Son of Sam murders

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Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti

Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan

Donna DeMasi and Joanne Lomino

Christine Freund and John Diel

Virginia Voskerichian

Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani

Sal Lupo and Judy Placido

Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante

Official investigation

Initial police work

Capture of Berkowitz

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Cult details

Others involved

Structure and history

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Nationwide operations

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Victim information

  • Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti - 1976/07/29 in the Bronx
    • Possible motive for being targeted
      • Note that Lauria was an ambulance technician who might have become aware of a drug ring involving Nugan Hand Bank that imported Golden Triangle heroin into the US through blood supplies
      • From p.856-857 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

            As reported earlier, a suspicious yellow car was seen cruising Donna's block shortly before she went out that last night. And later, just minutes before the shooting, Mike Lauria spied a yellow, Nova-sized car occupied by a lone male parked across the street and behind Jody's car. Additionally, the police themselves originally believed that the shots were aimed only at Donna.
            Perhaps one of the most pertinent pieces of the Donna Lauria puzzle was hidden in a long-forgotten, confidential police report. In it, a male acquaintance of Donna's was quoted by a young woman Donna knew. According to the woman, the man had said shortly before Donna's death:
            "Donna has one week to live."
            Although the information was secondhand, its import cannot be downplayed: within ten days of the statement, Donna was indeed dead.
            The NYPD didn't disregard it either. This youth was a prime suspect until he provided an alibi and Jody Valente said he wasn't the gunman. Of course the alibi was valid: Berkowitz committed the crime. But did this man, who had a checkered past, know something was coming?
            I also recalled the Laurias sadly telling me that Jody Valente, whom they regarded "almost like a daughter," seemed to avoid them in the months after the murder. "We could never understand that," Mike Lauria explained.
      • From p.??? of The Coffey Files: One Cop's War Against the Mob by Joseph Coffey and ‎Jerry Schmetterer (1992, 2016): "In the Donna Lauria case, Bronx detectives had felt that there might be an organized crime tie-in. Lauria's father and a former boyfriend were said to have some mob connections, but after six months that lead had gone nowhere and no other lead had developed."
      • Cosa Nostra News, "Bronx Homicide Detectives Initially Viewed Son of Sam's First Shooting As Mafia Hit" by Ed Scarpo, 2021/01/13: "Donna Lauria was found to have an ex-boyfriend who was a known associate of the Genovese crime family. Detectives in the area were among the most-seasoned homicide investigators working the streets; they initially believed the first killing was a Mafia hit. "That's the M.O. of the mob," Joseph Coffey, former NYPD Detective Sgt., who died in October 2015, said. "The wiseguys, they whack people, shoot them in the head." "Vinny" was low-level and allegedly ran numbers. At the time, he was the only suspect in the shooting. (Very little information about his story could be found.) Law enforcement interrogated him until they were convinced he wasn't guilty."
  • Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan - 1976/10/23 in Queens
    • Ed Opperman interview in 2017 with Son of Sam victim Carl Denaro - mentions the local cult leader only named as "Mr. Real Estate" and brings up Durst as one suspect; brings up a yellow Volkswagen seen at many murder scenes and part of the initial news reports, which was excised from the account of the murders after Berkowitz was found not to have them; says that Terry's files are in safe hands following his passing; discussion of possibility that Bill Mentzer was the Zodiac Killer; both DeNaro and Opperman mention the one-page INS document posted by Terry about Sirhan Sirhan being at Sharon Tate's house; brings up that Process founder Mary Ann de Grimston was a high-class call girl living close to where the Profumo affair prostitutes were; DeNaro expresses a belief that Timothy Wyllie's denials of Process Church crimes are unconvincing even to Wyllie himself; gives a criticism of serial killer profiling; discusses how the Process Church moved to Atlanta right after the Son of Sam murders (Denaro says "that's fact") and the Atlanta child murders happened immediately thereafter
    • People, "Survivor of the 'Son of Sam' Speaks Out 41 Years Later: 'I'm One of the Luckiest Guys in the World'", 2017/07/27
  • Donna DeMasi and Joanne Lomino - 1976/11/27 in Queens
    • ...
  • Christine Freund and John Diel - 1977/01/30 in Queens
    • Possible motive for being targeted
      • Note that Freund was a secretary for Reynolds Securities, a financial institution in Manhattan which purportedly did business with Citibank and Nugan Hand Bank
  • Virginia Voskerichian - 1977/03/08 in Queens
    • ...
  • Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani - 1977/04/17 in the Bronx
    • ...
  • Sal Lupo and Judy Placido - 1977/06/26 in Queens
    • ...
  • Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante - 1977/07/31 in Brooklyn
    • ...

Cult structure

  • John Carr - longtime cult member who recruited John Paul Ranieri into a Mafia prostitution ring; known as a "rapist and suffocator of young girls" who was clearly a heterosexual pedophile; went on to work at Minot Air Force Base, participating in a cult in North Dakota while also frequently commuting back to New York; matched a composite sketch in the Son of Sam murders
    • ...
  • Michael Carr - lived in Rochester NY in the early 1970s, and perhaps participated in the Alphabet murders there; matched a composite sketch in the Son of Sam murders
    • ...
  • Fred Cowan - an avowed neo-Nazi who belonged to organizations such as the National States Rights Party (connected to the Sanders family of the KKK who were implicated in the Atlanta child murders); worked at the Neptune Worldwide Moving Company (a company possibly linked to shipping illicit cargo) alongside Jack Cassara, who simultaneously rented a room to Berkowitz; on Valentine's Day 1977, he committed a massacre at his Neptune workplace and then killed himself
    • From p.303 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

          Mitteager explained that Cassara, from whom Berkowitz rented a room in early 1976, was a coworker of Fred Cowan — an avowed neo-Nazi who murdered six people before killing himself during a daylong siege at the Neptune Moving Company in New Rochelle on Valentine's Day 1977.
          Moreover, Berkowitz kept a file of news clippings on Cowan in his Yonkers apartment and had referred to him as "one of the Sons."
  • Norman Silberstein - known as German Johnson in The Ultimate Evil
    • ...
  • Patrick O'Shaugnessy - known as Peter Shane in The Ultimate Evil
    • ...
  • Jim Faulkner - bought the home of Sam Carr
  • Steve Trachtman - known as Reeve Rockman in The Ultimate Evil; Deloitte account auditor for NYC hospitals (including Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, which employed Donna Lauria's mother) and then an Assistant Vice President at Citibank (working in the same building as Christine Freund) during the time of the Son of Sam murders; known to North Dakota authorities as being acquainted with John Carr
    • LinkedIn profile for Steve Trachtman (Experience; Education)



