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Patrick J. Sullivan is the former sheriff of Arapahoe County CO (1983-2002). During his time in Colorado law enforcement, he gained national prominence as a strict lawman on issues such as narcotics, and enjoyed relationships with presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton among other prominent individuals. His agency was notably involved in thwarting an assassination attempt on Bush Sr. during his 1992 campaign, for which Sullivan was part of the security detail, and investigating the 1999 Columbine school shooting, in which he helped to bury a statement by one of his deputies indicating that victim Daniel Rohrbough was shot by a perpetrator other than Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Shortly after being named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs' Association in 2001, Sullivan retired, though he retained a key card giving him access to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. He took a job as security director for the Cherry Creek School District, where he served from 2002 to 2008.

In late 2011, Sullivan was scandalously busted giving a police informant meth in exchange for sex. Further investigation revealed that Sullivan had been involved in trading meth for sex going back years, that he often provided his "partners" with date rape drugs and knowingly infected them with HIV, and that he almost certainly had sexual contact with underage boys. Sullivan also frequently used his political influence to intimidate potential witnesses and get his "partners" out of prison. Despite the extensive evidence of his criminality, Sullivan had charges of meth distribution and influencing a public servant dismissed, served only a month in jail, and received probation which he repeatedly broke with no consequences until he had racked up over half a dozen violations. Robert Shapiro and Michael Dougherty, the two Colorado Department of Justice prosecutors brought in by Governor John Hickenlooper to handle the case, nevertheless insisted that Sullivan had in fact been treated more harshly than ordinary defendants would be. Shapiro was a former military intelligence operative and a Boulder County prosecutor during the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. Even more disturbing was Sullivan's association with two individuals, his former babysitter Denise Davenport (of Greeley CO) and adult film star Sean Moss who had a brief 2007 stint as a Cherry Creek school security guard, that were both found dead in the South Platte River.

Investigator Jonathan Elinoff found that the implications of the Sullivan case went much deeper than one corrupt public official. He had stumbled into the Sullivan case while investigating Delmart Vreeland, an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) operative who was arrested in Canada in 2000 on his return from a mission in Russia, and wrote a note in prison anticipating 9/11 a month before it happened. In 2004 Vreeland was arrested in Colorado on charges of drug distribution and child prostitution, ultimately receiving a 336 year sentence. Vreeland had previously told activist Andy Stephenson about a life history similar to that of Franklin scandal victims. Elinoff followed the Vreeland story to Colorado's underground of drug dealing and sex trafficking: a world of nightclubs, meth culture members, white supremacists, corrupt police officers, and organized crime (including underlings of Russian mobster Viktor Kozeny). In the process, he was put in touch with dangerous members of this subculture (likely as an implicit threat) by Vreeland attorney Tom Henry, some of whom divulged the information about Sullivan which became the basis of the law enforcement sting. The investigation by Elinoff indicated that Sullivan played a key role in overseeing this statewide human trafficking ring whose purpose was to compromise public officials into facilitating the September 11 attacks. Sullivan himself, according to Elinoff's investigation, was a likely intelligence operative who (at age 18) served in Cuba in 1960 and was a demolition expert.


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Career as sheriff

  • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "ARAPAHOE COUNTY BOMB SQUAD INVESTIGATING TWO BOMBS", 1981/04/10: "Officials of the Arapahoe County bomb squad say they are investigating two similar, homemade pipebombs that were found within 24 hours of one another. The first bomb detonated late Tuesday in an Aurora shopping center. Police said no one was injured in the blast, but there was slight damage and power was shut off for about an hour. Capt. Pat Sullivan, head of the county sheriff's office bomb squad, said the second bomb was discovered by a county resident in a field between two apartment buildings Wednesday night. The bomb squad defused the bomb two minutes before it was set to go off. Sullivan said investigators believed the two bombs might have been made by "experimenting" youths and added they were probing a connection between the two explosives."
  • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Heart attack kills Arapahoe County sheriff", 1983/05/31: "Arapahoe County Sheriff Ed Nelson died of a heart attack early Monday after he was hospitalized for nausea apparently caused by a high level of sugar in his blood, Undersheriff Pat Sullivan announced. Nelson, 57, had a history of blood-sugar imbalance, but wasn't a diabetic and had been able to control the condition by watching his diet, Sullivan said. Nelson and his wife had gone out to dinner Saturday night with some friends, and he was feeling fine then, Sullivan said."
  • Jakeob McKnight murder - in 1991 in Lakewood CO
    • Prime suspect is named John Chinn a.k.a. John R. Chinn a.k.a. John Ramsey Chinn a.k.a. Felix Chinn
    • Denver Post, "Lakewood: suspect in boy’s murder to be sentenced in unrelated sex assault" by Kirk Mitchell, 2014/07/18 (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
      • "A police officer drew a sketch of the long-haired man. Posters were distributed. The “suspect” was described as a lanky man, with pimples on his face and several loop and stud earrings on his right ear. He had been seen with a muscular man with tattoos on both arms and reddish-brown hair and a pony tail."
      • "Chinn was described by one reporter as an androgynous-looking young man. Chinn’s father, Hiram “Dig” Chinn, a librarian, told a KCNC-Channel 4 reporter that his son’s interest in boys is “pure love.” In another TV interview he said his son would not have killed anyone, although he had personal problems that caused him to contemplate suicide. A friend of Chinn’s, Catherine White, told reporters at the time that Chinn was a “puppy dog,” too gentle to hurt anyone. She added that he was part of a group of “death rockers.” He was like a mother hen to many of the youths who hung out in downtown Denver.

        “Everybody on Colfax knew who he was. He’s not a sociopath. I’ve seen him mad, but I’ve never seen him destroy anything,” White told a Denver Post reporter."
      • "He and his friends “listened to violent, thrashing rock ‘n’ roll, laced with themes of sex and death,” a neighbor told the reporter. He later got a GED at Emily Griffith Opportunity School. In 1989, Chinn was convicted of selling LSD in a drug sting. Chinn was enrolled in a program in the Arapahoe County mental health center. He left in March 1991, when his therapist left the program."
      • "In May 1991, Denver police arrested Chinn for investigation of molesting a 9-year-old boy. Chinn allegedly fondled the boy three times between August 1990 and February 1991. Chinn was an acquaintance of the boy’s older sister and the child’s mother left her son alone with the child.

        He had been released on bond on July 16, 1991 on the condition that he enroll in a treatment center aimed at “redirecting sexual aggression.”"
      • "[On December 10, 1991 after dropping the molestation charges, Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Steinhauser] also said she would not pursue charges against Chinn for violating conditions of his bond release."
      • "[While staying at the Lazy 8 Motel by his father to dodge reporters,] Chinn went to Byers Park. There he met met a group of teens and pre-teens between the ages of 12 and 15. He invited the entire group to his motel room for a party, according to press accounts at the time. Three boys and three girls accepted the offer. Some of the kids sneaked out of their homes at night.

        Patrick Sullivan, then the Arapahoe County Sheriff, ordered a thorough investigation. His detectives interviewed all of the kids, their parents and other kids in the neighborhood.

        “Nothing illegal occurred … at least that the kids would admit to. We were most interested in seeing if there was any kind of sexual contact with the kids,” Sullivan told former Denver Post reporter Eric Anderson."
      • "At the time, Sullivan called the incident “a bit bizarre,” saying that Chinn plays guitar and sings.

        “He may have been attractive side entertainment for the kids in Byers.”"
      • "On Feb. 9, 2010, a South Metro Drug Task Force raided Chinn’s home at 777 E. Kenyon Ave. He had been a target of an undercover oxycodone distribution case."
      • "Officers confiscated a computer, 118 CDs, numerous USB devices with 7 gigabytes of memory, 148 floppy disks, 17 Zip drives, cell phones and various journals.

        When they scanned the records they found 38 pornographic pictures of nude, prepubescent children including a boy sitting on a kitchen countertop. According to Chinn’s journal, he mused about what his son would think of him if he knew of his dreams about boys 8 to 14 years of age.

        Investigators also found eight videotapes containing child pornography. The child is videotaped as he performs gymnastics moves nude on a mattress. During the videotapes an adult male voice is heard speaking with the child as he jumps on the mattress.

