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Oakland County Child Killer

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  • Portraits in the Snow: The Oakland County Child Killings...Scandals and Small Conspiracies by M. F. Cribari (2011)
  • Catherine Broad, "NORTH FOX ISLAND, CIRCA 1975-76", 2013/03/12
  • Catherine Broad, "South Fox Island", 2013/03/14
  • Catherine Broad, "Much Sickness: North Fox Island, Shelden, Grossman, Starchild, Richards, The Franklin Scandal", 2014/01/13
  • Leelanau Enterprise, "When history turns out not so nice" by Kathleen Firestone, 2014/03/06
    • "Shelden was from Ann Arbor and a well-known philanthropist who sat on boards and involved himself in childwelfare agencies. When two adolescent boys from Port Huron told family members that Francis Shelden had molested and photographed them on North Fox Island, the Leelanau County locals were shocked! Blurred photos from state police reports, evidence taken from child porn magazines, showed children with a background identified as being North Fox Island, verifying that the boys had been on the island."
    • "How was Shelden able to take other people’s children to North Fox? Shelden and his cronies had established Brother Paul’s Children’s Mission, allegedly as a front for their child pornography ring. They hired the Omenabased excavating business headed by Frank Kalchik to clear a runway on the island, where Shelden and others could land small aircraft. The Kalchiks were among the shocked when the child pornography news broke."
    • "Reports of Frances Shelden’s death surfaced in 1996, and a Michigan warrant for him was cancelled in May, 1997, with state police reporting, “exceptional clearance, suspect is dead and cannot be prosecuted, but was obviously involved.” Private individuals still searching for justice suggest Shelden did not die in 1996, but established a new identity as Frank Torey, and continued to operate in the pedophile world. His close associate, Dyer Grossman, also disappeared and may have assumed a new identity."
  • WDIV, "Investigators believe Oakland County Child Killer could have been victimized by pedophiles", 2019/02/13 - interviews multiple victims
  • Contemporaneous news stories
    • The Michigan Daily, "Sheldon on the run", 1977/02/25
    • Traverse City Record-Eagle, "Porno ring uses church, tax laws" by Marilyn Wright, 1977/04/04 (pages 1, 5): "In addition, three other corporations were set up as "tax dodges" and used as fronts for the production of homosexual child pornography, according to the confessions of Gerald Richards, now serving time in Jackson Prison on a criminal sexual conduct conviction. Richards has identified the organizations as the Church Of the New Revelation and the Ocean Living Institute, both of New Jersey, and the Educational Foundation for Youth of Illinois. [...] (Richards was president of Brother Paul's Children's Mission and director of its nature camp, which was created and operated under the auspices of the Church of the New Revelation.) An investigation of incorporation papers in three states confirms that a central figure in all the organizations cited by Richards goes by the name of Adam Starchild, an alias according to New Jersey authorities. [...] A plot to establish homosexual pornography camps in several other states with the help of state and federal aid was exposed by Michigan State Police with the arrest of Richards. They found in his possession a letter purportedly from Grossman suggesting prospective sites for "child care" organizations."
    • Toledo Blade, "Smut Firms Classed Tax-Exempt", 1977/04/06
    • Traverse City Record-Eagle, "Porn suspects tied to state camp" by Marilyn Wright, 1977/05/18 (pages 1 OCR): "Two men arrested by Chicago police Monday in connection with a nationwide child pornography and boy prostitution network have been linked to a children's summer camp in Michigan. And sources close to the investigation have told the Record-Eagle that names of "several" Michigan men appear on the list of 5,000 network "clients." Chicago youth officers today plan to view 69 rolls of pornographic film confiscated from the home of Dr. Lloyd Lange, 42, a dentist from the Park Ridge suburb of Chicago. One of the films seized by police is reported to bear the label, "John Bell - Michigan trip." Lange was arrested along with Bell, 19, David Welch, 26, and David John Berta, 32, and charged with taking indecent liberties with children and contributing to the sexual delinquency of minors. Lange and Bell are reported to be part owners or directors of a summer camp near the Yankee Springs Recreation Area located between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo."
    • Detroit Free Press, title unknown, 1977/10/02
    • Traverse City Record-Eagle, "Shelden left a trail of shock" by Marilyn Wright, 1977/12/14 (1 photo): "A bachelor, licensed pilot, graduate geologist, part-time university professor, amateur botanist, land developer, oil consultant, market investor, reputed author, and sole owner of North Fox Island, Shelden's enterprises hop-scotch across the country: Oil leases in Kansas City, a ski lodge in Aspen, a land investment company in Denver, the Monroe Creek development in Charlevoix, and extensive stock holdings in a West Indies trust company. Police records indicate Shelden cleaned out his Ann Arbor and North Fox Island residences shortly after Gerald S. Richards, an associate of Shelden's in Brother Paul's Childrens Mission, was arrested on criminal sexual conduct charges. That was in July, 1976, approximately one week before state police obtained a search warrant for the Ann Arbor premises. A warrant was issued for his arrest on Dec. 7. A second warrant was issued a week later."
    • The Evening News (Newburgh NY), "Authorities Intensify Search for Two Wanted in Child Porn Ring", 1977/12/14
    • Traverse City Record-Eagle, "Starchild a man of mystery" by Marilyn Wright, 1977/12/16 (pages 1, 5): "It has already been established that a man calling himself Starchild acted as Shelden's agent in the sale of his plane. [...] And, sources close to the investigation say the New Jersey man represented Shelden in transferring the Ann Arbor millionaire's "considerable stock holdings" from a New York brokerage house to a West Indies trust company. [...] Shelden's Birmingham attorney, L. Bennett Young, did confirm that the sale of the plane and the transfer of securities were not handled through his office. [...] It is known, however, that Starchild is linked to at least one Jamaican trust company. The Trust Co. of West Indies, Ltd. was incorporated by Starchild and a New Jersey attorney, Ralph Fucetola III. [...] In a telephone interview with the Record-Eagle last April, Starchild denied allegations that the organizations were set up as tax dodges or fronts for child pornography. He said, however, that Dyer Grossman, the New York man sought along with Shelden on criminal sexual conduct charges, may have "used" them as such. [...] Tennessee authorities, however, say Starchild's name and the Church of the New Revelation turned up in their investigation into an illicit sex ring operating as the Tennessee Boys Farm. [...] The New Jersey man also took issue with the Record-Eagle's report that the name "Adam Starchild" was an alias. However, an investigation by the newspaper revealed that Starchild was born Malcolm McConahy."
