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Early years

Government contracting

FBI investigation

Indira Singh whistleblowing

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Renaming to GoAgile


Federal government


  • IBM
  • Motorola


Saudi financing

9/11 involvement

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PROMIS connection

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External links

  • Indira Singh chronicle of Ptech documents and news events in a complaint sent to Eliot Spitzer on 2004/11/19
  • Government Executive, "Tools of the Trade" by Lisa Corbin, 1996/09: "Framework. Ptech, based in Cambridge, Mass., offers an integrated set of object-oriented tools that enable users to create interactive blueprints of business processes. Software code can be generated from the hierarchical layout, providing rapid and consistent application development. The Advanced Research Projects Agency is using Framework to help transfer commercial software methodologies to the defense sector."
  • MITRE Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, "Adapting Information Engineering for the National Airspace System and Its Application to Flight Planning" by Michael A. Hermes and Sally E. Stalnaker and Dr. Nels A. Broste and Gary L. Smith, 1999/09: "The concepts documented in this paper were the results of the combined effort of the Flight Object Working Group under the aegis of the NAS Information Architecture Committee (NIAC). The Working Group was comprised of FAA, CAASD, SETA, DMR, Ptech, and ILOG staff. The Flight Object Working Group included: FAA: Josh Hung (project leader), Felix Rausch, Carol Uri SETA: Dick Sullivan (TRW), Phil Prassee (JTA), Tony Rhodes (TRW) DMR: Bill Holden Ptech: Dr. Samer Minkara, Walid Assad ILOG: Alain Neyroud, Olivier Nicolas In addition, Long Truong and Ron Schwarz of CAASD provided significant insight and commentary on this work."
  • MITRE Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, "FAA Data Registry (FDR) Concepts of Use and Implementation" by Dr. Nels A. Broste and Ronald G. Rhoades and Ronald A. Schwarz, 2000/09
  • Felix Rausch, "Upgrading CFO Systems with EAI/ERP Requires an EA for Risk and Cost Avoidance", 2001/02/01 - associates Rausch with and cites John Zachman
  • Newsweek, "High-Tech Terror Ties?", 2002/12/05
    • "Information posted on Ptech's Web site lists the FBI, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the NATO alliance, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command, the Department of Education and the Department of Energy as among Ptech's customers, as well as prominent U.S. manufacturers and financial institutions. A "case study" of the company's work for the Department of Energy, posted on its Web site, explains that Ptech has been helping redesign the agency's computer systems used at the Rocky Flats nuclear plant near Denver, a controversial facility that had been used to manufacture plutonium cores for nuclear bombs. The plant is now being dismantled."
  • Computerworld, "Feds turn up heat on high-tech industry links to al-Qaeda", 2002/12/06
    • "The company's client list reads like a who's who of the high-tech industry, including companies such as IBM, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc., Motorola Inc., Sprint Corp. and The Mitre Corp."
  • Fort Collins Coloradoan, "Government software supplier raided in terrorist investigation", 2002/12/07: "A software company whose clients include the FBI was raided early Friday by Customs agents as part of a terrorist investigation. No arrests were made, and the software supplied by the company was determined to be safe, government officials said. The company, Ptech Inc., said its clients also include Naval air systems, the Air Force, NATO, the House of Representatives and the Energy Department. [...] The FBI has used Ptech's software for financial tracking and internal budgeting, officials said."
  • Associated Press, "Software company tries to survive terrorism investigation" by Justin Pope, 2003/01/03
    • "Ptech's lawyer, Mark Berthiaume, stressed that Ptech had no reason to be alarmed by al-Qadi, who has denied funding terrorism.