        “The male’s voice is believed to be Chinn,” according to a court report."
      • "Investigators reviewed journals handwritten by Chinn. In one of them, they found a reference to NAMBLA, an acronym for North American Man/Boy Love Association, which promotes sexual relationships between men and boys, the report says."
      • "Investigators found 35mm and 110mm film negatives of nude persons, but agents were not able to determine who they were and whether they were children. Those negatives were not confiscated."
    • KMGH, "Project Unsolved: Friends and detectives continue search for Jakeob McKnight's killer 26 years on", 2017/10/27
      • "In August 1991, Chinn posted a $50,000 bond and was released, according to court records. In December, a judge dismissed the child sex assault charge against him when the victim’s mother said she didn’t want to put her child through testifying at the trial, according to Mitchell."
      • "A few days after the charge was dismissed, Jakeob’s father and uncle went to the greenbelt and burned down the stump under which the boy’s body was found. But the police and district attorney never pursued charges against the grieving family."
      • "“This certain group has been talked to numerous time and they have not been consistent in their account,” Feik says. “There’s definitely deception and we have not been able to get past the deception.”" - referring to Chinn, Tom Judge, and the others
    • KMGH, "Photos: Investigation into Jakeob McKnight's murder ongoing in Lakewood after 26 years", 2017/10/27
  • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "$1 million bond for sitter in toddler's beating death", 1992/01/05: "A baby sitter was arrested early Saturday and held under $1 million bond for allegedly beating a child to death with an electric animal clipper. Jane Heidi Jensen, 28, was being held Saturday in the Arapahoe County Detention Facility after being arrested at her Englewood home at 2:50 a.m., said Pat Sullivan Arapahoe County Sheriff. She was arrested for investigation of second-degree murder and felony child abuse in the death of 10-month-old Jacqueline Rosenfield. Investigators say Jensen was grooming her poodle the morning of Dec. 31 when the toddler began whimpering and crying. Based on interviews with other children m the home at the time of the incident and on an autopsy, authorities believe Jensen picked the child up by her hair and beat her with an Oster Model A5 Small Animal Electric Clipper. [...] The investigation is the third abuse or neglect probe against Jensen since she opened her home to other children in April 1990. Two other possible neglect or abuse complaints were reported to county social services, but apparently were investigated and dismissed by social workers. Jensen also operated an illegal day-care home when she lived in Lakewood in the fall of 1988, according to Jefferson County social services officials."
  • 1992 assassination attempt on George H.W. Bush by Deborah Butler
    • Associated Press, "Psychiatric Evaluation Ordered for Accused Would-Be Bush Assassin", 1992/09/23
    • Sun Journal, "Woman allegedly plots to kill Bush", 1992/09/23: "Deborah L. Butler was being held without bond Tuesday on a two-count federal complaint accusing her of threatening the president and attempted assassination. [...] She is accused of stalking Bush while he was on a campaign visit in suburban Englewood on Sept. 15. [...] she sat on a small hill, where an Arapahoe County sheriff's deputy purportedly searched her backpack during a routine sweep but returned it to her after finding nothing. When Butler approached the curb where Bush's motorcade would arrive, an older man asked her about her pocket watch, the affidavit said. Butler told agents "that this man diverted her attention long enough so that the motorcade was right in front of her before she knew it." The vehicles drove off and Butler was unable to do anything, the affidavit said."
    • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Evaluation ordered for president stalker", 1992/09/24 (pages 1b, 6b): "A federal magistrate on Wednesday ordered a psychiatric evaluation for a 33-year-old woman who allegedly stalked President Bush with a loaded pistol during his campaign visit to suburban Denver last week. U.S. Magistrate B.D. Pringle turned over custody of Deborah Butler, a legal secretary from Arvada, to the U.S. attorney generals office, which has 30 days to have an evaluation of the woman done to determine her mental competency. [...] Butler, who allegedly said she admired would-be presidential assassin Sarah Jane Moore as a role model, is accused of stalking the president Sept. 15, when Bush spoke at an outdoor rally in a southeast Denver business park. About 7,000 people attended the event. In a diary found in her car by FBI agents, Butler wrote that she decided to shoot the president to draw attention to herself and her need for help, according to the arrest affidavit. [...] According to arrest affidavits, Butler purchased a .32-caliber pistol on Sept. 6, and on the day of Bushs campaign visit, she concealed the weapon in the waistband of her pants and went to Inverness business park to wait for the president. But when she found she would have to pass through a metal detector to enter the area where the president was to speak, Butler walked to a small hill and sat under some shade trees. The affidavits said Butler told authorities she moved the pistol to her right-front pocket and edged up to where Bushs motorcade would pass, but never had a chance to draw the weapon and fire at him. [...] Authorities said Tuesday that a woman matching Butlers description attracted the attention of the Bush security detail. Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan says he assigned a deputy to stay between the president and a woman sitting under some trees outside the secured area. "I poked him in the chest to make sure he had a bulletproof vest on," Sullivan said. Butler had served until July on a Jefferson County grand jury that investigated the unsolved murder of 10-year-old Jakeob McKnight and was remembered by the jurys foreman as "perfectly normal.""
    • Herald-Palladium, obituary for Andrew Thomas 'Andy' Warren, 2000/06/14: "Andy Warren, 13, of Arvada, Colo., died June 2, 2000, at his home in Arvada. [...] Andy was born Sept. 28, 1986, in Wheatridge, Colo. He was vice president of Fremont Student Council, in honors classes at Oberon Middle School, had played on the Arvada United Soccer team and also the Oberon Basketball team in 7th grade. Andy made everyone who knew him smile and he will be missed so very much by so many. He is survived by his mother, Deborah Butler Kammer; stepfather, James A. Kammer; sister, Ali Nicole Warren; brother, Logan Butler Warren; father and wife Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Warren; stepbrother, Patrick King; stepsister, Jennifer King; and both sets of grandparents, Julian J. and Dottie Warren of Burlington, Wis., and J. Thomas and Barbara Butler of St. Joseph."
    • Denver Post, "Sheriff Pat Sullivan’s improbable downfall", 2011/11/30: "During a visit by President George H.W. Bush to Denver’s suburbs, Sullivan noticed a “sullen-looking women sitting on a hill,” according to the Rocky Mountain News’ Ann Carnahan. He told a deputy to “place yourself between her and the presidential motorcade. I poked him in the chest to make sure he had a bullet-proof vest on.” It turns out the woman, a legal secretary who was mentally troubled, was carrying a 32-caliber revolver and would later be charged with trying to kill the president."
  • 105th Congress 2d Session, Senate congressional record, 1998/06/16: "Mr. [BEN KNIGHTHORSE] CAMPBELL [...] At 3:00 this afternoon, Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan and I were at the White House attending a ceremony where the President signed into law the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act of 1998. The enactment of this bill is near and dear to my heart."
  • Rocky Mountain News, "GROUP REVIVES ANTI-POT EFFORT", 1998/10/02: "The campaign to fight a medical marijuana proposal is slowly getting back into shape. However, some of its key players -- who once thought the issue was off the ballot -- are now gone themselves. And the leader of the effort, Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan, admits it's tough getting money and an organization back into shape. [...] Last April, former U.S. drug czar Bill Bennett and Colorado's law enforcement leaders gathered at the Capitol to oppose legalizing marijuana for medical purposes."
  • Columbine school shooting investigation
    • Racine Journal Times, "Newly released Columbine documents shed no new light, sheriff's office says", 2001/05/23: "More than 50 pages of interviews in the Columbine High School shootings that were not turned over to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office until last week would not have affected the investigation, sheriff's officials said. It was unclear why the documents had not been turned over sooner. They surfaced after the sheriff's office asked other agencies that had helped in the investigation to search their files for any other information. [...] Among the materials released Tuesday were 40 pages of FBI documents on interviews with school janitors, witnesses and Robyn Anderson, who has acknowledged helping the gunmen obtain three of the weapons used in the shootings. Also released were two handwritten statements taken by an Arapahoe County deputy. FBI officials did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment. Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan said he was unaware of the new request and believed his department's reports already had been turned over to Jefferson County. [...] Among the documents released Tuesday is a report written on March 16, 2001, documenting a box of evidence that contained a flattened piece of metal found by a construction crew in June 1999. [...] Brian Rohrbough, father of slain student Daniel Rohrbough, has said a bullet fragment believed to have hit his son was never recovered. Rohrbough is suing the sheriff's department in federal court, claiming police accidentally shot his son."
  • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "Woman accused of trying to sell child", 1999/05/25: "A 42 year-old Arapahoe County woman has been accused of trying tb sell her 8-year-old adopted Russian daughter for $4,000 via Internet e-mail, authorities said Monday. Denise K. Thomas was booked and released without bond from the Arapahoe County Jail pending a charge of criminal attempted trafficking in children, authorities said. [...] Sheriff's deputies were contacted Friday by a Burleson, Texas, couple who said they had received an e-mail via the Internet from a woman offering to sell an 8-year-old girl under the guise of a "private adoption." The woman wanted $4,000 for the child, plus costs to transport her to Texas, Sheriff Pat Sullivan said."
  • Denver Post, "Sheriff Pat Sullivan’s arrest — baffling for those who covered him for so many years" by Kevin Vaughan, 2011/12/01: "And standing at the scene of a homicide late one night, Sullivan was describing for me the strange scene investigators encountered in the basement of the home, where a woman’s body was found in a makeshift coffin, surrounded by candles. I was asking him to describe it in detail, and Sullivan reached into his pocket and pulled out a Polaroid — not to be morbid, but so I could see exactly what the detectives saw."

Cherry Creek security director

Sex and meth scandal

Local media outlets: ABC7 (Denver) is KMGH; CBS Denver / CBS4 is KCNC; FOX31 (Denver) is KDVR; NBC9 is KUSA