  • Law enforcement documents
    • Michigan State Police reports for 70-355-76 and 23-1728-76 (documents 12-12_214646, 12-12_214945, 12-12_220027, 12-13_161847)
      • Notes for 12-12_220027: on p.13 the incorporators of Brother Paul's Child Mission are said to be Adam Starchild, Daniel Fucetola, and John T. Kosarowich all of 23 River Road in North Arlington NJ; on p.16 it is mentioned that Shelden was on the board of directors for the juvenile care facility Boys Republic of Farmington MI; on p.22 are Richards's explanations of how the child pornography industry works; on p.23 there is a mention by Richards of a magazine printed in "MILLIKIN or BOULDER, COLORADO" (ed. note: Milliken CO or Boulder CO?); on p.31 it says that on 1978/01/08 they received information about Shelden staying with Gary Blankenship in West Palm Beach FL; on p.33 it is suggested that Dyer Grossman was staying in San Francisco with Jerry Hoarn, who was arrested by the SFPD for child molestation, and used the aliases Dale Osterman, Elliot Crossman, and Elijah Crossman; on p.34-35 they describe investigating a lead from Grand Traverse County Sheriff Richard Weiler on 1978/05/22 about the Manitou Island Association and William Angell Foundation holding meetings in Lansing MI about activity on North Manitou Island; on p.37 it is stated that information came in 1979 about a possible link to "narcotics" with some of the people involved in North Fox Island, and potentially says that this information came from the "Oakland Co. Task Force"
      • Notes for 12-13_161847: on p.11 it mentions the Manitou Island Association financing a meeting of the William Angell Foundation led by Blake Forslund; on p.16-17 are corporate documents in 1979 for North Fox Island Company transferring ownership to president Samuel Glasser signed in the presence of Shirley Stewart and Christini Sardina

Shelden life history

  • The name has many variations: Francis Duffield Shelden; Francis D. Shelden; Frank Duffield Shelden; Frank D. Shelden; Francis Shelden; Frank Shelden; Francis Sheldon; Frank Sheldon; Francis D. Sheldon; Francis Duffield Sheldon; Frank D. Sheldon; Frank Duffield Sheldon; Frank Torey
  • Detroit Free Press, "North Fox: One man's rare dot on the universe", 1975/12/28 (pages 5, 6 and 7)
    • "North Fox has been Shelden's for 15 years, since he bought it in 1960 from the widow of J.O. Plank, a Northern Michigan investor who, among other things, helped develop the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Mrs. Plank, who was 85 in 1960 and living in San Diego, offered to sell the island to the state of Michigan. The state offered her $4 per acre the top price the state was paying at that time for wilderness land. She declined the $3,360 bid. A friend of Shelden's in the state Department of Natural Resources told him about North Fox Island. With his brother, Alger, Shelden purchased North Fox for $20,000 about $23 an acre."
    • "Shelden says he's not a millionaire. But as a "private investor," he earns enough to rent an office in downtown Detroit, own a condominium in Ann Arbor on the Huron River, a ski lodge near Aspen, Colo., his cars, his plane, and his island."
    • "He got his masters degree in geology, and began a flirtation with the oil business. "I got in on the St. Clair oil play," he said, when gas and oil was being found in the southeast end of the same geological formation the Niagaran reef that is the subject of so much exploration in the northwest Lower Peninsula today. He actually retained a company to drill two holes, and struck on one. Mostly, he bought mineral rights from landowners, and leased them to oil companies in return for royalties from successful wells. [...] Frank Shelden says he does a bit of consulting work in the oil field, invests, tends to other affairs, and teaches undergraduate geology now and then when a local university needs him." - could there be a connection to the California oil exploration business Fleet Oil run by Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. (from the JonBenet Ramsey murder)?
  • Geographical surveying
  • John Thwaytes connection - a.k.a. Rev. John Thwaytes, Father John Thwaytes, Rev. John Robert Thwaytes, Father John Robert Thwaytes
    • Notion Press bio of Rev John Robert Thwaytes: "Having dropped out after the first year with a D.B.A., he joined Maryglade Seminary at Memphis, Michigan, and slogged through a year of novitiate, a year of philosophy, and four years of theology. He was ordained priest in June 1965. In June 1966 he landed by air in Kolkata, and went up to North Bengal. Soon afterwards he was sent to Malbazar to become Headmaster/ Secretary of Bartolo Longo Junior High School, now named St.Bartholemews HS School. In 1973, he founded Boys Town and Caesar School about a quarter of a mile away from B.L.School (as it is widely known). He has been working at Boys Town and Caesar School ever since, and has prepared a site for his grave in the Chapel garden where he hopes , Deo volonte, to rest his weary bones in due course of time."
    • Adrian Millane comment on 2019/05/02 about the link between Thwaytes and Shelden
    • Facebook post by Ade O'Maolain on 2019/05/06 about the link between Thwaytes and Shelden: "This is criminal sex tourism in Malbazar based in Caesar School and Boys Town Malbazar and also hosted by the dead priest John Robert Thwaytes, and he left criminals still in position to abuse children. [...] here is a full collection of newspaper articles on Frank Shelden who also called himself Frank Torey [...] This man full name Francis Duffield Shelden (also misspelt as Sheldon in many places) ... he was major child sex abuser and he came to Caesar School and Boys Town Mal orphanage MANY TIMES. He had sex with young boys, by raping anally. He was given permission to do sex to young boys. John Robert Thwaytes gave permission for this foreign man to rape boys. John Robert Thwaytes TOOK MONEY for this. Father John SOLD BOYS FOR SEX. Father John Robert Thwaytes USED BOYS FOR SEX. He was a criminal pedophile also. Other men came. One famous name is Doctor Frits. This man was named in full as Dr Frits Bernard. Nand Thakur told me this name also as you can hear him speak in this video recording. The audio is from NOV 2015 when Nand Thakur told this to me. Also it is 2018 victim telling evidence plus other materials that are firm evidence. Monojit Misra also testifies he witnessed sex criminal behaviour of John Robert Thwaytes sex abusing under age group of orphans. In 2018 an ex-orphan who was raped, told me also about how friends of Father John will come to fuck him. He named fully Dr Frits. He also identified by photograph BOTH MEN, DOCTOR FRITS AND FRANK SHELDEN. He gave me full name 'freank sel den' and if not for him telling, I would never know the name Shelden. I found the details after this clue fact. The victim has himself identified the man Frank Shelden; I did not identify. This is firm proof of the criminal sexual corruption inside Boys Town and Caesar School."