    • Possible relationship to Lawrence Trachtman?
  • Barry Dossenko - known as Larry Milenko in The Ultimate Evil
    • LinkedIn profile for Barry Grant Dossenko
    • Mobilized communications network bios for Barry Dossenko and Serena Dossenko
    • Death of friend Jerry Berg
      • Bismarck Tribune, "Tree Accident Kills North Dakota Man", 1979/12/28: "Jerry Berg, 26, Butte, has died after apparently being crushed in a tree-clearing operation. The victim, formerly of Minot, died on a farm in the Voltaire area, about 30 miles southeast of Minot. A working partner brought Berg to a Minot hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The death is being investigated by the Ward and McHenry county sheriff 's offices."
    • Meth production in the 1980s
      • ...
    • Family tie to cult apologist Frank Flinn (the sister of Barry's wife was Frank's wife)
      • The Record (Washington University in St. Louis), "Obituary: Frank K. Flinn, religious freedom advocate, religious movements scholar, 76", 2015/07/20: "Frank K. Flinn, PhD, an outspoken expert on religious freedom and the constitutional rights of fringe religious groups, died Saturday, July 4, 2015. He was 76. [...] An adjunct professor of religious studies at Washington University in St. Louis since 1990, Flinn was a frequent commentator on religious issues in the news and often called upon to testify in court cases involving the legal rights of controversial religious groups, including the Church of Scientology and the Texas-based Branch Davidians of David Koresh. A longtime scholar of church-state issues and cults, he staunchly defended the rights of such religious sectarian groups to exist and function as legitimate religious movements. Threatening the constitutional rights of these sectarian groups also threatens the rights of older, mainline religions, he warned. [...] His research focused on the rise of new religious movements in the United States and abroad since World War II, including such religious phenomena as the Great Awakening, Shakerism, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, Jehovah’s Witness, New Harmony, Oneida, Brook Farm, Unification, Hare Krishna and the Wiccan Movement. Flinn testified on new religions before the U.S. Congress and various state legislatures and lectured at colleges and conferences throughout the United States and in Canada, Japan, China and Europe. He authored many scholarly publications, including the 2007 Encyclopedia of Catholicism. [...] Flinn is survived by his wife Alice Bloch, by sons Adam Pablo Flinn and Mark Hosteen Flinn, daughter-in-law Lolita L. Flinn, grandchildren Kristin Ayana Flinn and Caleb Scott Flinn, sisters-in-law Paula Marie Flinn and Serena Dossenko, brother-in-law Barry Dossenko, niece Allison Hanzawa, and nephew Edward S. Flinn."
      • Chicago Tribune, "KORESH REVIVES JONES MEMORIES", 1993/04/23: "[Loyola University theology professor, Roman Catholic priest, and cult researcher / exit counselor Rev. Mitchell Pacwa] felt that "law officials and citizens have to pay close attention to the illegal activities and weapons stockpiling by religious groups." That concern was echoed by Raschke and Frank Flinn, an adjunct professor of religion at Washington University in St. Louis. "There are other cults out there arming themselves like Koresh. He's a hero to those other religious fanatics," Raschke said. Flinn has testified as an expert court witness for religious groups' rights. He cautioned that the charges that brought federal agents to the compound doors Feb. 28-that the group possessed illegal weapons and that Koresh "consorted with underage girls"-have not been proven. Nonetheless, Flinn decried that "we tolerate the idea of wholesalers supplying all sorts of weapons to all sorts of groups in this country.""
      • Church of Scientology webpage promoting the 1994 Flinn paper that calls Scientology a legitimate religion (Frank K. Flinn, Ph.D., "Scientology: The Marks of Religion", 1994/09/22)
      • Note that Flinn might have been involved in an effort (circa early 2000s) to promote a fall guy / patsy (possibly Earl Cox) in the Angie Housman murder
  • Phil Falcon - ran a coffee shop in Minot (the Falcon's Nest) that was a hangout for the local cult members
    • The Ally, "Controversy Over Drug Death", 1971/02-03 - has an open letter signed "Phil Falcon, Ex-E4" of "Minot, North Dakota"
    • Schuyler Sun, "Boys' Ranch film shown at ZLSC", 1975/02/27: "Zion Lutheran Sewing Circle met Feb. 19 at the parochial school basement with 33 members present. Mrs. Phillip Timmins of New Vernon, N. J., was a guest. The meeting opened with the hymn "Jesus The Life of The Living". Pastor Robert Bleeke used as his topic discussion Psalm 104 after which a film of the Boys' Ranch at Minot, N. D., was shown. Narrator was Phil Falcon, who as a boy, spent five years at the ranch and has high regard for the institution known as a haven for homeless boys sponsored by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Mrs. Ladean Korte presided at the business meeting. Mrs. Leo Grotelueschen served as secretary pro tem in the absence of Mrs. Vernon Hake. Hostesses were Mrs. Victor Olson Sr., Mrs. Victor Olson Jr. and Mrs. Stanley Settje."
    • North Dakota Supreme Court, no. 583: State of North Dakota, Plaintiff/Appellee v. Richard Dewey Larson, Defendant/Appellant, opinion of the court, 1977/05/12: "On July 12 and 13, 1976, Larson delivered methamphetamine, a controlled substance, to an undercover agent, Ricky Steven Gilland. Gilland was an agent for both Ward County and the City of Minot. Larson was arrested on July 19, 1976, at the conclusion of an extensive undercover drug enforcement operation within the Ward County area. Prior to the trial of the instant case, Larson, an American Indian, moved that his trial be scheduled to be heard at a different place on the district court trial docket so that his trial would not follow the trial of another American Indian, Phil Falcon, charged with a similar offense. Larson alleged that the successive trial of two American Indians would be prejudicial to his case. The trial court denied Larson's motion. Falcon was acquitted following a jury trial conducted October 12-14, 1976, and Larson's jury trial began on October 26, 1976."
    • Williston Herald, obituary for George Phillip Falcon, 2013/02/08: "Beloved brother Phil Falcon (George Phillip Falcon) passed away Feb. 1, 2013, surrounded by his family and roommates at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Wash. Phil Falcon was born May 10, 1947, in Williston. He was preceded in death by his father, “Fiddling” Pat Falcon, and brother “Punky” Gary Falcon, all descendants of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewas in Belcourt. Phil was a natural intellect, loved to read and, most of all, play his guitar and create the gift of music. Phil Falcon attended Minot State Teacher’s College after High School back in North Dakota.
 Phil Falcon gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country by serving in the military, as a medic, during the Vietnam War. Soon after, Phil Falcon moved to Seattle, same as his father Pat and Pat’s wife, Bernie Falcon. In the latter part of his life, Phil worked at the Chief Seattle Club, located in downtown Seattle, for a number of years. Phil Falcon’s true passion and profession was playing his guitar and singing. He quickly became a staple and a “Pike Place Market” legendary street musician. Our brother also worked and volunteered his time for events such as Hemp Fest. Phil Falcon was so very proud of Lisa Helberg of Royal City, Wash., whom he raised since childhood, as his own daughter. He spoke of her true kindness, husband and children often. Phil is survived by his close friends and roommates, Glen and Richard; his loving brothers, Gordon Falcon, Rockie Thielman, Patrick Falcon, Randy Falcon and Ricky Falcon; and sister, Gina P. Jaschke. Phil’s memorial service will be at 
Our Lady of Mount Virgin Parish in 
Seattle, on Feb. 18 from 2-6 p.m.

 Williston and Trenton arrangements are planned at a later date."
    • Background of the Falcon family
      • Find A Grave memorial for Rosina Vondall Falcon (born 1909, died 1992 in Williston ND): "Mother of George "Pat" Falcon, Louis Falcon, Mary Angeline Falcon, Rena Falcon, Richard Falcon, Charles Falcon (buried in Trenton Cemetery), Ernest Falcon, Ronald Falcon (buried in Trenton), Melvin Falcon, Roger Falcon, Paul Falcon (buried in Trenton), Eddie Falcon, August Falcon, and Irene "Sissy" Falcon."
      • Seattle Times, obituary for George Falcon, 2004/04/29-30: "George "Fiddling Pat" FALCON Passed away on April 28th 2004 at the age of 78. Pat was born March 15th 1926 in Williston ND. He is survived by his loving wife of 26 years, Bernardine. Pat leaves behind 6 sons and 1 daughter, 4 stepsons and 2 stepdaughters. George Patrick Falcon is part of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in Belcourt ND, along with his 10 brothers and 2 sisters. He will be missed dearly by his countless relatives here and all over the US. He will be brought home to Williston ND as he wished. The place he was raised, fished, and learned to play his fiddle. We love you so, so much."
      • Find A Grave memorial for Charles LeRoy “Charlie” Falcon - born 1938/05/13 in Trenton ND; died 2006/09/05 in Trenton ND; son of Albert Theodore Falcon (1900–1977) and Rosina Vondall Falcon (1909–1992)
      • Bismarck Tribune, obituary for Charles Falcon, 2006/09/07: "He is survived by his wife, Judy; two sons, Rubin Indridason, Trenton, and Billy Joe Falcon, Rosebud, S.D.; three daughters, Sheila Falcon and Carla Grile, Williston, and Ruby DeCoteau, Trenton; 15 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; his brothers, Louis, Richard, Roger, Edwin and August, all of Trenton, and Ernest and Paul, both of Williston; and his sisters, Rina Falcon, Trenton, and Sissy Falcon, Pendelton, Ore. (Everson Funeral Home, Williston)"
      • Everson-Coughlin Funeral Home and Cremation Services obituary for Judy Yvonne Falcon: "Judy Falcon, 76, of Trenton, passed away at her home, surrounded by her family on Saturday evening, January 2, 2021. Please observe CDC guidelines for social distancing and the use of facial covering is required. Judy Yvonne Falcon was born on February 2, 1944 in Salinas, California to Robert and Emma (Slater) Turcotte. The family made their home in Trenton where Judy was raised and educated in Trenton School. She was a tribal member of Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians who took great pride in her heritage. On September 4, 1965 Judy was united in marriage, to the love of her life, Charles “Charlie” Falcon in Watford City, North Dakota. They celebrated 41 years of marriage. Judy and Charles raised their five beautiful children at their home in Trenton. Besides being a wonderful homemaker, Judy had numerous positions as a health care worker. In her early years she worked at Mercy Hospital as an aide. She also helped her mother in-law with home dialysis in earlier years. She enjoyed cooking, she had many positions doing what she loved. She was a cook at Trenton Indian Service Center, Kensington and Trenton School. Judy retired as a receptionist at TISA in 2016. In Judy’s early years she was a volunteer fireman for the Trenton Fire Department for many years. She was a member of the Williston Basin Indian Club, Moose Lodge Williston chapter 252, and Trenton Senior Center. Judy enjoyed making crafts. There was not a craft she could not make. She was most known for her sewing, crocheting, cake decorating and her native american bead work. She was given the name “best hooker in Trenton” from a good friend and well-respected man in the community, Gene Lindsey. She was an avid Bingo player and casino enthusiast. She enjoyed going to yard sales and attending auctions with Charlie in her early years. She had a love for music and dancing. But of all, her greatest love was spending time with her kids and grandkids. Judy is survived by her two sons; Rubin Indriadson of Mandan and Billy Joe Sr. (Juanita) Falcon of Rosebud, South Dakota; three daughters, Sheila (Kent) Bjerke of Williston, Carla (Phillip) Grile of Williston and Ruby DeCoteau (significant other, Frank) of Dunseith, North Dakota; Eighteen grandchildren, Twenty seven great grandchildren, Ten great great grandchildren; her brother Ted (Rena Mae) Turcotte of Trenton; her sisters, Dinah Elton of Lynd, Minnesota and Connie (Archie) Lynch of Trenton; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was proceeded in death by her husband Charles; parents, Robert and Emma; Granddaughter, Ashley DeCoteau; brothers, Elton, Larry “Sunnyman” and Jim “Jughead”; and her sisters, June, Marion “Fea” and Barbra."
      • Background of the Bjerke family (which Phil Falcon's cousin Sheila married into)
        • Williston Herald, obituary for Edwin Bjerke, 2011/05/07: "Bjerke was born on Jan. 31, 1926, to Edward and Agnette (Erickson) Bjerke, in Williston. He was raised and educated in Williston.