  • KCNC, "Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Arrested On Drug Charge", 2011/11/29: "CBS4 has also learned that in the last several years Sullivan posted bond numerous times for suspects in drug cases who were being held at various jail facilities. According to public records, in 2007 and 2008 Sullivan was an active participant in state and local methamphetamine task forces, helping craft a state plan to deal with the scourge of methamphetamine. [...] Sullivan served in law enforcement for 40 years, beginning in 1962 as a Littleton police officer and dispatcher. He joined the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office in 1979 as a captain and patrol division commander. He was named undersheriff in 1983 and appointed to the top job 6 months later. [...] President Bill Clinton named Sullivan in 1995 to the National Commission on Crime Prevention and Control. According to a 1995 White House news release, Sullivan was a consultant to U.S. House Subcommittee on Crime and served on two advisory councils affiliated with the Department of Justice."
  • KCNC, "Former Arapahoe Co. Sheriff’s Daughter Talks About Drug Trafficking Allegations", 2011/11/30: "“We are in shock right now. We are still trying to figure out what’s happened to our family,” said Sullivan’s daughter Pam Sullivan. [...] “Shock… saddened and we’re trying to understand what’s happening and we really would appreciate everyone understanding we need our privacy and family time right now,” said Pam. When asked by CBS4 anchor Tom Mustin if she had a chance to talk to her father, Pam replied, “No! Honest to God, I did not know when I pulled up here what happened.” When asked how her mother was reacting to the news, she replied, “I’m not going to comment on that.” [...] According to public records, in 2007 and 2008 Sullivan was an active participant in state and local methamphetamine task forces, helping craft a state plan to deal with the scourge of methamphetamine."
  • KCNC, "Concerns Over Sullivan Hit Cherry Creek Schools", 2011/11/30: "Investigators and the school district are trying to figure out if Sullivan had any inappropriate contact with students. According to Sullivan’s list of job duties it appears unlikely. But in the years he worked for the district he was in and out of several schools. [...] Sullivan was responsible for managing a district-wide security operation to provide safety for everyone on district property post Columbine. He resigned voluntarily in 2008, but no specific reason was given."
  • KMGH, "Witness: Ex-Sheriff Gave Meth To Recovering Addicts", 2011/12/01 (original link, now 404s): "The investigation that led to the arrest of former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. in a meth-for-sex scandal began when a man called 911 in September to complain that an "old guy" was getting his recovering-addict roommates "back into drugs." When the man told Sullivan to leave his Centennial home or he would call police, he said Sullivan replied, "If you want the police, I am the police," and flashed a badge, according to a sheriff's report obtained by 7NEWS on Wednesday. [...] The arrest on drug trafficking charges is a stunning reversal for Sullivan, who was named Sheriff of the Year in 2001 by the National Sheriffs' Association. President Bill Clinton also named Sullivan in 1995 to the National Commission on Crime Prevention and Control. [...] Until recently, Sullivan had an electronic card key that allowed him to enter the Sheriff's Office. Marchetta learned Wednesday the pass key was recently revoked and there was a "No Trespass" alert placed on the ex-sheriff. [...] The current sheriff, Grayson Robison, said there will be more arrests and the investigation is ongoing."
  • KCNC, "Coroner: Friend Of Sullivan Died With Meth In System", 2011/12/02: "The body of Sean Moss, 27, of Englewood was found in shallow water by the riverbank at 2800 Arkins Court — about 10 blocks north of Coors Field — on Jan. 26. The coroner said Moss likely drown but that meth and GHB intoxication contributed to his death. GHB is often known as the “date rape drug.” The office lists Moss’ manner of death as undetermined. CBS4 investigator Brian Maass reported Thursday that Denver police questioned Sullivan as a “person of interest” following the mysterious death. [...] Soon after his body was found, Denver Police conducted an interview with Sullivan after learning Sullivan and Moss were friends and that Sullivan had bailed Moss out of jail about a month before his death. Records show Moss was arrested by police in Centennial Jan. 14 for third degree assault and domestic violence."
  • KKTV, "Denver Man Accused Of Giving Meth To Ex-Sheriff", 2011/12/02: "A Denver man has been arrested over allegations he supplied methamphetamine to former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan Jr., which led to the Colorado lawman's arrest. [...] Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson says 49-year-old Timothy Faase was arrested Tuesday after investigators tailed Sullivan to Faase's Denver apartment. [...] Robinson announced Tuesday that the 68-year-old former sheriff faces a distribution charge and was being held on a $250,000 bond. Sullivan was sheriff of the suburban Denver county from 1984 until 2002, when Sullivan retired. [...] An autopsy found intoxication from meth and the rave drug known as liquid ecstasy, which is also date rape drug, contributed to Moss' death. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said Friday that a detective contacted him in January for insight into Sullivan's personality before interviewing him about Moss."
  • KUSA, Friend of alleged meth supplier knew of Pat Sullivan, 2011/12/??
  • Denver Post, "Bond lowered for ex-lawman in meth-for-sex case", 2011/12/05: "A former Colorado sheriff known for his crusade against youth drug use had his bond slashed Monday from $500,000 to $50,000 in a case accusing him of offering meth to a man in exchange for sex. [...] District Judge William Sylvester also heard arguments about reducing bail from defense attorney Kevin McGreevy, who cited Sullivan’s nearly 20 years as sheriff along with his military service and a clean criminal record."
  • KMGH, "Sullivan 'Recommended' Adult Film Star For Job At School", 2011/12/08 (original link, now 404s): "The Cherry Creek School District is reviewing the hiring of more than a 100 security officers after determining that Sullivan, a former district security chief, helped six men get security jobs. Sean Moss, an adult film star, worked at Overland High School in 2007 as a security guard for 13 days. [...] Records from the district showed Moss had no prior experience working security. According to a job posting for a security guard, it states one year security work at a school is required. [...] Moss stated on his application that he had worked at the Community Country Club, better known as Triple C, a men's bathhouse. Before that, it showed he worked at Pleasures, an adult entertainment store. [...] Moss, 27, was found dead in the South Platte River near Coors Field on Jan. 26. An autopsy found that intoxication from methamphetamine and GHB, a rave drug also known as "Liquid Ecstasy" and a date-rape drug, contributed to Moss' death. [...] At the time of Moss' death, his partner, Andrew Pino, said the man had been despondent."
  • KCNC, "Boulder DA Told of Sullivan Accusations 9 Months Ago", 2011/12/08: "In an email from May 4, Mark Seibel told Garnett, “I guess as far as Pat Sullivan is concerned, there are a lot of lives on the line.. so please respond soon with how you would like to proceed.” Seibel followed up on May 20 again emailing Garnett, “I got new evidence pertaining to Pat Sullivan.” Garnett confirmed receiving the emails and corresponding with Seibel. [...] Seibel says he was never contacted directly by an investigator, but Garnett said the information in the emails was definitely passed along. “The only person I talked to was my own investigator who works for me, who then passed it on to other drug task forces,” said Garnett. [...] As to why Seibel contacted the Boulder DA, Garnett said, “I think there may have been a belief that there was some activity that occurred in Boulder County that needed to be looked at.” Garnett said there was no such activity, but that suspicion prompted the man to reach out to Garnett. Garnett said he didn’t hear any more about the case until after Sullivan was arrested in Aurora just over a week ago."
  • KCNC, Man Who Blew The Whistle On Sullivan Talks To CBS - Mark Sibel / Mark Seibel of Westminster, who was arrested by Sullivan in 1999 and then saw him 12 years later through the meth subculture, reported the Sullivan allegations 9 months prior to Sullivan's December 2011 arrest; they were reported to Boulder DA Stan Garnett
  • KUSA, "Police raid bathhouse linked to former sheriff", 2011/12/15: "DENVER - Police served a search warrant at a gay bathhouse that is linked to former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan Thursday. 9Wants to Know has learned Denver Police's raid on Triple C happened late in the morning. The Denver Police Department's mobile crime lab was parked outside the bathhouse at Lawrence and 21st streets as investigators searched the building. Police won't say what they were looking for and the warrant has been sealed by a judge. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson says he was aware of the raid, but couldn't comment on whether it's related to the case against Sullivan. [...] Sean Moss, a man Sullivan recommended for a job as a security guard for the Cherry Creek School District, used to work at the bathhouse. That's where the two reportedly met."
  • KUSA, Police raid bathhouse linked to former sheriff
  • KCNC, Bath House Search May Be Tied To Sullivan Investigation, 2011/12/18 - mentions that employees of the Triple C bath house have been quoted as saying that Sullivan frequented there
  • KUSA, Former sheriff posts bond in meth for sex case, 2011/12/18
  • KUSA, Former sheriff Sullivan 'I can take it until the truth comes out', 2011/12/18
  • KUSA, Task force investigating former sheriff grows, 2011/12/18 - says that the task force has grown from 11 to 18, and includes officers from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Jefferson County, Aurora, Denver, and Arapahoe County
  • KCNC, Shocking New Information About Former Sheriff Sullivan CBS Denver, 2011/12/24 - according to Hadley, Sullivan had HIV
  • Jonathan Elinoff, "The Pat Sullivan Story: Timeline of Information", 2012: "Sullivan was a revered and respected member of the law enforcement community having serve in various branches for 40 years. His career began as a Littleton police officer and dispatcher in the 1960s. He joined the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office in the late 1970s as captain and by the early-80s he was appointed as sheriff, according to CBS4. He was named under-sheriff in 1983 and appointed sheriff six months later, after Sheriff Ed Nelson died of a heart attack. He went on to win four elections. In the 1990s he played a prominent role in the Columbine school shootings during the event as well as headed an investigation into Columbine after. Sullivan had a storied law enforcement career and was named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs' Association in 2001. Sullivan was a nationally expert on cyber-terrorism and other law enforcement issues. He participated in a statewide meth task force in 2000. When Sullivan retired in 2002, led the security department at Cherry Creek School District until 2008."
  • Denver Post, "Meth dealer who supplied ex-Arapahoe sheriff gets 3-year prison term", 2012/03/12: "As the meth-for-sex case against former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan moves forward, a man who dealt him drugs was sentenced Monday to three years in state prison. A defense attorney for Timothy Faase extolled the man’s record of community service at Monday’s sentencing hearing, saying he volunteered for breast-cancer-related charities and organized holiday meals in his neighborhood. [...] Denver District Court Judge Shelley Gilman noted that a large quantity of drugs and money were recovered from Faase’s home after his arrest. [...] Sullivan’s arraignment is set for April 3 in Arapahoe County on felony charges of possession and distribution of drugs and attempting to influence a public servant, and a misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution."
  • Peter Boyles Show, 2012/04/04 @ 8:00 AM
  • Tom Martino Show - Troubleshooter Unleashed, 2012/04/04 @ 9:00 AM: taken down
  • Caplis and Silverman - Radio Rewind, 2012/04/04 @ 3:00 PM: taken down
  • KDVR, Plea deal possible for former sheriff accused in meth-for-sex case, 2012/04/05
  • KDVR, Sullivan pleads guilty in meth-for-sex case; gets 30 days in jail, 2012/04/05 - interviews one man who says that Sullivan was a "monster" who took advantage of "kids" and used them for sex; prosecutors say that the videotape didn't provide enough evidence that Sullivan had sex with minors; legal expert Dan Recht says that "no matter how you spin it, the sentence for Sullivan was lenient"
  • KUSA, Video shows former sheriff trading drugs for sex, 2012/04/05
  • Peter Boyles Show, 2012/04/06 @ 6:00 AM: taken down
  • Peter Boyles Show, 2012/04/06 @ 8:00 AM: taken down - mentions Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
  • Tom Martino Show - Troubleshooter Unleashed, 2012/04/06 @ 9:00 AM: taken down
  • Jonathan Elinoff interviewed on CNN Headline News - Jane Velez Mitchell Show - HLN Network, 2012/04/06
  • Summit Daily, "Former Colorado sheriff who traded meth for sex out of jail", 2012/04/21: "Patrick Sullivan, 69, was released after spending about two and a half weeks in the Arapahoe County jail, current Sheriff Grayson Robinson said. Sullivan was sentenced April 3 to 38 days in jail, with credit for eight days already served, and two years of probation for felony possession of methamphetamine and a misdemeanor count of solicitation for prostitution. [...] Charges of distribution of methamphetamine and attempting to influence a public servant were dismissed, and Sullivan apologized in court for what he called his inexcusable behavior."
  • KUSA, Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan released from jail, 2012/04/25
  • KCNC, "Sullivan Confession: ‘May Very Well Have’ Had Sex With Underage Boys", 2012/04/26: "Sullivan confesses to taking sexual advantage of a 34-year old friend who has cognitive brain disorder by knocking the man out with GHB then having sexual contact. But the 69-year-old former sheriff was never charged with sexually assaulting minors or sexually assaulting an at-risk adult, which Sullivan confesses to in the interview. [...] “Are you sorry you engaged those children sexually?” asks Himes. “Yes. Incredibly. I’m sorry for so many things I’ve done,” says Sullivan. [...] “When was the last time you were with a child?” asks Himes. “I can’t remember ever being with a child sexually,” says Sullivan. But when Himes asks again, he gets a different response. “So is it possible you engaged in a threesome with a 13 year old?” “Yes,” responds Sullivan.”I apologize and plead guilty.” “What was his name?” queries Himes. “I have no idea.” [...] CBS4 spoke with Michael Dougherty and Robert Shapiro, the two attorneys from the Colorado Attorney General’s office who prosecuted the Sullivan criminal case. They agree Sullivan made many damning, incriminating statements during the taped interview that were thoroughly investigated. [...] Shapiro said the 22-person task force that investigated Sullivan “was still left with no living, breathing victim who could provide a credible account to corroborate the vague statements Sullivan made. Critical elements were missing that would have made it very difficult for a jury to return guilty verdicts,” concluded Shapiro. [...] The two prosecutors also said despite popular perception, Pat Sullivan ended up getting a harsher sentence than similarly situated defendants."
  • KCNC, Sheriff Sullivan Confession - 'May Very Well Have' Had Sex With Underage Boys, 2012/04/26
  • 630 KHOW Facebook post from Caplis & Silverman on 2012/04/29: "Craig here asking if you heard call from Pat Sullivan informant Mark Seibel toward the end of our Friday show? It is on our podcast. Seibel told us that he and Jon Elinoff heard "Willie" acknowledge GHB rape by Sullivan. I was just on KOA (Ross Kaminsky Show) with Ellinoff who said he has audio of Willie acknowledging incident and that he gave recordings to law enforcement. Combine these things with confession and it seems you have a case that is provable. What are we missing? What do you think is going on here? Here below is more about Seibel. CAS"
  • Westword, "Why Donny Andrews is in prison and Pat Sullivan isn't", 2012/05/14: "The sweet plea deal struck by former Arapahoe County sheriff Pat Sullivan for meth possession and soliciting prostitution, which netted him a sentence of thirty days in jail and probation, has been widely criticized for its leniency. But no one is probably in a better position to appreciate the break handed out to the former lawman than Donny Andrews, a former drug addict Sullivan wanted to put away for good.

    Andrews, one of several potential clemency candidates profiled in our 2009 feature "The Quality of Mercy," is serving an astonishing 81-year sentence for a series of nonviolent drug and theft crimes committed over a six-month period in the late 1980s, when he was twenty years old. He attributes the harsh sentence in part to crusading drug warriors in Arapahoe County, including then-sheriff Sullivan."
  • KUSA, Concerns over former sheriff's 'dangerous sexual behavior' NBC, 2012/10/28
  • KUSA, Former sheriff in meth-for-sex case violated probation - NBC, 2012/10/28
  • Denver Post, "Former sheriff Pat Sullivan pleads guilty to probation violation", 2014/05/15: "Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan on Thursday pleaded guilty to violating probation rules imposed after a felony drug conviction. Sullivan, who was convicted in a drug case after trading methamphetamine for sex, admitted to traveling out of state on Jan. 25 to Feb. 5, despite a requirement that he remain in Colorado. [...] Although Sullivan only confessed to leaving the state, he also repeatedly tested positive on drug and alcohol tests, first assistant Attorney General Robert Shapiro said. Sullivan has tested positive for methamphetamine use as recently as March and for alcohol the same month he was released from jail two years ago. [...] Since his sentencing in 2012, Sullivan has taken a urine test and gotten a positive result numerous times: three times for methamphetamine use and four times for alcohol use. His probation officer filed a complaint seeking revocation of Sullivan’s probation. Sullivan has already gotten a second chance. A judge extended his probation by three months after spotty compliance. In March and April he missed deadlines for taking drug and alcohol screens four times."
  • KCNC, "Ex-Sheriff Sullivan Gets Prison In Meth-For-Sex Case", 2014/06/19: "Unlike other addicts, Sullivan was “on the forefront in the 1990s as one of the most vocal critics of the meth epidemic,” said First Assistant Attorney General Robert Shapiro. “He of all people, the first time he tried it, knew it was nothing more than a poison. … Mr. Sullivan chose this substance for no good reason whatsoever.”"
  • KDVR, Sheriff Sullivan sentenced, Elinoff gives Statement, 2014/06/19