    • Photo of Thwaytes and Shelden together in 1993
    • Randy Engel, "The Sex Abuse Case Against Father Anthony J. Cipolla: Part I - Setting the Record Straight": "According to autobiographical data provided by Fr. Cipolla, he wanted to be a missionary priest, not a diocesan priest. At the start of 10th grade in high school, he entered St. Anthony’s minor seminary in San Antonio, TX, operated by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.). However, the distance was too great, plane rides home too expensive and tuition too high. He returned home. Later, he applied to the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (P.I.M.E.) and was accepted at Maryglade College Seminary, in Memphis, MI. He graduated in 1966 and was sent by the missionary order to the Pontifical College Josephinum near Worthington, OH, for his theology training. He remained at the Josephinum for only one the year. Then he left for reasons unexplained."
  • Battle with Adam Starchild over his trust
    • United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, nos. 82-1737, 82-1905: NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT, Plaintiff, v. Francis D. SHELDEN, et al., Defendants. The TRUST COMPANY OF the VIRGIN ISLANDS, LTD., (No. 82-1905) and Peter J. Cipollini, (No. 82-1737), Defendants-Appellants, v. L. Bennett YOUNG and Detroit Bank and Trust Company, Second Successor Co- Trustees, Intervening Defendants-Appellees., appeal decision, 1984/03/08
      • "The trust instrument1 was filed as an exhibit to the complaint, together with a list of shares of marketable securities in twenty-four corporations constituting the corpus of the trust. The securities were valued by Shelden at approximately two million dollars. In his de bene esse deposition, Shelden testified that he delivered these securities to Adam Starchild, founder and original owner of the Virgin Islands Trust Company.2 Included in the corpus of the trust were all the issued and outstanding stock of defendants FDS Land Company, a Michigan Corporation, and Windigo Ranch, Inc., a Colorado Corporation. All the corporate stock of both these corporations were owned by Shelden at the time of the establishment of the trust."
      • "The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands averred that as Trustee it had removed Alger Shelden, Jr. and Young as officers of both corporations and had elected defendant Samuel Glasser of Michigan as president and treasurer and defendant Ronald J. Zadora as secretary of the two corporations. Glasser claimed to be the sole designated beneficiary of both bank accounts."
      • "An answer to the complaint was filed by L. Bennett Young and the Detroit Bank and Trust Company, asserting that they are the second successor trustees of the trust; and that as successor trustees they are entitled to both bank accounts. The answer of The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands, Ltd. claimed that it is the trustee of the trust and is entitled to the funds in both bank accounts. Appellant Peter J. Cipollini filed an answer asserting that he is the duly elected president and treasurer of both Windigo Ranch, Inc. and FDS Land Company and the duly authorized signatory of both corporations and prayed that all the funds of the two corporations be transferred to him."
      • "Francis D. Shelden testified that he was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 5, 1928, a son of Alger Shelden; that he had only one sibling, a brother, Alger Shelden, Jr.; that he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University; that he served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War; that he owns and flies his own plane; that he received a Master of Science degree in geology from Wayne State University; that he completed his course work for a Ph.D. degree at the University of Michigan, but had not completed his doctoral thesis; that he had been active in exploration for oil in Michigan and in real estate projects with his father and brother, earning a substantial income; and that he inherited considerable wealth from his father and grandfathers, Henry D. Shelden and Russell A. Alger."
      • "Shelden testified that in 1976 he owned approximately two million dollars in marketable securities which he had inherited; and that he also owned other assets, including a condominium in Colorado and undeveloped land in and around Charlevoix, Michigan. He also owned all the stock in FDS Land Company and Windigo Ranch, Inc., which were being managed by L. Bennett Young."
      • "[...] Finally, after consulting with a Dutch tax lawyer, Antoon Kasdorp, Shelden decided that the time had come for him to remove The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands as Trustee and appoint a successor trustee. He advised Starchild of this decision by telephone. On April 13, 1978, Shelden executed a document removing The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands as trustee and naming Edward Brongersma as successor trustee. This document was notarized in Amsterdam and complies in all respects with the provisions of the Trust Instrument.5 5] Brongersma accepted the appointment the same day.6"
      • "Shelden testified that Brongersma for many years had been "a Senator, a Dutch equivalent. He was a member of the Upper House of the Dutch Government; was chairman of the Judicial committee; was a lawyer, doctor of law."In his deposition, Antoon Kasdorp stated that he served the papers removing The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands upon Starchild in person April 20, 1978.7"
    • United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, civ. no. 78-1400: The DETROIT BANK AND TRUST CO. OF DETROIT, et al., Plaintiffs, v. The TRUST COMPANY OF the VIRGIN ISLANDS, LTD., et al., Defendants, opinion and order, 1985/06/07
      • "Attached as a schedule to the Trust Instrument is a list of securities, with a grouping at the top which Shelden identified as a list of the common stocks he held at the time that the Trust Instrument was executed and which were placed in the Trust. There were also shares of closely held companies which were also made assets of the Francis D. Shelden Trust. Shelden's assets consisted largely of shares of common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange. These shares came to Shelden via inheritance from his grandfather and the bulk of them, in value, had a very low tax basis. Starchild believed that the shares of common stock had an aggregate market value of $1.7 million dollars at the time they were placed into the Trust. Shelden understood that, at that time, they were worth between one and a half and two million dollars. However, a financial investments expert who testified at trial stated that they were worth in excess of $2.4 million dollars."