          In 1944, Ed enlisted in the U.S. Navy, he was honorably discharged in 1946. Ed was best known as the "Milk Man", working for 30 years at Missouri Valley Creamery. Upon the closing of the creamery, he worked for 10 years at Williston State College.

          Ed was known for pulling quarters out of young kids' ears, causing smiles from ear to ear. After his retirement he volunteered many hours at the Senior Center. Ed and his good friend, Earl Grasser, loved to play their guitars and sing for the residents of Bethel Home and the hospital swing bed patients.

          On Oct. 24, 1951, Ed was united in marriage to Arlene Zubrod, in Valley City. They spent their years together in Williston, where they made their home and raised their family.

          Surviving Ed are his daughters, Beverly (Robert) Martin, Williston, Bonnie (Jeffrey) Stevens, Williston, Caroline (Brian) Engelhard, Valley City; his son, Kent (Sheila) Bjerke, Williston; one brother, Kenneth Bjerke, Streamwood, Ill.; one sister-in-law, Mary Zubrod, Valley City; his grandchildren; Michael, Leah, Megan Martin; Kyle (Brienna) Hanson, Jacob Stevens; Wayne, Kayla, Casey Engelhard; Shantel Falcon, Brittany Star, Bruce Star; one great-grandson, Kole Hanson; his special friend, Evelyn Christianson; and numerous nieces and nephews.

          Preceding Ed in death, were his beloved wife, Arlene; parents, Edward and Agnette Bjerke; one brother, Arnold Bjerke; one sister-in-law, Lillian Bjerke; and a brother-in-law,Vernon Zubrod."
        • 2020/07/01 comment by Kent Bjerke from Williston ND on the guestbook of Scott Herslip (November 23, 1963 - April 11, 2020): "I was truly saddened to see my friend had passed. I cook in Williston ND and have served Scott many a meal. I thought of him often since March and wondered how he was doing. Thought this morning to google his name and found his death. His personality and conversation will be deeply missed. Kent Bjerke [Courthouse Cafe]."
  • Alfred Hunt Howell - suspected of being the leader in New York known as Mr. Real Estate and Moloch
    • kidkenoma, "UPDATE: MR REAL ESTATE", 2019/01/01
    • New York Times, "RUTH REA MARRIED TO ALFRED HOWELL; Pittsburgh Girl Becomes Bride of New Yorker at Summer Home of Her Parents MADE DEBUT HERE IN 1935 She Is Granddaughter of Mrs. Cleveland H. Dodge--Bridegroom Son of Banker", 1938/09/19: "Announcement has been made here of the marriage of Miss Ruth Rea, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Childs Rea of Pittsburgh, to Alfred Hunt Howell, son of Mr., and Mrs. Alfred C. Howell of 815 Park Avenue, which took place Saturday at Bakobils, the Summer home in Rector, Pa., of the bride's parents."
    • New York Times, "A.H. Howell, 83, Book-Loving Banker", 1996/04/28: "Alfred Hunt Howell, a retired banker and philanthropist, died on Tuesday at his home in Riverdale, the Bronx. He was 83. He retired in 1972 as vice president for pension-fund investments at Citibank after 35 years with the bank. In retirement he pursued history and Middle Eastern studies at Columbia University. He learned Arabic and received a Ph.D. in medieval history in 1993, when he was 80. He had graduated from Princeton University in 1934 and earned a master's in philosophy at Columbia in 1978. His interest in philosophy and theology prompted his book "Who Made You? Theology, Science and Human Responsibility" (Praeger, 1989). As a collector of rare books, he was active for 54 years in the Grolier Club, the library and gathering place for bibliophiles on East 60th Street, of which he was a past president. He also was a trustee of the Frick Collection. He was a longtime benefactor of the Young Men's Christian Association and served as a trustee, board chairman and president at the metropolitan, state and national levels. He was also a director and vice president of the Bronx-based Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation. A native of Wyoming, Ohio, he arrived in Riverdale in the late 1940's and soon delved into community work, supporting a long list of cultural, recreational and social service institutions in the Bronx. Mr. Howell is survived by two sons, Alfred H. Jr., of Reston, Va., and Henry P., of Arlington, Va.; a daughter, Ann H. Armstrong of West Chester, Pa.; six grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. His wife of 55 years, Ruth Rea Howell, died in 1993."
    • Intelligence connections
      • ...
      • TODO: look into the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, which is alleged by some sources to be a CIA front group
      • ...
    • Murder by Nicolaj Amman - note that former Phoenix Program head and CIA director William Colby was killed days later on April 27
      • New York Times, "Man Is Charged in 1996 Killing of Philanthropist", 1998/11/25: "The Bronx District Attorney, Robert T. Johnson, has charged Nikolaj Amann, 25, with first-degree murder, robbery, burglary, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal possession of a weapon in the April 23, 1996, slaying of Alfred H. Howell at Mr. Howell's Riverdale mansion. [...] According to family members and law enforcement officials, Mr. Howell's butler found the 83-year-old millionaire lying next to his bed in a pool of blood on April 24, 1996. But when Mr. Howell's doctor and police detectives arrived at the mansion on Palisade Avenue, they found nothing amiss and the elderly man's death was attributed to a heart attack. But in September 1996, detectives in Harrison, N.Y., arrested Mr. Amann on unrelated burglary charges stemming from a break-in in Westchester County, prosecutors said. While in custody, Mr. Amann confessed to shooting Mr. Howell during a robbery at the mansion, said law enforcement officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The death was reclassified as a homicide this September, according to prosecutors and family members. Mr. Howell's son, Alfred Hunt Howell Jr., said yesterday that the case had been hampered by an inadequate investigation and resistance from the New York City Police Department."
      • New York Daily News, "Tycoon's heart attack looking like murder", 1999/01/10: "A Bronx millionaire who cops first thought died of a heart attack in 1996 might have been gunned down in his Riverdale mansion by an armed robber, the Daily News has learned. Forensic tests performed on Alfred Hunt Howell indicate that there were fragments of lead in his ashes, sources told The News. The lab tests were ordered after murder suspect Nicolaj Amman confessed to investigators that he shot Howell after the 83-year-old millionaire surprised him as he was burglarizing the mansion. The forensic tests and Amman's confession raise serious questions about how police handled the initial investigation of the death. Police had concluded that Howell died of natural causes and released the body of the retired banker and philanthropist for cremation without an autopsy. [...] Cops and detectives from the 50th Precinct went to Howell's stately home overlooking the Hudson River on April 23, 1996, after the millionaire's body was found lying in blood in his bedroom. An empty wallet on the bed apparently did not raise the cops' suspicions. Family members contacted Bronx Supreme Court Justice Daniel Fitzgerald about their suspicions, and he referred the family to a lawyer, Larry Sheehan. The lawyer — who coincidentally has been appointed by the court to represent Amman — never met with the Howells, and the suspicions remained unexplored. The investigation was reopened after Amman was arrested for burglary in Westchester and told cops there that he had information about the slaying. Amman first tried to pin the slaying on two other men, claiming he was only a lookout. After a police probe cleared the two men, Amman admitted pistol-whipping the victim and then shooting him. [...] Detectives close to the case say they don't believe Amman shot Howell, and have floated the theory that the victim was bludgeoned with a candlestick holder."
  • James Cummaro - liaison between Roy Radin and the cult, who carried directives for certain hits (like that of Christine Freund); known as James Camaro in The Ultimate Evil
    • Staten Island Advance, "James Cummaro, 60", 2015/05/19: "Former Staten Islander James Cummaro, 60, of Walden, N.Y., a retired sales associate, former commercial photographer and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who was known for his positive outlook and great sense of humor, died May 11 in Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, N.Y.

      Mr. Cummaro grew up in Shore Acres and graduated from Curtis High School.

      He served in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years.

      After his military service, he moved to Manhattan's Greenwich Village. He settled in Walden in 1992.

