give only a cursory view of FTC's overall operations. (Tr. 62, 90-92) Moreover, although he attended a meeting in which the third public offering was discussed, he did not sign any of the submissions to the SEC or to the underwriting houses that sponsored the offering. (Tr. 40-42) In fact, he claims that his signature and the signature of other members of the board of directors on those submissions were forgeries. (Tr. 55-58) On the stand, Mr. Walston explained a proposed settlement agreement which would remove him from among the defendants in the consolidated FTC litigation. Because his testimony on this point was not clearly presented, I directed that Mr. Walston provide as a post-hearing submission a verified statement which outlines in detail the status of his possible settlement of his penalty in the FTC case. (See order of July 19, 1983). That verified statement was submitted on August 1. By motion, the applicant has requested that the August 1 submission be granted confidential treatment pursuant to Rule 39, and the Bureau supports that request. In order not to jeopardize Mr. Walston's attempts to negotiate a settlement of his possible liability, the motion will be granted. However, it should be understood that while the material is now considered to be commercially sensitive, the need for confidentiality will probably evaporate in the not-too-distant future.

            Mr. Walston's verified statement demonstrates that he is making a good faith effort to settle his involvement in the FTC can of worms. Moreover, the record supports the assertion that Mr. Walston's role in FTC problems was very limited and that he was probably a victim of unscrupulous officers of that company. Mr. Walston has cooperated with the investigation of the SEC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and it appears highly unlikely that any criminal action will be brought against him. (BDA-R-8) In fact the SEC notes that Mr. Walston has been cooperative in their investigation. Finally, it should be noted that Mr. Walston was selected by the court appointed receiver to manage FTC after the officers of the company were removed by court order. (Ex. BA-507; Tr. 43). He served in this capacity for six months until it became necessary to liquidate the corporation in December 1982. This action was taken on Mr. Walston's recommendation. (Ex. BA-507; Tr. 94-96)."
        • Florida corporation info on SOUTHERN CROSS CREDIT, INC. - formed on 1977/12/30; involuntarily dissolved on 1980/12/08; FEI/EIN number was 59-1791205; principal address and mailing address were both 665 SOUTHEAST 10TH STREET DEERFIELD BEACH, FL 33441; registered agent was O'BRIEN, JOHN L. 665 S.E. 10TH STREET DEERFIELD, FL 33441; officers were WALSTON, LARRY W. of 500 S. OCEAN BLVD. BOCA RATON, FL (president, treasurer, and director) and WALSTON, CYNTHIA of 500 S. OCEAN BLVD. BOCA RATON, FL (vice president, secretary, and director)
        • Background of his father Milford Walston
          • United States Civil Aeronautics Board, Board Reports Volume 104: Economic Cases of the Civil Aeronautics Board (October 1983 to November 1983), order 83-11-36, 1983/10/20 (PDF copy): "[...] Mr. Walston's aviation experience began in 1940 as the owner of Walston Aviation Flight School, Granite City, Illinois. Mr. Walston served as a pilot in the Army Air Corps and briefly as a DC-3 captain for Western Airlines before becoming Chairman of the Board and President of Walston Aviation, Inc. He held these positions for the next twenty-eight years. (Ex. BA-503F)

            Walston Aviation operated four Cessna aircraft distributorships, employed approximately 125 employees, and had sales in excess of 1,000 aircraft per year. (Id.) Mr. Walston sold his company in 1973 but continued to serve as a director and management consultant through 1978 and as a consultant alone through 1981. (Id.) In addition, Mr. Walston served on the Board of Directors of the Granite City Trust and Savings Bank in Granite City, Illinois, and on the Board of Directors of the Granite City Savings and Loan Association. (Id., Tr. 189) He has also served as airport manager of the Civic Memorial Airport in Alton, Illinois and been actively involved in numerous civic activities."
          • From the "GENE TUMBLESON" entry in Library of American Lives, Illinois Edition, 1950 Vol. 2 by Charles Manfred Thompson (1950): "With a partner, M. D. Walston, Mr. Tumbleson operates four fixed base operations in the mid-west. One in Springfield, Ill., Alton, Ill., East St. Louis, Ill., and Kansas City, Mo. The Walston Aviation enterprises handle Cessna aircraft, new and used, and also service planes and provide flying instruction. Mr. Tumbleson is known to aviators and airline developers across the nation. [...] In 1937 he took flying lessons, and in the same year soloed. By 1940 he was able to become a flying instructor and charter pilot. It was then he became associated with Mr. Walston. Together, they operated an airport at Granite City, Madison County. From 1941 to 1944 Mr. Tumbleson served as a civilian flight instructor for the United States Army Air Forces at Cuero, Texas, and then for a year and one-half he was a pilot for Transcontinental-Western Airlines (T.W.A.). In 1945 Mr. Tumbleson and Mr. Walston opened their airport at Alton. There and at Kansas City they are distributors for the entire Cessna aircraft line. In the years 1948-1950, they were among the top four in sales of this make of aircraft, and had every prospect of continuing to do so. In 1947 the partners leased all the facilities at the new Capital Airport in Springfield, where they are dealers for Cessna aircraft and have all the rights for the servicing of all aircraft at the field. They also carry on full-scale flight instruction, arrange charter flights and engage in all other types of flying activities. Meantime they continue to build their business at the Alton airport."
          • Securities and Exchange Commission News Digest, 1961/11/02: "WALSTON AVIATION FILES FOR OFFERING AND SECONDAaY. Walston Aviation, Inc., Civic Memorial Airport, East Alton. ILL, filed a registration statement (File 2-19254) with the SEC on October 30th seeking registration of 90,000 shares of common stock, of which 60,000 shares are to be offered for public sale by the company and 30,000 shares, being outstanding stock, by Milford D. Walston, president and controlling stockholder. The offering will be made at $6.25 per share on an all or none basis through underwriters headed by White & Company, Incorporated, which will receive a $0.625 per share commission. The statement also includes 5,000 outstanding shares to be sold to the underwriter by the selling stockholder at $2 per share.

            The company is engaged in the sale of Cessna Airplanes and aircraft supplies as a dealer and repairs and services these and other airplanes. It is also a wholesale distributor for Cessna and Continental airplane motors; Goodyear Tires and Batteries; Champion spark plugs; Stewart-Warner heaters; McCauley and Hertzel propellers; Motorola and Sperry auto pilots; Collins and King radios and other airplane parts, accessories and supplies. The company recently acquired three subsidiaries one of which is a wholesale distributor for Cessna Airplanes and parts, another operates a flying school and provides a charter and airplane leasing service, and the third provides a financing and insurance service to purchasers of airplanes. Net proceeds from the company's sale of additional stock will be used for general corporate purposes and for the expansion of the distributorship territory of one of the subSidiaries, Walston Aviation Sales, Inc."
          • McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company service information letter ("BENDIX AVIONICS EQUIPMENT REPAIR & SERVICE") dated 1970/09/21 - lists Walston Aviation, Inc. of East Alton, Ill. 62024 as one of many Bendix Avionics Service Centers
          • United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri, no. 20245-B: White Industries, Inc. v. Cessna Aircraft Co., opinion, 1986/10/02 (amended 1986/10/14 and 1987/03/10): "The claim is apparently premised upon a theory that there was a vertical conspiracy between Cessna and the Walston distributors (Aviation Activities, Inc. and Southaire, Inc.), the object of which was to extend discriminatory discounts and allowances to those distributors."
          • United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, no. 845 F.2d 1497: White Industries, Inc.; Eugene C. Ingram, D/b/a Carthage Airways; and Carthage Airways, Inc., Appellants, v. the Cessna Aircraft Co.; Mil Walston; Walston Aviation Sales, Inc.; Southaire, Inc.; Dad, Inc.; Skyliners Dist. Inc.; Harold Gorrell; Aviation Activities, Inc.; And Cessna Finance Corp., Appellees, appeal decision, 1988/05/06: "5 The exception involved Walston Aviation, Inc., a dealership which also controlled several distributors. The District Court found that in one instance in 1969, the Cessna discount on a "close-out" sale of planes to Walston distributors was allocated in part directly to the Walston dealership. However, the District Court found that the plaintiff dealerships had not purchased any new non-current 1969 Cessnas, and so found that the Walston dealership's constructive purchase of the bulk of Cessna's 1969 production at the distributor's discount did not represent an analogous transaction for Robinson-Patman purposes"
          • South Florida Sun Sentinel, obituary for Bette Wallace Walston, 2003/12/11: "Walston, Bette Wallace (Mrs. Milford D Walston), born November 3, 1925 in Oakland, CA, died peacefully in her home Friday, December 5, 2003. Mrs. Walston helped her husband, Mil, build Walston Aviation, the largest Cessna aircraft dealership in the world at the time. An aviation pioneer, Mrs. Walston was one of the first women to become, a multi-engine rated pilot and her aviation experience also included flying every aircraft Cessna built. Surviving Mrs. Walston are her daughter, Barbara Beeson of Pompano Beach, FL; her son Larry Walston of Miami, FL; and three grandchildren, Heather Brunner of Pompano Beach, Christopher Walston of Miami, FL and Elizabeth Walston of St. Paul, MN. For the past several years, Mrs. Walston was also a pioneer in her support of abused and abandoned animals. The family requests any memorials be made to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary for Abused and Abandoned Animals, PO Box 611222, Pompano Beach, FL 33061."
          • Alton Telegraph, "Vandals destroyed fond memories of an old schoolhouse", 2014/03/06: "March 7, 1964 [...] Ernest Opp, director of the Flight Department of Walston Aviation Inc. was elected president of Bethalto Rotary Club."
          • Schmidt Aviation Inc. homepage: "We are owned, operated and managed by Ron and Tom Schmidt. We have been in the maintenance business on Fort Lauderdale’s Executive Airport since 1980.

            Ron has been continually involved in the aircraft maintenance business since 1959. He holds an A& P license as well as an IA authorization. His background includes being operations manager of Wasco, Cessna’s largest parts distributorship as well as being Director of Maintenance for Walston Aviation Inc., Cessna’s largest dealer from 1970 through 1978. At that time Walston Aviation had eight aircraft salesmen and Ron worked closely with them to coordinate timely delivery of new aircraft."
          • Appen Media Group, obituary for William Eugene 'Gene' Broadwell, 2020/06/03: "Broadwell moved to Albany, GA in 1950, where some of his career highlights include; Frosty Freezer Co. (1946-1950), Albany Hotel and Restaurant Supply Co, (1950-1960), Universal Leasing Corp. Realty Investment Co; Diets Unlimited; W.E. Broadwell & Associates (1960-1972). He was a very active member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, transferring his membership to Christ Church Frederica, after moving to St. Simons Island in 1972. Some of his Career highlights while living in the Golden Isles, include; Gene Broadwell Aircraft Co. at St. Simons Island, Cessna Dealer (until 1974), Vice President of Walston Aviation, Inc. (1975 - 1985), AAR (1985 - 1986), Gene Broadwell International Aviation (1987-1988), Gene Broadwell Aircraft, Inc. (1988-1989), Phase II, Inc. (1989), Commercial Interior Decoration, Gene Broadwell Motorcars, Inc. (1986-2002), CVS Pharmacy (2005-2006). Other accomplishments include; Founder SWG (Albany) Georgia Tech Club, Founder of Golden Isles Georgia Tech Club, Member, GT/AGA Foundation for Professor's Salaries; Trustee of Georgia Tech Alumni Association; Top Salesman in Aviation; Pilot, life member of American Legion Post 50, and a member of the Elks and Lions Clubs."
        • Background of his first wife Cindy Walston - is on the 1982 incorporation papers of Buffalo (while her husband curiously isn't), but doesn't seem to have had much involvement otherwise
        • Background of his second wife Sue Walston - comes from a Kinder family, but no known evidence that it's the same family Larry Dean Kinder is from; interesting that one people search database says she was the Director Of Program Services at the Methodist Children's Home in Waco (the same institution that Lake Waco murder victims Kenneth Franks and Jill Montgomery attended)
          • Clinton Daily Journal and Public, "Local News Notes", 1944/07/08: "Clellon Kinder of Lebanon, Ky., has arrived in Clinton, where he will make his home with his uncle, Albert Kinder, and family, 1408 East Washington street."
          • p.086A of Texas Marriage Records Vol. 051 - records the 1953/07/04 marriage of Clellon J. Kinder and Lorene Corrine Rogas
          • Waco Tribune-Herald, obituary for Clellon Kinder, 1983/05/22: "Mr. Kinder was born and attended schools in Clinton, Ill. He was married to Lorene Rogas in 1953 in Waco. He was a veteran of World War II, and retired from the Air Force in 1967. He was a member of St. John's United Church of Christ. Survivors include his wife; his mother, Lula Kinder of Springfield, Ky.; four sons, Johnny Kinder, Ronald Glen Kinder, Larry Eugene Kinder and Kevin Kinder, all of Waco; a daughter, Carolyn Sue Kinder of Waco; two brothers, George Kinder of Lebanon, Ky., and Hurbert Kinder Jr. of Clinton, Ill.; three sisters, Juanita Spurling of Lebanon, Ky., Mabele Jean Stumph of Paducah, Ky. and Martha Dees of Daytona Beach, Fla.; and four grandchildren."
          • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Hardin House", 1994/04/10: "Hardin House residents from Waco this year include Trisha Kinder, daughter of Sue Walston; [...]"
          • Grace Gardens Funeral Home & Crematorium obituary for Johnny Lee Kinder (May 23, 1955 — February 6, 2022): "Johnny was born in Waco, Texas, to parents Clellon J. and Lorene Rogas Kinder and after graduation from University High School lived the rest of his life in Waco. He achieved a degree in aircraft maintenance from Texas State Technical Institute and as an aircraft mechanic Johnny traveled the world then worked many years for L3 in Waco, letting the airplanes come to him for a change. Later he drove patients from all over the area to Injury One, spreading lighthearted kindness to others who were dealing with the burden of physical pain.