      • "Through closely held corporations established by him, Shelden also owned real estate consisting of the following: (a) a house in Aspen, Colorado, held in Windigo Ranch, Inc.; (b) half an interest in a property located in Charlevoix County and held in FDS Land Co.; (c) a condominium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which was held in his name; and (d) North Fox Island, held in North Fox Island Company."
      • "TCVI is a company formed under the laws of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) by Starchild in September of 1976, for the purpose of acting as trustee as set forth above. At least as of 1982, the only shareholders and directors it had had were Starchild and one Frank James Holahan (hereinafter Holahan). However, Holahan was not present at the first meeting of the board of directors, which was held in Tortola, BVI."
      • "As of April of 1978, most of the Trust assets were in discretionary brokerage accounts in New York at Bear, Stearns & Co.; Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc.; Ivan Boeskey & Co., and Shearson, Hayden Stone (now Shearson/American Express). Fearful of their being attached by the new trustee seeking to recover the Trust assets, Starchild caused the accounts, some time between April and June 1978, to be liquidated and removed."
      • "Securities belonging to the Shelden Trust, worth approximately $1.7 million, were transferred on or around December 15, 1977, by Starchild and the TCVI to Minerva Investments, Ltd. (Minerva). Minerva was a company with offices in Hong Kong, and at the time of the transfer, Starchild was a director of both Minerva and the TCVI. Minerva liquidated the securities in May or June of 1978."
      • "The funds were then loaned by Minerva to Eleuthera Anstalt. Adam Starchild was the owner and sole stockholder of Eleuthera Anstalt. Of these funds, $800,000.00 were transferred from Eleuthera to Sogo Shosha, Ltd. (Sogo) as capital investment ($500,000) and as a loan ($300,000). Sogo was a company which was wholly owned by Eleuthera Anstalt, which in turn was owned by Starchild."
      • "Further, approximately $200,000 was invested by Sogo into Volume Trading Co., and the balance of the funds transferred to Sogo went into brokerage houses. The brokerage accounts of Sogo were at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette ("Donaldson", Account No. XXX-XXXXX-X-X), and Bear, Stearns & Co. ("Bear", Account Nos. 32-17935 and XXX-XXXXX-X-X). These were two of the three brokerage accounts which were attached and eventually released in the litigation in New York in 1980."
      • "The Donaldson account was opened in November of 1978 with a check for the amount of $300,000. The monthly statements on this account were sent to Sogo Shosha Limited in Hong Kong, and a copy was sent to Minerva Consulting Group in New York, in the care of Samuel Glasser."
      • "The liquidation checks were sent to Sogo Shosha Limited in care of Minerva Consulting, 200 Park Ave., to the attention of Samuel Glasser, and to Hong Kong & Shangai Bank to the account of Sogo Shosha."
      • "As stated above, Holahan has testified that Starchild told him that he needed the money, and would not return it to the Trust. Glasser, a disbarred New York attorney upon whom Starchild relied and who advised Starchild concerning how to arrange the various transfers described above, has stated in a memorandum and orally that the purpose of the transfers was to conceal the money so it would not have to be paid back to the Trust, the alleged note to Minerva being entirely a sham."
    • Edward Brongersma background - a Dutch senator who advocated for pedophilia

Starchild life history

  • Los Angeles Times, "Inside the ‘perversion files’: Malcolm Willis McConahy", 2012/10/22 (PDF of the documents) - had been an Assistant Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 27 in Minneapolis run by the Plymouth Congregational Church, until he was found to have had "homosexual interests and activities involving certain boys within Troop 27"; was himself part of the Joyce Methodist Church presided over by Reverend Douglas Marks; arrested in July 1965 in Wisconsin Rapids on a misdemeanor charge of circulating pornographic material; was in the company of four boys, all of whom he gave money to, at the time of arrest; supposedly was planning a move to New York City at that time also
  • Milwaukee Journal, "Check Fraud Charge Leads to Indictment", 1968/09/12: "A young Milwaukee man was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday in connection with an alleged $57,000 check kiting in which 10 banks, five of them in the Milwaukee area, were victims. Indicted on charges of mail fraud was Malcolm McConahy, 21, formerly of 1029 N. Jackson st. McConahy was arrested Aug. 14 in Minneapolis and is now being held by federal authorities in the Waukesha county jail. According to the indictment, McConahy obtained the money between October, 1967 and April, 1968, while operating a firm called Creative Travel, Inc., 17000 W. North av., Brookfield."
  • St. Petersburg Times, "Starchild is mystery figure in Kelly case", 1980/05/13 (pages 1b, 6b): "The man in front of the computer calls himself Adam Aristotle Starchild. He says he is an international financial consultant who directs his Minerva Consulting Group Inc., based in New York, from a house in the middle of a pasture in northern Pinellas County. He is also Malcolm Willis McConahy, a 33-year-old Minnesota native who has served time in American and British prisons for mail fraud and forgery. He has a record of arrests for sexual perversion. [...] Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records of Adam Starchild's involvement with the congressman [Rep. Richard Kelly of New Port Richey FL] and questioned Starchild about his connections with former Kelly aide J. P. Maher. Kelly and Starchild say they have never met each other. It was Maher, Kelly says, who arranged for Starchild's company to handle a campaign mailing list for Kelly's re-election campaign this year. [...] Beginning last November, he wrote a series of letters filled with accusations of of criminal conduct and influence-peddling on the part of three Maher associates who figure prominently in Abscam. He sent the letters to federal prosecutors, U.S. Sen. Richard Stone of Florida and the U.S. Parole Commission. Starchild's letters apparently helped land the three men back in prison for alleged parole violations, including their association with each other. [...] As McConahy, he was released was released on probation in 1967 after being convicted of possessing obscene literature and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. In 1968 he was arrested in Milwaukee on charges of sexual perversion and mail fraud. The sex charge stemmed from his alleged involvement with a 16-year-old boy. He was convicted and sentenced to a year and a day in prison on the mail-fraud charge but was released during an appeal. In the middle of the sex trial he disappeared. [...] At the time of his arrest on the sex charge in 1968, he was operating a travel agency that specialized in trips for youth groups. His travel agency was featured in an August 1966 news account in the Milwaukee Sentinel. [...] The targets of Starchild's latest letter-writing are three convicted felons who, like Starchild, came into contact with Kelly through J. P. Maher, Kelly's former aide. Two of the three men — Joseph F. Valverde of Holiday and Samuel Glasser, a disbarred New York lawyer — were arrested a month ago for alleged parole violations. Both men were classmates of Maher at Cornell University and were convicted in a 1975 cocaine-smuggling conspiracy in New York. The third man, Robert Michaelson, a New York businessman, was convicted in 1976 of filing false documents with a federal agency as part of a plot to sell submachine guns in the United States. Michaelson and Glasser met in prison and later became business associates in Volume Trading Corp., a Long Island business that has been linked to Kelly. [...] Glasser and Michaelson were arrested in New York and are being held in a federal prison in that state. Valverde is being held in Miami. Starchild says he met Maher through Glasser in the spring of 1978 and frequently had dinner with him after he moved to Tarpon Springs in August 1979. Maher steered Starchild to a Holiday lawyer who obtained a charter for Keystone Farms Inc., the corporation Starchild used to buy a $139,000 farm on County Road 77 near Tarpon Springs. Maher also interceded on Starchild's behalf with a Clearwater auto dealer who had helped Kelly in the past. Maher arranged for Starchild to sell two vehicles to the dealer and then lease both of them back."