  • Jonathan Elinoff, "Human Trafficking in Colorado, The Pat Sullivan Meth for Sex Scandal, Allegations of Underage Sex Abuse; What do they all have in common? Ready to fall down the rabbit hole with me?", 2012
    • Links to YouTube videos that are now taken down: d11BHwDmtTE, y8MoWrkoUpY, bdhqqOZ7Z48, 2TSviC8TKsk, loGDzLKnZjY (about a Boulder sheriff)
  • Deep Politics Forum thread on the alleged connection between Sullivan and a much larger protected network of pedophiles
    • "Jonathan mentioned that Sullivan had placed a former male prostitute and drug abuser in a role as security guard at a local school, and that he'd also seen video footage of Sullivan raping underage children. Some victims, now adults, appeared in the Youtube clips on the removed info page. Elinoff also mentioned by name various witnesses and Sullivan accomplices that had turned up dead, floating in a river, murdered etc at various points, and also that various authorities had deliberately avoided going after Sullivan. There was a suggestion that Sullivan had placed the aforementioned crim in charge of security at a local school both for drug-dealing, and for an unmentioned role in steering 'troubled' youths into the hands of particular authorities, or worse. The above 'Holy Hexes' site mentions child trafficking, and Elinoff mentioned this on his info page, plus in some Facebook posts, and in private conversation. If Sullivan was running child trafficking, or protecting it and allowing it to occur, it could explain his own 'protected' status (care of his superiors who condoned the practice for reasons awful to contemplate). Jonathan mentioned the Franklin Scandal as a reference in private conversation."
    • "On the Kevin Barrett show, Elinoff mentioned that part of his film discussed the story of Delmart Vreeland, the oddball figure profiled earlier in Ruppert's CROSSING THE RUBICON and the Sander Hicks THE BIG WEDDING volume. With the above Pat Sullivan story in mind, I note on Vreeland's Wikipedia page that Vreeland was sentenced in 2008 to life in prison for inducement of child prostitution, luring boys to have sex on camera and distributing cocaine. Quite a coincidence. Elinoff was investigating the Vreeland story, or had already investigated it and possibly gathered new evidence (Elinoff had spoken to whistleblowers in various locations and travelled to Florida to dig up dirt) when - by a coincidence of events - he was pulled into the Pat Sullivan saga and became a major figure in Sullivan's arrest. Sullivan served 30 days in jail, not exactly the hoped for result after Jonathan had gone on the record as the main figure responsible for his arrest.

      Around this time Jonathan mentioned how unhappy he was that the mainstream media had neglected to follow up the links and testimony and evidence he had collected, at great personal risk, concerning Sullivan's activities as a potential murderer and child trafficker. Why would the above pursuade Jonathan to pull his documentary on 9/11? Some of the answers are speculation, but I speculate simply as Jonathan told me some additional details in private, and the details he gave me suggest that the two, very seperate investigations listed above may have eventually converged. I'll post some final details shortly."
    • From Elinoff: "The whole story is like a Hollywood movie. There were bath houses, sex brothels and drug distribution networks, there was alleged human trafficking, there were crooked sheriff deputies and abuse of the system targeting at risk school children while parading around acting like they are getting them off Meth, but secretly feeding it to them to get them to do sex acts, you have your conspiracy blogger, you have cartels and date rape drugs, I dealt with gangs and white supremacists threatening a lot of peoples lives, including mine, believe it or not, the FBI and DPD worked closely on this and members of the Department of Homeland Security came out because of this investigation."
    • From Elinoff: "Sullivan's family babysitter was found dead, floating in the Platte River 20 years ago. She was, from what I had discovered from people's statements, a sweet girl. Sullivan had involved himself in the investigation of the death, even though it was outside his jurisdiction. It was a clear conflict of interest investigation. All I know is that the girl's alleged boyfriend said that Sullivan had made sexual advances on her at the time before she was found dead.

      To have 2 bodies that are "dumped" and naked in a river, similar circumstances and the exact same river, investigators refer to this as a frame of pattern. It suggests a common person is the killer, and there is a common person between the two deaths. The case of Sullivan's dead babysitter was unsolved and remains so to this day. Just like Sean Moss, who was last seen with Sullivan, found dead, floating in the Platte River, with a date rape drug in him."
    • "As an additional note (and the full details are way too complicated to get into here right now - this is really the tip of the iceberg ) CORE OF CORRUPTION director Jonathan Elinoff mentioned to me a few months back that he had uncovered links between the Colorado sheriff Pat Sullivan scandal and 9/11. Elinoff mentioned some things in private, others publically on his Facebook page, and other parts of the story through news links that he cryptically posted on Facebook before deciding to pull the plug on his long-in-the-works sequel ECHOES OF TREASON. The story involved Sullivan (who Elinoff accused of being a protected figure involved in child sex trafficking), Offutt Air Force Base (which 9/11 Blogger regulars should be aware off for its role on the day), the Franklin Scandal (which John De Camp, in his book on the subject, notes was heavily linked to, again, Offutt Air Force Base - De Camp also notes in his book that Offutt at the time had a bigger contingent of CIA personnel on the premises than Langley, making Offutt a key candidate for the base of 'shadow' CIA activities) and Delmart Vreeland, the much derided figure who features in both Ruppert's CROSSING THE RUBICON and Sander Hicks' THE BIG WEDDING, and who in recent years went to prison in Colorado for alleged child sex offences. Vreeland, you will recall, ostensibly knew of the 9/11 plot prior to the attack and allegedly wrote a Richard Case Nagell-style note warning officials of what was to come. Hicks (and others) would later link Vreeland to the Franklin scandal.

      Elinoff (and this is really the tip of the iceberg of the story he alluded to) mentioned that the ongoing Franklin blackmail scheme - which Sullivan was likely a part of - had been used by the CIA to implicate 'Iran Contra figures', so that the agency (he didn't elaborate why) could use those very figures to initiate COG. Elinoff also reminded me of Offutt's role on the day in launching the E4B planes that were seen at all locations of attack on the day. Sullivan was likely acting as a 'procurer' of abused children, young drug addicts and the like. Vreeland (who seemed to be on the periphery of such a circle - read through the Sullivan case and Vreeland's own to note similarities between the crimes of the former and the alleged offences of the latter, right down to both of them being regular crystal meth addicts) may have heard of the 9/11 plot through those very same circles. Indira Singh made mention of child trafficking in an interview some years back. Elinoff mentioned that it was when he started reinvestigating the Vreeland story - at the same time that he was neck-deep in the Sullivan story - that he started receiving threats, had his server hacked, and read the writing on the wall - possibly, I would assume, when links between the two separate investigations became clear to him, and he contemplated expanding the material covered in ECHOES OF TREASON.

      Jonathan posted numerous links on Facebook - mainstream news stories - that depicted numerous authority figures (and some celebrities) in Colorado being arrested on child sex charges just when the Sullivan story began to break, with a general 'get out of town' vibe being shown by the retirement of certain law enforcement personnel that he named. The Sullivan story was the tip of the iceberg, and Sullivan spent less than a month in jail despite a lot of damning evidence and testimony. Certain people wanted the mainstream investigation into Sullivan to go so far, and no further."
    • "There seems to have been a lot of VIP blackmail in Colorado, some linked to a labyrinthine escort agency blackmail ring which received much print and radio coverage in the State, and which included a federal judge. Jonathan linked that escort agency scandal (and I'll dig up the specific names and links for that later- it came up a number of times in radio interviews) to Sullivan's own ring of child trafficking, and suggested they were all part of the same ongoing activity. Jonathan's interviews with former victims (some of whom are now drifters or drug addicts in the Colorado area) made it clear that organised child abuse had been going on for many, many years. Jonathan became very emotional describing one such person he'd interviewed - a mentally retarded man who had suffered further brain damage years earlier from receiving systemic dosages of a date rape drug as a young teenager, presumably given to him by Sullivan or a cohort."
    • From Elinoff: "He hired an ex-gay porn star as a security guard that I received multiple credible statements from people on that said he was distributing meth at the schools and recruiting at risk kids of these private meetings with "clients" or "johns" in a meth/prostitution scandal. The school kept the whole thing quite and fired the security guard. Then Mr Decorated Sheriff decided "on his own" to just leave a prestigious job. Bullsh*t. He was asked to leave, its the nice way of firing someone, and you know it. That security guard was later found dead, floating in the Platte River the morning after being seen with Sullivan the night before. Now let me ask you this, how many school officials are criminally culpable or negligent here for not acting legally on the matter involving meth at the schools? The school officials have blood on their hands, that security guard was murdered. Now what about the Arapahoe County Sheriff's office? They changed their story 4 times as to when they knew of Sullivan's criminal behavior. Someone even called police on Sullivan a month before I got involved and they failed to follow up on it. A year before I got involved there was the failed sting to take him down, but like I said, the informant working with police stopped cooperating and was later found dead. This means that someone on the drug task force leaked confidential information to the sheriff or he illegally accessed it while retired, VERY SERIOUS CRIMINAL CHARGES. And the police and sheriff's department told us "they had no idea Sullivan was doing anything." What a bunch of total bullsh*t. All of it. So many state and school officials are so criminally culpable here and negligent to multiple unsolved homicides, all the victims of sex abuse, the failure in the drug war against meth, etc."
    • From Elinoff: "Thats why the story was never fully released on the scale I am telling you, because you know how damaging this was going to be, to so many careers and powerful people in this state. I had no idea that any document with Sullivan's name on it could now be called into question including arrest records and claims from inmates currently incarcerated that they were framed or set up. Holy sh*t, do you realize how much money this was going to cost the state in lawsuits? Over 100 cases went "missing" or lost evidence within a week after Sullivan's arrest in Arapahoe County and no one seemed to notice they all had Sullivan's name on it. I'll tell you this, if he was a crooked cop on the level we all now know he is, he was probably like that his whole career. The real question here is this: How many other crimes do we not know about that he may be involved in? How many other victims? Who knows how far back this goes. But I did a little digging and found that Sullivan's family baby sitter was raped and murdered, her body thrown in the Platte river just like Sean Moss (security guard at Cherry Creek Schools) and that crime occurred in 1985.

      While Sullivan was active sheriff. I found out he illegally involved himself in the investigation of his 18 year old babysitter's death and went outside of his own jurisdiction to "advise" on the investigation. Well it is officially an unsolved murder. Great advising that dirt bag did, eh? LOL. What a joke. A big giant joke. The whole thing. This story has corruption written all over it. That's why so few touched it. But you know what, it is probably the biggest story in the state, it broke at the same time PENN state broke and it was the same FBI Safe Streets Task force that did that as well that I worked with here. You saw how big that story got. But this isn't about how big the story is as much as it is about how dark and deep Sullivan's criminal behavior really is. He needs to be locked up for life, period. The courts need to stop giving him a break. He has demonstrated that he does not take the law serious. I say F**k him. Throw the book at that dirtbag, no more leniency. Enough is enough with the BS. Sullivan shamed the badge he wore for years. He is a crook and a degenerate. There should be no tolerance for his continued probation violations, as he already received the plea deal of a lifetime, he was given a sweet deal and he has shown he doesn't take it serious."
    • "Making a few things explicit, Jonathan mentioned in detail how he had received tacit death threats in Colorado from Tom Henry, the Vreeland/Wanta attorney who gets a mention in CROSSING THE RUBICON. Henry had contacted a white supremacist with a violent history and told him that only Elinoff could prevent him - somehow - from going to prison, he's your ticket, why don't you track him down etc. Elinoff later learned on the grapevine that the supremacist had been arrested in a Ramada Inn carpark and claimed he had been set up by someone leaving incriminating evidence in his car there. Elinoff checked and the desk clerk from that Ramada Inn was a woman who worked in Tom Henry's office. Henry had made a cross country trip to visit the state and arrange this incident. Jonathan walked away not long afterwards. Elinoff's angry description to me of Henry on a phone call a few years back - "He fits the definition of a fucking handler if anyone ever does."