            Johnny loved his family, his many friends, his dogs and he could usually bring out a laugh in just about anyone. He was preceded in death by his wife Lea (Robbins) Kinder, father Clellon J. Kinder, and brother Larry Eugene Kinder. He leaves behind his beloved wife Barbara who cared for him so well, his daughter Laryn Carlisle and grandson Zachary Carlisle, son John Kinder, stepson Mickey White (Stacy), grandchildren Joey White, Clara White and Evie White, stepdaughter Regina White, stepson Brian Sellers, Kristi Kocina and grandson Warren Sellers, his mother Lorene Kinder, sister Sue Walston, brothers Glen Kinder and Kevin Kinder, a big handful of nieces and nephews, a great-niece, a great-nephew and Gracie Louise a great German Shepherd, to all of whom his presence gave great joy and comfort. Johnny was all about comfort."
      • Russell T. Lund Jr. involvement and background - note his participation in the Church of Religious Science, which members of the McMartin / Buckey family as well as the brother of the owner of Nesard Gun Parts were also part of
        • Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Russell Jr. chose his own path — away from family empire", 1992/08/08: "Russell Jr. and Barbara were married in 1968, and she earned a license in 1980 to fly with her husband, who had been a fighter pilot during the Korean War. During the late 1970s the two also shared an interest in the Church of Religious Science, a human potential movement founded in California, where they sometimes flew for services. [...] Lund was the founder and longtime vice president of Flight Transportation Corp., an Eden Prairie-based general aviation outfit whose top officers, including president William Rubin, were prosecuted in one of Minnesota's largest securities fraud cases of the 1980s. The case, which included bank loans for a fictitious jet, led to the company's collapse. However, no criminal allegations were made against Lund Jr., who was portrayed as a pawn or victim of the fraud. His passion for flying had caused him trouble before the Flight Transportation case. In 1965, Lund, then identified as a vice president of Lunds Inc., was rescued in Lake Mille Lacs after his four-seat seaplane crashed in the water. He escaped injury, though his plane sank. In 1974, Barbara and Russell's small daughter, Christina Lund, wandered away from a sandbox and drowned in Lake Minnetonka."
        • Flight Transportation Corporation background
          • Artful Living, "A Look Back at Minnesota’s Infamous High-Flying Scandal" by Alyssa Ford, 2016/01/01: "It started with a simple flight school owned by a group of former military pilots. Among them was Russell Lund Jr., the only son of grocery magnate Russell Lund Sr. “We thought the flight school was a great idea, but we just lost money and lost money,” says Ward Montgomery, one of the original investors. [...] Then, six years into the venture, Lund brought in a consultant who said he could turn it around. His name was Bill Rubin, and he boasted that he had rehabbed many businesses, from lumber distribution and taxis to pet food and prophylactics. [...] Within two years, Rubin was running the flight school outright, and in 1976, he brought in his own numbers person, Janet Karki. [...] Rubin outlined his vision for the company: vast horizons far beyond a simple flight school. He was thinking aircraft sales, charter flights, package deals to tropical hot spots. [...] The newly renamed Flight Transportation Corporation opened on the stock market at $3.25 a share in November 1979, earning about $1 million. [...] When FTC went for its second stock offering in March 1981, worth $7.2 million, it did so with the backing of the esteemed Fifth Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis. When the company went for another offering in March 1982, worth $6.5 million, it got endorsement from three major Wall Street firms: Laidlaw Adams & Peck; Alstead, Strangis & Dempsey; and Drexel Burnham Lambert. For outside accounting, it hired the well-known Denver firm Fox & Company. [...] The truth was, FTC didn’t really do any business. The numbers, the deals, the condos — it was all a mirage. [...] Rubin was sentenced to 35 years, a state record for white-collar crime [...] Karki got 25 years and was shipped off to the federal prison in Pleasanton, California. Coincidentally, one of her former underwriters, Michael Milken, joined her there in 1991. [...] More than 50 lawsuits were filed in connection with the FTC case. Drexel Burnham Lambert’s lawyers argued that Rubin had charmed their young banker, gotten him drunk, introduced him to some girls and taken him out on a yacht, thus unduly subverting due diligence."
          • New York Times, "AT DREXEL, A NEW CHIEF'S NEW PROBLEMS", 1985/05/26: "And the Minnesota-based Flight Transportation Corporation, an air charter service, went bankrupt, amid charges of fraud, only a month after Drexel managed a $25 million debenture offering. It has chosen to compensate some investors and has estimated that settlements could cost it as much as $5 million."
          • United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, no. 825 F.2d 1249: In Re Flight Transportation Corporation Securities.russell T. Lund, Jr., Appellant, v. Norwest Bank, Minneapolis and American National Bank Andtrust, St. Paul, Appellees, appeal decision, 1987/08/04 (rehearing denied 1987/10/22): "Norwest and ANB argued that Rubin and Lund were partners in the aircraft business and that Rubin, as a partner, was authorized to endorse the check on behalf of the partnership, id. Secs. 323.08 (1981 & West Supp.1987) (partners as agents of partnership), 336.3-110(1) (g), 336.3-403(1). Thus, it is implicit in the argument of Norwest and ANB that Rubin signed the check both in his own name and also, acting as Lund's partner, in Lund's name.

            Cross-motions for summary judgment were denied, and a bench trial was held in August 1985. Lund was the only witness to testify at the trial; the parties introduced into evidence documentary exhibits and depositions, and the district court allowed the parties to submit additional written evidence after trial by mail. The district court found that Rubin and Lund were partners in the aircraft leasing business and that Rubin had endorsed the check in Lund's name as a partner and then deposited the check in the checking account used for partnership business. In re Flight Transportation Corp. Securities Litigation, No. 4-82-1578 (Master Doc. No. 4-82-874) (Pre-trial Order No. 257), slip op. at 9-11. This appeal followed."
          • United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, no. 870 F.2d 840: Lund's, Inc. and Wardwell M. Montgomery, Plaintiffs-cross-appellees,russell T. Lund, Jr., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Chemical Bank, Defendant-cross-appellant-appellee.chemical Bank, Defendant and Third-party Plaintiff, v. Laidlaw Adams & Peck Inc., Third-party Defendant-appellant, appeal decision, 1989/03/16: "This action arises out of a fraud committed on or around March 9, 1981 by William Rubin ("Rubin") and Janet Karki ("Karki"), who were officers and directors of Flight Transportation Corporation ("FTC"), a Minnesota corporation engaged in the business of providing aircraft charter and general aviation services. At all pertinent times, Rubin was the chairman and president of FTC, in charge of its day-to-day operations and coordinating its periodic offerings of stock to the public. Lund and Montgomery were directors and shareholders, and Lund a vice president, of FTC. Lund's, Inc. was a privately held Minnesota corporation engaged in a retail food business. Lund was a vice president of Lund's, Inc. and owned approximately thirty percent of its stock.

            Lund and Rubin purchased and leased various aircraft together. To facilitate these activities, Lund and Rubin opened joint banking accounts through which each possessed the independent right to write checks. Lund contributed substantial funds toward the purchase of the aircraft, and cosigned loan agreements with Rubin to finance the purchases. Rubin, however, selected the aircraft for purchase, negotiated the related leases, received the lease payments, and made loan and maintenance payments. These activities provided investment tax credits and deductions to Rubin and Lund in connection with their personal income taxes."
          • Duane W. Krohnke, "The Flight Transportation Corporation Litigation", 2011/08/17
        • Ownership of a Buffalo plane
          • Ken Fielding summary of N2215Y on a Flickr photo of it: "Delivered to Northwest Orient Airlines as N375US in Oct-67, this aircraft was sold to BWIA International (British West Indian Airways) in Jan-75 as 9Y-TEJ.

            It was sold to Aviation Technical Support as N2215Y in Jan-83. It was sold to the Eagle Aviation Corporation who leased it to Westar International Airways in Nov-83. It was sold to the Hardesty Company Inc in Apr-85 while the lease to Westar continued until it was sold to Exec-Aire Inc in Aug-85.

            Jetran Inc bought it in Oct-85 and it was leased to Skystar International the following month. It was sub-leased to Grenada Airways in May-86. 'Russell T Lund Jr' bought it in Jan-87 and sold it to Universal Airways in Apr-87. It was sub-leased to Buffalo Airways (not the Canadian 'Ice Pilots' one!) the same month, returning to Universal Airways in May-88.

            Jet Freight Pacific leased it in Aug-88, returning it to Universal in Mar-89. It was sold to the Aviation Leasing Group Inc the following day and leased to Heavylift Cargo Airlines.

            It was returned to Aviation Leasing Group a year later in Mar-90 and was immediately leased to Buffalo Airways again. In May-93, Buffalo sub-leased it to Overnight Cargo (Nigeria) as 5N-OCL.