    • New York Times, "Lawyer Guilty in Drug Case", 1975/12/17: "A 30‐year‐old lawyer and his partner in a wine importing business were convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in New York. The lawyer, Samuel Glasser of 202 Fast 62d Street, and his partner, Joseph F: Valverde, 27, of 205 East 63d Street, were found guilty after an eight‐day trial in Federal District Court here. Each could be sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in prison on each of three counts."
    • New York Times, "2 Get Prison for Cocaine Conspiracy", 1976/01/28: "Samuel Glasser, a 30‐year‐old Manhattan lawyer, and Joseph F. Valverde, 27, his associate in a wine‐importing company, were sentenced to four‐year prison terms for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine. Judge Thomas P. Griesa sentenced them in Federal District Court here. The prosecutors were Thomas E. Engel and John P. Flannery."

      This indictment is significant because it involves a South American importation-distribution conspiracy allegedly run and operated by relatively young upper middle class professionals. Samuel Glasser, a 30 year old Manhattan attorney, and Joseph Valverde, a 26 year old businessman are principals in Vintage Vendors, Inc., a company that imports wine from Argentina. The indictment charges that Glasser and Valverde over a one and a half year period imported cocaine from various South American countries, including Bolivia and Argentiana and distributed that cocaine in the New York area.

      The defendant Eugene Piper, a 27 year old male model, is charged as one of the middlemen in the operation. It is alleged that Glasser and Valverde sold some of the imported cocaine to Piper who in turn distributed the drugs to the defendants Steven Greenstein and Martin Kreimen.

      Greenstein and Kreimen have already pleaded guilty. Piper, during a suppression hearing held in May, 1975, admitted his involvement and explained under oath that his source for cocaine was Glasser and Valverde. The case is pending for trial."
    • Orlando Sentinel, "Kelly opens Abscam defense", 1980/12/20 (pages 1, 9): "For almost three hours, attorney Anthony Battaglia grilled the openly hostile James Patrick "J.P." Maher III, 36, about the criminal records of five men he introduced to Kelly, including two who sought to go into business with the New Port Richey Republican. Twice Maher became extremely angry on the witness stand -- once when Battaglia asked him whether he became a Drug Enforcement Administration informant after his 1977 Bolivian arrest on cocaine charges, and again when Battaglia produced Maher's 1979 appointment calendar. [...] Maher gave testimony that directly contradicted that of former Maitland tour organizer Robert "Jerry" Spicer. [...] On Jan. 8, Kelly took a $25,000 payoff from undercover FBI agent Anthony Amoroso Jr., who was purporting to represent wealthy Arabs willing to pay cash bribes and invest $15 million in his district in return for immigration legislation. Kelly contends that Maher introduced him to Longwood business consultant Eugene "Gino" Ciuzio, who accompanied him to the FBI's Georgetown house for the payoff, and a number of convicted felons, whom he believed were part of a vast network of suspicious persons trying to "kill me politically." [...] Next came Samuel Glasser of New York City, a former Maher fraternity brother at Cornell University, who was the legal advisor to their wine-importing corporation called Vintage Vendors. Glasser and another Cornell graduate, Joseph Valverde III, were associated with Maher in that venture when they were arrested in 1975 and charged with conspiracy to import and sell cocaine. Each man was sentenced to four years in prison, which was later reduced to 23 months. While in jail in Connecticut, Glasser met Robert Michaelson, who was serving time for making false statements on a document in connection with a scheme to sell 10,000 submachine guns. Valverde served part of his sentence at Eglin Air Force Base, where he met Spicer, who was jailed four months for making false statements to a bank. By 1979, when Maher joined Kelly's staff, Valverde was living in South Florida and Glasser, in New York, became a consultant to Volume Trading Corp., Inc., a Long Island-based Michaelson venture. During the next year, several of the witnesses testified that Maher introduced Glasser, Michaelson, Spicer and Valverde to Kelly without telling the congressman they had been in prison. [...] Spicer, a handsome, prematurely silver-haired man, testified that he met Maher through Valverde in early June, and that he told Maher on their first meeting he had been in jail."
