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Government positions

  • Governor of California: 1967-1975
  • US President: 1981-1989


Economic policy

Foreign policy


El Salvador





Soviet Union


Trickle-down economics


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Political connections


  1. New York Times, "How U.S. Actions Helped Hide Salvador Human Rights Abuses", 1993/03/21

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Corporate lobbying

Organized crime

El Salvador death squads

1980 election ploys

  • Jimmy Carter assassination attempts
    • Raymond Lee Harvey allegations
      • New York Times, "Reported Carter‐Assassination Plot Given Credibility by New Evidence", 1979/05/12: "[Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz] originally denied he knew of any plot or was acquainted with Mr. Harvey, although he was about 10 feet away from Mr. Harvey when arrested. In the affidavit submitted yesterday, Federal agents said that Mr. EspinozaOrtiz had since confirmed Mr. Harvey's story that they went to the roof of the Alan Hotel the night before Mr. Carter's arrival and “fired seven rounds from a starter pistol in order to test how loud the pistol was.” Mr. Espinoza‐Ortiz also agreed with Mr. Harvey that they knew two Mexicans at the hotel who had rifles. Mr. Harvey told agents that he had been told of the plot by the three others in a room at the hotel and that he understood they would fire the fatal shots when he created the distraction with the starter pistol, which could fire only blanks. Two Mexicans did live at the hotel, and one of them frequently associated with Mr. Espinoza‐Ortiz, the F.B.I. said. They checked out the day of Mr. Carter's visit. One of them gave his name as Umberto Camacho, agents said. City police detectives found a gun case and three rounds of live ammunition in the room rented to Mr. Camacho, the affidavit said."
      • TIME, "Skid Row Plot: A scheme to kill Carter?", 1979/05/21: "[...] Harvey, 35, claimed to have met three men with Latin names in downtown Los Angeles two weeks ago. On May 4 he was with the three in a third-floor room of the skid row Alan Hotel, near the Los Angeles Civic Center. The three told him they intended to shoot President Carter, who was scheduled to talk to a crowd in the center on the following day, a Saturday. They asked him to help. [...] Secret Service and FBI agents tried to check it out. They found the man Harvey knew as Julio, but he gave his name as Osvaldo Espinoza-Ortiz, 21. He admitted being an illegal alien from Mexico. At first Espinoza denied knowing Harvey, but under questioning he said he had known him for more than a year and knew the other two Latins as well. They, he said, had showed him two loaded rifles. He knew one of the men as Umberto Camacho."
      • Vanderbilt News Archive summary for CBS Evening News, "HARVEY / CARTER ASSASSINATION PLOT" by Walter Cronkite, 1979/05/29: "Federal prosecutor in Louisiana said to seek dismissal of chgs. against Raymond Lee Harvey in connection with suspected Carter assassination attempt in Los Angeles. Insufficient evidence cited."
    • Stalking by John Hinckley Jr.
  • Sabotage of Operation Eagle Claw
    • Valley Advocate, "Bush's Impending Watergate" by Harvey Wasserman, 1991/05/23: "That loyalty may have carried over to sabotage of Operation Eagle Claw. For the man who served as chief mission planner was none other than Richard Secord, who later surfaced as a major kingpin in the shady arms dealings between the Reagan White House and the contras of Nicaragua. A top staffer at a key base in Eagle Claw's catastrophic helicopter support operation was none other than the legendary Colonel Oliver North. Working closely with him as a logistical planner was Albert Hakkim, who later sat by Secord's side at the Congressional Iran-contra hearings and wept of his love for Oliver North. [...] higher up in the chain at the time of the failed rescue mission was Donald Gregg, a member of Carter's National Security Council who later surfaced as s high-level Bush operative."
    • Jim Moore, "Who is Jim Moore? Part Seven: CAMPAIGN 1980 & THE IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR", 2002
    • Democratic Underground thread in 2003 about the sabotage theory
    • Rigorous Intuition comment on 2010/06/30: "A well-connected, politically active lawyer acquaintance of mine, an Ivy Leaguer who is normally the first to scoff at any 'conspiracy theories', once told me that a well-placed military friend of his (a school chum) told him that Carter's 'Operation Eagle Claw'---the failed desert hostage rescue mission in Iran---was sabotaged by Reagan-friendly elements in the DoD (resulting in the deaths of eight US servicemen). And what struck me most was that he, my stodgy acquaintance, believed it."
  • October Surprise - see page

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