            The aircraft returned to Buffalo as N2251Y in Oct-94, returned to the Aviation Leasing Group, it was retired and stored at Smyrna, TN, USA, where it was eventually broken up."
          • JetPhotos entry for N2215Y (a Boeing 707-351C) - shows the acquisition by R T Lund Jr in January 1987, the lease to Buffalo Airways in April 1987 right after the Universal Airways acquisition, and the later transfers such as returns to Buffalo in March 1990 and October 1994
        • Murder of his ex-wife Barbara Lund - TODO
      • Farhad Azima involvement and background
      • Russ Harman background
  • Efforts by ex-Davidians and anti-cult organizations (such as the Cult Awareness Network) in the late 80s/early 90s
    • Waco Tribune-Herald, "THE LAW WATCHES, BUT HAS DONE LITTLE", 1993/02/27 (pages 1A, 11A): "Pooling their money, the former cult members hired Australian private detective Geoffrey N. Hossack for $6,000. His mission was to warn local, state and federal authorities in this country about Howells activities in Texas and also California, where the Branch Davidians have satellite operations. Hossack met with federal, state and local law enforcement in Waco on Sept. 18, 1990. He brought along nine signed affidavits notarized by a U.S. consul in Australia for authorities to read. The affidavits laid out the charges later made public in the Michigan courtroom. Officials at the meeting, held in Waco's Federal Building, were Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston; then-McLennan County District Attorney Paul Gartner; his top aide, Ralph Strother; Sgt. Terry Lee, an investigator with the Texas Department of Public Safety; and Lt. Gene Barber of the McLennan County Sheriff's department. Their lack of response made Hossack's journey to America a frustrating one. "To my knowledge, nothing further was done about it," he said. Gartner said authorities weren't given enough hard evidence. "The consensus was there was not enough information at that time to pursue a full-scale investigation," he said. Strother said officials, though, gave Hossack a sympathetic hearing. "Oh, it got my attention," Strother said. "I could see this sort of thing happening. To tell you the truth, the thing that went through my mind is you've got a cult like Jonestown ... I do not remember ever coming to a determination this is just a bunch of nonsense, and it's not worth my time." But law enforcement officials needed evidence instead of allegations, Strother said. "We did not have anything we could rely on to make an arrest," he said. "As I recall, none of these people on these affidavits ever came in or would come in to actually tell us these things." Hossack, however, disputes that claim. "I also indicated that these people were willing to come over to the United States and appear in any court and give any evidence that was necessary," he said. "And they were." [...] Barber wondered why members of the breakaway group had not gone to authorities before they left America. "I considered it sour grapes," he said. "It doesn't make any sense to me.""
    • EIR, "'Cult Awareness,' ADL caused holocaust in Waco", 1993/05/07
  • Prior interactions with local law enforcement
    • Friendship of Koresh with Sheriff Jack Harwell and other sheriff's deputies
      • From p.24 of Sinister Twilight: "[...] David Koresh had called the Sheriff's Department prior to his purchase of the Hellfire device. David asked the Sheriff, who was a personal friend, if the device was legal and he was told that it was."
      • From p.28 of Sinister Twilight: "[After Koresh became aware of the undercover ATF agents moving into the house across from Mount Carmel] He contacted a buddy at the McLennan County Sheriff's Department and had the license plates on each of the four new cars run through the police computer. David was told that all the vehicles were registered to the same official sounding company in Dallas!"
    • Surveillance by the sheriff's office - involved Dan Weyenberg and Truman Simons, the latter well-known for his dubious role as an investigator in the 1982 Lake Waco murder case
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "THE LAW WATCHES, BUT HAS DONE LITTLE", 1993/02/27 (pages 1A, 11A): "Local authorities are well aware of the Branch Davidians, whose history includes a shootout and the attempted resurrection of a dead woman. They admit monitoring the cult, but only as a protective measure."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Media task force lauds cult series", 1993/09/09: "[Reporters on the "Sinful Messiah" series] talked to Chief Deputy Dan Weyenburg and Lt. Truman Simons, among others, regarding the monitoring of the cult by the sheriff’s department."
    • Investigation of child abuse allegations
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "THE LAW WATCHES, BUT HAS DONE LITTLE", 1993/02/27 (pages 1A, 11A): "Welfare workers from Children's Protective Services visited Mount Carmel at least twice last year to talk to the children there, according to a former cult member and authorities. Howell also confirmed the child welfare workers' visits. [...] Director Bob Boyd of Children's Protective Services said he could not discuss the specifics of any case. Sources said the agency reported finding no evidence of child abuse and took no action. The agency, however, may have undermined its own investigation. [...] Lt. Gene Barber, of the sheriff's department, and a former cult member who fears harm if identified, said child welfare workers called Mount Carmel to announce their visits. Boyd denied the accusation. "The policy is we try to contact the child before seeing anybody," Boyd said. "But we do not call a family and let them know we have received a report and that we are coming out." Howell also denies that he was tipped off to the visit. Barber, however, said child welfare workers told deputies accompanying them to Mount Carmel that they called the Branch Davidians before both visits. The former cult member said that after the call from child welfare workers, Howell hid some of the children at Mount Carmel as well as some of the underage girls that the Australians said he had sex with."
      • Since the sheriff's office (known to be friendly with Koresh) was collaborating with child services in their investigation, and would therefore be fully aware of the planned visits, is it possible that they were the source of the tipoff and Barber is shifting blame to child services?
  • Pedophilia by Koresh
    • Kiri Jewell molestation
      • Battle Creek Enquirer, "Ex-B.C. teacher believed among victims in Waco", 1993/04/20 (pages 1A, 2A): "Kiri's first memories are of life in the compound. She has told her father bittersweet stories of those experiences. Although she has fond memories of friendships and a close bond with her mother, she also has recounted tales of sexual abuse and relentless mental and physical attacks by Koresh, who claimed to be Jesus Christ."
      • Washington Post, "ABUSE ALLEGATIONS UNPROVEN", 1993/04/25: "During the long standoff that followed the Feb. 28 raid, federal officials continued to document allegations of abuse. An affidavit released after the April 19 fire includes details of an interview social worker Sparks conducted with a girl who was once a cult member. In the interview, which the affidavit did not date, the girl alleged that she had been "molested" by Koresh in a motel room at age 10, an event that made her feel "scared" but "privileged." The girl described the event as an accepted part of compound life."
      • TODO: add link to her 1995 testimony before Congress
      • Allegation (first surfaced by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) that Kiri wasn't in Texas at the time of the claimed molestation - very clearly appears to be disputed by statements indicating that Sherri moved to Waco in 1990
    • Austin Chronicle, "Salvation: Former Davidian Tells Survivor's Story" by Robert Bryce, 1999/11/12: "[...] Thibodeau tells how Koresh decided to begin sleeping with Michele Jones, the younger sister of his first wife, Rachel Jones. Koresh, writes Thibodeau, had a vision while he was in Israel and the vision commanded him to have a child with Michele. The news of the vision shook the community at Mt. Carmel, but Rachel finally agreed to the plan after she had a dream that convinced her David might die if he refused to follow his vision.

      "In early 1987," writes Thibodeau, "twelve-year-old Michele became David's lover. Their daughter, Serenity, was born two years later." A short time after Thibodeau joined Mt. Carmel, Koresh asked him to become Michele's "husband." Initially he refused. But Koresh pressured him, saying, "I need you to do this for me." Thibodeau relented, and without so much as a ceremony, he became Michele's husband. She took on some of Thibodeau's "wifely" duties, including mending his clothes and even writing warm letters to his mother."
    • From p.55 of Apocalypse Observed: Religious Movements and Violence in North America, Europe and Japan by John R. Hall with Philip D. Schuyler and Sylvaine Trinh (2000): "[Marc Breault] confronted Sherri in front of her mother with accusations about Koresh having sex with teenagers, and he got her to admit that a fourteen-year-old girl named Michele had become pregnant at Mount Carmel. He transcribed the conversation and provided it to the LaVerne, California police. (Police sergeant John Hackworth later recounted that the charges were "unsubstantiated, and some of what was alleged occurred in Texas.")"
    • From Episode 2 (Children of God) of Waco: American Apocalypse (2023): "Kathy [Schroeder]: People think that a man having sеx with a bunch of under aged girls... is a crime. And in conventional wisdom, that could probably be very well true. However, these weren't under aged girls, because you come of age at 12. So, all of these girls were adults in our... belief system."
  • ATF raid in 1993
    • Initial investigation - started at the behest of top McLennan County Sheriff's Office official (and close Truman Simons associate) Dan Weyenberg
      • From p.17 of the Treasury report: "In late May 1992, Chief Deputy Sheriff Daniel Weyenberg of the McLennan County Sheriff's Department informed the Austin, Texas, ATF office that suspicious United Parcel Service (UPS) deliveries had been received by certain persons residing at the Compound, known as Mount Carmel. The Compound is located a few miles from Waco, which is in McLennan County. Several shipments of firearms worth more than $10,000, inert grenade casings, and a substantial quantity of black powder, an explosive, had been delivered to a metal building, known as the Mag Bag, used by Compound residents several miles from the Compound. (See Figure 1.) Because the residents of the Compound were constructing what appeared to be a barracks-type cinder-block structure, had buried a school bus to serve as both a firing range and a bunker (see Figure 2), and apparently were stockpiling arms and other weapons. Deputy Weyenberg asked ATF to investigate.

        Special Agent Davy Aguilera of the Austin ATF office immediately began to make inquiries, with the encouragement of Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston. On June 4, Aguilera debriefed Lieutenant Gene Barber of the sheriffs department about the Compound, and Barber told Aguilera that the sheriffs department had referred the same matter previously to the Waco office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."
      • Marshall Keith Butler a.k.a. Marshall K. Butler
        • On p.1-2 of a 1992/12/09 ATF report from the Davidian investigation (corresponds to p.986 of part 1 of the Waco congressional hearings), Butler is described as a "known machinist" who "occasionally does work for Howell". His criminal record includes a number of drug charges from 1984 to 1989 that resulted in no convictions, all but one occurring under DA Vic Feazell.
    • Joint Task Force 6 (JTF-6) military support through Operation Alliance
      • This aspect of the Davidian raid is discussed in Aberration in the Heartland of the Real
      • TODO: It appears that at least some of the National Guard helicopters used to support the raid took off from Texas State Technical College (TSTC), a college formed on the grounds of a former Air Force base which has extensive military-industrial complex ties, ran an airport where many Buffalo Airways flights took off from (see below), and was attended by the young men who John David Wilkins and Larry Dean Kinder murdered in 1984 (see the Lake Waco murders section)
    • Search warrant approval
    • Media foreknowledge
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Media task force lauds cult series", 1993/09/09: "A journalism task force released a report Wednesday commending the Tribune-Herald’s decision to publish “The Sinful Messiah” series on cult leader Vernon Howell before the Mount Carmel raid. The series ran Feb. 27 despite a request by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to hold off publication. A day later, the ATF raided Mount Carmel. [...] ATF officials and some local authorities, such as McLennan County Sheriff Jack Harwell, blasted the Tribune-Herald’s decision to print the results of its eight-month investigation into the cult. The Society of Professional Journalists, however, said at a Dallas press conference that the newspaper demonstrated “significant journalistic skill and courage in pursuing and publishing the story about the Branch Davidians.” [...] But the report also seconded Editor Bob Lott’s statement to task force members that he wishes the Tribune-Herald had published “The Sinful Messiah” closer to its completion date in late January. [...] The nine-member SPJ task force, which included Associate Professor Sara Stone of Baylor University, found no evidence to support blaming the media for the botched raid on Mount Carmel. [...] Harwell was quoted in the report as accusing an unnamed Waco media representative of tipping off the Branch Davidians about the raid and eliminating the element of surprise for the ATF. Harwell also told the task force that he wasn’t interviewed for the Tribune-Herald series, which noted that the sheriff’s department was alerted in 1990 to accusations of abuse at Mount Carmel. However, Tribune-Herald reporters did interview Lt. Gene Barber for the series and talked to Chief Deputy Dan Weyenburg and Lt. Truman Simons, among others, regarding the monitoring of the cult by the sheriff’s department."
      • Salon, "Who tipped off the media about the Waco raid?" by Robert Bryce, Jim Moore, and Joe Ellis, 2000/04/19
        • "Cameraman Jim Peeler of Waco's KWTX-TV had run into David Jones, a Davidian and U.S. Mail carrier, on a rural road near Mount Carmel shortly before the raid. When Jones learned the cameraman was looking for the Davidian residence, Jones raced back to alert Koresh. The bloody clash ensued.

          Those facts are clear. But one question has never been publicly answered: How did the TV cameraman and other journalists on the scene know the raid was going to happen? The Texas Rangers and the ATF have known the answer for more than a year, and it is disturbing: Media and law-enforcement officials say journalists were tipped off by Cal Luedke, a long-time member of McClennan County Sheriff's Office, who was assigned to support the ATF's raid-preparation team."
        • "Luedke vehemently denies the charge. But Dan Mulloney, a former cameraman at KWTX has told Salon News and the News of Texas that he learned about the raid from Tommy Witherspoon, a reporter for the Waco Tribune-Herald. "Tommy told me he got it from Cal Luedke," said Mulloney. "Tommy told me it was Cal. No doubt about it."

          Witherspoon, however, insists he never provided that information to Mulloney. "I have never told anyone who my source was for that tip. The only person I ever told was one editor here at the paper. I deny ever telling Dan Mulloney anything.""
        • "A source close to the investigation says Luedke confessed to federal authorities that he leaked information about the raid, and the transcript and details of his confession were forwarded to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno's office in Washington. But Reno has apparently refused to do anything with the information on Luedke. By not resolving the Luedke matter, Reno has let suspicions linger about two federal marshals, Mike and Parnell McNamara, who were wrongly accused of informing journalists in advance of the raid."
        • "[...] Peeler, a man of slight construction with a television camera constantly balanced on the bony blade of his shoulder, still works at KWTX. Now 47, married with two daughters, Peeler supplements his meager salary by mowing lawns on weekends. Mulloney, who shot the now-famous video of the ATF assault on the Davidian compound, spends his time slicing lemons and limes and mixing drinks in a Waco tavern. John McLemore, the KWTX reporter who aired the first TV stories on the raid, has been unable to get a job in television. He works in public relations for a Waco insurance company that buys policies from dying AIDS patients."
        • "During their brief conversation, Peeler told Jones that he was looking for Mount Carmel, and they briefly discussed the series of articles on Koresh that had been running in the Waco Tribune-Herald. While they were talking, both men heard the three National Guard helicopters that were warming their engines at Texas State Technical College, a few miles to the west. The weather that morning was rainy and overcast, factors that helped carry the whine of the massive engines on the two OH-58 Kiowas and one UH-60 Blackhawk to the spot where Peeler and Jones were talking."
        • "Cal Luedke liked publicity. Just four days before the ATF raid on Mount Carmel, Luedke had taken Mulloney and McLemore on a drug raid in McGregor, a small town 20 miles southwest of Waco. According to Mulloney, Luedke, as head of the county's drug task force, often invited reporters to tag along on drug busts.