    • Fort Lauderdale News, "Lawyers: Kelly was probing staffer", 1980/12/20
    • Orlando Sentinel, "POLICE 'GETTING CLOSE' TO ESCAPEES FDLE AGENTS BELIEVE VALVERDE, GEERS ARE SOMEWHERE IN STATE", 1985/09/26: "When drug smuggler Joseph F. Valverde III escaped from a tiny Madison County jail four months ago, he left behind investigations involving his lawyer, his former cellmates and a Gulf Coast sheriff. [...] Valverde, 36, and Geers, 38, were arrested Dec. 28 as they unloaded more than a ton of marijuana from a plane in a hangar at Valverde's 250-acre farm in Lee, a quiet farming community in North Florida. Police said Valverde had posed as a fundamentalist preacher and wooed his neighbors with Bible verses, claiming he was involved in prison ministry and planned to use the farm as a retreat. Instead, police charge, Valverde set up a sophisticated, international drug smuggling operation. Valverde was convicted of cocaine trafficking in 1975 and was a peripheral figure in the Abscam investigation. Since his arrest, Valverde's farm and waterfront home in Palm Harbor have been seized. His wife, Lee Knight Moffett, has divorced him and disappeared. The twin-engine plane police say Valverde used to smuggle drugs now is used by top state officials, including Gov. Bob Graham. [...] Three investigations are under way. One centers on Valverde's alleged smuggling operation, a second on his escape and the third involves Pasco County Sheriff Jim Gillum, who received a $100 campaign contribution from Moffett. Found in the jail cell were letters Moffett wrote pleading with Valverde to keep her name out of the smuggling case. [...] They also handed out money liberally. Investigators are trying to determine whether any of it -- reportedly as much as $10,000 and some personally delivered by Valverde's lawyer, Cary Hardee III -- was used in the escape. At least $300 was paid to former Chief Jailer Mike Scanlon two months before the escape. Scanlon was suspended after the escape and has resigned, but he has not been implicated in the escape, Peavy said. [...] Valverde was not supposed to have any money in the cell, Peavy said. "It's obvious where the money came from -- the lawyer," Peavy said. Although it is against the law to give jail inmates money, Peavy doesn't belive Hardee should be charged."
    • United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, United States of America, Appellee, v. Joseph Francis Valverde, Iii, Appellant, 846 F.2d 513, decision, 1988/05/16: "The record reveals Valverde conspired to escape from custody from two different Arkansas jails while being held on federal felony charges. From April 17, 1986, until June 26, 1986, while held at the Garland County jail, Valverde first formulated his scheme. From June 26, 1986, until July 15, 1986, and from July 18, 1986, until September 15, 1986, while held at the Saline County Jail, Valverde continued his efforts to escape custody while being held on felony charges. The facts relating to the escape attempt were established through the testimony of Dan Walker, an immunized government witness, deputy sheriffs acting in an undercover capacity in meetings with Valverde, several body mike recordings, and two telephone recordings. Several other witnesses also corroborated the details of the conspiracy."
  • Many of Starchild's books on financial fraud were published by Paladin Press in Boulder CO
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Paladin Press, Boulder’s chronicler of combat, to shut down after 47 years", 2017/11/30: "Paladin Press, the controversial Boulder-based publisher of titles chronicling the world of combat, conflict and survival — including the notorious “Hit Man” how-to manual — took its final order Wednesday and will be out of business at the end of the year, according to its website. [...] The announcement comes less than six months after the death of Peder Lund, Paladin Press’ co-founder and publisher, who died suddenly June 3 while on vacation in Finland, according to the publication’s website. Paladin press was founded in 1970 by Lund and Robert K. Brown, the future publisher of Boulder’s Soldier of Fortune magazine. Brown, a Boulder resident, said in an interview Thursday that his interest in Paladin Press was bought out by Lund in 1974."

JonBenet Ramsey connection

Worth noting: James Dudley Ramsey (also known as James D. Ramsey, James Ramsey, Jay Ramsey, or Czar Ramsey), the father of John Ramsey and grandfather of JonBenet Ramsey, was the director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission from 1957 until 1979, encompassing the period that Shelden had the airstrip constructed and was flying both children and pedophile clients to North Fox Island. He had previously lived in Nebraska (home to pedophile activities of its own) where he was the director of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission from 1947 to 1956.

  • James Dudley Ramsey career
    • Lincoln Star, "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration", 1938/06/06: "James Dudley Ramsey, Omaha."
    • Lansing State Journal, "To Take Air Post Soon", 1957/02/28: "James D. Ramsey, newly appointed director of the state department of aeronautics, said Thursday he will take over the post "within the next two to three weeks." Ramsey, who has been director of the Region 4, civil defense headquarters, Battle Creek, for the past year, was formerly director of the Nebraska department of aeronautics. [...] Ramsey's appointment at the special meeting of the commission held Wednesday at Capital City airport came as a surprise to many in the aviation industry. Frank Pittenger, manager of the Muskegon airport, was generally considered to have the inside track for the post. [...] H. J. Norton, said Ramsey was picked from among 60 applicants for the post. [...] While serving as director of the Nebraska department of aeronautics from 1947 to 1956 Ramsey was on some of the nation's top aviation committees. He has been active in the National Association of State Aviation Officials association."
    • Lansing State Journal, "Down the Runway...", 1957/04/07: "Ramsey headed the department of aeronautics in Nebraska before going with civil defense. He came to Michigan to head up region four of Civil Defense which included Michigan. Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. [...] A veteran of more than one political fight, Ramsey at the present time is trying to learn the intricacies of Michigan's legislative processes."
    • Battle Creek Enquirer, "CAB Aide Balks On 2 Route Additions", 1959/10/09 (pages 4 OCR): "A Civil Aeronautics Board examiner will be asked next week to reconsider his stand against two flight routes proposed under a plan to boost airline service to Michigan cities. The Michigan Airlines Servrice Committee, representing 22 cities, took exception to recommendations of Barron Fredericks, the examiner. But it approved the major share of the plan, drawn up - during the CAB's so-called Great Lakes Service case, begun some three years ago. Fredericks declined to approve a proposal for an airline route to connect the tri-cities area embracing Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland with Flint, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor and South Bend and Fort Wayne, Ind. He also balked at a proposed flight connecting Port Huron and Cleveland. The committee decided against taking a stand' on the examiner's recommendation to replace Capital Airlines Service to Traverse City, Pellston, and Sault Ste. Marie with North Central Airlines service. Capital has yet to disclose its reaction to the proposal. The plan contemplates airline service to nine cities for the first time. They include Pontiac, Alpena, Manistee-Ludington, Reed City-Cadillac, Benton Harbor-St. Joseph and Port Huron. James D. Ramsey, director of the Michigan Aeronautics department, said he was hopeful the new service could be put into operation within a year. All the new routes would be serviced either by North Central or Lake Central air lines."