      Mr. Cummaro loved photography, and combined that with his skills, working as a commercial advertising photographer at Slide Systems in Manhattan for 16 years. He most recently worked at Home Depot in Newburgh for 16 years, retiring in 2014."
  • Ron Sisman - freelance photographer alleged to have produced a snuff film of Stacy Moskowitz's murder; was murdered on Halloween 1981 in what was allegedly a cult operation to silence him
    • ...
  • Jesse Turner - self-professed hitman for the Process cult, who originated in New Orleans and later went to New York; claims he dispatched two men to murder Ron Sisman at the behest of Robert Mapplethorpe
    • From p.1081-1082 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

          Berkowitz's claim was corroborated by a young man who also dropped by the Angry Squire now and then. Jesse Turner, a jailed bank robber, was an admitted Process associate. "In the early '70s, I lived with some of them in a house in the French Quarter in New Orleans," he said. "They were brokering kids, and their rituals were wall-to-wall sex and drugs. I also witnessed a murder they did in Bayou St. John. It was one of their own. They bled him to death and got rid of the body."
          Turner said he continued his interactions with the British group in New York. "I was also a good friend of Michael Carr," Turner stated. "About halfway into it I learned the Process was behind Son of Sam. They called it one of their 'Apocalyptic Trials,' which meant a major public display of violence."
          Turner was also a close associate of Robert Mapplethorpe, the controversial homoerotic photographer and sculptor who died of AIDS in 1989. "I lived with Robert and [rock singer] Patti Smith for awhile when they were a couple," Turner said. "Robert thought he was the devil. He was affiliated with the Process, but not strictly a member. But they used each other."
          Turner, who was debriefed extensively by NYPD and Yonkers detectives in 1996, stated that Mapplethorpe approached him for a favor in 1981. "It was for the Process. Robert told me Sisman had some snuff films, and they wanted them back. I knew the Moskowitz [Son of Sam] film was one of them."
          Turner said he recruited two gunmen, who killed Sisman and Platzman and retrieved five snuff films, one of which was Sisman's copy of the Moskowitz tape. NYPD detectives questioned the two alleged killers in 1996. According to official sources, one of them "miserably failed" a polygraph test and the other was graded "deceptive" because he "tried to beat the machine."
          The pair then hired lawyers, but the probe suddenly screeched to a halt. NYPD authorities said they lacked enough evidence to make arrests. However, an unidentified federal agent advised WABC-TV that the department's brass shut down the investigation when they discovered it led to the Son of Sam case.
    • Elmira Star-Gazette, "Harassment Charged", 1973/08/06: "Jesse M. Turner, 18, of 710 Fairfield Ave., was charged early Sunday morning with harassing a police lieutenant. Lt. David Olszowy committed Turner to the Chemung County Jail in lieu of $100 bail after the arrest at 1:45 a.m. Sunday. Olszowy reported Turner called both The Star-Gazette and police headquarters late Saturday, "stating that he was Lt. Lewis of the New York City Police Department, representing Steven P. Turner (34, of 710 Fairfield Ave.), recently arrested by this department." Steven Turner was charged Friday with second degree rape of a 12-year old girl. Olszowy said, "He (Jesse Turner) wanted the story behind (Steven's) arrest hushed-up." He changed his identity during the conversation with Olszowy to "Jesse Turner, employed by the New Orleans, La., police department," Olszowy said. At 12:50 a.m., Turner called police again, "and wanted immediate action on the recovery of stolen property belonging to an uncle, Steven Turner." Olszowy told Turner to lodge a formal complaint in person at headquarters. At 1:45 a.m., Turner arrived to do so, where he "continued to be unreasonable and vague, becoming loud and disrupting operations of the radio room," Olszowy said. The lieutenant placed a charge of harassment. Turner will appear in Recorder's Court this morning to answer the charge. At the same time, his uncle, Steven Turner will appear in the same court to ask for granting of bail."
    • From p.??? of Mapplethorpe: A Biography by Patricia Morrisroe (1995):

          [...] Mapplethorpe and Smith had developed such a reputation for their strange brand of creative wizardry that when a fifteen-year-old hustler named Jesse Michael Turner moved into the loft with them, Chelsea resident Stanley Amos wondered if perhaps he was only “a figment of their madness.” Turner, who as of this writing is in prison for bank robbery, had been living on the street for five years when he arrived at the loft with an art dealer. Mapplethorpe and Smith decided to temporarily “adopt” him, and he moved into the loft about the same time as Patti’s sister, Linda, who was so frightened by Mapplethorpe’s sinister assemblages that every time she went into his room she drew crosses on her forehead with eyebrow pencil. At first, Turner was also intimidated by Mapplethorpe’s skulls and devil’s heads, but he came to regard him as a “truly caring person not out to exploit.” In an effort to convince Turner that even he could transform his life into art, Mapplethorpe donated wall space in his loft so the young hustler could create something special on it. Inspired by Mapplethorpe’s collages, Turner covered the wall with aluminum foil and thousands of pictures of the Rolling Stones. Later, when Turner was incarcerated at Lewisburg State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, he began writing poetry “on the pleasure of crimes against the establishment.”
          Turner left the loft at the end of the summer, but not before witnessing a strange incident. Mapplethorpe had been taking LSD When he suddenly began screaming, “I’m the devil! I’m the devil!” Turner ran to the Chelsea to “get some Thorazine from a guy named Crazy Matthew so Robert could crash,” but Mapplethorpe, meanwhile, stripped off his clothes and began sprinting down Twenty-third Street stark naked while still shouting, “I’m the devil!” Croland, who had been at the loft, took him back upstairs, but When he tried to calm him down, Mapplethorpe insisted that Croland was the devil, too. “How can I be the devil?” Croland asked him, to Which Mapplethorpe replied, “You’re beautiful, and beauty and the devil are the same thing.”
    • Yonkers Herald Statesman, "New probes may spread blame in 'Son of Sam' killings", 1997/11/16: "According to this scenario, photographer and alleged cultist Robert Mapplethorpe hired a man now imprisoned for bank robbery in Alabama to arrange the murder of Sissman and retrieve the film of the Moskowitz shooting. The convict, Jesse Turner, said he pulled it off, and he appeared briefly in the WABC series. He was brought from his prison cell to New York City for extensive police interviews last year, Terry said. [...] When someone inside the NYPD realized the Sissman murder was related to the Son of Sam case, Terry has alleged, high-ranking police officials shut down the investigation. That story also was told by an unidentified federal official who appeared on camera with his face hidden and his voice altered. However, WABC news director Bart Feder said the station confirmed the identity and credibility of the official. William Allee, the NYPD's chief of detectives, confirmed part of the story. "We did have an investigation by our cult case squad last year," Allee said, adding that it began in April 1996 and ended this year. "Detectives interviewed Turner, and he gave them some information. He identified two individuals, we spoke to those people and they retained attorneys. But we never had enough evidence to make an arrest." Allee denied that there was an NYPD cover-up."
  • Bill Mentzer - alleged to be the infamous "Manson II" who was in the Manson Family orbit during the 60s, orchestrated the Arlis Perry murder, carried out the murder of Christine Freund, and was ultimately jailed for the contract killing of Roy Radin
    • ...
    • Connection to the Magic Island club in Newport Beach CA
      • From p.964 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