          His involvement in the county's anti-drug efforts was probably the reason Luedke was asked to support the ATF's raid on Mount Carmel. He and other members of the McClennan County Sheriff's Office were supposed to serve a search warrant on the Mag Bag. Luedke's presence may have also have helped the ATF make the case that Koresh and the Davidians were deep in the drug trade. For a time, the ATF case against Koresh and the other Davidians rested heavily on the notion that they possessed drugs and may have even had a methamphetamine lab inside Mount Carmel."
      • Salon, "Waco's unanswered questions" by Robert Bryce, 2000/07/17: "Johnston is also angry that the government hasn't prosecuted Marshals Service employees who lied after the standoff. Shortly after the siege began, two marshals falsely accused two other Waco-based marshals, Parnell McNamara and his brother, Mike, of being the source of the leak that let Koresh know ATF was coming. The McNamaras, among the most famous lawmen in the Lone Star State, had to sue the agency to clear their names, and the marshals who lied about them were promoted."
    • Lost element of surprise
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Papers show Howell tipped", 1993/04/22: "Sealed affidavits, released Tuesday and Wednesday by a federal judge, indicate that ATF officials knew that cult leader Vernon Howell was aware before the failed assault that federal agents were on their way to arrest him. According to an affidavit by ATF agent Earl Dunagan, Howell told an undercover ATF agent that the “ATF and the National Guard were coming to get him.” “Neither the ATF or the National Guard will ever get me,” Howell is quoted as saying in the document, “They got me once, and they will never get me again. They are coming; the time has come.” Following Howell’s outburst, the agent left the compound, the document states. He went immediately to a staging area for the raid and spoke with his supervisors. What he said has not been made public. [...] ATF Chief of Intelligence David Troy told CBS’s “Street Stories” April 1 that the ATF would not have sent its agents into the compound area if they had known they had lost the element of surprise. [...] ATF Special Agent Dan Conroy also maintained that the 100 agents who raided the compound would have been held back had officials in charge known of the tip. [...] Also, ATF Associate Director Dan Hartnett said March 3 that the undercover agent, identified as Robert Rodiguez, did not realize that there had been a tip until after four of his fellow agents lay dead."
    • Backgrouns of raid personnel
      • Phillip Chojnacki (site commander)
        • Aerlex Corporation fireworks plant explosion in 1985
          • Associated Press, "Official Identification of Victims, Cause of Blast Awaited", 1985/06/26 (original link, now 404s): "Federal experts arrived Wednesday to aid the investigation of a fireworks factory blast that killed 21 people, at least three of them 18 or younger, and Red Cross counselors were sent to help survivors. There is ″nothing to indicate it was anything other than accidental,″ said Bob White, resident agent of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. [...] The victims, 14 females and seven males, died instantly in Tuesday’s series of blasts and flash fire at the Aerlex Corp. plant 40 miles west of Tulsa, investigators said. Five men who were outside survived. Plant owner Richard Alan Johnson, was among the survivors but would not talk with reporters. He was hospitalized with cuts. An ATF national response team of experts arrived at the site Wednesday to help local agents, said White. ″They’ll be going through and sifting through ... to find out what triggered this thing,″ he said. The explosions which were heard at least 30 miles away and rattled windows 13 miles away took only 15 to 20 seconds to destroy three wood-frame and tin buildings in a ″domino effect all the way through the thing,″ White said. [...] Temperatures were so high that in some cases victims’ teeth were incinerated, making identification from dental records nearly impossible, medical officials said. People under the age of 18 are forbidden by law from working at such plants, but the medical examiner’s list of identified victims included three aged 13, 17 and 18. [...] White said initial investigations narrowed the location of the first explosion to a corner of the complex where a pickup truck apparently was being loaded. State Fire Marshal Fred Rucker said he believes the explosion originated ″either in, on or adjacent to that pickup,″ but said the only witnesses had been killed. [...] Phillip J. Chojnacki of Houston, head of the ATF’s national response team, said it was the nation’s worst fireworks factory explosion in terms of deaths. The previous high, he said, was 11 killed in May 1983 at an illegal factory in Benton, Tenn. It was the second explosion in six years at the plant, which opened in 1973, authorities said. A 1979 blast, which caused no injuries, was blamed on sunlight reflecting off a car mirror onto combustible material."
          • New York Times, "21 DIE AS FIREWORKS BLASTS DESTROY PLANT IN OKLAHOMA", 1985/01/26: "Among the survivors were Alan Johnson, owner of the 12-year-old manufacturing plant for aerial fireworks displays, which had been staffed by extra workers in the rush to complete orders for Fourth of July celebrations. Mr. Johnson was listed in fair condition at a nearby hospital, but he has been unavailable to reporters since this morning's accident. Also among the injured was Jeff Fountain, the 42-year-old Mayor of the nearby town of Jennings, whose condition was listed as critical. [...] The cause of today's explosion has not yet been determined, but the authorities were said to be checking reports that a truck might have struck the building, setting of sparks that could have ignited combustible materials inside. [...] The previous explosion, six years ago, was attributed to reflections of sunlight from an automobile mirror, which investigators said ignited a fire. No one was injured in that accident, though it leveled the two buildings then on the site. In that instance workers had warning enough to escape after the initial alarm. That accident was described as a crushing blow, however, to Mr. Johnson, a Vietnam War veteran who had started the manufacturing business, he said later, ''on a shoestring.'' But within a short time after that blast, he began rebuilding the plant that became the scene of today's deaths. Hours after the explosion, smoke continued to pour from the site, where several automobiles had also been set afire, and firemen continued to douse it with streams of water to permit the search for possible additional victims to continue."
      • Charles Sarabyn (tactical commander)
        • Tampa Bay Times, "ATF fires 2 agents in Waco raid", 1994/10/29: "Charles Sarabyn, who was based in Miami from 1982 to 1989, and Phillip Chojnacki denied the accusations and said they would appeal. "This is the beginning of the truth," Sarabyn said in a statement released by his sister, B. J. Bond, in Fort Lauderdale."
      • Roland Ballesteros - note that he later provided information on Tenorio Luga (a CIA, ATF, and Mexican Mafia asset involved in gun, drug, and human trafficking as well as bomb-making and terrorism) that was cited in the White Eagle Underground dossier
    • Issue of who shot first - TODO: add more information
  • FBI siege in 1993
    • ...
    • CAUSE Foundation involvement
      • Austin American-Statesman, "Members fortifying compound, FBI says", 1993/03/09 (pages 1, 4): "A team of 11 attorneys has been assembled to handle the courtroom defense of Koresh and his followers free of charge, and the lead attorney arrived in Waco on Sunday to sell the proposal. "I cannot give these attorneys' names, though many are names any Texan would recognize," said Kirk Lyons, director of Cause Foundation, an international legal and civil rights group from North Carolina. "We think that what is most critically needed right now is an independent negotiator," Lyons, a practicing attorney in Texas, said Monday. "We think we can show David there are reasonable alternatives than duking it out with the feds." Vic Feazell, an Austin lawyer and former district attorney in Waco, and Gary Coker, a Waco lawyer who represented Koresh in the past, are part of the 11-lawyer team, a source confirmed Monday."
      • El Paso Times, "Lawyers ask for access to Koresh, cult", 1993/03/11: "A group of lawyers that includes prominent Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin wants a federal judge to allow them unrestricted access to cult leader David Koresh and his followers inside their fortified compound near Waco. [...] "There's probably no one in this country right now who needs a lawyer more than David Koresh," added DeGuerin, who was hired by Koresh's mother to defend her son. DeGuerin is a former partner of the late famed Houston criminal defense lawyer Percy Foreman. He was recommended for the job by former Houston lawyer Kirk Lyons, who also is petitioning for court relief in Waco. Other lawyers involved in the group include Mark Lane of Washington; and Vic Feazell of Austin, the former district attorney in Waco."
      • Waco Tribune-Herald, "Howell's mother claims mistreatment", 1993/03/12 (pages 1A, 12A): "DeGuerin alleged in his motion that Howell's Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel is being violated because federal agents surrounding the compound are restricting access to those inside. Smith took no action on the motion Thursday and has not scheduled a hearing, a court spokesperson said. However, Smith rejected a similar motion filed Tuesday by Houston attorney Kirk B. Lyons, Waco attorney Gary Coker and former McLennan County District Attorney Vic Feazell. The motion sought a temporary restraining order against federal authorities and their handling of the standoff. It also sought access to Howell. Feazell has said he will represent the sect members inside, but only if they surrender with no further bloodshed."
      • Washington Post, "WACO CULT LAWYERS PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR LONG LEGAL SIEGE", 1993/03/26: "The case has attracted some of the region's top criminal lawyers, as well as conservative legal groups with a bone to pick with the ATF. "I'd love to see their sails trimmed," said Kirk Lyons, head of the fledgling Cause Foundation, a conservative civil libertarian group that coordinated an offer by several lawyers to help mediate with Koresh. The group included Vic Feazell, a former McLennan County district attorney, and Gary Richardson, a former U.S. attorney from Oklahoma. Heading the list of legal talent so far is Dick DeGuerin, a prominent Houston lawyer retained by Koresh's mother to represent him when the siege finally ends."
    • Linda Thompson involvement and background
      • Indianapolis Star, "Attorney in IPS case sought to represent leader of Texas cult", 1993/03/27: "Linda D. Thompson took on the Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent just days after trying to barge into the standoff between federal agents and an armed cult in Waco, Texas. [...] Thompson, a 40-year-old mother of three, is a former U.S. Army sergeant first class who worked her way through the University of Maryland and Indiana University Law School. She calls herself a constitutional lawyer and operates, with her husband Al, a computer bulletin board service and a group called the American Justice Federation. In November, she was the Democratic party candidate challenging Republican Sen. Lawrence M. Borst. Borst received 19,300 votes to Thompson's 12,000. In an interview Friday, Thompson said she believes recent events show the nation is edging toward martial law. "I was worried in September when Randy Weaver, a former Green Beret fleeing a federal weapons charge in a remote Idaho cabin, was surrounded by about 100 federal lawmen and I decided to do something to fight," she said. This month, after federal agents became involved in a standoff with followers of cult leader David Koresh, she went to Texas and attempted to become Koresh's lawyer. Lawmen blocked her efforts to reach the Branch Davidian compound and detained her, she said. Thompson appealed to a federal judge but was rejected with a ruling that she claims was a rubber stamp."
      • Indianapolis Star, "Local attorney on her way to Waco to lead protest", 1993/04/03: "Beech Grove attorney Linda D. Thompson was on her way to Waco, Texas, on Friday with the hope of rallying people from 48 states to protest the federal government's handling of the siege of the Branch Davldian compound. Calling herself the acting adjutant general of the Unorganized Militia of the United States, Thompson announced she would lead a peaceful demonstration in Waco. Last week, she put out the call, through a computer bulletin board, for volunteers to descend on Texas this weekend. Thompson's law partner, John Baird, said she got responses from 500 to 1,000 people in 48 states and is expecting 3,000 to 5,000 protesters to join her in Waco. Thompson, 40, left Thursday night for Waco with her husband, Al, and a couple of friends. They were planning to drive straight through, Baird said. "This is going to be a peaceful demonstration of people who feel the government's gotten way out of hand," Baird said. He added that Thompson and her entourage took rifles with them, but they won't be loaded during the protest. [...] This will not be Thompson's first trip to Waco nor her first clash with federal agents. She was detained last week by federal agents who questioned her self-issued media credentials for her own computer-linked news service."
      • Indianapolis Star, "Local critic sues Clinton, Reno over siege at Waco", 1993/08/10: "Does President Clinton want to overthrow the government of the United States? Is Attorney General Janet Reno in on the conspiracy? Was cult leader David Koresh a victim of their plot? Scoff if you like, but Beech Grove attorneys Linda D. Thompson and John M. Baird want to go to court to prove such a conspiracy exists. And while they're at it, they'd like $110 million in damages. The two filed a lawsuit Monday in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis accusing Clinton, Reno and others of wanting to set up "a one-world government" and take away the right to bear arms. [...] In addition to Clinton and Reno, defendants in the lawsuit are Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen, former FBI Director William Sessions, Texas Gov. Ann Richards and various federal and state law enforcement agents. How did this conspiracy affect Thompson? It happened in March, she claims, when she and Baird went to Waco in an attempt to make contact with Koresh. They claim their car was stopped at a roadblock near the cult compound. The roadblock was operated by federal agents who pointed machine guns at Thompson and Baird, the lawsuit claims. [...] FBI agents later searched the car and accused Thompson and Baird of possessing false press credentials. The two were detained for a while and suffered "emotional distress," they claim. [...] The lawsuit is hardly the first time Thompson has criticized the government's handling of Koresh's cult. In April, she had organized a protest in Waco, and Baird said at the time they expected 3,000 to 5,000 people to show up. About 20 did."
      • According to Aberration in the Heartland of the Real, Thompson began claiming within days of the Oklahoma City bombing that Dr. Louis Jolyon West had mind controlled Timothy McVeigh and was now examining him in prison. Aberration author Wendy Painting has since confirmed that West did indeed visit McVeigh several times during his incarceration.
      • Obituary for Linda Thompson shared by her sister Annette
      • Background of law partner John Baird
  • April 19, 1993 destruction of Mount Carmel
    • FBI lies about pyrotechnics being used
    • Discrepancies in time and manner of death
      • New York Times, "Investigators Puzzle Over Last Moments of a Cult", 1993/05/05: "From the ashes of the Branch Davidian compound, investigators say they have found mounting evidence that as many as two dozen cult members, including the leader, David Koresh, were shot as fire began to consume the compound on April 19. [...] Among those bearing gunshot wounds was at least one infant, who was found in the rubble with a bullet in the forehead, a senior Federal official said today. [...] In Mr. Koresh's case, medical examiners insist, they have not yet concluded with certainty that the bullet wound found between the eyes was the cause of his death, although they concede that that certainly appears to be the most plausible conclusion at this point. They said that it could be weeks before forensic tests can prove whether the gunshot wound was self-inflicted and whether the fire, rather than the bullet, could have killed him. The tests have also not determined whether there is any truth to early reports from the F.B.I., citing survivors, that some of the 17 young children who perished were put to death by lethal injections before the fire."
      • Carol A. Valentine, "Ambrose Evans Pritchard: J'Accuse!", 1997/03 - accuses Pritchard of working for MI6 and helping to cover up the real circumstances in which the Davidians were killed (which, she claims, is different from officially reported by both the government and by many survivors)
    • Shots being fired at Davidians attempting to escape
    • Delta Force involvement
      • Sunday Times, "FBI brings out secret electronic weapons as Waco siege drags on", 1993/03/21: "Observer teams from the American Delta Force and British SAS have already visited Waco."
      • APFN copy of an alleged intelligence report on the events of April 19 - said to be postmarked from Austin TX on 1993/07/09; titled "REGION FIVE REPORT. VOL #5 ISUE #5 PAGE 8"; makes reference to "HART penetration teams" that covertly entered Mount Carmel and planted incendiary devices
      • Seattle Times (from Dallas Morning News), "Army Unit Reportedly Aided FBI In Waco -- Ex-CIA Officer: Delta Force Participated In Assault" by Lee Hancock, 1999/08/27
      • New York Times, "Tenacity of 2 Played a Role in Reviving Inquiry on Waco", 1999/09/02: "Toward the end of 1998, McNulty said, he confronted Johnston with copies of records from Fort Bragg, N.C., suggesting that members of an elite military unit had been present for the fire at the compound. He got the documents from Hardy, who got them from another agency when the Justice Department was slow to respond. The military had responded quickly to Hardy's information requests, providing documents that detailed how members of the elite Delta Force military unit were at the compound on the day of the fire. The Pentagon now says there were three Delta Force soldiers present as observers."
      • Suspicious deaths of multiple Delta Force members within 2 weeks of the Hancock story - note that one of them, Master Sgt. Gaetano Cutino, was the brother of Judge Fran Gull in Indiana (most notable for presiding over the Delphi murders, where her conduct served to railroad Richard Allen and cover for an Odinist group)
        • Fayetteville Observer-Times, "Third soldier dies while training" by J.S. Newton, 1999/09/11: "Two soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the 3rd Special Forces Group died Tuesday night when they were swept away during a water training exercise in the Savannah River, Ga. On Friday, officials identified 40-year-old Lt. Col. Timothy A. Boyles as the second victim from the river accident. He was commander of the 1st Battalion. The identity of the first victim, Sgt. Eric Ellingson, was revealed Thursday. The most recent fatality occurred Thursday night when 36-year-old Master Sgt. Gaetano Cutino died on a helicopter insertion exercise near Sicily Drop Zone on Fort Bragg. He apparently died from injuries sustained while ‘‘exiting from an MH-6 ‘‘Little Bird’’ helicopter,’’ military officials said. Cutino was assigned to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Fran Gull, a Superior Court judge from Fort Wayne, Ind., was Cutino’s sister. She said her brother was a John Wayne fanatic and former high school football player. But what he loved most was his family and his job. ‘‘He loved soldiering,’’ she said. ‘‘He was a wonderful father to his three kids, and he was a wonderful husband to his wife.’’ Adding to an already tragic week for USASOC, military officials announced Friday that an Army Ranger had accidentally died in Germany from a gunshot wound to the chest. Sgt. Jamey Dimase, who was 26, of the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, Ga. was participating in marksmanship training at the time of his death, military officials said."
        • The Spotlight, "Members of Military Present at Waco Die" by Christopher J. Petherick, 1999/09/??: "[Alex] Jones told The SPOTLIGHT that the three dead Delta Force soldiers who were confirmed to have been at Waco were Boyles, Ellingson and Cutino. Cutino and Boyles reportedly served in Squadron II of Delta Force. Jones has been unable to confirm the presence of Dimase at the assault on the compound. Jones also told The SPOTLIGHT that he had spoken with an anonymous serviceman who loaded the military helicopters at Waco. Jones said the enlistee were concerned for their own safety."
      • Dick J. Reavis, "Waco - Trooper Says Missing Door & Delta Force Body Removed By Government", 2000/03/09
      • COPS Productions (Mike McNulty) blog from 2012 and 2013
    • British Special Air Service (SAS) involvement
      • Sunday Times, "FBI brings out secret electronic weapons as Waco siege drags on", 1993/03/21: "Observer teams from the American Delta Force and British SAS have already visited Waco."
      • Irish Echo, "Inside File: SAS at Waco, too", 2011/02/16: "Much ado over Waco again. Questions are now being raised over the presence outside the Branch Davidian compound of members of the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force and the U.S. Navy’s SEALS. No mention at all though about the company the Delta and SEALS lads were keeping. The British Army’s Special Air Service, the SAS, was also hunkered down in the Texas countryside before the Waco affair ended in flames and death in 1993. The presence of the SAS is no great secret really and emerged well into the light of day three years ago when U.S. Senator Charles Robb from Virginia asked the FBI about it. Robb received a reply from the FBI stating that yes indeed the SAS was at Waco. It was stated in the letter to Robb that there was a longstanding relationship between the SAS and the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, HRT."
    • Other foreign intelligence involvement
      • Village Voice, "Waco noir", 1999/11/02: "In his investigation McNulty has discovered that German counterterrorism officials and members of Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence were pre sent at Waco, in addition to the elite British Special Air Services (as reported in the Voice, October 6, 1999). These foreign spook experts liaised with the army’s Delta Force and navy SEALs, the FBI, and others still unknown."
  • Biowarfare allegations
    • Mack White, "Waco, One Year Later": "I have forgotten his name, but not what he told me. He leaned closer, dropped his voice, and said, "You know, don't you, that Koresh was working for the CIA?"

