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Hi, I'm Marionumber1, the main editor of the CAVDEF wiki. Election integrity has been an interest of mine ever since 2016. I see it as the most vital issue to the US (and by extension the world, thanks to the US's inordinate influence over other countries). Without a functioning democracy in which the voting process works, the people have no voice. In the past couple decades, our elections have been subjected to a silent coup, as opaque and privately-controlled machines have replaced a transparent process accountable to the public. The result has been the concentration of political power in the hands of a small elite who control the election technology. More than a symptom of money in politics (a significant issue in its own right), oligarchy is now built into our elections. And oligarchy's grip will only be weakened when we expose our electoral process for what it is. That's my goal on this wiki: to expose the truth about our mystery elections.