            Another informant, who knew Mentzer personally, linked him to a private social club in the L.A. area that was formed specifically to cater to mystical interests. Whether backroom activities there, said to include dope dealing and sadomasochistic sex, were those of the cult per se, we didn't know. But since the club also had a branch in Houston, we believed we probably had located a link to the headquarters of the Sam group. If not active behind the walls of the club itself, we strongly suspected that at least some of the club's organizers were part of the Sam operation.
            Mentzer was identified as being a club member, and the informant claimed that he was instrumental in obtaining occult paraphernalia for the establishment. Southern California police sources also stated that Mentzer was a "honcho" in the club.
      • From p.1032 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999): "In my own investigation, things kept happening right into July 1986. Just weeks before we arrived on Fire Island, the Los Angeles area social club we'd linked to the Sam cult was torched. Arson. And the blaze was ignited at the same time inquiries about the club were being made."
      • Los Angeles Times, "Magicians Are Appearing Before Your Very Eyes!", 1981/01/22: "An upcoming showcase for magic is the exclusive Magic Island club in Lido Village. About 675 advance memberships at $750 apiece have been sold so far. Magic Island is now scheduled to open in April. Owner Michael Callie and his partner, Bill Anderson, are aware that to book the finest talent they must engage magicians from throughout the world. They will hire locally when they can, but acts must meet the highest of standards, they say."
      • Los Angeles Times, "Party Materializes in Magical Setting", 1981/05/19: "A life-sized, gold-colored bust of King Tutankhamon rested in a 16th-Century case at the party honoring the board of advisers of Magic Island, an elegant private club that will open soon in Newport Beach. The party at the Balboa Bay Club also featured magical props and a spectrum of Egyptian artifacts in honor of the land where magic originated. Magic Island will be a stage for the world's top magicians, who will perform in an Egyptian setting when the club opens with a mystical gala in June. The club's owners, Michael A. Callie (he's president and chief wizard), Bill Anderson and Sally Rains Waite, arranged the reception to introduce the advisers of the new 13,000-square-foot club at 3505 Via Oporto. At the reception, hors d'oeurves, made in the shape of pyramids, were on the buffet table, along with salmon mousse, caviar, crab legs, tempura shrimp and Oysters Rockerfeller. And, you guessed it — entertainment was the fine art of magic. Magic was performed by Ron Jones and Flame (they're famous for their magical fire acts and flame eating), Doug Bennett (he's an illusionist) and Wayne Hersey, who traveled from table to table performing acts of magic. [...] About 500 guests, including actress Connie Stevens, songwriter and entertainer Bill Medley and Harry Blackstone Jr., a world-famous magician, attended the reception. Thomas Hanigan, the advisory board director, introduced Callie, Anderson and Sally Waite. Wally Cruttenden Jr., a board member, served as master of ceremonies. Wally introduced the board, including Sen. John Schmitz (R-Newport Beach), who flew in from Sacramento for the reception and Alan Rypinski, who postponed a European trip to attend. Other board members introduced were Richard Buffum, Paul Deese, Jon A. Giberson, Robert Guggenheim, Alfred Huizar, Robert K. Lowry, James McGee, Dr. William H. Parker, Howard Ruby, Darol R. Smith and Joan and Dick Stevens. Others on the board are Larry L Cano, Don Koll, Peter C. Kremer, Jay Reed and Paul Salata. Among guests at the party were Dick Johnson, Lynn Hirsch, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Doolin, Sandy and Don Sutherland, Clark Graves, Linda and Peter Rothschild, Bernie Hebert, Wally Lamb, Carol Ziegler, Terry and Bob Spreen, Allyn Cano and Hans Prager."
      • Tyler Courier-Times, "Magic Island: Disneyland For Adults Opening In Houston As Unusual Club", 1984/09/02: "When Michael Callie scouted locations for his second Magic Island club and restaurant, Houston was a natural. [...] In a building fronted by a 16-foot statue of a Pharoah's head, members can get to the second-floor lounge, restaurant and numerous showrooms for magic acts via two elevators. One is a typical elevator. The other is a two-minute ride into an Egyptian vault that is located in the flooding Nile, narrated by an English guide and complete with a curse. The "Fantasy Elevator" was designed by Bob Zraick, who has developed special effects for Disneyland and Universal Studio tours. [...] Showrooms go from an intimate chamber seating only 10 to 15 people for close-up, slight-of-hand acts to a theater that seats 100 where celebrity acts, including Harry Blackstone Jr., who is on Magic Island's entertainment advisory board, will perform."
      • Los Angeles Times, "Magic Island Petitions for Reorganization", 1985/06/27
      • Los Angeles Times, "Magic Club Will Try to Rebound After Smoky Fire", 1986/06/11: "An exclusive Newport Beach magic club, already fighting its way back from bankruptcy, will be closed for at least six weeks while workers repair the damage from what officials are calling a suspicious fire. On Tuesday, however, executives said Magic Island will press on with an aggressive marketing effort to increase the private club's membership. Newport Beach fire officials decline to release the cause of the Monday night blaze that destroyed the club's kitchen and part of a dining room, but they characterized it as suspicious. [...] Display cases filled with magic apparatus were damaged, but club officials said the magic collection itself seemed to be unharmed. "Accidents can happen," said Terry Giles, chairman and principal owner of its parent company, Grand Illusion Enterprises Inc., "but if it was arson, that is disturbing." The club, which features private dining rooms and entertainment by magic acts, filed for protection from creditors June 25, 1985, and came out of Chapter 11 protection on April 1, 1986, said Thomas Sciarrino, the club's executive vice president. [...] A telephone marketing program is going "full steam ahead," said James R. Daggett, marketing vice president of Good-Koupal, the club's Irvine-based advertising and public relations agency."
      • Los Angeles Times, "MAKING MAGIC CLUB REAPPEAR WILL BE TRICKY", 1986/06/13 (pages VI-1, VI-23): "The club's problems started long before Monday night's blaze. After opening to a swirl of success in 1981, Magic Island reportedly began to slip in quality, and interest among its members waned. The owners, claiming that making a $4.1-million debt disappear was one trick they couldn't perform, filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 on June 25, 1985. Hoping to make the 4-year-old club solvent, the court began accepting bids from prospective buyers. Magic Island, located in Lido Marina Village, finally was sold last March to a Santa Ana businessman and a Piedmont surgeon, who hired a public relations firm to help resurrect the club's image. [...] Magic Island will be closed for six to eight weeks as the damage is repaired and renovations continue, said Terry Giles, chairman of Grand Illusion Enterprises Inc., which owns the club. Giles controls 74% of the company's stock. Thomas Sciarrino, Magic Island's executive vice president, said: "This [the fire] is just another obstacle to overcome, one of many. We'll be ready to go by the end of July." [...] A former criminal attorney turned entrepreneur. Giles knows it will take more than positive thinking or sleight-of-hand to move forward. [...] Giles joined with Dr. Robert Albo, who controls the remaining 26% of Grand Illusion Enterprises' stock, to buy the club for $1.25 million. He said the partnership so far has spent more than $1 million for improvements ranging from painting the club to remodeling the kitchen. The renovations are not frills but essential steps in the club's recovery, said Sciarrino. The only administrator retained from the old order, Sciarrino joined Magic Island seven months before the bankruptcy petition was filed and vividly recalls its sorry condition at the time. [...] Carpets and drapes were dirty; the myriad brass fixtures throughout the club's Egyptian setting were tarnished, and the two major attractions, a seance room and trick elevator (both equipped with illusion-creating gadgets) routinely broke down. Even the restaurant, once ballyhooed as among Newport Beach's best, became mediocre, Sciarrino said. "You should have seen it; even the plants were dying," lamented club manager Tony Maloof. [...] All members pay $750 to join, $200 a year in dues and $85 a month in credits that can be accrued and used to buy drinks or food. [...] [Sciarrino] sketched the typical member as an upper-class professional who makes at least $75,000 a year, visits the club once every three months and usually brings family, friends or business associates along. [...] Glenn Hicks, Magic Island's president and former head of Disneyland's private Club 33, whose main job is reorganizing Magic Island's restaurant, said the decision to keep the establishment private was based more on good business sense than elitism. [...] The club also has forged a reciprocal agreement with Magic Castle, the well-known private Hollywood club that also specializes in the magical arts. Under the agreement, their members can visit either club, Giles said. Bill Larsen, the president of Magic Castle, said the arrangement has helped reverse the ill feelings that developed when the clubs began competing for customers in 1981. [...] Albo, a longtime Magic Castle member and amateur magician, has helped to temper the feud through his involvement at both clubs, Larsen added."
      • Los Angeles Times, "Magic Island for a Spooky and Mystifying Night Out", 1988/11/24: "Unless you’re Indiana Jones, your concept of fun probably doesn’t allow for spending several hours poking through an Egyptian tomb. Still, if you happen to be anywhere near Lido Village in Newport Beach, you might want to consider the idea. That small corner of the Balboa Peninsula is the home of Magic Island, Orange County’s shrine to illusion, sleight of hand and the mystic arts. [...] Upon arrival in the small entrance room, customers are ushered through a sliding panel in one wall and into an elevator--a sort of elevator, anyway. The elevator actually doesn’t go anywhere but gives the illusion of descending deep into the earth, Amy McCloskey, Magic Island’s manager, said. The visitors emerge from the bogus elevator on the other side of the wall, into the Magic Lounge--the bar area, where psychics, numerologists and Tarot card readers offer their services throughout the evening. [...] In one upstairs chamber, quite dimly lit, is the Seance Room, which is entered by sliding a bookcase away from a wall. It is a room that must be specially booked, McCloskey said, and the seance, complete with dinner and special effects, lasts about 3 hours. [...] Magic Island, which has been operating for about 8 years, was a members-only club until last April, when it was opened to the public for the first time, McCloskey said. [...] Where: 3434 Via Lido, Newport Beach."
      • Houston Chronicle, "Magic Island, one of Houston's most peculiar buildings, prepares for a revival", 2018/05/03: "On Thursday, visited the site at 2215 Southwest Freeway and spoke with two people who are working with the owner to restore it to its former glory. First opened in 1983, Magic Island was a destination dining experience featuring magic shows, music, dining and drinking. The pharaoh's head on the top of the building is one of the most recognized pieces of architecture in Houston, and its old world construction always turns heads. Manny Fahid and his assistant, Sue Smith, are working for the building's owner, Mohammad Athari, an area neurologist, to somehow renovate the building and turn it back into a Houston nightlife destination. [...] Houston actually was Magic Island's second location. A movie producer named Michael Callie started the original club in Newport Beach, California, in the hopes of turning it into a chain. He sold off the concept to another businessman, who brought it to Houston during the '80s oil boom. Fahid was an employee at the venue back in 1983 when it first opened. He's back on board working for Athari. Smith, his assistant, is handling the financial side."
      • Michael Callie background - was the founder and original president / co-owner
        • Los Angeles Times, obituary for Michael Alan Callie (July 20, 1943 - February 20, 2020), 2020/02/28-03/01: ""If We Weren't Laughing, We'd Be Crying," was the mantra of Michael Callie, a one of a kind comedy innovator and legend who left us too soon. For more than 50 years Mike dedicated his life and energies to the world of comedy and entertainment. He focused on making others laugh with his unique ideas and projects infused with his creative spirit and unique take on life. Michael was born in Detroit, to Eleanor and Sidney Leibovitz. Eleanor became a young WWII widow who then married Jack Aaron Callie and raised Michael, and his sisters, Iris and Susan in Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles. The family business was running a variety of restaurants, card clubs and nightclubs. Michael served our country by enlisting in the Army during the Vietnam War and earned the rank of First Lieutenant. After college, Mike began his career as a comedy writer for well-known stand-up comics including Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman and Milton Berle. He then wrote for television shows such as Hollywood Squares, The Tonight Show and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He co-created two risque joke movies that were dubbed (by Michael) the funniest dirty joke movies of all time. The premise was "Have you ever seen a dirty joke?" featuring vignettes of Mike's favorite classic jokes. Michael was a pioneer in the stand-up comedy boom. He was first to take comedy clubs to the suburbs with the landmark opening of the Newport Beach Laff Stop in the mid '70s. The club featured up and coming top talent, which sold out the club for years, eventually operating in nine locations. His creation of Magic Island clubs in Newport Beach and Houston as private membership clubs featured fine dining in an Egyptian motif, with entertainment featuring top magicians. His career continued with longtime collaborator Bob Levy developing corporate comedy roasts with the motto, "Have jokes, will travel." A collector and connoisseur of every joke book written, he owned a collection with over 6,000 titles. His dying wish regarding the collection was that it would go to someone who would truly appreciate it, "for the right price." In the past decade, he developed the "hilarious joke book collection." This was a 15-volume series of classic bad taste, offensive, insulting jokes and one-liners that offend everyone, and rightly so. Michael was an equal opportunity offender. He based the series on his belief that humor unites people by acknowledging their flaws and differences. Michael had one son, Jack Aaron Callie. Mike died in Las Vegas, Nevada without the warm companionship of his four loving ex-wives. The world is a little less funny today, rest peacefully in laughter Mike."
        • Note that Milton Berle, who Callie was a comedy writer for, was later one of the vaudeville acts presented by Roy Radin
      • John G. Schmitz background - was a member of the advisory board; belonged to the John Birch Society; children include: John P. Schmitz (born April 19, 1955; deputy White House counsel to George H.W. Bush); Joseph E. Schmitz (born August 28, 1956; DOD inspector general under George W. Bush, a Blackwater executive, and a Donald Trump advisor); Mary Kay Letourneau (born January 30, 1962; a Burien WA elementary school teacher who achieved national infamy for raping and having the child of one of her students); Philip Schmitz (born in 1970 and drowned in 1973 while playing in the family pool with Mary Kay and another brother); two children, John George (who in early 1982 was taken to the hospital for a nearly-severed penis caused by a piece of hair wrapped tightly around it) and Eugenie, born out of an affair with Republican Party volunteer Carla Stuckle
      • Alan Rypinski background - was a member of the advisory board; attended a 1981 ball in the Newport Beach CA area also attended by Fleet White Jr. (see the JonBenet Ramsey murder page)
      • Robert K. Lowry background - was a member of the advisory board
        • Background of Technology Marketing Inc. (which Lowry co-founded)
          • Los Angeles Times, "Patrick F. Cadigan, chairman of Irvine-based Technology...", 1987/12/04: "Patrick F. Cadigan, chairman of Irvine-based Technology Marketing Inc., has been given the additional titles of chief executive and corporate secretary. Gerald T. Hudspeth, formerly president of TMI subsidiary Macrotest, has been named president, chief operating officer and a director of the computer products company. Hudspeth succeeds Robert K. Lowry, 59, as president. Lowry, a TMI co-founder, is retiring to pursue other business interests, a company official said. He will remain a company director. TMI also named Charles M. Hill, corporate controller, to the additional post of chief financial officer."
          • Background of chairman / CEO Patrick Cadigan
            • Los Angeles Times, obituary for Patrick Finbar Cadigan (1935 - 2020), 2020/05/02-03: "Patrick Finbar Cadigan, 85, of Newport Beach CA passed away on the morning of April 20, 2020 with his daughter, Maria, by his side. Born March 1st, 1935 in Stoneham MA, raised in Cambridge MA, the son of Irish Immigrants, received his Bachelor Degree, Boston College; MBA, Boston University; AMP, Harvard Graduate Business School; Masters in Management, Claremont Graduate University; and Ph.D. in Management, Claremont Graduate University. He served in the U.S. Army 1542 Infantry Commander, Captain. CEO of four technology companies, and over 50 years built one of largest private real estate portfolios in Orange County, CA. Crediting his Jesuit teachers at Boston College High School and Boston College for their influence contributing to his professional success, he has been recognized for his philanthropic gifts.He is survived by two sisters, Angela and Eileen, three children, Ann, David and Maria, two grandchildren, Kaitlynn and Patrick, and three great grandchildren, Angela, Aericka, and Aeriana. Laid to rest at Pacific View Memorial Park, Newport Beach CA beside his beloved wife Barbara Ann Cadigan."
            • Boston College, "In Memoriam: Patrick F. Cadigan '57", 2020/04: "Mr. Cadigan cited the discipline and moral training of his Jesuit teachers as the factors that helped him—the son of Irish immigrants who worked part-time at his father’s cafe in Cambridge to help pay for his education—to become one of Southern California’s most successful high-tech leaders and real estate investors. [...] After graduating from Boston College, Mr. Cadigan worked as a product manager at Sylvania Electronic Systems in Waltham for five years before being recruited to the West Coast to oversee sales and marketing for Electronic Engineering Company of California. He rose rapidly to become its president and CEO, running the company for nearly 20 years, and expanding it both nationally and internationally. After his retirement from EECO, he served on the boards of 15 mainly high-tech and electronics firms, serving as chairman and CEO of several public companies. Mr. Cadigan also invested in real estate in Orange County for 40 years, a sideline that became his primary focus upon his retirement from the high-tech business world."
      • Terry Giles background - became the new majority owner in 1986 after bankruptcy proceedings in 1985
        • Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation bio for board of governors member Terry M. Giles ’70: "Terry M. Giles, a recipient of the Horatio Alger Award winner, grew up in a loving, but impoverished family in St. Louis, Missouri. Born on July 3, 1948, Giles attended 21 schools in a 10-year period, settling in long enough to earn a debate scholarship to the University of California at Fullerton, later earning his law degree from Pepperdine University. He also served with the U.S. Army from 1970 to 1976 during the back half of the Vietnam conflict.