      "Really. What was he doing for the CIA?"

      "He was manufacturing biological weapons."

      A few years later I heard this allegation again. In her Penthouse interview, Linda Thompson, producer of the documentary Waco: The Big Lie, said that there was a war going on between the CIA and FBI, and that the FBI, in alliance with the Mossad (Israel intelligence), had shut down Mt. Carmel, which was a CIA bio-weapons factory.

      A similar allegation was made by attorney Paul Wilcher, who conducted a private investigation into Waco."
  • Other curiosities
    • Involvement of the deceased ATF agents as bodyguards for Bill Clinton - confirmed to be true for at least three, and possibly all four but the source (Linda Thompson) is shaky
      • Bill Clinton remarks on 1993/03/18 to Treasury Department employees: "My prayers and I'm sure yours are still with the families of all four of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents who were killed in Waco -- Todd McKeehan and Conway Le Bleu of New Orleans; Steve Willis of Houston, and Robert Williams from my hometown of Little Rock. Three of those four were assigned to my security during the course of the primary or general election."
      • Linda Thompson, "THE CLINTON BODY COUNT: COINCIDENCE OR THE KISS OF DEATH?", 1993/06/15 (updated 1994/03/24): "However, the Little Rock, Arkansas office of the ATF confirmed that all four had at one point been bodyguards for Bill Clinton, three while he was campaigning for President, and while he had been governor of Arkansas."
      • Mack White, "Waco, Vince Foster, and the Secret War": "For instance, in Linda Thompson's documentary Waco: The Big Lie,video footage of the raid appears to show three ATF agents being killed by "friendly" fire. We see the agents enter the window, leaving a fourth agent on the roof. He then sprays the wall with machine gun fire. Many believe this was when the three men died, and many think it deliberate.

        These three dead agents had all been personal bodyguards of Clinton's during the presidential campaign. Also, there are rumors that, during a campaign stop in Waco the summer before, these three had accompanied Clinton to a barber shop where he received a haircut. The barber was a Branch Davidian. The five men are said to have had a long, private conversation."
      • Clinton campaign visit to Waco in the summer of 1992
        • New York Times, "THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: The Democrats; The Clinton Bus Goes to Texas, A Tossup State", 1992/08/28: "No Democrat has made it to the White House in this century without winning Texas, and today Gov. Bill Clinton went after Texas. Sweeping from San Antonio to Austin and then heading for Waco in a caravan of buses, accompanied by his running mate, Senator Al Gore, the Democratic nominee relentlessly criticized President Bush's economic policies in an effort to lock up the state's 32 electoral votes."
        • Washington Post, "THE CLINTON TOUR'S ROCKY ROAD", 1992/08/31: "Last Thursday after sunup, the governor of Arkansas and the senator from Tennessee formally launched their bid for President Bush's adopted home state and its 32 electoral votes, a foray that lasted till the wee hours of Saturday morning. [...] "We're on a bus trip through enemy territory and they know the route," said Bruce Reed, the Clinton-Gore issues director, as he waited to hit the road Friday afternoon at a gas-fired power plant near Waco, where Clinton had suddenly scheduled a rare press conference to complain about the Bush camp's "cynical" and "distorting" tactics. [...] "I do not have a hotel room in Houston, and I don't have a plot o' land about the size of this platform that I'm claimin' I'm gonna build a retirement home on," he huskily told a tumultuous rally in Waco, alluding to the oft-mentioned Bush as he built to one of his sure-fire applause lines. "But I tell you what {pronounced "whut"}. My daddy was born here {in Sherman, Tex.}. I got kinfolks here. And I'm a whole lot more like you than he is." [...] When the Clinton-Gore buscapade arrived Thursday night in Waco, home of Baylor University and known as the Southern Baptists' "Vatican City," it was clear that the enemy had preceded it to the battlefield. Across the street from the rally site on the Brazos River, and kept a safe distance away by the city police, a hundred pro-Bush demonstrators stood waving signs and shouting. [...] Still, the morning after the Waco rally, where Clinton seemed unfazed by -- and perhaps even unaware of -- the discordant voices across the street, he began counterpunching in earnest. A brief photo-op cum meet-and-greet at Waco's Trading House Electric Power Plant stretched into a three-hour sojourn, with time added for the press corps to file stories, as Clinton laid on a news conference to accuse Bush of deliberately distorting the facts about Clinton's tax-policy record in Arkansas."
        • Photo from a August 1992 public forum of the Clinton campaign with power plant workers
        • Soldier of Fortune Vol. 18 No. 11, "WACO: BEHIND THE COVER-UP" by James L. Pate, 1993/11: "McMahon remembers several significant incidents occurring in August 1992: • The presidential bus campaign of Bill Clinton and Al Gore rolled through Waco; it included a visit to an electric power-generation plant clearly visible one mile away from Mount Carmel. A Branch Davidian church leader, Steve Schneider, went with Koresh's father-in-law Perry Jones to hear the candidates speak at Baylor University. Mistakenly standing in the wrong line for admission, the two were asked to show their driver licenses and were then issued press credentials allowing them to stand within 10 feet of the candidates. "Steve Schneider showed me the purple press pass," McMahon said. "The Secret Service was real upset with ATF for not letting them know this investigation was going on.""
        • Eugene Baker, "Presidents make tracks through Waco": "In 1992, at the base of the Suspension Bridge, Bill Clinton made Waco one of the stops of his presidential campaign. Clinton and vice president hopeful Al Gore remained in Waco overnight at the Hilton Hotel prior to continuing their campaign tour."
    • Connection between Bill Clinton and Bernard Rapoport - the latter also a close associate of Waco DA Vic Feazell
      • APFN summary of Rapoport's connections to Clinton and his circle (such as Webb Hubbell and the Riady family)
      • December 1987 correspondence between Bill Clinton and Bernard Rapoport (pages 1, 2)
        • From Rapoport on 1987/12/28: "...how about you and Betsy and I getting together, Bill? Wouldn't you be the perfect Vice Presidential candidate?"
      • New York Times, "Ex-Clinton Aide Is Linked to Big Chinese Project", 1997/03/06: "In the months after Webster Hubbell was forced to resign to face a criminal investigation in 1994, the former associate attorney general received more than $400,000 from about a dozen enterprises, including the organizers of a multibillion-dollar development in China that received the endorsement of the Clinton administration, according to associates of Hubbell and to government records. [...] The reconstruction of Hubbell's income shows that he was paid by a company controlled by Bernard Rapoport, a Texas businessman and longtime donor to Clinton's political campaigns who hired Hubbell in the spring of 1994, shortly after being named to a White House advisory committee for trade policy. Hubbell was also paid by a company controlled by Truman Arnold, a petroleum distributor in Texarkana, Texas, who was the top fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee in 1995. It was Arnold who suggested to Rapoport that he consider hiring Hubbell. And the reconstruction shows that Hubbell was on the payroll of Sun America Inc., a California financial services company controlled by Eli Broad, a close Clinton friend who, like Rapoport and Arnold, stayed overnight at the White House. [...] In an interview last week, Rapoport said he hired Hubbell to do legal work several weeks after he left the Justice Department. His work included an examination of how to do business in China. [...] Rapoport said he had been asked by federal agents not to discuss how he came to hire Hubbell."
      • The Daily Texan, "Justice Department investigation should target UT campus" by Clayton Vernon
      • Clinton Foundation, "Statement by President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the passing of Bernard Rapoport", 2012/04/07: "“Bernard Rapoport was our friend for forty years. With countless others, we were inspired by his phenomenal energy and passion and blessed by his generosity. He was a wonderful man who loved his family, his business, his politics, and his philanthropy. And he cared and gave right to the very end. Our prayers are with Audre, Ronnie, and his grandchildren.”"
    • Bill Cooper shows on Waco
    • Eugene Baker, "Presidents make tracks through Waco": "Former president Jimmy Carter addressed a large gathering of Waco citizens at the Masonic Grand Lodge building on Feb. 22, 1993, as the featured speaker for the Robert L. Reid Distinguished Lecture Series. A short time later, he was presented an honorary doctorate by Baylor president Dr. Herbert H. Reynolds on behalf of the institution's board of trustees."