      "Throughout this period in the 1990s, until Qadi was put on the list in 2001, he was a very well-respected businessman in the Saudi community," Berthiaume said. He claimed Al-Qadi had met with former President Jimmy Carter and with Dick Cheney before the latter became vice president. A spokeswoman for Cheney, Jennifer Miller Wise, said Friday she had no reason to believe the vice president had met with al-Qadi before he assumed the office."
  • Computerworld, "Ptech workers tell the story behind the search", 2003/01/17 (pages 1, 2)
    • "Ziade explained his relationship with al-Qadi. "I don't know him well," Ziade said. "I met him a few times and talked to him a few times on the telephone. He never talked to me about violence. Instead, he talked very highly of his relationship with [former President] Jimmy Carter and [Vice President] Dick Cheney.""
  • United States Customs Service interview of BMI founder Soliman Biheiri on 2003/07/14 (case DC02PU02DC0005 report 090)
    • "BIHEIRI acknowledged that he was one of the founders and the President of BMI. He related that he and HUSSEIN IBRAHIM formed the company in New Jersey in 1985. [...]"
    • Mentions the role of "YASSIN AL-QADI" investing millions of dollars into Ptech through BMI and then directly through Ptech's founder "OSAMA ZIADE" (who formed the company in 1992)
    • Talks about al-Qadi's close connections to the Saudi power structure
    • "BIHEIRI related that in 1987, BMI arranged for the purchase of $24 million worth of land in the northeastern United States by PATHI TOLBA and another Saudi partner. The land was purchased from former New Jersey Governor Kean according to BIHEIRI."
  • The Patriot Ledger, "Rumored links to terrorism doomed business: But owner of former Quincy company has no hard feelings", 2004/05/14: "The Marina Bay software company raided by federal agents in late 2002 has become a ‘‘virtual company'' with no offices or staff. Publicity about a Customs Service raid on Ptech's headquarters made it impossible for the 10-year-old company to attract new clients, CEO Oussama Ziade said yesterday. [...] While most of the company's clients, including several federal agencies, did not drop Ptech as a vendor, recruiting new customers was difficult. [...] The 10-year-old company provided software, consulting and training to clients, which ranged from Fortune 500 companies to U.S. government agencies, including the FBI and FAA. Founded in Cambridge and later moving to Boston, it sold software. It moved to Marina Bay in Quincy in 2001 from Boston. [...] Court documents show that Ptech failed to defend itself against two 2003 lawsuits by American Express and Citicorp, apparently for unpaid bills. In March, Norfolk Superior Court judges awarded more than $268,500 in damages to American Express and more than $144,000 to Citicorp. [...] ‘‘We still have government agencies as customers,'' he said, ‘‘including the White House.''"
  • From the Wilderness, "PTECH, 9/11, and USA-SAUDI TERROR", 2005/01: parts I, II
  • From the Wilderness, "THE FAA KNEW! But Were They Set Up?", 2005/02/14
  • Michael Kane, "Ptech and the Journey of a Wall Street Whistleblower", 2005/03/01
  • Interview of Indira Singh by Bonnie Faulkner (of Guns and Butter) on 2005/04/27 (Democratic Underground partial transcript; James Corbett, "Ptech and the 9/11 Software", 2011/10/14)
    • "[...] If it is a major project that spends several years, the team that comes in has, literally, access to almost anything that they want because you are operating on a blueprint level, on a massive scale. So, yes, they were everywhere, and I was told that they were in places that required clearances. I was told that they had log-on access to FAA flight control computers. I was told that they had passwords to many computers that you may not, on the surface, think has anything to do with finding out holes in the system, but let’s say you isolated part of a notification process that was mediated by computer and you wanted to investigate it further, then you would typically get log-on access to that computer. [...]"
  • Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, "The Business of Terror", 2005/06/17
  • Interview of Indira Singh by Michael Corbin on 2005/10/28 (parts 1, 2, 3) (partial transcript by Lars Schall) (audio upload from Lars Schall)
    • "Indira Singh: [...] And the reason this is kind of interesting is because it ties back to earlier shows, the publicity, the actual outlet that outed it, was none other than Jeff Gannon, white house male prostitute, Talon News Agency, which was funded by Bobby Eberle, of GOP USA. And his leadership institute gave Gannon his land speed record 2-day journalism degree. They stuck him in the White House and one of his sterling tasks was to publicize the outing of Valerie Plame. [...]"
    • "Indira Singh: Yeah. We were speaking of Plamegate, the significance of that, and really the bottom line, we come across the usual suspects that feature high in the Bush Crime Family cabal, which, as we say, is bipartisan and transnational. And the significance of that is that American heroes were killed by that outing. The outing by someone like a Jeff Gannon, funded by Bobby Eberle’s GOP USA, working for Karl Rove in the White House who just, I understand, got a free pass today."
    • "Indira Singh: …even if they got Rove. Rove is not a political figure, he is not an elected official, he is just a [inaudible], who occupies a notoriously and dangerously high-level role in the White House and controls a lot of policy, he is not elected. [...]"
    • In the middle of part 2, Singh discusses her work investigating the death of Ray Lemme and the laundering of funds through the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), which connected to child trafficking going on in Valdosta and possibly the Finders
  • National Corruption Index profile on Felix Rausch: "Even less known is that Felix Rausch, Ptech’s Government Projects Director, was previously the Deputy CIO for the White House, as well as Chief of Technology at INTERPOL His later business partner, Beryl Bellman, was a consultant for Ptech, and had also been a top technology advisor at the White House. Starting out at Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen in the 1970s, Rausch alternated between working for major contractors and government agencies including the FCC, INS and SSA. He was among the first to master a revolutionary software system called “enterprise architecture.” [...] Ptech’s own 1998 press release describes incorporating the “enterprise framework” developed by Rausch’s renowned colleague, John Zachman. By controlling the core of an agency’s information system, said Zachman, Ptech software would ” be able to know the access points, know its weaknesses, know how to destroy it.” [...] Among the principals of both Ptech and BMI was Abdurahman Alamoudi, a regular guest of President George W and co-founder, with White House favorite (and former Jack Abramoff partner) Grover Norquist, of the Islamic Institute."
  • "FBI -- Former Ptech Officer Arrested for SBA Loan Fraud", 2009/07/15
  • Collection of Unisys videos with an alleged Ptech connection
  • Rigorous Intuition thread on the validity/implications of Ptech connections to 9/11 (pages 1, 2, 3)