          Giles went on to establish or acquire 35 businesses, including a large West Coast criminal law firm, Landmark Education and Giles Enterprises, now a holding company for his family’s involvement in everything from banking to computers to travel. Some of his past business associations have ranged from food and entertainment, intellectual property and property development as well as manufacturing.

          Giles has always managed to attract high-powered clients, especially during his tenure in law, of which he is now retired. Some of those clients have included Richard Pryor, Kenneth Lay, J. Howard, Marshall III and Martin Luther King Jr.’s remaining children during a much-noted familial dispute regarding the corporation set up to control Dr. King’s intellectual property at the King Center.

          Debate has always been the forefront of Giles’ success. He credits Cal State Fullerton’s debate team for helping to set him on the road to success. Fullerton debaters have felt his presence through the years, and he works with young debaters to support them as they continue their collegiate and business careers. Giles lives with his wife, Kalli O'Malley, in Houston, but owns a home in Puerto Vallarta and a French chateau that is well over 1,000 years old."
      • Dr. Robert Albo - became the new part owner in 1986 alongside Terry Giles
        • East Bay Times, "Robert Albo, esteemed Oakland doctor, passes away at 78", 2011/02/21: "Dr. Robert Albo, who touched numerous lives through his medical practice, his expertise on magic and his extensive athletic background, died Monday. He was 78. Albo, a Berkeley native and Piedmont resident, passed away from declining health at Summit Medical Center in Oakland, where he was a general and oncology surgeon before his retirement in 2006. He was one of UC Berkeley’s finest two-sport athletes before spurning a Major League Baseball offer to attend medical school. He helped finance his education by doing magic shows. He later became an international authority on magic, writing 15 books on the subject. [...] In addition to being a respected Oakland cancer physician, Albo was a professor of surgery at UC San Francisco and the team physician for the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors."