DC Sniper case

Parkland shooting

  • Security monitor Andrew Medina
    • WPLG, "MSD security monitor previously accused of sexually harassing students", 2018/06/14
      • "The SunSentinel reported Thursday that Andrew Medina, 39, was suspended for three days after an investigation corroborated allegations by two female students.

        Records obtained by the paper stated that Medina asked one student out and made a lewd comment to another in February 2017, a year before the attack that left 17 dead. The students' ages were not released.

        However, Andrew Pollack told The Associated Press that his daughter, Meadow, was one of the students harassed by Medina.

        Meadow was killed in the Valentine's Day shooting."
      • "A disciplinary panel recommended in October that Medina be fired, but the district instead suspended him."
      • "Medina told authorities that he spotted shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz entering the campus on Feb. 14 and recognized him as a potentially dangerous former student, but didn't stop him."
  • FBI mishandling of tips
    • New York Times, "F.B.I. Was Warned of Florida Suspect’s Desire to Kill but Did Not Act", 2018/02/16
      • "The tipster, who called an F.B.I. hotline on Jan. 5, told the bureau that Mr. Cruz had a “desire to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts,” the F.B.I. said.

        The information should have been assessed and forwarded to the Miami F.B.I. field office, the bureau said. But that never happened. On Wednesday, Mr. Cruz, 19, killed 17 students and teachers at his former high school in Parkland, Fla., law enforcement officials said."
      • "The tip about Mr. Cruz appeared to be the second in four months, after another person told the bureau about online comments from Mr. Cruz that he wanted to become “a professional school shooter.”"
      • "The F.B.I. was not the only law enforcement agency to be warned about Mr. Cruz. Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County said Friday that his office had received about 20 calls regarding the suspected school gunman over the past few years.

        Sheriff Israel said on Friday that his office was still reviewing what it knew about Mr. Cruz before the shooting."
    • Miami Herald, "FBI apologizes, says it failed to probe tip on school shooter Nikolas Cruz", 2018/02/16
    • New York Times, "Tipster’s Warning to F.B.I. on Florida Shooting Suspect: ‘I Know He’s Going to Explode’", 2018/02/23
      • "The warnings that law enforcement officials received about Nikolas Cruz were anything but subtle.

        “I know he’s going to explode,” a woman who knew Mr. Cruz said on the F.B.I.’s tip line on Jan. 5. Her big worry was that he might resort to slipping “into a school and just shooting the place up.” Forty days later, Mr. Cruz is accused of doing just that, barging into his former high school in Parkland, Fla., and shooting 17 people to death."
      • "The authorities have acknowledged mishandling numerous warning signs that Mr. Cruz was deeply troubled. There were tips to the F.B.I. about disturbing social media posts. There were visits by social services to his home. There were dozens of calls to 911 and the local authorities, some mentioning fears that he was capable of violence."
      • "More than once, Mr. Cruz was identified by those around him as someone capable of carrying out a school shooting.

        On Nov. 30, two and a half months before the Parkland massacre, an unidentified caller from Massachusetts told the Broward County Sheriff’s Office that Mr. Cruz was collecting guns and knives and that “he could be a school shooter in the making.”

        Two years before, the office reported receiving “thirdhand information” from the son of one of Mr. Cruz’s neighbors that he “planned to shoot up the school on Instagram.”"
      • "Over the course of the January call, which lasted more than 13 minutes, the tipster warned the F.B.I. that Mr. Cruz had been adrift since his mother’s death in November. She said that Mr. Cruz had “the mental capacity of a 12 to a 14 year old.” The tipster provided four Instagram accounts for Mr. Cruz, which she said showed photos of sliced up animals and the firearms he had amassed. The caller, whose name was redacted on the transcript, said Mr. Cruz had used money from his mother’s account after her death to purchase the weapons."
      • "Before calling the F.B.I., the woman telephoned Broward sheriff’s deputies in Parkland, worried that Mr. Cruz might kill himself. But she did not hear back from them and became increasingly alarmed after she said Mr. Cruz posted online that “he wants to kill people.”"
    • Sun Sentinel, "How the FBI botched tips about the Parkland school shooter", 2018/08/29
      • "Less than three months later, on Jan. 5, a longtime friend of the Cruz family became so concerned about Cruz’s posts on Instagram that she phoned the FBI call center.

        For more than 13 minutes, the woman provided detailed information about Cruz’s online postings, in which he said he planned to harm himself and others. She said he had made comments about the Islamic State terrorist group; had bought multiple guns; had mutilated small animals; had the mental capacity of a 12- to 14-year-old; and was going to explode. She had contacted local police, she said.


        After hanging up, the call-taker ran Cruz’s name through several FBI databases and found he had no criminal record.

        She also found the prior tip, submitted by the Mississippi man a couple of months earlier, which investigators had closed out.

        That’s where the information gets muddled."
      • "When questioned after the Parkland shootings, the call-taker told investigators that she had presented the relevant information to her supervisor. Based on what she told him, the agent told her to close the file as having “no lead value.” The tip was never forwarded to the FBI field office in Miramar for investigation."
  • Background of Nikolas Cruz
    • Associated Press, "Shooting suspect was on school rifle team that got NRA grant", 2018/02/16
      • "Nikolas Cruz, 19, was wearing a maroon shirt with the logo from the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when he was arrested Wednesday shortly after the shooting. Former JROTC cadets told The Associated Press that Cruz was a member of the small varsity marksmanship team that trained together after class and traveled to other area schools to compete."
      • "Kyle Ramos, who was the executive officer of the JROTC battalion, said Cruz spoke about guns and knives incessantly and liked to wear military-style clothing to school. He also bragged about shooting animals for fun.

        “He told me he would attack little animals with pellet guns and stuff, and I was a little weirded out by that,” said Ramos, now 20. “Like squirrels and lizards and stuff.”"
      • "Cruz talked of wanting to join the Army after graduation and become an elite special forces soldier, a dream potentially derailed by his expulsion."
    • Sun Sentinel, "A mass murderer’s digital trail: Nikolas Cruz dropped crumbs all across the worldwide web", 2018/10/26
      • "A male student who knew Cruz from JROTC told police that Cruz “constantly changed Instagram profiles.”

        In one, he held a black semi-automatic firearm with an orange tip, with his face partially covered. In another, Cruz was armed with knives and wore a bandanna around his mouth.

        Cruz’s brother, who identified him in surveillance video as the shooter, told authorities Nikolas also used the Instagram account nikolascruzmakarov, showing numerous pictures of assault rifles and ammunition. On that account, he discussed buying and firing assault rifles. The user name was a gun reference: a Makarov is a Russian semi-automatic pistol."
      • "Cruz had at least nine gmail addresses including crazynikolas6979 and antifakiller69, search warrants show."

2022 Moscow murders

  • Anomalous behavior by surviving roommates Dylan Mortensen (girlfriend of Quinn Kelley) and Bethany Funke
    • ...
  • Parent backgrounds - several were involved in drugs, with some arrested on drug charges shortly after the murders
    • ...
  • Drug trafficking presence in Moscow
    • ...
    • Thou Shalt Not Kill True Crime (Rory), "Idaho 4: BOMBSHELL!! I Received A Call That Reveals Secrets Of Moscow. Drug Hub!", 2023/06/01 - is an interview with a professed mid-level drug trafficker who claims to have left the business in 2003; at 3:40 mentions the Mad Greek as being owned by an international businessman who constantly moved around (having previously been in South Carolina), with Xana and Maddie having worked there so likely being the targets; at 8:52 begins discussing the profile of a "king" in the drug world: someone who donates to the community, owns a local business (used for money laundering), and is considered a pillar of the community; describes the ability of this "king" to employ "pawns" in the town for their operation, as well as "bishops" (who this source says would be the type of people who went to the 1122 King Road home); makes reference to Demetrius, Emma, and likely Brent working underneath Kostantinos ("the king") as the people who would have been given the hit; at 11:07 mentions having a Green Beret friend who believed the murders had to be the work of a trained killer, making Brent highly plausible; at 12:16 mentions Kohberger doing cocaine to help with his migraines and visual snow; at 12:33 the interviewer describes how Demetrius, on Twitter, showed a picture of a Ka-Bar knife that he was trying to sell; at 15:53 says the FBI needs to seriously look into Kostantinos, and suggests they might already be, given a large gathering of federal agents in Moscow prior to the murders
    • ...
    • Mad Greek restaurant as a drug connection - owned by Greek immigrant Kosta Alexandropoulos, with daughter Selena Alexandropoulos having grown up in Moscow ID and attended the University of Idaho starting in 2017
    • Demetrius Robinson and Emma Bailey - TODO document
  • Bryan Kohberger as a suspect
    • ...
  • Brent Kopacka as a suspect
    • ...
  • Brett Payne as a suspect - belonged to the 82nd Airborne Division just like Kopacka
    • ...
  • Reid Uptmor as a suspect - reportedly went by Charlie or Charley
  • Theory of Kohberger as an informant penetrating local drug trafficking networks who was then set up for the murder
    • Reddit comment on 2023/07/01: "It was a BIG DRUG HOUSE. Here you go: This was for JLR the other day:

      BREAKING NEWS: *#1 Bryan Kohberger was not in the house that night: #2 Bryan Kohberger was an informant for the task force working to bust the drug trafficking ring that Brent Kopacka and his cohorts ran from the king road house. There were SIX people in the "shake down turned murderous rampage" team and this has to do with a DRUG TRAFFICKING RING! Moscow PD and the Prosecution are engaged in lies, coverup and corruption. Please go read the comments by Sofia Katelyn here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqbzccBhdDY. She is a "criminal intelligence analyst" who knows the background of Brent Kopacka, Bryan Kohberger and this case. JUSTICE 4 IDAHO 4 means FINDING THE RIGHT KILLERS! We know many of them and they are being protected by LE and Prosecution. Why? MONEY! Money from drug trafficking benefits the traffickers, Universities, LE, creepy Christ Church, Politicians and other entities and businesses.