    • Lansing State Journal, "Ramsey Eyed for Top Post", 1960/12/27 (pages 1, 2): "James D. Ramsey, 44, director of the Michigan department of aeronautics, may become the third Michigan man to receive a top post in the Kennedy administration. Ramsey admitted that Monday he had been "approached" on becoming head of the federal aviation agency [...] Contacted by The State Journal by telephone while spending the holidays with his parents in Omaha, Neb., Ramsey said, "those who have contacted me are not members of the administration or those who have the appointing authority." "These people are from various aviation organizations, but I do not know if they represented the organizations in an official capacity," he said. Ramsey said he "did not care" to identify the organizations. The contact gives at least some credence to the rumor going around state aviation circles for several months indicating that Ramsey was being considered for a top post either in the FAA or in the civil aeronautics board. Ramsey reportedly has the backing of four of the most powerful aviation organizations in the nation, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots association, the Guggenhiem and Link Aviation foundations, and the National Association of State Aviation Officials. Besides these Ramsey is highly thought of by Sen. Philip A. Hart who carries considerable weight in the new administration."
    • Lansing State Journal, "Ramsey May Be FAA Head", 1969/01/24: "James D. Ramsey, director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission, is receiving the support of several aviation organizations for the position of head of the Federal Aviation Administration. "My name has been suggested," Ramsey acknowledged this morning, "but I don't know whether it is being considered or not." [...] One of the sources of the rumors regarding Ramsey was a story in a recent bulletin of the National Association of State Aviation Officials regarding the appointment of John A. Volpe as head of the Department of Transportation. One paragraph stated: "Who the next Federal Aviation Administration administrator will be is still anyone's guess, but James D. Ramsey of Michigan is being favorably mentioned by a number of aviation organizations and associations." Russell Brown, second vice-president of the Michigan Association of Airport Managers, and manager of Capital City Airport, said that the possibility of Ramsey getting the federal post was "discussed briefly" at a recent meeting of the association's officers held in Lansing. [...] Ramsey returned from a brief trip to Washington Thursday, but said it had nothing to do with the rumors about a possible federal position. He acknowledged, however, that he had received a personal data questionaire from officials representing President Richard M. Nixon. [...] Ramsey has been a member and officer of numerous state and national aviation organizations, and has received many honors for his work."
    • Michigan Aeronautics Commission, "General Aviation Activity in the State of Michigan", 1976/09
    • Lansing State Journal, "State's top pilot plans retirement", 1979/01/29: "Although one is unlikely to hear James D. Ramsey boast of it, administering programs which led, for example, to a 204 percent increase in licensed Michigan airports is no small feat. In 22 years of service as director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC), Ramsey has been as close to the state's aviation system as he is to his ever-present briar pipe. BUT SOMETIME in late April, he announced last week, all that will end with his retirement. Or at least it will officially. "I guess I feel it's time somebody else got a shot at this," stated the 63-year-old Ramsey as he relaxed in his spacious office in Capital City Airport. The Des Moines native and former director of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission came to Michigan in 1956 to accept a post as regional administrator for the civil defense in Battle Creek. PRIOR TO that, Ramsey, by no means a stranger to aviation, served as a transport pilot in World War II, where he flew supplies across "the hump," as the Himalayas were known in the parlance of the military, into India. For his efforts in the China Burma India theater of the war, Ramsey awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and three battle stars. "I would doubt the average citizen recognizes the existence of MAC," remarked Ramsey, whose agency is responsible for overseeing Michigan's air transport system, development of airports, licensing, and enforcement of state aviation laws."
    • Tampa Tribune, "JAMES DUDLEY RAMSEY, 76", 1992/04/01: "JAMES DUDLEY RAMSEY, 76, of Sun City Center died Sunday at Humana Hospital Brandon. A native of Des Moines, Iowa, he served as director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission for 22 years and retired in April 1979, and from 1947 to 1956 he was director of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission. He served in the Air Force and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal and three battle stars. He was president and treasurer of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) and chairman of the NASAO Airport Committee. He received the Experimental Aircraft Association Individual Achievement award in 1961, NASAO Distinguished Service in 1961, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Meritorious Award in 1967, Michigan Minuteman Governor's Award in 1970, and the Scheduled Air Carriers Award In 1971. He is survived by his wife, Irene Brownell of Sun City Center; two sons, John Bennett of Boulder, Colo., and Jeffrey Scott of Atlanta; two brothers, Henry B. II of Philadelphia and William of Seattle; and 11 grandchildren."
    • From p.24 of Death of a Little Princess: The Tragic Story of the Murder of Jonbenet Ramsey by Carlton Smith (1997): "Jay Ramsey ran Michigan's airports with such an iron hand that he soon earned the nickname "Czar" Ramsey."
  • North Fox Island connection
    • rootlesswriter on /r/conspiracy points out the possible Ramsey and Shelden connection: "Especially considering both the OCCK and Son of Sam cases featured perhap the most absurd stories ever put on paper. Maybe only topped by the Jonbenet Ransom. John Ramsey, father of Jonbenet, had a summer home in Charlevoix, Frank 'Torey' Sheldons old town of operations. The operation connected to numerous other disgusting operations including involving boy scout clubs. Some of Fox Island can be found directly in the Boy Scouts Perversion files. His father John Dudley Ramsey ran the aeronautics division in Michigan during a time where little boys were being flown to an elite pedophile island for intercourse. These coincidences are likely just that, or somethimg sinister has been at work for a multitude of years. [...] I have zero evidence of anything, but the MAC would have had direct authority over all landing strips at the time. I imagine that would have included private flight paths to islands as well."
    • rootlesswriter on /r/JonBenetRamsey expands on the possible implications of the connection: "John Dudley Ramsey rose ranks fast within the Michigan Aeronautics Commission, becoming leader of the oversight of all constructions of airport locations. In the mid 1970's, they pushed and had approved the building of the North Fox Island airport, which would be used to ship children from all over the country. It all went down in flames, but not before countless rich men had their way with young boys. A list existed of the people who "paid" money to attend these events, but alas, it all went up in flames (or water, if you count "flood damage"). Point is, the Shelden Fox Island ring required the sign off of The Michigan Aeronautics Commission to even occur. People ended up dead. One of the victims was found dead by suicide when Shelden fled. I know they went to Charlevoix and glossed over it. Went home. said "aint nothin here". But Charlevoix was more than just any city in Michigan, it was the city that connected North Fox Island to Michigan. It was the "connect". It just seems weird that, in Michigan, knowing John Dudley Ramsey's history, that that is where they ended up settling down. In Shelden's home turf."