      I have no doubt that Elinoff was targeted in a number of ways. I've seen the photo of his crashed car, I've heard the phone call recordings where he outlines his story in a distressed way to another legal contact. I saw photos of Jonathan's ex and saw him write anguished posts on social media for the better part of a year as he attempted to get her back. I then heard Jonathan's story - never saw any proof - that she had been abducted. I saw numerous stories from the Colorado area - some only apparent when Jonathan gave me names and leads to Google - making it clear that Colorado was an epicentre for human trafficking and kidnapping, that cops were in on it, that the mainstream media had named story after story of young women going missing, or reappearing and mentioning that cops had assaulted them or warned them off from going to the media. Cops were caught driving around with a laptop on the back seat, going into underage chat rooms and sexually propositioning young teens, then driving out to the women they had propositioned. Women were disappearing from nightclubs, and the cops were in league with the security at those clubs. Sullivan ran the area like a mafia don. I kept, but have never posted, stories that Jonathan linked where - right after Sullivan was arrested - high profile figures in sports and politics and government all fled the state with child abuse allegations following them. It was disturbing to read about. I'm not surprised it took a toll on Jonathan. We all became victims of it, in the end."
  • Deep Politics Forum condensed summary of the pedophilic blackmail ring in Colorado
    • "To elaborate a bit - Scott participated in Elinoff's abandoned documentary, as did Daniel Hopsicker and other researchers. Elinoff passed on extra details of his work to me earlier this year, and I've gone back and forth several times with the notion of posting some of it online here - not least because he warned me of mentioning a particular name on the internet. I'll simply note that eventually Elinoff received a death threat/warning from a figure who is also based in Colorado, who is mentioned in Ruppert's CROSSING THE RUBICON, and who is linked to Mike 'Delmart' Vreeland." - the figure is Tom Henry
    • "The Pat Sullivan scandal - mentioned in the very long CORE OF CORRUPTION thread I started on the 9/11 board - was the tip of an ongoing Franklin Scandal-type blackmail campaign in Colorado using victims of human trafficking as bait to entrap politicians and other people of authority. Some of the people involved in the human trafficking were working for Viktor Kozeny and other folks tied to the Russian Bratva mafia. Kozeny's personal pilot - Wolfgang Bohringer - was Atta's buddy in Florida in the months leading up to the attacks, and Amanda Keller said Atta and Kozeny were 'inseparable'. Elinoff had also tracked down and interviewed Keller, and - with a hidden camera in tow - had located and filmed Bohringer himself. Elinoff had followed leads provided by Hopsicker and had dug up a bunch of new stuff. It was at this time that the death threats started - and the threats, to an extent, weren't anonymous ones."
    • "I've seen evidence that the death threats to Elinoff were CIA-based, and also that the human trafficking ring in Colorado was/is a massive one that involved a tremendous amount of Colorado police personnel involved in the cover-up and the actual entrapment of children. COG is at the root of a lot of this - with Saudi money also involved in financing various events - but I'd love to know exactly what the CIA wanted from COG."
  • Enter The Buzzsaw, "9/11 Truth Panel with Loose Change + Core of Curruption Filmmakers", 2015/10/01 - at 18:20 Elinoff admiringly refers to the work of Daniel Hopsicker, and says that the sheriff in Venice FL told him that anti-Castro Cubans (ed. note: from the Bay of Pigs or Operation Mongoose) were taking off and landing at the Venice air fields; at 19:40 Elinoff cites Hopsicker as exposing that Marwan al-Shehhi was likely Mohammed Atta's bodyguard and that both of them were probably heroin traffickers; claims that Atta and his associates made heroin flights between Venezuela and Brighton Beach; at 26:08 Elinoff begins telling the Sullivan story; at 26:20 Elinoff says that Sullivan was personal friends with George H.W. Bush and was on a meth task force in the Clinton Administration; at 26:35 Elinoff calls Sullivan "the highest-ranking Jesuit in the country"; at 27:40 Elinoff discusses Sean Moss, stating that Moss was fired for "dealing meth at the school and taking kids to these private parties"; at 29:18 Elinoff says that prosecutors in Arapahoe County refused to handle the case, so Governor Hickenlooper had the attorney general's office take over and they "brought out two people from the CIA" (ed. note: former Boulder County prosecutor Robert Shapiro, who has a confirmed Army intelligence background, and former Manhattan prosecutor and Colorado state attorney Michael Dougherty, whose background is currently unknown); at 29:27 Elinoff says he found out that Sullivan was in Cuba in 1960 at age 18 (ed. note: presumably in anti-Castro operations such as the Bay of Pigs, operating as a military/intelligence officer); at 29:29 Elinoff claims that Sullivan was the state of Colorado's top demolition expert; at 45:10 Elinoff calls Colorado "very interesting", noting that one of the top employers there is the federal government and describing how "Continuity of Government-type figures" contacted him with apparent information such as photos of a small plane at a military base in Colorado painted to look like an American Airlines jet
    • Boulder Daily Camera, "Michael Dougherty sees role for Boulder County DA as state leader", 2018/06/01: "Michael Dougherty said it was a “fairly easy decision” to leave the state attorney general’s race to serve as the interim Boulder County District Attorney and enter the battle for the elected position. “I’ve been a prosecutor for 20 years, and to be the district attorney in the community in which my family and I have lived ever since we moved to Colorado, is an incredible honor,” he said. [...] Dougherty was appointed to the district attorney position by Gov. John Hickenlooper after Stan Garnett resigned from the position to take a job at his prior firm. Dougherty, who lives in Boulder, worked as the assistant district attorney in the First Judicial District for five years prior to coming to Boulder County. He has been a prosecutor for 20 years, previously working for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. According to his reported contributions and expenditures, Dougherty has raised $48,912 so far in the race, and has also received $24,500 in loans. Most of his contributions came mainly from other lawyers and law enforcement, with donations reported from Garnett, Assistant District Attorney Ken Kupfner, numerous Boulder deputy district attorneys, Boulder police Chief Greg Testa and Louisville police Chief David Hayes. He has been endorsed by Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle, victim advocates, prosecutors, private attorneys and law enforcement unions, among others. [...] Dougherty said that while he was in Jefferson County, he had a staff twice as large with twice as many cases, but four times the budget."
  • 2015/11/06 post by Jonathan Elinoff on his Facebook page: "March of 2011, an unidentified driver without insurance or plates slammed into me. While I was at a complete stop. He hit me going almost 45 mph, I was supposed to die that night. An unmarked white crown vic, without plates or insurance and the driver had no ID... I was chasing a story into a 9/11 whistle-blower here in Denver, an ex-Office of Naval Intelligence officer who warned the US government about 9/11 giving specific dates, targets and methods of attack... He was in jail out here in Colorado for trafficking meth in exchange for sex with young males... Thats how I came across Sullivan... The operative was posing as a Russian Arms dealer in the middle east... Thats where our story begins, where I was investigating a real life intelligence operative like James Bond, but the real deal... And someone tried to kill me... Someone associated with the police in Denver..."
  • Ryan Dawson interview of Johnathan Elinoff on 2015/11/08 (parts 1, 2, 3) - in part 2 at 1:18 Elinoff says that Vreeland was arrested by CSIS agents who thought he was a Russian spy; at 2:40 he says that Hopsicker's work (ed. note: does he mean Mike Ruppert's work?) showed Vreeland was posing as a Russian arms dealer and ex-KGB agent in the Middle East; at 4:17 he states that Vreeland was arrested in Colorado for "peddling meth in exchange for sex" and "having a young male lover"; at 4:30 he claims that someone tried to kill him while he was investigating the Vreeland story; says that he had a lead from a stripper at the Diamond Cabaret in Denver, one of the city's most prestigious strip clubs, who was tied into the heroin trade and knew about Vreeland; at 5:30 he details how he was following behind this dancer (who said she had information on Vreeland that would help understand what happened to him) in his car and was stopped at the intersection of Pecos St and W 72nd Ave when another car suddenly slammed into his driver's side, which nearly killed him; says that the culprit drove off in his white Ford Crown Victoria and when police finally found him, he had no ID or plates; at 7:52 he describes how 5 or 6 months later, he was invited to the Clear Channel studio by Pete Boyles to talk about 9/11, and was subsequently approached by Tom Martino; says that Martino hired him as a private investigator for his radio work; as it was around the time that Martino was filing bankruptcy, he notes that many people warned him to be careful of Martino's motives; at 12:04 he says that within a week of working for Martino, a mutual friend wired him $25,000 and a longtime friend came into his life to give him a federal license to carry a gun with a silencer; claims within 24 hours of receiving that license, he got a call from an ex-girlfriend who was scared about cops trying to frame her boyfriend and didn't know where else to turn; gives the criminal background on her boyfriend: how there was a 3-day manhunt for a man who had been pulled over in a stolen vehicle with "shotguns and meth lab equipment in the car" and was wanted for homicide and bank robbery, supposedly the most wanted man in Colorado at the time; at 14:00 Elinoff says that he called Sal, a friend of his who was an ex-DPD officer, who invited him to a meeting that was swarming with DPD intelligence, FBI, and ATF officers; claims that the officers enlisted him to go into a house where they believed the suspect would be; at 15:00 he describes how the man (who was not at the house) called in live to Tom Martino's show the next day to turn himself in, claiming he was being framed by the DPD and wanted them to videotape his arrest to ensure he wasn't killed, which Martino and Elinoff ended up doing; at 17:18 he states that the attorney of the man who turned himself in and that attorney's paralegal got in touch with him; says that he began to realize that this attorney and his associations were suspicious, calling them "more than intimate", "inappropriate", and "at times criminal"; expresses a suspicion that there was blackmail and extortion involved, and that the attorney may have been setting up his own clients; at 18:50 claims that the attorney asked him to talk to another one of his clients, Mark Seibel, who had a lengthy rap sheet; talks about how he went to the paralegal's house and talked to Seibel, who related a tragic life story about continually being framed and put into the Arapahoe County detention facility, drug abuse, beatings, possible rape; at 20:45 claims that Seibel was associated with the 211 prison gang of white supremacists who assassinated the head of the Colorado prison system (ed. note: Tom Clements, who had just denied Homaidan al-Turki a transfer to Saudi Arabia); notes that the 211 gang was tied in with bikers, drug runners, and corrupt cops involved in drug distribution; at 21:19 he says that Seibel accused Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan of raping people and peddling drugs; says that he began looking into people who Seibel mentioned and found that three people associated with the sheriff had turned up dead; at 23:24 he states that when he reported this information to the FBI Safe Streets task force, they laughed off his information and even thought he was associated with the 211 crew trying to discredit the government; at 24:06 he points out how the crooked attorney, who he names as Tom Henry, was the one who represented Leo Wanta and Delmart Vreeland; questions why this attorney introduced clients into his life that threatened him and put him in association with unsavory radical groups; at 26:57 he points out that the police made it appear as if Sullivan's primary offense was drug-related even though Elinoff reported him for rape, murder, and frame-ups; at 31:58 he claims that his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend (who insisted he was set up) said he was told to get into the car later reported as "stolen" by Tom Henry's paralegal; at 32:51 he describes how after poking around into the story about the paralegal, he found that the paralegal was the night manager at the Ramada Inn on East Colfax Ave in Denver (ed. note: Colfax is the same street where a bus ridden by someone who looked like Johnny Gosch was sighted in the summer of 1986); states that the allegedly stolen car was parked at the Ramada Inn, that Sullivan had many of his affairs there, and that a lot of congressman and politicians would stay at that hotel; at 34:17 he describes his continuing investigation, which led him to brothels / gay bathhouses that ran drugs and enlisted underage boys with fake IDs; at 34:50 he says that a confidential informant from the Sullivan case, who was in FBI protective custody at a hotel owned by a Saudi, had alarms going off at his room indicating that someone was trying to break in; at 37:17 he describes how the hotel security went to