Organized crime enterprises

  • Child trafficking and pornography - connected to the Mafia; clients included J. Edgar Hoover
    • John Paul Ranieri a.k.a. Brother John story
      • From p.1061-1062 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

            According to Brother John, the Westchester cult was spawned far back in the early 1950s, courtesy of a Nazi-sympathizing doctor who traveled from England to north Yonkers in the postwar years. "It started as a ritual magic club that specialized in sex with children and drug dealing, and it grew from there," Brother John said. "The heavy satanism came later—but they were doing stuff long before Berkowitz came along. It was well organized, and they had some big connections in Yonkers and Manhattan."
            Brother John, who also spoke to the police, explained that John Carr recruited him and several other adolescents into the group in 1961, when all were high school freshmen in Yonkers. He emotionally described how he and three other youths were raped during an initiation ritual in Untermyer Park —a ceremony at which dogs were sacrificed.
            "After that, the leaders turned me and some other kids into teenaged prostitutes," he continued. "They operated out of a bar near the Carr house — and from there they sent us to big hotels and parties in Manhattan, where we turned tricks with their rich friends and other clients. They were all money people."
            Brother John revealed that he saw still another phase of the enterprise. "I personally know that in Manhattan they had some cops and politicians on their payroll, and a few of those guys were also my clients. There were also tie-ins to the Mob through the gay bars, the pornography and the sex shops."
      • At 24:37 in the A&E Investigative Reports documentary, Ranieri tells his story under the name Brother John Paul
      • New York Times, "Gay Marchers Celebrate History in 2 Parades", 1994/06/27: "One of the passengers in the Mustang was John Paul Ranieri of Milwaukee, who said he was on his first return visit to New York since the Stonewall clash, during which, he said, he was beaten two nights in a row and had to receive five stitches after a police officer hit him with a flashlight. "The only way I can describe this experience is that it is like a Vietnam vet going back to Saigon for a reunion," he said. "It's not exactly a pleasant experience." Asked how he felt to see police officers lining the route, he said, "I still cringe. But what I find amazing is that they're protecting us today.""
      • From p.95-96 of Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution by David Carter (2004):

            From information published in the 1993 book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, by Anthony Summers, Ginsberg's intuition has been proved correct. Not only did Summers discover that the Mafia had photographic evidence implicating Hoover in homosexual activity, but it also came to light that Hoover at times dressed in female attire. Research conducted for this book strongly suggests that Ed Murphy had one or more of these photographs, which allowed him to avoid serving time in prison for leading an extensive national blackmail ring.
            John Paul Ranieri, a former prostitute interviewed for this history, provided critical testimony for corroborating and better understanding the larger implications of Murphy's criminal enterprises for gay history. Ranieri said that as a youth from Westchester County he had been forced by blackmail and Mafia-supplied drugs into a prostitution ring in which he remained active for three years before he escaped the mob's control. He claimed that a number of youths in the ring had disappeared after they got careless with talk, for while most of the customers were more or less average homosexual men with money, the regular clientele, according to Ranieri, also included famous men such as Malcolm Forbes, Cardinal Spellman, Liberace, U.S. Senators, a vice president of the United States, one of the most famous rock musicians, and J. Edgar Hoover. The mob's order, according to Ranieri, was strictly "Keep your zipper open and your mouth shut."
            Ranieri said that he met J. Edgar Hoover at private parties at the Plaza Hotel and that Hoover's name was never mentioned. Hoover was always in drag, and Ranieri said he could tell that the FBI director was sure that no one recognized him. Ranieri said that he had ensured his own survival by having in his possession a photograph of himself with Hoover, given to him by the photographer.
      • After Ranieri moved to the Midwest, he started his own street ministry in Milwaukee, ended up going to Rome in 1983 to meet Pope John Paul II (ed. note: Pat Sullivan brought Pope John Paul II to Denver in 1993), and became acquainted with Jeffrey Dahmer (himself a likely member of the Process / Hand of Death cult dating back to his time in Miami) through the local gay community. One little-known account actually indicates that Dahmer was raped by Ranieri.
  • Heroin importation - likely connected to CIA drug trafficking out of the Golden Triangle that smuggled heroin through blood supplies and laundered profits through the Nugan Hand Bank; may link to Philip Arthur Thompson (owned a medical supply business) as well as Ike Atkinson and Jeffrey MacDonald
    • From p.831-832 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

          While Camaro specialized in this area, Sisman branched out and handled a fair amount of drug dealing. The Children in Westchester used drugs provided by the R. R.-Sisman link and, to some extent, were part of the dope distribution network. (A Yonkers resident has said he occasionally picked up hard drugs from David Berkowitz's apartment.) This narcotics pipeline, Vinny stated, accounted for the presence of Berkowitz and Michael Carr at Sisman's brownstone.
          The drug operation, while not large by organized crime standards, managed to accomplish its purpose. Coke was its prime substance and was said to have arrived in New York from South America, via Florida.
          Heroin from Southeast Asia was also shipped, Vinny said. "They used hospital and medical connections. [Name withheld] told me they used a hospital and another company in Hawaii as two places that got the shit ready to come to the U.S.— to New York and maybe other places. The heroin was supposed to go into blood or plasma shipments and other hospital accomplices would then handle it here."
          Once again, we were looking at medical links.
          Vinny, incarcerated in a New York prison, sent me the names and phone numbers of several Hawaiian locations, including a large hospital and a quarrying company. An FBI agent confirmed via the Bureau's Honolulu office that the addresses and phone numbers were in fact accurate. The list did not originate with Berkowitz.
    • Arthur Michael Pascal connection - wrote Hospital Security and Safety; his own investigation firm purportedly handled background checks on hospital employees around the country; two of those who he employed were Bill Mentzer and Robert Lowe, both of whom were involved in the murder of Roy Radin
      • ...
  • Call girl operations
    • ...

Prominent individuals

  • From p.761-762 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

        When Berkowitz was arrested, he possessed a list of telephone numbers, which were barely investigated by the NYPD. No names accompanied these particular numbers, and the NYPD simply dialed them and wrote down notations such as "female answers" or "no answer." That was the extent of the Police Department's work.
        However, with the original paperwork in hand, I was able to enlist sources in the telephone company to identify the names behind the mysterious numbers. In light of what Vinny (and, earlier, Berkowitz) wrote about doctors and lawyers being connected to the cult, the results of the Berkowitz phone numbers search were intriguing.
        One number was identified as that of an exclusive country club in Long Island's Hamptons area: the Montauk Golf and Racquet Club. Two other numbers were listed to the Long Island summer residences of Yonkers doctors; these were not office numbers.
        Another number was that of a private residence in East Hampton, another belonged to an unlisted telephone in West Babylon, Long Island, and a final number was listed to a private home on exclusive Shelter Island, Long Island.
        Berkowitz also had the phone number of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida — a facility owned and operated as a major training center by the Church of Scientology. This further cemented his relationship with middle-level Scientology official Michael Carr, at the least.
  • From p.1079-1080 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

        "The Process was very sophisticated and dedicated," Berkowitz told me. "They had their hands in a lot of things, including drugs and that disgusting child pornography. They also provided kids for sex to some wealthy people, and I did see some of those people at parties."
        According to Berkowitz, these sex and drug soirees were held at upscale private residences in Westchester, Manhattan, Connecticut and Long Island's Hamptons. His telephone records, which documented calls to the Hamptons and to the Long Island summer homes of two Yonkers doctors, partially supported his statement. Further, two witnesses maintained that occasionally present at these parties were a Yonkers judge, at least two Westchester County politicians, a high-ranking New York state politician, a celebrated but later-murdered physician, a Nobel Prize-winning doctor, and two aides (one prominent) to then-mayor of New York City Abraham Beame.
        Berkowitz also revealed that he met Roy Cohn, the powerful and notorious attorney who once represented—besides numerous other "high society" clients—art dealer Andrew Crispo and the owners of the glamorous but scandal-ridden Studio 54 discotheque.
        "I was at a party at that big house he had in Greenwich [Connecticut]," Berkowitz said of Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986. "I didn't know him, but other people did, and that's how I went to a party there."
  • Roy Radin
  • Andrew Crispo
  • Robert Mapplethorpe
    • ...
  • Daniel Carleton Gajdusek
    • ...