      *Sofia Katelyn comments here: Bryan Kohberger FAKE news and Madeleine McCann: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKKxG3B8WbM&t=149s; and here: Dylan Mortensen and the missing truths: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92UrP8hY6hw.
      * Did you know that Christ Church runs the whole town and controls the Moscow PD? Did you know that the reason there were 48 FBI agents in town before the murders was not only to investigate corruption in the Pullman PD and the Moscow PD but also to investigate the drug trafficking ring that was ran out of King Road house by Brent Kopacka, Demetrius Robinson, Emma Bailey, and Quinn Kelley along with help from DM herself?
      *Did you know this case is NOT about an Incel like the Moscow PD and Prosecution and Pro-biased Prosecution MSM and JLR will have you believe? Yeap, it's true. This was a "drug trafficking ring shake-down turned murderous rampage raid" gone horribly wrong! Do you wonder why Brent Kopacka was SWATTED on December 15, 2022? It was because he could talk and reveal the secrets of the IDAHO 4 murder case because he was ONE of three alleged killers. Brent was a loose end and needed to not talk because that would expose the dirty little secret that extends to the top tiers of the government in Idaho and beyond. Do you ever wonder why so many students are dying in Moscow, ID? Yes, SIX more (at least) have died since the IDAHO 4 in Pullman and Moscow area. Caden Young was murdered because he was writing as a student journalist about the drug trafficking ring. The suspects in that case: Demetrius R and Emma B just got their charges dismissed in his death IN EXCHANGE for singing like canaries on the IDAHO 4 murders! They were there in the house. Cara Northington (Xana's Mom) just got probation on June 21 2023 instead of more prison time (and allegedly she is in rehab which is a good thing) because she is flipping too. Also, Maddie's step-Mom is supposedly singing like a canary on the IDAHO 4 case and she is out of jail or will be soon. Do you think these people would be getting these deals if this case had anything to do with an INCEL?

      * The MOTIVE: #1 The IDAHO 4 were going to be speaking to the federal drug investigators very soon and they needed to be "shaken-down a notch" so they wouldn't talk: #2 Maddie told friends she had enough of drugs being trafficked in the house and in the week before the murders she flushed $275k in drugs down the toilet! (some say it was $2 million). This is WHAT Maddie told ADAM. This is WHAT Jack S said "THEY are going to get you for that!" meant.

      * While we allow ourselves to be brainwashed by this Pro-Prosecution lies, coverup and corruption, there are/were THREE alleged killers out there, and THREE local drug dealers out there footloose and fancy free while Byran Kohberger (who was an informant and apparently he got into some police files and knows who all the corrupt police are) sits in jail his life ruined by haters and people who lack critical thinking skills. The THREE alleged killers were military trained black ops killers and one of them is dead (Brent Kopacka); there is his ex-SEAL team 6 friend (he posted on SM about the murders, posted crime scene pics of knives and MACHETES, no name, he taunted investigators and the victims and he is an psychopathic killer who loves Jack-the -Ripper, and he answers to NO ONE, and considered a high value target but he is being protected? ); an allegedly we have one of more cops involved (guess which one); The THREE alleged local drug dealers are Demetrius, Emma and Quinn K and even DM helped out. Demetrius and Emma got deals on this case and the Caden Young case if they would be informants and tell who was involved. Demetrius did a post on 5/31 hinting about the Truth will be coming out and he asked to speak to Bryan's judge- Judge John Judge."
    • Reddit comment on 2023/07/05: "Who is DD? is that Brent's best friend?

      Black truck+ Quinn Kelley or DM;s dad

      Black SUV: Demetrius. R"
    • Reddit comment on 2023/07/20: "There is a guy named CHARLIE that Steve Goncalves mentioned to me in FB messenger, He said people are saying he is the KILLER (one of them) and he drives a white Elantra with tinted windows and a sunroof. We are missing an ex-SEAL team 6 guy who posted about the murders. He was Brent Kopackas friend. Sofia Katelyn (criminal intelligence analyst) has screen shots she is turning into Anne Taylor. This ex-SEAL is being protected by FRY and PAYNE. They know his name and he should be arrested!!! Instead, they arrested an innocent guy the new guy in town. This guy might have the last name SUSSUM? Someone hears on those videos someone say "GRACIAS SUSSUM, I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT!""
    • Reddit comment on 2023/08/04: "*There are THREE to FOUR alleged killers and all have military experience with black ops experience. The alleged killers are: Brent Kopacka (SWATTED December 15, 2022: an ex-SEAL team 6 friend of Brent's who posted on SM, bragged about murder, posted crime scene pics, taunted investigators & victims, no name answers to no one; Loves Jack-the-Ripper; etc; a cartel leader (Sussum?); and 2 cops and/or their relatives (lookouts and killers). There are also THREE local drug dealers: Demetrius R, Emma B; and Quinn K (he said he was in Boise but believed to be in house). The ex-SEAL team 6 member is a psychopathic killer who loves to kill and pretty sure Fry and Payne know who he is and are PROTECTING him! He might be named "CHARLIE" or have the last name of SUSSUM (these were heard on Linda Lane audios which may be fake or real). Demetrius and Emma already got charges dismissed on Caden Young case if they will sing like canaries on this one. Xana's Mom, Cara and Kori H (Maddie's step-Mom) are all getting deals to sing like canaries on this case. Jesse James Bailey and his gang where there at the murder scene.

      * NOTE: Chief Fry hired a FBI profiler (she can get $800/hour if working for private companies) to work on this case in December 2022. She is called THE STORM and has 46 years experience. She said the results of her behavioral analysis show Brent Kopacka has the skills to pull this off and loves to kill. Bryan Kohberger can't even filet a fish and hates blood. A Criminal intelligence analyst (Sofia Katelyn) researched the backgrounds of Brent and Bryan and said the same thing. There is an informant in the military who said they know who was in the house, what houses they used, what cars they used and who was driving them, Bryan Kohberger is not the killer; Kyle Payne planted the DNA, etc. WHY did Chief Fry not take the advice of the FBI Profiler? Is it possible that James Fry Jr (a ginger) was at the murder scene? Allegedly. The whole damn town was at them murder scene. We are beginning to think they sold movie tickets.

      * There are up to TWENTY -FIVE people involved in this murder at King Road house and the Moscow PD and Prosecution are attempting to sweep it under the rug to make it go away. The King Road house has 24/7 surveillance inside it. They were always being watched. These murders were LIVESTREAMED!! Many of the people who were accessories to murder were present at the Grub Truck and bushy brows (Saeed) on the Bandfield had crime scene pics on his phone he showed the cop! There were people hiding inside the house and outside as lookouts. The Showalter family are the ones who try to hide the Kopacka shootout incident and now the IDAHO 4 murders!!! Allegedly, the uncle of Jack S works in the Prosecution office!

      * Notice: After the release of the Linda Lane cam footage we noticed all these fancy, expensive vehicles signaling and whistling and dropping off and picking up people to go to the murder show. This is a sign that Christ Church is involved, and this murder was carefully planned out and premeditated. To get JUSTICE, we need HELP and the MSM won't cover this because it's considered a Conspiracy Theory if it's not the INCEL shite.

      * After the police SWATTED Brent Kopacka for screwing up on the IDAHO 4 case (team got them murdered instead of shaken down) instead of arresting the REAL KILLERS (ex-SEAL team guy and cops and others) they instead arrest a patsy as a shiny object for the public to hate! If they had the REAL KILLER(S) behind bars the town wouldn't be so scared, HOT and TOXIC as the Corner Club Bar owner told Rory from "Thou Shalt Not Kill TC" because Rory was outside on the back patio and mentioned the name Bryan Kohberger as he was on a live for the Delphi case. He was escorted out and when he asked the guy what are you hiding? He told him "You can't say that name or discuss that case around here. it is hot and toxic." The CC owner (Mark Trivelpiece) looked like he wanted to murder him. They even called the MPD for trespassing but luckily Rory left the scene (or he could be talking to Bryan K). Some people say "Bryan Kohberger is going to be like Jesus and die for the sins of the cartel."

      *This case is very complex as the IDAHO STATE POLICE said this is a "parallel crimes investigation" which includes not only drug trafficking but also human, sex, and child trafficking all associated with the homes previous owners-Dan Estey and Scott Peavey (RSO)."
    • Reddit comment on 2023/08/27: "Allegedly. Maddie told Adam that she flushed $275k in drugs (worth $2 million on the street) down the toilet a week before. Xana was the money girl and could not pay the suppliers (cartel) back. This was a drug trafficking ring operated from the house by outsiders: Brent K; Dametrius, Emma B, Quinn K and DM was involved.

      Adam called the KING (Konstantine owner of Mad Greek- fled to NH and it's in his wife's name now) and he called the above people and told them to "shakedown" the IDAHO 4. Motive#1 The IDAHO 4 were going to talk to federal investigators about the drug ring; #2 Maddie's flushing the $275k in drugs (the cartel wanted the money or drugs) #3 KG was involved in Sugarbabies and had 19 bank accounts in her name with money allegedly coming in from all these powerful men. They did not want her leaving to Texas and they were involved in the drug trafficking and allegedly wanted her to do something she promised to do for them (some of the others may have been in this Sugarbabies too but KG for sure).

      ISP told WSU Kim this is a parallel crimes investigation- drug, sex, human, and child trafficking all to do with former homeowners.

      There are allegedly 3-4+ killers. None are Bryan Kohberger. He was an informant working to bust the drug trafficking ring and was on a corrupt task force that decided to frame him. We've heard Brent Kopacka framed him and then Brett P and Nathanial R. Alot of these military come back from Afghanistan where they were involved in drug trafficking while there.

      Some of the alleged killers are: Brent Kopacka (we think he might have went in, left the sheath, freaked out and got a ride home from someone); an ex-SEAL team 6 friend of Kopackas who posted about the murders and is called "The Moscow Slayer" (he might be named John JOSCO 1972?);DR too; a cartel guy; and a "Charlie" which people are claiming is Reid "Charlie" U.... This Charlie is from a rich prominent family and the Showalter's are the ones trying to shut this and the Kopacka investigation down. The TRUTH will never come out if people dont start talking."
      • Reply on 2023/08/29: "I saw speculation about Charlie “Reid Uptmor” and there is documentation that one of the former homeowners is a convicted sex offender. The other former homeowner has a current business listing that says “permanently closed” online. He amassed 8 million “supposedly” in real estate. I also saw speculation about the former Mad Greek owner and his multiple properties and business addresses. I am not clear at all on the Kopacka involvement. The timing is peculiar."
    • Reddit comment on 2023/08/27: "Before this IDAHO 4 murder, supposedly the FBI were in town investigating Pullman PD and Moscow PD for corruption. But, you are correct the FBI is corrupt too.

      I was told that Bryan Kohberger was on a task force (which was corrupt) working to bust the drug trafficking ring that was run out of the King Road house by outsiders (Brent K, Demetrius R,, Emma B Quinn K and DM herself). IDK if Brett Payne and Nathanial R were helping on that task force..but they are the one's that framed him along with Brent K at first."
    • Reddit comment on 2023/08/30
    • Reddit comment on 2023/10/18: "All I know is..Brent Kopacka was under FBI surveillance when he was swatted. He is also on the FBI watch list for "extreme terrorists" for some reason. This lady who researched the intelligence files (Sofia Katelyn criminal intelligence analyst) for Brent K shows that he has been involved in drug trafficking and other nefarious activities since he got out of the Army. with other former military guys. She said they leave a trail of unresolved crimes and victims. And he is great at framing people....like what was done to Bryan K.."
    • Reddit comment on 2023/10/22