check on the room, finding that the protective detail was gone and the room was filled with meth lab equipment, manuals on how to lure children, and fake ID production equipment; at 38:40 he mentions enlisting bikers to follow the CI the next time he left the room, which resulted in them following him to the Triple C bathhouse; at the behest of Martino, he went inside the Triple C to find out what was going on; at 42:15 he mentions he and his companion going downstairs to a basement, which had rows of rooms with beds inside many of which were soundproof and didn't open from the inside; at 45:30 he speculates that Denver Broncos players and public officials might have visited the bathhouse and been compromised; at 46:02 he describes being handed a 20-year-old or older video on VHS tape by "Noah" that showed Sullivan raping a kid; there was a boy between 8 and 10 years old bound with a bandanna over his eyes being raped by a much older man who was balding and had glasses; says he decided to walk away from the investigation soon after; at 53:38 he says that he got in touch with Martino about a year after he walked away, after a Facebook friend of his who was a dancer and model had gone missing, with rumors of her being tied into a bad crowd and/or drugs; at 54:52 he says that the investigation caused him to look into prominent downtown nightclubs -- owned by a Saudi, a Lebanese man, and a Yemeni -- from where these girls went missing; describes having an opportunity to videotape at the 24K Lounge, one of these clubs; mentions nearly a dozen young white blond girls aged 14 to 20 going missing from nightclubs over a 2 month period; says that the nightclub shut down nearly as soon as police began investigating; at 56:18 he says that an Israeli high school friend of his was a manager at one of the clubs, another friend was a big Russian man who served as Obama's bodyguard and was the bodyguard for the club owners, and Sal also worked security for the nightclub; at 57:30 he mentions another man, a bartender from a competing nightclub, who claimed to know what happened to the missing girls: the bartender was in on it and slipped GHB into the girls' drinks, then the bouncer took a girl home after she became too overtly intoxicated; in part 3 at 0:35 he brings up a 24K bouncer (ed. note: Travis Forbes) that got arrested for 2 or 3 of the missing girls' disappearances, saying that this bouncer was disposing of the bodies; mentions a girl (ed. note: Lydia Tillman) who had been raped, beaten, stabbed, and set on fire who jumped out of a third-story window to escape, and then told the story of being drugged at the nightclub, given a ride by the bouncer, and then waking up with the bouncer trying to kill her; claims that the bouncer reported having another missing girl (ed. note: Kenia Monge) in the freezer of his natural grain side business; at 2:50 he mentions a friend who asked him to meet a wealthy downtown man that frequently visited the nightclubs, and reports his investigation of that man uncovering a house with odd activities but no definitive evidence of anything; at 3:40 says that the house was owned by an oil tycoon, and the wealthy man visiting it was tied to "FEMA shit and government shit" and sat on the board of a diabetes foundation; notes that the victims of Sullivan were all diabetics, and that diabetics are often used to traffic heroin because they naturally carry cases of syringes; at 4:18 he relates that as soon as he resolved to look further into the house its tenant-caretaker, who was the owner's son, got murdered; says that the caretaker had been disowned by his wealthy family after he came out as gay; at 5:50 describes his feeling that the caretaker was in danger, and had been manipulated and threatened by the tenants in his house, but couldn't kick them out because they had something on him from when he was in California; at 6:42 he says that he befriended someone who frequented the house around that time and was in the DMT drug scene; notes that the house was at 72nd and Pecos right by where his car accident took place; at 11:40 he describes an ex-military friend of Martino's calling him to warn him to be careful and then moving in, after which Elinoff discovered he was the son of the FBI supervisor in charge of financing for anti-drug operations; says that this friend told him to make sure everything was alright in his own house, after which he discovered that his wife was cheating on him, in connection with her teller job at a bank that was offered to her 9 months after Sullivan's arrest; according to Elinoff the bank was used by the entirety of Arapahoe County's local government, and got hundreds of millions of dollars for each inmate in the county jail; claims that her boss at the bank introduced her to almost all the male employee, induced and coerced infidelity including by sanctioning alcohol consumption at the bank, and sexually molested her; at 15:40 he says that the branch president called him trying to bribe him into silence, and when he refused, the president sought a restraining order on Elinoff, which the judge upheld despite being baseless; at 21:30 he claims that Sullivan's daughter used to be the assignment editor of the local NBC channel 9; at 22:26 he points out that Colorado has the largest amount of white supremacists in the country; at 22:43 he brings up how his great uncle brought commercial boxing to Denver, how the day that he broke the Sullivan story he was joined on the radio by rock promoter and Peter Boyles friend Barry Fey (who discovered Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, etc.) to talk about his autobiography Backstage Past, that Fey told him in between breaks how to handle the interview questions, and the connection of Fey to Philip Anschutz under Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) Live which ran concerts at Red Rocks for major bands where a lot of drug distribution took place in the 60s and 70s; at 25:00 he relates information given to him by Boyles that in the 70s, Barry Fey, Chuck Morris, and Philip Anschutz went on tour in Moscow showing off Wild West memorabilia; at 26:12 he asks why Fey chose that day to go on radio with him, and concludes that he was being set up to become an investigator; at 34:44 he goes into the Sean Moss story, describing how Moss was fired a couple weeks after being hired due to peddling meth and bringing kids to private parties, and received investigative files from angry local parents; at 40:20 he claims that Sullivan had almost 100 probation violations, including around 30 urine test failures, before he was finally put back in jail; at 41:05 he states that one of the confidential informants in the Sullivan case was a young-looking 20-year-old in Pueblo CO staying at the house of a former El Paso County Sheriff, who was clearly in a romantic relationship with the sheriff
    • Arms dealers in Colorado linked to the former Soviet Union
      • Rigorous Intuition comment by 82_28 on 2014/04/24: "I was friends with a guy who was neighbors with an illegal arms dealer in Littleton. He was friends with said dealer's son. I was told to never speak of this. So, I didn't. I even worked with his daughter at a Subway. I was told that the arms he dealt with were all from "like the old USSR" or something. I always wondered how the fuck did they get that shit shipped all the way to Colorado."
    • Peter VanVolkinburg - the man who turned himself in on the Tom Martino show
      • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check on Peter Edward VanVolkinburg born 1978/12/27 (archive)
      • Denver Post, "Police: Man who broke Denver cop’s wrist ran and left meth lab in trunk", 2011/11/08: "Denver police said this afternoon a man who broke a policewoman’s wrist and ran away with handcuffs dangling from his right arm Monday had meth-making materials in the trunk of his car. Peter Edward VanVolkinburg, 32, was pulled over about 10 a.m. Monday at 29th and Downing streets on suspicion he had driven away from a traffic accident. As the officer tried to handcuff him, he put up a fight, injured her and ran away. When investigators checked out his impounded Pontiac Grand Am today they found “items consistent with the production of methamphetamine in his car,” said police spokesman Sonny Jackson. VanVolkinburg is still at large and is being sought tonight on a felony warrant alleging second-degree assault to a police officer. He was sentenced to five years in state prison in 2007 in a meth-cooking case in Denver and has been arrested several other times on drug-related charges. He also has a Dec. 8 court date in El Paso County in relation to a May 7 incident, court records show. In that case, he is accused of burglary, burglary with explosives, use of a stun gun, car theft, menacing and assault."
      • KUSA story from November 2011 posted by the Troubleshooter Network titled "FUGITIVE TURNS HIMSELF IN WITH TOM MARTINO'S HELP" - at 1:52 it shows VanVolkinburg's girlfriend tearfully saying goodbye to him and Elinoff (wearing sunglasses) can be seen with her as well
      • KCNC, "Denver Police Arrest Suspect Wanted For Assaulting Officer", 2011/11/09: "Denver police said they have arrested a man wanted for assaulting a police officer. Sonny Jackson with Denver police said Peter Edward VanVolkinburg, 32, was taken into custody just after noon on Wednesday without incident on Bannock Street. The crime happened late Monday morning near 29th and Downing Street. An officer spotted a vehicle wanted in connection with a hit-and-run accident in Denver. When the officer ran VanVolkinburg’s name through the police database, she found out he was wanted on an outstanding warrant and tried to arrest him. VanVolkinburg resisted arrest and attacked the female officer. He ran off with the officer’s handcuffs still on one of his wrists, according to police."
    • Mark Seibel background
      • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check on Mark Jason Seibel born 1975/01/24 (archive)
      • ProPublica, "Documents Found in Meth House Reveal Workings of Dark Money Group", 2012/10/30 (republication by The Atlantic): "The boxes landed in the office of Montana investigators in March 2011. Found in a meth house in Colorado, they were somewhat of a mystery, holding files on 23 conservative candidates in state races in Montana. They were filled with candidate surveys and mailers that said they were paid for by campaigns, and fliers and bank records from outside spending groups. One folder was labeled "Montana $ Bomb." The documents pointed to one outside group pulling the candidates' strings: a social welfare nonprofit called Western Tradition Partnership, or WTP. Altogether, the records added up to possible illegal "coordination" between the nonprofit and candidates for office in 2008 and 2010, said a Montana investigator and a former Federal Election Commission chairman who reviewed the material. [...] Though WTP's spending has been at the state level, it's best-known nationally for bringing a lawsuit that successfully challenged Montana's ban on corporate spending in elections, extending the provisions of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark Citizens United decision to all states. [...] The group is now locked in an ongoing dispute with Montana authorities, who ruled in October 2010 that the nonprofit should have registered as a political committee and should have to disclose its donors. [...] In the meantime, the group has changed its name to American Tradition Partnership, reflecting its larger ambitions. [...] On its website, the group says its primary purpose is issue advocacy and combating radical environmentalists, whom it sometimes calls "gang green." [...] There were bank statements for several groups, including the Coalition for Energy and the Environment, the Alliance of Montana Taxpayers and the Conservative Victory Fund. In all the documents, one name repeatedly popped up: Christian LeFer. [...] A convicted felon named Mark Seibel said he stumbled on them inside a known meth house near Denver at some point in late 2010. It's not clear how they got there. Seibel said a friend found them in a stolen car. After reading through some of the documents, he reached out to people he thought might be interested in them — primarily Colorado candidates attacked by Western Tradition Partnership."
      • Real Aspen, "Meth-head justice: The strange case of Mark Jason Seibel", 2013/04/29: "Mark Seibel is the Forrest Gump of petty crooks in Colorado, improbably cropping up smack in the middle of some of the state’s most notorious criminal cases. Seibel was instrumental in secretly taping former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan, who was busted in 2011 for meth possession and soliciting a prostitute, and then in late 2010 he found a cache of campaign fliers in a Denver-area meth house that triggered an ongoing Montana grand jury probe of an infamous political nonprofit called American Tradition Partnership. But none of the notoriety has garnered Seibel any good will from law enforcement officials, who last month rounded him up in a SWAT-team standoff in Denver. He now faces habitual criminal charges and potentially decades in jail for meth possession in Arapahoe County. [...] Abandoned by his parents in Oklahoma City at the age of 11, Seibel moved to Denver as a teen to try to track them down. Living on the streets and surviving any way he could, Seibel soon ran afoul of the law. His rap sheet is lengthy, but none of his crimes are particularly heinous. [...] Steadman calls Arapahoe County – or “Arapahell” as it was dubbed by Westword in 2011 – the “worst jurisdiction on earth to be caught in. We went from ‘Hang-’em-High [District Attorney] Carol Chambers’ to Hang-’em-High [George] Brauchler’.” [...] Arapahoe County prosecutors and all Denver-area police are out to get him, Seibel contends, because he made the tapes that led to the downfall of former Sheriff Sullivan. Seibel says his ex-girlfriend was a woman whom Sullivan befriended and released from jail. It was at her house, Seibel claims, that he made the first tapes of Sullivan’s gay lover talking about meth use. Seibel says Denver police were talking about him being “the guy who got Sullivan” when they arrested him last month, and he believes Arapahoe County officials want revenge. [...] In late 2010, Seibel was the last man standing in a Denver-area meth house, cleaning up after a police raid, when he came across buckets of campaign mailers for state legislative races in Montana. [...] He mapped out a CSI-style tree connecting all the players, from politicians to candidates to the 501(c)4 now known at American Tradition Partnership (ATP) but first registered in Colorado in 2008 by Republican political operative and Aurora businessman Scott Shires. In 2010, the name of the “social welfare” group was changed to ATP by a lawyer for Hackstaff Gessler (pdf), the former law firm of Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler."
