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Contract fraud

War profiteering

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Anthrax attacks

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9/11 involvement

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Election fraud

Mental experiments

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  1. Baltimore Sun, "Uncle Sam keeps SAIC on call for top tasks", 2003/10/26
  2., "Army's order to SAIC a boon for the company, but also for Huntsville subcontractors", 2009/12/05

External links

  • Lynn Landes, writing about VoteHere, goes into SAIC's past scandals
  • Baltimore Sun, "Uncle Sam Keeps SAIC On Call For Top Tasks", 2003/10/26: "In Ohio, the secretary of state replaced SAIC as its contractor for studying Diebold machines after learning that SAIC had promised a $5 million investment to a company that owns part of a competing voting-machine maker." (TODO: Verify this)
  • Leuren Moret, "Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover : 5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group, and Rand", 2004/09: "A look at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) reveals just exactly what kind of activities are undertaken in a spook shop where there is no accountability, and what business Inman was conducting at SAIC under his leadership. SAIC is one of the largest private employee-owned corporations, and like the Carlyle Group, escapes scrutiny (because it is privately owned) despite annual revenues of more than $5.9 billion. In 1990 it was indicted and pled guilty to ten felony counts of fraud on a Superfund site, called "one of the largest [cases] of environmental fraud…" in Los Angeles history. DOE contracted SAIC to manage and operate the Yucca Mountain Program, which I worked on as a scientist at the Livermore Lab. I became a whistleblower at Livermore in 1991 because of my knowledge of the extent of science fraud on the most important public works project in US history. SAIC’s control over internet domain names, gained when they purchased Network Solutions Inc., caused a furor and identified the ties in SAIC to "the shadow ruling-class within the Pentagon". Basically SAIC is a private spook corporation, involved in voting machines (SEQUOIA etc.), controlling the internet (Network Solutions), training foreign militaries, and the contractor that set up global communications for the US military. The internet is being changed from a public resource to a lucrative operation influenced by spooks and former Pentagon officials. The internet was a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project to begin with."
  • Kevin Ryan, "Profiting from 9/11: SAIC and Duane Andrews", 2014/06/04
    • "Andrews left the Pentagon in 1993 to become President and COO of SAIC’s federal business, which accounted for a majority of the company’s revenues. Andrews personally managed SAIC’s programs for the National Security Agency (NSA), and other agencies within the U.S. intelligence community, in the years leading up to 9/11 and afterward."
    • "SAIC worked for many years in close partnership with oil-rich royals in the Middle East, particularly those that have become suspect with regard to 9/11. The first international contract that the company won was for training the Kuwaiti Defense Forces, starting in 1976. Three years later, SAIC secured its biggest and longest lasting international contract, training the Saudi Arabian navy."
    • "After Andrews joined the company, SAIC was hired to investigate the 1993 bombing of the WTC, an event that was remarkably like the one that it had foreseen in 1986.[6] Moreover, SAIC ultimately provided input that led to producing the official account of what happened. The company boasted that — “After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our blast analyses produced tangible results that helped identify those responsible.”[7]"
    • "In the mid-1990s, SAIC created the U.S. systems for tracking terrorist suspects. For the FBI, SAIC developed CODIS, the national DNA database, and NCIC, the national criminal background check system.[16] To clarify, when in August 2001 Robert Fuller of the FBI went to search for Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi’s alleged presence in the United States via the NCIC system, he was checking a database built by SAIC. Although Fuller found nothing, the 9/11 Commission Report said that such checks should have unearthed driver’s licenses, car registrations, and telephone listings for Al-Mihdhar and Al Hazmi, all of which were in their names.[17] This fact alone should be enough to call for the investigation of SAIC with regard to 9/11."
    • "SAIC went on to play an integral role in the “War on Terror”, and was even responsible for capturing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It was SAIC staff and technology that “tease[ed] out crucial clues about Mohammed’s activities from intercepted text messages that he sent to his al Qaeda operatives using as many as 20 different cell phones.”[26]"
    • "SAIC’s 9/11 profiteering didn’t stop there. While helping NIST to determine the causes of the WTC destruction, “SAIC personnel were instrumental in pressing the case that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and that war was the only way to get rid of them.”[28] The company helped supply the faulty intelligence that said Saddam had WMDs and then profited from the invasion by generating Iraq contracts worth billions of dollars. In 2003 alone, SAIC pulled in $5.4 billion in government revenue."
  • Deep Politics Forum post by Anthony Thorne about the war profiteering by SAIC and its likely role in planning 9/11
  • Steven Hatfill, a major suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks before he was exonerated, worked for SAIC
  • CIA mental experiments done by SAIC (probably linked to their mind control programs)
  • Lori Price, "'DC Madam' confirms Ronald Roughead of SAIC was a customer --Palfrey Asserts "Honey Pot" Defense", 2007/09/11
  • DU discussion on the Roughead story
  • Discussion of how many defense contractors, like SAIC, Qualcomm, and Lockheed Martin, were in Palfrey's phone records
  • Alex Constantine, "Two SAIC Spooks Move to Verisign/CIA-NSA Internet Skullduggery", 2007/10/04
  • CityTime scandal in New York
  • "SAIC 2004 Annual Report"