Other curiosities

  • Top law enforcement personnel involved in the case
    • Brooklyn District Attorney Eugene Gold - pushed for Berkowitz as a lone nut; later revealed to be a pedophile
      • New York Times, "EX-PROSECUTOR CHARGED WITH MOLESTING GIRL, 10", 1983/08/18: "Eugene Gold, who was Brooklyn's District Attorney for 12 years, was charged yesterday with a sexual offense involving the 10-year-old daughter of a prosecutor in Nashville. Mr. Gold, who was in Nashville to address a convention of the National District Attorneys Association, denied the charge and was freed on $50,000 bail. Mr. Gold, 59, was charged with aggravated rape. [...] Conviction on the charge carries a mandatory sentence of 20 years to life, of which 40 percent must be served. [...] Both Mr. Gold, who served as Brooklyn's chief prosecutor from 1968 to 1981, and his lawyer, Victor S. Johnson 3d, said last night that they would not comment. The assistant Attorney General in charge of the case, Edward Bernard, also refused to comment. [...] According to the police warrant, read at Mr. Gold's appearance before a Metro Nashville Judicial Commissioner, Bill Norris, the girl said Mr. Gold had telephoned her in her room at the Opryland Hotel about midnight Tuesday. She said he told her he was coming to her room to say good night. Once in the room, according to the warrant, he kissed and fondled the child. [...] [Gold's bail] was reduced to $50,000 by Judge Gale Robinson when Mr. Gold, who holds dual citizenship in Israel and the United States, agreed to surrender his Israeli passport. Mr. Gold has homes in Jerusalem and in Woodstock, N.Y. [...] In 1972, a New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Crime released a study that said Mr. Gold's office had performed poorly in prosecuting drug traffickers."
      • New York Times, "GOLD GETS PROBATION IN FONDLING OF CHILD; AGREES TO TREATMENT", 1983/10/21: "Eugene Gold, the former Brooklyn District Attorney, admitted today that he had fondled the 10-year-old daughter of an Alabama prosecutor and agreed to undergo psychiatric treatment to avoid prosecution. In exchange for his admission, Mr. Gold was placed on probation for two years. If he remains under psychiatric care during the probation period, the aggravated-rape charge against him will be dropped, Nashville prosecutors said. [...] Mr. Gold, 59, signed a statement acknowledging that he fondled the girl on Aug. 16 while attending a national district attorneys convention in Nashville. He had previously denied it. [...] Mr. Gold said in the statement that he ''engaged in unlawful sexual conduct'' with the girl when he first met her on a bus trip during the convention. He later ''engaged in unlawful sexual fondling'' of the child in her room at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, the statement went on. [...] [Nashville District Attorney Thomas H.] Shriver said he believed that Mr. Gold would seek psychiatric treatment in Israel, where he has a home."
    • Bronx District Attorney Mario Merola - pushed for Berkowitz as a lone nut; later ended up failing to prosecute Reagan Administration Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan in a mob-connected fraud case
      • New York Times, "MARIO MEROLA, 65, PROSECUTOR IN THE BRONX FOR 15 YEARS, DIES; A Streetwise Prosecutor", 1987/10/28: "During his tenure, Mr. Merola was known for aggressive criminal investigations and tough policies on plea bargaining in felony cases. In a famous case, Mr. Merola successfully prosecuted David Berkowitz for the so-called Son of Sam killings in 1978. [...] Mr. Merola's reputation suffered early this year, when juries returned acquittals in two highly publicized cases that lawyers in his office had spent years preparing. Acquitted of Manslaughter In one trial, a police officer was acquitted of manslaughter in the shotgun killing of Eleanor Bumpurs, a 66-year-old black woman with a history of mental illness who was shot while resisting officers who went to her home in an eviction dispute. The case prompted outcries from both police officers and black groups. In the other case, Raymond J. Donovan, the former United States Secretary of Labor, and seven others were acquitted of charges that they had stolen $7.4 million from a subway construction project. [...] In 1941, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and became a combat navigator attached to the Office of Strategic Services, a forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. In that position, he flew 55 missions into Nazi-occupied territory in Europe before returning to N.Y.U. to finish college and law school in 1948."
  • Sam Carr
    • From p.844 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond (1999):

          But to return to the Vinny-Danny information about the Son of Sam operation in New York: the allegation that John and Michael Carr's disdain for their father, Sam, sparked incidents of violence against him and inspired his inclusion as an object of hatred in the Borrelli letter was essentially confirmed by an ex-boyfriend of their sister, Wheat — and by Wheat herself.
          The boyfriend told me: "The brothers hated the old man. I knew each of them somewhat when I was dating Micki [Wheat's nickname]. I was told Sam used to severely punish them and even locked them in closets and things like that."
          In a recorded interview with Santucci's probers, Wheat simply said: "O.K., there was a lot of bad feeling between both John and Michael and my father."
    • Marriage certificate of Samuel Carr and Frances Earline Thompson for 1945/04/21 (signed 1945/04/05) posted by btaylor_71 - marriage is occurring in Arlington VA; Samuel (age 33) was born in Yonkers NY to Michael Carr and the former Melhanna DeZanba (?), and presently works for U.S.A. while residing at Hq Sec 2751st S C U, Fort Belvoir, Va.; Frances (age 23) was born in Wapello IA to Vail Thompson and Helen Clagg, and presently works for U.S.W.M.C. while residing at Co G Bks 6 Sq 3, Henderson Hall, Arlington, Va.
  • Craig Glassman
    • ...
  • Billy Dan Parker
  • Rabbi Maurice Davis - whose history involves being a chaplain at the NIMH addiction center in Lexington KY (a clear MKUltra front), a rabbi in Indianapolis who sponsored Jim Jones in the early days of the Peoples Temple, and a rabbi in Westchester County NY (with the SoS murders occurring while he resided there) turned "anti-cult" activist through his organization Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families (CERF)
    • EIR, "Tax-exempt treachery: a profile of the Anti-Defamation League", 1990/05/18
      • "The ADL's "religious freedom" antics in Texas reflected longstanding ADL complicity in the spread of Satanism and the drug-rock-sex counterculture. The first documented instance of ADL involvement dates back to the early 1960s, when Rabbi Maurice Davis, later of Westchester County, New York, participated in Project MK -Ultra, the CIA's foray into the use of LSD-25 and other psychedelic drugs in mind control and mass social manipulation. Davis was the chaplain at the Lexington, Kentucky Addiction Research Center, a hotbed of the CIA's secret LSD testing. According to Davis's co-workers at the time, the rabbi helped track some of the LSD human guinea pigs when they were released to outpatient treatment. The full extent of Davis's involvement in the CIA project may never be known, because the CIA's chief chemist, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, shredded millions of pages of MK-Ultra records in 1972 at the behest of outgoing CIA director Richard Helms."
      • "It can be assumed, however, that Davis's services were appreciated, because following his transfer to Indianapolis in the mid-1960s, he became one of the first patrons of the Rev. Jim Jones and his People's Temple-what several authors have described as another Anglo-American Occult Bureau "project." Davis was joined in that effort by Episcopal priest and later Bishop Paul Moore, offspring of the same patrician Moore family that has heavily funded the ADL over the past several decades. Moore later moved to New York City where he has presided over the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, a notorious center of New Age and outright Satanic cultism, as well as terrorism. (For years the New York City Police Department's Arson and Explosives Unit identified the cathedral as a safehouse for the FALN, a Puerto Rican terrorist group that carried out dozens of bomb attacks in the Metropolitan area during the 1970s.)" - note that Berkowitz's address book found at the time of his arrest contained a reference to "FALN Secret Meeting Place"
      • "In Indianapolis, Davis and Moore sponsored Jim Jones onto a number of community boards . Davis personally arranged the sale of his own synagogue to Jones and arranged the mortgage for what would be the first People's Temple."
      • "When Davis moved to the New York area shortly after Jones relocated his followers to San Francisco, the rabbi, by now an active figure in ADL circles, became one of the first religious figures to warn about the dangerous proliferation of coercive cults . But far from being a Damascus Road conversion, Davis's new profile as an anti-cult crusader merely represented a continuation of his involvement in the Occult Bureau efforts. Along with other MK-Ultra veterans such as Dr. Louis Jolyon West and Robert J. Lifton, Davis launched the "deprogramming" movement in the early 1970s as the "solution" to the mushrooming problem of coercive cults which Davis himself had helped to foster. [...]"
      • "In 1974, Davis founded Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families (CERF), a deprogrammers' front which later merged into the two major anti-cult agencies, the American Family Foundation and the Cult Awareness Network. Capitalizing on the post-Jonestown reaction, the ADL established a full-time anti-cult center, housed at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the B'nai B'rith and run by Esther Dietz and Asya Komm. The Cult Center of B'nai B'rith maintained joint offices with the Cult Awareness Network. In this way, the ADL established formal, ongoing links to the AFF/CAN, which continue through to the present.

        Among Davis' employees in CERF were Dennis King and Kalev Pehme, both of whom later played prominent roles in the post- 1978 "Get LaRouche" drive, and worked for a mob-run weekly on the East Side of Manhattan, Our Town. In 1978, Pehme wrote for Our Town a glowing piece on the Foundation Faith of the Millennium, formerly the Process Church of the Final Judgment. [...]"
    • New York Times, "Rabbi Maurice Davis, A Cult Authority, 72", 1993/12/16: "Rabbi Maurice Davis, the retired senior rabbi of the Jewish Community Center of White Plains and an authority on religious cults in the United States, died Tuesday at his home in Palm Coast, Fla. He was 72. The cause of death was complications from a stroke, said Jane Friedberg of the Jewish Community Center. In 1972, Rabbi Davis founded a group named Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families. Its aim was to counsel children who had joined unorthodox religious groups to return to their families. Rabbi Davis testified before legislative groups about the hazards of cults and wrote extensively about their dangers to American society. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati and the Hebrew Union College, Rabbi Davis served in religious capacities in Cincinnati, Lexington, Ky., and Indianapolis before becoming the senior rabbi of the Jewish Community Center in White Plains in 1967. He became the congregation's rabbi emeritus in 1987 and retired to Palm Coast, Fla. He is survived by his wife, Marion Cronbach Davis of Palm Coast; two sons, Rabbi Jay R. Davis of Vero Beach, Fla., and Rabbi Michael A. Davis of Fort Pierce, Fla.; three siblings, Carlie Zimmerman, Hannah Feibelman and Albert Davis, all of Cranston, R.I., and three grandchildren."
    • StevenWarRan Research, "Maurice Davis: Rabbi deflowers programmers?", 2013/05/12 - has links to useful sources such as newspaper articles
  • Christian Gerhartsreiter / Clark Rockefeller
    • Boston Herald, "Prosecutors rock Son of Sam theory", 2008/10/04: "Prosecutors are backing off a claim that accused kidnapper and erstwhile Rockefeller Christian Gerhartsreiter once used the Social Security number of convicted serial killer David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz. But they’re not denying he did, either. “He used a Social Security number that belonged to a David Berkowitz,” said Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley spokesman Jake Wark. “It’s not at all clear if it’s the Son of Sam.”"