Entertainment figures

  • Courtney Love
    • Father Hank Harrison
      • San Francisco Chronicle, "Courtney and Dad -- No Love Lost / He downplays estrangement, she won't see him", 1995/05/11: "Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in 1964, the beginning of a tumultuous time that threatened even the most serene nuclear families. Her mother is Linda Carroll, a five-times-married Corvallis, Ore., therapist who guided '60s radical fugitive Katherine Ann Powers into surrendering to authorities in 1993. [...] Hank Harrison was a self-described beatnik who lived in Palo Alto with a musician roommate named Phil Lesh. For a couple of weeks at least, he was the manager of Lesh's band, the Warlocks, which soon became the Grateful Dead. [...] By the time Love's mother filed a legal objection to all visitations by Harrison in August 1971, she had remarried and was living in Eugene, Ore. According to divorce papers filed in San Francisco Superior Court, Carroll claimed her ex- husband had threatened to abduct the infant Courtney and take her to another country. The court granted only limited visits to Harrison, restricting them to Carroll's residence and insisting on the presence of a third party. [...] "We didn't get along," said Harrison. "During the time she was estranged from me, her mother had completely programmed her. She told her I gave her LSD. She told her I was dead." But Love still believes the LSD story. "He was alleged in court -- I don't know if it actually happened -- to have given me acid," she said, "and gone around boasting about it, like some biological experiment." [...] He said they lived together there for seven months and got along fine. His daughter said the visit lasted barely longer than a couple of days. "He beat me up so badly I had to call the cops," she said. She spent Christmas in London and, within a couple of months, was living in Liverpool."
      • Grateful Dead background
        • From p.179 of Mind Control, World Control by Jim Keith (1997) (copy of chapter here): "The sound track for the '60s is of course provided by the Grateful Dead LSD and rock and roll organization. Until the death of leader Jerry Garcia, the Dead were arguably the most influential "cult" in operation. The first member of the Grateful Dead to take LSD, Robert Hunter, did so under the auspices of a "government sponsored" Stanford University drug study. An FBI internal memo from 1968 also mentions the employment of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead as an avenue “to channel youth dissent and rebellion into more benign and non-threatening directions." It is obvious that with their "laid-back," non-politically involved stance, that the Grateful Dead have performed a vital service in distracting many young persons into drugs and mysticism, rather than politics. Whether they knew they were performing the service is a matter of argument. [11]"
      • From p.188-189 of Sexual Trauma: A Challenge Not Insanity by Dr. K. Elan Jung (2010): "Courtney Love was born Courtney Harrison in 1964 in San Francisco, California, and grew up in the Bay area during the peak of the hippie era. Her parents were educated middle class professionals: her mother, Linda, a psychologist and her father Hank Harrison a publisher. Both were drawn into the Bay Area's hippie scene and Courtney's parents split when she a baby. At a child custody hearing following their divorce, her mother alleged Courtney's father gave her LSD when she was four years old, although he denies this. Linda was granted custody when the divorce was finalized when Courtney was five."
      • Robert Duncan O'Finioan, "Smells Like MK ULTRA", 2012/01/26: "If you read the comments to the blog, you may have come across the excellent and insightful writing of Sierra Peterson. Sierra has had her own experiences and has dealt with many who have been involved in MK ULTRA-like projects, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and other similar projects and programs. She gives an excellent distillation of mind control as a whole as well as recounts countless others testimonies in her blog, Watching the Watchers.

        Part of her comment reads thusly, as she recounts meeting Jack Sarfatti, who offered her a job with the CIA, incidentally:

        One of the people he [Jack Sarfatti] mentioned hooking me up with was Hank Harrison, Courtney Love’s father who has been accused of domestic violence by every single member of his family. Jack told me that Harrison is an “expert in mind control” (direct quote).

        First things first: Who is Jack Sarfatti?

        From Wikipedia, we have this: The Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency set up a program called ESPionage, financing experiments into telepathy and remote viewing to the tune of tens of millions each year. The research was conducted by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), where Sarfatti and the Fundamental Fysiks Group became what Kaiser calls its “house theorists.”"
        • From Destiny Matrix by Jack Sarfatti (2002, 2012): "Around this time, in the early 1950s, I was part of an after-school group of gifted kids [39] (including Johnny Glogower [40] who worked with me and Lenny Susskind [41] at Cornell later on) conducted by the late Walter Breen. Breen was a graduate student at Columbia and well-known numismatist associated with psychologist William Sheldon. [42] Breen had a connection with the nuclear weapons laboratory, Sandia Corporation, [43] because two men visited us from Sandia who lectured us on "patriotism" and "anti-communism" when they took us to dinner in New York's German Town (86th Street). Breen was closely connected with people in Ayn Rand's circle. [44] However, I met Breen after the strange phone calls. [...] Walter Breen arranged a full scholarship for me to go to Cornell at age 17 by writing an extensive psychological profile in which he predicted I would make revolutionary discoveries in the foundations of physics. My professors at Cornell like Hans Bethe, Robert Wilson, and Phil Morrison et-al were all major figures in the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos near where Sandia is located. I have just learned that Breen recently died in prison convicted of child molestation. Breen or any of the other adults that I met in his apartment definitely never molested me and I never heard any suggestions of that by the other kids."
        • Email correspondence in 2005 between Jack Sarfatti and Hank Harrison (Rigorous Intuition copy)
        • Email correspondence in 2006 between Jack Sarfatti and the couple of Mary-Minn Sirag and Saul-Paul (Meghan Jacinto, "Turning Point": "Mary-Minn Sirag is an artist living in Eugene, Oregon who has a fondness for painting skies and atmospheres. [...] Sirag’s husband, Saul-Paul, also recalls the moment when she came home crying with joy after sharing her experience at the retreat"): "Jack, In 1976, you and I visited Walter Breen at Marion Zimmer Bradley's house on Deakin Street in Berkeley. She gave us each a copy of her latest novel, *The Heritage of Hastor* (published 1975). This was a few months after the month-long workshop we did at Esalen (January 1976). You had Walter Breen come down to Big Sur for a few days. He brought along recorded music to play and demonstrate the psychological effects of different pieces of music."
        • Transcript of a 2010 interview of Jack Sarfatti by Alan Waite: "Probably prior because as I said I was part of a group of super kids, these genius kids that were being studied at the Columbia University Laboratory of William Sheldon, and one of his assistants, a Walter Breen, (we’re talking like 1953). [...] There was a bunch of them, a guy named Robert Solovay, who became a famous mathematician at Berkeley. And even Alan Greenspan [...] Greenspan is older than I am, but Greenspan became part of this group. It was all also connected somehow with Ayn Rand. Somehow Ayn Rand had something to do with it. It was also connected to the government. It had something to do with what later became Sandia Labs in New Mexico. In fact we used to have these guys come up (they looked like FBI guys), and this was the McCarthy era, to get pep talks about being patriotic and anti-communist and all that kind of stuff. [...] It’s about this government program back in the Fifties with these whiz kids, and apparently there was a similar program at Berkeley – there’s a friend of mine named Hank Harrison who was a part of it, who’s the father of Courtney Love, actually Courtney Love’s dad. [...] Greenspan was part of this experiment. Or so I’m told. I never met Greenspan at the time. He would have been four or five years older."
        • Walter Breen background
      • Website of Hank Harrison (homepage, index page)
        • "“Harrison was no hippy drug addict pothead burnout. He always looked clean. In fact he was a trained shrink. The first time I saw him he was wearing a searsucker suit and a bow tie and was carrying an attaché case. I could venture a guess that Harrison was a CIA operative or a Saul Alinsky graduate in charge of organizing bands like the Grateful Dead.” - David Crosby"
        • "Hank is featured in the controversial documentary film: Kurt & Courtney, by British filmmaker Nick Broomfield and in the well-known educational documentary LSD: 25. Both films were released on Video and DVD and shown on Showtime, HBO and over the BBC channels. Likewise he was featured in books such as Who Killed Kurt Cobain (1997) by Max Wallace and Queen of Noise (1996) by Melissa Rossi. In the early years of his career (1965-1976) he was mentioned in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe and was featured in Time, Life, Newsweek and the New York Times for his pioneering work with Drug Abuse intervention programs."
        • "Between 1965 and 1968 Harrison was the founder and coordinator of the LSD-Rescue project, a pioneering effort to adapt crisis intervention techniques to drug and suicide counseling. In that capacity he was the first counselor to "officially" rescue anyone from a bad LSD experience on the telephone. In essence Harrison invented LSD crisis rescue. Many of his pioneering techniques are still in use today."
    • Working as a prostitute in Asia
      • Metro USA, "Courtney Love is in the mood to share...and she does", 2010/03/12: "Over the course of our conversation, which included countless stream-of-consciousness detours, unexpected tangents, name-drops and revelations, I learned the following: • After a stint as a stripper in Japan in the early ’80s, Courtney had designs on being a record producer."
      • From p.??? of Drugs as Weapons Against Us by John L. Potash (2015): "Another claim about Courtney appeared in a biography, Courtney Love: The Real Story, by Poppy Z. Brite. At sixteen years of age Courtney apparently worked for organized crime in Japan as a stripper in what Courtney called “the white slave trade,” implying it included prostitution. Hank Harrison said Courtney had found out how to become legally emancipated that year. Harrison said Courtney was beyond his control, and that he saw her start prostituting with a San Francisco madam he knew, who became a longtime advisor to Courtney. Harrison claims she introduced Courtney to high-paying clients such as Hewlett Packard scion David Packard (also a former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense). Harrison said Courtney went overseas with the Japanese Mafia both before and after meeting the madam. Courtney biographer Melissa Rossi also said Courtney reported prostituting in Taiwan as a teen."
    • Possible murder of Kurt Cobain
    • Connection to Jeffrey Epstein - her name appears circled in Epstein's little black book
  • Britney Spears

Other curiosities

  • Mental retardation institutions
    • See the Mental Health-Mental Retardation (MH-MR or MHMR) center in Waco TX, whose drug program was overseen by future McLennan County DA Vic Feazell (a key player in the Henry Lee Lucas story)
    • TODO: find the reference in Girl, Interrupted to a fellow patient of Susanna Kaysen's at McLean Hospital whose father was a CIA operative working for a mental retardation center
    • Dignity Memorial obituary for Ellis Wade Hitzing, 2018/11/14: "Dr. Ellis Wade Hitzing, PhD., died peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday, Nov. 14, at his home in Ft. Myers, Fl., at the age of 77.

      Hitzing was a distinguished psychologist and nationally recognized advocate for people with disabilities. He wrote and spoke passionately of the need to integrate people with special needs into society.

      In the early '80s Hitzing served on the state of Ohio's Community Services Subcommittee of the Deinstitutionalization Task Force, which issued an influential report titled "The Need to Shift from a Facility-Based to a Home-Centered Service System."

      "Except in very limited ways, persons with severe handicaps cannot gain the same degree of dignity and respect by their own actions," he wrote. "It is, therefore, extremely important that they be treated with respect and served in settings that are as positively valued as possible."

      Hitzing went on for the better part of three decades to serve as an advocate and advisor throughout the United States assisting state governments in re-examining the delivery of services to persons with disabilities. He participated in the review and reform of state agencies in Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio and Washington. He conducted training and consulted on individuals in more than 20 additional states.

      Among the many leadership roles he had in supporting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities Hitzing served as board member for the Autism National Committee (2001-2009); member of the Positive Behavior Approaches Committee for the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps (1987-1992); member of the Ohio Department of MRDD Director's State Advisory Committee (1990-1995); and consulting editor for Mental Retardation, the journal of the American Association of Mental Retardation (1993 to 2018).

      Born Oct. 9, 1941, in Jacksonville, Fla., Hitzing attended Andrew Jackson High School and was a stand out varsity swimmer. He graduated in 1959, 11 years before the school admitted its first African American student. He spoke often to his children and grandchildren of the need to come to terms with our nation's history of racial injustice.

      He earned his associate's degree from the University of Florida in 1962 and went on to pursue studies in psychology with a focus on Skinnerian behaviorism at the Florida State University where he earned a BA in 1963, an MA in 1966 and his Ph.D., in 1968. (Lest there be doubt, his football loyalties remained with the Gators.)

      As he concluded his studies, he began his professional career in 1967 directing the Behavior Modification and Research Center at the Kalamazoo State Hospital in Michigan. He was appointed adjunct assistant professor at the University of Western Michigan (1967-1974) and later served as assistant professor of medical psychology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center at Omaha (1975-1980).

      In 1974 he was hired by his cherished friend, Charles Galloway, Ph.D, to join him on the leadership team of ENCOR, which was recognized as a trailblazer in providing community-based services for persons with developmental disabilities. His experiences with that agency led him ultimately to define himself as a "recovered behaviorist", and led him to shift from an academic career to a path more centered on direct engagement and reform. In November of 1976, he became co-director of the Center for the Development of Community Alternative Service Systems at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. In 1980, he moved to Columbus, Ohio, to serve as the director of community outreach for the Nisonger Center at The Ohio State University. While in Columbus he founded the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Alliance and served as its director until 1995, when he returned to his home state of Florida and settled in Fort Myers. He continued to consult on various national projects until he retired in 2013."
  • NBC (from Associated Press), "School shooting suspect troubled, father says", 2016/02/25: "A man accused of wounding two middle school students in a community still haunted by the Columbine massacre often talked to himself and imaginary friends — and that talk recently turned to yelling, his father said. [...] In 2005, Eastwood participated in a NASA-funded study in which he spent 10 days in a hospital bed so scientists could study muscle wasting, an affliction experienced by astronauts during long flights, according to a story in the Rocky Mountain News at the time. He told the newspaper that he had a lifelong dream of being an astronaut and described his occupation to the newspaper as horse trainer working at his father's ranch. He pocketed $2,200 from the study and was able to spend a week and a half watching DVDs and playing video games in bed."
  • New Mexico child training compound - run by Siraj Ibn Wahhaj
  • Paranormal experiences as a possible reflection of mind control programs
    • UFOs and alien abductions
      • The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions by Martin Cannon: chapters ..., IV