      • Flathead Beacon, "Into the Darkness", 2013/11/06: "First out of the gate was news that U.S. District Judge Donald W. Molloy issued a 34-page ruling savaging the secretive American Tradition Partnership and two ATP contractors, Christian and Allison Lefer. The events leading to Molloy’s ruling would make a good Quentin Tarantino/Pulp Fiction sequel: Basically, Mrs. Lefer’s car was stolen from a Merchandise Mart near Denver in June 2010. The car, stripped of valuables, was recovered by police ten days later. Also gone were numerous documents pertaining to ATP activities. [...] Frontline reported “convicted felon” Mark Seibel discovered the documents “while staying at a known drug house.” Siebel then turned them over to the attorney husband of Colorado state senator (and ATP target) Gail Schwartz (D). [...] Next was a ruling from new Montana COPP Jonathan Motl, on a 2010 complaint brought by Debra Bonogofsky of Billings, against ATP predecessor Western Tradition Partnership. Moderate Bonogofsky was running against conservative Dan Kennedy for the Montana House back then, and lost. She then filed a complaint against several groups, including WTP. Commissioner Motl has determined that now-former-Representative Kennedy illegally coordinated with WTP and other groups. [...] And, there might be some bonus backlash: Current U.S. House Republican candidate Corey Stapleton was Kennedy’s treasurer of record in 2010."
    • Tom Martino video on 2011/12/15 about Elinoff's undercover investigation of the Community Country Club (i.e. Triple C bathhouse)
    • 24K Lounge owner Francois Safieddine - a Lebanese immigrant
      • Westword, "Oak Tavern and 24K both closed", 2013/06/14: "Nearly four years after transforming the Monarck into the Oak Tavern, Lotus Concepts' Francois Safieddine has closed the venue and his 24K club upstairs last weekend. Paulina Szafranski, president of marketing for Lotus, says that Safieddine, who owns the building at 1416 Market Street, doesn't have any plans for the space at this time. "We have our hands full with View House, Suite Two Hundred and Chloe," Szafranski says."
      • Participation in the Gin Rummy Club of Jeffrey Castardi which was involved in illegal gambling
        • Denver Post, "Big names drawn to illegal Denver poker club", 2009/03/05: "In the two weeks since Castardi and his wife were indicted on racketeering and other charges, a joint Denver Post/9News investigation has uncovered the names of some of those who gambled with Castardi. Among them are former Broncos fullback and CBS Channel 4 sports anchor Reggie Rivers; former Broncos running back Rod Bernstine; Francois Safieddine, president of the Monarck nightclub in Denver; and John Sacha, a pain medicine doctor who teaches poker strategy on a “Dr. Poker” instructional video. Castardi, 47, his wife, Dawn Nancy Wolf, 34, and five others have been indicted on charges that include racketeering, illegal gambling and loan-sharking. Authorities are treating poker players in the club as witnesses who won’t be charged in the case. [...] Castardi, who authorities say has connections to the Gambino crime family, ran the social club on South Broadway as a front for unlimited- stakes poker games and sports betting. The activity fueled a lucrative loan-sharking operation. [...] Authorities think Castardi learned the tricks he brought to Denver as a bit player in the Long Island, N.Y., rackets. In 1988, he was arrested on Long Island for promoting gambling, according to Nassau County district attorney’s spokesman Eric Phillips. Also involved in the gambling operation was Richard Giordonello, a member of Gambino captain Nicholas “Little Nicky” Corozzo’s crew. [...] Public records suggest Castardi moved to Denver from his native Long Island about 2000. Castardi and Wolf opened the Gin Rummy Club amid a strip of tattered used-car lots and garages on South Broadway in July 2003. [...] [Two club-associated deaths, of Eric Cox and Jeremy Fowler,] were ruled suicide. “We are unwilling to make any allegations to the contrary at this point,” Suthers said. Castardi played up his mob ties to keep borrowers in fear, sometimes saying that he had to call back East to clear a decision, said a gambler who asked for anonymity out of fear of retaliation."
        • KUSA, "2 former Broncos involved in gambling club with mafia ties", 2009/03/05: "[Rod] Bernstine was placing bets in the club when it was busted by police in April 2008. "There's a $5 limit in Central City. I don't like the stakes up there," Bernstine told 9Wants to Know. "I would have to say I knew it was illegal." [...] Francois Safieddine, who runs several Denver nightclubs, also placed bets. Safieddine has won more than $1 million in poker tournaments and won the World Series Poker bracelet in 2007, according to poker Web sites. Sacha and Safieddine had no comment. [...] seven of the alleged operators were indicted last week. Jeff Castardi, Dawn Wolf, Laura Fouty, James Elterman, David Lettin, Todd Casey and Daniel Rieke were charged with multiple felonies including organized crime. [...] Eric Cox of Denver owed more than $60,000, according to the indictment. Alleged leaders Castardi and Rieke threatened and pressured Cox to pay the money, visiting him in person, calling his home and even sending text messages. On the day Cox committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, his widow found several text messages on his phone that were threats about paying money, according to the indictment. Jeremy Fowler, who allegedly ran the illegal poker games for Castardi, shot himself in the head after Castardi suspected him of stealing money from the club."
        • Denver Post, "Head of Denver gambling ring gets 16 years", 2009/12/14: "Castardi, 48, pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Colorado Organized Crime Act in October and faced a potential maximum sentence of 24 years. The gambling ring that Castardi headed was located at the Gin Rummy Club, 2380 S. Broadway in Denver. [...] Investigators said that Castardi told people who engaged in Castardi’s high stakes poker and sports-betting or bookmaking activities that the Gin Rummy Club was a Mafia or mob-affiliated establishment."
        • TODO: was Jeff Castardi connected to Gambino underboss and ecstasy trafficker (with likely ties to Russian and Israeli organized crime including the art student spy ring tailing the 9/11 hijackers) Sammy Gravano?
    • Missing girl from around 2013 - was she Kelsie Jean Schelling a.k.a. Kelsie Schelling?
    • Travis Forbes abductions and murders of young women - attempted murder of Lydia Tillman and murder of Kenia Monge
  • federalsecretservices review on 2015/12/25 of Core of Corruption: In the Shadows by Jonathan Elinoff (2009)
    • "I can not identify myself officially but I worked on the PENTBOMB investigation for the FBI and was one of the assistant deputy directors of the FBI during the time of 2001. I watched Jonathan Elinoff's film after meeting him at a Human Trafficking Awareness conference in Denver, Colorado where he gave a lengthy detailed presentation on the local crime scene in Denver and its relationship to international terrorism, heroin running, human trafficking and more. I can not confirm or deny Jonathan's allegations about the human trafficking but I can confirm that his film is on the correct path in regards to the information specifically, avoiding speculation."
    • "Elinoff's film is spot on when it comes to the information regarding Saudi Intelligence involved in September 11th, but Elinoff refrained from mentioning their connection to Heroin running with the ex-KGB Russian organized crime syndicates out of Southern Russia and Afghanistan. That information, I believe, the United States government is withholding from the people for reasons of National Security."
    • "[...] It seems an attempt on Elinoff's life was made in early 2011 but Elinoff has since realized the car crash he was in was not an accident, but made to look like one and most likely involved corrupt members of the Denver Police Department who are on the payroll of Arab/Russian/European businessmen who own nightclubs in Denver. While investigating a former Office of Naval Intelligence officer's arrest in Denver, Jonathan seemed to have stumble upon a crooked ring of cops who frame or blackmail operatives of intelligence and of the United States Government and either get these individuals to divulge top secret information or involve them in their drug running. The Saudi-Russian Heroin running network seems to have a strong hold on Denver and especially in El Paso County & Arapahoe County."
    • "Elinoff is most likely correct that former Gambino Crime Family figure Sammy "The Bull" Gravano is in protective custody in Colorado and used a drug running connection there to gain protection through the government. Sammy Gravano was not only a rat, but Gravano does or did business with enemies of the United States who traffic in women and children, traffic in Heroin and worse."
  • Reddit comment in early 2019 explaining what Elinoff found
    • "[...] Jon Elinoff was in touch with the author of THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL a few years back - that long Trine Day book on the subject - and the author said, Jon, I think you’ve dug deeper and found more stuff than I did."
    • "Elinoff temporarily - then permanently - abandoned his ongoing Core of Corruption 9/11 documentary series to dig into the case of Patrick Sullivan, a corrupt Colorado sheriff linked to child abuse networks and the drug trade. Sullivan is the sheriff who was quoted by news reports during the Columbine aftermath as saying there was ‘no conspiracy’ surrounding that event. When Elinoff leaked Sullivan’s name on a Kevin Barrett radio show before the story hit the mainstream news, I Googled Sullivan and found, sometime earlier, he had been touted as a ‘national expert’ on child trafficking and spoke at a prominent conference about it, sitting on a panel in front of a crowd while a host touted his credentials. Away from the cameras Sullivan was hanging with underage male prostitutes and smoking crystal meth. He eventually got busted for doing the same thing - but only after Elinoff spent weeks doing interviews with drifters and abuse victims and druggies and sad folk who - he told me - had all earlier in their lives been swept up into an underage abuse network, potentially being used to blackmail prominent politicians, judges, cops and other regional celebrities in positions of influence. Jon once sent me a bunch of links and right after Sullivan was arrested, a ton of high ranking Colorado folk who had been on the periphery of abuse stories or investigations fled the state, or were arrested."
    • "Sullivan, as far as I could tell, was overseeing - not necessarily running - a really big national child abuse blackmail effort centred in Colorado. On his YouTube account Jon posted without comment around 20 or more clips of Colorado news stories from that year, and they all only made total sense once you watched all of them and put the pieces together. One had cops being found driving around town with a laptop in the back seat, where another cop was going into underage chat rooms. Another had a young teen being raped and having cops tell her they were not going to investigate. Another had an underage girl abducted, and the guy that took her turns out to be the brother of a sheriff. Another had cute teens disappearing from a nightclub, and the cops all told the parents, we’re really sorry but all the security cameras are broken and we have no leads at finding your daughter. Etc etc etc. I’m probably missing a few others but you should be getting the idea. All these guys worked under Sullivan."
    • "I should probably state the implication in case others miss it. High ranking figures in the government or national security state or Air Force were blackmailed through their participation in abuse circles to either facilitate or keep quiet about the upcoming 9/11 conspiracy. Vreeland ran with the same circle and heard about it, maybe from someone involved with a guy being blackmailed, maybe someone who was blackmailed themselves, or maybe from a contact who was part of the whole scheme. And Sullivan, being a useful guy who helped keep the Franklin ring stocked with new teens to put into the human trafficking circles, had to be allowed to walk, hence he got only three weeks in prison."
    • "Sullivan - just to wrap up the weirdness of the story - had hired an ex-gay porn star to work security at a local high school. That same guy was later found dead floating in a local river. An entirely separate Colorado story from the same time period involved high profile clients, including a judge, being blackmailed because they were on the clients list of a prominent chain of brothels, and Jon told me the scandals were linked. [...]"
  • 2019/07/19 comment by Jonathan Elinoff on his Facebook page: "I'm not sure if my Colorado friends remember the night after Sullivan was arrested and all over the news when the activist groups "We Are Change Colorado" and "Occupy Wall Street" asked me to come and speak, and this was right after my life was threatened so I was wearing bulletproof vests and stuff, people were messing me and gang stalking me, trying to intimidate me.