    • TheraKoon on /r/OCCK goes further into possible Jay Ramsey connections to North Fox Island: "James Dudley Ramsey lived in Okemos, Michigan not far from the Traverse City Bay. He was an avid flyer to an island called Beaver Island, an island John Ramsey would often visit when taking trips to Michigan. He rolled in flight crews with his son in the Traverse City Bay. John Ramsey was brought up briefly in J. Reuben Appelmans book on the OCCK crimes called The Kill Jar. He had known a man named Steven Stanislaw, once a suspect in the OCCK crimes due to the murder of a young girl he committed. Stanislaw and Ramsey's father knew each other, both prominent men in the Michigan Aeronautics Commission. They did not roll in the same flight crews, though, but were familiar with one another. Shelden, by law, had to go through the Michigan Aeronautics Commission to establish an airport for North Fox Island. James Dudley Ramsey was currently, during North Fox Island, head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission. The ultimate decision on approval or denial would have likely fallen on John Ramsey's father. [...] Couple this with the fact that the Ramsey family was frequently flying Traverse City Bay during the North Fox Island ring, it opens up a whole other slew of possibilities involving a more hands on role in the ring by the Ramsey family. [...] Is it possible the reason James Dudley Ramsey did not run again was because his name was on that North Fox Island list?"
  • Stephen Stanislaw
    • Topix discussion on the murder of Connie Crossland near Lake Orion MI in July 1963 - the daughter of Stephen Stanislaw says that her father severely abused his wife, made his family keep quiet, and had an aviation rope given to him by his dad (also a pilot) that was used to murder Crossland (ed. note: OCCK suspect Chris Busch was apparently suicided with an aviation rope)
    • Additional Topix posts on Stephen Stanislaw as he relates to the OCCK murders
    • From p.51-52 of The Kill Jar by J. Reuben Appelman (2018) (parts 1, 2):

          There's a guy, for instance, who people online say killed somebody in the 1960s. I spent hours one night reading about him, getting sidetracked. His name was Stephen Stanislaw, and his uncle was a state representative at the time. Stanislaw reportedly used an aviation rope in his killings. He was an avid flyer, as was his father, a former Michigan aeronautics commissioner. Coincidentally, Stanislaw's old man knew JonBenét Ramsey's old man through aeronautics circles, although they weren't contemporaries. JonBenét is one of this country's most famous murdered children, her case unsolved after more than two decades, just another of so many kids murdered without resolution to the mystery of how it happened.
          According to online reports, Stanislaw did no time on the suspected murder case from the 1960s. Already known to police, he was later questioned about the OCCK killings, but his family provided alibis. Later he murdered his father, one of the alibi providers. He went to a mental facility for fifteen years, I read, from 1981 to 1996. (In another notation of coincidence, not consequence, two weeks after Stanislaw's release, JonBenét was killed.)
    • WTSP, "This Florida grandfather's genealogy hobby helped catch the Golden State Killer", 2019/04/23: "Rogers said he had no idea his site and other genealogical sites were being used to help solve cold cases. He said he found out the day after the FBI announced the arrest of DeAngelo. [...] "A lot of people put DNA on our site. One person said they want their DNA on site because they think their dad may be a serial killer." That person is Tampa Resident Carolanne Stanislaw. "When the Golden State Killer was found and news broke it was (because of) GEDmatch I thought, 'my goodness my profile was in there,'" Stanislaw said. "I emailed the company (and asked) how I can make sure my DNA is public." Stanislaw said her late father was investigated for several murders in the 1970s before DNA was an integral part of criminal investigations. He was never charged because of a lack of evidence and the cases went cold. She said her DNA could be the key to unlocking those cold cases. "My father did kill his own father, but that doesn't show on criminal history because he was found not guilty (by) reason of insanity," Stanislaw said."
    • Detroit Free Press, "Blind-Flying Unit Formed at U. of M.", 1940/03/10: "A course in blind flying has been started at the University of Michigan, it was announced Saturday. Five pilots have obtained leave from their positions to take it They are David Byl, of Grand Rapids; Stephen Stanislaw, of Fraser; Carl Kaiser, of Rosevllle; C. Townsend, Jr., and Frederick Warrick, of Detroit. Seventy-five hours of concentrated flying Instruction are offered in the course, which is sponsored by the University and the State Department of Aeronautics. All five pilots have been promised commercial flying positions when they complete their work."
    • Detroit Free Press, "Flight Instructor Is Forced Down", 1940/04/17: "Stephen Stanislaw, manager and flight instructor at the Fraser (Mich.) Airport, made a forced landing Tuesday afternoon in a vacant field at Charlevoix and Lakeland when a gasket in the motor blew out. Stanislaw. who was flying a J-5 Travelair with an advertising banner strung out behind the plane, reported that he was uninjured."
    • Detroit Free Press, "State Rep. Stanislaw Dies of Heart Attack", 1958/02/13: "Coleman A. Stanislaw, 57, two-term state representative from the 19th District, died Wednesday of a heart attack. Friends said he was in the best of spirits and apparently in sound health minutes before his collapse in the office of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. STANISLAW had represented the Trainmen as legislative agent for 10 years prior to his election as a Democrat to represent the district. His home was in Taylor Township. He formerly was secretary of the Taylor Township Civil Service Commission. He was born Sept. 27, 1900 in Moon Run, Pa. and attended high school in Marissa, Ill. He was married in 1932 to Martha A. House who survives him, as does a son, Paul W. He was a member of St. Paul Evangelical Reformed Church, and affiliated with the Masonic order, the Eastern Star, the Lions and Moose organizations."
    • Find A Grave memorial for Stephen Stanislaw Sr. dead 1979/10/17

Other curiosities