    I remember I gave a speech at the Mercury Cafe that night and there was over a hundred people in attendance, this was during the occupy Wall Street protests.

    I remember telling people that there was an airplane at the airport at DIA that would often take some of The fosters and runaways that ended up in the network that I was investigating and everyone accused me of making up bullsh*t and said I was lying.

    It was Epstein's plane."
  • Pedophile busts and governmental turmoil in Colorado around the same time
  • Murder of Denise Davenport
    • Greeley Tribune, "Sheriff could open up clues to cold case", 2011/12/16
      • "More than two decades ago, two men riding a canoe in the South Platte River east of Greeley floated past something tied up in some branches near the banks. It was the nude body of Denise Davenport, a 20-year-old sorority member who had been attending school at the University of Northern Colorado. She had been missing for two months."
      • "Davenport had been dabbling a bit in the Greeley drug world during a time when bad drugs were on the streets."
      • "Flash forward a quarter century to the arrest of Patrick Sullivan, 68, the former and longtime Arapahoe County Sheriff ” the namesake for the Arapahoe County Jail and even said to be responsible for bringing Pope John Paul II to Denver for World Youth Day in 1993 ” now accused of offering young men methamphetamine for sex. His arrest stunned all who knew him as an anti-drug crusader and faithful lawman. But it also opened some eyes, and perhaps raised a few eyebrows. Davenport, whose unsolved murder had been on Weld County’s cold case list for 26 years, was the Sullivans’ babysitter before she went off to college."
      • "The connection in the cases grows even more bizarre, now that a man named Sean Moss comes into play. After Sullivan retired from law, he moved on to become a security chief at the Cherry Creek School District. Sullivan in 2007 hired Moss, 27, who was reported to be a former gay porn star. In January of this year, Moss’ body was found floating in the South Platte River in the Denver area."
      • "Shortly after Davenport’s body was found on April 20, 1985, Sullivan showed up at the Weld County Centennial Center to inquire about the young woman’s death. “Pat came in and was concerned about her body being found,” said retired Weld Sheriff Cmdr. Tom Johnston. “He and Ed (Jordan) were friends at the time. I think it was on a Saturday. He stopped in and wondered what was going on, and he told me that Denise was a personal friend of the family. “That just kinda stuck,” said Johnston, who in no way ever, or now, suspects Sullivan of having anything to do with Davenport’s death."
  • Murder of Sean Moss
  • Death of Joshua Oakes Churchwell
    • Westword, "Joshua Churchwell: Late teen found in suitcase from prominent family, fled juvie program", 2011/04/07
      • "According to 7News, Joshua's father is Burlington's city administrator, while his mother has provided foster care for more than 100 children over the years -- a display of largesse that won her recognition in "For All the Ways You Care," a contest sponsored by CVS pharmacies back in 2009.

        More recently, though, he was in the custody of the Ridge View Youth Services Center, for reasons that can't be made public due to Churchwell's age. He wrestled for Ridge View, but during a meet at East High School in January, he ran away and hadn't been heard from since -- until some boys discovered that suitcase."
    • Denver Post, "Death raises concern that Denver boy in suitcase mystery unsolved", 2012/11/08
      • "The parents of a 17-year-old boy whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase nearly two years ago fear that the death of another troubled teen could end their hope of finding out what happened to their son. Anthony Ricardo Ford, 18, was brought into the Adams County Jail on Oct. 13 on drug, weapons and other charges, two days before his 19th birthday, according to Adams County sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Paul Gregory. He died sometime after his arrest. His death is under investigation. It isn’t clear where the death occurred or how it happened. “He was in our custody just prior to that occurrence,” said Adams County jail Capt. Kurt Ester. [...] Ford, who also attended Ridge View, was with Churchwell when he walked out of East and got into a car with another teen. Denver police have told Churchwell’s parents that their son and Ford stayed with a third teen at an apartment near Denver’s Ruby Hill Park. A group of boys found Josh’s body in a trash-strewn lot near the park 12 weeks later."
      • "Churchwell said he can’t forget an incident that occurred when Josh was at Ridge View. His three roommates fashioned crude knives and practiced thrusting them into the undersides of their mattresses. Josh told them to get rid of the blades within a week or he would turn them in, Bob Churchwell said. When they refused, he made good on his word. Bob Churchwell and his wife, Jan, visited Josh once a month at the school in Watkins and heard the story from a counselor. They worried he had become a target, especially after another boy stabbed him in the side with a pencil. Administrators told them not to worry, Bob Churchwell said. Today, he wonders if Josh’s break from Ridge View was engineered by others in order to get him to a place where someone could take revenge. “There is always the concern that somebody set him up to where Josh would get out on the streets of Denver and then these kids took retribution,” he said."
    • Denver Post, "Death of 17-year-old buried in suitcase in Denver remains unsolved", 2016/09/25
      • "Officially, 17-year-old Joshua Oakes Churchwell’s death isn’t being investigated as a homicide — it’s classified as a death investigation. That’s the case even though two boys found Josh’s body curled in a fetal position inside a 20-by-29 inch suitcase that was only 11 inches deep in a trash-strewn vacant lot on April 1, 2011. “He didn’t put himself into that suitcase,” said Bob Churchwell, Joshua’s adoptive father. “Somebody had to have put him there. There is someone out there who knows something. We just hope and pray their conscience will get to them and they will go to police and share what they know with them.” Josh’s death wasn’t ruled a homicide because Dr. Joseph White, who performed the autopsy, formally categorized the cause and manner of death as “undetermined.” That decision in turn determined how the case was handled. For example, the Denver police department does not include Joshua’s case on its cold-case homicide list."
      • "It’s also possible an unmeasured toxic substance caused the teen’s death even though toxicology tests seemed to rule out an overdose. Aside from traces of nicotine and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, a party drug commonly known as GHB that is also naturally produced in the body, Joshua’s system showed no signs of harmful substances, according to an article by Denver Post reporter Tom McGhee."
      • "Joshua was attending Ridge View Academy, a school for children in the correctional system, when he slipped away during a wrestling match at East High School in Denver and ran away. His body was found 12 weeks later."
      • "A key possible witness, Anthony Ricardo Ford, 18, fled with Joshua, Churchwell said. Police told Churchwell that a third person picked up the teens and drove them to the Ruby Hill Park area of Denver, where Joshua’s body was later found. Ford knew something about the teen’s death, but his father stopped police midway through an interview and they didn’t learn enough to solve the case, Churchwell said."
    • Ridge View Academy background
      • Private Corrections Working Group, "Colorado Hall of Shame": "December 26, 2002 Arapahoe County sheriff's deputies captured three teenagers late Tuesday after an escape from a youth services center. The juveniles had been free for about three hours before Deputy Chris George spotted them. Roche said deputies don't believe the teenagers had any help in their escape. The facility, at 28101 E. Quincy Ave., is not fenced but has security guards. The staff quickly became aware of the escape and began a search, but lost the trio in the darkness and surrounding hills, McDonough said. Personnel then notified deputies. Ridge View is a 500-bed juvenile facility by the state, but it is privately operated by the Rite of Passage Schools based in Minden, Nev. (Rocky Mountain News)"
      • Anthony Thorne post about Elinoff's work on Prison Planet in 2015: "Churchwell, attending a youth center for troubled teens mixed up in drugs and crime, told friends he was fearing for his life before he was killed. Elinoff linked Sullivan to his death. I spent an afternoon once Googling around looking for info, and found links between Sullivan and the center the boy escaped from."
      • KMGH, "Child safety concerns found at Colo. youth detention centers", 2018/08/21: "The Colorado Department of Human Services has warned a private company running some of the state’s youth detention centers that the state has found enough problems at facilities to possibly suspend the company’s license, a Contact7 Investigation has found. Rite of Passage runs facilities in Colorado and 15 other states. It recently operated the Betty K. Maler Youth Facility until the state forced the facility to close after staff lost control of teen girls who climbed on the roof of the facility July 7. Now the department has told the director of Robert Denier Youth Services Center in Durango and Ridge View Youth Services Center near Watkins that those facilities have consistently violated the state’s standards and could lose their ability to operate. Denver7 reviewed collected hundreds of pages of public records going back five years that detail years of complaints at facilities operated by Rite of Passage. At Ridge View, east of Aurora, records show a staff member punched a kid in the face while the kid was restrained. Another kid, who was trying to walk away from the facility, was hurt so badly by responding staff that he spent the next month in a wheelchair. Powerful pain medication lost in another instance. When a felon was caught working at the facility, Rite of Passage's solution was to move that employee to a different state."
  • KUSA, "Investigation leads to former sheriff's home", 2016/07/15: "According to a police report, officers were conducting routine patrols around a Walmart, located at 601 Englewood Pkwy., on the night of July 6 when a dark green 2005 Chevrolet Trail Blazer was spotted driving southbound on South Galapago Street towards West Hampden Avenue without headlights on. The parking and tail lights were on. The report says a white man was driving with a white woman was in the passenger seat. The officer said it was hard to see because the windows were tinted. [...] According to the report, the officer then turned on his siren, the SUV increased speed and swerved through multiple lanes, without signaling and at a high speed. The officer turned off his lights and siren and told dispatch the vehicle was eluding. A dispatcher ran the license plate and the plates came back registered to Sullivan. Aurora Police spokesperson Chris Amsler said officers were asked by Englewood Police to find out who may have been driving Sullivan’s car in an incident where it eluded Englewood Police officers. According to the report, Sullivan says he loaned the SUV. Sullivan also said that he heard from other people that someone else may have been driving it. When police called the person he loaned it to, that person said they had not driven it recently."

  • Colorado as a human trafficking epicenter
    • The USA Patriot Vol. 2 No. 3, "SATANIC CULTS in U.S. Intelligence?", 1995/11: "[R. Roy] Blake first became aware of the satanic-intelligence tie while doing research for an article concerning an “accidental” killing that involved members of a teenage satanic cult in Aurora, Colorado. In that incident, teenagers told Blake that the teenage satanist who “accidentally" killed the other teenager had such a mental hold over the other teenagers that they at first told police that an unknown intruder had committed the killing, a story that only broke down when police separated the teenagers for further questioning. In the chaos created by the killing, teenagers told of a ritual site underneath the runways at Stapleton Airport that had seen both animal and human sacrificial ceremonies. The cult, although containing a large number of high school students known officially as “stoners” both for their love of heavy metal music and prodigious use of drugs, was not lead by teens but rather by older and apparently respectable “pillars of the community” drawn from the professions, business community, local government and the military. As soon as the dust began to settle, however, the teenage sources uncharacteristically refused to talk further, leading Blake to speculate that the cult was once again back in business."
    • 1997 allegation that over 120 children were being transported overseas by a plane at the Denver International Airport (also in the Konformist article by Robert Sterling on the JonBenet Ramsey murder): "Our report tells us for those of you that haven't heard that over 120 children were seen on a plane at Denver International Airport on Sat. Nov. 15, 1997. One gentleman was performing maintenance or something on a plane at the airport, saw that their were over 120 children on the flight. When he questioned a woman that was on the flight with the children, she replied, "Social Services, now get out of here" as she flashed a badge.

      Immediately this gentleman, who obviously smelled a rat, started following up on the flight plan/records. The flight was headed for Paris.

      Could this flight have originated in Las Vegas where the children are bought and sold and have been for some time and were they headed for the mid-east to be used as sex slaves as so many before them? Channel 9 news in Denver has been notified. Let's see what they are made of. Also this story was initially released at a benefit for Jack McLamb, Ted Gunderson was also there. Those of you knowing these guys may want to give a call to see what, if anything they were told regarding the children."
    • "Rocky Mountain Slavery: The Story of Human Trafficking in Colorado", 2007/05/10
    • KUSA, Colorado ranks 7th in U.S. for meth users 12 and older - most of the DEA's meth seizures that fiscal year were in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs
    • Real Women Real Stories, "Colorado Child Trafficking Survivor Reveals Horrifying Ordeal", 2017/01/04 - mentions police protection